Midweek Thread 19 February 2020

Pick your favourite Far Left BBC propaganda theme -Genders -Diversity – islam – climate change – EU – President Trump -bojo – or combination thereof . No wonder people are switching off and refusing to pay for it .

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  1. pugnazious says:


    ‘A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a stabbing inside a central London mosque.

    The victim, in his 70s, was injured in an attack at London Central Mosque, near Regent’s Park, which police are not treating as terror-related.’

    Hmmmm…the man was praying in the mosque before launching his attack….if the police do not think this was terror related why do they not give the reason for thinking that? They must have one….maybe they did but the BBC hasn’t mentioned it.

    The attacker had been allegedly praying at the mosque for months and the police say it is not terror related and was an isolated incident…but they are increasing patrols outside Mosques to reassure people.

    Hmmm…isn’t that just feeding into the idea that Muslims are under attack when this looks like a Muslim on Muslim attack?

    The extremist MCB of course takes advantage as will others who wish to push the idea and create the impression this was a hate attack on Muslims and get special status and protections for Muslims….

    ‘Miqdaad Versi, from the Muslim Council of Britain, said: “It is deeply concerning that this has happened… Given other recent attacks elsewhere, many Muslims are on edge,” he said.’

    No added comment or speculation from the BBC as we normally get as with the attack in Germany…here somewhat reluctant to spin a narratve and ask waht was actually going on.


  2. Fred Stubber says:

    Just going back to this business about females who have hymen repair so that their husband will think he’s taken their virginity, what does that say about the quality of the relationship? Starting the marriage with a deception! Maybe it’s “a cultural thing”…



    • JimS says:

      I wonder about those people ‘in a relationship’ who proudly announce that they are ‘bi-sexual’, that rather suggests that they are looking for a different ‘partner’!


  3. Darcy3 says:

    A voice in the wilderness:

    JAN MOIR: Why don’t posturing pop stars ever protest over grooming gangs?

    The awards season is over, which should mean a welcome respite from celebrities lecturing us on our bad attitudes towards the environment, gender politics, sexual harassment, #MeToo and #MooToo — the oppression of defenceless cows for their milk, as highlighted by Joaquin Phoenix in his Oscar acceptance speech.

    Have I skimmed, have I missed something?

    Oh yes, racism. We are all racist now, apparently.

    At the Brit Awards this week, award-winning rapper Dave accused Boris Johnson of being a racist.

    His argument? ‘It is racist, whether or not it feels racist, the truth is our Prime Minister’s a real racist,’ he rapped. And it must be tru cuz he said it.

    It’s so exhausting, isn’t it, being guilty of everything all the time?

    Being such a perma-disappointment to the woke generation with their burnished morals and burning zeal to expose any instance of modern oppression and right every historical wrong in the dankest corners of society.

    Yet there is one area of widespread persecution and criminality in the UK on which they all remain silent — the abuse of white working-class girls by Asian grooming gangs.

    Over recent years, hundreds of vulnerable girls have been traumatised, broken, abused, raped, left unable to get on with their lives — but no high-profile crusader speaks for them, do they?

    No actor dedicates his or her trophy to them, no duchess pops a concerned head over the parapet of their anguish.

    No one is starting a hashtag or opening a pop-up shop or pleading for justice for them.

    In fact, few celebrities have anything of note to say on the subject, even though this week saw more convictions of Asian men of mainly Pakistani descent for what have become known as grooming gang offences.

    Usman Ali, Banaras Hussain, Abdul Majid, Gul Riaz and two other men were jailed for a total of 55 years for what the judge called ‘vile and wicked’ repeated sexual assault and the multiple rape of two under-aged white girls.

    These offences took place in Huddersfield, but we have been here before — in Rochdale, Bradford, Rotherham, Oldham, Halifax, Nottingham, Telford, Newcastle, Derby, Bristol, Birmingham, Peterborough and elsewhere.

    It is a contagion, a disgrace — yet don’t expect the ongoing trauma suffered by these girls to get a mention when there are far more fashionable causes to get angry about.

    Such as the transgender social justice initiative currently tearing the Labour Party apart or the continued insistence by some that the Grenfell tragedy is a race issue.

    If you really want a race issue, consider a report published last month into a grooming scandal in Manchester, which concluded that 57 young girls were thought to have been exploited by up to 100 Asian members of a gang, despite the fact police and social workers knew what was happening.

    Or note that in Oxford this month, three Asian men were jailed for a total of 49 years for raping and sexually abusing a schoolgirl, the third trial in a series of linked cases going back years.

    Naim Khan, Mohammed Nazir and Raheem Ahmed — all in their 40s — were found guilty of 35 offences against the girl when she was aged between 13 and 15.

    ‘My life has been destroyed,’ she said in her victim statement. In many of these cases, the victims were not believed at first, only to be later left with shattered lives freighted with eating disorders, depression, PTSD and drug dependence.

    It is not helpful, some say, to think of this national scandal in terms of race because white men are abusers, too. Indeed they are, but on this scale? Operating with such impunity in so many cities?

    We all know what we can see, which is that these girls and their families have been let down and that there is still little evidence of efforts in British Pakistani communities to confront the problem.



    • StewGreen says:

      @Darcy3 stars that have spoken up include Liz Kershaw who is from Rochdale
      and Morrissy also from the Northwest,
      he’s suffered from mudsligning as HateNoHoper types have thrown the poison label “far-right” at him.

      Not noticed any Londonmob artists speaking up


  4. Loobyloo says:

    Grace Millane case: ‘I went on a date with her killer after her murder’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-51563388

    BBC in the gutter


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Anything to get your name in the paper. Morals/ethics: zero!
      BBC has been in the gutter for a long time!
      Minimum of 17 years? Pathetic! This is “LIFE?”


  5. fakenewswatcher says:

    Beeb R4 news at 6 am has an audio for us to kick off with: shouts of “Nazis out!” in Hanau. Probably Antifa, Merkel’s shock troops. They’ll burn, smash and intimidate as required.
    Radio 4 has reports on the daily press in the UK, that has found the Hanau killer not to be a nutter, which -if you look at his actions- he clearly was.
    No, he was ‘extreme right’. Good chance to get at the AfD and discredit it. Maybe -the CDU thinks- it can use this tragedy to recover some votes from its once (and still) conservative voters base.
    Big ask, as Germany slides ever deeper into Socialism. Merkel would like a rerun of the Presidential win in Thuringia, in the hope Re-Red-Green can be installed. The fist Red being the ‘Linke’, successor to the East German SED. The second being the socialist SPD, shadow of its former self. The Greens becoming powerful in Germany.
    Merkel hoping they will become her new partners. They are the ‘watermelon party’, green on the outside, red on the inside. That will suit Merkel down to the ground.
    Gavin Lee, of R4, reports the Hanau killer has ‘mental health issues’. The Federal Prosecutor says he is ‘far-right’.
    This is the same prosecutor who has failed to do anything about all Merkel’s breeches of the Law. Zero credibility, mate.
    Same as the bbc.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Dark glances in the W1A canteen methinks.

    He had just described everyone there too.


  7. Guest Who says:

    So… ignore as blatant #prasnews using lefty luvvie production power?

    Or get on board as lefty luvvie royalty with an all studio access pass?

    The BBC is usually quite predictable.


  8. Guest Who says:

    And how did Champion Ash contribute this fine evening?


  9. Guest Who says:

    Currently using dried driftwood from the log store not flooded to heat the house.

    Not a good look, chaps.

    The bbc of course will be delirious that wood chips from Canada are being shipped over by the Cutty Sark and Greta Celeste.


    • JamesArthur says:

      These woke people are really thick R4 this morning one of presenters asked what is wet wood? All these headlines make it seem as though log burners are being banned.. no you just can’t use coal ( which was stopped in 1956 Clean air act because of smog but has crept back into middle class abodes) and need dried wood…You would think they would be all happy clappy but no R4 ..Boris is being horrible was the message


  10. Guest Who says:



    • Fedup2 says:

      Ms Brand was cleared of any breach of BBC rules with her comment on milkshake versus acid – and still makes a living from appearing on BBC programmes .

      So when she plants the seed of throwing liquid over people – in this case – chocolate over a BBC reporter – should anyone be surprised ?

      It would be good if such a desperate act of protest might give BBC staff pause for thought in the strength of feeling which has grown because of their propaganda but I think they are beyond that now. It was a bad thing to have done .


  11. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    The reviewer of terrorism is having a chat with Meeshall happily discussing the banning of online chat site because of ‘extremism ‘ and said chat sites should be treated similarly to ‘terrorist groups ‘ which can be banned .

    The emphasis was on “far Right” terrorism and as usual the real threat – Islamic terrorism wasn’t refered too .

    The chat all stemmed to the loon in German who killed 9 Turks, his mum and himself , a couple of days ago . I’m not sure that someone murdering his mum is a sign of Far Right Extremism. Anything happens anywhere – let’s ban something says BBC .

    The day will come , therefore, when people who disagree with a government view – will be declared as ‘extremist ‘ and effectively banned from sharing or discussing their views on the internet .

    The insanity of German mass murderers with a Hitler complex was given a frei pass .

    Mishal -being a Muslim – should know a bit better about the likelihood of being able to ‘deradicalise’ Muslim terrorists who are trained to deceive kafirs in order to go and kill non believers .


  12. Guest Who says:

    Versions of truth and accuracy and trust and information and education..


    • Fedup2 says:

      News sniffer is obviously spreading false news and should be banned as a suspected terrorist site – just to be on the safe side you understand – and they need to ‘check the thinking ‘ of anyone involved .

      Seriously – the edit might not look much to many people – but what is shows is how the ‘subtle ‘ use of certain words – or indeed their omission – is used by the BBC to support the ‘whitee is bad ‘ narrative .

      As I write Toady is in a happy place talking to an imported Kurd in Germany who wants to end populism and nationalism – let’s hope the SNP is listening as in thar context they’d be banned .


  13. andyjsnape says:


    wait for it…..

    Lights, Camera.. Fiction!!!


  14. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    The race for the White House can feel more like reality TV than democracy in action.

    It takes so long, is incredibly expensive and no other country does it like this.

    We #CutThroughTheNoise and ask: ‘Is this really the best way to choose who takes on Donald Trump?’


    Sounds like the bbc not thrilled with what they have to work with.

    Are they supposed to be working with an overseas opposition party as they do here?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I often think the BBC thinks America is part of the UK . Contrast the ‘every breath ‘ President Trump takes being reported versus the non reporting of weekly disorder in France – which in BBC World is meant to be our lovely European best friend . The same – strangely with the Leo Varadka character who apparently is no longer the Irish PM .
      No reporting on that – maybe it’s just a small country ….


      • JimS says:

        Europe has only existed for the BBC as a travel destination and an anonymous source of crticism of the UK government – “The EU says, thinks, believes, etc.” – a criticism that is never challenged.

        As you say, the BBC acts as if the USA is part of the UK and they too should act as the BBC thinks. This gives the false impression that the USA in turn cares what the UK thinks.

        Some years ago I visited a ‘facility’ part-owned by the UK in the USA, both countries flags flew side-by-side at the gate. Signing-in at the gatehouse and showing my passport I was asked, “The UK, is that near France?”


  15. Guest Who says:

    Might just try to find Mike’s best bits on YouTube from this episode of BBC Question Only Now When Implodes.

    Old white guy talking calm sense.

    Championship BBC literal communist loon… less so.

    BBC Chairbabe alternating between thunderous looks and not being impartial.



    • Charlie Farley says:

      Guest who
      Well said Michael , and he managed to get his point over despite that awful Fiona trying to stop him ….enjoyed the look on her face , gave up watching QT some time ago so have only seen this clip . It’s so bloody annoying the BBC are so biased in everything they produce……. there is so little left worth watching or listening to …..in the past I would turn on R4 worldservice when working night’s but now it’s appalling…never again . Have stopped paying LF now !


  16. Ed Hitter says:

    The BBC has formally backed its biased presenter against complaints when she spoke about the “white” crowd on Brexit night. As one twitter commentator pointed out this morning, that’s okay then, this should mean we can now expect the BBC to be more open about the Muslim rape gangs……


    • Fedup2 says:

      Up until her comment – and that of Jon snow – I tended to play down skin colour in comments if not directly relevant to a subject . Now I’ve received guidance , courtesy of BBC OFCOM , that it is okay to just mention skin colour in passing . So be it .


  17. theisland says:

    StewGreen gave a link to Akkad Daily a few threads ago. Carl Benjamin strikes me as a moderate and sensible chap. There are some good videos on there including:
    The Conservatives Move to End Low-Skilled Immigration to Britain
    The BBC Is Begging For Mercy


  18. Fedup2 says:

    The island – thanks for the links . I watched the second one – the chap hits the spot – a bit of a rant but in the circumstances – no surprise . Nice to be reminded of the 91% BBC hate rating of 5000 people on trust pilot ….


  19. Althepalerp says:

    JUST tell them you don`t watch live TV
    They send threatening letters just ignore them.
    I’ve don`t it


  20. Guest Who says:

    I am done joking* with the BBC.

    The Today Programme

    Thursday’s attack at a London Mosque has raised concerns about the vulnerability of all places of worship. Government funding for their security, pledged in 2019, is yet to be distributed. Mohammad Mahmoud is an Imam, he told Mishal Husain many feel worried for their safety.

    Read more: http://bit.ly/2VavsQc


    *temporarily. But this will backfire. Bimbo on beard Islam circling pleases 5%. Not the rest being stabbed, hacked or blown up.


    • Guest Who says:



      • StewGreen says:

        Interesting that political activists picked up on the BBC saying the Regents Park mosque stabber was white
        .. and immediately put out tweets condemning “this far right terrorism”
        .. many such tweets were deleted I bet a few still stand

        What do you call it when you assume politics of some one just cos of their skin colour ?


        (OK the police said it is not terrorism, but I suppose there is a remote chance it could be a complicated far right thing )


        • Guest Who says:

          She seems nice.

          Not by chance the stunt double for the romance scene in ‘Team America’ when Ms. Khalifa was training with Champion Ash for her QT debut?


  21. G says:

    I was studying the progress of today’s Toady and confirmed in my own mind that the delivery over the airwaves trips seamlessly and professionally, from one biased news item to the next. Interviewees? Well, all must be a member(s) of the liberal/Marxist persuasion.
    It is really quite staggering how the BBC goes about its portrayal of news features. But anyone with a keen mind should detect the conflicts and bias pretty well in an instant. Take an item earlier. A recent attack by an ‘extreme right wing’ terrorist. Or, is it a person with, ‘mental health issues’? The MSM cannot be sure. Anyway, I digress. As GW reports above, the resident full time female muslim (hijabless) interviews one of her kind for an opinion: The iman of a mosque, Finsbury Park I believe. The incident prompting the BBC’s distorted interest resulted in no injuries. However the iman concludes that all muslims are living in fear of death or injury in the UK. So for balance, our, ‘Worlds Most Trusted’, ask the iman, ‘how do you reconcile this incident with the 1044 killed and 733 injured over 148 attacks carried out by muslims worldwide in January of this year alone?’ (https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/attacks/attacks.aspx?Yr=2020)
    The iman was speechless, not expecting this sort of question from the dishonest BBC.
    Sorry for the latter fictional scenario which, simply, ain’t never going to happen. For ‘balanced reporting’ you understand.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Still not clear if the attacker was a worshipper at the mosque but the Imam seems to think so (unconfirmed — my arabic is a bit rusty).

      Might explain why the story’s quietly disappeared off the BBC News page as of this morning…


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        Meanwhile a Ms Safiyya Shaikh of west London has just pleaded guilty to a plot to blow up St Paul’s and a hotel last year.

        Time for another viewing of that Shamima Begum video and those lovely Union Flag cushions?


  22. Guest Who says:

    El Pomposo things he’s helping.

    He really isn’t.


  23. john in cheshire says:

    A muslim followed my niece home yesterday after trying to get her to climb into his car.
    She had the presence of mind to take his car registration and call the police.
    As of about two hours ago, the police have not been to speak to her.
    Quite naturally she is now very nervous about walking home alone after school ( she’s a newly graduated teacher).
    This muslim behaviour is everywhere not just in the towns and cities that are in the paper. And it won’t stop until these animals are stopped. Deportation is the least messy solution to this matter in my opinion.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Update, the police have spoken to my niece and told her they will speak to the perp. They wouldn’t tell her if he lives in the village but they must know of him, so I have to wonder what else he’s been up to.


  24. StewGreen says:

    Female Muslim-convert pleads guilty
    St Paul’s bomb plot: IS supporter Safiyya Shaikh pleads guilty


  25. G.W.F. says:

    Unmentioned by the BBC but Priti’s police crack down on the far far far right. Britain First’s leader charged with terrorism for not giving cops his telephone number. Gradually the far right are being silenced.

    The leader of far-right political group Britain First has been charged with an offence under the Terrorism Act after refusing to give police access to his phone.

    Paul Golding, 38, was stopped at Heathrow Airport in October on his way back from a trip to the Russian Parliament in Moscow by officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.
    He refused to give the pin codes for a number of his electronic devices.
    Golding was later charged with refusing to comply with a duty under Schedule 7 of the act.



  26. s.trubble says:

    Hey Fiona………..how did it feel to be “Gammoned”

    And Shifty Sopel……he’s certainly sniffing around on the rumours that some are courting new offers/deserting the sinking ship….take your pick.

    And that Mishal…over exposure might be a good thing, she is overtly biased….and basically out her depth

    Multiple 6 figure salaries……***k me!


  27. G says:

    Well, fancy that!
    Soros tampering with the European Court of Justice?


  28. Celtic_Mist says:

    I must be a bot!

    Expect the BBC to do something on bots and climate deniers

    It’s cousin, The Guardian has just published this article – probably in support of Greenpeace


    Doug Parr is the Greenpeace chief scientist


    • KafirHarbi says:

      Guardian piece – ‘he and his colleagues are “always kind of wondering why there’s persistent levels of denial about something that the science is more or less settled on”.’ – What the libmob do when confronted with an alternative to the groupthink – blame the Bots – or the Russians. Just like the anthropomorphic warming hypothesis, there’s no real science provided to support the Bot theory.


    • StewGreen says:

      The mates of Greenpeace’s Doug Parr took their sample on June 1 2017
      yet are only just publishing their analysis now, not far short of 3 years later.
      …This bot says 32 months is a long time to come up with such simple conclusions.


  29. G.W.F. says:


    Own up. Who has been publishing sniggers about the binary thingy who has difficulties getting its hair cut?

    The BBC are reporting the culprits. So there.
    The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has doubled down on its publication of a poem describing the “struggles of getting a haircut as a non-binary person”, warning that critics have been “reported”.


  30. StewGreen says:

    I see Brendan Cox runs a business whose product is “fear of far right”
    So given a sales opportunity he jumps in
    as he did about the London mosque stabbing
    .. yet I see no apology when it is clear it was not a far right terrorist attack.


  31. digg says:

    Oh dear, Mr Varadkar in Ireland is a bit upset because the EU are desperately doing the rounds to get member states to cough up a lot more cash and get less back to compensate for the missing Billions from the UK.


    Was the UK propping it all up?

    I can see no other explanation!

    Time the whole thing crashed down which I fully expect to happen.

    Of course no mention of this on the BBC.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Yes with a bit of luck the Irish PM? Is chucking his teddy in the corner at the prospect of Eire being shafted by the FrancoGerman Reich . It’s no more than what a small country can expect . . If their economy takes a dive they’ll be looking to the UK to help out – again .

      The BBC won’t be reporting this because it wants to believe the FrancoGerman Reich is a unified monster as opposed to a series of countries with their own interest .


  32. s.trubble says:

    Dont give them your name…Pike!

    Seems that with the head honchos in the departure lounge
    this bBC lot have just gone Tonto.


  33. Guest Who says:

    OT, but bet American Beauty, Peroxide Woman (of many, inc. Cathy), The Texas Hood and the Bloke Who IS Never in New York aspire to be lemons one day.


  34. davylars says:

    BBC news report this afternoon
    “ Retail sales bounce back in January after weak end to 2019”
    Nearly fell of my chair though when they added this at the end.

    ‘Despite ‘ coronavirus ’

    I wonder what happened to brexit.?


    • Guest Who says:

      Got this from the county Chamber of Commerce today.


      Welcome rise in new orders for Midlands firms – report
      10 February 2020


      These clowns were predicting End of days if Brexit happened. Maybe they get their news form BBC Midlands?


  35. Guest Who says:

    BBC not helping itself on data protection beyond embracing its inner Brand-Chiles.