Weekend Thread 14 March 2020

How will the BBC continue to report the ongoing pandemic ? Play the blame game ? Concentrate of failures ? Tell us with glee how other countries are better than us ? Take your pick …meanwhile the consultation on the funding of the BBC has about 2 weeks to go – here is the link to the Government site .


And these are the questions in the suggested ‘structured ‘ reply
( which you will find if you go through the consultation );

Why do you consider that the TV licence evasion should no longer be criminal offence?

If you have a view, what alternative enforcement scheme models do you consider to be most appropriate? Why?

What steps could the Government take to mitigate any impacts that may result from decriminalisation of TV licence evasion?

Lots of people just want the BBC gone – but this is , perhaps , a first step …

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383 Responses to Weekend Thread 14 March 2020

  1. StewGreen says:

    “Labour has called for the government
    to release people held in immigration removal centres because of the corona virus pandemic.”



  2. StewGreen says:

    The conclusion is that it’s nuts to implement large-scale testing on a population. It will lead to huge numbers of false positives—which will be everywhere painted as true positives—and more panic.

    Briggs is the #1 Statistician for climate skeptics



  3. JimS says:

    Now that everyone is an expert on what strategy the government should follow re. the virus it might be worthwhile remembering that what is ‘best’ isn’t necessary best for ‘you’.

    To some extent that justifies ‘hoarding’.

    Those over 70 should have stocked up weeks ago and then stayed indoors for the duration. Then in a few months they would be able to emerge into a nice world free of the BBC, transgenderism, black supremacy, homosexuality and Islam!

    More likely we will soon be subjected to continuous re-runs of Survivors 1975 and 2005 versions.


  4. pugnazious says:

    Dear god…Nolan falls for a labour activist playing the ‘sick child’ card. Woman just rang 5 Live and said coronavirus testing denied her 3 year old who has a heart condition and is feeling a ‘tightness of the chest’….just needs us to know how terrible the NHS is under the Tories…Boris is a traitor and shouldn’t be PM…only in it for the money.

    Asked why she didn’t take her child to hospital…well…she’s not critical and would only catch more than she went in with…in other words it’s all a big made-up story. Doesn’t stop Nolan weeping into the mic and expressing his horror and disgust at the terrible service.


    • StewGreen says:

      Here he is


      • StewGreen says:

        Family in question now self isolate.
        As advised by PH if anybodys condition worsens you make the relevant phone call.
        The girl’s mother also confirmed that her condition has improved – once again THE 3 YEAR OLDS CONDITION IS IMPROVING – but you’re choosing to ignore that


  5. Darcy3 says:

    There comes a time when the MSM including the bbc have to take a sense of social responsibility, which they have all failed to do, using words like chaos where there is no chaos. maybe in the blitz getting bombed there was chaos even then probably not. just getting on with it but, looking at the potential looters as they gather bog paper whathas happened is a culture that stands on social media as climate carers and in the first trial of any crisis me first


  6. Darcy3 says:

    But quite appropriate that the ones with the biggests arses fight hardest in the bog paper aisles


  7. taffman says:

    “The government is to hold daily televised press conferences to update the public on the fight against coronavirus, Downing Street has said.”
    Some good news .


  8. Darcy3 says:

    Still wondering what is so nutritious about bog paper ?


  9. Darcy3 says:

    is it the roughage ?


  10. Darcy3 says:

    F£ck social responsilbilty, I.ve got a genuine Andrex toilet roll only used once or twice, its on ebay now


  11. Rich says:

    You can always rely on the bBbc.

    “Coronavirus: ‘I’ve had to cancel my wedding’.


    These are the examples we’re given.

    English girl marrying Japanese gent in Japan, Hindu couple marrying in Italy, Lesbian couple with guests from all around the world and another Hindu couple with wedding guests/ relatives from throughout the Commonwealth.

    What can you say to that? Ffs.


  12. pugnazious says:

    Guardian scaremongering and trying to claim old news is an exclusive scoop……

    ‘UK coronavirus crisis ‘to last until spring 2021 and could see 7.9m hospitalised’

    Exclusive: Public Health England document seen by Guardian says four in five ‘expected’ to contract virus’

    The coronavirus epidemic in the UK will last until next spring and could lead to 7.9 million people being hospitalised, a secret Public Health England (PHE) briefing for senior NHS officials reveals.

    The document, seen by the Guardian, is the first time health chiefs tackling the virus have admitted that they expect it to circulate for another 12 months and lead to huge extra strain on an already overstretched NHS.

    It’s not new….govt already said 80% was possible and that coronavirus would die down for a while before returning in winter…hence the thinking that herd immunity would be a good idea….to stop the winter outbreak from being so infectious.

    And who is leaking ‘secret’ NHS documents to the Guardian?…clearly political….and let’s see the document rather than filter it through the Guardian….let’s see what it says unfiltered as the Guardian is claiming we could see 530,000 deaths…..China, remember, had 3,000 deaths.

    And of interest as the BBC et al condemn Britain’s herd immunity approach which apparently no one else is doing….from France’s Le Figaro….

    France bets on “group immunity” to stop the coronavirus


  13. Darcy3 says:

    corbyn self isolate for 4 months, he is of the correct demographic? i will happily donate some spagetti hoops and a copy of das kapital and the koran, but then again its probably what he has been doing for the last few years anyway

    bloody bierdy wierdy


  14. Guest Who says:

    How is Katty going to handle this one?

    The perfection of a CNN/Bern combo up against a quote that from any other lips would see the BBC lose its collective Asian rag.


  15. Guest Who says:

    First Beth Rigby… now this cheery chappie….

    Blimey, the BBC better watch out in their bunker; it looks like an outbreak of integrity amongst MSM colleagues. They need to self isolate more.


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC Moaning Emole:


      Presidential race

      The battle for the White House goes on despite the pandemic and Sunday night saw the first head-to-head TV debate between the two men vying to take on Donald Trump in November – Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. BBC North America reporter Anthony Zurcher has dissected it all for you in detail, including Mr Biden’s commitment to having a female vice-president if he wins. Our correspondent said the candidates’ comments on coronavirus illustrated some key differences in their political philosophies


      When you are getting lessons in integrity from a Mehdi… Anthony… mate…


  16. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “We’re talking about the future of UK aviation – one of our world-class industries – and unless the government pulls itself together who knows what will be left of it once we get out of this mess.”


    Of course the bbc run with a quote from…. ‘someone’, referring to a mystery ‘we’.


  17. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “I’ve got a bus pass but no bus.” Campaigners have said reductions in bus routes and funding across the UK has left some people “trapped in their homes”.


    Trust the bbc to stay current. Hope they have accordions.


  18. Guest Who says:

    Can’t wait for Daily Politics to get him, Champion, Dawn and possibly someone not utterly deranged as balance on to come up with these…