Midweek Thread 29 July 2020

This coming Saturday – 1st August 2020 – marks the end of ‘free ‘ TV licences for those aged over 75 years . All were born since 1945 .The company the BBC uses to catch ‘licence evaders ‘- Capita -has a bad track record when pursuing the elderly over TV Licences . In fact it got so bad that even the BBC – yes – the BBC carried out an inquiry into how the employees of Capita were conducting themselves And their ‘incentives ‘.

Perhaps Friday would be an ideal day for the government to publish the results of its consultation on decriminalising the offence of not having a TV licence and start the process of controlling the BBC and if possible – ending it .

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  1. Doublethinker says:

    Anyone know much about QAnon? The Times , Twitter, BBC , CNN and the rest of the liberal MSM are denouncing it left right and centre as a nut job conspiracy of pro Trump supporters. Is it just more fake news pumped out by the BBC to try to ensure that President Trump doesn’t get re-elected?


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Sometimes I think I write too much here but this is worth it …

    from UK press gazette

    Survey finds 1 in 5 avoid news because of covid coverage

    Norman Smith the political bias editor of BBC news had left that organisation to become a journalist ….
    ….,,,please god not let him become the 10 spokeman

    Lastly – the telegraph carries a piece about the disconnect between the BBC and the public . It carries a link to the guardian – which in turn links to a BBC toady interview between meeshall and the then foreign sec – now PM – where she says to him

    “ stop talking “ !!

    You can hear the disbelief from Boris as he is being told to stop talking in an interview . Id never heard it – but it reinforces my view that she is a lightweight tick box .


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Fed -re Telegraph ‘Planet Normal’ – Kate H is a Labourite I’m always willing to listen to, along with frank Field.
      I’d rather not give you my opinion on meeshall…


  3. fakenewswatcher says:

    If you have access to ‘Politicsweb’ an excellent South African publication, recently under attack by the ANC govt., the article by Adv. Glenn Babb “On revolutions and White Privilege” is well worth a read. (27 July issue).
    In fact, if you want to know how a white minority is treated by a black, socialist government, especially ito discriminatory legislation, this is a brilliant publication to subscribe to.
    That white minority is only tolerated (barely, with lots of threats and coercion, as well as physical attacks) because it produces the bulk of tax revenue, which the ANC/SACP alliance can then loot! And it is subjected to many discriminatory laws, but you won’t hear that from beeb, or their local hotshot, Andrew Harding.


  4. StewGreen says:

    “75% of probation officers are women, we need to diversify get more BAME etc.”
    Lucy Fraser prisons minister


  5. StewGreen says:

    BTW this is the London NHS salary list
    Qualified nurse begin in band 5 at £30K, rising to £37K after 7 years unless you rise into a higher band
    (outside London they get £4K less)



  6. StewGreen says:

    The Kings College mask report mentions BAME are twice as likely to be anti-mask conspiracy theorists … their data thread

    12.5% “1 in 8 people think the government only wants us to wear face masks in order to control us”
    20% “one in five among 16-24-year-olds”
    25% ” a quarter among BAME groups”

    Be aware surveys can so often be BS


    • richard D says:

      SG -Paraphrasing survey results “ 25% of BAME groups think the government only wants us to wear face masks in order to control us”

      Hmm….and the Muslim community response, considering the clothing choice of ….oh, I don’t know…… the female portion of that population ?


  7. vlad says:

    – Mummy, can I draw a picture of the nice man?

    – Sure sweetie, but then I’ll have to kill you.




  8. Luckyharry69 says:

    Can I recommend to you all you check out;

    ANNA BREES on You Tube

    she is an Ex BBC Journalist

    currently members of the public are uploading their opinions on what is going on……she is inviting people to post videos.

    people in this country are actually CRYING because they are currently being controlled by our STATE

    Personally I think we have gone past the ‘Python sketch stage’ to something quite sinister………


    • theisland says:

      Anna says

      A family doctor … who I trust and respect said “This is getting dark.”


      • Up2snuff says:

        Respect for and trust in journalists and their media might be enhanced if they do not conflate coronavirus and Covid-19. It is very important for scientists, doctors and journalists to be very precise.

        I note that Anna Brees was also guilty.


  9. Guest Who says:


    Not enough Jon Snow and Cathy!

    That ‘some’ on the BBc doing heaving lifting.


  10. Sluff says:

    Time for a little levity, though with a serious undertone.
    The government is taking over responsibility for what we are allowed to eat.
    It is informed in this by a report from one Henry Dimbleby.


    Henry just happens to be the son and grandson of some famous BBC broadcasters. Was no-one else available for the task?
    Now Henry was an old Etonian. There was a time when his father thought that being an Old Etonian automatically disqualified such a person from making a meaningful contribution.
    So let us remind ourselves how Jacob Rees-Mogg dealt with the situation.



    • Up2snuff says:

      I intended to post a TOADY Watch after listening to Dimbleby Very Minor on the programme yesterday morning. I think all those who advocate a tax on food and drink – advocate a tax on anything – should declare their average annual income, an estimation of their wealth and a total for their loan debt at the same time. Listeners (viewers in the case of TV) are then able to decide whether the speaker would be advantaged by an increase in inflation and the spreading of the tax burden further down the income and wealth scale.


  11. StewGreen says:

    2:15pm R4 drama a repeat of “heart breaking world of American health care” 2018
    “Shirley owns a struggling Afro-centric bookstore in Seattle.”


  12. theisland says:


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Nigel Farage reports in today’s programme, the cost of housing at least 48,000 ‘migrants’ in hotels is £4billion, and rising; YT/Talk Radio. Nigel is releasing a relevant video on his channel at 4.30
      BBC ‘news’ drones on endlessly about the virus, the quarantine, the countries on the ‘black list’, the virus protocols, the NHS, HOW THE TEST AND TRACE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, etc BUT NOTHING ABOUT THE ILLEGAL UNTESTED BOATLOADS ARRIVING EVERY DAY FROM FRANCE.
      The media, on the whole, seem to want to avoid this story like the…er…plague.
      Boris and Priti are USELESS. The entire Conservative Party seem utterly hopeless and certainly NOT conservative.


  13. Roland Deschain says:

    “Despite little evidence”. I wonder how a biased broadcaster would report it?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sometimes i wonder how much further the bias can go ? Now we see they can even get it into a breaking news bit . But they admit that there is postal fraud though …


    • Oldspeaker says:

      With the call to delay he’s put anyone requesting similar in a difficult position, preemptive strategy? This could well be the most corrupt US election in recent time with anything possible.


  14. Philip_2 says:

    It hard for me to understand the BBC response to anything that contradicts its projection of apocalypse. It is proposed that we surrender to suggestions that we face mortal and grave danger that we share with Europe. Why and what for?

    The EU in all its implications is ‘saving planet’ with new ‘green deals’ which is worthy in name as its hard to disagree with. Green is good after all. If any follow up question is asked such as ‘what are we saving’ and the BBC answer is actually ‘saving us from ourselves’. i.e. Toxic Carbon. It sounds innocuous but in practice this is a global agenda that has been running for more than 40 years states are all aligned to the UN requiring ‘urgent’ international cooperation. The IPCC Global Warming Science (as it was then) was Apocalypse in seven years. However now in 2020 this increasingly has been shown to be entirely negative and wrong. So worrying in fact that international governments are prepared to conceal evidence contrary to IPCC findings on global warming/Climate Change doctrine.

    As usual its the vast money going into ‘prove’ a theory that has gained momentum that even when evidence can be shown ‘against’ it gets ignored as its too controversial to deny that they have wasted (or are about too) waster TRILLIONS on proving something that is essentially a social construct. The Gordon Brown and Tony Blair governments labelled every new law as ‘social engineering’ and designed for peer pressure top down and bottom up. The media play there part, as they are a large part of this conspiracy, as governments through Universities, Schools and through official media channels and institutions. I first noticed this at the tail end of the Gordon Brown years working as a researcher (looking the the background to the increasingly absurd government educational polices which continue unabated although partly discredited from Labour are now mainstream educational policy. The effect is everywhere. Its hard to ignore the inaccuracy being quoted as ‘fact’ by our media, notably by BBC journalist who don’t look very far.


    Every little nudge of the BBC is part of this social engineering experiment as as the UK is the most ‘convergent’ and ‘law abiding’ they (elite of thoughts) work on our populace first (before rolling out ‘the message’ to the third world’). Its really about the rest of the world that is the focus for UK ‘social engineering’ strategy as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have made it impossible to correct ‘The Climate Science’ as its aims were always about global population control by suggesting an imminent Global Climate Apocalypse.

    Greta has her critics, not that any will be debated on public media in the UK (BBC)

    The fact that it never happened and will never happen, is pointless to point out to the BBC or most of the media that follow the line. Its a lot easier to profit from the new ‘green deal’ when its entirely focussed on government expenditure and global corporations. So many politicians see themselves as ‘chairs’ of and at some future date in this ‘implementation of what happens next. . The very fact that the IPCC and its satellite organisations which are as keen now as they were in the 1980’s to change the world to an communal ideal with full (BBC license) population control. Zero population will have been achieved through effectively ms-information and false news.. Titillation and overt sexual suggestions to tale your mind of the wider agenda to remove conservatism (as hope), family (as conservationist), and family (as aspirational). Children are targets in this war to undermine parensts through for daring to have children. Pornography for children is well under way. A novel way of undermining through School based curriculum to include ‘all forms’ of non hetro-sexuality as equal to ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ to reduce male and female fertility at an early age. 16 to 34 is reserved for ‘indoctrination’ via ‘tribal-musak’ or ‘recreational drugs’ at later stages of life to alleviate psychological stress of this new life and loss of all hope of children and parents to be role models.

    BBC Airs Teen Same-Sex Kiss in Show for Kids as Young as Six. The BBC, the publicly funded British TV and radio institution, has aired a kiss between two teenage girls in a program aimed at young children. Read more here.

    Managed along Chinese lines (that even China could not have plan for, is rolled about across the planet as the new target. UN Agenda 21 guidelines have all been adopted in Europe since the 1980s bit by bit and stealth by stealth in all socialist governments. Made law by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, who did a lot to change this country to this (BBC) ‘one world solution’ supplied by former and serving Marxists who remain in top UN appointments who direct the IPCC Global Climate Change direction despite ‘evidence against’ that even when proved entirely wrong scientifically – there is no going back for any government. They have de-funded all public heretics and therefore Science skeptics and then made mockery of them through truly UN ‘aligned’ media institutions (BBC) in Public funding being the main reason they exist to promote the agenda and crisis, where none existed.


    We can point out the errors, the omissions, the failed predictions but the EU (via the UN) is still in control of our destiny as it has a global reach. Most nations having failed Communist regimes can rely on support from the EU and UN to ensure that globalism in all its forms, will mean that you have a binary choice between China’s Communal Goals and Russians Communal goals and the end result will be an Apocalypse. Nobody wins. And the Climate will remain largely unchanged by the disappearance of a large part of all populations to diseases and strife (ignored by the BBC, until the lights go off -back -up has gone and BBC transmitters lay idle once again. Left Wing intelligence having been triumphant, and none of us any the wiser what its all about as nobody will care or be alive to the deceit that has taken place. A cultural revolution, a new world order has been erected, religion based on mainly public media control and the exploitation and fear. Even Conservatism has to worship the new globalisation and the threat of ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ even though governments must know it does not exist. The UK included. A phony war that nobody wins.



  15. SkeptikEye says:

    I also Listened/watched Nigel Farage talking with Mike Graham of talkRADIO about the fact that on this morning of 30th July 11 inflatables have been escorted to our shores by the Border Force, this brings in another 100 illegals. Nigel Farage also raised a number of other issues. There would appear to be an estimated 48,000 illegal ‘migrants’ the majority males aged between18 to 26 being housed in hotels in the UK. They receive free meals, free wifi and television, medical and dental treatment plus £200 pocket money a month. The estimated cost of this to the British taxpayer over the next 10 years is estimated to be in the region of £4 Billion.

    I am going to go down to the south coast and set my wife adrift on an airbed. Hopefully she will be picked up by the Border Force and she will claim to be an engineer/scientist from Somalia when she claims asylum. This will ensure that, as she is over 75 she gets free television, the opportunity to have a visit from a doctor and access to a dentist, free meals and £200 to spend.

    Why can’t the Government charter all these planes standing idle and repatriate/deport these illegals? I feel sure that the airlines would welcome the financial boost and it would cost a damn sight less than £4 Billion!


  16. digg says:

    Hooray and jubilations for the BBC!


    The ONS have resupplied them with ammunition over Covid Excess death rates in Europe and guess what? England lead the pack of course.

    Odd though that the UK appears to be the only country that the ONS has the death rate split up into regions.

    So if for instance they did this for say France, quite possibly Isle-de-France which includes Paris would have a much higher death rate than say The Auvergne which is mainly small towns and villages.

    Just as London, Leicester and Bradford probably have much higher death rates then Moreton-in-the Marsh.

    You could play this game with every European Country.

    Percentages are meaningless without a consistent level playing field.

    Once again filthy political machinations are at work with the aim of throwing mud at the Government and the ONS Civil Servants are obviously knee-deep in the conspiracy.


    • Sluff says:


      If the UK death rate (in total, or as a % of the population, or as a % of proven CV cases) is so much worse than places like……errr…….India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangla Desh………

      Then what does that tell us about our ‘world class’ NHS and the heroes that work in it?

      And not unrelated, how come South Asians living in the UK are at extra risk of dying of Covid when the death rates in their own countries are so low !!!?????

      Conundrums clearly too inconvenient for our ‘world class’ BBC.

      No doubt in my mind certain people in authority are going all out to make our death rate look as bad as possible in order to undermine the government and probably try and leverage more funding or gain a negotiating position.


    • Luckyharry69 says:

      check out UK COLUMN if you havent already.They blow all this nonsense out of the water

      The ONS ‘stats’ have been all over the place

      it was 101 deaths the week before lockdown?…..

      and then somebody got to them………


      • digg says:

        BBC evening news adding a little snippet of info to the first website ONS report, the figures only include data up to the first week in JUNE, 6 bloody weeks ago! Does this indicate that figures since would show a far different situation and zap the message they are trying to trumpet and twist!

        Come on Boris call ’em out!


      • digg says:

        Spookily, the BBC website has demoted the covid excess deaths story from the leading position on the home page to a tiny box towards the bottom of the page in just a few hours! Are they getting cold feet?


  17. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    In the DT today, James Delingpole has an article about Tommy Robinson (real name etc…..) having to move his family abroad for their own safety.

    JD mentioned that Tommy brought up the mass rapes of British and Sikh schoolgirls by the enrichers.

    I am not at all surprised that the Mothers and Fathers of the British children have been cowed into a meek submission and were too scared to do anything about this but I would have thought the Sikh parents would not take the abuse of their children so lightly.
    I thought the Sikhs were proud and strong and would have gone after the enrichers by taking a terrible retribution on them, but it seems they, as well as the Brits, just took it all lying down.

    It seems that the Sikhs are assimilating and are becoming more like us.


  18. vlad says:

    Sleepy Joe Biden has no idea where he is… again.

    Are the beeb reporting on this, or too busy knocking Orange Man?


  19. richard D says:

    And the latest example of Beeboid interference with ‘real’ information…..?

    Nick Robinson, on the Today programme this morning, posits that ‘some people’ are accusing you, Health Minister Hancock, of stoking up ‘panic and hysteria’ over a warning of a possible second wave of Coronavirus sweeping over Europe. Mr Hancock, of course, disagrees

    BBC headline, taken up by the media at large, is that the MInister has denied stoking up ‘hysteria and panic’ about a second wave of Coronavirus. Note – no clarification that he was asked about this, based on a claim from ‘some’ un-named and unidentified ‘people’. No clarification that the claim was unjustified or unsupported by facts.

    Next week’s headlines – “Minister denies sexually assaulting and raping an unidentified victim. Claims he doesn’t know what the reporter is talking about…”

    It is really just that easy to create disinformation – especially if you don’t have to justify your actions to anyone, and don’t affect the income of the organisation for whom you are working.


  20. JamesArthur says:

    R4 Gobby Evan ans some Left American knocking Potus…
    Apparently it is his fault the economy is on a slide…funny as far as I know every country in the world has dying economies…why is that? BBC don’t seem to know that..CV…plus maybe a few BLM riots?

    Pure bias….no negatives about Biden..funny that..


    • Dave S says:

      I did a good few miles yesterday from the Severn bridge up through Mid Wales to the coast and back. Traffic levels looked like the 1950s and the only activity was farming. Holiday traffic gone. Campsites empty. Towns and villages empty. This is a depression not a setback.
      The situation is grave ..
      On another note I post on the Guardian sometimes. if you now mention the origin of the virus they moderate you out. i wonder why.


  21. davylars says:

    Well, BBC radio Newcastle crossed the Rubicon today on the 4 o’clock news.
    Proving beyond doubt their bias and inverted racism.

    Report on a rape in Sunderland.
    (Looking for a “White Male” wearing a hoodie.)

    I think this is the first time I have actually ever heard the ethnicity of a perpetrator being reported on radio Newcastle…


  22. Old Goat says:



  23. Guest Who says:

    Sorely missed.

    Well, by those still embedded.


  24. Sluff says:

    Deep joy.
    BBC London news have a special feature on……..discrimination against black people.
    Of course.
    On a day where an excess of black exclusions from school are highlighted.

    What a shame our fine BBC reporters cannot be bothered to look at the knife crime statistics.

    Allow me.


    Note this is the result of an FOI request. Did someone have something to hide?

    In 2018 21% of knife crime victims were Afro-Caribbean but the Police seemed to think that ethnicity represented 46% of the perpetrators.

    Still, being a thug these days virtually guarantees sainthood status in LeftMob BLM wokeland.


    • pugnazious says:

      Yeah Sluff….interesting stuff…

      Black knifers….14527
      white knifers….9744

      Black victims….31347
      White victims…54921

      And just think….grand total….30486 knifers.

      So of that only 9744 were white[European…so not necessarily even British] in country where 87% are white….the rest were all immigrant/immigrant stock….so stabbers were 1/3 white, 2/3 immigrants.

      Oh the joys of multiculturalism and immigration.


  25. pugnazious says:

    As the BBC and the rest of the media ignore the illegal migrants swarming in here even as Nigel Farage tries to raise the issue the BBC instead spends its time and money on promoting that illegal immigration[if they were Jews they would be ‘illegal occupiers’] by filling the airwaves with what they think is a heart-rending story that will tug at your heart strings….it’s drip fed to us over the course of ten days…a story about an Afghan girl….you might ask just why she is trying to get to Britain and not say Pakistan or India or some country that might more closely resemble her own culture and traditions [rather than come here and then try to change Britain to look like the place they ran away from…lol]…the BBC of course does not ask.


    Nigel Farage tells us that British hotels, seemingly pretty plush ones, are being packed with these illegal occupiers, up to 48,000 of them, by the government…and they don’t really want you to know about it.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Pug – sincerely- thanks for putting this up and please watch it. Once upon a time msm investigative journalism would have done this job …!!
      Up and down the country hilton hotels have been taken over by serco and filled with illegals . Is there one near you?

      The fact that in this case sajid javid is the MP who doesnt care stinks. Presumably he is after a job on the Board of Serco .

      Mr farage is still doing a public service after getting us out of the EU. We must be eternally grateful to him .


  26. Guest Who says:

    Katty’s ‘analysis’ does tend to come across pretty much as Democrat PR.


    • Guest Who says:

      Feel the love.

      If Katty had an intern moment in the Oval Office, it would be consensually with Barry.


      • pugnazious says:

        That’d be the same Obama who tried to rig the election by setting the FBI onto Trump but who paradoxically ignored Russian interference in the election?

        ‘The Obama White House’s chief cyber official testified Wednesday that proposals he was developing to counter Russia’s attack on the U.S. presidential election were put on a “back burner” after he was ordered to “stand down” his efforts in the summer of 2016.’

        Was that because, contrary to what the BBC tells you, the Russians were actually doing more damage to Trump than Clinton? Useful ‘allies’ for the Democrats.


      • Guest Who says:

        Nick Bryant liked this one.


  27. vlad says:

    In case the 24/7 black propaganda the beeb have been shoving down our throats for the past several months wasn’t enough, we had them transmitting Saint Obama’s eulogy to Saint John Lewis live.

    He duly poured more petrol over the highly charged situation in the US, encouraging the ‘activists’ (rioters) and their ‘protests’ (violent anarchy), which have already killed and wounded hundreds and cost millions.


    – Orange Man = bad.

    – Rioters = good.

    – Postal ballots for everyone so they can be fiddled by minorities like they are here. (He was outraged at the idea of ID cards to prevent fraud.)

    – Vote Democrat!

    You can see why the beeb gave him 15 minutes of air-time on their 7 o’clock news channel.

    (By contrast how much of President Trump’s much more important 4th of July speech did they show?)


  28. Halifax says:

    Who do the government and the BBC think they are kidding. They are ramping up the retric about covid and lockdowns in “certain” areas as its Eid this weekend and we can expect a massive spike.
    But it would be racist to say that its Muslims that have caused the spike so they are preparing us without having to make the link to Eid.


  29. StewGreen says:

    The acty Mike Harding has gone a bit crazy


    • JimS says:

      I suspect our Russian friend was referring to all the “Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity” nonsense. When you abort all the babies, convert the girls into ‘boys’ and the men into ‘homosexuals’ and then top up the gaps with Islamic supremacists, a country pretty much is ‘finished’ and the EU wasn’t helping.

      Mike Harding is the professional Northener, who once the BBC had made rich, decided he was really Irish, so is he doing his bit of ‘foreign influence’ too?


  30. StewGreen says:

    Local news at 4:40pm “a Scunthorpe man has been praised for his King Fisher photo”
    .. The guy starts speaking .. he’s not speaking in a Scunthorpe accent. I recognise it as ethnic Chinese who lives in Malaysia or Indonesia.
    Then later on the BBC local TV news, he’s on there with his seemingly local wife.
    It’s not a big deal, but it is a weird BBC habit to sign away a person’s roots a week after they get off the plane


  31. davylars says:

    Ofcom critical of BBC’s bias…


    Love this line in report….

    ‘It also found audiences felt the BBC lacks relevance and is viewed more critically by people in lower socio-economic groups.’

    So according to Ofcom we here, are in lower A socio-economic group


    • JimS says:

      No, it’s a fancy way of saying that the plebs prefer commercial channels as they give one time to get a can from the fridge or put on the kettle.

      The adverts used to be re-assuring, something familiar, not brain taxing and often with a joke. Now the plebs must think they are living in Mombassa.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        I found out that the tourist adverts for London, advertised abroad, are still hideously white, so as to not put off tourists from visiting London. However, the Marxist Tory government has pushed out paying foreign tourists from Hotels, so as to use taxpayers money to pay Hotels to take in tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to spread Covid-19, so as to justify the policy of emptying the Hotels of tourists to make space for illegal immigrants.

        Mad but in line with Marxist Philosophy.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I notice that the BBC depicts all intelligent white working class people as thick racist thugs. And all the thick race obsessed middle-class white people working at the BBC regard themselves as Marxist intellectuals.

      I think this means that the BBC is in a class war between people like me who didn’t go into fishing and farming because I had two socially mobile working class Granddads, who went to a Grammar School. Versus, Nasty but Dim, BBC employees who where to thick for Grammar Schools, Maths and Physics, so had to go to a Private School, and do Art and Philosophy at University.

      Its why every, Nasty but Dim, person employed by the BBC, opposes Grammar Schools and prefers to talk to Greta rather than an MIT Professor of Atmospheric Physics.


  32. davylars says:

    Hey Stew…

    .Is this your neck of the woods?

    I think you may have to think about moving to higher ground 😉



  33. Kaiser says:

    I see gt manchester gone into lockdown

    rises in oldham rochdale tameside

    nationally He also said the same restrictions will apply to the city of Leicester.

    Millions of people in Greater Manchester, Blackburn with Darwen, Burnley, Hyndburn, Pendle, Rossendale, Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees will be affected by the tightening of restrictions.

    any investigative journalist want to follow the obvious thread


  34. StewGreen says:

    Some of Alex Belfield’s theatre pals trying to cancel him by shouting racist at him and then he foolishly fed the trolls

    – Sheffield Cathedral decides to disband its choir, and waffles about modern city diversity as the reason
    – So the 40 kids & the teachers are victims.
    – red pilled Alex Belfield makes a video
    saying the lefties are obsessed with diversity nonsense, it’s wrong to abandon Anglican tradition and try to shove in a load of BAME
    .. and another thing the lefties do that with other stuff as well like PANTO .. most BAME are not interested in it, they think it’s a weird tradition.
    (Belfield is criticising WHITE managers rather than BAME )
    The context is that Belfield has worked in the theatre industry years and spoken to lots of BAME he’s even got a tape of a BAME star who became successful at panto, but explains that he never got into it as a kid cos it was outside his own culture.
    – Belfield, has a load of trolls who hate him, cos he talks truthfully about the mad wokeness inside the theatre industry.
    One of his trolls clips the remarks about panto and puts up a tweet attacking Belfield
    He uses a framing technique whereby people believe your framing instead of what the actual video says
    The framing says

    More *racism* from Alex Belfield
    “BAME people don’t generally go to pantomime
    ..they don’t get it..because it’s based on British tradition”.

    .. the thing is that is NOT what Belfield said.. his words

    I love how we say we’ve got to get diversity in different areas of our community
    .. like pantomime
    they say we’ve got to have black & BAME performers in pantomime
    well the BAME people don’t generally go to pantomime they don’t understand it because it’s a British tradition it’s based on camp nonsense
    So we can’t keep forcing diversity and BAME people into things they don’t want to do
    … this is preposterous can we stop it
    it’s so distracting at a time we need to be together

    That phrasing doesn’t say ALL BAME don’t like pantomime, it says in his opinion generally they don’t go.
    – The troll is using a school bully tactic of sticking the “racism” label on Belfield to poison him.
    – As a result of the trolls tweet there was a Lefty-Theatre-Gang pile-on against Belfield
    – Beverleyknight a black star whose always had a good relationship with him retweets the post that calls Belfield a racist lists some BAME stars that do panto
    – Belfield replied that such BAME people are top stars that are brought in to headline the panto by agents and that’s not the same thing as panto being BAME for the rest of the cast
    BAME don’t think to come down to audition for the minor parts. “Less than 5% of cast and crew are BAME.”
    – These theatre types are generally dramaqueens, so Belfield then made a dramaqueening video saying he’s cancelling Beverly back for retweeting he’s a racist.

    FFS it’s all playground stuff, Belfield should not be feeding the trolls .. cos it’s not a fair discussion when they are in charge.



    • StewGreen says:

      Oh I forgot to say that when the anti-Belfield guy clipped the video and tweeted it he made no reference to the original full video, so people couldn’t easily check the context.
      He’s the guy acting like a playground bully; he has intension to hurt Belfield.
      With topics like racism intention should matter, Belfield had no intention to hurt BAME, his target was white managers tick boxing.

      The teacher coming into the playground would see 2 kids swearing at each other, but cant see that one started it.

      I thought I’d gone off topic from the BBC, but actually it is one of their behaviours.
      The BBC has enemies it wants to attack, so it behaves like a school bully.
      It uses this technique of clipping videos , presenting them with important context omitted.


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh I can explain better
      What’s going on is bullying by taking offence.
      Belfield expressed an opinion
      – A Belfield hater wants to stir
      ..so he cropped the video,
      *framed it* with an intro that said it is “racism”
      What’s that ?
      That is bullying by taking offence
      ‘Oh he said something that offended me therefore he is a MONSTER & should be ostracized’
      That is malicious .

      Whereas Belfield was not being malicious
      Intention matters & Belfield had no intention to offend BAME.

      .. In addition the Belfield hater hid the context by not linking to or mentioning the full video.
      As I said it’s all school bully tactic where the bully plays the victim
      and portrays the other guy as the monster.


  35. taffman says:

    “Black Lives Matter: Can you answer these seven questions about statues and the protests?”
    Al Beeb are not letting it drop. Time we dropped them. De-fund Al Beeb.
    Stop paying the tax that robs from the poor to give to the rich.


    • taffman says:

      “Quiz: Can you answer these six basic questions about coronavirus in the UK?”
      Looks like Al Beeb is more interested in running quizzes than providing a news service?


  36. BRISSLES says:

    I wrote a longer version of this last night, but despite it being accepted, there is no sign of it now.

    This year’s BAFTAs will be held via video link from a closed studio, and……. guess what – ” BAFTA and the BBC are delighted to announce that for the first time Richard Ayoade, the presenter, comedian, writer, actor and director, will take the helm as host of the TV Awards ”

    I had to look him up, and despite the flowery description, I’ve only seen him as a frizzy haired wide eyed bloke in a brown suit pontificating the world wide benefits of a certain bank in an advert. His name says it all.

    Black and all lives matter, but we don’t see a proliferation of Chinese in key advertising roles, or given tv hosting jobs alongside whitey to make up for the deficit. No, we’re stuck forever with this 50/50 ratio split, which is bloody ridiculous.


    • JimS says:

      Seems like you posted it at the end of ‘Start the Week’, easily done, so not a Fedup2 ‘hit job’!

      (When people comment on previous threads that comment goes to the top of the list on the right-hand side. The unsuspecting reader, clicking on that link might think they are heading to the latest post on the latest thread, which is often the case, but not always.

      That post at the top of the right-hand list might well be buried mid-thread in an old thread so that is where you go when you click the link.

      If you then make a new comment, as opposed to a reply, the system appears to lose it, but in reality it goes to the end of the old thread. So it isn’t anywhere near the comment that you first clicked on, or the current thread).


      • Fedup2 says:

        ‘Fedup2 hitjob’ indeed 😳

        See below – I’ve done the troll thing of ‘cut and paste ‘

        RISSLES JULY 30, 2020 AT 12:14 AM (EDIT)

        The BAFTAS. That well known slap on the back fest for luvvies in the entertainment world is being Shown on Friday, BBC1 from a closed studio, with the nominees appearing via video link.

        And who doth the BBC get to host this ? one Richard Ayoade, – me neither, but his name is a giveaway and you’d be right. However, when you see him, he will be recognisable as the weird bloke with frizzy hair, brown suits, monotoned voice and deadpan face from the adverts, goose stepping his performance around the world for a famous bank. Its going to be a rubbish programme anyway, but once he is on it will nosedive.

        Not sure if he’s a comedian (term used loosely), or what, but who the hell at the BBC thought this was an inspired choice ? because its further evidence of picking out some black bloke to do a gig for the sake of it now. We’re seeing more and more double acts pitching up and not for the better. Last night I watched the final of Bake off the Professionals on Ch4. One half of the hosting was Liam Charles (I think he won Bake Off), absolutely awful ! has the personality of a chair leg, and pranced about believing he was funny in a crown and cape. WTF ???

        ITV did the same tonight. Good prog on Princess Anne, and out of all the royal correspondents to choose from to comment, yep, another man of colour was picked. In the ad break, the GovUk/Transitioning commercial had 30 seconds of black and brown faces in all walks of life, not a single white face. The media and the Advertising world are crapping on 58 million (out of 66) from a great height, and it has to end sometime.


        • BRISSLES says:

          Thank you chaps !!! xx


        • Loobyloo says:

          Oh dear Brissles, I hope you didn’t waste any time watching that. I am in a hotel and flicked through the channels – I lasted about ten minutes with it as background noise. Seems to me they are falling over themselves to be attractive to da yoof, and so they are cringingly PC. Result – any normal person just wouldn’t watch that shit again, much like the oscars.


  37. Up2snuff says:

    Some more Make Food More Expensive narrative in Framing Today this morning. The BBC really do want some serious inflation and to make life more expensive for poor people and those on limited incomes such as pensioners. KFC have done a review of chicken farming. Some more PR-as-News.

    Memo to BBC. Give up on making food more expensive. Give up on Climate Change and Global Warming and Carbon NetZero. When people get hungry and cold, they will get angry and they will come looking for you, BBC, as the author of their woes and it will not be pretty.


  38. taffman says:

    “Coronavirus: Visiting people at home banned in northern England”
    Does the government actually believe that these people up there will actually obey these new laws? They haven’t so far . They come from a different culture to the rest of the UK. Does the Tory government or the police have the bottle to enforce these new laws ? Will Panaodrama investigate this ?


  39. Fedup2 says:

    Lockdown watch

    Let’s see how much coverage the new lockdown areas get on the third world mosque day as well as yet another jolly holiday ….
    Me thinks the government were having a bit of a laugh imposing those restrictions on a Thursday night to see it they’d get much compliance . Since so many of our Vibrant imports Are so busily back in medieval times I think the spikes will get bigger in a few days time . Cue moaning medics …..


    • JimS says:

      The Prophet said “If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 54, Number 537)

      I expect the same is true for a virus.


  40. vlad says:

    While the Black Broadcasting Corporation continue to drool over Saint Obama and his ‘eulogy’ to Saint John Lewis – which they broadcast live in its entirety – Tucker is having none of it.
    He tears into O’barmy’s speech which he describes as a divisive, deeply dishonest campaign speech. It was rabble-rousing race-baiting of the worst kind.

    The beeb loved it.

    He also shreds the violent BLM movement which he says has nothing to do with civil rights, but is instead a revolutionary power grab whose goal is to tear down the fabric of America.

    Some of Obama’s highly political, partisan, inflammatory speech is on the Beeb’s webshite:



    • Guest Who says:

      That Barry speech obsessed the entire MSM on twitter.

      I could have scrolled my timeline at 24fps and got a movie of him simply from the images posted by every three letter media acronym out there.


    • theisland says:

      At least decent Americans have Trump.
      But who have we got?


  41. Guest Who says:

    American Beauty and squad have not RTd this one.

    For some reason.

    And Katty has steered clear of her fave resource.

    So after the whole BC/AD, AC/DC thing, we presumably now have IWAC and IWAW?

    Weekend OT in Frankie Howerd discussing this one.


    • Guest Who says:

      Suspect a bit of bbc editorial integrity kicking in on this if it gets beyond the web…


      • Fedup2 says:

        The Maxwell saga is pure popcorn – just shows how money can blur right and wrong ( right Andy ?) – the secret Maxwell documents have now been ordered to be opened but the lawyers are delaying again – probably the same ones who did the “remain “ campaign ……

        Meanwhile ms maxwells’ expectancy must be getting shorter by the day – see Epstein ….


    • JimS says:


      Doesn’t that exclude those that are one with Gaia?

      Besides there are more important ‘cancers’ that need eradicating first, like ‘whiteness’, that is literally killing Earth, a planet that has children.


  42. taffman says:

    We are being invaded from across the English Channel while our government does nothing but issue meaningless threats about getting tough . Boris is not a new ‘Churchill’ , he is more like ‘Chamberlain’. He puts the invaders up in 4 star hotels to encourage more to come.
    Is it possible that there will be a by election in Dover very soon?


    • Doublethinker says:

      It is difficult not to think that we are living through the final decades of the West. Only a super optimist would believe that our best days lie ahead of us. I suppose that a cabal of Marxists believe that they will be able to construct a socialist uptopia from the ruins and that they therefore think that destroying the West by mass migration is a necessary step. They are supported by millions , hundreds of millions, of useful ‘liberal’ idiots who can’t see where we are heading and simply don’t realise that they are helping to destroy, not change for the better, the most truly liberal society that there has ever been.
      In my view the millions of migrants will turn the West into third world shit hole within decades and Islamisation will quickly follow. This will sweep away the Marxists , the liberals , most of their favoured groups and of course all of the truly liberal values that we hold dear. It will be a religious dystopia not a secular Utopia .


    • Fedup2 says:

      So let’s do the math – I hear the figure of 48000 invaders put up in hotels across the UK . So let’s say 150 per hotel – that 320 hotels – Hilton’s ?

      So somewhere in Priti patels ‘ filing is a map with all those hotels on them – plus a list of ‘the missing ‘ all stamped up ‘top secret ‘ .
      Strange how some stuff leaks but others don’t – eg Muslim paediatric rape gang report ….. open truthful government …?

      And where there is a secret – there is an intrepid journalist looking for the truth right ?

      Some subjects are off limit …..


  43. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – If Covid-19 Fear is not enough, HorrorBin has the answer


    It would be laughable if it were not so pathetic but obviously Roger Harrabin does not pay any attention whatsoever to the rest of the news output of his employer. This week: drastic fall in car manufacturing. Today: firms will not let people return to work in offices, perhaps until next year.

    Yet he still writes: “Climate change driven by industrial society is having an increasing impact on the UK’s weather, the Met Office says.”

    And he believes it.

    Gullible’s Travels.

    Hope he self-quarantines for two weeks upon return.


  44. The Sage says:

    Anyone see a connection with the new ban on households meeting other households in certain northern towns ?
    Blackburn, Kirklees and the like seem to have households that have ignored social distancing and the mostly harmless virus is spreading accordingly.
    This, of course, follows other recent restrictions in Leicester, Luton and Oldham.
    But the BBC report of this morning makes absolutely no connection between any of these places and why they have been singled out for such measures. I wonder why? Maybe there’s no connection, then.


  45. Fedup2 says:

    In our brave new world you can think it but not say it … now back to our third world friends always being ‘victims ‘…and of course – putting race relations even further back than before …..
    The paedo paki racist rape gangs will have to stay home with mum and their wives …..


  46. Old Goat says:

    Katie knows the score…


    • Up2snuff says:

      Hmmn, slightly muddled could be clearer, KH. Danger of starting a conspiracy ‘Testing gives you Covid’.

      I am now third-party to a Covid death. With friends during week who had lost an in-law at age over 90, with health issues, in hospital. Doc certified death as Covid-19. It wasn’t, patient was struggling to breathe due to heart issues at end-of-life.

      Interesting idea on acquiesence at the end, though.


  47. AsISeeIt says:

    Another day, another ‘Young British & Black, more voices of the BLM generation’ special report from the Guardian. ‘Special’? It’s an item about as predictable today as the Sun exclaiming ‘What a scorcha!’ Sadly we’ll have to make do without that familiar weather report since the BBC on-line today neglects to put up the front page of the top circulation paid for newspaper in the nation (for reasons unknown). We’ll make do with the Star’s ‘Stand by to sizzle’

    Meanwhile the Daily Mirror has a pullout promising ‘all the tips, all the form, all the silks’ – not to worry, it’s not another lawyer instigated, lawyer supported, lawyer financed legal challenge to Brexit. That’s so last year. It’s the return of the gee-gees. Sort of, a somewhat inglorious Goodwood is being held behind closed doors. Following the flaky fake football restart – if proof were needed – that these now virtual sports are far more interested in their finances than service to live spectators.

    Mind you, the Guardian tells us ‘Saudi-led Newcastle deal is off’. Showing perhaps the north eastern soccer club is bearing the brunt of an ethical foreign policy. ‘Fans distraught and rights groups delighted’.

    Still, Goodwood brings out the posh totty in the shape (or should that be ‘form’) of Francesca Cumani, ITV’s pet racing presenter adorning the front page of the Times. She certainly pips at the post in a photo finish our BBC’s old nags.

    But don’t let it be said the Times has gone all hetrosexual. David Aaronovitch tells us of his ‘Blonde crush – Flash Gordon’ He’s a media stalwart and of course a Remainer who looks to the distant future with confidence. He claimed that Brexit would eventually be reversed as the number of older voters, who typically voted for Britain to leave the European Union, gradually die. Personally, I look forward to jetpacks.

    Before we project ourselves too far into the fantasy future there are a couple of sobering reality check headlines. The Times has Sheryl Crow reminding us ‘Looks really do matter in the music industry’ And Russell Crowe reveals in the ‘i’ how ‘I got sick of being successful’.

    While the FT confides ‘Verdict remains open on best way to test and trace’ – ain’t that a fact!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Hot weather equals ….

      Tower lock fire cos idiot lights barbee
      Chinese lantern starts forest fire
      Mysterious church arsons
      Standard Thames / river drowning
      Owner drowns trying to save dog ( which survives )
      Pet left in car ‘disgrace ‘ sez cop
      Seaside resort fights over parking / distancing
      It’s hotter than …. fill in gap
      T starlet shows shapely ..fill in gap
      Prem footballer does something bad
      Global warming means it will be hot in summer
      Heatwave to last til November


  48. Sluff says:

    I didn’t think I’d say this but two cheers for Andy Burnham.

    Toady was getting up itself with the new CV measures for Greater Manchester. Cue usual anti-government self righteous indignation.

    But wait. Andy Burnham was on and fully supporting the measures.

    Not only that but he stood up unflinching to Knobson’s race-baiting and victimhood agenda.

    Yes, says Burnham, multi-generational living does mean predominantly Asian households.
    Yes, says Burnham, it does mean Muslims cannot celebrate Eid in the usual way.

    I was almost shocked.
    A few in the government could do worse than to grow a pair and handle the BBC like this.


    • JamesArthur says:


      problem is that, just like the BBC rhetoric on obesity (and they did mention Asian men – meaning mainly Muslims, not e.g Chinese) the cause is poverty..

      The problem is that nobody wants to be honest – everyone is thinking the same – well anyone that lives outside of London and knows these areas.. It is cultural and attitudinal

      Poverty does not give you CV and does not make you fat….being lazy, stupid or not giving a T*ss does . And as for obese kids – lazy parents…

      We were poor (lived in a box) and none of us were/or are fat despite eating, on occasions, sugar sandwiches.

      The truth hurts as they say, but nowadays you can’t hurt anyone’s feelings, even if it achieves the best end result for everyone else


      • BRISSLES says:

        Sugar sandwiches – brought back a memory, along with condensed milk sandwiches – and in tea !!


        • Sluff says:

          Not to mention brown sauce sandwiches.
          Especially in those moments between the plate of bread and butter ( not olive oil enriched spread) being put out on the table and before the Fish and Chips were either unwrapped or served up (that’s home made chips deep fried in lard, not the oven variety)


  49. Sluff says:

    A propos of nothing.
    Is it me and my steam- powered IT or is this esteemed site becoming more clunky and slow to load and respond?

    Notwithstanding the ever-increasing weight and sheer volume of bias.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Sluff, I had just written a reply to you when, irony of ironies, my internet connection crashed – again!

      The edited reply was:
      Early on this morning, I had trouble loading a post to the site but that could be down to my ISP. (And probably was. Or the BT bit that the ISP is not responsible for.)

      Memo to PM: Please start a State telecomms co. in Lancashire, Yorkshire or Co.Durham, with manufacturing facilities in Wales and Scotland, to design and build our own 5G. Oh, and please sort out 3G and 4G, first. Ta.


  50. Foscari says:

    If you are 75 or older or in fact 20 years younger just use
    all the ways “suggested” by the various organizations acting
    on our behalf to stop paying Gary Lineker’s and all the jobsmiths
    at the BBC exorbitant wages.Stopping and starting standing instructions etc, etc. Or better still just don’t watch BBC.
    Like many of my generation, one begins to get “slightly”
    forgetful in the passing years. If you do get a visit from the
    BBC Gestapo you can still be a little polite. Of course do not
    let them in. But you can play the “CLAUDIUS” role . To be
    honest at 75 its not difficult to appear to be more confused
    than you are. I think there could be some good fun
    to be had out of all of this ,than the BBC’S proposed misery
    for us. Yes a little bit of schadenfreud towards the BBC ,as it sinks
    could be quite enjoyable.


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