Weekend Thread 23 November 2019

The Far Left Biased BBC now has three weeks to sell the Labour Plan to sell out Brexit and Crash the economy . We can expect full coverage of non labour/Liberal candidates being abused whilst Labour candidates will be heroic in their support of Jeremy Corbyn . We must think of the many who can no longer stand the Bias and unfair coverage and the few who still force themselves to witness what the BBC is doing .

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  1. Fedup2 says:

    The obvious weekly bias of audiences on BBC political programmes like Question Time are recited all the time here . Yet the General Election QT yesterday – Friday – is continuing to raise questions about the method the BBC use select their audiences .
    OFCOM called for the BBC to be more transparent in its review of the Annual BbC report . So perhaps there can be a drive to explain this regular institutional bias .

    Bit like the 4 out of five panelists being ‘remainers ‘ in the normal QT . How does that work ?


  2. Mackers says:

    Was at a pub quiz ,they had a picture round. The last four pictures we’re of trump, boris ,rolf harris and stuart hall.The quiz master stated how he found these particular people as unsavoury. These liberal types are hilarious ,the bbc would be around to visit the quiz master if he’d done the reverse.


  3. Venutius says:

    2 points this evening.



    A truly and overtly bias piece from the rich and endless liberal mine at the BBC website.

    Here we have Austrian grandmothers campaigning against the ‘Far right’. Warning us against history repeating itself. They cite the similarities between the Nazi party and the rise of populism across Europe and seek to educate wayward thinking.

    Aside from the irony that the Nazi party was born from within the Socialist workers movement; I simply don’t see the link between the 1930s and millions of (mainly) muslims and Africans welcomed into Europe with little public consultation.

    To equate this policy reality, or the upset people feel at Merkel unilateral decision, with the dangers of Nazism is historically illiterate and culturally naive.

    The VT simply highlights to me that the liberally acceptable political bandwidth is becoming vanishingly small. I’m fairly confident one could be against this policy and not be ‘Far Right’.


    As a side issue, on the same website (link here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50530163), I notice that the BBC are trailing Corbyns’ neutrality on Brexit as a ‘mature’ position.

    Now it would be easy to mention sitting, fences and lack of leadership but I think what’s more insightful is the fact that we do not live in a presidential democracy. This means that Corbyn’s personal position (however weak) will always be trumped by his front bench (inner circle) who are mainly ‘London Remain’. Labour, therefore, are a 100% remain party by default.

    This mythical ‘new negotiated deal’ versus ‘Remain’ was always going to be a con to appease the North. ‘Labour has seen the mandate through legitimately, we have offered choice’, they will say. Corbyn’s position as an empty vessel for them to direct, is not only disingenuous, it’s deeply insulting. Why are The BBC not reporting this reality over his ‘maturity’?

    Oh yes…how magnanimous of Corbyn to altruistically lay himself at the feet of democracy and sacrifice his position to reflect, as he put it, the will of the people….or should that read Momentum?


  4. Scroblene says:

    After the QT disaster, the squeals of joy from the dribbling snowflakes started!

    And so all this became R5Live’s news throughout the night, but in a particular order…

    First QT trashy stuff as expected, secondly, news on the hour infers (by omission of the others’ stuff) that Corribin ‘won’, third, the next bulletin says that ‘sources’ (R5 autocue-readers) say the Tories were struggling, fourth, by about 5:00am it’s crystal clear (from the ‘sources’ of the ‘sources’) that Boris was lying, Swinson was rubbish, some Gaelic midget was unintelligible, (except when she said she’d not support Corribin meaning that she would), and finally, that the keys of No 11 were already being cut for the McNasty McCorporal McDonut, with a full syringe of death ready for the UK!

    Easy isn’t it, being a bbbc hack, just mount up the lies, the fake stuff, make up any old dross, ask around your mates, present their fake stuff as news, and bob’s your auntie!

    Job done!


  5. Celtic_Mist says:

    As with the BBC, other media consistently report from a Democrat Party perspective on US affairs :

    Independent, Guardian, Daily Mail, Al Jazeera

    The Independent even has a link to Al Jazeera –

    The craziest allegation of ‘bias’ – ‘The Nation’ berates the MSM for not being 100% supportive of the Democrats –

    “The purpose of a presidential primary debate is to educate voters about both the issues and the competing candidates. Media conglomerates have no interest in this; they seek only to promote their brands, goose their ratings, and raise their shareholder profits. Why not honor Democratic constituents who are genuinely interested in the issues that the party seeks to address? Why not invite questions from those whose lives will actually be affected by the candidates’ answers? And why not stop playing by the rules of people who long ago ceased to act as honest refs and instead became partisans for nothing but their own profits?

    The BBC has no such excuse since it is more than adequately funded from the license fee –

    “In the year ending March 31, 2019, the BBC saw an income of approximately 4.9 billion British pounds. Of this, 3.69 billion British pounds were attributed to the license fees paid by UK households. According to the BBC, the average annual household license fee came to 12.54 British pounds, up 29 pence from the previous year. The BBC is a cornerstone of the British TV industry with BBC 1 being used weekly by almost 70 percent of the population.”

    Imho the BBC could be pared down to the size of channel 4 to serve only the UK and the rest of it privatised with the ‘brand’ name removed.


  6. Guest Who says:


    When even your Fact Checking team are show up as bent as a 9 Euro note… double down!


    Is it ok to tweet fake news if it’s to get people to register to vote?


  7. StewGreen says:

    The Sheffield Labour Party Rally hosted by Fiona Bruce
    ‘So when people complained that it was like a Labour Party rally they weren’t wrong…’

    was the guy BBCrealityChecked ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m guessing that the BBC request prospective audience members to fill out a vetting form with a section saying :

      ‘ state your position in the Labour Party ‘

      Will anything be done about this deception ?
      Will it happen again?
      Will the MSM say anything about it ?

      Perhaps the Conservative party adopt the President Trump approach to the media – and accept that they will do the ‘ empty chair ‘ thing they are so keen on .


  8. Guest Who says:

    OT, but I can see the BBC’s top tier joining in chorus.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Funny how journalists get really precious when the likes of Tommy Robinson asks questions they are too scared to ask .

    But the Murphy makes a good living from occupying the moral high ground , working for organisations to run their conferences and after dinner speaking .

    I wonder if he would be chiming in if it were a Conservative employee trying to spike comrade corbyn live on national television . ?

    I’m not an unquestioning supporter of the lightweight Tory party but we cannot have the country run by comrade Corbyn .


  10. Northern Voter says:

    Just been on the Hull Daily Mail website, apparently Hull will be hosting Question Time in the near future. Given that over 67% of voters voted leave, do you think the audience will reflect that?

    I wait with bated breath (not).


  11. Northern Voter says:

    Just been on the Hull Daily Mail website, apparently Hull will be hosting Question Time in the near future. Given that over 67% of voters voted leave, do you think the audience will reflect that?

    I wait with bated breath (not).


  12. Northern Voter says:

    Just been on the Hull Daily Mail website, apparently Hull will be hosting Question Time in the near future. Given that over 67% of voters voted leave, do you think the audience will reflect that?

    I wait with bated breath (not).


  13. Philip_2 says:

    Meanwhile in Never Neverland, The BBC plan ‘Spinoffs’ across the radio industry to ensure that only the ‘right views’ get aired. TV is next after radio domination.

    THE BBC ‘SPINOFFS’ PLAN I was wondering if the BBC are getting desperate or it has a cunning plan to survive. It started in October 2018 with the marvelous idea to WIN young viewers (Labour Activists) to Radio 4 called ‘spinoffs’. That did not work out so well. They have gained little and lost more traditional and older listeners to LBC.
    That was Oct 2018.

    Today November 2019. The BBC has written to OFCOM for outline permission to allow it to target lost (so called) BBC listeners to Commercial rivals by using its new new ‘SOUNDS’ app to ‘plug’ as in venture ‘spinoffs’ as mini sub radio station and programs. The plan (which will upset Commercial radio) is to ditch the OFCOM radio agreement to not ‘copy’ formats or styles of Commercial radio (that was the original OFCOM complaint made by commercial radio operators. The BBC was found guilty of abusing it public monopoly by copying Commercial operators distinctive ’popular style and content. Radio 5 is a copy of LBC talk radio and Radio 3 has been improved beyond recognition in Classic FM, which the BBC tried to copy until stopped by OFCOM. BBC had copied LBC format to Talk Radio in advance.

    The BBC has submitted a request to ditch the OFCOM agreement and match ‘head-on’ Commercial operators. They say this does not contravene the agreement because it will not be aired ‘live’ but via a series of live SOUNDS app ‘SPIN-OFFS’ targeted at winning back lost listeners, the BBC claim this does not damage commercial operators!

    But is quite obvious what they plan to do.
    Head to head competition means targeting every popular commercial station with the BBC ‘equivalence’ (or Spoiler) as the BBC used to call it when it had its monopoly. Despite (BBC) complaining they have no money to compete, now they seem to have lots of it to target the commercial operators who do it better and cheaper. The BBC can get around the ‘broadcast’ limit by only targeting ‘online’ radio stations (so it won’t affect the BBC ‘on-air’ monopoly they already have (they already own outright – all the main stations and they don’t have to ‘bid’ for a radio license), just target the online radio stations that they see as ‘competitors’. Is that fair practice?

    I hope OFCOM has the balls to say NO WAY. But on past form, OFCOM will give the go-ahead which could (if allowed) seriously cripple the very industry they were asked to step in and protect. BBC is still by far the Goliath bully boy in the industry, slow but with deep pockets and is able to ‘clone’ its body parts to any new challenge.
    Nobody wants ‘identikit’ clone broadcasting and yet this is what the BBC is planning to do with its ‘spinoffs’ and targeting methods. Question is, will it work?

    HEART, LBC, TALK RADIO, VIRGIN and CLASSIC FM are its targets for ‘spoilers’. i.e. openly copying content and presentation style and using its BBC back library to offer ‘oldies’ on the cheap. Only OFCOM can stop them. Place your bets please.

    It was reported in Todays Saturday Times. (paper edition has quarter page article: Highlights on proposals include:

    – 5 live will have 24 hour news.
    – Online version of Radio 2 and 1 with hits from the 80’s
    – Heart and Absolute Radio targets for ‘replication’
    – Kiss mentioned for ‘old skool’ stuff copied
    – LBC to be trolled with BBC 5 Live rolling news

    The BBC already has 1Xtra, 4 Xtra, 5 Live Extra and 6 Music. (launched in 2002). I won’t bother with the regional stations. Many of which have very poor audience ratings.
    Overall National radio stations Total for BBC was 30.8 million down from 31.7 previous year. Its dropping fast.

    (TIMES) ‘BBC spokesman insisted ‘We’re always looking at how best we can serve audiences…. etc., but its too early to comment on any plans”.
    Translated: We are awaiting for OFCOM to look the other way. But we will do it anyway, they can fine us but we have huge reserves and can print our own money (TV License) and copy who we like. Netflix next!

    Example: of a BBC cash mountain to spend:
    THE BBC will fork out an eye-watering £100million of taxpayer cash on a colossal advertising campaign to lure in younger viewers and listeners – three months after announcing the highly controversial decision to…


    More details here on DIGITAL SPY. (Not a very good link but all I could find). No doubt more to come.


  14. Nibor says:

    Good evening Maxinconey

    You’ve shown four pictures of a man in a Question Time audience . Are you from Hull or do you know the man ? Do you watch every Question Time ?
    What do you think about QT audiences . Do you think they are representing the public at large ?
    What about the whooping and hollering and clapping , then the booing and hissing and the two seconds hate time ? Does it dignify political debate ?
    Have you ever been in a QT audience , or working on QT ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Maxi had on a point cos the story is on Labour Twitter that a Tory activist Ryan Jacobsz not only got in the audience 4 times but managed to ask a question 4 times .
      If it were true it would be outrageous

      Another scenario is that some Labour activist is making mischief using photoshop.
      It is kinda strange that the story is not being run by Skwawkbox or The Canary
      – Another thing that is strange is that there is no mention of him being on QT before he appeared in the Hull newspaper last week.
      If he had already been on QT 3 times I would have thought Labour activists would have said something then.

      Still it is possible the story is true
      Here it is on a more obscure lefty site

      There is a DM story about him on QT


      • taffman says:

        Maxinconey never criticises Al Beeb .
        He is on their payroll.


      • maxincony says:


        Another scenario is that some Labour activist is making mischief using photoshop.

        That’s possible I suppose…

        Doesn’t change the verifiable fact that he’s:

        Hull West & Hessle representative to the Conservative Area Council and was also a Conservative candidate for the East Riding local council elections six months ago.


    • maxincony says:


      Good evening Maxinconey

      Good evening Nibor.

      Are you from Hull or do you know the man ?

      No to both those questions.

      Do you watch every Question Time ?

      Pretty much.

      What do you think about QT audiences . Do you think they are representing the public at large ?

      Over a series of programmes, probably yes; or at least members of the public obsessively interested in politics.

      What about the whooping and hollering and clapping , then the booing and hissing and the two seconds hate time ? Does it dignify political debate ?

      I think the format has a lot of problems but on the other hand it attracts a large audience who might otherwise turn off the moment the word “politics” is mentioned.

      Have you ever been in a QT audience , or working on QT ?

      No and no.

      It’s curious how this forum exhibits cult like behaviour (not necessarily you in particular) and automatically resorts to paranoid conspiracy theory every time someone suggests a contrary point of view.

      Hence; *Have you ever been working on QT?* – *are you employed by the BBC?* – *he is on their payroll*…



  15. taffman says:

    Is Al Beeb’s end nigh?
    Dyed in the wool Tory voters, Brexiteers and Patriotic Britons , have a look at this video ……………….

    Is Al Beeb’s end nigh? Well its up to you to put your cross in the right place.
    Do you believe in Boris or Farage?


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      I can’t really say I trust either actually Taffman. I would be torn if I had to vote. I just read in the Express that Farage is going to start a new party once the election is over and Brexit is out of the way. (Did I read that right? Is Farage admitting that Boris will deliver Brexit?)
      Anyhows, the new party will be called the Reform Party.
      I wonder how the remaining Brexit Party candidates feel about that? Just over two weeks to go before the election and the Party Leader is already airing his plans for another party!!
      Brilliant communicator he may be, but it is time to face up to the fact that he is a poor party leader. He has all the tactical and strategic abilities of a lemming.


      • taffman says:

        Yasser Dasmibehbi
        I beg to differ because I have doubts about Boris’ claim to “Get Brexit Done”. What does he actually mean by that? If Boris was a true ‘Leaver’ he would have formed a pact with The Brexit Party and stormed home to win the election by a huge majority. I have my doubts, just look at Boris and his promises including the one ‘Die in a Ditch’.

        Furthermore, I see no problem with any political party changing its name? If Boris does get Brexit Done there is a need and a place for a new political party in this great country that presently has unworthy career politicians in our parliament.

        Farage has driven our move to independence for over two decades. Remember if it hadn’t been for him we would not have had the ‘Freedom Referendum’. He managed to fill the European Parliament with Brexit Party MEPs. Finally he has promised to rid us of the pesky Biased Al Beeb.
        Nigel Farage would make a good PM.


        • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

          Farage will never get to be PM. More’s the pity.
          The point I’m trying to make above is that his abilities will always be outweighed by his weaknesses as he cannot stick with a political party.
          His decision not to stand for TBP came about after it was obviously tanking in the polls.
          I really hope some seats are won by the Brexit Party this election.
          Furthermore, I would love to see a good populist party emerge from it. But if that party is to get anywhere it must have a leader whose name is not Farage.
          As Godfrey Bloom told us, Nigel is not a leader.


  16. lojolondon says:

    Nancy Pelosi explaining how politicians and the media collude to drive political points : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg9JuyJ1nZo


  17. john in cheshire says:

    I’ve just invented a new phobia:
    And the first two words that come to mind I’m afraid of are islamophobia and transphobia.
    So, does this allow me to complain to the police every time I hear or see these words?


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      john- take your bible with you under one arm, mate. Wave it in their faces. What are they going to do? Arrest you for being a militant Christian? Try to convert them if they profess atheism/neutrality.
      Should be an interesting experience.


  18. fakenewswatcher says:

    And, talking of the Bible, I note that ‘Sunday’ now follows the Democratic/Voxpop model on issues spiritual. That would include gay Quakers, adherents of Islam etc.
    Must be the effect of the election.
    Speaking of which, the beeb news at seven on R4 did start off with a low-key mention of the Tory manifesto launch (no euphoric celebrations a la Corbyn). The next item was how Labour were going to compensate women for the change in pensionable age. I could be wrong, but i seem to recall mention of a sum of 84million quid? Not a bad strategy for the Corbynistas at Broadcast House to follow. Lotsa ladies forgetting the Tory launch was ever mentioned, as they rush for their calculators.
    The Labour money tree forest groweth ever larger. You would need quite a few machetes and some heavy machinery to penetrate its depth!
    And, speaking of machetes, the beeb has been rather vague on what happened in Birmingham. Wonder why?
    Then again, we should probably expect gangs with machetes to attack cinema goers in modern British cities. Given the PC ideology now dominant everywhere, that would be a natural development?


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      I tell a lie.
      The figure to compensate women mentioned by Labour is 58 BILLION quid, not 84 million. Broadcast House assures me. Silly me.
      But now that Labour money tree forest looks like more like the Amazon!
      But then, we do have a lot of machete -wielders!
      So, no problem.


    • Beltane says:

      A superb start for Mr Marr when he described the Observer as ‘broadly left leaning…’ which really deserves to be inscribed somewhere, perhaps above the door at BBC Salford.
      So far, the assembled experts are waxing lyrical about ‘redressing the outrage’ of the changes to the pension which brought women into line with men back in the 90s. Angela Rayner is in full flow as I write.
      None, so far, have raised the rather embarrassing issue of the unfairness imposed by the disparity that favoured women – pension at 60 while men had to wait until 65 – for all the decades beforehand. Redressing that balance would cost….what?
      Any figures available?


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Beltane – Do you really believe bbc ‘equality’ has anything to do with actual and real equality?
        Figures? 58 Billion quid for women.
        For men? Let them eat cake.


    • StewGreen says:

      @fakenewswatcher Yes I concur
      I switched on the radio at 6:45am and staraight away agenda was in my face
      Global Warming, asylum seekers and “men”
      ie R4 was doing a farming and Cimate Change special, so I switched to Humberside who were doing asylum seekers in the religion prog
      Over to Radio Leeds religion prog where it was asylum seekers as well
      and probably the same on Radio Sheffield.
      Then “men” came up in the news
      The African preacher intimidating Jews on the train was referred to as “a men”
      Meanwhile “men” with machetes were involved in a Birmingham cinema brawl
      Then into R4 Sunday .. one of those core virtue signalling progs
      – It opened with item about a Quaker woman being married to another woman, being sent as a delegate to an interchurch org and being elected as one of the 6 presidents even though half the churches oppose same sex marriage.
      – Then a survey said ‘half of Christians don’t believe in God’ etc.
      – They played Allah Akbar, before a Muslim vox pop
      – Atheist parents having problems with a village school
      – HK
      – The Catholic Charity that kept a Belgian priest in CAR Africa and promoted him to country director, even though he had a criminal paedophile record in Belgium
      – the first black woman to be consecrated a bishop in the Church of England.
      “You are pretty *exceptional* being a bishop from an ethnic minority ..there is only YOU, The Archbishop of York and the Bishop of Woolich”
      Em there are only 60 bishops so she is not the exception
      BTW The Bishop of Loughborough is an Iranian woman
      The Bishop for Chelmsford is an Indian guy
      So that is at least 5 BAME
      And in the UK black people are more likely to be in Evangelical churches.
      – A new report released by the Church of England paints a damning picture of the Church’s record on anti-Semitism.

      Next prog was the charity appeal : which was also GREENBLOB agenda ..charity that organises solar panels for Africans.


      • StewGreen says:

        Oh, I got an error , but the post had gone thru
        ITBB have a post about the R4 Sunday error

        Also look at the agenda pushing tweet *refugees*


        • BRISSLES says:

          Oh God (!) – Dover, refugee, and do gooder, all in one sentence does not bode well.


        • tarien says:

          As I think it is broadly undertsood that the Disciples of Jesus Christ who were men were in accordance with his wishes his Bishops, to preach his word and look after the Christian flock-Don’t think it was intended that women should also be made Bishops. Seemingly every introduction of what once was considered a male preeserve is now no longer tolerated by society-To some degree emancipation is enjoyed by women however emasculation and particularly in respect to the BBc et al is becoming the lot for men. Not to worry soon the UK and Europe will be Islamic and then we men will have our preserves back-most probably a European war will intervene before that happens. Going to quote Sir Winston Churchill as he sums it so well-
          Winston Churchill: “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”


  19. Guest Who says:

    And, again, the bbc rushes to reassure just how onside with the mob they try to be.

    Rob Burley would be proud.


  20. Guest Who says:


    Beyond the name catching one’s eye, one can only wonder which BBC alumnus will next seek broadsheet glory.

    Paul Mason appears to enjoy an open door back at the old place, but perhaps wisely restricts his snipes in print to media few read to keep it open.


  21. fakenewswatcher says:

    On R4 ‘Broadcast House’ starts off with the Tory manifesto, but has found a ‘Tory’ press secretary (former) who hastens to assure us that she was never a member of the party anyway! (She obviously knows what company she’s in?) She then talks about busfares.
    Do I hear a cock crowing thrice, or summat?
    Then, lotsa enthusiastic Corbyn supporters telling us how he’s been there and got the T shirts. Little Paddy O’Connell protests that Jeremy was not dressed in a T shirt, but a neat jacket and tie!
    Now isn’t that just typical of Jeremy! Never seen him anything but extremely neat, with a tie…
    Come to think of it, when I was young, Comrades Brezhnev, Kosygin and Podgorny never appeared without ties either. They also wore hats when they waved from atop Lenin’s tomb.
    Perhaps we will soon see Comrade Corbyn wearing a hat? It could be quite scruffy, of course, to show sympathy with the ‘workers’. Some bank notes perhaps, stuffed into the hatband to show a big spender? But I would imagine Momentum may feel a wee bit queezy about allowing him to wave from Lenin’s tomb?
    Then we have Mark Mardell coming on to tell us about news at 1.00 Just to early for the Tory manifesto, darn!
    But a tory minister to be questioned on whetehr their spending is realistic and can be TRUSTED? (The narrative continueth.) After that, a portrait of Jeremy Corbyn! YAY!


    • Guest Who says:

      This is who the bbc is trying to put into power.

      Try holding such power to account if they get it.


      • Guest Who says:

        Ok, some ‘balance’. Marr.

        Be interesting if denying you said or wrote anything, or claiming them to be ‘just ambitions’ or ‘hypotheticals’ will play as well in hustings or on doorsteps as they do tv studios.


        • theisland says:

          Robots parroting the ‘final say’ on Brexit.

          Bernard Jenkin explains why ‘Corbyn’s’ plan for a second referendum offering remain v. remain (Labour’s ludicrous ‘new Brexit’ deal) circumvents the current legislation which ensures that referendums are fair.

          He fails to mention that the ‘new Brexit deal’ will be a construct of the EU as delivered by their Bliarite puppet Starmer. The latter, safe in his seat, is currrently busy out and about playing the dutiful local candidate role with his ‘team’ and having ‘great’ meetings with other Labour (mainly London) candidates and campaigners. I note he is at present avoiding the MSM himself since his doorstep-speak will have to vary from time to time in order to keep all his ‘options’ open.


        • JamesArthur says:

          She really is thick..god help us if they get in..she would be Education Secretary.. This is the best of Labour MPs???


          • Fedup2 says:

            James – when Labour win the election and select their EU negotiating team I think it will be led by Angie with Dawn Butler as number 2 , Diane abbot as number 3 and Becky wrong daily as ‘advisor ‘.
            They’ll do so well against those sharks in Brussels. They’ll come back with an agreement to send all british ‘first born’ to work for the Reich for no pay ….


            • Foscari says:

              Fedup- I think you are wrong! I expect the Labour negotiating team
              will be led by Laura Kuenssberg. Ably assisted by Jo Coburn
              and Emily Maitlis. With backup from their Trotskyist editors,
              sub editors and researchers.


        • tarien says:

          Angela the long hair does you no favours. Probably agree with her, it is imaginary and of a speculative nature-anything this load of cobswallop say is superly hypothetical. The stance they (Labour) offer us is to be ruled by a bunch of neasrdowells in Bussels, allowing Britian no real say in what or how this nation is run-flooding the nation with immigrants, and as the birth rate continues to rise in one sector (Muslim) the requirement will be for more people to manage the services sector, as a result of continued pressure from enevitable over population and the increase necessary for people to work in the service sectors. Those numbers will come from Muslim nations. On that basis it won’t take long before the indigenous white population of the UK is the minority. Think we deserve a day of rage?


      • Jeff says:

        Regarding Old McDonnell’s car crash interview on Sky…
        He’s talking absolute cobblers…not for the first time.
        The question is clear and his answer is clear “No windfall tax to oil companies”. He then goes on to admit that he’s “leaked the manifesto.” The rest of his interview is an embarrassing shambles. We all heard him.
        If there’s one thing worse than being a liar…
        It’s being a useless thick liar.


  22. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    What’s the point of having politicians?

    We have the latest, 100 strong mob of machete wielding enrichers enhancing a cinema in Birmingham. One of ever so many enricher based events far too many to ever mention.

    Poll after poll has told our ‘honourables’ that we want sensible immigration.
    They all promise us sensible immigration.
    They all lie.

    Just like Brexit.
    We voted in the biggest democratic referendum ever, gave them the instruction to leave (as in the booklet everybody received, no SM, no CU, no ECJ, no ifs no buts, leave) and they spend 3 years finding ways of not doing it.
    Now we may get some partial Brexit in name only.
    The politicians keep saying they respect the result of the referendum.
    They all lie.

    Most do not want HS2, only a few (who I expect will be in the trough) want it.
    They hint it could be stopped (reviews etc)
    It will not be stopped. Those ‘reviewing it’ want it to happen.
    They all lie.

    The world will end (insert date) unless we do as politicians want and accept all this green crap. The seas will rise and cover the UK plus most of the world. Global warming/cooling (or the catch all climate change) will see us all off unless we have wind and solar power.
    Raising taxes to control our lifestyles will save the planet say your politicians.
    They all lie.

    All statistics are now meaningless because people don’t trust them.

    Now we have them all telling everybody that everything they ever wanted will be given to them for free, they will not have to pay a penny. Students, waspy women, everyone. The 150 billionaires will pay for everything (pay a little bit more in labourspeak)
    They all lie.


    • taffman says:

      “jam tomorrow”


    • tarien says:

      100% agree EG, they all lie. The present three political parties have no intention whatsoever of stopping the massive, Third World Muslim immigration into our tiny, little island which unless stopped and reversed will result in just years from now, a Muslim majority, Muslim rule and our Complete Enslavement under Barbaric Shariah. We must fight against this with all of our might!
      After the Manchester Islamic bomb attack, well-meaning people lit candles, placed flowers and teddy bears and wrote messages saying, “They will not divide us”.
      After the Westminster Islamic attack, people lit candles, placed flowers and teddy bears and wrote messages saying, “They will not divide us”.
      After the London Bridge Islamic stabbing attack, people lit candles, placed flowers and teddy bears and put up post-it notes saying, “They will not divide us”.
      It should be clear by now that candlelit vigils don’t work, that even armies of teddy bears won’t stop terrorists, that Britain is already bitterly divided, and that the only post-it notes worth posting are the ones that say, “Halt immigration!” and “Traitors out!”


  23. Guest Who says:

    He’s not ‘apply.

    Handbags at dawn with Rob. Tony and Fran as seconds. Gavin and John for Paul.


  24. Guest Who says:

    ITBB notes the BBC taking their ‘one degree of separation’ backside covering propaganda to ever lower levels.



  25. StewGreen says:

    @Maxi I will address your point about Ryan Jacobsz
    It’s the Fallacy of false equivalence
    We say ‘Week after week QT is unwatchable cos they stuff the audience with lefties and then Bruce keeps interrupting the righty panellists whilst giving the lefties free rein’

    You say ‘gotcha, a Tory activist has been on 4 times in 2 years’
    (OK truth will come out. so time will tell if it was really was 4 times)

    Both things are wrong, and a failure in bias quality control
    but one is magnitude 10 bias
    , and the other is magnitude 2


  26. fakenewswatcher says:

    The appearance of machete-wielding youngsters (13?+) on our streets is a far worse omen than the beeb or the Birmingham police may think.
    For decades this African weapon has been used on that continent to mutilate and destroy lives. Summary justice by Kangaroo courts is often dispensed with machetes.
    In South Africa they were a prelude to ‘necklaces’ – petrol-filled tyres, used to savagely murder opponents.
    They may have been used to cut cane in Cuba, but they have no place on British streets. However, given the African connection, there will be a PC reluctance to call this out for what it is. Given the youth of some of the offenders, our useless justice system will be helpless to deal with them; apologists will spring forth like flowers in May. The phenomenon of African child soldiers will be conveniently overlooked.
    In my opinion, the Birmingham lot who attacked police with machetes should be VERY severely dealt with, regardless of age, race, or sex. The MESSAGE must be unequivocal.
    If not, we – in Britain- WILL live to regret it. Be assured of that.


  27. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Boris is on at the moment answering questions after his manifesto launch.

    I’ve heard nothing at all for pensioners from any party (apart from labour’s wispy women handout which wouldn’t happen anyway)
    The NI possible cut will not affect pensioners.

    It’s well known how very poor our pension is here in the UK compared to the rest of the EU and other comparable Countries yet ….. nothing.

    I still don’t know why my 50 years of contributions give me a lower pension than the new rate of 30 (or is it 35) years contributions. Some £40-£50 per week less.
    I suppose they are taking the pensioners vote for granted, that we don’t count. (Well, I’ve just sent my postal vote in for TBP)

    He’s just finished and still nothing for pensioners.


  28. Fedup2 says:

    I’m glad I have managed to lure an occasional troll who comes here to sneer via the ‘cut and paste ‘ method to actually engage a bit .
    I’ve put down enough bait over the weeks to ‘get a bite ‘ and am very pleased ( with myself ). Maybe the troll will now bring more into the net…..

    I’m looking more to twitter for reality that the BBC at the moment – some very worrying figures are being floated as to the outcome of the election . It’s heading for half way through the campaign and one poll shows the conservatives with a 3 figure majority .
    What is really needed is the polls to close so that decent people will vote for a Brexiter right wing candidate to prevent comrade Corbyn from walking into number 10 .


  29. smoogie7 says:

    Reading up the BBC’s view on the new Tory manifesto.

    They do not seem quite as friendly as they are with Labour. No surprise there!


  30. fakenewswatcher says:

    I had to laugh at a description on beeb’s ‘Broadcast House’ this a,m. of the ‘Telegraph’ as ‘right-wing’!
    It supports Boris.
    Maybe, if it had supported TBP?


  31. taffman says:

    I understand that another boatload of “illegals” have been “rescued” off the coast of England yet again . Something Sajid Javid once called a “major incident”
    When will the French start rescuing them ?
    Anything on Al Beeb about it yet?


  32. StewGreen says:

    My Dad said last week on Breakfast TV
    someone was talking about activists going to student halls and collecting up polling cards that hadn’ been taken from the pigeon holes
    so that they could register the postal votes and vote n those people’s names.


  33. fakenewswatcher says:

    Beeb TV news at 18h00 gave Tories low-key coverage of the Tory manifesto launch. None of the fancy graphics and fanfare given Labour.
    Faisal Islam came on to tell us how it couldn’t compete with the spend promises of LimpDumbs or Labour.
    The really hammer blow came on beeb TV news in the East: almost the entire thing was about Keith Simpson, former tory MP, lambasting Boris as ‘not delivering’ and ‘not to be trusted’ (favourite beeb theme). Keith thought Boris had a history of fleeing when the going got tough, not ever delivering on promises etc etc Most of us here will have our own reservations about Boris, but- as a hatchet job, this was almost unparalleled. The personal animosity was something to behold. Keith probably had a higher opinion of Saddam Hussein! Beeb told us that Keith nevertheless wanted the Tories to win. (He seemed oblivious of the fact that beeb were using him for their own purposes.)
    Pull the other one.


  34. Fedup2 says:

    The MSM are probably trawling for a picture of Epstein with Bojo of some other ‘anti’ propaganda .they might even find a picture of Prince Andrew with BoJo … We know it’s easier for Labour because there is collective amnesia with Corbyn / McDonnell supporting the IRA et al. The snowflakes probably don’t know what the IRA is . Wanting the Falklands to be surrendered to the argies won’t count or his disloyalty to his own party for decades …

    I really can’t see the point of having an election campaign apart from getting people to make the effort to vote . Is there any one undecided this time round – apart from lib / labour versus Tory /brexit party ?

    For those who pay NI contributions the increase in threshold is real money in the pay packet as opposed to jam tomorrow promises .

    The big difference this time is to make sure the vote achieves what is wanted as opposed to just the lesser of of 2 -Tory/brexit party .


  35. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Why doesn’t some Tory mp (or supporter) on tv point out that labour MUST keep the people poor and in some kind of poverty because if the people became a lot better off and were all buying their own homes and so on, they would stop voting labour.

    That’s also the reason why they want as many immigrants as possible to cram into the already very overcrowded UK.
    They are not all doctor’s, engineers and rocket scientists that labour would have you believe. Most are penniless, uneducated and are very high maintainence with lots of children and in ill health, many with diseases we had eradicated here.
    And that’s not counting the obvious negatives they bring with them such as what was going on in Birmingham or at a Manchester pop concert.
    All these things are needed to have a large, poor, ill educated pool of people who need to vote labour for ‘free’ stuff.

    Basically, labour have to keep as many people as possible as poor as they can in order to exist as a party.
    A vote for labour is a vote to keep as many people as possible poor.


  36. Guest Who says:

    Such a shame when they fall out.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Funny what brexit has bought out in certain types – al Campbell , oborne, soubry , Grieve , Adonis , k Clarke , hezza et al – a kind is spiteful hatred for the democratic vote .
      Perhaps the coming election result will wash them all away but I can’t help but thinking that if BoJo wins with a working majority there will be a Sizable number – championed by the BBC – who won’t accept the result .

      They’ll be trying to do to BoJo what the mad democrats are trying to do to their President .

      If , on the other hand ,labour win there will be no fraud, intimidation , impersonation , multiple voting or theft of ballot boxes – or bent counting staff …..


  37. smoogie7 says:

    Obvious pro Labour propaganda?

    ‘Muslim voters talk of Islamophobia concerns’



  38. Guest Who says:

    And here’s Andrew Marr reassuring a critic in true Burley style…


  39. Guest Who says:

    Must be a hoot.

    The comments suggest her groupies are happy.


  40. Guest Who says:

    The BBC exerting soft power?


  41. Up2snuff says:


    Oh dear!

    And we haven’t had Brexit.

    That wonderful EU is letting our NHS down.


  42. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, in a dark corner, something stirs…


  43. Foscari says:

    I wonder if the BBC is passing on to the Labour Party on how
    they may get the most votes. Perhaps they can show them
    how the top rated dancer with THREE tens had to compete
    in the “play off”to see who reached the 1/4 final..
    It looks like to me that the BBC both want Corbyn and the
    footballer to win.
    Remember there is no VAR and the referee is the BBC with
    their own agenda, Are viewers allowed postal votes on
    Strictly?It looks like Peterborough all over again to me.


  44. Foscari says:

    I wonder if the BBC is passing on to the Labour Party on how
    they may get the most votes. Perhaps they can show them
    how the top rated dancer with THREE tens had to compete
    in the “play off”to see who reached the 1/4 final.o ” Strictly”
    It looks like to me that the BBC both want Corbyn and the
    footballer to win.
    Remember there is no VAR and the referee is the BBC with
    their own agenda, Are viewers allowed postal votes on
    Strictly?It looks like Peterborough all over again to me.


  45. Northern Voter says:

    Watched Country File tonight, talk was of a beef farmer having trouble due to it costing more to raise a calf than they were getting at market.BBC put up a vegan, climate change chappie with a book to sell as argument. Win,Win,Wlin


  46. StewGreen says:

    FFS “Beef very very bad” Another anti-beef programme
    6;30pm BBC2 The same anti-Beef man has just been on who was on R4 6:45am this morning
    Prof Mike Berners Lee, (brother of Internet inventor Tim)

    ….. Here’s a list
    Today Sunday
    #1 6:30am R4

    # 2 Radio4 Foodprogramme item slagged beef

    #3 5:15 pm Countryfile Tom Heap allowed the anti-beef activist to have free rein

    #4 6:30pm BBC2 incredibly The same anti-beef guy guy who was on R4 at 6:45am, was in a repeat of Horizon “The Honest Supermarket
    ..where activists were allowed to make hugely misleading claims about meat, CO2 pesticides etc.
    which actually other experts in the show mostly debunked
    (eg pesticide residue can now be detected in fruit, but at such tiny quantities it’s harmless etc.)

    #5 And Monday
    #6 And Tuesday


    • StewGreen says:

      I missed one cos the Food Prog is actually a two episode thing
      Next Sunday
      #7 12.30pmThe Food Programme
      Eating Animals Part 2: A Meat Q&A.
      Dan Saladino, Sheila Dillon and an expert panel answer your questions on meat eating.



      • StewGreen says:

        Oh look the Vegan food company certainly think that Countryfile were doing vegan PR

        “To enter, simply:⁣
        ⁣Go to INSTAGRAM
        1️⃣ Follow us @Meatlessfarm
        2️⃣ Like this post⁣
        3️⃣ Tag 2 dinner partners and make sure they’re following us.⁣
        …nah I can’t be bothered


  47. StewGreen says:

    Today we let these Dutch watch BBC *without paying licence fee*
    .. next month I bet people *not entitled to vote* will be voting
    This Dutch guy just tweeted about the BBC2 prog hhe watched tonight


  48. Guest Who says:

    Newsnight ‘investigates’ as only the bbc can.


  49. Guest Who says:

    This is getting well and truly out of control.


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