252 Responses to Weekend Thread 22 February 2020

  1. pugnazious says:

    Let’s defend the BBC…or at least mock the zealous and fantastical lunacy of Owen Jones as he furiously declares….

    The BBC normalised racism last night, pure and simple

    ‘Hate crimes have doubled in just five years. Why did our national broadcaster uncritically tweet the vile views of a Question Time audience member?

    This is how racism and rightwing extremism are normalised. Thursday night’s Question Time featured a lengthy racist rant by an audience member: “Close the borders, completely close the borders,” she frothed with hateful rage, adding in lies about foreigners being showered with never-ending freebies while destroying the education system and the NHS.

    Our national broadcaster uncritically pumping out racist rants is just another legitimisation of such bigotry. If we remain silent, the dial will shift further – and we may find that such beliefs become even more mainstream than they already are.’

    Well…er…what to say eh? Utter disgrace that BBC for allowing Hitler to speak on Question Time…..of course the truth is out there somewhere….

    Isn’t the Blond, blue-eyed Aryan white supremacist actually talking numbers not race? She mentions language but that’s perfectly sensible….speaking English might be helpful for you to progress in Britain….get a job, succeed at school, talking to your British neighbours and integrating…you know…not isolating yourself in a cultural ghetto where extremism breeds.

    In other countries speaking the language is also required…in Germany they have a clause in the immigration law‘ that states foreigners who wants to bring their spouse to Germany must be able to prove that the spouse is can speak basic German and is financially independent … The German government has said the restrictions are aimed at preventing forced marriages in its Turkish community and countering the development of parallel societies.’

    Those Germans eh? Such Nazis.

    Oh yes….as for the Communist Idiot’s claim that migrants cost us nothing…not true…they cost billions…

    ‘Migration Watch (2016) found that in FY2014/15 both EEA and non-EEA migrants represented a net fiscal cost (of £1.2bn and £15.6bn respectively).’


  2. Guest Who says:

    Don’t. Care.


    • pugnazious says:


      So what he’s saying is that the BBC is most successful when it’s commercial…its publicly funded channels are the least successful…great argument.

      He answers me…


  3. Guest Who says:

    Let’s see…..


  4. Philip_2 says:

    Just add oil to the fuel of The World Most Biased (and corrupt) UK Broadcaster is the news that the Taxpayers Alliance is formulating it own strategic challenge to the claims (wheeled out each BBC Charter Review – by Lord Hall et al) as the BBC being (somehow) – despite all UK statistics pointing ‘South’) is ‘vital’ ‘trusted’ (not) and ‘popular’ (not) and therefore ‘indispensable’ (not) as ‘vital’ to the NHS (to use its own (BS) metaphor) of its own wastefulness and financial incompetence going back decades and costing BILLIONS. The time has come for change and its a Taxpayers revolt A proper democratic instance on abolishment of the slave trade of false news of all (not so hidden) liberal Marxist agendas….pedalling.

    No Taxation without representation! (Heard in the US a long time ago) is just as valid when dealing with the BBC and the likes of the EU. We the paying (often as not not-willingly) the UK (real) taxpayer have a right to be heard and vote, and not fringe deficits that populate every level of the BBC and plunder the TV license fee as an ‘endorsement’ of their talent for ‘entertainment’.

    The time has come. The battle has only just started and its highly likely, this time, with all £3.9 Billion of legal (TV license) fees they will put into fighting it, they have already lost.

    Axe The Tax. Support the UK Taxpayers in this campaign. We must win this. We cannot presume that we will win automatically – it not a ‘fair’ fight as they use our own money against us to keep the status-quo That is why the TV license must be stopped.. Its a fight for accountablility and democracy and we have been here before. The BBC cannot be reformed, that is now clear.


  5. G says:

    I urge all right thinking people to watch this Peter Whittle YT video:

    A tad long but nevertheless extremely important. Remember the Miller case a few weeks ago? The ‘Thought Police’ and a Judicial Review?
    Mr Miller himself relates the story.
    I for one (and I think I’m far from alone) have no faith whatever in the police and those making ‘laws’ i.e. the current crop of Marxist politicians totally biased in line with another ‘arm of the state’ the BBC.
    “Policing By (public) Consent”? Hasn’t been happening for years. Ban any use of this assertion I say and revise the Police ‘Code’.


    • taffman says:

      Is the worm beginning to turn ? Will Al Beeb discuss ?…………….


    • john in cheshire says:

      I could be wrong but there’s one question that is never asked and that is who gives the orders to the ordinary low-level cops to behave the way they do?

      These low-level cops may love persecuting individuals ( and that seemed to be manifest on the faces of those cops who arrested Tommy Robinson in Leeds ) but someone is ordering and authorising them to carry out those actions. So, where do the orders originate because they are the ones who should be booted out of the forces up and down our country.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Thank you for providing this it is chilling to hear this detail. I no longer recognise the methods of the police nor do I recognise many aspects of the country in which I now live.


  6. theisland says:

    TR interviewed On Russia Today By Oksana Boyko On The Worlds Apart Programme.

    It can also be seen on https://www.tr.news/tommy-robinson-interviewed-on-russia-today/

    TR is currently in Russia. Brian of London says he expects to hear he is arrested on his way back into the UK.


  7. Darcy3 says:

    STILL nothing on the BBC front page: asians in racist attack on chinese woman and her asian female friend defending her


    Join the fightback and complain about bbc racism : imagine if it was a muslim women attacked by white males it would be headline news



    • vlad says:

      It’s not even under Birmingham. The beeb will do their usual trick of waiting till the story’s gone a bit cold before sticking it under Regions (if at all), and / or leaving out the ID of the attackers, and / or making it sound like a ‘racist’ attack against Asians rather than BY ‘Asians’.

      Smash the beeb!


  8. Up2snuff says:

    BBC Radio 4 Shambles

    The Afternoon Drama is The Pallisers, apparently starting with Episode 4.

    Yes, honestly.

    If you search, you discover Episodes 1-3 were broadcast in November last year. I don’t know why the BBC have split up this series. It’s not exactly a good way to catch and hold an audience. The BBC appear to try to drive away audiences and deliberately sabotage something that they can, and do, do well – radio drama.

    If you wish to listen to episodes 1-3 of this series, the BBC put a further barrier in the way: you need to register for BBC Sounds and sign in every day, despite the BBC’s promise to keep Registered Users signed in. It is time for a new Director General to drastically reform the BBC and slash the Licence Fee.

    Or the only other option will be ….


    • Up2snuff says:

      I have just reminded myself – while doing kitchen duties, as one does – that the possible reason why the BBC did not broadcast this radio series of The Pallisers in one go, November and early December is the unexpected UK General Election on 12th December. It might be the classic work of a long dead Victorian author but it also might be deemed too political during a general election period.

      That pre-supposes, of course, that in commissioning this piece, the BBC required the adaption writer, producer, director and cast to produce a work that could be ‘influential’ because it has a political slant.

      A BBC programme. Politically slanted? Really?

      Whatever next!


    • StewGreen says:

      It doesn’t ask me to resign in


  9. Dave S says:

    The BBC can no longer help itself. News at 6. Tyson Fury segment. Visit his old gym in Manchester. Talk to the children. Two ethnic minority boys and a girl. White boys? You must be joking. It never stops does it ?


  10. StewGreen says:

    Countryfile :
    #Agenda1 Climate Change

    #Agenda2 ‘Look we’ve found a black farm vet’

    “Tom Heap asks whether the UK’s farmers can go carbon neutral by 2040.”

    “Adam meets a trailblazing vet”



    • StewGreen says:

      yNavaratnam Partheeban AKA Theeb
      “Trustee of inner city farm. Co-founder of British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society (BVEDS) ”

      He stated that the BAME population of Britain is bigger than Scotland and Wales

      hmm that’s 5.4m +3.2m =8.6m

      UK popn is 66m
      SO 8.6m is 13%

      and whites are 87.1% so BAME are actually slightly under 13%


      • Up2snuff says:

        Or our UK population is more like 70 or 75 million.

        When you do some back of the envelope sums with things like passport renewals and driving licences and household numbers and GP registrations and so on, the official 66m seems a teeny bit on the low side.


    • StewGreen says:

      Is BBC Countryside the pulse of the nation ?
      Nope the Tweet that mocked their Climate Change pushing
      was easily the most popular with 1,200+ likes


      • StewGreen says:



  11. pugnazious says:

    Andrew Neil let’s himself down again as he compares the woman on Question Time who complained about numbers, not race, to the BNP…


    • Fedup2 says:

      There is a defensive streak in Mr Neil which leads him , every so often , to act like a snowflake to keep his job on the BBC. I know he doesn’t need the cash but it’s nice – together with public exposure . So he make lefty noises . In the end – he’s just another journo taking taxpayers ‘ money …..

      People need to be free to speak ..eh?


    • StewGreen says:

      Neil DIDN’T compare the QT woman to the BNP

      Neil : Baddiel’s doco on Confronting Holocaust Denial was brilliant
      Baddiel : Thanks
      Neil : More power to your elbow. I am so depressed we are having to confront anti-semitism and holocaust denial in 2020. But we are. So we must. Taking no quarter

      Bystander Charlie : BBC platform for the Extreme Right on Question Time

      Neil : I remember when the BNP appeared on Question Time.
      It never recovered.
      Sometimes it works to take them head on


      Bystander #2 : It is extremely depressing that the UK has increasingly lurched towards racism and scapegoating of immigrants over the past 5 years.

      Neil : There are circa 6m non-British born workers in our labour force.
      The vast majority are NOT subject to racist abuse or scapegoating.
      And where they are, it must be slapped down with vigour.
      Like it or lump it we are forever now a multi-racial/ethnic society.
      For the better


  12. taffman says:

    “Housing shortage: Scale of UK’s housing gap revealed”
    Too many people coming in to the country, legally and illegally.


    • StewGreen says:

      Net immigration is a factor

      plus A million houses are left empty
      .. There are another million with planning permission
      … but not started construction.

      Other countries have a more fluid land market
      cos they don’t create an artificial shortage of building land by putting farmland in a reserved category.

      The UK property market is mad and the government could have stopped prices by merely signalling that if they kept rising it would greatly increase supply by freeing up more farmland or building more houses itself.


      • taffman says:

        “freeing up more farmland or building more houses itself.”
        Good bye England’s green and pleasant land then.


  13. Dover Sentry says:

    Police actions are driven by the Home Office. The Home Office issue targets to be met each year or senior officers lose pay.

    These senior officers chase these figures daily to ensure that targets are to be met. For instance, if a report is made to the police that a child called another child Gay in an offensive way, the police will have to act. The senior officers will have a daily computer report as to such crimes and will demand that court action is taken to achieve the Home Office targets.

    Common sense has no place in this.

    If Cummings can break this cycle, much good will be done.