541 Responses to Weekend Thread 29 May 2020

  1. Sluff says:

    80 years ago to the day, the Battle of Dunkirk was underway.
    A little known fact is that an early edition of Newsnight was secretly recorded and I have discovered a copy.

    Good evening and welcome to Newsnight for May 29, 1940.

    Tonight we will be asking just why the Tory government has failed to start peace talks which would save thousands of lives. We have been granted an exclusive interview with the German Chancellor, Herr Hitler.

    Also tonight
    We ask – how long can the UK fight on when its entire army is set to be destroyed at Dunkirk

    The Prime Minister visited Chartwell last week but we have discovered he could not have had enough petrol coupons for the trip. We ask – is there one rule for one and another rule for the others.

    The Germans bombing of London seem to be hitting a disproportionate number of BAME households. Why is the government not doing more to eliminate this discrimination?

    Little ships have been asked to help with an evacuation at Dunkirk but Newsnight has discovered that some may not have the most up-to-date equipment. We ask whether their owners should put to sea.

    And we’ll also be hearing from the Bruderhof conscientious objectors community in Ashton Keynes.


    • Beltane says:

      A strongly worded note from the German embassy, in reply to the implied criticism of the Newsnight program, suggests that the UK government accept reality and come under the umbrella of the newly formed European Community – a concept become reality through the far-sighted and generous statesmanship of the Fuehrer.
      As Leaders of this courageous enterprise, the German People welcome their English cousins, in a spirit of comradeship and cooperation.
      Communication ends.


  2. Ed Hitter says:

    Remember when the BBC was all over the story claiming that the threat of a hard Brexit meant the U.K. could lose its Sunderland Nissan plant?
    Well, as they say in football, it’s all gone quiet over there – now that Nissan bosses have delivered a vote of U.K. confidence by announcing that its Sunderland plant will become the hub for production of its core models for Europe, securing thousands of north east jobs.
    What a feelgood story, what a boost, so over to the biased BBC for its long awaited follow-up; cue wall to wall celebration.
    No? Not doom laden enough? Not anti Brexit enough?
    So, where do we find this good news story today on the BBC website? Its certainly not on its home page, or it’s UK news page, or even on its England news page.
    No, it is treated as a minor down page item, hidden away as the NINTH article on the Business page – and remarkably only served up as the FOURTH item in importance on the local Tyne & Wear news page.
    There’s bias, and then there’s downright deceit. The BBC trades in both


    • pugnazious says:

      When have you ever heard the BBC ask anyone if the lockdown was terrible idea that would send us over a cliff edge in a car crash apocalypse? I seem to remember the BBC continually asking people[regardless of what they’d come in to talk about] if they thought brexit was a disaster….still asking it now in fact.


      • StewGreen says:

        Actually Peter Hitchens was on Local Radio this morning

        (He’s back on TalkRadio 11am Monday)


  3. Darcy3 says:

    High humidity may be a factor, something we always have, and mosques

    and epidemiologists should maybe be looking at the correlation with rusty vauxhall vectra taxi drivers, seedy flats above kebab shops and teenage white girls

    just a suggestion


  4. Guest Who says:

    So, in bcc terms her views, which are her own, apparently, are ‘split’, and therefore balanced.


    Got it.


  5. Guest Who says:

    Not just activists, but the U.K. media seem to be seeing Domgate slip from their control and have moved on to… an unpleasant bit of local news thousands of miles away in another country (not Pakistan or South Africa).

    Here’s a view on the local MSM that does seem apposite in a global sense.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      In one of his videos over coffee, Scott Adams explained the difficulty he had in finding the correct ’voice’ for the “Robots Read News” series.

      Until he hit on having them read it in a parody of how CNN would present it.


  6. Guest Who says:

    BBC Irony News

    The couple said their autistic son’s behaviour became too difficult to manage but critics have accused them of exploitation.


    • Guest Who says:

      I should point out this is a bbc critics are saying story about a couple of loons who have YouTube and watched an episode of ‘Scorpion’.


  7. StewGreen says:

    Scary list of Covid HOTSPOTS from the Yorkshire Post

    The headline is misleading
    It’s not a list of HOTSPOTS
    Just a list of 10 places in our region
    in order of new cases In the 2 week period

    In the worst area
    guess how many from 2,000 were infected ?

    A number higher than zero but less than 2
    ie 1

    #10 York : 1 in 5,000


  8. Guest Who says:

    Like they need it. He just mutters a few instructions to Mason by the Newsnight water cooler and they are off into the night.


    • pugnazious says:

      Campbell is deranged….his rag, The New European, [any echoes there? LOL] published a cartoon encouraging people to punch brexiteers…..oddly BBC paid no attention…however the Soub Dragon gets asked questions on the way into parliament and the man is arrested and charged and the BBC fills the airwaves with her cries of victimisation.


      • john in cheshire says:

        A conversation between messrs Campbell and Sweeney would be hilarious. Two alkys talking past each other while squatting at the side of the road on a flattened cardboard box and a mongrel dog on a piece of string sitting between them.

        Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse could make a whole series out of them.


    • richard D says:

      Guest who….. a propos the second twat-tweet, I hope the answers to any questions are very clearly expressed as f**k of, or any variant on that theme – at which point, for once Campbell is right – they should then go away – immediately, forthwith, with no further communication necessary. And if they do it again, they should be arrested for harassment…… since they’ve had their answers.

      I’m not holding my breath waiting for plod to do their job, though. Nor for the BBC to properly report what the police are doing or saying.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Twitter seems remarkably, er, inconsistent in what it deems tickety-boo and what is beyond the pale.

      I’ve reported it for targeted harassment, though others must have already done so and it’s still there.


  9. Darcy3 says:

    Johnson press again ? who control most local news around the UK and their best from Cambridge (with so many of the most beautiful churches around) :

    How Cambridge is observing Ramadan during the coronavirus lockdown

    NO mention of Easter or any other Christian worship


    How one Cambridge organisation is helping those in need celebrate Ramadan during the pandemic

    With halal meat in short supply and the holy month of Ramadan beginning, one mosque has taken it upon themselves to feed their community during the pandemic

    Councillor was ‘not thinking clearly’ when posting Ramadan tweet picturing bacon

    The councillor has apologised and said he was ‘not thinking clearly’

    When is Ramadan 2018 in the UK? – What is the timetable?

    All the information you need about Ramadan 2018 and all the other important dates around it


  10. G.W.F. says:

    Anyone here like conspiracy theories or wish to explore coincidences?

    Shortly after Cummings drove to Barnard’s Castle to test his eyesight before driving to Downing St to “get back to work to get vaccine deals through, move regulations aside’- as he said at the press briefing – GlaxoSmithKline of Barnard Castle signed an agreement to develop and manufacture a Covid-19 vaccine with Sanofi of France.

    From the Northern Echo
    ‘GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) which has a site on Harmire Road, in Barnard Castle, has signed a letter of intent to enter into a collaboration with French company, Sanofi.

    The firm will contribute its pandemic adjuvant technology to the collaboration whilst Sanofi will deliver its S-protein Covid-19 antigen, which is based on recombinant DNA technology.’
    Worth checking Wikipedia and elsewhere for details of
    GlaxoSmithKline’s notorious record eg. In 2012 GlaxoSmithKline were fined $3 billion for fraud, overcharging and making false claims about medicines in the USA. In 2016, GlaxoSmithKline were fined £37.6 million in the UK for bribing companies not to produce generic copies of their out of patent drugs, thus overcharging the NHS.

    Just suppose that the Northern Echo was not spinning fake news and a deal from the firm in Barnard’s Castle following the coincidental visit for an eyesight test did take place. Given the controversial record of the company it would not be prudent for a top government adviser to be seen to be involved in any deal. Best let him take the flack for a so called breach of his own regulations and stand by him till it all blows over.

    After all, you can’t expect the BBC to conduct a serious inquiry can you?



    • Darcy3 says:

      thank f?ck he was nowhere near Rendlesham Forest


    • JimS says:

      Only problem is that their HQ is in Brentford, where one would expect ‘deals’ to be signed and, according to GSK, they don’t have any vaccine research centres in the UK.

      Cummings later returned to London, where Putin’s Russian embassy is situated.

      The Russians have been accused with interfering with the election of Donald Trump, Brexit and the price of oil.

      Go figure.


  11. pugnazious says:

    Melvyn Bragg described Zeno’s Paradox to us today…where a tortoise is given a 100m head start on a runner….by the time the runner has run the 100m the tortoise has moved 10m and so on, thus the runner never catches the tortoise.

    In the Philosopher’s bubble that might work but we know that the reality is the runner will trounce the tortoise.

    Similarly we have the ideological bubbles, say such as that so deeply embedded in the minds of BBC staff, that defy reality but somehow exist and get lots of airtime…such as the Cummings’ scandal’ or ‘crisis’ or perhaps the complete non-event.

    Take for instance Dominic Cummings and his trip to Durham. Like Zeno’s runner we know that whatever proof there is to clear him of his supposed crime the BBC et al will never let it lie and will continue in one way or another to spread the suggestion that he is guilty. A year from now presenters will openly say Cumming was guilty and not blink an eye as they ‘forget’ to mention context and police reports that clear him…or indeed just how trivial all this really is.

    Look at yesterday’s frontpage headline….


    So the BBC chooses to make a massive headline saying that ‘Cummings ‘might have broken lockdown rules’…say police’ when this is actually about a minor breach that ‘might’ have happened. Why did they not highlight the fact that the police said he had not committed any breach in his trip to Durham and that there had been no breaking of the social distancing rules either? The Guardian’s main attack was on these points.

    This was the first part of the police statement….

    ‘Durham Constabulary does not consider that by locating himself at his father’s premises, Mr Cummings committed an offence contrary to regulation 6 of the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020.

    How is it that the BBC failed to mention that in the headline and went straight for the later suggestion there ‘might’ have been a minor infraction? Zeno’s Paradox….no matter how many times Cummings is shown not to have done anything wrong the BBC will try to keep the story going with ever more ridiculous and trivial claims and new ‘angles’ of attack.

    Nick Robinson continued that attack this morning as he suggested to a minister that ‘polls showed people were very angry with Cummings because he had broken the lockdown rules’…of course Robinson made no mention of the police statement clearing Cummings….nor did he surmise that the reason these people thought like that was because the media had lied and lied and lied….as Robinson himself was doing by omission and obfuscation….it was a variation of the usual BBC trick of stating that ‘Some people say…’ when what they mean is ‘This is what I think’.


    • taffman says:

      “Some people say” that Al Beeb’s viewing numbers are plummeting, income from Licence Fees is falling and complaints are through the roof.
      From that I can deduce that some of those people are correct? Yet Al Beeb is in denial.


    • Darcy3 says:

      IPSO feel free to complain

      1. Accuracy

      i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information or images, including headlines not supported by the text.



      • Darcy3 says:


        What we handle complaints about
        What we can’t handle complaints about
        Who can complain?
        Is there a time limit?
        Sending us your complaint
        Contacting the publication
        Further help

        What we handle complaints about

        We consider complaints about newspapers or magazines (and their websites) which are members of IPSO. To see if a publication is an IPSO member, you can check here, or call us for advice. We can only consider complaints which are made under the Editors’ Code.

        We deal with complaints about editorial material in publications. This includes:

        images and videos
        readers’ letters
        user comments on websites which the publication has moderated
        the behaviour of journalists.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      If only Mr Cummings had campaigned to stay in the EU the scum media would be falling over themselves in an effort to defend his actions. They truly are the enemy of the people.


  12. pugnazious says:

    Aren’t BBC presenters fantastic? Well informed, intelligent, fair-minded and tolerant.

    How is it that Chiles can say, as he did today, that it would have been nice if the government had told us to wash our hands and carry out all the other measures necessary to dodge the virus? Apparently it would have been ‘very useful’.

    How is it that BBC presenters can keep on insisting that the government asking you to ‘stay alert’ is, in Nicky Campbell’s words, ‘troublingly confusing’, how can he claim that ‘It’s extremely confusing when the rules change’ when it’s not really at all?

    How is it that Campbell can watch a neighbour load his car up with food which he tells Campbell he and his family are taking to an Iftar along with many others during the lockdown and say nothing and yet spend days complaining about Cummings who met no-one and didn’t break any social distancing rules?

    Campbell said ‘If I’d called the police it would have been a pretty petty thing to do….maybe it depends on what they are doing…if it’s an outrageous flouting of the rules that endangers a lot of people….’

    So a Muslim family going to a large gathering to socialise is not an ‘outrageous flouting of the rules which endangers people’ but Cummings travelling to an isolated location to quarantine his family is? Consider how the BBC wondered how it was that Muslims were so often the victims of the virus…any wonder now?

    One rule for some, another rule for others in the BBC world.

    Of course we’ve seen this attitude before and the dire results as thousands of white girls were abused and raped by Muslims and the BBC et al stood by saying nothing.


  13. Darcy3 says:

    As long as the muslim criminal postal vote system is refused, they will never be in power, and in a way it is amusing to watch them all complaining from the touchline

    although not quite amusing that the govt allow a media witch hunt to take place

    funny though the dignity they show against the “fury” and “Incandescent” rage of so called impartial journalists ??

    Just shows their partisan nature in full for all to see

    As above. there are those who have a right to have an incandescent rage (industrial rape of white schoolgirls in every muzzie ghetto in the country)
    but according to the bbc this is not allowed we have to rage about a man protecting his child etc etc

    the twisted minds of the bbc


  14. Fedup2 says:

    More good news – reports in the BBC newspaper that SOAS is in deep financial trouble -.school of african asian studies –

    A hiding place of the Left and an extension of the ministry of giving borrowed taxpayers’ cash away – it is a favourite of the BBC when they need an anti british critic of whatever the BBC wants more of your money spent on in some bit of the 3rd world which is meant to be er – ‘ independent ‘ .

    I fear an announcement of more ‘money tree’ action at the government briefing in the naive belief that the Lefty MSM will appreciate it …


  15. Guest Who says:

    Some of that Maitlis magic clearly rubbed off on Lurch last flying visit.

    What is it with follicly-challenged bbc men?


    • JamesArthur says:

      Hey Guest

      Enough of the follicly challenged – I am offended 🙂

      – they are as**holes with and without hair


  16. Darcy3 says:

    Plus ce la meme chose


    Newsnight, BBC Two, 26th May

    We’re receiving complaints on a number of issues relating to Tuesday’s edition of Newsnight and the BBC’s response.
    To register a complaint visit this BBC Complaints page.

    Please do,

    if you ever wonder why we have, for example, a media obsession with muslims it is because they are instructed to barrage all media with complaints which gives the impression that they are more than they are, which is just a gobby minority, a very small but gobby minority

    Hindus, sikhs, japanese, indonesians, chinese, philipinos etc etc how much do they feature on the bbc ? are they represented on the bbc asia channel ? if not why not ?

    do the bbc need a geography lesson ? general intelligence is not their strong point, maybe not covered in their 3rd class meeja degree


  17. Fedup2 says:

    A coloured lady who was spat at whilst working on London Underground . She later died from the chinese virus .

    The instant link was made .

    A man was arrested and questioned . The plod has now concluded that there was no link between the incidents .

    I recall lots of political screaming about this far beyond the revolting assault itself . Goes to show .


  18. Darcy3 says:

    I have had links in the past with TFL and saw the massive amounts of complaints coming in and they were not about white people, they were 90 % about

    overtly sexual remarks made by male black employees towards passengers,

    abuse towards passengers by black mainly west indian female employees (frequently calling passengers stupid for asking advice) and

    Racism by black employees towards chinese and I quote

    “All chinese are dishonest” with a young chinese confused about where to buy a ticket by a black TFL employee

    bbc tumbleweed moment

    the truth will not be reported, except on this site


  19. Sluff says:

    Much as I on average support the government and oppose the BBC metrobubble…….
    Now that our number of tests and number of cases are comparable with the likes of Italy, France and Spain and especially Germany we do have to ask why our deaths per million population are higher.
    Remember early on Italy was described as being in crisis with hospitals overwhelmed, inpart due to their population age. We are worse than that.
    We have done some things very badly indeed, probably related to early stage testing capacity and the knock-on impact of sending patients back to care homes without testing. And all to ‘save the NHS’ from…..something or other, probably accountability, aided and abetted by confusion of responsibilities (NHS, PHE, SAGE, DoHealth, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all….).


    • StewGreen says:

      Yep something going on here
      whether it’s the hero NHS being substandard, or our immigrants, or our civil servants and bureaucracy etc.

      Needs properly talking about
      not brushing under the carpet

      I don’t believe magic simplistic claims like
      “if we had locked down a week earlier”

      “more tests would have been a magic solution”

      Covid19 came in on planes and we allowed people to get on public transport.
      More Or Less
      said flights from China & Italy was one thing
      but by then people were already coming in via Germany and France
      and if you have 1 million coming in a day you can’t stay on top of it, cos all you are doing is putting off the inevitable

      We could have stopped public transport at airports and asked incomers to stay home for a few days.


  20. JamesArthur says:

    R4..Evan the Gob

    He couldn’t be more dismissive of the Govt’s business schemes , which are incredibly generous and easy to get…
    No not a bloody positive word…in fact he said words to the effect of ‘ might have been more generous’..words fail me…

    And now much more important we leave the briefing…to go to an NHS hospital and listen to a fawning BBC reporter….more doom and gloom…


  21. Fedup2 says:

    Government briefing

    The chancellor – so no beff presto kuensberg or usual gotcha merchants – and strangely no DC questions ….

    …. but the MSM is determined to keep the DC nonsense going – this time it is about the conduct or the chief plod of Durham as well as the Lefty police commission crime waste of space ….

    Strangely no questions about furlough fraud today ….


  22. StewGreen says:

    4:30pm Radio 4
    Tim Harford #HateSignalled at least twice against Cummings twice
    .. introduced a reference to him when he was introducing/closing another topic… in the same way disses their prey , say “The Jews”
    .. the repeat like the podcast was also missing a musical quiz

    In the Science Show yesterday Marnie also HateSignalled against Cummings

    Indeed most R4 progs do HateSignal against Cummings or Trump

    Only some like the local ITV news don’t
    some local BBC reporters and presenters do.


  23. theisland says:

    … the French have claimed a new excuse for not intercepting migrants, as the individuals apparently threaten to throw themselves or their children overboard if their ships get too close.

    IF the French are telling the truth, these certainly aren’t the type of people savages we want in our country.


    • taffman says:

      If that’s true, what they are threatening is ‘we will kill the children if we are forced to stay in France’.
      I am pretty sure that the French Navy have men on board that can deal with that threat quite easily .
      Take their children off them, if they are really ‘their’ children? Then jail the [email protected]@rds. But something tells me that The French Navy don’t want to take them back , they just want to dump them on us .
      These are the people that can run from their own country and yet threaten their very own kids lives .
      Do we want them here ?


      • john in cheshire says:

        I still say shoot a few of the adults, starting with any of them who throw the children into the sea. The rest will behave themselves. Then tow the survivors back to France so they can tell their friends we mean business.


        • taffman says:

          We have in Great Britain, the finest Navy and Marines at hand . They would have to be used once only, no more would follow.
          We are too soft and sadly so far, we have a soft Home Secretary.


          • john in cheshire says:

            We’ll have soft people in charge with too many of them being women until the trend towards a matriarchy is reversed.


  24. StewGreen says:

    So Twitter what agendas are you pushing at me today, via your rigged trending list ?

    Trending in United Kingdom

    Politics · Trending
    #BorisJohnsonMustGo Trending with: #borisjohnmustgo, #DominicCummimgsMustGo, #dominiccummningsmustgo

    Trending in United Kingdom
    Merseyside Police

    Trending in England

    Politics · Trending


  25. countryblues says:

    BBC QT last night…did anyone see it?

    It was actually quite funny for a change…Fiona Bruce managed to interrupt the Conservative MP before she could begin to reply to any question. The MP just sat there silently each time while FB ranted and didn’t seem too put out 🙂


  26. john in cheshire says:

    I had my telephone conversation with my MP this morning if anyone is interested. She’s very personable, so she’s hard to dislike, which I don’t.

    There isn’t much meat on the bone, as someone might say, but the most interesting comment was that the government is going to decriminalise the none payment of the racist far-left bbc protection money. From what I gathered, there’s a lot of pondering over what to do about the racist far-left bbc come 2027, with some mention of them building up the World Service, because it has a strong reputation in foreign lands. Which surprised me because I stopped listening to the World Service in the late eighties/ early nineties, when they were promoting black rule in South Africa.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thank you John – I was wondering when the ‘consultation ‘ result on de criminalisation would be Published . I was wondering whether it was one of the many reasons that the BBC was after DC beyond reason – and still is .

      I suspect DCMS will hold off on formal publication until parliament goes out for summer and the DC/virus reduces in the public attention ….

      Whatever happens the Government will be accused of ‘spite ‘. To me decriminalisation is the first step to ending the BBC as a tax funded entity – after all – it is so popular and so good that everyone will jump at the chance to pay subscription – won’t they ?


      • john in cheshire says:

        Fedup2, from what I’ve seen recently, I think the racist far-left bbc is experimenting with life after protection money with their Britbox project.

        Apparently it’s full of stuff we’ve already paid for, that they want us, or someone else, to pay for again by subscription. If I’m correct, it may be a sign that reality is creeping into their bovine skulls and if so I don’t wish them ill. But I think it will fail because they have no idea how to run a business that relies on satisfying their customers demands in order to make a profit and hence survive and prosper.


      • theleftwilleatitself says:

        I said this a few days ago in a post Fedup that when the government go after al beeb regarding the licence fee, they will claim it is retribution for this saga! 👍
        Know your enemy and keep one step ahead of them 😉


  27. Richard Pinder says:

    A pugnacious fight between “BBC Philosophers and Environmental Activists” versus “Biasedbbc Mathematicians and Scientists”.

    BBC Philosopher’s claim to be the best scientists, but unlike BBC Philosophers, I also did Maths. A tortoise is given a 100m head start on a runner….by the time the runner has run the 100m the tortoise has moved 10m, thus the runner is running at ten times the speed of the tortoise and therefore overtakes the tortoise after 111m.

    Therefore I believe the Cummings and goings at the BBC will have a second wave, ending with a season of Frost. As a NAZI judge would say “The nation knows he is guilty”. The BBC Philosopher knows in its heart that the consensus is that as with Carbon gas, he is guilty. Anyone who does not agree with the BBC will be banned under the Orwellian concept of “False Balance”. A false balance between those that “know that he is guilty” and those who “don’t know if he is guilty”. Ignorance of police reports and scientific discoveries will protect the BBC bubble from reality. Only abolishing the BBC licence fee would cause a confrontation with reality.

    BBC Philosopher says “Consensus of scientists believe carbon dioxide causes Climate Change” An Astronomer who will never appear on the BBC says “If we find a formula for warming on Venus, and it works for Mars” “But then it also works for all the other Planets, even the Earth” “Then the idea that carbon dioxide rules Climate Change is proven to be a hoax”. But BBC presenters openly say “Carbon is guilty” and not blink an eye as they ‘forget’ to mention context and scientific findings that clear the Carbon gas of guilt.

    No matter how many times Carbon is shown not to have done anything wrong, the BBC will try to keep the story going with ever more ridiculous and trivial claims and new ‘angles’ of attack. Even using silly child Philosophers like Greta to continue the attack, with polls showing ignorant people are very angry with Carbon emissions. The reason these ignorant people think like that is because the media lies and censors by omission and obfuscation. The BBC bans independent Meteorologists, Astronomers and even every known Members of Parliament with a science degree. Scientists who complain to the BBC find that the BBC uses the lie of stating that “Some scientists say” when it is proven that what they mean is “This is what environmental activists say”.

    I must log off now. There is a program about Venus on Yesterday Freeview Channel 25 at 8pm.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Co2 is what feeds plants we should be pumping out more not less.


      • Jagman84 says:

        96% of the world’s CO2 is residing in the oceans. Whatever amount we remove from the atmosphere will be replaced from the ocean store until a natural equilibrium is reached. That equilibrium will depend on solar activity and ambient temperatures. In my 1970’s Uni days there was a real fear of an impending Ice Age as atmospheric CO2 was at critically low levels and this can result in rapid glaciation of the poles and creates deserts in the tropics.


    • john in cheshire says:

      A revisit of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World gives an impression of what the beast has planned for us. And I think it’s closer than we think. Especially Mustapha Mond. The elite, ha!, already consider us as members of a lower caste.


  28. theleftwilleatitself says:

    No ‘three am-ego’s’ from the gutter press at the daily briefing today which probably meant why it was relatively restrained and the quality of questions was far better 👍
    Long may it continue but we all know there is no point holding your breath on that one 😬


    • taffman says:

      I would suggest that the ‘three am-ego’s’ have had ‘a gypsy’s warning’.


      • Darcy3 says:

        What is a “gypsys warning” ? does that mean you will get flytipped and burgled and your petrol siphoned ?


  29. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I recorded qt last night and started watching it just now.
    Poor Fiona, she had to wait until almost a third of the way through before she could interrupt anyone as they were all agreeing how evil DC was.

    When the guest representing the right was allowed to talk (Helen Whately) she was immediately talked over and interrupted by Fi, making up for her earlier silence.
    In fact, she spoke more than Helen during Helen’s couple of minutes.
    One thing she (Fi) said was we have the second highest number of deaths in the world and nobody (well, the one Tory) questioned this or at least pointed out the obvious which all of us on here know (deaths per population)

    The usual 4 v 1 panel (5 if you include Fi) and so far all those commenting on the tv screens (the ‘audience’, 12 of them) were on Fi’s side with the only one not calling DC Satan was more or less saying move on if I remember correctly.

    I switched off half way through to see Richie Sunak being asked if people should have a picnic rather than a bbq.
    Prime time tv with a ‘top’ reporter asking the Chancellor this daft question.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the crap of the bbc scum.
      Apparently calling the MSM scum upsets the scum.
      I wouldn’t want to upset the MSM scum for all the tea in China.
      So, this is the last time I call the MSM scum scum. At least for today.
      Scum. It’s one of those words that if you say it over and over, it sounds increasingly weird. Is it onomatopoeia?
      Scum? Scum.


      • Darcy3 says:

        This is the bbc wurld klass gernaliss you are talking about, who, at the height of their profession, listen (?) to a briefing then ask a question that has already been addressed in the briefing,

        They would not pass a mock GCSE or an 11 plus with that performance but are allowed to earn an eye watering salary paid for by those they hold in complete contempt

        scum ? quite possibly, or shall we suggest, overpaid scum

        My house cat could do with a job, she rarely listens so is equally qualified

        And has just caught a fly, so possibly overqualified, as she can put a useful achievement on her CV

        and she cares where she leaves her [email protected]


        • john in cheshire says:

          But can your cat catch a rat?

          We need an army of rat catchers.

          Interestingly, my MP thinks that the traitors such as Mr Grieve and Mrs Soubry have been adequately punished because they were voted out of office.

          Me? I want them charged with sedition and treason, tried, found guilty and hanged. That might just be sufficient punishment. Although, like King Charles II, I think I’d dig up their corpses and hang them again.


  30. Eddy Booth says:

    Lullingstone Castle: Man dies following disturbance near lake
    “The circumstances surrounding his death are being investigated, and reports of rocks being thrown have not been confirmed by officers”

    Rocks eh ? Not to be confused with those harmless stones BBC regularly report that Palestinian yobs throw.


  31. StewGreen says:

    So the BBC speaks for the nation.. does it ?
    Let’s check TrustPilot reviews

    7,000+ reviews
    Almost all call it lib/lefty biased
    Almost all give in 1 star out of 5
    Lets look at the bbc.co.uk reviews



  32. Lefty Wright says:

    A neat little treatise on fear. Very apt.


  33. vlad says:

    Tucker: “Media fan racial flames”

    Hear that beeb?


  34. john in cheshire says:

    Watch this and weep. This is what muslims are:

    After watching this no one can ever say they didn’t know.

    They are not fit to live amongst civilised people. Are we still a civilised people?


    • Banania says:

      That story is horrifying. This stuff is STILL going on, and the police are STILL obstructing investigation. When shall we be allowed to read that REPORT?


      • cromwell says:

        There are some horrible pictures of her injuries, I think I saw them attached to Twitter account I was reading that although the police obviously have her in custody they cannot find any evidence for the assault!!!! How do they think she got the injuries? I think they were on Maggie Oliver’s Twitter account, they really upset me and in this day and age I couldn’t believe they hadn’t found there way to the MSM. But I’m being stupid there.


  35. Eddy Booth says:

    Coronavirus: Death of Belly Mujinga ‘not linked to spit attack’
    The death of a railway worker who was spat at by a man claiming to have coronavirus was not linked to the attack, police have concluded.

    Belly Mujinga, 47, who died with Covid-19 on 5 April, was working at Victoria station when she was assaulted.

    Following “extensive inquiries” British Transport Police (BTP) decided the attack did not lead to her death.
    The force also said no further action would be taken against a 57-year-old man interviewed by officers.”

    No action to me, reads like no assault took place, but the PC police don’t want to say so.


  36. StewGreen says:

    Spit Attack didn’t kill
    “Police determine spit attack was not connected to Railway worker Belly Mujinga’s death”

    At the time our consensus ‘very unlikely cos who symptoms happens too soon after the attack’

    – 3:21pm Sky Broke the news
    – 4:47pm BBC London story
    – 5:01pm The dodgy young Nottingham Labour MP shouted
    “hang him anyway” tweet *

    Following ‘extensive inquiries’ British Transport Police (BTP) decided the attack did not lead to her death.
    The force also said no further action would be taken against a 57-year-old man interviewed by officers.
    The BBC understands that the man, who was the main suspect, had a negative antibody test in the time after the incident.”

    “Following a review of all the information, senior detectives have concluded that there is no evidence to substantiate any criminal offences having taken place,” it said.
    – BBC London

    FFS Nadia he can’t have had Covid and he’s probably some drugged/drunk nutter that spits at people and not worth wasting prison space on.


    • StewGreen says:

      As well as Nadia loads of other race baiters have joined in


      • john in cheshire says:

        I don’t like the word belly when used for humans. Animals have bellies, humans have stomachs.


  37. Thoughtful says:

    how the left wrecked society


  38. Guest Who says:

    As well they might.


    • Fedup2 says:

      As the good lady says at the end “ we are the many and they are the few “ – but at the moment they are in control of delivering their far left alien message …. it won’t always be like that .

      I didn’t realise that ms Daley’s piece was written on 25 January 2020 – it’s even more relevant now .


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        From the Comments below JD’s article:

        D Walker 26 Jan 2020 10:49AM

        “The BBC will never recover from the accusations of propaganda and bias which have been levied [sic] at it for the past decade or so, but particularly the last 4 years.

        Millions of us have, literally, switched off. And we won’t be coming back. There is now far more choice about what we watch, listen to and read. And the more choice there is, the more the BBC is outed as a small but arrogant and illiberal propagandist. Channel 4 is even worse.

        And on related topics: I’m also turning off ITV, since I refuse to watch advertising which is pushing the lie that the vast majority of families in the UK are mixed-race and the black population is at least 50%. Neither are true – it is a blatant attempt to brainwash us into the belief that miscegenation is the ideal.

        The multi-cultural propaganda must stop.”


  39. Roland Deschain says:

    If 96% of Maitlis’s comments are anti-Boris, I wonder what percentage of Katty Kay’s tweets and retweets Guido would find to be anti-Trump. 99%? Or is that on the low side?

    Here’s one of her latest.

    I’ve no idea what it’s about. I have better things to do than wade through her slanted sources. But I’d be confident it’s nothing like claimed.


  40. StewGreen says:

    Indy : Noel Clarke says racism is ‘embedded’ in British society
    was trending today so will be on BBC soon except his series is on Sky

    Coincidentally he tweeted a movie poster
    7 actors are named on it
    6 are pictured
    He’s been left off
    A valid complaint maybe
    but sometimes there are different posters for different areas etc.



    • Nodding Dog says:

      Stew,is that the same Noel Clarke who got a part in Auf Wiedersehen Pet just because the BBC weren’t happy that the cast from the two original ITV series were all white so insisted on introducing some BAME.As the actor who played Wayne had sadly passed away they introduced his son into the series who just happened to be black.Now I could understand that as Wayne did put it about a bit but then we find out that Oz’s son is gay and a drag queen.Of course in the end Oz is proud of his son.Another great programme spoiled by the BBC once they’d got the diversity mitts on it.


  41. StewGreen says:

    Trump is terminating ALL US funding of the WHO


  42. StewGreen says:

    @Fed ??


    • Guest Who says:

      It’s a mystery, Andy.


    • Fedup2 says:

      What is the flak ?
      Is he the only one getting the flak ?
      What sort of flak is it ?
      Does Boris care about getting the flak?
      What is the source of the flak ?


  43. Bulldog says:

    Reviews of tomorrow’s newspaper headlines on the beeb and Sky tonight discussing the Guardian’s claim that 1000’s of e-mails from “angry” members of the public have been sent to M.P.’s about D.C. If I was a Tory M.P. I would do a sample analysis of about 100 and see if any are card carrying Tory party members and how many actually live in my constituency. Then I would check social media to see if I could establish the politics of the others.

    Quite easy for Labour supporters to send me one e-mail but copy in loads of other M.P’s and hide the “c.c.’s”. This could be verified by contacting some of my fellow M.P.’s in case any had received an e-mail from the same person.

    The Guardian is so desperate to keep this story alive.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Bulldog, the Guardian is desperate to keep Der Starmer alive. That is what this is all about.


    • cromwell says:

      I wrote an email to my Brexit supporting MP with my support for Mr Cummings and how he has been badly treated by the media and how supposedly MPs had lots of emails from their constituency asking for his sacking.
      I was quite shocked to get his condescending reply actually going over every boring fact that we’ve heard for days and saying his mailbag has emails for and against him. Then he went on at some length about how he could resign or be fired .Dismissed the Labour and SNP MPs doing the same thing, also dismissed the child element.
      I was really suprised by his attitude which confirms to me this is about more that the media, he has quite a few enemies on the Tory side.
      My MP seems to be part of the ERG group and is common knowledge some of them have written letters asking for his dismissal. It’s a witch hunt and personal vendettas are being played out here.
      If these MPs have any courage at all they will show their hand but we all know that is asking too much.
      I am just wondering whether to reply to his email as he has shocked me with his attitude.


      • Deborah says:

        Cromwell, I think you are lucky to get a response. I wrote to my Brexit supporting MP to say I wasn’t angry about DC but the press (I am a member of the Conservative Party), it was not one of those letters that was copied and pasted. Other than the automated response to say he had received it, I have not had a response.


    • Guest Who says:

      Mad Al is claiming he has been sent, and read, these thousands.

      I merely note the emailed advocacy and templates from 38 Beegees, Compass, Open Democracy, etc…


  44. ScottishCalvin says:

    Doodle and thoughts on the news in America. Weirdly about 4 years ago I was considering moving to Minneapolis, ended up taking a different turn at that junction of life but it’s one of those ones where I wonder “what if” seeing as how it’s gone from being a very nice wealthy place to live to affluent suburbs surrounding a divided city that’s almost perpetually on the course of explosive racial violence.


  45. taffman says:

    Newsnight is not the only incredibly biased program on Al Beeb. Take Question Time and the various Anti Brexit commentators for the last four years. It would be a good exercise to list them all. We have been taken for fools by the broadcaster for to long and I suspect the people of Britain have had enough ? They are now being called “scum”. Time to pull the plug on them.


    • Guest Who says:

      Here Toenails hides behind quoting…. Dancin’ Terry.



      • cromwell says:

        She is very lucky not to be arrested for treason, I would keep my mouth shut if I was her


  46. Up2snuff says:

    BBC Website Watch #1 – I’m Sorry I’ll Re-write That One Again

    Warn the scientists! The scientists don’t realise!! The scientists don’t know!!!

    “Risks in lockdown easing too soon, warn scientists.”

    The Apostrophe Curse has now hit the BBC Commas. Oh no! Either that or the work experience kids have come to work at the BBC earlier than in previous years thanks to the Pandemic.


    • dafydd says:


      I understand there are 50+ scientists on the Sage panel, just love the way the BBC concentrates on the 2 decenting voices…pathetic


      • Up2snuff says:

        dafydd, I didn’t bother clicking on and reading it. If the BBC Executives and Editors cannot be bothered to sort out the complete horlicks that the Corp produces these days, then I cannot be bothered to waste my time on it. Thanks for the precis.

        Hopefully everyone here will have had a chuckle over it.


  47. Old Goat says:

    Don’t know if a reference has been posted before, but anyone with the inclination (and time) should watch this Delingpole podcast with Dolores Cahill, where she rightly rubbishes the lock-down and “social distancing” from the perspective of an immunologist.

    She’s good, if a little strident, and a user of the word “so” to begin every sentence, but I can forgive her those, and hope she can progress her crusade against the daft MPs, biased press, and dodgy “scientists”.


    Also, Trump is very good in this, where he dispenses with the services of the WHO (or at least cuts their funding). What I found most satisfying was at the end, when he just left, leaving the gathered press calling out questions to his departing back…


    • cromwell says:

      That’s how Boris should treat the media scum shouting at his back as he leaves the stage.


  48. Guest Who says:

    So, it would seem a good idea to avoid allowing BBCNews anywhere near kids.



    More than 200 schools in South Korea have been forced to close just days after they reopened, due to a new spike in coronavirus cases.

    Before they closed, we spent the day with pupils to see what changes were being made.