368 Responses to Start the Week Thread 10 August 2020

  1. Philip_2 says:

    TPA Talks about the BBC: This week our own video podcast took on the nation’s biggest broadcaster, with the latest episode of TPA Talks zeroing in on the BBC. We were joined by outspoken Tory backbencher and relentless campaigner Andrea Jenkyns, who didn’t pull her punches in telling us BBC priorities “don’t speak to the wider public outside of the Westminster liberal elite”.

    On the controversial move to slap the licence fee on older people, Andrea told us she was “disgusted with Tony Hall”, saying it was time to bring an end to the licence fee status quo. She was quick to support our Axe the Tax campaign, calling for a break from the past with options like adverts and subscriptions, and challenging the Beeb to drop the criminalisation of the TV tax: “I’d say something to every employee of the BBC. If you are that much of a national treasure, why are you coming after our own British people?” Well said!

    Andrea revealed the BBC bias she’s faced on Question Time, news reporters turning a blind eye to online abuse against Brexiteers, and her anger at funding cuts on regional teams while BBC bosses pour hundreds of millions into diversity schemes….


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      I’m feeling a bit like Fedup here.
      What’s TPA?


      • StewGreen says:

        TaxPayers’ Alliance
        “The grassroots campaign for: lower taxes Banknote with pound sign government transparency Toolbox and an end to wasteful government”

        AJ “We haven’t got liberal lefty government, we’ve got Priti”
        who lets illegals IN.
        … but won’t let the child grooming/raping gang report OUT


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Mail reports that a coloured BBC sports reporter landed up in court in Barbados for breaching the country’s quarantine laws and sent off with a ‘warning ‘. Tearful outside the court she was .
    What will the BBC do ? Say the wrong word with them and get fired – but breach bio security in another country ?……

    Apparently this one was so thick she got caught by posting stuff on the Facebook or similar …


    • Sluff says:

      Good job she was in Barbados.
      Imagine the indignation if she had been caught in Barnard Castle.


    • StewGreen says:

      Interesting that most of the media use old glamour photos

      “I followed all the rules coming into Barbados and arrived with a negative Covid test result and did another test on arrival.”
      “I understood that I would have to stay at the quarantine hotel for a maximum of 8-12 hours and would be informed of my result via my contact details after I waited 16 hours. The quarantine hotel were aware and did not prevent me from leaving wearing a protective mask.
      “It was my misunderstanding and honest mistake which the Barbados authorities quite clearly understand, to the extent they refused to let me pay a fine which I offered for my honest mistake”

      \\ She previously tweeted that furlough people were scroungers, but deleted the tweet.//


  3. Bogtrotter says:

    I though they were calling in the Navy? I don’t recall sixty million quid’s worth of RAF aircraft being mentioned. I’m sure it’s just a happy coincidence that Priti’s in Dover today.


  4. observer says:

    An RAF Atlas transport has been patrolling the Channel from the NorthForeland to Dungerness since about 7:30 this morning so I presume this is because of Nigel Farages’s video.
    What they are expecting the aircraft to do is anyones guess.


    • Sluff says:

      Perhaps they will do leaflet drops.

      You know.
      Universal benefits.
      How to access housing.
      Maps to job centres and social security offices.
      Telephone numbers for ambulance chasing lawyers.
      Mobile phone packages.
      Refugee support groups information.
      BLM support info.

      All in a variety of suitable languages, of course.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I can’t help thinking that if they wanted to give these criminals air cover it might be cheaper and as much good – by using a drone – unless it was free to hit targets on the French coast of course . ….


    • JamesArthur says:

      I have noticed a distinct lack of any MSM interviewing Nigel F- funny that.
      He was one of first to be promoting this issue. I just don’t understand why Boris hates him so much and doesn’t work with him…might get a jump in popularity..I really wanted Boris to be a great PM but at the moment he is a bit of a ‘Teresa’


  5. digg says:

    BBC Radio 4 just ran an item on the sex trade in Leeds. Apparently a group of female students from Birmingham University went into the red light district and recorded quotes from prostitutes and recorded the voices of various “men’ who approached them thinking they were on the game.

    It was fairly obvious that the predatory men’s voices they chose to play appeared to be all white local males.

    Once again a very odd setup from the BBC.

    Why choose Leeds and why not London or Birmingham for instance if the team were from Birmingham?

    I can only assume that it was yet another “balancing act” from the BBC to deflect from the North of England ethnic rape gangs story.

    My take…

    Prostitutes go out intent on having sex for money and do so willingly hence the “men” cannot be seen as predatory, if anything the predators are the prostitutes.

    Whereas underage girls groomed or raped are not predators but the “men” who commit the acts are.

    Also it’s usual for a white male to expect to get a “bill” whereas ethnics expect to get what they want free-of-charge which explains why they steer clear of prostitutes.

    Just another explainer, BBC style….


    • StewGreen says:

      “Why choose Leeds and why not London or Birmingham for instance if the team were from Birmingham?”
      … The item was about the experimental LEGAL prostitution area in Leeds (the team were students at Birmingham Uni)

      “It was fairly obvious that the predatory men’s voices they chose to play appeared to be all white local males.”
      Nope, some sounded Asian to me

      The prog didn’t mention much about race
      A prostitute who come up from Brum seemed to have a African accent another east European

      “Once again a very odd setup from the BBC.”
      The student had done the project and won an award with last year
      This year the BBC decided to buy it.
      She works in commercial media .. Bauer


  6. andyjsnape says:

    Even a beach party is now RACIST


    Racist are everywhere! apparently


    • pugnazious says:


      “When Camber Sands has 30,000 people, nobody talks about Camber, but they talk about black people on the beach. We feel this is racist.”

      Where’s the BBC fact check? Why do they quote such racist rubbish without some facts….

      From June….

      ‘Coronavirus: Camber Sands road closed as MP ‘horrified’

      ‘Camber Sands: Police issue warning that large groups will be turned away from one of the closest beaches to London’
      ‘Police have issued a no-nonsense warning that large groups will be turned away from one of the most popular beaches within easy reach of London this weekend.

      Local officers who patrol Camber Sands, in East Sussex, have got wind of plans for an “organised event” at the beach on Sunday (August 9).

      But any large gatherings have been outlawed in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus.

      Only last week visitors were turned away from the beach after it quickly became “full” and left local roads gridlocked.’

      BBC just helping to spread the narrative that Britain is a nasty, racst country where Blacks are unwelcome….all based on lies like this and those of Dawn Butler MP.


      • Scroblene says:

        Camber often gets closed down anyway, there’s just not enough parking!

        They filmed the original ‘Dunkirk’ there, when the little ships brought thousands of our men home, my dad included.

        Bit like nowadays really…


  7. 7Clubs says:

    female sports presenters do tend to have done their homework between programmes.
    noticed a number of male sports presenters start off doing their homework but once they believe they are secure in the job they get lazy.
    females tend to interrupt less their guests whereas male presenters with big egos tend to interrupt too much.
    If you ever watch the financial channel 505 CNBC their female presenters from Chinese heritages are superb. They are quick thinking and not easily intimidated.


    • JamesArthur says:

      you may be right about that but the male commentators are usually vested in the sport on which the commentate – I know nothing about most sports compared to many of my friends, who have years of deep interest and passion – but I could read up and present professionally…however there is more to presenting than just being ‘professional’ which many females are..
      My earlier comment wasn’t against female commentators but rather the blatant imbalance that now exists…


  8. 7Clubs says:

    what female sports presenters have failed to do upto now is provide the really charismatic commentator like the late Darts one Sid Weidell,,soccer David Coleman,Golf Peter Aliss.F1 Murray Walker or the late Racing John Mccorick where punters would watch the sport for the commentator’s unique style but then those charismatic ones would probably not get a job nowadays .Todays female presenters are just very professional


    • Jeff says:

      They may well be “professional” but personally I find most of them laughable and a lot of them irritating.
      Picture the scene, the international football has just finished, Gary’s in the studio with Ian Wright, Alan Shearer…and Sandra who played girlie footie…

      Now, all I ask is, what’s she there for? The three blokes will, at least, know about playing the game at a decent level…well, okay, they played for England…but let’s not quibble.

      I’ll listen to the blokes because, even if I don’t like them, they have been there and done it. They actually know what they’re talking about. But poor Sandra, it’s an embarrassing, politically correct charade.

      Eventually old jug ears will ask. ” So Sandra, you played for your country at the highest level, what’s it like when you pull that shirt on for the first time?” Oh dear, it’s agonising. “The highest level” means she’s played for the England women’s team in front of a few dozen people who have either been given tickets or they’ve actually been paid to turn up. I’ve played in front of more people on Clapham Common on a wet Sunday afternoon.
      Women’s football is about as fascinating as women’s rugby, women’s boxing, or netball. You could get far more expert opinion from any number of blokes from the local pub, but Sandra sits there and opines sagely about a sport she knows sweet FA about.

      What I’d actually love to happen (it never will, certainly not with the old PC pillock Lineker in the chair)…”So Sandra, me and the lads are a bit peckish, get your arse in the kitchen, make us all a few sarnies while we’re watching the match and crack us open some cold beers. And look sharpish…”

      Oh, I’d pay good money to see that!


      • Fedup2 says:

        I notice they don’t have many ex managers as pundits now – and I do miss Roy Keane on Sky . He always looks as though he’s about to run amok because of some Lino s dodgy £ decision ….

        And I agree that it’s better to have old sweat ex players and commentators who have been around a while – but I understand the BBC is replacing them with kids….

        It’s a pity there isn’t a button to get rid of Wimmin commentating of the men’s game .

        I don’t know what happens in Wimmins sport cos I’d rather watch the real thing – so we differ 7clubs ….


        • Scroblene says:

          “I notice they don’t have many ex managers as pundits now”

          This is a good thing, as there’s nothing more irritating than having some foreigner gibber gobbledegook in a pidgin tongue, when all he’s muttering is banal stupidity like ‘Game of two halves’, ‘need to go the 90 minutes’, ‘he’s a good boy’ and other rubbish.


  9. pugnazious says:

    If the BBC doen’t report something did it ever happen?

    If there were riots and looting, shootings and killings in Chicago last night and the BBC doesn’t report it did it happen?

    All very odd that the BBC seems to be ignoring rioting in a major US city after a blackman was shot by police….oh, but hang on…he had a gun which he fired at the police….the BBC are clearly having a hard time fabricating a narrative that paints him as the innocent victim of police brutality and racism.

    Back to more important issues and the BBC puts ‘Zulu’ Dawn Butler and her claims of police racism on the frontpage…never mind that she has herself fabricated a whole narrative and called a white police officer racist just because he stopped her white driver and questioned him….she might say he’s black but damn…he look white to me boy.

    And yes the video was flipped….interesting that a C4 journalist is defending Butler…..

    And claims it was purely a phone quirk that flipped the video….

    ‘Take a selfie video on your camera and you’ll get your answer’

    Yeah…do so…and you’ll see the video is flipped whilst the phone takes the video…but flips it back to the correct perspective for viewing…therefore either Butler’s phone has an odd quirk or she flipped the video herself.

    But still…the BBC giving her a massive platform to slander a police officer and to spread her malicious narrative that does so much to spread unwarranted anger and hate towards police and white people….and a C4 journalist openly cheerleading her lies.

    If I was the officer I’d sue…and put the media monkeys in the frame as well.


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC show for kids tries to stir up the moppet base by running a story that’s about nothing and a person who doesn’t know anything.


      • JamesArthur says:

        I am always amazed at this victim mentality – does she not think for one minute that White people get stopped and feel the same way?

        Was the Policeman rude or aggressive did he say anything racist (I don’t know)?

        It is all profiling and colour is just one factor amongst many…get over it and work with the police -one day you might need them


      • Oldspeaker says:

        HYS should be mandatory on every headline piece while the licence tax is still enforced, not much recompense I know.


      • G.W.F. says:

        Yes. System change. Police stay away from trashy looking Labour MPs.


  10. Richard Pinder says:

    Censored by the BBC and all the media:

    I think Trump just cut the funding source of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. So expect the biggest riots ever in Washington at the weekend. Including a full frontal attack on the White House by the Black militia. I expect Trumps tactic is to let the White House fall, rather than produce Black martyrs. It is also possible that the mainstream media will use this event to deflect from the release of the Durham Report which is said to reveal criminal investigations into abuse of power and treason by Obama and his officials. Durham is expected to charge them with crimes.

    So as Trump cuts the funding of his enemies and his enemies are about to be charged with crimes. The BBC will report that Trump is so unpopular, that the Blacks and their posh white friends are storming the White House.


    • Dave S says:

      You could be right but Trump has to defend the White House or plunge the US into civil war. It embodies the federal authority of the USA and must stand. It would amount to an insurrection and a legitimate reason to use the full force of the US army.


  11. StewGreen says:

    Butlergate : WGAP just sits on the fence


  12. StewGreen says:

    7:30pm Panorama : Has Lockdown changed what we eat?’
    with @TomHeapmedia

    Expect he’ll be pushing his organic, vegan, eat local .. PR


    • Donbob says:

      I remember donkey’s years back Monty Python did a sketch where they all parodied Alan Whicker. I would love to see Heap treated similarly, because he has the most irritating mannerisms, but I expect to be disappointed as the BBC has no comedians and ace virtue signaller Heap is a protected species.


  13. StewGreen says:

    So ITV how are you gonna pay protection money to keep the BLM mafia off your back ?

    Huge PR huge, write up in the Times
    but the prog are just 15 mins long
    .. run all this week so 10pm news gets pushed back to 10:15pm


    • StewGreen says:

      ep1 Generational, written by Jerome Bucchan-Nelson, produced by Barbara Emile .. directed by Alrick Riley
      Explores the relationship a black father and daughter have with each other.
      When William catches his teen-age daughter, Justina, sneaking out, the usual scenes of antagonism between parent and child follow.
      However, it soon transpires that Justina is sneaking out to a Black Lives Matter march.
      What follows is an enlightening, but bitter sweet conversation for both father and daughter, as their views differ on what it means to fight for social justice.
      But as the conversation progresses and elements from the fathers past come to the fore their positions evolve and change and they find some common ground.

      ep2 I Don’t Want To Talk About This, written by Anna Ssemuyaba, produced by Madonna Baptiste.. directed by Koby Adom
      the story of a former couple who bump into each other a few years later at a mate’s party.
      They end up reassessing their relationship and the challenges they faced being a middle-class black woman and a working-class white bloke and the insidious and undeniable impact of racism on their love and friendship.

      ep3 : Look At Me, written by Lynette Linton, produced by Carol Harding .. directed by Francis Annan
      Focuses upon the lives of young professional couple Nicola and Michael and the aftermath of them
      * being stopped by the police *
      while out driving on a date.
      We witness the fallout of this event, as we see the change in them from before the incident and the impact it has on them individually and as a couple.

      ep4 : Lavender, written by Nicole Lecky, produced by Jo Johnson .. directed by Ethosheia Hylton
      Centres around an uncomfortable conversation had between a white woman and her mixed race daughter,
      who has recently had a baby with a black man.
      When her mother cannot understand her experience of the world and how that impacts her new-born daughter, an immovable wedge appears between them.
      Can it be overcome?


  14. Guest Who says:

    This is his job; for which the people the UK have to pay?

    He really is the prissiest, pettiest streak of piss on the whole Beauty Squad, and with Jon, Nick and Katty as colleagues, that is no mean feat.

    Has he seen some of the word salads some of his editorial colleagues can concoct on twitter? The typos? The howlers not noticed for days and/or that need deleting when pointed out?


  15. StewGreen says:

    BBCone as ever becomes BBC Woke at night
    after the news there is some black drama
    and the Canadian drag show.


  16. StewGreen says:

    11pm BBC-Project-Race-Baiting overtakes Word of Moth
    which used to be about The English language

    Othering through the centuries:
    Playwright Sabrina Mahfouz, talks to producer Tobi Kyeremateng and classicist Professor Katherine Harloe about othering in language: describing people in ways that exclude them and make them seem lesser.

    Translations of the classics have been politicised in identity terms, for example adding in ‘white skin’ in where it didn’t exist.
    She claimed the translations of ancient Greek texts had white skin inserted into them
    FFS I have never noticed
    We never thought Jason and the Argonauts were 20th century Yorkshiremen

    #2 The current language around ‘BAME’ and “BIPOC” is contentious,
    They never mentioned the truth
    which is that BAME is a dog whistle that means “we people who are non-white”
    ..it is essentially an othering of white people #irony.


  17. StewGreen says:

    8pm R4 “There are no bigots in foxholes”
    – how the Korean War forced black and white soldiers to fight together.

    “Following President Truman’s Executive Order 9981, the Korean conflict became the first in which US armed forces were desegregated.”

    Is that one of the wars where the Americans killed a lot of British.


    • john in cheshire says:

      And I’m sure our dead servicemen would have been reassured to know they died from ‘ friendly fire’.


  18. JamesArthur says:

    I am glad I have stopped paying the Tax. Just listening to Radio is enough to raise blood pressure.

    I really can’t think of the last time I heard anything positive, about the UK, on the BBC


    • Scroblene says:

      Agree, James, tried to listen to R5Dead again last night, they had a ‘world football’ phone in, which I naturally turned off, then the next half hour was about The Grand Canyon being the size of the ice-melt in Antarctica. No challenges, no debate, nothing.



  19. Thoughtful says:


    Just to remind you who the people advising the catastrophically inept Tories are.
    Viewing a comment on another forum, one of the Communist members of SAGE has stated she will never allow the British people their freedom until the virus has been eliminated.

    This of course will never happen and they know tha full well. Alas the abject coward in charge of it all is highly unlikely to even challenge their advice let alone veto it.

    None of these peoples political allegiances are being questioned by the media.


  20. StewGreen says:

    Makes sense
    \\ It’s almost impossible to transmit Covid outdoors. There were no spikes from any of the packed beaches this summer, and currently there are 0 patients in ICU in the entire Devon and Cornwall area. //

    Yes perhaps food, and prolonged indoor contact are the main transmission.


    • Dave S says:

      It is important that we get this. Outdoors is OK. It is possibly aerosol spread which means indoors is a bad idea if the virus is about. You can forget the masks and distancing that will be of little help. I have no intention of changing my routine. Avoid indoors and any crowded places inside and that includes any pub or cafe. Sorry but that is reality. It does mean that the push by Boris to get everywhere open is suspect until we have evidence to the contrary or the virus abates.


  21. Oldspeaker says:

    Not a lot of this on the bbc, the man who took a child to see the mob in action should be reported, not a safe environment for anyone let alone a youngster.


  22. vlad says:

    Another truth-speaker saying things the BBC don’t want you to hear.

    “Nigel Farage Banned From Liverpool”.


    • Jeff says:

      My word, that’s brutal, banning someone from entering the beautiful city of Liverpool…
      Just how spiteful can you get?

      Next Nigel will find he’s not allowed anywhere near Beirut.
      Then he’ll find he can’t get a visa for Palestine.
      And the next thing you know is the Venezuelans have told him he’s not wanted.

      It doesn’t get any tougher than that…


      • Dave S says:

        That reminds me that when young and a different person maybe I was escorted out of Trowbridge and told never to return. I can’t remember why but in those days you never asked questions. I was quite proud of that for a long time.
        Nigel should be proud as well.
        All this fuss about being stopped by the law would have amused us back in the 60s. It was a daily occurrence. Often built on fantasy on both sides. There was little malice in it. Just the way it was then


      • gb123 says:

        You missed out North Korea where he will banned then publicly shamed as being an enemy of the people. Come to think of it the Beeb and co are trying that one already.


      • tarien says:

        Not only spiteful Jeff, but I would have thought illegal-the Mayor of Liverpool is of course just an idiot- Farage is the only one person anywhere near capable of taking this nation forward from the duplicitous EU and prepared to shove those invading immigrants back onto French soil. All naval forces of Spain, France, Italy, Greece and if necessary the UK should be patrolling the North African Coastline ensuring that no boat load of migrants is able to set out to sea-if it means destroying all the various types of craft provided by the Traffickers then so be it-of course without people being inside the crafts. I think we are at War or a kind of war, what do you think?


  23. BRISSLES says:

    The BLM and offshoots, can protest and whine all they like, we can see more of ’em on the ads, as a talking head, more exposure in the media, BUT will it change how the 56 million white population think about them, just because they’re making themselves ‘more of a presence’ ? I think not. Attitudes don’t change overnight, and even if this carried on for the next few years (which I doubt), there wont be any radical changes to the way of thinking by non coloureds.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      ‘Radical changes to the way of thinking’… hmm, I don’t know Brissles, I’m starting to think the ‘racists’ who said that ‘black people don’t know how to behave peacefully, and only cause trouble’ (whom I used to laugh at and despise) might have had… you know… kind of… sort of… a bit of a point, after all (am I allowed to say that?)


  24. Thoughtful says:


    More evidence Blue Labour have no intention of changing the BBC in any meaningful way what so ever.


  25. Fedup2 says:

    Interesting MSM headline

    A Former Prince now living in America spouting off about his missis favourite subject – race

    An out of touch – out of his depth PM – finally saying something about the ongoing invasion of the UK by third world trash


    • BRISSLES says:

      If I were his dad and relatives, I would seriously start to doubt his mental state, he’s clearly gawn off the rails since his marriage, and his ramblings should give cause for concern. I certainly would if he were my brother.


  26. theisland says:


  27. pugnazious says:

    The BBC has found yet another ‘issue’ to be outraged about….IVF…a disgrace that it’s only for ‘couples’ who can prove they have been in a stable relationship and been having a sexual relationship for two years….so unfair for all those others who wanna baby too.

    NHS England can’t possibly be condoning this…this is local regions making brutally unfair decisions that exclude so many people. Was waiting and waiting for the presenter on 5 Live to claim this was a race issue……but amazingly no mention made despite the doctor complaining clearly being Asian.

    Surely the rules are in place, one because resources are limited and cannot be wasted, two in the interest of any children shouldn’t the NHS be ensuring they end up in a family that gives them the best chance of having a decent life….no good having a kid and then having it taken into care because you can’t cope for whatever reason.

    The presenter showed not the slightest interest in challenging the claims and was fully signed up to the view that a stable family was not necessary for a child and that the family was an outdated concept….standard BBC approach now.

    The NHS’s own criteria nationally are [clearly designed to offer IVF only to people who genuinely can’t conceive naturally]….

    ‘According to NICE, women aged under 40 should be offered 3 cycles of IVF treatment on the NHS if:

    they’ve been trying to get pregnant through regular unprotected sex for 2 years

    they’ve not been able to get pregnant after 12 cycles of artificial insemination

    They also say….

    ‘NHS trusts across England and Wales are working to provide the same levels of service. But the provision of IVF treatment varies across the country, and often depends on local CCG policies.

    CCGs may have additional criteria you need to meet before you can have IVF on the NHS, such as:

    not having any children already, from both your current and any previous relationships

    being a healthy weight

    not smoking

    falling into a certain age range (for example, some CCGs only fund treatment for women under 35)

    So some areas will have different criteria…but how is that ‘unfair’? You can guarantee that if there was an overall single national policy it would still be ‘unfair’…at least this way you get to move to an area that will accept you if you’re desperate enough to do that…with one overarching policy that would be impossible.

    The BBC making an issue out of a non-issue and using it to peddle their own anti-family narrative….so in-line with BLM.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Too many people in the world already… especially fat, stupid ones… apparently you’re not allowed to cull them, or encourage selective breeding (I’m told that’s called Eugenics and is NOT ok – not sure why), but at least it’s hard for them to get IVF – need to keep it that way!


    • Halifax says:

      I’m suprised they don’t want to see it offered to the Trans Community……im not joking.


  28. Eddy Booth says:

    Coronavirus: How can I use the ‘eat out to help out scheme’?

    From the shops perspective basically you sit by your till, and all day long pump out reciepts for non existent meals.
    Next claim £10 rebate for each one..


  29. john in cheshire says:

    This is another Weekend Warrior video. 30 minutes.

    It asks one question that I’ve heard previously by others; namely, if this virus or so deadly why haven’t all the homeless people caught it and died?

    And last year he tells us 1.5million people died from tuberculosis ( I’m assuming he means worldwide) but no reporting and no panic and no masks.

    I have a piece of trivia: quaranta means 40 in Italian and that’s the number of days ships had to spend at anchor before being allowed to enter Venice during the plague epidemics.

    And quarantine is intended for isolation of those known to have a communicable disease, not healthy people. As the video says, what the government is doing to us is house arrest. I’m surprised this hasn’t been challenged in the courts.


  30. Philip_2 says:

    Who are we fighting? I made a report back in 2008 into the extent of Gordon Brown entrenchment of Tony Blair Policies and I wondered at the time, why would he do that? Now it has become obvious that every NGO is left leaning.

    Not just the BBC. Its NGO’s (Non Governmental Institutions) that have ‘existing’ government funds to replace what was once the preserve of the civil-service and even the ‘foreign office’ expenditure (think millions). Its important to remember that NGO’s then had in law quasi-governmental status. So in replacing the civil-service they lay claim to government funds that would be allocated to charitable foundations. The big advantage is that NGO government aid (could be) redirected to target areas by using (re-inventing) charities. This was made on the back of a major National Charity /NGO called the National Lottery. I kid you not. This was popular at the time (based on EU success) in a European Lottery Euro Millions.

    I kid you not.

    Its both a an NGO and a national Charity run (at arms length) by the government of the day. They could re-distribute funds as and when to whom. Remember the Gordon Brown years were in ‘recession’ as dire (if not worse than current.

    Then it was Labour and it funded every left wing cause you could think of and a number of funds you would never would have thought possible. Tony Blair may of been the Brains bit it was Gordon Brown who ensured that his legacy could not be swayed by a following ‘Tory’ government. When Gordon Brown was ‘unelected’ I found over 21,000 unregistered NGO’s as ‘charities’ that supported forthcoming EU legislation.

    A coincidence perhaps? It was obvious Brown was going to loose any general re-election. And yet he spent public money on creating 20,000 charities before he eventually ran out of money. In Labour tradition. The cupboard was thread bare. Not a penny left. Cameron (new gov) started with nothing.

    I now realise that it was a blueprint of the ‘diversity’ agenda we see today mirrored in the BBC. Even though Gordon Brown was probably the worst PM we have ever had (and there is a lot of competition) he reigns supreme in promoting a kind of socialism that has ravaged Africa and South America to the point of promotion. Effectively giving NGO’ the same protection as the BBC, as being both a charity and a means to ensure that ‘international socialism’ survives the next (following government in Cameron) but is funded by that same government that it replaces.

    This is an EU ‘directive’ replicated across Europe where NGO’s can be funded using government funds to sponsor left wing funding.

    I only mention this as I was reminded on LBC (as Nigel Farage pointed out some timer ago) that a large number of asylum seekers are risking the crossing on an inflatable dinghy as fully paid passengers!

    The truth is that many, if not all are paid for by the same UK charities posing as NGO’s set up by Gordon Brown with almost the same protections of public funding as the . In short dear reader, it is entirely possible that we as a nation are funding this immigration based on Gordon Brown’s NGO’s public funding initiative. You should wonder where many charities get there funding. I speak as someone who supports ‘charities for the greater good’ of the UK. Well I cannot argue with that but NGO’s are exempt fro that restriction. So basically it becomes a left wing charter meaning the opposite ‘as detrimental to the UK’ as many of the are. Asylum seekers are able to receive UK funds using this status of having access to funds circumscribed as ‘needy’ by many charities that never question where the funds come from. Further complicated by the fact that NGO’s can exist outside government and apply for ‘charitable status’ without ever having to prove ‘charitable intent’. Proper UK charities have to prove ‘charity’ but Gordon Brown’s NGO’s can still claim charitable status and even appeal to the public for ‘donations’. Its a corrupt process and that is how we end up funding both the BBC and Gordon Browns ‘charidees’ for public funding the ‘asylum seekers’ or ‘gay mermaids’ and even ‘climate change’ can all be sponsored by George Soros or even the EU (if it so desires). Charity should being here at home in the UK. Since its been abused to sponsor anything the Left ‘thinks’ is a ‘good cause’ worth diverting charitable funds. No charity in it. A purpose yes. The BBC can deny any involvement at the same time as sponsoring the same agenda.
    Clever? Its brilliant and that is why Gordon Brown failed. He was un-electable of course, he knew that much and prepared for that outcome.

    And its also why we have so many ‘so called’ = ‘asylum seekers’ – funded by UK NGO’s via ‘so called ‘charities’. Is this not the sign of our Times, and we don’t the power of the NGO’s and charitable sector of the left. Its a big problem and thanks to Gorden Brown UK charities can hide behind NGO’s and left wing sponsors who do not have to be identified and are (in part or whole) financed by questionable sources.



    • Richard Pinder says:

      I once saw my local Tory MP grinning in a newspaper photo opportunity, standing next to a bunch of left-wing teachers, putting his thumbs up to the brainwashing of Primary School children in the latest environmentalist propaganda obtained from one of the thousands of left-wing NGO funded fake charities. This one was based in Doncaster. On its website its source of funding listed hundreds of other charities, but no individual person was identified on the list. It all looked like a very inefficient use of money. I suppose the reason is that if a thousand charities had to unite into forming one charity, then thousands of administrators would lose their jobs. The more charities, the more jobs for uneducated left-wing, middle-class, arts, sociology and philosophy, Mickey mouse degree qualified morons.


    • G says:

      And sat behind all the charities, one name: Soros


  31. G.W.F. says:

    Boris wants to be friends with the BBC.
    Not an exciting line of of contestants for the job.
    At least he is not considering Corbyn.



  32. StewGreen says:

    BBC your Climate Doom Network
    2:15pm Climate Doom drama
    ‘No Place but the Water’ is a speculative drama series that explores what the world might look like after the Western Antarctic melts and also asks questions about how we offer hospitality to refugees

    It sounds like it’s been on before, but no other series have been similar

    Tuesday’s 3:30pm The Last Songs of Gaia
    4 part series strangely being repeated just 6 weeks after first run
    1: Birds
    In the last year, the scale of the climate and wildlife crises has been laid bare by scientists around the globe.
    As ecosystems collapse, a frightening number of species are falling silent. How are the world’s musicians, sound artists and poets responding?
    birdsong. What does it mean to us, and how might this shift as species disappear?


    • Philip_2 says:

      You really could not make it up. The BBC gives an example of why Drama is more important than truth (as in reality), sadly missing in any BBC report on anything. Defund is too polite.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      I’ll start to take all these so called ‘environmentalists’ seriously when they start talking about doing something about population growth and destruction of the natural environment, and that begins at home, by limiting immigration if nothing else.


  33. StewGreen says:

    TalkRadio is taking Dawn Butler apart now
    Norman is coming up

    Beach cookout will be the after 11pm topic


    • Guest Who says:


      So much purpose in common.


      • taffman says:

        Dawn Butler MP incident = A Labour own goal .


        • Guest Who says:


          And for once Surkeer might have twigged that just because the BBC and Sky are all over it, the public might not be.


        • StewGreen says:

          A win for her
          Her base love her playing the victim.
          Look at Abbott’s, Lammy’s voteshare in elections.


  34. Guest Who says:



  35. Guest Who says:

    Something happens. Might be serious. And News.

    Lurch struggles to find a suitable word.


    • taffman says:

      Could be a security issue. ‘Intel’ .
      Protecting the President from threat or harm ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Outside on the street there were gunshots, a guy was taken down and is in hospital.
      After 7 mins Trump walked back in and continued where he’d left off.


      • taffman says:

        Let me guess , Lurch is very disappointed ?


        • Guest Who says:

          Bbc Moaning Emole neatly illustrates what you need to know…

          “ Questioned by reporters as to whether he was rattled, Mr Trump answered by asking “do I seem rattled?” adding that the incident “may not have anything to do with me”.

          Reporters seem to be very silly. Constantly.


  36. Guest Who says:

    Subtle. Full marks.


    • Guest Who says:



      • taffman says:

        Guest Who
        “Because they only show you what they want you to see”
        Just like Al Beeb.


  37. Guest Who says:



  38. taffman says:

    \\We do stop migrants, French insist as David Miliband criticises ‘push back’//
    David Milliband , Another Labour own goal!


  39. StewGreen says:

    NHS is spending our money
    forcing Twitter adverts at us
    the badge indicates Ghanaian customers are the target


  40. taffman says:

    Question: Why does anyone reporting the English Channel Invasion get ‘closed down’ or arrested ? Does our Tory government have a hand in this ?
    Has anyone wondered why Britain’s ‘main news provider’ been very reluctant to report the large numbers invading on their front page, despite being funded by the people of Great Britain ?


  41. taffman says:

    “Dawn Butler: MP calls for ‘system change’ after police stop”

    If they do “change” expect more ‘black on black’ knife crime in London.


  42. taffman says:

    “Nicola Sturgeon ‘sorry’ over Scottish exam results”
    Lessons to be learned ?………….


  43. StewGreen says:


  44. taffman says:

    “The UK needs to consider changes to asylum laws to deter migrants from crossing the English Channel, Boris Johnson has said.”
    Horse and stable door comes to mind .
    I understand that the ‘cabinet’ have been running around like ‘headless chickens’ because Tory MPs and their constituents are very annoyed, very annoyed indeed ?


    • Charlie Farley says:

      I keep sending my Tory MP emails and links to Nigel and how f—— useless the Government are with this invasion and the the fact that two of my Uncle’s gave their lives keeping out Adolf and we now let this happen……makes me so Angry !


  45. digg says:

    BBC telling people how to stifle any speech or attitude that doesn’t fit your own lifestyle, world-view or agenda…


    “Being an ally starts at home, with your family and friends, and challenging the people closest to you – as they are the people you can influence the most.”

    Now that could work both ways!


  46. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, also on the the BME (sorry, Fed)…


    Susan Rice, diplomat and lightning rod

    A former Obama White House official, Susan Rice, is a top contender to be Joe Biden’s running mate. Even if she is not chosen as the vice-presidential nominee, she is likely to be a key player if he wins. So who is she? Speaking at a White House cocktail party shortly before Donald Trump moved in, Susan Rice looked wistful. “You’ll miss us,” she tells a journalist. Today Ms Rice, the 55-year-old former national security adviser, is hoping for a return to power. She is on the short list of candidates to become the Democratic vice-presidential nominee. If she is not chosen as vice-president and Mr Biden wins the election, she could potentially become secretary of state. Ms Rice’s name is being floated as Mr Biden is under increasing pressure to select not just a woman – which he has committed to do – but a black woman as a running mate.

    Read full analysis >

    Tara McKelvey
    BBC White House reporter


    Tara seems smitten. Gunning for a slot on the BS roster?

    As for Suze, so many boxes ticked.

    If I had a box ticker dream, she’d look like an Obama Droid.


  47. Guest Who says:

    Jez also likes having Ash on.

    For some reason.


    • Guest Who says:

      He is also a keen bike rider.


    • G says:

      Fellow commie?


    • JamesArthur says:

      I love the way ‘Mandy’ get challenged on her facts but ‘Ash’ the inveterate Labour stooge is allowed to make unchallenged statements- especially when she makes a generalised statement about why they come here…
      All you have to do is look on Gov website to see what they are entitled to but what all of these people are forgetting is that – they are illegal..it is a crime 40% have already applied for asylum in another country (which makes they liars at a minimum)…they also seem to be missing point most seem to be young African men….so not sure which war zone they are fleeing from, whilst leaving women and children behind.

      How many are criminals? the Left, woke don’t care…this is what annoys me – this acceptance of crime and belief that they are all deserving lovely chappies…I don’t care what colour they are they are still illegal


  48. Guest Who says:

    Nick Bryant needing a group hug?

    Does Greta know?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Me thinks nick Bryant is trying to out Fergal the mighty sobbing Keene ( not Roy ) with liberal tears …. has he done another‘ letter to new baby ‘ yet? Ugh .


  49. AsISeeIt says:

    The Daily Mirror pushes the boat out this morning offering readers the chance to ‘Win a seven-night Mediterranean cruise for two’ Not the best-timed of offers there.

    Completely at sea is Boris Johnson over immigration in the ‘i’: ‘PM ‘s plan to send migrants back to France’

    The Telegraph meanwhile has an article with a header which hints at why that Mirror promotion might not be very appealing this year ‘Why this summer holiday will definitely change your life’.

    Already well covered in the tabloids yesterday Simon Cowell now turns up in the Telegraph with the tale of his broke back bicycle mounting woes ‘All the gear, no idea… the trouble with men and e-bikes’ You’ll note by the way the casual sexism in our press always goes one way.

    Also in the Telegraph ‘Fears for high streets in post-covid slump’

    A sign perhaps of the soul-searcing times to come as the true damage done to our lives by the supposedly science-led response to the Chinese Flu arrives in the Times as it reports on ‘How to stop your doctor making mistakes’

    Immigration isn’t all one-way of course. Harry and Meghan left Britain and buggered off to the States. The ‘i’ explains ‘There was snobbery, sexism and potentially racial ignorance at play’

    Gosh, how to fix all that?

    The ‘i’ having shown us the red card suggests a potential cure to kick out all the UK’s bigotry problems as they celebrate ‘Britain’s first female Muslim referee’


  50. Guest Who says:

    So many questions.

    So little clue. Spoof account?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I hear that this lady – real name Subha Nagalakshmi Munchetty-Chendriah- Yaxley Lennon – is ‘in trouble ‘ for doing ‘off the books ‘ private work and making a nice £195k from Mercedes or something – she didn’t get approval or declare it ….

      Can we guess what sort of car she has ….. ?

      On a different subject …

      I was musing over the lovely dawn butlers terrible experience at the hands of racist police – fitting her up with a spliff / blade / nicked credit card and then kneeling or her neck whilst handcuffed sceaming ‘you’re gonna die n word bitch “

      But of course none of that happened and on the reversed vid I thought the copper was pretty good with her – I really hope the police federation gets its way and the full body camera recording is released . But we know that’s not going to happen because both the MP and the woke ‘commissioner ‘ would not want the truth to come out – even if the white driver got ‘blacked up ‘ to fit the outrage narrative .

      Anyway – my point is – whenever something nasty happens what is the first and unified chorus from politicians ?

      ANSWER ‘we want more police on the streets ‘ or ‘bobbies on the beat ‘ ….

      But it appears that if they are on patrol – better avoid coloured people …..meaning they can get on with killing and stabbing each other ….


      • JimS says:

        Perhaps they could recruit Somali or Nigerian police officers to patrol Dawn’s patch?

        Of course, not being brought up in Peelian Principles, and not being of the same BAME ‘tribe’, Dawn could then find hereself ‘slipping out of the car’ and ‘accidently’ receiving life-threatening injuries if that had ever came to pass.