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  1. The General says:

    Leaders debate:Total waste of time. Usual clapping after everything Corbyn said from Labour organised audience
    Boris was not terrible convincing and Corbyn spluttering out promises he could not properly explain and no doubt has no chance of implementing.
    Do we trust the BBC not to slip him the questions in advance or is my scepticism clouding my opinions.


  2. Deborah says:

    Second (I haven’t been first for ages!)


    • Up2snuff says:

      Nor have I Deborah and I thought I might be in with a chance tonight.


      I’ll blame Stew.


  3. Halifax says:

    I’m just having a curry in Lytham. My fellow curryer also despises the BBC…..and me putting the wrong spoons in the pickle tray.


  4. popeye says:

    The BBC bias is just everywhere and brought into everything, it’s not even subtle anymore. 6.00pm news about the serial rapist and how he managed to get out of prison and rape multiple victims. An “expert” went on and on about austerity and cutbacks in police numbers before letting slip that he was released early from prison due to “an administrative error”. So nothing to do with Government policies after all but the Labour campaign message once again getting delivered to the gullible public.

    Then South Today and the hustings in the Isle of Wight with an item about a public meeting and heckling. Naturally, the clip showed the Conservative candidate under attack and looking flustered. Next shot is a smiling pensioner on a mobility scooter with a very large “Vote Labour” sign on front.

    They don’t now bother to even pretend to play lip service to impartiality.


    • Beltane says:

      That was no expert Popeye, that was Mark Easton.


    • Banania says:

      I didn’t think Labour were too bothered about serial rapists.


    • taffman says:

      “They don’t now bother to even pretend to play lip service to impartiality.”
      But what is OfCom or even the Tory Government going to do about it ?


  5. Nibor says:

    Now we ordinary Joes are held to ultra high standards when life and limb are at risk .
    Can we drive with a risk assessment of less than 100% ?
    Can we drive uninsured ,or a day late with the MOT ,or a bulb going out while we drive ,or on a phone that’s not hands free , or slightly over the limit , or any other myriad of road rules ?
    Yet the Powers That Be can take risks with our lives .
    Do they make sure that any immigrant is 100% free of risk to us ?
    Do they make sure that anyone let out on licence , on parole , is 100% sure not to reoffend , never mind murder us ?
    Are they accountable as the lowest and highest of us are ?
    Do they suffer as a consequence of their decisions , as we do ?
    Does the BBC ever consider this view ?


  6. Nibor says:

    Clapping .
    Is clapping good for politics ?
    Clapping , I think is good for shows , the opera , pantomimes , concerts , street performers , the infants nativity play etc .
    It’s good if taken by all sides at a sporting event , for good fair skilful play at football , rugby, cricket or any other sporting event .
    It’s good to clap the last one in contending a five thousand metre event or marathon .
    It’s good to clap an ordinary person who risks hi herself to save a toddlers life from being run over by a tram .
    But in politics ?
    Are they clapping in Holyrood for example , because an opponent has made a really thought provoking statement ?
    Does the BBC audience do likewise in the Question Time and Any Questions sessions ?
    The Marxists of old in the Commie Bloc loved clapping . Gosh to think of it ,every dictator in the People’s Republiccs and Soviets could clap themselves .
    Krushkev’s ” secret speech ” received 16 minutes of clapping before a factory manager stopped and was then interrogated , Kennedys’ s speech at Berlin received 24 before the audience
    Clapping on your rigged shows , BBC , do not mean anything but cultural Marxism trying to intimidate .


  7. Scroblene says:

    Too right, Beltane.

    Listening to the early R5 News this morning, you’d think that Mr Johnson and Magic Grandpa were neck and neck!

    Far from it, looking at the online rags just now, even The Grauniad agrees that it didn’t go well for the muddled old grey head of The Money Tree Surgeon!

    And why did R5 decide to spend several minutes of Andrew Neil’s moan about the sort of questions he wanted to ask Boris Johnson, but can’t because Boris is much cannier than kow-towing to anyone at AlBeeb, or any other ‘broadcaster’, and quite rightly so!

    What an arrogant bunch they are in W1A! Who really cares a stuff what they want/say? Well, maybe a few juveniles, a smattering of snowflakes, a sordid bunch of wokers, and sjws/victims from all ‘walks’ of life…

    Pathetic really!


    • Celtic_Mist says:

      Labour proposals – not credible
      Conservative – untrustworthy

      If Corbyn’s plan is not credible then it matters not if he is trustworthy.

      My impression is that Corbyn failed on both

      (If Conservatives win then it might also be confirmation of UK rejection of the ‘Climate Emergency’)


      • Scroblene says:

        Sound sense there, Celtic.

        The beeb’s problem is that whereas in QT, and ‘stand-up-knockabout’ stuff with Nick and Neil, they can control the usual biased ‘audience’ and stuff the seats with argumentative anti-Conservative shrillers, but they can never get the real comments from the listeners (all seven of them), because they have absolutely no control on that particular issue!

        I usually wonder why they bother, but I suppose there are some ‘don’t knows’ or ‘can’t be arseds’ still around, who want to see something with their cocoa at night…

        (Maybe Magic Grandpa will do the same on ‘Ketchup’)…


  8. Celtic_Mist says:

    I’ve been puzzling as to why the BBC appears to be ‘Indiaphobic’ – biased against India

    There is lots of evidence but this one is quite concise –

    ‘Mark Simon Hockey
    Mark Simon Hockey, MA. Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, St Edmund Hall, Oxford (1979)
    Updated Mar 5
    First, because India has embraced market economics and turned its back upon the Socialism so dear to the hearts and what passes for minds at the BBC.

    Second because India has had the temerity to elect a Nationalist Hindu Government prepared to stand up against the Islamic extremism dearer to the hearts of the BBC even than Socialism.

    Thirdly, because of her political choices, India has begun to develop faster than at any time since Independence. It is bad enough to abandon Socialism, but to actually make a success out of market economics is unbelievably rude in the eyes of the BBC.

    Fourthly, within Britain itself, Hindus have become the first non white racial minority to exceed the average per capita income of the Native born Whites, and are the only minority which are more likely to vote Conservative than Labour. At least the Pakistanis , despite many individual examples of success, as a whole have had the decency to remain in relative poverty.

    Fifth, as a consequence of her economic success, India has become a significant atmospheric polluter. And the Beeb don’t like that either.

    Finally, under Congress and the Gandhis, India received far less critical evaluation. The BBC is about 70% privately educated, and come from very privileged backgrounds for several generations, their great grandparents were the people who once governed India, people always looking for some convenient vehicle through which they can make an ostentatious display of their self righteous and sanctimonious goodness, to offset the intolerable burden of their privilege of birth.

    And of course, Caste reminds them all of this rather uncomfortably.

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    • AsISeeIt says:

      Well said. The BBC have a wide rainbow spread of in-house biases well beyond the obvious issues. A love of Pakistan and antipathy toward India is one of those little sideshow biases that is always there once you’ve noticed it. I would guess the liberal tendency to coddle to heart all things Islam lies at the root of this one.


      • Demon says:

        It’s not just their tendency to coddle up to Islam that leads their dislike of India, It’s also the support they get from the Pakistani community which tends to block vote Labour and, I would suggest, are probably far more numerous than Hindus in this country.

        Of course their fetishisation of Islam and its anti-western trope also informs their prejudices.


  9. Doublethinker says:

    Tory lead holding steady at around 10% with just 5 days to go. Only extreme tactical voting can stop a Tory majority now. Given the fanaticism of some extreme Remainers that is possible. I note that quite a few Remainers are now planning to vote for Corbyn in order to to stop Brexit. So much for their previous protestations that Brexit would wreck the economy,a Corbyn Government would do far far more damage and be much longer lasting as well Their attachment to the EU seems almost religious in its intensity. They would rather burn at the stake than recant their love of Brussels. It’s is frankly bizarre. I fully expect that we shall see forms of extreme protest if the Tories do win and we really do Brexit. Groups chaining themselves to the railing out side the HoP May be one of the milder protests.
    Of course the reasons why Brexit is anti democratic will keep on coming and get ever more ridiculous, eg for half a hundred reasons they will claim that the 2016 referendum was illegitimate or advisory only and that something like Brexit can’t be settled by a GE but only by a proper referendum, by proper they mean one that they win. It will go on for sometime yet. But will they dare to sabotage the economy and try to unseat the new government? Yes I think that they will to do everything they can to reverse Brexit. None of the Remainers who have refused to accept the result of the referendum , let alone the result of the GE, should ever be allowed back into public life. Their contempt for democracy should lead to life long ostracism.


    • G says:

      Well, it is so predictable now. Takes the fun out of it.
      Should the essential difference between Cons at 52% and Labour at 48% result come the end of next week, what say you to demanding another vote…………….
      (For the sake of democracy you understand as it is so close)


      • smoogie7 says:

        Yougov had a poll last night on who was better on the BBC debate:

        Johnson: 52%
        Corbyn 48%

        Those haunting numbers again!


      • The General says:

        But 52% Labour 48% Conservative…..clear and decisive mandate.


  10. AsISeeIt says:

    Labour ‘beats other parties on climate change’

    Safety net of scare quotes as per usual appended on this bold shout from the BBC but bias is sure getting fiesty this election…


    Uploaded by our Roger Harribin (natch) but the poor old Greens must feel a bit sore. By the way don’t the Greens tend to beat Labour on marxism?

    “Labour has the strongest policies to protect nature and combat climate change….”

    And here comes the belt braces, safety first eh Rodge ? Just to be clear it’s not you or the BBC saying it.

    “…a Friends of the Earth (FoE) survey suggests.”

    Well our Roger is practically embedded with those eco loons.

    “Its election pledges narrowly beat the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats – with the Conservatives far behind.”

    True colours on display there. Didn’t you know, all the lefties simply love the environment while the nasty tories absolutely hate nature.

    “The Greens complained the scoring should only have included commitments made in manifestos.”

    Yeah we adore the Greens but come on, the only realistic way to stop Boris is for the Labour vote to hold up.

    It must all be true because there’s scores and everything:

    The FoE league table marks the parties on 45 policy points.

    Its scores are:

    Labour – 33

    Greens – 31

    Lib Dems – 30

    Conservatives – 5.5

    “…after correspondence with Friends of the Earth, the party strengthened its position by backing a frequent flyer levy on the 15% of people who take 70% of flights.”

    So hang on, Labour actually asked FoE how to buy their support ? How to grab max score of the FoE thingy. Bit of a cheat then to say Labour turned out to be their favourite party.


    • Celtic_Mist says:

      I would suggest that with ‘labour leading’ on the ‘Climate Emergency’ if and when they lose that The BBC should shut up about it and stop trying to brainwash the population.

      Just as important the BBC must stop the ‘no-platforming’ of other scientific experts who are not deniers but interpret IPCC differently such as –



    • Guest Who says:

      Labour PR and BBC ‘news’ appear in lockstep. Amazingly.

      What are you giving up to fight climate change? 🌍



  11. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1

    The Bojo-led Tories appear to be trying to lose the General Election and my vote, just like Theresa May in 2017. Did I hear correctly, the Tories are pledging to give taxpayer money to football and warm the globe with CO2 from hosting a World Cup tournament.

    Strangely, this vote loser is not mentioned on the pro-Labour BBC web-site.

    Wonders will never cease.


  12. Fedup2 says:

    Toady End

    Justin wakes up because some snowflake puts lefty ‘humour ‘ on twitter . Obviously he’s in the studio – but seems to only ridicule those of the Right …. any surprise there .

    In this coming week I’m really limiting BBC propaganda – and I get the feeling many others will to – as well as on this site .


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, if I don’t listen, I cannot post about BBC bias on here.


      I’m a human being, get me out of there!


      • Fedup2 says:

        I must admit that I am very close to avoiding all BBC output completely – at least until Friday .


  13. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2

    Corbyn-led Labour has pledged to make the UK bus fleet totally electric (not hybrid) by 2030. A fully electric bus costs about £500,000. We have around 32,000 buses in the UK, many in private ownership. Over ten years, that will cost £16bn if my calculator has not slipped into Abottucus-mode. But the re-nationalisation will also cost money. Then there is the massive CO2 produced in manufacturing these electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure and also in installing the latter.

    Justin Webb gave Andim McDonald (Lab) a surprising and refreshingly hard time in the prime interview slot with some rigorous questioning but, strangely, did not ask about all the extra CO2 and how it fitted with Labour’s environmental policy. No questions asked about the cost of the charging infrastructure were asked. Has this been fully costed?

    Justin did ask about the land acquisition for the overnight secure parking sites (not the cost) but that was brushed aside.

    A lack of key questions, especially on CO2. I wonder why?


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Up2snuff ,
      Totally agree , he also promised free bus travel for all up to 25 . how is this going to be payed for ? , would it be tax/duty on electric ….this may well have to happen as more vehicle’s used are electric as the tax take shrinks , wonder if the likes of St Gretta / Snow flakes understand any of this


      • Up2snuff says:

        Charlie, that’s some of the big questions that the BBC never ask and Labour never offer answers in advance.

        The tax take on vehicles is already shrinking. Labour have hinted at increases in VED for petrol & diesel vehicles. Would they make that retrospective for currently exempt, small engine, diesel & petrol vehicles, thereby breaking a longstanding tax convention? They can certainly do it for new vehicles.

        Then there are the other consequences. Indirect taxation tends to be inflationary, in some cases doubly or triply so. For example, the Fuel Duty Escalator introduce by John Major cost Local Authorities a lot of money, because many Council services are delivered at the point of a car or small van or truck. When introducing policies, Governments and their Civil Servants are not at all good at asking the ‘What if … ‘ questions.

        As for taxing electric, they cannot really do that. All Parties, not just Labour, have backed themselves into deep hole – that no amount of trees will fill – on this Global Warming Climate Change thing. You cannot argue that ‘electric vehicles are ‘green’ and saving CO2 emissions’ and then tax them. It defeats the purpose and exposes the scam.

        What our current politicians do not realise is that indirect taxes can be self-defeating anyway. They are sort of intended to be that way, anyway, in that they usually seek a behavioural change, eg. sugar tax.


        • Charlie Farley says:

          Very true , Elecric vehicles may appear to be green but the kneed for rare minerals for battery production will help to decimate the planet faster than we might think . My local authority are short sighted/useless, 10 years ago we bought a new small car with a tax rate of £20 per year , local council had a zero charge for parking for these vehicles brilliant….after a year it was back to paying as there was a dramatic drop in income …my 11 year old granddaughter could have told them that . Sums up the attitude of those in charge and total lack of common sense and probably applies to all parties . Labour promise all these free things but someone will pay ….God / Allah help us all !


    • gb123 says:

      There is also the supply and demand impact. By offering free travel you will get an M25 effect. Build more roads and you don’t solve traffic problems in the long run as they attract more cars. Overcrowded bus services would become impossible and journey times would increase beyond belief.


      • Not Gwent says:

        “Build more roads and you don’t solve traffic problems in the long run as they attract more cars”

        This isn’t true because the number of cars has gone up without a mile of motorway being built in years.

        Population growth feeds congestion.


    • xplod says:

      Apropos the charging infrastructure, there is this type of thing to consider (apols if it’s already been posted):-



  14. StewGreen says:

    Do you want to check all the BBC staff with a Labour background ?
    e.g. Andrew Marr ….AKA Red Andy

    check here

    Yes it seems there is a whole other website of archived discussion


  15. chancygardner says:

    Nothing to do with BBC but I had to laugh at the irony last night: Our town is full of lefties, XR people, Greens, Vegans…you name it they are there all the time, shoving their politics down your throat every time you walk down the high street.

    Last night we had a genuinely wonderful ‘Goodwill evening’. Kids around the primary schools make little lanterns into various things; kites, snowmen, aircraft, flowers etc. etc. and parade around the town. Along with it this year comes a kind of ‘Steam-Pump’ train pulled and pushed by some blokes. Fair enough, all good fun until you get to see it closer and it’s covered with Labour flags, local candidate’s name and t-shirts to match.

    Anyway, my annoyance at this unnecessary addition of politics turned to hoots of laughter when said ‘train’ followed the parade up an alleyway which was blocked to vehicles. Indeed it is always blocked to vehicles. The train that had to go into reverse, back into the crowd of followers who, after a couple of minutes, resembled Queen Boudica’s army at the Watling Street battle; hemmed in and unable to move backwards or forwards.

    After much pushing and shoving the mass of folk was eventually cleared and the chariot moved back.

    Still, it’s nice to know Labour think ahead eh!


  16. smoogie7 says:

    Well more news is coming out about these ‘Russian leaks’

    Such a shame that none of that news is coming from the BBC who are disappointed that Corbyn was unable to breakthrough last night


  17. G.W.F. says:

    At last a sensible suggestion regarding the BBC. Forget subscriptions, forget reforms, forget privatization, close it down. Sack the lot of them.
    Too radical? At least read the article in Conservative Woman. The author promises to meet objections in the next article.

    i am just a troll here but think it is worth discussing.



    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Absolutely. Strip the reprobates of their big fat pensions & pay cheques. They’ve worked too long against us and in favour of everything abhorrent to us.


  18. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3

    I stumbled into this morning’s programme at 7.30 and a discussion about someone that Justin Webb was obviously reluctant to name-check. The contributors were two(?) from the Prison and Probation Service or Home Office or a prison/prisoner-related Charity. It was interesting.

    1. The BBC on R4 & the web-site (what happened on TV – anyone know?) have been going really heavy on the Joseph McCann case. I don’t recall their coverage of other rape trials being as intensive, other than the controversial John Worboys (? – have I remembered that right) parole release.

    2. The solution that people and the BBC appear to have to all known problems all the time is ‘more money from government’ without ever much thought going into where that money might come from and what effect taking it out of taxpayers’ pockets might have on the economy.


  19. G says:

    All ‘Part an’ Parcel’ of integrating muslims into a Western way of life:
    “There needs to be a thorough and realistic reevaluation of this training program of foreign nationals. But that probably will not happen; it would be “Islamophobic.””

    Nah! ‘Stoking up problems for the future?’. Just rely on the bad judgement of releasing muslim prisoners early to keep the public on edge.


  20. Not Gwent says:

    I caught part of the Marr interview on Newswatch this morning.

    I have no idea why Johnson was there as he wasn’t allowed to speak.

    As said before State Broadcaster can lean any way it likes though it can’t expect to take money from the parts of the political spectrum it doesn’t like.

    Tired old auntie please go subscription and have Lineker and Marr soapbox to their hearts content.


  21. Deborah says:

    I know the BBC keeps asking about the NHS but depending who you ask in Labour, NHS workers may or may not be included in Labour’s plans for a 4 day week.
    I am a school governor. I don’t know whether Labour’s plans include school staff in the 4 day week. Staff wages are around 70-80% of a school budget. If staff are on a 4 day week every school’s budget it blown; unless pupils too are going to be on a 4 day week. But if pupils are on a 4 day week then isn’t what they learn going to be reduced by 20%? (Please don’t answer that by saying the children learn nothing – unless they are Gretta who doesn’t go to school at all). Perhaps the BBC could ask Angela Rayner about schools and a 4 day week – and how she would resolve the budget issues – but I wouldn’t expect her to understand the question – never mind able to find a solution.


  22. StewGreen says:

    Talentgate the seemingly doctored Channel4News video


  23. Celtic_Mist says:

    Regarding the Leaked documents cited by Corbyn ‘tied to Russian group’. The question that the left is not asking is to what extent labour collaborated with the Russians.

    We see similar behaviour in the US where the left think it is fine to pay foreign actors for dirt on Republicans but refuse to support any attempt for the interference to be investigated.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I think that witin a few weeks , likely just into the New Year, we will find that the Barr/ Durham investigation begins to roll out indictments for the Russian Hoax. These will include some prominent members of the Democrat party as well as deep state officials. My view is that Trump knows that this impeachment is going to be blown to kingdom come by what Barr is going to unleash. Of course the Barr investigation will deliver facts and evidence unlike the impeachment investigation which is just hearsay and wishful thinking. Large sections of the American public have lost trust in the MSM over the Russia Hoax the Barr investigation will be the final straw for millions more. The path for Trump’s re election will be clear and the Dems will be unable to stop him. Four more years.


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        If I was Trump I would get some accountants to tot up the total cost of all the time and money the democrats are costing the tax payers by spending all their time on investigations, committees, meetings, impeachment attempts and all the other times wasted trying to get rid of Trump instead of doing their proper job of being the official opposition scrutinising government workings.

        Trump could say to the population that the cost of these Democrat shenanigans could have built 100 hospitals fully staffed (or whatever the wasted cost turns out to be)


      • G says:

        I was hoping to find the Steve Turley video on YT where he looks at the falls in viewings of the ‘MSM’, Hollywood films and other programmes from the broadcasting channels in the US as they attempt to re-write history. Anyway, it’s one of his recent series. Got me thinking about this Worldwide human trait that begins to despise anything, eventually, that gets continually rammed down the throats of the people.
        In the UK, the Dr Who series has seen a “plunge” in viewings apparently as a result of the programme’s efforts to introduce. “….. ‘lectures’ as the show explores issues like racism, male pregnancy and disabilities”. Well, fancy that.
        We all know of the ratings dropping for a range of BBC programmes like Toady/Twato but, how far is this now obvious rejection of nonsense taking root? Doubtless our Marxist State Broadcaster would not wish you to know.
        I learn that the new Bond film will emerge Springtime next year. In it, the current Bond hands over to the next Bond – a female. I guess this, ‘half and half’ scenario is an attempt to attract film-goers and circumvent the ‘Dr Who’ problems. This will surely be a litmus test of how the public is well on the way to dismissing those who attempt to force changes in history/public preferences. I look forward to seeing the stats.


  24. G.W.F. says:

    Thinking of tough interviews here is another chance to see the unbiased Andrew Neil going the full mile to defend Islam, promote the BBC line and attack Tommy Robinson.


  25. Fred Stubber says:

    The Times for Saturday 7th Dec has a front page item about leftist bias by the BBC and Channel Four. I wonder if this will be featured in the BBC’s newspaper review…


  26. G says:

    Has the funerals of those murdered on London Bridge last week taken place yet?
    I trust the father’s asked the local iman to attend and read out a few choice extracts from the Quaran. Just to show there’s no hard feelings of course…..
    I would particularly relish one or two which either stated or implied, ‘we are gonna get all of you, sooner or later’.


  27. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    We all know why the lefties want to reduce the voting age by 2 years to 16.

    Logic would suggest that if they were to do this then they must also reduce the age where you can go into pubs and buy booze to 16, down from 18.
    If they are mature enough to vote at 16 then they are mature enough to go out boozing.
    Same for smoking.

    The minimum legal age to hold a driving license is17 so knock 2 years off that and they can drive at 15.
    They can currently get a provisional at 15 so that age should drop to 13.

    Join the Army at 14 and go to one of the ‘stans to kill or be killed.

    Be sent to men’s prisons 2 years earlier.

    A whole host of other age related activities and laws come into play if the left get their way to gerrymander the youth vote.

    I would have the voting age raised to 25 and over for all UK citizens.

    As for EU citizens getting the vote.
    Yes, after serving 6 years in HM Forces to prove they are good citizens who care for the UK.


    • G says:

      They’ll want to send children up chimneys next!


      • Up2snuff says:

        G, just finished that Prof Britts video. Interesting.

        I noted with some irony he kept waving a laser pointer around. Those things, which have become ubiquitous in the past thirty years, create in-use global warming all of their own.

        Was disappointed in a geologist who dealt with the warming/CO2 output of volcanoes who then forgot/overlooked the fact that this fragile rock that we inhabit is very, very, very hot inside – boiling in fact – and that that must have an effect not just via volcanoes but via geothermal effects.

        Was very disappointed, too, that he appeared to promote the myth of China building colossal numbers of power stations. At the rate he was suggesting – one every two weeks in 2011 – you would think they would show up in statistics somewhere.


  28. The General says:

    I am really worried about Voter fraud. The Electoral Commission should make it a compulsory custodial sentence for those who vote twice ( I refer mainly to students ). It should not be beyond modern technology to be able to check if this is happening and to identify the culprits.


    • Beltane says:

      Sure you are right General, and if it were not for those Savage Tory Cuts there would be more than enough staff to ensure all the checks needed…oh, hang on though, maybe it’s not so bad….can we get back to you on that?
      Maybe end of the week OK? Say Friday?


    • Burgsey says:

      Fully agree. We still use an ancient manual system for verifying and investigating fraud. It involves having to track back over paperwork etc. This needs to change and quickly. The Electoral Commission are not fit for purpose and this issue will become a big one at this election. Look out for the “dodgy” results and potential postal fraud and not just students voting twice.

      Am I right that in India you are obliged to dip your finger in indelible ink which prevents you voting twice. Perhaps we should have some of that here!


    • Burgsey says:

      Fully agree. We still use an ancient manual system for verifying and investigating fraud. It involves having to track back over paperwork etc. This needs to change and quickly. The Electoral Commission are not fit for purpose and this issue will become a big one at this election. Look out for the “dodgy” results and potential postal fraud and not just students voting twice.

      Am I right that in India you are obliged to dip your finger in indelible ink which prevents you voting twice. Perhaps we should have some of that here!


  29. StewGreen says:

    FooC : from the BBC Don’t Do Science dept
    Shukman “coal is the dirtiest fuel”

    FFS an experienced BBC environmental correspondent
    … “dirty” has a definition
    and by it oils like bunker oil, and wood burn dirtier
    Hence controversy over Drax wood burning

    He probably means the most CO2 intensive fuel
    (but again bunker fuel can higher.)
    … but that is complex cos it includes claiming wood and biomass is zero CO2 when in fact CO2 does come out of the chimney.. and zero is reabsorbed if you don’t replant
    and if you do it takes 20 years for a trees CO2 to be re-absorbed on the same plot of land.


    • StewGreen says:

      He also said ‘scientists say’
      “Parts of Earth too hot to live ”

      thats Politics not science
      Nowhere is too hot to live cos we have tech

      the missing context is if temps did rise
      colder places would be easier to live in.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, did you hear the recent R4 TOADY Prog broadcast from a Belfast Uni – think it was Queens?

      Someone there is researching what might be done with unused grain (spelt) and spent spelt used in the beer brewing process. They are finding if it can be burned to produce electricity instead of rotting in landfill or composting in compost heaps. The (highly questionable) ‘science’ reasoning was that the grains had grown and taken CO2 out of the atmosphere so burning them is kinda carbon neutral and fashionably Carbon NetZero.

      “Yeah, roight!”
      (where did that Norfolk sceptic come from? how does he/she get in here?)

      On that basis, coal is exactly the same. As is oil & gas. But young Uni brains might take a while to figure that out.

      I guess it makes Extinction Rebellion feel a teeny bit better at shipping tons of wood-chip across the Atlantic in dirty diesel powered shipping and pouring the wood chips into the power station furnaces at Drax in order to keep the lights on.

      It will not be long before we are back to burning coal.


      • StewGreen says:

        @Up2snuff .. do you really think that for thousands of years humans have been making beer … and then throwing the nutritious mash away
        .. and only now those megabrain greens have realised that it could be burnt
        Or have human beer makers always fed mash to cows, pigs, chickens ???

        Doh burning mash, now means having to use more land to grow pig food.


  30. Guest Who says:

    OT as DM, but this ‘breaking news’ post reads all too familiar in what is written in what order….

    BREAKING NEWS: BMW driver dies after car smashes into bollard and bursts into flames in north London

    One is sure the BBC will get into detail.


    • StewGreen says:

      Maybe the lics will come out after the court
      Like this case in October


      • StewGreen says:

        And 5 hours ago
        “An 87-year-old man has died after being hit by a BMW in Rochdale”

        Ot would help if BMW’s were manufactured with indicators that worked.


  31. StewGreen says:

    This revenge mass rapist guy Joseph McCann
    is of course not Muslim
    .. So were his family just regular white people ?

    “born in a caravan park in north London”


    • StewGreen says:


  32. Guest Who says:

    State of this. Beyond getting a Labour idiot onscreen, what was the point of it?


  33. vlad says:

    While Al-beeb remain resolutely in let’s-not-jump-to-conclusions mode about the muslim murders at the US naval base (until they can completely ‘disappear’ the story asap), here’s an analysis of this latest act of islamic terror by someone who’s not afraid to face facts and speak truth to power:


  34. Celtic_Mist says:

    One encouraging fact which keeps repeating is the 48/52 ratio.

    The YouGov Poll winner of the BBC Prime Minister debate was thus, as even the Mirror grudgingly had to admit.

    [If the BBC reported the poll, it is well buried]



    • StewGreen says:

      no one watched it
      no one gives a toss
      There are 60 million people in this country.


  35. StewGreen says:

    Topic the UK locking up the wrong people
    From the trial of 17 year old autistic guy who chucked the kid off the Tate


    • Beltane says:

      One of the saddest, if predictable, things about Bravery is that while photographs show his eyebrows form an unbroken line to indicate a clear degree of limitation in intelligence, the illustrations from the court suggest a more normal appearance. The ultimate political correction.


  36. StewGreen says:

    Today pg 23 of tge Times abkut the sentencing of a soldier for fraud
    “treated relatives to flights”

    I wonder why the Times didn’t put a photo ?


  37. StewGreen says:

    Met need help analysing drill music


    • Dave S says:

      One of the drill generation put me right on it. It is all about money, drugs and stabbings. That is it.


  38. Celtic_Mist says:

    Some blogs suggest that the BBC knows more about Syria, Steele and even Skripal than published.

    “It really is time that the Grand Unpopular Press and the BBC, realised this is a major story. Are they too proud to admit they might have been wrong?”

    View at Medium.com


  39. StewGreen says:

    Pervy doctors again
    doctor Jomo Mathurine just jailed for videoing himself having sex with women by wearing video camera glasses

    I guess that is why Google dropped its Google Glass project
    BBC actually put a photo


    • pertelote says:

      another day ..another scumbag!..next!!


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wonder if he got his medical qualifications on EBay . ? I’m actually a neurosurgeon – my degree cost £24.99 from the university of southern tower hamlets medical school ….


  40. Guest Who says:



    • Guest Who says:

      Meanwhile, Matt has found some researchers.

      Who say.

      Climate change: Oceans running out of oxygen as temperatures rise



      • Up2snuff says:

        Guest, that’s OK. I’ve just been listening to Prof Dan Britts thanks to a link from G. (12.59 6 December Mid-week Thread last page) Prof. Britt is firmly with the sea level rise fraternity so the oceans are gonna fill up again with all that nice oxygenated meltwater.

        No worries.

        Unless you have a sea front, ground floor Condo in Florida. (Parts of which are sinking into the mud anyway.)


      • Oldspeaker says:

        It does appear to be working on the majority though GW, I’ve realised if the bbc is saying ‘look at this’ I need to be looking somewhere else. Currently the environment and climate change appears to be a useful smoke and mirrors distraction from the massive social engineering experiment our betters have embarked on. And it would appear, lost control of.


      • Guest Who says:

        This latest BBC foray into ‘PR as news’ is clearly winning professional respect.


  41. Charlie Farley says:

    Oh the good old days ! , nothing wrong with that …my dear old Dad was working in a coal mine at 14 ……coal mine what’s that I hear you ask !


  42. TrickCyclist says:

    Sorry if this has already been covered, but I just saw this BBC promo for Christmas, sorry “XMAS LIFE,” on BBC One. In BBC-land, it seems like BAME stands for “Black And ‘Majority’ Ethnic.”


    • Banania says:

      He is beginning to look very BAME, isn’t he? Evolving to fit the requirements of the BBC.


  43. Halifax says:

    Obviously Masterchef 2020 will be meat free.


  44. Fedup2 says:

    The language BBC news uses to talk about the leak of secret trade documents by the Russians manages to dissociate the Labour Party from the use of the documents to undermine trade talks as well as making false assertions about selling off the state international health service .

    As I was listening I wondered what the News would sound like if it was a leaked document to the Conservative campaign .

    Thankfully this only lasts for another 5 days .

    After that BBC propaganda will switch to ( if the Tories win )

    The election was fixed
    The election was bought
    The election was unfair as all the papers wanted a Tory win
    Corbyn was victimised
    Labour really won it

    Obviously if it goes Labours’ way the narrative will be around further damaging the Conservative / brexit party and pushing for the repeal of A50 – what the BBC wants all along .


  45. Guest Who says:

    BBC Newsbeat

    “We’re seeing more and more patients with fewer staff, with less available space.

    “It feels sometimes unbearable that you can’t provide the care that you really want to.”

    This is what it’s actually like working in the NHS


    Golly, where could these more and more patients be coming from?


    • Guest Who says:

      I get to see this because Hugh Sykes liked it.

      Sensing the next BBC/Labour election front opening.


      • Banania says:

        “Result of decisions by politicians, who ignored warnings.”


      • Lefty Wright says:

        Guest Who
        I imagine we are meant to infer from Dr Adesara’s comments that in order to initiate a cure we need to vote in to power a Socialist government. Well, if we are, then my response is “Bullshit – the Socialists were in power for 13 years and still the funds somehow weren’t sufficient to meet the needs of the NHS and that is because such an organisation is incapable of being perfected. Unfortunately, the Left still believes that it is. In just the same way as they believe that people can be perfected and they are the kiddies to carry out the perfecting process. MY ARSE!!!


      • Guest Who says:

        Just now, on Facebook…


        Jeremy Corbyn has released a new video.

        This is heartbreaking.


        You’ll never guess….


        • theisland says:

          Let’s talk about immigration shall we Sonia?

          The Migration Watch people always strike me as even handed and impartial.

          Sonia Sodha on the other hand … https://soniasodha.wordpress.com

          What is it about people named Sonia?


  46. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Spanish politicians have linked the suspected grenade attack to “hate speech” by the far-right.


    Wild guesses to which politicians have the BBC’s number?


  47. Scroblene says:

    Whatever happened to Harry Enfield?

    Her Fragrancy the Senora O’Blene and I have just been enjoying the first series of ‘Men behaving badly’, (again) and he was just superb there, with the pre-Doc Martin Clunes, being very funny as well!

    Great fun, little hubris, no PC rubbishy innuendo, pretty well British through and through!

    Lovely humour, Leslie Ash on the cusp of a – er – jolly good night out too…

    Thames TV at its best of course…


  48. Guest Who says:

    BBC Trending is trying to make this trend.


  49. StewGreen says:



  50. Thoughtful says:

    A comment from someone in Aus about the fire there reported by the lying media as evidence of climate change.

    “fires are much worse due to the policy of the Greens of preventing winter controlled burns, which burned up the excess kindling and undergrowth. The result is much more fuel to burn and consequently more severe fires. Nothing to do with climate change, just bad management of the environment. ”

    In other words the Green lobby engineering an issue which they then present as evidence to support their whole reason for existence.