Start the Week Thread 24 February 2020

The Far Left Biased BBC is feeling the pain as more and more taxpayers tell it the truth – that it is just not wanted in its current form and financed through compulsion . So it is trying to fight back – mainly on the internet . But the current Government consultation could lead the way to ending the BBC – The sooner the better .

And with a bit of luck Channel 4 will get dumped as well .

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  1. digg says:

    Revealing snippets from the Greenpeace Annual Report.

    My comments in brackets….

    “Using disruption: we seek to be fast and flexible so as to leverage events that fundamentally shift big parts of the system.”

    (Hence XR-like tactics to stay in the news).

    “Putting culture and storytelling at the heart of our work, to influence and help shift power dynamics and change mindsets: with the use of “mind bombs” and unwavering optimism, make people look at the world in a new way, and spark them into action.”

    (Hence influencing global media reporting spin).

    “Setting goals for environmental boundaries that can’t be crossed, particularly to protect biodiversity and control climate change as they are potentially irreversible.”

    (Hence pushing to fix what can and can’t be debated, we’ve seen this approach before).

    “Changing mindsets that support unsustainable systems & shifting what people accept as normal.”

    (Political pressure mongering and media PR).

    “Changing power dynamics that hold us back, including who gets to decide rules and priorities, who influences key players in our systems, & who benefits.”

    (Seeking to remove power from the hands of democratically elected officials and into the hands of global unelected activists).

    In my view these people are not pushing for a cleaner better world, they are pushing to control the world.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Unsurprisingly, there’s one thing that is glaringly, obviously absent from their intolerant rubbish. God. Nowhere do these people ever factor God into anything they say or do. For me, it’s always a test of who is behind their activities. They all believe they are so great that there can be no power above them; typical collectivist thought processes.

      I think it was C S Lewis who said that when people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing, they believe in everything.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    We are living in sane times . The BBC reports ;

    India will host the archery and shooting events at the 2022 (Birmingham )Commonwealth Games, six months before the main event in Birmingham.

    There’s really really no need to comment .

    But it is 4717 miles from India to Birmingham . But further if it’s Birmingham Alabama ….


  3. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I wonder if Boris realises that his job is only secure until the end of this year.
    Once we are properly out of the eu a lot of people will look again at what he’s offering.

    After huawei, hs2, no petrol cars, no gas boilers, carbon neutral rubbish and any other daft schemes and policies, he is turning out to be a right old disappointment.
    Will he sort out the far left bbbc?

    Brexit was the main reason he won in my opinion so once it’s done many will feel free to look elsewhere.
    Anne Marie Waters and Nigel are two who could profit from the
    big pool of dissatisfied voters who voted for Boris as the only way to get a sort of Brexit done.

    If Boris carries on like this he will self destruct.
    Maybe Dom can get him back on course, otherwise he’s history.


  4. G.W.F. says:

    Boris is probably hoping that his big day will be the Climate Conference, where he will shed conservative votes if he stands on the platform holding hands with St Greta,
    Meanwhile, cowardice revealed over the refusal to publish the report on grooming gangs


  5. G.W.F. says:

    Boris is probably hoping that his big day will be the Climate Conference, where he will shed conservative votes if he stands on the platform holding hands with St Greta,
    Meanwhile, cowardice revealed over the refusal to publish the report on grooming gangs


  6. Fedup2 says:

    False news
    Twitter has the PM of Slovakia having gone down with the flu – or similar …. and he was at the EU spending summit last week ….
    If it were to be true …..


  7. digg says:

    I notice a lot of BBC criticism on this site about the over diversity-pushing content from the BBC and advertising in general. However this report shows that the issue really comes from higher up and has much longer tentacles..

    Namely OFCOM, they have an overarching control over most of what we are allowed and often forced see and read on TV, Radio, Advertising etc. etc.

    This is their “Diversity” report for 2019.

    Click to access Diversity-in-TV-2019.pdf

    It’s a long read but totally explains the relentless push for inclusion and over-inclusion of non-mainstream employees across all the media, including advertising agencies, freelancers and etc. and which we all now see at work relentlessly day after day.

    Basically the BBC along with the rest of the media are forced by this overarching organisation to be the way they are.

    The content could have been written by George Orwell as it contains much about for instance how media managers can be forcibly “trained” into thinking the right “inclusive way” whether it’s race, religion, sexual orientation or anything else they see fit to police.

    George Orwell could even have thought up the word “OFCOM” it fits like a glove!

    They are quite literally forcing staff to be “educated” to abide by their utopian inclusive mantra. Group-think at its most despicable.

    Our only defence against this utter tripe is then to just stop paying for it.


    • Nodding Dog says:

      Thanks Digg.
      Only had a quick skim through the report but it does explain a lot.I think some sectors especially the advertising one have gone way over the top and many people are starting to see through them and they are making themselves just look plain silly with their over inclusions.

      There’s a few of us on here who have a running joke about having a ‘list’ basically advertisers blatantly taking the wee with ‘their’ diversity.

      One of my bug bears is inter racial couples in adverts.At a quick guess I would say about 1 in 4 adverts feature a mixed couple! Sometimes it seems more like 1 in 3.Often mentioned on here it was nearly always a black man with a white women but I’ve noticed recently that the dynamics have changed and now seeing more white men with a black woman for example today Zoopla,Quooka,Expedia,Emirates,Trivago,British Gas,Dunelm….

      Traveling back to the real world I’ve done a quick calculation on real couples that I know or have known in the past few years.That’s the road I live on about fifty houses and I know or have seen about everybody who lives on it,,work colleagues,people I know from hobbies and interests.At a rough guess about 200 couples and out of that there’s ONE inter racial couple! Incidentally quite close to home as it’s Mrs ND’s sister and husband so nothing like the advertisers would have you believe not in my world anyway.


      • Nodding Dog says:

        Add Hello Fresh to today’s list! White man with oriental looking woman and kids.


        • BRISSLES says:

          Yes, I am one of those who are compiling a list. So far I have Checkatrade, Sky Store, DFS, Zoopla, Skipton BS, Sun Life Equity, Expedia, British Gas.

          And in my many decades on this planet, I have only encountered one mixed race couple who were long standing friends – he is a Kenyan Asian and she is white British, and we are all in our early 70s. I think the same can be said for most ‘man in the street’ if asked.

          Its not only ads, no drama can be aired unless there is at least one mixed racial relationship. Tonight it was Flesh and Blood on ITV. In two generations time, because of the amount of mixed race children currently being born, we shall be truly a coffee coloured country – as someone said to me back in the 1970s.


          • Celtic_Mist says:

            The depiction of mixed race couples in those adverts is obviously deliberate as is the ‘tick box’ approach to the selection of actors. I’m sure they believe that they have a good reason for such policies, however, imho it is actually somewhat insulting to the racial minorities because their ‘take’ will be the same as mine.

            It would be interesting to see some discussion on this subject and I daresay if one searched the BBC site we might find an article about it. I feel that even asking the question makes me something of a racist but perhaps that’s the intention.

            And, I don’t believe that we will be a coffee coloured nation even after ten generations because it hasn’t happened in other multiracial societies older than ours.

            I suspect that everyone sees beauty in the attributes and culture of most races and nobody wants to see that diversity disappear.


          • john in cheshire says:

            A lot of the websites for companies are also using the ethnic quota method of models in their pictures. HSBC, NatWest are two that I use and I’m sick to death of the people portrayed. I have trained myself not to look directly at the screen when I’m on those websites. I have thought of complaining but it would be a waste of time.

            I stopped using Tesco several years ago because their advertising and even their stores tell me they hate Christians and love muslims. Now, yesterday on LBC news, I’m informed Tesco are selling plasters of different colours to reflect the ‘diversity’ of skin tones in our country. If that isn’t woke, I don’t know what is, and Tesco deserve to go broke; as does LBC for giving airtime to this nonsense.


          • tarien says:

            Yes Brissles, as the song in the 1960’s said ‘Coffe coloured people by the score’, they saw it then even as we are seeing it now.


      • digg says:

        Yes Nodding Dog, I also see a change in shift. Now if you see a mixed race couple in ads, if the female is white the male is young, slim, fit and black whereas if the female is black the male is white, probably normally a bit overweight and an older white chap, sort of usual “Gammon” type.

        So what is their message?

        This is social engineering on an industrial scale.


      • Woolwich says:

        Proud to be a member of this group.
        Latest updates albeit itv.
        Flesh And Blood a new 4 part drama last night. A white gym instructor is teaching a class while two black children on the other side of the glass wall copy what he’s doing and take the Mickey out if him. I turned to Mrs Woolwich and said “they’ll be his kids then”. Tick
        In the ad break was some publicity for an upcoming show in March starting Dawn French, The Trouble With Maggie or something, I can’t be bothered to Google it. My god it was like someone had sat down with a spreadsheet and picked one of every sex and ethnicity, I was gob smacked at the stupidity of the small number of scenes I saw. I guarantee it won’t be getting watched, any production so far up its own backside when it comes to this sort of casting simply can’t have survived the script editing process intact.


        • Nodding Dog says:

          Glad others have noticed this sudden shift in mixed couples surely can’t be a coincidence.I did wonder about tv drama’s if the same was happening there but as I steer clear of them I wouldn’t Know.

          Woolwich and others we should compare lists sometime to see who has the biggest! Mine grew a bit last week Richmond sausages and Post Office over 50’s life cover.

          I don’t know who’s driving this bit of social engineering but the companies themselves must have a say in it.So Dunelm why is your new advert similar to last years where you have a couple sat on a sofa talking.Two different couples both have a black man with white woman?

          I’m actually thinking of making life easier and doing a diversity safe list to save time and space the only safe ground that I can see at the moment are vacuum cleaners and reclining chairs which by the time I require one will probably be on the ‘long list’


          • Woolwich says:

            Werthers Originals, Lindt, Toffifee toffees and indeed other confectionary and cleaning products which have adverts produced in I assume Germany or possibly Eastern Europe that are then dubbed into English tend to be the only thing close to a guaranteed safe bet in terms of realistic depictions of non diversity.


        • Nodding Dog says:

          Do you have Vauxhall Corsa on your list? Just seen it it’s only a brief part of the advert.Oldish black man marries oldish white man and they drive off in a Corsa!

          Oh and that girl who can do anything is back!
          Of course you can’re female,black and a Scouser that’s three very good boxes all ticked.


      • Lefty Wright says:

        Nodding Dog
        Television exists to Lead public opinion NOT to reflect it. It has to do this otherwise they will never achieve their ultimate goal – Marxism.
        Every one of us to be equal. Yes, we will all be equal to the weakest link. Not a very noble aspiration.


    • vlad says:

      The suspects were: “Kurdish, Afghani, Egyptian, Algerian, Moroccan, Turkish, Pakistan and Iraqi.”

      Once again we are confronted with the baffling question: what could such a disparate bunch of nationalities possibly have in common?


    • john in cheshire says:

      On LBC, Nickiknownowt, early this morning, he spent a long time on the Weinstein case and the female victims of his criminal behavious. All well and good, even though it happened in another country.

      My gripe is that he’s never given the same amount of time to all of our young girls who have been raped, tortured, kidnapped, and murdered over the last many decades. I don’t recall anyone speaking to prosecution lawyers about the cases, or any of the victims. I don’t recall Nickiknownowt starting a campaign to bring the facilitators in local government and the police, to justice, or to raise funds to help these girls (now adult women) deal with the aftermath of these atrocities. But he loves the police and has campaigned for them to have tasers. No campaign for us to own tasers, of course.

      Nickiknownowt and the rest of the talking heads who claim to speak on our behalf make me sick.


  8. pugnazious says:

    Priti Patel, Asian and female and under attack by dark forces….likely Remainer stay-behinds in the Civil Service.

    Odd thing is where’s the outrage, where’s the hue and cry, where’s the Afua Hirschs of this world writing in the New York Times that Priti is being driven out of her job by racism and sexism as Hirsch revealed to the world was the sad end to Meghan Markle’s brief visit to the UK? Hirsch makes absolutely no comment about this story despite its very high profile and its context which is usually grist to Hirsch’s rce-baiting mill.

    The BBC was of course prepared to abandon its schedules in order to give support and lots of coverage to Meghan and to ensure the Public knew the truth…a black woman driven from nasty racist Britain by nasty British[white] racists….when of course she never had any intention of staying here at all…and she got huge amount of positive press until she and Harry started to overturn the traces and act up. Harry in fact got by far the most negative press…presumably because he’s ginger. When Caroline Fleck took her own life the BBC was immediately on the case declaring that social media, the Press and misogyny was the cause….when in fact it was the prosecution that tipped her over the edge….and the BBC forgetting it’s own role in Cliff Richard’s humiliation.

    Where is the BBC narrative of an Asian woman being mauled by racist Britain? [or of a Chinese girl being attacked due to her race by Asian men?] Look at the BBC report…not a lot of detail there or real ‘source’ material…

    Compare to the Telegraph’s effort with a lot more meat on the bone giving more depth and context and showing Patel as the victim not only of Civil Service intransigence but of a plot to unseat her by briefing the Remainer Times against her with lies and misinformation…..

    ‘The security service has been dragged into the internal war between Priti Patel and her top civil servant as officials issued an unprecedented denial that the agency “did not trust her” with intelligence.

    Unnamed sources were quoted at the weekend claiming MI5 officers had reduced the volume of intelligence they showed to the Home Secretary because they did not “have confidence in her abilities.”

    Allies of Ms Patel suspect Sir Philip Rutman, the Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, of sanctioning briefings against her after she sought to have him removed following disagreements over his “obstructive” approach to her.

    MI5 officers were said to be “furious” at the claims, published in The Sunday Times, and within hours security sources took the step of issuing a strong denial.

    “Reports suggesting that the Home Secretary and MI5 do not have a strong relationship are simply untrue,” said a security source.

    “The Home Secretary is briefed daily on intelligence matters in exactly the same way as any previous post holder. No information is being withheld. Any report suggesting otherwise is simply wrong and does not serve the public interest.”

    It came as it also emerged that former Home Secretary Amber Rudd has filed a formal complaint in which she accused Sir Philip of being “absent” during the Windrush immigration scandal that led to her resignation.

    A Tory source said: “It’s quite clear what’s going on here. Rutnam is attempting to discredit a Home Secretary who is shaking things up a bit to try and salvage what little is left of his reputation. You can’t blame him for trying given that he managed to throw Amber under the bus.”

    The disagreements became public last week when sources accused Ms Patel of bullying and belittling staff – claims denied by allies of the Home Secretary.

    With little sign of the row abating, Ms Patel and Sir Philip attempted to draw a line under the affair on Sunday night by issuing a joint statement in which they criticised “false allegations” and “malicious gossip” and insisted they were focused on delivering the Government’s agenda.

    A Home Office spokesman said: “The Home Secretary and Permanent Secretary are deeply concerned about the number of false allegations appearing in the media.

    “They are focused on delivering on the Home Office’s hugely important agenda, which includes creating an immigration system that works for the UK, putting more police on the streets and keeping the public safe from terrorism.”

    Earlier, a former insider claimed Sir Philip “spends his time politicking rather than running the actual department.”

    “You would sit in meetings with Rutnam and Priti would say: ‘Where are you with this issue?’ and he would say: ‘I will have to get back to you on that,'” the former insider said.

    Sir Philip was allegedly so obstructive that he was nicknamed Dr No, “because he just said: ‘No,'” the source claimed. He was also known for quashing ideas by regularly claiming that there was a 70 per cent chance of the Home Office losing a legal challenge or case.

    The insider said the problem was a hangover from Brexit when officials “ran rings round the politicians”, adding: “There’s a clash now because of them being used to do it their way but suddenly no longer being able to operate that way because of the new regime.

    “He is also old school. He got on with Sajid Javid but he had a problem with Amber and Priti. He doesn’t get on with strong women who come in with their own views.”

    The Home Office also described as “categorically untrue” a claim in The Observer that “major run-ins” between Ms Patel and staff had forced the resignation of one of her department’s most senior civil servants on immigration.

    It said the civil servant had resigned before Ms Patel became Home Secretary.


    • Dave S says:

      Priti is under sustained attack which comes directly from the blob of remainers, progressives and they are scared of her. If they can get her they can move against Boris. This blob despises us for voting for him and Brexit. It is essential that Boris has her back.
      It is impossible to understate the venom this class has for us the voters who defied them.
      Fear will make them act rashly and it is time for the counter revolution to hold it’s nerve. The BBC is part of this blob .As for the civil service I suspect it is remain dominated by the usual Oxbridge arrogant sneerers. Priti looks tough but this personal abuse must be wearing. Look at the Guardian. it is getting close to racist abuse and needs calling out. I comment on the Guardian and never back down to them . If you have never read the comments you have no idea of the disgusting nature of some of them.


      • G.W.F. says:

        Priti does not have my sympathy. Yes she is under attack and we can assume that the Home Office decision not to publish the report on grooming/rape gangs was a concession to the left. So tiddle off Priti, you have shown that you cannot stand up to the left.


    • Dave S says:

      Priti is under sustained attack which comes directly from the blob of remainers, progressives and they are scared of her. If they can get her they can move against Boris. This blob despises us for voting for him and Brexit. It is essential that Boris has her back.
      It is impossible to understate the venom this class has for us the voters who defied them.
      Fear will make them act rashly and it is time for the counter revolution to hold it’s nerve. The BBC is part of this blob .As for the civil service I suspect it is remain dominated by the usual Oxbridge arrogant sneerers. Priti looks tough but this personal abuse must be wearing. Look at the Guardian. it is getting close to racist abuse and needs calling out. I comment on the Guardian and never back down to them . If you have never read the comments you have no idea of the disgusting nature of some of them.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Dave, you are right. I’m surprised that Cummings hasn’t whispered in a few Ministerial ears to get the Unemployment figures mentioned each and every time the new immigration system comes under attack.

        It was a great achievement of the Coalition Government in job creation after the Banking Crash & Recession to reduce unemployment over the five years to 2015. That job creation continued under the Conservative government from 2015 but stalled under Theresa May’s Premiership. It needs to get going again. The new PM has a great opportunity.


  9. pugnazious says:

    After the Andrew Sabiski ‘scandal’ where he dared to speak the truth on issues the Left get triggered on and refuse to debate rationally we suddenly heard a lot about Boris and cornflakes which rise to the top…the BBC news kept quoting him…at least in very selective part…and you were given the impression that Boris was a ruthless and heartless advocate of survival of the fittest as he championed, allegedly, a rigorous shake-out so that the brightest and best rose unstoppably and inevitably to the top whilst the rest were left-behind to eke out their sad lives as best they could.

    Naturally a totally false interpretation of what he said…Guido put up part of the video from which the quote came…

    But there is a full video of the speech given in 2013 to The Centre for Policy Studies…it is a fascinating insight…because apart from disproving the BBC’s et al’s interpretation it could in fact be Boris’ campaign speech in 2019 and again disproves another BBC narrative that Boris has no principles and no ideology, the BBC trying to portray hm as an untrustworthy charlattan, a cynical, opportunistic chancer who adopts any position just to take power…and yet he clearly has an ideology that he has stuck to for years if not decades.

    The video should be compulsory viewing for all youth and indeed BBC staff. It would open a few eyes to what really is rather than what the BBC tells you it is…especially in regard to Maggie Thatcher.

    Subjects…Thatcher, the BBC, equality and giving people a hand up, building more social housing, more social mobility and schools to help that, immigration [Boris, contrary to what the BBC tells you, has always been pro-immigration], capitalism [Ding Dong Marx is dead…well pretty much so post-Corbyn…one must hope]…and anyone who doubted HS2 would go ahead should have watched this speech. Similarly, when the BBC tells you Boris is a chancer who doesn’t support Brexit and did so only to further his leadership chances, watch this video…he would like to stay in the single market but only in a heavily reformed EU with Britain having a much better deal…and leaving the single market should only come after an attempt to reform…this came of course with Cameron who failed miserably…hence we then had the referendum and Brexit….and hence we leave the single market with Boris in the lead….I think most people would stay in the EU if it were a trading bloc as originally voted for in 1975 with some sensible areas of cooperation…but no ECJ jurisdicton, no EU bureaucrats ruling over us and no freedom of movement [at least with the right ot citizenship and to vote]…maybe free to come here solely to work but remain citizens of the countries they came from.

    Boris has never changed. The BBC just lies and lies.


  10. pugnazious says:

    BBC ramping up the lies about the Aussie bushfires….

    Australia fires were far worse than any prediction
    ‘The Australian bushfires were more catastrophic than any simulation of our changing climate predicted.

    This is the conclusion of researchers who described the devastation as a “fiery wake-up call for climate science”.

    Bushfires in south-east Australia have left 33 people dead and burned an area of land the size of South Korea.

    “This [was] worse than anything our models simulated,” climate scientist Dr Benjamin Sanderson told BBC News. ‘

    Can only say their models must be appallingly constructed.

    They tell us this unprecedented and unexpected disaster burnt around 6m hectares…

    ‘Between September 2019 and early January 2020, around 5.8 million hectares of mainly temperate broadleaf forest were burned in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC) in eastern Australia by a series of mega fires.’

    Hmmm…in 1974 117 million hectares burnt…but mostly in uninhabited areas…so no hysterical media coverage….

    ‘The most destructive event, which happened in 1974 and burned 117 million hectares, does not have a name because most of the land was in central Australia and so it did not impact many communities.

    “The 1974/75 fires had almost no impact and much of the damage was found by satellite after the fact,” Prof Pyne told’

    Today we hear that the recent fires were so bad because of drought and very dry conditions….

    ‘Why have the fires been so devastating this year? Fires in eucalypt forests propagate primarily through the litter layer8, and its dryness effectively acts as the ‘on/off switch’ for forest fire activity. Naturally occurring firebreaks, such as moist gullies, swamps or south-facing slopes, that normally dissect the forest landscape have dried out during the current widespread drought, affecting the probability of mega forest fire events in a highly nonlinear way.

    Thus extreme drought provided the precondition for the unconstrained spread of fires over millions of hectares of TBLM forest.’

    Hmmm…the reason the 1974 fires were so bad was because of two years of heavy rain that encouraged plant growth and thus provided a lot of fuel when that plant material dried in the summer heat… is it drought or heavy rainfall that causes bushfires? What we do know is, as the BBC pumped out today in its trailers for the Green Goddess, that the planet is warming by 3 degrees due to man-made CO2 and the planet is burning.

    So stop capitalism, stop consuming, stop everything…hairshirts [plant based] all round.

    Wonder if the BBC will be giving any coverage to this from the GWPF….the cost of going green….£3 trillion…£100,000/household…

    ‘The cost of reaching the government’s “Net Zero” target will be astronomical for the UK economy. That’s according to analysis by two new reports published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

    The reports find that decarbonising the electricity system and domestic housing in the next three decades will cost over £2.3 trillion pounds. The final bill will surpass £3 trillion, or £100,000 per household, once the cost of decarbonising major emitting sectors like manufacturing, transport and agriculture are included.

    This is the equivalent of a £100 billion HS2 project every single year.’


  11. StewGreen says:

    The Not-Fit-For-Purpose-Office news
    The Hull edition of Look North told how set office
    #1 Set up a contract with a private corp to house newly arrived asylum seekers
    #2 said office sent them 100 asylum seekers were sent to the corp in Hull, but they didn’t have any accommodation ready, so they put them in a hotel
    one says he has been there 4 months

    hmm Obviously the taxpayer is paying, but the prog didn’t say how expensive the hotel is. The corp might not be wasting money if they’ve got a great deal with the hotel.
    If you give someone just a bedroom then it could be cheaper than apartment. Then t he other scale like at Grenfell the corp could have made a crazily expensive deal with the hotel.
    4 months seems too long, but could be that some slimey NGO lawyers are the cause.


  12. taffman says:

    What ever happened to maxincony?
    He seams to have disappeared about the same time as Lord Hall Hall.
    Perhaps there’s more to this than meets the eye?


  13. taffman says:

    “Labour members have begun casting their votes in the party’s contest to replace outgoing leader Jeremy Corbyn.”

    “Lessons to be learned ” ? Yet again 😀


  14. vlad says:

    President Trump gets a huge, rapturous, mega reception in India, the likes of which the biggest rock stars could only dream of.

    How does the BBC report it? Sneeringly of course.

    1. He mispronounces some Indian names. Tick.
    2. His host, Prime Minister Modi is anti-muslim. Tick.
    3. Trump is only cynically campaigning for the US election. Tick.
    4. He’s trying to win over American-Indian voters.

    And in the final few seconds: ‘Oh, and he signed some suff, trade deals, treaties, whatever – who cares?’

    Hatchet job done.

    Scrap the biased beeb!



    • JimS says:

      But did he dress up like an Indian ponce, sorry prince, like Justine Trudeau?


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      Vlad, thanks for posting that. Though it has actually enraged me hugely.
      The big question to ask is “would they have done that to Obama?”

      It is an excellent example of the bias of the BBC. The worlds most twisted broadcaster.


  15. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    Over the weekend the msm were telling us that the Hamburg state election results were showing that the “far right” AfD party were probably going to be ‘evicted’ from the assembly.

    Well actually the party did take a hit, which was not unexpected as the German establishment were blaming them for a terrorist attack they had nothing to do with. However despite that their vote only fell from 6.1% last time to 5.3% this time, resulting in a loss of only one member.
    Also last election they came in 6th place this time they came in 5th. It was the centrist Free democrats who were the big losers.
    I don’t the media have told us that.


  16. digg says:

    Forgive the pun but Tory Chancellor Rishi Sunak is in hot water after posing with a giant pack of Yorkshire tea.

    Apparently there has been an enormous backlash on social meejja.

    Is it possible that the backlashers are mostly bubble dwellers who only understand latte and flat white and see tea-drinkers as knuckle-draggers from that horrible place called the “North” who got he Tories into government and forced Brexit over the line?

    Guilty by association then!


    • theisland says:


      • gb123 says:

        At least the storm in a teacup inspired some new names for morons. I liked “the Leftwaffe” and would like to add the tealyban.


      • digg says:

        This popped up on social and hey presto the Conservative bashing version vanished from the BBC website homepage.

        Now you see it, now you don’t……


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Shocked’, says the bbc.

      Nobody is shocked that a bunch of bubble dwellers picked up on the latest twattism from a bunch of bubble dwellers next door.

      And that they are using every editorial integrity trick in the bbc book to make it into something more.

      How can Bbc staff assess anything on social media if they block those they are scared of hearing from?


  17. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    How Kobe Bryant inspired three young basketballers around the world. 🏀



    Clearly ‘news’.


  18. digg says:

    BBC news this morning pushing for young employees to be elevated more quickly into management roles even if it means leap-frogging older employees.

    Where have I seen that before and why would that be?

    Ah I remember, it’s in the OFCOM guidance and the BBC need more young viewers on-board ……


  19. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Asking but not Asking

    Sir James Bevan, Head of the English Environment Agency was interviewed by Justin Webb. The Bee Lady was available for an environment item but was left on the bench. Her agent may well be seeking offers for a lucrative transfer to another team.

    Sir James talked a lot about Climate Change and Climate Emergency. Justin asked no questions.

    Sir James talked a lot about keeping water uphill. Justin asked no questions. I am left guessing that Justin and Sir James both slept through science lessons at school.

    Sir James talked a lot about flood defences. Justin asked no questions, especially the very big ‘elephant in the room’ question.

    The BBC Team Manager needs to call Justin in for a chat and to give him a touch of the old ManU/Ferguson ‘hairdryer treatment’ because his performance was letting the whole team down today. A complete shambles from very expensive players.


  20. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – more Asking but not Asking

    The Bee Lady talks life expectancy with Prof Sir Michael Marmot.

    This gent has studied it and made a new updated life expectancy report over the last ten years. Now where does that number ring a bell somewhere?

    Martha is fairly compliant even when the good Prof starts talking nonsense. School budget limitations by a Local Education Authority is hardly likely to affect life expectancy in my view but I guess the Prof assumes that a budget restriction (ie. an end to the bottomless pit of taxpayer cash) will reduce the indoctrination levels on young minds.

    Martha asks no pointed questions.

    Her value in the transfer market has now dropped to Championship or non-League levels.


    • Fedup2 says:

      No toady today but I’d have thought the BBC would be celebrating a fall in life expectancy – after all for them in their corrupt snowflake thinking it means less Brexiters / new tories .

      I’m guessing the NHS gets a free pass regarding responsibility too .

      But for the government – just sort out elderly ( social ) care and stop talking about doing so . Pay for it using the overseas aid budget .


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, nah it is wimmins life expectancy that has reduced. That is bad as far as the BBC is concerned. If it was for min (Aussie/NZ accent used there) it would be OK.

        On the 8a.m. News, Andrew Sleet described it as “A damning new report” so I guess that creates a neat adjacency with the boss of the English Environment Agency.


        • Fedup2 says:

          The BBC seems in full ‘man hating ‘ mode at the moment – even more than usual . The Weinstein fella obviously took full advantage of his power to exploit luvvie girls desperate for fame .

          Pity none of them did anything about it at the time otherwise it might have saved some of their sistas needless suffering .

          Not sure that’s being covered but it comes from the same celebrity world as the woman TV presenter who killed herself recently .


          • Up2snuff says:

            That’s right, Fed. Our super resourced, world-class, essential, BBC doesn’t ask questions.

            Far too much like hard work for highly paid little brains busy working on their investment plans.


          • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

            Fed up,
            Weinstein should have operated over here and based himself in somewhere like Rotherham or Bradford as I think it’s ok to rape and gangbang there.
            In fact, the police and politicians seem to be perfectly happy to allow this to happen and will actively help to cover it up and keep it secret.


    • richard D says:

      Also heard this Marmot report discussed this morning on Toady. Funny, but all of this suddenly just started happening 10 years ago (no prizes for guessing the implication of that, of course).

      You should just know that suddenly, 10 years ago exactly, people started, without any preamble, falling over dead, years before their time, and it was all a direct result of ‘austerity’, which had only just been introduced – the impacts were simply instant and astonishing.

      It could not even be partially explained by the introduction into this country during the years prior to 2010, a massive influx of immigrants who already had a propensity for a much shorter lifespan, who were reaching the end of their natural lifespan as time went on, and were contributing to the shift in the numbers – oh, no – it were only austerity wot did it !


  21. AsISeeIt says:

    Here we go…

    ‘Brexit: EU set to agree UK trade talks mandate’

    The BBC sets out in measured and rather sympathetic tones the outline of terms for a trade agreement expected to soon be published by Brussels

    Yeah, it’s one on those news-ish items concerning something that hasn’t hapened yet but we’ll spin and prefigure it for you.

    BBC Brussels correspondent Adam Fleming basically acts as mouthpiece for the EU with not a scrap of criticism for his apparent home team.

    Anyway, Brussels wants our fish, want fair competition (which implies the UK want unfair competition), will only accept a deal close to the conditions they set, want shared standards in many areas (ie their standards) which are only allowed to evolve over time with their standards as a reference, want their rules for government intervention to support industry to apply to us (hard luck there Corbynistas), we can’t now have a Canada-style deal – sorry, when they not so long ago said we could they didn’t realise how near we were to Europe… oh and they want the Elgin Marbles (I kid you not).

    ‘A leaked draft of the EU negotiation mandate last week also included a stipulation that the UK should “return unlawfully removed cultural objects to their countries of origin”. The passage is thought to refer to the Elgin Marbles’

    It is not just our fevered imagination – the BBC is clearly cheering on the Brussels side – and we pay for this service.


  22. G says:

    So, so efficient and so, so quickly responding with the usual ‘sleight of hand’ tactics. Yes, our, ‘Worlds Most Trusted’ I’m referring to practising their “unique” form of Marxism.
    Anybody hear the interview on Toady just before 0800 with Professor Marmot in relation to ‘health inequalities’ in the UK?
    Try as she might, the interviewer could not get Prof. Marmot to say definitely the increase in health inequalities was down to austerity. He was too bright to fall into that trap set by the BBC. Instead, he conceded that the fall was, “highly likely” down to austerity. Minutes later in the 0800 News, the BBC proclaimed, the Prof. “Blamed Austerity”. He didn’t. Lies and Fake News as most have come to expect from our ‘Worlds Most Trusted’.


  23. Up2snuff says:

    The BBC do not do geography. The apparent deliberate attack on a carnival crowd yesterday in Germany had the BBC describing the town as being in western Germany. A quick glance at a map shows that it is actually in central Germany.

    Oh dear!

    Wo ist Katya?


  24. Sluff says:

    It seems to be left liberal virtuous social policy week on Toady.
    The other day they bigged up the housing crisis.
    Today it was the turn of…shock, horror, health inequalities. Life expectancy has stalled and even reduced for lower class women in the north of England. Austerity caused by the evil Tories is of course to blame.
    Now lets leave aside the total absence of comment on the biggest inequality- that men live a shorter time than women.
    And lets leave aside also the issue of whether death at say 78 of a heart attack is actually worse than getting Dementia and living (I use the term loosely) an extra three years.
    The Toady feature showcased a women’s group in Foleshill, Coventry (it just so happens I used to work there). A woman spoke with….ahem……the strongest Indian subcontinental accent imaginable. Later, poor housing was given as a reason for equality. Joining the dots could not be easier
    But in no case was the 2-3 million nett immigration into the country in the last decade mentioned as a possible contributor to the statistics.
    Yet I imagine 20 Romanians sharing two bedroomed terrace houses, with rooms set up as hostel dormitories, in Hexthorpe, Doncaster and no doubt elsewhere does little for housing quality and quality of life generally.

    Toady and the BBC. Selectively keeping their heads in the sand as usual.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Strains on public services and rapidly increasing urban population densities isn’t going to make fir a happy blighty .
      Traffic ‘ transport stress also adds to the mix together with increased economic activity due to the current lack of a recession .

      None of this stuff will feature in BBC reports because they just want to lay the ‘blame ‘ at the feet of the ‘non austerity ‘ over the last 10 years .

      Ironically when the next recession comes I reckon it will affect the ReichEU worse than UK so there will be more waves of uncontrolled arrivals from EU countries using their connections with compatriots already here .

      Yes it’s doomy and gloomy but the truth in the UK often is because of the ever growing State .

      Subject Change . I was trying to work out what to give up for Lent – which for those of a Christian branded faith starts tomorrow ….

      But then it came to me – BBC news and politics . No Toady . No BBC news or websites, I’m cheating a bit as I’m out of UK for quite a few of those 40 days but it is still doable ….


  25. G.W.F. says:

    Victory and celebrations for the Me2 Movement now Weinstein has been found guilty.

    I wonder if this aspect of wimmin’s solidarity can be extended to working class victims of the racist grooming/rape gangs. Or would that not meet with the approval of the politically correct media, not to mention this Tory Government who have chosen not to release the report on the grooming gangs?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m sure the BBC will be putting far more effort it a domestic mass sex abuse crime than a foreign story involving few weak willed adult luvvies looking for a job from Weinstein .

      But somehow -like the report on Muslim paedo rape gangs – it won’t feature . Don’t want to upset them .


  26. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “If health has stopped improving, that means society has stopped improving.”


    That’s the headline. A quote. From… ‘someone’.

    Here’s another they could try: “maybe standards of health are being compromised by services being swamped by imported hordes, often with exotic new bugs to share?”


    • JimS says:

      ‘Some say’ that most Indians carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

      But the problem in India is particularly acute. A recent review found that 70% of Klebsiella spp, 54% of E. coli and 78% of Acinetobacter isolates obtained from babies with neonatal sepsis in hospitals were multi-drug resistant. Another study found that 70% of 207 individuals in India had antibiotic resistant bacteria in their stools.

      ‘Some say’ marrying your first cousin isn’t a good idea.

      In Pakistan, half of the population marry a first or second cousin, more than in any other country. In rural areas this can be 80%, says Hafeez ur Rehman, an anthropologist at the Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad. Emigrants from these regions sometimes maintain these traditions.
      The frequency of genetic disorders among such children is around twice that in children of non-related parents.


  27. Sluff says:

    Trying to add a touch of levity. It’s an appropriate day to mention a joke by the great George Roper, from ‘The Comedians’. He originally told it about himself and I have altered it slightly.

    Harvey Weinstein jumps out of bed and pulls back the curtains.
    His wife says ‘Come away from the window Harvey. The neighbours will think I married you for your money’.


  28. Guest Who says:

    Blimey indeed.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest – it’s the modern form of book burning – together with being kicked off social media ….
      People agreeing pre-speech subject restriction is much the same . And there is a huge industry wanting to restrict this that and the other – and once it’s gone it’s gone …


    • richard D says:

      Heard some woman drivelling on about this subject on Toady this morning. She was essentially saying that free speech should only be allowed if she and her buddies agree with it – otherwise banned, censored, de-platformed, etc., etc.

      She then went on to describe groupings on the the political spectrum of views as follows “..Hard Right, Right Wing, Hard Left, and Centrist..” No glaring ommissions there, then, and no obvious contenders for censoring and deplatforming.

      ….and the Beeboid interviewer/supporter obliviously let her get away with it. (I think it might just have been Justin…)


  29. theisland says:

    For better or worse, huge sections of the electorate don’t consume or trust the “mainstream media” and we, the parties, must utilise technology to speak to them directly. People on the left and right are tired of “got ya” interviews and they don’t buy the pretence that reporters on the BBC and Sky are uniquely impartial, able to perfectly balance both sides on issues as complex as science and politics. To claim to know where the middle ground is on every issue imaginable is spectacularly arrogant and it’s epistemological nonsense.


    • JimS says:

      When the school bus is stalled on the crossing the ‘middle-ground’ consists of staying put.

      “The driver went neither forward nor back. I guess he got it ‘just about right’ – ‘some say’.” – Kate Adie – BBC Crossing (Continents) Editor


  30. NameNotNumber says:

    BBC, regarding Volkmarsen, many thanks for informing us that a car may have made an attack on a crowd in Germany but that the attack, if made, didn’t have a political motive.

    ‘Car drives into carnival crowd in German town Volkmarsen.’

    ‘Police said they believed it was an attack but that there was no indication of a political motive, according to German newspaper Bild.’

    On a broader basis I’m astonished to note that, when a targeted assault has been made on a crowd of German festival goers and at least 30 people (10 of them children) have been deliberately maimed, that this incident doesn’t even merit a mention on LBC news this morning and that it is relegated to a small column in the middle pages of the Times newspaper.

    I suppose it would have been a pity to upset the pre-prepared Harvey Weinstein stories.


    • G says:

      “BBC, regarding Volkmarsen, many thanks for informing us that a car may have made an attack on a crowd in Germany….”
      That’s what you get when you make ‘Smart Cars’. Not a patch on Alexa though………….


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      I shouldn’t take ‘Bild’ too seriously. It is a third-rate, PC, tabloid, geared to sensationalism rather than sober comment or analysis.


    • Banania says:

      “…a car may have made an attack on a crowd in Germany but that the attack, if made, didn’t have a political motive.”
      It is always difficult to ascertain a car’s motives.


  31. Cane Corso says:

    Apropos nothing but everything, Lord Pearson quantified one tiny bias of the Today programme. Between 2005 and 2015 out of 4,275 guests discussing whether we should leave the EU, just 132 supported our withdrawal. That’s 3.2%.
    I wonder if anyone’s kept the count since 2015?


  32. Up2snuff says:

    In this age of obesity in which we now live, so the obeseley-staffed, obeseley-paid BBC regularly tell us, that same BBC has set a new record for food & drink items at 8 a.m. on its web-site Home Page: nine. No doubt this BBC inspired obesity is helping to contribute to a fall in life expectancy for women across the UK.


  33. andyjsnape says:

    Itsu boss: ‘We see processed and fried food as the enemy’

    beeb still pushing expensive food, maybe they have shares in it?

    I had a big tasty from mcd’s on sunday 🙂 really enjoyed it


    • Old Goat says:

      I am afraid that you are not permitted to “enjoy” anything. Please put a stop to it.


  34. tarien says:

    Saw a heading that claimed the cost of the security for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be around 20£ million-of course not mentioned by the BBC as yet- however I and no doubt many consider the pair should pay for their own security out of their own money-why should the British Tax payer foot such a bill? afterall it was their joint decision to cut themselves off-frankly why should they need more than the basic security as offered by whatever country they choose to live in. These are factors that will matter far worse for them and the Royal Family.


  35. vlad says:

    Not directly bbc-related, but the same twisted thinking infects the beeb:

    Some journo wrote an article in the Indie (where else?) blaming the “radicalization” of a Muslim who attacked police with a sword outside Buckingham Palace on the likes of Tommy Robinson, Christian apologist David Wood, and Robert Spencer.

    Savour the madness: she is blaming those who speak out against radical islam (murderous islam) for creating jihadis.

    This would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous. The next step in this logic is to further crack down on those brave few who expose the evil ideology, ultimately giving the evil killers a free rein – a free reign of terror.

    In other words, blame the whistleblowers. ‘If we pretend that Islam is a religion of peace and never speak about its teachings calling for warfare against unbelievers and their subjugation under the rule of Islamic law, jihad activity will go away.’

    Insane though it is, such thinking is already entrenched in government thinking in countries like Sweden, Germany, and increasingly the UK, and with opinion formers like our dearly be-hated bbc.

    Robert Spencer’s refutation of such wicked nonsense here:


  36. Peter Grimes says:

    Not TWATo this time but the perpetual whining of its preceding programme, ‘(UP) You and Yours’. Al Beeb just can’t stop itself.

    (U)Y&Y asking people about their favourite books. After the gay guy and the one on high spectrum autism was the English lady who moved to Wales. Her favourite book opened her eyes to the colonial treatment of the Welsh by the English and Welsh nationalism.

    FFS ENOUGH – this perpetual airing of individuals’ grievances really gets on my tits!!

    But then lo and behold, TWATo had an American lady doctor commenting on the effects of austerity on health in Salford in amplifying Al Beeb’s misleading statements on the report published by an obscure Leftoid ‘academic’ into the plateauing of longevity after 100 years of growth. She mentioned access to health, food banks, cost of living but as always with Al Beeb, never any questioning about why it is difficult to find readily available healthcare and decent, reasonably priced accommodation.


    All are vying for finite resources, finite because so few, indigenous included, contribute meaningfully, but no one admits it.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Maybe we should go back to the times when we were drinking, smoking and eating fry-ups where we used to live longer.


      • Sluff says:

        Top prize for virtue signalling health scares must surely go to the government’s utterly over the top decision to ban coal fires on the grounds of pollution.

        Almost no-one, except those in the countryside who are off the mains, uses coal as a primary heating source.

        Yet back in the 60s, hundreds of pits produced coal for millions of homes and hundreds of town gas works.

        How did we all survive to a record life expectancy ?


  37. Sluff says:

    Different angle but same fundamental issue as above.

    BBC London news at 1330.
    First story. The housing ‘crisis’. A feature on YIMBIs. A new pressure group wanting to build more high density housing.
    It is stated that 300,000 people are looking for affordable homes and there seemed to be a comment implying these 300,000 were therefore homeless.

    Remarkably 300,000 is also the number of nett migrants annually coming into the UK during peak years.

    Less remarkably, this fact never had a single mention in the open-door BBC report.

    Yes, in BBC la la land, mass immigration has no effect whatsoever on housing shortages.


  38. G says:

    Are the people waking up rather quickly to the fact that Judges are unaccountable and in extremis, biased? Why not look at the UK justice system and its ‘accountability’ just like it was suggested we look at the unaccountable EU governance.


  39. vlad says:

    Iran’s deputy health minister denied that the authorities were lying about the scale of the Covid-19 outbreak… shortly before going down with Covid-19.


  40. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    We all know that the question time panel is made up with a token brexiteer each week.

    On politics live there is usually a token man on with the rest of the wimmin.
    Today all of them were wimmin and the host was also a wimmin.
    The guest who joined the panel half way through was…. a wimmin.

    Maybe they should change the title.

    One of the subjects talked about was ‘free speech’ and the lefties all agreed with free speech and that you can say what you want (but only if they agree, otherwise you should shut up)


    • Banania says:

      Helena Kennedy, one of the panel, is one of those people whose opinion you can exactly predict before she opens her mouth, whatever the question that has been asked. Any slight tendency to demur on the part of Madeleine Grant was countered by “I used to be head of a college” or “in all my experience in the courts” or some other claim to unimpeachable authority. She isn’t really all that bright.


  41. Fedup2 says:

    EG – since daytime BBC output seems 100% aimed at wimmin – I think there must be room for BBC Radio Trans – since the BBC seems fixated to non normal sexuality day in day out .

    Toady for Trans , Trans hour, The Trans World at one , afternoon trans theatre … I bet somewhere some trans BBC executive is thinking of this scam for their next promotion . After all – they’ve just put up the licence tax again so got to spend tax cash …….. but never mine ….


  42. s.trubble says:

    Fedup….a wonderful lead in to a bBC Scotland feature around 09,15 this morning.
    I heard the DJ Wimmin mention the name Mairi Black , snp Mp….
    you might remember her eating chips at Westminster in her first days there.

    Anyway, seems she had organised an event involving a drag queen….but wait for it, at a diversity event for primary ONE schoolchildren.

    Turns out this geezer’s website is XXX…stuff.

    Just seen there is more of this on GUIDO……the local authority
    at first fully supported the event but as several tons of brown stuff hit their fan……they have completely backtracked….

    A nice warm up following McKay, snp finance minister and his
    approaches to the 16 y/old….and ,of course the forthcoming
    Salmond trial against multiple sex charges which he denies…..

    PS later On my journey passed the rotting hulk of one of the 2 passenger ferries costing the taxpayer £200million….the other one is a skeleton hidden away from sight.This sad sight is sitting outside the yard nationalised by SNP Krankie and McKay)

    Be interesting how the bBC plays this as the story develops……..or as they most likely will tro to do……………and bury it.


    • Fedup2 says:

      S trubble – I get very Fedup with people like you objecting to 41 year old married men – one of whom might be an SNP politician – sending saucy text messages (250 plus) to a 16 year old boy .
      I mean – it’s legal isn’t it ? All perfectly natural …..( surely it’s not true ?)

      I do – of course – jest that such a man of such Calibre and judgement should represent people – whatever Party he might be a member of ….

      On the subject of the ferries – BBC Parliament was showing some inquiry asking questions about it all . The way it was going it looked like the inquiry was going to cost £200 million as well … another jolly like the inquiry in Northern Ireland aimed at prosecuting paras doing their duty in 1969 ?


  43. StewGreen says:

    Re James Grundy the Indy and lots of lefty tweets say
    “Tory MP apologises as video of him exposing himself to woman in pub emerges”

    That is fakenews cos the headline makes him look like a predatory pervert
    .. rather than a victimless event where he’s a rugby club joker, being egged on.

    The night was some kind of bawdy party, like a rugby club with lots of rude songs etc.

    The text says
    “The voice of a young woman can be heard instructing him to lift his shirt to reveal his genitals, which he does.

    Other media also use less incendiary headlines, which also miss the context.


  44. digg says:

    Greta is coming to Bristol for a school strike in protest about the earth getting too hot….

    Looking at the weather forecast it is likely that the kiddies will be struggling through the heavy snow and -5C temperatures predicted to hit the UK at the same time.

    I really hope so!

    Wait for “I will never forgive you Met Office or you God!”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Imagine being banged up with her four two weeks if the flu bug strikes … I don’t know what would be worse ….


  45. StewGreen says:

    Thread about how university students
    have really disgusting hygiene standards.
    It could make you puke.


  46. StewGreen says:

    Newlyn : The UK Open Borders policy
    .. Only if the smugglers make it super obvious like loading immigrants into vans in broad daylight in front of CCTV do authorities bother to act

    The 29 Vietnamese men, women and children were sailed across from Roscoff on a dilapidated yacht and were loaded into a removals van in Newlyn before police stopped them on the M5

    One of the adults in the van has been deported but 11 others have disappeared, along with at least three children, the court heard.
    … The smugglers look as if they live in caravans.


  47. digg says:

    The odious Millers (Gina and spouse) are at it again, this time trying to get the new Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, fired.

    These power-crazed people obviously think they run an alternative democracy outside the actual democratic process in the UK.

    It does make one wonder how many of these grasping creatures are banded together, slithering around out of sight in our capital city.


  48. vlad says:

    Oh dear, more trouble at t’EU. It seems those selfish Greeks don’t like being invaded either.

    Don’t they understand the enrichment?

    “Greek clashes break out over new migrant camps”