Start the Week Thread 13 January 2020

18 days until the UK leaves the EU. Last week the legislation finalising our leaving passed through the Commons with barely a mention by the Biased pro EU BBC; and at the moment it is busy with royal issues . Perhaps it is at a stage of organisational grief combined with a feeling of hopelessness that the General Election didn’t go the way the BBC wanted .

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  1. Guest Who says:

    Go on, guess…

    bBC News

    “I can’t believe I’m saying this… But damn, it feels good to finally do it. It is time to let go and be truly free.”


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Well done if you’re finally rid of al beeb’s telly tax 👍😁


    • StewGreen says:

      @GuestWho means ‘which WOKE topic are the BBc talking about there ?’
      check your guess

      .. further down there is an earlier posting of that same story.
      + BTW half the items on that BBCnews Facebook page are woke


  2. vlad says:

    Al-Beeb are currently headlining ‘Manchester sex abuse: ‘Fundamental flaws’ left children unprotected.’

    “Police and social workers investigating child sex exploitation in Manchester knew children were suffering “the most profound abuse… but did not protect them”, a report has found.
    After a child’s death in 2003, police identified at least 97 “predominantly Asian” suspects, but “very few” faced justice, the independent review found.”

    [For ‘Asian’, read ‘pakistani muslim’. But with a paedophile sex-addict as a model, no surprise there.]

    The social services are blamed, and the police.

    What is NOT mentioned is the prevailing atmosphere of fear of being denounced as islamophobic or racist by right-on, PC, left-wing influencers and organisations like our very own much-detested BBC.

    Not a shred of self-awareness, self-questioning, remorse or apology for having helped create the climate of thought that allowed the muslim abuse to go unchecked for decades, not just in Manchester but across the country on an unimaginable scale.



    • taffman says:

      Will ‘Panodrama’ investigate ? How many thousands more ?
      Where was the highly funded NSPCC?


      • vlad says:

        Panodrama are much too busy vilifying those people who object to the wholesale abuse of underage white girls.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Agree vlad, absolutely disgusting what these Pakistani muslims did to our white British girls 16 years ago in south Manchester under the noses of the police and social services!
      Equally appalling is al beeb calling them ‘Asian men’ when the world and his wife know what they are really called – PAKISTANI MUSLIMS
      Al beeb’s reaction when they finally knew that they had to break the news on one of their favourite groups 😱😱😱


  3. Guest Who says:

    Vital. Indeed.


  4. StewGreen says:

    A nasty evil Tory has said
    \\Smallpox, measles, mumps and malaria
    “are there to regulate our population”
    and new ways to control it need to be found, //

    Actually it was Chris Packham


  5. Guest Who says:

    If you are going to double down, get on VD to do it.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      You’re SO, SO boring Shola, SO predictable. And you talk such rubbish. Same old, same old garbage. Beeb promoting, needless to say!


  6. StewGreen says:

    FT : BBC boss would like two thirds of staff outside London by 2027
    It follows accusations from No 10 that the corporation was catering to a “pro-Remain metropolitan bubble in Islington
    … we must work harder than ever to ensure our coverage reflects all voices across the UK”

    ( .. yeh that’s why the new R4 Drama is Lagos to London .. a rewritecof Dickens)

    September 2019
    “We’ve made enormous strides. A decade ago, a third of the BBC was based outside London and two-thirds was in London. Today, that balance is 50/50.
    We’ve moved from less than 10% of our network TV programmes production …”

    FFS 60m population in UK
    … 9m in London .. that’s just 15%

    They scream at everyone else, yet they are way out of kilter with the rest of the UK
    .. 85% of BBC jobs should be outside London
    yet they are nowhere near getting that.


  7. StewGreen says:

    In that same article Hall pushes a report which claims the £4bn the BBC spends comes back into the UK economy as £8bn.
    In this Twitter thread an economist points out that this a fallacy.


    • Philip_2 says:

      Tony Hall speaks doublespeak. The fact is that thc BBC studios (UK) made just £200 Million from ‘private’ contracts for NetFlix and Prime customers and the EU, In part some of that was also ‘subservient’ PR work for Arab totallitarian regimes which are ‘aired’ on YouTube (reported in the press last year) and NOT broadcast on BBC channels. That is ‘private’ funds.

      The BBC has an income of £3.9 billion from the License fee and doubles that from FreeView Royalty Fee payments. Most of this is ‘golden oldies’ of yesteryear on FreeView channels. So in truth the BBC spends all of £3.9 Billion to create this ‘original’ content which in years 2011 to 2012 was in excess of £1 Billion. But it takes £3.9 Billion to produce it. That is a loss to the UK of 75%, not a profit, a LOSS. On top of that the BBC pays No Corporation Tax and has generous tax subsidies to fund UK ‘talent’ which it clearly abuses to its own ends. Its a British Leyland badged loss making monster, and it what little profit it does make, goes into ‘private’ hands in the BBC.

      Lord Tony Hall is a modern day Lord Haw Haw. Money IN does not equal money out. This is a loss making business. A vanity project for failure celebrated. WE should get rid of it.


  8. vlad says:

    Melanie Phillips’ tribute to Roger Scruton. (Paywalled in today’s Times.)

    Every word of his and her critique of the Left applies to the beeb.

    “Roger Scruton knew the precious value of freedom”

    “The late philosopher repeatedly exposed the left’s aim of suppressing independent thought

    The death of Sir Roger Scruton is a loss that our troubled culture can ill afford. He was Britain’s greatest contemporary philosopher and also its most lyrical.

    The author of more than 50 books, he didn’t just write about Kant and Wittgenstein. He also wrote luminously about beauty and music, architecture and sexual desire, fox-hunting and piety, art and the rural idyll.

    Much misrepresented and traduced, Sir Roger analysed, defended and embodied conservatism which he understood to a rare degree. He articulated and championed the deep connections between conservatism, the English countryside and national identity.

    He recognised that without a shared home and culture based on the inherited values, customs and laws of a nation state there can be no sense of “we”. Above all, Sir Roger realised that conservatism was about the defence of collective memory and freedom, or it was nothing.

    In his book How to Be a Conservative, published in 2014, he recalled his astonishment when, witnessing the 1968 student riots in Paris, he realised that these radicals wanted to destroy freedom in pursuit of the illusory benefits of Marxism.

    From this he concluded that the political alternative to revolutionary socialism was conservatism. But when he started teaching at London university, he discovered that without exception his colleagues opposed conservatism which they said was the enemy of fairness and those “struggling for peace” against American imperialism.

    From then on, his life became a progressively more urgent battle in which he fought academia and cultural orthodoxies and lost.

    In Britain, he witnessed at first hand the “long march through the institutions” which undermined core values along with enterprise, national sovereignty and patriotism.

    In communist eastern Europe, he bravely helped dissidents to fight oppression, culminating in his own arrest and expulsion from Czechoslovakia in 1985.

    This relationship opened his eyes, not just to the evils of the Soviet Union but the importance of “the bringing to consciousness of forgotten things”. He also realised that in Britain, Labour Party socialism expressed the same contempt for human freedom through its agenda of controlling society in the name of equality.

    In How to Be a Conservative, he wrote that ordinary people were trying to “live by their lights, raising families, enjoying communities, worshipping their gods and adopting a settled and affirmative culture — these attempts are scorned and ridiculed by the Guardian class.”

    As a result, he wrote, conservatives now had to “move quietly and discreetly… known only to each other as they move in disguise”. At the same time, he realised that many of them no longer understood what they needed to conserve. So his Conservative Philosophy Group tried to restore conservatism to the Conservative Party.

    As the years went on, the totalitarian characteristics which he had helped battle in eastern Europe surfaced in Britain under a different guise.

    The universities, those supposed crucibles of fearless and independent thought (but which had long since hounded him out), started openly suppressing ideas. On campus as elsewhere, the culture wars of identity politics were claiming real victims through character assassination and social and professional ostracism.

    Last year, he himself fell victim to this when an article in the New Statesman smeared him by distorting comments he had made in an interview. Worse still, on the basis of nothing other than these falsehoods, the Tory housing minister James Brokenshire sacked him as chairman of a government commission — thus proving Sir Roger’s point about the party’s moral vacuum. Both the magazine and Brokenshire subsequently apologised and Sir Roger was restored to his role. But the injustice of the affair badly wounded him.

    It is difficult to convey to anyone who hasn’t experienced such an onslaught the impact this can have on the victim’s life and wellbeing. It becomes hard to dispatch the feeling that, despite the support of friends and even any subsequent apology, the forces of darkness are steadily extinguishing the lights of justice and decency.

    We should remember him not for the horrible hit-job which blighted the end of his life but for his sweetness of character, dry wit and magnificent writing, which will remain in our minds and hearts and through which he will continue to teach us about truth, freedom and what it is to be human.

    May his memory be for a blessing.”


  9. StewGreen says:

    R4 prog just starting on language on Climate Change
    From the greenhouse effect, through global warming to climate chaos, Michael Rosen talks to George Marshall about the best ways to communicate what’s happening to the planet.

    CC “changes in the weather and extreme variations”

    The guy moved on before actually giving a definition


  10. StewGreen says:

    Official : heavy rain forecast in Australian fire areas


    • Fedup2 says:

      Writing from thousands of miles away – let’s hope our cousins get enough rain where they need it


    • Oldspeaker says:

      Being a sucker for a conspiracy I often watch bbc, no, not really, but I do enjoy a good yarn. I don’t know how credible the following is but I do know it won’t get an airing on the bbc. Kind of lost me at the accelerant spreading part, but who knows?

      Episode 266, episode 265 is a blast too. Frequently find myself around the fringes looking for scraps of truth these days.


  11. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Maggie Oliver has just been on Sky News and she squarely puts the blame for the Manchester ‘grooming’ gangs going unpunished and the coverup, on those at the top of the police food chain.

    I think we all know that our ‘betters’ have consistently covered up for the ’asian’ gangbanggangs and to hell with our little girls getting enriched, drugged, tortured and all the rest that is associated with those who can not be named.

    If these cases ever go anywhere you can bet your house that none of the police commissioners etc will be brought to justice.
    All that would happen is some at the bottom would be sacrificed, cannon fodder, so that the fast tracked graduates who have pc’d their way to the top of the police tree can get away with their cowardice (or corruption) (or both) and carry on ruining what’s left of our police.

    I sure the vast majority of our ‘bobbies’ want this sorted but the ‘elite’ want it suppressed, hidden and forgotten about.

    Like Hillsborough, maybe in 40 years, when most are dead or dribbling and drooling, we may get some daylight but for now expect the usual whitewash.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Names need naming – the buck needs to stop at the top . So whoever was in charge of that police force deserves the drop – which probably means they’ve got their Knighthood and pension and gone .

      The kids didn’t matter – they were just ‘ trailer trash ‘ or ‘ chaotic’ as those terms are used to dispose of things they don’t want to deal with .

      As well as fear of the race card damaging prospects for the next career step .


    • JimS says:

      “Like Hillsborough, maybe in 40 years, when most are dead or dribbling and drooling, we may get some daylight but for now expect the usual whitewash.”

      In forty years time the history, as always, will be written by the victors, who will be the owners of Alan’s Snack Bar.

      The story will be about the Sluts of Satan and the Harlots of Hell and how they attempted to seduce the True Believers.


  12. Guest Who says:

    Faisal, Mishal and Kamal will be thrilled, as will all other colleagues no doubt.


  13. digg says:

    Do you think that now the BBC and other MSM are being forced to accept the vile nastiness of what was going on in Manchester and Rotherham and many other places they might review their attitude to Tommy Robinson who did his best to try to bring this all out and stop it because the police didn’t care but got jailed for it?


    • cromwell says:

      i agree with you digg but the msm and the bbc hate tommy robinson with a vengence even though hes been proved right all along. they would never admit he was right in a million years.


    • Fedup2 says:

      No -“ far right “- will be thrown around by the bubble as the smokescreen to the things they don’t want to know about or see


      • Oaknash says:

        I expect BBC droids will be instructed to make special efforts to highlight any more unpleasant rapes in the near future provided they were committed by a white man.

        Wheres Worboys when you need him.


  14. tarien says:

    The BBC has and is indulging in a very dangerous and dishonest attack on British society and in particular white British people, pushing the narrative that they are all racist based purely on the fact that they are white and that other races, and the BBC includes Islam as a race for some reason, are always victims of white peoples’ prejudice thus sowing the seeds of increasing ethnic anger, dissent and ultimately open conflict. The BBC is highly irresponsible and dangerous, not only stirring up race conflict but religious based terrorism as well as it continually justifies and excuses Muslim terrorism and radicalisation. Perhaps it is about time someone in ‘authority’ started looking at just what the BBC and its employees are doing as they whip up race hate and incite radicalisation. Are all migrants racist now then using BBC logic? Why does the BBC usually underplay migrant crimes and the downsides to immigration in the UK whilst on the other hand always telling us of the supposed benefits of immigration. The Archbishop insisted that many faiths, not just Islam, have a problem with radicalisation. And, significantly, he said Christians should not deny “accountability” for the role of their faith in “many atrocities” over the centuries including recent decades. Saying Christians should be accountable for past crimes rather misses the point…certainly Christians have done things ‘in the name of Christianity’ but no-where in Jesus’s teachings does he say kill people, oppress them and force them to adopt his religion….unlike in the Koran.
    The BBC also misses the point in claiming that Britain is racist and basing that upon a rise in ‘Islamophobia’, a meaningless word used to silence debate. Most hate crimes against Muslims came in the wake of the Lee Rigby murder, you remember that? The hate crime where two Muslims hacked to death a British soldier on a British street?
    The BBC’s curious notion that ‘Britain’ is racist, ie white Britain, is highly prejudicial and inaccurate, an inaccuracy made all the worse because we know that it is a deliberate choice by the BBC to present the ‘facts’ in a way that makes white Britons out to be racist purely on the basis of their skin colour…you’re white therefore you must be racist.
    The BBC is deliberately stirring up race hate against white, British people as it falsely accuses them of being some sort of white supremacists. The real tradegy and great concern is that the BBC is reluctant to tell us the truth about Islam/Muslims and the effect they have on society nevertheless it should be spoken about, it should be brought clearly into the open-the BBC has to stop denying the influence of the Islamic Political Ideology spreading across the UK and Europe.


    • Fedup2 says:


      I have wondered at the restraint strong minded British people have shown in the face of abuse of the ‘ hospitality ‘ afforded them as new arrivals from the third world . It is seem as a weakness .

      Even in extreme – such as London Bridge – there was no reaction – not to many other attacks as well as organised criminality such as mass sexual assaults .

      My fear is that something will trigger a change in outlook – whatever noises the state and its broadcaster make or indeed – suppress.


    • Not Gwent says:

      “The BBC’s curious notion that ‘Britain’ is racist, ie white Britain”

      As a thought exercise suppose this is State Broadcaster’s honest assessment of the majority view. Perhaps it should consider whether it is serving the larger part of its own taxpayers?

      As a subscription service it could be as anti white as it liked as those cursed with the ‘hidious’ tint could go consume their TV elsewhere.


  15. Sluff says:

    Hot news.
    On the BBC1 6pm news the first story is the Manchester child abuse story.
    At the end, Mark Easton sums up and states that the abuse came from one particular ethnic minority. Wow!

    Jusr one slight problem. He failed to mention what that minority was !!!!!!
    As well we know, the BBC still do do all they can not to show Pakistani Muslims in a bad light.
    Even after all the evidence.
    Absolutely appalling.


    • Fedup2 says:

      It’s the editorial line —never use ‘Muslim ‘ or ‘islam’ or ‘black ‘ in a negative sense . Just brainwashing in accordance with Goebells methodology .

      Like so many things – the bubble underestimated the common sense and intelligence of …. ‘the masses ‘ ie ‘us ‘ .


    • tarien says:

      Indeed Sluff, it further supports my earlier comments. Islam is a very dangerous animal set amongst our Christian White community-like a fox amongst the chickens-it won’t kill just one to eat but kill the lot if it can.


  16. Thoughtful says:

    Just to make people smile and because it has to be an early April fools joke Gwyneth Paltrow is for $75 selling a ‘vagina scented candle’

    The mind boggles because the ingredients in it don’t appear to bear any relation.



    • taffman says:

      Sounds like a nice lady ?


    • Oaknash says:

      Rotten Haddock anyone?
      Thoughtful this has got to be a joke………..If not the woke class have entered a new level of insanity. Trouble is these days nothing would surprise me about these people, hmmmm I can think of a very self absorbed, woke couple who have as much class as Gwinny who might well be interested in giving them “celebrity endorsement” for a few bob!

      Clue – did you know she also does voice overs!


      • Thoughtful says:

        Although Gwinny might be a nuts, She hasn’t really expressed any political opinions despite the pressure from Hollywood.

        As for your header this was posted on the thread:



    • vlad says:

      I thought it had to be a spoof… but the Grauniad seem to think it’s genuine. In our bonkers 4th (or is it 5th?) wave feminazism, anything’s possible. Sorry, i can’t be bothered to research such nonsense any further – over to you, dear reader.

      (Normally I would post a pic illustrating the article in the article, but our esteemed blog administrator might baulk. So here’s Cathy Neuman instead.)



    • Fedup2 says:

      An actress called Jennifer biel has had a baby and Twitter is speculating whether it will be called


      Or popemo…..


  17. digg says:

    Despite it being the biggest story today, the story of the abysmal police and authority failures over the child-grooming-rape in Manchester and Rotherham has already vanished from the Guardian and Independent websites front pages and has been reduced to a small link way down the BBC home page.

    They are all showing their true colours….From now, it’s history!

    I was beginning to think sites like this one had pretty much done it’s job but now realise we have only just begun and must keep on fighting and highlighting their atrociousness!


    • Thoughtful says:

      It only goes to show that faced with the same situation again, they would do exactly the same as they did then.

      It’s high time the word ‘racism’ was given an official definition and it was made a criminal offence to make a false accusation.


    • Kaiser says:

      the police were far too busy to bother with the trivial matter of peado gang rapists


      • vlad says:

        “I need to check your thinking”.

        The Thought Police – LITERALLY!


      • StewGreen says:

        @Kaiser I think that the Harry the Owl judgement is due in a few days


        • Kaiser says:

          just listening to it initiates complete disbelief , is it comedy, satire, whimsey , farce, 1984, the minority report?

          no its clownworld 2020 and very very dangerous

          crimeless victims, noncrime criminal records



  18. taffman says:

    Big Ben: Would Brexit bongs cost £500,000?
    How about some volunteers servicemen pop up and use sledge hammers to chime out our independence and freedom on the 31st of January ? Get the Royal Horse Artillery to fire a gun salute.

    Funny how they can spend hundreds of thousands on gay parades, carnivals and policing ‘Stinking Rebellion’ but nowt to celebrate the result of biggest vote in the democratic history of Great Britain ? Will our PM be at the celebrations ? I have always thought that Boris was a closet Remainer.
    Rule Britannia!


    • Fedup2 says:

      On Twitter the likes of Aaron Banks and other wealthy libertarians have said they’ll put up the money . I also understand that a ‘crowd fund ‘ has been set up by a journo on LBC . ….
      Can’t see it happening .


      • taffman says:

        I think the downplaying of this great event stinks . Just like anything that celebrates our nation’s greatness is labelled as ‘jingoistic’ by libtard snowflakes, but in any other nation it is called patriotism.
        Sour grapes of the Remoaners.


        • Fedup2 says:

          It would be nice to know what the programme is for the removal of EU flags from car licence plates and the various other places it pollutes . I find it offensive .


          • Banania says:

            Just cover the EU flag with a St George’s one or a Union Jack. I expect those little stickers are still being sold.


        • Oaknash says:

          I do wonder whether it is because Boris wants to keep as low a profile as possible on Brexit – I suspect he has something more akin to BRINO in mind and celebrating brexit with bongs when in fact the opposite is true may make people very angry indeed.

          Wasnt the cost of “bonging scaffold clad ” Benn in the region of £500,000 which in reality is very small beer when you consider the importance of the event and how much the Government have wasted on various projects over the years.

          I am very suspicious about all of this and what happens to our fishing waters will be the first main test.


    • EUTV says:

      Problem solved over Big Ben

      I can use Youtube to copy the ‘bongs’, all we need is a sound system.

      Perhaps Bob Geldof will lend us the sound system he had on his pleasure cruiser? You know, the one he harranged the Farage Fishing Fleet with in 2016. He might even throw in the DJ he had too, if we ask him nicely.


  19. digg says:


    “A Labour MP has been criticised for sharing a Twitter post telling Rotherham sex abuse victims to ‘shut their mouths for the good of diversity’. Naz Shah, who represents Bradford West, shared and liked a post tweeted out from a parody account of newspaper columnist Owen Jones. It said: ‘Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity.’”

    Her advice certainly worked for the BBC, The Guardian and the Independent.


    • Beltane says:

      Only on the BBC would a mealy-mouthed creep like Mark Easton seek to justify or mollify any aspect of the sexual predation by saying that ‘the perpetrators had their own levels of abuse to contend with….’
      For shame. You utter shitehawk.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Plenty of footage on twitter of French riot police battering protesting strikers in the likes of Lyon . Get the feeling in BBC world it never happened .


    • taffman says:

      I am of the opinion that Al Beeb censors some of the news coming from the EU and other topics.
      Often I notice that news gets picked up on this site long before Al Beeb reports it , eg. the grooming gangs that have been operating in this country for years.


      • Oaknash says:

        Classic case to point was the Cologne rapes and sexual assaults , it seemed everybody knew about it apart from the “worlds most trusted broadcaster”!


  21. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Meet three teenagers who want to make the world better. They’re taking after Greta Thunberg and learning what it takes to be an activist.

    Hear more on The Real Story:

    From BBC World Service

    Three! And guess what..


  22. JimS says:

    Some say that our Discontented Duchess is just doing what all little girls nowadays have been brought up to do, i.e. get their own way.

    Today I saw a picture of a little girl learning ‘coding’ wearing a jersey with the slogan “I am always right” written on it. This afternoon I was on a crowded bus with several people standing. One of the seats was taken up with a pre-school girl, the one alongside by her rag doll. No-one said a word. We have all seen the sickening sight of so-called ‘people of power’ hanging on every word of the Skiving Swede.

    Parents, just say ‘No!’.


  23. BRISSLES says:

    I would have sat on her doll.


    • JimS says:

      She anticipated that, she changed seats with the doll when even more people got on!

      Still, look on the bright side, one day she might have her own daughter.


  24. Guest Who says:

    Guess she is also in their pay grade now.


  25. Jeff says:

    The pathetic BBC are still failing to identify the perpetrators of these paedophile crimes.
    How many times can they randomly refer to the assailants as “men”? It’s pitiful.
    They will traverse around the houses, turn themselves inside out, but they still can’t find the correct words.
    Mark Easton was doing his bit towards the end of this evening’s coverage and just for a second I thought we might have had a breakthrough. He went right up to the shoreline, dipped his toe in the water and then scuttled back to safety.
    What he eventually came out with was mealy mouthed and pathetic.”What we have here is an abused minority who in turn…”. So even when they’re talking about paedo’s they’ve got to be given “victim status.”
    For one moment I thought he was actually going to say ” these rapists are Pakistani Muslim men” but no, he hesitated and then retreated to the shelter of the politically correct BBC safe space .
    It’s really quite incredible. Here we have a vile, sinister crime that’s been perpetrated against vulnerable underage white girls for decades. It’s been hidden by the police, the local authorities, politicians and the media and the bloody useless, gutless BBC still can’t admit who is actually responsible.
    You know, when lo Cox was murdered I don’t recall them being nearly so reticent. Straight away they were out there with a clear motive for the killer. There were no ifs, buts, whys or wherefores, they told us straight away who was responsible…
    The far right!


  26. Sluff says:

    Compare and contrast.

    Attitude of authorities to ‘vulnerable children’ on boats crossing the channel to enter the UK illegally


    Attitude of authorities to vulnerable children being repeatedly raped and drugged by ‘Asian male’ gangs in Northern towns and cities.


    • taffman says:

      Ignoring or hiding this terrible, terrible news is like holding down the safety valve of a pressure cooker. One day it will explode! That’s what Al Beeb and successive governments have been doing .


  27. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren says Bernie Sanders told her he didn’t think a woman could become president of the US.

    We went to Iowa to ask voters: Does gender matter? #CutThroughTheNoise


    The BBC asks folk a BBC question and edits the BBC story.

    Maybe that latest Dr. lady who is now toast of the studios has a view?


  28. theleftwilleatitself says:

    Fedup 2, just out of curiosity, is there or has there ever been a Fedup or Fedup1? 🤔 😁


    • Fedup2 says:

      The left
      Yes there was a previous iteration of Fedup but I withdrew from the site for various reasons but couldn’t stay away . Now that I’m on the select list of power crazy moderators I’ve never looked back .

      I missed the first 2 goals ,…


  29. Thoughtful says:

    One of the BBC (we’re not biased honest we’re not and if we keep telling the lie long enough someone will believe it) so called comedians has issued his hate filled diatribe against Ricky Gervaise in the BBC print arm the grauniad.

    In his piece he claims Only “furious moronic c**ts” liked Ricky Gervais’s Golden Globes set

    Just read this appalling diatribe and you will understand just why the BBC doesn’t do comedy anymore, and why it loves w***kers like this so much.


  30. Thoughtful says:

    Some jokes which are actually funny:

    Doctor it burns every time I pass water, ah he said you must be Australian !

    My son is taking part in a social experiment by wearing an “I love Jeremy Corbyn” T shirt. So far he’s been kicked in the nuts, punched in the face spat on and generally insulted. It will be interesting to see the effects when he wears it outside the house !


  31. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    The head of Maple Leaf Foods suggests “a narcissist in Washington” ultimately caused the air tragedy.


    That the national broadcaster of the U.K. deems what a daft businessman in Canada ‘suggests’ is ‘news’ shows the depths their TDS has dragged them.


  32. Guest Who says:

    BBC ‘Business’ of course operates on a basis that is, at best, unique.


  33. StewGreen says:

    Election fraud : Derby 2013, 4 Muslims were jailed
    .. I wonder if there is breakdown somewhere of people prosecuted for election fraud.


  34. StewGreen says:

    Sheffield student Stasi to be trained up


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC are again right there with them on this.

      Should it go the shape of the pear down the line, might we again see spouses and partners unhappy on the BBC rather than with the BBC?


  35. Guest Who says:

    OT, but the thread and cans of worms opened on other topics the Georges and BBCs are not keen on, are magnificent.


  36. Fedup2 says:

    Time for a new Thread

    Newsnight dug up a private citizen called Anna Soubry to go on about State Aid for Flybe – and a girl economist who sounded as though she d taken too much Peruvian marching powder in the Green Room .

    How Soubry hasn’t done a Major / Hezza and slipped back into their coffin is beyond me . And the BBC giving a failed politician like her oxygen is just inexcusable


  37. Philip_2 says:

    The BBC has a clear attraction to Manchester. ‘The BBC signalled its intention to move jobs to Manchester in 2004, and the Salford Quays site was chosen in 2006. Labour was still in power and denying anything that the BBC spend all their power denying. Manchester is in the news (again) as The ‘Rochdale’ liberal MP Cyril Smith regularly abused Young Boys from his luxury flat in Manchester.’For four decades Cyril Smith, the former Liberal MP, was free to abuse boys with impunity. … HOW DID he get away with it. The BBC would not report it.

    Before that disclosure the BBC denied several times that Jimmy Saville had worked for the BBC. Left to the BBC we would NEVER know..’Sir Jimmy Savile (1926–2011) was a BBC celebrity, showbiz friend of the establishment and philanthropist. In October 2012, one year after his death, an ITV documentary alleged that Savile was also a prolific sexual predator who for decades had exploited his BBC status to abuse teenage girls.’

    Manchester has a curious attraction for the BBC. So today’s disclosure of another cover up of Child abuse in Manchester is something else for the BBC to deny any local involvement. But here they are involved by not reporting (any) child abuse then or now. After all you have to recognise it as an ‘abuse’, much better to get a sociology professor on the radio stating that sex should be compulsory (educational) by older men on young boys and girls and reduce the age of compliance to (say) four. Or an Imman stating that it was impossible that this could ever happen (again) as nobody was aware of it at the time. Well it was 2006. At the same time as the ‘other’ failures at the BBC to report anything detrimental to the religion of choice which enjoy a relative safety zone, within the BBC.

    Working for the BBC in Manchester should have a health warning. The influence of the BBC is there for all to see as its NOT news they want to report. After all, why should they embarrass themselves, on issues which they can deny ‘as not being of any public interest’. They decide, of course and call it progressive diversity and equality nonsense. At least we can ignore the BBC now,


  38. Guest Who says:

    So, it seems the eco-BBC has the time and money to follow the globe-trotting Duchess around the world to afford her the privacy she claims.

    As hypocrisy goes, an impressive combo.