Midweek Thread 15 January 2020

The biased BBC is going through the motions of box ticking on Operation Augusta – the failed inquiry by Greater Manchester Police into the sexual exploitation of young girls by Pakistani Muslim Paedophile Rape gangs .The report will be forgotten in a day , lessons won’t be learnt even after a report on it. The fear is that in forgotten towns in Britain vile sexual crime against young girls is still going on with both police and so called social services looking away with the Main Stream Media (BBC) complicit in failing to confront it. But let’s spend more media time talking about an American actress who married an English Prince .

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Dwane the rock johnsons father dies aged 75


    for those who maybe dont know who he is headline could have been

    US B list ham actor and former WWE pretend wrestlers father dies of old age

    now why would the BBC be interested in someone little seen except to teenage viewers of sky sports

    Known as “Soul Man”, he was part of the first BLACK tag team to win a WWE championship (win lol)

    “In a 2017 interview with Hannibal TV, Johnson said he faced RACISM during his career”

    arrrr now I see why their interested


  2. Kaiser says:


    and what do you think the BBC are implying here ???

    subtle as a house brick


  3. Sluff says:

    This could absolutely only happen on the BBC.

    The 1 pm news features the recent rains in Australia, which I presumed would be seen as a big positive given the bushfires.
    How silly of me.
    Unbelievably this was presented as doom and gloom bad news !!!!!!

    Doom. There may be flash floods and landslips.
    Gloom. The post-bushfire debris might be washed away.
    Doom. The bushfire ash might get into the water supply.
    Gloom. More rain is needed.

    Good is bad. Orwellian doublethink is alive and well in the shape of the BBC.


    • Old Goat says:

      Why should it be any different from what it has always been?

      Why has this insidious fear of long-known-about phenomena recently crept into the heads of these people?


      • Fedup2 says:

        Ok – sometimes the BBC just lets a chink of the truth to shine through . And unlike the BBC this site must allow those deluded people who want to defend the monster to do so .

        On the flight back to blighty today I was musing on what sort of day the BBC will have on the 31st of January ?

        Will it be just another day ?

        Will they get Huw to do a sombre outside broadcast?

        Get one of the old guard likes Humphreys or John Simpson or a Dimbleby to do a grave ‘moment in history ‘ type gig ?

        Or an ‘it’s a knockout gig ‘with members of the bubble playing remainers v Brexiter s?

        With ceremonial burning of ReichEU flags up and down the UK ?


  4. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On politics live today Liam Halligan got a good line in when answering about Big Ben.
    He prefaced his answer with “As the Brexiteer on this panel ….”
    Nobody picked him up on it in the way we see Fiona Bruce does when the Brexiteer on the QT panel brings up the bias of only having one Brexiteer on the panel.

    Also, good news for the tories, Rebecca Twice Daily is ahead of Starmzy in the latest poll for labour leader. Let’s hope she wins which will keep labour out for a generation (or several Scottish generations)


  5. vlad says:

    “Knife possession offences in England and Wales reach record high.”

    In its analysis of why so many white-handed boys are carrying and using knives, the beeb consults a Javed Khan(!) from Barnardos who comes out with the usual psycho-social babble the beeb love:

    “We need to tackle the root causes and understand why those involved carry knives.
    “Increasing the number and length of sentences can only be part of the solution, as this may not deter young people who are suffering a poverty of hope.”

    suffering a poverty of hope: see? they’re the real victims and it’s all our fault.


  6. Cane Corso says:

    Oh please Fedup, let me post. I promise never to be nice about Roger again.


  7. digg says:

    So the energy Companies are starting to warn that if the Electric Vehicle market continues to grow it will put impossible demands on the industry.


    It warned: ‘The infrastructure spending required to prepare the UK electricity networks for the electric vehicle transition is likely to run to tens of billions of pounds.’

    At present there are around 285,000 fully electric vehicles on the road compared to over 38 million petrol and diesel vehicles. And already we have a problem reaching crisis point.

    So, how do they propose to generate all the additional electricity? Solar and wind are ludicrously unreliable in this country so it is going to have to oil or coal or nuclear, all deemed environmentally suspect. Plus a massive new infrastructure in mains electricity storage will need to be put in place to cope with spikes in demand…

    Moving the problem from A to B and just costing billions and billions.

    Lets ask ER and Attenboro for answers hey?


    • Sluff says:

      Lets ask Attenborough how his messages are going down in China, India, Brazil, and especially Nigeria, now that we know their population is scheduled to rise by 600 million by the end of the century.


    • Charlie Farley says:

      It will be interesting to see the how the system copes in the future . An example is when its half time at a cup final match on TV ……thousands of kettles are switched on and power demand is huge …..similar scenario get home from work and plug the car in at same time as thousands of others do and another colossal demand on the system…….suppose we will just have to buy more electric from the French nuclear power plants ! !


    • taffman says:

      Dare I say simples ?


  8. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On Peston last night, the geek of the week part showed the make up of Parliament, women, black, ethnic, BLT and the like.

    It’s now a fact that we have ‘the gayest Parliament in the world’


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Gayest parliament in the world? Most of them look like miserable buggers to the rest of us (no pun intended).


      • Lefty Wright says:

        Ian Rushlow
        When I was a young man “gay” was a word meaning happy, as in Bachelor Gay or the Gay Gordons. Now it means bent, as in shirt lifter or rug muncher. This cannot end well.


  9. digg says:

    Still cracking off in Rochdale with another schoolgirl rape in the street….


    “Cops said the suspect is black or of dual-heritage, 5ft 8ins tall, and medium build and aged between 30 and 40 years old.”

    I bet the cops have already put this in their wayward youngster file.

    Hey BBC, anyone home? Thought not!……


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      It’s on the BBC website, complete with the reference to the possible ethnicity of the perpetrator. They and the police have even managed to avoid the usual blame-the-victim narrative e.g. accusing her of ‘simply making a lifestyle choice’.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Not cops but the obersturmbahn Fuhrer of Manchester Gestapo, who has deemed the latest uber Woke language must be used, so now they’re not half-caste not even mixed race, but dual-heritage !

      Anyone failing to use the latest reichsfuhrer approved language will be guilty of a ‘hate’ crime !


  10. digg says:

    Yet more climate ranting nonsense on R4 this afternoon.

    My question is will all these “scientists” and media folk apologise to all the youngsters they have scared shitless and mentally damaged when it all proves Boll*cks?

    The truth will out!


    • Not Gwent says:

      The environment has been a concern for sixty years and more. The response has been to grow our population and concrete over ever more of our environment.


  11. pugnazious says:

    Should be interesting and informative.

    Mishal Husain denounced the DUP as ‘backward and unpleasant’ for their Christian views on abortion and gay marriage…I look forward to Husain’s interview with Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey, a Catholic, who has clearly indicated that she supports greater restrictions on abortion…


    ‘It is currently legal to terminate a pregnancy up to full-term on the grounds of disability while the upper limit is 24 weeks if there is no disability. I personally do not agree with this position and agree with the words of the Disability Rights Commission that “the context in which parents choose whether to have a child should be one in which disability and non-disability are valued equally”.’

    The BBC usually targets those on the right for its opprobrium…such as JRM when his views became apparent…..the BBC launching into the usual attacks and going so far as to question his fitness for Office due to his Catholic views…..now would the BBC ever, ever, ask a Muslim if he was fit for Office due to his beliefs…Islamic beliefs which are far more prurient, intolerant, oppressive and violent than any JRM would ever express?


    ‘Two bishops have strongly criticised the BBC after a presenter asked Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg whether his Catholic faith could be a bar to holding high office in Britain.

    The bishops of Shrewsbury and Paisley accused the BBC of “bigotry” towards Catholicism following Rees-Mogg’s appearance on The Daily Politics, during which presenter Jo Coburn quizzed the MP on his religious and social views.

    Rees-Mogg himself accused Coburn of “picking on the views of the Catholic Church” after she asked him whether his Catholic views meant he had a problem with Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson being a lesbian and pregnant.

    Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury condemned the way the interview was conducted. He told the Catholic Herald: “The hounding of a Member of Parliament like Jacob Rees-Mogg for simply sharing the faith of Catholic Church indicates that the BBC and its interviewers see Catholic teaching as being somehow beyond public tolerance. It is hard to see this treatment of Catholic politicians as being other than a new bigotry.”

    Bishop John Keenan of Paisley also accused the presenter of trying to “hide behind the old red-herrings of ‘other people say’, and ‘members of your own party say’.”’


    • john in cheshire says:

      From Wikipedia, this bbc hatemonger is of pakland descent. So, is she an apostate muslim and if so why isn’t she in fear for her life? If not, what does she have to say about what islam says about homosexuals, Christianity, unbelievers, the koran’s exhortation to kill unbelievers and etc?


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Let’s hope RBL is elected leader then and see how keen the BBC are to have her on Toady for a friendly chat with Mishal ……
      Oh what fun ! !


  12. Jeff says:

    The BBC’s climate concerns are reaching levels of unprecedented hysteria.
    I jumped in the car this afternoon and the audio system automatically tuned into Radio 4…I’ll have to fix that.
    Sarah Montague was interviewing some bloke in Australia about…guess what, climate change! Is there ever anything else…other than racism?
    But it was this nutter’s lunatic pronouncements that had me gripping the steering wheel even tighter. I genuinely think he was unhinged.
    He claimed that there are trees in Australia that “are literally millions of years old and they’re being destroyed.” Even the ever gullible Sarah sounded aghast.
    There are no trees anywhere that reach the age of anything like a million years. Is the man off his head? Of course there are species of trees that are ancient. Some, like Ginko biloba, go back to the times of the dinosaurs. And conifers predate insect life, but there’s no individual specimen that reaches these astronomical ages. “It’s all down to climate change” he wailed.
    After this madman had been stuck back in his straitjacket we had a delightful 15 minutes all about environmental pioneers (Yep!) followed by the news and David Attenborough telling us we’re all doomed.
    Then there was an advert for this Sunday’s play…David Copperfield…set in Nigeria…FFS!
    Radio off.
    Sorted through my CD’s.
    Bit of Matt Monroe.
    Stopped gnashing my teeth…all three of them…
    Calmed down.


    • Deborah says:

      I switched on BBC1 at 6pm for the news. I switched off about 6.02. David Attenborough was only saying what someone else/report was saying either yesterday or the day before in the BBC’s lead story. Short news programmes (shortened by me) merge into each other. Soon I won’t even know what they are saying because I won’t even switch on.

      The BBC no longer know what ‘news’ is. This blatant propaganda is repetitive and they are losing their audience. How come the story wasn’t about the number of flights Meghan has taken in the last week?


      • Charlie Farley says:

        My listening days are the same now …….2 seconds on and its climate change doom …..Brexit doom …….might turn the radio on for Big Ben striking on the 31st all being well !


      • Fedup2 says:

        The ‘go fund me’ site for the Big Ben to bong when we leave the ReichEU has hit £132k …. only £368k to go … then they’ll make up another number to prevent it … £600k? £700K? .

        Maybe Nigel Farage could take the pay off money from the EU and donate it to the gong ,..


      • Fedup2 says:

        I hate being preached to . So when I find out – through comments here -that BBC types have been lecturing us about the climate all the time – I’m warmed by the thought of all those volcanoes they can do nothing about – and the likes of China and India increasing power consumption as their populations ‘ standards of life rise .

        Weak western whining means nothing to them .

        The climate changes whether we like it on not and I do not accept snowflake theories .and the idea of the likes of st Attenborough and his chums wandering around bits of the planet as tourists telling up this cuddly creature and that cuddly creature is going extinct is pretty tired – although I suppose it sells DVDs to pay for BBC jollys .


    • RobRoy says:

      Jeff, heard the same interview while driving – mouth open, aghast. The guy said something along the lines that these trees had survived Ice Ages, floods, droughts, and yet now are threatened by… climate change. What the fudge? What does he think causes ice ages ffs!!! And yes, I wondered what magical trees could live this long.


  13. pugnazious says:

    They’ll never work for the BBC again….heretics!…


  14. digg says:

    BBC Radio PM program this afternoon rolled on some Lord who is obviously a bigwig in the climate gravy train industry. The man ranted on like Mussolini about how we are all going to have to swallow the armageddon climate mantra whether we like it or not.

    I think the BBC will become even more unwatchable and unlistenable as it ramps up it’s climate silly season. I hope the dismal gloom they will be spreading on like butter helps to turn off people in droves and their audience figures continue to sag.

    I believe that because of the Greta effect they think this will replace the older generation who are their current bedrock audience with aware bright young things. Well it doesn’t look like that worked with their hysterical Grime Rap attempt and it won’t work with this either.

    The sooner they are all put out to grass the better assuming there will be any grass left by this time next year!


  15. Thoughtful says:

    I see Owen Jones’ assault case is in court with the perpetrator pleading guilty to the assault but denying that there was any other motive except the obnoxious Jones causing an arguement in the pub.

    There is no evidence to support Jones assertion other than he says he perceives it to be because he is homosexual and left wing.

    The Gestapo searched the perps flat and found a Chelsea flag which according to the prosecution is sufficient evidence to prove ‘hate’ of everything and very flag of the club is in and of itself a ‘hate’ symbol !

    It occurs to me though, yet again what a horrible concept ‘hate’ crime is, giving as it does better and unequal ‘justice’ to those deemed worthy of its coverage.

    Note that the only groups covered by these ‘most favoured’ catagories are all though by the left to be Labour voters.


    Note that anyone who is perceived to be ‘far right’ is covered by this legislation, so when Nigel Farage was assaulted it was not a ‘hate’ crime, and when it was Tommy Robinson it wasn’t a crime at all!

    The elderly are not seen as a vulnerable group because they are blamed for Brexit and nearly all vote Tory !

    If the cowardly useless incompetent Tories had any backbone at all they would end this egregious offence to natural justice, but I won’t be holding my breath !


  16. taffman says:

    “Estate agents report ‘uplift’ in housing market”
    “UK pub numbers rise for the first time in a decade”
    “Fall in inflation raises prospects of interest rate cut”
    Despite Brexit?

    While on the other side of the mote
    “German economy sees weakest growth since 2013”


  17. vlad says:

    Another slight cultural misunderstanding between a policeman, a muslim and a machete.

    And remember: diversity is our strength.

    “Leyton machete attack: PC was ‘fighting to stay alive’ ”




  18. StewGreen says:

    Oh Twitter just pushed this police recruitment at me
    … Unlike their other adverts , no other agenda is obvious


  19. Guest Who says:

    Matt feeling in the crowds.


  20. Guest Who says:

    What cause is not improved by Gary’s intellectual heft thrown in support?


    • john in cheshire says:

      Mr Lineker, you blithering idiot, there is no Climate Crisis.

      Let me explain you feebleminded fool:

      There. Is. No. Climate. Crisis.

      Let that sink in for a few minutes, you buffoon.

      And if you’re capable of reading and understanding what you read, let me recommend a book to you:

      The Morning of the Magicians, by: Pauwels & Bergier

      You won’t understand it but at least you’ll perhaps recognise there are people more intelligent than you and things on this earth than you could ever connect your little mind with, let alone begin to understand


      • john in cheshire says:

        I’m sorry but I need to add:

        Why do you think Jesus Christ called us little children?
        Any thoughts?

        Well let me explain in simple words:

        It’s because He didn’t swear but He was telling us:

        We know nothing about anything. And I wanted to swear here.


      • JamesArthur says:

        Don’t hold back 🙂

        What I am annoyed about is the complete lack of true discussion..
        – and as for the net zero..why zero? Even if I accept there is an issue there must be a figure that is acceptable that isn’t zero – because that means I can no longer fart unless I plant a tree (a small one)


    • StewGreen says:

      Lineker’s own tweet has 12.5K likes
      That BBC Breakfast video of DA has 4.5K likes
      ie less than 1 in 10,000 UK adults have liked that tweet.
      But it even worse cos the Likes actually often come from outside the UK so it’s probably one in each 30,000 UK adults


  21. Guest Who says:

    This thread is worth following given some of those chipping in and making Lineker look sharp.


  22. john in cheshire says:

    Absolutely about nothing other than a Marcel Proust moment, does anyone else remember this?


  23. Fedup2 says:

    Interesting letter in the FT today comparing the BBC with Prem league footy clubs – particularly in what the BBC calls ‘talent ‘.

    The letter says that since the BBC cultivates people to go on the TV and makes them ‘famous ‘ and marketable it should sell them on in the same way footy clubs do – thus making money for the BBC instead of turning the talent into very wealthy free lancers – I can think of quite a few

    I know this is off track from the normal bias stuff we talk about here but when ‘free lancers ‘ can get away with doing things like selling crisps or campaigning for personal view such as supporting the EU it seems only fair that the taxpayer should get something back from ‘freeloaders ‘ .


  24. Thoughtful says:


    This news story is currently being blanked by media and social media as well. According to a techie friend it is being blocked by twitter so social media doesn’t work as an alternative to the fake news media, by barring certain key words.

    If you watch the video you will note how the MEN have cropped it deliberately to not show the perpetrator.

    A rather unusual case with a ‘man’ involved again.


  25. StewGreen says:

    Re The BBC’s Crusade


  26. Guest Who says:

    More Botney!


  27. theleftwilleatitself says:

    The way I see it, and give your opinion if you think I’m wrong, but unless Labour appoint Lisa Nandy over any of the other shower, it will be a completely backwards step and a same old, same old situation!
    Let’s hope they appoint someone like the fat pig Thornberry 🐽


    • taffman says:

      IMHO the leader appointed should be Diane Abbot.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Keir Hardy Starmer would be a good choice. By his name one can tell how he was raised, indoctrinated and brainwashed into being the commie robot he is.


      • chancygardner says:

        I’m seriously facing a dilemma about this. I have no interest in anything the Labour Party has to say but I know it will be foisted upon me without my consent, in one way or another.

        Therefore, I couldn’t bear to see more of Thornberry (after all there is quite a lot to see already). But on the other hand, the evil Dr Starmer gives me the creeps and the other three up for grabs are just annoying, ranging from the girl who didn’t become head girl because she was too much of a swot, the sister of the girl next door and a screaming banshee.

        So no, none of them please but I know that one must lead sooo…I go for the sister of the girl next door.


        • Roland Deschain says:

          Keir Starmer looks like the kind of oily smoothie you would be well advised not to buy a used car from. And the other candidates are worse.


        • Banania says:

          The only good one (or one of the very few) was Caroline Flint.


  28. Idiotboy says:

    This recent ramp-up of climate change hysteria by the BBC – what do you think is driving it ?
    I am guessing that the BBC, under instruction, is preparing us for the introduction of some otherwise impossible-to-sell “mitigation” measures which are going to:
    a) cost us a load of dosh, and
    b) seriously impact our living standards.
    When is the next globalist shindig at Davos taking place ? You know, the one Boris was not going to let any of his people attend, but then changed his mind at the last minute.
    Oh wait, its next week………………….

    Watch this space.


    • Up2snuff says:

      IB, the factor driving the BBC to do this Year of Climate-thing is the fact the UK is hosting the COP jolly in Glasgow in November this year. Plus the Attenborough programmes and the ‘god-like’ status he enjoys with some people. Plus the fires in Australia.

      The BBC doesn’t really do science or history or politics in other countries except for those they have a bias for so that last one probably has the metro-Lefty-Libbies at the BBC really rattled because they fervently believe all that AGW/CC stuff without question and think the world is going to blazes, like, er .. literally.


  29. Guest Who says:



    • taffman says:

      Guest Who
      I can see our good friend Roland is commenting about this.
      Well done Roland Deschain I say !


  30. MarkyMark says:

    BBC offer free, previously unread, reading material to kids … 34b832588094b8554d01620c9cd432e59cb7f2a3708b746ada5f9bc189451d0d.png


  31. StewGreen says:

    PBS on Channel 91
    The trailer just said “We look at Donald Trump’s ZERO tolerance attitude towards immigration”

    …. em Trump often tweets about properly qualified immigrants who’ve made a good contribution to the US.

    So PBS are just mudslinging against Trump
    he is actually intolerant of BAD improperly vetted immigration.


    • taffman says:

      Have no fear!
      According to the bookies, Donald’s odds of becoming President in the next election are running at 8/11.
      The bookies are usually the winners .


  32. StewGreen says:

    Worth mentioning again
    The article about our colonial masters who rule over us : The metropolitan liberals.


  33. taffman says:

    Climate watchers and specialists.
    Have a look at the graph shown here, under “The world’s top emitters of carbon dioxide”
    Why has the UK been included under EU 3,457, a figure that includes France and Germany ?…………………….


  34. StewGreen says:

    Yet again BBC make an item that sounds like
    “How can we in the Labour Party win the next election ?”

    ..BTW if people were really interested in the Labour Party they’d join
    Since membership is half million
    that’s about 10% of UK adults
    So 90% are not really that interested


  35. Guest Who says:

    They are of course upset the BBC was not left enough, but it is still sweet they asked.



  36. taffman says:

    “Labour leadership: Momentum group backs Rebecca Long-Bailey”

    Well it looks like she will become the next ‘Leader’, another ‘CorBin’ ?
    All together , “Lessons to be learned “, ready for the next Labour election slamming .


  37. StewGreen says:

    Sadiq wants to halt Brexit celebrations


  38. pugnazious says:

    Hmmm…Lionel Barber is jumping ship as editor of the FT…presumably now that Brexit is almost certainly on its way he is no longer needed to fight a rear-guard action to delay and disrupt with a barrage of lies and untruths about it.

    Today, on Today, he told us one of the biggest lies of the referendum was that there would be an immediate and destructive recession #duetobrexit should we vote Leave…and he said ‘We [the FT] went along with that’.

    Odd that at the time the BBC didn’t seem to notice the Remain lies and instead concentrated all its fire upon Boris and the bus…and continued to do so for the next three years telling us that the referendum was stolen by the Big Boris Bus Bluff.

    For three years the BBC has lied to us and indeed insulted all those who led the campaign and voted Leave calling them Far-Right, extremists, bigots, uneducated, racists and ignorant fools.

    Boris of course was the main target for their ire especially when he became the front-runner for the leadership and then for PM….the BBC promoted the idea that the Tory Party was heading to the far-right and had been hijacked by a group of extremists….of course this was never true but is a clear indication of how the BBC perceives Brexit and how they are prepared to spread false and malicious fake news to further their own agenda.

    But now they’ve come up with another narrative since Boris romped to victory…now they are telling us that Boris lied to the voters, that he pretended to be of the far-right when in fact he is a liberal and he is busy betraying those who voted for him with liberal policies such as lavishly funding the NHS, fixing social care and hoping to come to some mutually advantageous agreement with the EU.

    Hmmm…all things he actually campaigned on.

    The BBC’s wilful blindness another clear indicator of the BBC’s real intent…in this case to get Boris regardless of what he says or does. The BBC will reinvent the narrative to make Boris look bad never mind that what they now say is the complete opposite of what they claimed before.


  39. Deborah says:

    New Tricks on Channel 20 had ended so we switched to BBC1 for the end of QT. Lawrence Fox looked extremely bored and the one question we heard him asked ie who he wanted as the next leader of the Labour Party, he could scarcely be bothered to answer but with his dislike of identity politics responded to the effect that gender of the new leader didn’t matter. The applauding seals and the fragrant Miss Bruce couldn’t compute that reply. Shami looked as though she was chewing lemons. The next question was 4 hour waiting times to be scrapped obviously it was all Boris and the Conservatives fault that the target was being missed. Mr D predicted that none of the panel would admit to the extra numbers in from abroad might put the NHS under pressure and we switched off.

    QT is so predictable these days and we noticed that Shami and members of the audience were struggling to string two coherent words never mind a sentence. Time for it (and all the BBC)were put out of their misery.


  40. Not Gwent says:

    I see the News front page might as well be free advertising space for the Greens. State Broadcaster relentlessly bangs its drums for its chosen causes.


  41. Roland Deschain says:

    Annnnnd… today’s countdown from switching on BBC radio and hearing the words “climate change” was…..


    1 second.


  42. Fedup2 says:

    I suppose if one steps back a big from the main lines of attack the BBC has day to day – their climate change fetish /fascism or whatever is all they have at the moment .

    Examine the others – anti right wing = Tory govt TIL 2024
    – Muslims – Iran – paedos- isis – Norwegians
    – brexit project fear – boat has sailed

    So until we leave the EU and the BBC starts the drone of ‘ brexit failure ‘ all they have is climate crap or man / trump bashing or the usual racist this and that with a bit on their blessed NHS forever failing …

    I see Becky wrong daily is doing a speech this afternoon after being ordained by the momentum mafia . Tricky if she really is RC and anti abortion …..


  43. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    Poor Justin sounds so depressed . Going through the motions – then some Dutchy from the Brussels mafia ver hofstadt or similar turns up for the 0810 and our Justin sparks up – so eager to suck up to a famous EU type that he interrupted like Robinson .

    Apparently we might not be able to deport EU citizens who have no legal right to be in Blighty . So why have brexit then ? – but that was not a question the biased BBC asks .
    If they don’t register after a grace period – mark em up for deportation – and have reciprocal arrangements with other EU countries anyway .

    We had 3 years and more of gip and it’s time to get sovereign again .

    Meanwhile the wretched gravy train Reich eu parliament has banned national flags . You must comply . A flag , apparently , is akin to a glass of water – said some hideous Irish EU mafia type – hide it under the table . Irish pride indeed.


  44. Dover Sentry says:

    There is a possibility that the drive to stop the BBC will come from the North.

    Much of the South East has become Metro-Luvvie-Liberal-Land. Much is driven by those who commute to London. Brighton and Guildford are typical.

    Guildford and Brighton have become white London Boroughs but without the mugging 🙂


  45. Foscari says:

    I know I am going to take flack for this, so suppose I am a
    masochist for even writing it on this website. I DO think
    there is a possibility of climate change.
    I am 74 years old and can never remember being told before
    in the middle of January that its going to get colder with
    temperatures going down to as LOW as 6 degrees during the day.
    Doesn’t that mean that plants still grow? The gardens in my area
    are awash with snow drops and the daffs are already getting to
    the point of almost flowering.
    And here’s another secret , but don’t tell anybody. You don’t
    need to go to Canaries in winter to get warm sunny weather.
    In 21/2 hours for a few quid you can be in Southern Spain or
    the Algarve in Portugal and sit in 20 degrees in the sun in
    December and January . Something you couldn’t do 20 years ago.
    Yes I know I am in a minority of one on this website. But more fool
    me. And you can write what you like about me. I am off to my
    apartment in the Algarve for some warm sunshine.


    • Old Goat says:

      I’m only a couple of years behind you, and have watched as weather forecasts (which were largely accurate) have morphed from sensible, informative transmissions, to hand-wringing warnings of doom and disaster from a little wind, rain, or rise/fall in temperatures. Even standard Atlantic depressions have to be attributed silly names, now and dire predictions issued prior to their passage. We are a world of wimps, and it’s getting worse…

      Climate change happens – it’s normal, natural, and won’t be dissuaded by the puny finger-wagging of humanity. I’d bet that the average person, in their lifetime, would probably never experience any change whatsoever – these things occur over thousands of years.


      • Banania says:

        I heard one market stall holder call out to another, “Did you hear the weather forecast? What was it?” Answer: “Yes. There are four storms coming, and they’ve all got names.”


    • Jeff says:

      As others have already said, the climate changes…that’s what it does.
      During the age of the dinosaurs the vegetation that was needed to support these giant herbivores was massive. It had to be considerably warmer and wetter than it is now.
      And when the Romans invaded Britain they managed to grow grape vines as far north as Northumbria. There was no possibility of “man made” climate change, but during the last fifty years of their occupation the climate changed by five degrees.
      About three hundred years ago we endured what’s been called a mini ice age and we have gradually been coming out of it. These were the days when the Thames froze solid and frost fairs were held on the river. Of course it’s not like that now.
      It’s bound to warm. The climate isn’t static. It never has been.
      So, you’re off to the Algarve, you lucky blighter…
      Pack your sunscreen!


  46. Fedup2 says:

    Foscari —- but you miss the point . Of course the climate changes – all the time – the objection from the likes of me is thar the reason for the change is mankind . I don’t accept that mankind has the data / understanding of how the climate works .
    There are too many variables – people who use this site who i ham happy to say are much better informed – eg Richard Pinder – goes into far better explanations that my ‘common sense ‘ reasoning .

    Yes – it’s good to recycle and get off hydrocarbons – if only to screw the Arabs but wholesale changes in living – no .

    By the way – I got back from somewhere very warm and sunny yesterday …. finally learnt how to use a BBQ thing .


    • Not Gwent says:

      Climate change – it does, all the time, whether we’re here or not.

      That said this has been talked about for over half a century and, as might be viewed from Mars, our response has been to double our population. That’s going to help?


      • Up2snuff says:

        NG, ” our response has been to double our population” – er, that’s where the real bulk of the warming comes from.

        If I’ve remembered the physics correctly, the average adult human body at rest is like using a 100w electric fire. Indulge in physical activity (as the BBC would no doubt want us to do for the sake of the NHS – saving all those heart attacks and mental episodes – the London Marathon is in three months time, I’ve seen people out for the New Year training) and I think the output goes much closer to 250watts. Now that the whole of the UK is obese (according to the Beeb) those heat outputs probably go up a notch or two.

        PS: Please do correct me if I’ve remembered the science all wrong. One cannot rely on maxi.


  47. Guest Who says:

    Not a bbc poll. Well, it kind of is.


    • Deborah says:

      Just voted in Zoby’s poll – 46.6% want Boris to reform the BBC with reform of the House of Lords coming a poor second at 30%.


  48. Old Goat says:

    Slightly off topic, but not really – Tony Heller slams the NOAA/NASA conglomerate again, for falsifying data and graphs – and backs up his argument, as usual, with something a little more accurate, including original data and historical facts (rather than BBC hysterical drivel).

    This stuff needs a much broader audience:


    • Guest Who says:

      When overpaid idiot luvvies like Brucie cite idiot luvvies like Sir Boaty and St. Greta on matters of objective science as if they were Newton and Curie the system remains screwed.


    • Up2snuff says:

      OG, I was hunting around info on Tony Heller videos and I found quite a lot of other interwebby stuff trying to dismiss and smear him. They all refered to him as an Australian. In the few vids I’ve watched he sounds like a New Yorker. Is there someone else with the name Tony Heller doing AGW/CC vids?


  49. taffman says:

    AL Beeb up here do have a sense of humour , perhaps unintentional ?…………….

    \\”It’s highly likely the murmuration took avoiding action whilst airborne, from possibly a bird of prey with the rear of the group not pulling up in time and striking the ground,” a tweet from the unit said.//


  50. Guest Who says:

    A bowl of petunias shrugs.


    • john in cheshire says:

      I think this is the same outrage merchant who was on LBC, Nickknownowt’s programme early this morning. It appears from what I understood her to say, that complimenting a woman on her attire could “in certain circumstances” be regarded as sexual harassment.

      My first thought was why do we need an MP for this sort of non-work/ make-work?
      My second thought was, doesn’t she have better ways to spend her time?
      My third thought was she proves that we have far too many MPs.


    • Kaiser says:

      “I’m not going to be drawn on the details”

      because there are none, it never happened