Weekend Thread 30 November 2019

The next 13 days will see a pretty undisguised Far Left propaganda stream from the BBC .
The latest terrorist attack in London will be harder for the BBC to ‘bury ‘ due to its’ very public nature with a lot of broad daylight footage online . We will have to wait and see if the BBC follow the usual pattern of minimising and ignoring the motivation to accord with its own agenda .

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  1. pugnazious says:

    Boris deals with Andrew Neil demanding an interview…

    Listening to Nolan claim democracy will fall unless Boris does Neil….if he doesn’t then Corbyn will refuse to do interviews and we’ll never know what they think or have the ability to hold them to account….the media must have ‘leverage’ over politicians and politicians must do what the Media demands…such as an Andrew Neil interview.

    Interesting that the BBC has ‘allowed’ Boris to do an interview with Marr…so good of them…clearly the interests of democracy won out over the arrogant self-regard and self-importance of entitled journalists.

    Curious that Corbyn has avoided as many if not more interviews in his time as Labour leader than Boris….C4 is most disgruntled…

    ‘Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn are “cowards” for avoiding TV interviews, Channel 4’s head of news and current affairs has said.

    We have a leader of the opposition who fails to give significant interviews on terrestrial TV.
    She also noted that Corbyn has recently only made once-yearly interview appearances with Channel 4 News, at the Labour Party conference in 2017 and 2018. “What does he think he is? My birthday?” she asked.’

    So you mght ask why the BBC has spent the last week, longer in fact, ever since Boris put himself up for the leadership, berating Boris and Boris alone for not appearing on particular interviews….whilst he has been doing many, many others…often with the BBC….and not been similarly berating Corbyn and calling him a coward and a bottler as Emma Barnett called Boris…forgetting he’d just done a long Q&A phone-in with 5 Live days before and was in fact doing another interview and call-in on LBC even as she attacked him.

    Michael Grade being interviewed by Nolan asked the same question…why has the BBC not mentioned that Corbyn has refused to appear on the Today show? Nolan sailed rapidly on without comment as he did when Grade suggested that the broadcasters had become politicised and were deliberatelty making an issue of this for political reasons.

    It seems the BBC can’t nail Boris on policies and know he is far more popular as a personality than Corbyn hence they are concentrating all their guns on attempting a character assassination…quite happy for people to come on and call him a clown, not someone to be taken seriously, untrustworthy or as Rory Stewart did on Friday call him ‘Far-Right’ and of course we have the repeatedly quoted Wee Shuggie’s comment that he is ‘dangerous and unfit for office’. The BBC has spent months trying to create the impression that Boris can’t be trusted and that he has a ‘woman problem’…they are quite prepared to exploit his family and kids to take him down whatever that does to their lives as the BBC tried relentlessly to put his kids in the media spotlight…one for Ofcom you could say.

    The BBC is trying to take out the man and not the policies…because of course the policies will always beat Corbyn’s policies.


    • Not Gwent says:

      I’d have thought voters could decide for themselves whether ‘cowardice’ in front of a TV camera was a deal breaker in deciding whether or not to vote for someone?

      Yet Corbyn and Johnson face each other in front of a baying mob week in week out in the ordinary run of things. The contest is even televised completely for those who care to spend the time.

      The arrogance of the media.


    • smoogie7 says:

      That is the left overall.

      Someone has found something Johnson said in 2005. Some people are chavs who drink. I remember 2005 quite well. Labour where in power and there where a lot of chavs and a lot of people used to drink. No austerity back then and the lunatics had taken over the asylum. Sad to think that the left want us to go back to those times!


  2. vlad says:

    Anyone notice how after every islamic terror attack, a friend / family member of one of the victims is quoted as saying something like, ‘X wouldn’t have wanted his death to be used as a pretext for sowing hate and division’?

    I don’t think that’s a spontaneous first reaction. Grief, anger, even hatred or revenge would seem more natural responses, not a formulaic rent-a-quote straight out of the BBC hymn book.

    I’d be curious to know who coaches them.


  3. Hereward Wake says:

    It beggars belief to find that there really are people who accuse the BBC of being pro Conservative. Do they mean the way the public are somehow gaining the impression that he’s a terrorist loving traitor to everything Britain stands for? He does that just fine, without any help from the BBC.


  4. Celtic_Mist says:

    ‘BBC stonewalls ex-ambassador over Newsnight editor’s links to Sergei Skripal


    “UK politicians rush to judgement, but citizens are more curious about what really happened in Salisbury…

    https://twitter dot com/i/moments/975039211735801857?lang=en



  5. Guest Who says:

    A BBC Hereford and Worcester post that brings a tear to the eye, as always….
    ‘When I dance it makes me feel alive’

    Meet the Worcester man who founded a boys only dance programme.

    And a reply comment that suggests the PR as news may have stopped short of the full story….
    “I’m all in favour of getting boys dancing-but, perhaps now the ‘man who founded this’ will finally pay the hundreds of pounds he owes me for teaching for him!”
    The thick plotten.


  6. Guest Who says:


    It’s the Graun, and Nick Cohen, so slanted accordingly. I just read the headline first, though. Ironically.

    And recall the times Paul Mason seemed to arrive at protests before the activists.


  7. Guest Who says:

    It will be interesting how impartial bbc account-holding grandee Marr treats Boris vs. his fireside chats with Jez.


  8. Guest Who says:

    That’s Kev Maguire on Newsnight all week.


    • vlad says:

      I was bullied too. Strangely that hasn’t made me want to go out and murder some random infidels.
      I wonder if there might be some mysterious extra factor in the case of this muslim?


  9. AnneG says:

    BBC Radio 4 seven am news;
    Item one. Labour blames Tory cuts for the latest Terror attack
    Item two, Labour’s rail nationalisation will include a government online central rail booking service to save travellers money.
    Item three, Labour will give the drug PREP free to all Gay men.
    Dear God.
    Labours Keir Starmer co founded the chamber where the lawyer who won Khan s appeal against his sentence worked.
    Labour will also nationalise Trainline
    Labour will help all Gay men to have unprotected sex with HIV positive Gay men.
    The bias is strong this morning.


  10. Halifax says:

    I get it now.
    The reason that the BBC and thier Marxist friends don’t condemn Muslim attacks is that they are in fact their footsoldiers. And the BBC are their propaganda arm. They both have the same agenda the otherthrow of the capitalist white male dominated west. We are at war and we just sit back hoping some political leader will do somthing , but they won’t because they too are indoctrinated into the Marxist pc world frightened of offending someone but prepared to let these knife killers roam our streets. I do not support violence just robust measures to bring back law and order. Our police are now the PC police they are shackled by the ever offended left to the detriment of us all.


    • StewGreen says:

      R4 The Paddy O’Connell show
      ‘The internet feeds this ideology ‘
      … Really MSM giving the ideology special promotion and special protection from criticism doesn’t play a part ?

      How come the word “fascist” is thrown at people who dare vote for something other than Lab/Lib/green
      … yet never to describe people copying the history of the foundation of Islam ?


    • Banania says:

      Are not the Marxists the useful idiots in bringing about the Moslem takeover, and will be discarded when they have served their purpose?


  11. Thoughtful says:

    The cowardly useless incompetent Boris the Bottler has been displaying his cowardice yet again by visiting the scene of the ‘incident’ on London bridge, in the company of the ultra PC Cressida Dick (by name and nature).

    He waffled about terror and longer sentences for violent crime but despite all that had gone on he failed to mention a) Islam, b) Muslim, c) Jihad, and made it look as if any member of society might have yelled Allah Hu Akbar.

    This is not the kind of man I want to see running our country. He is an out and out coward and Socialist. He has no vision no direction, no passion what so ever, he offers only more drift and pandering to the left.

    No wonder the polls are showing a move towards Corbyn who unlike Boris has all the qualities needed passion vision direction and courage of his convictions, even though they are all throughly disgusting and detestable.

    The Tories are a lost party, rotten to the core, devoid of leadership and ideas, time for a new party, if only Nigel hadn’t started a single issue party which will be dissolved when the single issue is realised.


    • Jeff says:

      For Gawd’s sake Thoughtful, change the bleedin’ record, can’t you? You’re giving my arse an earache.
      I’m not BoJo’s biggest fan, but this is a straight toss up between him and the most Marxist Labour leader there’s ever been.
      Unfortunately we’re not living in a political utopia…we are where we are. It’s either Boris or a bloke who’s so left wing he makes Ken Livingstone look like Norman Tebbit.
      Just think of the unspeakably appalling prospect of Corbyn as PM.
      Nuff said.


      • Thoughtful says:

        “the most Marxist Labour leader there’s ever been.”

        For goodness sake! Corbyn is absolutely definitely 100% near a Marxist and he never has been!

        Corbyn is a Fascist verging on a Nazi, and although several people who don’t know much about politics might believe he is Marxist he certainly isn’t!

        The Labour Manifesto is almost a carbon copy of Mussolinis original Fascist Manifesto, which alas although available is being kept from public knowledge by our media. Here are a few of the things in it.

        Nationalisation of the railways
        Minimum wage
        Workers representatives on the boards of companies
        Lowering the voting age
        Equal rights for women
        limiting profits for companies supplying the public sector.

        Recognise these?

        Many of the Tories today are actual bona fide Marxists, with Theresa May saying openly she didn’t have a problem with the state seizure of private property without compensation.
        Michael Gove supporting the Marxist Extinction Rebellion
        David Cameron supporting the Socialist Workers Party Hope not hate group amongst others.


        • Lucy Pevensey says:

          Imagine a straight line with points at the ends. The points represent extreme-left & extreme right. Now bend the line until it forms a horseshoe shape. Keep bending until the points meet. Extreme left/extreme right end up in the same place. That’s the area inhabited by Jezbollah Corbyn.


      • Banania says:

        Oh that Thoughtful would be more so!


  12. theisland says:

    It isn’t just terrorists and jihadists in all their guises who deserve death or deportation. The ancient punishment of banishment from the country should be revived for all their enablers and appeasers (also in all their guises). This should be done in concert with new legislation for Treason.

    By this method vaste swathes of excrement could be purged from our country – past and present politicians, civil servants, government officials, corporations etc. etc. etc.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, one or two of the banished indigenes would end up suffering the pangs of homesickness.


  13. digg says:

    Marr on the BBC this morning has been referring to the situation of the Labour Party in the election as “We” a number of times. A slip or does he/they just not care anymore?


    • Guest Who says:

      An ex-colleague speaks…

      I wonder how John, James, Gavin, etc feel? As one?

      In a way he has a point. The BBC has been guaranteed survival by Jez for free, but may have had it bought by Boris.


      • Guest Who says:

        Here’s KGM, who seems obsessed.

        Interesting how Ch4 have parked Jon ‘Make Love To A Conservative’ Snow or the News boss lady.

        For some reason.


  14. Halifax says:

    Just watching Boris. He is useless we have no chance. Instead of saying that an inquiry is on-going etc…..he trys to blame Labour….the bloke really is useless it’s like listening to a broken record.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Where’s this intelligence we keep being told that he has? He seems to keep it well hidden during interviews. Is he just bad at being interviewed?


  15. G says:

    I heard the item on the 0900 news Radio 4 earlier. The one where someone interviews Jack Merrett (think I’ve got that right) a while ago. He was a part of the rehabilitation team that endeavours to correct terrorist thinking. First one to die apparently. If that’s not proof of failure I don’t know what is. A do-gooder, “Refugees welcome” supporter probably. As a followup, the ‘news’ item also contained a interview with a QC who has previously represented relatives of previous victims of ‘terror’. Without (needless to say) naming islam, his opinion was that it was just about near impossible to remove the ingrained islamic dogma introduced at young ages. Bit like the current ‘Climate Rebellion’ and its child adherents I suppose.
    Anyway, we must move on and make room for the islamic children of the ISIS fighters in the UK and thank our Government for assiduously working to protect the public.


  16. Ed Hitter says:

    The BBC’s angle on the terror attack today has been to accuse the Prime Minister of “politicising” it – as if it’s a bad thing to talk about the terrorist threat to our country!
    It is, of course, staking out its own unique narrative. Marr lectured us this morning thus: “There have been the usual pleas for this not to be politicised…but I am afraid it already seems too late for that.”
    This is despite the threat to our national security being absolutely of overriding concern to the British people – an issue almost totally ignored in election coverage up to this point.
    The entire BBC tone is to adopt Labour’s strategy of discussing the latest murders in the context of police numbers and probation cuts, with no debate about what is being done to tackle the Islamist fundamentalism that has taken root in so many communities, which hates our British values and leads to rape gangs, homophobia, anti Semitism and Sharia courts.
    Don’t let the BBC draw a veil (sic) over the real issue here.
    We’re left with a choice between a PM who wants to throw away the key for these vile terrorists and an opposition leader whose latent anti western, anti Semitic feelings means that he remains mealy mouthed and apologetic towards terrorists.


  17. davylars says:

    Andrew Marr interviewing Shami Chakrabarti
    Marr quotes, ‘Corbyn saying 16 years ago he wrote about invasion and occupation of Iraq would set off a spiral of misery hate, etc ,etc. And fuel wars and terrorisim’
    Marr continues, “Not down to terrorists, it is down to the behaviour of previous Conservative and labour governments.”

    Forgive me for pointing out, but wasn’t it Blair’s Labour government that took Britain into the U.S.-led war in Iraq.
    But why let facts get in the way when Tories can be implicated..
    Now he’s interrupting Boris….


    • G says:

      Was she questioned about her previous role in Liberty?
      “When she was the director of Liberty, she campaigned against “excessive” anti-terror legislation. In this role she frequently contributed to BBC Radio 4 and various newspapers, and was described in The Times as “probably the most effective public affairs lobbyist of the past 20 years”. Between 2014 and 2017 she served as Chancellor of the University of Essex.[3]”
      I doubt that very much.

      Anyway, these people get away with blue murder under the title of, ‘Public Good’. Treezer May? Clandestinely signed the UN Migration Compact. Problem is, the ‘tame’ public has emboldened these people to do as they wish with no fear of public retribution. That ‘tameness’ will finally destroy this country. Even performing circus animals are now subject to legislation.


  18. Deborah says:

    Post Second World War my grandfather was sent by the Foreign Office to speak to German troops to educate them on why Nazism was wrong. I presume him and others like them had some success. I presume the right people could have some success rehabilitating Muslim radicles. I just don’t think that today’s snowflakes have the right skills.

    I have noticed that the female murdered on Friday seems to have disappeared. I stand corrected but she doesn’t appear to have been named. I find it difficult to believe that not a neighbour, cousin, friend hasn’t learned of the death and spoken of it. Or is there a MSM ban on giving her name?


  19. fakenewswatcher says:

    G – Re your final sentence: It is a painful process to have to sit and watch extreme stupidity unfold before you in slow motion, but you can hear the thinking underlying that folly, as would-be collectors of Brownie points get into gear…


  20. Guest Who says:


    BOB • 29 minutes ago • edited
    Marr invites Boris on to Explain, Marr constantly talks over Boris

    Marr asks Boris how many others
    Boris answers 74
    Marr says you are avoiding my questions
    Boris says no I am not it is 74

    Marr did not hear Boris’s first reply because he was talking over him rather than listening

    Marr is a disgrace. A poundshop Andrew Neil.


  21. Jeff says:

    As others have already mentioned the first victim of our latest Islamo fascist murder spree was the lad who was trying to help rehabilitate him. It’s a tragic and poignant irony and one we should think about. He sounds a thoroughly decent lad.
    It would seem his entire family are reformists who think everybody should be given a second chance. I think they’re wrong.
    They don’t want this tragedy to be “exploited” by those of us who would have locked this vermin away and thrown away the key.
    And yet surely the proof is there for all to see.
    They’ve lost a son, others have lost a wife/mother/daughter. And if it hadn’t been for the swift and brave action of people nearby we’d have lost a lot more.
    I’m not willing to lose any of my family on the whim of some do-gooding judiciary and the off chance this scum can be trusted.
    They can play Islamic roulette with their own families if they like.
    Leave mine out of it…


  22. smoogie7 says:

    Not quite the BBC but their cousins over at C4. A new documentary is out tomorrow about children ‘growing up in poverty’

    I have seen the trailer and it is sad to see but also curious to why it is being released now. Someone shared it on a Facebook group I am on and all the resident lefties are out talking about ‘Tory cuts’ and ‘Corbyn will save us’ but one comment was interesting. Someone who identifies as left of centre, but opposed to Corbyn says it seems deliberately timed to coincide with the GE.

    Are the who MSM trying to manipulate the public into voting Labour? I hate to say this but I think they care less about people who struggle than they think they do and just want to boot the Tories out to keep their nice EU salaries.

    Just a thought…


  23. herrclick says:

    Why does the Tory Party HQ agree to these ridiculous BBBC interviews with their editorial team’s pre-prepared answers being grandstanded via their mouthpiece Marr this morning?


  24. Ed Hitter says:

    The BBC bosses will be slapping Marr on the back by now, congratulating him for not allowing the Prime Minister to answer questions, for framing Boris as a “chunterer”, for trying to get him to personally apologise for enabling murder on the streets of London and for working so hard to engineer a real “gotcha” moment.
    A more considered employer would instead call Marr in and demand to know why the interviewer was so unprofessional.
    Why did he constantly interrupt his guest, why did he afford his interviewee no courtesy, why did he become ever so slightly hysterical and why did this simply to lead to confusion and complaints from the viewers?
    This employer would ask Marr why he yet again gave so much ammunition to those people who think the BBC is biased and want it’s licence ended.
    This employer would then fire the incompetent interviewer.


  25. gb123 says:

    Whenever I see Marr on TV for some inexplicable reason I think of Frankie Howard’s Up Pompeii. I think of the names and I think of Marr being called Ludicrous Claptrap as it fits what he comes out with.


  26. StewGreen says:

    I open Twitter and it is pushing this at me at th top
    “Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro suggested, *without evidence*, that DiCaprio helped cause the Amazon fires by funding NGOs in the country.

    Interesting that all news reports use that phrase *without evidence*,which the opposition Globo network uses in its article.
    People make accusations against Trump all the time *without evidence*, but the media never use that phrase.

    I check Bolsonaro’s Tweets
    On Nov 27th he tweeted
    In October I declared that many fires could be linked to NGOs.
    Now the Pará police arrest some suspects for the crime.

    and linked to a video about volunteer firemen connected to NGOs being arrested
    .. I guess that is his evidence.
    Now just cos the police arrest someone that doesn’t mean they are guilty. And the anti-Jair reports do say the judge released them on Nov 28th
    Last week in Australia firemen were arrested for arson ..they are one of the most common sources or arsonists.


  27. StewGreen says:

    #UpYoursBBC is trending


    • StewGreen says:

      Today’s anti-BBC campaign is organised by the metroliberals


    • taffman says:

      I stopped paying ages ago .
      Yesterday I had yet another red letter from the Telly Goons demanding payment and info, In fact it was literately a ‘Red Letter’ because it was posted to my house in a red envelope .
      On first view I thought they had sent me a Christmas Card.


  28. Demon says:

    It’s no wonder that Labour is closing in the polls, when every day on Sky it’s the full speeches from Corbyn and McDonnell. Hardly ever see a speech by Boris, and none at all from other Conservatives.

    Someone said the other day that the BBC was doing exactly the same. Blatant bias. It’s frankly disgusting and extremely frightening.


    • smoogie7 says:

      Yes it is worrying. Some of the Labour gains are from remainers moving away from the Lib Dems who are not going to win so it is a way to stop Brexit.

      Thing is the Tory lead as dipped in some polls (but gained in others) and I think that might be down to bias. The Tories have not done anything shocking and the manifesto has been well received this time unlike May’s 2017 disappointment but did it get the same fanfare as Labour’s?

      The BBC really are pushing hard for a Labour win and are manipulating the public to see the Tories as the bad guys.

      If this trend continues then we are in serious trouble. I am also concerned over the voter fraud which I think adds at least another 10 seats to Labour so if the Tories are predicted just 8 seats then the calculus would not pick up on those illegal Labour gains. We hit a hung parliament which takes us back to square one.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Or it might be that the Tories simply have nothing to say?


  29. Celtic_Mist says:

    Listen to it all (or jump past the 45s mark) and the replies

    “We don’t have a problem with Islam, Islam has a problem with Jihadis…


    • theisland says:

      I’m with Col. Richard Kemp who says (on twitter):
      “The problem we face is that British political leaders refuse to confront the reality of the jihadist threat against the UK. It is a war and it cannot be effectively fought using criminal justice measures. A radical re-think is long overdue.”


      • Despairada says:

        Agree. I think the problem is an unwillingness to recognise that these islamic nutters have to have different laws applied to them. Can’t we rent space in Guantanamo?

        BBC radio news had on Andrew Marr repeating over and over to Boris “you’ve had ten years do do something about it …” stopping boris from getting a word in.

        Then Chakrabatty followed by Chukkabutty sounding all nice and reasonable about funding etc.

        No conservative voice of reason. Was that because they wouldn’t come on or because they weren’t invited?

        It’s not lack of money
        It’s not about which party is in power
        It’s islam, and all the establishment’s fear of upsetting muslims, probably because the Saudis would cancel all the arms contracts.

        Oh for a government that has the courage to tell the saudis to go **** themselves.


        • G says:

          “It’s islam, and all the establishment’s fear of upsetting muslims, probably because the Saudis would cancel all the arms contracts.”
          More like any inflamed outbreak of hostility will, by islam, turn into a civil war, one the British police (or army) could not deal with. I hear that muslims are already importing firearms for that time. I learnt this some while ago that a plumber called to a mosque to fix an emergency leak stumbled on a cache of stored AK’s. Don’t know whether this is true but, could anyone genuinely disbelieve this?


          • Despairada says:

            Yes, there’s that as well.
            Someone I was talking to the other day said he had read about someone caught trying to smuggle an AK47 into the UK. He seemed to assume that this would be difficult. Maybe it’s actually the tip of the iceberg?


            • G says:

              Yes, if people can come in – dead or alive – via containers, there’s little hope of finding one or more AK’s. Question: right now, explosives and hand grenades in Sweden have to come from somewhere.


  30. Celtic_Mist says:

    Meanwhile, BBC concentrates on left-wing gains –


  31. upandatem says:

    This morning I caught a couple of minutes of Marr interrupting Boris. To say it was an interview would be stretching credulity to its absolute limits. Marr was embarrassing and made no attempt to hide his left-wing, anti Boris bias. The interview was simply a platform for Marr to impress his left-wing colleagues rather than any real, serious attempt to solicit, from the interviewee, answers that would enlighten the viewer. Marr, obviously stung by the suggestion that Boris thought him a softer touch than Andrew Neil, had a point to prove. Alas, the interview simply illustrated that Marr is well past his sell by date, as is the BBC. Time to say goodbye to them both and as quickly as possible.


    • StewGreen says:


  32. StewGreen says:

    Polls .. who takes the polls seriously ?

    What counts is election day
    and whether the Anti-Brexit candidate wins in a particular seat
    and then the adding up of the anti-Brexit candidates


  33. vlad says:

    It seems the standard nomenclature for the latest islamic terrorist on Al-beeb is ‘the attacker’.

    How about ‘muslim murderer’?



  34. StewGreen says:

    Racebaiter Club event of the day
    8 black men have been “RACIALLY PROFILED” and turned away from famous London Jazz bar.
    Our Lammy, and our Lenny hit the retweet button

    .. OK hang on what happens when a group of white men come to a similar bar , and also look young ?
    Are they “RACIALLY PROFILED” ?
    nope they are asked for their ID
    and those with proper ID get in and those without don’t
    ..And guess what this is the same as what happened to the black guys
    All 8 were NOT turned away, but that doesn’t put leftmob off, from creating a POLITICAL Twitterstorm
    Facebook post from someone who was there


  35. Guest Who says:


    ‘Expensive’ in £ terms is a given. However, what about the planet?

    The travel claims and methods will be interesting for an organisation based in London.


  36. StewGreen says:

    Using quotes as headlines helps the BBC hype its metroliberal narratives
    ..never mind heavily photoshopped images


    • Not Gwent says:

      “we need to”

      Who are we? Does State Broadcaster exist to tell people how they need to act?

      The age of deference is long dead. If a taxpayer funded State Broadcaster is to exist into the future all its funders views need to be reflected.


  37. StewGreen says:

    Of course one does listen to BBC for accurate info on politics , or any MSM for that matter.
    We know they will hype half the story, whilst suppressing the other half.
    On the Radio Lincolnshire highlights show they just chose a segment of the pub hustings to repeat
    The presenter kept saying
    “What are you going to do about school UNDERfunding when for example teachers are having to dip into their own pockets to buy food for the children ? ”

    WTF has kids food got to do with SCHOOL funding ?
    That is the parents problem
    He went down the line and all 5 bubbleworld candidates nodded and said how terrible
    The Liberal said that all teachers must have a starting salary of £30K
    WTF they only work 10 months/year ..that’s £3K a month

    Finally they got to Conservative, who then did point out that it’s two separate issues.

    When I check I did find that the presenter had begun with a listener’s question which was loaded
    “What are you going to do about school UNDER funding when for example teachers are having to dip into their own pockets to buy food for the children, and to buy books for the kids
    OK I can believe that in the past a teacher has bought a book for a kid
    ..but these days its so easy to take a photo of an actual book page and put it up on the screen or on their tablet.

    Schools to me don’t seem to be underfunded, cos they waste money on lots of unnecessary things.


    • taffman says:

      There are children in third world, mud hut schools learning from blackboards and chalk, who come out much better educated than many of our kids in the UK . Yes there is a lot of waste in our schools.


    • Invicta 1066 says:

      What was the report in the DM last week about the female headteacher who with her husband defrauded the school outbof £hundreds of thousands of pounds. Spent on luxury goods, holidays and false claims for business deals with her husband’s company.
      All the while the teachers and parents were being asked to fund books and food!


  38. Fedup2 says:

    Nothing to do with the Far Left Biased BBC but

    Sadly The Apostrophe Society is closing . Apparently no one knows how to use it . It’s a shame isn’t it . My thoughts ‘ and prayer’s ….’
    The future of the question mark must be next ?


  39. digg says:

    This young farm manager writing in Farmers Weekly about the scurrilous BBC documentary on meat seems to be a like-mind…


    I think the best (and saddest) point he makes is the feeble back-up from the farming community and representatives.

    Keep it up Beeb, you are just growing the number of sensible people like this and I get a warm glow knowing that we are not a lone voice and the backlash is taking root (A farming connection)!

    Perhaps a few thousand tractors outside Broadcasting House might make the point!


  40. NCBBC says:

    China and India are thankfully burning coal, thus hopefully forestalling an ice age by a 1000 years. An ice age will be a mega killer, not just of humans, but all life. A 1000 year forestalling might just give us time to get fusion going.
    ( We need engineers)

    St Greta of Sweden must take a pilgrimage to China on a wooden sail boat, and preach “sense” to the Chinese and Indians. And no cheating use of GPS, food and stuff, as both are products of a fossil fuel civilisation and inventions of our and past generations. In other words stop stealing the products of our creativity. They are our inheritance by right,as we invented them.

    Your generation has created nothing but flakery.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Climate change = unilateral disarmament by another name and many in the West are falling for it and they will live to regret it.


    • Invicta 1066 says:

      On last nights BBC Portillo’s train journeys across Australia he stopped at Newcastle. Amazingly not only is this Australian Newcastle still a centre for coal mining, it exports in gigantic cargo ships more coal per annum than the whole of the UK mined at the peak of our coal production. The mountains of coal were staggering, most to be shipped to Japan and Asia.
      I suppose ExtinctionWishers will have to row over there.
      Should steam trains and veteran railways be the subject of protests?


      • davylars says:

        As I live in the North East I was actually cheering at the sight of thousands of tuns of coal being poured into huge tankers and shipped around the world.
        It also brought a bit of nostalgia as I am a Tyneside lad and remember coal being shipped from Dunston Staithes.
        Fortunately these have sensibly been preserved..
        A pic I took early this year


      • Old Goat says:

        Luvverly coal.


  41. taffman says:

    “London Bridge: Woman killed in attack named as Saskia Jones”
    Murdered, because of our Human Rights, Political Correctness and Liberal Criminal Justice System ?
    What was the tagged knife man doing in Fishmongers Hall , London ? He should have been kept locked up in jail to protect the public .
    Where were the Human Right of the innocent victims ?


    • Thoughtful says:

      “What was the tagged knife man doing in Fishmongers Hall , London ? ”

      He was there because people like Saskia Jones Naively believed he was reformed and believed that anyone telling her the truth was Islamofauxbik and wacist.

      It’s the stay at home version of the world travelling idiots who think that every warning they hear about foreign countries is motivated by just about evey ism and fauxbia they can dream up.

      At least the two murder victims of this attack were not innocents. They were the ones playing with fire and regardless of whether they knew they were or not, they put everyone elses lives in danger with the name calling and refusal to accept other people might be telling them the truth.


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        It makes you wonder what the universities are doing to the children who go there.
        They are churning out thousands of innocent, simple, brainwashed youngsters ill prepared for the outside world, ripe for manipulation and abuse by the streetwise and unscrupulous who see their childlike innocence as a weakness ready to be taken advantage of.

        Whether it’s the hate not hope, Greta thunfisch, anything green, climate warming/cooling/change (pick today’s favourite), lgbtitvbbccdm, you name it and the left will use it, all these things are fed into the children and this generation of snowflakes, ruining them for a normal life.

        Sad for these two who were murdered because they saw only good in everyone. Had they been given a proper schooling they may well have avoided yesterday’s tragic event.
        These two obviously caring people could have been so much better used throughout their lives, wasted because of pc dogma.

        Have you seen the pictures of this terrorists chums?
        The lot of them look like the highest security inmates of the worst insane asylum. They look weird.
        There may be some truth in the ‘mental issues’ we are often fed after each terrorism act.


    • StewGreen says:

      “The 23 year old from Stratford-upon-Avon, is a former Cambridge University ”
      Seems to be a white person
      Is it racist to be concerned about Muslim dogma based violence ?
      Well what percentage of non Muslims specifically target Muslims for murder ?
      The very very rare nutter
      What percentage of Muslims specifically Muslims for murder ?
      Not a huge number but a magnitude higher.
      The fact is Islamist terror is a racist crime, but the media never call it that.


  42. Thoughtful says:


    Just about sums up the cowardly incometent useless Conservatives.


  43. taffman says:

    “Boris Johnson says 74 terror prisoners released early”
    And therein lies the problem .
    There are people of a certain foreign origin, living in this country that take from here, and yet hate our nation and its people .


    • Thoughtful says:

      74 ‘terror prisoners’ I didn’t know we still had so many Irish locked up!

      Of course we don’t but Boris the bottler doesn’t have the courage to tell the truth about who these people are and what their motivation was.

      Until that happens there is zero hope of the government dealing with it.


  44. taffman says:

    Where is Thumbelina and her Extinction Rebellion pals when you need them?………………….


  45. Thoughtful says:

    Please readers do not forget that an increasingly leftist faculty at Cambridge University which is fast slipping in the academic rankings decided to sever its links to the Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson simply because he was photographed shaking hands with someone wearing a T shirt with a “Proud Islamophobe” printed on it.

    These kind of people deliberately blind themselves to reality and ostracise anyone else who does not buy into the same insane world view as they have.

    So two of them are now dead as a result of that deliberate ‘see no evil’ mentality.

    They are not innocents, in fact they are casualties in the war against reality the left is fighting on a number of fronts. I just give thanks that no innocent people were killed in this attack which to be honest was an inevitability.

    Gather together 100 of the most violent offenders in the UK, provide no adequate security and allow them to outnumber the non offenders two to one. This was like a ticking bomb, inevitably one or more of them was going to go off the rails.

    Imagine what might have happened if these nutters had allowed two or more Jihadi’s to attend? There could have been mass murder, not of the terminal stupid, but of innocent people in the capital city.

    Drain the swamp and start with the out of control Universities!


    • taffman says:

      “Drain the swamp and start with the out of control Universities”
      I beg to differ. Start with our Parliament.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        taffman- difficult to decide. It’s like arguing over which is worse: leprosy or the plague!
        For me the really bad news is the biased bbc. HQ for anti-British propaganda. Able to do this work by extorting money with menaces. Lefties like Andrew Marr and virtually the entire Radio 4 crew leading the charge. Probably 19 out of 20 Labour lackeys from that party’s left wing..
        All 3 of these institutions rotten to the core, actually, when you start thinking about the extent to which they subvert us…


  46. StewGreen says:

    Any extra context ?
    ..Yes the politicians of all 6 UK socialist parties would lie in the same circumstances.
    So Afzal calling Boris a liar is not news.


  47. StewGreen says:

    Team Greta hypocrisy
    Bet you are surprised


  48. Nibor says:

    I only heard the last three minutes of The Food Programme on Radio 4 just before one o’clock but I’m glad I missed the rest .
    Sheila Dillon of the BBC said it was disgraceful that there is inequality that prevents some people from eating healthily . I’m not sure if that is the case but even better was the dig at President Trump !
    Donald Trump – is it the food he’s growing that the Food Programme is telling us about ?
    Is it Trump’s food manufacturing and packaging that the Food Programme is telling us about ?
    Is it what Donald Trump serves up at diplomatic venues the Food Programme is on about ?
    Is it what Donald Trump eats that the Food Programme is telling us about ?
    Is it …er what someone somewhere saw what food Donald Trump was buying that the Food Programme is broadcasting ?
    Is it anything to do with food ?
    No , it’s biased BBC and Trump obsession disorder .


  49. Fedup2 says:

    I don’t watch the Marr programme because it’s on my’ banned ‘ list of BBC output now – which includes Newsnight , Question Time and the local news …. but I do get filtered bits through twitter.

    So when I heard that Marr was interviewing bojo and one of the questions was about whether bojo is to do an interviewer with another BBC employee (Brillo) – I had to think ‘ have these people gone mad ?”

    I understand that Marr used the ‘Tourette’s ‘ method of asking a question , talking over the answer and then accusing the interviewer of not answering – now I know Marr had a bad stroke a while back and I wonder whether his mental capacity had been affected – and perhaps it would be kinder and better for his health to do a less stressful job – perhaps the shipping forecast .

    Monday will see an onslaught by the BBC to link president Trump and BoJO at the NATO meeting as the BBC think POTUS is beyond the pail . He maybe to the bubble but I think a lot of people have time for President Trump .

    It may even play badly for Comrade Corbyn who has always been against the existence of NATO – the organisation which has beaten the USSR and continues to provide over arching safety .


    • Thoughtful says:

      Whilst not wishing to be a pedant it’s “beyond the pale”

      The pale was a fencing past which Jews were not allowed, those who did so were “beyond the pale”

      Odd how the Fascists can feign outrage over the Nigger in the woodpile, presumably because that was a Democrat party election flyer referencing Lincolns profession of splitting railway sleepers, and the Democrats implacable opposition to the emancipation of Blacks and equal rights.

      But they don’t appear bothered about beyond the pale.


  50. Ed Hitter says:

    I’ve had a stomach full of BBC political bias this weekend so I thought I’d catch the final part of War Of The Worlds for a little diversion.
    But they never give up, do they? Within minutes of tuning in there was a long rant by one of the main characters about how all this Martian invasion stuff was really the fault of “us”, what he called “Englishmen”, being punished for invading foreign lands, killing the natives etc etc. The Martians were just doing “what we do” apparently.
    This biased organisation is truly rotten to the very core.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      Despite being a lifelong fan of SF stories, including H.G. Wells, I haven’t been watching this series as I expected it to be full of what you’ve just outlined – it is the BBC after all (remember their adaptation of The Day of the Triffids, starring Eddie Izzard, where the protagonists utilised African tribal wisdom to survive?).
      I saw a little bit of the end of tonight’s finale, however, and the Martians themselves were depicted as sort of three-legged spiders with spiked limbs. Now, as I say, I didn’t see the rest of it so maybe this was explained – but can anybody tell me how such creatures could develop technology and become a spacefaring species?
      BBC too busy hitting us over the head with imperial guilt to come up with a coherent version of Wells’ story?


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