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  1. StewGreen says:


  2. Doobster78 says:

    Just checked my local paper online.

    Apparently in Glossop Town Centre at 6pm tonight they are “kneeling” again for George as they did last week !!!

    This is a picture from last week. I would love to ask these 3, what is it exactly you want ? They say justice, well the bloke who did it is up for murder so thats that sorted !! What else ? Why the f**k are you there ??? They wont have a clue, its just “trendy” to virtue signal … no matter what the cause or how flimsy.

    Pathetic. Just pathetic.



    • dafydd says:

      I bet you my bottom dollar they have no serious idea what its all about…

      They do it for two reasons only..1- Because they think it looks cool and 2- Its peer pressure…

      I genuinely fear for the future of this country, when you see over privileged kids behaving like this, its seriously demoralizing..

      They want everything for nothing…

      They are clueless regarding the sacrifices there forefathers made to enable them to behave like complete knobs



    • Roland Deschain says:

      Turn up and do a Peter Hitchens.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      The corollary is “WHITE LIVES DO NOT MATTER”.
      Have these inexperienced youths, fed only on Marxist approved fodder, noticed the mass, racist, rapes of WHITE CHILDREN?
      And wondered why?


    • john in cheshire says:

      And ask them how they feel about supporting people who want them dead solely because they are white.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Doobster – big smiles from ‘useful idiots’. Big thumbs up from Comrades Lenin and Trotsky.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Doobster, I’d like to know where the hell their parents have been for the last 20 years and what they’ve been teaching them? 🤬


  3. digg says:

    BBC R4 now running a slot painting how fascism is rising in the West

    They have within minutes implicated Trump, Boris and Brexit. The obvious motive is to give the mobs currently running riot as much assistance and tacit support as possible in their valiant struggle against these monsters.

    We have to realise that the BBC are hell bent on securing a Marxist environment. Burning and trashing British history is just the first stage of this and the BBC are avidly pushing this. I hope they are able to live with the chaos and certain bloodshed that this will ultimately lead to.

    I guess when the body count starts they will be safely ensconced in W1 editing the footage.

    They are now moving on to blaming the Police and society in general for Knife Crime, Violence and Drug Use.

    Yes peeps if we were all better more tolerant folk the perpetrators would stop stabbing each other and selling drugs and all take up apprenticeships etc.


  4. G.W.F. says:

    Johnson reacts and calls for more powers to tackle hurty hate speech.
    This PM is a coward and needs to go.
    Time to recreate the Brexit Party for the next election.



  5. SkeptikEye says:

    As Britain thrashes about in its paroxysm of self-loathing. There is a way we can rid ourselves of this guilt. Any town or city that profited in any way from slavery should be bulldozed. Researchers and genealogists should be tasked with searching white peoples family history. Any of those whose ancestors had any links to or profited from the slave trade. Should regardless of how tenuous this link, be removed from their occupation and replaced by a person of colour. Censors should diligently search for any reference with regard to slavery or colonialism, either in hard copy print or held digitally. This should be erased.

    White people of the Britain it is your duty to ‘take to the knee’ and hang your heads regarding the shameful history of these Isles. It is the only way you may able to expunge your guilt before your Fascist Left Masters.

    Welcome People to the New Glorious Era of Totalitarianism.

    May this once proud country be an exemplar to other Western Nations across the world.


  6. AsISeeIt says:

    For some reason a joke comes to mind. It comes from that American TV sitcom from the early 1980s, Taxi.

    Danny DeVito played the selfish, conniving and irascible New York cab dispatcher.

    In one episode he had the notion he should build for himself a personal nuclear shelter.

    There would be room for three persons in his private bunker and there was much speculation among the cabbies as to who he would choose to shelter with him.

    DeVito’s character explained – the female cab driver (for obvious reasons) and the black cab driver.

    But why the black guy, they asked, is he a particular friend of your’s?

    No, he told them, but when I emerge from my shelter I’m going to need someone to tell the rampaging hordes that I’m cool.


    • StewGreen says:

      welcome to Louie’s doom room
      look at this over here my generator electricity and they’re my radiation-proof suits
      you don’t think that I’m gonna come in here alone do you ?
      I’ve picked the survival squad to be with me
      first of all there’s Jeff I need him to convince the black hordes I’m cool
      Jeff ” I’ll do what I can”

      oh then of course there’s Nardo
      Nardo “you wasted your money Louie”….


  7. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Will the government be asking the terrorist organisation antifa as well as the muzzies, the blacks, all the immigrants both legal and illegal, the wet left and all the other woke snowflakes for a list of statues that they will allow indigenous Brits to keep (if any)

    It appears that the only people who have a voice are the non UK or the ones who think they are British (born in a stable analogy)
    We didn’t ask to be flooded with other races and most don’t want it yet the comparatively small lot who run the Country simply ignore us.
    How did it get like this and when will the true Brits react to try and get their homeland back. London is lost but we have a chance of other towns and cities.

    Some managed immigration is of course a good thing but industrial scale mass imposed immigration destroys the host nation. It never ends well.


    • R P McMurphy says:

      A guy made a speech in 1968, he warned ( they) will soon have the whip hand. He was demonized, it is now coming to pass.


  8. Nibor says:

    Sorry if this has been mentioned , but :

    The policeman could have killed George Floyd

    a ) by accident
    b) because he wanted to murder a black man
    c) because he wanted to kill any person
    d) because he was callous as to the outcome of his actions
    e ) because he didnt like criminals – of any colour .
    f) because he didnt follow procedures properly
    g) because hes a rogue cop without prejudice
    h) because he feared the person he was restraining and overdid the restraining .
    i) any other reason .

    Now the only way to find out is through a fair trial .
    A fair trial means no PRE JUDGING ( prejudice ) of the officer , blackening his name and publicly announcing his previous performance .
    A fair trial means no politics involved , no pressure from an authority to reach a conclusion that suits the state or no pressure from a mob or sections of society that presume they are in the right and know all the facts before the trial .

    Only after a free and fair trial will we know the attitude of the officer(s) , their actions and whether a crime took place .

    Anything else is invalid to justice .


    • Van Helsing says:


      The cop knew George Floyd. The two of them had previously worked together as security guards*, and according to one source the two hadn’t exactly got along well.

      It’s quite conceivable that his actions were motivated by personal antipathy towards Floyd rather than his feelings about black people in general.

      You rightly mention that Chauvin has the right to a fair trial. However, the question must arise as to whether or not all the pre-trial publicity has prejudiced that right. Don’t be surprised if his defence lawyers use that as their opening gambit.

      *It begs the question as to how someone with Floyd’s rap sheet could get a job as a security guard.


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        How dare you! You can expect a conference call from Pope Francis and Saint Greta.

        Saint Gentle George will be canonised next Tuesday, black smoke, probably from thousands of burning buildings, will indicate the end of the process.


        • Van Helsing says:


          Expect? They were on the blower within seconds of that post appearing on this august (it says here) site.

          Fortunately, they fell for the old “Van ‘oo? Never ‘eard of the geezer. Was it ‘Eafrow Airport you wanted?” routine.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Nibor – i dont think it matters – guilty ? Riot – not guilty – bigger riot .
      Sentencing – riot . Anniversary riot .

      Any coloured killed by police ? Riot .
      One of those long hot summers . I just hope if the vermin burn tottenham again the smoke blows the other way as last time it got in my chest …. as though i couldnt breath ….
      Amazing amount of restrainst on this site at the moment IMHO ( in my honest opinion ) …


      • G says:

        I think the anger has passed on this site now. Its more a case of resignation that words alone are worth nothing in this febrile climate. Action is the only way forward. What that is, I have no idea but whatever, it can only involve serious violence.


  9. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    In the DT this morning the lead article says children have more chance of being struck by lightning that dying of the coronavirus.

    One of the comments says “Great, that’s another thing for the teachers to worry about”


  10. Nibor says:

    Can I also say if it hasnt been pointed out here before
    but to say I Cant Breathe takes breath to say it .

    This wont be a great denouement in a court of law but a factor amongst many others .


  11. dafydd says:

    ..Gone With The Wind…banned.

    When will this nonsense stop



    • TrickCyclist says:

      You could see it coming, couldn’t you?
      Looks like only liberal-approved entertainment will be available to us in future – which is the only kind film & tv companies, including the BBC, make these days.
      The report says the film “remains the highest-grossing movie of all time when its takings are adjusted for inflation.” Actually, according to a bar graph I saw many years ago, by the bums-on-seats measure Gone with the Wind towers above all other movies in terms of popularity. Only the original Star Wars movie (another film long accused of racism – because there are NO black people in it) rises out of the pack to challenge it, and even that only gets about half way.
      They mention another MGM property, Tom & Jerry, I’m pretty sure the black maid’s voice in that was re-recorded years ago.
      To quote the “G” in MGM, Sam Goldwyn, who when told that movies should have a message replied, “Pictures are for entertainment, messages should be delivered by Western Union.”
      Anyway, what am I bid for my ancient VHS copy of Song of the South? You won’t see that again – Disney CEO Bob Iger says so.


      • john in cheshire says:

        Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
        My oh my what a wonderful day

        In the ’70s, there was a Monty Python LP, I recall, that had made up song names on the album cover. Two I remember, were ( and I’m sorry, I’m self-censoring in case the words are now verboten) :
        N***er Numbers, and
        C**n Tunes

        I thought it was funny then and I think it is funny now.


        • TrickCyclist says:

          This guy talks about both Gone with the Wind and Song of the South in this “trending” video. Also, the TV show Cops which has been cancelled after many years in the States. Makes me wonder, will we see the end of our own versions like Police Interceptors and Traffic Cops (or even Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away!). All of these programmes heavily feature darker-skinned people not making a very good show of themselves.


  12. Jeff says:

    It isn’t just inanimate objects that are causing offence.. They’re also going through our very recent popular culture. The David Walliams comedy where he and his partner emulated black women will never be seen again. At the time…only a few years ago… it seemed to tick most of the PC boxes, but not now…Personally I thought it was crap, but that’s not the point.

    Only Fools and Horses has been “up dated” so that any “offensive” terms have been dubbed over. If you watch the repeats you can quite clearly see they’ve been re-edited.

    It can’t be long before some of the culture gestapo get to see an episode of Dads’ Army and take offence at Corporal Jones and his “Fuzzy Wuzzy” comments.

    Already Til Death Us Do Part, is but a fond memory. And Gawd knows what they’d make of Love Thy Neighbour!

    The Guardian and the BBC are busily trawling through our history looking for any evidence of any unwoke material. There must be a panel of these sour faced progressives, seeking offence in the most inane remark.

    I wonder what they’ll make when they sit there, puce with rage and slack jawed watching Corporal Jones make his most famous observation. “They don’t like it up ’em, Captain. They do not like it up ’em!”

    Of course, if Owen Jones is on the panel…


  13. Daphne says:

    I would favour the removal or disbanding of Bristol University actually. In the last 20 yrs or so, its left wing idealogy has brought a lot of nuisance to the city, for example, lots of crappy little flats springing up everywhere for the students to live in, these type of buildings apparently have relaxed planning permission so when the students move out , they are not regarded as suitable for others to live in. Bristol University is regarded by the established residents as a place for the dumbos with rich parents to go to when they cannot get into Oxford or Cambridge. This leads to the place being regarded as something of a ‘party city’ or ‘young city’ so the local businesses react accordingly, with endless numbers of crappy bars, vegan cafe’s etc. The end product of the three years of so- called study , usually a malcontent dullard, then hangs around to infest the local employers, thereby pissing off most of the other employees with their attitude problem and low productivity. Meanwhile our council tax gets spent on cleaning up after them in all sorts of ways, including after the demonstrations.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Daphne: At this stage of the revolution, where the Iconoclasts and their free PR (media) are taking over a mature democratic state, much sharper methods may be needed. Possibly all universities, not just Bristol, need to be closed down for a while. Control centres for the revolution. Wait till they move from ‘slavery’ to ‘decolonisation’ and from the statue of Rhodes to Whitehall.
      There are also MPs who will be happy to let them into parliament (essentially Labour). If Surkeer thinks he can take over a revolutionary government, stuff his benches with black MPs, as per Lenin’s ‘popular will’ he’ll do it in a flash.
      This may sound extreme, but when a minority of Iconoclasts/ anarchists have free reign over a silent majority and can impose their will at will on what was a parliamentary democracy, you have reached a stage where the state has to take drastic measures, or go under. It may have to take out the rubber bullets and temporarily ban all protests.
      Or do you really think -for one minute- that this is, or ever was, about George Floyd, ‘slavery’ or Black Lives?
      We still don’t get it!!!


  14. theisland says:

    This is an interesting thread about Penny Lane in Liverpool.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with the bBC or their favourites – because it involves time-consuming historical research.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      It is true theisland, many, many streets in Liverpool are named after slave traders etc due to it being a port city and some of the docks are too 👍
      I’m not going to recognise this city before long if these idiots carry on!
      We’ll all be saying “is that the street that used to be called ……?”
      Oh, and The Beatles are gonna be forced to rename that song Penny Lane as it’s clearly inappropriate in this day and age 🤬


      • thirstypak says:

        I’m on Twatter (for music and footie only – honest) but fear my user name – Street named after a Liverpool Slaver apparently?- may soon get noticed by the Leftwaffe ?
        It’s sad that people of my age and interests, that I have followed, have such negative entrenched views on Trump ,Brexit etc – I’ve had to mute so many.
        Most appear to have had a self awareness bypass?


  15. Fedup2 says:

    PMQ watch

    Get your popcorn ready as its going to be a vintage one of bluster and vacuity from one side and the other side doing it in a kneeling position.

    Words to look out for-

    20000 more useless plod

    You can add your own .

    Im not sure that i can be bothered listening any more . Shops can open but churches cant celebrate mass . Plod will prosecute more than 6 people meeting up but not thousands of ‘ protesters’ .the government wraps its protective arms around care homes but it will turn out half the dead are from them . Maybe that level of incompetence will finish the job in the notional spike now or in the winter .

    Hard to believe a conservative party won a landslide just over 6 months ago .


    • theisland says:

      “a conservative party won a landslide”
      All we have left is our vote (for what it’s worth given the present crop) and the plan still is to take that away from us by giving it to millions of foreigners and indoctrinated underage kids.


    • Guest Who says:

      They ‘won’ because of #poliicsoftheleastbad and some promises to make serious alternatives stand down, that were not kept.


  16. StewGreen says:

    Safiq feeds the #FatCats at the public’s expense

    It has been announced that 518 people at TfL are paid salaries over £100,000.
    The commissioner of TfL is paid an incredible £508,000 per annum.

    And 16 people in the Mayor’s private office have salaries above £100,000.
    Someone is taking the P out of Londoners



  17. LastChanceSaloon says:

    2020-06-10 10:30
    ‘Disappointing’ progress on social mobility in England

    The Social Mobility Commission

    AKA as a bunch of Lefties with their snouts in the trough.
    I want to see more social mobility.

    I want to see every racist Muslim rapist, permanently out of the UK, along with all their relatives, that is Proper Social Mobility.

    I want to see every moaning black vandal exported PDQ, that is Proper Social Mobility.

    Export a few million white Communists, who hate everything British, also PDQ, please, that is Proper Social Mobility.

    I do not want one single penny spent on people who hate us and are spending every second 24/7/365 flaunting their hatred.

    But take your time, Boris.
    Have you genitals removed.
    Take some dancing lessons.
    Borrow some of Theresa the Traitor’s awful taste in clothes.
    Then float onto the stage and tell us what you are going to do for White, British, People.

    The Muslims did not vote for you.
    The blacks did not vote for you.
    The Communists did not vote for you.
    17.4 million of us are now planning to vote for someone who is interested in preventing more haters entering the UK, while your “Border Force” behaves like Micky Mouse.


  18. Roland Deschain says:


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      I wonder how far ahead of its time that episode was Roland? 😅


  19. Up2snuff says:

    This BBC item on a Primary in the US State of Georgia is interesting …….
    …. for what it does not tell you.

    You would think that with all their resources and massive income, including a huge number of correspondents and an N.America Editor in place there, the BBC would mention which Party’s Primary is taking place and whether it is an Open Primary or a Closed Primary.

    You would think.

    Maybe I read the anonymously authored piece too quickly to spot that important information? Or maybe, the BBC deliberately omitted it?

    If so, I wonder why …….


  20. fakenewswatcher says:

    I’m afraid we still don’t get it!
    The Iconoclasts and anarchists, assisted by a compliant media, now have virtual free reign over a cowered silent majority. They can impose their will on a mature parliamentary democracy.
    We have not studied revolutions and their ostensible justifications, so we are unaware that anything, literally anything can happen now.
    White Labour MPs step down to let black MPs take their places in Parliament? Some Tories even do? (Think of the Bercow mentality). Surkeer takes over as leader of a ‘popular revolutionary parliament’? Do you think this is phantasy?
    What we need to do now is use our imaginations. The enemy certainly does.
    Government should not shrink back from using any measures necessary, to restore Law and Order, on a temporary basis, using the legitimacy of their parliamentary majority.
    This is not ring a ring a rosies.Or a little tea party. Time to wake up.


  21. StewGreen says:

    Neil Oliver red pilled .. 11:05 Talk Radio for 25 mins
    “stop selectively editing history
    … these days I’d tell people not to study history at university
    read the books instead
    …. look at the gulags listen to Solzhenitsyn
    .. there is good and bad in all of us”


    • StewGreen says:

      Seems like dozens and dozens of tweets praising him
      ..far more that I ever see interacting with BBC radio shows these days


  22. Roland Deschain says:

    Here we have Scottish Tories showing their support for a group that wants to destroy capitalism and defund the police.

    There must be millions of people in this country sitting utterly aghast at the Tories’ refusal to uphold law and order rather than pander to the mob. There is no one in authority speaking for us while the BBC dribbles on with a constant diet of race baiting and grievance mongering. Must we take matters into our own hands now, with the obvious risks that entails? Frankly, I see no alternative, though that sort of thing is not in my nature.


    • Van Helsing says:

      Oh dear Gawd. Is there no beginning to common sense and reason in this country any more?

      As for the Tories, tartan or otherwise, they can, to slip into the contemporary vernacular, do one.


    • G says:

      Ballot box? No.
      Direct action for any issue? Yes.

      Its all moving to quickly for any Ballot Box to be of any use whatever. Wot next? ……………….

      I’m changing my will to include a particular lamppost. It’ll be easier when those who come for me for some minor indiscretion, like not kneeling, to hoist me up.


  23. Roland Deschain says:

    Pardon my language here, which I will understand if you wish to remove, FU2. Especially as it isn’t the BBC. But what a load of self serving shite.


    • Guest Who says:

      What do the stripes mean? Or is it all just an ACT?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m not in the mood to edit or remove comments . The troll turned up the other night . He didn’t like the use of the term ‘third world ‘ vermin . He countered by putting up images of white men without reference to anything . I initially took it down but then put it back up again .

      Unlike the supporters of the third world vermin I must allow alternative comment


  24. Roland Deschain says:

    And this is what will happen to anyone who tries to step in where the authorities have abrogated their responsibilities.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Wow!, Boom!, OMG! as overpaid, credulous, hyperbolic peroxide victims are wont to say.



  26. Van Helsing says:

    Ah, the good old Daily Mail.

    Only such a bastion (I think that’s the right word) of truth, decency and integrity could describe missile-throwing, virtue-signalling, anti-democratic thugs and vandals as anti-racism protesters whilst describing a diverse assembly of concerned citizens, linked by their love of football and their country, as far-right thugs.


    • BRISSLES says:

      However, there is a good article by Sarah Vine, she encapsulates what’s going on at the moment brilliantly.


  27. fakenewswatcher says:

    Well, whaddaya know? Amol Rajan tells us on beeb TV news that William Faulkner said that “History is not WAS, it IS.” Behind that gold Rolex, diamond earrings, silk tie etc, there is actually a sharp brain and, very importantly, an appreciation of History. Been droning on about the importance of History for days, myself.
    I said here recently that history was out there and churning on, and that I could hear K.Marx calling from Highgate cemetery. His ideas, along with Lenin and Trostky, are very much alive. Most of the participants in the action won’t have a clue about any of this. For them it’s about the feeding their envy and resentmant, and adrenalin rush.
    But, as Amol said, it’s about CULTURE WARS. What he means as that the black culture is replacing white culture, destroying its symbols, then presumably all other facets. A massive inflow since Blair here and Merkel in Germany has et the scene for a Europe-wide phenomenon. Still going on apace.
    Boris? Priti?


    • Up2snuff says:

      fnw, you have inspired a …..
      TOADY Watch #1 – Awake before my eyelids really wanted

      I awoke not quite at the Dawn Chorus but within and hour or so. (Maybe more about birds and a RSPB spokesman later) I therefore caught the first ten minutes of TOADY.

      I was informed that a statue was toppled in London Docklands yesterday because the figured person of history had owned slaves and was an Imperialist.

      (Eric Morecambe-style:) “Ohh”

      I wonder if the statue topplers realise where continuing action on that little line might take them? As fakenewswatcher has already hinted, if you do not like statues of Imperialists then Karl Marx will have to go (just don’t mess up my friend’s grave nearby), anything Roman (Mithras in Bucklersbury House), Greek (those Elgin Marbles need a short walk to the River Thames) Egyptian (more British Museum contents plus Needles on the Embankment), Assyrian, Persian, Mayan Indian, Chinese and oh! while we are about it, sorry British Muslims, but any Ottoman Empire stuff will just have to meet its watery grave.

      Quite how Thames shipping will cope with all that history in the river, I do not know.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Snuff -Apologies for that.
        Of course, what most urgently needs to be dumped in the river is the BLM PR machine, also known as Broadcasting House, headquarters of the bbc.
        Would be interesting to see how they like a dose of their own medicine?


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      I posted this recently but it is worth revisiting. From Professor Chris Mullard nearer 40 years ago (he’s a mixed-race race-hustler of years gone by, abandoned by both parents and understandably full of anger, at least then anyway, which was turned on Whites, naturally enough). Imagine if Enoch Powell had said this:

      “The battle will be a bloody one. Black and white will have no choice. The liberals … … will be caught in the middle. In the end they too will have no choice – they will have to side with black or white … …

      Blacks will fight with pressure, leaflets, campaigns, demonstrations, fists and scorching resentment, which, when peaceful means fail, will explode into street-fighting, urban guerilla warfare, looting, burning and rioting. Critics will argue smugly that this cannot possibly happen here. Most of them will be white, blind to what is already happening, wrapped in cocoons of isolation and utopian dreams of multi-racialism, confident that white is might.

      To these I say, ‘Watch out Whitey, [email protected]@er goin’ to get you!’”


  28. JimS says:

    There was a rumour a few years ago that the Irish were planning to follow mainland Europe and move to driving on the right.

    The plan was that the lorries would change-over on 1st January and the private cars on 1st February.

    Seeing as we are clearly going down the pan why don’t we properly commit National Suicide?

    Extinction Rebellion, Momentum, BBC News Room and Black Lives Matter can provide the lead and start us off on 1st July and the rest of us can arrange a time sometime after…


  29. digg says:

    When we get into the recriminations about schoolchildren failing miserably in a few months time as we surely will! I hope the accusations point firmly at the Teachers Unions and some teachers who have been trying hard to make this a political football just to trash Boris et. al.


  30. Guest Who says:

    That’s Maxi buggered then.


  31. richard D says:

    A propos the post by Stewgreen about those who might want to defend statues in the UK…I decided not to append this post, because I didn’t want to diminish the importance of what was being said…… but I picked up on this little doozy on a couple of US political blogs.

    It concerns a ‘lady of colour’ who wanted to loot a store…but the owners were sitting outside, armed (legally, I suppose, since the law had not arrested them). The lady in question went what one might call ‘apesh!t’ at the shop owners (she called them ‘Ramadan Motherf***ers’, amongst some other ripe language) for having the temerity to defend their store against her and her fellow blacks who wanted to loot it.

    Now that might sound crazy to anyone with any sense, but the whole situation is just so funny, it’s unreal.

    You need to read one of the articles, linked below, in its entirety, to see just how crazy this world has become when the defenders of things are the bad guys. It is totally off-the-charts unbelievable.



    • JimS says:

      Is that what you could call ‘Black Privilege’?

      If an indigenous Briton tried that outside a Muslim shop they would be ‘trialled’ and jailed within the hour, if they were lucky.

      If they weren’t lucky the brothers and cousins would arrive by car within minutes and demonstrate what a baseball feels like.


  32. Up2snuff says:


    The BBC may have set a new record today. Stew Green may be able to confirm. They have opened and closed a HYS on the above in just three hours. Perhaps the large number of comments removed and some others not going ‘the way the BBC would like’ prompted them to take that action.


  33. thirstypak says:

    BBC questioning whiteness from ‘The Greatest’ on their front page:


    and yet dare they show his views on racial integration from the same interview ?- I doubt it…..


  34. StewGreen says:

    Thomas Sowell one of the special black voices of reason

    And there’s loads of new Tweets


    • Nibor says:

      why dont they lionise this man , a thinker , a seeker of truth , an educator reather than the thug George Floyd ?


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Nibor – thinkers and seekers of the truth are not wanted, at the moment. T’is the season for the mindless rabble in their Nikes to be in charge. Criminals are basically OK now, cos there is someone else making the law, as yet unwritten, other than in scrawly graffiti.
        Follow Germany: it once prided itself (justifiably) as the nation of ‘poets and thinkers’. For the last fifteen years it has apparently lived happily with Comrade Merkel dismantling the place.
        Collective suicide now in fashion.


  35. Doobster78 says:

    Just crazy. Madness. Makes your blood boil.

    I am afraid you can just see the BBC and MSM in overdrive this weekend. There could well be exactly the same amount of trouble as last week, but as there will be folk there who are not HARD left, it will NOT be classed as “largely peaceful” whatever the outcome.

    It will be the racist, far right, hooligan, brexit voters who did it !!!!


  36. taffman says:

    Sounds like the backlash is coming ? Ex servicemen , football supporters and British people going to protect the statues. The liberal snowflake media will label them as ‘hooligans’ because they are the wrong colour .
    Anything on Al Beeb ?


    • Fedup2 says:


      That is going to be a big test for plod . I fear the chaps going to protect statues will get the full treatment – dogs – horses – helicopters – riot plod – cctv cameras – warnings – kettling – intimidation – arrest .

      On the other hand the hard left turning up to do their Socialist Workers act will be allowed free rein .

      The demonstration by those trying to enforce the law of protection of property will definitely not be described as

      ‘Largely peaceful’

      By the BBC …… who will be there to crop the pictures again ….


      • Van Helsing says:


        What’s needed is for some right-thinking individuals to record the events on camera so that, if need be, the narrative proffered by the BLM/Antifa mob, the police and the media can be challenged.


    • Jeff says:

      If the BBC do report these protective measures taken by patriots you know their coverage will be exclusively negative.
      “Far right thugs attack anti racist campaigners.” The police will actually have to earn their money and keep the two groups apart instead of kneeling down like pathetic wimps, or running away like bloody wusses.
      The BBC and Sky will scan the crowds for the hefty looking blokes with cropped hair and tattoos. There will be references to Tommy Robinson and the EDL. If they interview anyone, they’ll pick some sweet looking female student from the “anti racist” side and the ugliest geezer they can find from those defending our heritage.
      And sitting smugly at home the Guardian readers will sip their claret and sneer their contempt…

      However, on a more positive note, I do hope that the British public are beginning to awaken from their political slumbers. We’ve been subjected to the Beeb’s left wing, deeply biased propaganda for years. Their atrocious coverage of these recent riots (sorry, anti racist demonstrations) was so blatantly corrupt that they might just have jolted middle England from its torpor.

      Defending Britain’s memorials and statues shouldn’t be left to the patriotic public. No one should wish to deface them.
      But this is enriched and vibrant muticultural Britain in 2020.

      Somehow it feels more like 1984…


      • JimS says:

        More like 1938 – just wait for the night of broken glass if you don’t have a BLM poster in your window and your forehead on the ground.


        • fakenewswatcher says:

          Jim S – It’s not only the night of the broken glass that should worry us; that is followed by the night of the ‘long knives’. That could be a little more concerning.
          Suddenly Ernst Roehm pops into mind. Think he was leader of Hitler’s SA (Sturmabteilung) – brownshirts. Book-burning as well as broken glass was in fashion. Take-over of parliament? -check.
          So now it’s statues. Sure Roehm would have loved it. Mob violence sure got his adrenalin going. Especially when it turns out to be legitimate, while anyone wanting the law to be applied, was illegitimate.


  37. s.trubble says:

    A welcome and some suggestions to the new DJ……Tim Davie,

    Tim , no doubt you will be very busy with all the challenges and what not and be running many new things up the flagpoles, seeing the blue skies , visioning, modernizing (refer to Kamal Ahmed) etc.

    Few ideas

    1) You accompany Capita Goons when issuing first criminal prosecution notice to an over 95 whose defence is that she thought the Licence Fee was abolished after the Miner,s strike

    2) A newsnight special with an evening of Emily Maitlis in conversation with Jim Davidson

    3) A licence Tax opinion poll about the return of the Black & White minstrel show

    4) Benny Hill – an appreciation led by Mary Beard.

    5) A documentary featuring the SNP – in appreciation of English statues

    Best of luck Tim

    ps Rats are deserting the sinking ship …..


  38. Dystopian says:

    Please excuse the expletives not my twitter post.


  39. Fedup2 says:

    Stew – do you really want to put the C word up ?


  40. Up2snuff says:

    Guido Fawkes has an item about Oxford University and Chris Patten which also contains a wonderful photograph of a protest at Liverpool University, I think.
    – second photo is one to which I refer.

    Poster on ground no doubt written by a student, or maybe a Prof?, at the Medical School who had had a recent uncomfortable encounter with a Proctologist and could not bear to spell ‘colon….’ correctly.


  41. LastChanceSaloon says:

    No BBC content.
    I have decided to move abroad.
    I have, over a period of months, examined, compared and contrasted the options.
    Selection criteria.
    # 1 Are the inhabitants highly intelligent?
    # 2 Are the inhabitants industrious?
    # 3 Does the state value knowledge and education?
    # 4 Are the inhabitants reserved, polite and well mannered?
    # 5 Would the inhabitants welcome me, despite past military conflicts?
    # 6 Does the state have a long and proud history?
    # 7 Does the state have a history of innovation and creativity?
    # 8 Are the inhabitants law abiding?
    # 9 Do the inhabitants enjoy a high standard of living?
    #10 In case of natural catastrophe do the residents repair the
    damage themselves, or do they expect others to solve their problems?
    #11 Do the inhabitants recognise and admire Western culture and achievements?
    #12 Are the inhabitants mature and civilised?

    The rating system adopted was 5000 for an affirmative answer, zero for a negative answer.

    Here is the result.
    In joint first place, with a score of 6000, Japan.
    In joint first place, with a score of 6000, South Korea.
    In joint first place, with a score of 6000, China (I do not recognise the PRC, I recognise the Government of Taiwan as the legitimate Chinese Government).
    In joint first place, with a score of 6000, Singapore.

    In joint 180th place, with a score of 0, Africa.
    In last place, with a score of -6000, Haiti.


    • Up2snuff says:

      LCS, What about the Falkland Islands?


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        U2s – Selection process abbreviated.
        Falkland Islands lost points because there is failed state calling them the Malvinas and claiming ownership.


  42. vlad says:

    Excellent Dystopian.

    After the biased Brexit coverage, the biased election coverage, the biased Covid coverage, the constant bias in domestic and international news, the steady stream of revelations by ex-employees and most recently the obscene bias in its coverage of the BLM/Antifa riots, now is the time to strike as people awaken to the truth.

    Defund the BBC: https://www.change.org/p/everyone-defund-bbc


  43. Daphne says:

    I do find myself thinking about the politics of envy a lot these days. I come into contact with a lot of under 35’s through my work. A commonly held view is that older people have stolen their future. I have had comments made to me about how its all right for me because I own a ( modest) home and have some money ( a small legacy left by my deceased parents). Whilst I am glad and grateful for these, with the exception of the legacy, it comes from being in full time work since the age of 17. Some of these people are really blatant in displaying their hatred of anyone significantly older. After one such outburst I was prompted to reply that if you did insist on wasting 3 yrs studying for a qualification that nobody wants, how is that anyone elses fault, that has been the situation for a long time now, since the Blair governments and you people must be slow on the uptake. This went down like a s**t sandwich as you can imagine. There are exceptions of course but generally these people are so lacking in self awareness and insight it is no wonder we have situations like those at the weekend.


    • Charlie Farley says:

      My thoughts exactly , I have some younger family members in their 20s and 30s and Thankfully they are sensible with a broad outlook on life and they respect the past and with our families war losses to learn from , their parents brought them up properly but it was always a battle to reeducate the guilt the schools forced on them for being White !


    • BRISSLES says:

      Well said Daphne, and for stating the obvious (to us anyway) to those permanent teenagers. The education x 3 might have been a commendable idea at the time, but no-one forsaw the acceleration of immaturity that this prolonged period of education would bring.

      Going to work while still in the teen years gives a skill, educates and promotes an attitude of grown upness. But now we have these 20 somethings with a mental age of 14 who still play video games, and are still ‘babied’ by their mums. Then in the 5 minutes they manage to look up from their iPhones or take out the buzzing headphones, they decide to take on the world with a bit of a fight and home made placards.

      Did anyone notice the huge banner outside the college in Oxford and underneath the statue of Cecile Rhodes ? A huge white banner with the wrong spelling of colonial – it was spelt collonial in huge black letters. Honest to God you couldn’t make it up.


      • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

        Cecile Rhodes? I thought you didn’t approve of transgender people.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      A degree in Social Science is indeed a s**t sandwich which most employers are very likely to ignore because they have no use for it and neither has the consumer.
      The yoonies spend far too much time teaching students WHAT to think and none at all on HOW to think. The blame game is instilled in them as a valid doctrine so we have a psychologically flabby younger generation desperate to find a scapegoat for their own shortcomings.
      As you indicate the Blair regime has a lot to answer for.


  44. theleftwilleatitself says:

    If anybody on here by any chance knows one of these Football Lads Alliance members, could they please thank them from me, a very grateful member of this forum 👍 🇬🇧


  45. Sluff says:

    News conference.
    Laura Doomsberg (salary £350,000 per annum) is still more interested in s***-stirring than getting useful information.

    She tries to embarrass by quoting Professor Trousersdown querying the initial date of the lockdown. But the gotcha moment eludes her. Again.

    Only interested in the past, nothing to say about the future, nothing constructive to offer at all.

    She earns £350,000 per year for this cretinous garbage.
    Why? Does she get an annual appraisal and salary review?
    She should.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      I think the sack would be more appropriate. Oh and a bag to put it in.


  46. digg says:

    The Guardian gloatingly reports that Neil Ferguson (Yes him!) has now announced that the death toll could have been halved if Boris had the UK had locked down a week earlier than he did.

    “UK coronavirus live: Boris Johnson takes briefing after Neil Ferguson says lockdown a week earlier would have halved death toll”


    By that logic if everybody in Europe had known early in 1646 that the Black death was about to strike they could all of socially isolated in their hovels and saved 30 million deaths of the 60 million who actually died. What fools they were! who was leading them? Why didn’t the leaders act sooner after all it only lasted 6 years!

    This utter crap gets worse and worse and from the supposedly highly “educated”.

    Plus extending the Prof’s prediction, if Boris had started the lock-down say 4 weeks earlier we might have had negative deaths i.e some people would have actually been resurrected!

    Thus if Churchill had declared war on Germany and invaded in say 1930 before Hitler got his act together, the war would probably have been over in 2 months and millions of soldiers lives would have been saved.

    I think it’s called the wisdom of hindsight Mr. Ferguson!


    • Beltane says:

      I’d guess that Ferguson’s reputation as a senior and significant scientific man of note having taken such a battering through his immature shagging propensities, he’s now acting out of spite to try and redress the balance.


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        ” he’s now acting out of spite to try and redress the balance.”
        Demonstrating why he should not have been a selected “Expert”.
        The Lancet editor Horton is another example of Lefty bias.

        Unscientific and incompetent, courtesy of the usual UK “education”.

        No attempt by the Guardian to hide their extreme, anti white hatred. 90% of articles written by aliens.


    • infoquest says:

      Re The Guardian –


      Back in the 1860s, The Manchester Guardian gave unqualified support to the confederacy during the American civil war; even reprinting confederate propaganda against the slaves’ liberator Abraham Lincoln.


      • Lefty Wright says:

        I would like to be in a position to make a sneering remark about snakes changing their skins but I’m afraid given my own history I can’t. For years I identified as an International Socialist(inactive),only to shed my skin to become an ardent believer in English nationalism.
        Does that make me a hypocritical racist? Maybe, but I hope many of today’s youth will eventually experience the same epiphany.


        • LastChanceSaloon says:

          I was an eager to please sponge at school.
          Absorbed whatever was required.
          Squeeze me and I would repeat the nonsense.
          Voted for the Communist candidate.
          Plenty like us on BBBC.
          Solzhenitsyn, James Burnham, Whittaker Chambers, plenty of prominent former Communists.

          This is the problem for the Marxists, some of us mature.
          Forced by the gap between reality and the lefty nonsense, we investigate for ourselves. Then change our opinions.

          All the crowing about OAP Brexit voters dying is irrelevant when the Left is continually leaking support when thinkers are finally convinced how evil it is.

          This is also why the Left retains the black vote, they do not do the thinking.


    • digg says:

      Right on cue… from it’s brother in arms at the Guardian, Channel four news managed an interview with what appeared to be an American teenage girl masquerading as an expert. She was duly pumped to generally agree with Prof. Ferguson’s remarks throughout. At the end I think even she realised that she was getting onto very thin ice and started to mumble words like “of course had we all known what we know now….” At which point the Channel four interviewer quickly ended the slot.

      The lefty media is so puffed up with it’s own world view and importance and so bloody biased that they can’t see or begin to understand that most people are now taking it with a very large pinch of salt.


  47. Fedup2 says:

    Juvenile stuff about what could have been is just a luxury from professor hindsite . I have a PhD in hindsight too . If we’d put a nuclear submarine off China and dropped a nuc on Wutan last summer we’d all be thinking about our holiday destinations now – assuming the chinks didn’t set The Big One off ……


  48. StewGreen says:

    So ITV local news what are you going to shove down my throat ?
    Item #1 The GROWING* Black Lives Matter movement in Hull
    .. * note that framing word, loaded language

    #3 Jo Cox Foundation says “look over there the FAR RIGHT are exploiting lockdown to groom people on line”

    #6 Nepali ? researcher dies of Covid in Hull Hospital


  49. taffman says:

    \\Starmer: England’s back-to-school plans ‘lie in tatters’//
    Thanks to the Teaching Unions ? Nice photo no BAME Al Beeb being selective again.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      Several “experts” supporting Starmer quoted by the BBC.
      All working for entities with Norwegian names.
      I suspect they are all hard lefties.
      I can no longer the BBC long enough to confirm this.
      Comments closed already.
      Regardless, the kneeling Starmer photgraph was a gift.
      He will regret that for, ever.


      • john in cheshire says:

        Once SucKerStarmer gets fully into the muslim prostration position, he’ll actually be able to do something useful. There’ll be somewhere for people to park their bike.