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  1. Loobyloo says:

    Five things everyone with a vagina should know https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-50289607

    Al Beeb back in their safe space. They seem to have taken this off their main website page pretty quickly, maybe some complained. ‘Everyone with a vagina’ tick!

    Fed, would just like to file a complaint about our resident troll Maxincony who was making some serious accusations about posters on this site last night.


    • chancygardner says:

      I saw the vagina title and just shook my head in disbelief. Where has the editorial high ground gone and where will this base attitude lead?

      The beeb wants to make normal people squirm and it is working. I’ve no idea why an organisation would want to alienate a vast majority of the population unless it is appealing to our repressed nature and we find ourselves unable to resist reading the most insulting/macabre/bizarre/idiotic/…. biased, reports and it gets the readership (which is always the bottom line of course. Umm would that be back bottom or front bottom?)


      • Up2snuff says:

        Is Emma Watson still desperate for a boyfriend?

        I haven’t checked the main web-pages yet.

        I’m not sure I want to know. But I’m sure Emma Watson’s Publicists did quite well out of it. I hope that she is not ‘resting’ for too long.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Things us men didn’t know.

      When it comes to cleaning, “Steaming, another trend, is not only unnecessary, but can lead to burns.

      Presumably not the wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim’rous beastie type.

      Never mind climate change, surely the imminent threat to humanity is the catastrophic drop in IQ.


  2. Celtic_Mist says:

    Further to my previous post about the EU and Ukraine

    Midweek Thread 6 November 2019

    I unearthed this –

    “On 7 December 2015, Poroshenko had a meeting with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in Kiev to discuss Ukrainian-American cooperation.[137] He met Donald Trump in June 2017; the BBC falsely accused him of paying Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen between 400,000 and 600,000 dollars to organize this meeting.[138][139] The BBC ended up having to state the allegation was untrue, apologizing to Poroshenko, deleting the article from its website, paying legal costs, and paying damages to Poroshenko.[140][141]”

    It’s also on the BBC news website –

    ‘BBC pays damages to Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko over report’

    “The apology relates to an incorrect report claiming a payment was made to extend a meeting between Mr Poroshenko and US President Donald Trump.

    An article, published last May but since removed from the BBC website, alleged $400,000 was paid to Mr Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen.

    The allegation, relating to a meeting in June 2017, was untrue.

    The BBC also featured the report in a News at Ten television bulletin in the UK.

    “We apologise to Mr Poroshenko for any distress caused and have agreed to pay him damages, legal costs and have participated in a joint statement in open court,” the broadcaster said.”



    • Celtic_Mist says:

      The Independent expanded on the story

      ‘BBC to pay ‘substantial’ damages to Ukraine president over false claim he authorised corrupt payment to meet Trump’


      “The lawyer added: “The allegation that Mr Poroshenko was guilty of serious corruption is self-evidently an extremely grave and damaging one … especially so given the emphasis which he has chosen to place during his presidency on the promotion of a number of anti-corruption measures.”

      He said the BBC’s reports were “clearly likely to undermine the hard work undertaken by the president during his time in office, and to cause him very considerable political embarrassment not only in Ukraine, but in the United Kingdom and across the global stage”.

      “In this connection it is relevant that inevitably, given the serious and sensational nature of the allegation (especially as it also related to the US president, Mr Trump), and the prominence given to it by the BBC, the allegation was picked up and republished in other media publications.”

      Trump Derangement Syndrome


  3. vlad says:

    “BBC to pay ‘substantial’ damages…”

    Excellent, may it bankrupt the Evil Empire.

    Stop paying the Extortion Tax.


    • The General says:

      BBC go bankrupt ? No chance whatever expenses it incurs, no matter how large, due to its malfunction will be charged to the licence payers.


  4. Foscari says:

    I know I have been naive ,but I never thought that the
    BBC would blatantly support the Labour Party at the
    General Election.
    Yes the Londonistan programme presented by Liz Rateef
    and Asad Ahmad is a special case. The programme
    is really just supposed to be for the ethnic community
    of London. So a half hour nightly party political broadcast
    on behalf of the Labour party is expected. Liz Rateef in
    particular has refined the way she says TOREEEEEEEEEEEEEES
    But I reiterate my naivety when I don’t expect Laura Kuenssberg
    the BBC’S political editor nodding her head in agreement when
    a member of the public she is interviewing says that we must
    have a Socialist government. Or when Faiiza Shaheen a Labour
    candidate at the General Election is allowed to say ” It looks like
    the Prime Ministers been drinking. Of course Nick Robinson
    the presenter wasn’t going to rebuke her. It would appear RACIST.
    And Robinson of course is no Andrew Neil who admonished
    her when she attempted to slander David Cameron a few years
    I see that there is to be an election debate on the BBC between
    Johnson and Corbyn. If I was Boris Johnson I would only allow
    the debate if Andrew Neil asked the questions. Because the BBC
    have got very few ,if any other unbiased political presenters. BUT I
    expect the interviewing will be done by one of the plethora of
    women liberal bigots the BBC employ.


    • Guest Who says:

      You gotta laugh. No, you gotta. In fact they might soon have a tax (Mitchell approved) that forces you to.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Guest – I wonder what the viewing figures for that tired old unfunny smug lefty monster is these days ? Year on year decline as Hislop and the ex comedian’s bank balance goes up.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Surely that crosses a line during the election period? Oh, I forgot. These rules don’t apply to the Teflon BBC.


        • Guest Who says:

          Or the halls of academe. Apparently.



          • BRISSLES says:

            Why just target students with dual addresses? there doesn’t seem to be a mention of those with second homes on the coast. Oh, hang on, yes, of course we know why.


            • tarien says:

              Trust the authorities will only allow University Students to vote for a candidate in their home town, and not allow them 2 vote, as one from the students University. Call me old fashioned but I believe that noone under the age of 21 should be allowed to vote-frankly there is little experience of life let alone Politics under that age. Those young people do not need such pressure, better they get on with their education. Whist on the subject a person wanting to become an MP should be at least 28 yrs old, or even 30, when they will have tasted some real life. Ok will say no more!


      • Dave S says:

        The BBC is making Isvestia look like a paragon of truth and virtue. That HIG show is garbage of the first order.


      • Dave S says:

        The BBC is making Isvestia look like a paragon of truth and virtue. That HIG show is garbage of the first order.


  5. theisland says:

    Just a reminder to all here.
    The Cenotaph tomorrow – coverage with no commentary is on BBC RB 1 (Red Button) at 10.15-12.30.
    Freesat 981.

    (Only bBC camera work to put up with)


  6. Fedup2 says:

    More ‘you gotta laugh ‘ – or more probably not – a kid was stabbed to death in London a couple of days ago – not much by way of new news there – except that it happened at a ‘knife awareness seminar ‘. I wonder how much taxpayers’ cash was used for that ?


  7. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Searching high and low

    The BBC are all over Sure Start and the proposed expansion and taxpayer support for pre-School age children arising from the pre-General Election bidding war.

    The BBC somehow manage to find a squeaky voiced-American woman who starts sentences with the word ‘So’ to comment on this bidding war between the Labour and LibDem Parties. Wow!

    How difficult was that?

    Cynical? Moi?

    I could not possibly comment.


    • G says:

      But the elephant in the interview which centered on, ‘not enough money pledged’ was, ‘Well how much is enough?’.
      Let the BBC tally all the financial aspirations of ‘monetary gifts’ from the taxpayer for all these disparate organisations/voices and see what that unrealistic madness amounts to.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Quite right, G. I nearly posted another TW or a Pt.2 for this one because I thought it revealing that the other contributor – the one who was not American and did not have a squeaky voice – ran more than one Child Care Nursery.

        Or to be more exact, owned more than on Child Care Nursery.

        We are in a repeat of the 1997-2010 situation, where vast amounts of taxpayer cash find their way into the pockets of individuals. That may not be good for the health of the UK economy. It certainly wasn’t in 2007-2009.


  8. G says:

    I’ve just come away from the chirpy, chattery world of women on Toady. More like a meeting of the WI. Not a commanding voice of a male to be heard.


    • Up2snuff says:

      G, “Not a commanding voice of a male to be heard.”

      Aaah, poor Nick, playing third fiddle to the Bee Lady and her wasp.


  9. Guest Who says:

    Oh, joy.


  10. Up2snuff says:

    I see the BBC’s House Journal is taking over, in order to help with the promotion of Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

    Cynical? Moi?

    I could not possibly comment.


  11. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – Will he be asked about his language?

    Vince Cable is taking part in a multi-way chat between former-MPs, PPCs and journos. I wonder if Nick Robinson will ask Vince Cable about his massive radio broadcast slur on The World Tonight about Leave voters being old, racist and xenophobic.

    They are talking about ‘bad language’, a poor choice of words by politicians and prospective politicians.

    To answer my own, question: ‘No’. Nick did not ask Sir Vince Cable about that massive slur.

    I wonder why?


  12. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    If labour manage to get into government, propped up by the snp, when they give the scotch a referendum the snp will all go back to Scotland (if they win) and we will have a minority government In Westminster.

    Just like it’s been when we had to call a GE.
    Should we get ready for another GE next year?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      No, no, no. If the SNP win we all argue for years over what kind of independence was voted for, then have another vote. Kranky is just fine with that.


      • Up2snuff says:

        You hope on, Roland.

        I reckon if the Wee Hen gets a 2nd Ref and a Leave vote results, a jackboot will come down on the necks of Remain voters faster than you can say Brexit and the border with England will be sealed.


  13. Guest Who says:


    They know their audience.


  14. john in cheshire says:

    It’s like the Tommy Robinson trial deja vue all over again, with judge Marson taking up the starring role once more. This time it’s Katie Hopkins as the victim.


    Who will rid us of this ( turbulent) troublesome judge? How do we get rid of judges? He seems to be able to abuse his power with impunity.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Sadly, the obvious answers are against the law.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Re harassment of Katie Hopkins
      Remember this piece of EU style persecution when considering whether to vote for Boris Johnson and his Tories.


  15. pugnazious says:

    Funny old thing…We had Lord Deben on Today telling us flooding more often than not due to building on flood plains and the more housing we have the less places there are for water to be absorbed.

    Then we had Matt Hancock talking about GP services and why they are under pressure…..more work and more patients.

    Any link between the two?

    Oh..and let’s not forget the anti-Terrorist cop who said the other day that a failure of immigrants to integrate was leading to the rise of the Far-Right.

    I’m sure you all spot it but the BBC will never go there.

    Population, mass immigration, flooding and queues at GP surgeries and in A&E…not to mention schools, roads and general pressure on society as society is torn apart by people who don’t want to integrate….terrorism and a counter-rise of the Far-Right.

    All linked.


    • Beltane says:

      The flooding problems in the Somerset Levels of the West Country were largely solved by dredging, despite howls from the green lobby. The decision by the Environment Agency to stop river dredging and sell off their equipment decades ago was ‘influenced’ as they say by environmentalists more concerned with riverine vegetation and ‘wildlife’ than continuing the safe practice of centuries.
      At the same time the EU classifying river silt as ‘toxic’ also caused people with minor degrees and no knowledge of history to claim victories for their prejudices – thinking perhaps that the enhanced potential for growing vegetables in Lincolnshire (for example) was a coincidence and nothing to do with the work of Dutch drainage engineers in the 16th and 17th centuries.


      • Dave S says:

        In the valley where I live we have extensive water meadows that date from probably Roman times but nowadays are not managed at all well
        although they protect the towns and villages from the winter floods. . Once in a while there is a proposal to build on them. Fortunately they are resisted and that is due to the large landowners who mostly control the land holding on to it .
        If these meadows were destroyed we would have floods everywhere. The older locals know this but as the years past and the ignorant young take over I do fear for the valley.
        And yes the young are ignorant. Probably the most ignorant generation in our history. Intelligence is not the same as common sense.


        • Beltane says:

          Quite right Dave, but as JRM now knows, common-sense is a demeaning accusation these days. Once termed wisdom, our time-wasting students of today probably think that’s a toothbrush – and the ‘intelligence’ they gain is dubious at best. The BBC is all the proof needed of that reality.


          • BRISSLES says:

            I live(d) next to an adjoining field that was a flood plain. BUT the need for more housing prevailed. During the excavation groundworks, pockets of water continually seeped through the ground, yet still the developers persisted, sealing off (or so they thought) the various leaks. The first Phase was built and sold, and yep, within 4 months water started to infiltrate the properties, and unsurprisingly rats were discovered from the nearby river. Oh how us locals did laugh. Repairs were evident, and then the second Phase were built upon heavily concreted and raised foundations. AND clearly no “common sense” has been implemented since, as most of what would have been grassed over front gardens, are now paved areas for cars- so nowhere for the run-off rainwater to disappear.


        • taffman says:

          Dave S
          More and more land needed for housing .
          More and more houses needed for more and more people coming into this small country.
          Meanwhile Nero is fiddling……………


  16. Cassandra says:

    Lesbian in space; theft investigation



  17. pugnazious says:

    Quite extraordinary and inexcusable…the frontpages of most papers headline with David Blunkett launching a scathing attack on Corbyn’s Labour…..the reports all time-stamped for yesterday evening…

    The Guardian…

    ‘David Blunkett says he ‘despairs’ about Labour and antisemitism ‘

    The Telegraph…

    ‘Labour beset by ‘anti-Semitism and thuggery’, claims Lord Blunkett, as he warns of 1983-style election defeat ‘

    The Mail…

    ‘Labour support collapses across UK: Fresh poll blow for Jeremy Corbyn as David Blunkett blasts the party’s anti-semitism ‘

    But absolutely nothing on the BBC.

    The Labour Party under Corbyn is excoriated for its ‘anti-Semitism and thuggery’ and the national broadcaster stands aside and says nothing….at least it mentioned Ian Austin’s complaint even if they didn’t quote the most hard-hitting and damaging parts of it…here…not even mention Blunkett’s accusations.

    I’m sure they’ll get round to it once they’ve worked out a damage limitation narrative.

    Oh hang on…they’ve put it on the frontpage…sort of…under ‘what the papers says’…and what do they papers say?…

    ‘Saturday front pages
    The Papers: Blunkett warns of Labour election defeat’

    So Blunkett merely ‘warns of election defeat’. What about the anti-semitism and thuggery?


    • john in cheshire says:

      I think the islamic Labour party hates Christians too. Why is that not publicised?


    • Dave S says:

      The anti Semitism is a very serious matter. If Corbyn is elected PM then Israel will probably break off any meaningful relations and as the US is committed to the defence of Israel this could end any relationship with the US. Add to that the hostility and abuse directed at the President from all our useless media and especially the BBc/C4 axis and we face being turned from a major ally into a potentially hostile nation as far as the USA is concerned. The implications are horrendous.


  18. StewGreen says:

    9:30am Radio Saturday live played a segment about 1960s women footballers that I heard before
    – One told how she had given up her boyfriend over football”
    Presenter “most girls would have jumped at the chanced of marriage”
    – “Well I got to go on a world tour with the football”
    – Another was asked “what does your husband think ?”
    – “He’s alright he’s busy looking after the children
    – “Well that’s a real role reversal in your family.”
    The 2019 metroliberals in the studio like Aahsamir and her guests Greg James etc had a pass the smelling salts bit
    “OMG those attitudes that was truly cringeworthy” they all agreed.

    FFS that is just like people cringing at a foreign country where they have a custom of eating sitting on the floor instead of at tables.

    Their other guest is na female footballer who lives in a lesbian marriage and has children together.
    And the ethnic Indian blind guy Mobeen Azhar who has a TV travel show
    Told of how his father was refused entry to the UK in 1966, but got in on a second try, after adopting British mannerisms.


    • BRISSLES says:

      “Told of how his father was refused entry to the UK in 1966, but got in on a second try, after adopting British mannerisms.”

      I’m never ceased to be amazed how many foreigners ‘try to get into the UK after being refused after a first attempt’. I wonder what the ratio of white British attempting to enter Australia or Canada give up after being refused on the first attempt is.

      Currently on More 4 is a drama The Team – (joint investigators from Belgium/Denmark/Germany) about the murder of migrants from the middle east, found in a safe Danish house, and surprise surprise they were all making their way to the UK !!!

      It was the assumed normality by the investigators that these illegals were en-route to the UK that got me. It’ll never happen but what a nice change it would be if we discovered illegals here trying to get to Europe – what a pipe dream !


  19. pugnazious says:

    Listening to Today this morning…or I thought I was but it turned out it was actually an extended Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party…odd that.

    Tuned in and found myself listening to a long, long list of dire budget cuts ‘since 2010’ that have turned this country into a third world ‘shithole’….allegedly…according to Chris Cook, once of BBC Newsnight but now ‘freelance’….you can take the man out of the BBC but…..

    Apparently the NHS, schools, social care…all cut, cut, cut…oh hang on weren’t the NHS and education budgets ring-fenced and at the very least maintained?

    No context of course for any of the comments….no idea that we’d just suffered the worst economic crash in decades due to Labour’s mismanagement….when they started talking about SureStart a comment was made that the government had made huge investments….BBC journo thought?….yes…but more money is needed…always good that the BBC decides government spending levels…..that magic money tree flourishes and grows from the flood of tears from the wokey dopey liberals anguishing about the old and poor….unless they voted for Brexit in which case let’s hope they all die in a very cold winter.

    Then we moved onto GP recruitment…..Matt Hancock came on to talk about it and was told the government hadn’t managed to recruit as many GPs as it stated it wanted to…this was, Martha Kearney said, ‘a failure of your government’. So pretty clear where we stand there.

    But wait….erm….from GP Online, a GP service magazine…

    From 2019:

    ‘GP trainee recruitment set for second record-breaking year’

    From 2018:

    ‘84% of UK GP training posts filled after one recruitment round’

    The government may not have recruited as many as it would like to but it’s giving it a pretty good go….and it’s not easy…and you know what….it’s not been easy since at least 2005…not just ‘since 2010’….

    Here’s what the BJGP said in its investigation into GP recruitment…


    ‘Despite Department of Health policy to increase GP training numbers in England to 3250 per annum, GP recruitment has remained persistently below this target, at around 2700 per annum, and since 2005 there has been a gradual decline in the percentage of students choosing general practice as a first choice..

    The problem is trainee doctors just don’t want to be GPs, they don’t see it as an attractive career…it’s not the money it’s the type and amount of work and lack of ‘recognition’…it’s not a glamorous job like specialities such as surgery, consultancy or research.

    Once the BBC had sorted out the problem with GP recruitment [due to Tory cuts since 2010] they moved onto SureStart…which since 2010 the Tories had slashed and burned….a 1,000 centres closed, lives blighted, the country traumatised.

    Labour’s Angela Rayner was wheeled in to spread the good news…Labour will open up another 1,000 centres and make Britain a better, more healthy, more lovely place.

    How are you going to fund that Nick Robinson didn’t ask…well he gently raised the issue but allowed Rayner to carry on as before in an uninterrupted stream of feel good uplifting pap that was Labour’s policy on childcare now…apparently.

    So no rigorous and intensive probing for Rayner on funding….but wait…I’m wrong. Robinson later went on to say maybe we can’t trust politicians who make all these funding pledges and promises…let’s investigate.

    Er…what we got was a SureStart business owner who said no, no trust…let’s have more money…then we had an expert from the IFS who said…no, no trust, let’s have more money….oh and…this is big….SureStart prevents 5000 11 year olds being hospitalised each year….we need SureStart…and lots of it!

    Er what?

    The BBC website report is basically one long shill for Labour….just one line needs quoting…

    ‘The financial think tank said it had been a story of a “fast roll-out followed by deep spending cuts”, with spending peaking at £1.8bn in 2010 and then being cut to £600m by 2017-18.’

    Those evil Tories. Of course no context around any of that.

    Hang on…there’s more to this….in 2005 the Guardian reported the end of SureStart…


    ‘Surely some mistake?
    Norman Glass, a creator of the government’s much vaunted early years childcare programme, on why successful, community-led Sure Start projects in deprived areas of Britain are now being dismantled in everything but name.
    Amid all the hullabaloo about the government’s 10-year childcare strategy, one quite momentous change has gone relatively unnoticed: the government’s much-lauded Sure Start programme has been abolished.

    What gave was the autonomy of the “local” Sure Start programmes and their “generous” funding. The programmes are to be wound up within the next two years and folded back into local government control. No more management boards with local parents and volunteers; a severe cut in the funding per head so it can be spread over 3,500 children’s centres; and no more ringfencing.

    Who was it that actually closed all these SureStart centres? It was local government authorities who actually ran them…they decided not to fund them when given the choice.

    And finally of course we have the urgent issue of ‘Islamophobia’ in the Tory party….not quite sure what the real definition of Islamophobia but the BBC seems to think it is just about anything criticial or slightly negative about Islam.

    Matt Hancock came on to talk about GPs and was ambushed with the BBC demanding an inquiry into Islamophobia….an inquiry into all ‘hate’ issues in the Party was just not good enough…though you might think isn’t that actually much better?

    Kearney mentioned that Warsi must be appeased [my words] and Hancock suggested that we needed to have more balanced views than Warsi’s…Kearney immediately jumped in and accused Hancock of suggesting that Warsi was ‘unbalanced’.

    Welll…let’s just say she has a very, very one-sided take on things and spends all her time trying to further islamist narratives, she promotes islamist extremist groups [who are considered ‘beyond the pale’ in her own words] as part of the Muslim community who must be listened to, she frequently consorts with the islamist FOSIS student body, she loves the Muslim Brotherhood front which is the MCB, she brought the Muslim Brotherhood mouthpiece, Tariq Ramadan, into government to advise on Islamic issues and she has made it her aim in life to stop the anti-extremist project Prevent in its tracks…not to mention she wanted to disarm Israel and arm Hamas….so much so that she resigned from Government on the issue.

    Balanced? You be the judge.

    How about the BBC’s reporting today?

    Balanced? You be the judge.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Having spent Friday blissfully news free whilst returning to Blighty -I heard those segments .
      I was thinking – again -what the listening figures are for toady on any day yet alone the ‘fag end’ Saturday .
      I also don’t understand why CCHQ sends ministers or indeed anyone onto BBC interview shows – apart from those brave enough to face brillo .

      As for labour – Angela Raynor is famous for not doing numbers -she doesn’t even try a Diane Abbott job .
      Other labour mouthpiece seem to take pride in being thick – and reflecting their voters . Which I think is a terrible attitude . The Jess Phillips monster is the leading case of this .

      I’m very right wing so I believe parents are responsible for raising their kids – not a sure start centre . And if you can’t raise your kids – don’t have them or give them up to someone who can .

      So I hate money tree stories from any politician and just want to see the whole state – apart from the military – cut down and the money – taxes left with the people who earnt it – like me .


      • G says:

        “……..if you can’t raise your kids – don’t have them or give them up to someone who can .” Corollary? import those who can/don’t give a damn…………….


        • Fedup2 says:

          I know mine isn’t a popular view and one never to be heard on the MSM . Personal responsibility is also a bit of an out dated concept too – the side effect of the Welfare State . When Blair took a look at Rights and Responsibilities he soon found that the benefits industry wouldn’t stand for it so he ran away from it .
          No other politician will go near it either. Look what happened to JRM saying he would get out of burning building . What a daft idea – do as the Fire Brigade says – and die .


    • vlad says:

      Because the BBC is a tax-funded institution it has socialism in its DNA, understands nothing about business and believes in the magic money tree.


  20. pugnazious says:

    LOL…John Simpson….the BBC’s one-man freedom fighter freeing the world’s oppressed and downtrodden….

    Kabul 2001

    ”BBC liberated Kabul’ says Simpson
    The BBC’s John Simpson claimed the glory for the Northern Alliance’s rout of the Taliban today in Kabul when he joined other BBC staff in the Afghan capital.

    Simpson told Sue MacGregor on the BBC’s Today programme: “It was only BBC people who liberated this city. We got in ahead of Northern Alliance troops.

    “I can’t tell you what a joy it was. I felt very proud indeed to be part of an organisation that could push forward ahead of the rest.”‘

    Berlin Wall comes down…
    [via Is the BBC biased?]

    ‘I knelt, then stood, then raised my arms in triumph while everyone around me laughed and sang and kissed each other.’


  21. BRISSLES says:

    I see the Press have rolled over like puppies wanting their tummy tickled, in printing ‘positive’ articles about our woke couple , after Prince Harry’s whingeing and sobbing about the awful Press telling fibs about him and his wife. The articles have the columnists practically drooling because they turned out to meet veterans at a memorial service. Pressure applied perhaps ? Does no-one see the similarity between the last American who married into the ‘family’ back in the 1930’s and now ?


  22. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Given the way the media now change so many programs to include their diverse agenda I wonder how long (soon?) it will be before we see a black Winston Churchill, a transgender General Montgomery, a black lesbian Queen Elizabeth 1, a muslim Richard the Lionheart and other forced brainwashing changes in any upcoming ‘historical’ dramas.


  23. ScottishCalvin says:

    Doodle and thoughts on the week’s news


    • john in cheshire says:

      Did the poison dwarf tell us which one he is, I wonder?

      But one type of ‘poppie’ could have been added, for the ridicule it deserves – the ‘rainbow poppy’. The swamp rats in the education system throughout the English speaking West need to be flushed into the sewer where they belong. This is what Canada has descended to:


  24. pugnazious says:

    Highly amusing…..Warsi plays the race card as she splutters in indignation at being called out on her unbalanced Islamist approach to life and everything…

    This is the woman who said…

    ”The face veil is not British..I don’t think it’s a British manifestation….[it has] “no place in the landscape”‘

    Such an islamophobe…we need an inquiry…and a ‘thousand apologies’.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Warsi was put in the Lords by that idiot Cameron – yet another judgement failure . What the benefit of such a loose cannon brings is beyond me . As I’ve said before – politicians are not always the cleverest people in the room and even worse nor are their SPADS .
      Clever ones really do stick out . And whatever his faults – the like of Alistair Campbell at the time he was running the government is an example . They still lose the plot after a while .


      • ScottishCalvin says:

        It was that Cameron era where he blindly thought that if he appointed token minorities to positions and legalised gay marriage then the BBC and Guardian would start encouraging their supporters to vote Conservative. As compared to reality where even the death of his child was considered another reason to mock him, such is the level of their religious-like zeal where they think that Fred West was morally superior to the true evil people in the 90s – the pre 1997 Conservative government


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          Sopping wet Conservatives like Cameron (and Boris too probably) never get it. There are no enemies on the left. They can wrap themselves up in as much social justice warrior bullshit as they like. They can promote gay marriage, denounce “islamophobia” and import as many muslims as possible. They will never, ever, win over the left. The left just pockets their concessions and moves on to more grievances. Conservatives can never win this bidding war. If they say they will spend a billion on something, Labour will say they will spend two billion, and the BBC will accuse minsters of starving the poor to death for the fun of it.

          The only Conservative who got this seems to have been Margaret Thatcher, and wimps like Cameron thought the best thing they could do was try and forget she ever existed. Well he will go down in history as a loser, Margaret Thatcher will be remembered as the woman who saved Britain.

          The secret to success for a Conservative is to have Conservative principles and stand by them, not try to ingratiate yourself to people who would never vote for you in a million years. It’s a simple concept, but one which seems is too mind blowing for modern Conservative politicians to understand.


        • Thoughtful says:

          Cameron was never a Tory, he was a typical product of the rotten school.
          He could never have joined another party, and the cowardly useless incompetent Tories are the party of the rotten school.
          He exhibits all the worst characteristics of that rotten school, the old school tie and expediency. He filled his cabinet with rotten school alumni and even the arch Socialist of Cant is one of his.

          Cameron on his own is testament to what went wrong at Eton during his pupilage.


          • ScottishCalvin says:

            Largely agree but I always like to correct people when they repeat the myth that half the cabinet went to Eton when it was really just Boris who Cameron disliked but was forced to bring in for political reasons. Advisers sure, private schools definitely but George Osbourne and the rest went to Westminster and other places.


            • Beltane says:

              Immaterial whether it’s Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Westminster, Rugby or Hogwarts, the theme is elitist, the cost exorbitant and the end result a product instilled with little understanding of what we know as real life and even less wisdom – though highly regarded and self-sustaining among themselves.
              Like caviar, nice if you can afford it though an acquired taste and cheaper and more sensible substitutes are available.


  25. Jeff says:

    The ludicrously embarrassing Daily Mail is up to its usual tricks today; mindlessly supporting The Tory Party. They’re clearly rattled by the potential of The Brexit Party, cos they’ve got several spreads imploring their representatives not to stand. How feeble is that?
    The Mail is essentially the Tories mouth piece, like The Beeb is for the Lib Dems and Labour.
    Why do they think Nigel should stand people down when he’s offered Boris a pact? The Greens, Scot’s Nasty Party, Lib Dems and Labour…Oh, and that Welsh lot, seem to be more than happy to form unholy alliances. Why not The Conservatives?
    The Brexit Party wasn’t formed to give succour to the Tories. They exist only to bring us a true Brexit. There’s a hint in their name.
    We’ve had three and a half years of Tory shenanigans and all this cobblers of “Brexit means Breixt”… and “We’re leaving on”… fill in your own dates… and the latest and most painful “I’d rather die in a ditch” utter nonsense.
    Sorry, clearly Nigel doesn’t trust them.
    Come to that…
    Neither do I.


  26. john in cheshire says:

    You have to watch this from We Got a Problem. It’s about 11 minutes long but the first few minutes are priceless; I burst out laughing and I think all Leavers will too:


    • Dystopian says:

      However, they, sadly, redeem themselves when they revert back to the required Channel 4 protocols when they show Nigel Farage later in the show and duly slag him off


  27. TrueToo says:

    Been touring the Holy Land for a week or two and, in a moment of madness, switched on the BBC at 9pm on Wednesday. Ros Atkins was presenting the ‘news’ and he was a major disappointment.

    How so? Well, I have always regarded Atkins as a rare BBC guy since he is (or was) fair-minded and open to criticism. He was the one who pulled no punches when interviewing Muslim Brotherhood head Morsi and another MB leader shortly before Morsi’s brief spell as Egypt’s president. He hammered away at them when they claimed that the MB had no political ambitions.

    And he is (or was) no snob, communicating by email with me, a relatively insignificant and powerless opponent of BBC propaganda. One of our exchanges was based on a typical BBC hatchet job on a speech by Barack Obama. The latter had urged both sides of the Israeli-Arab conflict to resolve it, dwelling in some detail on what was required of the Israelis and the Palestinians. Naturally the BBC ignored the bit about the Palestinian obligations. Can’t have anyone thinking they might indeed have any.

    On receiving my complaint Atkins responded politely and undertook to check the matter out. He then came back to me with the info that he had spoken to those responsible for reporting Obama’s speech and that they had denied fiddling with it to the advantage of the Palestinians. (I concluded that Atkins realised it had been fiddled with, but couldn’t quite bring himself to admit it. Still, for the BBC his response was a departure from the biased norm.)

    But to get back to Wednesday at 9pm, Atkins first dealt with Tom Watson’s departure from Labour, then reeled off a long list of supposed Tory inadequacies, briefly mentioned the LibDems and then moved on to Donald Trump and impeachment, at which point I switched him off.

    He did not mention The Brexit Party – at a time when the later was rising in the polls. Of course, I had to look elsewhere for that important info.

    I thought the media had to be fair, by law, to all parties shortly before an election. I guess that doesn’t apply to the BBC.

    It could be that BBC hacks still receive emails addressed to [email protected]
    I’ll try that just to see if it bounces back at me.

    I dread Twittering but steeled myself to tweet him thus:

    Years ago you reported fairly. But not on Wednesday’s news: Watson leaving Labour, a list of alleged Tory failings, a mention of LibDems and nothing about The Brexit Party. I am disappointed to see you succumb to the usual BBC bias, and this close to the election.


  28. john in cheshire says:

    This from Gerald Celente is about 20 minutes long and contains information that I doubt the racist far-left bbc is aware of let alone they’d report on even if they do know about it:


  29. Thoughtful says:

    Interesting piece of news not covered at all by the BBC, or to be fair most of the MSM, perhaps because it’s Scotland not London.


    It is quite astonishing for the SNP to claim that Brexit will allow the US to buy into the UK health system when they’ve already sold out to them !


  30. Celtic_Mist says:

    I associate the Wall with Regan but I can’t find any BBC coverage –

    Even the ‘failing’ NYT


  31. StewGreen says:

    Attenbollocks picked up by RT

    “You’ve been lied to: Walrus suicide NOT caused by climate change as Attenborough story quietly revised.
    What else is a lie?”


  32. StewGreen says:

    More from Mark Hodgson who’s been reading the Guardian

    “Giant Greta Thunberg mural to watch over San Francisco’s downtown
    Project by Argentinian artist Andrés Iglesias is poised for completion next week in eco-conscious city”

    [Tragic irony:]
    “Teenager charged with murder over stabbing at knife awareness course
    Police say Hakim Sillah, 18, died in Uxbridge fight over which event 17-year-old boy will face court”

    [More irony:]
    “Quebec denies Frenchwoman residency for failing to show command of French”

    “‘Nobody works like Jane’: hundreds join Fonda at latest climate protest
    Activists of all ages join actor in Washington for her fifth ‘Fire Drill Friday’, focused on the military”


  33. StewGreen says:

    Vegan made a pig’s ear ear of pig rescue.
    Now, no pig and no home.


  34. StewGreen says:

    Ahmed gender pay trial
    Surely the judgement should be that J Vine is overpaid and his pay should come down Ahmed’s,
    …. then both their pay should be cut to £20 an episode ?


  35. Celtic_Mist says:

    John Simpson – jump to 00:55hr

    ‘Russian interference and Brexit’



    • Fedup2 says:

      Celtic – thanks for the tip about avoid this obscene piece of ‘ look at me – how I saved the world’ until 55 minutes .

      When I hear the MSM going on about bots and internet propaganda and loads of money being spent ‘influencing ‘ elections

      I just think – you don’t need technology – all you need is industrial postal vote fixing – such as Peterborough – which was rapidly ignored and not followed up .

      Now that is true corruption

      As for mr Simpson’s holiday video wandering around wars and saying ‘ it s nasty ‘ . Apart from feeding his ego and bank balance – what difference has he made ?


  36. StewGreen says:

    Britbox will rewrite broadcasting history as non-PC progs like Love Thy Neighbour and Alf Garnett will left off the archive show offering.
    Doh those shows didn’t glorify racists they took took the mickey out of them.


  37. Celtic_Mist says:

    Sopel promotes his book –

    ‘Jon Sopel’s book reflects on his own personal relationship with President Trump and gives an insight into life working so close to the White House.’



    • JimS says:

      Not bad to get seven and a half minutes of free advertising! Will that be declared for tax purposes?

      Obviously working to the home crowd, ‘everyone’ knows that Trump is ‘bad’, it is a BBC-given. But then Sopel tells us that this dysfunctional presidency is working and Trump has retained his support, none of which the BBC’s news, drama, comedy, gardening and cooking programmes acknowledge. Doesn’t that suggest that Sopel hasn’t been doing his proper job, i.e. reporting, rather than sticking to the W1A assumptions?

      As it happens I have been given Sopel’s book by someone who votes LibDem, voted remain and detests Lady Thatcher. I haven’t got around to parting the covers yet!


    • Beltane says:

      Standing outside and being called ‘another beauty…’ is hardly a recipe for an in-depth ‘personal relationship’ though no doubt the bulk of Sopel’s disciples think he’s a gifted and credible correspondent.
      They have to watch the BBC to achieve this, of course, unlike the majority of people with better things to do.
      Another ‘beauty’ is ITN’s Robert Moore, like Sopel a man with considerably less intelligence than he believes.


    • G says:

      Wot relationship? When we used to enjoy Sarah Sanders entertaining the Press, Sopel was nowhere to be seen or, sat at the very back of the pack. Gone are the days of being filmed outside the White House and shaking Saint Obama’s hand. The POTUS’ view of the BBC makes it highly unlikely that Sopel will get another type Obama photoshot.


  38. StewGreen says:

    London-Centric Channel4 is pretending to be more provincial by moving some operations to the end of the Northern Line
    ..to a London suburb called Leeds
    Still the Times said 70-80% of staff asked to move have quit instead


    • Fedup2 says:

      Got to have some sympathy for the poor loves . I mean Leeds ? Get a map . Is it near somewhere ? What language do they speak ? Is there a Waitrose ? Imagine the counselling costs …


  39. StewGreen says:

    Times mag article on women MPs hounded out of parliament by death threats
    Last photo is labelled a Brexit protester heckles Anna Soubry.
    ..Gees ..like she is the most vulnerable person in Britain.


  40. Thoughtful says:

    I see Boris the bottler has made a complain to the electoral services commission over the remain alliance.


    It just highlights the cowardice uselessness and incompetence of the Tory idiots who have shot themselves in both feet and the head – just to be sure they do find what puports to be a brain over their electoral chances.

    The electoral services comission was accused by Darren Grimes, a leave supporter who was attacked by the electoral services commission who fined him £20K for ticking an incorrect box as the “provisional wing of the Remain campaign”.

    The victory by Grimes over the ESC was described by Brexit supporting Kate Hoey as “What a wonderful result. So pleased for @darrengrimes- You have been so resolute in the face of horrible prejudice. Just delighted for you.”
    Matthew Elliott, who was Vote Leave’s chief executive, said a movie should be made about Mr Grimes’ battle with the Electoral Commission.

    Despite the clear malfeasance the cowardly useless incompetent Tories have done absolutely nothing to address the clear bias at the very top of the ECS which spent at least £500K of public money defending the indefensible.

    It’s a little like the useless lot complaining about Brexit impartiality to John Bercow, and they did nothing about removing him either.


  41. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Up here (the north) we hear that labour will be bringing various government departments from ‘that london’ and they say it will mean lots of extra jobs for our area.

    Whilst getting jobs up here is welcome, I wonder how those previously doing those jobs in ‘that london’ feel about being made redundant to suit labour’s election plans.


  42. Philip_2 says:

    BBC ‘Pocket-In-Need’ appeal 2019 . When I complained a few years ago to the BBC about the use of celebrities endorsing the ‘Children-in-Need’ appeal (starting this week in November), I was then appalled at the hidden ‘FEES’ (reported in The Times then) that had been spent on BBC presenters – who I had thought were donating voluntary to a cause. WRONG!! (how stupid was that!). I was worried that all public donations were then being ‘DIVERTED’ towards BBC pet ‘diversity’ pet projects, many of which involve the, (child queering, child transgenderism and child racial stereotypes sort – (‘propping’ the left fringes). How they can get away with this (each year) as a fund raising ‘CHARITY’(?) is beyond me. My original complaint was that Terry Wogan (was then) charging – the BBC – his full appearance fees for staging the appeal. We are talking (reported) £27,000 per episode (usually over a night of appeals). I thought this was a bit wrong. When I asked the BBC they pointed out that they would refuse my request as it was commercially sensitive information and therefore not covered by FOI requests. I doubt much has changed since then. Who is paying those fees, or anybody else – are they all paid by the BBC, or is it all on expenses?, are they all paid by the public donations? It is not clear. I think we know the answer. Its a big fund raiser. A Billion pounds last year. A nice little earner, and all funded by BBC on-air promotions (advertising for itself) by itself, for itself primarily promoting itself as the saviour of little children, which is all a bit creepy, knowing the BBC history of child abusers, many of them well known still serving time in Jail. Others being pronounced dead before they could ever be prosecuted. Saville and his chauffeur for example. Others too old to be prosecuted. Its on Police record, and yet they still have a license to drive!

    Here is the next November 2019 line up. For the next BBC Pudsey bear promotion appeal.

    The entire BBC appeal I find entirely suspect, as it includes many of those who ‘do’ volunteer their own time for free, typically the so called trendy pop ‘Artists’ who appear rather hoping for a number (free radio and TV publicity) a BBC Radio One ‘hit’ UK record single (plugged mercilessly across the BBC airwaves to reach the Number one slot) to 12 year olds.. Except… its hasn’t worked this year. I read in todays (Friday) Mail that it has failed to get the number one slot, not sure where it is currently chart-wise and frankly I could not care less. Its still fraud to rig the market.

    The BBC raises a Billion (last year) across the country from Radio and TV stations for the annual BBC ‘Children-In-Need’ appeal. The fact that the money raised is used for a fruit-full ‘tick-list’ of left wing agenda settings – that only appears much later in the charity public accounts – (many months afterwards). Only the most OBVIOUS Hospitals are shown on TV or mentioned on prime time radio. The rest of the money is a ‘bucket’ to wash over the ‘other’ batch of sexual fringe activities that are highly suspect that should be – as far away from Children – as Jimmy Saville. The BBC spend it as they like. ( You can guess where its spent, and you would be right). Hardly charitable, more questionable expenditure. And then there are the huge BBC presenters ‘expenses’. The BBC love their ‘expenses’ sometime more than their existing salary. Its BINGO for some presenters on the gravy train. I doubt half a million would cover it. I suspect 2 million may be pocketed this year in expenses. So when you hear the BBC appeal for your money, next week, think twice and walk away. Nothing will be changed by giving the BBC anything. They have all the money already. Here is another example:

    All of this comes on top of the Gender pay gap (which is another farce). To learn the BBC minimum wage is around £350 to £400 per hour and that the ‘top’ TV presenters can get thousands (Jeremy Vine @ £3,000 per hour), or any presenting ‘Children-In-Need’ is worrying when they get PAID which the public is unaware of. Its not a feminist issue, it is pure empirical corporate greed, its everywhere in the BBC. A ‘farce’ is too good a word for it.

    We are all mugs: A TV Licensing spokesperson said: “We collected £3.7bn in licence fees in 2012/3 from more than 25 million licences with collection costs of just 3% of revenue”. Not short of money then. BBC licenses (freeview generated mainly) ‘repeats of shows’ double the BBC income of the TV license (a former retired BBC executive stated from the USA). The TV license is a nice top-up on income. And its all legal. NO VAT, No UK Corporation Tax, Offshore Banking, political abuses assured.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Phillip- if you haven’t seen it – look up children in need trustees . Obviously BBC employees and a few bankers and lawyers – friends of friends of someone .

      . It doesn’t say what their pay is – but …..

      Alison Kirkham – controller of some bit of the state broadcaster empire – is on £220 000 per year wages for her BBC job …..


    • Up2snuff says:

      P_2, collected licences from 25m properties? There are only <25m properties in the UK and it is reckoned by the BBC that the LF take up is somewhat shy of 100%.


  43. BRISSLES says:

    I have not succumbed to this cash cow – ever. In the beginning we were told about the playgrounds/children’s libraries/mini buses/care equipment that the donations provided, and jolly good too. But in the first few years I can only imagine how toy manufacturers were rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of yet another order via C in N for more nursery equipment. SO, now that we’ve provided umpteen organisations with equipment in the prevailing years, they should be all done and dusted for the next generation.
    Speaking of which, have any of those kids that the donations helped back in 1980 ever been interviewed ? they should be well into middle age now. Did we provide them with a home and a job ? I’d like to know.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Brissles -too much of charity is business – every one takes a cut – do you ever hear of a charity saying “ we’ve done what we were set up for now we’re closing “? .

      I recall there was a bit of controversy about donations to groups very close to the chair of the trustees – one Rosie milard – who used to be a reporter … but I’ve not gone looking for the story yet ,
      Last week OFCOM called on the BBC to be more transparent . Some hope ….


  44. Thoughtful says:


  45. Guest Who says:

    So… now we are in an era where the masters of editorial integrity are mastering new editorial techniques.


  46. pugnazious says:

    Clive Anderson introducing ‘Loose Ends’ this evening….mentioning in reference to politics this week…various deserters, people shooting themselves in the foot and suicide pacts.

    Language eh? So war-like, confrontational, toxic, divisive.

    Good job he never used the word ‘surrender’ or he’d be toast…and not of the town.


  47. Guest Who says:

    One day, Nick Robinson could fill such shoes.


  48. pugnazious says:

    Astounding isn’t it? The islamist extremist Sayeeda Warsi pens a tweet that racially dengirates and abuses a government minister and the BBC is there instantly giving her the publicity and narrative about a Tory party riven by Islamophobia that she desires and provokes.

    However, Labour grandee David Blunkett makes a high profile accusation that headlines in all the papers about Labour being unelectable due to its rampant ‘anti-semitism and thuggery’ and the BBC totally ignores it…just as it does the rage and despair in the Jewish community over the likelihood of Corbyn being elected….have you heard much about the Jewish Chronicle frontpage denouncing Corbyn and asking Jews not to vote for him?…or any of the other Jews calling Corbyn out…how much coverage do they get?

    A Labour man accused of singing offensive anti-Jewish words to a song…the BBC spends most of the report excusing him, playing down the issues and telling us what Corbyn is doing to deal with anti-semitism in the Party.

    Some examples of what the BBC considers islamophobia…

    ‘On one occasion, a Conservative councillor responded to a tweet in March, writing: “Islam and slavery are partners in crime.”‘

    ‘An independent parish councillor, who stated he had worked on Boris Johnson’s 2012 Mayoral campaign, posted: “Islam is THE religion of hate (sic)” and “Muslims hate free speech (sic).”‘

    None of which a fair and impartial observer could really object to….Islam does encourage slavery, taking of sex slaves and using captives as prostitutes…which is why ISIS did what it did. You can’t say Islam doesn’t hate….hard to find something it likes if it isn’t ‘Islamic’…if you’re gay, female, Jewish,in fact any religion not ‘Muslim’ then tread very carefully. As for Islam and freespeech….we all know that is laughable…that’s exactly what this drive to create the ‘crime’ of Islamophobia is all about…to silence any and all critics of Islam however relevant,accurate or trivial.

    Other examples….you’d need to know the context…

    ‘Other incidents included individuals posting comments such as “Muslim scum” and “I don’t want Muslims in this country”.’

    ‘Muslim Scum’…was that in relation to Rotherham etc or Manchester? As for “I don’t want Muslims in this country”…why is that beyond the pale? If someone believes Islam is a terrible, backward, oppressive ideology that brings no good to this country why should they not be allowed to say so? If they’d said ‘I don’t want Far-Right fascists in this country’ I doubt if the BBC would raise an eyebrow….no objection to people like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer or Lauren Southern being stopped even from coming here.


  49. taffman says:

    “UK’s credit rating could be downgraded, says Moody’s”
    Operative word “could”.
    Nice pro-EU flag though? Bias, what bias ?