626 Responses to Weekend Thread 6 June 2020

  1. Foscari says:

    I want to know Cressida Dick have you told your police
    officers to take it on the chin if they are chased and assaulted
    by anarchist scum?


    • Oaknash says:

      No they have to kneel nicely and ask for forgiveness. For being er …… white.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    BBC 10pm news – evidence of Bias – A BBC droid called Chi chi azoo azoo – on yoof experience was busily telling another coloured about how all the protesters around the world are ‘ together ‘ then to an asian in washington called alim mukbool ….then – incredibly they go to someone called shyma kalill
    In australia and chuck more racial fuel on the fire with another video of cops trying to control an ethnic .

    Then an attack on thr government fir telling the NHS what to do – like wearing facemasks .

    So ive dipped into BBC TV ‘news ‘ for the first time since the start of lent . I dont think i will be doing so again for the sake of my own mental health .


  3. Guest Who says:

    Good to see the BS programme has its finger on the national pulse, as ever.

    Mr. Davie, your pooch has never been more screwed.


  4. StewGreen says:

    “The officer knocked *herself off* her horse.”
    many people quoting what they heard the BBC news say

    Police Horse Officer in diving row, says the referee BBC /sarc


    • Oaknash says:

      Thank God for the Worlds Most Trusted Broadcaster to get to the truth.

      Just like the Scandinavian girls in Morocco who were raped and Beheaded by members of ISIS and died of…….neck wounds.

      Later on the BBC admitted they were raped , but on reporting on the trial – strangely forgot that these women had also been raped . https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-48471301

      Poor old Aunty must have benign dementia.


      • Oaknash says:

        Sory meant to say – “Later on the BBC admitted they were murdered , but on reporting on the trial – strangely forgot that these women had also been raped”


  5. Dave S says:

    Dangerous times in the US. People here do not really understand how vast the US is. Driving across it takes days. I have done it twice plus other long trips. The small towns and the West in particular are a different world. I think that soon the people there wil not care if New York, LA and other cities burn to the ground. They are far away . . In our terms like going to Istanbul.
    They will fortify their towns and being well armed have little to fear. Also they grow the food for the cities. Not sensible to alienate these people.
    The moment Trump held up that Bible he is sending them a message. Do what you have to do to protect yourselves and your families. We will have to see what happens.
    Here the copycat riots are continuing. We do not have the luxury of distance. Let us hope things calm down but I am not hopeful. Withdrawing police from most areas of the affected cities here might be the best course of action . The refusal to accept white police seems to be gathering pace. It might be the only answer.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Dave S – am i reading you right ? Are you really suggesting formally giving up on law enforcement in parts of UK cities?

      This is some Irony that i dont get right?

      Ive just reread what you have written . I think you might need help .


      • Dave S says:

        Not at all .I am serious. The situation is such that white police will soon have no option but to stop policing those districts where the population is majority BME. They are clearly no longer accepted. That leaves two choices. Either no law at all or create a police force that reflects the community. That is non white. Then that force will be acceptable because to refuse to accept it would be illogical. What other alternative is there? It is naive to think after this explosion of rage that there is any point in thinking our police can effectively police the cities where they do not reflect the ethnic mix.


      • Oaknash says:

        FE2 I dont agree with what Dave is suggesting but at the same time if things carry on as they appear to be – I can see how he came to his conclusion which to me appears quite logical.

        Unfortunately we are a small country not a continent. Ultimatly if London “takes the knee” and falls we all fall.

        I prefer to stand.


        • Dave S says:

          That is true but it is time for the white population to quit London for good. They have no future there. In fact for some time this has been true. A de facto ethnic cleansing has taken place.


        • G says:

          Dave’s perfectly logical assertion is all that can ultimately happen.
          On the brightside, just think about the increased more ‘localised’ Home Office Crime Stats that will inevitably be required…………
          Although, hang on: any such Stats will be ‘racist’ by then and unavailable.


  6. StewGreen says:



    • vlad says:

      It’s the official BBC grammar: cars attack infidels, knives kill drug dealers (all budding engineers), Northern girls get raped by no-one in particular, and police officers knock themselves off horses (definitely not the brick-throwing mob).

      It’s a mad mad world out there.


    • StewGreen says:

      A human-twitter-zombie army had previously invaded Darren Grimes Twitter timeline
      saying it was her own fault
      after he incorrectly said protesters had knocked her from the horse.
      Seems to me that something spooked the horse to bolt and tun into a traffic light
      .. and since that was during protesters throwing missiles and maybe fire, that had something to do with it.

      He’d said
      “Listen to them celebrate as *they knock* an officer from his horse.”


    • StewGreen says:

      ITV as well

      Indy journos alternative reality thread


  7. Ed Hitter says:

    The BBC news report of tonight’s attacks on police in London was an utter disgrace.
    The reporter stated that the protests were no longer just about the US George Floyd incident “but to highlight that the UK is not innocent when it comes to racism.”
    Get that? Did you hear what the BBC has just said? Take it in: “The UK is NOT INNOCENT when it comes to racism.”
    There we have it. A supposedly impartial BBC reporter, covering an illegal gathering at which police were attacked, has accused this country of being racist.
    Not given as an opinion on a debate programme, not quoting someone else, but stated as fact in a news report.
    This rotten propaganda unit has sunk as low as it could ever get.
    And this is happening on the anniversary of the day on which my father and thousands of other young men put their lives on the line in the D -Day landings to save us from the fascists.
    It breaks my heart to see what is happening to this country, and the BBC is complicit in our fall.


    • taffman says:

      Ed Hitter
      The great nation such as ours will not fall.
      If the government doesn’t get a grip there could be a huge backlash .
      The demonstrators are miniscule in comparison with the rest of the country . Who will the Antifa snowflakes turn to then ? The police .
      The dogooders and the limpdems will be screaming for the troops to be brought in when the mob attack their London homes and Asian businesses and shops


      • G says:

        “Who will the Antifa snowflakes turn to then ? The police .”
        Exactly. And who will the police in turn focus their attention on to seek “justice”?
        Those who stand up and be counted (so they thought).
        That, I’m afraid, is what is likely to happen. The police? They can no longer protect the public even if they had the desire to do so.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Alastair Stewart quotes the Mail and in a follow tweet said he doesn’t think the BBC would lie


  9. taffman says:

    “Coronavirus: Far-right Rome protest turns briefly violent”
    Is there more to this than meets the eye , are we being told the whole story ?


  10. StewGreen says:

    I don’t think I am over posting am I ?

    someoone replied with a good US video


  11. StewGreen says:

    Media are deleting their tweets
    PippaCrerar deleted the Daily Mirror tweet hat Alastair quoted
    (after she’d talked to Owen Jones)

    People complain Sky news deleted a tweet


    \\ You were wrong so deleted your tweet
    but still failed to fully correct it
    and admit that the protestors threw objects including bottles
    and a bike at the horse which caused it to bolt
    knocking the officer off it who now may be seriously injured.
    #FakeNews #Coward //


    • taffman says:

      George Floyd death: Thousands attend Manchester protest
      “The BBC has contacted the march organisers for a comment.”

      The riots and demos are being engineered by an organisation and then inflamed by the liberal lefty media. Just who are the “march organisers”?


    • StewGreen says:

      Guardian journo
      deleted her “joke tweets” that said she loved seeing the officer hit the ground and could some one make a repeat video


    • Doublethinker says:

      We ought not to be putting police horses in that situation. What we should have is a fleet of water cannon.


      • Charlie Farley says:

        We did it in Northern Ireland , water cannons with either a dye added or what was called irritant guaranteed to quell a riot …..happy days !


  12. taffman says:

    Is there anyone out there that can post a comment in support of Al Beeb ?


  13. vlad says:

    So Dickless Dick, Emir Khant and Priti Patel had a chat and thought: I know, let’s get a savage mob of revolutionary marxist extremist BLMs, Antifas and assorted rabble, already stir crazy with cabin fever, further whipped into a frenzy of hatred against whites and the police by the racist media and assorted influencers, and let’s let them loose against the police in Central London in defiance of distancing rules. What could possibly go wrong?

    Who’d have thought it would end in tears?


    Prayers that she recovers fully.


    • Oaknash says:

      In sleepy Swanage today witnessing a “Black Lives Matter ” demo on the seafront – with a selection of about 40 posh middle class kids, and Soy boys complete in skinny jeans and beards and glasses and about half a dozen proper token “people of colour” (or are they blacks – Im confused) We even had a couple of fat white birds giving the “black power salute” I first felt embarrassed for them and then bloody angry on today of all days the 6 th of June – luckily wife and daughters hustled me away before any embarrassing scenes.

      If the government is unwilling to act and tie the hands of the police – then I think we are getting very close to the point where citizens will have to take their actions to protect themselves and their country.

      I read about this once – it is called revolution or a coup de etat


      • Guest Who says:

        Perfect description for our bucolic backwater too.

        Around 100 gathered, much to the excitement of the bbc-funded local democracy reporter. Seeing their Facebook live ‘report’ audience almost hit triple figures. Probably proud parents.

        Odd mix. There were of course skanky locks dyed every colour of the rainbow atop pallow complexions adorned with eyeliner.

        A few crusties.

        Who wears leather in this heat?

        And a daft, easy to see rabble rouser talking to a mostly unmasked crowd through a mask taped over with ‘I can’t breathe’.

        And no one around here had ever seen any of them before.

        The cardboard art class was as inspired as it was prose of inspiration.

        I might of asked what most actually meant, but of course I was at home.


  14. pugnazious says:

    Astounding….you can have Nihal and Clara Amfo make highly provocative, racially loaded and emotive statements live on their shows that condemn Britain, and thus the ‘British’ [ie white] people, as racist, statements that the BBC went on to promote and replay throughout the day, and yet someone makes a statement that questions such narratives and is suspended by the BBC…


    ‘A radio presenter who questioned the issue of “white privilege” in relation to the Black Lives Matter protests has been suspended.

    Manx Radio took Stu Peters off air after Wednesday’s programme in which a black caller challenged him for writing “all lives matter” in an online forum.

    “I’ve had no more privilege in my life than you have. I’m a white man, you’re a black man,” he told Jordan Maguire.

    Manx Radio said it had referred the issue to the Communications Commission.

    Mr Peters declined to comment when contacted by the BBC.

    Manx Radio’s managing director Chris Sully said: “Stu Peters will not be presenting the Late Show whilst an investigation takes place.

    “We await [the Commission’s] guidance on any potential breach of the Broadcast Code.

    “Manx Radio does not condone racism in any form amongst its staff.’


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      It’s now ‘racist’ to not agree with racism?

      More like ‘1984’ every day.


  15. vlad says:

    Hey guys don’t despair: if you didn’t get a chance to kill a cop or cripple a horse, you can try again tomorrow and all next week, and the Standard will provide you with a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to where the action is, starting with the American Embassy tomorrow.

    That should be fun, cos we really really hate the racist fascist Americans, don’t we?

    Bring your own fireworks and animal traps to maim police horses, and don’t forget your hand sanitisers.

    “UK protests for Black Lives Matter: 2020 dates and how to get involved”



    • Doublethinker says:

      Remember Inspector Dumbo said it was your duty , not merely your right but your duty, to protest!


  16. fakenewswatcher says:

    Is the ES inciting/co-ordinating violent protest?
    Beeb R4 propaganda machine says the British “protests” are part of “international solidarity” with the US protests. The target tomorrow is the US Embassy. That is very symbolic, cos the ultimate target of all this is President Trump.
    We have known from day one of his presidency, when Obama slunk off to his ‘action centre’ to begin with the unseating of the President, that any means were acceptable.
    The demonisation, demoralisation, and intimidation of the police is a key strategy of the ‘protestors’. Remove them, they think, and you can walk into the White House. Or No10 for that matter.
    Has all this ‘take the knee’ crap immobilised the police? I very much doubt it.
    I think the would be revolutionaries will walk into a well-deserved bashing tomorrow.
    It’s high time the gloves came off.


  17. Jeff says:

    There’s an old Chinese proverb that pretty much sums up the cause of much of the mayhem we’re witnessing today.
    I also think it accurately assesses the problem with bringing people in from less civilised parts of the globe.
    Many of these people come from backward areas of the planet. They’re easy to manipulate. The Marxists are experts in getting very stupid people agitated.
    These newcomers come from races that have never invented anything. There are no intellectual achievements with which to credit people from Africa. There are no books, or works of art. They have no science and there are certainly no inventions.

    Without the white man they’d still be eating each other and warming themselves by setting fire to their own shit while squatting in mud huts.
    Thanks to us, these days, they’re driving BMWs and wearing designer labels.
    Perhaps deep down, I think, they’re aware of this…

    But back to my Chinese proverb…
    Confucius say, “If pig born in palace, it still piss on the floor.”

    And that, essentially, is what we’re witnessing…


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      It’s undoubtedly the case that tens of millions of Africans have benefited from living in the United States, even if their ancestors were brought there forcibly. They have access to education, health services, clean water, sanitation, food, modern technology and affirmative action. Even with some disparities in income and opportunity, which are generally down to class rather than race, the life of ‘poor’ black Americans is infinitely better than that of hundreds of millions of people in Africa. The benefits which have accrued to them during the past century or so run into trillions of dollars. So there is a strong case for reparations – to be paid by African Americans for the privilege and benefits of living in a modern, wealthy Western society rather than in impoverished villages in Africa. Think of it as a sort of cultural appropriation tax.


  18. fakenewswatcher says:

    Is US Defence Secretary Esper Deep State? He is sending unarmed soldiers in with soft caps, to protect key Washington targets from the ‘protestors’. Have a look at Breitbart on this.


  19. Celtic_Mist says:

    BBC raking in extra money


    “Immediate Media publishes a wide range of titles under licence from the BBC as BBC Good Food, BBC Countryfile magazine, BBC Top Gear, Lonely Planet and BBC Gardeners’ World magazine.
    From its humble beginnings in 2004, Black Dog Media quickly grew from a single publication produced by a team of just two, to one of the biggest names in global bookazine publishing. The company has a portfolio of over 250 publications, delivered by its international staff with titles ranging from the Complete Guide to Photography to the Complete Guide to MacOS. The partnership with Black Dog Media brings its guidebooks and tech guides to the platform, allowing users to improve their skills in a broad range of technical fields.
    “We are all passionate about providing our audiences with content they love and themes that they enjoy. We are delighted to welcome Immediate and Black Dog Media to Cafeyn and thereby enabling our readers to grow their knowledge in a wide range of fields,” Charlotte Varnham, UK Publishing Relationship Manager at Cafeyn.


  20. BRISSLES says:

    Will the parents of kids who die of knife wounds or of drug overdoses, be participating in this ‘taking the knee’ nonsense ? Bit like wearing baseball caps backwards – looks pathetic.

    But I am concerned at how civil unrest could become very frightening if this is allowed to go on any longer. Thank God I don’t live in London or a large city.


  21. taffman says:

    What amazes me is why those of the BAME that hate this country so much have not emigrated ? On the other hand we have people willing to risk their lives from third world countries desperate to get in here ? Perhaps those Al Beeb researchers that keep an eye on this site could run a programme on this conundrum ?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Its well known in Mensa that Blacks are victims of low average intelligence. They seem to have the same 85 IQ that all Humans had 40,000 years ago, with those who left Africa evolving an average IQ of 100 by 12,000 years ago, which set off the intellectual ability to understand what plants and animals need for agriculture and domestication of animals, leading to the creation of advanced civilisations. This was caused by moving to a colder environment, which helped the brain to become more active in the daytime, without the need to cool down, especially in winter. So those who stayed in Africa cannot sustain an advanced civilisation without assistance from other races. I remember reading statistics that showed that the Global standard of living of Blacks of African descent was dependent on the percentage of white Europeans in the community. The higher the percentage of White Europeans in the community, the higher the standard of living of Blacks in that community. So as Blacks loot and pillage the Cities, Whites will give up and leave. People running looted Shops and Food Banks will be to fearful to restore and reopen. The starving Blacks will then need to leave the city to attack white farmers in the countryside. But in America the white farmers have the right to bear arms.


      • vlad says:

        IQ is the ultimate taboo. If it were allowed in to the discussion about underachievement it would at a stroke demolish the claim that all underachievement is down to white privilege and racism.
        Any inconvenient research (and there’s plenty of it) must therefore be ruthlessly stamped out, as has been the case.
        Strangely, despite all the virulent racism in Western countries, many Asians do exceptionally well in all areas, whether academia, science, the professions or business.
        Strange isn’t it?


  22. Richard Pinder says:

    Twenty nations have a greater rate of killings by law enforcement officers than America. Previously, I did remembered being told that Jamaica has ten times the rate of America. But as both the Police and the Victims are Black, from calculating the estimation of importance to the BBC by minutes air time per year. (one minute given to mentioning Jamaican Police killings on the BBC per year) I estimate that these Black lives are about 240 million times less valuable than those killed by white officers in America. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_killings_by_law_enforcement_officers_by_country

    Hideously White Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and East Yorkshire have all reported zero police killings. Additionally, police in Iceland do not carry firearms. However, Iceland is probably the most hideously white nation in the world. So do not need to carry firearms.


  23. LastChanceSaloon says:

    BBC reports confusion at the House of Commons.
    The MPs had agreed to take part in a special ceremony to kneel down and apologise for encouraging the mass, racist, gang rapes of white female children in what it is hoped is a once only “Let’s pretend white lives matter.” event.

    The Labour party is now unable to attend the HoC due to a clash with their “Non Socialist Lives matter” event where they will kneel and apologise for the one hundred million victims of Communism in a special “Cross your fingers behind your back, because we not sorry.” gathering.

    The joint Houses of Lords and Commons have agreed a mutual apology to the British people where they will kneel on the Thames Embankment and confess to their deliberate lying and misleading the UK for 60 years, about the intention of the EU (in its various guises) to obliterate the nation states of Europe. This event takes places on February 35th Two thousand and eleventy ish, when the final EU daily tribute of only £83,000,000,000,000,000, which the UK does not owe, is scheduled to be made. The BBC original report, that after the event those who were genuinely contrite would jump in the river, was incorrect due to an unreliable source.

    In Foreign news South Africa has announced a special forgiveness day when the Government will kneel and apologise to black people for failing to rape and torture some white farmers before murdering them.
    The event where descendants of the Bantus who invaded Southern Africa “knelt and apologised”, has been cancelled because there are no San people left to receive the apology.


    • G says:

      So right. You have to look no further than South Africa to see black power at work. Destroy everything. Will be the same for the US/UK, or indeed anywhere else the blacks achieve power.


  24. Guest Who says:

    The BBC of course, being British, have a true grasp of what is not news. And what they want it to be.


  25. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    The death of George Floyd in the US has sparked global protests against racism, inequality and police brutality.



    Folk have noticed that what the bbc is choosing to share, and more crucially not share, is a poor reflection of reality.


  26. Guest Who says:

    Hopefully the face masks will be black too, Rach.


  27. Foscari says:

    Has anybody considered that the cruel actions of police
    officer Derek Chauvin may of been just personal ? Chauvin
    knew George Floyd . They had worked at the same night
    club in Minnesota for over a year in security. Is there
    something between the two which has not come to light yet?
    I am afraid we are heading towards what happened in 2011
    sparked by the death of gangster Mark Duggan. Then the BBC
    fanned the flames. They are at it again.


    • vlad says:

      The mob want a good lynching of the policemen involved, and they’re gonna get it.

      What judge or jury would be willing to face the fury of the rabble if they were found innocent?


      • G.W.F. says:

        The policeman will be unlikely to survive until Christmas. He might be suicided or killed in prison.


    • Van Helsing says:

      Agreed. There is no evidence that Chauvin’s actions were racist. The mere fact that he is white and Floyd was black is, however, taken by the media and other professional agitators as proof of racism.

      That the making of such a determination, being based on prejudice rather than evidence, IS racist is lost on Al-Beeb and their fellow metro-liberal crackpots. They don’t do irony, y’see.


  28. AnneG says:

    Radio 4 Eight am news. A reporter said “the horse MAY have bolted”
    Either it did or did not bolt.


    • Guest Who says:

      It is getting heard.

      It is getting noticed.

      It is getting shared.

      And it is not being forgotten or forgiven.


      • NameNotNumber says:

        LBC News about 9.30 last night before I pressed the off button- (paraphrase) – ‘The demonstration was peaceful until the police charged the crowd on horseback.’


      • Van Helsing says:

        It’s certainly not been lost on the horse-owning community, that I can guarantee.


      • Mrs Kitty says:

        The heartening thing is how many replies had just cancelled their license. All of this is opening more and more people’s eyes to the bias of the Beeb


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC News

      A police horse has bolted at protesters at an anti-racism rally in London.

      Tens of thousands of people have gathered across the UK for Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the death of George Floyd.


      Not an equestrian, but is it common for horses to bolt at the source of their fright?


      • Van Helsing says:


        I think you know the answer to that one already!

        But lest anyone be in doubt, a horse’s flight response will, unless there is no other avenue of escape, cause it to bolt away from whatever has spooked it.

        Police horses are very highly trained and do not bolt except in extreme circumstances, such as having a bicycle or firework thrown at them, to give two pertinent examples.


    • Banania says:

      @ Anne G. So good to see somebody picked up on this. So many people can no longer understand their mother tongue.


  29. Guest Who says:

    Nick Robinson liked this.

    Bet his dog yawns too.

    As do his remaining listeners.

    And the new DG.

    And OFCOM.

    And dcms.


  30. Guest Who says:

    One for bbc North America to ignore.

    Certainly not hire.

    Too lucid.

    And not blonde.


  31. vlad says:

    With more merry mayhem planned for today, the misnamed ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ media (they’re neither liberal nor progressive) such as the BBC are keen to describe the demonstrations in the US as ‘largely peaceful’. Wouldn’t want to tarnish the image of our favourite rioters and looters, would we?

    Tucker tells a different story.


  32. taffman says:

    Boris could end the bias of Al Beeb by the decriminalisation of the failure to pay the telly tax .


    • vlad says:

      But there would be a huge pre-emptive uproar orchestrated by the beeb itself claiming that the government were out to destroy this national treasure with its unique funding, bla bla.
      Would the government be willing to face down the backlash?


      • taffman says:

        That’s fine.
        The ‘uproar-ists’ should be calmly told that as they are so emotional and so supportive of the ‘national treasure’, then they should pay for it if they so wish. Just like any other entertainment . Its only just and fair.
        Its a tax that robs from the poor to pay the rich. Watch them squirm .


  33. AsISeeIt says:

    Culture Fix

    The Southbank Centre (with an Arts Council grant of public funds something north of £18m in 2019) send me an email entitled:

    Your Culture Fix

    Well, it strikes one as somewhat presumptuous of our artsy friends south of the River Thames to state quite so categorically what my Culture Fix might be – but we know what they mean – it’s simply their currently constrained listings.

    So let’s see what’s on…? Bearing in mind, this is My Culture Fix.

    But first there’s a preamble.

    ‘We always have to believe that ultimately, we will be able to change the world’

    Uh, oh. It’s a bit of a screed but it’s worth reading carefully.

    ‘In an interview at the Royal Festival Hall in 2017, the academic, writer and activist Angela Davis spoke about envisioning the future within the context of racism and discrimination. The protests in the US and the UK about the death of George Floyd, police brutality and the wider issues of institutionalised racism and injustice in our society highlight how much conversations like this need to be heard. The Southbank Centre stands in support and solidarity with our staff, our artists and all communities who are voicing their anguish and anger at the moment. More than ever, we need to listen to the artists, thinkers and changemakers who contemplate the central problems of our times and imagine something different and better. ‘

    No mention of the rule of law or of democracy. But we remember how the ‘artists, thinkers and changemakers’ were most put out when this nation voted the way they didn’t like.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      So what’s on at the South Bank Centre – or not really ‘on’ as such because it’s closed.

      We shall overcome
      Patrisse Cullors on Black Lives Matter, speaking out and Donald Trump

      Liberating minds
      Angela Davis: women, race and class in the post Trump era

      Get in formation
      A Change is Gonna Come: Powerful Protest Songs

      More than one story
      Historian David Olusoga discusses the fallout of empire, Kader Attia creates art about police brutality and Chineke! performs an elegy for Stephen Lawrence in this week’s selection of art and culture, chosen by our programmers.

      A lifetime’s struggle
      Nelson Mandela and me: the activists’ stories

      A knee well and truly bent there, I think you’ll agree.

      And with this level of liberal cultural domination do you still think Boris is going to clip the BBC’s wings?
      No chance.


    • taffman says:

      If the Labour Party jump on board the BLM bandwagon with Al Beeb they will take yet another drubbing in the next general election. How about it MPs?
      Watch this space ……..


      • G says:

        The “next general election.” Events Worldwide are happening at such a pace, five years is now too long between elections. This is, I think, the main reason that some sort of rebellion will kick off – soon. US First to quell the insurrection. This will embolden those who would want to see the same here. All forgetting, no doubt, the number of firearms owned by right wing people in the US.
        This constant fermenting of fury cannot continue even at this relatively low level of violence. It has to be ended one way or another and it sure won’t by appeasement to blacks or muslims.


    • Deborah says:

      Seeing what is on at the Southbank, I can see it isn’t relevant to me. But I bet it is more funded by my tax rather than income it generates itself.


  34. G says:

    Well, well, well. Imagine still sleepy, turning the radio on at about 0735 this morning, to BBC R4. I was met, presumably mid-way, in an interview between Stourton and some female American author. All anti-Trump. And I mean ‘all’. On and on and on with Stourton asking no contradictory questions like, what would you and people with your opinions have preferred, leave the Church alongside the White House to burn down completely so the rioters have their way and anarchy prevails? No. Too much to ask of any BBC clone. Next up? Two gobby females I imagine straight from the front line of BLM. Spouting and quoting in a manner that could only come from a college course text book on Marxism and the reasoning for that motivation. Upshot? the blacks want segregation.
    I didn’t hear the news at 0800 because I shut the radio off. However, following that brief exposure to the BBC, I was left with the obvious conclusion that, being white, I am one of the most hated and detested people on the planet. I understand that the muslims hate us but blacks? I’d always thought that the two races got along despite the blacks propensity for dishonesty, crime and murder. That, despite having been beaten up very badly by a black when I was eleven years of age for no reason whatever, he, in his twenties. I’d forgotten that incident. But now? I remember it vividly and I’ll probably think about that the rest of the day. Memory, when triggered, is an amazing thing.
    So, that’s my early morning conclusion. Thank you BBC for reminding me to add to my list of people to be avoided, blacks. And thank you for reminding me about an incident that should be forgotten.


    • Sluff says:

      Excellent summary.
      I still think anarchists, students on holiday, and SWP supporters masquerading as Extinction Rebellion have been totally put out of business short term by the Pandemic. A waste of time for them to sit down on roads with no vehicles.

      So George Floyd is a sort of great job creation scheme for them, as they have all re-trained into Black Lives Matter personages. I too heard the execrable ‘interview’ (LOL) with the gobby females and was appalled at the BBC unquestioning acceptance of their accusations, bile, and vitriol by Stourton – absolutely dreadful.

      Let’s hope that out there in the real world are lots of quiet people who don’t protest but see this junk for what is – this year’s excuse for an anti-Western-market-economy marxist enterprise by Leftmob.


      • G says:

        Agreed, but these anarchists are experts in ‘multi-tasking’ or ‘rebranding/relabelling’ if you prefer. Imagine: waking up one morning and receiving a telephone call to confirm your grievance for the day which has to be acted out. Extinction Rebellion? its the same people in BLM et al.


        • Sluff says:

          Loving the concept of the database of LeftMob anarchists and the phone call with the ‘grievance of the day’ instructions.
          Probably social media rather than phone of course but other than that I suspect this is very close to the truth.


  35. Guest Who says:

    That surfer a native Australian and the country will be trashed.

    JonDon probably headed back to join the Egyptian Sheila who posts… not so often.


    • Hereward Wake says:

      Oh dear me BBC, no! Definitely NO! “Great” White Shark? Surely you should say “Privileged” White Shark, or “Racist” White Shark.


  36. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    The US has seen protests since the death of George Floyd in police custody, but Washington’s police chief believes Saturday’s “may be one of the largest we’ve ever had in the city”.

    Is ‘in police custody’ commonly understood as:

    A) Taken Epstein styly in a cell.

    B) During an ongoing outdoors arrest

    BBC Editorial Guidelines doubtless allow for all eventualities.


  37. The WestWyvern says:

    Radio5dead interviewing a black female, I only caught a second about ‘when she’s met racist behaviour in this country’.
    Narrative, narrative, narrative, morning, noon and night. Off button selected.

    I am sick and tired of being called a racist in my own bloody country, supported by the ‘national broadcast disgrace’

    This country of ours is not racist. We are the most tolerant, welcoming, forgiving land on the planet. We let all colours, creeds, beliefs, shapes, sizes and walks of life come to our shores.

    We feed them, allow them to practice their beliefs, we house them, we fund them and their families, we bend over backwards not to offend them, we encourage them to keep their ‘culture’ alive, we then turn a blind eye when they rape, murder, kill, exploit and con us.

    We give them a voice, we let them have positions of power, so they take up against us in the media, our institutions and systems of government in order to belittle and decry us – and the once great country our forefathers built and died for.

    Once in these positions they call us racist, they call us racist, they call us racist, ad infinitum…….And what do we do, watch, listen, nod our heads, some bend their knee. The rest tut tut and carry on as if we were normal.

    Racist. Nah that’s bullshit. Not this England, we are far from racist, just bloody stupid.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Wyvern – Stupid, we are indeed. And you left out ‘docile’, very docile. We are the dog that gets kicked, then wags its tail in gratitude, and returns to our dog’s breakfast, served up by beeb.
      And most of us will continue to feed the beast, when that demand comes through the letterbox.


    • pugnazious says:

      Be very afraid when they have the ‘whiphand’….when the placards read ‘Shoot the Whites’.


  38. fakenewswatcher says:

    On R4 “Broadcast House” continues with the predictable, and now almost compulsory, stirring, then decides to kick off th programme by going down the preview and interview road: Tomorrow night we can -should we choose to (I won’t)- watch a beeb feature on the ‘Windrush Generation’.
    Paddy O Connel does the necessary grovelling in his interview, and we listen to someone who couldn’t find their passport and couldn’t find their other papers, providing evidence the Home Office wanted.
    Lotsa Gestapo-like door-banging, in case we miss the point. Only the Nazi Policeman shouting “Open up, Schweinehund!” is missing, but I think we’ll get the British version.
    They think they have our attention now, so a broad range of grievances are aired. (I noticed this last night when beeb’s Chichi Nzundu included Grenfell, apparantly an example of structural racism). I’m really only ‘listening with one ear’, but I can hear the interviewee having a go at UKIP for being one of the racist causes of Windrush.
    So really, not only our police, but also our Democracy and legal, mainstream parties are now a target.


  39. LastChanceSaloon says:


    UK ready to accept EU tariffs on British oods to untie post-Brexit trade deadlock – report

    Frost signaled that Britain is ready to accept some tariffs on a small number of its goods, but demanded that the EU stop forcing London into abiding by the bloc’s environmental and labor standards.

    [No search results returned on this. But every new day seems more like a Brexit party day.]


  40. pugnazious says:

    5 Live presenter right now…..

    ‘What have you done to help the Black Lives Matter?’

    ‘I wanted to show my solidarity’

    BBC not news but a campaign.

    Oh yeah…the protests were quite peaceful.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      pug – when R5L ask “What will you be doing to undermine BLM and call it out as an ungrateful, violent, racist, anti-white mob”, give me a shout.


  41. Doobster78 says:

    Won’t be long until we are at the stage where a uneducated BLACK person , zero qualifications and a criminal record will be running a FTSE 100 company as they were the ONLY BLACK person to attend the interview and therefore GUARANTEED the job !!!!!!

    The other WHITE candidates could have all the qualifications and experience in the world and it will count for nothing.

    More race baiting from our MSM !!!! DISGUSTING.

    Do you think the Nigerian media bang on and on about how many whites are in the Government ???


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Doobster: I was actually thinking of South Africa, a country built into a ‘first-world’ economic and industrial force by whitee.
      Now ruined by the corrupt and inept ANC/SACP Alliance, and well on the way to Third world conditions. Despite a substantial and skilled white population residing there, who could even start work on the revival of the bankrupt, heavily LOOTED State Enterprises and government departments tomorrow, guess as to the number of whites in cabinet? There is a also a policy of preferential appointment for blacks in all walks of life, regardless of how many qualified whites there are for a given job.
      Racism. The blacks do it much better than the whites ever could.


      • richard D says:

        fakenewswatcher…. your comments about S Africa are spot on. I was there a couple of years ago and found that most employers (including blacks) try to employ Zimbabweans and other people who have moved to SA, rather than native S Africans – because they actually want to work for their pay.

        A long story, normally, but let me try to make it brief. I saw, with my own eyes, building contractors on a domestic house property – they arrived at ‘approximately’ 09:00, and left at ‘approximately’ 16:30, having spent most of the day sitting on their behinds in the shade, in groups, swilling drinks, chatting, smoking, nowhere near the actual work location.

        I asked an acquaintance why the employer (white – pretty much the norm in SA) didn’t just fire any of them who did this ? The response was that any worker they disciplined would immediately phone their union shop steward, who would immediately call a member of COSATU (Confederation of South African Trades Unions) who would call a buddy in Parliament, who would imediately contact the local MP, who would call the employer and pretty much tell him that, unless he rescinded any disciplinary action, the MP would call the approriate government trade body, and his licence to trade would be withdrawn that day, and never be re-instated.

        The acquaintance said to me that this chain of activity was just about the fastest co-ordinated activity ever seen in South Africa.


        • fakenewswatcher says:

          richard- I could have gone on a bit longer, but I thought I’d restrict myself to comment largely on economics.
          Had I gone into politics, I should have mentioned the campaign -with either overt or tacit SA government support, of killing whites, legislating to grab white-owned land etc There was on YT a clip of Mandela himself, in the centre of a gang singing ‘Kill the boer, kill the farmer’, though it’s probably been taken down. I saw it with my own eyes. And was it Zuma who liked to sing ‘bring me my machine-gun’? You can actually call for the killing of whites in the SA parliamant too -no consequences. That to, can be found on YT.
          Imagine BoJo and his cabinet singing ‘kill the blacks’ and grabbing black-owned property! Then I think there WOULD be cause for complaint, big time. But no, they are given council housing, free NHS care, all the benefits. And I know many do sterling work in the NHS, put their lives on the line, etc. But then, they’re not out there with BLM, throwing bycicles at mounted policeman, defacing monuments, and costing the taxpayer a fortune for policing.
          I think they know whitee is a gullible fool, easily made to feel guilty, and that you yourself don’t have to achieve to get. And so the narratives spin out from beeb et al; the wilder and more outrageous the accusation, the happier beeb is to broadcast it.
          You can start blaming racism on viruses, building fires, anything you like. All of it is not only given credence, but hyped up as much as possible. They just keep pounding out slogans.
          What a crazy country we live in.


    • richard D says:

      Doobster – and look at what political correctness got us by succumbing to previous demands that a black person just had to be in the cabinet/shadow cabinet……

      Dianne Abbott.

      FFS – enough said ?

      (By the way – your point is 100% on target – it is clearly racist, in my view, to demand that someone gets appointed over a better candidate for the role – and especially to government – because their skin is the right colour.)


      • G says:

        “it is clearly racist, in my view, to demand that someone gets appointed over a better candidate for the role – and especially to government – because their skin is the right colour.)”

        Yes, despite legislation that outlaws discrimination positive or otherwise. But that’s ‘law’ now seen as ‘for other people’, other countries, other circumstances. It sure ain’t the UK – now.
        “Law abiding”? No longer.


  42. pugnazious says:

    Bames in the media are afraid to speak out in case don’t get da job….wasn’t it brave of John Boyega to make that impassioned speech knowing that ‘he might not work again’?…..lol…he knew exactly what he was doing…this was his finest performance…his best ever job interview…..a terrific PR stunt on prime time TV…witness the, er, backlash….

    ‘John Boyega is hailed a ‘hero’ by Star Wars producer LucasFilm following his impassioned speech at the Black Lives Matter demonstration in London’s Hyde Park’

    Boyega knew full well that there was no chance in hell that anyone would speak out against him….his speech was virtue signalling self-promotion on steroids. Nihal tried something similar, even bursting into tears on his show so oppressed was he, attempting to burnish his race industry credentials….not quite as successfully as Boyega.

    The BBC seems to have given itself over to its bame employees to use it as their personal broadcasting station to spread their racist messages about evil whites.


  43. Doobster78 says:

    Piers has lost it. Great stuff. Quite rightly being called out as a massive hypocrite.


  44. StewGreen says:

    Barrow : Of course rape complainants are occasionally lying
    But Maggie Olivers tweets emphatically say she believes Ellie after talking to experts

    Whereas the Press Association guy just parrots the police line
    as does the local MP.

    8:50am TR put our a new video starts about media double standards of supporters Covid rule breaking by protesters & omitting mentioning violence


    • theisland says:

      TR says:
      Main question in my interview was “have you got recordings that contradict our stance on what’s happening in barrow”
      and Here at 7:28 (TR’s new video as above)


  45. pugnazious says:

    Dear God

    Not a single question from the presenter.

    From doctor in the NHS[Zoe Williams…a highly successful black who seems to have suffered not one jot in life]….


    Racism is rife in the NHS

    Bangladeshi men dying from Covid 19 due to racism

    Racism is more important than stopping Covid 19….we’ll have vaccine for Covid19 but not for racism….therefore we must get out onto the streets.


  46. richard D says:

    Saw some footage this morning where a load of ‘protesters’ were being filmed yesterday, keeping social distancing, kneeling, etc….. and as the camera panned around, you could see some quickly pull their masks up to try to keep up the appearance that they were all acting in a safe and sensible way.

    After video from virtually all the centres of protest (violent or not when the film was being shot) the media must think we’re absolutely pig-thick and stupid to believe this was anything like a responsible and peaceful protest.

    This is the UK – last time I looked, several thousand miles away from the US – and the absolute need to irresponsibly (never mind violently) throng the streets of major cities, yesterday specifically, in the middle of the pandemic was…..

    ….sheer bloody-mindedness, vanity and virtue-signalling – mindlessly following the Antifa/BLM lead. These groups do not have anyone’s best interests at heart bar their own.

    The latest round of interviews regularly poses the question “So what is it that you want ?” – always seems to elicit the response – “We want change”, – but then the discussion crumbles to dust with just the simple second question – “Well, what specific changes do you want, that are achievable ?

    As usual, tumbleweed rolls in from left, exits stage right….


  47. G says:

    “Holger Schmieding is chief economist at Berenberg Bank in London.”

    How can anybody in such an exulted commercial position write an article which is so far removed from reality much less common sense?

    Oh, hang on though, I guess you can if you live in a parallel universe.


  48. theisland says:


  49. StewGreen says:

    Black cop speaks against CNN narrative, gets shut down


  50. Doublethinker says:

    I just heard this on Classic FM news. A senior police officer commenting on the trouble in London said it was all down to a tiny minority of people looking for trouble who spoilt the protest for all the others. He went on to say that not only did people have the right to protest about things that they felt strongly about but that they HAD A DUTY TO DO SO, ( my capitals) . Well Mr policeman if me and my mates turn up protest about Lee Rigby or about many thousands of young white girls being raped would you say the same about our rights and our duties? No of course you wouldn’t we would be batonned , arrested , tried and sentenced before the sun went down. And the MSM would celebrate the prompt action that was taken.
    The double standards were the murder of a black man four thousand miles away matters so much more than that of one of our soldiers or mass industrial scale rape by Muslims is truly sickening and is indicative of a society that is itself seriously sick , probably terminally so.


    • richard D says:

      Doublethinker – no matter what the said senior police officer ‘thinks’ – he also ‘knows’ full well that these activities were against the law. And a very significant part of his job is…..to uphold the law. And if he is ignorant of the law in this, he should resign immediately in shame.

      But, applying the same logic used by the left in the case of Dominic Cummings (who was not, at any time, breaking the law, he had, at worst, according to the police, possibly, and only possibly, contravened guidance), then surely we can all go out and break the law with impunity, and point to this police officer, who basically condones law-breaking.

      If anyone’s a ‘doublethinker’ here (apologies) it’s this prat of a plod.