Weekend Thread 29 February 2020

The list of subjects which the Biased BBC declares as beyond criticism is lengthening . It used to be the EU , then Islam and now Climate Change has been added . No dissent is allowed . No alternative view expressed . Does The State Broadcaster Represent A Free Country ?

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  1. Nibor says:

    Can anyone tell me if the News Quiz had any reference to the Greta Thunberg gathering at Bristol today ?


    • Deborah says:

      Early in the day the Daily Mail was claiming a crowd of 30,000 and I think it was the BBC 1 6pm news where they said 15,000. I assume that was double the real number, so about 7,500 (there was a lot of careful photos to maximise the numbers). I notice a significant number of grey haired and bald ones, so not all school children) but we were told the organisers were pleased how the day went.


      • StewGreen says:

        How much is the overspill in the carpark at the giant Trump rally tonight ?

        live on YouTube
        .. anthem seems just beginning

        crowd shot clip


      • BRISSLES says:

        I have a long list of people whom I wish the media would not give the oxygen of publicity to, because I’m heartily sick of them. Top of the list for over a decade has been the awful Beckhams and their offspring (whom I’m sure must be quite nice kids, but the over exposure is grating), and now Greta Bumbag has found her place on it too.

        The Duke & Duchess of Markle have been granted a position – and I’m sure that Harry must take comfort that David Beckham has pronounced his PRIDE in how Harry has stepped back from royal duties, whilst Helen Mirren applauds Meghan for going her own way. Dear God, only pathetic slebs would give such brown nose comments, knowing that they want to be in favour next time they bump into this couple on the social circuit !


        • Scroblene says:

          The kids in Bristol seemed somewhat in awe of Greta, which is worrying, as they’ve lost a day at school, led on no doubt by gullible teachers, and may now be wondering if their parents will get fined for keeping them away from their lessons. So that’s another few quid off their mobile allowance.

          If the parents have any backbone, they’ll kick up a fuss, but to think that such a poor display of twonk-fannery on subjects that kids just don’t understand is utterly ridiculous!

          That silly little foreign kid should be kept well away from anything to do with what her parents think or do, and go and get some qualifications for a proper life.


          • Scroblene says:

            And I self-moderated my thoughts on the ‘Sparkles’, Brissles…


          • Nodding Dog says:

            She should be kept away from the country on grounds of causing disruption to the nation.Certain people are banned from Britain because of their political views or activities and what she is doing is encouraging people to commit an offense in my book that’s enough to deny her entry!


            • BRISSLES says:

              Whatever happened to kids hero worshipping pop stars and turning their bedrooms into a shrine to them ? At least that was normal ! Now we have this Scandinavian Pied Piper with a scary face whipping up hysteria in children. Think of fire and brimstone evangelists in the bible belt of America, and she is no different.

              Funny how parents ferry their offspring back and forwards to school less than half a mile away for fear of stranger danger, yet its ok for them to bunk off school and bugger off alone to the big city to hear their hero speak.


              • richard D says:

                ….and I have yet to hear a single cogent arguement from Greta Thunberg about the science involved – all I have ever heard in all of the clips and ‘interviews’ I’ve seen and heard are platitudes, slogans, faux anger and constant railing and threats against anyone who does not agree with her – which is almost impossible anyway, since she really has no coherent points to make that anyone might argue with…… but hey, a horde of 10-year-olds and their ‘mentors’ chanting out their support for a particular BBC meme – what’s not to like, eh ?

                Now, if someone in that crowd was a carrier of the Coronavirus, want to guess who will get the blame for any spread of the disease ? Hint – it won’t be any of them.


                • 1 of 8e9 says:

                  Humanity is regressing…

                  When will they suggest a climate ‘window tax’ ?

                  What about some sacrificial offerings to pacify the climate gods?


                  • Up2snuff says:

                    1 of 8e9, the sacrifices have already been made: beautiful landscapes and seascapes now blighted by the blessed windmills. Some people even made pilgrimages to the site of the wind farms in early days.


            • Richard Pinder says:

              I think that the people behind Greta have got their ideas from the Hitler Youth. So I have studied the subject and produced my conclusions. See below.

              Members of the Climate Youth are viewed as ensuring the future of Environmental Activism and are indoctrinated in Progressive ideology, especially alarmism. The Climate Youth have appropriated many of the activities of the Hitler Youth. The aim is to instil the motivation that would enable its members to fight faithfully for Greenpeace. There is greater emphasis on fear and paranoia than on academic study. Sacrifice for the cause is inculcated into their training. Many members of the Climate Youth movement are chosen by Al Gore and indoctrinated in his Climate Leadership Corps. The Education and training programs for the Climate Youth are provided by a network of taxpayer funded environmental charities and are designed to undermine the teaching of Mathematics, Physics and Agriculture in Schools. Their training is also aimed at the obliteration of the scientific method and the mocking of Jewish Professors of Atmospheric Physics such as Richard Lindzen as well as the need to burn books about Meteorology and Solar Astronomy.

              Scientists say that the best known cure for this ideology in any Declimatization process, is to train Greta to understand the Second Law of Thermodynamics.


        • tarien says:

          Wonderfully put Brissles-expect we can all add another selection of similar offensive bodies with a nauseating front that is thrown at us day after day. Hi ho !


      • StewGreen says:

        Backlinks to previous thread
        page 4 started 5pm Friday

        page 3 started 10:25 pm Thursday
        page 2


      • G.W.F. says:

        The grey hared and bald ones were the headmasters who had organised the event.


    • Up2snuff says:

      You can listen to the repeat, Nibor, @12.30pm today. I’m afraid I have almost entirely given up on the programme. That one, along with AnyQuestions and Any Answers has been essential listening for me for well over two decades, maybe three.

      I find Nish Kumar irritating as Chair and the whole thing is now much too scripted (now totally scripted?) and very, very, predictable. The canned … ahem …. adjusted laughter is so obvious as to be intrusive. The BBC have managed to kill it for me.


  2. StewGreen says:

    Interesting graphic if true
    and I think some terrorist people in jail are IRA



  3. Dazed and Confused says:

    ‘World class ‘ journalists leaving no stone unturned.



  4. ScottishCalvin says:

    Probably the worst viral thing to come out of Asia since that Gangnam Style video a few years back


  5. Guest Who says:

    The value of media industry political pass the parcel awards neatly summarised:

    But Emily is still proud of her ‘haul’.


  6. Guest Who says:

    The BBC now relies heavily on headlines in the form of questions.

    They have also relied on a certain ursine icon heavily in the past.

    Should they wheel in Sir Boaty to catch up with the Moaning Moppet in the studios again, will this be mentioned?



  7. Scroblene says:

    Interesting to see ‘the weather’ on bbbc last evening.

    What’shername mentioned the jet stream as the culprit for all the rain we’re getting, where cold air meets warm air etc.

    The graphic was pretty damning though, showing so much freezing cold air to the North, and the warm stuff where it normally is, in the South.

    I thought that the Arctic was supposed to be warmer now, but perhaps I’ve watched too much Horrobin in the past…

    Why can’t they make their blasted minds up!


    • Up2snuff says:

      Scrobie, think I have it.

      The BBC don’t do science but they do do* Climate Change. Therefore our planet no longer has winter and summer and spring and autumn seasons inverted over the hemispheres.

      When the Beeboids & other scientists that they travel with visit the Arctic in summer, the ice is melting but there is no summer, the Climate has Changed. When they visit the Antarctic in summer, the ice is melting and you can get a tan (or windburn) on the ice in 24 hour sunshine but it is not summer because the Climate has Changed. The fact that these two events are about six months apart is irrelevant to the BBC ‘because the signs (Melvin Bragg pronunciation) is settled’ – 97.5% of all scientists agree – that the Climate has Changed due to Anthropogenic Global Warming.

      My PhD should now be in the post.

      * I have been longing for BBC reform for almost a decade but I’m now reaching the point of wishing Dodo Emulation upon them.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        According to my experience. 97.5% of all scientists agree that they have not been asked by any known Polling Organisation about what they think on the subject. While the other 2.5% have phoned up a Polling Organisation to complain about this.

        However it is a well known fact that 86% of the BBC’s best scientific experts do not have any scientific qualifications.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Yes, Richard, I’ve never been asked what I think about AGW or CC but then I had a proper science education at school. I was regularly taught by a Physics teacher to mistrust scientists who made massive definitive and dogmatic claims using absolutes. That’s why the alarm bells were clanging for me on Thursday listening to In Our Time and that fossilised American Prof. He was certain that horses and grass never existed while the planet teemed with wildlife.

          The sceptic from Norfolk sitting on my shoulder said “Yeaher, roight?” quite firmly in my ear.


          • Piku says:

            You’ve done it again Up2snuff.

            It would seem that your Physics teacher didn’t do a very good job of teaching you about evolution.


            • Up2snuff says:

              Piku, you should read my posts and what Darwin wrote about evolution more carefully. Whether you understand them, of course, will be another matter.


  8. AsISeeIt says:

    Spoken by Macbeth, Macbeth Act 2 Scene 1
    ‘Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee. I have thee not, and yet I see thee still.’

    The trademark BBC white hands are still on the hilt of the dagger in the knifecrime library photo… but what’s this headline…?

    ‘Knife offenders lack male role models, says senior police officer’


    The word sticks in the liberal craw but let me help them. By male role model what they would like to say is FATHERS.

    The BBC quote a top (female) cop who, for once, speaks some sense: “…it was “too easy” to blame police cuts, social media and drugs.”

    Don’t expect a sudden and proper rethink by the liberal media, this glimmer of light is as rare as a hen’s tooth. Most public policy will still in effect attack the family but at least someone spoke up.

    Kudos to Bedfordshire Assistant Chief Constable, Jackie Sebire


  9. Doublethinker says:

    See today’s Conservative Women web site for a Tax Payers Alliance petition to decriminalise the Licence Fee. Please use the opportunity to strike a blow for freedom.


  10. taffman says:

    \\Knife offenders lack male role models, says senior police officer//
    Pertinent photograph of a knife hand ? No ?


  11. digg says:

    The announcement by Drax power in Yorkshire that they are to cut 10% of their workforce due to a planned end in coal burning to meet net zero.


    Of public interest BBC, Guardian, Independent….?

    Naaa!… nothing to see here meanwhile on to Greta……….


    • StewGreen says:

      The Yorkshire Post is effectively the advertising arm of Drax Green Power *

      *.. of course burning American logs for a huge subsidy isn’t actually green


  12. Foscari says:

    Just to keep you up to date with some very important
    news you wont be hearing from Orla Guerrin on the BBC.
    Israel has produced a vaccine for Coronovirus and it will
    be ready for use is about three weeks. Of course it will
    take longer to distribute all over the world.
    Israel will of course understand the boycott
    Israel brigade. Who will refuse the vaccine
    on principle. So my advice is to stay clear
    of the BBC.


  13. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC Weather

    Read past all the jargon: – Storm Jorge (why hasn’t it been named Ellen?); Weather Warnings; Yellow Warnings

    The impassioned yearning for superlatives: – wettest February on record?

    And what do we really have here in the UK? – rain and blustery winds.

    Climate Change?

    Or climate as per bloody usual.


    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI, good question. Apparently the Spanish use a different alphabet but they got the naming opportunity because it is shared around the EU … er, beg pardon …. umhh .. er.. Europe to show BBC ….. er, beg pardon again …. umhh .. er.. solidarity with the EU. Doh! No, sorry. Europe, I mean.


    • taffman says:

      I am off to bed ……………..


    • Fedup2 says:

      Asiseeit – I think superlative disease is going to be another
      bigdemic spreading like a virus because people don’t wash their hands enough or breath too much ( see Greta ) .

      The superlative disease originated somewhere in America and has spread to the UK through the careless use of words ,

      Superlative disease is the biggest greatest threat since the last one . Don’t forget to worry .

      The WHO ( word health organisation ) has put more journos on superlative disease than ever before . …..Damn I’m infected ..,


  14. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY WATCH #1 – Can I believe my ears #1 ?

    Think I listened to the whole programme this a.m… It was presented by Nick in London and Mishal in Paris, who had gone to report on the riot and serious fire there at the Gare de Lyon station last night.

    Or not.

    No mention as I recall. All the fuss about Roman Polanski getting an award for some film of his. Is he still alive? Does he still make films? Really? At his age?

    And a revealing conversation with Asia Bibby, the Pakistani Christian who was arrested for supposedly defaming Islam and Mohammed. Revealing? Yes. Little bits of BBC Agenda were on show. 🙂


  15. fakenewswatcher says:

    To my astonishment the persecution of Christians was mentioned on R4 Toady, this morning. I could hardly believe my ears! It was so quick you would have missed it if you hadn’t been listening carefully.
    Robinson and Sergeant ended the show with a good old giggle at the silliness of ms T, because it turned out she planned he wardrobe.
    There was much haughty giggling by these two ‘presenters’, who obviously feel they’re far too superior to do anything that someone else could possibly find amusing in a pathetic sort of way.


    • Up2snuff says:

      fnw, you beat me to it … sort of ….. but nevertheless

      TOADY Watch #2 – Can I believe my ears #2 ?

      After Mishal’s interview with Asia Bibby, she talks with Rt. Rev. Philip Mounstephen Bishop of Truro, who prepared a report for Jeremy Hunt MP when he was Foreign Secretary. Did I really hear Bishop Philip describe Islam as ‘right wing’ and did I really hear Mishal not immediately leap in to defend Islam?

      Gromit-type paw in ear, wiggle said paw vigourously-moment.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Something odd is going on at the moment. Asia Bibi interview on the home page… and this morning a feature about a vegetarian who regained his health by going back to meat after 25 years.

      What next… women with afros face no more struggles in life than people with other types of hairdo?


  16. taffman says:

    \\Greta Thunberg Bristol climate strike: ‘The world is on fire’//
    Mass child hysteria or kids and teachers getting a day off ?
    Note : No Strikes on Saturday .


    • Jeff says:

      The insane thing about Greta’s comments are that she was telling us “the world is in fire” while wearing plastic water proofs and standing in the pissing rain.
      Her adoring followers were all similarly attired, looking soggy and slightly barking and hanging onto sodden and flapping umbrellas.
      “The world is on fire!”
      And did you see that area of grass when they had left? Just a rectangle of glutinous mud.
      These are the sorts of thoughts they’d have inflicted on Winston Smith when he was dragged into Room 101.
      The planet is burning, the earth is dying, the world is on fire!
      Um, no…


      • BRISSLES says:

        Can you imagine the reaction from a few burley Australian males if she had said that in Australia amidst all the bush fires !


  17. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY WATCH #3 – Can I believe my ears #3 ?

    Snuffy’s hunch appears to be correct. The programme mentions briefly but also again in the newspaper review that the reason for Sajid Javid’s departure from post as Chancellor of The Exchequer was down to a disagreement with PM on tax policy. Am a little surprised that it was over a cut in basic rate tax but am happy for any sinner who repenteth.* The BBC do not understand that the Chancellor is always subject – as No.2 – to the PM who is First Lord of The Treasury.

    (* Rewind to Osborne Budget no. 1 or 2 where the top rate of income tax was cut and Javid was sent out to explain/make excuses to the public, including on BBC R4 Any Questions. It was said and assumed at the time that Javid as arch-Thatcherite and Secretary to The Treasury had been a prime driver behind that reduction in top rate Income Tax.)


  18. AsISeeIt says:

    Appeal to Boris… please let’s stay out of this mess – there’s no upside for us here in the UK


    ‘Syria war: Turkey lets refugees exit towards Europe’

    ‘Turkey’s communications chief said the country had not received enough support in hosting millions of Syrian refugees.’

    [the words bribery, hostages and ransoms spring to mind]

    ‘Its decision followed a deadly attack on Turkish troops by Syrian government forces in northern Syria.’

    [Turkish troops killed within Syrian territory]

    ‘Greece and Bulgaria – which border Turkey – have sent reinforcements to prevent people entering. Greek police have been deterring attempts to cross the border with tear gas, reports say.’

    [Wait a minute, the last Greek police tear gas incident we saw was because the Greek governement wanted to build bigger migrant camps and the locals objected – two questions: do the BBC think we have a goldfish memory?; and did the EU know this new wave was coming?]

    ‘Russia says the Turkish troops were attacked while operating alongside jihadist fighters.’

    [This coild be true. Don’t expect the BBC to confirm it for us]

    So thank goodness we’re out of the EU and don’t listen to anyone telling you this is our problem.


    • Fedup2 says:


      The problem is that the warm and fuzzy brigade will be on their high moral horse wanting to import more bits of the third world using other peoples money and resources .

      Charity and care begins at home . UK foreign policy should just be ‘ what’s in it for us – in practical terms ?’
      Not some notional moral superiority which doesn’t improve the lot of those who need elderly social care ….


  19. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY WATCH #4 – Can I believe my ears #4 – do I really need to ask ?

    The BBC obviously do not like Boris Johnson. They do not like him as a campaigner for a successful Leave vote in the EU Referendum. They do not like him as Prime Minister of a Conservative Party Government with a majority. They will do anything to attack him. Including with the supposition that Bojo actually converted Mrs Thatcher as Prime Minister from EEC enthusiast into being anti-EEC.

    Oh yeah? Thatcher was a EUrosceptic from the outset. The only reason she championed the Single Market was that she wanted to rub Ted Heath’s nose in the fact that by so doing, she was emphasising the then EEC’s commitment to building a Federal European State. And Ted Heath’s part in sucking us into the Grand Plan without asking the nation if it wanted that.

    The programme this morning got in several digs at the PM. OK, to be fair, he is his own worst enemy and not getting out to visit flooded areas was a big Grenfell-type error. But it does appear already, that for the next four years and maybe beyond that, we will have to put up with these Trump-like BBC digs at our PM.


  20. theisland says:

    The entitled and poorly done by Mr Rutnam.


    • richard D says:

      And I note the incredulity of the BBC when asked to believe public servants about the behaviour of a certain Mr Bercow, compared to the coverage and complete acceptance of this other public servant when talking about Pritti Patel.

      Wonder what the difference is ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I hope this character doesn’t think he’s going to get much public sympathy or interest . Just another swamp dweller. And people will remember that the top of the civil service did its best to stop Brexit .

      I wonder if he has ‘issues ‘ with lady politicians of a non left non white character . And going public is beyond the pale . Maybe the institutional corruption of giving gongs like knighthoods to people like him just because he gets a top well pensioned job will come to an end …. unlike my since these people are pretty self serving ….
      And why was he offered public money to go away ?

      Never a shortage of journos, lawyers , politicians or civil servants .
      Drain the swamp .

      If I was inclined I’d check this characters CV and somewhere in it Tony Blair will feature – I’d bet …..


  21. BRISSLES says:

    Refugees – well lots of young men from Afghanistan, are on the march again out of Turkey toward the European border. The usual platitudes by journos that “women and children are suffering from the cold”. This time they’ve been stopped at the Greek border by tear gas. Lets see how Europe deals with this latest onslaught.


    • vlad says:

      The EU will blackmail member states to accept quotas of rapefugees. A few, like the heroic Eastern European countries, will resist, to much tutting by Al-beeb. The rest will meekly acquiesce, thereby stoking further unrest and eventually violent revolutions.


  22. Fedup2 says:

    Guido reports that India and China have agreed to build 320 yes 320 airports in the next 10 years . If that is true isn’t that great news?
    All those BBC reporters who can get air miles visiting the airports as they are built . I hope it’s true .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Just to follow up on the above comment – do you ever wonder about the mentality of the western world when the reality is that millions of people in developing countries will be increasing all of the things which greens claim to negatively change the climate .
      What would the greens propose ? Stopping those people from getting a decent way of life ? Electricity and clean running water and an iPhone ?

      And stopping a runway being built is going to reduce Climate change ? Nonsense .


      • Fedup2 says:

        Thank you Goat . I was suspicious of the number when I read it but it seems real . If the Chinese cAn build a hospital in 10? Days I don’t think they’ll be buried in the courts with appeals and appeals until development is stopped – as happens in the UK .
        The likes of China and India must just laugh at the frankly insane Western worlds self flagellation over economic activity .


    • tarien says:

      What will Greta and her supporters say?
      I can only think that building 320 new airports must be a planned invasion by the Chinese to spread their people throughout the world as thickly as they can-seriously I see danger signals here-the Japenese were visiting Malaya/Singapore a few years before WW2, taking photos of everything they saw, in preperation for their invasion. My wife’s family were living in Singapore during this time and indeed managed to escape by boat before the Japs landed. No doubt in those peoples minds that those Jap tourists were under orders to photo everything in anticipation. Worth considering as to what the Chinese policy might be?


  23. theisland says:

    This man gets my vote. Imagine the interview on Newsnight!


  24. Jeff says:

    Fed up with the endless climate change BS on the BBC I thought I’d take a quick gander at Sky News.
    They were showing us the week’s high lights. One of these was an interview with old pudge bucket, Adam Boulton and “The Chimp Woman” Jane Goodall.
    Of course we had to suffer the usual “the planet is going to Hell in a handcart” stuff, but then came a really odd and I think absolutely objectionable question from old the pudgster.
    He asked Goodall “What sort of primate do you see Boris Johnson as? He seems rather chimp like to me”
    Goodall smirks and replies, having a dig at both Boris and Trump. “Well, quite honestly, comparing Boris or Trump to a chimp is a little insulting to the chimp.” Snidey and self congratulatory smug smirks all round.
    Now, just for a second, can you imagine a similar question and response if they were discussing President Obama? No, neither can I. And what about David Lammy or, God forbid, Diane bleedin’ Abbott.
    Boulton’s fat arse would be out the door so quick there’d be skid marks on the tarmac.
    News readers have been sacked for quoting Shakespeare, but old lard arse can compare our PM to a chimpanzee and keep his position.
    I don’t think I’d mind quite so much if old fat boy “Baboon Boulton” looked more like George Clooney.
    Perhaps I need to go to Specsavers…


    • Lefty Wright says:

      If Mr Lammy and Mr Johnson were both to successfully audition for parts in The Planet of the Apes who does the team think would leave the make-up department first. Too close to call?


  25. Fedup2 says:

    The girl footballer talking about men’s footy -on the Saturday football programme is wearing a crucifix on a chain necklace . I wonder if she will be banned ( she is , however , non white )…


  26. vlad says:

    But it’s not all doom and gloom.

    Saint Greta was chauffeured around to indoctrinate our children in an electric car provided by the police. Glad to know our taxes are being well spent. (The same police cars, incidentally, that are useless for any real crime fighting as they’re too slow. Glad to know our taxes are being well spent.)

    No doubt they will extend the same courtesy to TR for his next public appearance.

    Meanwhile our navy and coastguard continue to ferry migrants across the seas.

    Perhaps we should rename all our security forces as the Combined UK Taxi Services. In May 1940 it’s the Germans our Navy would have been ferrying over from Dunkirk.

    Finally the beeb are delighted to announce that Turkey has ‘released’ thousands more invaders to come to the EU. Perhaps the RAF could pick them up from Turkey and cut out a lot of middlemen.

    Coming to a town near you soon:




    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Maybe, because of all the different people we now have in the UK, they should call them the ‘Combined United Nations Taxi Service’


      • G says:

        I guess that due to storms this weekend holding up the invasion, Her Majesty’s Royal Navy will just have to dock in French ports to aid embarkation.
        Imagine, the Deck Officer calling out, ‘Women and Children first’. But seeing no response to that instruction, he/she/it beckons the mob as depicted in the photo above.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Where are the women and children who were repeatedly bombed and need to get out?
      Oops. I forgot. These are the heroic rebel soldiers who fought for an Islamic Syria with EU and UK support. Watch out, these heroes will soon be here, having been promised that the law will be applied with understanding


      • vlad says:

        Don’t worry, they’ll be bringing over the women and children once they’re nicely settled in UK with lifelong benefits. And cousins, and second cousins twice removed, which is basically the whole village.


  27. StewGreen says:

    pg 3 of the Times copies a Mail headline
    England footballer Daniel Sturridge sues ex-landlord for £100,000 for racial discrimination

    .. after finding Netflix account labelled ‘n****r’
    When they moved in they found the landlord had forgotten to delete his own family’s 5 Netflix accounts from the TV,
    one of which was the landlords child’s account and he’d chosen the N word as his account name

    Oh is the story that simple then ?

    Only deep into the text do you find that the footballer had issued his writ AFTER losing in court for non-payment of rent
    … and that the footballer had been suspended for illegal gambling
    In the new case the footballer says he was so offended he wanted to move out ASAP
    but he took 3 months to do so.


  28. StewGreen says:

    The paedo establishment
    Oxford University, Pembroke College *

    * The Guardian printed a photo of the wrong college, a Cambridge one with the same name


  29. StewGreen says:

    Other news : Talent producer, 32, who worked on The Jeremy Kyle Show until it was axed last June has *died*

    … The Times says she killed herself
    I don’t know why other media omit that salient point.


    A quarter of London’s AirBnB landlords are breaking the 90 day/year legal limit

    Tory corruption at the same time he was getting £70K pa for chairing the Affordable Homes body Sir Edward Lister got paid £490K by a Malaysian property group, tgat got away with building only 7% Affordable
    Since July he’s worked in Number 10.


    • StewGreen says:

      Legal glitch stops historic underage sex prosecutions
      ..Cos until 2004 the law said the cases involving girls 13-15yo had to be brought within one year.
      MoJ says changing that retrospectively is impossible

      BritBox ‘struggles to keep viewers’ after 30-day free trial with only 380,000 estimated to be paying £5.99 a month for BBC and ITV’s streaming service https://mol.im/a/8058449 via @MailOnline


  30. StewGreen says:

    “Number of rough sleepers falls again”
    .. well yeh, they’ll be a connection to diminish ing EU migrants coming here


  31. StewGreen says:

    Thu : The Times
    Ethnic minorities and gay people are significantly over-represented on British TV

    * BAME = 13% workforce v 26% drama roles, 30% kids TV, 25% comedies
    * LGBT = 6.4% population v 11.9% roles

    BTW the survey was done before Schofield outed himself.

    more original links/screenshot



    • StewGreen says:

      Pink new is pink with rage

      BTW they tweeted that 4 times


  32. StewGreen says:

    The Times journo Oliver Moody, Berlin is supposed to report on Germany
    instead every article is “popularists are far right and bad”

    Thursday February 27 2020, 12.01am, The Times
    Europe’s populists are using the coronavirus outbreak to further their campaign for tough anti-immigration measures and the reinstatement of borders within the EU.

    Far-right leaders from France, Italy, Germany and Spain claim that the pro-European establishment is to blame for the spread of a disease that could have been halted through a “commonsense” clampdown on free travel and trade


  33. Cane Corso says:

    Island and other fans of Sir Philip.
    I note the Beeb “news” site calls him the Boss of the Home Office.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Maybe it would be more incentive for loyalty not to supply the ‘gong’ on appointment to the top job – but get it at the end if they’ve done a good job .

      I’m against honours as part of the corrupt patronage but am enough of a realist that the game is played by those who set the rules .

      As an aside – to those of the Welch / Welsh persuasion – a very happy St David’s Day and I wonder if there is a view from the top of Penn y Fann today ? ( spelling )


  34. scribblingscribe says:


    Trump has achieved a ceasefire in Afghanistan, I guess most of us are fearful about the future for that country, but had Obama negotiated a ceasefire and US troop withdrawal would the BBC been so mealy mouthed about the coverage?

    Isn’t it more important than a civil servant resigning in a huff?


    • G says:

      Hopefully the US paid particular attention during the negotiations to the Taliban exercising Taquiyya. Although the Americans are more astute negotiators than their counterparts here so the element of total trustworthiness when dealing with muslims will not have been missed.


  35. theisland says:

    Free speech.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Priceless – banning someone from speaking at a free speech event – welcome to stasiland .

      Meanwhile third world imported ‘ imams ‘ preach hate at mosques and madrassa s while the State looks away in a Rotherham Stylee.


      • G.W.F. says:

        I cannot see how the Met would resort to this kind of blackmail unless they were under instructions from above.
        How about it Priti? Tommy was going to speak about child grooming and rape and cover ups, and you, Priti, won’t release the report on the subject.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Britain was once proud of free speech at Speakers Corner. But I believe foreign journalists have been told that the Met now send uniformed and plain clothed police officers to Speakers Corner. Then if someone not approved by the state like Tommy starts to speak, the plain clothed officers are under instructions to turn violent. Then the uniformed officers are instructed to move in and arrest the speaker for inciting violence. It explains the reason why liberals are enthusiastic for laws on incitement.


  36. Fedup2 says:

    The other matter with regard to TR is that in practice he can no longer speak at meetings in the UK because the collective State( and those groups such as Muslims and others which the State approve of ) is after him – see the political show trial which sent him to prison .

    Now I am no great fan of TR but believe he has a right to speak and be listened to . But once he is labelled as a target the State will just keep after him with eager state officials gagging to arrest or destroy him for their own career gain .

    Very sad and very hard to turn around .


  37. fakenewswatcher says:

    A quiet, almost unpublicised campaign of mass murder continues unabated, apparently because the victims are almost exclusively white.
    There have been 15 farm attacks in South Africa in January and 21 in February 2020. There have been 8 farm murders so far in February alone. In 2019 there were 552 farm attacks, a 27% increase on 2018, reports ‘South Africa Today’ News 1425.
    A large number of these murders are of the most brutal kind and frequently involve torture.
    Many hundreds of farmers and their employees have been murdered since SA was handed over to ANC rule in 1994. One can’t help feeling that a campaign to ‘drive the farmers from the land’, similar to the Zimbabwe pattern, is in progress.
    Astonishingly, (or perhaps not) the beeb and other news media have shown no interest in this situation, and there is no sign that they are going to report on it. On the contrary, the ANC narrative -that the land was ‘stolen’ by the white farmers, has had more traction in the ‘liberal’ news media in the West. Beeb are always very interested in exposing real or imagined racism worldwide, but the inherently racist dimension of this mass crime has been ignored by them.
    But then, there also seems to have been little interest on the part of the SA Police to take any serious prevention and protection measures.


  38. StewGreen says:

    Via Labour’s Paul Embury again


    • Fedup2 says:

      CAUTION – THIS VIDEO IS UPSETTING . It may be best to rely on the description rather than watching it ( it was circulated on Twitter earlier Saturday .


  39. digg says:

    Our BBC Laura getting all fractious……


    Maybe they yet get what draining the swamp means…


    • theisland says:

      There is no doubt in my mind that this is a co-ordinated ‘establishment’ attack on the government by the usual suspects (and funded by the usual suspects). The bBC are part of that establishment. I see parallels between LK’s piece and a series of tweets put out by @Keir_Starmer at almost exactly the same time. As Jeff Taylor says this is panning out to be a battle over who actually runs the country – the civil service or elected politicians.


      • Dave S says:

        Priti Patel is a major target. The Home office has always been difficult to manage and obstruction by the civil servants a way of life. Boris must back her. The thing to remember is that despite the BBc and the Guardian 99% of voters could not care less about a civil servant’s resignation. What they want is immigration controlled and the police to do their job. Particularly the latter.


    • Doublethinker says:

      When trying to impose change on a resistant organisation , in this case the civil service, some of the key leaders of the resistance have to be removed in order to show the rest that resistance is a bad career move. This is more or less analogous with the resistance that Donald Trump has consistently met in the USA whist engaged on swamp draining.
      On both sides of the Atlantic democratically elected governments are trying to implement the far reaching changes promised in their campaigns and are being resisted by the system or machinery of government allied with the MSM. I think that we in the UK are in for a prolonged period of resistance from the civil service and the squealing will rise to a crescendo when the BBC is in the frame for change. But just as with Brexit the question ordinary folks have to keep asking themselves is ‘who governs the country’, the government we elected or the permanent bureaucracy with their liberal leftist bias? Forcing the democratic will of the people onto these privileged mandarins will not be easy but democracy dictates it must be done.


  40. Up2snuff says:

    BBC Web-site Watch #1

    For the last 20 or 25 years or so, maybe 30 even, the BBC have been refering to females in film and theatre acting roles as actors. I have bridled against this. For me, a male actor is an actor. A female in similar work is an actress. The distinction was made long ago.

    It is quite a surprise to find the BBC suddenly reverting back to refering to females in that profession as actresses. See BBC Home Page, scroll down to Entertainment News on left hand side of page: https://www.bbc.co.uk/


  41. AsISeeIt says:

    News just in from Sadiq Khan’s London – that wonderfully open to the world, socially liberal, vibrant, diverse, Remain voting, public sector-loving, multi-what’sname community…


    ‘Passengers are to be banned from boarding through the middle and rear doors of the “Boris bus” to prevent fare-dodging.’

    ‘Fare evasion costs Transport for London £3.6 million a year, double that on routes with front-door boarding.’

    If you ask me it’s a symptom of a severe breakdown in trust and social cohesion. A sign not so much of a community as a set of competing selfish mutually distrustful communities thrown together.


    • vlad says:

      I’ve seen a number of fare dodgers leaping over tube barriers over the years, all of them enrichers.


      • JimS says:

        The Metropolitan Police saw Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes jump over a barrier so they shot him.

        Later it turned out that he was sitting on a train with a ticket.


    • Banania says:

      The “boris” buses supposedly had a hop-on, hop-off door at the back. Not only is that door usually shut, but the very design of it is dangerous: on the Routemasters and those before them the platform of the rear entrance extended right round the back, so if the bus was still moving you could still get on or off. On these you would be taking your life in your hands.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Banania, quite right. Those Boris buses rather took after the Mayor himself in that they were slightly overweight in the size dimensions. If anything slows London and other cities and towns to a halt, then it is buses that are too big when compared to the good old Routemaster. In addition, on many modern Dennis buses, the front overhang causes problems on tight corners. The UK Government should have got Alec Issigonis to design a decent UK City bus before he popped his clogs in the late 1980s.


  42. G.W.F. says:

    I wonder if the BBC will report on the death of Freeman Dyson, world renowned theoretical physicist and climate change sceptic.
    I doubt it – he was a scientist, not an activist. But the state broadcaster ought to say something about this man’s contribution to science.



    • scribblingscribe says:

      He famously wrote a paper that if carbon was responsible for warming than simply planting a trillion trees would solve the problem.

      But as you say, the BBC have had to keep him and just about all scientists off the screen. Still that leaves plenty of air time for ‘activists’ and children who think the world will end in 5 years time.


    • StewGreen says:

      for past week
      “Your search – site:bbc.com “Freeman Dyson”, – did not match any documents. “


  43. Dystopian says:

    Aw please, BBC. For god sake can we have entertainment without the constant agenda FFS!
    Casualty. Nasty white man turns away his gay blind date because he isn’t white enough.
    Lesbian mixed race couple (yes both biological females) having a baby!
    I’m sick of all this now it’s just not representative of real life outside of the metro bubble.


    • taffman says:

      Try this ……………………………….
      \\NHS gender clinic ‘should have challenged me more’ over transition//
      TV Licence – value for money?


    • Doublethinker says:

      Too true. I find that increasingly I simply can’t watch most contemporary tv programmes or films come to that because they are actually only ‘vehicles’ for overt political propaganda. In the past authors , directors and playwrights made any political points subtly , winding them into the plot naturally. Today the programmes and films have the propaganda plastered front and centre with the plot secondary. Unwatchable.


  44. StewGreen says:

    Gary Lineker the #BeKind guy


    • StewGreen says:

      The original Lineker tweet from above that reply was deleted afterwards.
      so here is a copy


  45. lordelpus says:

    As other posters have noticed, BBC and rest of MSM after failing to get Boris, now turn on his ministers.Priti Patel at the moment,next will either be Health Minister over coronavirus,followed by Environment Minister over flooding.It really is so predictable and boring.


    • StewGreen says:

      @bestofbritish2 Replying to @acgrayling

      Sir Philip Rutnam .. first of many out of office


  46. StewGreen says:



  47. taffman says:

    Anyone out there have some evidence of Al Beeb’s right-wing or anti-brexit bias ?
    maxicony, Piku?


  48. BRISSLES says:

    So Carrie Symonds is pregnant. Did she get drunk one night ?


  49. BRISSLES says:

    I’m staggered at the price of paper face masks being asked on Amazon. 6 years ago I was on holiday in Japan, (where its de rigeur to wear them outside), and I bought a few packs of 10 at around 1 yen (just over £1) per pack, – I thought they’d be useful for my craft paint spraying. Anyway I dug them out today, and wondered if I could make my fortune on Ebay !!!


  50. vlad says:

    Latest madness in Trans-land: “NHS gender clinic ‘should have challenged me more’ over transition.”

    A trans person is taking legal action against an NHS clinic for doing whatever it was he/she/it asked them to do!

    Here’s a suggestion: stop wasting the time and money of the NHS, the courts, the police and the social services, live with what nature gave you and stop the Frankenstein nonsense.