Weekend Thread 1 August 2020

If you are over 75 and not receiving pensioner credit you now need to buy a TV licence to obey the law – if you still watch ‘live TV’ of course . But capita – which runs TV licencing for the Far Left Biased BBC – has issued policy saying that to comply with the need to avoid catching the Chinese Virus – it will write directly to the over 75s about buying a licence. There is no need to run off to the post office and risk your life to buy a TV licence . Now isn’t that nice ? And watch out for the scammers ….

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  1. BRISSLES says:

    Ghandi is to feature on one of our coins. Apparently “its not before time to show how the BAME community have contributed to this country”.

    What did Ghandi contribute ? apart from wanting rid of us ? or have I and Richard Attenborough got this totally wrong ????


    • ScottishCalvin says:

      Your best option is to out-woke the woke and write some letters demanding that MPs and center-right people denounce him for his views on Africa. Didn’t they protest a statue of him in Manchester a few years back? Whether it’s him, Mary Seacole or one of the other messiah’s of the left, every one of them who lived more than 30 years ago will be on record talking about africans, jews or the LGBT community and most of it would be a potential hate crime were it said/printed today.


    • JimS says:

      Coins? Coins?

      Didn’t we have coins sometime back in March? So long ago that I forget.

      I’m pretty certain that coins don’t feature in the ‘new normal’ that none of us voted for.

      (Not entirely unrelated, I came across something that I wrote a decade ago. “Two percent of the population of Pakistan are Christian yet it is called a Muslim country. Two percent of the population of the UK are Muslim yet we are apparently ‘multi-cultural’, not something that I remember be asked to vote on”).


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Gandhi is to the BAME contribution to this country, as George Washington is to Canada’s contribution to this country, as Michael Collins is to Northern Irelands contribution to this country and as a traitor is to Winston Churchill’s contribution to this country. I think it is the first time an enemy or traitor of this country has been considered for depiction on our coins.


    • taffman says:

      Bring back Britannia to our coinage. Essential, now that we are out of the EU.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      BRISSELS- No problems with G. but this would be bizarre and HIGHLY inappropriate, if true.
      Someone in charge hasn’t a clue. Not a clue.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Fake, it was on Sky’s press review last night, and the comment of ‘contribution’ was made by one of the reviewers. Perhaps in another 20 years, it will be George Floyd making an appearance.


    • infoquest says:

      Swiftly followed by a picture of Nicola Sturgeon on the new English nine bob note.


    • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

      Ghandi? How Gastlhi!


    • Banania says:

      Who’s next, Castro? Mugabe? Can anybody be portrayed on our money?


    • Philip_2 says:

      Its a sign of the times we live in…(acceptable by BBC standards, an inspiration for some BBC staff who are either under arrest or deceased but charged)… Anyway the BBC don’t carry cash. Only AMEX.



  2. ScottishCalvin says:

    Two deeply disturbing events that seem to have not really been mentioned at all. [1] There’s now a nuclear power plant on the Saudi border [2] The 3 Gorges dam might collapse


  3. JimS says:

    I was alerted to the BBC website story, Black Lives Matter: ‘Backlash has been divisive like Brexit’ by IsTheBBCBiased.

    In it half-a-dozen individual youngsters, from nowhere in particular and representing nobody but themselves complain that they have lost friends on social media ‘because of Black Lives Matter’.

    The article doesn’t tell us what has upset them, except that the friends have been revealed to be ‘racist’. The writer uncritically accepts this, without evidence, and doesn’t challenge the complainers’ high moral position that they had tried ‘to educate’ their ex-friends.

    One of the complainers tells us, “A lot of people think that when you say, ‘Black Lives Matter’, it means black people want to overtake other races but that’s not the case. It’s about wanting to be equal.”

    That, of course, isn’t a fact, it is his opinion, an opinion rather nullified when one sees ‘Black Power’ fist logos and the Twitter storm over ‘equality’ slogans such as ‘White Lives Matter’ or the completely equal ‘All Lives Matter’.

    Rocio Cifuentes, chief executive of Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team (EYST) in Wales, was reported as commenting on the ‘unhelpful focus’ on physical congregations at protests, saying : “There was condemnation of those congregations, however, we haven’t seen the same reaction to gatherings of shoppers or when the pubs opened, for example.

    The response to some people gathering seems to be selective and not equally applied to everybody.

    There are definite racially tinged motivations behind those different responses.”

    Again there is no challenge. The BLM protests started at a time when it was illegal to congregate in large numbers and certainly all the shops that I have visited have had systems in place to control spacing and admissions of customers, so there is absolutely no comparison between the two situations.

    Whatever else this article is it certainly isn’t news, it’s an activist pretending to be a journalist.


    • Scroblene says:

      All you need to know, Jim!


      As usual, the bbbc being as unhelpful as possible…

      Taffman may know a bit more!


      • taffman says:



        • Scroblene says:

          Sorry, Taff – didn’t want to wind you up, it’s just that it was a Cardiff story, so was closer to home for you!

          Mwynha dy ddiwrnod!


          • taffman says:

            Yep Da iawn 😉
            All rubbish coming from Cardiff usually emanates from the Welsh Assembly. Their latest mad idea is to allow 16 year old kids the vote. All this without any demand for such an idiotic idea coming from the majority of the Taffs.
            Taffs have been calling for the ending of the huge white elephant, waste of money known as the ‘Welsh Government’.
            Scrap the bureaucratic talking shop and spend all the money saved on Wales not Cardiff.


      • StewGreen says:

        Scrob put a link to the BBC Wales black apprentice
        whose Twitter account posts almost exclusively about BLM


    • Up2snuff says:

      Funny thing, Jim, but I do not recall the BBC being at all bothered when John Major started the break-up of the UK by signing us up to the EU following Maastricht. Then, when Tony Blair further broke up the UK with separate Parliaments for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the BBC were still untroubled about ‘the divisiveness of it all’.

      Funny, that.


  4. taffman says:

    “New homes to get ‘automatic’ permission in England planning shake-up”
    Are these new homes required because of successive governments ‘open-door’ policy of mass immigration?
    That’s another thing the nation never voted for. Good bye England’s green and pleasant land.


  5. Guest Who says:

    Boat long sailed.

    #bbcquestionasaheadline is one of the nastiest dodges in their ‘integrity’ armoury.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Not perhaps a CnN RT for American Beauty and squad?


  7. Guest Who says:

    Remember Sunday morning cartoons on the telly?


    • vlad says:

      While the disgusting beeb continue to brown-nose the religion of murder, this hero is literally taking it apart, lie by lie.



    • G.W.F. says:

      A mad bastard hears a voice telling him to kill his son, then another voice tells the mad bastard to kill a ram instead, so he kills the ram.
      Hooray. Centuries later the BBC and Boris Johnson praise this episode

      Kierkegaard put the Christian message much better when he said that Abraham should have reasoned: ‘ I am absolutely certain that I should not kill my good son, but that this is the voice of God I am far from certain’.


      • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

        Might you be treading a tad close to antisemitism?


      • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

        Might you be treading a tad close to antisemitism?


      • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

        Might you be treading a tad close to antisemitism?


      • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

        Might you be treading a tad close to antisemitism?


      • Up2snuff says:

        G.W.F., in the oldest parts of The Old Testament various pictures were given to different groups to foreshadow Calvary and the work of salvation that God would achieve through His giving up His life as a sacrifice for sin, the act of redemption, that is the ‘buying back’.

        The theologians know these as ‘Christ-types’ or ‘types of Christ’ and the ram caught in the thicket was one such. Noah’s ark another. Moses another also. The red cord hung from Rahab’s window yet another.

        On another point, it is a bit of a push for Islam to claim that it is an Abramic faith. I know why it is done. But it is still asking for a big jump of credibility to claim it.


  8. Guest Who says:

    If dfs had a sport channel.


  9. Guest Who says:

    🍾 Okay, it’s the middle of the night in W1A, Champion Ash has just accidentally posted the tape of her audition with you and the goat, you’re more unbalanced than Jo Brand making milkshakes out of Duracells, waiting for the pension. WHAT DO YOU SING?

    This episode of BBC Got It About Right is about I Will Survive.


    • Old Goat says:

      I have to protest. I have been involved in no such audition.


      • Scroblene says:

        Stay well out of it, Old!

        It’s one of the most boring songs ever put out, with an incessant line that goes on for centuries…

        It’s one of my immediate turnoffs whenever it comes on the wireless – I can’t stand it…

        I’ll write you a song, and between us, we’ll be squillionaires – one day!


    • StewGreen says:

      Last week Gloria Gaynor
      next Donna Summer is coming up in Brief Lives.


  10. AsISeeIt says:


    The Ross & Norris McWhirters over there at the BBC disappoint this morning with their ‘Europe swelters under near-record temperatures’

    Near-record. I’m sorry but a record is a record and near is just a miss.

    ‘Much of Europe has been basking in a mini-heat wave since Friday’

    Much… so not all of Europe then? It gets worse…

    ‘..countries like the UK, France and Spain have experienced near-record temperatures.’

    Hmmm… what to make of this? Well I’d venture that Portugal is quite a lot like Spain. Some of Belgium is like France. So, pray tell what is a country like the UK?

    I’m being factitious of course, at the expense of the BBC’s tabloid-style here. The real problem is their reflexive fixation with weather records induced by their political adherence to climate alarmism.


    • Old Goat says:

      Been a few hot days here in south central France, lately, and a storm yesterday. This morning it’s cloudy and cool. Warming up during next week, but generally our temperatures so far this summer have been marginally lower than last year.


  11. Darcy3 says:

    I see the muslim gobshite council of Britain, who claim to be “working for the common good” yeh, right we all believe that, (like protecting white schoolgirls ??) are on the whinge again

    apparently their medieval death cult religion is more important than protecting the rest of the country from getting infected from muslims ignoring distancing regulations

    and of course blacks demonstrating en mass whenever they feel like it with our ineffectual police facilitating their law breaking

    Does police training now involve how to run away from black people rioting ?

    Active RACISM alive and well in the UK


  12. StewGreen says:

    7:20am Jonathan Porrit was given a large seg in the R4 Religion prog
    The presenter Edward Stourton fed him lines to bounce off
    “Porritt has a new book, on Climate Change and one chapter deals with religion”
    “Many faiths have the notion of dominion over nature
    and this leads to religion based DENIALISM .. about the EMERGENCY we face”
    Porritt “Indeed …blah blah”


  13. AsISeeIt says:

    Aleem Maqbool, BBC News, Richmond, Virginia (USA) goes in to bat for Britain on the world news stage.


    ‘The British role in America’s tainted past’

    Yes, you guessed it… it’s our fault.

    ‘…slavery, segregation and discrimination have shaped modern day America. But there are those who feel that there are some beyond these shores who should be reflecting on their country’s role in it all.’

    I do wonder, does our Aleem Maqbool feel part of this continuing British responsiblity for the evils of slavery – or perhaps does this new Briton give himself a pass… because…?


  14. Roland Deschain says:

    Perhaps those affected may be in a position to comment. Do they really have army checkpoints policing the local lockdowns? And yet they can’t stop illegals swarming over the Channel. In fact they put them up in 4-star hotels.


  15. fakenewswatcher says:

    Listening to the ‘BBC’ World Service at about 4am, I heard much anti-Australian and anti-Western stuff from an Aussie of Chinese heritage. Lotsa ‘racism’ about, apparently.
    She sounded keen on Beijing.
    That was after a news item which told us how OK TikTok is, and how wrong that nasty Donald is.
    Is beeb becoming a promoter of that sweet, old man, Comrade Xi and his lovely Commie party?


  16. Roland Deschain says:

    Stunning and brave, I tell you, sticking your head above the parapet like this.


  17. taffman says:

    I understand from Al Beeb that England has been invaded once again today all this while Boris fiddles like Nero composing new Covid rhymes and ditties. The Royal Navy languishes in port and the French navy has taken over the duties of PO Ferries . What ever are the Conservative voters and supporters thinking ?

    All those wishing to holiday in the UK this year because of Covid may find that all the hotels are already “fully booked”. At least Nigel is on the case .


    • Roland Deschain says:


  18. Donbob says:

    Only six gays and one transitioner in last nights Casualty – positively homophobic !


    • EricW says:

      Did you manage to watch this tripe till the end? If so, you’ve got a stronger stomach than me. It was telegraphed in last week’s episode that macho Lev was a repressed homosexual.
      No doubt his frootball hooligan past was a way of denying his “true nature” blah blah blah.
      I think I’ll give this show a miss for a while.


  19. Fedup2 says:

    TV licencing

    When I was researching to write the preamble to this site over the last couple of days I looked on the Capita site which links To TV licencing – which – of course Capita administers on behalf of the BBC. But yesterday – Saturday -the first day of charging over 75s for a TV licence – the site had crashed .

    Today the Sunday Times puts that on its ‘ front page . ‘Some ‘might hope that some one in TV licencing pulled the plug in order to prevent over 75s fearful of the knock on the door – Buying a TV licence which perhaps they might not need .

    ‘Some ‘ Might say that the BBC TVLicencing haven’t got a clue ….

    I sincerely hope the boycott of the Biased BBC continues to grow …

    Elsewhere – Twitter watch

    That surrogate SNP spokesman – Sarah Smith – continues to get stick for forgetting that her mum got a gong just because she was married to a dead labour leader when criticising a former Tory PMs husband for getting a knighthood .

    Obviously neither deserve such an award – but the bubble does like to reward itself . No doubt Mr Johnson’s current other half will get one as well .

    Lastly I’m guessing the black clad black paramilitaries parading through Brixton on Saturday didn’t get much coverage from the MSM . Certainly the plod were looking elsewhere . …..

    Sooner or later they’ll start blowing up ‘symbols of white oppression ‘ And we ll have another ethnic terrorist group to suffer from as well as – of course – Norwegians …..


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Up2 – where the hell will the teachers go if the pubs are shut but the schools are open ?

    And then …

    Not the BBC yet

    A quiet piece in the sunday Telegraph about the ( lack ) of a lockdown ‘baby boom ‘ which ‘some’ predicted would be a consequence of lockdown . Couples at home for days and nights on end resulting is offspring …

    …. maybe the likes of the BBC has frightened so many people out of their skins that the end of 2020 won’t produce stories about ‘front line hero ‘maternity units being ‘overwhelmed …..


  21. StewGreen says:

    A plea from Jeremy

    Funny how when a guy who is against peole being FORCED to wear masks
    made his point on the JV TV show
    The panel ridiculed him and called hinm as an idiot Anna Brees video


  22. G says:

    Well, well, well. I’ve just heard on the R4 BBC News the leader of the UK ‘Border Farce’ state, I quote, “if the Government don’t get an agreement with the French for ‘dual patrols’, the smugglers will continue to evade our border security”.
    Quite a comedian isn’t he?
    ‘dual patrols’ – convey twice the number of invaders to the UK?;
    ‘….continue to evade our border security”. – what, “border security”?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Please don’t report false facts here .😎 How can there be a ‘leader of the UK Border Force “? I was pondering this as I watched Nigel Farage reporting On this farce .- ie

      Who is in charge ? How much are they paid ? Why are they still in post ?

      A piece in a paper yesterday about 100s And 100s of passengers queueing at Heathrow passport control ( no distancing ) with only 3 border farce staff at work also set me thinking Too….


      • Oaknash says:

        Fe2 – and theres the rub, whilst we are all looking towards the channel, I expect there will be a hundred and one other ways in. Not that the Border Farce make any difference except in speeding things up.


    • Oaknash says:

      G – I am beginning to think that this is beyond just a cowardly incompetent spineless “government” that is afraid of getting any nasty headlines from the woke BBC led MSM – to me this lack of action is increasing looking like a positive act, which will continue until the worsening Autumn weather when Pritti will declare it “fixed”.
      Maybe the PM could find a “billet” for one of these “poor asylum seekers” nestled in the crisp cotton sheets, between him and the guileless, dewy eyed Carrie in the “master” (can I still say that) bedroom at No 10. I mean what could possibly go wrong ? I expect that because these individuals are such low risk , that is why they are being kept in hotels where you are free to come and go rather than illegal migrant centres where they could be swiftly repatriated. If they are not there and have slipped away into the black economy it saves you nasty headlines when eventually you could be compelled to kick them out.

      I also believe that the government is using their confected Covid panic as a convenient MSM camouflage to take away the worst of the media attention.

      Fortunately the liberal, bluffing, upper class, pro globalist twit who is our “Prime” Minister would obviously never be in favour of stuffing this country full of hostile, semi feral men of military age ………………… Oh wait.


  23. StewGreen says:

    Poor Sadiq, there are no ginger rape gangs, & no ginger stabbing gangs in London
    … and he doesn’t get a word of praise… for curing those problems.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sadiq getting more stick for giving a pal a job as ‘night czar ‘ on £84 k pa but doesn’t work nights – or at all it seems . ….


  24. Oldspeaker says:

    Finally we get to it and they reveal themselves.


  25. Fedup2 says:

    Wild individual with cervix ( new MSM approved nomenclature for what sane people call ‘woman ‘)

    Every time you hit the ‘comment ‘ button an angel gets its’ wings ….


    • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

      All humans have a cervix. It’s where your cervical vertebrae are.

      If you mean cervix uteri, I don’t have one of those since I had a hysterectomy. But don’t let that mess with your prejudices.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Now now wild woman – why not be like that nice Jeremy vine and be nice ….. I am merely adopting the approved CNN language which snowflakes love so much .
        It’s nice of you to pop by for a troll and put the same comment up 6?7? Times – I notice no apology and assumed you don’t have the grace for such a thing .
        I thought about the hysterectomy angle with MSM trying to use an alt term for ‘woman ‘ But presumably – like so many shallow snowflake thoughts – they were too thick to think it through .

        I’ll take those posts down later on – got to keep the place tidy – haven’t we?


        • taffman says:

          Is maxincony back? I thought he was isolating in his safe space ?


          • Scroblene says:

            They’re all doing it, Taff, local gummint, civil serpents, etc, are all sitting at home on ‘furbelow’ and doing sod all, waiting to object when they’re told to get out there and actually help someone, or do their job properly.

            I’m surprised that the bbbc haven’t got a list of their huge staffing levels swinging the lead, as they do, but there again, why do we need them when we have twats like Jerminy Voine to make things worse.


        • StewGreen says:

          BTW We are speaking English here not Latin
          In English “cervix” is borrowed from Latin cervīx meaning “neck”
          I have cervical vertebrae in my neck
          ..not in my cervix ..cos I am a man and in English I do not have a cervix I have a neck
          Women have a uterus and the “neck” of the uterus is called the cervix in English
          In English women do have a cervix men don’t.

          In a subtotal hysterectomy – the main body of the womb is removed, leaving the cervix in place, but the full hysterectomy is more common.
          Biological women are born with a cervix.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Stew – what a way to end a thread . Lesson learnt = never engage a troll in anyway – even the driest attempt at humour is lost on an anti human like ‘wild woman ‘ who only comes here to reinforce her own prejudices in regard to labelling others as prejudiced and has no idea whether I have personal experience of the effect of hysterectomy and caring for someone who has had one .

            And so to a new thread .


            • StewGreen says:

              Trolls are not interested in serious debate
              They are just Sh!tposting to stir to cause trouble
              Misrepresent/smear-label/runaway is a common tactic.
              The don’t feed the troll rules applies.


              • Fedup2 says:

                I find the characteristics of the Troll both interesting as well as repulsive . There is a sense of absolute moral superiority which I find quite frightening and inhuman – perhaps it’s a side effect of the internet and non face to face interaction .
                The troll is desperate to leap to a conclusion – to name call – to accuse . The troll has no humour or nuance . I think the latest example is a good one . ( btw I assume you removed the spam setting I put on the trolls’ multiple repeat comment ) .

                The other feature of the troll is more depressing – the need for acknowledgement , for being discussed – for being invited to debate but then running away – a common characteristic . Their lack of humour is mirrored by their seriousness and lack of nuance . By being ultra ‘liberal’ they become ‘extremist‘. I was going to be lazy and say ‘fascist ‘ but that word is thrown around as often as a used face mask these days .

                Sometimes I get tempted to send a direct email off the site – since I have access to details but then I think ‘why bother ‘ – it’s only the internet . It won’t achieve anything good . Understanding is not a virtue trolls possess. …


  26. john in cheshire says:

    The racist far-left bbc would never contemplate writing an article such as this. Worse still, they prefer to pretend that Julian Assange does not exist. In their warped world, created by their own hive mind, Mr Assange is an enemy and if they ever think about him at all, they think he deserves everything that is done to him. And that’s why they disgust me. There’s no humanity to be found in them. They’ve replaced it with hatred.



  27. Sluff says:

    With news that the teacher unions are yet again dreaming up excuses not to return to work, this story on the BBC news webshite caught my eye.

    ‘outdoor classes offer stunning solution to lockdown’

    So you press and…..errrrrr………it’s a story from Kashmir !!!!

    I wonder why they omitted that detail ?????


  28. Fedup2 says:

    It appears that by ‘spamming’ one entry about ‘antisemitism ?’ all The repeated comments have gone . The software may also be blocking you too . If that’s the case and you want to make a further contribution to ‘biased BBC’ you may need to re register .


  29. Up2snuff says:

    Something going on in north Kent today. Tremendous amount of helicopter activity. More this morning than in the whole of the Lockdown period. Don’t know whether it is Press activity, the MSM wanting pics and footage of overcrowded beaches at Margate and around Broadstairs but the skies-a-buzzin.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      I hear someone reported young children on a cliff so bbc scrambled the fleet.


    • StewGreen says:

      11:30pm The Police helicopter was over Broadstairs cos a trespasser was on the train line.

      5pm “A police helicopter has been searching over East Malling this afternoon.
      Unconfirmed report that a man and woman made off from a car abandoned in the area of Red Hill.”

      BTW man in his early 20’s has been repeatedly stabbed outside the Rose & Crown pub in Orpington Kent;
      MET Police attended at 7.05pm when called by the London Ambulance Service; The Victim has been rushed to hospital his condition is currently unknown!”


  30. pugnazious says:

    Funny thing….the BBC fills the airwaves with Black issues and Black programmes as it morphs almost literally into the ‘Black Broadcasting Corporation’ and its staff scramble, not for Africa, but for ‘African’ credibility, to become honorary Africans….a stealth ‘Blackface’ by self-proclaimed White Saviours virtue-signalling for all they’re worth….a new form of colonialism and exploitation.

    One of the most eager might be Emily Maitlis, though more horse-face than blackface ‘some might say’.

    She savaged an Australian cartoonist for a ‘racist’ cartoon about Serena Williams having a melt-down…..a cartoon that was perfectly accurate and standard stuff….barely caricaturing her at all….hard to over-emphasise her features in reality…but Maitlis just knew it was racist…she had to speak out…she had to let the world know what a progressive anti-racist firebrand she was….

    ‘ Is this caricature full of racist tropes? Angry black woman – check. Animalised features – check. Exaggerated lips and physique – check. And if you’re still not convinced, her mixed-race opponent, Naomi Osaka, had her dip-dyed hair turned full blonde, essentially making her white. ‘

    Spot the difference….



    Of course Maitlis, married to an investment manager, with her own mega BBC salary, also likes to preach to the government about inequality and poverty of opportunity and resources for the great unwashed….I expect she can see a great deal from the giddy heights of her ivory tower…..



  31. BRISSLES says:

    I love the whippet ! its clearly intelligent, the way its scanning the papers, and obviously has more personality.


    • Scroblene says:

      Nice dog, the whippet’s pretty good too…

      Why do all these slebs have to have their names in sad old rags like the Twatler? It’s been around for far too long, and dentists need something better in their waiting rooms!

      It just implies …

      1) I’m richer than you
      2) I’m better than you
      3) I’m more intelligent than you
      4) I know better than you
      5) I have a designer dog, so I’m any of the other 4 above.
      6) I have a ‘job’ at the bbc, therefore I’m superior to you

      Or, like me, you can just ignore her and say ‘piss off, love, you’re kidding nobody’…


  32. Docmarooned says:

    They like to THINK it implies to them


  33. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I believe that Saturday marked the anniversary of the abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire in 1834.

    Someone should let the BBC know.


    • Sluff says:

      Thank you for that.
      Having done my ‘Ancestry’ work, I know that back in the early 1800s my great great great grandparents were living typically as agricultural labourers in Derbyshire, Yorkshire, and Cheshire.
      They had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the slave trade. In fact, judging from a variety of birth and marriage certificates they could not even write their name.
      In consequence I have nothing whatever to apologise for, to BLM or or any number of woke leftoids, for anything to do with slavery, real or alleged, and I bitterly oppose any insinuation from the appalling BBC so-called ‘news’ room that I should do so, or feel any remorse or regret.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        Sluff, your agricultural labourer ancestors probably didn’t live a very different life to black slaves working the fields in the US, all told. In some cases, the slaves might even have had it better, as ‘property’ at least they held some financial value to the landowner they laboured for.

        There was a good reason the landowners of Britain didn’t import black slaves to work their land here in the 17th and 18th Centuries. They already had plenty of white sla… I mean workers.

        It’s tragic really, but the white labouring classes would have fought tooth and nail to prevent black slaves being imported too, not out of empathy, but out of fear of competition for their work and being made redundant.

        Didn’t realise I was a Marxist ’til five minutes ago. Only the upper classes could ever have afforded slaves, or plantations in the Caribbean, or shares in the slave trade. Let them foot any bill for it, because my ancestors certainly didn’t ‘benefit’ from the slave trade either!

        Strange world, where we can be held to account for the alleged sins of our ancestors. By which logic I’m sure we are all guilty of: murder, rape, infanticide, euthanasia, war crimes, ecocide, genocide, cannibalism, enslavement, hunting mammoth without an appropriate licence, extermination of rare animals, graffiti on cave walls, and so on…that reparation bill is going to be steep!


      • NameNotNumber says:

        Neither do I feel remorse or regretI, Sluff, for the ‘white privilege’ that my relatives possessed as they died of cholera in Lambeth, or died destitute in the Greenwich Workhouse, or when the bombs took their lives in Camberwell during the blitz, or when their ships were sunk while they guarded the naval convoys essential to the survival of their country during WWII.

        BBC history: ‘white self-guilt-inflicted liberal’ revisionism.


  34. Fedup2 says:

    Let’s play the ‘name the arrested Tory 50 year old ex minister shall we ? Is it mr xxxxx or mr yyyyyyyyyy or mr zzzzzzzz.

    And let’s remove the whip from him – charged or not …..

    Naturally an opposition mouth piece -one Jess Phillips is outraged . But then again -ms Phillips lives in a permanent state of outrage ….

    …. anyway -until someone is charged with a crime – they should not be identified ? Right ? Or should the law just be ignored? After all – lots of laws are being ignored at the moment – as Mr Farage points out – the 1936 Public order act was ignored on Saturday as a bunch of coloured ‘boys ‘ paraded through Brixton in uniform with the police sticking to ‘traffic control ‘.
    But if you say a word out of place which is thought to be insulting … particularly if you add a bit of race to it and you’ll land up in front of the beak… quicker than you can say guilty until proved innocent ….


  35. Halifax says:

    I see Space Woke 1 has returned. I’d just like to say that they where doing this 55 years ago. We now have a woke version plenty of female input, its cringy watching it…….bring back Buzz Mike and Niel…….Real men.


  36. pugnazious says:

    46,000 die ‘with’ covid19 [how many actually ‘of’ it?] and around 40,000 die from respiratory disease this year but seem to be totally forgotten…not to mention all those who died due to lack of access to the NHS because of the lockdown…and the suffering of those who didn’t die but failed to get the treatment they needed on time or at all….The Telegraph reported that maybe 200,000 excess deaths will occur due to the NHS being focussed on covid19.

    Still…the lockdown was vital to protect the NHS [isn’t the NHS supposed to protect us?]…we know it was vital because the BBC totally agreed it was…so much so that it demanded a more aggressive lockdown and complain that the one we had wasn’t early enough despite it being at exactly the same time as low death Germany’s. The original purpose of the lockdown has been successfully completed, even WHO says lockdowns are not a good idea and should not be reimposed….and it was always the ‘science’ that a lockdown would cause a second wave when released whilst not actually saving any lives…thus continually imposing more lockdowns only delays a second wave in places and such a policy, of local lockdowns and ever more re-impositions of stringent measures across the country, will not stop covid19…it probably in fact keeps it alive in the community and so we will never be free of it and never be free of these lockdowns [quite possibly the idea]…..until we get riots and a new government…..ever more likely as Boris fails spectacularly.

    However the BBC loves the lockdown and thinks it can use it to leverage change to society, capitalism and Britain itself….it has a series of programmes running called ‘Rethink’ that dictate to us not what might happen post covid but what should happen…..hmmm…just who decides that? BBC journalists it seems….naturally all based on race, climate, stopping Brexit and Marxism [it’s only when you start looking at what Marxism is that you realise the BBC preaches it all the time…such as the demand that women get paid a wage for housework and caring for the kids…coz men just don’t do anything].

    What the BBC isn’t so keen on is actually criticising the need for a lockdown at all….aahhh! you will say…they had on Lord Sumption who is highly critical of the lockdown….indeed…but of course the presenter counters everything he says and the next day the BBC wheels in several people who oppose Sumption’s views and he gets summarily rubbished, not least by the presenter, without any chance to answer these critics.

    Maybe the BBC’d like to give another legal eagle a go, one who thinks the lockdown was illegal and has done enormous harm and who says there has been no critical scrutiny of the decision…not least from the BBC which proclaims its main duty is to hold power to account….but seems to have decided to pass on that one in this case…‘ The media did the government’s bidding ‘…..


    ‘‘The lockdown has caused a humanitarian tragedy’

    Irrespective of the lawfulness of its use of the 1984 Act, what is notable is that the government has used what’s called the Emergency Procedure under that act to introduce every piece of legislation that has restricted people’s movements, economic activity and so on. These have typically been introduced to parliament one working day before they came into force. None of them received any scrutiny by parliament before they were enacted. None of them were debated in detail in the media before they were passed – they could not be, because they were not published until a few hours beforehand. What scrutiny there has been came weeks later, often since there have been subsequent amendments to those regulations.

    The government had very considerable control over the news stories. It introduced daily press conferences at peak times, knowing that the broadcast media was likely to broadcast them live. The broadcast media then were dominated by these press conferences, which were played out to a public that was prevented from leaving home by the government, and so watched these conferences in enormous numbers. Those press conferences provided nothing but a fear narrative that was focused uniquely on the virus and provided one news story. The media did the government’s bidding by following that narrative entirely, failing to consider alternative scientific perspectives, failing to consider other elements that are affected by these measures that are not the virus – that is to say the economy, public health in general, suicides, cancer patients, and cancelled important operations. ‘

    There is absolutely no point to a highly politicised BBC that allows a government to do what it wants without scrutiny because the BBC agrees with what it is doing.

    There seems to be no need for the BBC if that is the case.



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