Midweek Thread 8 July 2020

The Biased BBC continues to breach its Charter by social campaigning without any restraint . Something must be done to fix that .

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  1. G says:

    I wonder how much of this stuff goes on which doesn’t attract the attention of the MSM and BBC?
    “Safiyyah Luqman” (another rampant savage with so-called, mental health problems).
    “Student who threatened to stab Asda staff and customer and tried to bite police officer is jailed”
    Take a look at that face and eyes.


  2. JamesArthur says:

    This is a late one but work sometimes gets in way of fuming 🙂
    The BBC narrative today is incredible – I switched on R4 while driving first thing to hear that a 13 year old GIRL (that is key point for BBC) saved Blighty in Battle of Britain..apparently her dad (the Designer/Engineer) brought home some work and asked her to help with the sums (in late 1930’s) and it was HER work that saved us…WTF……no it was her dad and all the others..how low can they go to get in a narrative?

    Then who ever it was on (female) had the arts culture whatever minister on and proceeded to ask her why the PM and other ministers were not wearing masks all the time…she tried to answer and was subjected to a barrage of questions like…
    when have they worn them? do you know other ministers who have worn them? how many? when? have you seen any images of them ?…etc.
    It was pathetic and all to get a ‘gotcha’ – see the Govt aren’t following guidelines

    I am so glad I am down to 98% no BBC


    • Oaknash says:

      James I also hit the “off” when this was put on.
      Maybe she was one of the gallant gals that flew Spitfires and Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain that the “History Guy” Dan Snow told his daughters about.


      • king crimson says:

        If nothing else, imagine a 13 year old nowadays doing Math at that level!


    • Fedup2 says:

      James – thank you – I’m glad I missed it – the idea of a newsreaders son – the honourable snow -flake doing a ‘modern ‘ version of the start of the Battle of Britain was too much .
      I’ll hope things may have improved by 15th September . I’m also dreading VJ Day when they’ll be going on about dropping the big ones on the Japs …..


    • Tabs says:

      The BBC ran the same lies on the BBC1 Regional News. They said the girls calculations meant the government changed their mind and “fitted 8 guns on the Spitfire”. They then showed someone making a comment, “I wonder what would have happened if they fiited less than 8 guns?”.

      Well no need to wonder if the BBC actually researched their own lies.

      The Spitfire had 8 guns at the start of the war (based on the girl’s math and testing) but these were of a small calibre and not very effective against armour plating thus fitting 4 larger calibre cannons was more common….

      …but facts don’t fit the BBC narrative that a girl saved the UK.


  3. Ed Hitter says:

    The BBC Music mag has given a platform to one of its columnists to demand that Land Of Hope and Glory and Jerusalem be dropped from The Last Night of the Proms.
    He gives all the usual leftie, British hating reasons. The BBC and its acolytes really do despise our culture. Defund it now.


    • JamesArthur says:

      I really hope this chap gets off his knee soon – has he read what BLM really stands for? The blathering moron…no doubt he wants to replace these great tunes with rap and raga.

      Will these virtue signalling ‘space for brains’ ever stop?


  4. Guest Who says:

    Get ’em young Newsbeat


    They could end up in two separate places they’ve never even visited
    UK-born twins face deportation to separate nations

    UK-born twins face deportation to separate nations
    Darrell and Darren Roberts face being sent to two different Caribbean countries they have never vis


    It’s as if the BBc assumes no one has access to other sources of information, and/or does not read beyond the utterly predictable, awful headline. And oddly old photo of them both.


  5. Beltane says:

    So Ataturk revolves slowly in his grave as Erdogan changes Hagia Sophia, a secular and world renowned museum, the last major symbol of Greek Orthodox Christianity in Byzantium preserved for posterity by a uniquely perceptive man, back into a mosque.
    A glorious and moving architectural masterpiece, and one which epitomises the gulf between Christianity and Islam. Visit the equally famous Sultan Ahmet ‘Blue Mosque’ nearby and compare the majesty of the first with the intricate yet total vacuity of the other. That sums up the difference and all the absurd BBC quasi-religious promotion can’t change that.


  6. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Kate Hoey posted this on her twitter 3 hours ago.
    Peter Bone has an article about it.
    You would think it would be somewhere on the msm but I can’t find anything.
    Maybe it’s not unexpected and they’ve known all along that it’s corrupt and so nothing unusual.


  7. G.W.F. says:

    At last. A sensible proposal for BLM. Leave the horrid racist Americans and come home to Ghana.
    Ghana offers land to US blacks so they can return.
    ‘As the United States again confronts its history of racism, as outrage again erupts over police killings, leaders in Ghana say they’re rolling out the welcome mat for black Americans who want to get away from the turmoil.
    The government has negotiated with local chiefs to earmark 500 acres of land near the nation’s center for newcomers, carving out enough space for about 1,500 families. Survey and registration fees are waived for members of the African diaspora.

    Yes. And take a few woke whitey’s with you, use them as slaves so they can work off their guilt.


  8. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC: ‘Pop Smoke: Five arrested in connection to rapper’s death’

    Pop Smoke? No, me neither. Connection with, not connection to, surely?


    ‘The 20-year-old was killed in a suspected robbery in February. Three men and two under the age of 18 are in custody, say the Los Angeles Police Department.’

    “During the course of the investigation, it was revealed that members of a Los Angeles street gang were involved in the murder of Jackson; as well as the murder of 18-year-old Kamryn Stone.”

    Just as well the LAPD haven’t been defunded then.

    ‘The LAPD have identified the three adults arrested on Thursday 9 July 2020 as Corey Walker, 19, and Keandre Rodgers, 18, who are charged with murder, and 21-year-old Jaquan Murphy, charged with attempted murder.’

    Black Lives Matter, anyone?

    From their monikers they don’t sound as though they were Pennsylvania Dutch.


  9. JimS says:

    Main item on Radio 3 lunchtime news today is that Buckingham Palace has replied to a lad that sent HM a wordsearch puzzle.


    That means that nowhere in the world today did a white person give a black person a bad look or that no black millionaire could recall being told off by his white reception class teacher.


  10. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC ‘Coronavirus: Face coverings now compulsory in Scotland’s shops’


    Naturally we are allowed no counter argument from the BBC in their headline report. Offcom directive there’s to be no questioning of lockdown rules, methinks. But gosh what if there’s an England/Scotland divergence in regulations? BBC will side with the Scots Nats, I guess.

    What do shoppers think?


    ‘Some said they were already starting to get into the routine of wearing a face covering ahead of the new regulations coming into effect.’

    But at last we get some push back from the public, although the BBC dare not question Wee Krankie

    ‘Kate Harahan, who owns Neal’s Yard Remedies in Hanover Street, said: “I have had some customers who have been very vocal saying they definitely won’t be coming in after Friday.’

    ‘”It is a real shame because we are already struggling.’

    Ultimately, the English taxpayer will always pick up the tab.


  11. Beltane says:

    On-line headline: ‘Megan Markle’s next big job confirmed’

    Surely that’s taking ‘royal watching’ a step too far? It’s not as though she’s even close to number two in succession.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Prince Harry could finally find his ideal job as Groom of the Stool.


  12. Dobyns says:

    Meanwhile President Trump looks at Higher Education …

    “Too many Universities and School Systems are about Radical Left Indoctrination, not Education,” Trump wrote. “Therefore, I am telling the Treasury Department to re-examine their Tax-Exempt Status … and/or Funding, which will be taken away if this Propaganda or Act Against Public Policy continues. Our children must be Educated, not Indoctrinated!”



  13. Sluff says:

    ……..and our ‘heroes’ in the unaccountable, nationalised NHS do it yet again

    ‘Shropshire maternity scandal- hundreds more cases under review’.

    It’s probably the evil Tories underfunding and absolutely nothing to do with useless, holier-than-thou, clinicians or managers. And certainly nothing for BBC ‘journalists’ to investigate.

    Pardon me if I choose not to clap.


  14. BRISSLES says:

    This will make you pour gin on your cornflakes chaps ! ‘Charlotte’ has replaced the jolly picture of Cap’n Birdseye on all the fish packaging.


  15. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news
    second to last
    ‘And over to Halifax for a happy story
    a couple have hosting two Iranian refugees for the full lockdown”
    No difficult questions were asked
    It was glossed over that Amir & Hussain are both men
    both middle aged and tubby
    The reporter said “They were forced to separate from their families, so make frequent calls”
    .. no more explanation , like how they got to the UK.

    Iranian refugees tend to wealthy and not in danger of war etc.


    • Halifax says:

      I can assure you I am not harbouring Iranian Asylum Seekers.


    • Halifax says:

      I can assure you I am not harbouring Iranian Asylum Seekers.


    • StewGreen says:

      Prior they’d had an item about the Scunthorpe Central Mosque opening for prayers.

      BTW that is rather a grand title.
      There’s probably no othe actual mosques in Scunthorpe
      .. maybe there’s a prayer room etc.


  16. manchesterlad says:

    The BBC in the 6pm news today, breathlessly reports that the Hagia Sophia in Turkey is to be ‘turned back ‘ into a Mosque.

    Funny how they don’t mention that it was originally a Christian cathedral. It was converted to a Mosque by Muslim invaders in the 16th Century.

    It was subsequently converted into a museum in the 1930s by Atta Turk, who was instrumental in turning Turkey into a secular country.

    The original – Christian – religious nature of the building is not even mentioned by the BBC! Incredible!


  17. AsISeeIt says:

    The BBC commands

    ‘When asked whether ministers had considered making face coverings mandatory for shoppers, she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “Yes of course…”


    The Tory whimps obey

    ‘UK coronavirus live: Johnson signals stricter face mask rules’


    Government – For the People, by the Today Programme, of the Liberal Media Elite.


  18. StewGreen says:

    Hull/Lincoln presenter just said there were zero Covid deaths in the entire region this week.


  19. Halifax says:

    Did I hear correctly? Have the FA sanctioned players at the FA cup final to take the knee during the national anthem.

    Im as surprised as Amir & Hussain.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Halifax – I’m surprised they haven’t got the National Anthem banned due to its ‘ imperial ‘past … the National Flag must be due for review as well .

    I’m just waiting for some sour faced BBC droid to raise the question ….

    As for the football – timing it to just catch kickoff after all the clapping , kneeling , one minute silencing is a bit of an art ….


  21. Fedup2 says:

    Methinks it’s time for the Weekend Thread …..