404 Responses to Midweek Thread 20 November 2019

  1. taffman says:

    “Labour and the Conservatives will later set out rival plans to tackle England’s housing shortage.”
    Controlling our borders and reducing immigration would help ?
    But then, that is common sense, something our MPs don’t have.


  2. smoogie7 says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the BBC website? I keep being taken to some promotional page for the Labour Party.

    A misleading heading: Labour plan to scrap tuition fees and then it takes you to a list of promises.

    Labour never learn but I hope that the students have


  3. smoogie7 says:

    Just watched the video they provided. Corbyn promising this, that and whatever with people cheering. Will Johnson get that same kind of promotion?

    I hope that Corbyn gets challenged on University fees this time. It nearly won him the election before and they will be pushing for that again


  4. pugnazious says:

    When the Tories published their costing of Labour policies, a hefty £1.2 trillion, the BBC immediately, that’s immediately, moved in to counter that costing and to tell us it was ‘fake news’…we just couldn’t tell what Labour policies would cost because they hadn’t been published in the manifesto yet….however the costings came from the 2017 manifesto with additional costs from further announcements from Labour….and not all policies were included.

    Click to access 5dca546f52043c4ab072869e_The%20real%20cost%20of%20a%20Labour%20Government.pdf

    ‘Reality Check verdict: Without having seen the Labour Party manifesto, it is impossible to reach an accurate tally. ‘

    Hmmm…but you can give a pretty accurate ball-park figure….as the Tories have done.

    So…Labour has published its 2019 manifesto and the BBC has immediately, that’s immediately, swung into action and mobilised its ‘Reality Check’ team to run a rule over the policies and their costs.

    LOL. LOL. LOL.

    No, that’s never going to happen…the BBC just aren’t interested in any critical analysis…they might find something they don’t like…or more importantly something the voters won’t like…and let’s face it, the BBC is there to tell you why you should vote Labour…no, it really is.


    The BBC….

    Just look at its report on Labour’s manifesto…key policies explained not examined…nothing on the NHS [just Care] or free tuition fees….massive holes…how can the BBC not tell us Labour’s policies and costs on those?

    The Labour Party has launched its 2019 election manifesto, with the slogan It’s Time For Real Change. It sets out the polices the party aims to introduce should it win the election.

    What are the promises that will grab the public’s attention, and, potentially win over voters on polling day, 12 December?’

    Hmmm…so the BBC is pointing out all the lovely policies that will grab the public’s attention and win their votes.

    The BBC tells us….

    ‘The party will nationalise the so-called big six energy firms, National Grid, the water industry, Royal Mail and the broadband arm of BT.’

    However the BBC does not tell us how much this will cost…nor does it mention that Labour does not cost this massive nationalisation project either…it’s not in its manifesto costings….which tells us the cost of Labour’s policies in total will be…..£82.9bn….LOL.

    Labour claims it will be free…

    Taking companies into public ownership is fiscally neutral by international accounting standards when bonds are exchanged for shares

    But the government has to pay that money back sometime when the bonds are cashed….and do shareholders want bonds?…what’s the cost to the pension funds invested in these companies…where will further investment come from for them?

    Click to access Funding-Real-Change.pdf

    The Tories cost this at nearly £200 bn…surely a bit of a hole in Labour’s costings.

    The BBC tells us that…

    ‘The controversial policy of abolishing private schools, voted through at conference, is being parked for the moment.’

    No, no it hasn’t been ‘parked’….

    ‘We will ask the Social Justice Commission to advise on integrating private schools and creating a comprehensive education system. ‘

    They aim to do it.

    How much will that cost? The Tories reckon £7 bn/year….£3.5bn on schooling the kids [630,000 kids at say £5,000/head..ish] and a loss of £3.5 bn in tax revenue from the schools. A total of £35bn over 5 years.

    ‘Oxford Economics found that independent schools directly save the taxpayer £3.5 billion a year by keeping almost 600,000 pupils out of state education spending, and they also generate £3.5 billion in tax revenue. This combined total of £7 billion would be the annual cost to the taxpayer’

    The BBC is being dishonest as it covers that up.

    The BBC’s report is extremely short and shallow, barely questioning any of the policies and is not digging at the costs in the same way they attack the Tory figures everytime.

    So what are some of the headline grabbing and highly expensive policies?….

    Huge costs in this one surely?….

    Our urgent priority is to end NHS privatisation.
    Labour will end and reverse privatisation in the NHS in the next Parliament.
    We will ensure services are delivered in-house and also bring subsidiary companies back in-house.
    We will uphold the principle of comprehensive healthcare by providing free annual NHS dental check-ups.
    We will abolish prescription charges in England.

    And what about this massive splurge in public sector recruitment?…

    ‘We will recruit nearly 150,000 additional early years staff, including Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators.

    Nearly one and a half million people work in the care sector, but there are over 100,000 vacancies. Labour will invest to end the social care crisis’

    ‘We will re-establish neighbourhood policing and recruit 2,000 more frontline officers than have been planned for by the Conservatives.…so that’s 22,000 officers.

    There are 100,000 staff vacancies in NHS England, including a shortage of 43,000 nurses. ‘

    Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of new public sector employees.

    Nationalise private schools…

    We will ask the Social Justice Commission to advise on integrating private schools and creating a comprehensive education system.

    Free university eduction for all…and backdated…

    Labour will end the failed free-market experiment in higher education, abolish tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants.

    Nationalising everything that moves…or doesn’t…

    ‘We will put people and planet before profit by bringing our energy and water systems into democratic public ownership.
    Labour will deliver improvements for rail passengers by bringing our railways back into public ownership, using options including franchise expiry.
    We will stop Crown Post Office closures and bring Royal Mail back into public ownership at the earliest opportunity,

    They will nationalise land…

    ‘Land is a public good, but it is not a common asset. In 1979, 20% of land was owned by the public sector. Today, that has halved.
    We will invest in more county farms to replace those lost, and will work with agricultural organisations to increase access into farming for new entrants.’

    And…oh blimey….hundreds of billions…

    ‘We will launch a National Transformation Fund of £400 billion and rewrite the Treasury’s investment rules to guarantee that every penny spent is compatible with our climate and environmental targets

    We will upgrade almost all of the UK’s 27 million homes to the highest energy-efficiency standards, reducing the average household energy bill by £417 per household per year by 2030 and eliminating fuel poverty. ‘

    Oh yes….McDonnell said last week…

    ‘ “Earlier this week and over the weekend there were reports that Labour was planning a windfall tax on oil companies. Is this true and if so, please could you set out how your proposals would work?”

    “On the windfall tax on oil companies. No. No.”’

    The manifesto says….yes, yes, yes….

    ‘We will introduce a windfall tax on oil companies, so that the companies that knowingly damaged our climate will help cover the costs. ‘

    Don’t expect the BBC to take him to task on that or any of his lies.


    • smoogie7 says:

      And the big one they missed out… Labour’s policy on Brexit? Surly the lack of would result in a lack of votes?


  5. Celtic_Mist says:


    • Jeff says:

      Jo Swinson says she smoked cannabis at university. Really?!
      Have you heard any of her speeches or read the Lib Dums manifesto?
      I’m amazed she’s not still on it…


  6. StewGreen says:

    Labour activists are saying “Look look the Tories have an anti-Semite”
    #1 Its was a comment about 2014
    #2 It was not anti-semitic, it was a comment about the Israeli government
    #3 The context is Arabic governments are worse
    #4 Tge Conservatives have not hung around , like Labour does they have dropped him as a candidate

    The editor of the Jewish Chronicle tweets


  7. Oldspeaker says:

    Anyone complain about the Boris Johnson news night A&E skit? Had an unimpressive response to mine, I don’t think they even read my complaint and just sent out a generic ‘don’t call us..’ type response. Anyone get anything different?


  8. pugnazious says:

    The BBC is quoting Labour’s own manifesto cost figure as fact….

    ‘BBC economics correspondent Dharshini David said Labour’s manifesto pledges would add £83bn to annual government spending by 2024.’

    er….Labour also says…

    ‘We will launch a National Transformation Fund of £400 billion ‘

    The BBC only mentions…

    ‘Mr Corbyn is promising to set up a £250bn Green Transformation Fund – to be paid for through borrowing ‘

    So funded through borrowing….that has to be paid back…not cost free or neutral….and definitely not a mere £83bn is it?

    Nevermind the nationalisations of power, water, rail, Royal Mail, BT [in fact all internet providing companies in reality].

    Oddly the BBC don’t quote their usual ‘goto’ independent and impartial economic guru thinktank…the IFS…

    ITV however does…

    The BBC’s Norman Smith dodges the answer…

    ‘This is without doubt the most ambitious – and most costly – manifesto I’ve ever seen. Radical it absolutely is, but the question is: is it credible or affordable?’

    But no attempt to dig in for an answer.

    So…how about a ‘reality check’ check then? Is it credible or not? Let’s have your verdict BBC.


  9. pugnazious says:


    Labour: A manifesto of hope or a flight of fancy?

    ‘Labour is promising a spending boom that will benefit the many and is financed by the few. By the end of the next parliament a Labour government plans to raise an extra £83 billion from companies and those earning over £80,000 a year.

    Labour suggests that 95% of the UK population will be insulated for any of the tax increases. The IFS thinks otherwise.

    ”That is simply not credible,” the head of the IFS, Paul Johnson.

    “You can’t raise that kind of money in our tax system without affecting other individuals.

    “Obviously corporate tax affects individuals anyway, someone has to pay that tax, but if you are looking at transforming society, which Labour Party is absolutely upfront about doing, then you need to pay for it and it can’t be someone else who pays for it, we collectively need to pay for it.”’

    Note also…

    ‘The Resolution Foundation calculates that under a Labour government spending as a share of national income will rise to 45.1% – the highest level in fifty years.’

    But the IFS has said this level of spending is unsustainable…

    ‘In 2008–09, the financial crisis and associated recession drove up real government spending and led to a significant fall in GDP. Both of these factors led to a sharp increase in TME as a share of national income, from 40.2% in 2007–08 to 45.7% in 2009–10. IFS analysis has shown that with no policy change the UK’s public finances would have been on an unsustainable path’


    No such nit-picking negativity from the BBC.


  10. Guest Who says:

    As some might realise, I dip into social media… twitter & facebook, throughout the day as the kettle is on or the PC is rendering.

    Now it is no surprise the BBC gave up pretending years ago, but their efforts on behalf of Labour are frankly astounding.

    Now it may be I am just very unlucky to only see posts that slam anything the Conservatives do, with ‘analysis’ and ‘expert’ guests chipping in, and even more so that most posts are simply the most whopping ‘Labour says’ quote plonked down as a headline with no hint that any sane person would laugh themselves silly or lose their lunch at what is claimed or proposed.

    Of course Sky is worse, and Beff now seems to be a fully paid up Jeremy’s Jezebel. Ch4 can be ignored because they behave even more childishly when you do.

    Thing is… they are not the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation.

    And a force-funded state broadcaster outright trying to rig national elections is getting beyond a joke..


    • Up2snuff says:

      Guest “And a force-funded state broadcaster outright trying to rig national elections is getting beyond a joke…”

      Quite right. However, I do feel that the Beeb are wobbling quite a bit. They know Jezza and Big MacD will hit their incomes hard and may have a go at ending the service company tax thing. A double-whammy of proportions much larger the the Tory Minister (Chris Patten?) who first used the phrase in recent times.

      I get the impression that the pipsqueaks are squeaking already and may be surreptitiously urging a LibDem vote. Especially as the Beeb have made it quite clear they do not like or want Brexit in any shape or form.


  11. taffman says:

    There could be trouble ahead ………………………………..
    “UK to repatriate first citizens from north-eastern Syria”

    Lets all hope that our security forces know who is who?


  12. pugnazious says:

    Corbyn doing what Corbyn did in 2017…for years he has been a friend to terrorists and an enemy of police and security services….suddenly, as in 2017, he is shocked and horrified by terrorism….

    Last night in 5 Live I heard them chatting away….I learnt that Corbyn should be respected for his steadfast, resolute sticking to his principles all through his career…he can be trusted…and this election is all about trust…unlike Boris.

    Amazing really…Corbyn is more than ready to dump his principles for the cameras in an election…odd that the BBC just doesn’t see it….in 2017 they studiously avoided taking him to task for his previous ‘principles’ when he stood there claiming to be the terrorists’ worst nightmare and I have no doubt this will be the same this election.

    And who says that ‘Trust’ is the underlying theme of this election? Only the BBC which spent the last few months of Boris’ PM’ship trying to portray him as untrustworthy at every turn…not a day or programme went by without the BBC telling us we couldn’t trust Boris.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m really pleased and grateful that you posted this piece of audio – comrade Corbyn – the IRAs best friend . That audio should be enough to bury him – but people either choose not to know what he really is or look away .we will never hear this piece on the BBC .


      • Jeff says:

        I find it incredible that this poisonous creature could even be considered a potential prime minister.
        He’s supported every anti British terrorist organisation known to man. He’ll excuse any horrendous IRA atrocity while maliciously condemning British soldiers.
        He’s word perfect singing The Red Flag, but chokes on the national anthem.
        At the next election we either bury the Labour Party or we say the last rites over our nation.


  13. fakenewswatcher says:

    Beeb radio and Tv launch the Jeremy Corbyn show (also known as the news) with gusto. Ooooooooooooooooooooh Jeremey Corbyn, Bbc loves you! I think we’re about to launch into the most biased beeb election coverage ever seen…
    The great man has launched his manifesto. A world-shaking event, beeb thinks. Laura K is going to have one of her come ons. It’s going to be a long period leading up to voting day.
    And Boris? The Trump treatment, one suspects.


  14. digg says:

    So we have seen the Lab Manifesto and with acknowledgements to Bud Flanagan I can only sing…

    Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Corbyn
    If You Think We’re On The Run?
    We Are The Boys Who Will Stop Your Little Game
    We Are The Boys Who Will Make You Think Again
    ‘Cause Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Corbyn
    If You Think Real England’s Done?

    Mr Brown Goes Off To Town
    On The Eight Twenty-One
    But He Comes Home Each Evening
    And He’s Ready With His Vote

    (So Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Corbyn
    If You Think Real England’s Done?)

    So Watch Out Mr Corbyn
    You Have Met Your Match In Us
    If You Think You Can Crush Us
    We’re Afraid You’ve Missed The (Brexit) Bus
    ‘Cause Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Corbyn
    If You Think Real England’s Done?

    ….feel free to improve the lyrics all!


  15. StewGreen says:

    BBC can’t even get the right Gallagher brother photo in their story
    For a Liam Gallagher concert they put up a Noel Gallagher photo
    and Twitter noticed


  16. Thoughtful says:

    Yet again Liebour are allowed to get away with manifesto comitments (oops sorry Manifestos are not in any way binding)! without the BBC stating the obvious.

    Hardly any of Labours manifesto could be implemented if the UK remains in the EU.
    Today we heard that they are going to make large multinational companies pay their tax!
    Well good luck with that one because most of these companies headquarter themselves in Southern Ireland and pay their taxes there, they cannot be taxed in the UK AND in Eire and the only way that they could be forced to pay UK tax is if we leave the EU with a clean break.

    Yet no BBC apparatchik ever mentions this, presumably because they don’t want to give amunition to a second vote leave, the Brexit party or God forbud – Boris the bottler.

    Of course the cowardly useless incompetent Tories could be pushing this, but I think they’re so scared of Corbyn they daren’t say anything against him in case he emits one of his meaningless ‘isms or fauxbias’.


  17. StewGreen says:

    Are BBC TV/radio TV news reports sticking to the management’s rule
    “Lead with Labour” ?
    .. a Labour voice will be the first political voice each time.


  18. Sluff says:

    The BBC are reporting with much happy glee that Cor bin wants to end austerity by spending an extra £83 bn a year.

    But the reason for austerity in the first place, which the BBC have consigned to history, was that after the Labour government in 2010 we were borrowing £160 bn a year.

    Does this mean Corbyn agrees that austerity to the tune of £80 bn a year was fully justified ?

    The BBC are too busy showing vox pop of people who agree with Cor bin to ask any questions. No change there.


  19. Sluff says:

    Corbyn wants to buy votes on a massive scale by giving the public sector a 5% increase.

    I hope private sector workers will realise that Corbyn doesn’t give a toss about them.
    And that by overpaying the public sector the private sector is excluded from places like the North East. And that by overpaying the publicg sector they will be even more interested in protecting themselves rather than serving the public.

    The public sector of course already earn more than the private sector across every earnings decile except the top one.
    And that does not include the fantastic pension provision unavailable in the private sector.

    No questions from the BBC, needless to say.Too busy with the love-in.


  20. smoogie7 says:

    General election 2019: Voting activist wants ‘youthquake’



    Of course he does. He wants people to rush out there and vote for the filth that is the Labour Party!


  21. StewGreen says:

    7:30pm ITV Farage interview
    ..what naff GOTCHA will they try ?


    • Beltane says:

      Actually Rambir Singh did pretty well. No interruptions and no clever tricks. No snidey word traps, genuine smiles and a sincere handshake at the end. ITV.
      Mishal, Emily, Emma and Victoria must feel the shame on her behalf.


  22. StewGreen says:

    Yet another trailer for
    “Meat a threat for our planet?”
    Monday 25th November at 9pm on @BBCOne


  23. Doobster78 says:

    Wow . BBC twitter feed is basically a Jeremy Corbyn appreciation thread !!! It’s sickening to see. Impartiality hey !!!!

    But they did manage to veer off how amazing Corbyn is , just for enough time for them to remind us all how nasty the conservatives are !!!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Bearing in mind the labour types who were rolled out in the past 4 years to support Remain- I wonder how many of these same people will be supporting the Labour Manifesto .

      I’m sure Blair , Gordon Brown et al will all be there supporting comrade Corbyn and his cause – with the BBC Toady et al happily giving them air time……

      …. or maybe we ll just hear from the dummies in the shadow cabinet . …..


    • Beltane says:

      The union contributions won’t count because they are assessed individually. Three quid x 50k is just 50k three quids x the number of contributing unions. Simples.


  24. pugnazious says:

    Last night the BBC told us that spending per pupil was at its highest ever level in cash terms…but…with costs…not so much.

    Hmmmm….how does this work?…

    ‘However, over this time the number of schoolchildren has grown by 700,000 – more than the population of a city like Sheffield. As a result, spending per pupil has fallen 8% in real terms since 2009-10. It is now due to be frozen until 2019-20. ‘

    Er….If spending per pupil is highest ever….surely that takes into account those extra pupils….even with them spending has still increased per pupil….and if ‘highest ever’ how are schools supposedly struggling?

    Here’s a graph the same BBC report uses…note it is using 2018-19 prices throughout…


    Spending per pupil has massively increased….the BBC line makes little sense…we have 700,000 more pupils [thanks to mass, unwanted immigration], each pupil gets more per head than ever…and the BBC says they are starved of funds.

    Here’s another graph they show us…the green line being spending per pupil….how is it showing a dip?



    • Fedup2 says:

      OnthisdaytheIRA hashtag has had a busy and sad day running through the names and details of those murdered by the IRA in the Birmingham pub mass murders 45 years ago today .

      I’m sure Comrade Corbyn will be a ‘ follower ‘ on Twitter . He has never directly condemned the IRA – and people will vote for him and his party .

      I hope BoJo washed his hands after being forced to shake his hand in the recent ‘ debate’.


    • Sluff says:

      Further to pugnacious’s interesting post above.
      I periodically bang on about the cost of public sector pensions. Hardly anyone ever listens.
      But I’ll try again and mention that in recent years the amount that schools have to put aside for the nominal cost of teacher pensions has gone up from around 16% of teacher salaries to 23%. This is all but hidden from the public. Oh and typically teacher costs are around 80% of a school budget.
      To put it another way, teacher salaries may have been frozen (the thing people like the BBC like to mention) but they have had an effective uplift of 7% which a private sector person would have had to earn through a salary increase in order to maintain the same pension benefits. Needless to say, few did.
      And Corbyn now wants to hand them a free 5% pay rise followed by above inflation increases after that.

      So expenditure on education may well have gone up but not much of it gets to the children- oh except for the ludicrous ‘Pupil Premium’ .


  25. StewGreen says:

    Why is there so much speculation about celebrities sexist tweets
    and so little BBC reporting on the 5,000+ victims of on street grooming/raping/prostituting gangs ??

    cos the BBC has an immense *FACT-CHUCKING* dept
    ..to suppress reporting of many important facts


    • maxincony says:


      Why is there so much speculation about celebrities sexist tweets
      and so little BBC reporting on the 5,000+ victims of on street grooming/raping/prostituting gangs ??

      Google search [grooming site:bbc.co.uk/news]…

      Huddersfield child sex abuse: Six men guilty of grooming – 24 Oct 2019

      Huddersfield grooming victims ‘delivered to hell’ – 19 Oct 2018

      Five in court in Nottingham facing 36 child grooming charges – 7 Nov 2019

      Oxford grooming trial: Girl ‘treated by men as sexual commodity’ – 17 Oct 2019

      Oxford grooming trial: Schoolgirl ‘had sex with three abusers – 23 Oct 2019

      Bradford grooming: Nine jailed for abusing girls – 27 Feb 2019

      Huddersfield grooming gang members guilty of further offences – 21 May 2019

      Halifax grooming gang members lose sentence appeal – 6 Mar 2019

      Rochdale sex grooming gang ‘urgent’ deportation call – 17 Jun 2019

      Huddersfield grooming: Man jailed for raping teenage girl – 4 Nov 2019

      Bradford grooming trial: Ten men accused of abusing girls in care – 8 Jan 2019

      Mistakes that led to grooming scandal ‘being repeated’ – 28 Feb 2019

      Huddersfield grooming: Mum recalls daughter’s sex abuse – 19 Oct 2018

      Operation Shelter: Reaction as grooming gang convicted – 9 Aug 2017

      Oxford grooming gang members handed life sentences – 21 Jan 2019

      ‘Wrong to ignore’ ethnicity of grooming gangs – 26 Dec 2018

      Huddersfield grooming: How the West Yorkshire gang operated – 19 Oct 2018

      Sammy Woodhouse: Rotherham ‘rapist offered role in child’s life’ – 28 Nov 2018

      Telford grooming ‘tip of the iceberg’, says solicitor – 13 Mar 2018

      Oxford grooming gang members guilty of abuse – 18 Dec 2018

      Huddersfield grooming case ‘could deter foster carers’ – 20 Nov 2018

      Huddersfield grooming gang members jailed for abuse – 1 Nov 2018

      Huddersfield grooming gang ‘not about race or ethnicity’ – 19 Oct 2018

      Huddersfield grooming: Rotherham galvanised reaction says MP – 19 Oct 2018

      Chances ‘lost’ to break Huddersfield child abuse sex ring – 10 Jun 2019

      Oxford grooming victim: ‘I didn’t know who the baby’s father was’ – 21 Jan 2019

      West Yorkshire child sex abuse inquiry police arrest 44 – 21 Jun 2019

      Man and two teenagers held over child sexual grooming in Blackpool – 31 May 2019

      Grooming gangs should get longer sentences ‘if abuse is racist’ – 12 Aug 2017

      Kirklees Council ‘offers no support’ to Huddersfield grooming victim – 7 Dec 2018

      Blackpool teen Charlene Downes’ mum in grooming gangs warning – 30 Oct 2018

      Rotherham child sexual abuse: Gang of seven guilty – 29 Oct 2018

      Rochdale grooming trio to lose British citizenship – 8 Aug 2018

      Oxford grooming gang: Six members jailed – 12 Jun 2018

      Bradford grooming trial: Nine men guilty of abusing girls – 26 Feb 2019

      Telford abuse: MP ‘inundated’ with child grooming reports – 16 Mar 2018

      Operation Sanctuary: A survivor’s story of grooming gangs – 26 Sep 2018

      Sheffield gangs “grooming 10-year-olds”, police say – 16 Oct 2018

      New child abuse cases ‘not pursued’ says MP – 1 Nov 2018

      Paedophile hunter claims Sikh girls targeted by men – 20 Feb 2019

      Report shows computer delays in child grooming inquiries – 30 Mar 2017

      Operation Sanctuary: Critical grooming report reaction – 23 Feb 2018

      ‘I was groomed and sexually abused by 30 or 40 men’ – 29 Aug 2017

      Telford abuse: ‘I want to kill my son’s groomers’ – 29 Mar 2018

      Grooming allegations debate: Dale, Smith, Moran and Rudd – 23 Oct 2018

      Telford grooming gang leader back behind bars – 2 Jul 2018

      Child sexual exploitation: How the system failed – 16 Mar 2018

      Merseyside brothers jailed: Shop workers groomed girls – 15 May 2017

      Operation Sanctuary: More jailed for roles in grooming ring – 6 Sep 2017

      Police list identifies ‘grooming hotspots’ in Newcastle – 9 Nov 2017

      Rotherham grooming gang leader Arshid Hussain guilty – 21 Nov 2017

      Rochdale grooming: Abusers ‘not fazed’ by convictions – 3 Jul 2017

      Scale of child abuse survey ‘needed every 10 years’ – 27 Mar 2018


      • Anders Thomasson says:

        OK Maxi maybe with your researching skills you could tell us how many of the above stories were given prominence on the News front page?


      • Up2snuff says:

        aah, maxi since you have stopped by again, where is that apology you owe me?

        You know, the one about the Pogrom programme made by Allan Little. I was right, you and your College Prof were wrong. Come on, how about it?

        If you can do a long post in reply to Stew, how about an apology for me?


        • Fedup2 says:

          I notice the troll only posting stuff relating to Pakistani Muslim paedophile racist rape gangs over the recent couple of years . The years where this was going on and whitee looked away because nobody wanted to upset the ‘community “ ? Perhaps the troll will post those years tonight – together with links – and perhaps comments by the local Labour PM .

          I suspect the troll will go silent again . Last time it was here it asked me a question – which I took time to answer. There was no reply – which led me to want to delete the troll account but people think the troll performs a function …


      • taffman says:

        maxi , you have to admit there is a disproportionate number of ethnics involved in that list per head of population ?
        Why so ?


  26. pugnazious says:

    Abssolutely shocking lack of any attempt to analyse, critique and price Labour’s manifesto.

    Two BBC reports from its big hitters…Kuenssberg and Iain Martin….and not a critical word between them….and still no mention that the main economic analyst, the IFS, that the BBC so often relies on when it is criticial of the Government, says that Corbyn’s ‘enormous and colossal’ spending plans are just not credible or affordable.

    Kuenssberg gives us a very generalised overview that says barely anything at all…not in the slightest bit informative, questioning or critical…

    General election 2019: The Labour manifesto Corbyn has always wanted

    Iain Martin is worse…he has over 3 minutes and ends on a note that this election is not about financial credibility [just as well as the BBC has so far avoided ‘reality checking’ Labour’s credibility] but about ‘political trust’…and we all know that the BBC has been working hard to create the impression that Boris cannot be trusted whilst Corbyn, love him or loathe him, is a man of principle.

    The BBC tells us…

    ‘The BBC’s political correspondent, Iain Watson, explores what that all means.’

    Lol….not for one second does Martin tell us what the manifesto really means for us….the huge and ruinous costs…we’re just told it’s ‘ambitious’ and ‘radical’.
    Martin spends the 3 minutes essentially giving a fanfare for Corbyn’s greatest populist ambitions…on climate, the NHS and free tuition for students….it’s unbelieveable….it’s nothing less than a very pro-Labour Party political broadcast…..

    General election 2019: What’s in Labour’s ‘radical’ manifesto?

    It will be interesting to see the BBC reaction to the Tory manifesto…I cannot imagine the same level of studied disinterest being shown towards that…..the reports will be long and detailed informing us how the Tory policies are unworkable, unaffordable and of course how you only need to look back on 9 years of destructive Tory austerity to recognise those truths.


    • Beltane says:

      Quite right pug, and the contrast is so painfully obvious it’s becoming palpable. I guess it has to go with the same mindset that labels all Leavers as ignorant racists without the ability to recognise what they voted for. With that sort of glib and arrogant assumption it gets ever easier to believe that the electorate are sheep – it also goes with the quality of university education that creates a BBC workforce who evidently think they are intelligent.


  27. smoogie7 says:

    Anyone know when the Tory manifesto launches? I wonder if they get the same special treatment that Labour get?

    I doubt it.

    Anyway I have had enough for one day. Both Labour and the BBC have wound me up and it has reached the stage where I have just had enough


  28. Sluff says:

    Sometimes you just have to laugh.
    On Newshite, they ‘discuss’ Labour’s money-tree spending plans.
    To do this they feature a 1976 disco hit, ‘More More More’.

    But I wonder if the students in the production team knew that the singer, Andrea True, was an American porn actress !!!!!!
    And the lyrics are about making a porn film!!!

    Get the cameras rolling
    Get the action going.

    Surely the sisterhood at the BBC should be informed.
    Not to mention the likes of Dianne Abbott.
    Imagine the interview
    ‘Ms Abbott, how do you feel about the BBC using an American porn star to showcase your spending policies?’



  29. Peter Sausages says:

    There’s a letterbox on Question Time!


    • Sluff says:

      Male, female, or transgender?


      • theisland says:

        Is ‘politics’ now part of the English curriculum? (at around 0:55)


        • JamesArthur says:

          It is funny how the BBC always manage to find somebody to ask the same old crap – did anyone ask how can you trust (Labour/Libs?greens) when they all said they would honour the referendum…

          and if this woman had read the article rather than repeating the press releases she would realise Boris was arguing in her favour…

          Now personally I don’t think teachers should be allowed this head wear at work…not racist but simply communication skills and knowing who is actually in a classroom – I couldn’t get away with a balaclava. Still we all know she is a Labour supporter


  30. Roland Deschain says:

    Things the BBC will bang on about:

    Things the BBC has no interest in:

    Incidentally, anyone with the Wetherspoon app: is it actually possible to order just a banana? That story smells off to me.


    • JamesArthur says:

      With everything happening in the world why is this even News…?

      Notice the BBC headline implies Wetherspoons (staff) sent it –

      No apparently another customer sent it using the app – so a whole business gets painted negatively because of one idiot’s action..BBC don’t make this clear.

      It couldn’t be because Tim is an ardent Brexiteer could it ?


  31. maxincony says:

    Roland Deschain,

    Things the BBC has no interest in:


    Customers in our store complained about the man in the video because he was forcing leaflets onto them. Electioneering doesn’t take place in our stores. He was asked to leave the store but wouldn’t.


  32. Celtic_Mist says:

    Even CNN has this as ‘Breaking News’ – not a peep from Sopel or the ‘beauty’ yet.

    It’s an extremely serious development that CNN are not holding back on.

    The Fox News take is that it has been leaked early to cushion the impact


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Sopel rarely says anything that isn’t a Democrat talking point. His tweets and retweets are a long list of how badly the shampeachment hearing is going for the President.


      • Celtic_Mist says:

        Sopel was trolling Trump just before the FBI news broke –

        Forget ⁦@realDonaldTrump not giving a s**t
        about Ukraine, #FionaHill seems to be scaring the Republicans s**tless. They’ve stopped asking her questions, and are just making statements at her, and not allowing her to answer”

        You’re right Roland, The BBC always view politics from a Democrat party perspective.

        Only Fox has acknowledged –

        “U.S. Attorney John Durham’s separate, ongoing probe into potential FBI and Justice Department misconduct in the run-up to the 2016 election through the spring of 2017 has transitioned into a full-fledged criminal investigation — and that Horowitz’s report will shed light on why Durham’s probe has become a criminal inquiry.”

        The 500-page report will be a real bombshell – what Republicans been saying for three years.

        The MSM news has been as much about Fiona Hill – coal miners daughter from County Durham –


  33. Sluff says:

    It’s irony time again- but not on the BBC.

    The young are are in love with Corbyn as they think they will not have to pay for all the goodies they expect to come their way.

    But Corbyn’s public sector favouritism at the expense of private sector workers and general largesse will have to be paid for. For example the massive and under his plans increasing unfunded public sector pensions liability. The scale of this makes the NHS expenditure look like petty cash. Newly qualified teachers for example earn a pension entitlement in their first year which will cost future taxpayers about as much as that teachers salary for that one year alone. This mass transfer from private workers to public workers will have to be paid for by future taxpayers out of their then annual taxes.

    And who will be paying them? Why the very young who are now so in love with Corbyn.

    You reap what you sow,


  34. theisland says:

    “The UK think they’re going to be sold down the river,” says one Irish official. “Our guys think the same. One of them is going to be right.”


  35. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    Comrade ‘uncle John’ McDonnell on toady with Tourette’s Robinson . Uncle John had forgot his false jokey style and rolled along with his 1970s style Labour economics .

    This was a successful interview for labour because the interview was dominated by mad tax plans – brexit was left to the end – before the sport . No mention of immigration , security ,Even their blessed NHS .

    The BBC did not mention that leave without a deal will not happen under Labour – as noted in their manifesto on page 94?

    The whole approach to brexit is dishonest . Labour calls for yet another referendum – but doesn’t say what the options would be apart from
    “You want to stay in the Reich EU don’t you ?”. There will only be a ‘Yes” box . That is where the dishonesty lies and the BBC MSM is complicit in it .

    Interestingly there was no complaint during the interview from comrade McDonnell about being interrupted or not being able to answer- compare and contrast when a Conservative or Brexit party representative is on. Tiring isn’t it ?


    • Guest Who says:

      Or, Uncle Mac when not in the cumfy chair. Look at the eyes at the end.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I think Mr Neill is on the list of ‘first against the wall ‘ on the 13th of December .


  36. Fedup2 says:

    BBC news breathtaking in bias by omission this morning . ‘Save the children’ over the moon that ‘British children are being brought home to Britain from camps in Syria “.

    And what’s left out – ISIS – Islamic terrorism – and whether these ‘children’ will be a threat to the UK.


    • Guest Who says:

      At least they will be up to speed on key English phrases…


  37. Fedup2 says:

    Toady 3

    Nigel Farage is to publish a ‘contract ‘ with the people -not a false manifesto – he is challenged – not interviewed – by the Asian toady girl . It starts hostile and carries on that way .

    The Asian girl is too thick to understand the difference between unrestricted immigration so favoured by labour ‘Tory and the use of work permits to feed particular jobs with no assurance of permanent residence . A four minute attack .


    • JamesArthur says:

      Yep I agree and her use of the 100,000 vacancies was inaccurate – this is an old figure that is not official..yet she kept repeating it..when are the politicians going to be honest and the interviewers intelligent and unbiased
      If 250K people come into the country every year then we need more NHS staff and so we import more people into country to work in NHS who bring their families, and so we need more NHS staff…so where does this lead?
      I am involved with the NHS and I know 1. they are not poorly paid, 2 many work part time 3. the sickness rate is higher than national average 4. many are retiring on pensions a private worker can only dream about…5. the NHS has a whole department whose job is to plan for recruitment and training..why is it every year they seem to be failing?
      Is it me or are many people just getting fed up with hearing about the NHS ?


      • Fedup2 says:

        James It seems that various governments have allowed the NHS to just troll along and when something goes wrong the responsibility doesn’t lie with the top echelon of the NHS but directly with number 10 . The likes of the BBC are – again – complicit in a situation which discourages the NHS from sorting itself out without shaking the money tree- again .

        As an aside – trawling through the Labour manifesto/lie – if you are going to the pub soon – please be aware that it is to be designated an ‘asset of community value ‘ – and that is true .

        Not sure about the claim that labour will withdraw the 25% poll tax discount for single occupants which is being spoken of on Twitter . No one would be dumb enough to try that one ….


    • Sam S says:

      Following on from the Farage interview, there was a BBC Fact Check in which they said amongst other things “if immigration to the UK was on a work permit basis rather than permanent basis, fewer people may want to come… They may prefer to go to Germany so it may be hard to fill vacancies.”

      In what way is that “fact checking”? It’s nothing of the sort. It’s suggesting an outcome which may or may not happen. And surprise, surprise, one with a loaded left wing slant.


  38. Foscari says:

    The BBC is going all out to help Labour to win the General Election.
    To be honest they just have a feature on Norwich on Breakfast TV,
    where one of the munchkin women is showing all her acting
    skills in a Machiavellian way to encourage the voters in the
    very marginal constituency of North Norwich to vote Labour.
    Naga is doing a brilliant job !!
    With at least a half a dozen party political broadcasts on behalf
    of the Labour Party daily . Including the 1.00 PM 6PM and 10PM,
    national news programmes,it is possible that the BBC may well
    be able to achieve it’s aim in getting Labour elected !!


  39. Guest Who says:


    Cheered up my Friday.


  40. Guest Who says:

    Rob plays a broken record.


  41. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Mishal’s Mincemeat

    Before 8.10a.m. prime interview slot with John Big MacDonnell (Lab – Chancelleeyore wannabe) I had to endure the right horrible Rishi Sunak, Chief Secretary to the Treasury getting mangled by Mishal.

    Not only did this complete Tory drone make Mishal look clever, he did the same for some of the awful Labour drone clones who we have had to endure on the R4 airwaves in the last few weeks.

    Help! I’m a human being – get me out of here!!


  42. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – Nigel’s Nemesis?

    I got the distinct impression that Nigel Farage is no longer interested in British politics and is on the point of giving up. He was hopeless in the face of some admittedly belligerent questioning from Mishal.

    It is important to have ‘facts at your fingertips’ so to speak when in interviews with hostile Beeboids, especially when you will not be given a chance to string more than three words together before an interruption arrives.

    All Nigel needed to say this morning is “How many UK unemployed?”. That may have shown up Mishal instead of himself appearing to be just ‘going through the motions’. (Mishal had been inferring that the UK needs to import 200,000 immigrants a year for the NHS and housebuilding.)

    I almost cannot believe that Mishal came away with two wins – a good TOADY for her for a change.


  43. Guest Who says:

    BBC News
    🔴 Rail, Mail, Water and Energy nationalised
    🔴 Free broadband for all
    🔴 A green industrial revolution
    🔴 Letting the people decide on Brexit
    🔴 Not using the NHS in trade talks
    🔴 Scrapping university tuition fees

    The Labour Party manifesto, in three minutes. (via BBC Politics)


    Saves Labour producing a poster, I suppose.


  44. fakenewswatcher says:

    Guest – As it is election time, an urgent knock on the Ofcom door is required, but I suspect it is brimming with ex beeboids, as well as people picked for their ‘diversity’ rather than their merit. Largely Labour supporters, who secretly rather like the big push beeb is giving Labour? I have a strong suspicion one would get nowhere…


  45. fakenewswatcher says:

    Brexit Party will scrap the beeb licence fee, Farage announces.
    Wonder what sort of coverage their launch will get, compared to yesterday’s great Labour launch celebrations all day long on beeb?


  46. pugnazious says:

    Where oh where is the BBC’s reality check on Labour’s manifesto? A ‘radical’, massively expensive, hugely disruptive tearing apart of the economy and society wrapped in a swaddling of lies and dishonesty and the BBC seems hardly to have noticed.

    We had some shallow and anodyne run downs of some of the contents of the manifesto but a distinct lack of any attempt to scrutinise it in any meaningful and indepth way. They even failed to mention the IFS’s damning comments that it was unfeasible and ‘simply not credible’.

    Wait though…want at least a modicum of scrutiny then head to the Business pages where there’s at least a couple of run downs on Labour’s manifesto…nothing too dramatic or unpleasant…slightly critical but all in all a gentle ride for Labour.

    The BBC’s Simon Jack tells us that despite Labour’s ‘radical’ plans, such as a massive hike in corporation tax [highest in the G7] and wholesale expropriation of companies, in effect ‘nationalising’ every company not just the headline grabbing ones like rail, mail, BT, and energy and water, that the problem isn’t actually economic or legal or moral…it’s ideological….the capitalists will just have to bite the bullet for a better world….

    ‘Above all, the concerns of business are ideological as much as practical.’

    And here’s the BBC’s Business Editor, Faisal Islam, giving us his final verdict on Labour largesse…nothing out of the usual…..nothing to get alarmed about….

    ‘So a big change for Britain, a transformation of the business model that we’re used to here, but not wildly out of kilter with other developed economies that have retained a strong state.’

    Can they build 100,000 council houses a year? Yes they can….it’s ambitious but doable…hurrah!

    ‘So, there are significant challenges but if a Labour government spent the billions of pounds necessary to train workers, offered high enough wages to attract people to retrain and took the time and effort to push through the structural changes needed in local authorities and the planning system, this housebuilding target would not be impossible. ‘

    As with all BBC reports on Labour it’s a matter of a few criticisms raised but easily brushed aside, downplayed or explained away [Tories are worse or others do the same] and then the happy clappy cheer for a brave new world that Labour will bring us.

    Nick Robinson interviewed McDonnell this morning and didn’t tackle at length or in detail the massive spending spree that he will introduce….odd considering the effort the BBC put into rubbishing the Tories’ assessment that Labour willl run up a debt of £1.2 trillion with their plans.

    Robinson did suggest that the 5% and corporation tax would not pay for Labour’s ambitions but allowed McDonnell to explain that away easily….he was allowed to state that high taxes will make companies invest more….despite Labour cutting tax relief on investment and R&D.
    We did get a more robust challenge on trade union laws and the reintroduction of secondary picketting which looks to be on the books with a repeal of trade union legislation.
    There were questions about the imposition of ‘workers’ control…Labour wanting to seemingly want workers to set their own wages and consumers to set their own prices.

    All important questions and about time some scrutiny was turned onto Labour’s claims but where is this scrutiny elsewhere on the BBC….it’s almost totally missing on the website and where the BBC does finally get around to a basic level of examination it’s tucked away where most people will not go and if and when they do they will find it’s weighted in Labour’s favour.

    Amused too see that as the BBC has studiously ignored the IFS’s damning verdict Robinson’s interview was actually using the IFS’s own ‘reaction’ summary on Labour’s manifesto….Robinson seems to have read it and used it almost verbatim as the basis for his interview….lol.

    Labour manifesto: an initial reaction from IFS researchers

    Labour is telling a huge, huge lie…that their massive spending splurge can be funded by that 5% and a few rich companies…but the IFS points out that is untrue…

    ‘On the tax side the proposals in the Labour manifesto represent an enormous increase in the amounts they want to raise from corporation tax. If their proposals did raise the sums they suggest then we would be raising more in corporation tax, as a fraction of national income, than any other country in the G7, and more than almost anywhere else in the OECD. This would clearly come with substantial risks. The truth is of course that in the end corporation tax is paid by workers, customers or shareholders so would affect many in the population. In the end, it is unlikely that one could raise the sums suggested by Labour from the tax policies they set out. If you want to transform the scale and scope of the state then you need to be clear that the tax increases required to do that will need to be widely shared rather than pretending that everything can be paid for by companies and the rich.”’

    Robinson did bring that up…but again, where oh where is the BBC’s close examination of this in its general news and daytime programming not just in a Today interview that most of the general population will not hear or tucked away in the business pages and even then downplayed and given a positive pro-Labour spin?

    The BBC is constantly telling us this election is about ‘trust’ and yet when the main rival for government puts out its manifesto and at its heart is a massive, massive lie the BBC, Robinson aside, isn’t interested. One of the biggest stories never told…but oh so quick to jump on Boris and the Tories, again and again and again, when they challenge Labour figures or set out some of their own.


  47. StewGreen says:

    Ha interesting comment from page 1
    Why don’t you watch the BBC anymore ?
    … I’m British, and it isn’t


  48. pugnazious says:

    The BBC’s paradoxically named ‘Reality Check’ isn’t the only ‘fact checking’ service that provides us with an altered reality, one only visible from inside the Bubble.

    C4, that’s ‘F**k the Tories C4, has its own attempt to control the narrative in favour of their worldview otherwise known as Factcheck.

    Recently they announced that Boris was lying…

    Johnson wrong about Labour corporation tax

    ‘Boris Johnson addressed business leaders at the CBI annual conference this morning.
    He told the crowd that the Conservatives would postpone plans to cut business rates, but sought to “remind” them that:

    “The alternative is Jeremy Corbyn — who would whack it straight back up to the highest levels in Europe.”

    But Mr Johnson is wrong.

    Hmmm…is he? The IFS doesn’t think so….and thinks there is ‘substantial risks’ in ‘raising more in corporation tax than any other country in the G7, and more than almost anywhere else in the OECD.’

    ‘On the tax side the proposals in the Labour manifesto represent an enormous increase in the amounts they want to raise from corporation tax. If their proposals did raise the sums they suggest then we would be raising more in corporation tax, as a fraction of national income, than any other country in the G7, and more than almost anywhere else in the OECD. This would clearly come with substantial risks. ”’

    The BBC were, and are, getting very righteous and indignant about the Tories daring to fact check Labour themselves, how dare they, but when do they turn such scrutiny upon themselves and their fellow media travellers who spin and sin and spin?


  49. Doobster78 says:

    LOL –


  50. BRISSLES says:

    The rep for Brexit P was on with Adam Boulton this morning, and I thought he made a good fist of explaining Brexit’s ideas. It was a good interview, and when asked on the position of immigration, he quietly explained that there had to be a cap of 50,000 a year because the infrastructure is already buckling under the weight. Of course Bolton came back with how the NHS is recruiting from abroad, and he replied that Work Permits were the way to go, so that residencies and British citizenship wouldn’t be granted, and an Australian points system would be implemented.

    We only have to look at the building programmes around the UK in every town and village, and still we’re told we need more houses. Who for ? its like road building, the more roads the more traffic, so the more houses the more people want them. A system of keeping people out is needed, not bringing more in.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Exactly so. I am sure that in the early nineties the UK population was set to decline and as a result schools were being closed because of lack of demand. But then along came The Snake, aka Blair, with his secret policy to import millions of third worlders and change our country for ever. Successive governments , even Tory ones, have continued this policy and we are now beginning to see some of the consequences.
      * We can’t afford to pay for the increased infrastructure to support the increased population . Do these immigrants pay their way? Unlikely in my view, no we pay for them!
      *We can’t criticise immigrants or the policy of effectively open borders. Hate speech laws have been passed which is beginning to make it a crime to think things let alone do anything! Our media refuses to tell the truth about the impact of mass migration , Rotherham et al being the most upsetting example.
      * Immigrants don’t have our beliefs or values and so voting fraud, corruption in public office , which are quite normal to them , grow year on year
      * Our history is being rewritten , White Native Brits are being discriminated against as part of government policy.
      * Our home is being destroyed and we are forbidden to protest.

      All this can be laid at the feet of The Snake and his ministers.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Exactly so. I am sure that in the early nineties the UK population was set to decline and as a result schools were being closed because of lack of demand. But then along came The Snake, aka Blair, with his secret policy to import millions of third worlders and change our country for ever. Successive governments , even Tory ones, have continued this policy and we are now beginning to see some of the consequences.
      * We can’t afford to pay for the increased infrastructure to support the increased population . Do these immigrants pay their way? Unlikely in my view, no we pay for them!
      *We can’t criticise immigrants or the policy of effectively open borders. Hate speech laws have been passed which is beginning to make it a crime to think things let alone do anything! Our media refuses to tell the truth about the impact of mass migration , Rotherham et al being the most upsetting example.
      * Immigrants don’t have our beliefs or values and so voting fraud, corruption in public office , which are quite normal to them , grow year on year
      * Our history is being rewritten , White Native Brits are being discriminated against as part of government policy.
      * Our home is being destroyed and we are forbidden to protest.

      All this can be laid at the feet of The Snake and his ministers. But this only the start. Things will get much worse in the coming decades.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Brissles, “its like road building, the more roads the more traffic,”

      Not so. That’s an old but perennial Green Party lie.

      If you increase road space without increasing the vehicle numbers you have less traffic for a given amount of road space.

      What we have been doing in the UK over the last thirty+ years, is removing road space for private vehicles, hence the roads appear more crowded. Just go and watch a local bus lane on a road that used to contain four lanes of mixed traffic.