Midweek Thread 29 July 2020

This coming Saturday – 1st August 2020 – marks the end of ‘free ‘ TV licences for those aged over 75 years . All were born since 1945 .The company the BBC uses to catch ‘licence evaders ‘- Capita -has a bad track record when pursuing the elderly over TV Licences . In fact it got so bad that even the BBC – yes – the BBC carried out an inquiry into how the employees of Capita were conducting themselves And their ‘incentives ‘.

Perhaps Friday would be an ideal day for the government to publish the results of its consultation on decriminalising the offence of not having a TV licence and start the process of controlling the BBC and if possible – ending it .

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  1. theisland says:

    The end of the Argos catalogue! (Telegraph)
    My middle-aged kids will be distraught. Is nothing sacred?

    For millions more children, myself included, the encyclopedia like catalogue was a portal to a fantasy world. One in which we had all the mod-cons and a teeming toy box. Imagine having a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer, full-colour Bush TV and Toshiba ghetto blaster in our bedroom! Or a Space Hopper and Swingball in the garden! We’d gleefully pick up a free copy from our local branch (in its pomp, 96 per cent of us lived within 10 miles of an Argos) and take it home for in-depth study. If only we’d paid so much attention to schoolwork. We’d lay on the swirly carpet and hungrily pore over it, picking out our dream purchases.

    In order to make this post relevant – Has the ‘Radio Times’ gone yet?
    (Apologies – I blame the heat).


  2. StewGreen says:

    Talk Radio 9:50am the Met Office have sent Clare out to push the Global Warming message across the media.
    JHB wasn’t able to push back strong enough

    Clare Nasir @clarenasir
    Thrilled to be asked by @timesradio
    to talk about today’s peak heat, London could reach 36C…

    #1 How would the Met O know a hotter day is not coming later in the year ?
    isn’t it being over confident ?
    #2 She said the consensus is 99.9%
    across the world
    How did she measure that ?


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew “How did she measure that ?” – with her consensusitometer.

      All of the GreenBlob carry one in case they are forced into a conversation with a Denier*. They can whip out their consensusitometer and wave it over their contra-protagonist and say “Look, 97% of scientists do not agree, they all say the science is settled.” or in Clare’s case this morning, wave the device at the microphone “99.9% of people all believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming, Climate Change and a Climate Emergency. It says so here, on this little screen. See.”

      * Denier. There are no more doubters, sceptics or honest scientists left. If you do not believe, you are a Denier and deserve to be in a Concentration Camp awaiting punishment and death, according to Polly ‘Tuscany’ Toynbee of the Guardian and BBC.


  3. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – I managed an hour

    The first hour 6-7 a.m. was none too negative for a change but I switched off around 7 a.m. because I realised I wasn’t really listening to what was being said by Sarah ‘Gravel’ Smith (a pleasure to hear her after Mishal’s dominance and domineering tones for Mon-Wed inclusive) and Nick Robinson.

    Plenty of coverage and comment on the suddenly imposed new near-total Lockdown oop Nawth. A personage of the female-sounding persuasion was invited to comment (may have been Beeboid) and put the sudden rapid spread of Covid-19 down to multi-generational families in cramped housing and poverty. Nick Robinson neatly undermined that by observing that some of the new Lockdown areas were actually wealthy ones. Think: Altrincham – Sale – Premiership footballers – WAGs. I can speak for the Rossendale Valley and Rawtenstall and it isn’t poor now by any means. One hundred or more years ago, yes, you may well have seen some poverty there.

    I’d put the sudden spike in infections down to widespread socialising and travel, especially the latter. It would be good for the BBC to visit the Rossendale area and look at the communities in and around Mosques, ask questions about lifestyle, recreation, work and travel. After all, the BBC will get a warm welcome in the local Mosques and it’s not too far to cycle from Salford. 😉 May be a bit hilly, but good for losing weight, eh BBC?


  4. theisland says:

    A bBC reporter reports?

    Yesterday – NEW DAILY RECORD SET!
    202 migrants have crossed the Channel today in 20 boats
    30 landed on beaches in Walmer, Dungeness & Deal


    • john in cheshire says:

      Does anyone know whether, once these illegals have been ferried into our country by our Border Force taxi service, these illegals are asked such questions as:
      – who told you to come here, where were you told and when
      – who provided the money for you to be sent here, how was it paid, to whom and when
      – who organised your illegal journey and when

      Just a sample of questions I would have thought are essential if there is a real determination by Mrs Patel and the useless Border Service to stop them from coming here.


  5. Fedup2 says:

    Could we please stop referring to these illegals as numbers – since it seems that they put 150 in each hotel – yesterday that means 1.5 hotels landed .

    There must be a crew from Serco chucking out bribes in France and to the border farce like there’s no tomorrow. I wonder if the RNLI get a taste as well. ?

    The shame that only Nigel Farage takes a closer look ….


  6. Guest Who says:

    Phew. could have been awks for VD’s latest transmission.

    Wonder who less amazeballs did not make the cut?


  7. Guest Who says:

    Golly, that’s Frankie Howerd block-booked for the weekend, just for counselling teams.


    • Fedup2 says:

      It . Has. ‘Won’. The . Right . To . Appeal ….

      Let’s hope there’s some grown ups on the bench for this one …but it’s still £££££ for Ms Pierce PLC …for the defence .

      I read the judgement . In my learned opinion the lower court did not give proper examination of the ability of this enemy of the UK state – you dear reader – to remotely contribute to her case .
      Strangely – with all this zoom stuff and remote access – even to their Parliament – it seems that lawyers still have the hots for defendant traitors like her to be physically in her former country – the one she renounced …..popcorn


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Ukpress gazette watch

    Blood pressure test time .

    Uk press gazette has researched the ongoing ‘fight ‘ by the BBC to reduce its staffing level . It has gone back to 2009 22874 to 2019 22401 – a reduction of ……..2%…. with severance of about £150 000 000… plus ‘restructuring ‘ ££££££…..


  9. StewGreen says:

    Talk Radio Mik Graham show
    his theme .. “Why won’t the government say it’s talking about Eid ?
    The day when people go to open houses for free food”

    and just said “The Labour activist who works on Newsnight is responsible for putting out the fakenews that info was only put out on Twitter, it’s all the papers, so they must have been informed”


  10. Fedup2 says:

    Maybe they could use the RAF to drop leaflets over third world areas in the UK in Urdu and Arabic and the other lingos they use … and attach soap with instructions on how to wash your hands ….


  11. StewGreen says:

    When we return from overseas we pay an Airport passenger Duty tax , that finances passport control officers etc.
    Why are beach immigrants immune from this ?

    A legal asylum seeker who goes to the British embassy in a foreign country, does pay the APD
    but his queue jumper compatriot who uses a dingy costs the immigration service loads of money
    Their asylum form should say that they owe us £20K.


    • Guest Who says:

      Likely why we pay high car tax, MOT and insurance premiums when certain Nissans loaded to the gunnels are ferrying around at Eid, and G-reg beemers are rear ending at Birmingham roadabouts all the time as plod look carefully at M5 footage for social distancing.


  12. G says:

    All the advancements and refinements mankind in the developed World has made over the centuries is being reversed very quickly, essentially by the importation of hostile races and a concerted attack by Communists masquerading as ‘Democrats’ in the US. When serious questions arise about the extent of intended voter rigging by the communists you can see just how fragile the whole system is. Above that, it says something when that side actually openly boast about what is intended.


  13. Guest Who says:

    I will here adopt BBc levels of selected #1degreeofseparation quoting editorial integrity as… it amuses me.

    Last week, Full Fact found serious errors in widely shared reports which claimed “more than 11,500 children [in England] have been admitted to hospital with malnutrition since 2015”.

    Three of the NHS trusts quoted in news reports told Full Fact the numbers were wrong. An article in the Observer claimed that there had been 915 admissions for child malnutrition reported from the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust alone.

    The correct number was 33.

    The statistics had been collated from Freedom of Information requests by Liberal Democrat leadership candidate Layla Moran.

    Despite several requests, Full Fact did not receive comment from Ms Moran’s office until after publication of our fact check.

    Of the 10 newspapers we contacted, five have either responded to say they will investigate the errors, or have removed their articles entirely.

    The Observer, dual cheek on the @rse nexus? The paper quoted more than most by the cubicle gardens on all things, if mainly woke, SJW and PC. But climate and facty stuff age too?

    The one Ninja Moron used, probably secure that % errors at an Abbotonian level would then sail through even the dimmest broadcast researcher club in the lefty chandelier.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Ooo..38 Beegees have sent their latest, entitled ‘Forced apart’:

    Do you know your neighbour well enough to borrow a cup of sugar, machete or dodgy fridge, Rube?

    In recent years, it might have felt like the communities we live in aren’t as tight-knit. Maybe we don’t know our neighbours, or feel like we can’t understand people who didn’t vote Labour in big elections. Now, social distancing has literally forced some of us apart. Not on blue tarps in the garden or XR, BLM and other protests during C19, but when the rozzers get bold enough to turn back.

    But facing the recent coronavirus crisis, there have been moments when we’ve come together. We might have clapped for the carers with Our Jez to ask him to quit the daft pan banging, or told our neighbours to STFU for the first time as they karaoke’d all freaking night keeping key workers awake, to show how appreciated they are and that some have a karaoke machine and singing ambitions.

    Some of us may have joined a community Revolutionary cell, or helped out someone who needed it during lockdown. Or simply thrown a parcel over the fence like most Hermes drivers on a deadline.

    Now, the biggest survey of its kind (keep it vague) is launching to find out more about how this crisis has changed us… well our ‘us’. You know who ‘we’ are. Has coronavirus brought us closer together, or pushed us further apart? What are our differences – and what do we have in common with one another? By taking the survey we can help understand how the crisis has affected us all, and how we can come together once it’s over. And get us more lovely rubes for the database.

    So, Rube 2, will you take the nationwide survey now? It will only take 5 minutes.


    38 Beegees are asking these questions alongside a group of other organisations (don’t ask), to find out more about what unites and divides us. [1] We hope that the answers will help us plan to bring everyone closer together in the long run. And make mob organisation easier come the revol… next Citizen’s Assembly march to demand something, during the working week (bring your own molotovs).

    There are hundreds of thousands of us reading this email right now, and we all think slightly differently. But 38 Degrees members – like you, Rube 3, come together in big moments and we make our voices heard…. well a few enough to rig a poll those numpties at the BBc will copy and paste.

    So Rube 4, will you take the survey right now – and make sure your views help shape the plan to bring Britain together after the coronavirus crisis? It will only take a few minutes:


    Thanks for everything you do,

    Yvonne, Siobhan, Becca, Ellie, Sarah and the 38 Beegees team

    [1] The survey is being conducted by /together, a coalition of community groups, clubs and societies of all sizes, to the UK’s best known and most trusted (c) BBC organisations and businesses. You can read more on their website:https://together.org.uk/
    38 Beegees wouldn’t exist without you, Rube 5.

    38 Beegees has no big donors or corporate sponsors. Everything we spend in rent cafes and motorbike helmet shops in the nicer parts of London is only possible because of fivers and tenners from ordinary people like you.

    Please will you consider chipping in a fiver, a tenner or whatever you can spare now? Click here to donate securely:

    Unsubscribe: If you no longer wish to be part of our lower alimentary movement and receive our emails you can unsubscribe here.

    38 BeeGEES, Stayin’ Alive.

    Limited by an awful lot.
    Registered Company No. 6642193 in England and Wales
    Registered office: 40 Bowling Green Lane, London, EC1R 0NE


  15. Fedup2 says:

    Guest – is your post on the right site ?

    Its not the BBC

    But the pikie vermin who murdered a copper got about 10 years each – i bet theyll be cat C pretty quick …

    The judge had to sentence for manslaughter but reading the coded comments suggests not happy at all with the bent jury …
    As others hear so often say . I wonder why? ( answer – maybe someone can afford a new car now ) …..

    That death penalty sure could be useful sometimes….


  16. StewGreen says:

    ITV “In 2020 Britain there are starving people”
    “Look here’s an example”


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:


      I saw this the other day and in the Littlejohn way of describing these things you just couldn’t make this stuff up.

      So many ways to comment on this but they are all too obvious.

      Poor starving child and waif like mother, both obviously not getting enough to eat.

      Do you think this news item was part of a bet or maybe the ‘drop the dead donkey’ novelty bit stuck on the end of the news for a laugh.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Have mercy – someone ate that lady’s cow or beef pies …..

        Gotta laugh really – one minute the country is obese then they’re starving .


  17. StewGreen says:

    Is old Grandpa John allowed out
    without his helpers.


    • Sluff says:

      ………but John.
      I don’t want an institution to export biased left wing propaganda at my expense.
      Do you understand ?


    • Guest Who says:

      The saviour of his gold-plated pension is very much BBC in every way.

      Soon they will be paid by all who have concerns and broadcast only to those who do not. Free.


  18. Scroblene says:

    Not BBC (won’t bother looking, they’ll want an appeal or some other leftie cop-out),


    Fabulous news!

    Little bastards getting what they deserve.

    Prepare for a certain amount of ‘stretching’ no doubt. (Pass the soap).


    • G.W.F. says:


      That is 16 years for one, and thirteen each for the other two. With time off they will be back to the camp site before they are thirty. No fear of stretching or soap, water and hygiene is not part of their culture


  19. taffman says:

    “Multiple” migrant boats have been picked up by Border Force in the English Channel, the coastguard said.
    The useless Tory Government . Expect more to come.

    Question: How many people traffickers have invested their ill-gotten gains by buying shares in Serco ?


  20. Foscari says:

    Do you know what everybody. A lot of us have got the BBC
    all wrong! The BBC doesn’t want to be the British Broadcasting
    Corporation and give us information and “education” and
    entertainment from a BRITISH perspective. It wants to be the
    WORLD broadcasting corporation and maybe even more correctly the third world broadcasting corporation. The
    indigenous population of the UK does not interest the BBC
    as John Simpson writes he is proud of the fact that nearly 500
    million people round the world watch the BBC at some time.
    So one can expect even more than a 50% ethnic presentation
    from the BBC as times go on. As I have written before many
    times when you turn on the BBC you are wondering if you
    are receiving a Indian sub continent , Asian or in fact anywhere
    you like TV station from around the world. The BBC WANTS this !!
    And it would sooner be an enemy of the state national
    broadcaster telling us how everything our government does is
    wrong. Having quizes on naming which countries have the highest
    death rate with the Chinese virus. And all but giving you a prize
    if you pick the UK. The BBC is doing nothing more than going
    after a global audience and the folk who have lived in the UK
    for generations can take a hike!


  21. taffman says:

    The Tory Government have failed to deal with illegal immigration and failed to deal with Al Beeb and its telly tax .
    Tomorrow pensioners who have put ‘their all’ in to this country will be forced by law to pay the telly tax while illegal immigrants will sit in 4 star hotels watching TV for free. Who could have dreamt this when they voted Tory last year? All thanks to Boris and his Border Farce with its ‘interceptors’.
    Next time vote for Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party.
    In the meantime, take the law in to your own hands by not paying the telly tax, the tax that robs from the poor to give to the rich.


  22. StewGreen says:

    New peerages
    … it’s their world not ours
    (I thought McLoughlin was getting one for his grooming gang book, but no its MP Patrick, not writer Peter)


  23. StewGreen says:

    Edinburgh’s Liberal MP


  24. StewGreen says:

    Diversity : what diverse telly have WHITE London liberal planners got for us tonight
    Well Richard Ayoade, or Richard Ayoade ?
    His one hour Channel4 show is on as he is simultaneously on BBC1 for 90 mins presenting the BAFTAs
    to people from diverse politics from the very extreme-left to the extreme-left like Maitlis
    and lesbian shows like Gentleman Jack
    … Then at 9pm we can all switchover to BBC2. to eatch lefty lesbian Margoyles
    or to BBC4 to watch the Black Gospel show.
    followed by the black pirate DJ show.

    Or 9pm you can listen to the one hour Radio4 lecture asserting that anyone who is not a true believer in Magic Green Religion is only a non-believer cos they’ve been brainwashed by Big Oil.


  25. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news : first item Northwest Lockdown
    the first sets of still pics were all white
    then it was off to the mosque & Muslim areas for actual interviews
    half insinuated the policy was racism.


  26. StewGreen says:

    BBC local news opening item
    Obviously the local Environment reporter had been working on his Climate doom item
    “Here I am at Coningsby weather station on the hottest day of the year, and the Met Office have released this new report today.”

    FFS I’m only 40 miles north and the strong wind hasn’t stopped all day,
    and sure enough in the shots from the weather station their hair is blowing all over the place.
    So talk of record hot hot days today is a bluff.

    Indeed in the intro the main presenter had started by talking a record, and the it became apparent he was talking about last year.

    They did the item and quickly moved on.


    • StewGreen says:

      Ey up temps dropping cos there is cloud to the south
      that is where Coningsby is.

      The show had fished around for a doom voice
      The local BBC farming show guy delivered by predicting we’ll be having 40C days
      “You see there is already more maize around, cos of the hotter temperatures”
      Twit, the reason why there is more maize these days is cos the biofuel power stations asked farmers to grow it to burn along with straw.


  27. Guest Who says:

    One of the media dynasty?


  28. StewGreen says:

    One of the next local news items,
    “Hull policeman Danny takes out PPE to the BAME community
    … the Mosque, black community club, refugee centre”

    The thing is this tweet shows this news is almost weeks old.
    Ticks the boxes.


  29. Guest Who says:

    I agree that Nick could stock a Screwfix catalogue single handed.


    • vlad says:

      This is of course just a beeboid’s way of expressing his biased opinion under the guise of quoting other media.

      Barry’s speech was nothing less than an incendiary call to revolution, an incitement for the BLM savages to continue their violent anarchy.
      And of course a ferocious indictment of the Republicans and the forces of law, and a party political appeal to vote Democrat – all thinly disguised as a eulogy to John Lewis.
      Well done Trump for not being blackmailed into attending.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think nick might be being as premature on Bill Clinton – since Clinton features in trip records to Paedo island in the Maxwell papers .

      Talking of Maxwell – do you think there is a gene for corruption? Her dad swindled the Mirror Group pension fund and bought the paper down – no it turns out that his airhead daughter is a sexfiend – some say ….


  30. G.W.F. says:

    Nice one Boris. The people who matter


  31. Guest Who says:

    Wyre Davis liked this one.


    • Fedup2 says:

      If you wanna real laugh go look up a picture of the new Chief Constable of Derbyshire … Twitter has been having a fabulous time with it

      Guess the outgoing chief has got his snout in the trough already and knows there are no gongs coming his way …..


      • StewGreen says:

        I believe you mean Derbyshire fire chief

        Mike Barton is the Durham ex chief constable who has always expressed dislike to Cummings
        see my link below


    • StewGreen says:

      Is that news ?
      that Mike Barton who was on the anti-Cumming media circuit on May 25
      expressed tge same view on Times Radio yesterday.


  32. Oldspeaker says:

    Not only do white lives not matter but not all black lives matter either. Stabbed by a white man to protest the death of George Floyd, blm or police brutality? There’s something else at work now, and as we probably all suspect has been all along.


  33. Guest Who says:

    The trust.
    The impartiality.
    The transparency
    The integrity.

    But, above all, the professionalism.


  34. Jeff says:

    So Spain, who, until recently, were widely being praised for their stringent lockdown, have now just recorded 3,000 new cases of Covid.
    Surely, it must be clear, even to a one eyed salamander, that lockdowns don’t work. As soon as the population timidly re-emerge from their semi detached bunkers, blinking at the unaccustomed sunlight, the bloody virus finds fresh victims. Yes, of course it does! We’ve built up no immunity…we ran away and hid.
    The sensible way to deal with this, now that we know who is most at risk, is to protect them and let the rest of us enjoy our freedoms.

    But no…Boris, while commiserating with the Muslim brotherhood (just how pathetic is this man?) instructs us that not only will there be new local lockdowns, but our own glacially slow release is to be put on hold.

    But you know, the really frightening thing is, most people won’t ask questions, they won’t complain, they won’t ask “WTF is going on?”… they’ll just say “Thankyou.”

    We’re not lions led by donkeys.
    We’re sheep led by asses.


  35. Fedup2 says:

    I’m guessing Spain will have to go into total lockdown in a week or two as summer habits Trump distancing and hand washing . It depends how much of a transmitter across Europe it turns out to be .

    As for the outgoing PM – I saw his press conference today and he really is a blithering idiot – he reminds me of Toad of Toad Hall going off one fancy to another leaving a trail of distruction
    Behind him .

    I have to support the conservatives because I’m of the ( far ) right but not wealthy enough to buy a peerage or seat on the board of an NGO or charidee…

    Any way . The sun is over the yard arm , it’s summer so apparently in Blighty it’s hot . For me on satdee it’s 40 something ….-and I’m putting the New Thread up ….


    • Van Helsing says:


      You’ve hit the nail on the head re. C-19: it’s being spread by complacence and stupidity.

      The government has failed us (there was a very obvious way to head Cov-19 off at the pass without shutting down most of the country, but Boris and co. were either too stupid to see it or too timid to implement it*), so the task of curbing the spread and effect of the virus has fallen on Joe Public.

      And what does the Great British public do? Start behaving like utter ****wombles as soon as lockdown is eased. Social distancing is ignored, hands go unwashed, people zip off for their foreign holidays in countries that, frankly, are not safe to visit then compound their selfishness by ignoring the requirement to self-isolate on their return. The result: the R rate goes up, more people become infected, leading to – you’ve guessed it – yet more infections and deaths. And it’s (mostly) avoidable.

      And then, of course, there’s a section of the community whose ways create a much enhanced risk of infection. But are these dolts called out for their stupidity and ignorance? Hell, no. Instead, the buffoon ensconced in 10 Downing Street passes on his greetings to them. I, for one, won’t be voting for him or his party again.

      *I’m not thinking of herd immunity – a daft idea given that we don’t know to what extent people who have had C-19 are immune to further infection, and for how long.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I’m trying to think it through – unlike HMG . Do a big proportion now think ‘we’ve done our bit with the Chinese virus – we can’t go abroad so we’ll make the best of the summer here ?”

        Then locals at beaches moan that people are turning up in such numbers that they couldn’t ‘distance ‘ even if they wanted to ?

        Perhaps – sadly – body count will be the only thing to shake some people back to the basic hygiene practices – whereas they young – who will live for ever – joined to the third world – will carry on regardless .

        Meanwhile the government credit card is about to be maxed out and once summer is over the popular Richy won’t be ‘popular’ any more has he scratched around to find another money tree ….

        Which is spicy in itself – add a pinch of Brexit negotiations – threats to the city / UK waters and we have a real spectacle on our hands .

        I’ve reads comments about the French being willing to force through fishing ‘traditions ‘ after 2020 … I wonder how many table top exercises taking on the Royal Navy they’ve conducted …. and when the first ‘live ‘ exercise to defend French trawlers is due to take place – and what the British response will be ?

        Judging by the daily failure to resist the French sheparding their illegal rubbish across the channel we will lose …. 4 months to go …..


  36. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Just seen the new thread but I’ll let someone else go first.


  37. Fedup2 says:

    EG – considering your recent victories that’s very gracious of you ….and in some ways outguns whoever is first !


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