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  1. StewGreen says:

    “Brushed off”


    • pugnazious says:

      Is that the bloke who said he was very annoyed that his family were being dragged into this after it was revealed he had travelled hundreds of miles to pick his daughter up and bring her to his home…no such qualms about dragging Cummings’ family into a media storm.


      • StewGreen says:

        There are two guys who claimed the second Durham trip was true
        – The chemistry teacher that drove 560 miles to pick his daughter up
        .. and claims he can check licence plates on the internet
        – The jogger who now says he made his story up ad a joke

        Durham Police say there is no ANPR evidence


        • StewGreen says:

          Tim Matthews, a keen runner, admitted that he doctored the details on the Strava app, used by joggers and athletes to record routes and times, to make it look as if he had seen Mr Cummings on the afternoon of April 19 – five days after the Prime Minister’s aide returned to London.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Stew – apart from being a keen runner – does this fraud have any other ‘ attrubutes’? Teacher lawyer councillor – civil servant – remainer ?


            • Beltane says:

              He shares a surname with Sir Stanley.

              John Crace, Paul Mason or perhaps Alastair Campbell, will give us an in-depth summary in tomorrow’s Guardian showing the direct link to heroism within the class struggle, through the name Matthews, to confront and ultimately subjugate elitist government lackeys, such as DC.


        • BRISSLES says:

          Stew, I said on an earlier thread about the inference of being able to look up licence plates on the internet. How did he manage to do that ? surely any junior journalist must have wondered too, as its only the Police who are able to check vehicle data.

          Try finding out the swine who continually parks outside your house by checking the reg no. and you hit a brick wall.


    • Abolishalbeeb says:

      Gotta hand it to the left, StewGreen, they do this hypocrisy thing rather well.


  2. scribblingscribe says:

    there’s a poll in the Sunday Times asking if we should seek a two year delay to the Brexit transition.

    If you are a subscriber to The Times, the link is below and you know what to do.



    • StewGreen says:

      you cant vote without a Times account

      The comments only have about 20 votes
      So not many people have read the article.


  3. pugnazious says:

    The Times has a piece about the BBC…paywalled of course but the first words sum up exactly what is wrong with the BBC….it is Britain’s most dangerous organisation as it seeks to divide us and smash the ‘British’ nation, its identity, loyalty and unity of its people by encouraging them to identify and act soley on the basis of their race, religion, age, sex or claimed gender, income, politics and class…and whatever else it can invent as the latest identity problem…

    If the BBC picks a side, it will already have lost

    ‘Auntie should aspire to help the country become less polarised, not more’

    Too late. The BBC is the most divisive organisation in Britain that spreads hate and conflict.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Pug -its why i refer to it as a monster or ‘ the enemy’ . It has already changed the way i live because ive gone from someone who has always breathed in the MSM i can no longer engage in it .

      As for the BBC – there is still a strong ‘ aunty ‘ tradition – with a residual warmth – whether we like it on not .
      But as this site shows – that ‘ warmth ‘ is dying very quickly – with people not just moaning about it but doing something about it too – if only cancelling the compulsory funding licence even with fear of law breaking .

      I will let you into a secret – a while a go i got the papers to become a magistrate . But then i thought ‘ how can i ‘ ?

      I could never do a TV licence court –
      Also of course id be frustrated by not being able to impose lashing or the death penalty when it was a proper sentence ….

      I think by now even the less attentive follower of politics and the BBC will be saying “ what the hell is it with this cummings character – give a rest – when is strictly back ?”


      • Doublethinker says:

        Fed up,
        I don’t understand your scruples re the TV License Court. Just let everyone off without a fine and whenever possible condemn the harassment of people by the enforcement arm of the BBC in the strongest possible terms. Eventually of course you will be removed from the bench but you will have struck a blow against the monstrous tyranny .


    • StewGreen says:

      screenshot from The Times Matthew Syed
      “If the BBC picks a side, it will already have lost”

      Here’s full page



  4. Jeff says:

    These “demonstrations” happening across the US have proved interesting.
    Apart from all the torching, general mayhem, violence and anarchy I’ve also witnessed some unusual actions…
    I’ve seen people using their democratic rights making off with 40 inch flat screens.
    I’ve seen these put upon minorites running down the street with recently acquired top of the range trainers.
    They’ve been purloining music systems. They’ve smashed up and robbed liquor stores.
    But one retail area seems to have been missed by the freedom fighters and it’s baffled me.
    Not a single bookshop has been ransacked.
    There must be a reason for this strange oversight, but…
    I can’t quite put my finger on it.


    • R P McMurphy says:

      Worse, I did notice on a filmed report a pre-printed notice on the shop window ” MINORITY OWNED”, you can only think why. This is very similar to the Bradford riots a few years back. Only certain buildings were raised to the ground, I leave you to guess which one’s. Obviously all the pubs and working men’s clubs were destroyed one with terrified staff and customers inside.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I suppose they get plenty of opportunity to ‘read’ in the State Pen, as there’s little else to do. And did I read somewhere that its African-Americans who make up the greatest percentage of prisoners ?


  5. Abolishalbeeb says:

    Strangely there’s nothing about this story on the BBC. I can’t think why, surely it’s not because said MP is a remainer?
    Headed over to see the reaction on Twitter, the lefties still using it as an opportunity to virtue signal, because the guilty party has resigned the whip, therefore in their view, showing contrition, unlike the devil incarnate Dominic Cummings.
    However, there is a big difference, Cummings is a civil servant, not an elected MP. So if we were to apply balance, surely the left should be demanding she resign as an MP with due by-election held when practicable to do so? I won’t hold my breath…


    • Scroblene says:

      I suppose another way of looking at it is, Mr Cummings was doing all he could to save his family from infection, the Labour kid woke up and wondered who to shag that day…


    • Bulldog says:

      Ms Duffield was mentioned on the beeb news channel this morning but if you had blinked you will have missed it.


  6. Ian Rushlow says:

    The explanation is quite simple. Minorities avoid bookshops because they prefer to download their books – which are mainly philosophical titles, by the way – from Amazon Kindle.
    With regards to the so-called ransacking of shops to obtain television sets, trainers, music systems and liquor, you must remember that we live in a diverse, multicultural society. This means that some people like to live responsibly and within the law, whereas others prefer to riot, behave violently and steal. However, both are equally valid lifestyles and it would be wrong to make any sort of judgement about them.
    Finally, it is important to remember that the majority of African-Americans are slaves, who spend their lives picking cotton. As such, they are denied the right to purchase the televisions, trainers and music systems that are readily available to White Americans, whose lifestyle is built totally on the sweat of their labour. It will be decades before they are allowed to vote, and probably centuries before an African-American could even dream of becoming, say, president. Until these injustices are rectified, minor protests are only to be expected from such vulnerable people.
    The truly disgraceful thing is that the BBC are failing to accurately report these basic facts. This is because they are an extreme right-wing news organisation, firmly under the thumb of dictator Boris Johnson. And, er, that Dominic Cummings that Our Emily (‘National Treasure’) bravely called out on Newsnight.


    • Scroblene says:

      Ian, I’ve just read your post four times, and want some of what you’re on please…



      • Ian Rushlow says:

        Scroblene… I have simply developed an app that translates ordinary English into MSM-Liberal-Speak. It’s been extensively tested using material from the BBC, Guardian, Channel 4, CNN, insignificant celebrities and second third rate Labour politicians, and now works with 100% accuracy.


        • Scroblene says:

          Ha ha ha!

          I’m even missing the gibbering football commentators these days, and I never even watch football!

          “Charlton passes the ball to Greaves, who thenks him, (sic) with a friendly wave , and a small token of his appreciation and proceeds further up the field, to where the opposition side are preparing for en (sic) onslaught of a strong kick et (sic) the goalmouuuth (sic).

          Oh Dear! He has missed the goal, the goalkeeper has adjusted his cap, and rushes forward to wish him well at the next opportunity! They exchange further greetings, and both retire to their respective ends of the football pitch, to restart what is turning out to be a thrilling game of association football”!

          (With apologies to Harry Enfield).


  7. Fedup2 says:

    Wow – evening standard reports ‘ protests in peckham ‘ in solidarity with their coloured brothers in the USA . Any bets on a brixton traditional ‘ riot’?

    Maybe plod will get sonething proper to do instead of bullying people into ‘ going home ‘ ….


  8. dafydd says:

    Ex MP Andy Burnham now Mayor of Manchester banging on about how inept the Government are over Covid and saying the country not ready to be let loose…

    My younger brother lives in Hale Manchester and he says people up there are desperate to get out and back to work…

    BBC presenter cohersing him into making derogatory comments about the Government

    Not matter what this Government does the BBC and left will find fault… Remember a paper reviewer on Sky News once saying, ” if the government finds a cure for cancer the left and BBC would find some way of criticising it ”

    Have to say I’ve not seen the BBC so blatant and open with there appalling bias, no longer even trying to hide it.

    Perhaps they know there days are numbered..!!


  9. Guest Who says:

    Who does not appreciate the opinion of the Graun on all things?


  10. Guest Who says:

    Poor Paul Mason. Feast or famine. And he missed the two good ones.


    Maybe he, Gav, O’bsworth and others were tearing up a lawn in Rotherham?


  11. taffman says:

    Note to Al Beeb : “Comments” running for 3 days on Cummings Lockdown Breach but no “Comments” on Rosie Duffield Lockdown Breach?


  12. Guest Who says:

    Some worthy new posts and links in complement on ITBB, of which this is one.


    For every insane ex-Blair spinner invited on the BBC by kindergarteners hourly to claim an unspecified sample of the country is in open revolt over Dom, there appears a growing number of more mature heads starting to get restive about how the pension is uniquely propped up when there is no LF to raid.


  13. StewGreen says:

    Barrow TR trailer ..already banned on Youtube by Labour frongroups falsely clicking report, as usual


  14. StewGreen says:

    Australia : Patrick Moore allowed on to explain the madness of the Green activists
    May 17th
    BTW The OzABC accidentally forgot to talk about Michael Moores expose of fakegreen industries


  15. Guest Who says:

    Whilst ‘agreeing’ with a supposedly impartial programme as opposed to a point being made on it aside…


    • Doublethinker says:

      Syed is sometimes sensible but more often not so. He must be a liberal Globalist to write for the Sunday Times which is why he admits he agrees with the Newsnight editorial stance . It’s code for ‘ I am one of you so don’t take this rebuke too seriously’.
      The readers comments are heavily anti Maitless , Newsnight and the BBC . Very often the Times editorial line is quite different too the thinking of the readership. I would think that Brexit , and associated issues such as Cummingsgate , is the only topic on which the liberal Globalist line of the editor is supported by as many as half of the readership. (Assuming that the comments do reflect the views of the readership as a whole , which of course might not be the case) How long a newspaper can exist when it is so at odds with its readership is a question we might soon get an answer to.


  16. Nibor says:

    Looking at Emily mutton dressed as lamb Maitliss I can see why certain minorities want womenfolk to dress in chadors , niquabs tents and bin bags .


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Half listening to radio 4’s female presenter on some Florence Nightingale article.
      Oh what a deep voice you have grandma…
      Especially compared to the lovely sounding. woman who was reading the audiobook.
      Why don’t they give that lady the BBC job.


    • Sluff says:

      I refer you to my earlier comments about Knobbly Knees competitions.


    • G says:

      I haven’t physically seen the woman for years but I remember thinking previously that she had the pallor of a corpse.


  17. StewGreen says:

    The Big Disconnect : between metrol-liberal media and reality
    Anna Brees : Why is #mediascum trending? 29.5.20


  18. Sluff says:

    A different take on Newshite.

    One of my lockdown projects is to digitise some old VHS recordings. Because of the nature of VHS, segments of programmes have been kept either side of the intended programme recording.

    Thus I found myself watching a snippet from Newsnight circa 1999. No less a person than Will Hutton, then the editor of the Observer, was ‘discussing’ ( his word) the Blair/ Brown dynamic with an editor of the Times and the presenter.

    The style is however a fairly cerebral discussion. It’s certainly not critical of Labour but does attempt some insight.

    My conclusion is that Newsnight was of the left even back then but in a measured low-key, late night way and there was a semblance of intelligence.

    Likewise continuity announcers back then played a straight bat and did not seek to entertain or appeal to the yoof audience.

    The contrast between then and now is glaring.


  19. StewGreen says:

    Mr Politico has a couple of new videos out about
    how his Coronovirus videos were banned from YouTube
    .. basically if some software or person decides your video in non-compliant to WHO
    it gets deleted
    There is then a fake appeals process he says
    cos they claimed to have watched his video and written replies saying “ban still stays”
    within 20 minutes of him pressing the appeal button.
    ..Then lo and behold similar info to what he had just published appeared on the BBC website.


  20. john in cheshire says:

    To lighten the mood for a few seconds, I’ve thought up a joke:

    A man walks into a sweet shop and asks: do you have aniseed balls?

    The shopkeeper answers: no but uncle Joe has mint balls.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      John Boy
      Get yer bloody coat.


      • Deborah says:

        Lefty, John’s joke might have been dreadful but it is still funnier than anything recent we may have seen on the BBC (Car Share excepted). If the BBC had wanted, they could have thought, everybody is locked in, and for people stuck in flats or small houses, we could at least give them something to watch that might make them laugh or lighten the long hours. Did they flip.


        • Lefty Wright says:

          The BBC don’t do comedy these days so yes by comparison our John’s joke was hilarious. Mind you I’m a miserable sod at the best of times so I hope John will make allowances.


  21. Fedup2 says:

    113 recorded deaths related to the Chinese virus since yesterday . It would be interesting to know the number who have died of non virus reasons and how that compares – year on year .
    I write this because of the discussion here yesterday that doctors are giving causes of death without challenge or evidence and are basically just ‘making it up ‘ as an admin process as opposed to showing what is really happening .

    Some over rehearsed politician called jenerick? Is doing the Sunday government gig – it’s quite funny because he is doing hand movements as expressions but they are ‘planned ‘ …. bring back the sharma one – he was good for causing the afternoon nap .

    Talking of naps – ggs are back on Monday at Newcastle – they’ll be running without jockeys due to social distancing …


  22. Fedup2 says:

    Poor Beff Rigby gives an interview to her home paper – the guardian . She says she is 44 years old and getting to old for TV – absolutely right – she d have been too old at 22. Apparently her husband doesn’t work but stays home looking after her kids . So many lefties eh ?


  23. Sluff says:

    Dame Louise Casey, the government’s housing tzar and not the greatest advert for tackling the obesity crisis, is at the news conference. The government is investing in providing 6000 new homes for rough sleepers.
    Excellent news for all those migrants being welcomed in across the channel every day, currently running at …….about 6000 a year !!!
    Trebles all round.


  24. Guest Who says:

    Not desperate. At all.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Amol is amazed.


  26. Deborah says:

    Seen the photos of people demonstrating in Trafalgar Square. If there is a spike in Covid19 amongst the BAME community and the Left, I won’t be a bit surprised.


    • Guest Who says:

      And ‘essential’ media, of which there seem many there lapping up all they can.


  27. Thoughtful says:

    I notice the BBC correctly reporting that there were ‘hundreds of protestors’ in Trafalgar Square (and probably not a single lockdown ticket issued either).

    Yet the increasingly far left Daily Fail stupidly exposes its own lie screaming that ‘thousands’ attended, but the url for the story gives the real truth:



  28. Fedup2 says:

    Yes ! Government briefing – lefty journo at the end does the daily DC question ….. I was getting disappointed that they’d not do one today – it was someone called ‘pippa ‘ …

    And elsewhere – plod chooses not to go in and break up mass protests Of coloured people in central London – whilst going for easy target white people on beaches …

    One law for some and another law for others – …….


  29. Fedup2 says:

    GUKTV – a helicopter hired by BBC News is floating over 10 downing street waiting for a bit of ‘ mass community engagement ‘ with the first volley of missiles followed by the traditional plod under / over reaction –
    Then its all up to the macdonalds at the end of whitehall near traf square and then all on the tube for a spot of herd immunity …

    The MSM will bare responsibility for publicising and event in america which has nothing to do with us .


  30. fakenewswatcher says:

    Meanwhile, R4 -apparently bored stiff with two weeks of whipping up Cummings fever- turns on government, the Cheltenham Festival organisers, Liverpool for playing AM, Sir Patrick Vallence , in short anyone who can be linked to government advice in early March to allow sport to continue.
    It’s ‘File on Four’, and government gets hammered. Could this be the start of another narrative?
    Hold on, It’s a profile of Suella Braverman coming up, something about her support for Cummings, so beeb have found a place in this hour for a very targeted hatchet job after all and the Cummings campaign roars on!
    She’s upset Yooman Rights lawyers and even Charli Faulkener. Apparently there’s a battle royal to come, says Edward Stourton.
    A declaration of war, it seems, from an arch beeboid.


  31. Roland Deschain says:

    It is always interesting to compare and contrast how demonstrations from different parts of the political spectrum are treated by the authorities.

    I’m sure the BBC hacks will be asking questions. Any week now…..


  32. Fedup2 says:

    The Sun is over the yard arm – the police are ignoring mass breaches of ‘lockdown ‘- for some but not others – and its time for the new busy thread ….


  33. fakenewswatcher says:

    Let rip. Edward Stourton has issued a declaration of war. Presumably beeboid stormtroopers and daleks are massing with orders to exterminate.
    They’er all high on Cummings Coke.
    Just gotta see this…


  34. StewGreen says:

    Did BBC commentator bring Covid19 to Cheltenham ??
    He got symptoms a few days after, surely that is TOO early ?
    ..it takes a week to show up.

    R4 now the repeat of
    File on 4 asks if the right decisions were made around big sporting events to try to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

    Adrian Goldberg mis-states government policy throughout
    Policy in Britain was never to have ZERO cases.
    It was accepted that Covid was wild in the world
    so it would get in from abroad and into corners of Britain , given time, thus the policy was just to contain the peak so the NHS doesn’t get overwhelmed
    .. that worked, cos it didn’t.
    The accepted policy was to let Covid trickle through
    If you have a zero case country it will be more vulnerable in 6 months cos zero people have resistance

    Goldberg says stuff like “Oh at Anfleld and Cheltenham people caught the virus, what if the sport had locked down earlier”
    .. But the point is that hospitals in Liverpool and Cheltenham were not overwhelmed 2 or 3 weeks later.

    Sun March 8th First hospital case was in Cheltenham 5 nights before the Racing Festival
    The BBC staff went to all day BBC staff were at Anfield
    Goldberg also went with his neighbour.
    Cheltenham had 60,000 people per day
    Goldberg didn’t feature anyone who changed their mind.

    Tues 10th EU football went closed doors the day before the Anfield match
    but 3,000 Madrid fans chose not to take ticket refunds after the Spanish government called travel irresponsible. (35 Spanish had already died)
    Wed 11th WHO declared pandemic
    at the time supporters were arriving at Anfield
    Goldberg did find Dr John Ashton* who in the afternoon decided not to go to the match.
    He said the things Goldberg wanted that Madrid fans shouldn’t have been allowed.
    The prog claimed that fans were normal , and no one took precautions
    That’s ridiculous cos people at our pensioners group were already confining then
    Goldberg found Joel who claimed he’d caught it celebrating the goals.
    Doh Boris Johnson didn’t force him to start hugging people.

    *UPDATE “Why do you NEVER mention that he is a Labour Party member and supporter?”

    March 12th was a day the FA started saying matches would continue , but changed its mind last thing at night.

    Hangon the BBC reporter Rob Knofmann had interviewed Artetta the Arsenal Manager the week before … now Artetta had come down
    That week Rob Nothman as working for BBC at Cheltenam
    The BBC got him to come home early March 14th
    “Several days later” he came down with Covid
    Hangon that is TOO soon for him to have caught it at Cheltenham
    ..maybe he BROUGHT it to Cheltenham even

    The Irish journo came down with Covid
    but 1 WEEK after Cheltenham that is the right incubation period
    “The restaurant man also came down with it”
    Goldberg failed to say how manys after.

    Goldberg “The government has denied there was a policy of HERD IMMUNITY
    but Patrick Vallance had other ideas” plays tape
    “Our aim is to reduce the peak …. and also build up SOME DEGREE of Herd immunity”
    Look Goldberg’s gotch is not right
    “HERD IMMUNITY”….. and “SOME DEGREE of Herd immunity”
    are two different things
    one could be 90% and the other 10%



    • StewGreen says:

      seems 1 week incubation to 2 weeks is normal
      but NHS say 2 days is possible


  35. SpinningReith says:

    Guest WhoMAY 31, 2020 AT 4:30 PM
    Amol is amazed.

    Amol Rajan

    “This is one of the most amazing clips you will ever see, capturing perfectly the lifelong anguish of some many Americans who happen to black, and want merely the dignity and peace their compatriots take for granted. Please watch – and learn”

    “…watch – and learn” !?
    If I may be a little more ‘Anglo Saxon’ than the participants of this video – I didn’t understand a f****ng word!