Weekend Thread 4 July 2020

As a little injection of normality takes place – let’s see the angle the BBC take . supportive ? Critical ? Judging by the way it has been undermining the national effort for four months – based on the anti brexit Project Fear Model -the BBC will seek out the worst of things -as decent people try to get on with their lives .

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  1. Guest Who says:

    It would appear this is imagined to help.


    • john in cheshire says:

      I don’t suppose there’s a #saveusfromthearts thread?

      Or #saveusfromtheluvvies?


    • Beltane says:

      Surely quite a high proportion of such ‘professionals’ photographed on the job will breach a significant number of on-line protocols?
      Or is this a new move for more freedom of expression among various ‘colourful’ communities?


      • Up2snuff says:

        I would be very pleased if Rishi Sunak announced the creation of a UK Arts Fund and then said all painters & sculptors, singers & musicians, actors & actresses if they have worked in the UK – ‘in the arts’ – in any year, they would have to complete a UK Tax Return. The highest earners would be ‘top-sliced’ with an extra 10% (over and above the top rate of tax) going into the UK Arts Fund for those not earning the big bucks like Helen Mirren and Sir Paul McCartney in the arts, music, film & theatre world and to keep the studios and venues alive.

        What was in the minds of pop & rock musicians and the luvvies, no doubt, when they were ‘requesting’ support from HMG and The Treasury in the past week is that the handout would be financed by the basic rate taxpayers, ie. the mass of the population. Sorry but we have already funded your millions or billions – it is time for you to put your money where your mouths are.

        Sorry, but no.

        If you have made millions from acting or some other performance or from the arts, you can jolly well finance things from your own pockets and not even notice the loss.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Somebody will complain there aren’t enough black photos being uploaded.


      • Beltane says:

        Over-exposed or under-developed?

        Either way must be racist I suppose.


  2. Luckyharry69 says:

    Majid Nawaz is talking about Chinese Communist Party infiltration into our House of Lords now on LBC?
    very interesting

    Perhaps Blair and Mandelson will be tried for TREASON?You can live in hope I suppose


    • Fedup2 says:

      Lucky – I saw the stuff in the Mail ( brave ) about the likes of Heseltine , Prescott , Lamont and other politicians with ‘expensive tastes’ …… bet we won’t hear them saying anything bad about HK and the Chinese regime …


  3. john in cheshire says:

    Keep house prices low – stop foreigners buying property in our country. Isn’t that a sensible idea?


  4. Fedup2 says:

    Five live – apparently there’s a car race today – the drivers have decided not to all take the knee- the white / coloured son of Stevenage will , no doubt , take the knee out of solidarity with all the coloured people of Monaco – which apparently is where he lives and doesn’t pay UK taxes …..an excellent role model ….

    As far as the drivers are concerned – maybe individual sports types give a bit more thought about what they do than the generally thick football kickers . I cannot believe they are still kneeling …. I wonder if they have any idea what they are doing and why?


  5. StewGreen says:

    #BiasedBBC = Faux Social-Justice-TV
    Local radio BestOf show keeps referring to the horrible BBC One Show

    “Oh look a local girl has been on the One Show
    and they announced she’d won the F1 colouring competition
    and the F1 car will be covered in her Race Against Climate Change design”
    … effing Pandas etc

    The design is so WWF, it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a family connection.


  6. Docmarooned says:

    Countryfile later. Professional whinger and all round pain in the arse Tom Heap getting in his usual moan about climate change and farmers. I am sure he will find a way to get BAME and BLM mentioned. I will not be watching.


    • StewGreen says:

      Earlier show today 5:35pm
      Last weeks tweet claiming the countryside is anti-black
      was ratio-ed 4 to 1
      11.2K vs 2.8K Likes

      Today : Matt Baker explores the stretch of the Grand Union Canal that runs close to his home in the Chilterns.
      – Tom Heap investigates how farmers are adjusting to climate change,
      – and with the help of Cerys Matthews and Simon King, John Craven launches this year’s Countryfile photo competition.


  7. taffman says:

    Al Beeb, Huawei?


  8. BRISSLES says:

    News just in. Lewis Hamilton took the knee before the start of the Austrian GP, but 6 drivers remained standing. This is him who said anyone who doesn’t take the knee are complicit of racism by their silence. He’s also tried to up his annual salary by 4mill to 40 mill, but I think he’s had the middle finger stuck up to him by his team bosses.


  9. StewGreen says:

    BTW News right now has a special clip from the Association of Pakistani Doctors


    • infoquest says:

      Is it about them using fake certs, like the PIA pilots? Shame, I missed it.


  10. digg says:

    Ed Davey squealing to the Police about Nigel F going to the pub yesterday.

    It seems that Nigel had been back from the USA for 2 weeks, Had a Covid test which proved negative. So went to his local where he was the only one there when he entered.

    What is it with lefties always running for plod if they feel offended?

    Isn’t there a law about wasting Police time?

    If plod charge Nigel my guess is that it will add thousands to his followers!

    I know which one looks like the complete prat to me!


    • Fedup2 says:

      It would also be interesting how many breaches of quarantine have been made as well as how many visits to addresses have been made . If mr Farage were to be prosecuted by Kent Constabulary in the circumstances which have been described -we’d know that any pretence of the legal system being neutral or even imbued with common sense – we ll know .
      As for Edward Davy – I cant use the language about him I’d like to here . It rhymes with the surname of the previous Secretary of State for Health ….


  11. Up2snuff says:

    If you wish to join in at 5 p.m. in a nationwide act of thanks, as it is the Sabbath, you might wish to listen & view this first or even as a divertissement from the more formal proceedings led by the PM:


  12. StewGreen says:

    I’m sure most UK ethnic Pakistani doctors haven’t cheated in their exams
    But Saudi just kicked out a load
    “Hundreds of Pakistani doctors brace for sudden deportation from Saudi Arabia”


    • Van Helsing says:


      You may be sure, but I have my reservations…

      Cheating is rife in academic circles these days. If you know where to look (or are prepared to spend a few minutes on google), you’ll find lots of anonymised advertisements looking for suitably qualified people to undertake non-supervised coursework for students. And that, I think, explains a lot about the quality of recent graduates.


      • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

        It is not just “cheating”. But university staff now have to meet various targets in order to ensure good student feedback in the various national and global academic tables, they also have to explain things like why they might not be meeting diversity targets and so forth. More and more coursework was introduced instead of exams because “academic studies” indicated that this was unfair on female students – they were found to be performing worse than male students – and this was blamed on the pressure associated with exams. There are various other things that have gone into what is known in academic circles as Grade Inflation. And don’t get me started on micky mouse degrees and micky mouse academic research.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Dr of the year eh. That is called rubbing our noses in our defeat


  13. StewGreen says:

    Last weeks Countyfile Item by Dwayne Fields saying the countryside needs to be more friendly to blacks
    – Grew up in Jamaica but then he came to London
    “surrounded by gang culture .. the man with a gun fired at me”
    .. he doesn’t mention it was a black guy
    “It’s clear a lot of BAME alrady living the countryside feel unwelcome”
    .. clips of people being victims
    “..there are blackfaced Morris Dancer, golliwogs”

    Quotes a report “all racial groups see the countryside as a WHITE environment”
    FFS ..yeh like an Africn city is almost entirely African ?

    Beth “growing up in the country is an isolating experience “?
    Doh who is doing the isolating , surely you are just a country person like the white people
    “you are like an ambassador for black people”

    “As a professional person in the environmental field people say they like the good old days when you could be racist”
    … em sounds made up
    She said “they like the times when you didn’t have to PC”
    well that is different and plausible
    “A sense of being excluded cos of racist attitudes”

    “Why are there so few black people in the countryside ?”
    “when parents came they ALL faced hostilility”
    ..not true

    “they said to their children don’t go to the countryside it’s not safe”
    ..no they didn’t they said “take special care, cos some of the countryside policemen might be more racist than London police”
    edited bit continues #2 “within black culture there is a cultural thing about the countryside seeming backward and dirty” .yep believe that

    “25 % of BAME visit the countryside each week compared to 50% of white” ..still that is a good figure

    then goes on about how only 2% of countryside poulation in BAME and less outside England

    Goes on about Julian Glovers BAME national park report
    “we need 1,000 new rangers ..we are seeing good progress”

    The takeway “this is just one more report ..but we need more action”
    .. “Bird girl is half Bangladeshi started Black to Nature ..blah blah”


    • StewGreen says:

      The contradictions there
      #1 “BAME need more ranger to guide them”
      FFS the whole point the countryside is just there
      .. it’s not Disneyland

      #2 Dwayne ‘in the city it was full of gangs’
      She ‘our parents told us the countryside was too dangerous’


      • StewGreen says:

        OK I got something .. looks like Countryfile cheated
        Right after their “Countryside is racist item they went into another lecture cunningly phrased words that implied that organisations were looking to be PC about history
        Framing trickery of a severe tone & plinky plonky brainwash music was used..
        “Here we are at Charlecote Park & this 1680 painting shows a black boy in the corner
        but look the National Trust say he is wearing what is *almost certainly* a slave collar
        “It’s an uncomfortable reminder of OUR past”

        OK two things or more
        #1 Why are you obscuring that corner of the painting ?
        #2 the collar could well be a white collar, cos that would fit with the fine clothing he is dressed in.
        It’s a bit bizarre to put a slave collar on someone dressed in fine clothes
        #3 There literally no discussion or proof on the internet
        What there is a 2007 Guardian article where an activist says she thinks it is a slave collar.
        And expert disagrees
        “It is a collar of some nature, indicating subservience,”
        “It is indicative of the status of black people at the time, either servants or slaves.
        But there is no evidence of the Lucys having anything to do with the slave trade.”

        Records show that a black boy was baptised in that village in 1735.

        The only time the internet mentions that activist is in the Guardian article
        You’d think if there was new evidence, it would have been mentioned on the internet

        Look BBC you can’t make *huge claims* like that without giving *huge evidence*


    • Dobyns says:

      It’s all about BAME being perpetual victims


  14. Guest Who says:

    The importance of being Lewis.


    Maybe they could reprise Macca and Stevie’s toe-curler?


  15. Fedup2 says:

    I regard the area of the smoke where I live as being a bit too tough to be happy clappy so there was nt any tonight . I think people used to clap out of fear as the MSM laid the bad news on daily with a trowel .
    Now it is desperate for more people to be infected with the Chinese virus and they’d be even happier if more people die from it . Blame only goes one way and we know where .

    Meanwhile – the churches are reopened – and it seems … strange taking names and phone numbers for those going to mass – not very british ….


  16. StewGreen says:

    BBC announcer – “There is no Antiques Roadshow tonight,
    all the racist heirlooms have been removed from valuation.
    There will be a big bonfire instead”


    • Northern Voter says:

      Stew, have the BBC informed those attending the bonfire to stand up wind. Don’t want to be accused of blacking up do we?


  17. infoquest says:

    But the replies to his tweet could have gone better ……………


    • StewGreen says:

      Something strange going on Twitter excludes his tweets from searches …he probably uses racist terms like Gammon
      (maybe he’s locked his account and there is a delay)
      here is a reply from JHB


    • Roland Deschain says:


  18. Guest Who says:

    Bunter really not capturing hearts. Or minds.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Does that tweet say Bunter is in Waterford ? Essential travel ? At least regular exposure of these media giants will further educate the casual observer to the bias we witness here every day – I wouldn’t be surprised if they boycott it again – normal post virus relations being resumed ( war – hostility – that is )..

      It’s been a relatively quiet weekend – so time for the Start the Week thread >>>>>>>>>


  19. Fedup2 says:

    Info – definitely has a touch of the national socialism about it doesn’t it . The menace in the term “we see you “ is related to plod “ just checking your thinking “.

    The books being burnt in the 1930s are now statues being destroyed – social media accounts being deleted and people being “ non platformed” .

    Do nothing and you’ll be left alone – stand out and get the full ‘treatment ‘..

    6 brave men in current insane circumstances …. “sends a powerful message “ – as every BBC football commentator says when those rich thick fools take the knee .

    Would anyone be surprised if the sponsors force them to kneel ?


    • Van Helsing says:


      I have no doubt that some of the fourteen F1 drivers who shamefully took the knee were ‘encouraged’ to do so by their teams and/or sponsors.

      If so, one wonders if the said ‘encouragers’ were cognisant of the fact that the leader of a certain political party noted for its ‘encouragement’ of others was born considerably less than a Grand Prix distance from the Spielberg circuit.

      There are fools and then there are dangerous fools.


  20. Jeff says:

    It really sticks in my craw that a massively overpaid tosspot like Lewis Hamilton endlessly lectures us.
    He started, I believe, with veganism, moved onto the climate and now (yawn) he’s race hustling.
    However, for all his fine principals and his love of lecturing the rest of Blighty, this woke parasite chooses to live in a tax haven.
    How can he talk about CO2 emissions when he drives a car at about 190 miles an hour, burning more fuel in an afternoon than I do in a decade? If he’s not driving he’s flying with his entourage all over the globe. Has he no sense of irony?

    And all this endless bleating and kneeling about black lives…
    To be absolutely honest with you…
    I no longer give a fxxx!


    • Van Helsing says:


      What makes it worse is that Hamilton drives for Mercedes, a company well-known for using slave labour (including inmates from concentration camps) in WW2. The company admits to having used 40,000 people as forced labour during the war.

      In total, Nazi Germany used a total of around 15,000,000 people, mostly from conquered European countries, as forced labour. Many did not survive the abuses inflicted upon them, but a lot of the companies for whom they were forced to work have prospered in the years since WW2.

      When it comes to ‘woke corporations’, I’ll say this: people in glass houses ought not to live in glass houses…