509 Responses to The Long Easter Weekend Thread 10 April 2020

  1. theisland says:


    Remember when our reporter, Avi Yemini, captured this desperate plea to President Donald Trump on the streets of Hong Kong?
    Now, more than ever, wear his warning everywhere.

    **This product is 100% guaranteed NOT made in China.


  2. Doobster78 says:

    Typical MSM. Banged on and on, day after day for the Government to shut down schools, bars etc ….now, whatever the Government do next , it will be wrong !!!!

    If they relax the lockdown, MSM will say it’s too soon.

    Leave the lockdown, they will scream it should be lifted.

    There is no way on earth, Boris can win with these scumbags !!!!!

    They will be getting their ammunition lined up for either option, depending on which way it goes. Cretins.


  3. StewGreen says:

    Looking at Covid19 trends
    From April 1-9 there seems to be a flat trend now of about 4,300 daily positives (blue) with 2 blips up
    So from April 8th we should be in a flat trend of about 900 daily deaths (green) until the 16th .. with some blips



    • StewGreen says:

      London weekly stats from ONS data table

      Week 13 : Weekly deaths of ALL causes
      last year – 910
      2020 – 1,297
      That’s a 43% RISE


    • StewGreen says:

      Today’s new data
      had the bad enough for hospital patients, been at 4,400 the trend would be flat
      Unfortunately it’s 5,706 today
      And that trends to about 1,300 deaths/day in 7 days time
      and since today’s is 980 deaths, we have a rise to come .


  4. pugnazious says:

    Coronavirus: Worst economic crisis since 1930s depression, IMF says

    We’re plunging the economy into absolute ruin on levels not seen since the Depression and our national broadcaster, which assures us its job is to hold power to account, stands back and says…..?

    In the period from the beginning of January to the 27th March there were 22,877 deaths registered in England and Wales due to respiratory disease.
    There were also a total of 642 deaths associated with the coronavirus….now rapidly increasing of course since then.

    Interesting to hear Neil Ferguson, the man whose data drives the lockdown, telling us he never expected a large proportion of the population to become infected. He mentioned the worse scenario in Germany has been a town where 15% were infected. That study has shown that the actual death rate there was most likely 0.37%. Flu is usually around 0.1 to 0.2%.

    Fergusson originally ramped up the fear, and drove the lockdown, by claiming 500,000 could die…he changed his mind and came up with a figure of 250,000 and now claims maybe 20,000….which would be in line with the death rate in Germany.

    Worse case there would be 35,000 deaths or so at 15% infection however a later expert came on and said he expected the infection rate to be around 10%…which would reduce the deaths to around 22,000.

    Hmmm…consider flu can kill around 30,000 in some years and you have to ask questions about the need for the lockdown.

    We’ve destroyed the economy, peoples’ lives and their livelihoods, the education of millions of children and put in danger the future of the NHS and thus lives of people who need treatment for other illnesses like cancer, or indeed flu, and put welfare and other public services on life support possibly for decades to come…austerity will be remembered with a fond nostalgia…never mind the freedoms lost, political and social, also so many possibly forever.

    Odd how things are turned on their heads. In the last two world wars we were prepared to sacrifice countless lives in order to protect those freedoms, democracy and a way of life…now however, to ‘protect the NHS'[which is a questionable outcome…more likely cripple it due to lack of funds] and to save maybe 30,000 lives, worse case according to the expert now, we destroy those freedoms, we put democracy on hold and destroy the businesses and industry that pays for all the things we deem vital for a functioning, fair and humane society.

    You might ask why the BBC is so reluctant to question the lockdown…the science for the BBC is settled….thus to raise doubts as to whether the cure is worse than the illness would be to undermine that narrative…however jusitified the questions were…the same approach it took to Rotherham and Rochdale…it allowed thousands of young white girls to be abused because it thought to expose the issue and ask questions would lead to difficult questions about immigration, integration and the wonders of multiculturalism…thus it hid the truth and didn’t ask questions…just as here.

    Not just not asking questions of course but actively pressuring the government to make the lockdown more severe….The BBC’s line on schools helped get them closed down, it has been actively campaigning against businesses staying open, construction in particular, but you can hear plenty of presenters adoping a moral stance and castigating anyone who wants to carry on however safely. You can see it in the way they report on Khan and his rants about workers killing people when in fact he is the ‘killer’ having cut trains by 50% forcing workers into crowded carriages….his fault no theirs but the BBC never, ever challenges him on this and calls him out.

    The BBC really doesn’t give a toss about you and your job and your livelihood…look at the reaction to the news that the 80% bailout for those furloughed was going to cost far more than predicted[well…yeah who knew?]…the BBC answer?….reduce the payout amount. Not to question the whole ethos of the lockdown and thus the need for bailouts but to say ‘reduce the money paid to people’…there you have the real BBC attitude…people must suffer, no matter how much, in order to fight the good fight…but is that fight necessary? Don’t expect the BBC to ask.

    A million suddenly unemployed and claiming handouts….10 million in the US, millions more here and abroad to come, and the BBC thinks its a price worth paying.


    It reports the damage but never asks questions.

    Coronavirus: Worst economic crisis since 1930s depression, IMF says

    Record fall in UK economy forecast

    Coronavirus: ‘Drop in global trade to be worse than 2008 crisis’

    And yet….it’s all good.

    We’re plunging the economy into absolute ruin on levels not seen since the Depression and our national broadcaster, which assures us its job is to hold power to account, stands back and says…not nothing…but actually demands government increase the measures, to increase the pain and misery, to impose harsher, stricter and more severe measures if the public don’t ‘comply’ with the dictats.

    Something wrong somewhere.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Clap for Pug is what I say…
      the trouble is that if the Govt don’t do what everyone else is doing they will be attacked by the Left and Media as they were in the beginning…more so than they are now at every step –

      I am hoping we will see a change when Boris is fit..


  5. pugnazious says:

    Coronavirus: Worst economic crisis since 1930s depression, IMF says

    Astounding isn’t it? You’d think there would be wall to wall coverage on the BBC about the economic armageddon heading our way…as they did for the, by comparison, very minor economic setbacks Brexit would have incurred…however radio silence is pretty much imposed….no ‘Great European Disaster Movie’ for the coronavirus bus being driven off a cliff-edge in a car crash disaster.

    The BBC fails us once again when we really need it and it allows its own ideology and worldview to shape its ‘facts’ and what it tells us about the world.


  6. G says:

    Meanwhile, in Wales, “Poll shows support for tightening lockdown in Wales”.
    I would have added, “….shows overwhelming support…..” if the status quo numbers are added to the ‘tightening’.


  7. StewGreen says:

    Naz is not divisive at all
    so good at uniting communities


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh look she is supported by ever so IMPARTIAL BBC staff

      Wow and amazing and so good! ❤️

      Katherine O’Donnell @bbcankat
      Bio : I’m involved in the making of radio & online content at BBC Asian Network.


    • Oaknash says:

      I think Starmer is sending a very strong message to all of these “new” Britains in many of the Northern constituencies that they have made their decisions and it will now be “Halal” or bust.

      Pity for the useless Tories is that the best they could ,manage is the even more useless Theresa May who was only strong when it came to caving in to the demands of Muslims/MCB over sharia law and “Hate” crime.

      Just a little reminder of what we are all missing, though to be honest much of the damage has been done and the almost equally useless Boris seemed rather relaxed about so much of this anti democratic BS.

      As for the British Jews. Socialism and the spirit of Cable Street have been very much forgotten and any British Jew that still thinks that the British Labour party still values them is very much a turkey voting for Christmas.

      Labour know that they can get away with appointing this probable racist because if they have learnt one thing over the last few years – Aunty will do as little as possible to rock the Labour boat – even if that means supporting shadow Ministers who wishes that Israel was just “moved” and that sexual abuse is acceptable if it is committed by men of a certain religious persuasion.


  8. StewGreen says:

    libmob gotcha journo Peston ratio-ed again
    7 to 1


  9. StewGreen says:

    The #BeKind party

    Councillor Heselwood, replying to a post about Boris going into ICU said
    It’s a publicity stunt
    – they we’re [sic] doing badly being criticised for their handling of this,
    next thing he’s in hospital in ICU-a publicity stunt fir [sic] sympathy and to change the narrative.
    Don’t fall for it”



  10. G.W.F. says:

    Easter lockdown is necessary as all scientists and BBC activists say.
    What is the likelihood that scientists and BBC activists will support the suspension of the lockdown for Ramadamalinglong?
    Imagine cops breaking up the Iftar


  11. StewGreen says:

    US doctor : video saying he was told not to just include the normal FACTS on a death certificate , but to add Covid19 , based purely on speculation.


  12. StewGreen says:

    @RockboltG Journalism I saw today

    BBC: it’s offensive to call someone a ‘fighter’

    Sky: it’s sexist to have female experts at the briefings but not politicians

    Independent: it’s racist to fancy the chancellor

    Guardian: a cabinet minister should be sacked for delivering medicine.


    • AndyDozefeet says:

      VD complained that the use of war-like terms to describe the Kung flu and the havoc it is wreaking was offensive and unnecessary.

      She then went on to talk about all those heroic efforts made by the wonderful people on the “front line”…

      Am puzzled, where does she think the term “front line” comes from?


  13. Philip_2 says:

    I was reading The Times today on the (continued) financial and political troubles of the Southern EU states (now in the hour of need) totaly ignored by the EU that cannot agree on a rescue package for the current global pandemic. Italy, Greece and Spain are all in long term terminal decline (ruin) thanks to EU polices that never quite worked out as promised i.e free money if you pay tribute to Brussles. How right was the UK to choose its own path and leave.. And that brings me to this (2015) video which illustrates the Roman Empire (now called the EU) and the struggles of lesser states such as Greece. Ironically Italy, Spain and Greece are all in dire straits and wish to leave the ‘Club of Rome’ and to make their own rules to help the people which the EU still states are still required to ‘forge ever and closer links’ despite total ignorance of the financial, cultural and pandemic problems the ‘southern’ nations face. Its a bit ‘high brow’ but its an education, perhaps more apt now than then. So recommended – if you like a bit of history…

    Greece vs Rome, with Boris Johnson and Mary Beard

    In tribute to our PM, who I wish a well and speedy recovery, he’s perked up today (good news) the BBC will never air this piece (even though there is a BBC presenter you will recognise and of Mary Beard (another BBC operative). When you think of ‘Rome’ think of the EU now, and it put’s (all) things into current context. There is no doubt the EU sees itself as the ‘new Rome’ (but without the good bits). Hearing Boris support Greece against Rome is a real treat to hear.

    (I have never been to Greece, but I am with Boris on this argument). One of the best London Mayors we ever had (and what will surely be the best PM we have had since the last war). And this is a war we must win (primarily against the BBC privilege and control over its ‘citizens’). A world where all rights are effectively ‘null and void’ without the approval of Rome’s great dictator the ECHR and multiple other ‘organs’ of state dictatorship). The BBC is right in there somewhere, its an old argument and it defines which side of the ‘great debate’ going on now. Ultimately the EU will create the ‘great depression’ (again) in Europe as it becomes a dictatorship of the ‘privileged elite’ (read BBC) funded by the ‘poorest’ who have no idea that there vote is pointless. But you do have ‘equal rights’ to abject poverty and standardised ‘bureaucrats’ (one size fits all) in every national situation. I am also reminded that IF we were to ‘remain’ in the EU, there will not be a NHS (in any EU future), its not part of the EU plan at all. Something the BBC never talk about, although a debate would be good on how the NHS should be financed when many do not contribute to the cost (which includes those employed by the BBC who have have enormous private wealth and care and pensions). The debate has just started, and can only start proper when we leave the EU and the BBC are re-utlised for the ‘home front’ rather than the ‘back door’ to Rome.


    • G says:

      I’m looking at an article by Christopher Booker in the Sunday Times dated, November 3rd 2002, entitled: “A superstate half a century in the making”. Booker outlines the continual pressure brought to bear from the outset by the likes of, Monnet, Spinelli & Spaak, Communist inspired individuals. The ‘Grandfathers’ so to speak. He outlines the efforts one or more of the trio exerted to create the superstate concluding with the unveiling of the plan by Giscard d’Estaing. The, “secretive process” was planned in the beginning to mid-eighties and it was realised previously that, “in 1944 Spinelli admitted that there was no way the USof Europe could be set up by democratic means”. “….the project would have to be put into place gradually, without the peoples of Europe realising what was afoot until they were presented by a constitution at the end of the process”.
      “It is now clear from official documents that, when Harold Macmillan applied for British Membership of the, ‘Common Market’ in 1961 he had been made aware of this political agenda. As was Ted Heath.
      Almost 18 years on, the deceit and subterfuge still makes interesting reading.


  14. BRISSLES says:

    The news appears to be London centric reporting about lack of parks open and lack of ‘space’ for the population to take exercise and getting fresh air. There’s already a white flight from the capital, but I predict that in another 50 years inside the M25 will be a no go area for living and working. Reminds me of the film Escape from New York.


  15. pugnazious says:

    Looking on the BBC website and hardly a peep about the Worst economic crisis since 1930s depression….wait no…a couple of likely candidates for reports that might be raising quesions about the response to the virus….

    Western economies slow to react to crisis, says leading economist

    Ah no, not that one…it’s actually telling us we needed to be far harsher and take stricter measures to clampdown on things whilst of course telling us how terrible ‘The West’ is. LOL…so BBC.

    How about this one?….Surely recognising the terrible economic result of the lockdowns and asking about the need for it?….

    Clothing makers in Asia give stark coronavirus warning

    Ah…no…it’s yet again an attack on the predatory West which is exploiting poor workers in the East…..

    ‘Coronavirus lockdowns aren’t the only thing affecting their ability to pay their workers. They say their main problem is unreasonable demands from big clients – mainly in the US and the UK…we’ve also experienced demands for cancellations for goods that are ready or are work in progress, or discounts for outstanding payments and for goods in transit. They are also asking for a 30 to 120 day extensions on previously agreed payment terms.”‘

    Well yeah…welcome to the real world of coronavirus lockdowns as millions in the West lose their jobs and there’s no work and no-one buying products…hence, thanks but no thanks, cancel the order.

    The BBC never losing an opportunity to politicise something and to try and turn it against ‘The West’.

    The BBC that doesn’t give a toss abut workers here in the UK, in fact demands they be put out of work and when they are to have their payments reduced, is more concerned with workers in Asia or Africa.

    Same old BBC…hates whitey and hates ‘The West’….guess yet another reason it remains silent about the economic ruin the lockdown is inflicting upon us…the BBC thinks reducing the economic success, wealth and power of the West is a good thing…just as it sees the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Europe by importing millions of non-whites to change the demographics as a good thing. White people are evil and must be removed from the world.

    If you think people wouldn’t do that consider the Labour Party deliberately opened the borders in order to ‘brown Britain’ and to rub the Right’s nose in immigration and multiculturalism…to irreversibly change the facts on the ground….and consider how the BBC rejoices in the changing face of America as Whites become an endagered minority….‘”The whole complexion of the US is going to get darker – we’re going to look like [bi-racial baseball player] Derek Jeter.”…the demographics of the US and the demographics of the continent of the Americas is very good.”‘

    ‘The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett. ‘


  16. Sluff says:

    The pro United States of Europe BBC showed their hand on the 1 pm news.
    They were reporting on the smoke-filled rooms stitch up to create a Euro coronavirus fighting fund.
    Why the difficulties?
    Because, shock, horror, some countries are prioritising their own nations ahead of the greater European project !!!!!!

    How dare they! From the words and intonation Katcha Adler and her editors clearly want such countries to be put on the naughty step.


  17. Darcy3 says:

    Stunning silence on the bbc website on certain subjects regarding labour politicians hate crimes this week and the following:

    Landlord accuses stunned bagel shop owner of ‘typical Jewish behaviour’ when she asks for three-month rent break to get through coronavirus crisis


    Larah Bross, 42, runs the Bross Bagels shops in Portabello, Edinburgh
    She has been forced to close five shops and furlough 39 of her 47 staff
    But her landlord Mario Aydemir Demirezen rejected her request to delay her rent
    He described it as ‘typical Jewish behaviour’ but claimed this was a compliment

    Turkish….go figure as they say


  18. Oaknash says:

    Not BBC but worth knowing


    Not Ok to sit and play with your kids in your own back garden, but obviously ok for “asian” men to rape and abuse underage females in Rotherham.

    Dontcha just lurv South Yorkshire plods.
    Talk about not fit for purpose.!


  19. Up2snuff says:

    Naughty BBC. Deliberately misleading the public with this headline “Coronavirus: New York has more cases than any other country.” https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52239261

    If you read the article it says New York State (very different from New York) in the opening paragraph but in the fifth para they conflate City with State again. And back it up with alleged City photos.

    This strikes me as a blatant attempt to deceive or really bad journalism. Either way, a disciplinary or sackable offence for someone high up in BBC News & Current Affairs.


  20. G says:

    “It Is Time for the WHO’s Pro-China Chief to Resign”

    More nail-biting stuff. But, why-oh-why do we get to learn about the critical nature of the UN only when there’s a major issue?
    I posted a video link on the Midweek blog to the Epoch Times. Almost an hour of outlining the dangers of China. In that video, it is explained that the UN has 15 divisions, the WHO is but one. Apparently China now controls 5. Believe it or not, it’s about to become 6: China is about to take over control of the committee on patents and intellectual property law would you believe.
    The worst thieves imaginable but on their way to World domination (as they see it). Time to get out the UN.


  21. Up2snuff says:

    Oh dear and Ooops!


    The BBC inadvertently let slip that women do not like doing hard, energetic, dirty jobs – note the words ‘Pembrokeshire’s first’. They are much happier in a TV studio, just like the Walnut One, telling us all how to live, vote and organise the country.


    • StewGreen says:

      Twitter video of that same clip of the female waste collector.


  22. pugnazious says:

    Pish Kumar eat your heart out….some genuinely funny comedy from the BBC…..and probably quite happy if you lobbed a bread roll their way…not much to say about the evils of the British Empire though!….

    ‘Two labradors have become internet stars after their sports commentator owner filmed them fighting over a toy and racing to finish their dinners.

    The dogs Olive and Mabel initially became an online sensation on March 27 when BBC Sport commentator Andrew Cotter, 46, posted a video to Twitter of the pair scoffing their dinner while he provided humorous voiceovers.’


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Nice to know the BBC’s staff are keeping busy’ whilst on a full paid holiday.


  23. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    We’ve had all sorts of views about this virus and how it is spreading, the curve, the origin and so on.

    When discussing the spread in England people are told to stay in and observe social distancing.
    One thing I’ve not heard anybody on tv mention is about how overcrowded or overpopulated we are in England.
    This must be making a huge contribution to the spreading of the virus.

    When France, for example, has something like three times more space per person than we have in England then it should follow that spreading this virus here will be much more likely because of the sheer number of people.
    And we get 300,000 more squashed in every year.

    I wonder why nobody (on tv) has picked up on this.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Emmanuel Goldstein

      The Wuhan Virus is performing the task of population reduction. Care homes are one source and the daily promotion of ‘serious conversations ‘ regarding the possible accelerated death of our loved ones is preparing the elderly for removal.


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      I did mention this in an earlier post EG but didn’t get much of a response. People don’t seem to want to talk about. Is it because it is too hard? Or possibly too controversial? I’ve wondered about this for ages. When will the Uk say “Halt! our population density will go no higher than ‘x’.” I remember reading the ‘the Economist’ in the 1990’s which was looking forward to the Uk population becoming over 250 million. Is that what people want. Back in the eighties before Green parties were captured by Left loonies the ecologist party called for gradually reducing the population to 30 million.
      Propositions like these always bring up the angry retort ” What are you going to do, kill people off!!!” and it is a real conservation stopper. One has to go on the defensive to assure everybody that one is not actually suggesting concentration camps, forced euthanasia, annexing the Sudetenland etc etc. All it takes is a managed policy of direction involving incentives and rewards to achieve a lower birthrate to stabilise the population. No need for death camps or even reeducation camps. That’s what you will get eventually if you keep on a with a pressure cooker immigration policy.
      Why can’t Brits call for a sensible population policy?
      The BBC will be unlikely to come on board I should add (and enter that line in the understatement of the year award).So what?!
      I have never understood the craving for mass immigration or the supine acceptance of it by the British public. How much longer can you bear to see your beautiful green spots shrink and disappear. Talk about squandering an inheritance!

      Perhaps it is me who is the oddball? Possibly!

      Exit Yasser singing, “Give me land, lots of land and the starry skies above, don’t fence me in.’..


      • JimS says:

        “I have never understood the craving for mass immigration or the supine acceptance of it by the British public.”

        Well one major political party has factored in that immigrants are more likely to vote for them. They have also made immigration one of those issues that are ‘unacceptable’ to even discuss, as Gillian Duffy amongst many others has found out, so most people are loath to speak out in public.

        This technique has been very successful on a whole range of issues so every public figure is now ‘fighting’ on the ground chosen by the far-left. I say ‘fighting’, in truth that just means declaring that one is also ‘of the left’, but perhaps not as ‘left’ as the far-left.

        The result is that 90% of the people who voted in Clement Attlee would now be considered ‘far-right’ by the BBC et al.


  24. Darcy3 says:

    Dover getting more crowded by the day, and Channel 4 delighting in showing a big metal “4” bringing in illegal immigrants and depositing them on the white cliffs between every programme, with no objections it seems

    May they will update it with some muslims “grooming” (i.e. raping) schoolgirls, held down by a big metal “4” next ?


    • vlad says:

      Every patriotic Brit should boycott 4 until they stop their propaganda for the invaders. That would very quickly bring them to their senses as advertising revenue plummets.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Apologies if this point has been made (many times) before. On the BBC’s TV News this evening (~ 6 pm) we had a report by the often emotional Fergal Keane from Calais. He referred as always to asylum-seekers and refugees, who he said were suffering because of travel restrictions due to Covid-19; i.e. they can’t get across to Britain as easily as before.

      Why can’t the biased, useless and anti-British BBC ask the obvious question: WHAT persecution are these people suffering from in France / Calais? Even assuming that they are asylum-seekers (and not economic migrants with no right to be there, as the EU’s own Mr Timmermans said of 60% of the 2015 “Syrian” influx) they are required by the UN to seek asylum in the FIRST SAFE COUNTRY after the one where they claim to be persecuted.

      They therefore have NO RIGHT of entry into the UK, unless they were being persecuted in adjacent countries (so, in theory, Eire / Ireland, Iceland or northern France). The BBC is yet again deliberately misrepresenting this issue. It refuses to call them what most of them are – illegal economic migrants. These people are breaking the law, however hard the circumstances they find themselves in in Calais, when they try to move to Britain.


  25. vlad says:

    A half decent article in the Grauniad (even a broken clock gets it right sometimes) on the shambles that is the EUSSR.

    “The coronavirus crisis has exposed the truth about the EU: it’s not a real union”



    • Up2snuff says:

      vlad, the question might then be “the truth about the EU: it’s not a real union” will someone try and ramp it up to the next level, much closer to a EU State?

      Don’t think Merkel will be able (or fit enough) to take that on but Macron might. After all it would present a neat distraction from events at home (terrorism, Gilet Jaunes) and give him (if such were needed) a reason to clamp down on protests.


  26. pugnazious says:

    Peston in The Spectator….

    ‘For what it’s worth, that implies the UK may well be heading for a Covid-19 death toll of at least 30,000 people. Which elevates it well beyond a bad winter flu.’

    No….not true….flu deaths…2014/15….28,330, 2017/18…26,408

    Respiratory deaths this year till 27 mar?…22,877…covid19 not included.

    He makes an astounding statement…

    ‘Ministers are aware quite how high the stakes have become, and not just because of potential mortality. They are shocked that the damage already caused to the economy is considerably worse than they expected.’

    What? Close most of the country down and cripple the majority of businesses and the government were unaware of the damage this might do?

    Surely the BBC should be on the case asking questions about the lockdown and whether it had been properly wargamed as to the potential costs and downsides….which must surely be blatantly obvious…and whether the costs outweigh the benefits…save some lives but costs lives also as other diseases/illnesses get delayed treatment or go untreated, mental health suffers and we get more suicides and more domestic violence and the economic cost soars out of control.


  27. Sluff says:

    Shock. Horror.
    It’s been announced that our ‘NHS heroes’ are going to work over the Easter weekend !!!!!!!!



    • JimS says:

      Aren’t 97% of them Muslim, or is that Climate Scientists or BBC approval ratings?

      I can’t say I believe anything they tell me now!


  28. Sluff says:

    Hospital admissions and critical care occupancy in London appears to be peaking.
    The Midlands too.
    What’s the Nightingale Hospital going to be used for?
    And will they be needed everywhere else?
    I understand the need for ICU overcapacity but not why future Nightingale hospitals are needed?


  29. BRISSLES says:

    Well, the government have been slaughtered (through no fault of their own) for not having enough respirators, despite the fact that an over expenditure of ‘just in case’ equipment is unrealistic. So they cant be blamed for overstocking hospitals if they’re needed.


  30. pugnazious says:

    BBC right now….

    ‘Should we be suspicious of cars with more than two people in them?’



    • Sluff says:

      No but in Rotherham the Police apparently are suspicious of families being together in their own gardens!

      So much easier than investigating Pakistani grooming gangs raping young white girls.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Advice, make grannie lie on the floor and cover her with a blanket.


  31. Sluff says:

    Get out the hankies.
    On the 6pm tv news, the BBC go big on one of their favourite topics- the so-called migrant camp in Calais.

    There is a 200m queue for free food. No social distancing there.

    But wait. It turns out that children and women do not need food!
    In the entire queue there was not a single woman or child. Young males made up the entire line.

    How amazing and just what this country wants so badly. Not.


    • Darcy3 says:

      I can understand women and children running away from their country and not fighting for it, although ours did not, neither did the french, but the so called male asylum seekers who should be fighting for their country ?

      Rather pop over here to claim benefits, and why seek asylum from France ?


  32. EUTV says:

    Today’s press briefing cut short during possibly the last journalist’s question. The reason was to cut to the 6pm news.

    We then got two BBC adverts for upcoming programs, both repeats!


  33. StewGreen says:

    New stats
    Britain records Europe’s highest single-day death toll: Coronavirus deaths jump by 980 to
    – surpassing Italy and Spain’s worst days

    New positive tests 5,706 more patients test positive
    but note 19,000 tests were run so might be including milder cases which were previously not likely to get tested

    People are confused as to why the grand total had a mysterious extra 3,000 positives added to it


    • StewGreen says:

      Someone graphs both pillars of test


  34. Venutius says:

    When asked by the LBC reporter, “Why have planes from infected countries continued and continue to land in the UK with no checks”, Matt Hankcock and the deputy chief medical officer, Jonathan Van-Tam both said ‘there was no scientific reason to stop them…..’

    I have to say I was [email protected]**ing speechless.

    We have a very infectious coronovirous transferable from person to person on surfaces and aerobically. Furthermore, the evidence points to many ‘unknown asymptomatics’, who theoretically, walk through airports infecting whoever they contact beyond; the cycle goes on from there.

    You don’t need to be an epidemiologist to see that flights from infected countries simply feed a raging fire. Nor does one need qualifications to also see coronavirus did not leap across the English Channel. Guess what? It bloody flew here on a human being.

    I have said it on here repeatedly for a month now, the government have messed up big time. They dithered at the beginning. I actually laughed out loud when the scientists first talked about herd immunity. I telephone and spoke with several colleagues of mine in the industry, and we were all aghast (I have worked on the pharmaceutical arm of immunology and allergy for nearly 20 years).

    The same Politicians now hide behind lab scientists who lack common sense and are too blinkered by modelling to stick their head out of the window and see reality.

    Worse than this, the journalists and the BBC also lack the courage to put clear logic to them and demand answers. So we all just clap on a Thursday and hope it will go away.

    Our death rate and infection rate is at or worse than Italy. We had 3 weeks on them!! It is a catastrophe.

    There are answers to this, but not with this lot in charge. My advice: wear a mask (even though they say don’t) & sunglasses everywhere, wash your hands, socially distance and start growing vegetables.

    This is now just going to play out.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Whilst in Marseille Les Flics fine the occupants of a private jet arrived from the UK expecting to transfer by waiting helo to Cannes and send them home.


      Pity we don’t do that in reverse across the Sleeve!


    • G.W.F. says:

      It is beginning to look, with the social controls in force, that we are edging towards a final solution of the ageing population problem. And in comes the new population, easily ruled by a government that works in tandem with the Moslem Council who will see that the new population are not inflicted with British awkwardness.


      • Darcy3 says:

        GWF and with the moslem council in control we will see what proper religious intolerance, homophobia, hate crime and sexism REALLY looks like

        The far left will not know what has hit them until they are walking towards the gibbet, if the are not wiped out in the streets beforehand


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Filghts are arriving to to stop the curve getting too flat, I guess…
      If the idea is to spread the virus at a controlled rate.
      . Hiding wont help, it’s not going to just disappear anytime soon.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Venutius, do you remember when the big ebola epidemic was fast gathering pace, Sally Davies CMHO England, refused to make the F&CO test people in Africa before they boarded flights to the UK. She was more concerned with running an event in Trafalgar Square to have smoking (smoking!) banned in the open air in England.

      We were so lucky that ebola did not get a foothold here in the UK with that level of incompetence.


    • kingkp says:

      I would say don’t be so ignorant and do some research

      Posted by Tracey Northern on Wednesday, February 19, 2020


      Not one person has died from the mythical corona virus.


  35. StewGreen says:

    Good point


  36. Eddy Booth says:

    “Empty non-coronavirus beds raise fears that sickest are avoiding NHS
    Hospitals report steep drop in attendances for life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks.

    NHS England said that across the country, about 60 per cent of beds in acute hospitals were currently occupied. A year ago the equivalent figure was a little over 90 per cent.”

    Another unitended consequence of the current situation..


  37. Up2snuff says:

    The PR Industry is gearing up to get manic if this lockdown continues. Celebs catching Covid-19 left right and centre. ‘Artistes’ coming over all creative. Everyone doing their bit, WW2-stylee for the enaichhess.



    • pugnazious says:

      Don’t be daft….it’s only the ethnics wot get it….


      Can’t be soon before it’s ethnic cleansing, coronavirus introduced to get rid of non-whites.


    • BRISSLES says:

      If there’s hopefully one thing to come out of this madness, its the unacceptability of the supremely wealthy flaunting their riches. Perhaps no more shall we see the likes of the Beckhams, pop and reality stars,and their ilk showing off their lifestyle on Instagram.

      We shall be entering a world where money will be tight, some companies may bounce back, new restaurants etc will open, but many more businesses will have gone under for good, and the population will be hammered with more income tax to pay for the government bail outs, so I’d be happy for the super rich to go shelter in their Soho Warehouses Farmhouses or whatever, because seeing their designer clad faces plastered all over the media will be rubbing salt in the wound of those who have to work all God’s hours just to survive.


  38. pugnazious says:


    The BBC quite happily and without any concern quotes statistics from Goolag which is of course tracking us every minute of the day everywhere we go. The BBC apparently thinks this sinister data grab is OK now [when the Guardian fabricated complete lies about Cambridge Analytica, Brexit and Trump not so much..the BBC was outraged on behalf of democracy and our right to privacy.]

    You can see it merrily trumpeting the success of Goolag’s snooping as it provides the government with information on our whereabouts…

    ‘Coronavirus: Google reveals travel habits during the pandemic

    Google is to publicly track people’s movements over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

    The tech firm will publish details of the different types of places people are going to on a county-by-county basis in the UK, as well as similar data for 130 other countries.

    The plan is to issue a regular updates with the figures referring back to activity from two or three days prior.

    The company has promised that individuals’ privacy will be preserved.’

    Yeah…except they do have all that personal information…and they can track you to your house with the data giving‘deep insights into someone’s lifestyle including their religious beliefs, political activity, health and sexual orientation’…tracking you as they did with a group of people at a gathering who then split up and went to their various homes around the US.

    You can see some of the data here for the UK….

    Click to access 2020-04-05_GB_Mobility_Report_en.pdf

    Curiously, or not, don’t bother looking for data on Russia or China….

    No results available. Try searching for another country or region.

    How ironic…the most totalitarian states in the world [allegedly…you might start to think about that as the police search your shopping basket] and Goolag is not there….so it is possible to stop the unstoppable advance of Big Tech.


    • Up2snuff says:

      pug, small problem for g**gle: how do they do it? Drones? Embedded chips in pets? Tracking mobile phones that people leave at home, lose or drop down toilets. Credit cards that are wedged between the sofa cushions?


  39. Doobster78 says:

    BBC correspondent takes Labour word as gospel. (Insert shocked face).

    Or, alternatively,

    Shadow Health Sec Jon Ashworth: “This isn’t the first time ministers have given NHS and social care staff big promises on PPE. But there has been a mismatch between statements at Downing Street Press Conferences and the realities facing the far left activists in the health and care staff on the ground who are trying to make political gain out of this current situation by contacting the hard left media at every opportunity , knowing full well the libtards will lap up every chance to further their anti government agenda.


  40. Foscari says:

    So the dood ars man, the head of the WHO has got new
    instructions from China. Tell the western democracies to
    keep the lockdowns going ,until their economies are completely
    destroyed. Maybe somebody can think up a better anagram ?


  41. Sluff says:

    Not bbc but on itv Prof John Newton is quoted as saying that on testing, we have lagged behind other countries ‘for structural reasons’.
    I don’t suppose anyone official is going to tell us what these structural reasons might be?

    It couldn’t be the monolithic, nationalised NHS working in a country that despises private sector health care, versus other countries with tolerant and flexible, even welcoming, attitudes to the private healthcare sector. Like Germany with all its private laboratories and……..far, far lower pro rata death rate.

    Or South Korea, with its world leading health system, where 77% have social and private health insurance?

    70 years of political propaganda about the NHS, an indoctrinated, gullible public, brainwashed and unable to think critically. And 1000 coronavirus deaths a day.
    Join the dots.


  42. Tabs says:

    Not sure how accurate this article is but I doubt we will ever see the BBC report similar findings.

    Only 150 Americans to Date With No Pre-Existing Conditions Have Died From the Coronavirus or 0.9%


  43. john in cheshire says:

    How’s about this then said the necophiliac to the satanist:


    It’s about 15 minutes long.


  44. Celtic_Mist says:

    I hate to see the hashtag on this, however, the BBC is probably in part responsible. The ‘impartiality’ varies from day to day, some say the BBC bashes both sides equally. All anybody would wish for is a national broadcaster who reported the news accurately. Instead, for whatever reason, it sows a lot of division

    Anyway, that was about the hashtag, this is about the BBC bias towards China. ‘China centric’ one could say –


  45. pugnazious says:

    The Mail, Telegraph and Independent are reporting that the government had an assessment that 150,000 people could die as a result of the lockdown….Hancock denies this…

    ‘He rejected reports that an initial forecast had predicted that an additional 150,000 Britons would die prematurely as a result of the economic impact of the Government’s lockdown.’

    So…to ‘save’ 20,000 deaths from coronavirus as predicted, we kill 150,000…maybe.

    The BBC doesn’t bother to raise the issue which is odd really as it was all too ready to tell us that 120,000 people died #duetoausterity….as was the Guardian…though they ramp it up to 130,000…

    ‘Austerity to blame for 130,000 ‘preventable’ UK deaths – report ‘

    The Telegraph says…

    ‘Ministers are braced for the economy to slump by more than 14 percent in the next three months sparking concerns that tens of thousands of Britons may die prematurely from the worst recession in history.

    There are growing fears in Whitehall that the impact of rapidly rising unemployment and deteriorating mental health from the lockdown may ultimately prove more lethal to the health of the country than the coronavirus.’

    The Mail reports the same….

    ‘Ministers might have to choose between deaths from economic misery and coronavirus, Matt Hancock admitted tonight.

    The Health Secretary revealed frantic work is under way to calculate the impact on the wider population of the lockdown that is threatening millions of jobs and businesses.

    And he made clear the toll from that will need to be weighed against the direct victims of the killer disease.’

    The BBC…silence.

    Odd you might think, especially as the BBC is always, apparently so concerned about the poor and the ethnic minorites…both of which the lockdown threatens the most.

    Not now though..the lockdown must continue….kill or cure.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Am I being dense here ? but how can you die from economic misery ? Are they saying over 100,000 will die of suicide ? that sounds a bit extreme to say for instance the number of people like the population of say Cambridge or Basildon are going to die.


      • NicG says:

        There will be suicides but also deaths from:
        Stress & depression (real things for some people)
        Malnutrition, starvation even
        Postponed surguries and other treatments
        Treatable accidental drug overdoses
        People die from the darndest things (not meant in a disparaging way).


  46. Celtic_Mist says:

    I thought Hancock was Secretary of State for Health of the United Kingdom since 2018?

    On the BBC website, Handcock is ‘England’s SOS?




    • StewGreen says:

      AFAIK NHS is devolved so Matt Hancock only has responsibility for England
      .. which is 84% of UK population.


  47. pugnazious says:

    So a team from Imperial College London predicted terrifying numbers of deaths from the coronavirus, so much so that the government locked down the whole country….the Americans too as they relied on ICL guestimates of 2 million dead…..lockdowns that will only begin to end when we have mass testing in place.


    Good news though….Imperial College London has a rapid testing kit for coronavirus…one adapting a kit developed at the end of last year…just before the virus broke loose upon the world.


    ‘Rapid lab-free COVID-19 test delivers results in just over an hour
    A new DnaNudge Lab-in-Cartridge test is beginning evaluation on patients – requiring no lab and significantly reducing waits for results.

    Imperial College London’s Regius Professor of Engineering, Chris Toumazou FRS, is working with clinical researchers to test a rapid, lab-free PCR test that detects COVID-19 and delivers results in just over an hour.
    The Department of Health and Social Care has procured 10,000 DnaNudge COVID-19 RNA testing cartridges to roll out to clinical sites. The Department of Health’s COVID-19 Testing Strategy cited the work as among “Encouraging innovators that are producing promising new types of tests”

    The DnaNudge in-store DNA testing service, which this coronavirus test is based on, was launched to consumers in November 2019. The service currently focuses on nutrition, analysing and mapping users’ genetic profile to key nutrition-related health traits.

    The test has been converted to detect the RNA of COVID-19.’

    Let’s hope they get the millions of orders for kits they no doubt hope will be coming their way.


  48. vlad says:

    Did you know that WHO head ‘Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ is an anagram for “I’m in the pay of the Chinese”?

    Sort of.


  49. Celtic_Mist says:

    Maybe this is why some in the country hate Boris –



  50. Celtic_Mist says:

    I don’t know whether or not this is only on the website?

    It’s tragic but is aimed at both the UK and French governments



    • Tabs says:

      I’m confused. The first spoken line in the video says “Hundreds of men all standing close together…”. I thought the Calais Jungle had lots of women and children?!?