Midweek Thread 3 June 2020

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. A quote from 1965 which could have been made for this website – if a little over dramatic . It was written by an American – but I bet Martin Luther King would never have thought someone would use it about the BBC ….

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  1. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Wa hey.

    Posted this right at the end of the last thread so I’ve copied and pasted here:

    I’m getting fed up (not you Fed) with the complete, 100% persistent anti Trump bbbc but you know what? It will have no effect at all.
    The bbbc is completely insignificant in the USA.

    It gets a lot of people over here foaming at the mouth but they are only lefty snowflakes who are outraged at everything anyway. The likes of us on here are above all that.

    It must really grate if you’re one of the bbbc knowing you mean as much to the USA as Radio Finland means to Boris.


    • taffman says:

      Emmanuel Goldstein
      Al Beeb failed with two General Elections, the Brexit referendum and the last EU Elections when The Brexit Party got a thumping majority . Al Beeb are losers . They are loosing viewers and revenue every day. They have become insignificant in the UK. Their days are numbered and I think they know it.
      Cut their lifeline, cut paying the telly tax . Its a tax that robs from the poor to give to the rich even if you don’t watch their rubbish.


    • StewGreen says:

      Backlinks to previous thread
      Page 4 started Tuesday 1:40pm
      Page 3 started Monday 11pm

      Whereas last week the BBC’s campaign was
      : CummingsManBad he must go
      now it’s #OrangeManBad , he says there are “riots & lawlessness”
      but we will keep mintaining they are 100% just protests
      The BBC put a deaths graph which left off Asians
      cos they are 2.5 times LESS likely to be killed by police than white people are

      And if you do speak up on Twitter some BBC supporters might bully you to intimidate you away from criticising them.


      • Fedup2 says:

        ThanksStew –

        I read twitter but don’t even uptweet – I follow for views and news but am only ever followed by American prostitutes until the block gets put on .

        As for speaking up on Twitter – can’t see the point . Does anyone change their mind ? It’s just a lot of shouting with the occasional something of value .

        I often ponder whether people change their view – or mind – and whether people listen to those opposing them .

        Sometimes I change my mind on this site – for instance I was sure that government / NHS negligence led to the deaths of large numbers of elderly people in Care Homes . Now I don’t know because the system of recording and counting seems corrupt . So my jury is out on that one .

        The BBC /MSM ? Kids in a sweatshop jumping from one ‘sweet’ to another – DC – American cops – whatever comes next …..
        ….it seems to have assumed a function of ‘campaigning ‘ as opposed to ‘needing’ and now demands a public reaction …clapping, kneeling , virtue signalising …..


        • Roland Deschain says:

          Followed by American prostitutes? What the hell have you been up to? 😬

          I doubt anyone’s mind is changed on Twitter. But it’s good for morale to know others think as you do. Sometimes it can seem like you’re the only one seeing sense.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Yeah – hey im just that kinda babe magnet guy ( then i woke up ) ….


          • Up2snuff says:

            RD, maybe Fed bought a computer made in Ireland by an American who is well-known, or used to be? Don’t hear much about Michael these days. My first laptop from his company resulted in a barrage of gory e-mails, with illustrations included, until I protested and they introduced a block on them.

            The American company blamed ‘my settings’. Funny thing was that my London built PC tower from a British business was not similarly afflicted.

            (Bit like the BBC when iPlayer was not working properly about ten years ago. “It’s your settings” they said. Turned out later that it was the BBC’s fault after all.)


            • Fedup2 says:

              I suppose there is some ‘bot’ which just punches out ‘contacts ‘ to follow for some reason . I assume they are ‘prostitutes’ because they share certain ‘ attributes ‘ .

              I’ve never twittered so I can’t figure out why I should be targeted – I’m very disciplined at clearing cookies and stuff almost daily to keep the NSA et al on their toes ….

              Elsewhere ….
              It seems the MSM have a new target – this time its Bojos earpiece – deployed at PMQs apparently … just watching him doing the daily ‘gotch’briefing and waiting for the earpiece question ( who cares about deaths or tests ?)…


  2. taffman says:

    Why does Al Beeb concentrate on Black Lives Matter but very little on all Hong Kong Lives Matter?
    Has Al Beeb got something ‘going on’ with China ? Is it a case of “Follow the Money “


    • Up2snuff says:

      Even ‘Zimbabwean Lives Matter’ would have been good during the Mugabe Reign of Terror or even now, same for South Africa. ‘Venezuelan Lives Matter’ BBC?


  3. taffman says:

    Black lives matter?
    I would take a bet that there are more ‘Black on Black’ deaths than there are Blacks killed by the police. Perhaps Panodrama could do a programme on the subject ?


  4. vlad says:

    Below are the words of Pamela Geller and those of a NY cop, who probably won’t be invited to grace a BBC studio any time soon.

    Pamela Geller:

    De Blasio ducked out on approaching looting protest mob in Midtown while leaving citizens at the mercy of a braying mob. New York is a war zone. There was little mention of “George Floyd.” Instead we got a different message, “Arab Power” “Brown Power.”

    A cop wrote: “Almost 32 years with NYPD, I have never felt such disgust, hopelessness, and anger. Manhattan was occupied territory tonight,
    we were totally outnumbered by miscreants. They were brazen, laughing and rampant. It was so prevalent there was nothing a police officer could do according to the rules and expectations of the Democrat Party. Our leaders took knees of solidarity with “protesters” during the day
    and then had a dick forced down their throats at night. Zero leadership. Zero courage. Complete and utter pandering. And I heard the Bronx was even worse. I didn’t hear one person say the name George Floyd. It was complete anarchy and savagery. New York, wait until you wake up,
    and see video of Manhattan. It will look like Iraq. If you don’t beg Donald Trump to take charge of these democrat cities across America, your country will be lost.”



    • BRISSLES says:

      Only a matter of time before it kicks off here, and then watch our hapless police force in (non) action. They’ll be a feared to be seen raising a baton, particular to non whites because they know the Guardian and Beeb will think Christmas has come early.


      • infoquest says:

        Remember it is now a Police SERVICE…………..


        • fakenewswatcher says:

          infoquest – the only question that remains then, is WHO will it serve?


    • tomo says:

      De Blasio’s daughter arrested in rioy


  5. Sluff says:

    The BAME Broadcasting Corporation are just having one long orgasm today.
    US riots.
    Black Lives Matter
    Radio 1 DJs emoting at our expense.
    And now…….we whities are just not dying of Coronavirus in large enough numbers.

    Comorbidity especially Diabetes, especially for certain BAME, is unmentioned.
    And neither do the BBC mention differences between BAME.
    83% of cv19 deaths are white. About the same% as the population.
    Indians do better than Bangladeshis and Pakistanis. Is that the whities fault?
    Some BAME get admitted to hospital in relatively high numbers but then death rates are comparable.
    And how about the ability to understand the English language and so respond to safety-related instructions? Obviously no-one at the BBC dare raise that one.

    In other words, its a complex picture but the BBC is only interested in the statistics which support their race-baiting victimhood narrative.

    Totally cretinous.


    • taffman says:

      All Beeb hates Great Britain and it continues to run its culture and history down. It consistently pumps out that BAME get a hard time here . It poses the question, why are so many are BAMEs desperate to get in here, by ‘hook or by crook’ ? People vote with their feet .


      • G says:

        BtW, no mention of rubber boats in the channel. The conspiracy to halt that news is palpable.


  6. vlad says:

    Oh, and here’s something else the Black Broadcasting Corp won’t tell you about the ‘Gentle Giant’.




    • vlad says:

      PS. And bad luck, Cecilia Regina is a black woman so you can’t accuse her of racism.


  7. taffman says:

    Latest betting odds – Trump evens, Biden evens.

    The media has weaponised the US riots against Trump but after tomorrow when the dust settles, Trump will turn the tables and weaponise the mess left by the looters to win the public support. Al Beeb and The liberal snowflakes will be up in arms having hissy fits.


  8. LastChanceSaloon says:

    Thank you Mr & Mrs Lefty for your social experiments since 1917.
    It would have been nicer if these experiments could have been carried out in a laboratory.
    It would have been better still if computer simulations had been performed.

    At least the 100 million murders by Communists in c20 are a record which attests to how incorrect your “inevitable” philosophy, leading to paradise on earth, was.

    I was raised in post WW2 Britain, with rationing, shortages, the permanently wounded all around.
    Housing and services anywhere between poor and non existent.
    I look back on 1950 with longing, a wish to return to those delightful days.

    Thank you very much Mr & Mrs Lefty for the social experiment you have conducted in the UK since 1950.
    Yet another lefty failure.
    The UK would now like to return to 1950, please arrange for the return of those millions of non Europeans who took part in the experiment, at our expense, to the homes of their ancestors.


    • tarien says:

      How I agree LastChanceSaloon-I was also raised during WW2 and well recall all the shortages we had to suffer, but really as a youngster it did not matter as long as we had the love and warmth of family and most of all food! Sweets? My Mother and grandma cooked lovely cakes just don’t how they managed to make so good with so little. Clothes, heavans my brother and I were in shorts until nearly 14-so what we didn’t care about such things. Make do and mend was the phrase. Yes people were so much nicer, more polite and I suppose mainly becasue we had been brought up in Pre-War methods. No TV, at least not for me until 1953-fortunate to have a phone, and a car, had to be careful with the fuel rationing. We had chickens and mother swapped eggs for sugar and anything else she could get. Never saw a black man in real life until I was nine-then of course we became flooded with such people from 1953 0nwards. Yes in many ways they were more settled days-yes the NHS came in and that was a boon for so many of us. I was living in the West-End of London in the mid fifties and had the pleasure of being right in the middle of the new Rock and Roll and then in 1960’s the Beatles-saw them often around the place, with many other national entertainers.
      Yes good days, when the money in your pocket was geared to the lowest denominator cost wise-Saturday Cimema 1/6p for Kids! What was the cost of a pint of beer?


  9. vlad says:

    HERE IS “THE TRUTH” Former Black Lives Matter Ferguson Organizer, Chaziel Sunz exposes BLM, ANTIFA

    The Far Left are manipulating BLM and ANTIFA for war. We know that, but I don’t think the beeb do.


  10. Deborah says:

    Watching New Tricks on Drama at 10pm and between each segment came a black screen with white writing to the effect that they were in support of their black colleagues.
    Like Martin Luther King I am waiting for the day everyone is judged on their own merits and not the colour of their skin or their gender. It will mean newsreaders can be black or white but are good at their job, that the Chief of the Metropolitan Police is chosen regardless of their gender, colour or politics, that the Chairman of Lloyd’s of London is good at their job (the woman they had wasn’t) and that the CEO at John Lewis understands the customers. Sharon White has never been in retail before yet was complaining her team were inexperienced. Waitrose is only releasing delivery slots three days ahead whereas Tesco and Morrison’s are two to three weeks. Guess which supermarket doesn’t get my business? If someone appears to be chosen for their colour and not good at the job it does the cause of equality great harm.

    Not the BBC, so apologies for the rant, but it is not good during a pandemic for U.K. tv channels to get involved in other countries politics or stir things here.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Nice idea Deborah, but if nobody can laugh at Love Thy Neighbour anymore, 50 years later, which portrayed an equal amount of abusive humour in both camps, then there’s no hope. Look it up, its even described as ‘racist’ in the listings. Had it been perpetual abuse on black from white then yes it would have been racist, but when both ‘sides’ are taking the pee out of each other. How can that be offensive? Or is it just me?

      Young blacks will never be achievers, and its not through lack of education, they have the same opportunities at school as their white counterparts, but something is lacking. How many Afro Caribbean lawyers/doctors are there ? not as many as there are Indian. Who knows what the answer is, is it lack of a father role model ? I doubt it, as there are as many if not more single white mothers with no male about to help raise their offspring.

      All I see for the future as the current generation of young black youths get older, are more and more ghettos.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      Watching Yesterday (Freeview 25) earlier and they did the same thing in their ad breaks during Open All Hours. All you want is a bit of nostalgic humour and you get confronted with this stuff. G-G-Granville, fetch your cloth!
      Also on my YouTube home page was this notice from Movieclips channel (they show, er, clips from movies).
      These companies seem to be living in fear – or are Yesterday going to stop showing the episode of Porridge where Fletch confronts McLaren about his chip-on-the-shoulder anger?



      • Old Goat says:


      • tarien says:

        No more than white lives matter. If it was not for the fact that White coloured people throughout the world had not been adventurous or explorative to learn more of their world, and take advantage of what was offered, None of the Black people would have moved forward at all. It was their own people that sold them into slavery to the Arab slave traders many thousands of years ago-to the Egyptians, to the Romans, to the many other countries in the Middle and far East and eventually through those Arab traders to the Dutch,French, Portugesse, Spanish, Italians and British. Never let is forget that many whites were also enslaved by Arabs as well in the case of the UK, sent on Plantation ships to be sold in America, as slaves. We in the UK must stop allowing ourselves to apologise to the Black population they were as guilty as any, still are when considering the Traffiking gangs operating world wide enslaving their own people once again.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Surely that’s political broadcasting and not allowed?


  11. NCBBC says:

    BBC reports that protesters tear gassed so “Trump” can walk to church.

    The BBC can never refer to the president of the USA other then “Trump”. Such is their hatred of this president of the USA, that for them “Trump” becomes the equivalent of a four letter word. They should write “T***p”. It might give them some comfort.

    And yes, BBC journos, it is right for security services to safeguard the president. That is their duty, and they would do it even if Pres Trump told them not to.

    Dont these overpaid journos know anything?

    And are these the protesters that set fire to the church?


  12. NCBBC says:

    Our black on white murder study has shocked even us

    We set out to create the most comprehensive look at interracial murders, involving blacks and whites, ever conducted. The results are shocking. Our sample of black on white murders has grown to 393 cases.

    To date we have only been able to find four cases of white on black murder for 2014.

    One will find similar stats for Blacks in America robbing, mugging and murdering Asians – Chinese, Indians etc.



  13. NCBBC says:

    The BBC in its unending hatred of “T***p” is now quoting pope John Paul II. This must be a first.

    “The answer to the fear which darkens human existence at the end of the 20th Century,” he said, “is the common effort to build the civilization of love.”

    Very good. Cant disagree.

    But Pres Trump is not a vicar, bishop. or an ordinary individual. He is the president of a nation that is tearing itself apart.

    So here is advice that St Paul might give to Pres Trump.

    Romans 13, New International Version (NIV Bible , New Testament).

    13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.


    • JimS says:

      I doubt if the pope is a catholic, let alone a Christian. His local branch here is still flying the flag of the UK’s newest religion.

      What about that demented bishop in Washington D.C.? People used to talk about God’s church, and in the Episcopalian tradition the church is open to all but not in ‘her’ diocese apparently.

      Just remember Mr Pope and Ms Bishop:

      “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. (Matthew 7:1-2)”


      • NCBBC says:

        Jim S: What about that demented bishop in Washington D.C.? People used to talk about God’s church, and in the Episcopalian tradition the church is open to all but not in ‘her’ diocese apparently.

        Indeed. She was mightily upset though that Pres Trump visited St Johns. Apparently, she should have been asked, so she could give him an earful.

        She did not have any feelings that St Johns was burnt down. Or that regular church goers of St John would be distressed. She did talk of people like her, who were in positions of authority in the church.

        This crisis has revealed a lot of women in authority in Democrat ruled states. And most have been found wanting.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Im astonished that the enemy would use the words of a Pope – yet alone JP2 – in any context because i well recall the hostility thrown at him by the BBC over his stance to keep The Church – The Church – whatever the left wanted .


      • NCBBC says:

        Pope John Paul II, along with President Reagan and PM Thatcher, played the political and spiritual game with such skill, that it lead to the global dissolution of socialism/communism. Even now, some 40 years later, the Left hates the above three.

        This defeat of socialism, a supposed historic inevitable, engendered such bitterness within the left, that they set out to infiltrate every institution in the West. Universities, schools, administrators, and even the church. And from that vantage point, destroy capitalism, and anoint global socialism.

        They thought that the moment had arrived when Obama was elected. Obama did weaponise the instruments of state to terrorise ordinary Americans. The final act of the destruction of the West, was left as a prize for Hilary Clinton, the first female president of America.

        But Christian Americans must have been praying mightily. God answered by sending Donald Trump. A flawed individual, but there you go. A miracle by any measure, as no one expected it.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Being on the traditional wing of the RC Church JP2 was a plus for me and a stroke of genius in his selection .

          But on the issue of blacks in America – forgive me – but wasn’t there a black president for 8 years ? Is it that he achieved nothing in improving the lot of his race ?
          I’ve not followed the Floyd case and the circus that came after it – but has Obama said much about it ? I understand at least half a dozen innocent Black people have died during the disturbances ?killed by other blacks ? Are there protests in support of them ? I don’t know – and as someone who is not American I don’t really care that much . UK first


          • NCBBC says:


            I believe the present managed rebellion/insurrection in America, is part of a greater war against the West. Post below.

            Pres Trump needs our prayers. Its all we can do.


  14. Celtic_Mist says:

    President Trump said he never thought it would be that bad. The BBC, ITV, C4, C5 and Sky News are defying the government 24/7.

    The proper place for an opposition is in the House of Commons but will Johnson have the wherewithal to do anything about it?

    Is there even anything that he can do?


  15. Darcy3 says:

    Any retraction on bbc about false stories about Cummings or riots in US ?

    Any disciplinary action over political rants by their staff on TV ?



  16. JimS says:

    One of the joys(?) of YouTube is that if you let it run something else will pop-up unrequested, and so I found myself watching an Australian news channel that could give the BBC a run for its money.

    It had a couple of reporters in the USA on the subject of riots/protests. A white girl told us that she was protesting because blacks had always had it bad in the USA ever since they were brought there. She probably wasn’t old enough to remember the Sainted One.

    Then it was over to Paris, France, (that France bit would pee me off if I was French!). Turns out that they are rioting there too because of some unknown black man from a place they couldn’t find on a map. And just like the BBC would have done, yes! Here we have an Australian person of colour who got a tooth chipped when a policeman pushed him to the ground! Oh the humanity!

    Well kids, it looks like you are getting your utopia, where mothers get to murder their babies, the ones that get to go to school get drugged until they change sex or go ‘queer’, no-one gets to travel anywhere, (unless you are black), your speech is ever more confined and extreme, (mustn’t be left behind), and your cities trashed and burnt down.


    • G says:

      Yes, it’s hotting up Worldwide inevitably. Time for a massive sort out. All we need to add to the deteriorating situation is China to ‘kick-off’ against someone like Taiwan/Australia/Philippines et al..
      All the more the merrier I say.


    • NCBBC says:

      JimS, Fedup2

      France has been in a state of war for atleast two years, with no end in sight. The army is everywhere.

      The authorities make it clear that this state will continue with no end. Which means that they have accepted defeat, and are at present, just managing the terms of surrender.

      As Churchill would state – The Battle of France has started.

      It is now up to us, the Anglo-sphere, with Pres Trump, to save France, and thus the West.

      If one looks at the Battle for France, and the on-going three year plus war against Pres Trump, as a coordinated front, to subjugate Western civilisation, then we have no choice.

      If Pres Trump can defeat the Left in its goal to destroy Christian civilisation, then he will go down as the greatest Western or world leader ever.

      Moreover, the BBC is on the wrong side.


  17. Celtic_Mist says:

    “In the UK the archbishops of York and Canterbury said the unrest exposed “the ongoing evil of white supremacy”.


    For me this is the confirmation that the toxic left-liberals have infected every institution in the UK

    As usual what the BBC ‘chooses’ to say is accurate

    If you read down through the replies at least some of them call Welby out on HIS racism. The hypocrisy of the liberal left is that they are the only ones who see ‘colour’ If you haven’t done so check out Tucker Carlson’s analysis of how the liberal left use racism to fool the ones they claim to care about.

    Now I’m off too retweet the ‘hell’ out those replies..


    • Celtic_Mist says:

      I should also say that the atheists in the BBC hate Christians as much as they hate Trump because in their world everything is chemical and there is no God.

      That idea of ‘everything is chemical’ leads to many of their ideas on morality, but that’s another subject


      • Charlie Farley says:

        How about ” chemical castration ” for those that drift over the Channel in dinghys….a reasonable deterrent !


    • JimS says:

      Is Welby going to swop places with Sentamu then?

      It is remarkable that one incident in a country of 300 million is enough to condemn a whole nation and for him to so certainly to identify the cause. Equally remarkable that he is blind to the evil of the rioters.

      If Welby is going to quote King, how about this?

      “In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.”


    • vlad says:

      The Churches have been deeply infiltrated by cultural Marxism, and a war is raging within them. The C of E has lost that war and will die a slow and well-deserved death. (See the excellent Gavin Ashenden, ex-Chaplain to the Queen.)
      The Catholic church has a slight hope of surviving despite the imbecilic Liberation Theology-indoctrinated Pope.

      (For those not versed in church matters, Liberation Theology is an openly Marxist movement rampant in Latin America.)


  18. taffman says:

    Al Beeb news
    Looks like Boris is letting in more immigrants . This time it’s from Hong Kong. Is there a limit to how many people this country can sustain ? We are already full up. Didn’t Cameron tell us five years ago that we could be swamped?


    • Eddy Booth says:

      House prices looking to fall, so immigration doors open.
      Nothing new here.


  19. Celtic_Mist says:

    “I’ll just leave this here


  20. Oldspeaker says:



  21. Jeff says:

    If Jeremy Corbyn and Caroline Lucas were governing this country in some sort of an unholy alliance we really couldn’t have worse leadership than we’ve got right now. Boris’ handling of this pandemic has been utterly abysmal.
    To begin with I think most of us sympathised with the reason for the three week lockdown. A bit of breathing space for the NHS (genuflect). But not this endless, tortuous bloody extension.
    The government have turned a medical crisis into an economic and cultural catastrophe. The hype over Covid has been incredible. The media, particularly the atrocious BBC, have ramped up the public’s fears. Coronavirus is treated like the Bubonic Plague. It’s mentioned alongside the Spanish flu of 1918 that wiped out 50 million. It’s extraordinary.
    There’s no balance with the TV discussions. The only alternative viewpoint is whether we should stay in lockdown ad infinitum or just for another few months. There’s no rational questioning of the entirely arbitrary two metre rule. We’re now a nation that does its shopping looking like we’re going into a nuclear fall out zone.
    If ever Sweden is ever mentioned it’s always disparagingly. “They’re taking a hell of a risk.” Well, it appears to be a risk that’s paid off. According to the “modelling” they should soon be hitting 80,000 deaths. Thankfully it’s just over 4,000. Shouldn’t we have done the same? Why aren’t Laura, Peston and that ghastly Sky News bint with the big mouth, asking these sorts of questions?

    When I voted for Boris last December I never imagined he’d turn my country into an unhappy hybrid cross between North Korea and Venezuela. But he has.
    I find the Thursday evening applause really rather sinister. Okay, once might be just about reasonable, but not 10 frigging weeks of it.
    We’ve got monumental unemployment. People are queuing around the block to get into shops. Pubs, bars and bistros are shuttered. Trains and planes are static. The economy is stagnant.

    Jeremy and Caroline must be loving it…


  22. fakenewswatcher says:

    Jeff – agree with your assessment of bumbling BoJo.
    Surkeer will be happy. He has come out of his shell and used his favourite print and broadcast front media, The Guardian and the bbc (Toady), to launch an attack on the PM.
    In fact, Toady -and the beeb in general- seem to be emboldened: for the US, anti-Trump propaganda has been supplemented with giving Biden some profile. (Pesumably explicit partisanship in the US election is being tested out.) For the UK, the BAME theme, cuurently being trumpeted by American MSM, is receiving high profile in the Coronavirus context. I was wondering why Hancock didn’t appear in a hairshirt last night, to further emphasise his extreme regret and guilt feelings; at least we would have seen that it was not merely words…
    On both sides of the Atlantic, the ‘public discourse’ is being dominated by leftist media, which deliberately egg on and inflame the rioting and looting in the US (‘protestors’ to the beeb), and increasingly hammer the hapless and disorganised Johnson government at home.
    The Media seem to have decided, in both the UK and the US that THEY are in charge, and stuff the voter and the democratically elected governments.


  23. G says:

    Tony Heller, getting it exactly right as usual:


  24. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Bbbc Radio newcastle this morning 7.00 news.

    First item. Anti Brexit. Nissan unsustainable if no deal is reached and complaining we turned down 2 year extension with the eu.

    Second item. Anti Trump. Heavy handed Trump criticised for his handling of the riots as opposed to sleepy joe who wants conciliation and sympathy with the rioters. Also, a guest ‘professor’ later interviewed said Trump tear gassed his own people for a photo opportunity. This was, of course, unchallenged.

    Third item. Anti Boris. Apparently he is winging it and has no idea what he’s doing.

    Fourth item. Anti Tory. Handling of Covid criticised about care homes infections and deaths.

    So, a normal bbbc news day.


  25. Fedup2 says:

    Not the BBC

    But Netflix – having binged on the truly excellent ‘ Breaking Bad ‘ now it is “The Crown “.
    Hands up – im no Monarchist but as a drama it is far better than it should be and for those looking away from the BBC – its a very good option – is Netflix -as you really feel that you are not watching one long ‘Party Political Broadcast on behalf the tickbox snowflake Party…..

    These days if i get exposure to the BBC i feel i need to wash afterwards …


  26. Beltane says:

    Quite rightly we call it Biased BBC, but Biased ITV is running a short head second. In particular the false, foam flecked diatribes of Piers Morgan whose performance this morning in trumpeting the repeated and unchallenged falsehood that UK corvid deaths are the world’s highest was surely actionable?
    The only saving grace of GMB and Morgan is that his constant blather reduces the opportunities for Susannah Reid to add her own special level of vacuity to their ‘argument’.


  27. LastChanceSaloon says:

    BBC NEWS Politics
    2020-06-03 08:00

    Coronavirus: Labour urges PM to stop ‘winging it’ over easing restrictions

    [At BBBC we know a lot about Labour urges at AlBeeb. So unpopular that Guardian (Arse)Hole Mates recently sank below the waves.]

    Boris Johnson’s “mismanagement” of the easing of virus restrictions risks a second wave of infections, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has warned.

    In a Guardian interview, he urged the PM to “get a grip” and restore public confidence in ministers’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

    [Suck Here, in the Guardian, then reported by the BBC, in glowing terms. Quelle surprise.]

    Sir Keir said while Labour wanted to see society re-open and businesses begin to get back on their feet,
    he had deep misgivings about the approach in England, compared with that in Wales and Scotland.

    [Scotland and Wales, proper nouns, should be in alphabetical order unless there are extenuating etc.
    So what you are saying, Suck Here, is that although the virus statistics for Scotland and and Wales are worse than those in England, the BBC should ignore this and pretend that you have delivered an unreturnable service?
    (My tennis analogy).

    The usual Mystic Megs have polished their crystal balls and are quoted to demonstrate the validity of Labour criticism.
    Being employed by the BBC, is exactly like winning the lottery and being presented with the cheque in public.
    No skill, intelligence or experience required, mumble a bit and hope nobody notices you are an idiot.]

    I am putting the prime minister on notice …

    [Suck Here, did you ever hear of Karlheinz Stockhausen? Thomas Beecham?
    Stockhausen was to music, what Lenin was to tolerance.
    The Beecham response to the question “Did you ever conduct any Stockhausen” was, “I think I trod in some once”.
    More amusement in one second than the £4.5 billion pa BBC comedy department have delivered since {insert antediluvian date here.}]

    [Suck Here, please confirm that I have the following ordered correctly in accordance with Labour values, importance, and the relative expenditure devoted thereto by the CPS as instructed by by its then head :-
    #1 – Two rashers of bacon left at a mosk in the UK.

    #999,999, 999 – c200,000 white female children gang raped by Muslims imported by, and concealed by, the Labour Government.]


  28. AsISeeIt says:

    A word or two about our present semi-superstitious so-called social distancing habits.

    Should I deign to visit a local Co-op grocery and reward that organisation with my custom I’m currently treated as a potential leper.

    Special preference of shopping hours are gifted to certain employment groups (one wonders on what legal basis this overtly discriminatory rule might stand?); an apparently arbitary one-in one-out of the door rule is enforced, although it is hard to fathom what number the safe capacity is supposed to be since this clearly varies; and self-service & non-cash payment systems are prioritised – this was of course a company and industry policy prior to the new situation but it is now cynically being pushed as a supposed safer option.

    [For some reason I’m reminded of an old Jimmy Carr joke about craft fayres. I can just walk into the most expensive, most exclusive shops in the world, and yet at craft fayres I have to pay three pounds to see people sitting with things they have made. ]

    Meanwhile, should the notion occur, I may simply scrawl the noisome motto ‘black lives matter’ with a sharpie onto an off-cut of corrugated cardboard (perhaps torn from an Amazon delivery box and not as yet consigned to the Council re-cycle box) then I’m completely clear to rub shoulders with dozens of fellow protesters and socially un-distance, mind you being supervised by the cops, to our absolute hearts content.

    How long can this madness prevail before someone in the mainstream, perhaps like Jimmy Carr used to do, mocks it?


    • Fedup2 says:


      I ponder our current required behaviour as i queue to get into Tescos .
      I knew a lady who grew up in the communist East and how much life was affected by being a member of The Party .

      Standing aside so that favoured groups can have an easier time seems like that . I stand aside – a mere taxpayer whilst the favoured get their discounts and advancements – for doing the job fir which they are paid .


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:


        Queuing for supermarkets. Quick access for certain peoples.
        Maybe we should call them ZiL lanes.


    • Deborah says:

      The Co-op is one of the most anti-Semitic organisations in the U.K. If you can avoid shopping there, please do. Not shopping there is my revenge against BDS in a small way. I wonder how the Co-op board would deal with their employees if it turns out to be Israeli scientists who develop a Covid 19 vaccine.


  29. digg says:

    I believe we should all know how many covid death certificates were signed off by “remote” doctors compared to those with doctors present. I think it would be a shocking statistic.

    I suggest we all email our MP and urge them to ask the question in Parliament.


    • Sluff says:

      Problem is if you do that with my (BAME) MP you’ll be lucky to even get a ‘thank you for your email’ auto reply for several weeks.
      He/she will be too busy with his/her ‘casework’, and other ‘priorities’.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ive signed off a few – i did a first aid course once – does that count ?

      As i said here before – all that sweating over numbers and graphs turns out to hogwash


      • digg says:

        Yes FedUp I am beginning to suspect that many were signed off following a telephone call between a care home worker and a doctor.


        Doctor: “Did the deceased have a temperature?”

        CA: “They were a little warm”

        Doctor” “OK I’ll put Covid down, bye!”


        • Beltane says:

          CA: Hang on!

          Doc: Yes?

          CA: Well, they’re cold now.

          Doc: Ah. Don’t worry. That’s just a side effect. If the cadaver starts to warm up, ring 111 and follow the instructions.


  30. Sluff says:

    Just seen a previous episode of Have I Got News for You.

    The bias is incredible.
    Three prominent Tories get sustained vitriol. No such unpleasantness against Labour.
    And in the ‘odd one out’ round, two of the correct answers are Labour politicians because they are goody two shoes, having respectively not taken drugs nor been in jail, unlike the other options.

    Oh, did I not say? The date of the programme was 1999 !!! When Labour was in power. The goody two shoes were Jack Straw and Tony Blair.

    In other words, the show is not vehemently anti-government and ‘speaking truth to power’, as they would have you believe, It’s just consistently anti-Tory.

    We instinctively know this of course but it’s always good to get the evidence.

    Bias for over 20 years. Proved.


  31. Foscari says:

    During the riots of 2011 in the UK. The Londonistan programme
    on the BBC all but hero worshipped Mark Duggan, the Tottenham
    gangster gunned down by the police which instigated the riots.
    All that was missing in the londonistan studio was a statue of Duggan.
    There are those at the BBC who will do all they can to inflame
    the situation of the tragic, at the very least manslaughter of
    Floyd George by the policeman Derek Chauvin his ex co worker
    in security at a Minneapolis night club.
    Is it all all possible that there is more to the circumstances of
    this death than meets the eye? Or is it just a coincidence that
    the two knew each other?
    We saw last night on the Londonistan programme from Tower
    Hamlets in East London which is said to be the most diverse
    community in the UK , which is actually an oxymoron. Because
    there are large parts of Tower Hamlets where 80% of the
    population are of South Asian heritage.There the stirring up
    really began when being interviewed one prominent local
    even said that Corvid 19 was a racism issue.
    If the “mob” think they can get away in rioting , looting , mugging,
    drug trafficking ,extortion, knifings, shootings, arson, as they were in 2011 because the police had to tread softly because
    the BBC and others were “watching” them carefully in case
    another gangster was killed. We could well see what happened
    in 2011. But worse, because of the virus the anarchists could
    well see a perfect storm brewing!


  32. Fedup2 says:

    Twitter watch

    Andrew Neill talks about the ‘excess death’ numbers just published – blighty has more than anyone .

    Apparently we re not very good at keeping people alive but very good at counting them being dead .

    Good Luck for anyone happy to argue numbers – i dont trust them any more .


    • Foscari says:

      Fed Up- Dr Lee who was interviewed by James Delingpole
      which you can see on You Tube makes some interesting points
      about these extra deaths.
      How many of them were those who had heart attacks but
      no ambulance arrived ? I am only writing here today
      because a medic saved my life arriving 6 minutes after my
      wife phoned 999 when I had my severe heart attack over 5 years
      How many died without their cancer treatment etc etc etc.
      ? I watched this interview after it was put on this website.
      It is just about the most informative video i have seen on the
      China virus.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Judging by the number of times the medics in the gotcha conferences touted for business for A and Es – the number of people not troubling the NHS must be sizable .
        But at least Hospital staff can practice their dance routines ….


  33. StewGreen says:

    Local News : #OrangeManBad
    “Hull city hall is too be lit up in respect of violence AGAINST blacks”
    “The protesters tomorrow are being asked to wear masks”

    FFS is that like an advert for Antifa or what ?

    Maybe tomorrows local news will be back to #BrexitManBad


    • StewGreen says:

      An impartial BBC journo has put up 2 photo tweets promoting the event … so far



      • StewGreen says:

        I’d respect them more if they did an in car protest
        like the protests in Barrow.

        I think it irresponsible to have normal protests now.


  34. StewGreen says:

    How does Radio Lincolnshire segue into saying #OrangeManBad ?
    Local news opens

    An equality organisation in Lincs has said racism does affect people living in Lincolnshire
    .. It has been speaking out after eighth night of PROTEST in America after the death of George Flloyd ..knelt on his neck
    … Just Lincolnshire says
    Their spokeswoman Angeletia Padmore-Clarke says ….
    ‘Most discrimination is taught at home’

    … Now yesterday’s huge local fire …

    Why the heck did that item LEAD the news ??
    A grooming gang story never does.
    The local demographics mean that there are very few blacks
    The situation is a million miles from that in America.
    That org rarely gets any Likes for its hundreds tweets


    • StewGreen says:

      11am news a change : that item doesn’t open the news
      It’s completely gone !
      The news reader has changed over, the prior one is the one who always does agenda pushing news…
      Headlines now
      #1 “Heathrow airport quarantine rule…”
      #2 British Airways .. Len McClusky says ‘Industrial thuggery’
      #3 Base jumping off Boston Stump
      #4 yesterday’s huge fire
      #5 Contactless thrives
      #6 Louth Xmas market controversy”


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Yet another half-wit – Angela Davis – who can’t use language correctly and is unlikely therefore to think clearly: she means “non-racist” not “none-racist”. This is BASIC STUFF!! I’ve never Twittered; is this sort of spelling now normal?


  35. digg says:

    The BBC managed to find a pic of what looks like 2 white nationalists and stick it on their iPlayer with the headline

    “Why are so many people dying in New York?”


    No BBC! it’s not because two of your most hated rolled up without masks and infected the entire city, it’s because New York is a Shit Drug-Crime-Ridden Hell Hole….


  36. tarien says:

    If not mentioned before worth saying again. That three of the Police officers who arrested G Floyd were un fact-Non Whites. But of course the media and the liberal-left have turned this tragedy into another false ‘racism’ witch hunt. How many white people hoover up the lies continuously and without hesitation. They should be reminded that Floyd irrespective was a major criminal.


  37. fakenewswatcher says:

    KNEELING U.S. POLICE OFFICERS – a (bad) sign that the Left is scoring some wins in the PSYCHOLOGICAL war currently being waged against us by MSM, ANARCHISTS, NIHILISTS,COMMUNISTS etc, of which the media -because of their reach- are by far the most toxic.
    Kneeling? I kneel before God. That’s it.
    The Mirror thinks this kneeling stuff is great – no surprise.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I hope they can clap at the same time .
      The side effects of lock down and viro phobia seem unpredictable . Maybe its blacking up next in solidarity ….


    • richard D says:

      I wonder what the penalty would have been if any officer who, as a matter of conscience, had refused to kneel ?

      Because you can bett your A$$ that it would never have been tolerated.

      Strange, but so many condoned the kneeling of Kapernick and his mates (can’t even be bothered to check the spelling) when the norm was not to do so.


  38. Thoughtful says:

    Interesting the Media in Britain ardently refuse to report on the chaos in Ney York City caused by Cuomo & De Blasio who have ordered the Police to be gentle with looters, and threatened to sack any officer who isn’t.

    There are threats now by NYCPD to go on strike and let the lunatic liberals who head the city deal with the chaos themselves.

    In addition the nutters are refusing to accept any assistance from Trump re the national guard or the military.

    Even before this liberal made catastrophe Cuomos appalling handling of the coronavirus pushed his trust rating which had been very high to below that of Donald Trump – remember this is a staunchly Democrat state, and recent indication are that his handling of the riots in the city have caused his ratings to fall a further 50%


    Where’s the media reporting any of this? It’s not just the BBC, it’s all the far left opinionated media, pushing opinion NOT news or facts, and declining to report those facts which do not fit the leftist agenda.


    • richard D says:

      I do recall, whilst traveling somewhere in the world last year (was it that long ago ??) that I met some Americans from New York.

      They were seething mad against Donald Trump for preventing them from off-setting their city property taxes (US equivalent to Council Tax) against their income tax. (i.e. they could deduct any property taxes charged by Mayor Cuomo from the federal income tax they were due to pay to central government.

      This, of course, led to New York City (Cuomo et al) uplifting city property taxes through the roof, because the locals simply didn’t pay any federal income tax as a result…so New York city – where these people were literally multi-millionaires, living in multi-million-dollar properties, wound up awash with money, literally paid for by central government – i.e. US taxpayers – and potentially from much less wealthy states.

      No doubt that, caused by Cuomo and de Blasio New York’s State governor, there will be agonised screams now that they need even more federal money because …. essentially Cuomo and de Blasio screwed things up so badly financially, and in terms of human life.

      Democrats, eh ? Always the defender of the common man in the US……..NOT.


  39. BRISSLES says:

    Just received an email from the CEO of Etsy based in the US – a great website for crafters worldwide selling their wares (Jimmy Carr take note, you don’t need to pay for entry).

    This threw me, as I don’t need to be preached to when shopping online……

    To the Etsy Community,

    The past days and weeks have, once again, shone a spotlight on the tremendous injustices in our society. We stand in solidarity with our employees and communities who are voicing their anguish, anger, and deep frustration with systems that oppress and devalue Black lives.

    We stand against police brutality in all forms.
    We stand against a criminal justice system that disproportionately targets Black Americans.
    We stand against the widespread disenfranchisement of Black and Brown communities whose voices are silenced at the polls.

    Allyship with Black communities is as much a moral imperative as a requirement of our business.

    We can’t fight for small businesses, if we don’t also fight for the empowerment of Black business owners.
    We can’t hire and care for our Black employees, if we don’t also protect Black lives everywhere.
    We can’t be there for women employees, if we aren’t also standing up specifically for Black women.
    We can’t advocate for parents, if we aren’t standing with Black mothers and fathers who fear for their Black childrens’ lives.

    Black Lives Matter is the civil rights movement of our time, because it addresses a fundamental inequality in our society: that Black lives are too often undervalued. This notion inspired Etsy’s own internal commitments from diversity and inclusion to economic empowerment.

    We also believe that it’s critical to provide support to organisations working tirelessly for criminal justice reform and those that assist Black-led institutions. That’s why today we are announcing donations of $500,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative and $500,000 to Borealis Philanthropy’s Black-Led Movement Fund, as well as matching employee donations. We encourage our community to join us in supporting these important organisations.

    Etsy is built on a belief that communities have the power to change the status quo. Change is hard-fought, and we are committed to this fight.

    Josh Silverman
    CEO Etsy


  40. StewGreen says:

    Mike Graham yesterday


  41. Guest Who says:

    BBC Hereford & Worcester

    Demonstrations supporting protests in the United States over the death of George Floyd will be taking place here in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.
    Will you be supporting them and taking a stand for Black Lives Matter?
    Amid fury over George Floyd’s killing, religious leaders condemn President Trump’s actions.

    Archbishop attacks Trump as protests continue
    Amid fury over George Floyd’s killing, religious leaders condemn President Trump’s actions.

    Furious religious leaders? What are the BBC on?

    Oh, and… #CCBGB


  42. Thoughtful says:

    America again – NYC and the way the liberal supporting Media supports left wing idiocy, and then when it’s carried out and fails miserably, as it always does, drops it like a hot potato.

    New York Post 31/5

    “Mayor Bill de Blasio is right about the riots — and the NYPD’s response ”

    New York Post 2/6

    “Cuomo and de Blasio are refusing to face what rioting means for New York ”

    There’s never an apology from the Left, never a mea culpa, not even is there a reference of the fact that just two days ago they were vocally supporting a course of action which had disatrous consequences.
    If this were happening in the UK then I don’t believe it would be any different, Media failing to take responsibility for the things it called for only hours before and not allowing anyone the platform to point out the hypocrisy.


  43. Guest Who says:

    Yup, too calm things down, get Aleem reporting as the white guys hide in the bunker.

    The Today Programme

    After a week of violence across American cities, President Trump has threatened to use the army to end the civil unrest. He spoke last from the White House rose garden – after police had begun dispersing nearby protesters with tear gas. Mishal Husain hears from Trump’s campaign spokesman Marc Lotter and BBC North America correspondent Aleem Maqbool reports from the streets of the capital. The R4Today podcast
    Spokesman Marc Lotter defends Trump’s threat to use the military to end civil unrest

    BBC Radio 4 – Best of Today, ‘We are not going to reduce ourselves to being governed by the mob’
    Spokesman Marc Lotter defends Trump’s threat to use the military to end civil unrest

    And Mishal doubtless heard exactly what she wanted to.


  44. theisland says:

    “OK Beeb, update me” !!!!!!


  45. Tabs says:

    Android: Why this photo is bricking some phones

    Looks like Zoe Kleinman, Technology reporter BBC News, doesn’t even know what “bricking” means. What qualifications do you need to work the for the BBC?

    Her own website says she is “a leading technology journalist”.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Dear Tabs
      I am a senior manager at the BBC. Because of the Data Protection Act I have to remain nameless, but I can assure you that I read PPE at Oxford, have an expensive house in Islington and regularly dine at The Ivy. I am responding to your question ‘What qualifications do you need to work for the BBC?’.
      As you know, the BBC is the world’s most renowned broadcaster and to maintain that enviable status we have a number of rules and standards that we follow when recruiting. These have been carefully formulated and the key ones are as follows:
      1. Must read the Guardian newspaper, as this is the only place we advertise positions.
      2. All positions are open to everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, sexual orientation and so on. Obviously there have to be exceptions in order to ensure maximum diversity; therefore, we no longer recruit White people, men, heterosexuals, Christians or those with politics to the right of Stalin.
      3. A detailed and thorough knowledge of the English language is not required. Innit.
      4. To ensure objectivity, the following individuals and topics should always be the subject of criticism and ridicule: Trump. Johnson. Tories. Nigel Farage. Putin. Immigration control. Pro-lifers. Morality. Old people. Those in favour of traditional marriage and families. Native British. Anyone who speaks out against the TV Licence that Uniquely Funds Us ™.
      5. To further ensure objectivity, the following individuals and topics should always be glorified and promoted: the EU. Global Warming. US Democrat Party. China. Islam. Transgender stuff. Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton. St Greta. United Nations. WHO. Immigration. Open borders. George Soros. Bill Gates. Rohingya people. Labour Party. Nicola Sturgeon. Kiddy fiddlers. Wimmin. Youf. Glasto.
      I hope I have answered your question.
      Yours etc.


  46. digg says:

    Below an extract from an article on the BBC website reporting on the live Prime Ministers Questions… I have added in brackets the parts of it that they decided to hide…

    “But the thinking of Team Starmer (and the BBC) is that Boris Johnson is one of those politicians who always manages to evade responsibility.

    They (and the BBC) would argue that has been evident in this crisis by the fact he has been able to hide behind the scientists or been able to express regret for what has happened in care homes while somehow distancing the government from any responsibility.

    So, what they (and the BBC) want to do is to pin the blame very directly on Boris Johnson for the mistakes they believe will be shown to have been made in the coronavirus outbreak, and which have already led to us having the highest death rate in Europe.”



    • digg says:

      As for the last para above, have they considered that the reason having the highest death rate in Europe might lie at the door of our fabulous saintly NHS?


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Yet again BBC misuse of that word RATE. It makes me irate! As in, “I rate the BBC very poorly.”

      (1) “Rate” refers to a measure per million, per thousand or per cent.

      (2) “Death toll” or “number of deaths” is just that – it takes no account of what fraction of the population is involved.

      So, if US has a population of 320 million, its death toll (over 100,000) does not necessarily represent a death RATE higher than that in much smaller countries (e.g. Belgium). Germany seems to have a lower death toll than the UK, despite a higher population, so it is doing better (if we are being told the truth) as regards death rate; but Belgium is doing worse.

      Nothing coming out of China, Iran or Russia can be taken at face value but the BBC seems inclined to do so, in order better to bash Trump and Boris. Every time the BBC comes up with figures, ask the questions “compared to what?” and “why are these lying [email protected]$tards lying to me?” (thanks to Jeremy Paxman for the latter!)


  47. Sluff says:

    What’s the betting on a ‘Clap for George’ event tomorrow night at 8pm?

    And perhaps the BBC could provide live coverage?
    You know they want to.


  48. digg says:

    Apparently Ms Mate-Less has gone all couldn’t care less over the Newsnight Cummings shit show. However deep down she must know that anything she spouts from now on will be dissected and come back in her face if she goes all rogue again.

    I think the BBC should have demoted her to the back-office if they had any sense along with the crew behind her party political broadcast.


  49. fakenewswatcher says:

    Now is the time to tune in to beeb TV1 if you have a desperate desire to see Surkeer. Beeb says Labour is holding BoJo personally responsible. Norman Smith says Surkeer has been needling BoJo, who apparently lost his rag today.
    A dose of Nigel F. might sort both those clowns out, but alas…
    UK chief constables are appalled George Floyd was badly treated. But not, apparently, by the looting and the burning of US cities. Next thing they’ll all be doing the knee-bending thing, since we already have beeb showing us a protest in London, where beeb’s Chichi Nzundu is rambling on about ‘racism’.
    Shouldn’t be at all surprised if “protests” flare up in London. Ditto for a little burning, looting and police knee-bending. ‘Free’ TVs etc beckon. Must be a big temptation.


  50. vlad says:

    How the ‘progressive’ Left want us: on our knees.


    • vlad says:

      The US are the only country in the world to have had a civil war to abolish slavery, followed by a century and a half of special treatment, ‘affirmative action’ and assorted projects in housing, education, employment, health, welfare and anti-discrimination programmes.

      How much more apologising and grovelling and reparation and begging forgiveness to they have to do?


    • Jeff says:

      Jeesh, I feel like vomiting.