Start the Week Thread 9 December 2019

The final week of the General Election campaign . Have you had enough Far Left BBC bias? The BBC is throwing the whole range of propaganda to favour Labour against the Conservative/Brexit candidates .
The end of the week will see how persuasive the BBC/MSM still is after so much poison .

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  1. Ed Hitter says:

    BBC’s turn-off Today show has given a platform to the prostitute consorting, anti free Press campaigner Hugh Grant to campaign against the Tories.
    I wonder when Today will give a similar free platform to any of the following: John le Carré, Joanna Lumley, Simon Callow, Sathnam Sanghera, Tom Holland, Frederick Forsyth, Tony Parsons, Maajid Nawaz, Nick Hewer.
    They happen to be just a few of the celebs who signed a letter stating that Labour’s anti semitism, and the “prospect of of a prime minister steeped in association with antisemitism” meant they could not endorse a Labour vote.
    I’m sure Today’s producers would find that one of them could be available to pop in for a little chat about the threat that Corbyn poses to our Jewish community.
    Not too hard to provide some editorial balance, is it?


    • Banania says:

      Steer clear of Le Carré: John Le Carré: “Brexit is the biggest idiocy perpetrated by the United Kingdom.”


  2. Guest Who says:

    The New York Times has appointed Jane Bradley as UK investigative correspondent. Jane will join the newspaper in its London office from January. She was previously investigations correspondent for BuzzFeed.


    The now CEO of the NYT was quite keen on Buzzfeed ‘investigations’ by Buzzfeed when DG of the bbc, iirc.


  3. smoogie7 says:

    Laura Kuenssberg:

    ‘General election 2019: Boris Johnson’s bad day shows election not over’

    That is not news. That is her opinion and it has no place on our media. Clearly she is just trying to twist things as a last ditch attempt to undermine the Tories out of desperation.

    Do you want some good news for the Tories, Laura? At 12am in the morning Survation released a poll giving the Tories a 14 point lead. In 2017 their final opinion poll had the Tories just two points ahead. They were then credited for ‘predicting the result’

    Is that a really bad day after all?


  4. smoogie7 says:

    Finally caught up with the ‘boy on a floor in the hospital’ video. IT was nothing but an attack against the Tories. It shoots to a scene with Corbyn at another rally (free publicity for Labour again) holding the paper up and then angry protesters, Labour activists shouting at a car.

    This is NOT balance but extreme bias to help Labour out.

    I know everyone else has mentioned this as well but it is clear that this is a last ditch attempt to get Labour elected. Had Corbyn not rushed out his now debunked ‘NHS is for sell lie’ a few weeks ago he could have used that this week to cause enormous damage to the Tories.

    I really do hope that Boris does win now and gets rid of that license fee. The BBC are a disgrace but all of this bias will push us towards a hung parliament and any attempt to sort out the BBC will be unsuccessful.

    I have no respect for the BBC whatsoever. This is just wrong the way that they are spinning the story and of course pandering to the Mirror who are clearly trying to damage the Tories as much as possible.

    Why will the BBC not look at those right wing papers like the Sun? The Telegraph or the Mail?

    Election fraud by Labour activists.
    Russian leaks
    Antisemitism and that Jews would flee the UK if Corbyn wins?

    No there is nothing on that at all.

    Come on, lets go out there and vote for Boris and help defeat the BBC for once and for all!


    • Charlie Farley says:

      What genuine caring parent would dump their child on the floor , when you can hold them in your arms , this is totally unbelievable , definitely a set up, mother should be charged with child neglect and BBC keep running it . Strange how Jezza was on the case immediately. Been for an operation myself in the last year and couldn’t fault the care recieved ….they were really busy but nobody died from neglect in my ward !


      • smoogie7 says:

        My mother was in hospital a couple of months ago for day surgery. She actually got a call to come in a couple of weeks early. She had no complaints and it was the first time that she had been in hospital for 10 years. The service was no different than it was before.


      • smoogie7 says:

        My mother was in hospital a couple of months ago for day surgery. She actually got a call to come in a couple of weeks early. She had no complaints and it was the first time that she had been in hospital for 10 years. The service was no different than it was before.


  5. Panda says:

    With the BBC and SlyNews not to mention Ch4s obvious bias for St Jeremy and Labour, are they really saying ‘oh well, who cares about anti semetism, the jews will get over it’?


    • smoogie7 says:

      What antisemitism? The MSM have now completely gone quiet on the subject.

      Labour are being investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and there is not even one mention of that anywhere from the BBC!


  6. Guest Who says:

    VD does balance.


    • Guest Who says:

      Mean boys. Again.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I’ve listened to the Audio. It’s not banter . It’s a realistic appraisal of the situation by a labourite on the inside .

        Thank god for the web and the likes of guido because the BBC would suppress anything harmful to Corbyn this week .

        The ga ga Toynbee in the G today reflects that BoJo will take revenge on enemies . Let’s hope so – if he gets a fair majority and the traitors have been caste to the depths .

        I think there’ll be a series of picture showing nurse ( saints ) crying in despair at the door of a food bank … or something else to tug the heart strings of the gullible .

        Anyone heard from the chief of the hospital where the kid was allowed to be on the floor ?


      • Jeff says:

        That’s excruciating! My toes are curling. His excuses ares so unconvincing. “We’re mates. It’s just banter. I’m winding him up.” No! You’re telling your mate (ex mate) exactly what the electorate think of of Compo. We all know this. Stop the pathetic squirming. You’re supposed to be a grown up.
        Ye gods and this twerp wants to be in government.
        Beam me up Scottie.


  7. Guest Who says:

    BBC QT with Emma shaking her head at what is left of the bbc plan to get Jez in.


    • Sluff says:

      Another BBC impartial audience of……..Jezza supporting children who have been promised free sweeties.

      They never seem to do a QT featuring the over 50s in, say. Beaconsfield, do they?
      Funny, that.


    • Jeff says:

      Jesus H Christ, this is the reason I don’t watch the BBC any more.
      Not just that hideous harridan, but the ghastly, whooping, middle class virtue signalling audience.
      You never meet these people in real life. They seem to exist in some BBC bubble. They bring them out to infest the airwaves with their screeching abuse for anyone like Nigel and squealing and cacophonous applause for this horrible creature.
      What’s wrong with them?
      The BBC these days is nothing more than audio Guardian. From top to bottom it’s infested with ultra left wing intolerance.
      No one buys The Guardian.
      And no one should pay for The BBC…


  8. Up2snuff says:

    Not only do I wonder at the intelligence of Police forces around the globe, I wonder at the intelligence of BBC Producers and Editors.
    In reality, most people who buy natural Christmas trees only ‘rent’ them. Very few try to plant their tree afterward and some of those attempts will fail. In the usual course of things, the tree gets taken away by the local authority dust cart in a special collection.

    Are the people responsible for this item thinking at all about what they are pushing at the public?

    No. Don’t bother. I know the answer to that already.


  9. Charlie Farley says:

    Huge Grant ranting on R2 11.00 news ……are they really golng keep repeating his infantile drivel all day ….non biased BBC of course they are


  10. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Anyone watch qt last night.

    What did you think of Angela Rayner’s debating skills which consisted of asking (usually Farage) a question and then continuously repeating it, almost shouting it at the other person who is drowned out by her whilst trying to answer.
    A sort of automaton fishwife.

    She must really like the sound of her own voice.

    As usual, only Nigel talking sense. The Tory Jenrick (?) was ineffective, the green mainly in fantasy land, plaid was a waste of space, snp was a nasty little piece of work and Joe Swinson was what we have come to expect.

    Surprisingly there were some leavers in the audience although still lefty dominated. Many whoops and cheers for labour as their catchphrases were trotted out.

    Barnett asked a couple of good questions but didn’t follow up on the non answers and she lost control a few times when they were talking over each other (mainly Rayner)

    You can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Nigel stuck amongst these mental pygmies.

    They were all complaining about not enough housing but when Nigel mentioned 8 million extra arriving since Blair none of them could see any connection with the shortage of housing.
    I reckon it needs 200,000 more homes every year just to house the arrivals, just to stand still.

    The snp bloke tried to call Nigel out for saying it was immigrants to blame when he was late for some show or other. Too much traffic. However, he had no reply when Nigel asked if he thought 8 million extra people would affect the traffic numbers.

    All in all, it’s what we expected.


    • Not Gwent says:

      “She must really like the sound of her own voice.”

      There are quite a few of those about. The Marr school.

      “he had no reply when Nigel asked if he thought 8 million extra people would affect the traffic numbers”

      Nice one.


  11. smoogie7 says:

    From the BBC newsletter that is the Guardian by Polly Toynbee:

    ‘Be very afraid. Boris Johnson will take revenge on all who stood up to him’

    ‘He’s targeted the BBC and Channel 4, and the Tory manifesto has plans for a constitutional upheaval and an attack on human rights’

    While Human Rights would be fine who can blame him for attacking the MSM? Is that a bad thing, Polly?

    Yes I hope that if Johnson wins they are terrified. That is how we feel at the moment. Their bias is forcing us towards Labour and that is terrifying enough. Have some of that, BBC!


    • Not Gwent says:

      I find it staggering that even educated people like Toynbee can’t make the distinction between the person and the parliament.

      Most people don’t even have Johnson on their ballot paper.

      ‘Will take revenge’ my foot.


      • Beltane says:

        Easy enough mistake NG, to assume poor old Pol Potty is intelligent, but she has traded on being Arnold Toynbee’s grand-daughter for most of her ‘working’ life.
        Described as a historian of note, Arnold wrote several books ‘Mankind’ being one of the better known ones, though close links to the London School of Economics and the subsequent association with the likes of Hobsbawm and Milliband would tend to weaken the claim.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      “Their bias is forcing us towards Labour ”
      Because there are only two boxes on your ballot paper?


      • smoogie7 says:

        Well it is a two horse race. The BBC know that which is why they are themselves forced to support Labour rather than extreme revoke Lib Dems.

        If the Lib Dems stood a chance watch Swinson walk the red carpet!


  12. Foscari says:

    The BBC with Laura Kuenssberg fronting TV, is now going
    into full overdrive to get the COMMUNIST elected.
    Because nearly everybody at the BBC are remainers
    and most of the political presenters are liberal bigots,
    its the Machiavellian approach that the enemy of
    my enemy is my friend. Of course there is still a
    plethora of political staff at the BBC who are as far to left
    as Corbyn ,if not further ,such as Andrew Marr.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Laura Kuenssberg is trying to help Theresa May and Michael Gove to get elected ? Wow that is a surprise, I’d always thought she supported the Fascist Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn !


  13. Absolute Shower says:

    If anyone wants to listen to a discussion on the “telly tax” go to the listen again page on Talk Radio, Mike Graham’s show, 10th December, between 11.00 and 11.30.


  14. Square-Eyed says:

    Many years ago I worked at a dry cleaners. One jacket I had to put through my steam press had a marxist / communist emblem pinned to the underside of a lapel, hidden in everyday use. Whether it was a red flag or a hammer and sickle I cannot remember at this distance in time, but it left me in no doubt where the true loyalties of its owner lay and a symbol of the mindset derived from the ideology.


    • Not Gwent says:

      Funny this; I notice that a red flag is newly flown nearby.

      I hope the electorate get what’s coming to them.

      State Broadcaster the enabler.

      Vote for free stuff.


  15. JimS says:

    Just counting up my election post bag:

    LibDem 17
    Conservative 3
    Brexit 1
    Labour 1


    • Guest Who says:

      Same here.

      No Brexit (not standing).

      Several Greens (ironically) that say precisely nothing.


  16. Terminal Moraine says:

    Emma Barnett on R5 this lunchtime will be revisiting the UN Special Rapporteur’s report earlier in the year on UK poverty. (Official verdict: ‘systematic’ and ‘tragic’). I think today is the 6 and 2/3 month anniversary so the timing makes sense.

    I’ll wait to hear on BBC radio from the UN Special Rapporteur on immigration and border security. I’ve stocked up with mince pies for the long haul


    • scribblingscribe says:

      I was listening as that item started on her program. She introduced it by listing all the negative views of the UK’s treatment of its people because of Tory policies. Eventually she quickly said that the report had been widely disparaged before introducing one of the people who complied it in order to discuss the report. The fact that it hasd been discredited didnt stop the BBC.

      I turned off.

      Later LBC opened up a discussion on the child photographed on the floor with a long disparaging intro from Shelia Fogerty about evil Tories. For balance, she brought in a writer from the left wing New Statesman to help us all understand how dreadful the conservatives are . It was relentless, with her blaming the right for fake news.

      Did they mention the New Statesman’s fake news which destroyed the career of a conservative, Roger Scrutton? Did they mention how the New Statesman initially misled and then took a week to remedy the deceit? Nope. All Tory bashing.


  17. Philip_2 says:

    BBC Election update. What IF the BBC get (EVER) elected along with the (anti-democratic) Lib-Dems? What would our country look like? The BBC is integral in all this PC brainwashing. Not satisfied with queering all UK primary school children next year (imposed by Stonewall and the DfE), it wants, full and total control over everything -not just SCHOOLS. Even in private you can get arrested for thought crimes by the Met for ‘thinking’ that (so called) diversity is an abhorrent ‘one-way street’ of public funded benefits where nobody benefits and is a severe health risk in STI and HIV and Gender changers. Thanks to the BBC liberals and Marxists. The UK Tops the Charts and is the TOP in Europe for Tuberculosis and what is high risk gender changers (where you get to keep your tackle) and take drugs all your short life in misery. Maybe thats why we need the NHS so badly, the BBC thinks we are all vermin and its all we deserve. i.e. third rank, third class, third world diseases presented by glossy lip-sticked femens groomed that Saville was totally misunderstood (as he abused both young Girls and Boys). Pedophiles are OK in the BBC (if we go by the Police arrest figures). But in a new move by the ‘union’ we should let them all out. They even have their own Election Manifesto on making all sex crimes ‘historic’ (by abolishing gender). No rape, no sex-crimes, no paedos, no femininity just masculine ‘take’ on equal rights (to the chosen few) at huge (crippling) public expense where nobody lives long enough to complain
    George Orwell(could have written this):
    If you loose your identity, you become nobody, a refuge a genderless ‘thing’, lost and vulnerable to others. Sex is something ‘done-to-you’ as a slave or BBC Jimmy Saville service (sex is what you were born with). All natural aspiration of family gone if you have no sex or gender. All hopes and aspirations gone and replaced with BBC Eunuchs and civil-service serfdom. Femininity banned along with Masculinity. In a world of No natural order, the basics of Marxism are established. The types behind BBC will have won, and to protest is a ‘hate-crime’.

    The BBC are behind this campaign. As nothing about it is ‘independent’, nothing is thought through, nothing is ‘discussed’, nothing is ever costed, and as for health benefits, forget it. The NHS will be crippled as new diseases become the new ‘norm’ in childcare as abuses go unreported.

    Then BBC are 100% behind this campaign. Staff cannot express that it might be wrong to target children. But as of next year, they are in schools all over the UK and now even Colleges and University staff can be ‘removed’ for any conscientious objections (that they had in the last war). This is today’s breaking news…. Right to ban ‘conservative’ (small c) values and ban gender or equate gender to ‘sex” (which cannot be changed) as its DNA.

    This morning (19th December) yet another story has broken demonstrating the risk that Stonewall poses to freedom in the UK. A group of 20 professors, researchers and lecturers have signed a letter, criticising Stonewall for providing universities with a template telling them how to handle transgender issues. According to these academics the Stonewall template does not allow for dissenting views or criticism from those who think differently. 

The academics also claim that criticising Stonewall’s policies opens them up to harassment from students. This is a deeply disturbing development – universities must be places where freedom of thought and expression is allowed, they must encourage free speech and debate, not close it down! If Stonewall has their way, the UK is going to resemble a former communist state where only one state-sanctioned view is allowed to be expressed.

Source: Daily Mail – Academics accuse gay-rights charity Stonewall of censoring debate on gender identity:


  18. Up2snuff says:

    Could be I’m duplicating what another Biased BBC poster has already put up on here, if so, apologies attached:

    Snuffy’s moment in the sun – on a day when sparrows cannot fly in a straight line except with the wind behind – and a chance to use the phrase: ‘Comments could be going better.’ ( CCBGB )


    • Up2snuff says:

      As a PS to the above, I would add the observation that I still do not recognise the posting names of those on this HYS. It’s true to say I’m a bit lapsed but you would think some of the old guard would be out.

      A word of caution therefore: pro-Tory, pro-Bojo comments are running roughly at 2:1 in favour. However, they could be from Trolls or Bots. Where have all the anti-Brexit, pro-EU Trolls and Bots gone? They have been growing in numbers since 2016/2017 and recently very dominant.

      It can’t be just shy Conservatives taking over, can it? And pro-EU Labour HYS posters in the pub, already drowning their sorrows?


  19. StewGreen says:

    Vine just asserted that the WASPI women had their money stolen from them in a kind of hidden announcement.
    …total tosh that his economics prof guest pushed back on
    by pointing out that his own wife would had benefitted hugely at his expense had retirement ages nit been equalised.
    Then ..John MacDonnell came on and I switched off.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, pro-Labour spinners at the BBC conveniently overlook that this has gone to trial and the verdict went against the WASPIs.

      All the men around retirement age were paying attention. How come these Wimmin who are wonderful, were not?


  20. Roland Deschain says:

    Once again everyone’s favourite beauty only tweets about Democrat talking points.

    They’re spraying out charges without foundation in the hope they strike lucky and something sticks.


    • JimS says:

      Which part of “has done NOTHING wrong” does Sopel not understand?

      What Sopel is implying is that the president has done something wrong but chooses not to put in a tweet of mitigation.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Jim, did I get this right this morning: I thought I heard Soapy say the Democratic Party have filed umpteen charges of this and that against President Trump? I thought they were going after Trump for the other, doing a Quid Pro Quo or something, somewhere where he should not have done.

        What Soapy did not tell me as a proper reporter or half-decent journalist would have done, is what is different with these lawsuits and what happened to the original charge.

        I wasn’t really listening as R4 were also battering me around the ears with Bojo holding a photo of a small boy.


  21. dafydd says:

    John Ashworths’s jaw dropping comments about Corbyn and probably the pivertal moment of the election and its only the third story on the BBC 1 News…Great


    • Guest Who says:

      It’s like some grasp what the BBC actively tries to pass by.


  22. KafirHarbi says:

    The roll call of MPS likely to get their come-uppance on election night will probably make a lot of people on this site very happy. Characterised by the vexatious, the vacuous and the mendacious – Swinson, Grieve, Umunna, Soubry, Yvette Cooper. But there is a sting in the tail. 2 other candidates for a come-uppance: Ian Duncan-Smith and Boris. Why in their case? ‘demographic’ change: Boris and IDS are both facing a real threat from an Ali Milani and Faiza Shaheen respectively. Signs of the irreversible change that will sweep the whole country in future elections.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Imagine if the Tories got in with a majority and Boris lost his seat in such circumstance. The Tories would need a new leader to be PM. Fresh from the crowing by remainers over the scalp they’d taken, the Tories react by electing someone far more keen on a real Brexit.

      I quite like that scenario.


      • Up2snuff says:


        RD, I quite like the idea of all three main Party leaders plus Sturgeon, losing their seats.

        The Night of the Short Pencils.



        • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

          Sturgeon doesn’t have a seat.
          She’s the best case for not having PR. Stood twice and lost twice then brought in as a reserve ‘list’ msp.
          The system in Scotland is set up so you can’t flush these Marxist turds away.


          • Up2snuff says:

            Thatch, she does at Holyrood. If the SNP did badly, she might have to resign as leader, especially after the previous Scottish Elections. You are right that she doesn’t represent a UK constituency …. she may not be the best advert for PR …. except for those who don’t like it.

            I hope there is a good turnout tomorrow and that FPTP wins some credibility.


      • dafydd says:

        He could be put straight into the Lords, its happened in the past


  23. Vonbedda says:

    Not seen corbyn connect with Voters the way that boris does.


  24. Roland Deschain says:

    And today’s media pile on is…

    I can see someone trying to make political capital out of the boy’s death and it isn’t Boris.


    • Demon says:

      Roland, I said exactly the same. Could it be that he feels guilty that his son was killed for following his father’s naive beliefs. I woud also say that from what he is saying he believes that more terrorists should be on our streets free to kill people like his son and many more.


      • Demon says:

        Just read through some of that tweet thread. The father is using his son’s death to make blatantly biased political point scoring telling people to think of his son and vote tactically against the Conservatives.

        How awful to be so depraved that you are not above using your son’s death to forward your own sick political agenda. And then he has the chutzpah to complain that Johnson is politicising it! Good grief!! Although he did say that Corbyn was right to politicise it his own way.

        Somebody also showed a tweet from the father that was rabidly anti-semitic. Nice chap eh?

        Beth Rigby is just a nasty, little, leftist troll who revealed just how low she will go to exploit this tragedy as a political weapon two days before an election. Not acceptable.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Just read the comments on this tweet as it really got my goat earlier in the week but didnt post. Its nice to see that the vast majority of the responses follow our line of thinking, that Mr Merritt is a rampant, lefty activist who is the ONLY one making political point scoring out of this. Absolute shame on the man, son not been buried yet and all over the media spouting his left wing bile.


  25. Vonbedda says:




  26. StewGreen says:

    Any agenda pushing on BBCRadio4 close to the election ?
    The 2:15 drama \\ This is the third of seven dramas in a series about the experience of child refugees fleeing persecution to find a new life in the UK or its dominions since 1939. //


    • StewGreen says:

      8pm R4 Grenfell Flat 142
      about Mr Smith & Miss Jones ?
      “Kamru Miah, his wife Rabeya Begum and their adult children, Mohammed Hamid, Mohammed Hanif and Husna Begum lived in Flat 142 on the 17th Floor of Grenfell Tower”

      ‘Under the #EvilTories Muslims are victims, so brown people
      must #VoteLabour’


    • StewGreen says:

      11:30pm Radio4 repeat of the doco about a 33 year old ethnic Indian woman learning to ride a bicycle.


    • StewGreen says:

      3:20pm item Gail Lewis: talking about “black feminism” in Brixton
      folloeeyd by 2 other black female activists.


  27. Guest Who says:

    ITTB analyses further.

    That the BBC lies about forced lying is unsurprising.

    Still, it has provided Momentum, Jez and my MP all the social media props they needed.


    • Guest Who says:

      Credit where credit is due.


      • StewGreen says:

        Ben Lack is the rights owner
        AFAIK that means he may have taken the photo .. or just bought the rights from the mother
        “The Mirror were the first to publish the photo
        – Ben Lack will have bought the rights to the photo, so when it is published by other media outlets he will get paid.
        It’s how freelancing works.”


      • Charlie Farley says:

        There must be a family connection to Jack Merritt


  28. StewGreen says:

    Problems in FakeMedialanf


  29. digg says:

    What I saw versus what the BBC saw.

    A pushy hack from ITV is sent to bushwhack Boris, Boris swats him off like a fly because he is busy with other stuff and doesn’t have time for the very rude interruption. (without looking at the photo).

    The BBC:
    Boris is handed a photo of a child suffering on the floor of a hospital waiting room and Boris snarls them away because he doesn’t care.

    There are a lot more people than you think BBC who can see straight through this stunt and their opinion of you lot sinks even further.

    I for one hopes Boris carries through on his idea to reduce the BBC to rubble and then we might get some real news.


  30. digg says:

    What I saw versus what the BBC saw Part 2

    Jonathon Ashworth told a friend some very hard truths about Labour and it’s chances.

    The BBC:
    Jonathon Ashworth japes a fiend by pretending the Labour party is in deep S**t when they are actually in fine fettle, what a totally upstanding clever fellow he is!


  31. StewGreen says:

    The BBC is insular and up itself all the time.
    Now the Radio4 history shoe is doing an item from the RToday prog reporting that R4Today is a place where history is made.
    .. they chose to do it on a day when Boris was not on, but John MacDonnell was on.


    • StewGreen says:

      Now they are doing an item about BBcReality Check
      ‘that assures that claims are tight’ FFS

      A beeboid journo/historian TimStanley is doing 4 mins of anti-Trump, pro Hillary sneering


    • Demon says:

      John McDonnell is on Sky almost every day. Hardly any Conservative gets shown, unless they can be put in a bad light, except Boris and he is always followed by Corbyn who tends to get an easier ride.


  32. StewGreen says:



    • Terminal Moraine says:

      I’m confused (again)….

      When do we invoke Merritt’s Law (the suffering of a child must never be used for political gain) and when do we invoke Williment‑Barr’s Law (the suffering of a child should immediately be used for political gain)?

      Will the BBC Reality Check team let us know?


      • Guest Who says:

        The Daily Mirror knows underage suffering.

        Not quite sure which law this one falls under.


        • Ian Rushlow says:

          “When my ex-boyfriend was a child, he insisted he was going to be an elephant when he grew up, yet, cruelly, his parents opted not to provide him with trunk surgery.” (Meghan Murphy, quoted in Spiked Online).
          I think the BBC should run with this one. Transgender is so yesterday – the NHS will be so flush with money under Labour that trans-species surgery can become routine.


          • JimS says:

            My brother would lay down under a tree for ages, tied up. We were accused of being cruel to him but he was quite content as he wanted to be a dog.

            He grew up to have two puppies boys.


  33. JamesArthur says:

    I may be repeating earlier posts but did anyone listen to TWATO..I was driving and kept flicking on to see if I could hear anything positive for Tories..and the whole hour was dominated by anti Tory rhetoric..and pro Labour
    Even the John Ashworth comment was discussed with that neural chappie Alastair Campbell and he turned it into an anti Boris story…Then when the economic news – The UK economy has no Growth —well 0.7% _ THAT’S NO GROWTH they kept shouting..and one tiny line that said it is still better than most of the EU (which was 0.3% in July..) it was so bias ….just look at the BBC and Guardian headlines…


  34. Justaddalcohol says:

    Roland. I think I read somewhere that in the event of Boris losing his seat, a by election will be immediately triggered in an ultra safe seat letting him back in


    • Fedup2 says:

      Yes there’s a column on twitter suggesting an Alex Douglas Home repeat with a safe Tory MP resigning to the Lords for Boris to be elected by mid January with Raab standing in as temp PM .

      Such a scenario will sending likes of Marr and Robinson into multiple orgasms ….


  35. pugnazious says:

    Love to see a Gogglebox reaction to the John Ashworth revelations as he claims it was all just banter…not in a million years is that banter….and gotta say if he’s sacked he’ll always have a job in panto, he’ll make a great dame.

    When the news broke the BBC’s Norman Smith, another great panto dame candidate, got all emotional and weepy….it’s so unfair this leak…

    Instead of concentrating on what Ashworth had said he laid into the person who leaked it…it was, Smith proclaimed…

    ‘A pretty low thing to do, this was a Tory sting….a pretty sleazeball thing to do…it’s pretty low let’s be honest…’

    Is that impartial, measured journalism or partisan, politicised comment masquerading as journalism?

    However at least some at the BBC are having a stab at getting some sense out of him and challenging his story however one crucial thing is missing.

    They say this sounds very much like he meant what he was saying and it wasn’t banter…but…where’s the damning question?…

    ‘It’s not banter because it’s all true, everything you say about Corbyn and Labour is true isn’t it?’

    How often have you heard anyone at the BBC lay out a narrative along the lines that Ashworth has about security and Brexit? When has the BBC ever suggested Corbyn may be a security threat…remember this is a time when the BBC is uber vigilant about the threat from Russia and yet says nothing about Corbyn’s pro-Russia stance and his intentions to incapacitate most of British defence and security aparatus. This is a BBC that is quite happy to flood the airwaves with accusations that Boris can’t be trusted for some spurious made-up reasons but refuses to draw attention to the very real risk that Corbyn poses…not just to security but to the economy, society and the nation state. When have you heard the BBC quote Sir Richard Dearlove, ex head of MI6, when he declared Corbyn a threat to British security…not in 2017 nor in 2019 when he repeated his assertion…

    ‘Don’t even think of handing Jeremy Corbyn the keys to Number 10, says ex-MI6 chief SIR RICHARD DEARLOVE who claims Labour leader’s radical past portrays the truth about him’

    And you might ask where is the BBC uber concern about the claims that the leaked NHS documents came from a Russian source….if similar documents had gone to the Tories and been used to attack Labour you can guarantee that the BBC would be calling foul and being outraged about Russian interference in our democracy, it would have been constantly referred to by presenters and worked into all conversations regardless of context as they do with Boris and the £350m….but…oddly the BBC has gone very, very quiet on this Russian interference….and only reported it days after Sky did. I imagine when the government report into alleged Russia interference is released and it makes even the slightest suggestion that Russia interfered in Brexit or 2017 the BBC will be reinvigorated and find the energy and enthusiasm to splash this across the news for days, weeks, months, years on end….but for now all is quiet and Corbyn can rest easy he’s not going to be exposed.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m not engaging MSM much but it’s sounds like hysteria is in the air at FarLeftLabour/BBC . What does intrigue me is reading comments on issues such as BBC reform where Lefties claim the BBC is right wing .

      The only thing I can think of is that the Communist Playbook dictates that snowflakes should always claim “right wing bias “ in order to defend their media position .

      Doesn’t any one sincerely think that the BBC is right wing ? Maxi – can you help out here ? Who is to the right ?

      Has the BBC ever explained the benefits of Brexit ?

      36 hours of dirt left – but I think Corbyn s state thugs in waiting will punch straight through any restrictions on Thursday – they’ll keep on campaigning because no one will touch them if they win and no one will prosecute them if / when they lose ….


      • Not Gwent says:

        “the Communist Playbook dictates that snowflakes should always claim “right wing bias “ in order to defend their media position”

        The claim is made to enable the “we got it just about right” argument. Never mind the quality feel the width.

        It would be interesting to compare screen time and interruption count for the players after the poll.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Not Gwent – I’m sure there is some bubble outfit monitoring it all for internal consumption by the Machiavellian types running the campaigns – publishing dodgy pictures of kids on hospital floors and timely leaks of a taped conversation by a Corbyn loyalist .

          It’s like a damn game . The 500 traitors and their tame biased speaker seem like another time .


        • Justaddalcohol says:

          I have a feeling Fed, that should Corbyn lose, his momentum thugs will embark on a campaign of nasty street “protests” screaming for the government to be brought down. It’s pretty much all they know, but standby for major disruption. After all, having paid a pound to become members, this is the closest they have ever been to getting their man in.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Just add

            Maybe there can be a contest between momentum and the extinction bods- although me thinks they may one and the same .
            Not the best weather for protesting – thankfully .


  36. Guest Who says:


    We speak to four voters who face a dilemma between religion and policy.




  37. pugnazious says:

    The Mail has a full transcript of the Ashworth ‘bit’o’banter’….note the main defence used by Ashworth is that his Tory ‘friend’ thinks the Tories will lose…so Ashworth is just trying to wind him up wth some false reassurance….but the Tory says ‘I’m reasonably confident and certainly optimistic that the Tories will be a majority.’…kinda knocks his main defence on the head…

    The 11-minute damnation of Jeremy Corbyn in full

    Jon Ashworth shredded Labour’s leadership and election chances in an 11-minute conversation with a Tory friend that appears to have been recorded last week. Here is the full transcript:

    John Ashworth: …are all like, ‘oh my god, this is going to be the same as 2017, Theresa May, Look what’s happening, look what’s happening’.

    For what it is worth, I think my Labour colleagues are more correct than my Tory friends on this.

    Tory: What sort of proportion of them think Labour is going to get smashed?

    JA: Anyone in the Midlands … anyone outside of the city seats, if you are in small-town Midlands and North, it’s abysmal out there.

    They don’t like Johnson but they can’t stand Corbyn and they think Labour’s blocked Brexit.

    I don’t think they are long-term gains for the Tory Party but I can well see them going Tory this election and if Labour ever got its act together they presumably would fall back, do you know what I mean?

    Tory: Yeah

    JA: But on the other end of the scale I think middle-class graduates – remainy people – Labour’s probably doing well among – and the Lib dems are doing well – but not in big enough numbers to deny the Tories a majority.

    Tory: You are obviously just speaking [unintelligible], but I’m reasonably confident and certainly optimistic that the Tories will be a majority.

    But I just think that if Corbyn became prime minister, and if it is any sort of … basically if the Tories got anything less than 350 I don’t see how he can’t be prime minister – even if just for a short while.

    I just think the cost would be so – within the first 24 hours Sterling goes down from a minute past 10 on the exit poll on the Thursday, stock markets crash, or at least any company that is renationalised or supplies companies that get nationalised loses a ton of value first thing in the morning, all Five Eyes guys start making noises about pulling back in the morning. That is before he has even got his seals of office.

    I don’t think it is likely, I think it’s like a 10 per cent chance, maybe more, of having a workable administration. But the cost is – we have talked about this before, he’s just not up to it. What I said before about having tickets booked on Eurostar for 2250 that night if he comes in, I’m quite serious. We are trying to work out what we could put in the suitcase to get out the county, because you know capital controls come in.

    JA: I just can’t see it happening. It wouldn’t surprise me, for the sake of argument, that if Labour held somewhere like Canterbury, because of middle class Guardian-reading people, but then the Tories take Bolsover off Labour, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Because the electoral map is being very topsy-turvy because of Brexit and because of Corbyn.

    The question is for Labour, it is gets itself a half-decent leader next time round, whether it can reverse and regain its traditional heartland seats. I just can’t see how you don’t have a majority, to be honest.

    Tory: I think if Labour had a half decent leader two years ago you’d be 40 points ahead. But is there any reassurance you can give me as to what would sensible Labour MPs do to stop Corbyn actually getting the seals of office? Is there anything that would happen or is it just…

    JA: God knows … because we f***ed it up. We f***ed it up in 2016 when we went too early. People like me were internally saying this isn’t the right moment, but I got ignored.

    We went too early, so now I’m afraid … but I don’t think we are going to get there, I just can’t see it.

    In places like Mansfield and Ashfield, it’s dire for the Labour Party up there, these traditional areas

    Tory: What happens if, say tomorrow, Trump says something ludicrous, there is a big swing in the polls and Tuesday next week, Labour is two points up? What would you do? Ride it out?

    JA: Yeah, but I don’t think we are going to get there. I just can’t see it.

    It’s not going to happen. Stop worrying, it’s not going to happen!

    Tory: If you got in [inaudible]…

    JA: Ummm. I don’t know. On the security stuff I have worked in Number 10 I think the machine will pretty quickly move to safeguard security things, the civil service machine.

    Tory: They wouldn’t let him see stuff?

    JA: You know, it is not going to happen. I just cannot see it happening. I just cannot see it happening. Not the way things are going at the moment.

    Tory: I know what you mean and I appreciate the point about Canterbury being a bit different. Canterbury is kind of turning into Islington on Sea because of all the people coming down from London. That is just demographic change.

    JA: Yeah, yeah.

    Tory: It becomes a slightly harder fight for us over a couple of generations. I think it will be tight this time though. I think probably it will be 500 either way. But yeah, as much as I’d love to see [inaudible] from our perspective, I am more worried about the national picture.

    JA: I have been going round these national places. It is dire for Labour. It is dire. Our strategy is just to try and help as many of my colleagues back over the line banging on about the NHS in their areas for them. It is awful for them and it is the combination of Corbyn and Brexit.

    Tory: Do you think any of your more moderate colleagues would switch parties or anything?

    JA: I think the ones who are gonna do that have already gone. It is not going to happen. I just cannot see it happening. I just cannot see it. Not on the things I am finding and what I am picking up. Johnson and CCHQ would have to massively f*** it up in the last week.

    Tory: Yeah I know.

    JA: That might not reassure you. [both men laugh]

    Tory: 2017, I remember being up in [inaudible] and for the first couple of weeks of the campaign it actually looked like you might win. The Tories put out the manifesto and then there was the Manchester attack so basically the news clamped down for three days. The guy I was helping had done a local poll just before and just after that happened and he went from seven points up to seven points down over three days. Obviously those are incredibly rare events but, I don’t know, apart from Trump, there’s all the things you can’t imagine like the delay in distribution of school flu vaccines or whatever it is on your beat – you must be aware of half a dozen things that could flare up and that is the same in every department.

    JA: Oh, yeah, yeah.

    Tory: I just really dread the, some of the polls now are down to six or seven points and because of the way the seats fall and the majorities fall they need to be seven or eight to get a majority of one really. I expect the Tories to get a majority but I would sleep easier if you could either reassure me on Corbyn not being able to get in or even that he is not going to be as bad. I mean the markets would go and stuff, wouldn’t they?

    JA: I don’t know what they would do. I just don’t think it is going to happen. What I am picking up I can’t see it happening because by this point last time I remember it, the sort of things that normal people were saying is, or basically some version of it, was ‘isn’t that Theresa May useless’ – some version of that.

    What they are saying now is some version of… they say he is a liar, that definitely comes up, the idea that he doesn’t tell the truth seems to have struck a chord but they also say some version of ‘he will get this bloody Brexit done, I am sick of Brexit, he will get it done’.

    Some version of that and it is a combination of those who want Brexit, the Leavers, but then it is the others who probably voted to Remain or maybe weren’t that bothered that are now just sick to death of it and want it put away and they think that he will be the person who will just get it done. Do you know what I mean?

    Tory: If it works out alright and I assume we both hope and there is some sort of workable majority for Johnson, how long do you reckon it will take Labour to get its act back together and get rid of Corbyn? We talked about this before, haven’t we? Obviously things work better if you have got two decent parties trying to make each other up their games. At the moment you guys are just all over the f***ing place.

    JA: I know. I know. Well that is the thing that a lot of us are… It is on our minds.

    Tory: How long do you reckon it will take to switch it round. Is he irremovable now because of the NEC and stuff or what?

    JA: I think things can change quickly. I think things change more quickly generally now… I think things are more fluid. Anyway. Maybe that is a conversation for another day.


  38. StewGreen says:

    Our ITV local news is worse than the BBC local news
    It opened with a McDonell live slot from Lincoln
    then a prerecorded woman to woman chat with Swinson

    The BBC Hull edition is milder cos it gets big pushback form Brexit and countryside Conservatives
    The ITV area is split slightly differently and tends to have more items from socialist Sheffield and Leeds


    • StewGreen says:

      Last night
      – ITV in Grimsby went for the “liggle boy on hospital floor” GOTCHA and hammered in
      – BBC began more rounded with soundbites of fishermen for and against Boris
      ..only after a few minutes did they play their GOTCHA card “14p foodbank woman”
      ..but the interview was much more rounded than the ITV one
      My guess is the ITV fired loads of qns at Boris ..then suddenly shoved the photo at him
      and that he was disorientated cos he hadn’t finished answering the first ones. And then ITV just edited out and began with him being disorientated

      Monday ..the BBc local next moved to 4 mins of Jo Swinson
      – then back to the local guy quickly mentioning the ITV row
      – Next the election concerns about animals with a local mad cat/dog woman. (78 animals)
      – Hull car vandalism
      – vandalised Christmas lights in Grantham village


      • Northern Voter says:

        I once bumped into Peter Levy on Whitefriargate, he’s really short in real life.


    • StewGreen says:

      Tonight the BBC local news opened with homeless Xmas hotel cancelled due to social media protests

      Now in the Lincoln candidates debate the females are really screaming over the others.


      • taffman says:

        Homeless = Too many people coming into this country & not enough houses.


  39. Fedup2 says:

    Stew – I’ve just watched the first 12 minutes of the ITV national news for the first time in maybe a decade and it really is the BBC repeated . Ashworth got away with having a ‘strange sense of humour ‘ getting taped slagging off comrade Corbyn but otherwise anti boris anti trump snowflake fare .

    Off switch .


  40. pugnazious says:

    This is so very Irish….the Irish are replacing their population with immigrants and are clamping down on free speech to stop anyone criticising this policy imposed by the Elites. Now this is the Irish who wanted ‘Ireland for the Irish’ and were prepared to use incredible violence against anyone British or who supports ‘the British’ including mass murder, torture, kneecapings and beatings to drive out the foreigner….the men and women of violence portrayed as heroes in the Republic. Now if you say anything criticial about foreigners on Twitter you’ll find yourself in the slammer.

    Maybe instead of 30,000 security force personnel we should have just deployed a few human rights lawyers to stop them in their tracks as we found being murdered, tortured and beaten offensive and hateful.


  41. pugnazious says:

    BBC has been banging on about the homeless and problems with renting for a couple of weeks now for some unknown reason as they have with foodbanks, the NHS, education, mental health and policing….just a coincidence I’m sure that all these issues are ones that Labour promotes as its core issues…all stemming from ‘austerity’ and cuts. The BBC is happy to oblige in putting out a stream of stories that attempt to show the Tories in a negative light…picking exceptional and extreme examples and presenting them as representative of everyone using universal credit or the NHS or schooling or renting when they are the exception…..BBC journalist today…‘There’s no doubt the NHS has been underfunded’ really but in what context? Wasn’t the funding actually maintained but not increased due to that, oh you know, that massive banking crash we had in 2008? Isn’t the BBC journo’s comment subjective and misleading?

    You could find many more stories that are positive and reflect well on the Tory policies but the BBC never manages to find them somehow.


  42. Guest Who says:

    The BBC. Where Aung San Suu Kyi is Trump, only Asian.


    Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi used to be seen as a symbol of human rights, and spent years under house arrest for promoting democracy.

    Now, as Myanmar’s civilian leader, she is defending the very people who had previously imprisoned her.


  43. smoogie7 says:

    The BBC are investigating these claims about the hospital bed.

    Such a shame that they do not investigate Labour’s shady behavior isn’t it?


  44. taffman says:

    \\Climate change: Greenland ice melt ‘is accelerating’//
    Can any clever scientists on this site explain 1. If the Arctic ice melts does the sea level actually rise ?
    2. If the Arctic ice melts does the sea temperature rise or fall ?


    • Up2snuff says:

      According to Prof Britts, Greenland ice melt is not a problem for sea level rise. (toward end of lecture)

      According to him, it is the other ice melting, glaciers disappearing that is a threat when we should be entering a new Ice Age.

      Listening to Jonathan Amos on the 6pm News, I was struck by two things:
      1. How the so-called scientific community like to conflate two different things; polar ice and land ice. One would expect a little more precision, and,
      2. If you believe in Climate Change as well as Global Warming, then surely we might be in a situation within a year or two where the globe is rapidly cooling and we have snow up to our ears. You cannot have it both ways.


    • Philip_2 says:

      I don’t think you need to be Scientist to see that the Thames valley was once the riverbed of a very large sea of water, the original river bed, is still there. It was the floodwater of the disappearing ice sheets that carved it out. But then if you work for the BBC it doesn’t matter if the enormous 60 feet to 120 feet sea rise of Tides are dictated by the Moon, because its Global warming! And then the melting ice caps are due to melt because we are ending a cyclical Ice Age. The term Ice age still here – as we still have Ice at the Poles. Ice at the Poles has never been STATIC (as the captain of the TITANIC may of said). It moves and collapses under its own weight, frequently. But the interesting thing is from basic level Science (found in the BBC Science magazine ’FOCUS’, some years ago) which of course fake Scientists like Roger Harrabin never actually read, is the simple fact that when a body of floating water melts, the level of water remains exactly the same. In simple terms (complicated by the fact that Sea water contains a lot of salt (Ice bergs are all Fresh water so heavier than sea water which is less dense. Which is also why we have a Plimsoll line on shipping freight around the World. Invented by Samuel Plimsoll (who died in 1898) as he campaigned to stop city of London privateers overloading their leaky vessels, making them sink then claiming vast sums in Insurance scams with numerous shipping Claims made at Lloyds of London. The Plimsoll line calculated how much you could carry by ship to avoid being overloaded for insurance. This is important as the weight of water changes as you cross the seas of the World due to the simple fact that Salt Water is LESS BUOYANT than Fresh water. Another reason is found in GCSE Physics paper is water expands when frozen by (about) 4%. that is enough to make it float. When it melts it would be -4% by volume although the weight would be the same. It floats because of this property.

      So going back to your question does the Ice melting change the sea level? Not-a-lot. Unless you believe the earth is entirely flat and the water will run all over the place or run up hill as the Earth tilts. Another amazing thing about water is that most of it evaporates when warmed or air pressure changes slightly. Snow can fall at just 4 degrees. Too cold and it does not snow very often and that is because it was formed at the last Ice Age reaching to the Poles. The Arctic has no land, therefore is all ice. I could go on about what makes boats Ships float and that would be ‘displacement’ which is the amount of water it ‘displaces’. To the BBC and people like Roger Harrabin, all the ships in the world do indeed ‘raise’ the sea level, by millimetres, not hundreds of feet. Ice melts and is largely replaced with new ice. This is because that there is no global warming until it was invented as a green tax on industry by the UN. The BBC alarmists are political agitators, even when proved wrong – carry on as before as they have no accountability to reality.


      • taffman says:

        Thank you posters for your answers.
        Then conversely from the your replies, would it be correct to state that the melting ice in the Antarctic would pose a different scenario ?*

        *NOTE – This time its “Antarctica”.


        • Philip_2 says:

          Antarctica is all ice. No land for the ice to sit on. When (or IF) it ever melts (which is remote) but IF then; the same rule holds, if the ice floats upon the sea, it is impossible for the sea to rise. An example I gave at a Science show was asking youngsters (when showing a glass of water with ice cubes floating in it). The question was ‘what happens to the ice cubes when they melt’? Do they raise the water level, reduce the water level or remain exactly the same?
          No surprise that children think it will always overflow.


          • Philip_2 says:

            Correction! Antarctica is actually (mostly) on land. Therefore melt water would raise sea level greatly. However this is more unlikely to happen as the dangers of another ice age are also possible as its has happend before, usually major Volcanoes ash obscuring the Sun or Solar cooling. We are after all Solar powered and not much powered by CO2 emissions as the UN seems to think.. So in that scenario, North Pole would melt well before South Pole. But still a remote possibility in my humble opinion.


            • taffman says:

              Thank you for a simple and concise explanation.
              My thoughts on the subject are exactly the same .
              Now then , where are all the other ‘scientists’ on this?


            • Up2snuff says:

              Phew Philip! You had me worried there. Thought you had become 100% BBC infected and were standing upside down and going around on your head. Definitely not advisable at this time of year. Even with a hard hat on. All those extra pavement pizzas. Eeeewwe!

              Don’t forget Pole Wobble. Our planet has an irregular shape and orbit.

              Also Antarctica has sea ice as well as ice on the land. This is because it has mountains and glaciers. Some of this ice cover gets pushed to the edge of the continent and falls off.

              The reason Dan Britts gave for Greenland ice melt not being too serious is because Greenland has hollows. Hhelloewe. The topography of Greenland is largely bowl shaped, so vast run-off is less likely. And the land would absorb the meltwater, too.

              Another feature of Antarctica, if I recall correctly, is that it is thermal and possibly also slightly or even more volcanic. It is also vast. Some scientists have discovered and are honest enough to say publicly last year, iirc, that they have discovered that some of the Antarctic ice melt is due to that thermal activity.

              It is disgraceful that today’s children are apparently not taught about icebergs and the difference between frozen freshwater and frozen seawater.


  45. StewGreen says:

    Doncaster : BBC Radio Sheffield’s Flood Relief Concert
    has just started
    ..could be a good thing as long as they don’t hijack for Climate campaigning etc.


  46. StewGreen says:

    Spoons promises 10,000 jobs
    BBC report it
    metroliberals respond with their hatey comments


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Of course Tim Martin owner of Weatherspoons is an ardent supporter of Brexit so the limpdems would very anti


  47. StewGreen says:

    Channel4 reporting that the governing Bangladeshi political party with a reputation for human rights violations : the Awami League is supply support to Tulip Saddiq’s abour campaign ..their staff are in her office


  48. StewGreen says:

    BBC actually report a BAME crime case


  49. LastChanceSaloon says:

    Young, unemployed, looking for a job which will not become obsolete with advances in technology?

    Apply to join the Prison Service my lad/laddess.

    An increasing number of ethnics insist on ignoring UK laws.

    An unbiased expert recently forecast that in 2034 there would be 800 million ethnics in British jails. All requiring loving care and attention.


  50. Guest Who says: