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  1. MarkyMark says:

    Law and Order Party … ha ha ha ha ha ha … BBC Comedy Gold …


  2. MarkyMark says:

    Least we forget how it all works … videos, words, pictures … you don’t get to choose the arrangement …

    Chaos as police stop Hungary migrant train – Gavin Hewitt – BBC -Sep 2015 @53s
    “… the a really distressing incident happened. A women who was carrying a small baby began crying for help (photo of lady carrying baby). One of her companions tried to help her (photo of man with women on track, riot police reaching towards them) Somehow there became a push and a shove with the police. She ended up on the railway lines (by the male refugee dragging her and the baby to the floor, but this is not said) with the riot police trying to pull her back, and this of course inflamed all the other people…”
    -Gavin Hewitt – Sep 2015

    Watch the video and the male refugee (companion trying to help?) drags the women and baby to the floor, by force.

    Even the Mirror (03Sept2015) says “… this refugee couple cradle their tiny baby, after throwing themselves (NO! Male refugee drags women and baby onto train tracks) on train tracks as police try to take them to migrant camps in Hungary”

    Gets better. Two days (05Sept2015) later the Mirror then report it as
    “Refugee who dragged pregnant wife and baby son onto train track did it because ‘death would be better’”

    1. BBC Version uses words and pictures to hide the video version
    2. The Mirror shows the video but uses words to tell a different version

    Can I suggest a little story – “Male refugee forces pregnant women refugee holding child down onto a train track, police drag him away for her safety? Riot police then lift women with child off track with tender arms.”



    • StewGreen says:

      @MarkyMark dunno what happened to your link
      You appeared to have maybe picked up the wrong URL
      and posted a link to our previous thread instead
      and then the WordPress auto-embedding has embedded it as preview box


  3. StewGreen says:

    What about news on other media ?
    We know that the problem is not just BBC but a culture of groupthink throughout the industry
    ITV, Sky , LBC, TalkRadio news are the same as the BBC
    I never listen to the local commercial stations, so I had a try today.

    The big commercial news station is light on news
    Probably has one guy looking at the police tweets and working from cutNpasting PR stuff sent in eg they have XR stories.
    They do have a good 30min Sunday farming prog.

    The Community station uses a syndication company run by ex-beeboid Jamie Fletcher for it’s hourly news
    And the website lifts stories from the so called “local paper” which is written 80 miles away.
    https://www.radionewshub.com is the syndication source they use
    It says it has a live 2pm News show on Youtube
    Which these days is the host plus 3 heads doing NewsChat or SportsChat

    Seems to me that by its nature Facebook groups are the best source for local news
    cos they are hyper local and anyone can contribute.
    Like if you get something stolen, put it on the local Facebook, before you waste time with the police.

    For breaking or specialist news Twitter/Parler is best
    cos someone like Jack Hawkins is good at correlating terrorist attack videos etc.


    • StewGreen says:

      There is no commerial radio actually based in our area
      Years ago I used to listen to Hallam FM which was better than BBC Sheffield. It used to source it’ national news from ITN an its local news team had a good foot in the community as well.

      now The Hull non-Global station sounds like it sources its news from Sky.
      The webpage says it sources its local news from the BBC !
      but then the link is dead


      • StewGreen says:

        Oh the adverts were interesting
        The news was sponsored by Solar & Battery solutions
        then the first advert was for MG electric cars

        .. ie both products which involve some kind of subsidy.
        (The huge feed in tariffs for solar have ended
        but priority market access is still a big subsidy)


  4. digg says:

    Even I found this BBC item both foul and astounding. It’s a feature on “Bitesize” which I believe is aimed at young children.

    The headline “Not-racist v anti-racist: what’s the difference?”


    The writer of the article from the USA states that being non-racist won’t do at all you MUST be Anti-Racist and you must take action and make this clear to all around you and take up arms against anyone who doesn’t think the same.

    Basically it’s a demand that children must for instance get behind BLM and Antifa to be a good citizen. Subliminaly the message is that they must take issue with anyone not on-board, their friends, family and anyone else they meet.

    This is the most toxic, divisive message I have ever seen aimed at young minds and I find it both repulsive and dangerous. It’s political agitation of the very worse kind, indoctrination.

    If a child is non-racist what possible reason is there to beat them up mentally and force activist ideology down their throats if it’s not to make them foot-soldiers for an aggressive ideology?

    I leave you with this speech by Hitler…! My comments in brackets….

    “These boys and girls enter our organizations (school) at ten years of age, and often for the first time get a little fresh air; after four years of the Young Folk they go on to the Hitler Youth (Secondary School), where we have them for another four years . . . And even if they are still not complete National Socialists, they go to Labor Service (Universities) and are smoothed out there for another six, seven months . . . And whatever class consciousness or social status might still be left . . . the Wehrmacht [German armed forces] (Global Marxism) will take care of that.”

    —Adolf Hitler (1938) …. (You could substitute “The BBC”.)

    Taken From: https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/indoctrinating-youth


    • JimS says:

      We have been importing USA ‘race relations’ since the 1960s, goodness knows why but it hasn’t done use any good.

      David Starkey has made some good points, the (Empire) ‘Windrush’ generation came from ex-British colonies and was brought up in British ways, why then do their youth seek to follow the worst of ‘black’ American ‘culture’? We are told that we now need to have a ‘discussion’ about slavery. Starkey has it right, we had that discussion 230 years ago, we ruled against it and we policed the seaways to stop other people doing it.

      The UK is not the USA.


  5. richard D says:

    Compare and contrast –

    a) The usual negative reaction (i.e. because of the country involved) to the news that the US has bought up the vast majority of ‘Remdesivir’ supply (mainly produced in the US by a US company) for the next three months, for its own citizens’ benefit, and

    b)The quickly-dropped reaction to the news that Germany had bought up most of the coronavirus test kits from Roche, the main produceer of these kits in the early stages of the pandemic…… and Germany’s (and some other European countries’) blockage of the export of PPE kit to other countries in far greater need at the time.


    • G says:

      And, I heard said some months ago that if the Oxford vaccine is successful, the Brits will get it first. I’m worried now that a campaign will be launched to ensure that the blacks and asians get it first ‘cos of their “ethnic vulnerabilities”. Thats sloppy, couldn’t care a less for lockdown or separation, don’t speak English type of “vulnerabilities”


      • john in cheshire says:

        Melinda Gates has already said that this vaccine of theirs should be first given to non-whites.

        I don’t want to be vaccinated, I shall refuse to be vaccinated. So, really. I couldn’t care less who is first to get this stuff injected into them.

        If the Blacks want to protest against something useful, they could protest against those pushing vaccinations, especially Bill and Melinda Gates. And not forgetting Dr Faustus.


  6. richard D says:

    Compare and contrast 2….

    a) the whines from the medical professions about not getting enough, and ‘granular enough’, data concerning new Coronovirus outbreaks in certain parts of the UK – e.g. Leicester (areas with certain population characteristics), and ….

    b) the fact that recent Coronovirus daily death figures still contain data from death certificates, prepared by the same medical profession members, dating from April – almost 3 months ago.

    Funny old world, innit ? Bandwagon-jumping continues unabated – especially by medical ‘professionals’.


  7. StewGreen says:

    Seattle gun party is over
    via @Sargon on Parler
    1:30pm “Breaking: The Seattle Police are retaking the Capitol Hill neighborhood that was taken captive by BLM and antifa militants for more than three weeks.”


    • john in cheshire says:

      You’ve not doubt read that the commie thugs in their ghetto in Seattle shot two black kids, a couple of days ago, killing one, 16 years old, and critically wounding the other, 14 years old.

      My question, which I haven’t seen asked, is why were two young kids driving a vehicle in that ghetto? Was it a stolen vehicle, was it their parents’ vehicle. In fact, where are the parents in this whole sorry mess; were they aware of where their children were and what they might be doing there?


  8. StewGreen says:

    via @Jamesdelingpole on Parler



  9. pugnazious says:

    Looking at Parler, the ‘free speech’ alternative to Twitter…though it is banning people…but those complaining about being banned aren’t revealing the comments that got them banned.

    I don’t know if Twitter has the same terms of use but this might be a concern….

    ‘4. You agree to defend and indemnify Parler, as well as any of its officers, directors,employees, and agents, from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to all attorneys fees) arising from or relating to your access to and use of the Services. Parler will have the right to conduct its own defense, at your expense, in any action or proceeding covered by this indemnity’

    So be very careful what you post on there.

    Click to access useragreement.pdf


    • Solomon Grundy says:

      I wonder if that clause has any legality in a British court.


  10. StewGreen says:

    “The BBC seems to have become an outlet for woke propaganda. Bizarre statements from Countryfile
    about the UK countryside being a ‘white environment’
    seem to confirm that Aunty is heavily onboard the BLM bandwagon” @calvinrobinson
    via @DefundBBC on Parler



  11. StewGreen says:

    @patcondell parle
    Too late for denials. The #PremierLeague will never live this down.
    Whoever made the decision to endorse #BlackLivesMatter must resign.
    Football is forever tainted by it.
    The players have been humiliated.
    Fans have been alienated.
    TV pundits have made utter fools of themselves.

    It was always political.
    Two minutes research would have revealed it.
    Endorsing this divisive extremist movement is a colossal blunder by the #PremierLeague and #SkySports, who have seriously damaged race relations in the UK
    and poisoned our national sport.


  12. Old Goat says:

    I wondered if the BBC might be rebroadcasting this, any time soon?


    • Dave Hedgehog says:

      Why isn’t the Beeb getting cancelled for its history of racism?


  13. StewGreen says:

    @Milo parles a new 1 hour video


  14. 7Clubs says:

    Do not be deluded by Sky’s sudden apparent U-turn and questioning of BLM.Before yesterday they were if anything even worse than the BBC.Sky sports News flashed the BSM logo alongwith the NHS every minute on the screen.Their sports presenters were ordered to wear the BSM.I imagine I and many other Sky Sports Subscribers contacted them to complain.Sky Sports is Sky big revenue earner in the UK and yesterdays will just be a business decision .
    The facts about BSM were out from day 1 of live sports resumption and there has not been 1 sportsman I am aware of who publicly criticized the MSM’s blatant BSM propanganda


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Well said 7clubs!
      Sky and the Premier League have had their hand forced by their subscribers who are sick of this BLM sh*t! 👍🏻
      The left have been taking the piss for 2 weeks now!
      Just wait till the fans turn up 🎶😀


  15. G.W.F. says:

    A word from our man at the WHO


  16. StewGreen says:

    “President Bill Clinton’s favorite freedom fighter just got indicted for mass murder, torture, kidnapping, and other crimes against humanity.”
    from Zero-hedge ..you kow the org that Twitter said it ACCIDENTALLY banned for 6 months



  17. Darcy3 says:

    No need for comment ?


    far left racist bbc?

    Seattle smashes CHOP: Police reclaim their precinct and at least 23 people are arrested after mayor FINALLY issues executive order and riot police vacate the zone which has seen two deadly shootings in three weeks and crime rise by 500%

    Mayor Jenny Durkan called the city’s ‘occupied’ protest zone an ‘unlawful assembly’ in an order Wednesday
    Seattle police confirmed Wednesday they would be ‘in the area this morning enforcing the Mayor’s order’
    Officers in riot gear issued a dispersal order at 5am and used bicycles to herd the protesters
    Mayor Durkan said there has been a 525% spike in violent crimes, including rape and assault, in the area



    • Dobyns says:

      In the latest shooting, CHOP “security” shot a 15 year old black male and he died


      • Dave Hedgehog says:

        Strangely enough, the beeb’s report forgot to mention that those shot were black.

        Imagine if the shooter had been a white guy, or even other minority, protecting their home?


    • john in cheshire says:

      And I’ll bet none of the thugs, apart from those arrested, has been photographed and fingerprinted.


  18. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news opens with the the narrative
    “the government has been hiding PRIVATE local test results.
    And if you add them to many local graphs it makes it look like cases are rising”
    You can’t compare apples with oranges
    If last month mild cases were not tested
    and this month mild cases are
    you end up with more positives
    not cos cases have increased
    but cos testing has increased.

    Within minutes Naz Shah was on screen making the claim that government has hidden results.

    The new results come out tomorrow

    So far Bradford’s positive are half the rate of Leicester.


  19. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On sky, if you go into the home menu, one of the banners is ‘Today’s top picks’
    For the last week+ it’s been the git big ‘black lives matter’ black and white square dominating the screen.

    Now that blm is going out of fashion, it’s slipping down the charts pop pickers, down to number 6.

    I don’t know if everybody gets this recommended to them or was I targeted because I watched ‘Zulu Dawn’ on Netflix a couple of weeks ago.


  20. Sluff says:

    I’ve just realised that watching the BBC should carry a health warming as it can trigger depression and so mental health issues.

    The 6 pm BBC1 news was a textbook case in seditious, doom-mongering, total s***- stirring.

    Try this.
    Covering the Leicester lockdown, they go out and find a boundary – a residential road on lockdown on one side and not on lockdown on the other. Residents are ‘confused’. Shopkeepers are perplexed. So what? So effing what? This is not news. This is geographic inevitability.

    So next, we have a story about grief. Because people cannot attend the funerals of close relatives and friends, there may be a kind of delayed PTSD. Doom. Gloom.

    The appalling BBC. Guaranteed to depress. As deliberate policy.
    Pass the razor blades.


  21. AsISeeIt says:

    The Leicester Lockdown is the gift that keeps giving as the BBC flounders about attempting to hold their narrative line.


    The BBC is at pains as ever to defend both the BLM protests AND the so-called diverse local population. So what done it then? Pray tell.

    ‘One post shared by a Facebook page links to an article featuring images of recent Black Lives Matter protests. It asks: “Are scenes like these in Labour-run Leicester from a couple of weeks ago a contributing factor to why the city is back in lockdown?”‘

    ‘Another post shared on a Facebook group says: “8th of June 4 thousand BLM protesters in Leicester. 20 days later, and now Leicester is on the brink of another lockdown”.’

    ‘A number of factors could have contributed, including gatherings of people in workplaces, schools, homes and outdoors. ‘

    Oh really?

    ‘Often posts just claim to be “asking questions” or call on others to “be the judge” – while subtly pushing unsubstantiated claims about the complex issue of infection rates. ‘


    • BRISSLES says:

      Well, this was a storm waiting to happen, as like you say there were the protestors storming the streets a month ago. Give it another couple of weeks and we’ll see the results of all those twats on the beaches, and all the other protests, come to fruition. There are now at least 6 places looking vulnerable for further lockdowns incl Bradford, Barnsley, Oldham, Bedford – all coincidentally (?) places of large BAME communities.

      Start stocking up again on bog rolls !!


      • infoquest says:

        Barnsley is the odd one out. Unlike the others, Barnsly didn’t have any significant mills – work was centred around the pits – and doesn’t have much of a BAME community even now. Kirklees is also mentioned on the news. Kirklees’ two big towns are Huddersfield and Dewsbury.


    • JimS says:

      Just imagine if it had been a Brexit rally.

      But then it would have been ‘All White, All Right!’


  22. Sluff says:

    I keep hearing little snippets along the lines of ‘we need local, decentralised decision making to address coronavirus outbreaks’. Leicester wants to get local information asap, and fair enough. Needless to say, the government is to blame.

    But what is the root cause of this failing? The nationalised, centralised UK health system of course. The saintly, nationalised centralised NHS. The less saintly, nationalised, centralised Public Health England.

    They have the problem and solution in plain sight, but just cannot bring themselves to state the blindingly obvious.

    And the BBC will of course not be helping them to state it.


  23. Guest Who says:

    Jelly much, Lurch?

    Could he be any more overt?


  24. StewGreen says:

    9pm 5-Select Watling Street
    ..next week Ermine Street


  25. StewGreen says:

    tonights BLM TV
    11:30pm BBC2 two editions of Black is the New black

    10pm BBC4 A powerful and eye-opening documentary about a group of activists risking their lives to confront the ongoing anti-LGBTQ persecution in the Russian Republic of Chechnya

    11:40pm Jailed in America
    For director Roger Ross Williams, prison was not a distant possibility when he was growing up, but a daily threat.
    `As a young black man in a chaotic environment, I always felt there was a chance that, whether or not I committed a crime, I could end up behind bars.’
    Determined to avoid this fate, Roger left his hometown of 2018


  26. Guest Who says:

    Blair knew what he was doing.

    Seems like a Cambridge gal.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      Full of hate and bile, metal health issue? sad to watch really.


  27. BRISSLES says:

    I see JOHN WAYNE is on the BLMs hit list. They want his name removed from Orange County Airport in LA, because of his racist ….blah de blah de blah. He was meant to have said decades ago that he “believed in white supremacy until the black population become intelligent enough to be responsible for themselves”. Makes you think.


  28. digg says:

    The BBC, and most of the other left-wing media took the decision to side with the occupiers of CHOP in Seattle.

    The key reason for this is that President Trump was vocal in demanding the occupation was terminated and they hate Trump.

    Therefore, in my opinion, they all now have blood on their hands over the murder of the youngster by the “largely peaceful” heavily armed “Guards” at CHOP.

    They should all run a full page apology for the support they have given to the thugs and gangsters who self-appointed themselves as the private militia there.

    Also, the incredibly inept Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durken who encouraged and cheered on the occupiers in the City she is elected to administrate, just to spite Trump, should be forced to apologise face-to-face with the dead boys family and then sacked immediately.

    The only good to come out of this is the certain fact that it will have massively swelled Trump’s voter base across the USA.


  29. Darcy3 says:

    Said before I am sick of hearing about bame victims of covid, the truth is out there :

    Moment hundreds of people attended a CRICKET match in area of Leicester hardest hit by coronavirus second spike days before city was put into another lockdown



    • Doobster78 says:

      It’s all there, right in front of our very eyes !!!

      Leicester has a massive BAME population.
      Leicester had a large BLM rally
      Leicester had a cricket match attended by hundreds of BAME’s

      But per the BBC and MSM , it’s Covid that’s racist and Boris Johnson’s fault they are back in lockdown !!!!!

      Blameless, untouchable and victimized !!!

      Yet if it was a football match attended by the football lads alliance, a brexit really in a largely white area, it wouldn’t take the BBC too long to put two and two together and apportion blame !!!!


    • Sluff says:

      In the DM article, the cricket match took place in an area called Spinney Hill.
      Which was shown in a Manchester University study that over 20% of the population quote ‘cannot speak English well’.

      I just wonder if there is ever so slightly a possible link between the ability to understand instructions and the level of Coronavirus. It’s probably the fault of the whities for failing to fully fund English lessons for….errrrr….residents of England.

      Click to access geographies-of-diversity-in-leicestershire.pdf

      No doubt the ‘investigative journalists’ in the BBC news department would want to give this one a miss. It would totally wreck their narrative.


  30. Scroblene says:

    Further to the imaginative, and even – dare I say it – precocious, yet cognitive intervention from your good friend, Scrobs, a few days back, here are some more home truths, and their erudite descriptions…

    1) Mish-Mash – rhyming slang for the usual car-crash ‘interview’ by Mishal H.

    2) Stayt of the art – rhyming slang for an olfactory malfeasance on Toady.

    3) Sarky – a reference to Naga’s usual, immature, rather dull attitude (‘Nagasaki’).

    4) Susanna – the bra size needed to get a few more drooling, slack-jawed, gullible lads watching some idiot make some inane comment.

    5) Pest-on – a perfectly good reason to switch off an annoying and whining ‘interviewer’.

    6) Dimbleby – the leftie frown apparent on a presenter’s face when he/she/it/zed/bummer realises that their personal, leftie ideals (and future money), have been trashed by the normal, hard-working general public.

    7) Anusol – Piers Morgan (old army joke about hardwood being used for a rifle stock, like in ‘piles for piers’ not being for ‘hemorrhoids for the harseholes of the haristocracy’).

    8) Cutting one’s toenails – a euphemism for not watching Nick Robinson. (That was the one I referred to earlier, and Senora O’Blene and I have dined out on its evocation several times since, once with a fairly decent Mersault, possibly not the best year as there were small isolated thunderstorms close to the periphery of the vineyard, but a jolly nice try)!


  31. StewGreen says:

    9pm Youtube Alex Belfield
    “As @BBC magically finds £100m for “diversity” – tonight we bring you EXCLUSIVE proof that BAME & Rainbow flag LGBTQ+ are OVER represented on TV.
    LIVE @ 9pm for the full story exposing the hypocrisy of this worthy box ticking BBC bollocks of 2020”
    (i’m going off him a bit, cos he’s often takes a bullying tone like calling people a nutter, That comes from him defending himself, but 2 wrongs don’t make a right. )



  32. Guest Who says:

    In Frankie Howerd, the BBC Newsbeat Pidgin Gay BLM editorial team gather nervously.


  33. Guest Who says:

    So what the whining, irrelevant little tosser is saying is….?


    • Doobster78 says:

      His face when the Exit poll was revealed in December live on channel 4, will make me happy for a long long time !!!!!


  34. Dave Hedgehog says:

    Black Republican senator gets racist messages from liberals:


    Maybe Joe Biden doesn’t deem the poor guy ‘black enough’.


  35. Guest Who says:

    Seems the bbc are getting it about never happened. Again. Per usual.


    • Guest Who says:

      His PR and agent and the Fail News desk probably thought this would fly a treat up until a wee while ago.


    • JimS says:

      Hijacked suggests that BLM was a nice little outfit that the BBC, FA and Starmer were right to support but that it has now been taken over by bad guys.

      The truth is that BLM was started by bad guys and the BBC, FA and Starmer knew that it had been started by bad guys but they thought they could use it for their own purposes.

      Now they have discovered that BLM support is a lie too far they are pretending that it is BLM that has recently gone wrong and they are little innocents.

      Liar, liar, pants on fire – serves them right!


    • Dave Hedgehog says:

      HIjacked, my arse.

      But at least they’re caving a bit to public push back, which is a step in the right direction.

      The main difference between everyone else and the BBC, is that the BBC doesn’t need anyone’s vote or money. Their position and funding continue regardless.


  36. Hypnos says:

    I have followed this site for a few years now and am grateful to all you who have contribute regularly has helped keep me sane, Doublethinker and Vlad to name but two.

    It seems to me that we are at the crossroads of our future, enslaved or free.

    Sadly we appear to already at the gates of National Socialism here in the UK with the agenda being driven by the media with the BBC being but the tip of the spear. The BBC is the establishment and the establishment is the BBC. If you manage to nullify the current licence fee income stream it will simply morph to be added to council tax say as in other examples abroad. As we all know ‘ he who controls the media controls the agenda’ so in my humble opinion the BBC is unlikely to go down the subscription route.

    The LibLabCon is exactly what it says. All versions of the same thing with the same final destination, just different stops along the way and arrival time. So again it is my belief none of the above will free us of the BBC (or OFTCOM, and many others) It will also move at a snails pace unlike when legislation was required to further delay leaving the EU when lo and behold a new Act was created in 48 hours. The net result was yet more taxpayers money and or borrowed money being channelled to the EU. Patriots? not by my definition. Democratic? again highly questionable.

    There is a saying that we get the government’s we deserve and this is to an extent true. So people we all need to be involved with politics in a more incisive manner as we go forward to nullify the ‘least worst option’ that many of us apply at election time in the hope, that this time they will actually represent us.

    Likewise if you do not approve of of multinationals going woke on your behalf using your money you used to buy their product or service stop using them. Principle before consumption for me. Its pitiful the little I have to forgo compared to previous generations to fight for freedom and freedom of speech, but if enough of us react to this latest BLM gambit you really can have an effect! Try it. I guarantee you will feel much better about things.

    I applied this to the BBC licence 2 years ago the satisfaction was enormous but nothing compare to reaffirming that I was nor rejoining the propaganda programme (ever) for a further two years.


    • taffman says:

      Welcome to the Anti-Beeb site.


      • Hypnos says:

        Yes thanks taffman

        Have been meaning to join in for many moons but have been too busy ‘enlightening ‘ fellow dog walkers as to the evils of our media!

        Have had some success as a number now sport is it true? Or did you hear it on the BBC stickers on their cars, but joking apart the scepticism of a few years back has been replaced by most as recognising the BBC is biased so maybe the worm is finally turning…


    • JimS says:

      National Socialism, Marxism, what’s in a name? They keep changing the terms to wrong-foot the rest of us. Without a language we can’t express our opposition.

      I did say earlier what I expect to happen. Basically Trump etc. will be cut-off just before the election.

      It is all very well saying that we should shop elsewhere but when all the real shops wish us a ‘black’ Christmas where else to we get food from?

      When all the ‘free speech’ channels like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter block dissenters where else do you post your complaints?

      When, as you say, LibLabCon, are all one who else do you vote for?

      A homogeneous people might rebel but we are no longer a homogeneous people. Our youth have been indoctrinated into Marxism for two generations now and our communities divided by unassimilated migrants, half of whom don’t like us and who believe in submission to a ‘higher power’.

      Just keep watching Strictly, chew on a Veggie ‘Big Mac’, pop along to the Mosque on Friday and I am sure you will be all right! Oh, and Black Lives Matter, they really do.


      • Hypnos says:

        Hi JimS

        In referring to National Socialism I was making reference to the growth of Nazi Germany. There is ‘groupthink’ to control the sheep and hate speech to control the dissenters. The bogeyman is not so much the Jew now as the white man. Gobells replaced by the BBC and any dissenting media effectively removed.

        Agree 100 percent with you regarding Trump but he will already know this.

        As for your impact shopping I agree that you cannot apply universally but for me so far it includes Sky, Yorkshire Teas LBC and Classic Fm. Oh and not forgetting the BBC.All will have an effect if we do it rather than accept as hopeless. In the US Gillette became particularly woke and took an 8 billion dollar hit. So it is possible to make a difference and if Sainsbury’s isn’t doing it for you find your local independent. No woke there.

        For free speech of our kind you have to keep looking out for it as it keeps being removed. For me it is here and Parler.

        LibLabCon is a conundrum. All potentially rising parties are destroyed ie BNP and UKIP Once real traction is starting the media machine, organ of the state and infiltrators from existing parties are mobilised to destroy it from within and media ‘groupthink’ ( fruitcakes and loons) It is only once enough people recognise they have been had that real change may ensue..

        Agree about our younger generations not taught to think for themselves but to follow groupthink ( check out the Tavistock Institute for guidance if you have not come across it) but being still over 80% white in the UK eventually a critical mass will start to question why are white lives not important?

        It is simply a question of whether the elites can achieve their objectives before western civilisations can come to their senses


      • Hypnos says:

        Hi JimS

        In referring to National Socialism I was making reference to the growth of Nazi Germany. There is ‘groupthink’ to control the sheep and hate speech to control the dissenters. The bogeyman is not so much the Jew now as the white man. Gobells replaced by the BBC and any dissenting media effectively removed.

        Agree 100 percent with you regarding Trump but he will already know this.

        As for your impact shopping I agree that you cannot apply universally but for me so far it includes Sky, Yorkshire Teas LBC and Classic Fm. Oh and not forgetting the BBC.All will have an effect if we do it rather than accept as hopeless. In the US Gillette became particularly woke and took an 8 billion dollar hit. So it is possible to make a difference and if Sainsbury’s isn’t doing it for you find your local independent. No woke there.

        For free speech of our kind you have to keep looking out for it as it keeps being removed. For me it is here and Parler.

        LibLabCon is a conundrum. All potentially rising parties are destroyed ie BNP and UKIP Once real traction is starting the media machine, organ of the state and infiltrators from existing parties are mobilised to destroy it from within and media ‘groupthink’ (fruitcakes and loons who want’s to be one of those) It is only once enough people recognise they have been had that real change may ensue..

        Agree about our younger generations not taught to think for themselves but to follow groupthink ( check out the Tavistock Institute for guidance if you have not come across it) but being still over 80% white in the UK eventually a critical mass will start to question why are white lives not important?

        It is simply a question of whether the elites can achieve their objectives before western civilisations can come to their senses


  37. Guest Who says:

    Quite the CV for a young ‘un.


    • Guest Who says:

      Uh-oh. Kiss of death. Poor kid.


    • StewGreen says:

      Man part funds plane to fly banner for 10 minutes
      life destroyed banned for life.

      Sleazy journo , does hacking stuff
      gets caught red-handed hacking other newspapers meeting
      .. he’s back on the circuit 4 months later


  38. Guest Who says:

    Jon knows what his core fans love.

    Now with added BS.


  39. BRISSLES says:

    Um, just thought I’d ask, but, exactly where are we going to put around 3 million bodies that could/are likely to pitch up from Hong Kong looking to be housed here in the UK ?

    I suppose there are a few desolate islands floating about to the north of Scotland that could be used, as it will be hard to absorb 3 million around the UK. Come one come all.


    • JimS says:

      Where are they going to put us? The country is too white (so I am told constantly).


    • Darcy3 says:

      I hope, nowhere near Battersea dogs home

      As they say in the orient

      “A dog is not just for Xmas, you can have it cold on boxing day too”


  40. tapwatertory says:

    Avon and Somerset police springs into action and has arrested someone for the destruction of a public monument.

    Our world leading, value for money broadcaster who is above all criticism and if you don’t agree you’re related to Hitler has covered it.

    I’ve cut and pasted the last paragraph;

    “It was later recovered from the water and is due to be given a new home in a city museum displayed with placards from the Black Lives Matter protest.”

    Gotta get the blm a mention.

    Do they get out of the bubble?

    Tick tock.


  41. tapwatertory says:

    I’m on call tonight and I’m sat in an empty canteen somewhere in the north with my mate.

    Can’t tell you where because the cheeky bugger’s will try to get me sacked for my conservative views.

    Tartare, hp and mustard those infamous bbc ‘sources’ are nowhere to be seen.

    I’ll get to the point, watching YouTube on my phone I’m getting a lot of ads for something called “exituk”.

    Very sinister, it claims that it wants to turn young people away from the far right.

    As we know far right means someone who buys their turnips instead of growing them in your government alloted patch of shit.

    Christ I’m bored.

    Allah I’m bored.

    Buddha I’m bored.

    Jehovah I’m bored.

    All corners covered.

    Nearly forgot;

    BLM I’m bored.


  42. tapwatertory says:

    I post this because it makes me chuckle.

    But I am now on my way to a re-education camp in Islington.


    • NotSure says:

      Good news – Massive laughs, thank you.

      Bad News – Mrs Sure laughed a bit of wee out.

      Too funny.


  43. tapwatertory says:

    Top grumble.

    Stuck on this job now for 6 hours.

    Still waiting for some lazy [email protected]#ker from the RMT union.

    To make matters worse the telly in the canteen is stuck on the bbc.

    Charlie and Naga, if I wasn’t on the ground floor I’d jump out the window.


  44. Guest Who says:

    BBC Radio 4

    British pop art pioneer Pauline Boty died on this day in 1966.

    Me either. But an awesome precedent for hiring a whole new bunch of ‘editors’ to find and post filler.


  45. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    The Duke of Sussex said he was “confident about the world’s future and its ability to heal” because it was in young people’s hands.



    His people and the BBC’s people either unaware how this has been greeted outside the bubble, or hoping #tellitoftenenough will change things like they used to.

    It won’t.

    Young people don’t use Facebook or read The Sun, and the more mature have noted that even the brain cell that is the football industry has twigged where they have been lured.


  46. Guest Who says:

    The entire ad industry gasps.


    • JimS says:

      Somehow I don’t think it? ze? they? will be having any kids.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Is she related to Stormy Daniels.

      Or stormy weather?

      What does she do for a living; as if I’m really interested?


  47. infoquest says:

    From The Times (behind a paywall)

    BBC One has sunk to a new ratings low after only 840,000 people tuned in to watch a peak-time drama.

    The overnight ratings for Make Me Famous, which was shown last Thursday, are the lowest on record for the 9pm slot on the BBC’s main channel.



  48. AsISeeIt says:

    British broadcast comedy may be at a low ebb and our rich back catalogue is rapidly disappearing under retrospective censorship but at least we have something new to smile at.

    ‘Coronavirus: ‘No obvious source’ of Leicester Covid-19 outbreak’


    ‘Public Health England (PHE) found “no explanatory outbreaks in care homes, hospital settings, or industrial processes”.’

    We do enjoy a laugh.

    The BBC report gets boring after those opening jokes as they try to blind us with sciency sounding mumbo jumbo.

    By the way where is Jumbo? Oh, you’re telling us he’s in the room here with us, no really? I guess that’s what that strong Elephanty smell was?

    Hmmmm Leicester, Leicester… what do we know about Leicester? Is it that they unexpectedly won the Premier League? They found Richard III in the car park?


    • Guest Who says:

      “It’s ok, Trist… no one will suss…”


  49. Guest Who says:

    The end is nigh.

    They just hope saying it isn’t means it won’t be.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      ‘Leicester Square in London was mistakenly used on screen instead of an image from Leicester city centre’

      You need a university degree to get into journalism these days, right?


      • john in cheshire says:

        Maybe the drones were all humming the song and dreaming of Tipperary.