Weekend Thread 27 June 2020

How will the Biased BBC handle the second set of killings in the UK in a week involving illegal immigrants claiming asylum ? And how will their current political campaign on behalf on non whites be affected ? …

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  1. Philip_2 says:

    Reading the very last line, they say not. At least not on paper, but as economists have been wrong so many times, does it matter? Over the long term the EU will be bankrupt and stagnant. The UK can hold its own world trade tarifs and prosper – if we can stave off the militant tendency that hide behind the BBC media (so called) Guardian reading journalists forecasting doom.


    • taffman says:

      “economists have been wrong so many times”, very true, very true. They tell you what you pay them to tell you.


  2. Guest Who says:

    Bbc Radio 4

    “The virus, it turned out, was pretty deeply prejudiced.”
    Author Tara Westover argues that education, rather than wealth, is now the greatest divide.

    “The virus, it turned out, was pretty deeply prejudiced.”
    Author @tarawestover argues that education, rather than wealth, is now the greatest divide.

    Tara Westover: Rethinking Education: https://bbc.in/3etT5u9

    Rethinks they hath lost the plot.

    This series is fast turning into Looney Tunes.


    • Philip_2 says:

      ‘Edukashun’ is how the lefties would get you to say ‘education’ all whilst beating you with a stick for overstepping your intelligence quota. i.e. speaking (rather spelling) English and not pidgeon or ‘local; dialect will get you less marks in class and will be branded for life as a white supremacist. Or worse. The Education sector (teaching) is knee deep with BBC branded lefties. I hate phonetics (bought in by the way by Tony Blair to aid third world type learners). Adopted by the trendy left as progressive and modern, despite mounting and clear evidence against it, as it hampers native English speakers learning and spelling.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Maybe the fear of the chinese virus – big social change- has zapped more than a few heads ….

    …. in the meantime …. the new thread beckons …


  4. Guest Who says:

    Rob Burley retweeted Ian, who is from the Mirror.


    • Philip_2 says:

      Its gone up! Lord Hall said it was just 33p per day (only last year). Refund. Never watch it anyway, if I can avoid it. This is the kind of guff the BBC puts out to its twitter feeders. None of the kids pay the license fee – so its no treasure trove either.


  5. StewGreen says:

    TR just got caught out
    An account by the official sounding name @BTnewsonline had tweeted a news story that on Sunday early a Muslim terrorist had stabbed a Jew in Stamford Hill
    So Tommy puts out a Parley
    … but in the replies people pointed that there was already a Mail report saying it was a Romanian stabbing thing

    I check and find the Jewish patrol the Shomrim retweeting
    that there wasn’t any anti-Semitism it was a coincidence the stabbing had been outside a Jewish bakery
    And also this BtNewsOnline is a Mickey Mouse outfit

    TR then deleted his parley and unlike in Twitter, our replies disappeared as well.