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  1. JimS says:


    Just caught the end of the last thread.


    • StewGreen says:

      Backlinls to previous thread
      page 5 started Tuesday 9pm, just a few posts
      page 4 started 8:30am Tuesday …. page 3


    • Up2snuff says:

      Jim, you caught a rat by the end of its tail? Send it to the BBC and ask them to do an investigation about it. It might have been a ‘Far Right’ rat.


  2. JamesG says:

    Decided to watch Newsnight to see if anything has changed. The answer is no. Emily Maitlis being as biased as ever.


  3. StewGreen says:

    @DaveS asked why 100 people shot in Chicago
    is not mentioned
    you just stick it in the Twitter search box
    and get this result


    • StewGreen says:

      Ans if a news event doesn’t help drive metroliberal agendas it doesn’t get selected to be in the news-soap-opera
      hence we get this continual banging on about small things
      – A guy took a pee next to a badly sited memorial
      – A Football match already hijacked by BLM-politics continued as normal as a banner plane flew past for all of 5 minutes.
      (and it was always legal)

      .. i don’t even believe the first London statue graffiti was news
      Someone probably did it and hyped it directly to Tommy to get him all stirred up and provoke a reaction .
      The Bristol destruction was different.


  4. Roland Deschain says:

    Well, this could be going better for the BBC.

    Some people seem to think the Beeb went looking for the answer they wanted. I can’t imagine why anyone might think that.


    • BBCNarrativeB says:

      First comment here.

      Typical BBC. Meant to be impartial, but every single response in the article condemns the banner, with no opportunity as to try to justify the message. The BBC only publishes the posts and quotes that fit their agenda.


    • oldcrone says:

      Have a look on the Burnley FC facebook page if you want to see what “the people of the town” think. CCBGB


    • Sluff says:

      I wonder why the BBC didn’t have the guts to run a HYS with this story?



  5. Roland Deschain says:

    I was watching tonight’s BBC News at 10 and they stated as fact that someone left a noose in Nascar driver Bubba Wallace’s garage. They did so because it suited the narrative, as it had been questioned earlier and they had to have known that.

    Well, wind on a couple of hours and…

    When will the media be held to account for its attempts to stir up racial hatred?


    • ScottishCalvin says:

      Comedian Dave Chapelle does a pretty good routine on the Juiscey Smollett case and how it was a setup from the get-go ‘where do you buy rope in Chicago at 2am?!’ and the like.

      I wonder how long it is until someone sues a council for the lifestyle choices of a relative due to them having lived on “White Street” and thus being forced to be racist (according to the plaintiff’s BBC-dictated views)


    • Guest Who says:

      The ones that are unaccountable will plough on regardless..

      BbC News

      The immigrant Hmong community has been divided by the anti-racist protests rocking the US – but for Youa Lee there was no debate.

      When her son died in 2006, the first people to show up in support of her family came from the black activist community.

      …despite massive upticks in response to comments like this:

      “ As a way of continuing to stoke this issue The BBC resurrects a story from 2006. A good indication that they have run out of current material.”

      “ BBC dividing communities and fuelling conflicts for the sake of their own agenda”

      The BBC acting as uncritical PR for the Mob seems as not on Charter as possible.


  6. Dave S says:

    I have mixed race grandchildren and this dismays me. We have set back race relations in this country a generation or more and the fault is entirely at the feet of the progressive wing of the left and it’s cheerleaders the BBc and the rest.
    I mean what I say. They are entirely to blame . They took what happened in the USA and quite cynically used it to foment trouble here. From now on we must refuse to engage with these dreadful people in the media . Mostly white with a real problem with themselves and the rest of us.
    This destruction of the past is a form of mania. It could lead to books next and then to destroying people. And what happens ? It is cheered on by the politicians and the media
    We must stand against it. I am not responsible for what happened centuries ago. That is impossible. It is the politics of absurdity.
    They will soon want to silence us who cannot accept this . By force or some other means.


    • Halifax says:

      The Reading Terrorist attack by a Muslim intent on killing none believers or gay people never happened it has disappeared from the headlines on the BBC news page.
      However BLM and story’s that continue to stir up race relation issues are at the fore they are still incensed by the aircraft flying over the Etihad saying “White Lives Matter” somthing that clearly doesn’t …..
      The BBC does not give a flying F for BLM nor does it care about climate change or LGBGT issues. It uses the popular narrative to exploit division intent on overthrowing democratically elected governments here and overseas., and it pursues this agenda using tax payers money from the same honest hard working people that voted in the government and system they dispise but we voted for.
      Let’s hope it ends soon after all that’s why we contribute to this site.


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC who issue Moaning emoles from Katies like this?


      ‘I want my children to be proud they’re black’

      Support for the Black Lives Matter movement has swelled across the UK since the killing of George Floyd, but the focus has left many parents struggling to know how best to explain racism to their children. “Why does it need to say that?” was the question Denis Adide’s five-year-old daughter asked when she spotted a Black Lives Matter banner. “This is the reality for a black child, this is the reality for me as a black father,” Denis says. But he adds: “I know there are children engaging with black history for the first time in their lives.”

      Read full analysis >

      Katie Wright
      BBC News


      Such ‘analysis’ AP pears more as unalloyed propaganda.

      And did Katie leave the bunker to seek out Denis at a march they were both attending, or did Denis’ people send Kate’s people a press release?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Dave – well said . I can see no reason for importing the law and order problem of another continent to the UK .

      I think its partly because the BBC sees america as part of the UK. Perhaps the BBC has a post empire colonial streak .

      Even saddder is that something more local will happen which will give these nonsense protests a form of ‘ justification ‘.

      The BBC droids are collrctively on a campaign snd could never realise that the huge majority just roll their eyes and miss the first 3 minutes of the footy .,,,


  7. Halifax says:

    Every year innocent people will be selected by a Muslim in the UK to die as non believers. After a few days of …victims where lovely people etc it will disappear from the BBC news consigned to a ever growing list of people sacrificed in the name of multiculturalism.

    So think about this. There are people out there now in the UK who will soon be selected at random as sacrifices to multiculturalism it could be me you or our family members but we can’t talk about it or express concerns.
    Its as if we are Inca knowing that soon inevitably some of us will be selected and sacrificed and nothing can be done about it….we just hope its someone we don’t know or love.

    The BBC fully supports this process even if those selected are from a group that they are normally keen to support.

    No questions are asked no continuous narrative as long as its white lives that are sacrificed it just DOESNT MATTER.


  8. Guest Who says:

    Now all that is needed is for Harrison to tow a BLM banner into the Hollywood sign.


    Watched ‘Demolition Man’ last night… interesting premise. Though a total absence of media reptiles was unlikely.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      It actually says in the article that Winona Ryder has told this same story for years, so why is it news now?
      On people telling her she looks “too pretty to be Jewish/too Jewish for a particular role,” I’ve often wondered, why do so many actors/actresses feel the need to “de-Jew” themselves?
      Winona’s real surname is Horowitz.


  9. Luckyharry69 says:

    Just opened YOU TUBE this morning to watch some stuff
    Have you all got the same HOME page as me?
    They have gone full on BAME/LGBT?
    “Reflections on Intersectionality” (!!!)
    “History of Civil Rights and LGBT”
    “Shows of support for black queers and gays”
    “conversations with Obama and reflections of Juneteenth”
    “Black creators and transgenders speak out”
    “understanding racial injustice and Malcolm X speeches” (!!!)

    they have gone FULL RAINBOW (but without Bungle and George)


    • The WestWyvern says:

      When accessing YouTube via iPad, I select on the three dots at the end of each line of the thumbnails. One of the options will be ‘not interested’ or similar.

      Make your selections accordingly.

      Then search out something more appropriate.

      If we all do the same it will soon send a message to the algorithm.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        That’ll be as effective as me selecting “I don’t like this advert” on Twitter. In a week or two it comes back.

        At least Twitter has a ‘block’ option. Which is far more effective at stopping woke advertisers.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Yay… a new depth is plumbed.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I can see the problem. They’ve all used St George’s photo for their ID.


  11. Guest Who says:

    Sound off currently.

    Being the BBC, Danni a Reading resident?


  12. Sluff says:

    ‘…….Lives Matter’

    It’s the new craze, the sensational parlour game sweeping through the offices of state broadcasters and the drawing rooms of Islington.

    Simply put these groups of people in order of the importance of their lives. Then ring up the BBC for the answer. If your answer is correct you win £250 and a guaranteed place on Question Time. It’s so easy anyone can play.

    Disabled lives matter
    Muslim lives matter
    Trans lives matter
    White lives matter
    Champagne socialist lives matter
    Gay lives matter
    Far left lives matter
    Lesbian lives matter
    Young people’s lives matter
    Black lives matter
    Tower Hamlets lives matter
    Hackney lives matter

    Don’t delay. Send in your entries today. For rules see below.
    Anyone not putting White Lives Matter last will be disqualified.

    ‘It’s not as easy as it look’- Owen Jones
    ‘My constituency would really benefit from the £250 million prize money’ – Dianne Abbott
    ‘Not a great option for people without a phone’ – Laura Doomsberg.


    • Guest Who says:

      No need.

      Mishal has a chart.

      I won’t spoil the surprise of who is at the top.

      And who is at the bottom.


    • Beltane says:

      Except if you’re on North Devon Council when you apologise for your ‘Dog Fouling Matters’ slogan – aimed at dog owners to clear up (literally) behind their pets. This, I kid you not, apparently points a derisive finger intended to undermine the BLM message.

      Paranoia coming in at all angles, not least since the signs have been displayed for the past 18 months…..


  13. AsISeeIt says:

    Now then media class, settle down. Stop talking among yourselves. Stop muttering at the back there. Put your phones away, no more social media until we’re done here. That means you BBC. Yes, I know you’re the class monitor but you were misbehaving just as much as Sky and Channel 4 and that’s why you’re all in detention. In fact I’ve noticed you’re the ring leader.

    Listen media class, your detention punisment is that I want a 10,000 word essay from all of you. The subject is ‘why it is wrong to say white lives matter’. Yes, I know it’s hard but you’re not leaving here until you’ve done it. Yes, ITV and Sky, I don’t know why you’re here either. Seems as though you’ve been led astray by BBC. No Channel 4, what I’m saying is not just write the essay title and then fill the page with 10,000 random words. Don’t just write a load of gobbledygook nonsense, you won’t get away with that. I want proper common sense arguments in properly constructed sentences. Stop moaning that it’s impossible, you’ve brought this on yourselves. And remember, I don’t care if we’re here all night. You’re wasting your own time, not mine.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Gobbledygook 👍
      “I like that word, write it down, I want to use it more in conversation” 😅


    • Sluff says:


      May I call you Joyce Grenfell ?

      Now children, let’s all play at being a flower.
      No George, you can’t be a cauliflower.
      And George………
      Don’t do that.


      • richard D says:

        Sluff, AISI…… sheer bliss.

        Joyce Grenfell was a masterclass in person, thank you so much, you two, for bringing her back to mind. I can hear her voice in my head now, and very pleasant an experience that is.

        Compare and contrast BBC ‘comics’ today…..they haven’t got a clue, other than in how to insult other people. The very best comedians/comediennes are really acute observers of life – Joyce Grenfell was one, Billy Connelly, in his early days, was another… there are/were so many more….blown away by the BBC, with its media monopoly, which favours the ‘edgy’ (so-called).

        Look back in sorrow, youngsters of today.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Gibbering idiot.

    And bloke who has kfc every time his wife goes out, which appears to be morning noon and night daily.


    • Guest Who says:

      Speaking of getting a grip, have Jon, Nick, Tone and Katty awoken to RT this one too late yet?


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Scott Adams called it, as he so often does.


        • Fedup2 says:

          The Feds say the noose had been in the garage since october 2019 and think it was used for pulling doors open …. but thats all a cover up isnt it ?


        • Guest Who says:

          Soon satire will be deemed a hate cr… oh, it already is.

          Which may explain, if not excuse, HIGNFY.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest – i suppose by being an idiot Mr Morgan keeps his figures up . Has he said anything about wearing the SS uniform yet ? Personally i could care less but i know his type make a song and a dance out of such nonsense.


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Hey Piers, remind me again why you were sacked as editor of the Daily Mirror.

      Oh yeah, fake pictures of war crimes being committed by British troops.



  15. Guest Who says:

    Walking through a huge room of like minded drones in their cubicle gardens, hired for just this hive tendency, really inspires confidence in bbc opinion and ‘fact’.


  16. Darcy3 says:

    Quite “entertaining” bloke (makes David Icke look moderate):


    BUT had his outlet on radio station in SEATTLE pulled and station shut down for being “too pro Trump”

    Also maintains blm funds are going twards Democrat party which I can believe


    • Roland Deschain says:

      There’s more about that here.

      I haven’t looked at it in detail to see how true it is, but it’s perhaps telling that the media haven’t either, as far as I know. Imagine if the tables were turned and money was allegedly going to the Republicans in a similar manner.


      • Darcy3 says:

        The same Seattle that has created a burnt out looted area by not allowing it to be policed anymore as a political act

        imagine living there or being a shop owner not allowed to call the police and at the mercy of the mob ??

        But they do not care at all, in the slightest

        The left have no humanity, conscience or empathy whatsoever despite claiming just that in their campaigns used for political gain


  17. taffman says:

    A quick look at Al Beeb’s news page this morning and there is no news. It’s just a load of pap.


  18. Guest Who says:

    Jon’s RT faves post a goodie.



  19. AsISeeIt says:

    Can you put extra nuts and sauce on that

    ‘Ben and Jerry’s has joined a growing list of firms pulling advertising from Facebook platforms throughout July.’

    ‘It’s part of the Stop Hate For Profit campaign, which calls on Facebook to have stricter measures against racist and hateful content.’


    Ice cream does social justice, huh? Does this mean my local whippy van will have to stop playing their greensleeves jingle? Henry VIII supposedly wrote that on his ye olde Tudor lute & we know he indulged in a certain amount of domestic violence against women. There’s an historic allegation for you! We don’t want him profiting from the Royalties (get it?). Come on, you laughed at Blackadder.

    One searches in vain through the BBC report for any counter argument about the B&J policy. Yet one can but admire the audacity of this closing BBC comment:

    ‘Unilever, the parent company of Ben and Jerry’s, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the BBC.’

    You mean they didn’t jump to? Or they missed your strict deadline?


    • Darcy3 says:

      I will stick to Haagen Dazs from now on, never bought into their “we are just friendly hippies” branding anyway


      • The WestWyvern says:

        Yes Ben and Jerries (racist to Germans)…. Who had ‘refugees welcome’ on one of their brands not so long ago.

        Add to to the list, Gillete, Yorkshire, PG, anything from EUSSR……


        • oldcrone says:

          Also Teapigs (too bloody expensive anyway) and Twinings (cheap tat) also on the BLM bandwagon. Lots better stuff on the internet.


  20. taffman says:

    Why did the police waste time investigating the white lives matter banner. Have they nothing better to do ? They could busy themselves looking for the thousands of terrorists hiding in our country.


    • Charlie Farley says:

      The Grooming gangs and the immigrant woman who killed Emily Jones who was 7 years old ..so very sad and it’s yet another atrocity that’s disappeared from the news . This country used to be a relatively safe place to live and grow up .
      BBC and MSM are guilty of Treason


  21. Old Goat says:

    I love Katie.

    May have already been posted:


  22. JamesArthur says:

    R4 this morning..you just couldn’t make it up. The whole section I heard was basically complaining that Boris was lifting restrictions and it creates a risk…had on the usual narratives and attacked the Tory minister
    I am sorry..it wasn’t long ago they were complaining about the restrictions

    Funny the BBC never does U turns but accuses Govt of them at any occasion


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Ha, I had the misfortune to catch a little of the toady programme, following the headlines at 6 they were straight into the strange case of ‘noose gate’ or should that be door? Involved the FBI apparently.

      Why is this even news in the Uk BBC, you racebaiting cretins?

      A black racing driver no one has ever heard of in the UK. Is he one of the drivers that only turn left on the race track?

      Can’t tell the difference between the pull cord for a garage door and a hangmans tool of choice.

      The only surprise I had was that muricans have a ‘pull cord’ I’d have thought they’d all be automatic in this day and age.

      Now back to the events in Reading, where 3 people were brutally murdered by a Lybian, Muslim assylum seeker at the weekend.

      Sorry, I made up the last bit…


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:


      On radio newcastle this morning, Alfie Joey, whilst interviewing someone who was against the government lifting some restrictions let it slip out by saying “the last 4 scientists we’ve interviewed have all been against the government lifting of the restrictions”

      It came as no surprise.


  23. theisland says:

    Well it’s a start. I wonder what backlash Tom Hunt will receive?


    • JimS says:

      Tom Hunt, an MP with one of those foreign names that the BBC struggles to pronounce correctly!


  24. dafydd says:

    As I no longer watch the BBC I get my news mainly from Sky News and without a shadow of doubt they are as bad and if not worse than the BBC for anti Government reteric.

    In my opinion it was a good news day yesterday but if you had been listening to Sky you would think the world was going to end at noon..

    Every guest so far has been anti Government and all without exception say the government should not have relaxed lockdown. Not one of the so called experts interviewed is associated with the government and its advisory panel but Leftie independents.. it is seriously depressing viewing

    Before Sky broadcasts it’s news there should be health warning, viewing descretion advised stating ” depression may manifest it’s self if you continue to watch”… unbelievable..

    If all in the world was running smoothly, the broadcasters would find something to moan about..


    • The WestWyvern says:

      They hate it Daf, anything, no matter how small that is positive must be, in the eyes of the far left Marxist media be crushed.

      Their biggest gripe is that the proles are getting their freedoms back.

      The BBC and SLY loved the queing and controls, being able to tell people what to do, under threat of the Stasi – it reminded them so well of Soviet Russia back in the day, all the Dooshkas lined up outside the bakers for no loaves of bread.

      Marxist control of the populace.

      Of course, if everyone stopped paying for SLY….


  25. Fedup2 says:

    I cant see Mr Hunt getting much money from BBC appearances – unlike the £12K Abbot got but didnt declare for appearing on the Andrew Neill Show . ….


  26. Darcy3 says:

    RE above there should also be a health warnig banner on the bbbc news website also, something along the lines of:

    “This news is selected based upon the premise that we loath the democratically elected government despite the fact that they were elected with an overwhelming majority, and we loath brexit, we will also hide muslim gang rapists, and we will never acknowledge muslim terrorists as muslims, but any white attackers will be immmediately labelled far right and we only recruite black people and women ”

    “PS we have no respect for the interests or opinions of the 85% white indigenous population in this country and base our news and opinions (which we should not have but we don’t care) on left wing dinner party conversations in Islington and have no idea what goes on outside of Islington and quite frankly we do not bloody well care anyway”

    “PPS if you are white, male, straight, working class these news pages may offend”


  27. scribblingscribe says:

    Mike Wedderburn Has an opinion piece on the Sky News website on why saying that ‘white lives matter’ is offensive. It is worth a look.

    During it he states that black people have been murdered by the authorities in the UK, though he doesn’t say who or why.

    I am trying to find his email address to ask him who were the black people murdered in the UK.

    Do the BBC and Sky live in their own bubble or is the rest of the country?


    • dafydd says:


      Both the BBC and SKY make things up to justify there ransid political view, no matter the non existent consequences.

      They are now beyond reproach and genuinely don’t care what waffle they spout..

      The only saving grace is that Mr & Mrs Joe Public are not daft and on a whole can see through it..

      Look at the recent General Election, if you believed the leftie media it was going to be a hung parliament but Mr & Mrs Joe Public knew differently, we are not daft.


      • scribblingscribe says:

        Agree with all of that.

        The last election nailed the deceit from the BBC and Sky that people no longer wanted Brexit. Which leads on to ask how come they didnt know this.

        More importantly, do Sky and the BBC understand the possible consequences of inducing racial hatred. I cannot think of a single time when violence on the streets has ended with anything positive.


    • StewGreen says:

      Mike Wedderburn is the guy in the Sky video
      that Brennan tweeted that I posted a bit further down this thread


  28. Fedup2 says:

    Alison Pearson has an opinion piece in the telegraph about the BBC and the biggest terrorist threat to the UK – namely The Far Right – according to senior plod and the BBC . You can see some 14 year old kid building his nuclear bomb in his bedroom right now can’t you ?
    Notice plod is allowing the blood to dry before doing anything with a real terrorist – a Muslim – illegal – Libyan ?


    • JimS says:

      When there is talk of the ‘rise of the far right’ Jason and the Argonauts always comes to mind!

      One of the BLM arguments is that their violence is justified because the ‘black voice’ is un-heard.

      The Brexit result was the result of the British not having a say on the EU for 40 years. Dissent doesn’t just go away if people are ‘no platformed’.

      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”.


    • The General says:

      Can anybody list the organised and planned ” Far Right Atrocities” committed so far and the “real threat” they pose to peace and harmony in this country ?

      Don’t seem to remember the last time they planted a bomb or knifed people in the street.

      Unfortunately when a nutter does something it is attributed to the Far Right although he is always acting on his own with no organisation or so called religion encouraging his action.
      You cannot say that about extremists.


  29. taffman says:

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time”
    All Beeb has taken us all for fools for a long time. I think the British people are finally waking up.


    • dafydd says:


      Spot on..

      What amazes me is that the BBC and SKY seemed to have no idea how they are perceived by the public, but if they do, then that’s seriously worrying


  30. The WestWyvern says:

    Just heard on the radio Chris Mason asking people to email him. Shall we all send something?

    Sunday night, across the BBC radio network, from 10. ‘Rethink’ or some such propaganda.

    Basically, wants the public to email in with points on how things could or should be in the Uk and wider world post the CVD19 pandemic.

    It’s too good an opportunity to miss people….


    • Fedup2 says:

      West – I think young mason is after thr Robinson seat on Toady – he’s up against it – being white – male … but he puts on a good regional accent for broadcasting purposes ….


  31. StewGreen says:

    Sharon Davies on transgender


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Sorry Sharron Davies, but the actor Daniel Radcliffe has stated that trans women are women when he decided to throw J K Rowling under a bus.

      Since the views of a self important child actor are clearly beyond questioning, the debate is closed.

      Poor Sharron does not need to worry her pretty little head about this any more, now that good old Mr Radcliffe has mansplained it for her. After all, she was only an Olympic swimmer who was cheated out of a gold medal by an East German doper. What does she know about the realities of women’s sport compared to Harry Potter?


  32. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch (partial) #1

    I managed 8.00 to 8.28 a.m. this morning (missed the 8 a.m. time-check I really wanted) and felt robust enough to listen not just to the main News Bulletin but also the 8.10 a.m. interview.

    Nick Robinson and Mishal Husain were presenting.

    Remember the fuss the BBC made over the PM’s first slight loosening of restrictions some weeks ago with that ‘Stay Alert’ message? Dim Beeboids and completely dense First Ministers in Scotland and Wales along with some thick scientists ‘didn’t know what it meant’! The BBC went on and on about it for several days.

    This morning, slightly sneeringly, Nick emphasised that yesterday’s further Lockdown relaxation came with 52 pages of instructions, explanations and guidance. (Mark Mardell would be proud of you) Serves you right, you BBC anti-Conservative Government complainers and moaners! Even that wasn’t enough because Rick Nobinson thought he had found a loophole with which to attack the Government.

    Sharma 1:0 Robinson

    Alok Sharma, Business Secretary, was the interview victim. He did a good job in my view. He pointed out to dim Beeboid Nick that what third parties did in flouting any of the instructions, guidance and advice was purely down to other third parties, the Health and Safety Executive and Local Authorities.

    Sharma 2:0 Robinson

    Things then moved on to Robert Jenrick and the vote before the House to publish all documents relating to the Westferry Road development. Nick the Rob wanted to pin Alok down to personal ‘He’s guilty’ or ‘He’s innocent’ to be used as evidence against the present Conservative Government and PM. Alok was not falling for it.

    Sharma 3:0 Robinson

    Good game.

    Hat trick for Alok Sharma.


  33. StewGreen says:

    Impartial BBC, impartially tweets
    ( the Radio 4 social media team, certainly think they work for an activist org)


    • AsISeeIt says:

      ‘Impartial BBC’

      Ah, but you miss the clever leftist sleight of hand. You can’t be neutral on these crucial social justice issues such as race, gender, climate, etc.

      BBC, may I suggest a new slogan for you. I think you’ll like it.

      “BBC: Get with the programmes”


  34. digg says:

    In an obvious attempt to no-platform certain groups up to the 2020 elections in the USA, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream are putting pressure by withdrawing advertising on Facebook to force a block on what they describe as hate speech i.e. anything Republican, Supporting Trump or negative to the Democrats.

    Well we all know how to respond to that then don’t we?

    No more of their tubs in this house!



    • JimS says:

      Ben and Jerry’s is just one of Unilever’s many-faced fronts of nearly 20 years.

      It is hard not to fund these non-democratic globalists.


      • Fedup2 says:

        American Hippy ice cream is A bit 1980s isn’t it ? I wonder how much Unilever got for the brand – and whether it got return on investment – I look at the ice cream sometimes and wonder what the margin / mark up is before going for the ‘own brand ‘ stuff …..


        • Rob in Cheshire says:


          The mark up on a bit of milk, cream and sugar? I would imagine it would make Pablo Escobar blush.


  35. davylars says:

    Well Roger Harrabin BBC, what have you got to say about the apparent admission that cobalt isn’t going away as a battery material any time soon.?

    In June 2018 , Elon Musk stated that batteries for the Tesla Model 3 use less than 3 percent of cobalt, and the next generation battery “will use none” of the material that has been called the “blood diamond of batteries.” Mining it has a long history of human rights violations, including child mining, associated with production in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    Jump to June 2020.

    Elon Musk has signed a long-term supply deal for the controversial metal.

    This from the man who has vowed to eliminate cobalt from the Tesla product mix because of the reputational cost of a metal associated with child labour and poor safety conditions at artisanal mining operations.

    Black lives matter Roger……..


  36. Simon Love says:

    Oh look – The BBC have screened a ‘documentary’ about right wing terrorism just 48 hours after a MUSLIM TERRORIST murders three people in a park in Reading!!!

    What an incredible coincidence. Well I never. Who’d have thought it eh???


    • Fedup2 says:

      Simon – I try to imagine how the listing people in the BBC view the viewers ? They must think they are so dumb ( not including me – I might be dumb but am proudly not a viewer ) ……

      …. the resources put into catching some idiot with an SS fixation versus the 40 000 ? Plus Muslim parasites plotting injury to the country in which they live come nowhere ….

      Parasite – in this context is correct – see Reading .


    • Loobyloo says:

      Absolute scum


  37. StewGreen says:

    Why would anyone listen to Mike Graham ?


  38. Jeff says:

    Just a couple of days after the Jihadi slaughter of three gay white men in a park in Reading, the BBC have swung into action and Radio 4 no less, has had an in depth investigation into the terrorist threat of…the far right…
    Yes, it’s quite clear they’re a dangerous lot. All those murders and mass killings that…um…haven’t actually happened. We must be on our guard!

    Meanwhile, I note that there’s now hardly any coverage of this despicable and barbaric act on any of the news channels. They’re far more interested in some bloke and his “offensive” banner.

    BBC2 have been stirring the BLM pot, with exquisite timing, showing endless programmes about the “Windrush scandal”, slavery and…guess who…Stephen bleedin’ Lawrence. Blimey, it’s been weeks since we last heard mention of Saint Stephen.

    FFS, the triple murder of three people that happened at the weekend has been quietly buried. Meanwhile this crime of about a quarter of a century ago is dusted off and resurrected once again.
    Do you think they’re trying to tell us something?

    If I didn’t know any better I’d think that the BBC were peopled by self loathing, white liberal racists and shit stirring Marxist propagandists.



    • Simon Love says:

      ‘If I didn’t know any better I’d think that the BBC were peopled by self loathing, white liberal racists and shit stirring Marxist propagandists.’

      Do you know what? I’d just had EXACTLY the same thought myself. Er, much like the timing of the documentary itself – How ‘coincidental’ eh?


    • Up2snuff says:

      The really big question, Jeff, that the BBC have to answer is why do they never, ever, do Panorama Investigations into ‘Far Left’ groups and ANTIFA and BLM, and so on.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:


        There’s a reason for that: there are no enemies on the left. As long as you know that, you can understand everything the BBC does.


        • Up2snuff says:

          R-i-C, exactly so. What’s the descriptive phrase from old times?

          Fellow travellers.

          That’s it: the BBC are ‘fellow travellers’ with the Far Left.


          • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

            From Jihad Watch today, a comment by Jayell about the BBC:

            “I don’t know if Americans are aware, but the BBC has for a long time been a grotesque … … far-left propaganda machine that’s become so cock-sure of its immunity to criticism and its Divine Right to Existence because of the UK TV licence tax (which it sends its thugs round to collect if people don’t pay it) that it considers itself entitled to do and say exactly as it pleases and can’t be bothered that Everyone and His Dog can see through and make sick jokes about the hideous bias that’s so rampant that it’s nauseatingly predictable. So everyone who disagrees with the ‘BBC line’ (it’s not even supposed to have a ‘line’!!) either doesn’t get a mention at all or is ‘far right’ – only because the BBC is so ‘far left’ that everyone and everything else appears to be ipso facto to the ‘right’ of it. I believe that the BBC only advertises its jobs in a far-left rag called ‘The Guardian’ and, according to an anonymous BBC employee, you don’t get a job there if you give any suggestion that you’re not entirely left-wing in your thinking or if you’re already employed by them, you keep your mouth shut about any opinions you might have that don’t suit the ‘management line’. Likewise, following its ‘diversity’ agenda certain jobs in the past have been advertised for non-indigenous people only – which is strictly ‘racial discrimination’ and illegal, of course, but when you’re the BBC you can bend the law to fit. So, obviously, no one with any sense takes any notice of BBC news or current affairs output, and indeed an increasing number of UK citizens just never watch or listen to the BBC at all anymore.

            So it’s no surprise that the BBC decided to enlist this Basu character (promoted to his current position entirely on his individual personal merits, you understand) to pronounce on the Reading atrocity and go in for a bit of its usual creative reporting. The only thing I’m not clear about is when the BBC decided to merge its News and Comedy/Light Entertainment departments.”


  39. StewGreen says:

    Impartial Sky, impartial presenter impartially speaks.

    He first divides society in two and says ALL black people are oppressed
    … this is not true.
    Plenty do hold positions of power
    eg president of the United States, head of The Pru etc.

    Do shopkeepers treat some nice black kids with suspicion in an area where some bad black kids have previously caused a lot of trouble ? Yes


    • Fedup2 says:

      Not a happy chappy is he ? Better not mention the number of his race killed by other members of his race … I still think maybe it would be better to go to the land of his forefathers rather than being depressed about being in this one . It’s not hard or expensive anymore .

      As for Sky – so glad I don’t pay for it and deeply regret having done so . But I suppose they’ll be getting more advertising from McCains and Harry Ramsden and Birdseye for the number of people like him with chips on their shoulder …..

      … wonder how much he it on? And does he want a job with the BBC …? Nice to see that banner caused upset ….


    • Thoughtful says:

      I’m afraid this is the dangerous lie which BLM has been spreading amonst thick uneducated Blakcs who have swallowed it wholesale.

      It’s made worse because the cowardly useless incompetent Tories have refused to counter the lie or even point it out.

      No wonder we have street riots! It’s like the burning of the reichstag a lie to facilitate all kinds of mischief and a government in name only which is failing in every single thing it is supposed to be doing.


  40. Up2snuff says:

    BBC TOADY and WEB-SITE Watch #1/1½/#2 – Careful what (and who) you push for, BBC.

    As Stew rightly observes above, the BBC are activists these days.

    They made much of a certain NASCAR racing driver (roundy, roundy, big USA saloon (stock) car racing) ‘finding a noose’ in his Pit garage. Because the BBC wish to push a cause, it featured on some or all of the Home Page, the News Page as well as the main Sports Page of the w-s for several days.


    Because that particular driver is of African American parentage. Otherwise the BBC would not have bothered. All the other drivers are white or white-ish. They wouldn’t care quite so much if the noose had been found in one of their Pit garages. The BBC love to be racist.

    I had forgotten that in US NASCAR and, I think, Indy Car racing, the pits are allocated by ballot and not like F1 according to the previous seasons’ results. But I thought there might be something wiffy about this and waited for an investigation (by the FBI, no less! – Mulder and Scully on the case!!) to get to the truth.

    The BBC has a massive number of journalists all over the country enjoying the Green Card privileges and good life in the ol’ USA at the UK Licence Fee taxpayers’ expense. None of them thought to ask about how the garages are allocated. None of them obtained a photo of the noose. No, instead, the BBC just tried to stoke up the racism, promote BLM, and try to demean ‘Trump’s America’, despite the BBC’s ongoing love affair with the country.


    The FBI have discovered ‘the noose’ was a bit of rope tied to the door as a handle.

    Oh dear.

    Nothing on the BBC web-site yet. I wonder whether they will hurry to put up the news as quickly as they were about the so-called ‘noose’ being found? And will they keep it on the w-s for several days?

    UPDATE: There is an item now on the main Sports Page. I’ll check the Home and News Pages at intervals today to see if it appears there.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I knew this story would be fake news.

      Why? Because they always, but always, are.

      From Jussie Smollet being “attacked” by men wearing MAGA hats, to black students having racist graffiti written on their dorms, it never, ever really happens. It is always 100% anti-white propaganda.

      A real news gathering operation might even choose to look into it, but obviously with an income of a measly £4 billion the BBC “lacks the resources”.


  41. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Tommy Robinson has put on his page that Jake Hepple (the one who flew the WLMB banner) has joined Parler.

    I’m now following Nigel, Katie, Raheem (Kassam, not Stirling) Candace Owens, Paul Joseph Watson and TR.
    All enjoying a sense of freedom at not having their posts censored.
    Free speech.

    A couple not on there (yet) are Godfrey Bloom and Donald Trump.


  42. Thoughtful says:

    Was looking for some posts from last night on the previous thread, but it ends at June 21st 11:01 pm All of the posts after this appear to have dissappeared.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Thoughtful “June 21st 11:01 pm ”
      is the time of the last post on the WEEKEND thread

      All the posts on the START THE WEEK thread are still there
      I checked the links I put at the top of this thread and they still work

      You were on the wrong page.


  43. theisland says:

    Dover (only) update

    @LFC_blano 1h
    Really busy morning so far in Dover, First 2 boats have arrived with 29 ILLEGAL MIGRANTS on board 🚤

    Another 2 boats spotted in the Channel – Border Force are flat-out!


    • theisland says:

      5 boats have now crossed the Channel so far this morning!
      Estimated number > 76-78 ILLEGAL MIGRANTS


      • Rich says:

        We know that Spain has similar issues along its southern coast as well Island, but the Canary Isles are affected too.


        25 new cases on Fuerteventura in 2 days. Illegal immigrants arrived by boat.

        Granny might be getting more than a flamenco-dancer-toilet roll-cover from holiday this year.

        How many of our uninvited guests are similarly infected?
        How many British could be unknowingly infected due to government negligence?
        Isn’t the main duty and priority of any government to protect the health and wellbeing of its fellow countrymen?


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Island – I’m not much into all this stuff, so forgive me if I sound stupid.
      Is there not a #INVASION?

      This is a word reminds me a little of the word ‘white’. It cannot/must not/ should not be used.

      An ‘invasion’ does not need large military landing craft, tanks, guns, air cover, etc. A subtle, quiet, discreet invasion seems to be in progress? ‘Border Farce’ -unbelievably- provide the landing craft?
      Little media cover, unless Nigel goes out there to kick up a fuss?


      I WATCHED A PROGRAMME ON ‘HIDDEN WALES’ AND IN WW2 A LARGE COMPLEX PRODUCING MUSTARD GAS, was revealed, to welcome the Nazis, should they reach our beaches.
      Now we send out the BF taxis, to bring them to Dover. Some may be genuine ‘asylum seekers’ (from safe countries???), but others will have ill intent.


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Thoughtful – I’ve checked and there aren’t any trashed comments from after 2300 last night – although I did get a few admin emails personally to me to ‘vet’ when new people sign up – which had been ‘trashed’ before I had seen them – so they were restored …..

    Maybe the overall site provider was backing up or something …I try to put up new threads when there is a bit of a gap in time but failed at 2300 Tuesday night …I’d been to a funeral so needed some Zeds…


  45. Up2snuff says:

    BBC TOADY Watch #2 – Funny, but where did that grating voice and hectoring tone go, Mishal?

    I was brave enough to listen Mishal’s post 8 a.m. interview as well as the main one done by Nick. It was really an indirect attempt to chuck some dirt at President Trump via his wife, Melania, and thereby interfere in the US Presidential Election despite the BBC not approving of others doing such things.

    Mishal interviewed a woman about the First Lady. A casual listener not ‘up’ on US politics might be wondering ‘what it is all this about’ and ‘why the fuss’ and ‘when will Gary Sport be on’?

    The American woman has written a book and the BBC don’t do advertising but they do, sort of, anyway.


  46. s.trubble says:

    bBC observations royally dissected on this site;

    1) bBC is polarised in its output around issues of the left and any grouping opposed to a Conservative Govt.

    Witness the Corbyn fascination, the complete lack of condemnation for those EcoLoons, anti Trump/ USA ,grossly pro Remain ( a losing side)and now this BLM and it Diversity……and not forgetting using SNP/Sinn Fein to drive wedges.

    I would conclude that they represent 5% of British society – maybe could be argued 10%

    So 20,000 of these employed at our cost ———-5 minute arithmetic would suggest that giving them 10% coverage of theie chosen subject matters they should be downsized to 2000 max.

    Therefore they can represent their target audience with a 2000 workforce.

    2) In the few occasions tuning into them….R4 in the main…I now am on auto receive (like Sergei) for the DJ,s questions commencing;

    a) Would I be right
    b) There is general agreement
    c) surely you would agree
    d) it is universally accepted

    and so forth.

    Time to go bBC…you have had your time a created many undeserving millionaires at our cost.


  47. StewGreen says:

    It’s the Neil Oliver segment
    He says stay away from dogma and political parties ..and decide on each issue on its own merits
    .. Presenter Mike Graham is basically an Always Tory, although never has any Remainer callers.


  48. Beltane says:

    Dire warnings of a fresh spike in Covid cases from the left-leaning – overbalancing, in fact – alternative SAGE with the best interests of the population at heart and no thoughts whatever of point scoring or undermining.
    Interesting that the term used in heraldry for left is……sinister


  49. StewGreen says:

    Re NASCAR story posted a few times above
    “oh a garage door pull for a black driver looks like a noose”


    • TrickCyclist says:

      On the outskirts of the town I live in, there’s an old signpost at the top of a hill for a stables. Both the stables and the hanging sign are long gone now, but the post remains. It’s a big, old sturdy wooden thing with a crossmember, and every time I pass it I think, “You know, that kind of looks like a Gallows.”
      There are lots of newcomers to the area, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if somebody gets triggered by it.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wonder what theyll go for next ? “ look at that cloud up there -it looks racist”


      • TrickCyclist says:

        Are you being Cirrus?

        I’ll get me coat.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Trick – nimbyus- too hot for coats !


        • G.W.F. says:


          Trees are racist, right down to their racist roots.
          For example
          ”Finney cites the work of Joy DeGruy Leary who invented a Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome that she claims black people suffer from. Affected by PTSS, black people experience “fear and mistrust of forests and other green spaces.” According to Finney, the tree is a racist symbol to black people.
          “Black people also wanted to go out in the woods and eat apples from the trees,” Finney explains.” But black people were lynched on the trees. The tree became a big symbol.” Black people are triggered by trees and suffer Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome flashbacks. You can’t expect them to go to on a hike.”

          You may counter that highwaymen and poachers were hung from trees without their descendants displaying this kind of disorder.

          But this confirms the GWF theory concerning a genetic trait in persons of colour – a tendency to be triggered and deeply offended by phenomena such as sounds, words, inanimate objects to the point where they either take to violence or crack up in an emotional display in front of TV cameras.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Every one needs to make a living -so who ever Joy Leary and ‘Finney “ are – they must be doing very well in the race industry – which is expanding again in the UK – being a US export ..


          • G says:

            “You can’t expect them to go to on a hike.”

            Tell that to BBC’s Countryfile, apparently, they see them all the time.


  50. JamesArthur says:

    I caught a short segment of Mr Vine as I walked in a shop…apparently he is having a discussion on what effect defunding the police in the UK would have…he seemed to say they have done this in the USA…which they haven’t
    So 1. Why is he asking the question? Why isn’t he asking about all of the objectives of BLM?

    2. Why not ask about defunding the BBC? Something more people are interested in.
    He is basically a race baiting hypocritic


    • StewGreen says:

      He’s talking about disbanding the police now


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      JA & SG – ‘pro’ or ‘anti’, it sounds as if he’s putting the idea ‘out there’, to give it traction?


      • Rich says:

        But who would all the disgruntled cyclists take their grievances/ self-entitlements to then Jeremy?



      • JamesArthur says:

        Why even give it traction? Why not discuss something worthwhile? He is a prat ..Excuse my language but defund BBC would at least be worth discussion..

        Great bit on Twato..the female presenter was trying to get Lord somebody to trash Tory Jenrick over something..he didn’t bite ..so she used a typical BBC phrase..’given what we all know’ and he just said -as I have said I can’t comment as I don’t know anything about this case except what I have heard on the media…. left her floundering…

        No idea what Jenrick has done but BBC and Labour all over him..


    • Old Goat says:

      But if the police were defunded, he’d have nobody to report to when other people’s driving misdemeanours upset him…