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  1. pugnazious says:

    Just listenng to 5 Live getting very indignant about the Tory fact-checking service on Twitter…maybe they’ve stolen the election? Better check…hmmm…who to ask? I know…someone from Corbyn supporting New Statesman. LOL.

    Any wonder the Tories want to fact-check for themselves when the BBC is completely untrustworthy and is providing its own ‘fact-checking’ service for Labour…this very story is evidence of that so one-sided is it and so ready to pronounce what the Tories did as immoral and dishonest.

    Just look at the BBC’s reports…every time Labour announces a policy, first it gets top billing even if the Tories also announce one, second, when the Tories or anyone criticises Labour’s policy the BBC tries to counter, downplay, dismiss or rubbish such criticisms.

    You’ll be hard pushed to find the BBC telling you a Labour policy is bad or unworkable or that Labour are lying..such as on the huge lie that Labour is spreading about privatising the NHS…complete fabrication and yet the BBC barely notices. The BBC’s ‘reality checks’ are always more positive about Labour’s policies and tend to side with them when they are challenged.

    The BBC’s trick is not to actually fact-check a Labour policy but to fact-check the criticism of it which provides a completely different take on things.

    Look at this announcement about dentistry…a great policy, no problems…

    General election 2019: Labour vows to end dental check-up charges

    Or Labour’s claim about the Tories…totally correct…

    General election 2019: Labour’s £500m NHS claim fact-checked

    Or how about this…presented merely as a story about the NHS but of course is intended to portray the NHS as in crisis and not as good as other countries’ services…

    General election 2019: Is the NHS the best health service possible?

    Or the claim that Labour will leave us broke once again…the BBC rapidly moved in to try and rebut that one…however true it is…

    General Election 2019: Tory £1.2 trillion Labour spending claim fact-checked

    Or how about the Russia investigation…the BBC present this as evidence that there is something to hide…that Russia did interfere, significantly, in the election and referendum…the Russians/Soviets have always interfered…nothing new there…what’s new is the way the BBC and Remainers want to now hype it up and claim, as with the fake claim of a ‘post-truth era'( since when did we ever get the truth from politicians and the media?) that this is unprecedented and a completely new phenomenon and that the Russians stole Brexit and the US Presidency…

    General election 2019: The mystery of the Russia report

    And how about Labour’s 4 day week…apparently all good here too…all criticism is biased and ill-informed…

    General election 2019: What is Labour’s four-day working week plan?


  2. StewGreen says:

    5:40pm local radio in our region where the Greens get few votes.
    ‘Now over Matt Cole who’s in Bristol shadowing the Green Party leader today’
    … very very chummy interview 5 minute item.
    The BBC guy seemed very impressed with 3 storey mural of Greta with a drowning polar bear and tweeted a photo.


    • Guest Who says:

      You can take the box of rocks out of the BBC, but you can’t take the BBC out of the box of rocks.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Yes – I saw the trap laid for mr Farage “ what do you do personally to fight climate change “ ?

        Paraphrased reply – “ well not a lot as I’m driving and flying all over the country “ . He got asked this again and repeated the answer.
        Nice bit of honesty .


  3. StewGreen says:

    BBC video page
    BBC News – Ranulph Fiennes: I’m totally behind Extinction Rebellion

    item is NOT available in Germany
    … UK only


  4. StewGreen says:

    It’s not like the BBC spends half its time promoting Extinction Rebellion
    This R4 prog was on Monday morning and last night
    “They were being transported in a hire van, which is now surrounded by police and Nian’s friend jumps onto the vehicle’s roof. ”
    …pedal powered was it ?


  5. john in cheshire says:

    Apologies if someone has already posted on this from We Got a Problem. It’s about 7 minutes long and seems to expose one of the dirty voting fraud tricks the commies and probably… Others, have been using to get their commie mates and probably… Others, elected.

    I wonder if there will be a thorough police investigation locally and preferably nationwide:


  6. StewGreen says:

    Local news : ‘And over to a report about last year’s Hull City of culture campaign’
    Anne Beeboid Tasker “The report concluded that there were enough BAME or people from outside the city coming to the festival”

    BAME ?
    #1 Hull isn’t very BAME
    #2 Other events like the Freedom from Slavery are specially aimed at them
    there’s probably others like a Carnival, Ramadam fest, Gospel music etc.


    • Halifax says:

      Open an Ikea in Hull


    • Invicta 1066 says:

      Actually on the BBC TV text button, I see the Hull Uni criticism of the Hull City of Culture, mentions that the Kurdish population culture were not given sufficient coverage. Well that’s the whey or is the that way it is..
      I see that as usual such a criticism is not confined to the county or region in which it occurs, but, true to form it appears on the Birmingham and Coventry sites and several more.


  7. Thoughtful says:


    BBC program featuring one of their heroes Roger Hallam co – founder of Extinction Rebellion.


    BBC article concerning a teenage kid who loved the Nazis and plotted attacks.

    British Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam sparks fury by referring to the Holocaust as ‘just another f**kery in human history’ in German interview with Die Zeit

    Nothing reported by the BBC at all ……………


  8. taffman says:

    I think the LibDems are wasting their time and our money ?……………………….
    “Climate change: China coal surge threatens Paris targets”


  9. Guest Who says:

    Ex BBC Head of News still working that BBC magic.


  10. Guest Who says:

    To be fair, the bbc has little clue about most things.



  11. john in cheshire says:

    I’ve had a thought:

    What if Mr Corbyn isn’t as thick as a brick?
    What if he’s actually a genuine Leaver of the EU?
    What if he knows he’ll never persuade the Benns and Starmers in the Labour party to support Leaving?
    What if he’s deliberately trying to lose the General Election so that the Conservative party returns a majority of MPs so they can get us out?
    Could be be that cunning?
    Ah, well, just a thought.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The comrades are desperate for power – it’s the nearest they’ve been since Benn and Foot .

      They dream of controlling The State and putting into practice all those methods of maintaining revolutionary Marxism .

      With a bit of luck the Left will split through the Remainer vote . Gaming the outcome of the election is as good as my attempts to beat my nasty chess computer .


  12. Guest Who says:

    When the BBC takes the high ground.

    Fair point on Beff, Kay and Adam adopting that special Sky professional courtesy with colleagues.


  13. StewGreen says:

    Twitter agenda pushing as it shoves this in my “selected For You” section


  14. StewGreen says:

    BBC managers overcompensating ?
    Every time I look at the Radio4 schedule there seems to be a disproportionally high number of non-white faces
    .. as if managers are trying to avoid seeming to be too white.
    So what you end up with lots of Identity Politics shows
    Today : ‘getting more non-whites into the countryside’
    then ” comedian Twayna Mayne searches for role models in her quest to explore her Black British Identity.”
    .. Then 6:30pm there was Susan Coleman with he traditional mentions of “my wife”


    • JamesArthur says:

      It isn’t just R4..it is BBC. How many BAME travel presenters are there? it seems now as if the white straight able bodied male is a banned despite representing at least 40% of the total population. It is all about balance and the BBC are the heavy end of a seesaw…


  15. StewGreen says:

    York : Superintendent Lindsey Butterfield from North Yorkshire Police added: “These latest measures are a welcome addition to our existing security plans designed to help keep York safe and secure during the festive season and the weeks leading up to it.”

    Interesting that the paper chose to highlight a letter from some nutter saying terrorism was caused by Tony Blair, not Islam.

    BTW the Council responds
    “@CityofYork Nov 19
    Hi Brian. They’re not beautiful but they are recommended by @TerrorismPolice
    and are here along with a heightened officer presence. The barriers will come down after the festive season.


    • vlad says:

      It’s a disgrace that believers are being prevented from doing what their good book tells them, namely murdering infidels. What’s the world coming to?

      And how heartwarming that in other parts of the world this ancient practice continues apace.

      Jihad Report
      October, 2019
      Attacks 131
      Killed 553
      Injured 473
      Suicide Blasts 6
      Countries 23



  16. Guest Who says:

    It is with dubious acknowledgement to the glorious MSM we are now lumbered with, but certain words and phrases get so overused and abused, especially by them, that they lose or sometimes change meaning.

    The latest addition has to be ‘fact check’ and its deformed BBC spawn in the attic, ‘Reality Check’.

    Rob Burley of course thinks he still has any credibility tossing them around like anyone believes a word he says any more than a politician of any hue.


  17. StewGreen says:

    Electoral Fraud klaxon
    ‘Are you a 17 year old lefty student not actually allowed to ote in the election ?’
    ..don’t worry your local Labour Council in your University town has probably already AUTOMATICALLY registered you
    ..Even though it is totally against the law
    ..Cos only you are allowed to register yourself , the council shouldn’t be doing it automatically.


  18. StewGreen says:

    The Sun has the exclusive
    and here’s Thursday’s new story
    Electoral Fraud on the SCampus


  19. StewGreen says:

    The metroliberal association of pretending to monitor election fairness
    and stopping Brexit at all costs ..has spoken
    We’re not aware of people being added to the electoral register without their consent anywhere else in the UK. (besides Plymouth)

    We’ve been in contact with the electoral services teams in Barnet and Lancaster who have told us that no voters have been added to the register without their consent.


  20. StewGreen says:

    Plymouth Council have done it before
    It’s a key Labour marginal


  21. StewGreen says:

    Labour run thei own “FACT” Twitter account since Sept 1st
    ..where was the media outragebus ?


  22. StewGreen says:

    How the Tory fact check thing started
    Cathy Newman recommending Hugo Dixon a very PARTISAN anti-Brexit account as a fact checker
    That was 5 hours before the debate started
    … CCHQ changed their name after seeing this


    • StewGreen says:

      “Fact Check” is an ambush word
      cos FactCheck = Fact *spinning*
      whether it’s Channel4 FactCheck or BBC RealityCheck or even FullFact
      “Trust the messenger” is a fallacy
      You really do have to check the evidence in the message

      … AND Half the time the message is hidden

      In that tweet Cathy Newman implies that Hugo Dixon is an INDEPENDENT fact checker
      FFS he founded the People’s Vote

      Is there any wonder Boris and Brexiteers refuse to appear on C4

      Her tweet may have influenced some voters
      whereas the Tories #FactCheckgate was a NOTHING-BURGER
      cos it will have brought them no new voters
      Few people watched the debate, far less followed Twitter
      and almost all the views of the account would have been from Tory supporters who follow it on Twitter.

      If Extinction Rebellion had done the same thing
      The media would have been giving them high fives all round


  23. Halifax says:

    BBC Definition No 23876 /2.b
    This only applies when a White Male Hetrosexual Christian is “accused” of wrongdoing.

    It’s is not to be used when BME Men and Women or people associated as or identifying as LBGTQ or Muslim are “accused” of misdameners.

    BBC syntax usage page 7 Rev 2.4


  24. Fedup2 says:

    In view of the desire for the girls to crucify any man who has sex with young girls perhaps they should start a campaign to increase the age of consent to say 18 or 21 ? This would send a signal to ‘old rich men’ that they cannot go after innocent 17 year olds to give them the good life ‘in return for sexual favours .
    I’m waiting for this from the BBC – it must be on the agenda mustn’t it ?

    I’m no royalist and the dead billionaire doesn’t sound like a decent person but if the media keep on and on about this maybe my suggestion will close it down .

    NB – in the real world where young kids are viewing porn in school playgrounds and send pictures of their private parts to each other increasing the age of consent would criminalise half of the country ….

    Update – I’d forgotten about homosexuals – so perhaps the age of consent on sexual variations should equally be increased to 18 or 21 .

    Realise – of course – that I could care less about any of this but whilst the BBC is on its high moral horse perhaps I can climb higher – the result would obviously put a lot more Pakistani racist rape paedophile gangs in prison ….


    • Fedup2 says:

      The Sopel show – today sponsored by the Democrat Party . No pretence of objectivity – just ‘ get trump ‘ – Russia – Ukraine- wherever. As long as the Democrats can get to their President that’s fine .


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      The idea of a fixed age of consent is clearly outdated and needs to made more inclusive and to reflect the diversity of an ‘open society’. Leading experts have proposed the following three tier approach – referred to as the Saville-Kebab Concept – which they have deemed fair and appropriate.
      Ordinary population – age of consent remains at 16.
      BBC employees, taxi drivers and takeaway workers in Rotherham, Rochdale, Halifax etc – age of consent reduced to 9.
      Extremely rich people, politicans and ex-presidents – no age of consent, as they should be able to do whatever they want.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Ha ha – when I saw the Saville – Kebab Concept – you caught me . Perhaps writing early in the day does that . It’s a very very good point – I just get fed up with these sudden bouts of extreme Puritanism when in other circumstances BBC types are happy to talk about sexualising kids at indecent ages – eg to introduce them to the ‘variety ‘ of sexes .

        Can’t have it both ways …..


  25. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – The BBC down a drain

    Toady is co-presented today by Soapy in Washington. He sounds as though he is down a distant drain, somewhere. No doubt he is checking to see if the President has done a Quid Pro Quo and how big it is.

    Meanwhile, others are saying the President has been evacuated or exonerated or exhumed or exhausted or something like that.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Toady 2

      The 8 10 interview has angie rayner being interviewed by Meeshall . Angie , who is a shadow minister , used the Tourette’s approach of just ranting sound bites , saying ‘turbo’ a lot and sounding very much like the ‘yeah but no but character ‘ from some TV show .
      Comrade Corbyn / McDonall have stacked their shadow front bench with thick drones like Angie – and Dawn Butler and wrong-daily which is an insult to voters .

      After Angie finished reciting her suggested sound bites from the Labour hymn sheet there was no usual follow up by a BBC politics journo – reinterpreting and explaining to us what she had just said . Perhaps that’s because Angie said next to nothing apart from a Tourette’s rant .
      It’s a shame that our politics has descended that far .


    • Guest Who says:



  26. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – Unicorn territory not good enough

    Mishal is pinning Angela Rayner to the wall with a commitment to deliver everything in the Labour Party Manifesto in a five year Parliament.

    Funny thing, but not long ago the BBC were keen to trail Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine across the Radio 4 airwaves to say “Manifestos – who bothers with them?” and “Manifestos – who believes them.”

    Angela is definite about delivery of the Labour Manifesto but she doesn’t know what is in it and cannot talk about it until 11a.m.. She is certain, however, that a Labour government will on 13th December get rid of University tuition fees.

    Car crash and train wreck combined.

    Our Mishal does not appear to be a believer.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think the bubble needs things like manifestos as comfort blankets . I used to read them . I won’t any more – why bother – we now know with certainty that they can be happily ignored with no consequence .

      Of subject – twitter /guido – is doing a public service by highlighting claims made by candidates – particularly labour candidates – on their election leaflets claiming how they are going to get brexit done – Evette Cooper is a prime example of a level on traitor . But this won’t make the BBC politics programmes due to pro remain bias.


    • G says:

      I particularly liked the question about where the builders come from to build the Council Houses for the ‘refugees’ / economic migrants Treason May agreed with the UN to import. There being a shortage of trades(people). Rayner said Labour would train people up. Pity the muslim interviewer did not recall that it was Bliar who ignored practical trades when he decided to cram every youngster through Yoonie for, ‘conditioning’. That’s why we don’t have the numbers of tradespeople we need but, instead, a surfeit of Marxist inspired low-brow, non-objective morons with so-called, ‘Degrees’.


    • JamesArthur says:

      AR was on GMTV and was a car crash – came across as a bit thick and wouldn’t answer a straightforward question about how she would vote in next Brexit (the one where Labour secure a great deal and put it to people)
      Didn’t know her even thicker fish wife – Jess Philips had recently said Manifestos shouldn’t be believed…whilst banging on about the Labour manifesto and AR couldn’t explain how they were going to build all these social houses…
      Both of these women came up through the all woman short lists..not designed to pick the best – usually just the loudest


  27. G says:

    It’s that time in the 5 year cycle. Highest on the list of opportunities for the lying politicians to baffle the voter with over-the-top offers that will never come about in practice. This is the bidding war, otherwise known as, Manifesto releasing time.
    From what I hear so far, the Conservatives are pushing their Labour policies while Labour are pushing their blatantly communist plans. LibDems? the new Looney party having joined the Greens to vie for that cherished position? The Brexit Party? From what I saw on YT of the QT ‘debate’, just pure fact and logic. Problem is, fact and logic are no longer recognised – out of favour………….


  28. Ed Hitter says:

    Good piece in the Mail today that highlights the BBC’s sleight of hand when it comes to supposed election neutrality.
    It shows again how the BBC leans towards trivial side issues such as Twittergate to cloud the debate, setting its own peculiar narrative.


  29. Guest Who says:

    Looks like the BBC Hunte for their LGBT Editor’s assistants is over.


  30. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    From the Daily Telegraph:

    “BBC Chairman calls for regulation to be relaxed

    Regulation of the BBC should be relaxed and based on the presumption that the corporation always acts in the public good, its chairman has said.

    Sir David Clementi said it was unfair that Ofcom scrutinised everything the BBC did, while Amazon and Netflix were ‘scarcely regulated at all’. He called for a ‘shift in mindset’ to allow the BBC expand [sic] with less interference.”

    The lack of self-awareness is simply staggering. What is the point of any regulation if it is based on “the presumption that the corporation always acts in the public good”? Does Sir David not see that the BBC’s special funding model dictates that it MUST be closely scrutinised? And, in any case, does this scrutiny really prevent the unending bias of the BBC?


    • JimS says:

      Doesn’t that just fit in with ‘they didn’t know what they were voting for’ attitude of MPS re. Brexit?

      There are far too many public bodies now acting without scrutiny, all these ‘independent’ regulators and judges, all acting in their self-defined ‘public interest. What makes it even worse is that the members of these ‘independent’ boards play musical chairs between different posts.

      The way MPs are voted in isn’t perfect but it is a damn sight better than this rule by ‘the great and the good’. Tony Benn got at least that right.

      Oh, by the way Sir David, Netflix and Amazon have to earn my custom, it’s about time the BBC started earning my respect rather than contempt.


      • G says:

        You are absolutely right: ‘musical chairs’.
        I remember having a lot to do with OFWAT and OFGEM and other regulators some years ago. You could call to speak to an important contact only to find he/she/it had suddenly left. Questioning revealed that he/she/it reappeared in another regulating body. I would just add that, these roles appear not to be advertised, certainly not at the time I was involved. “Musical Chairs” – the only explantion.


    • G says:

      “it was unfair that Ofcom scrutinised everything the BBC did, while Amazon and Netflix were ‘scarcely regulated at all’.”
      Amazon and Nefflix are ‘regulated’ by market forces. If the ‘customer of both don’t like what the service offers, they change over to a supplier who offers what they want. Fortunately a growing number.
      Our Marxist State Broadcaster? Zeik Heil mein Fuhrer Ve Vill all Vatch and pay vether you like it or not………………….. And, despite what rubbish and lies we broadcast.


  31. Fedup2 says:

    45th anniversary of the Birmingham pub bombing . 21 dead. The same city the IRAs friend – comrade Corbyn chooses to launch the Party money tree…


  32. G says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words………………
    Our, ‘Jeremy Epstein-Corbyn’ replete with (won’t use the word in case I offend someone) ‘people’. Apart from the Epstein-Corbyn, spot the only detested living organism in the photo. Hint: far in the distance behind the group of ‘people’.


  33. pugnazious says:

    Girl tells a tale of how she carried a knife…and how she pulled a knife on some pupils at her school and was duly expelled and sent to referral.

    BBC presenter….’‘Sounds like the system failed you’


  34. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    No doubt Hillary Clinton’s trip last month to the UK was to check the BBC Newsnight Interview and C4 ‘Prince & The Pedophile’ documentaries kept Bill’s name out.
    They duly obliged.


  35. StewGreen says:

    Soubry won against Based Amy
    Turning up looking for Soubry when she wasn’t there counts as intimidation says the judge
    .. Extinction Rebellion and other such street protesters do try to intimidate political figures
    and if you do that to someone on 3 occasions that is against the law of harassment
    Yesterday Anna Soubry won a case against a protester called Based Amy

    The first occasion was in the HoC Amy had been a Pain in the ass and the TV interview in a public space had to be abandoned
    but the weird thing was that on the third occasion she’d turned looking for Soubry and she wasn’t there
    ..The judge said that counted as a third occasion of intimidation.

    Based Amy is standing against Soubry in her constituency , but the judge has banned her from stepping foot there
    He is also likely to jail her when he sentences her after the election.
    #DoubleStandardJustice of #Orwellian #Britain2019


    • G says:

      “….but the weird thing was that on the third occasion she’d turned looking for Soubry and she wasn’t there
      ..The judge said that counted as a third occasion of intimidation.”
      That’s the UK’s ‘new’ justice system at work but it only works one way.
      A thought crime – no less.


    • pugnazious says:

      Curious omission from BBC news which is usually so very eager to publicise anything ‘Extinction Rebellion’ [the terrorist group]……

      Fom the Mail [in the Guardian as well]…

      Extinction Rebellion denouce co-founder Roger Hallam after he said the Holocaust wasn’t unique and was ‘holding Germany back’ in interview

      Oddly missing from BBC pages…..but there was the same reluctace to publish such material when Corbyn was first being accused…only when it was impossible to ignore and the story didn’t die did the BBC start to report in any significant way stories about anti-semitism in the Labour Party…unlike of course ‘islamophobia’ in the Tory party…BBC are remarkably keen to report that and press for an inquiry.


      • StewGreen says:

        Seems Spiked are censoring
        I posted a comment almost the same as my 11:0am comment above
        adding a bit in about when the antifa spat in Amy’s face
        (that I have seen on youtube)
        but after 11 hours my comment is still marked “waiting moderation”, yet other long comments and later comments have been approved.


  36. digg says:

    Here’s a charming Labour Councillor in Tower Hamlets who has made an early start on Labour’s social housing program…

    Ex-Tower Hamlets councillor Muhammad Harun jailed over £125,000 housing scam



  37. john in cheshire says:

    So,Gary Glitter lookeelikee gets a win in magistrates court. And magistrate Arbuthnot’s name is added to the judicial swamp list alongside judge Marson.


  38. StewGreen says:

    BBC breaking Prince Andrew may have attended an Alex Salmond party
    Seriously “BBC News – Alex Salmond accused of sexual assaults on 10 women”


    • Fedup2 says:

      And the connection to ‘Petey mandelson’ is ….?
      ( there’s a picture of Petey and Epshteen(Corbyn pronunciation ))


  39. Sluff says:

    Maybe it was just me but the tone of Mischal ‘useless’ Hussein’s voice on Toady this morning, when announcing the forthcoming Labour Party manifesto, seemed positively joyous.
    Unlike her pathetic interview with Sajid Javid when she resorted to the typical smarmy tactic of dredging up some twitter quote from a candidate of whom he not unreasonably had never heard.

    I so hope she has the smarmy smile wiped off her face come election night.


  40. StewGreen says:

    8am I listened to local news then switched to R4Today
    within a minute they were ramming Climate Change down my throat
    inevitably something that the Guardian had reported
    \\ Poet laureate Simon Armitage is setting up a poetry prize focusing on the environment,
    describing the climate crisis as a “background hum that won’t go away”//

    BBCnews web just put up a story
    Armitage will donate his £5,000 salary as poet laureate to help fund the annual Laurel Prize.

    \\ #SimonArmitage ‘Poet Laureate’ who cannot pronounce ‘contribute’ correctly,
    leaps on the bandwagon of @GretaThunberg
    & orders ‘poets’ to write about climate change.
    Imagine telling people what to write about?
    Gimmicky fraud. @BBCr4today //


  41. StewGreen says:

    This morning BBC Radio4 yet again tweeted a link to their Climate Change activist item
    That’s the third time from them and Woman’s Hour have also tweeted it twice
    “How do you talk to children and young people about climate change?”

    I see BBC’s Paul Lewis replied
    “It’s a problem you’ll have to solve because we’re not! ”


  42. G says:

    Unsolicited, today I receive the free Christmas booklet from Lidl and Aldi via Royal Mail. Not a non-white face to be seen.


    • Cassandra says:

      I always know when it’s Black History month because the Christmas commercials start.


      • Cassandra says:

        Oh dear, just seen the Mark’s and Spencer ‘sweater’ commercial on ITV just now.


        • G.W.F. says:


          Just watched it. Perhaps Jo Sweater Yaxley Swinson might appreciate one fo jumping up and down.


  43. JimS says:

    Not BBC but typcal of their ‘group think’.

    Two Canadian authors on Canadian TV pushing the Canadian ‘open borders’, ‘no such thing as Canadian culture’ message. ‘We will grow to the size of Germany!’

    Briefly they think that world fertility is in decline and the only solution is immigration! It doesn’t seem to have crossed their minds that unless these immigrants are ex-planet Earth there won’t be enough to go around.

    What about cultural differences? Why do countries have to grow their populations, just to look good at the G7? Having stripped the world of all the ‘smart’ youngsters what happens if all that is left are the low-intelligence, low-skilled, over-sexed?

    Our ‘advanced’ societies that allow idiots like these three to exist rely on high-density energy sources. Follow the line pushed by this trio and they will be spending their days digging through snow to find a few twigs with which to cook and keep warm, that is as long as immigrants abide by ‘the rule of the white man’ and not ‘the rule of the jungle’, the basic law of survival, ‘might is right’.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      I’ve read the book written by these gentlemen (“Empty Planet”) and whilst we might not agree with their conclusions, there is much interesting material that goes against the prevailing orthodoxy. In particular, they make a reasonable argument against the UN world projection estimates, instead suggesting that it will peak around 9 billion and then decline (for instance, the fertility rate in China is 1.5, which is way below replacement rate, meaning the Chinese population will halve in a century). The significance of this is that the global warming scam is partly based on the notion that there are too many people using too many resources, whereas a different narrative is needed if the population is declining. I think their message is also largely focused on the need (sic) for Canada to continue with immigration, so that they can be a far more significant world player i.e. the quip about being comparable to Germany in terms of population and GDP. In which case, I think Britain and our European cousins should do the decent thing and stop taking any more immigrants from the Third World, thereby enabling Trudeau Clown World to achieve its dreams of world domination without hindrance 🙂


      • tarien says:

        Ian, Can only see the population reducing from 9 billion people, as and when those millions mainly from Africa seeking a better life, are encouraged to stay in their own countries, and that depends largely on the enthusiasm and dedication of their leaders to bring those nations into the 21st Century-can’t see it myself having done business in West Africa-corruption and ill education still rules. They will keep producing children at a fast rate irrespective of what the World’s Health Organisation might being doing in teaching sexual health and preventative birth measures. Those people still live a tribal life style. It will be a slow change before it reaches anyway near the Western World, meanwhile the world’s population will continually move up and down the scale. Britain is far over populated with over 70 million people-sustainability as is, very doubtful I fear. Our Borders must close completely to any from outside the EU countries, no matter what some parties might advocate-we have reached danger levels.


  44. Fedup2 says:

    The Labour Party Manifesto is 107 pages long – including the ‘colouring in section ‘. Brexit waits until page 89 to 91. It promises a referendum – but the Labour description of leaving means not leaving .

    I’ve had my dose of the BBC today so I don’t know how enthusiastically the BBC greets such a ridiculous and dangerous document . But I can guess the bubble will all sound bright and cheerful ….


  45. Roland Deschain says:

    Somehow I don’t think Jon Sopel is going to retweet this.

    I don’t have time to transcribe, but here we have Sondland, trumpeted by Sopel et al as having testified that Trump tied aid to Ukraine to the investigation, admitting it was his assumption. He has no evidence. Something I have yet to hear from the BBC, who only deal in Democrat talking points.


    • Up2snuff says:

      RD, Soapy mentioned it this morning in his ‘Down the Drain’* co-hosting of TOADY. He was amazingly up-beat about it, thinking that the Sondland Testimony wrecks the impeachment case. Then he was back to looking for the size and/or quantity of the Quid Pro Quos done by the President.

      *Almost but not quite as snappy & suitable for radio as ‘Down the Line’ with Gary Bellamy.


    • The General says:

      What they are not saying is what Trump meant by ‘Quid Pro Quo’.
      Sondland says Trump never mentioned Biden and that at the time he took the ‘Quid Pro Quo’ referred to by Trump to be his request to the Ukraine president to investigate the rampant corruption prevalent in Ukraine before the US handed over 400 million dollars in ‘aid’.
      Anyway , why would Trump not want to know why Hunter Biden was being paid 83000 dollars a month by a Ukraine Energy company when you consider the alcoholic drug taking Hunter Biden had no previous experience or expertise in this field and the company concerned were previously found guilty of corruption ?


  46. andyjsnape says:

    I unfortunately strayed onto the bbc website..

    A long list of “favourable ” items for the Labour party and some beeb reporter seeing a super bus with the libdems jo (big teeth) on the side

    I’m still looking for favourable Conservative “unbiased” reporting


    • Roland Deschain says:

      If they haven’t already, I’m sure they’ll be adding this soon.

      Like “Labour Manifesto
      A website by the Conservative Party

      wasn’t a clue.

      Whenever you think the media can’t get more pathetic, they prove you wrong.


  47. s.trubble says:

    watched bBC’s Laura getting 1st question to Comrade corbyn …as she stood up jeering commenced which Corbyn quickly quietened down
    —-they should,nt be jeering at Laura……they have just heard a fantasy manifesto speech, a log sized turd of a thing………….

    They should have been jeering at that.

    Michty me ….as they say up here in Bonnie Brigadoon….

    PS Can’t wait for next March as these TEN ladies traipse through
    the Edinburgh Court ….with the Slug in the Dock.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Just because we don’t like him is no reason to abandon the principal that he is innocent until proven guilty. I wonder if Katty Kay still thinks we should #believeher ?


  48. G says:

    Have you spotted any reference to Labour’s plan to acquire the freehold to all land in the UK and, lease the right to occupy to those current house owners situated on that land, yet? What this means is set out at page 39 of the Communist document entitled: ‘Land For the Many’ –

    Click to access 12081_19-Land-for-the-Many.pdf

    “…it is widely known that the Bolsheviks came to power with the slogan “All Land to the Peasants”. Ironically it was the Land Decree of the Communist party adopted on October 26, 1917 which barred private ownership of land for decades to come.”
    “The roots of the current land reform go back to the last years of Soviet rule (the period known as Perestroika). Widely publicised news of ecological damages and the diminishing productivity of agriculture led to harsh criticism of the efficiency and rationality of the State monopoly on land. Already the USSR and RSFSR Constitutions as amended in 1990 avoided the term “State ownership”, but proclaimed instead that land is the property of the peoples of the Soviet Union (достояние народов). The USSR Principles on Land of February 28, 1990 (which replaced the Principles adopted in 1968) did not yet provide for private land ownership, but introduced the right of lifetime hereditary possession for citizens and the possibility to lease land by contract, which permitted certain limited transactions with land. The Principles were implemented by the RSFSR Land Code of April 25, 1991, which replaced the previous Code of 1970 and is still in force today. Pursuant to the Declaration of Sovereignty of June 12, 1990 the Law “On Providing the Economic Basis for Sovereignty” of October 31, 1990 declared all land the property of Russia.”
    Russia is slowly moving away from state ownership but, true to form, the Marxist Labour seem to want a re-run of the Soviet approach despite the terminology and expressions used current day.
    Once a commie, always a commie.


    • Fedup2 says:

      It’s my bedtime reading but I know they are penalise second home ownership which will upset the coming lot of overpaid MPs of all types .
      The various nationalisation plans will cost a fortune of borrowed money

      Abolition of zero hour contracts will push businesses to find ways of avoiding paying for human labour . Personally I can see. Jobs which involve driving from A to B being replaced by computers fairly soon although no doubt labour would tax such efforts as well. . Again from personal experience London buses would be far better if controlled by a computer than some ignorant third worlder who doesn’t even have the grace to say ‘good afternoon/morning ‘ when greeted ….


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Far be it from me to defend Comrade Corbyn, but strictly speaking there isn’t any private ownership of land in this country. Ultimately, all land is the property of the Crown. The terms ‘leasehold’ and ‘freehold’ were defined by the Land Act of 1925. In essence, leasehold is where you have the right to use land for a fixed period of time e.g. 125 years, whereas freehold is where you can use it until the Crown decides it wants it returned. If it wants it back it can make a compulsory purchase (known as ‘Eminent Domain’); if you, as freeholder, die without heirs then it reverts to the Crown (known as ‘Escheat’). This is also why any mineral rights on ‘your’ land don’t belong to you – find oil in the back garden and it automatically belongs to the real owner (the Crown). No countries, AFAIK, permit private ownership of land in the literal sense. There would be enormous practical difficulties if this were the case, for instance, if a government wanted to build a railway or motorway it would find itself having to strike purchase deals with potentially thousands or tens of thousands of individual owners.

      The Queen (the Crown), is actually the largest land owner in the world, owning about 1/6th of it including Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Basically everything that Queen Victoria owned, minus India.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Ian, well done for a good post. Brought back some 40+year memories of sitting in a college class (then an esteemed Poly, now a jumped up Yooni) doing some Law classes.

        Your mention of “There would be enormous practical difficulties if this were the case, for instance, if a government wanted to build a railway” also rang a bell as the obvious example was the expansion of the American West and the Iron Horse where the Government did indeed sell off land to private owners. And it did cause problems! Seem to recall our Lecturer used that as an example at the time.

        I seem to recall parts of Australia may also have been sold off by the Crown. Buried deep in the library I have a book written by a settler who bought a chunk but there’s no chance of my laying hands on it quickly.


  49. Doobster78 says:

    And the Boris is a liar theme continues unabated from our trusted , impartial state broadcaster.

    Everything, and i mean everything, Boris says, is “set upon” by the BBC to find the negative angle . Everything, Swinson, Lucas, Corbyn say, taken as gospel, unchallenged and heralded as the second coming !!!

    They really are a rancid outfit.


  50. taffman says:

    Just been informed that George Osborne “biscuits” said he will consider voting LimpDems .
    It just goes to show that the half the Tories are not real Tories, just a bunch of career politicians that will switch parties at the drop of a hat (or drop of something else ?) .
    In fact our parliament is full of actors. That is why my “X” will be on The Brexit Party as most of their candidates will have had real jobs .
    Nowt on Al Beeb yet ?