478 Responses to Start the Week 25 May 2020

  1. pugnazious says:

    The BBC et al are gunning for Cummings as usual in the hope he will be sent packing. Note in the Newsnight piece how Wark claims Cummings was ‘flouting’ the rules….and there is no attempt to excuse his actions or explain them away as the BBC did wth Neil Ferguson…Cummings is instantly presumed guilty. Also note how the used-car salesman states that Ferguson’s ‘flouting’ of the rules was a lesser crime than Cummings…er…no…Ferguson did so for purely personal pleasure and gratification, and he definitely wasn’t ‘isolating’, the very opposite in fact, whereas Cummings’ actions were in order to ensure there was adequate support for his 4 year old son if both he and his wife were forced to self-isolate…which he did do in a building completely separate from his parents’ house.

    Note that the law states you can leave the house if you have a reasonable excuse…

    ‘6.—(1) During the emergency period, no person may leave [F8or be outside of] the place where they are living without reasonable excuse.

    (2) For the purposes of paragraph (1), a reasonable excuse includes the need—

    (a)to obtain basic necessities, including food and medical supplies for those in the same household (including any pets or animals in the household) or for vulnerable persons and supplies for the essential upkeep, maintenance and functioning of the household, or the household of a vulnerable person, ‘

    I think ensuring his son is looked after is a pretty good ‘reasonable excuse’.

    The Guardian seems to be selectively reporting and creatively inventing certain claims…and the police seem to be politicising this and inventing their own reality.

    The police are making ridiculous statements..

    Police say Dominic Cummings controversy will make lockdown impossible to enforce

    Senior figures fear that lockdown policing is ‘dead in the water’ and that the public will rely on the ‘Cummings defence’ when challenged

    How many people will have exactly the same circumstances as Cummings? You can’t use the ‘Cummings defence’ if you are going to party all night with your mates or going to shag your married mistress.

    The police said this about their contact with Cummings’ father…

    ‘“On Tuesday, March 31, our officers were made aware that Dominic Cummings had travelled from London to Durham and was present at an address in the city.

    “At the request of Mr Cummings’ father, an officer made contact the following morning by telephone.

    “During that conversation, Mr Cummings’ father confirmed that his son had travelled with his family from London to the North East and was self-isolating in part of the property.

    “Durham Constabulary deemed that no further action was required. However, the officer did provide advice in relation to security issues.”’

    Makes it appear that someone informed them about Cummings being there…and then Cummings’ father got in touch with the police…not true….

    ‘It is understood that it was in fact Mr Cummings’ father who had contacted the police to alert them of his presence in the area and discuss any necessary security arrangements.

    During that conversation, officers reminded Mr Cummings senior that his son’s journey from London to the North East was in breach of the Government’s lockdown rules.’

    So in fact the police did not contact Cummings or his family, it was Cummings’ father who contacted them.

    We’re being spun an alternate and very convenient ‘truth’ by the Guardian, the BBC and the police which uses half-truths and outright lies to try and takedown Cummings.

    It is pretty much the established ‘truth’ on social media that Cummings drove to Durham whilst sick himself, that he spent his time with his parents and that they looked after the son…all false…as is the claim the police contacted the family.

    Those infamous dark forces at work…let’s hope Cummings can cling on long enough to smash the BBC.

    Here’s a video of Cummings from 2014….he says complex situations result in extremely bad predictions by ‘experts’…expert decisions are almost random and the more an expert is on TV the more likely they are to be wrong….kind of fits doesn’t it? The BBC drags in the experts it thinks support its worldview and narrative and fills the airwaves with their opinions…and then finds they were totally wrong…Brexit, Trump/Russia, every election since 2010 when the BBC assured us that two party politics was finished just as capitalism was apparently finished after 2008.

    Cummings says expert opinion is ‘largely rubbish’….can’t help thinking he is right.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The BBC drags in the experts it thinks support its worldview and narrative and fills the airwaves with their opinions…and then finds they were totally wrong…Brexit, Trump/Russia, every election since 2010 when the BBC assured us that two party politics was finished just as capitalism was apparently finished after 2008. Cummings says expert opinion is ‘largely rubbish’.

      From personal experience. The reason why expert opinion on the BBC is largely rubbish is because the experts turn out to be less qualified than the people who complain to Mr Fraser Steel. For instance, almost all of the BBC’s best scientific experts turned out to be scientifically unqualified environmental activists.

      Its also largely rubbish because of Groupthink. Cummings is the opposite of Groupthink. He is said to be unconvinced by any received set of views about anything. He is someone determined to bring down things that don’t work. What I called “Flush the Toilet Thinking”, which made my colleagues giggle.

      First Example: If a computer model that calibrates carbon dioxide warming, does not work retrospectively, then why the hell does a scientifically ignorant BBC type moron believe it will work in ten years time. And then after ten years has passed, the BBC type moron has forgotten about that computer model made ten years ago, but is given the latest computer model that predicts runaway Global warming in the next ten years, and so on and on and on, for ever and ever, until “Stalin/Lord Hall” dies, or “Thatcher/Cummings” can destroy “Communism/the BBC”.

      Second Example: Most BBC experts are practical uneducated. This is because they have studied a useless subject that implies that Communism and Socialism work. Although Communism and National Socialism have never worked in practice. The BBC ideological experts excuse for this is that this was because the Communists or National Socialists were not truly Communist or Socialist enough. The BBC expert is therefore trying to help bring about a truly pure form of Communism for England and a truly pure form of National Socialism for Scotland.


      • Up2snuff says:

        RP “What I called “Flush the Toilet Thinking”, which made my colleagues giggle gurgle.”

        There, fixed that for you.

        (Good challenging post, RP, btw.)


    • Celtic_Mist says:


      Without one of your previous posts , I wouldn’t have been aware that the government has made available a lot of the SAGE information (which compromises the safety of members)

      The BBC only mentions it twice –

      The first and only real link (hidden in the article), and not easy work backwards to the top menu

      The second is to scare children of colour



  2. vlad says:

    You think murder for apostasy only happens in muslim-majority hellholes? Think again. This British convert to islam was targeted and almost killed, in Birmingham, when he attempted to leave the Religion of Murder, and now lives in fear of his life.

    I don’t remember the beeb taking up his case.



  3. Guest Who says:

    BBC head straight to Surkeer for a killer quote.

    Surkeer delivers.

    BBC prints.

    Surkeer and BBC look even more opportunistically idiotic than usual.


    • Abolishalbeeb says:

      So I’m sure Starmer, for the sake of balance, must acknowledge that the Labour Party is holding the public in contempt due to their lack of action against Stephen Kinnock and Tahir Ali? Oh silly me, it’s only bad when nasty brexiteers break the lockdown isn’t it?!
      Starmer is proving himself to be every bit as a danger to my blood pressure as Corbyn!


  4. Guest Who says:

    This bbc platform was clearly named by the same jokers that coined ‘BbC Trust’.


  5. Guest Who says:

    Pretty likely his neighbourhood has few with relatives who were in the military back when he was handling the media.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Another day, another small sample.

    Spin it, Nick, spin it!

    Surely she is a shoo in for QT off the back of this?

    Or HIGNFY. they like a tease.


    • Wink1 says:

      Worth a look as it’s not going the way the good lefty doctor hoped!


      • Guest Who says:

        Indeed. But there is still time. Wait until the word goes out around W1A to rally the troops.

        That dodgy moment when they don’t know if to pull in case it goes further pear shaped or leave up in case 38 Beegees, Compass, etc actually do find their endless emails are open still.


  7. Guest Who says:

    In the red corner, Champion Ash.

    Holding the winner’s trophy, a socialist who is not an idiot.


  8. Guest Who says:

    The BBC’s fave doctor, so overworked she has three jobs, is clearly missing the Alistair Campbell years.


    • Guest Who says:

      Shola, Rosena, and now…

      Amazing where medics with certain ‘interesting’ ideologies end up when not in the surgery.

      Imagine coming round and seeing one of these three harridans checking your wallet to ensure politically appropriate affiliation.


      • Jagman84 says:

        Surely, the medical state of his child is no-one else’s business. Or doesn’t the good doctor operate patient confidentiality?


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Did the good doctor ask the same questions when mandleson and Campbell were in Downing Street?


  9. dafydd says:

    Niall Paterson on Sky News this morning being quite constructive and asking reasonable questions and not being confrontational.

    BBC radio going into melt down, dragging out every member of the great unwashed to slag off Boris and Cummings..

    I just hope Boris doesn’t capitulate and get rid of Cummings, even if you think he was right or wrong, time Boris and the Government started to fight back.

    He needs to realise all the noise is coming from the left and as we know the left controls the media so the noise comes across as quite loud.

    So far 15 Conservative MP’s have asked for Cummings to go, let’s hope Boris has a word with them also.

    I don’t know about anybody else but I am sick to the back teeth with the way the left leaning media have completely politicised this tragic pandemic, the fact that many have died doesn’t seem to bother them as long as they can score political points, parasites

    Here endeth my rant..!!!!

    Have a nice day


    • Guest Who says:

      Paterson is one of the better ones.

      That said, he lost it with me once when I dared to share evidence that his colleagues may be governed by motivations beyond professional integrity.

      Bet he acquires a dedicated interest in the urinal cakes in the gents when Bunter walks in.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      What the hell do these 15 MPs think that achieves, other than to give blood to the howling mob and weaken the government? There are times to shut up, whatever one’s private views.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Hope I got the right paper this time, Stew 😉

    An RT staple for Jon, Nick, Katty and Anthony, I believe.


    • StewGreen says:

      @GuestWho Yeh good call this time on WaPo hypocrisy
      I had to miniaturise the image for a viewable tweet.


  11. Celtic_Mist says:

    The BBC’s favourite political leader – (she will tumble of her pedestal)

    “The room could be seen shaking, and Ms Ardern looking briefly troubled, before carrying on with the interview, saying she was in a secure place and not under any hanging lights.




  12. Guest Who says:

    bBc news often retreats behind questions when the news leads places it does not wish to:

    “Children returning to school are often from wealthier families, so why are other pupils staying home?”

    They could always ask NUT here for comment. If available.


  13. Darcy3 says:

    Dog with bone part two bbbc 10 seconds into bbc 1 and on and on and on about Cummings, Education Secretary there to talk about schools reopening not allowed to, on and on and on and on and on Cummings, Cumming,s Cummings.


  14. Darcy3 says:

    What makes this politically motivated is they are getting the same consistent answers over and over again but keep asking the same questions over and over

    either politically motivated or deaf or thick as [email protected] you choose


  15. Darcy3 says:

    20 minutes before they shut up about Cummings and deigned to talk about schools with the Education Minister

    Absolutely unbelievable


    • Darcy3 says:

      bbbc too much, turned over to Heartbeat, The Who and King Crimson soundtrack today


      • JamesArthur says:

        Wife and I looked at each other and said let’s not put TV on…..and I don’t think we are alone..
        what saddens me is how many of my ‘intelligent’ friends just jump on bandwagon because they don’t like Boris…all Remainers and did same thing Brexit and still do same with POTUS. Never look at detail…..just simpleton dogma


  16. gb123 says:

    Almost all the media have turned into Karens about Cummings.
    The BB Karen
    The Daily Karen (mail)
    The Leftie Daily Karen (mirror)
    The Daily TeleKaren
    IT Karen
    The Karenian
    The IndeKaren
    Sky Karen News
    etc etc etc


  17. Guest Who says:

    It is worthy of note that when the… grown… children of Labour pols stray from righteousness, the MSM are usually most careful to give them space.

    Actual children of pols the media are ideologically dedicated to crushing… space invaded without compunction.


  18. Guest Who says:

    Bunter’s pin up girl, deft as ever, captures Paul Mason’s heart.

    However, outside of red square… #CCBGB


    • scribblingscribe says:

      This is in a few papers this morning but no one seems to know if they are neighbours or just the usual shouty suspects you get in street protests.


  19. Guest Who says:

    Beff going the source route still.

    Which utterly works. Triffic.


  20. Doublethinker says:

    This may have been covered already but Lord Hall has floated ideas about future funding of the BBC. Firstly that the LF could be means tested , the more you earn the more you pay . Secondly that the government and The Monstrous Corporation should look at how public service broadcasting is funded in other countries.( In many countries in Europe the PSB is funded by general taxation)
    Both of these ‘ideas’ are in my opinion pre cursors to having the BBC funded by a block grant from general taxation. From the BBC’s point of view this removes the contentious five yearly LF negotiation and protects the corporation from any fear of commercial or new technology pressures. It also cut the legs of thisevwho refuse to pay for what they don’t watch, you don’t even have a choice unless you pay no taxes at all! The BBC will then claim that it is an essential service and clamour for above inflation increases in the block grant . Of course whenever Labour is in power it will be showered with tax payers money. As to be ‘independent ‘ from government it will remain antagonistic to the Tories and the propaganda arm of Labour.
    Needless to say everyone must press for a pure subscription funded model.


  21. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Off switch denied …

    …. for all of ten minutes. Good Tweet of the Day this a.m. – the Marsh Warbler. 6 a.m. news – dominated by Dom. Newspaper review – dominated by Dom. The Lather Merchants in the Media are still foaming.

    “He’s put thousands of lives at risk!”


    The rest of the British population are more intelligent than the British media give them credit for. We are also far too busy to jump in our cars to drive to Cooonty Doorh’m, loovely as it is.

    Meanwhile, I discover the BBC have a dedicated Correspondent for Cornwall. Not just for everything Cornwall, but for Cornish Politics. No doubt there is a Cornish Political Editor on staff at W1A as well. Maybe there is a Cornish Environmental Correspondent and a Cornish Business Correspondent, as well. Maybe a Cornish Holiday Correspondent? … Off switch permitted.

    The BBC is overmanned and overwimmined.

    (Other genders are available. Terms and Conditions apply. Your home may be at risk if Dominic Cummings approaches it and if payments are not maintained. Your sanity and bank account may be at risk, as well as your home, if the BBC broadcast into it.)


    • G says:

      “No doubt there is a Cornish Political Editor on staff at W1A as well. Maybe there is a Cornish Environmental Correspondent and a Cornish Business Correspondent, as well. Maybe a Cornish Holiday Correspondent? … Off switch permitted.”
      And, no doubt that person will be a foreigner………….


  22. Guest Who says:

    Here’s another politico-Media gutter submariner equating planting a dead person in person with attending one’s child.

    The MSM needs putting into care.


  23. friend of yogi bear says:

    Keir Starmer has announced he would sack Cummings if he was in PMs situation…fine, if that’s his view but it surely follows that he will be taking action against Steven Kinnock for his Birthday party dash to see Neil Kinnock ,who as another highly principled man would in turn support his party leaders action. I await the headline that junior Kinnock has labour whip removed for crass and selfish disregard of movement restrictions.


    • dafydd says:

      What about Corbyn , people who are 70 plus were told to isolate for 12 weeks no if’s no buts, but where was he and to the anger of many, sat in the house of commons…sipping coffee on his phone. Where was the outrage over this….Sorry folks I forgot he’s a Lettie and beyond reproach


    • Fedup2 says:

      Friend – I’ve no time for Kinnock junior or senior as I see them as career politicians wth no real interest in ‘their ‘ people – but on the ‘party dash ‘ I reckon kinnock junior was ok doing it .

      The enforcement thing to enable NHS staff to practice their dance routines has become a kind or political belief – denouncing and confronting – modelled on Stasi style interventions by the thick plod – has shown how Bits of UK Have changed …


    • Peter Grimes says:

      I believe I read somewhere, probably Guido, that Kinnochio Jnr had been promoted to some no-mark position within the Government in Waiting aka the Labour Monster Raving Loony party since his peregrinations to Taffland …and back.


  24. Fedup2 says:

    You know – when this whole Chinese virus thing started – I tried to ‘game ‘the variations on how it would play out ….

    It’s possible but there are so many variations to factor in I gave up –

    But – judging on the early days -remember ? Panic buying and panic over the threat of an overwhelmed NHS – stoked up by the MSM ?

    Well I didn’t think the lock down would dissent – because in my city – London – A large number of (feral ) people will do what they can get away with .

    This turned out not to have happened so far because of that fear of covid death caused by the MSM . This has been so effective that people are now scared of the NHS and – I think – frightened to restart their lives ……

    The riots on the streets have been replaced by media riots . A deep hatred of anyone who is not a ‘globalist ‘ – which is now defined as a person who will accept a life changing virus being imported from 5517 ( that’s for the pedants ) miles away . The distance of the Chinese government lab in wuhan to Heathrow .

    On the Dom – I don’t know and actually don’t care – but I predicted that the MSM would find a few MPs to ‘condemn ‘.

    And upon what is that ‘condemnation ‘ based ? Answer – what they have seen and read and heard on the MSM . I thought a couple of them were decent people – for politicians – but I think they should be ashamed to voice such opinion based on the BBC MSM far Left pro EU propaganda .

    And lastly – personally – I am very largely BBC free and so get a lot of news from here – so anyone still suffering the BBC – thank you and I really hope you aren’t paying for it.


  25. Darcy3 says:

    I only pay for it so I can watch other channels and this morning was but a test to see how soon Cummings came up and it was 10 seconds before a relentless barrage.

    I would have predicted a few far left would take political advantage of this situation and am genuinely surprised how many from the left including the bbc are morally bankrupt enough to do so and now standing outside of his house barracking him in a blatant ad hominem attack because of his beliefs, sharing personal details about his registration plate etc


    I hope he remains in position regardless of his views just on principle now

    this country is not yet governed by lefty liberal / socialist media witch hunt….I hope…

    and no questions about the pack outside his house not distancing or the tec who helped the bbc jouralist with his laptop during the briefing last night


  26. Guest Who says:

    I think it is unsurprising but still remarkable that this exact same message is going out on all bbc channels, even down to local radio depths.


    • Darcy3 says:

      Desperately trying to create a mandate for their witch hunt


      • taffman says:

        Its a good “mandate” to make payment for the TV Tax voluntary, as with any national charity. I am sure that the money will come flooding in .
        Is there anyone out who think that this is a bad idea?


    • tarien says:

      Tell him to get a shave and smarten up-never seen such an unkempt individual in such a position of authority. At least he could make an effort to convince people he is worth listening to, but turned out like he is, no way. It would be repectful to the PM as well as the public who no doubt pay his fees to dress a ittle respectfully. Still I will be considered ‘old fashioned,’ for such remarks-too bad.


  27. Jeff says:

    Despite all the mock moral outrage manufactured by the media regarding the Cummings affair, the thing that really caught my eye yesterday, was the conduct of the media hacks themselves. He had to fight his way through a mob to get to his car. Surely this is a case of harassment. They were jostling for position to shout questions and take photographs. They were falling over themselves.
    They swarmed around him. There was no social distancing at all. It reminded me of a wounded buffalo surrounded by cackling hyenas.
    It’s not a good look…
    Do they think we don’t see this?


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Simple Jeff, dont pay the teletax, don’t purchase the printed word and don’t subscribe to pay walled sites.

      If the right thinking majority in this country did this they would soon get the message.


  28. taffman says:

    “Coronavirus: Cummings row overshadows plans to ease lockdown”
    Question: Who is doing the overshadowing ?


  29. friend of yogi bear says:

    Dear Fedup2 . I agree there was nothing wrong with what Junior Kinnock did but everything wrong with KEIR Starmers double standards and naked opportunism.


  30. Up2snuff says:

    Oh, the irony …


    “Step away from that muffin, now! Do not eat that muffin, Cath.”


    • Darcy3 says:

      “who ate all the pies”.. etc.

      Probably get their PPE from Millets


      • Fedup2 says:

        They must have more faith in NHS cardiac units than I do .

        Some of the stories about people suffering from cancer needing but not getting treatment in empty NHS hospitals is just heart breaking . Dance and clap .

        Won’t be hearing about any of that on the BBC


        • The WestWyvern says:

          Fed, it’s any level of treatment below an ”emergency case’.

          National bloody disgrace.


  31. Celtic_Mist says:

    ‘LEFT-CENTER’ BBC Media Bias rating. I would say full LEFT only because they are supposed to be impartial

    “LEFT-CENTER BIAS These media sources have a slight to moderate liberal bias. They often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words



  32. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Does anyone else think there’s something ‘iffy’ about this concerned citizen who wrote down the licence plate number of a car.
    Would anyone normal be doing this.

    It’s a bit like that scam where some accomplice would spend a £20 note and shortly after you would buy something at the same place and give a £5 note to pay only to then accuse the shopkeeper of not giving you your change for a £20 note which you would say you handed them.
    To prove you are right you would then say ‘I have written down the serial number of the £20 note so if you have it I must be right and demand change for my £20”

    We all write down the serial numbers of our money don’t we.
    I stopped writing down car numbers (when it was a thing young’uns did) when I was about 6 years old.

    Strange then that a grown up, remainer, lefty, sh1t stirring activist, who could have got the car number anywhere, just happened to be the one who said he saw somebody who looked like Cummings.

    Of course it doesn’t need to be true because once it’s been said there’s plenty who want to believe it and if it’s proven false it will be on page 99 below the advert for pile cream.

    If the police are so sure of their case against him, fine him £40 and let that be the end of it.


    • Beltane says:

      And after having the admirable foresight to write down the number, the next logical step is to phone the Guardian…..
      Six weeks later.


    • G says:

      It’s all rapidly deteriorating to the levels of US politics with the Far Left Communists openly encouraging mass dissent. Not quite as bad here yet but, if our, ‘Worlds Most Trusted Broadcaster’ has their way, it will be shortly. I would like to think that the British public, and I mean, ‘British’, would step up to the plate long before open civil unrest occurs. But then, the ‘British’ public are emasculated by the efforts of the left over the decades.
      It sure cannot go on and on and on without Newtons First Law taking over…………


    • Peter Grimes says:

      As others have posted here, D C’s car number has kindly been broadcast by Al Beeb, in direct contravention of the safeguards they usually adopt to conceal number plates.

      Deliberate or not? If I were DC and my car got damaged I’d sue Al Beeb for incitement.


    • Framer says:

      And then he checked the number plate on some unspecified system. Is that not a data protection breach?


    • pugnazious says:

      EG…Yep…easy to get number…even from a news report. Why no photo of cummings?…and if so concerned that took number why not report it until now?

      And let’s see some police action and arrests made here…..or are they all family members? The used-car salesman on Newsnight did say ‘our colleagues at the Guardian’….kind of gives the game away….

      Similarly all these left-wing activists that the Guardian has encouraged to break the lockdown purely to harass Cummings at his own home….and all gathered together at his gate lol….


  33. pugnazious says:

    I was highly sceptical when I heard that Facebook had appointed Alan Rusbridger to its ‘independent’ panel on free speech…he is after all the man who turned the Guardian from a newspaper into a highly politicised, partisan campaign sheet which spread division, distrust and doubt, and seemed determined to make Britain ungovernable and unliveable setting communities, races and religions against each other.

    Seems I might be wrong…here he is succinctly defining what is wrong with so much of the media today…

    A perfect summation of the BBC’s reporting style where they create a legend, report ‘some might say’ all day and then print it as fact once the legend has become established….much like the Guardian’s latest sleight of hand with the Cummings’ story.

    Of course all was not as I thought….turns out he was slagging off Kuenssberg for being a Tory stooge….and Kuenssberg seems to have crumbled before the might of the Twitteratti and is now damning Boris and Cummings in equal measure…..her latest report on Today declaring Boris only defended Cummings because he was, according to her, central to the government’s whole position on everything….she made no attempt to explain why Boris might in fact defend Cummings because what he did was perfectly legitimate.

    You can read her take on events in this report…it is very one-sided and paints a negative and critical picture that casts doubt on everything Boris or Cummngs say.

    For example…
    ‘The prime minister said repeatedly that some parts of the stories that have been reported have been “palpably false”.

    But without being specific about what is true and what is not, questions will continue to be asked. As a former journalist, surely the prime minister knows that? ‘

    Hmmm…how about asking the same about the Guardian’s reports…not exactly shining examples of impartial, accurate journalism.

    You’d have no idea that there is a perfectly valid and legal excuse for Cummings’ actions…she doesn’t even bother to try and explain this….in fact she tells us that Cummngs’ actions were ‘extraordinary’…thus wrong…

    ‘whatever is left hanging, the central allegation – that his most senior adviser left lockdown while his wife was ill and travelled across the country – is true. Given the government has day after day told everyone to stay at home, that is still extraordinary. ‘

    Kuenssberg’s piece is pure editorialising and opinion…it’s not news.

    The BBC keeps telling us that people sacrificed much and couldn’t even go to funerals…..trouble is that’s not true….from The Independent on March 31st appropriately enough…

    ‘Government guidelines currently indicate that funerals should continue to be held as normally as possible, while also adhering to social distancing measures.

    Families are being asked to restrict attendance to just “close family members” in order to limit contact with others and reduce the risk of spreading the virus to attendees at the ceremony.’

    The government advice even says extremely vulnerable people can go…

    ‘Mourners who are in an extremely clinically vulnerable group should be facilitated to attend, should they wish to do so.’

    Even those self-isolating but showing no signs or symptoms an go…

    ‘Key mourners of the deceased person may include those who are self-isolating due to another member of the household being unwell with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). Where the funeral is scheduled before the period of household isolation has been completed (14 days from the first person in that household showing symptoms) mourners who are self-isolating should be facilitated to attend.’

    As always when you take time to look at the facts the whole charade falls apart….the BBC read out a long list of highly negative newspaper headlines and comment from ‘worthies’ damning Boris and Cummings…we had Tory James Wharton on and when Kearney did suggest Cummings might have a valid excuse he stated that details were academic..what counts is the appearance…and what Boris and Cummings are undemining the government message….no what undermines the government message is firstly people like him and of course the BBC et al who once Starmer was safely in place and the Labour front calling itself the ‘Independent Sage’ launched a barrage of attacks on the government and its actions totally underming trust and confidence…no coincidence the polls show support for Boris dropping rapidly…a purely media driven opinion…as with this Cummings story….the media is not concerned with the facts just with getting Cummings out and if possible take Boris down too.

    One of the papers the BBC missed out was the Times….hmmm…it said Cummings should stay…and suggested much of the furore was driven by ‘dark forces’….including those in the media…and there is no evidence, so far, that would merit hi resignation…

    The Times view on whether Dominic Cummings should resign: Cummings Cornered

    ‘Despite causing political embarrassment, Boris Johnson’s adviser should stay.

    Margaret Thatcher declared: “Advisers advise; ministers decide.” This is constitutionally correct but not quite the full story. Advisers also act as lightning rods for the ministers they serve. Calls over the past 48 hours for the resignation of Dominic Cummings, the prime minister’s special adviser, should be seen in that light.

    Mr Cummings has questions to answer about allegations that he breached government rules on the lockdown during the coronavirus crisis, and did so repeatedly.

    On the evidence that has so far emerged, however, his conduct is not a cause for resignation.

    The calls for him to go are not politically disinterested, but come from longstanding critics of Boris Johnson among opposition parties and the press, along with a few Conservative MPs who cordially detest Cummings.’


    • Peter Grimes says:

      The point is that the ‘palpably false’ bits are used to adapt cross questioning and try to prise out other information which can then be used in follow up.

      BoJo and his ministers should now keep entirely quiet about DC and let Al Beeb and the MSM stew in their own confected rage.


  34. friend of yogi bear says:

    The BBC newsite has an interesting item on the online ordering of cream teas during the lockdown.
    I am sure many are interested but still struggling to find BBC coverage of the domestic violence issue that has affected a third of the Plaid Cymru Westminster MPs.
    No doubt it will feature in Woman’s hour who mentioned violence against women in lockdown last time I tuned in.


  35. Bulldog says:

    The media report that 15 Tory M.P’s have said Cummings should go, how about canvassing the other 350 for their opinion?


    • Beltane says:

      Of that 15, how many might be Remainers?
      Kick ’em out Boris, you’d still have a majority of 65.


    • smoogie7 says:

      Some lefty on Twitter claimed there will be a revolt in the party.

      This revolt could be so huge that it could rip the party apart and see them break into different factions and small parties. The majority is gone and Starmer can swoop in and call a vote of NC and we will end up with another GE and Starmer will be in Downing Street with a massive majority of his own.

      The problem for those lefties is this. It does not work like that and their fantasies are so extreme that it is a wonder if they even make sense to those who have such visions


  36. StewGreen says:

    Mike Graham opens his show raging against the media
    and rips up a copy of the Guardian, then the Mirror, then Daily Mail


  37. Fedup2 says:

    Wow – whilst seeing someone else’s TV with BBC news on it going on about u know what – the BBC droid said to some talking North London head ‘should there be separate daily briefings ‘Because obviously the medics are in a ‘difficult position now ‘.

    Definitely time for Starmer to call for a General Election / PM to resign / parliament to be recalled / a coup / the state to take over the economy ( opps – done that one already )

    Panic buying popcorn …..

    ….oh by the way – for anyone interested in whether more people get infected with the Chines Virus – based on the Fedup2 scientific modelling – the infected numbers will start to go up at the end of the week as the effect of reducing the ‘lock down ‘ come through …. or maybe not …


    • Fedup2 says:

      Funny isn’t it ? Some people might suggest a separate thread on The MSM killing of Dominic Cummings – I think no need – as this is it ( an observation – not a criticism before the hypersensitive snap at me ) ….


  38. StewGreen says:

    The Judas bishops


    • StewGreen says:

      I spot the Bishop of Leeds tweeting as well

      Strange times, when bishops are gathering up stones to throw.


      • Peter Grimes says:

        He’s a rum one. A former spook turned evangelist. He baptised my younger son some years back.


        • Scroblene says:

          Bit odd for a Bishop to say something like that!

          Haven’t they enough problems with their own mob to deal with, rather than get involved in party politics’?

          Just get out there and save a few souls Bish, stop interfering in things where you are hopelessly out of your depth, and when the current congregation with an average age of about ninety subsides to zero, you might just as well go and be a missionary or something!


  39. Fedup2 says:

    There is a picture of the NZ PM During an earth tremor / San Francisco style end-of the – world – quake – on the BBC website – I swear to God she has a Halo ……


  40. friend of yogi bear says:

    A number of Bishops highlighted on Radio 4 this morning.many getting very upset about the “Cummings coverage”..Let’s all pray for the Bishops.let’s hope God can give them wisdom, balance,fairness and strength in the struggle to seek the truth.or alternatively realise how ridiculous and irrelevant they are.


    • taffman says:

      friend of yogi bear
      Let’s all pray that the Bishops will become Christians again and that their congregations fill their churches, because they don’t appear to be at the moment.


      • Beltane says:

        Being a bishop is very evidently far more important to a bishop than being a Christian.
        There was a time when Christianity formed a bulwark against islam, now it acquiesces, abases and encourages.


  41. smoogie7 says:

    The BBC still have to Cummings story highlighted on their website while failing to point out the inconsistencies in the story. Luckily Tom Harwood was on the BBC this morning and managed to explain the situation reasonably well. He pointed out a few Labour MPs who have breached lockdown only for the BBC to jump to their defense as usual.

    Meanwhile also on the BBC there is praise for New Zealand’s Arden. They must really love her. Perhaps the BBC could claim refuge in NZ after Brexit ‘has killed us off’ if they love it so much?


  42. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Isn’t it strange that it’s news of something, that may or may not have happened and may or may not have been in line with government guidance, six or eight weeks ago, has suddenly been released.
    Is it to bury some other news?

    It’s keeping the daily scientist collections from the lilo’s, dinghies and pedallo’s kindly escorted over to our waters by the French, (trousering the millions we paid to stop the doctors and engineers from coming) off the news.

    Farage is managing to get a little bit of this publicised but this DC non story has been the only show in town because of the total dominance of the left in our media.

    Don’t forget folks, it’s ‘clap to support Domenic’ this Thursday at 8. Pass it on, make sure everyone knows.
    Anyone you see out clapping you can assume is for DC and against the lefty msm.


    • smoogie7 says:

      I heard that there is a ‘Boo for Boris’ tomorrow or something. I bet Cummings gets more claps though much to the dismay of the lefties who are a bit annoyed that he has yet to resign


      • Fedup2 says:

        Is that the same boris whom the MSM were doing ‘pray for boris ‘? A life time ago ….?

        Have they started on the Queen yet for moving from one house to another ?


  43. friend of yogi bear says:

    An update to my earlier comment when I dared suggest KEIR Starmer may just possibly have double standards…..Junior Kinnock travelled albeit only 150 miles to visit Lord Kinnock on his Birthday on 28th March. On 10th April he was promoted within the Labour party to the very important post of Shadow minister for Asia and the Pacific, which in itself might be seen as a shocking insult to all those people on the other side of the world.fobbing them off with somebody who has no regard for rules…Shame on whoever sanctioned such a move.


  44. theisland says:


  45. Doobster78 says:

    Here is exactly why we all despise the far left media in two tweets !!!

    Adam not interested in a story involving the media’s Saint Obama

    But happy to tweet this , he like the rest of the baying lefty mob can’t help himself. Impartial. Just unreal , gutter level activism masquerading as journalism.

    My blood is Boiling on this Cummings story. If he goes, I am done with Boris. I thought he had backbone


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Doobster- Richard Starkey was saying on YT that the Boris before Coronavirus and the Boris after, are two different people.
      I think he is right. Beeb have sensed that too. They are opportunist (predators?)and it is possible that their Cummings campaign is their first attempt to see if he will buckle.


  46. Abolishalbeeb says:

    As opposed to we can’t fish our own waters, control our borders or make our own laws unless the EU tells us to?🤔


  47. fakenewswatcher says:

    Doobster- Richard Starkey was saying on YT that the Boris before Coronavirus and the Boris after, are two different people.
    I think he is right. Beeb have sensed that too. They are opportunist (predators?)and it is possible that their Cummings campaign is their first attempt to see if he will buckle. Their concerted efforts to put this No1 on their agenda (and they have a pretty big list) suggests they think they have a good chance.
    It will not surprise me if he does buckle. His cabinet do not inspire confidence. Hanckok, Sunak and Patel shouldn’t be there, just to mention three. I’d give Raab the benefit of the doubt, but only just.
    So really, no backup with backbone. Expect Surkeer and beeb to increase their assault. And -of course- the Guardian/Mirror/Independent team. Support and heavy incoming fire from puffed-up little Blackford, who seems to think he’s in with a big chance to topple Boris.


  48. StewGreen says:

    Guardian photographer sticks to ESSENTIAL WORK
    in order to save lives from Covid19
    ToryRevival took screenshots


    The clearly HYSTERICAL Guardian photographer posted
    on Instagram
    I left a short message for Dominic Cummings and then swiftly fled the scene.
    There will be people all over the world who will never recover physically,
    financially, emotionally or mentally from the events they have experienced
    and are still experiencing during this pandemic lockdown,
    so why should he?

    If he lost his job so have thousands of others, and there will be more.
    Lost jobs, lost loved ones, lost education, lost everything.
    The *tirelessly grafting photographers*
    who are documenting these bizarre times managed to shoot a few rounds.

    This was taken by Simon Dawson from Reuters.
    Thankyou Reuters.
    I think he was the only one with a ladder. It needed an 18 mil lens.
    I hope it doesn’t rain even though I missed an M out of his name.
    #chalkandplease #dominiccummingsawayday #dominiccummingsandgoings
    #coronaviruspandemic #sackcummings #nopublictrust
    #takingusforfools #borisjohnsonfailure #publicsacrificeabused
    #coronaviruslockdown #onelawforthemonelawforus #reutersphotos


    • StewGreen says:

      matthurcomb replies
      Stunning and brave… You’ll be up there with Rosa Parks for this.
      I mean writing some misspelled graffiti
      and then legging it is Peace Prize worthy 😍


  49. G.W.F. says:

    Thanks to Saint Nicola


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      That was truly creepy. The national socialist government of Scotland is well on the way to full blown Fuhrer worship.

      It is a good job they have no sense of humour or irony isn’t it?

      All hail the Great Leader!


  50. StewGreen says:

    12pm Both Radio Humbs & Radio Lincs local news
    #1 Tory MP Martin Vickers
    … oh look they have cherrypicked the SAME MP who is critical of Cummings and says he is getting complaints *

    #2 Church leaders have spoke out against Cummings

    * They used deceptive FRAMING by introducing the story as
    “Cummings drove to Durham from London
    to be CLOSER TO HIS FAMILY during lockdown
    ..blah blah
    he argues he had no alternative cos he need to arrange childcare”
    presenter “MV Conservative MP says Mr Cummings has made a HUGE ERROR OF JUDGEMENT”
    MV MP “it was clearly contrary to the msg were trying to convey at that time , blah blah he should have recognised MSM are out to get him, so should have resigned at that point”

    Corozon Garcia “At least 16 Tory MPs have called for …resignation”
    clip of David Wharbuton MP


    • StewGreen says:

      Corozon Garcia “At least 16 Tory MPs have called for …have spoken out”

      David Wharbuton MP “I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of complaints
      it’s double standards ..It’s REALLY NOT A GOOD LOOK.. blah blah”

      “the PM has backed Cummings who allegedly drove to Durham during lockdown”
      ..why leave out mention of the child ?

      #2 “Senior CoE Bishops have also criticised Mr Johnson ”
      “The Revd Bruce Thompson the chair of the Lincolnshire Methodist district has said he is astonished that Cummings is still in place after FLAUNTING the governments own guidance”


      • G says:

        Quite amazing.
        More Marxists are stepping into the light of day so regularly now.


        • StewGreen says:

          @G it’s worse than that
          when our LOCAL BBC radio station opens the news with a clip of an MP
          you naturally assume he is a LOCAL MP
          but NO NO NO
          David Warburton is MP “for Somerton & Frome in glorious Somerset.”
          FFS that is the opposite side of the country !

          The Radio Lincs news team are agenda pushing