Weekend Thread 23 May 2020

The Biased Far Left BBC published its Annual Plan this week. No mention of the thousands cancelling their TV licences … why not be one of them …?

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  1. Guest Who says:

    Cancellling? But why?

    “The question I’m constantly asking myself is: who is actually in charge of the decisions?”


    • Guest Who says:

      Is a mystery…

      BBC Radio 4

      How many fasts have you kept? #Ramadhan



    • StewGreen says:

      backlinks to previous thread
      page 4 started 8am Friday to midday
      page 3 started midday Thursday


    • Up2snuff says:

      Guest, you know it is Dominic Cummings or Donald Trump. They are in charge of decisions. Oh, and Boris Johnson.

      Radio on 7 a.m. Saturday for some news.

      Guess who is under attack from the BBC News at 7 a.m.? Oh, Sleepy Joe got a mention but no, it was really that Top Trio.

      Not under attack are the Drugs legislators who have apparently licensed a dangerous drug for treating malaria.

      Now that is a scandal.

      When JustRemainIn Webb launches into an ‘Attack Cummings’ with the help of no-mark Ed Davey you know it’s gonna be dire.

      OFF switch activated.


  2. richard D says:

    …..and the bad news BBC drones on… First ?

    Edit – Ah well, tried.

    BBC continues to hit the ‘pity’ button with regards to immigrant NHS workers – talks to one Phillipino NHS guy (cleaner IIRC) this morning who is not working at all (shielding, natch), his wife also not at her work as a nurse, since she’s about to have a second sprog in a few months (so probably hasn’t worked much in the past few years at all either). No factual data on how much, if at all, they have contributed to the economy overall, since arriving, nor to the NHS during the continuing coronavirus phase – but now entitled to free healthcare…. and the Beeboid Mishal ponders whether they should be allowed to have any payments they have made in the past refunded.

    Hmmmm… Mishal trying to set another hare running on Twitter ?


    • NCBBC says:

      The NHS does not contribute to the real economy; It takes money from the wealth producing sector of the economy i.e, the private sector.

      For the NHS to produce real services or goods, where people will be prepared to voluntarily pay for its service, it should be privatised. Same with education.

      The NHS is now the Golden calf, as pictured in a previous thread, where it is worshiped . Nurses and doctors have become its priests. It requires no real knowledge, as most of these priests have worthless qualifications, bought at some local bazaar, or a college where the main subject is “religious” studies.

      The only reason it survives is that it is state monopoly where you pay for it, whether you use it or not. Much like the BBC.


      • Up2snuff says:

        NCBBC, “The NHS does not contribute to the real economy; It takes money from the wealth producing sector of the economy i.e, the private sector.”

        NCBBC, as a bit of an economist (which bit?) (don’t ask) I’d have to challenge that. Just think of the money that was thrown at finding a cure for the most violently mutating of all viruses: the common cold. Why?

        Because of the cost to the economy of just about any country in the world, especially those outside the tropics who experience real winter and the medical afflictions that come with that.

        In that sense, yes, the NHS does produce an economic benefit by healing people quicker. Wise doctors and health administrators are starting to think of ‘prevention’ becoming foremost in the stead of ‘cure’. Why?

        Because it will produce the even greater economic benefit of a healthy work force.

        I think I disagree on privatising health and education. On the latter, you have seen the disbenefits of privatisation at Tertiary level. Blair & Brown were planning to do the same to Secondary education in the UK (remember the child Trust Fund?) and I was definitely against that.

        I wouldn’t disagree that the NHS has become a false god.

        It has also been weaponised by (Inter-)national Socialists a.k.a. Communists for decades, although Labour Party here really only turned it into an attack weapon in the UK under Ed Miliband.


      • tarien says:

        Inclined to subscribe to your view NCBBC-I do wonder had this nation not gone into Lock-Down just how many more lives would have been lost to Covid19-one cannot measure life against the economic result-nevertheless as an example-JCB one of the largest and most successful machinery manufacturers in the UK, has had to reduce its target from producing 100, 000 machines to 50,000 as a result of the coronavirus and will now reduce its workforce by nearly 1500. Those employees will have to live most probably off the state, adding to the enormous pressure on slim funds available from the Government. How naive are the BBC et al to what is before them.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Cancelling? But why?

    “Sir Paul Nurse of The Francis Crick Institute says the Covid-19 crisis is seeing the UK “increasingly playing catch-up, firefighting through successive crises”.

    The Today Programme podcast
    Sir Paul Nurse, Director of the Francis Crick Institute

    BBC Radio 4 – Best of Today, The UK has been ‘too much on the back foot’
    Sir Paul Nurse, Director of the Francis Crick Institute


    • Guest Who says:

      Producers of Today, VD, Vile, One Braincell, Newsnight and QT block-booked them yet?


  4. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    There are comments in the DT about Nigel’s video and some are saying there must be some kind of deal or reason why we are helpless in the face of all the scientists coming over in their little rubber boats.

    They wonder if there is some law or something which doesn’t allow us to stop anybody popping over willy nilly when they feel like it, escorted in by the French.

    I have a way to stop them.

    Take the French to Court and charge them with fly tipping.
    They are dumping their rubbish on our territory.

    Just as someone would be fined for emptying a lorry full of asbestos, soiled nappies or any other waste then the French are getting rid of a load of unwanted crap and ushering boatloads of it into our waters.

    If the government wanted to do something about it they would be able to stop it almost immediately but it’s becoming obvious that every party in that den of liars and expense fiddlers is ignoring the population and paying lip service to all the promises of controlling the mass ‘immigration’ (for want of a better word)

    Are the rest of the world so pathetic when it comes to controlling borders.

    There is a huge opportunity for the bbbc (or any of them although they are ALL left wing so they won’t) to make a panorama type of programme into why we are useless when it comes to border control.

    It’s not only the huge numbers that cost £billions but amongst them all the terrorists, diseases and trojan horse types intent on turning the UK into a muslamical state.

    And it’s the enablers in that den of thieves who are happily handing everything over.
    Perhaps there is a handful who are decent and patriotic but the vast majority can burn in hell for all I care.


    • richard D says:

      It is interesting to me (but not, apparently, to any fearless ‘investigative reporter’ from the BBC) that they were punting the case this morning of the ‘many, many unaccompanied children’ who are crossing the Channel in small boats these days (hmmm – if they are anything like the children we have sen in the past….).

      Now, I have no idea how these ‘poor, poor, unaccompanied children’ have managed to travel across apparently war-torn countries in Africa and the Middle East, managing to haul themselves, over many weeks, across these areas, then the whole of Europe, to pitch up at a jetty on the French Coast, atill armed with enough cash (really ?) in their pockets to pay the people smugglers to get them to the UK….

      Just some random thoughts
      – are they the UK equivalent ‘anchor babies’ of the future ?

      – are their family members investing in their journies, just waiting to be called one by one to the UK ?

      – have their ‘relatives’ in the UK been funding their trips across the channel, thereby guilty of colluding with people smugglers ?

      – are these kids really just an army of slave workers being sent to the UK to be used as fodder for the ‘dark sataniuc mills’ of the 21st century ?

      – are their relatives in their ‘home’ countries just as guilty as the people smugglers ?

      – and the list of questions just goes on…

      But do Mishal and her beeboid ilk ever stop emoting long enough to discover if any of these things are the case ?

      Answers on a grain of salt, please.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Its probably not popular to say this ( am at an age where I’m past caring), but its well known amongst friends and family, that I am not over enamoured with children, so rather than be made to feel sympathetic to their plight – whether it be charity begging adverts or listening to the cloying voices of journalists at seeing children on migrant boats, the very opposite happens.

        I am not totally callous and wouldn’t want to see any children harmed in any way, but the way fleeing migrants hold up kids as though they are the panacea for getting everything they want, I find obscene.

        Another long standing gripe is when journalists insist on asking kids their thoughts when standing in a crowd or a queue. They are either little know-alls, or wont say a word – such interesting tv.

        On the other hand, show me a box of puppies…………..


      • G says:

        It was Soros financing the invasion in the Med so It’s highly likely he’s footing the bill now.


  5. richard D says:

    ‘Leading scientist’ on the Beeb Today prog this morning wails that he wishes the government would stop using any phrase intimating that its decisions are being led by the scientific advice it is getting.

    Ah – so the NHS doesn’t want to accept any responsibility for anything going on with the coronavirus issue, the Labour Party and other opposition parties want to have nothing to do but criricise from the sidelines with the vast benefit of hindsight (i.e. look only at the past, not the future, so you won’t have to take responsibility for anything you say) and now the scientific community doesn’t want to take any responsibility for its advice either.

    Why the hell are these people still being paid from the public purse ?


  6. The Sage says:

    BTW, has anyone seen or heard much in recent days from the genius that is Boris Johnson? Maybe he is quietly ruing the day he placed the UK (well England) in a totally unnecessary lockdown (supported by Starmer, of course) that has resulted in thousands of additional deaths of mostly old people (in care homes and elsewhere) and when confronted with what is little more than an unpleasant outbreak of Chinese flu. He has. in effect, thrown millions out of work (come the end of July), bankrupted many otherwise profitable businesses (very soon) of every stripe, increased mental illness and domestic abuse, left children uneducated and he is now trying to hide from his foolish actions and his worship of bonking Prof Neil Ferguson. O, and just for good measure, the nation’s borrowing is now ballooning out of control and may take many years to put right.
    And all in the space of two months. Brilliant.


    • Jagman84 says:

      At least it shows the damaging effects of Socialist policies on the UK economy. People seem to forget too easily between General Elections.


  7. NISA says:

    I unfortunately found myself watching smug BBC news staff with their coronavirus podcast chit chat. We went over to Quentin Sommerville reporting, it would appear, from the roof of a hotel in Greece. After telling us how pleased he was to be flying again he went on to say that Greece were taking steps to open up the country to foreign tourists.
    He told us he was subject to a mandatory detention for 24 hrs upon arrival. If he left the “government run” hotel there would be a fine of 5000 euros “which the BBC would be unhappy about.” He said this in the tedious “poor old BBC starved of funds” way, but
    why would an illegal act by him be an expense recoverable from
    the BBC? Such generous reimbursements by the BBC to their enormous news staff might go towards explaining why they are borassic.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Nice spat on the Twitter between Guido and Sky s Adam Boulton over sky news getting caught out putting some talking head on without mentioning them as a Momentum activist.

      Unless I’m reading it wrong TVs’ Mr Boulton replies with a certain abusive attitude which I don’t get .

      The deception technique of non introduction will feature in my posts for some time – if there was fairness OFCOM would lay it down as a journalistic rule as a measure to avoid ‘ fake news’ .

      And such a rule would apply to every one -including party membership or affiliation. …


      • Roland Deschain says:

        And here’s one of Boulton’s tweets that demonstrates the complete collapse in journalistic integrity. That he cannot see anything wrong speaks volumes.


        • Guest Who says:

          Interesting who was straight in behind him.


        • StewGreen says:

          I put Boulton’s drunken slur, through Google translate

          “In my NON-HUMBLE privileged opinion
          we should never have done this.
          It is a mistake.
          We should be DECEPTIVE & NOT transparent
          We should co-operate with Labour Party orchestrated PR trickery

          We should BULLY you
          & treat you and your fellow bullies truthseekers with the contempt”


      • NISA says:

        Yesterday Boulton was labelling someone who pointed out the low level of pubilc trust in the media as a bigot.
        I think Bunter is getting close to being medically overwrought


        • BRISSLES says:

          Aside from looking ‘creepy’ on screen, I find his continual silent burping – as he gasps for air, quite off putting. The man is clearly chronically obese and is a heart attacked waiting to happen.


        • Scroblene says:

          Surely, if one has to see Bunter on Sky, or whatever his company is, they have to pay for it!

          I’m still struggling with our old pop-up-top VHS machine to get embroiled with actually forking out our pensions to pay for idiots to lecture me. It’s bad enough paying the TV tax, but our sets are in such open display that any idiot can see them, even a dim plonker from Crapita – although, funnily enough, we hardly ever watch anything except proper DVDs like Minder, etc…

          I’m buqqered if I’ll pay a single penny to keep a sub going with a crap outfit like Sky, as I have a choice, which of course, I don’t with the awful BBC, which is becoming more than third rate these days!


          • BRISSLES says:

            I actually agree Scrob, – it was my late husband who did the organising of Sky over 20 years ago, so he could have his fill of sport, and his trade off was my film package. Now, despite the abundance of channels I still struggle to find any decent progs. Occasionally there are good dramas on Atlantic, Drama and the Arts offers good choice, but the films have taken a serious downturn in the last decade. I can recite the script on many of them as they are repeated so often, which I find unbelievable, given that so many films have been made since talkies began that even if they showed a different set every day, I would be long dead before they completed the archive.

            As yet there is nothing else that gives a better choice, but I did at least ditch the Sports package a few years ago.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Bris – and any one else who pays for Sky

              If you don’t ring them up at least once a year to tell them you are leaving as it’s too expensive .

              I wrote the account of why I left sky -was paying £52 a month for years and the box went wrong . I rang for the first time ever and landed up with the same stuff for £22.

              I was so out raged by the Rip off I left and will never return

              So ring up – you have nothing to lose and only something to gain

              I told them I wouldn’t take Sky even if they paid me -I’ve not been troubled since ….


          • oldcrone says:

            You can get Sky News via Freeview but you still have to pay the BBC to receive it legally.


  8. Sluff says:

    If the BBC had furloughed 90% of its so-called journalists would the so-called news they offer be materially different?

    There might be less of it but if the remaining time was spent on factual reporting rather than the usual incessant drip of minorities victimhood, heartstring-tugging hard luck stories and general doom-and-gloom then we’d all feel a lot better and the mental health of the nation would improve immeasurably.


    • Scroblene says:

      Just a thought, but are the local councils ‘furloughing’ their staff?

      If so, are the normal British public paying twice for non-existent services? The Poll Tax is bad enough, but then paying them again through the 80% National Tax scheme seems a bit harsh!

      But then I’m only a normal Scrobs, and probably don’t figure on any radar where influence is concerned. I never worked in the public sector, didn’t know where it was actually…


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Businesses in receipt of public funds to cover salaries are not allowed to furlough. So the answer is no, they aren’t!


        • Scroblene says:

          Thank you, Roland.

          I was half-wondering what we were getting for our public services, the awful BBC included.

          I won’t wonder any more…


  9. G.W.F. says:

    Glory to the Anychess who taketh away our sins and makes us whole.
    Hopefully the lockdown will be over before Anychessmas



    • Sluff says:

      It’s so obvious but I must be getting old.
      Let’s think about the manufacture and supply of that banner.
      Who made it? And when? And why?
      Is the NHS logo not copyright?
      Could a church ( with no Sunday offering plate income) afford such a thing as a one-off ?
      Unlikely I suggest. So where did they get it?
      In fact what we have here, as well as there, and indeed everywhere, is a huge, orchestrated and very well funded pro-NHS media campaign, and relying on the gullible snowflake virtue-signalling population to provide the promotional outlets.
      The juxtaposition of two religions, one old and one new, in the same photo is of course glaring to those capable of independent thought.


      • G says:

        Looks as if the Minister has sold himself to sponsorship in declaring he will lose half-a-ton within 3 months.


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        The church of St Giles Fraser, perhaps, a man very much at the “interface” between faith and the public sector / socialism.


  10. Celtic_Mist says:

    Not directly BBC but deals with – EU, cheap migrant labour etc

    “To begin, the liberal international order became considerably less liberal. This happened as international and supra-national organizations accumulated increasing power over member states and their citizens. In particular, examples of this are provided by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Bank, which are international organizations, and the European Union (EU), a supranational organization. In addition, with the COVID-19 epidemic, one could argue the World Health Organization has contributed greatly to the dysfunction of the international order.

    A liberal order would increase the protections individual human beings have from governmental oppression, whether from individual countries or from international and supranational organizations. Oppression occurs when governmental organizations reduce individual choices/freedoms without the consensus of those individuals. Yet, this has consistently happened since the 1970s.


  11. Roland Deschain says:

    I’m sure the BBC will be quick to report this about President Trump. Oh, wait. It’s his opponent. Nothing to see here.


  12. Englands Dreaming says:

    The Beeb are now back on the case of the death of a black “jogger” putting it on the front page of their website.

    Ahmaud Arbery: Third man charged over death of black jogger


    Seems only one narrative here, nevermind the guy wasnt out joggin or had a criminal record. These whitey rednecks are obviously 100% guilty.


    • Kaiser says:

      jogging 10miles from home, must be related to mo farrah

      nice high school picture in his suit, rather than his less flattering mugshot photo, I presume its not the same high school day he took a gun to a basket ball game.

      I presume the beeb have this story running be-side it

      **warning DISTURBING **


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Kaiser, the video clip.

        That video was terrible.
        Just imagine everyone, if the old bedridden man was your father or grandfather.
        He must be terrified every minute.
        How can anybody do this to a helpless old man.
        I hope this ‘nurse’ gets what he deserves.

        I expect all the tv stations will be running with this. (sarc)

        What a piece of work is man. (But not how Bill wrote)


      • Fedup2 says:

        Kaiser – I hope you didn’t mind me capitalising your warning but it’s very distressing footage . If it is real I think the chap concerned is not for the planet much longer . Which is nice .


        • Fedup2 says:

          Just a follow up on the video clip . The person alleged to have done this has been named . His full details including his address has been widely recorded on the internet – including – incredibly a map for anyone who wants to pop round to his home address.
          I think someone’s life is about to change ….
          it show the dangers of the internet …..

          But – to be pragmatic – it might be the best deterent for others in a similar position for attacking the defenceless elderly ….


      • vlad says:

        Imagine for one second the colours were reversed.

        Huge outrage and top story on every news bulletin for all eternity.

        In this case? Crickets.


  13. Roland Deschain says:

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly Mr Sopel can tweet about stories of relevance to American politics? Other times, he’s not so quick to reach for his phone.

    That’s one hell of an increase in death for a drug that’s been around for years and known about, administered under medical supervision. It doesn’t pass the sniff test.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Pre government Friday Brief

    Pritti is up for the afternoon gig with a hilarious piece about people coming into the country having to shut themselves down for 14 days . …..

    ( declaration -this affects me as i am due to fly in every month upto May 2021 ..)

    Anyway – I’m sure this is done on ‘ scientific advice ‘ but some how I think certain countries and occupations will get ‘ special treatment ‘

    In the meantime 787 heavies are continuing to land at UK airports full of unchecked passengers – as has been happening all year .

    I won’t mention the armada arriving every day by boat …..

    For anyone watching the Pritti – try playing the dropped ‘ g’ game as she starts to feel under pressure from Laura Beff or Pesto asking purely political questions during a health brief in’


  15. StewGreen says:

    People often make the mistake of thinking metroliberal media is talking .. about the REALworld.

    It’s not it’s talking about Guardianlalaland

    So when a caller to Jeremy Vine R2 said
    Great Britain has the highest death rate
    … did Vine stop her ?

    No he just lets the lie go on


  16. Guest Who says:

    OT, but after a lull the various activist petition pots’ youth management in Kennington are are being prodded into action again.

    Hi Nutcase,

    While lockdown restrictions are slowly being eased across Europe, many of our plans for world domination in 2020 are still on hold or cancelled altogether. The world’s focus is on recovering from the coronavirus crisis, and rightly so.

    But the climate crisis continues, and tackling it is as vital as ever. While lockdown and quarantines might make it harder to do so, there are still so many ways we can keep this movement strong. Through collective learning and skill sharing we can learn how to operate in this new context and be ready to demand a just recovery from COVID-19.

    Join us for a series of upcoming online training sessions and take part in building a just and powerful climate movement, ready to build back better after the coronavirus crisis.

    The online sessions tackle a wide range of topics, from disability justice to digital activism, from collective care for activists to online workshop facilitation. A few require some previous experience of climate activism, and others are open to everyone who wants to attend.

    The crises we were faced with before COVID-19 are still here, and they’re showing no signs of going away. Recent cyclones, heat records and other extreme weather events have made it clear that, if anything, things are only getting worse. But together we can build a strong and inclusive climate movement and ensure a just recovery that benefits people, not polluters.

    Read more about the upcoming skillshare sessions and register or apply to attend here. We expect some of these sessions to fill up quickly, so make sure to sign up straight away!


    Matilda and Shan – for the 350 Europe team


    How long before the BBC decides such PR is again ‘news’? Our local radio has not being pushing XR for ages.


  17. Thoughtful says:

    I’m sure that most people reading and posting here will be aware of how enormous and out of control the BBC has become, to the extent that it’s probably ungovernable. So here’s another disturbing arm of this behmoth to consider:


    What we do:

    “We illustrate to policy makers and influencers how media and communication can help improve governance and health and strengthen resilience and humanitarian response; and we produce policy and research publications”

    We work with institutions to develop policies, legislation and regulation

    Troubling? It should be because they publish a list of the people who are funding them.

    The British government (Boris the Bottler) is giving the BBC and addition £10 million of tax payers money over and above that which is extracted from the people via the TV tax.

    The Canadian government (far Left) gives £700K
    The Swedish government (Far Left) gives an astonishing £1.3 million (why & what does it get in return?)

    The EU (Far Left) £2.7 million

    But perhaps the most troubling of all at the present time is the donation of £2.2 million by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

    These figures are 2017 / 18 and may well have changed since.

    Given the current issues over Bill Gate vaccination and ID2020 tracking chips implanted using the vaccine as a platform it make the BBC and even more suspect source of information than it was before (takes some doing that).

    We now have the almost unbelievably stupid cowardly useless incompetent Tory government raising the prospect of compulsory vaccination, and on the same day, Boris the bottler openly discussing the vaccination program with Bill Gates himself !

    It really doesn’t matter whether you believe the issues raised by the ID2020 tracking and the 5G network, many many people do believe or are suspicious, and the hopelessly inept Tories have just given them every reason to be frightened and to refuse any virus.

    Can you expect the BBC to take an independant dispassionate view over this? Of course not, and even if they day, the fact they took millions from the Gates foundation compromises them entirely.

    Don’t think it’s just me with a bee in my bonnet about this either, it’s been noticed elsewhere too.


    Now just watch the glowing positive reports on Gates and vaccination from the BBC, and don’t believe a word of it !


  18. Deborah says:

    Guido has a post about Ms Minchi, the communist who is apparently both on the SAGE committee and Labour’s anti-SAGE committee. I posted here a few days ago how obvious her agenda was as she was interviewed by the BBC minutes before the 5pm briefing. What I didn’t say was how smug she looked that she was able to deliver her message.

    But I have been thinking of Neil Ferguson with his close links to Extinction Rebellion via his mistress and Ms Minchi with her communists links. I wonder who chooses who sits on SAGE and have they been vetted? If they have been vetted does this show subversion by security services. If it is that civil servants recommend who sits on that committee, doesn’t it show that the government are having to fight the civil service as well as the BBC and the Unions. Thieve are not comfortable thoughts.


    • G.W.F. says:


      Either way it appears that the Government are not up to the fight.


      • Van Helsing says:

        Alas, HMG isn’t up to very much at all. And given the state of the opposition parties, we’re quite possibly living through the nadir of UK politics.


    • Thoughtful says:

      If its a number of Communists then it’s probably the Tories who seem more than comfortable with the Marxist doctrines to such an extent they even appointed one as their dear leader.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Susan Fiona Dorinthea Michie.

      That third name gives you some idea of her background (not poor) and, once upon a time, her communism would have kept her out of such bodies as SAGE.


    • G says:

      Infiltration and Fifth Columnists everywhere you look. They’re all coming out of the woodwork pretty quickly now because they either sense that a ‘final push’ will now do it or they’re fighting for survival. Me? I think the former: too many of them in important positions; too many supportive Governments following the cartel’s ambitions and too long between the electoral cycles for the common man to now have any timely effect.


  19. AsISeeIt says:

    I had to smile when I read this little gem of advice given by a London primary school in a letter to its pupils’ parents:

    ‘Turn off the news – it is important to keep up to date, but the 24-hour news cycle can make you more anxious. Limit your exposure to the news to only a small amount of time, just enough to know what the latest government guidance is.’


  20. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Full marks to the bbc.

    I’ve just watched the best thing on the bbc for many years.

    It was on bbc2 today. Astaire and Rodgers sing the great American songbook.
    Full of top quality songs.
    It reminded me of Sunday afternoons on tv, of visits to Nana’s and songs heard on the wireless.
    Pure nostalgic pleasure.
    Same as listening to some old musical soundtracks such as South Pacific, Seven brides and Oklahoma.

    Of course, we had things like the Cold War and polio but I was never really aware of stuff like that.

    You should be able to find it on catchup or something like that.

    It’s just a pity that the best thing the bbc has done for ages has absolutely nothing of the bbc about it.
    Maybe that’s why it’s so good (pure and innocent, just as I used to be)

    Go on Brissles, FU (fedup((for fed))) and the rest of you, treat yourselves.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Too busy watching The Gift Horse – one of those quiet war films the British made just 7 years after the end of the war ….
      Must have been painful for many who saw it at the ‘pictures’..


    • cromwell says:

      I’ll watch it on I player, Next to Sinatra Astaire was the next best thing about the 20th century showbusiness.


      • BRISSLES says:

        You’ve mentioned my two heroes Crom. Most people believe that Sinatra was the first to sing “One for my Baby’ but it was in fact first sung on film by Astaire.


  21. Fedup2 says:

    What to do with the Labour Mayor of kidsgrove ? Ms Cartright s nasty tweet has been picked up by The Sun and retweeted…

    She lists people and things she trusts more than the PM starting with Harold Shipman . I’m sure the next of kin of so many he murdered will gain great comfort from such authoritative flippancy .

    On the upside she didn’t wish BoJo dead – like so many of her type …. you Won’t – obviously – be seeing this on the BBC – which is why I take the trouble to write it up here ….

    Some might say it’s ‘just a bit of politics ‘’….


    • cromwell says:

      Why is it these Labourites feel they have debase themselves, they cannot go any lower, maybe it’s a stipulation of the labour party to be disgusting as you possible can, the more you are promotion awaits.


  22. StewGreen says:

    Look ITV-local-news why don’t you retitle as Don’t Escape To The Countryside /Ramadan Show ?

    cos these days every show is
    ” X location is worried about too many day trippers.
    so here we’ve sent out reporter & camera crew to X
    to tell YOU not to come”

    “now over to the Ramadan item”


    • StewGreen says:

      tonight’s Ramadan item
      was from a mosque that is going to the High Court cos it says it must open for the end of Ramadan
      .. The Inam said “We are only the same socialisation as a garden centre”

      BS cos in a garden centre you are passing through
      whereas in a mosque you are standing next to the same people for 40 minutes..


    • StewGreen says:

      We just had the “charity boy bullied on social media” item

      now its the BLIND TV explorer star
      as part of “Mental Health Week”

      Now it’s : local sculptor has made a sculpture of Colnel Tom Moore


  23. taffman says:

    Two charged with Aya Hachem murder.
    Its those men again ?


  24. taffman says:

    Not Al Beeb, but linked to their Telly Goon Bankers .
    Has anyone heard the advertisement used for recruiting soldiers for the British Army ? It sounds very much as they are looking for a bunchj social workers, not men for an elite fighting force . Crapita by name……………………


  25. StewGreen says:

    @GW did you see the Tony Hadley story ?
    A lot of Malay and Chinese don’t socialise with each other
    .. especially in Malaysia, but still true in Singapore.

    I note the guy who phoned the radio show and was told he hadn’t won has the name Muhammad even tho to us he looks ethnic Chinese.

    They gave the prize to another caller who gave the same answers 2 weeks later
    I wonder if the show would have judged different if Muhammad had had a Chinese name ?


    • Guest Who says:

      Sorry, no.

      I would question whether Singaporeans don’t socialise. If any country has nation over other factors it is there.

      That said there are tensions not before witnessed, generated inevitably by concessions to that most opportunistic of demanding faiths.

      I am aware that the SAF still has a pragmatic if un-PC attitude to NSmen and things that go boom.


      • StewGreen says:

        GW I didn’t say that Singaporean’s Malay/Chinese don’t socialise at all, cos I tended to go to meetings where there both

        but especially among working class I think there could be a fair few people who don’t mix.


        • Guest Who says:

          The national commitment to NS, though wildly unpopular with young men of all races, actually has served to cement bonds based on nation over faith. That said, wheeling in PRCs and others to boost population numbers has eroded this.


  26. anonjoebloggs says:

    Was it just me or did the vast majority of news items on BBC 1 news this evening (Friday 6pm – 6.30pm) relate to Muslims in some way?

    Nine times out of ten they are portrayed as a victim, or shown in the best possible light (charity work, etc).

    Compare with the number of stories (and the narrative) by the MSM when focusing on Sikhs, Jews or Christians. It’s so blatant.

    Why does the mainstream media focus so much on a minority religion in the UK and why is the coverage not balanced?

    There are hundreds of potential top news items developing every single day. Who decides which stories are featured?

    Surely so many stories focusing on one particular minority with a consistent victim/saint narrative is no accident.

    The ‘news’ is just one big social engineering project now with the BBC leading the charge.

    I wonder how many stories, which are quietly sidelined because they don’t fit the narrative, we actually find out about via other sources? I bet the number that disappear down the memory hole forever is a lot bigger.


    • cromwell says:

      Loads of stories that should be reported just binned as they dont meet approval.


    • dfhunter says:

      see the UK Jewish BA”ME” minority are now on the BEEB as another ethnic group neglected by the Government.

      where will this “me too” reporting end I Wonder – “football fans blame the virus for lack of something to vent at – domestic violence goes up”


  27. StewGreen says:

    BBC local news
    long Ranadan item
    “The Scunthorpe family who have turned their house into a mosque”
    … .. no they haven’t..they arejust praying at home.

    Then item about Lincoln Muslims.

    Ramadan should end tomorrow if the moon is visible.


  28. Jeff says:

    You know, like most people here, I was so pleased that Boris won last December’s general election.
    The alternative would have been an anti Semitic commie leading the country who wanted to turn Blighty into a poverty stricken cross between North Korea and Venezuela. That prospect seemed unthinkable. But look what’s happening…
    We’ve been in self induced lockdown for months. Our economy will take decades to recover. People are out applauding en mass at the government’s insistence every Thursday. This is both creepy and Stalinist. Alternative viewpoints are verboten on the MSM. I honestly never thought I’d witness this in Britain. We’ve created a dystopian, fearful society. People are being grassed up by nosy gits if they try to sunbathe on a patch of grass. It’s appalling.
    And now the government’s latest brainwave, the two week quarantine, is to start. I mean, had something akin to this been suggested in February, it might just have been sensible. But back then we were still blithely ushering in thousands of Italian football supporters from the most infected areas of Europe and Chinese students were flocking here. Have they never heard of the phrase shutting the gate after the horse has bolted?
    I’m sorry, but this lot haven’t got a bloody clue. They’re an utter shambles.


    • taffman says:

      Should have voted Brexit ?
      Never mind, next time .


    • cromwell says:

      Jeff I agree with every word you say. I posted on here last evening with similar sentiments. I just got so angry yesterday about the utter shambles. I never thought for one minute they would turn out like this.
      As far as Patel is concerned she is rubbish as home secretary. All talk no action.


  29. taffman says:

    \\Channel migrants: Small boats ‘major threat to UK’//
    Nice ‘Ferry boat’ ? At least Nigel Farage gets a mention. I wonder if Priti has invited them all in from France .
    If she has she would save money by disbanding the Border Farce and sanding a cruise liner over. I have been informed that the RN Sailors have named one of the Border Farce’s boats ‘OXO’, because its the ‘Laughing Stock’.
    The more the merrier Eh ? Its pretty evident now the French are dumping them on us .


  30. taffman says:

    “Coronavirus: Clap for Carers should end, says founder”
    It looks like its ending ?


    • G.W.F. says:


      It is being suggested to hold it once a year. That won’t be a one minute clap in the street; it will involve a whole day of celebrities leading us through the day’s events.


  31. Disgruntled of Enfield says:

    Paul Nurse attacks Boris, the BBC forgets that when he was a student he sold the Socialist Worker and has been a Labour party member for 40 years. How convenient


  32. Dazed and Confused says:

    Rees-Mogg derides BBC: They dredge Communists up, they should be impartial


  33. vlad says:

    How the beeb works.


  34. StewGreen says:

    Today in history


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Because, in the construction of globalist multicultural post-British Britain, White people are expendable. If, on the other hand, it had been Trayvon Martin or Stephen Lawrence …


    • tarien says:

      His murderer should have been executed-that was a time to re-assert the need to return Capital Punishment -no need to have doubts as to the murder, it was there for all the world to see. Where is that malicious individual the killer of that fine young man?


  35. Guest Who says:

    Hugh is perky.


  36. StewGreen says:

    Ash tweeted this
    and ina country of 66m got 7,100 likes
    but the top two replies against her only get 1,500 likes each


    • StewGreen says:

      They are ILLEGAL immigrants & ‘Economic Migrants’ –
      Farage in his videos says apart from rich Iranians they are likely to end up as modern-day-slaves for years, to pay back their passage

      We go on about slavery in this country
      yet look who supports this modern-day-slavery
      – The metroliberals
      – The French Navy
      – UK Border Force
      – Priti Patel & the Tories


  37. taffman says:

    Not knowing much about the Tory Party , IMHO the only salvation for them now is to swap Boris for IDS and get Rees Mogg as his deputy PM . I would bet that Rees Mogg’s first job would be to get rid of the Telly Tax.


  38. StewGreen says:

    Rachel Riley has
    – a LIST
    – a RED flag


    • taffman says:

      Nice ‘T’ shirt.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      “At least 5️⃣0️⃣ orgs have now ensured their ad money won’t be funding sites that choose to spread coronavirus misinformation”
      I’m sure Chinese state media and the W.H.O. won’t lose sleep over the lost revenue.


  39. StewGreen says:

    Surely vaccine success should be huge news
    I’ve not seen it on British media


  40. lordelpus says:

    The MSM campaign “Get the Tories” continues.After hinting at Boris’s “close”friendship with Jennifer Arcuri,when he was London Mayor.They are now going for Dominic Cummings for breaking lockdown.I know what Mr. Cummings did was stupid,and that he must have known the anti Tory media would have found him out.If anything SKY news is trying to outdo BBC.
    SKY’S usual morning output is 3 hours of Kay Burley,then 3 hours of Adam Boulton.Negativity and anti Government stories for six hours,totally shameful.On another subject, when did Andy Burnham become a permanent go to guy for interviews?And he was also on Question Time yesterday.It seems as though the MSM in this country is trying to bring down this Government.


    • Dave S says:

      Gotcha journalism is really getting up our noses. From all sides and it is gong to decimate the MSM if they do not stop it. . Today i went out doing the usual and what do you know. My country town is going back to work . Cars, trucks activity everywhere. It is like a sudden spring shower. Unexpected but welcome. i am sure this is the same all over England. i cannot speak for those benighted countries on the fringes sunk into Celtic apathy.
      Ok people are being cautious but there is no doubt that the lockdown is over. The police would be wasting their time trying to go against us now. It is very English. We are just getting on with life like we always do in the end. Ok so there are risks but the alternative is a wrecked country and that we will not allow. The MSM can go boil it’s head.
      My country is as always rising to the dangers it faces. The ordinary Englishman can be relied on in the end. Stuff the politicians and the pundits and the media. They are not England and never will be. We will put our country back together and the only question to ask is are you with us or against us. I am in a high risk group but my country is more to me than risk.


    • Dave S says:

      Gotcha journalism is really getting up our noses. From all sides and it is going to decimate the MSM if they do not stop it. . Today i went out doing the usual and what do you know. My country town is going back to work . Cars, trucks activity everywhere. It is like a sudden spring shower. Unexpected but welcome. i am sure this is the same all over England. i cannot speak for those benighted countries on the fringes sunk into Celtic apathy.
      Ok people are being cautious but there is no doubt that the lockdown is over. The police would be wasting their time trying to go against us now. It is very English. We are just getting on with life like we always do in the end. Ok so there are risks but the alternative is a wrecked country and that we will not allow. The MSM can go boil it’s head.
      My country is as always rising to the dangers it faces. The ordinary Englishman can be relied on in the end. Stuff the politicians and the pundits and the media. They are not England and never will be. We will put our country back together and the only question to ask is are you with us or against us. I am in a high risk group but my country is more to me than risk.


    • Guest Who says:

      Laura, Newsnight allllll over it.

      Kirsty flouncing like a pro.


      • Guest Who says:

        And Lewis. Who can forget Lewis?


      • Guest Who says:

        Uh oh… Sweeney! and Crick have tested the waters and gone over the top.

        Guys… finesse… FINESSE! There’s a danger of looking like a deranged pack. Again.


        • Jeff says:

          This is really quite an amusing response from the repellent festering blob that is John Sweeney.
          About a fortnight ago he was frothing at the mouth in his his contempt at the media storm when his pal, Neil Ferguson, Professor Pantsdown, got caught out in a similar situation.
          Ferguson was an honourable man. He simply made a mistake. We were accused of being being judgmental.
          He was viciously critical of The Telegraph who exposed (ahem) the unfortunate prof’. They weren’t real journalists, they were scum. The Telegraph was owned by vile people. He was red faced and spluttering.

          Now strangely, he’s full of praise for the excellent work of those superb journalists at Newsnight. Fine people. “Proper journalists.” Cummings position is “untenable”.

          I’m scratching my head…


  41. StewGreen says:

    John says the BBC doesn’t represent Britain
    so should not be charged with running broadcasting funded and mandated by the foreign office
    instead World Service TV and Radio should be run by another body



  42. Roland Deschain says:

    This, of course, is simply not correct, as I noted further up the thread. Not that that will stop the BBC spouting forth about “Trump drug”.

    But to save everyone looking, here’s a reminder.

    And, to be fair, many in the comments are not buying it.


  43. vlad says:

    Once again Al-beeb manage to cover an islamic terror attack without once mentioning the words islamic or muslim.

    You could read the article and be none the wiser who was behind the attack – Mormons? Buddhists? (No doubt they’ll drip-feed more details once the story has gone cold – if at all.)

    And for a laugh, here’s David Wood mocking the Religion of Inept Terrorists. He also makes the more serious point that islam is collapsing.

    “US naval base shooting was ‘terrorism related’, FBI says”



  44. Guest Who says:

    Impressed they went near.



  45. fakenewswatcher says:

    I have stopped listening to bbc R4 ‘news’ entirely. Its silly little ‘Get Cummings’ campaign spearheads all the news bulletins, last night, throughout the night and -of course- on ‘Toady’.
    It will presumably go on all day, as it is actually part of the long-standing ‘Get Boris’ campaign. The bbc is never more loathsome than when it abandons all pretence of running an impartial news service, and goes into full political campaign mode in order to claim a Conservative scalp. One hears the sound of mindless, baying hounds, on a full scale pursuit, led by – who else- but beeb?
    And -while I do believe poor old Bojo is failing us completely since his return from illness, the mere thought of Surkeer and his cronies gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. Looking at the bunch of incompetents that now make up the cabinet is extremely worrying. But looking at the shadow cabinet alternatives is cause for full panic mode.
    The inexperienced Rishi Sunak, splashing money around in a fit of ignorant madness is bad news. The thought of A Dodds as the alternative, truly makes the blood run cold. Especially when the names of Abbott and Ashworth etc pop up, as well.
    The vile propaganda machine that is the bbc merely reinforces my determination not to part with another penny for their licence fee.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Good work fakenewswatcher, I too don’t give them a penny and it’s been over a year now 👍

      They do say that in times of crisis you see the very best and the very worst in people and things!
      Well from what I can gather it’s certainly the very worst we’re seeing in al beeb 🤬


    • dfhunter says:

      never fear fake –
      “Learn how the BBC is working to strengthen trust and transparency in online news”

      you have to laugh.


  46. Nibor says:

    I took one for the team and listened to the News Quiz .
    It’s what you’d expect , not funny and the panellists being all of one mind ; stupidly woke .
    But if you do listen at midday on Radio 4 , please confirm to me that at one stage , when Finklestein ( a BBC go to to tell everyone they have right wing panelists on because he writes for the Times , a fellow trougher newspaper in my opinion ) is waffling , one of them makes an ( involuntary ) escape of gas with attendant noise .
    About the only thing that is funny is what they can’t help .


  47. Fedup2 says:

    Government briefing watch

    Not sure who gets the Saturday gig – but I reckon it’s Sharma or the Education chap .

    Anyway – let’s play a game – how many ‘journo ‘gotcha questions are Not going to be about Dom Cummings ?

    I think there will be two – and they’ll be on “when will BoJo resign for having Cummings on board ?”…..
    People dead from the Chinese Virus ? Who cares ?
    Tests ? PPE ? Crushed Economy ? People going nuts ?

    Who cares –

    let’s just get Cummings and BoJo ….. general election ….. Starmer …… rejoin the EU ….. then the bubble will be happy ……

    ….I’m so glad I watch Netflix instead of take the BBC …..or buy papers …..


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Ha-ha, excellent Fedup 👍
      NOT going to be you say, I’ll go nine! 🤞


  48. fakenewswatcher says:

    I believe that it is essential now for Cummings to sit tight, and for Bojo not to buckle. He has been looking weak, so I do hope he does not fall for the bbc-/Labour led campaign, now in full voice. It would give Surkeer a huge and ENTIRELY UNDESERVED scalp.
    It is mainly about ‘revenge’ for the success of the Brexit campaign, and getting rid of Bojo.
    Throughout much of the world, the ‘pandemic’ has given the globalist elite a wonderful pretext to insert big state control everywhere. In relatively successful Germany, the MSM have been hyping up Merkel no end. They want MORE of her after about fifteen years! (She is changing Germany into a ‘diverse’, Green state – that needs to go on)
    In the UK, a weak government looks very much like it is in the pocket of same. For Labour, the virus has been the gift that keeps on giving. It needs merely to make critical noises.
    R4 told us how critical SNP’s Blackford, The Guardian and The Mirror have been on the Cummings issue. That really tells us all we need to know.


    • Guest Who says:

      Interesting thread.


      • Guest Who says:

        Alistair going to get dark looks at the alumni hog roast in the W1A foyer.


        • Roland Deschain says:

          Is it the real one? If so, why does he not have the blue tick?


          • Guest Who says:

            Fair point.

            Mind you, blue ticks are not always good signs of ‘reality’.


  49. Darcy3 says:

    When is a muslim not a muslim ? (according to the bbbc) …..



    but not here


    The defenition of racism is treating one differently due to their race / religion etc

    Therefore the racist bbc is … RACIST by obvious defenition, by endlessly posting “news ” about bleeding muslims …. unless they are committing crime


    • taffman says:

      We have in this country an absurd mindset driving the idea that we , the indigenous population of Great Britain, should assimilate with the immigrant population and not the other way round. Eg Al Beeb . Also an even more absurd situation where we have to pay for it . It’s alike to buying the wood for your own funeral pyre.


  50. taffman says:

    The government should Make the payment of the television licence voluntary .
    Al Beeb would soon go ‘pay by subscription’ . I am pretty certain it would be a vote winner with Joe public.
    “How about that then” ?