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  1. LastChanceSaloon says:

    Unable to sleep.
    My excuse is that I am on patrol guarding against any Maxis who go bump in the night.

    Guido has a thread on the Welsh hard left trying to introduce votes for prisoners and 16 year olds.

    “These are the hands – by Michael Rosen, poem read by Sophie Raworth
    BBC presenter Sophie Raworth reads These Are The Hands by Michael Rosen.

    The reading is part of a series featuring the BBC’s correspondents and presenters bringing you a favourite poem or piece of prose that may inspire or console – or both.
    02 Apr 2020”

    [Or it might just be hard left propaganda.]


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      My prediction is that the BBC will be unable to resist the opportunity to promote the greatest talent ever to communicate in the English language.

      From the website of the talented one.
      “Benjamin Zephaniah is old. So he decided to write his autobiography.
      It documents his life from the sound systems of Birmingham to the world stage.
      The hardback was published in May 2018 followed by the paperback release in May 2019.”

      “The life and rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah”

      I cannot find the hardback edition on Amazon UK, it probably sold like cakes prepared by Alfred the Great.
      Paperback edition discounted 50% by Amazon.
      Audiobook now £0.00 on Amazon.


    • StewGreen says:

      Backlinks to last thread
      Thursday 6pm to Friday morning page-4
      page-3 started 10am Thursday


    • LastChanceSaloon says:


      I wonder if the BBC would publish a poem by me about my mother’s death from neglect in a NHS hospital.

      I wonder if the BBC would publish a poem , by anyone, showing the colossal (billions) amount of money reserved by the NHS for court cases and payouts due to incompetence.

      I wonder if the BBC would publish a poem by me about six Muslim doctors misdiagnosing my condition in a NHS hospital.
      A poem whose final stanza would refer to one white nurse recognising, in seconds, the incompetence of the “doctors”.

      I wonder if the BBC would publish a poem about most of the NHS financial irregularities, the sexual assaults, the incompetence, being due, mainly, to non British doctors.

      I wonder if the BBC would publish a poem demonstrating that my personal experiences are just one of countless haystacks the BBC prefer to treat as needles.

      British? The poetic BBC is bad for your health.


      • NCBBC says:

        I wonder if the BBC would publish a poem by me about my mother’s death from neglect in a NHS hospital.

        Elderly hate going to NHS hospitals. For some obscure reason they fear they will be left to die in corridors.

        wonder if the BBC would publish a poem by me about six Muslim doctors misdiagnosing my condition in a NHS hospital.

        Must be coincidence. All patients are looked after by the NHS, Muslim doctors too, without any hint of racism or bigotry.


  2. chancygardner says:

    Just five minutes earlier Last Chance and it could have been oh so different….

    In fact, as Nelson once said:

    “Five minutes can make the difference between victory…..and defeat!”


  3. Scroblene says:

    I was wide awake too, but decided to try just one more time to drop off…

    Good Morning, Early Birds, let’s hope today gets even better!

    ps. We finished ‘To play the King’ last evening – frightening similarity to the way the BBC ‘worked’ back in 1993, plus another Grenfell (Newham), royal shenanigans and general skulduggery all round…

    And it was from the BBC too!


    • chancygardner says:

      Good morning Scroblene. I shall also try to nod off. My recent technique has been relatively successful: I keep doubling until I get up to the two million and something then my brain jus


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        This counting sheep has never worked for me.
        When I reach 8, I have to get out of bed and take my pit boots off to count 16.
        Which removes any somnolence I had achieved.
        Fortunately the wife then knocks me out for wearing boots in bed.


        • Scroblene says:

          Ha ha ha!

          Stewgreen had a couple of ways to beat insomnia. One is to think of three people with names starting with ‘A’, then ‘B’ etc.

          I ran out on several letters, and I definitely don’t know any Xerxes, and don’t want to know any far Eastern names beginning with ‘X’ either – you don’t know where they’ve been!

          The other way he mentioned, was to just lie there (thinking of England as you do), and let the first thought work its way into a dream. This only works if you’re not thinking of Miss Rita Chevrolet or Helen Mirren…

          (Sorry Fed for the aberration from the true meaning of the site, I’m not even listening to R5Live these days, as it’s just phone-ins, and even worse tomorrow early – South American football…:0( …So little to listen to, so much time…)


          • Fedup2 says:

            No worry – I’m past that now – but if anyone can rebroadcast the piece in The Times today about footy and 5live by one of the commentators I’d be grateful


  4. Oaknash says:

    Just to wipe the smile off all of your faces I have been making a note of the names of everyone on this site who was last night making disparaging remarks about the eightoclock sheepfest; Sorry the clap for carers.

    These names will be going into my book which vill be handed into ve Government when ve time is right and Comrade McDonnel leads us.

    Or maybe even to the Police “narks portal”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Oak -I’m waiting for ‘ clap the clappers ‘ ….

      Thar clapping thing reminds me a bit of the madness which overtook the Great British Public when Diana Windsor died – I just sat there is disbelief .

      But it demonstrated how easily the collective public view can be manipulated .


      • Guest Who says:

        I just love the look on that poor lad’s face as he realises the senile old fool has been shown what 2 metres is by Di.

        Bet the bbc, especially hignfy, will be alllllll over this one. Or….?


      • Oaknash says:

        FE2 – Frightening really.
        I was on the con woman site this morning and someone made the point that every-time liberty has been lost it has nearly always been with the acquiescence of the population.

        A mix of gullibility, virtue signalling and a susceptibility to social pressure.


  5. Nibor says:

    Want to save lives BBC ?

    Then tell everyone it’s two metres and SIX FEET SIX .
    Don’t let your agenda get in the way at this emergency time .


  6. Guest Who says:

    BBC Moaning Emole is headed… ‘Questions over testing pledge’.

    Questions raised mainly by… the BBC, and their fave lads.

    Testing times

    Story detail

    Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s pledge to ensure 100,000 people a day are tested for coronavirus by the end of the month might have sounded significant but it has raised questions about how the government will meet the target. Labour says details are scant. Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth wants to know how many of the 100,000 would be blood tests, and what role testing would play in the government’s lockdown “exit strategy”.

    Academics warn testing is not a “magic bullet” and caution against creating a “false sense of security” with talk of “immunity certificates” when the science is unproven. Health correspondent Nick Triggle assesses the government’s performance against its pledges on testing, protective equipment for NHS staff and provision of ventilators for seriously ill patients.

    Nick’s ‘assessment’ to be viewed accordingly.

    Meanwhile, on the testing question, Sky breaks out the big gun…

    Too much to hope a parting shot?


  7. Guest Who says:

    Seems like the ones ‘struggling’ are the bbc.



  8. Guest Who says:

    Wailing in grief.


  9. AsISeeIt says:

    Noticably less gusto and fewer numbers acting out the NHS clapping act of ritual obeisance locally yesterday.

    In between this effort and the inugural last Thursday I find out this doorstep virtue signalling has been going on in New York. So it’s really not so much to do with “OUR” NHS then?


    • Up2snuff says:

      I joined in by playing some Dire Straits with some clapping in it, AISI. Well, we are in dire straits, are we not? 10 minutes long and played loud. 🙂 Could not hear anything else, whatsoever. 😉

      Highly recommended but you may need to re-set the resolution on this YouTube link to 360.

      Think I was there at Wembley that night and recall being annoyed at the audience clapping at several points during some songs. We were treated to a storming performance. Great to see a band enjoying their own performance.

      Hank Marvin came on at the end. That’s why Mark Knopfler was wearing the red jacket and boots. They played a finale together.


    • Northern Voter says:

      It’s been going on in France for the last three weeks or so. Never seen it on the bbbc that the French were doing it first and there is no NHS here.


  10. AsISeeIt says:

    All is no longer sweetness and light in the BBC-EU Remainer camp.

    “Katya [Adler, BBC Europe Editor], you understand about Europe, don’t you? Why don’t they want to help us?”

    Nice personal touch there as an ’81-year old close family friend in Italy called me this week’

    Mind you, our Katya doesn’t pass on any opportunity to take a swipe at Leavers:

    ‘The coronavirus crisis really brings into question what the EU is all about. Clearly not a United States of Europe, as eurosceptics have often claimed.’

    Well, Ms Adler, does it not occur to you that this is exactly why we thought sharing sovereignty was misguided and basically a con?

    ‘There’s little sense of the responsibility West Germany felt towards the East after the fall of the Berlin Wall.’

    Yes, National self-interest. It’s natural.

    ‘Many Italians feel abandoned, just as they did at the time of the euro and migrant crises.’

    Oh, so you think the migrant crisis and the euro crisis are over, do you?

    Well, I guess you did say your friend thought that you ‘understand about Europe’.

    Read it and weep – with just a hint of that thing the Germans call schadenfreude:


    ‘France preaches solidarity.’ Ouch!

    ‘Footage of EU flag-burning is doing the rounds on Italian social media.’ Eeeek!

    ‘This week, a group of Italian mayors and other politicians bought a page in Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper to remind Germany that it was never made to pay back its debts after WW2.’ Careful now, don’t mention the war – who was it who said that?


    • G says:


      Largely unreported (apart from the internet): rioting in a number of European States, certainly in Italy over shortage of money and food.
      As the rioting escalates, don’t expect our, ‘Worlds Most Trusted’ broadcaster to inform us. Anymore than they reported the rioting in France.


      • StewGreen says:

        @G have you got any video to confirm that ?
        Neither Twitter nor Youtube have any video of actual public riots in Italy
        There are just stories about FEAR of riots
        and older stories about prison riots.


        • G says:

          Regret, saw it on a reputable site whilst tripping through. I should have made a note. Sorry. But I think it was the Duran.
          I’ve just tried to access the last Duran video but its,
          “An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: fBDEeXjsVpc1qIZW)
          Learn More”


        • G says:

          Strange, I typed in just, ‘Riots in Italy’ and a number came up. I think there’s looming problems in India as well.


  11. Dystopian says:

    In light of the recently reported criticism of the BBC during the Brexit fiasco, and the ongoing discussions about their future funding model. You would have thought that the BBC would have begun to toe the line and to try and redeem itself.
    But no, they cannot help themselves. The perfect opportunity is here for them to get behind the country and use their platform to raise moral. But I’m true BBC style, they have continued to snipe at the British PM, continued to vilify the POTUS, our biggest ally and continued to berate our country.
    The good news is that this is being noted and by the younger generation too.

    A colleague was just telling me how his son had said to him last night that he was sick to the back teeth of the negativity of the BBC.
    He had seen that his mum had the BBC on and told her “you can switch that off I’m not watching their constant depressing negativity”. He said he now calls them the NBBC, the Negative BBC!
    So people are beginning to notice and they are getting very annoyed about it.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Dyst – Spot on. Hearing a lot of this myself from family and friends. The constant “bashing” and negativity has made a fair few switch off.

      They keep telling us “Lets get Britain talking” ..well BBC, they are, about you, and its not good news !!!!

      About time more folk saw what we see. Lovely.


      • theisland says:

        It’s about time the government realised that the majority of voters are sick of constant attempts by the bBC to sow division.


  12. Doobster78 says:

    Typical BBC way … Chris Mason sits there watching the Matt Hancock interview looking for any negative, anything that might stand out as “sensational” …. and then bang …. he’s got what he thinks his his “shock” headline …..

    A real pointless, needless, nothing tweet but its what “he” thinks will shock. But to us, its meaningless. Just like the BBC.


    • Northern Dreamer says:

      35,000 ‘part time’ NHS staff
      35,000 NHS staff hiding in their little bunkers

      See, I can be cynical too, Mr Mason….!


    • StewGreen says:

      It’s team work
      The BBC lines the Tweets up
      and the Labour-zombie army LIKES them UP


  13. theisland says:

    BBC local radio stations to broadcast Islamic prayers (all 5?)
    5 pillars of Islam
    5 pillars to increase coronavirus testing

    Is five the new magic number?


  14. The Sage says:

    At last! An excellent BBC article about COVID-19 and on that talks some sense and isn’t obsessed with testing and political point story.
    Well worth a read:
    I have not heard journos taking part in the daily brief ask about the difference between dying with or dying from CV. It’s probably the most important question of all. I believe the figures in Italy show only 12% died from.


    • dfhunter says:

      thanks for the link Sage – very interesting that it’s tucked away on “Health” section, but give the prominence this has on every BBC news, why aren’t the fact checkers giving the public this info?


    • dfhunter says:

      thanks for the link Sage – very interesting that it’s tucked away on “Health” section, but give the prominence this has on every BBC news, why aren’t the fact checkers giving the public this info?


  15. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY non-Watch #1 – Offal and Offed

    Listening from 6 a.m.. Mishal and Martha in charge this morning. Within twenty minutes rocks had been chucked at HMG, the USA and there was a most peculiar Labour Party/Jeremy Corbyn PR piece that the BBC had obviously been suckered into broadcasting.

    Off-switch activated.


  16. Jeff says:

    So, I was driving back from Sainsbury’s yesterday evening. The roads were deserted and then suddenly there were lines of people both sides of the street applauding me.
    I thought, what the….and then the penny dropped.
    I felt like the Queen when she’s being driven towards Windsor Castle.
    I responded with a serene smile and a rather regal wave…and I’m pleased to report people smiled and waved back…and I’m still in one piece.

    I don’t often receive this sort of response for picking up lamb chops, organic broccoli and a few bottles of Jacob’s Creek…
    In these depressing times it did me a power of good.

    With Harry and Meghan living in LA, Charlie out of action with Covid 19 and Prince Andrew in permanent isolation, perhaps the royal family might need an occasional stand in?
    I could really get used to this.

    Same time next week…


  17. theisland says:


    • StewGreen says:

      Guido has it : https://order-order.com/2020/04/03/labour-mp-defies-coronavirus-isolation-limit/

      For last 7 days No results found for site:bbc.co.uk “Tahir Ali”

      Only an April 1st BBC page tells how Mosque are preparing for a high body count
      and have got hazmat materials so that relatives can do the normal funeral rituals.


    • StewGreen says:

      paper did a follow up article
      Police chief David Jamieson has reacted furiously after Birmingham MP Tahir Ali joined a huge funeral prayer gathering
      – in defiance of lockdown restrictions.
      The angry West Midlands crime commissioner said the actions of the MP were
      “totally irresponsible”
      and said he was “letting his constituents down”.
      He went further:
      “Mr Ali is not serving his constituents by endangering their lives.
      He is also undermining the work of the police.”



      • vlad says:

        He may be ‘furious’ but will there be follow-up prosecutions? Course not, they’re above the law.


    • StewGreen says:

      Meanwhile in Mablethorpe
      at “The Coastal Centre ” a kind of social work centre for OAP
      a 70 yo volunteer was working there ALONE contacting pensioners by phone to organise help.
      The police turned up and turfed her out.
      The police told Radio Lincolnshire that the centre was duplicating services already been provided.
      The head of the charity said this was totally wrong.
      (no other sources carry this)


    • StewGreen says:

      The number in attendance was understood to have been between 80 and 100, though most attendees dispersed after saying funeral prayers.

      West Midlands Police confirmed it was alerted to reports of a large crowd but officers found 15 mourners in family groups observing social distance rules. No action was taken.
      So the police say ‘most had gone when we turned up’


    • NCBBC says:

      But they are the chosen ones.


  18. Fedup2 says:

    The island – surely You must know that Islam protects them from the Chinese virus in the Same way allah protects their racist Pakistani Paedophile rape from the laws of the kafirs ….?

    I posted here yesterday about the BBC cutting away from the daily government briefing after 34 minutes to do the weather with the annoying tamas’look at me ‘ shafenknaker and then repeat the news from an hour earlier .

    Well – it seems I’m not alone in my view that the BBC did it out of spite because it was – for a change – informative and upbeat . Twitter has been seething over it . The BBC always gets the first question – and there is a view that the BBC is only happy if it gets its digs in first and then can’t be bothered .

    I was stressed by having to find the remote and hit 202 on the Freesat to go to the marginally better Sly News to hear the next 40 minutes .

    The government puts up three of the head honchos for dealing with the Chinese virus and telling me why I’m still banged up – but the BBC can’t have the decency or flexibility to cover the questions and answers – now the effing weather ….


    • Dystopian says:

      Thankfully they don’t integrate (despite the claims of the Bangladeshi Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)) and will take it back to their “community” not ours.


    • richard D says:

      Fedup…… and to what did the BBC actually turn when they switched off this important broadcast (sorry – the Laura Keunssberg show) ?

      From what I saw as I scrambled to find another feed for this key information broadcast to the British public…….the weather forecast and some lengthy internal BBC advert for a programme from a BBC comedienne.

      And the BBC reckons it’s the trusted broadcaster during this coronavirus pandemic ? Unbelievable !


  19. Northern Dreamer says:

    Some thoughts………
    The Germans are doing fantastic! Okay let us change our health system to one similar to theirs, funded through a mix of statutory health insurance and PRIVATE health insurance.
    Ooooh look how much testing the Germans are doing! Well, okay, but the Swiss are doing even more testing per head than the Germans, what are their rates of death per million?
    Luxembourg has what is widely acknowledged as the best publicly funded healthcare in Europe, how are they doing?


  20. Lord Blagger says:

    1. Number of weeks in a year – 52.
    2. Date of the referendum – 2016
    3. Health spending in 2016 – 135.3 bn
    4. Health spending now – 162 bn

    (162,000-135300)/52 = 513+ million a week
    That’s 515 million extra a week.

    513 million a week is more than the 350 million on the side of the bus.

    Now look at a pound coin. Look closely. It’s got a unicorn on it. Here’s an image from the BBC. Must be true

    So do you think the BBC will ever publish this as fact? Of course not.


    • StewGreen says:

      LordBlagger your typo
      You wrote £513m then £515m
      .. It’s actually £514m (rounded from £513.46m)


  21. Doobster78 says:

    Oh look …. yet AGAIN , its another BAME picture the BBC have found for a positive headline.

    Every NHS worker, key worker, landlord is a BAME it would seem.

    Disgusting , relentless , bias


    • Nodding Dog says:

      And when it’s a story about being in lockdown with an abusive partner the picture is of a white man.Then there was the item about people who’d tried to cut their own hair cue picture of three white males all looking a bit stupid!


  22. pugnazious says:



  23. Fedup2 says:

    Lozzafox- lawrence Fox on Twitter – has lit up the subject of aircraft full of people flying into Heathrow whilst the UK population is being told to ‘stay home ‘

    Some of these flights will be cargo – but a lot will have people from places where the Chinese virus is hotter than here .

    As Lawrence Fox asks ‘ how can this be right?’

    Declaration – I’m saying this Because all my flights are being cancelled through to Summer .


  24. Celtic_Mist says:

    Whilst the BBC has people focusing on Trump Sweden is …

    “A growing number of doctors and medical experts worry that the government is taking a huge gamble, especially as the number of infections in Sweden surpass 5,000 and the death toll approaches 300. But public health officials insist their efforts are working and that doing anything more drastic would be unsustainable”



  25. Celtic_Mist says:

    Useful Guide

    “The TV licence fee is the main component of the BBC’s funding. It represented £3.79 billion (76%) of the BBC’s overall income in 2016-17”

    Click to access Short-Guide-to-the-BBC-1.pdf

    What it doesn’t say though is that the BBC are allowed to police themselves on its web site

    “Unlike our role regulating the standards of BBC broadcasting and on-demand programme services, Ofcom has no enforcement powers for BBC online material.”



  26. Dazed and Confused says:

    The BBC are now crowing that they’re working in conjuncture with teachers to educate our children during the coronavirus….Oh lord!



    • vlad says:

      “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”

      ― Aristotle



    • Lord Blagger says:

      One thing you might not realise is that the death rate is down.
      Completely counterintuitve so it needs some evidence.


      Has the graph Notice how the winter death rate is way below that of previous years?

      Turns out more people die of the flu than covid 19. The lock down has prevented lots of deaths from the flu, a lot more than covid 19 kills

      Life expectancy is increasing.


  27. Doobster78 says:

    Steve is correct !!


    • JamesArthur says:


      Reminds me – anyone remember the headlines a few days ago BBC made a big play of the 13 year old and the 18 year who died ‘of CV19’ without any underlying conditions

      Well the hospital issued a statement not long after saying the 18 year old had died of something else and nothing to do with CV19

      I may be wrong but did BBC correct their hysterical initial reporting?

      Most people I know are switching off BBC by the droves….


      • Lord Blagger says:

        Do you have a link to that? Always worth a complaint to the BBC where they can’t argue back.


        • JamesArthur says:

          Sorry Lord
          I found it while last night when just idly scanning through stats for normal death rates at this time of year to see the differential ( another fact that seem to be ignored) and came across it but as I clear my browser after every scan I can’t find it….sorry


        • StewGreen says:

          Here is the link

          then a few days later the Guardian withdrew that second article
          “This article was removed on 28 March 2020 pending review”
          here’s the archive copy


          • Up2snuff says:

            Wrong person, Stew. These were males, iirc, who died three or four days after Chloe Middleton.


            • StewGreen says:

              (21 yo Chloe Middleton died on March 21)
              You mean the19 year old Italian Luca Di Nicola.who died on March 24th ?
              but who the media only told us about later at same time as the 13yo
              He died the dr sent him home with paracetomol.

              Ah no On March 23 there was an unnamed 18yo death in Coventry
              Even the BBC said
              For example, an 18-year-old in Coventry tested positive for coronavirus the day before he died and was reported as its youngest victim at the time.
              But the hospital subsequently released a statement saying his death had been due to a separate “significant” health condition and not connected to the virus.


              An 18-year-old boy died from the virus in the UK on 23 March, but he was being treated for “significant underlying health issues” as confirmed by Professor Kiran Patel, chief medical officer for University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire


              • Up2snuff says:

                Yes, you got it the 19 y.o. and the 13 y.o. – as you say the Beeb presented it as a same day event.

                Think you discovered that Chloe had asthma, did you not? If not it was someone else on here.

                At least these deaths of young people, even if mis-atributed by the BBC ought to be a wake up call. Young people caught it and got very sick, even if they did not die, in China & South Korea.

                It was interesting on TOADY, I just listened to enough to discover that there are very few Covid victims in Hong Kong, one of the ‘most crowded’ places on earth.


      • Lord Blagger says:

        Do you have a link to that? Always worth a complaint to the BBC where they can’t argue back.


      • Fedup2 says:

        James – the same applies to the former BBC ‘journo ‘ – son of a labour peer – Peston . Peston claimed at a recent press con that there was no shortage of reagent . Turns out he was lying and lied about it twice .

        He has since rescinded twice on line but the damage was done . I don’t watch MSM political propaganda and have no time for this character who seems determined to make himself bigger that the story .


        • dfhunter says:

          Fed – he’s a smarmy git who can’t even speek proper, gowd help us awl.


  28. StewGreen says:

    Of course I thank every GOOD public servant for their service
    I see that noise has been made about doctors who have died
    but what about the other NHS frontline staff , paramedics, nurses ?

    I started checking
    #1 Areema Nasreen died shortly after midnight in the ICU at the Walsall Manor Hospital in West Midlands.
    36-year-old NHS nurse, who was believed to have no underlying health issues, has died after contracting #COVID19
    “having treated patients suspected of having the deadly bug. ”

    #2 Thomas Harvey (healthcare assistant)
    “died of coronavirus after being denied hospital treatment.” says TalkRadio


    • Doobster78 says:

      2 things will no doubt come of this …

      1. Government are racist

      And, it probably wont be long in coming either.


    • NCBBC says:

      Or treatment. More and more its coming out that hydrochloroquin with zinc and some antibiotics is maybe an effective cure. But to forestall the use of this medication the government has seized them.

      “This is Beginning of the End of the Pandemic” – Dr. Stephen Smith Announces COVID-19 Game Changer


  29. Lord Blagger says:

    Testing is not a cure. The calls to test test test won’t change a thing. Instead testing needs to be very selective.

    1. You can test a random selection of the population. That tells you what percentage have the virus.
    All that does is tell you more accurate information about the case fatality rate, rate of transmission etc.
    For the mathematicians, interesting. Do fewer people die because you know this? No.

    So as long as one country tests, you can get this information that you can use. Every country doesn’t need
    to test.

    Next its important to look at the tests. There are two types. Antigen look for the presence of the virus.
    Antibody tests look for the bodies response to the virus.

    With antigen tests, there is a lag between infection and a detectable viral load. That is a false negative.
    After you have dealt with the virus, you won’t be positive on the antigen test. You have got rid of the
    virus. The antigen test is also not 100% accurate. There will like any test be false negatives and false

    With the antibody test, after infection when you body starts to fight the infection, antibodies build up.
    At a certain level, they become detectable. You keep these antibodies long after you are infected. So
    a test can tell if you have had the virus. False negatives are early on, and the usual false positive and negatives
    down to any testing.

    2. Test health care staff. You don’t want them infecting others. You need to use the antigen test, and isolate
    them when they have the virus. You need regular testing. When you also run the antibody test, and its positive
    then post positive test you need to isolate for a period then you are free of infection. Now as you are immune
    you are the ideal NHS staff. You can’t be infected, you can’t infect others [current thinking]

    3. Patients. You must test, Antigen tests, and anti body tests. The reason is that treatments are being evaluated
    You need to give whatever is currently deemed best.

    This idea of mass testing is crap.

    Even if you know, what do you do? You socially distance.
    With false negatives and positives, people ignoring the social distancing also cause more problems.

    So what’s going on with the BBC’s test test test?

    It’s another attack the Tories campaign.


    • StewGreen says:

      Actually a bunch of researchers need to be given SOME kits
      and then do a random sample across an area

      Yes you seem to do lots of wasted test
      BUT that would give you an idea of what is out there.


    • Pretzel says:

      Testing of the general public IS a cure – for the lockdown, which could easily be far more deadly in terms of life years lost than the epidemic. It could end the hype about hundreds of thousands of deaths, and the idea that the situation in Italy and Spain (with those countries’ significant histories of overflowing ICUs during flu epidemics) is what’s in store for the UK.


    • NCBBC says:

      There is no point in testing if the authorities control the state monopoly NHS, and have no intent in even trying out cures.


  30. StewGreen says:

    Ah new thread,
    the Metro published an article which said that people should
    stop “bleating about grooming gangs”
    see last night’s last night’s thread around midnight , 10 posts up from the bottom


  31. AnneG says:

    BBC News has just run a piece on the effects on supermarkets of the Chinese Virus.
    Naturally this was a Tesco in London. They spoke to six members of staff and all were BAME or POC or whatever they are called this week.
    The only white male was the reporter. I wonder how long he will remain employed in the new improved BBC


  32. Tabs says:

    I’ve not seen this footage of Corbyn breaking the 2 metre rule on BBC yet:


    • Oldspeaker says:

      How is JC still ‘there’ and why does he think he’s still relevant, unbelievable. Desperately clinging on and hogging the limelight, just take a back seat and give Starme… er, someone else a chance to shine in a time of crisis.


  33. AsISeeIt says:

    “…and as I conclude the daily ministerial corna virus press conference with our mantra – ‘stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives’, to show that we really are ‘the people’s government’, I’ll take a few questions today from the non-mainstream media. Mr AsISeeIt, from Biased BBC…?”

    “Minister, thank you, taking a leaf from Robert Peston’s book, I will ask a two-part question with a follow up gotcha self-aggrandising sound bite, if you don’t mind?
    Given the enormous economic dislocation of the lockdown, can the Minister, or indeed his public health advisors, point to evidence of any lives actually saved as a result of the lockdown, or for that matter any statistical proof of lives that would have been lost to the virus had it not been for his policy of so called ‘flattening the curve’? And given the doubtful nature of such evidence – were he to venture any – what the hell is this lockdown all about?”


  34. WiganCookie says:

    BBC before the election


    BBC now



  35. Non Snowflake says:

    One massive tragedy from all this is of course that there are millions of impressionable school-kid aged children stuck at home, stuck in front of the TV watching the BBC……….

    And these are the future of this country.

    You can probably see where I’m going with this……..


  36. Fedup2 says:

    The Biased BBC ‘education service ‘ starts on the 20th April . Time to go panic buy the popcorn
    We could have a thread on the ‘subjects ‘ they’ll cover and those subjects they woke won’t …..


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Curious that they’ve decided to start on Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Mind you, he did know a thing or two about propaganda, so maybe that’s the inspiration:
      “The youth of today is ever the people of tomorrow. For this reason we have set before ourselves the task of inoculating our youth with the spirit of this community of the people at a very early age, at an age when human beings are still unperverted and therefore unspoiled. “


  37. Deborah says:

    We decided to watch QT last night with Mr D and I betting how long we would last before the ‘off’ button was used. To begin with we were pleasantly surprised. Almost discussion really between Matt Hancock and Yvette Cooper about policy and planning with Yvette giving Matt time to answer. The sort of ‘holding to account’ that can bring real answers and allow thought to develop (Miss Bruce was actually unnecessary at this point). We then had the black nurse who is head of the nursing union who could only try to score points – but then Miss Bruce decided to read out some of the comments from social media. The points we heard all followed the BBC’s usual agenda of attack the government; ‘testing’ ‘lack of planning’ etc etc. We didn’t last any longer and the ‘off’ button was deployed.

    Actually, what is usual with us is the ‘off’ button. Mr D is in charge of the channel changer; he flicks through some of the channels and we both decide we really cannot be bothered to watch Homes Under the Hammer, stupid antiques programmes where slebs buy tat or anything else. So even in lockdown we can find lots of better things to do than watch the BBC.


  38. Jeff says:

    Just an observation…
    The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, back from his stint of self isolation, has been “slammed” for suggesting that mega millionaire, Premiership footballers, might like to take a pay cut to help support low paid staff at their clubs.
    These low paid people are the stewards, groundsmen, programme sellers and ladies that make the tea. None of these folk are pocketing an eye watering £250,000 a week.
    However, rather surprisingly (or not) two of the biggest virtue signalers connected to the beautiful game, Gary Lineker and Gary Neville, have slammed the idea.
    Neville posted an expletive filled tweet condemning the Health Secretary and Lineker wasn’t much better.
    But I don’t understand. These two are always the first to suggest that we need to help every poor country on earth. They’ve condemned our “harshness” towards “refugees” and asylum seekers. Lineker is forever preaching from his politically correct pulpit and Neville has condemned us for being an uncaring and racist society.
    And yet these are poor British workers, across the cultural spectrum, who are being forced to take an immense hit on their already feeble incomes and they’re working for the most privileged, pampered and over paid people on the planet.
    It’s baffling…


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m prejudiced – I think most footballers are not the sharpest tools in the box . I remember Lineker when his TV career started – he could barely put 2 words together – the first would be ‘er’ .

      So these footy kids depend on the advice of their agents – who will obviously be convincing in their advice because they’ll be on a percentage .

      The last thing any of the footy players / agents would want would be even a whisper of a cut in pay – it could get permanent ( for a while until this becomes ‘forgotten “).

      So if the PFA announces pay cuts – I’ll be surprised ….

      As an aside – I’m trying to work out how all the stuff happening now is going to be paid for and how long it will be before some form of economy gets going again . If any one spots a ‘learned ‘ article I’d be grateful .

      Seems like it is unlikely to be a straight ‘reboot ‘ and more likely to be a gradual process – subject of course to some ‘miracle ‘ – or -of course – it becoming even more dangerous …


      • dfhunter says:

        from my FA (Can’t find a way to post the pdf so sorry for the long reply) –
        This is the latest update on our thoughts and our investment strategy. We hope it will reassure you that in this time of high anxiety we are continuing to act on your behalf with logic, care and diligence.
        None of us will now be untouched by the real impacts of the coronavirus. Even for those of us who can maintain our equilibrium in the face of personal threat, concerns for our families and friends, physical restrictions and lack of apparent progress in restraining the virus’s spread will present unprecedented challenges. In this context, please forgive any comments in the text below that may seem insensitive. Relating to financial affairs, the nature of the letter is necessarily, as far as possible, analytical and dispassionate.
        This letter is structured to answer the following questions: What has happened recently? How has this changed our view on the outlook for growth? What is our view on investment markets and our current investment strategy?
        First the facts. At the beginning of March, investors lost all complacency about COVID19. Since then, the spread of the virus has not abated and the UK has joined Italy and Spain (and been joined by Germany and the two most economically important states in America, California and New York) in instituting lock-downs of movement and interaction. Anxiety in the real world has been equally evident in financial markets, and volatility (the daily percentage rise or fall) has hit record levels in global share markets with fixed income, commodities and currency markets also seeing turbulence only exceeded in the 2007 financial crisis.
        Governments and monetary authorities have acted aggressively to offset the economic impact of their chosen antiviral measures, policy announcements providing periodic solace for asset markets that have recently seen almost as many sharp rises as sharp falls. Global share prices in sterling terms have therefore fallen by a relatively modest 3% over the past two weeks. At the time of writing, their decline this year is just under 20%, slightly less than their gains in 2019.
        So how has our view on the outlook for global growth changed? In our last letter we said that a material global recession and decline in corporate profits over the current quarter was inevitable. The news has not improved. With approximately one-third of the world economy suddenly functioning at around three-quarters of its capacity (on a best guess basis) we must be braced for a recession on a scale more dramatic than anything we have previously seen, however short it may be.
        | 30 March 2020 |
        Coronavirus update
        As noted previously, from an investment perspective however, more important than how sharp the fall will be, remain the questions of how soon it will be over and how quickly we will then recover. Our optimism on these two points has not materially changed.
        Looking first at our view on how soon the recession will be over, the key is a judgement upon how quickly the virus will be brought under control so that restrictions on activity can be eased. Whilst we are in the midst of an acceleration in viral incidence it may seem wishful thinking to expect better news, but we have great confidence in the ability of the medical community globally to deliver material progress. Their efforts are two-pronged, developing tests and developing a vaccine. To be clear, we do not expect a cure or a widely available vaccine this year; however we do think that, as the World Health Organisation and the UK Government emphasise, more and better testing can be a game-changer. If we can tell when someone has had the virus and recovered from it (widely believed to be many), we can quickly release large numbers of people who may therefore be immune, to return to work.
        Looking at a cure, multiple vaccine programmes are likely to produce candidates by the end of the summer. Unfortunately, the nature of vaccine production (it is slow to scale) makes it unlikely that any of the candidates will be widely available before next year, but critical workers (in the medical community) would be given priority and could begin to receive immunity in early autumn. The main point is that COVID19 should not be a recurring nightmare.
        With these developments in the pipeline, news that the lock-downs are restraining the progress of the virus in Europe and America, as has been the case in China and Korea, would be doubly encouraging that a turn is near.
        So how sharp will the recovery be and to what level? Both depend on how much damage has been done to the fabric of our economies (employment, investment and consumer confidence) by forcibly putting the social-consumption portion of them into hibernation. There will undoubtedly be a one-off release of considerable pent-up demand as social restrictions are eased, but the purpose of the massive monetary and fiscal stimulus programmes announced throughout the world is to ensure that as little labour is shed during this period as is possible, so that the economic engine can quickly “rev up” back to close to its original speed and that the pent-up demand is funded.
        Last week was an important week in assessing progress. First, the financial plumbing was tested and found resilient. The Federal Reserve appeared to win its battle with money markets, decisively regaining control of the US Treasury bond market and restoring some discipline to corporate credit markets. Simultaneously, the European Central Bank deployed its €750bn in new firepower and eased the tensions in peripheral European sovereign bond prices. Secondly, fiscal programmes of unimagined scale and scope in peacetime have been passed in the UK and the US, with continental Europe the only disappointing laggard. The encouraging aspect of the UK and US plans, aside from their size, is the innovative and widespread nature of their design. The UK has, to all intents and purposes, temporarily reversed the polarity of HMRC. Its function is no longer tax collection, but income distribution!
        In sum, we continue to believe that we should endeavour to look beyond this current crisis. Crucial to this view is our judgement that the financial system itself is resilient and that the
        monetary and fiscal policy measures taken by central banks and Governments worldwide will substantially protect the fabric of the world economy whilst it is voluntarily shut down (on a rolling basis) to control the viral load on our healthcare systems. Earnings and, unusually, dividends will certainly suffer a blow as corporations (shareholders) share the pain felt by their employees and their suppliers, but when the smoke clears we believe that the intrinsic value (long term earnings power) of the global economy will have been only modestly impaired by this traumatic, but temporary, experience.

        Head of Research


  39. theisland says:

    @VeteransBritain reports Italy are concerned that a new EU ‘naval mission’ in the Mediterranean, ostensibly to police the Libyan arms trade, is doubling as a migrant ‘taxi service.’

    Speaking of which – light to gentle breezes in the Channel today.


  40. BRISSLES says:

    Just returned from having a blood test at my local Surgery, and yes, the waiting room was empty. Discussing this with the nurse (we were both masked and gloved up), it appears the GPs are diagnosing via telephone calls, BUT even those numbers were down, so its clear that those who attend normally can sort themselves out at home ! which shows how unnecessary some of those visits have been, even if you could get an appointment ! The nurse did indicate that after this madness is over, the way surgeries are run will be very different.


  41. G says:

    Why am I not surprised:
    “As the coronavirus rages across Europe, a growing number of countries are reporting that millions of pieces of medical equipment donated by, or purchased from, China to defeat the pandemic are defective and unusable.”
    And, by the way, should we all thank China for the international murder of > 54,000 citizens?
    In other circumstances, war would be declared. I trust that when this chinese virus issue is sorted, we and the rest of the World, declare economic war on the chinese.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Bojo had jolly well re-think his Huawei decision, in my view, especially now that we know that a UK company built an advanced bit of telecomms kit for the International Space Station. Think it was either 5G+ or 5G almost.

      Wonder how long it took them?

      Was it Surrey Satellite Technology?


    • BRISSLES says:

      G …..China to defeat the pandemic are defective and unusable

      Husband of a friend in the construction industry ordered face masks from China. Arrived last week, all individually packed, but filthy as hell, so couldn’t be used. 1-0 to China. Refund? forget it.


  42. JamesArthur says:

    Surprisingly I am working from home – R4 left on and from the start it is DEPRESSING>>>>> all these whispered whingers…FFS stop broadcasting – just close down; leave the airwaves in peace.

    Off button pressed


  43. king crimson says:

    Apologies if mentioned before but ITV management and b.o.d are foregoing any bonuses as well as agreeing a 20% cut in salaries.

    Lessons to be learned??


    • Fedup2 says:

      King – this would be An exceptionally good time for those still paying the TV Tax to stop . ..


  44. Doobster78 says:

    Who are these education saviours ? Why it’s the BAME community again.

    Like Non Snowflake posted above, all this time now to force the BBC propaganda at kids at home



    • gb123 says:

      Anyone remember this.
      “Good morning. This is the BBC Home Service for Schools” ?


    • vlad says:

      A whole new world of opportunities for indoctrination opens up…


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      And they will take their cue from the words of Bertrand Russell: “Almost all education has a political motive: it aims at strengthening some group, national or religious or even social, in the competition with other groups. It is this motive, in the main, which determines the subjects taught, the knowledge which is offered, and the knowledge which is withheld.
      (Writing in The Atlantic, June 1916)


  45. Oldspeaker says:

    Shooting from the hip as he does President Trump can make an easy target, I imagine he doesn’t watch a lot of bbc.
    In a rapidly moving event like this mistakes are going to happen. But what about Governor Cuomo,
    In response to “Trump ‘considering quarantining New York’ ” Cuomo says
    “”But I can tell you I don’t even like the sound of it. Not even understanding what it is, I don’t like the sound of it.””
    Trump suggests it and Cuomo doesn’t like the sound of it even though he admits not understanding the concept.
    Incredible, this seems typical of the attitude Trump is up against.


  46. Oldspeaker says:

    Any bbc reports on Nancy Pelosi shifting her corona attitude?
    Probably not, fortunately PJW has included her in the following, attitude shifted any Nancy?


  47. theisland says:


    “China was appointed on Wednesday to a United Nations Human Rights Council panel where it will play a key role in picking the world body’s human rights investigators — including global monitors on freedom of speech, health, enforced disappearances, and arbitrary detention”


    • Oldspeaker says:

      Saw the words ‘body’ , ‘human’ and ‘China’ in the same sentence and inexplicably thought about involuntary organ harvesting, not the Church or Hammond variety either.


  48. tarien says:

    Migrants were apparantly allowed to enter the Uk yesterday-we must be mad-can anyone confirm this fact?


  49. StewGreen says:

    The socialist media say ‘look at the gypsy/travellers over there’


  50. Mackers says:

    A tip from a humble working man to our geniuses in parliament,don’t put all your eggs in one basket.(ie being dependent on communist china).Do we still have a steel industry or in times of war we will have to beg america to help. pathetic.