748 Responses to Midweek Thread 10 June 2020

  1. JamesArthur says:

    Looks like the Eastern european countries are the only ones prepared to protect their history and culture. I have no problem with culture change, it happens naturally – but what is happening now is not natural it is political and evil and nothing to do with racism.

    Where are our police forces where is Boris – he certainly isn’t being Churchill now. A sad period in our history


    • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

      Communism was as much part of the history of those countries as slavery was of ours. They haven’t hesitated to pull down statues and rename streets from that period.


  2. StewGreen says:

    oops sorry swearing has appeared in that tweet
    , no I certainly didn’t mean for it to be there.
    (Fed If you can edit it out of that post)
    That word in the tweeters name actually only appears here .. it was either blanked out on my Twitter screen
    or he’s changed to that sweary name since.)

    here’s another tweet


  3. fakenewswatcher says:

    Stew – I think beeb has instructed all its Regions to publicise BLM and give them a big thumbs up.
    What’s behind it? Interesting programme from Amol Rajan this afternoon, revealing some of the beeb thinking. Actually no, ‘thinking’ is giving them too much of a compliment. Call it a ‘mindset’.
    It may have been The Media show, with Clive Myrie and similar minds gathered.
    It was amazing stuff: anyone who promotes BLM is actually ‘impartial’. Not impartial and definitely ‘racist’ is anyone who opposes or even has the temerity to question it. One got the impression that questioning it was a bit like declaring the earth to be flat.
    They mentioned an editor who is a big fellow plotter and ‘mover and shaker’ at beeb, just busy trying to find out about him.


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC still has great power to influence the poor of thinking, easily outraged and David Lammy. Hence they seem dedicated to creating a BLM martyr.

      As they have many on other issues.


  4. StewGreen says:

    Fedup2 …see my note above
    I think if you can you should edit that tweet out of the post.
    I think the Tweeter has changed his account name to the swear word.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – ok I tried but unable as the whole thing would have to go – I have no issue with the word but it is – I think – beyond the limit for this site …..


  5. taffman says:

    “Chlorinated chicken concern grows among Wales’ farmers”
    We are not forced to buy them . Oh how Al Beeb loves Brexit.
    We in Wales love our freedom, we voted to leave the EU but we are still stuck in the organisation .


  6. StewGreen says:

    BBC local news opens with the Hull BLM protest
    .. deep coverage a lot of interviews, almost all women,
    except one young African guy.

    Ey up there is now footage of uniformed veterans defending the war memorial
    “We do supports black lives, but we are here to make sure this monument is not defaced.

    #2 A mention of the dead Nepali researcher
    .. and it into a longggg item about NHS BAME staff are vulnerable
    “they are more hands on”
    … Isn’t that another way of saying RECKLESS ?

    #3 FFS now it’s Keir Starmer

    #4 ..now interview hospital registrar, Dr Mohammad Waqas who has just got over Covid left hospital June 3rd
    … He didn’t shout “lack of PPE”
    said “It was tight at the beginning, but then OK”


    • Sluff says:

      The BBC are utterly irrelevant to most communities as their coverage and narratives bear no relation to the interests and values of ordinary people.
      I imagine the large majority of locals are on the side of those veterans mentioned, but that view will not be represented by the totality of the BBC coverage, which will be informed only by the LeftMob supporting editors and their prejudices.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Stew – your no.3: betcha Surkeer thinks he can almost smell the inside of his new home at No. 10 D.S. (by courtesy of the mob/rabble, with their sweaty nightcaps and gleaming Nikes).
      Cat will be gone- too reminiscent of the old Britain; instead, a shiny, new poster with a certain three-word slogan, above the door; picture of Tony B with a rainbow halo in the window; cue Surkeer to come out and address the adoring media in front of No 10.
      The bottom half of the dias has been sawn off, to accommodate the fact that Surkeer is kneeling.


      • StewGreen says:

        Keir Starmer = Tony Blair mark II


        • The WestWyvern says:

          Nah, he’s no BLiar Mk.II

          The designation of a Mk. Number increasing in value, is given to denote improvements and significant change over the earlier version.

          He’s defo Surkweer Charmer Mk.1 – he’s all his own man when it comes to posturing, flouncing, prancing, taking the knee, oily snake oil selling and non forensic opportunity, he is the original Mk.1 model, the grand dame of virtue signalling virtue.

          More virtue than hair product, our Surkweer.


  7. taffman says:

    “Statue of slave owner Picton should be removed, says descendant”
    If it wasn’t for that guy we would all be speaking French.


    • Guest Who says:



      • taffman says:

        Guest Who
        No speaka da lingo ?
        He was considered by many to be Wellington’s Rt hand man .


    • AndyDozefeet says:

      I’m wondering how this is going to go down in New Zealand!?

      My favourite place I’ve ever visited where many of the towns and regions are named after British maritime and military figures.

      Picton (a stunning little town on the MARLBOROUGH sound) was my favourite.

      Napier was very nice as were Wellington and Nelson.

      Am seeing a scenario whereby St Jacinda of Wokesville will propose to the decent upstanding citizens of that wonderful commonwealth country (who are still loyal to the queen and celebrate our shared history) that those names be changed to names that better suit these more diverse times and am willing to bet that the backlash would be substantial.

      Here’s hoping!


      • StewGreen says:

        Before the white man the Maori tribes had not only wiped out the giant Moa, but also the Moriori racial group from NZ.
        And the relevant Maori tribes had enslaved them before that.

        It’s claimed that some of the Moriori racial group still survive far away in the Chatham Islands.

        I’m all for fair Maori rights
        like New Plymouth being called Taranaki.
        but don’t think every town should be renamed.


  8. Sluff says:

    What a breath of fresh air.
    BBC news at 6.20 pm.

    The West Indies cricket team have arrived in the UK for a behind-closed-doors 3 test series, living and playing for 7 weeks at two cricket grounds with hotels on site.

    Their captain Jason Holder (who unsurprisingly is black) is interviewed. He’s a can-do kind of guy. I paraphrase.
    ‘Yes the virus is awful but at some stage you’ve got to try and get back to normal’
    ‘Yes racism is unacceptable. But we con’t want to go overboard on that and get distracted from our job in hand’.
    No whingeing. No playing the race card.

    He’s done more for racial harmony in 5 minutes than the whole lot of the BLM anarchists put together. He’s done more for positivity than the whole of the BBC news room for the last 3 months.

    So here’s to you Jason. You are welcome any time and I will cheerfully stand you a pint in any pub, when open.

    I just hope England win the series.


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Two excellent films about the history of West Indies Cricket, widely available on YouTube.

      ‘Fire in Babylon’ and ‘Branded a rebel’.

      They cover the rise of the team to become dominate through the late 70s and 80s through the use of 90mph plus fast bowling and a desire to rise above the insults and abuse from the Aussies and a burning desire to pummel the English in famous ‘Blackwash’ series.

      The second focuses on the illegal rebel tours to apartheid era South Africa and what happened to those players on their return.

      Both accurate and watchable, with no distortions of history, unlike anything you see on the Antibeeb these days, I am told.

      Regarding this series, England to win 2 – 0 with one draw (rain effected). Windies not good anymore.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    I’m troubled for Rome with all this statue stuff . Since statues of anyone who is remotely associated with slavery – then all those statues of Caesars and the like will have to go – right ?

    In fact – since the Roman Empire was based on slavery ( I’ve seen Spartacus) then surely anything associated with the Roman Empire has to go . How they are going to dig up Hadrian’s’ Wall will be a ‘challenge ‘ – perhaps the Streatham or jartown massive will enjoy the trip ….

    There again – maybe only black slavery matters ….


    • Guest Who says:

      Quite a few have no heads already, if that helps. And as for Venus… she was ‘armless.


  10. Beltane says:

    Director of Public Prosecutions Max Hill should be charged for failing to take action over Dominic Cumming’s lock-down breaking trip to Durham.
    So say a group of legal eagles with at their head, acting as ever, selflessly for the public good and with no thought of personal benefit or remuneration – except that supplied by the taxpayer – the shrinking violet of the bar, Michael Mansfield, a man who has devoted his life to ensuring that the guilty go free and the innocent lie broken and unremembered.


  11. StewGreen says:

    Daily Mail frames monument protectors as
    “far right” and “thugs”

    .. And George Floyd as a saint


    • taffman says:

      BLM = Cultural Marxism replacing virtue signalling . Even dogs don’t defecate on their own doorsteps. Slavery is still going on abroad . Go deal with that before wrecking Britain’s Heritage…………..


      • Rich says:

        Still plenty of room for virtue signalling Taff.

        In fact Netflix have found enough space between ‘Action/Adventure’ and ‘British Comedies ‘ to ‘curate’ some wholesome family viewing for all right, sorry, left thinking people under the non-threatening and inclusive, newly created heading/ genre of ‘Black Lives Matter’.

        Bloody decent of them to sift through so much dross and highlight the really shite stuff for us.


    • StewGreen says:

      I was a bit worried when I saw TR’s video on Saturday night
      It wasn’t a leaders video. It was like he’d lost his temper and was saying
      “right you police won’t do your job of stopping graffiti so we’ll send the lads in next Saturday and do the job ourselves”
      but to me this graffiti-ing is nothing
      It’s merely opportunistic TROLLING
      and reacting encourages it.
      All you need to do is pressure wash it in the morning.
      Stopping child rape is an entirely different level

      .. Now actually those blokes at the Hull memorial came across very well on the BBC.

      But I still worry that TR is setting himself up for confrontation for little purpose.
      The football lads could do it on their own territory.
      but London is opposition land now.
      The antifa themselves are a small band of Labour front groups like The Hatey No Hopers run by middle class metroliberals but exceedingy well funded by unions and in their ranks do have bands of thugs who are like the BNP old school.
      Then antifa have always exploited naive BAME as shields. Today they could rope in the black street thugs as well as many well intended protesters.

      I could imagine in London the antifa could leverage 60,000 people and the football lads 20K.
      Police ranks would know the lads are not the troublemakers, but police command and rogue squads could well back antifa.

      I imagine antifa using mass numbers to start trouble with the lads and then their police mates would move in and arrest the lads, and their judge friends ban the individual lads from entering London ever again.


      • Van Helsing says:

        “…and their judge friends ban the individual lads from entering London ever again.”

        They wouldn’t be able to grant a banning order in such wide terms, Stew. I won’t say what they could do, though, as I don’t want to give the blighters ideas.


        • The WestWyvern says:

          If it kicks off, then let it. I’d be there with them if I wasn’t crippled with back problems, gee thanks NHS.

          The site of the monkey trying light the flag on the Cenotaph on Sunday invoked a rage in me I did not know I possessed.

          We all know the lefty press will spin it whichever way they see fit, and I think that the majority of the U.K. understand as much.


      • theleftwilleatitself says:

        Optimistic as ever StewGreen 😄


  12. Ed Hitter says:

    The BBC’s pro BLM, anti British posturing at the weekend was the final straw. For the sake of sanity I’ve been turning more and more to alternative news sources and, wow, what a refreshing change.
    There are indeed some independent broadcasters out there not bowing to our mainstream media’s ultra left orthodoxy,
    Mike Graham’s excellent Talk Radio slot in the mornings is a blast of common sense, and today’s interview with TV historian Neil Oliver (of the BBC, but not totally of it apparently) provided the most eloquent dissection that I’ve heard anywhere of the dangerous path that we’re on in the U.K.
    Oliver pointed out that these BLM protesters were filming on smart phones produced by slave labour while wearing clothes made in low wage sweat shops. True, modern slavery – but not the type of slavery that matters to the left, he suggested.
    And then he reminded listeners that communism, with its gulags and state control, had been built on forced labour i.e. slavery – another awkward problem for the left, that one.
    Later I gave Al Jazeera TV news a go, and how refreshing it was to see coverage of hugely important stories from India, China, Brazil, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria, South Africa – a whole wide world out there behind the parochial, virtue signalling confines of the BBC.
    It showed how other countries are handling this global pandemic and, guess what, most are having all sorts of problems.
    If only the BBC would give us half an hour every night of proper world news, then people might see that this isn’t just a U.K. problem being mishandled by the evil Tories but actually a global shock that is leaving governments and experts everywhere equally baffled.
    With this context and information to hand, people might then be able to make up their own minds.
    But the BBC doesn’t do context, or balance, or proper world news any more – so it’s Talk Radio and Al Jazeera for me from now on. Bye bye BBC.


  13. JamesG says:

    If BBC News was being run by the Socialist Workers Party, I don’t think we would notice any difference in their output.


    • StewGreen says:

      You would , the BBC/media are not merely socialist workers, they are their own political party of Woke-supremacists that are opposed to the fruitcakes that support Corbyn , cos they know that unelectable Corbyn was an asset for the Tories .

      SWP might even respect the interests of young working class males , but the metroliberal media/BBC is only interested in special victimhood groups.


    • Sluff says:

      Am really struggling with your post.

      If ? If?

      AS BBC news is being run by the Socialist Workers Party……..

      Feels more accurate.


  14. taffman says:

    Does Al Beeb know it has overstepped the mark?
    All the ‘statue pulling’ has almost disappeared from their front page. Or is the ‘de-fund the BBC’ petition having effect?
    Their reporters and line managers must have seen that petition growing in numbers . Their cultural Marxism has come back to bite them on their fat @r&e?
    More jobs going to lighten the ‘sinking ship’ perhaps?


    • The WestWyvern says:

      I suspect Taff, the silent majority have spoken this week.

      I fired off a rapid email to my MP Monday morning expressing my disgust at the useless ineffective cowardly tories and the police inaction, BBC bias etc…

      Global Radio News got one on Tuesday, regarding their minutes silence debacle for the dead American I’ve never heard of.

      PG Tips and Yorshire tea now on the Westy banned list along with all things EU and Gillette.

      Go woke, fine… then go broke.

      I’ve heard similar sentiment from colleagues and co-workers, all equally disgusted so maybe, just maybe.


  15. Northern Voter says:

    Will all these wokes banging on about pulling down statues that are related to slavery be burning all their IKEA furniture, knowing that the firm used East German political prisoners to manufacture said furniture. The Guardian was that incensed they even reported it!


  16. Doobster78 says:

    The schools may be shut, but the Lefty indoctrination of our kids must continue.

    DISGUSTING stuff.


    • Van Helsing says:

      If I had children, I’d be educating them at home rather than exposing their minds to the dangerous bilge that emanates from the mouths of the cultural marxists that pass themselves off as teachers.


  17. Swelter says:

    I’m struck by how the Left are expert at hiding their malicious and malignant organisations behind plausible or cuddly or even praiseworthy logos safe in the knowledge that the bulk of the people don’t read or look behind the head lines.


    • Northern Voter says:

      Look on your bus pass if you have one, left hand top corner, red rose.Could be you are made to think the Labour party gave you it.


      • Nodding Dog says:

        Funnily enough NV that thought had crossed my mind after seeing it on some old dears bus pass some years ago.


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        Did that on receipt.
        Matches the rectangular cut out on my last two driving licences, where the CommEUnist flag used to be.


  18. Richard Pinder says:

    Adverts made to attract foreign tourists to London, depict London as it was in the 1950’s. So are one of the last adverts not to have Blacks in them.

    Only when some of these tourists reach Heathrow are they given a warning, see below.

    Londonistan is a Black Islamic Liberal Fascist state, governed by its evil Muslim leader, Sadiq Aman Khan. Khan’s greatest achievements are the removal of the historic monuments of the indigenous inhabitants, after they left Londonistan due to social breakdown, violence and riots. Caucasian looking Khan supported the authoritarian European Union because he thinks German and French lives matter. Therefore because German lives matter, Churchill’s statue will be destroyed, due to Churchill’s acts of anti-German racism in the 1940’s. Also because French lives matter, Nelsons Column is due to be toppled, due to Nelsons act of anti-French racism in 1805. Its though that the Caucasian looking Khan does not think Black lives matter, because Khan, a Caucasian, is not known to have met any of the hundreds of Black mothers of knife crime victims in Londonistan, over the past few years of his rule. In this case, Black lives don’t matter because Khan is a member of the Caucasian race.


    • Fedup2 says:

      As a white english speaking born londoner i often wonder what visitors think of the City when they start mooching around …. maybe they think all the foreigners they see and hear are also tourists instead of guest workers , illegals and the like .

      The MSMBBC always fall back on the ‘ london as melting pot ‘ narrative which anyone who has been kicking around since the 1950s and later would know to be crap .


      • StewGreen says:

        A few I know got robbed in London and overall white British weren’t involved that much.
        Though in the past there were white wide-boys and rip off airport minicabs driven by whites.

        Most expected Britain to be like a James Bond or Agatha Christie movie
        .. so we’re not impressed by white chavs getting drunk.


    • Banania says:

      Does Khan think he is some kind of black person?


  19. Thoughtful says:

    2020 Calendar



    • The WestWyvern says:

      Whys it so large, it’s filling my screen.

      If you listen to Coast to Coast AM, you may already think Septembers prediction has started!


  20. fakenewswatcher says:

    Tucker Carlson, on Fox News, correctly assesses what the LibMob in an America, gone insane, really want: power.
    The UK is no different. All that garbage about ‘justice’ and ‘equality’ is just an excuse. Exercising power is so intoxicating.
    Some hints to the “protestors”:
    Justice: -If you don’t like doing the ‘Time’, don’t do the crime.
    Equality: -hard work, ability, competence, initiative, creativity, self-discipline, are some of the things you need to get ahead personally. Nobody owes you anything.
    In general: -Be grateful for what you have.
    In particular: – Be especially grateful , if you are a statue toppler, that you live in a state with Mickey-Mouse police, who haven’t bashed you on the skull or sent you to do 20 years in the Gulag.
    Grow up.

    I notice we have moved on from statues to film banning, e.g. ‘Gone with the wind’!
    Not surprising. That’s how the power thing works: try your luck, and if you don’t meet resistance, move on to the next thing.
    The real kick in the power thing must be to find that you have so successfully intimidated people, and so infected them with your degenerate mindset, that they do the dirty work for you.
    Not quite up to the standard of the Nazis, then?
    Sad really.
    I would have assumed book-burning would be next, but one suspects an inability to read, understand, or even pick up a book, means that ain’t gonna happen.


  21. StewGreen says:

    libmob accused Cummings of cheating rules
    and demanded he be sent to Siberia.
    When he actually stayed within the law to help his child.
    Yet they now air Neil Ferguson the guy who blatantly did cheat
    .. just cos he gives them something that supports their anti-Boris dogma.

    Sweden never locked down , and has a death rate lower than ours.

    Belgium locked down the week BEFORE the UK
    and doesn’t magically have a death rate lower than ours.
    Its Covid death rate is way ABOVE UK’s.
    I can accept other countries missed more Covid deaths, so we should narrow the difference between them and Belgium.

    And so far if we look at another metric : “all cause excess deaths” including lost operations Belgium’s rate is a touch lower than the UKs.


  22. Thoughtful says:

    BLM Fascists have reportedly raised over £1 Million to run a campaign to defund the Police.

    Personally now I agree with this, for the following reasons.

    The Police are a Gestapo organisation which no longer deals with crime. The only contact most people will have with them is to get a crime number for a crime, or when they visit over something they’ve said or posted which isn’t politically correct.

    The Tories are such abject cowards that they will with a little mob prompting bottle it again and cave in to mob rule.

    The brain dead Blacks think the left is on their side! The idiots are going to find out just how little the left needs them when the Police are gone and the leftists have the power – which is of course what this is all about.

    The comfortable white middle class idiots who have supported BLM really do need a reality check and a little real Marxism will really show them what a nightmare their childish dream really is.

    And on top of that you can defend your home and property with lethal force and there’s going to be no Gestapo to get on your case over why you were such a ‘racist’ as to object to the Black man trying to take your stuff.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      One million £.
      They will need than that just for the bandages.

      What I want to know.
      From these hard left Communists with a history of mass murder, and SFA else.
      From these black invaders with a history of intellectual failure.

      Why are the Native Americans not rioting?
      Why have the Native Americans not been asked to join the riots?
      Or why did the Native Americans tell the Commies and Blacks to Foxtrot Oscar?
      Why are the descendants of the US Japanese interned in WW2 not rioting?

      No Democrat votes at stake?
      Or are only, the low IQ Blacks, falling for the lefty bollox?


  23. pugnazious says:

    How much coverage would the BBC give this guy?….

    #OccupytheBBC……..BLack LIves Matter’s ‘Sinn Fein’


  24. Fedup2 says:

    I’ve stopped looking at the BBC website . But tonight Nigel Farage put up a screenshot which looked like it came from the BBC website entitled

    “Winston Churchill – hero or villain ?”

    I thought – ha ha – a spoof . But then I went to the BBC website and it is there -truly – it is there . Often on this site I’ve questioned whether the BBC is British at all – but if I wanted evidence of what the BBC has become – I think I just found the clearest evidence yet .

    I couldn’t read the rest of it . Perhaps you can . Seems we’re not in Blighty any more ….. I’m really worried about the fire the BBC is building ….


  25. pugnazious says:

    You can’t keep a good man down.



  26. pugnazious says:

    I see their apologising for not having enough blacks on ‘Friends’…take it off air then…along with all other white supremacist programming.

    Little Britain gone, with the wind-up, what next…all Monty Python sketches where they dress up as women…er..dressing up as men?


  27. Thoughtful says:

    Think Britain is bad then take a look at just how bad things have become in Seattle which is Democrat uncontrolled.

    Antifa have taken over 6 blocks including the city hall and are planning on expanding their territory. It’s a remarkable story which is unreported in the UK media:


    Some real shock horror stuff here, but it seems the Democrats have destroyed Americas West coast, and people are begining to be shaken out of their comfortable priviledged lives.


    • smoogie7 says:

      The BBC have not covered that story. I looked on their website and it is full of Starmer praise with Mr Quiet himself complaining about schools not reopening fully before summer and yet every single left winger in the country was demanding they stay shut.

      Just ridiculous hypocrisy from the left as usual


    • john in cheshire says:

      If you want a laugh at the expense of the wannabe commie revolutionaries in Seattle, have a watch of this. It’s only just over 8 minutes long, by Salty Cracker.

      I watch him quite a lot – he’s one of us:


  28. pugnazious says:

    Trump the racist…What the BBC won’t bring you…

    I think this footage may be from 2014…Ferguson riots…..foretaste of today…


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      No chance beeb would show the TRUMP CLIP: it would completely undermine a number of their favourite narratives, and their journos would have to look for real work. Or God forbid, start telling the Truth.
      Naw, listen to Amol Rajan and Clive Myrie today, on R4, they’ll tell you what to think.They’ll focus your mind on racism, slavery and the like. And you can keep Amol in diamond earrings, gold watches, silk ties and the like . Car? No idea. Big Merc? Expensive 4WD with tinted windows, so beloved of our footballers?
      Anyway, we saw on this site how beeb blows money on a champagne lifestyle for their stars and managers. Evidence of the real contempt in which they hold licence fee payers.
      And for a real laugh, listen to Amol, Clive et al, Asian, Black and what have you, sit up their on their high perches, bewailing ‘racist’ oppression’ and castigating their colleagues, who DARE bring you any other news than what they have chosen, first. The arrogance is breathtaking. Would they love us to ‘bend the knee’? You betcha. They and BLM types will have to wait a long time for me to follow suit. I bow before no man. I am not demon possessed.
      Anyway, virtue -signalling like crazy and a Nice little earner for our lying beeboids


  29. vlad says:

    Historian David Starkey looks at the current self-destructive, self-hating madness of our society from a historical and cultural perspective. At times a bit patchy imo, but some excellent insights.
    To be savoured at leisure over a nice cup of tea, but not woke PG Tips or Yorkshire.

    (I don’t suppose he’ll be invited to share his views on the beeb any time soon, unless it’s as the token conservative there to be mocked, insulted and constantly interrupted.)


    • StewGreen says:

      Dated March 2020


    • Doublethinker says:

      Many thanks for providing this. It’s very informative and enjoyable. I hope that they have him back on soon to hear his thoughts about events of the last couple of weeks.


  30. StewGreen says:

    @Infoquest asked bout R4 More Or Less
    It was pretty rubbish
    like a lot of R4 shows it went Woke so got broke.
    It’s like the way at science skeptic meeting we used to have these brilliant old timers that would DEBUNK dogma brilliantly and then do a small quip
    Then the new kids showed up, and it was evident they didn’t really have a feeling for science, but loved the quip at people’s expense.
    So they’d just do a bluster 2 minute argument and then do 10 minutes of SNEERING at the people they thought they’d debunked.

    So the remit of this show is no longer TRUTHSEEKING
    instead it about providing a platform for sneering at Boris or non-Guardianland people.

    #1 This continual running gag that the government said it would do 100K tests per day and it fudged to get over the line
    Yeh so what ? Their side seems petty as they sneer
    whilst everyone else says I never expected 100K, but it used to difficult to get a test, but now there re tests are quite easy to get.
    ..that is quite a government achievement
    And MoL looks disingenuous for not even acknowledging that

    #2 The Guardian soap opera argument that
    “If only the UK had locked down earlier
    we’d have saved lots of lies”
    is a BORING rabbit hole, cos it’s a theoretical
    No use looking back we are where we are
    Te country should pull together for the future
    Not look to score political points

    And I said at first glance it’s spurious cos we know Belgium locked down real early , One week before the UK
    and it is hardly successful , it’s got the highest rate of Covid deaths by far
    OK you can chip away at the difference cos Belgium has been over claiming Covid
    but even when you glance at the other metric of excess deaths it’s still about the same as the UK
    as if deaths the UK has from delayed cancer ops etc. are matched by deaths Belgium writes down as Covid.
    There is nothing like “Oh look Belgium has an excess death rate 50% of the UK’s”


  31. BRISSLES says:

    Just heard on the news that the statue of Lord Baden Powell – founder of the scouting movement, is being removed because “there are certain aspects of his life that are not conducive with modern times”

    WHERE WILL IT END ??????

    Gone With The Wind, has been taken off several network channels.

    WHEN WILL IT END ?????


  32. vlad says:

    And talking of woke companies, is there a site where they’re all listed so normal people can boycott them?


  33. vlad says:

    The irrepressible Tucker deploring the madness again…


  34. pugnazious says:


    My Great-Grandfather, the Nigerian Slave-Trader

    My parents’ home, in Umujieze, Nigeria, stands on a hilly plot that has been in our family for more than a hundred years. Traditionally, the Igbo people bury their dead among the living, and the ideal resting place for a man and his wives is on the premises of their home. My grandfather Erasmus, the first black manager of a Bata shoe factory in Aba, is buried under what is now the visitors’ living room. My grandmother Helen, who helped establish a local church, is buried near the study. My umbilical cord is buried on the grounds, as are those of my four siblings. My eldest brother, Nnamdi, was born while my parents were studying in England, in the early nineteen-seventies; my father, Chukwuma, preserved the dried umbilical cord and, eighteen months later, brought it home to bury it by the front gate. Down the hill, near the river, in an area now overrun by bush, is the grave of my most celebrated ancestor: my great-grandfather Nwaubani Ogogo Oriaku. Nwaubani Ogogo was a slave trader who gained power and wealth by selling other Africans across the Atlantic. “He was a renowned trader,” my father told me proudly. “He dealt in palm produce and human beings.”

    Long before Europeans arrived, Igbos enslaved other Igbos as punishment for crimes, for the payment of debts, and as prisoners of war. The practice differed from slavery in the Americas: slaves were permitted to move freely in their communities and to own property, but they were also sometimes sacrificed in religious ceremonies or buried alive with their masters to serve them in the next life. When the transatlantic trade began, in the fifteenth century, the demand for slaves spiked. Igbo traders began kidnapping people from distant villages. Sometimes a family would sell off a disgraced relative, a practice that Ijoma Okoro, a professor of Igbo history at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, likens to the shipping of British convicts to the penal colonies in Australia: “People would say, ‘Let them go. I don’t want to see them again.’ ” Between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries, nearly one and a half million Igbo slaves were sent across the Middle Passage.

    My great-grandfather was given the nickname Nwaubani, which means “from the Bonny port region,” because he had the bright skin and healthy appearance associated at the time with people who lived near the coast and had access to rich foreign foods. (This became our family name.) In the late nineteenth century, he carried a slave-trading license from the Royal Niger Company, an English corporation that ruled southern Nigeria. His agents captured slaves across the region and passed them to middlemen, who brought them to the ports of Bonny and Calabar and sold them to white merchants. Slavery had already been abolished in the United States and the United Kingdom, but his slaves were legally shipped to Cuba and Brazil. To win his favor, local leaders gave him their daughters in marriage. (By his death, he had dozens of wives.) His influence drew the attention of colonial officials, who appointed him chief of Umujieze and several other towns. He presided over court cases and set up churches and schools. He built a guesthouse on the land where my parents’ home now stands, and hosted British dignitaries. To inform him of their impending arrival and verify their identities, guests sent him envelopes containing locks of their Caucasian hair.

    Funeral rites for a distinguished Igbo man traditionally include the slaying of livestock—usually as many cows as his family can afford. Nwaubani Ogogo was so esteemed that, when he died, a leopard was killed, and six slaves were buried alive with him. My family inherited his canvas shoes, which he wore at a time when few Nigerians owned footwear, and the chains of his slaves, which were so heavy that, as a child, my father could hardly lift them. Throughout my upbringing, my relatives gleefully recounted Nwaubani Ogogo’s exploits. When I was about eight, my father took me to see the row of ugba trees where Nwaubani Ogogo kept his slaves chained up. In the nineteen-sixties, a family friend who taught history at a university in the U.K. saw Nwaubani Ogogo’s name mentioned in a textbook about the slave trade. Even my cousins who lived abroad learned that we had made it into the history books.

    Last year, I travelled from Abuja, where I live, to Umujieze for my parents’ forty-sixth wedding anniversary. My father is the oldest man in his generation and the head of our extended family. One morning, a man arrived at our gate from a distant Anglican church that was celebrating its centenary. Its records showed that Nwaubani Ogogo had given an armed escort to the first missionaries in the region—a trio known as the Cookey brothers—to insure their safety. The man invited my father to receive an award for Nwaubani Ogogo’s work spreading the gospel. After the man left, my father sat in his favorite armchair, among a group of his grandchildren, and told stories about Nwaubani Ogogo.

    “Are you not ashamed of what he did?” I asked.

    “I can never be ashamed of him,” he said, irritated. “Why should I be? His business was legitimate at the time. He was respected by everyone around.” My father is a lawyer and a human-rights activist who has spent much of his life challenging government abuses in southeast Nigeria. He sometimes had to flee our home to avoid being arrested. But his pride in his family was unwavering. “Not everyone could summon the courage to be a slave trader,” he said. “You had to have some boldness in you.”


  35. lordelpus says:

    Thank you BBC/MSM,for years I have been trying to persuade my wife to move from London to Norfolk with me.After the last week’s BLM protests she has agreed to our move.
    Seeing the way this mob behaved,and the shameful support of the Mayor,Keir Starmer,BBC,and most of the MSM we are both determined to leave.It seems as though the BBC will side with any group,such as BLM,XR,ANTIFA,LABOUR, to topple the Tories and overturn Brexit.Sad to go after being born and living in London all our lives,but we now feel as though we are tourists here!


    • vlad says:

      You’re well out of it. Norfolk might stay civilised a little while longer.


  36. StewGreen says:

    If someone wanted to make a political point they could go in the middle of the night to Bristol and put a statue of a drug dealer or stabber on the vacant plinth.
    ….. As a symbol of the BLACK lives taken by such people.


  37. Darcy3 says:

    Watch the “opressed victims” in action when they have the whip hand:

    Priti Patel leads condemnation of ‘sickening, shocking, disgraceful’ attack on policeman who was kicked and threatened with a bat when he tackled suspect – as laughing passersby posed for selfies

    Officers were responding to an assault in Hackney, east London, when they were assaulted yesterday
    Both officers, a man and a woman, suffered minor injuries, with one of the officers being punched in the head
    Two men, aged 20 and 38, were arrested on suspicion of assaulting an officer and remain in police custody
    Home Secretary Priti Patel last night condemned the attack as ‘sickening, shocking & disgraceful’ in a tweet
    Chair of the Met Police Federation warned danger to officers is escalating, and said: ‘We’re not punchbags’



    • vlad says:

      We’re reverting to the law of the jungle.

      That’s what you get when you incite hatred and disrespect of the police.


      • Doobster78 says:

        We’re reverting to the law of the jungle.

        That’s what you get when you incite hatred and disrespect of the police.


        Indeed Vlad. That’s what you get when you IMPORT the jungle !!


  38. vlad says:

    I trust there will be worldwide riots in support of this woman.

    Or perhaps White Lives Don’t Matter.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      vlad- This is vile, utterly stomach-churning Black racism, which is frequently accompanied by extreme violence and bullying. This was potentially a murder. Definitely assault with intent to do GBH. Are the police nailing this bas…d?
      You won’t get any coverage from beeb!
      No, ‘TOADY’ are rambling on about US statues toppled overninght.


  39. Celtic_Mist says:

    The BBC took its orders from remainers?


    “A cross-party group of MEPs has written to the BBC accusing it of normalising “white supremacist language” in its reports on the Conservative Party and Brexit process.

    In a letter to the corporation’s director of news and current affairs, the MEPs asked for guidance to be issued to journalists about the use of “extreme right dog-whistles”.

    They cited two incidents this week in which BBC correspondents reported that Brexiteer Tory MPs had taken to calling themselves “The Grand Wizards” – a reference to the leadership of the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan – “without any explanation of context” and “appeared to find the use of this phrase amusing”.

    “A spokesperson for the BBC told The Independent: “We have received the letter and will respond directly in due course.”

    The MEPs to sign the letter were Richard Ashworth (independent, former Conservative), Jude Kirton-Darling (Labour), Catherine Bearder (Lib Dem), Julie Girling (independent, former Conservative), Claude Moraes (Labour), Julie Ward (Labour), Alyn Smith (SNP), Richard Corbett (Labour), Molly Scott Cato (Green), Theresa Griffin (Labour), Clare Moody (Labour), Jill Evans (Plaid Cymru), Seb Dance (Labour), and Mary Honeyball (Labour).


    • Celtic_Mist says:

      This supposed to be an explainer –


      “When it was announced on Sunday that a beleaguered Theresa May had been joined at Chequers by a list of senior cabinet ministers including Jacob Rees-Mogg, Iain Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson, it was hard not to notice that they were all old, white men from the Brexiteer hard right of the Tory party.

      But as the narrative turns of Brexit take on increasingly ludicrous plot twists (not least Uri Geller threatening to stop Brexit with his mind) who – who! – could have foreseen the revelation by the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg that these esteemed gentlemen, some of Britain’s most senior parliamentarians, were reportedly “informally” nicknamed “The Grand Wizards”?

      While some on Twitter seemed to think this was a reference to Tolkien (or possibly World of Warcraft), most of us know the term unambiguously applies to the leadership of the Ku Klux Klan.

      How newspapers reported MPs seizing control of Brexit
      Show all 10

      This comes on the heels of Sarah Vine, Michael Gove’s wife, commenting over the weekend that any Leavers at the Put It To The People march risked being lynched by the (peaceful) marchers who, she said in an ingeniously divisive and racially-inflected projection, view Leavers as “sub-human”.

      Some years back, Gove was quoted as comparing himself to a Grand Wizard, so it would seem that both the form and function of the Ku Klux Klan constitutes a useful frame of reference for the Grand Brexiteers.

      Now I have to admit having a somewhat personal stake in this plot twist. In the run up to the 2010 election in which Gordon Brown was replaced by David Cameron, a narrative emerged in the media about Cameron’s student days when he, along with BoJo, befriended a Jamaican bar owner in Oxford.

      The story was used to promote a disingenuous narrative that Cameron was a “progressive” type: a Tory boy with the common touch. Well, that Jamaican bar owner was actually my dad, whom until then I’d never met; so I’ve always been somewhat grateful to the Bullingdon Boys for unwittingly unlocking my origin story.

      But did I ever believe that this story was evidence of the Etonian common touch? That they genuinely believed they were not genetically superior to other members of their species? Of course not, and it doesn’t surprise me in the least that some members of this circle could fantasise about being members – nay, leaders – of the KKK, especially when we consider how far to the right the Tory leadership has lurched since Cameron’s departure.

      One could be forgiven for finding something comical in all this – not least because here in Britain the KKK has always been a distant, and more-than-faintly ridiculous, spectre. But putting hilarity to one side, there are lots of reasons why this is cause for serious reflection.

      Support free-thinking journalism and subscribe to Independent Minds
      And racism is only one of those reasons – which is why everyone in Britain should take note.

      The Ku Klux Klan formed in the latter part of the 19th century, not just as a bunch of unhinged racist loons but as an anti-democratic response to black suffrage after the Civil War. It was part of a highly effective strategy to suppress the black vote and maintain privilege for the white community after the abolition of slavery. This was engineered in no small part by deliberately setting poor whites against blacks, exploiting division and cementing privilege for those who already had power – that is to say, the rich whites.

      If this is how the Brexiteers view themselves, it’s almost certainly not because they explicitly plan to lynch black people on their lawns (note I said “almost”) but because they recognise themselves as engineers of a deliberate strategy to exploit social division, gaslight the electorate and manipulate democracy for their own gain. Substitute “black people” for “immigrants” and “northern yankees” for “liberal elites” and you’ll see they’ve got this whole thing sewn up tight as a Klan sheet…

      But at least now the hoods are off.

      Victoria Anderson is author of ‘Wings’, a collaborative book with comic artist Wallis Eates and the men of HMP Wandsworth

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    • taffman says:

      There should be an investigation into the bias of OfCom and the Electoral Commission?


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Ofcom? You gotta be joking? WE don’t need an investigation, We know exactly where they stand: freedom for the Far Left; crackdown on the ‘Far Right’. Lotsa bbc buddies?


    • taffman says:

      There should be an investigation into the bias of OfCom and the workings of the Electoral Commission?


  40. taffman says:

    “Trump rejects calls to drop Confederate base names”.
    He is taking a stand against the absurd ‘air brushing’ of US history . I don’t think the apologists in this country will do the same with ours? Where is all this Marxist revisionism coming from?


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      taffman – at least someone standing firm against the revolution, which has now really got its bit between the teeth.


  41. StewGreen says:

    Islamic slavery detailed on BBC website
    someone already archived it.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Stew- good to get the facts. Of course, our rioters are no interested. Their agendas are rioting (adrelin rush/testosterone), taking over the streets (see lead article in Daily Mail this a.m.) of police being attacked, and promoting anarchy, with a dash of Black Power.
      Regrettably, facts don’t matter. They don’t even matter to the bbc, and we actually pay them!


  42. StewGreen says:

    Grooming Raping gang SLAVERY of the British
    .. not an important topic for BBC

    but British slavery of deep past
    .. a super important topic for BBC

    FFS most black people walked past statues for years and were never offended
    now Guardian whitey is deeply offended on their behalf


  43. StewGreen says:

    Seems Labour’s cynically come up with
    this WAR on statues
    as *a stick to beat the govt with*
    The Alinsky activists are ringing around Labour councils
    “Got a statue in your area
    we can sacrifice for the cause ?”

    Labour should be COOPERATING with govt
    in WAR to beat Covid instead


  44. Guest Who says:

    It’s ok; BBC N. America has his back.

    After all, they only read approved news sources.



  45. Guest Who says:

    BBC Hereford and Worcester.

    A Herefordshire GP says urgent action is needed to protect BAME people from Coronavirus and to prevent more deaths. Studies suggest that black men are almost 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with Covid-19 compared to white men – for women they’re twice as likely. Yet we still don’t know why. The research says it could be down to ethnicity, lifestyle or the jobs people do. Are you taking more precautions if science shows you are more at risk?


    A low % in the region. Oddly a high % featured recently in towns and cities in large crowds.shouting the odds, to the delight of broadcasters mingling with the crowds.

    Also noting that, like most placards, ‘taking action’ a bit shy on tangibles that make sense.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Maybe the daily stats should be broken down by colour , fatness , age and other factors – benefit claimants , labour party members …..
      Then there could be a whole new ‘ conversation ‘ …. for instance – maybe all coloured people should stay ‘ locked down ‘ for longer …,


      • richard D says:

        Fedup2/Guest Who….I was thinking about this the other day – if you apply the logic that we need to do more to protect them, maybe black people should not be allowed to fly from Britain this year, since this may lead to more infections in other countries – and if other countries were aware that we had cut the COVID risk for them, then we might be able to get gateways into their countries earlier for everybody else in the UK.

        And, when black people come to, or re-enter the UK, then they shouldn’t just be asked to fill in a form, thay should have to self-quarantine much more strictly, and should be checked more regularly, and fined more than others, because they are a higher risk to everybody else.

        If we want to have some quick, positive actions to protect black people more – there are some simple-to-apply remedies to start with – we’ll worry about some others after we get this lot going.

        Fascetious, I know, but nobody can be allowed to have it every which way that suits them.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Richard – seriously – I read the PHE report . The Race Industry was complaining that although the report shows on stats that coloured people are more adversely affected by covid – the report does not make any recommendations .

          This is where the rat started smelling ….. I think that whoever researched and wrote that report made recommendations – but they would be scientifically – medically based – and unfit for the current political climate .
          ‘Compensation ‘ free money from the taxpayer often shuts the race industry up – but money ain’t gonna stop coloured people getting the virus .

          I could guess the recommendations – as I saw –

          extended and more restrictive lock down for longer that white people

          Removal of coloured people from the operational NHS immediately to save life

          Examining other occupations where coloured people are exposed to white people and can suffer the virus as a result

          Removal of coloured people from those operational occupations

          Areas where only coloured people are allowed to be …
          I really can’t think of why such recommendations might have gone straight into the shredder and never happened ……

          …… and I wonder whether someone in the Starmer crew has realised this and isn’t pushing it with the force they usually use when they can have a go at whitee ……

          Maybe if covid is like flu bugs and we are only coming to the end of the ‘first half ‘ with the second half starting up in the autumn winter then this stiff might have to be seriously looked at – particularly if hospitals full of coloured people on ventilator machines start turning up in the Daily Morror …..


  46. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Editors from Merriam-Webster’s dictionary decided to include systemic oppression in the definition of racism after receiving an email from Kennedy Mitchum.


    Kennedy fits the bill.

    Remember how quickly the bbc responded when Owen and SurLenny dropped a quick memo to Tone?

    It’s who you know.


  47. Fedup2 says:

    Mailonline carrying footage of police being beaten up in Hackney by coloured people .
    The price of appearing and being weak in front of a mob . It will only get worse as they allow what is ‘ ok ‘ to be dictated by the lefty mob . Even when a copper is killed by coloured there wont be change. But they might stop kneeling down eh ?
    Simple really

    Now that any pretence that the police are apolitical has been removed perhaps the time has come for them to be shifted from left wing control to right wing control – being mindful that – technically – there is a government of the Right in power – they need to learn to use it . It’s too early in the political cycle to be as timid as they are . It just takes the will .


    • Oldspeaker says:

      It was all just an innocent misunderstanding Fed, the officer wanted to take a knee so the young gentleman tried to assist him. Because as everybody knows taking a knee inspires respect and portrays command and authority. What the female officer was trying to do remains a mystery, totally ineffectual.


  48. Ronone1 says:

    BLM? Surely a more appropriate acronym would be BKM – Black Knives Matter.


  49. Guest Who says:

    BBC Moaning Emole, featuring ex-Beeboid saying stuff that suits the bbc narrative…

    “Firms ‘can’t cope with virus and no deal’

    It might seem like a different lifetime when anxiety over a no-deal Brexit dominated the news. But the prospect looms at the end of the year, if the UK does not agree a trade deal with the EU. Talks broke up last week, and the Confederation of British Industry’s boss tells the BBC her members could not withstand the additional disruption of leaving the EU without an agreement over future trade. Dame Carolyn Fairbairn says reserves companies built up to cope with the additional cost of a no-deal Brexit have been exhausted by the pandemic. “The resilience of British business is absolutely on the floor,” she says. “The firms that I speak to have not a spare moment to plan for a no-trade-deal Brexit.” The government says it wants an agreement and is working hard to accelerate talks but insists that, “whatever happens”, the UK will leave at the end of the year.”

    So… Dame Fairburn…let’s call the whole thing off?


    • taffman says:

      Guest Who
      What does the Dame’s husband do ? What do they own?
      Follow the money.


      • Guest Who says:

        One for BBC Nothing To See Here?

        Moving on….


      • Fedup2 says:

        Taffman – fairburn – her wiki – if true – says it all . She and lawyer husband own a hotel in France ….. has the CV a remainer would die for …. knows the right people – says the right things … dont know if thete are slave owners in her backgrown ..,,

        I suppose theyll be next – which is where it will stop … the current great and good benefitting from the inherited wealth of slave owners …..