376 Responses to Weekend Thread 11 July 2020

  1. Dobyns says:

    Four legs good, two legs bad ….


    Be afraid…


    • Dave S says:

      The relations between the races will deteriorate sharply. A white person will think twice before speaking to a BME or else adopt that false and obvious over friendly tone. fear will drive this .
      We are gong to put back things 50 years.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      These commandments are also distilled into the maxim “Four legs good, two legs bad!” which is primarily used by the sheep on the farm, often to disrupt discussions and disagreements between animals on the nature of Animalism. Over time, the power of the pigs grows. They eventually learn to walk on two legs, mirroring the humans that used to control the farm before the revolution. Teaching the sheep the new chant of “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better” is another reminder of how the sheep are used to consolidate the pig power over the farm.

      These commandments are also distilled into the maxim “Black lives good, White lives bad!” which is primarily used by the Blacks in the city, often to disrupt discussions and disagreements between people on the nature of Racism. Over time, the power of the Marxists grows. They eventually learn to talk of White lives, mirroring the Democrats that used to control the city before the revolution. Teaching the Blacks the new chant of “Black Lives Good, White Lives Better” is another reminder of how the Blacks are used to consolidate the Marxist power over the City.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    There is a story floating about a French bus driver being beaten to death by a number of ‘men’ . Two have been charged and two further detained . My little alarm went off because the alleged murderers hadn’t been named by police … apparently the driver wouldn’t let them on the bus without PPE …. and died because of it .

    Social media has been filling in the names …


  3. Doobster78 says:

    LOL !!!! Hamilton has really made my blood boil this past couple of weeks !!!!!


  4. StewGreen says:

    WGAP picks up on that Express article about Owen Jones


    • StewGreen says:

      OJ is actually Ayatollah Owen
      He has his big list of Labour foes
      then when he finds a pretext
      he announces a fatwa cancelling that person.


  5. StewGreen says:

    This kind of inverted racism pervades the metroliberal media
    They are so desperate to virtue signal, they choose BAME when they can
    See how todays Times picks 4 BAME for it’s Review cover
    & radical anti-Trump lesbian football star
    for magazine cover.
    Basically the Times Media Review is like that every week.
    It thinks its the Guardian.

    That top right image is Sheku Kenneh Mason the BBC Child Musician star
    Cos 6pm Sunday BBC1 has a 1 hour special on his family



  6. Deborah says:

    Saturday night 10pm news BBC1 only 3 news headlines before I switched off. Jack Charlton’s death and a slump in the English side playing the West Indies at cricket (black supremacy?) but also outdoor swimming pools are open again. They showed a very self conscious black lady swimming – but it is only recently we were told black people don’t swim. So either she was ‘placed’ or the BBC looked very hard for her. Anyway I switched off.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      ” looked very hard for her.” Took her with them more like D, why take the chance?


  7. G.W.F. says:

    Is this true?


  8. davylars says:

    Here’s another conundrum for our Roger at the BBC to explain.

    We are producing 15% renewables tonight, of which wind is only 8% and biomass, (hardly environmental friendly) 5%
    I notice we are importing 16% of our power.
    How much of that is clean renewable power Roger?

    Answer please….



    • G says:

      I did a comparison on one of these ‘compare energy suppliers’ websites just recently. One thing striking me is the number of ‘suppliers’ that are all claiming they supply, ‘renewables’. Common sense tells me that simply is not possible.


      • Philip_2 says:

        Simple. We just buy it from Denmark. ‘Work has begun on the world’s longest electricity interconnector which will allow power to travel between the UK and Denmark and could provide energy for 1.5m British homes.

        The 475-mile (765km) power line, named the Viking Link, will cost £1.8 billion and be completed in 2023.

        It will run under the North Sea and onshore between Bicker Fen in Lincolnshire and Revsing in South Jutland, Denmark.’

        And then we will all have windmills on top of an electric car which the BBC claims saves us having to fill up at all, apparently, so its all free. As in the wind, it is all free, so presumably nobody pays for it… as you won’t be able to afford it either.


  9. tomo says:

    Mannequin of Jimmy Savile placed on Edward Colston’s plinth

    “None of them stopped me, and your licence paid for it”

    I wonder if BBC Radio Bristol or TV’s Points West will report it?



    • StewGreen says:

      Wow, top trolling Bristol peeps
      “None of them stopped me
      and your (TV)license paid for it.
      The BBC turning a blind eye since 1922”.


      • StewGreen says:

        Maybe someone on Parler like Jack Hawkins has video
        … Nothing on Youtube, it might be censoring.


        • StewGreen says:

          Ah The Jimmy Savile mannequin was up on the plinth for around an hour before shortly being pulled down.

          Jack Dawkins I meant, .. he didn’t get any video.


      • Oldspeaker says:

        Another good reason not to buy a licence.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Tomo- if really bored you can watch you tube bits of old ‘top of the pops ‘ and guess which former BBC favourite turns up clutching young ladies as he introduces Gary glitter….


      • tomo says:


        so you’re telling me the copyright wardens haven’t been out mopping up YouTube ? – surprised at that….

        In several hotel stays zapping around the channels I’ve come across “repeats” of TOTP – really rather odd and presented as “that’s how it was” …..



  10. AsISeeIt says:

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind

    ‘Islamic State inmate who grew up in London ‘killed in Syria”


    ‘A man who left London to join the Islamic State group in Syria has died while being held in prison in the country, the BBC has been told.’

    One wonders for a moment who told this to the BBC and more to the point why do they want to tell us, but then one shrugs and thinks… who cares?

    ‘His Algerian family had settled in London when Mostefaoui was five. He was described as a popular, football-loving boy, brought up in a home that was opposed to extremism, but he later became increasingly radicalised while a student.’

    ‘In April 2014, Mostfaoui told his father that he was going to Amsterdam for a few days, leaving with just a small bag, and he then secretly made his way to Syria.’

    Yeah, whatever.


  11. StewGreen says:

    Daily books next week on Radio 4
    9:45am each day. Read by Khalid Abdalla Book by Libyan writer Hisham Matar
    Who snuck into Britain and went to school here.
    (He won a Pulitzer for his Biography of his father a dissident from Gadaffi)

    12pm and 10:45pm each day A Novel about a 14 year old girl in Nigeria, by a Nigerian writer

    10:45am and 7:45pm comic novel about a stressed-out working-mum.


  12. BRISSLES says:

    Just watched the excellent film Bad Education (based on a true story about an embezzlement scandal in an American High School), with Hugh Jackman in the lead role.

    Clearly Hollywood / Toronto or wherever, are going down the appeasement route in casting. In reality, the young student reporter who ‘broke’ the story was Rebekah Rombom – Caucasian ; but in the film the role was changed to Rachel Bhargava played by Geraldine Viswanathan. I was only inspired to check the true facts of the case because of the rubbish acting of Ms Viswanathan, who managed to garner the role despite her short film career of 5 years. Nevertheless its a film worth watching.


  13. vlad says:

    Unsurprisingly the BBC have quickly ‘disappeared’ the story of the killing of the bus driver in Bayonne, France.

    Why such haste? According to French social media, the suspects were named as Mohamed C, Mohammed A, Moussa B and Sélim Z.

    If confirmed, this would be textbook BBC strategy. In cases of ‘inconvenient’ crimes, 1) report them if unavoidable, but 2) hide the names and photos until 3) the story has cooled and no-one is interested in the details. Finally 4) drop the story asap.

    In this case they seem to have gone straight to 4).

    In honour of the brave Frenchman who stood up to the savages for not wearing masks (it’s compulsory) and fare-dodging, here’s his photo.

    I wonder if there’ll be worldwide riots by WLM?



    • theisland says:

      It is worth repeating how the bBC continually uses sleight of hand to enable the perpetrators of sickening crimes. Any MP who defends the bBC is complicit.

      They appear to have ‘reported’ it on 10 July with the heading:
      “France: Bus driver dies after ‘attack over face masks’ in Bayonne.”
      (But how one actually finds this on the websh1te via their alleged ‘search’ facility is a mystery to me, I used Google Advanced to find it)

      Genuine reporters give the details (below).

      RIP Philippe Monguillot.


      • vlad says:

        “in virtually every instance of jihad in France, media hides identity of attackers & uses words such as “youths” to describe them”

        It’s true, they do. But the French public aren’t stupid and have learnt to decipher the code, just as we have here.

        They even make the same sarcastic comments. In this case some posts on Fb and Twitter regret the loss of ‘doctors and engineers’ with the arrests of the 4 alleged North African suspects.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Imagine if the bus driver had been a ‘hard working ‘ Muslim ‘migrant / cum illegal …. killed by a gang of whitees … they’d have been marching down the Paris Main Street with the ‘all in it together ‘ theme tune out snowflowflaking each other …


      • Van Helsing says:


        The bus driver was white, French, male and not an adherent of the media’s favoured religion, ergo his life did not matter to either them or their ignorant acolytes.


  14. Guest Who says:

    When BBC explanations go ba… as expected.



  15. Guest Who says:

    Now he knows what it is like for the dozen or so still watching HIGNFY


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘It’s ok, son. Uncle Jeremy says a holiday in Gaza is great fun. And don’t worry about you only getting a one way ticket’.


    • Scroblene says:

      Best chuckle of the day, Guest!

      Thank you!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Boom boom

      Bet Jeremy pictures the millions of pleb adoring fans hanging on every anti Israel word as he dispenses The Truth ….


  16. Doublethinker says:

    The Leicester sweatshop slavery case is covered in the ztimes this morning. The Home Secretary thinks that ‘cultural sensitivities ‘ have prevented the authorities from acting despite them having known about it for years. Just like those same ‘cultural sensitivities’ prevented the authorities from dealing with rape gangs who ruined the lives of thousands of white girls. I wonder in how many other spheres of daily life the ‘cultural sensitivities’ prevent the law from being enforced? We already know this to be the case with vandalism, looting , arson and very likely drugs and violent crime. But what about people trafficking, or income tax fraud, or voting scams and many others?

    Our country, it’s culture and our way of life is being rapidly undermined. Profound changes are underway which will result in the UK becoming a very different place to live in within twenty or thirty years. The dumb liberals think that they can steer things and end up in their multicultural Utopia. Sensible people know that the liberals have unleashed forces that will sweep everything away including the dumb liberals themselves.


    • Halifax says:

      And its ok to drive around in a car with illegal blacked out front windows and if you get stopped you’ll get an apology….


  17. Guest Who says:

    Huw rather bravely places the reporting history of colleagues in the spotlight.


  18. taffman says:

    Just before knocking off I tuned in to LBC – Andrew Andrew Castle nothing but anti Trump and his mask .
    Off switch and off to bed . It’s less and less LBC for me .


  19. Fedup2 says:

    Night night Taffman
    – but it’s Sunday morning – are you looking for a laugh ? Then try reading the Observer – yes – the observer . One of their ranty self clever columnists called Nicholas Cohen has penned a confused old rant about the left denouncing itself and concludes by saying “

    “Johnson threatens the independence of the BBC and Channel 4. Yet they can pose as the champions of free expression because the loudest strain in progressivism has embraced censorship. “

    ‘They can pose as the champion of free expression “….

    One wonders what drink or drugs this character takes to view the BBC like that? I know he used to make a few bob turning up on state media from time to time but the idea of the BBC and ‘free expression ‘ being linked ?

    That’s when I laughed .


    • Scroblene says:

      Ha ha ha, Fed!

      That’s two chuckles in as many minutes – thank you!

      I think I once read The Observer in 1969, but isn’t it the Sunday version of The Grauniad? I seem to remember that only nutters write for it, so well done you for even waking up and looking at it!

      I must buy a copy when I have less time!

      As for the content, it looks like a Grauniad piece, reads like one, so probably is one! Maybe the BBC has a block order delivered every Sunday, using Shere Khan’s bombproof Roller, the one with the cushion on the back seat so he can see out…


      • Fedup2 says:

        Scrob – yes – it’s the agnostic version of The- Formerly -Manchester – but -now -Islington -Guardian . It’s where the enemy lives and it doesn’t cost and it’s failing ….


  20. Guest Who says:

    The statistical normality of a House journal poll is always a hoot.

    It even appears they have a Corbyn tribute act in on the set up.


    • Scroblene says:

      I see that ‘Ginkwatch’ is alive and kicking in a street somewhere stupid, Guest…


  21. Guest Who says:

    Actually rather a sweet edit.

    Presumably ‘the beast with two backing’ unprotected is still ok as the NHS covers the meds.


    • Deborah says:

      Once I see Professor Michie who is on both the Sage and the alternative Sage groups speaking and knowing she is a member of the communist party, I give little value to what she has to say.


  22. Tabs says:

    BBC News Channel just ran a piece on the “50 bus drivers who died of Covid19 in an industry that has been hit hard”. No evidence was given, as you would expect, but a quick google search shows some London only bus driver statistics of 20 deaths out of 24500 drivers.

    That is 1 death per 1225 drivers whereas the national Covid death date is 1 per 1000 people. Just like the BBC twisting of facts for the NHS staff Covid deaths I’d say it is safer to be a bus driver/NHS staff than a general member of public.

    Edit: I found some DVLA license data showing there are 690,000 bus driving license holders for the UK. I accept the fact that not all will be working but even 50 deaths with half the license holders works out 1 death per 7000. Still much safer than the general public death rates.


    • StewGreen says:

      You can’t compare
      Apples : working age population
      with Pears : thegeneral population which includes over 75s who make up almost all Covid deaths.
      However we don’t know how many of those 50 bus drivers caught it at work.

      Of course many bus drivers are fatties who are vulnerable.
      Surely bus companies gave the work to teir youngest fittest drivers ?
      I wonder if some of those who died, weren’t even working.


      • StewGreen says:

        BBC breakfast tweeted that video 3 times
        ..That looks like campaigning
        The Unite union guy tweeted it
        ..that usually implies that they were involved in creating the story.


  23. Guest Who says:

    Americast is a two way street with much now to answer for.


  24. Guest Who says:

    Off ratio. Appears to be a Prof. No word on kit on or off beliefs.


    • Old Goat says:

      Of course the safety of all lives doesn’t matter. What were they thinking of?


  25. AsISeeIt says:

    As the BBC childishly fetishises mask wearing it misses the significance of the growing economic damage and social unrest caused by the continuing political cowardice to call a proper end to the fear.

    BBC: ‘Coronavirus: Donald Trump finally wears mask in public’

    Nur-nur, nur-nur-nur!!

    ‘Thousands of Israelis have staged a demonstration in Tel Aviv to protest against what they say is economic hardship caused by the government’s mishandling of the coronavirus crisis.’

    Last week it was demos in Serbia – the BBC blamed the dreaded Far Right.

    BBC: ‘Coronavirus: Emirates set to cut 9,000 jobs, citing pandemic’

    Real jobs cancelled. Real social divisions sown. Meanwhile the lockdown-loving mask-obsessed dilettante BBC encourages Boris to fiddle while Rome burns.

    BBC: ‘Cheesemaking and taxidermy: What we learned in lockdown’


    • AsISeeIt says:

      ‘Cheesemaking and taxidermy’

      Which reminds me, BBC, your reporting stinks and you can get stuffed.


  26. Nodding Dog says:

    A couple of days ago.
    Thousands flock to Neverspoons pub app

    Ned Poulter and Shane Jones, pictured in pre-lockdown times, want to help smaller pubs.

    And the BBC want to help you promote it.Of course nothing to do with the owner of Wetherspoons being a big and vocal supporter of Brexit.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      ‘Mr Jones, who is now working on the app with his friend, Ned Poulter, is attempting to vet them all by looking them up online – he is unable to visit any personally as he has an underlying health condition that requires him to shield.’

      So, people may as well do their own research?


    • StewGreen says:

      Is it called the “NeverSpoons App” ?
      .. or is it called The I’m-A-Smug-Lefty-Bigot App ?


  27. Thoughtful says:

    The growing scandal of the sweatshop worker in Leicester and Boohoo continues to make the headlines, but what doesn’t is the fact that once again the Labour party knew all about this, and turned a blind eye to the misdeeds of their brown eyed favourites.

    Pritti Patel has again stated the blindingly obvious – known for decades trope that nothing was done for fear of being called ‘racist’.

    Bullshit! The cowardly useless incompetent Tories have known about this for decades and have failed to do anything about it.

    Here’s an idea! Write a legally binding definition of ‘racism’, make it short and easily understood. Then make the sentence a fixed one of two years suspended imprisonment.
    This means anyone found guilty can be disbarred from holding elected office, and will in many cases lose their jobs in the public sector.

    It’s an easy and effective law but it takes courage and the Tories haven’t got any of that.


  28. Jeff says:

    I did three unusual things yesterday. Two I haven’t managed for four months and one I’ve never done before…don’t panic…I wore a face mask, caught a train and (yippee!) visited a pub.

    I’ll start with the negative, the face nappy. I found it uncomfortable, embarrassing and claustrophobic. I really didn’t like the experience and looking along the railway carriage it was clear that very few were wearing them properly. They were complying with the rule, but reluctantly. So their masks were below the nose, dangling under the chin and one bloke had it on his forehead. What use it was there I don’t know…

    Not many people at Victoria Station. The media have done a hell of a job in terrifying the gullible and decimating our economy. Every time I turn my radio on I hear the mayor of London warning me about the threat of Covid. He seems completely unfazed by terrorism, but this…
    Be safe. Do this. Don’t do that. And this constant mantra has worked. People are staying at home and our economy has stagnated. When I last ventured in to the capital in March, London was a thriving, buzzing, economic powerhouse. It was alive and vibrant. It looked pretty much like like a ghost town on Saturday night. The Marxists will be really pleased with themselves.

    A number of the staff at Victoria were wearing some extraordinary apparel. Not just masks, but these visors that look like transparent lampshades. I’m sure I’ve seen some of them in old episodes of Doctor Who. Bloody odd!

    Still, it was brilliant to get back to the pub. Just to do something relatively normal. Not too much of a palaver getting in and after we’d been seated it was really nice having a pleasant, buxom serving wench bringing us our ales.

    This, at least, I could very easily get used to…


    • Scroblene says:

      “A number of the staff at Victoria were wearing some extraordinary apparel. Not just masks, but these visors that look like transparent lampshades. I’m sure I’ve seen some of them in old episodes of Doctor Who. Bloody odd!”

      Are they made by the same people who sell these things to help dog-owners make their pets stop biting their bums?

      Some great pubs around Victoria, there’s one that was famous for only selling half-pints, up near the Passport Office! Happy days…

      (And I remember when ‘The Feathers’ near New Scotland Yard, was refurbed – my firm was the QS – and they had The Moody Blues ‘Question’ blaring out all the time – marvellous)!

      Cheers Jeff!


      • Jeff says:

        I remember the “half pint pub”, but it wasn’t that one. We went to Shakespeare’s, just across the forecourt. I recall stumbling into this bar on that long ago day of Charles and Diana’s wedding. Mind you, we stumbled into quite a few on that day.
        And one of the mates I met last night was with me all those years ago.
        Time flies…


  29. richard D says:

    Andrew Marr show, BBC this morning.

    Rachel Reeves, Labour Shadow Minister, basically avoids answering any single question about Labour Party positions, instead talks about what the current government is doing/not doing, etc.. Repeats the same Labour motherhood-and-apple-pie talking points (i.e. with loads of criticisms of Tories) ad nauseam. Marr closes by saying “Very clear answers….., thank you very much” What the hell ? She never answered any of your questions, Marr, and you did not push her at all.

    Nicola Sturgeon comes on, and like so many others of his colleagues on the BBC, Marr freezes as if he was a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming juggernaut. Sturgeon does what she does best, waffles on, unchallenged, doesn’t accept any responsibility for issues at all, condemns the UK government at every opportunity, whilst at the same time claiming she’s been completely non-political at all times (?????), and at all times does her regular and predictable ‘squirrel’ routine -i.e. “Oh look, over there, a rat with a tail….” Marr poses no challenges, does not press when he gets no answers, and basically gives her yet another opportunity for an SNP party policitcal broadcast courtesy of the BBC. Marr concludes with, “Thank you, First Minister, very interesting…….” Yeah – if you think criticism of others is an ‘interesting’ response to questions about your own behaviour.

    Then MIchael Gove is on. But there was a clear set-up, as some medic was interviewed just before him about face masks, about which she had very strong views….. guess what the first question was about ? But, for a time, I thought that Marr was actually being uncharacteristically fair with his questions, and then he started on about something Boris Johnson had said last December…. Marr answers him very clearly about what Johnson was talking about at the time…. Marr not satisfied, so comes back at him time and time again to try to get him to accuse Johnson of lying to the public, i.e. the ‘gotcha’ attempt. I guessed we were now back to the real Marr style after a brief interlude. At the end of the interview, Marr concludes almost absently (‘cos he’s on to the wind-up segment to close the show), “Thank you very much, Mr Gove”….. no “Interesting”, or “informative”, or ‘”clear answers” comment to Gove, of course.

    Bias – what bias ?


  30. G says:

    I don’t know why the American press don’t insist on describing the patriot “Malitia”, “Far Right Extremists” the way they do in the UK.

    It will be all they have post November the third.


  31. Tabs says:

    BBC1 Sunday Morning Live discussing “Are we too intolerant of views we find offensive?”. As soon as one guest said “someone lost their job for disagreeing that white prvideledge exists” was met we shouts of “WHOA! We haven’t got time to discuss examples”.

    As all 3 guests were black, the other dark skinned, a black presenter and one white woman presenter it appears the BBC also haven’t got time to hear opinions of whites either.


  32. Doobster78 says:

    They are gunning for Tucker now.

    A CNN investigation !!!!!!


    • vlad says:

      With any luck it will bring Tucker to the awareness of more people.


    • StewGreen says:

      BBC World : “Fox News: Tucker Carlson WRITER Blake Neff resigns over racist* messages”

      Our World : “BBC RAPER Jimmy Savile didn’t resign over hundred vile child abuses”

      * Just cos BBC attach the word “racist” that doesn’t mean the messages actually were


  33. Doobster78 says:

    They simply cannot help themselves can they. Talk about damned if you do and damned if you don’t !!!!!!

    BBC bang on and on about him not wearing a mask, he then wears one and it’s …

    ” The US President previously said he could not see himself wearing a mask in public ”

    Constantly chipping away. Petty and relentless !!!


    • gb123 says:

      Nice of them to quote from a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity without revealing the source and using another quote from Fox Business news and revealing the source. They don’t want publicise Hannity so conflate and omit. Two tactics for the price of one today.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Did they mention that he wore the mask because he was visiting some (veterans?) vulnerable patients in a hospital and therefore, out of respect for their illnesses, wore a mask in case any of them were anxious.

      Of course, had he not wore a mask he would have been accused of putting these peoples lives at risk.

      That’s the way the media works now.
      wear a mask = u turn, hypocrite, changes his mind.
      not wearing a mask = murderer, selfish, superspreader.


  34. Beltane says:

    Further to my post of this time yesterday, in which the BBC reported that the West Indies were in rampant control of a collapsed England…the current WI second innings score is 7-2 chasing a deficit of 199.

    Only saying.

    PS It’s now 20-2 which must suggest a spirited and demoralising fightback against an anxious England….

    PPS Err, 27-3. Oh dear.


  35. vlad says:

    Looking at the BBC chart of areas with the highest rates of Covid-19, for a moment I thought I was looking at areas of highest rates of paedophile grooming gangs.

    Could they be related in some way?

    Leicester, Rochdale, Bradford, Kirklees, Wrexham, Blackburn, Rotherham, Bedford, Oldham, Barnsley…

    I wonder if the beeb will spot the connection?




  36. Doublethinker says:

    Test Cricket , England v West Indies, Lunch time , final day
    MSM putting pressure on the English cricket team not to win and on the umpires to ensure that this is the case. The score at lunch time is certainly favouring an English win but this is far from certain so there is plenty of scope for the result to be fixed. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can be ruled out in these crazy times.
    Of course the BBC will be pleased that England have a West Indian playing for them and hoping that he takes plenty of wickets so that they can major on him in the event of an English win . If England do win Sky are worried that their persistent BLM logo won’t be considered big enough and that their coverage of an England win was unconsciously racist.
    Seriously though given the current climate and there is an LBW appeal against a WI batsmen will the umpires think hang on better to err on the safe side and give them not out?


  37. vlad says:

    Farage: BBC’s ‘Days Are Numbered’

    Nige on the BBC. Nothing we here don’t know, but it’s good to see it ‘out there’ on Breitbart, with some radio shows and other media picking up the story.

    “Most Britons say they do not trust BBC journalists to tell the truth, with some two-thirds thinking the broadcaster is biased. A Civitas study from 2018 found that Eurosceptic voices had been suppressed over the years on the Today programme, BBC Radio 4’s flagship news programme.

    Half of Britons think that the BBC should earn its own money either through advertising or a subscription service, while another poll had said that nearly three-quarters of Britons want the TV licence abolished entirely.”



  38. theisland says:

    We have been listening to the 1940s British Home Front station on vTuner Internet radio. Jolly good.

    Just heard this:



  39. fakenewswatcher says:

    Is this really a ‘conservative’ government? Its attitude towards the bbc, what it does and doesn’t do to it, will be my yardstick.
    If it does nothing, we can be sure we have Labour in another guise.


    • G says:

      I didn’t think there was any comparison between DJT and Boris. Now I know I was correct.


  40. StewGreen says:

    July 10th BBC Radio Bristol
    asking what new statue should be erected
    … and now that the Jimmy Savile statue has been erected
    they haven’t said a thing .


  41. BRISSLES says:

    Further to my comment above about appeasement in the film industry, there is an excellent article in today’s MoS where reversed racism is taking hold of the industry in Hollywood. Its actually quite a frightening read…….


    Also excellent articles by Douglas Murray and others on the increasingly worrying ‘woke’ movement.


    • G says:

      The Mail article makes no allowance for the consumer, i.e. ‘Joe Public’. There is now a trail of companies and products that have tried following the small pack in their downward spiral toward utter nonsense and suffered the consequences when their products / services remained on the shelves / abandoned. For my part, (and I think I will be far from alone), when that mental balance exceeds the percentage of bame in the community I will stop watching/purchasing. Just as the awareness of BBC shoving blacks and asians in my face resulted in me totally abandoning the BBC, I think the film producers will experience the same. The BBC impact is now there to be seen.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      Many of the comments for that article are basically saying “You reap what you sow.” Ultra-liberal Hollyweird has been leaning towards this for years and now it’s coming back to bite them.
      Regardless of race, a movie producer (whose name now escapes me) said ages ago, “80% of everything we’ve ever made is basically un-watchable.” For modern output I’d put that percentage in the high 90s, it’s why I stopped going to the cinema and rarely get past the first twenty minutes of any new movie on TV. This after a lifetime as a film fan, and I’m far from the only one who feels like this.
      The writing’s on the wall for them if they care to read it. The article quotes “Selma director Ava DuVernay, now one of the most powerful black women in Hollywood, wrote on Twitter: ‘Everyone has a right to their opinion. And we – black producers with hiring power – have the right not to hire those who diminish us.
      ‘So, to the white men in this thread… if you don’t get that job you were up for, kindly remember… bias can go both ways. This is 2020 speaking.’ Worth knowing that DuVernay also directed A Wrinkle in Time – Disney’s biggest box-office loser of 2018.


      • BRISSLES says:

        I very much agree, and I also concur as a lifelong film fan, that the output of decent and watchable movies over the last 30 years has been minimal. But a couple of paras within that article really surprised me…………..

        “Speaking on condition of anonymity, the executive confirmed that the climate is now toxic for any ‘white, middle-aged man in show business. Their careers are pretty much over’. They continued; ‘we’re only hiring people of colour, women or LGBT to write, star, produce, operate he cameras, work in craft services. If you are white, you cant speak out because you will instantly be branded “racist” or condemned for “white privilege”.

        There there is……….

        “Such is the culture shift that one studio is now preparing to shoot a film with an all black cast and crew – a project which should normally give cause for celebration. But when a white woman, a highly respected executive, was tasked to ‘oversee’ the production on location, she was told she would receive no on-screen credit. A source from the studio behind the project said ‘The kids making the film are fresh, great new talent, but they are kids. None of them are over 25, most of them have never been on a move set, let alone a movie which costs $20m . They don’t know how the basics about how union rules work, about taking regular breaks or how long you can shoot in a day”

        Well, we all know that what happens in American today, will be here tomorrow….


  42. StewGreen says:

    Mallen Baker : Michael Shellenberger’s apology for climate alarmism


  43. oldcrone says:

    I have just finished watching last Friday’s Gardener’s World on YouTube. Monty Don presents it from his own garden and has been doing so, on his own, since the lock down began. He does it with a remote controlled camera (normally I think the camera crews are between 7 and 10 people after having read one of his books) and this is interspersed with a couple of repeated sections from last year and some viewer’s self made home videos.

    I like Gardener’s World, I like Monty Don, although there are more “diversity” pieces being inserted about topics that most gardeners, who tune in wanting to learn things, won’t be interested in … such as inner city BAME children being taught how to plant common plants from a pot into the ground.

    Anyway, that is by the by. As the credits rolled by at the end and the announcer talked over them, telling us of some rubbish that we must be sure to watch and what was coming on next, I thought I would do a little experiment.

    I paused the credits and took down the details. Bearing in mind that Monty is doing his own filming and I would say will be writing his own script, two of the sections were just repeats and the rest were home videos, which I admit would probably need some minimal editing, I still wouldn’t have thought there would have been the need for many extraneous production staff.

    These are the credits …

    Fixed Rig Facilities
    Complete Camera Co



    Online Editor

    Dubbing Mixer



    Evolutions Bristol


    Production Management Assistants

    Production Coordinator

    Junior Production Manager

    Production Manager

    Unit Manager

    Production Executive

    Head of Production

    Horticultural Researchers

    Assistant Producer

    Horticultural Assistant Producer


    Horticultural Planning Producer

    Executive Producer

    Producer Director

    Series Producer

    Shakes head in disbelief !! It would be funny if it wasn’t so sickening.


    • Scroblene says:

      Very sad to see, Old.

      I’m a fanatical gardener, and like you, think that Monty Don is a fine representative of a gardening nation, full of ideas, experiments, support and knowledge.

      The list of nonentities is just appalling. I’d hazard a guess that most of them don’t know a thing about gardening, and to have seven ‘Horticultural Researchers’ poking around after an expert has done a simple programme, is a sure sign that the BBC have never learned about budgets, skills and judgement, they’re worse than Emir Khan’s Idiot London Army!


      • BRISSLES says:

        I’m just shocked to see there wasn’t a make up and hairstylist listed, or Mr Don’s assistant and stand-in !


  44. Foscari says:

    Why are there men making comments on the BBC cricket website?
    I can understand the BBC supporting the West Indies. But
    surely all the commentators should be women?


  45. The WestWyvern says:

    Fos, do you listen to TMS?

    There is a new token BAME efnic female, Ishu Guru or some such.

    Her voice drones on and on in a monotonous whine akin to a Doodlebug heading across the 1945 Kent countryside.

    It’s looking like a win for the Windies so I suspect she will be doing the piece to mic for the Beeb at around 18.00 tonight with the victorious black captain.


  46. Guest Who says:

    When fact checks go bad.

    be funny if any of the BBC drones just hit ‘RT’ as it suited.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      They’re really reaching, aren’t they?
      Surely everyone knows the Bald Eagle is a symbol of America? Apollo 11 mission patch, anyone?
      The irony of Nazi Germany using a similar eagle symbol to the U.S. was not lost on the makers of the 1991 film The Rocketeer. The 40-second video below is a fake Nazi propaganda cartoon made for that movie.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      There are times to hate Twitter. But sometimes, just sometimes…


  47. AsISeeIt says:

    I used to suffer mild bemusement at the victorian penchant for the display of moralistic biblical texts in the home.

    What was this pompous and pious mindset that sought to impress on visitors the householder’s supposed virtue by means of these cheaply framed and woefully trite homilies now seeming so outdated and alien to the modern observer?

    Then today I noticed the childishly scribbled “we ‘heart’ the NHS” mottos proudly pasted in suburban front windows – and the penny dropped.

    ‘There ain’t nothing new under the sun’.

    Stick that one up on your living room wall.


  48. theisland says:

    The bBC version
    The UK coastguard is co-ordinating a search-and-rescue operation after several boats of migrants crossing from France were spotted in the Channel.


  49. taffman says:

    “English Channel search operation after migrant crossings”
    “Two Border Force vessels, the Dover lifeboat and a Coastguard aircraft are working alongside French authorities.”

    The French and our Border Farce are at it again .
    After all the talk by Boris ‘send em back’ Johnson and ‘get tough’ Priti. The Frogs are laughing their socks off , while our Royal Navy languishes in the harbours waiting to get some action.
    More ‘interceptions’?. Perhaps Boris will send a cross-channel ferry over to get some more ‘Interceptions’ in . Its past the joke now. It has become evident that our Tory Government do not intend to do anything about the illegal invasion .

    At the same time we get


  50. theisland says:

    The full report is 100 pages long.