Midweek Thread 6 November 2019

The official start of the Election Campaign. We will be joined , no doubt , by political parties and organisations monitoring the bias of the Far Left pro EU BBC output and complaining to OFCOM and the Electoral Commission – favoured resting places for bubble dwellers .

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  1. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    In Scotland they had a leave/remain in the UK referendum and remain won.
    In the UK we had a leave/remain in the EU referendum and leave won.

    Why will the politicians not accept these two results.
    Had they been the other way round that would have been the end of it.

    What’s the point of having referendums if they will only be enacted if the ‘elite’ (or whatever they are called) get the result they want.
    When the EU don’t get the result they want they keep on having referendums until they do get the result they want and then immediately stop any further referendums and carry out their plans.

    We heard the “no ifs, no buts” etc yet they still deny us our leave as voted for.
    They want to give us some dogs breakfast of a brino deal and tell us it’s Brexit.
    And they no platform the only Party who is willing to carry out the biggest democratic referendum vote we’ve had.

    I despair.


    • StewGreen says:

      the 2014 Scottish Independence vote
      The margin wasn’t very close
      Yes: 44.7%, 1,617,989 votes
      No: 55.3%, 2,001,926 votes
      The independence proposal required a simple majority to pass. All European Union (EU) or Commonwealth citizens residing in Scotland age 16 or over could vote, with some exceptions, which produced a total electorate of almost 4,300,000 people


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      The Conservative campaign message is as follows:

      1 Fear Corbyn
      2 Blame Farage
      3 Accept BRINO

      I’d rather vote for a barrel of monkeys.


  2. Halifax says:

    New Tatic employed by the BBC

    1. If murderer is white show his picture not the victim
    2. If the murderer is black show the victim.

    If you dont belive me check out the Jodie murder and then the Ellie Gould murders.

    THe BBC are beyond contempt.


    • Fedup2 says:

      That’s the kind of real evidence this sire needs on top of the daily anecdotal stuff which we recount …..


  3. G says:

    What’s it all about? This recent rush to total chaos and madness?
    ‘Read all abhat it!’
    The UN’s Agenda 21 –

    Click to access Agenda21.pdf

    A bit of sanity along the way…………….


  4. Foscari says:

    I think that is absolutely disgraceful that FAIZA SHAHEEN the
    Labour candidate standing at the Chingford constituency
    in the General Election can say on the Politic’s Live
    programme just now “IT LOOKS LIKE THE PRIME
    MINISTERS BEEN DRINKING!!” And Nick Robinson’s
    retort said in what he thought was an amusing way that
    ” I think it’s water.”
    I expect that the editor of the programme has told Shaheen
    that she can say anything slanderous she likes. Nobody will
    question her about her comments, it would be considered racist.


  5. G says:

    “The Court of Justice of the European Union Limits Free Speech”
    Potentially the end of this site? Thanks Boris.
    Ah! Well, it’s been nice knowing you all……………..


  6. Terminal Moraine says:

    Momentum urgently looking for translators for the election… I wonder why?


  7. JamesArthur says:

    I am so depressed with politics now more than ever..and if I were to believe just BBC output only the Labour party and the Liberals are actually running a campaign.

    It is a bit like being the kid in the Emperor’s new clothes..Why can’t the grown ups see what a bias, dogma filled cesspool of ignorance the BBC has become?


  8. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    If the lefties get their postal strike one of the possible consequences would be to drastically cut down on postal voting fraud.

    Everyone on here knows who is doing this fraud, probably all the MPs and the electoral commission do as well but you can’t say or do anything about it because that would be anti enricher or some kind of ‘ist or ‘ism.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if someone like Abbott lost her seat because the many thousands of postal votes didn’t arrive and all the work by the ‘community leaders’ to ‘help’ the voters fill in their labour votes was in vain.


  9. G.W.F. says:

    Go on Boris, jump to it, the EU have given you their orders. Appoint a woman like Ursula says. Why not appoint a Trannie, that way you could widen your choice, there’s a good lad. Chop chop.

    From the Guardian.

    The incoming head of the European commission has exposed Boris Johnson’s failure to meet his “do or die” pledge to leave the European Union on 31 October, by requesting the “rapid” nomination of a British candidate to join her Brussels top team.

    Ursula von der Leyen has written to the prime minister asking him to propose a British candidate or candidates for EU commissioner “rapidly, in the shortest time possible”, one of her spokespeople said on Wednesday.

    Von der Leyen hopes to take office on 1 December, leaving barely three weeks for a British commissioner to be proposed, accepted and vetted by the European parliament.

    Heightening the pressure on Johnson’s government, von der Leyen has called on the UK to propose female candidates, as part of her bid to have a gender-balanced commission.



  10. pugnazious says:


    The BBC trying desperately to control the narrative and present Tories as liars…of course it’s a Labour line…you can’t trust Boris…and it’s a line taken up with alacrity by the BBC who have been pressing it for months now…you can’t trust Boris, you can’t trust Boris, you can’t trust Boris.

    Today Kuenssberg not only makes a huge faux pas but ropes in her colleagues who reveal all too much about what the Bubble thinks.

    So Kuenssberg gets the definition of ‘shitposting’ wrong….it’s in fact merely posting ‘shit’, irrelevant stuff online to distract and disrupt a narrative and to wind people up, to get a reaction…like pulling pigtails. So Kuenssberg got it wrong but that’s not the real crime here…just ask why she was doing this, what was her point in making this attack…and who was it that was being criticised for apparently ‘shitposting’ here? No need to guess…it’s the Tories.

    Note how the BBC introduces this podcast…

    ‘What is s***posting?

    explains to #Brexitcast and @AmolRajan
    on why it matters…’

    Note that ‘why it matters’…placing huge significance upon something that not only did they get the definition wrong but also the significance of…there is none…it’s called advertising.

    They go onto rail against the Tories….their example of Tory ‘shitposting’? An advert that said ‘get Brexit done’ produced in garish colours.


    Now to you and me that’s political advertising…done in a form to attract attention….well, er, that’ the effing point of advertising isn’t it? But to the BBC that’s apparently some form of trickery, devious ‘shitposting’ intended to con the audience…..never mind that the message was perfectly legitimate and part of the Tory campaign…’Get Brexit done’….in what way is that irrelevant or ‘really rubbish’?

    Is it any different to this old Labour ad?


    or how about this?


    Note how the BBC journalist refused to ‘report’ on the advert because he thought it would attract too much attention….does he similarly refuse to report on Labour ads?

    Then we get to Amol Rajan, the BBC’s digital social media expert who doesn’t know what ‘shitposting’ is….so how is he the expert on social media?

    He tells us it is the BBC’s job to scrutinise ‘power’ and to question if something is true….and it is really worrying that Parties are ‘shitposting’ like this [er like what?] and that if the BBC et al raise questions they also raise the awareness of the issue[presumably that’s why the BBC doesn’t challenge labour lies…being Tory shills they don’t want to distract people with the Labour lies…lol]. Note he talks of ‘this falsehood’….what falsehood? The Tory advert? It’s not false in any way…and the point of shitposting is not lying but posting ‘shit’…irrelevant, maybe amusing, distractions to derail a discussion. He goes on to claim indirectly that what’s being posted is all about noise, volume, impact…..and its targeted at the kids…and it’s false.

    Is it? Not that Tory advert…bit garish yes but lies?

    But hang on….BBC journo’s getting very worked up about a Tory ad on Twitter but are completely relaxed about Labour’s massive lies that the NHS is being privatised, drugs prices will soar and that we will all be forcefed rat and maggot infested food by rapacious capitalist US lobbyists.

    But wait….there’s more to Kuenssberg’s little faux pas…not BBC bias strictly but of note…..here’s what the New Statesman says about her slip-up….and note they believe the podcast was targeted at Tory trickery…

    What is shitposting? And why does it matter that the BBC got it wrong?

    Ironically The New Statesman doesn’t understand its own explanation as it goes on to say….

    ‘The Brexitcast team wasn’t wrong to think the Tory political ads were shitposts ‘

    Of course the ads may, or may not, be ‘shit’ but they weren’t ‘shitposting’….But nice to know they think the BBC podcast was about the Tories.

    The New Statesman goes on in hyperbolic terms….

    ‘This might seem like a basic mix-up from the BBC, making you wonder “who cares beyond a seeming lack of due diligence?” But the implications of misunderstanding internet terminology go far beyond a minor misread….recent events have shown that it has deadly (and devastatingly preventable) consequences.[She means Christchurch…killer ‘shitposted’…and she links this to the terrorism…he also drove cars, talked to his mum, shopped at the supermarket and went to the loo….are all these things things we need to look out for as indicators of terrorist intent?]
    Shitposting is crucial to understanding these terrorist attacks, crucial to understanding the rise of the alt-right, and is linked to much of modern misogyny and sexual violence and some of the worst spaces online prone to radicalisation. So watching one of the BBC’s most prominent journalists so confidently give the wrong information on this topic is painful.

    WTF….is she seriously suggesting that the Tory’s fun little ad is a terrorist indicator? Stand well back folks…. Boris is gonna blow!!!!!

    This is the perfect example of how Lefties are rramping up the rhetoric to an extreme in order to try and portray Boris and the Tories, and Brexit, in the worst possible light…as nazis, far-right, extremists and racist….but isn’t that just the norm…the BBC has done it for years now…its consistent message that ‘austerity’ was dragging us back to the ’30’s, then it became ‘brexit is taking us back to the ’30’s’…..Boris is likened to a dictator by the BBC’s Nick Robinson…for using social media…never mind Labour have famously been far ahead of the Tories on that score and are famous for scripting Corbyn’s PMQs statements so that they can be clipped for social media.

    Kuenssberg has inadvertently shown how the BBC bubble thinks and operates.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Excellent post, and not in the least bit shit.


    • StewGreen says:

      Redefining language is what the libmob do
      .. “You climate deniers” should know all about that


    • StewGreen says:

      I am still checking who promoted the FakeNews “11,000 Scientists say” story
      Incredibly a guy from “Disinformation & fake news analysis & North Korean media at BBC Monitoring ” promoted it

      but he got this right


    • G says:

      “The BBC trying desperately to control the narrative and present Tories as liars…of course it’s a Labour line…you can’t trust Boris…and it’s a line taken up with alacrity by the BBC who have been pressing it for months now…you can’t trust Boris, you can’t trust Boris, you can’t trust Boris.”
      ‘Fraid they’re right as I see it……………………


  11. Guest Who says:

    This about sums up bbc social media efforts:

    “Labour’s Shami Chakrabarti tells us the party is going to do more to enforce equal pay for men and women.”

    Woo. P. Doo. That sentence means approximately nothing.

    But it was accompanied by a picture of her.


  12. Guest Who says:


    Let me answer the big question via the medium of a gentle giggle.


  13. Guest Who says:

    “The city must be able to satisfy the needs of all people.”

    Most, if not all, cities have been designed by men – but what would a city look like if it was built for women? BBC population reporter Stephanie Hegarty went to Barcelona to find out.



    Lucky Steph.

    As an aside, in addition to peroxide, there may be a connection between being daft and facial piercings.


  14. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    QT last night was, as usual, awful.

    Over the last few months some of the panellists have mentioned that they were the only leave voter on the panel. JHB comes to mind.

    I wish the audience would start doing something similar.

    When asking a question or making a comment they could say something like “I’d like to ask the leaver on the panel…….” or “what do the four remainers on the panel think of………“

    Just imagine if this happened every week.
    Do you think the bbbc might take notice if it was being brought up every QT (the 4:1 imbalance every week for remain)

    If any of you (or anyone you know) will be part of a QT audience in future and get picked for a comment or question then please preface it with the above. It would make my day. Even more so if it caught on and happened every week. (Only when the remainers outnumber the leavers by 4:1 ……… so every week I suppose)


  15. StewGreen says:

    Thu 14th BBC Climategate doco
    ..will BBC be rewriting the history ?
    Yes, they call it a hack, hacked
    Actually it was never proven that it was not a inside LEAK

    Here are some tweets from random men in the street

    @MichaelEMann tweeted
    “Climategate: Science of a Scandal, @BBC 4
    — a global storm of controversy
    : The story behind a *hacking* case
    that derailed a UN conference
    and tried to sway nations on an issue of global concern”
    via Financial Times (@FT):

    Showing on BBC4 next week – Climategate: Science of a Scandal.
    The biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the public by climate change deniers.

    Bob Ward sometimes described by the BBC as Climate Scientist ..which he is certainly not
    He is the PR man paid by a Big Green hedgefund

    There’s another useful thread from RogerPielkeJr


  16. Celtic_Mist says:

    I doubt that this got headline news –

    ‘Woodhouse Colliery: First UK deep coal mine in decades to go ahead’

    “West Cumbria Mining said on its website: “A study in America showed a coal mine with 300 employees indirectly creates at least twice as many jobs in the region, as employees have more disposable income than previously, which impacts on local spending with retail, leisure, construction etc.”

    This image is noteworthy because it shows that Trump knew that the rest of the world needed coal.
    US imports have continued to decline but exports are up and he has put miners back to work.


  17. fakenewswatcher says:

    Whatever else we might find here, do we find brutal anti-white racism, (which will thus go unreported by the beeb)? ‘South Africa Today’ reports 376 Farm attacks and 36 murders, since 1 January 2019. Ian Cameron of Afriforum also goes on to say there has been at least 1 attack every day, during November.
    I suspect, we do.
    The MSM, which always likes to call out racism with expressions of shock and horror, will continue to look the other way, when there is real shock and horror to be reported. Wrong narrative, one supposes.
    And this goes on year in and year out.
    Cameron says that the SA authorities continue to deny this is happening.


  18. StewGreen says:

    So Tuesdays “11,000 Scientists say” was FakeNews
    BBCnews don’t care they’ve moved on to pushing new Climate PR on their Facebook page
    To see the comments click the Facebook icon and then the word comments on the bottom right


    • Guest Who says:

      It’s hit social media too.

      Could your vote save the planet? Is the UK having our first climate change election? Find out how your vote could affect the planet’s future.



      The bbc does like posing questions.

      Even if they appear to have rigged the answers.


  19. pugnazious says:

    Kuenssberg retweets this…

    From Buzzfeed…

    ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s communications staff set up a private WhatsApp Group with sympathetic national journalists and columnists to coordinate election messaging and social media attack lines for their campaign to get the Labour leader into Downing Street.’

    No BBC journos…of course Paul Mason is in there…as is academic Nick Srnicek…..why might he be there? Maybe he’s a useful attack dog who uses his position to give credibility to his claims and thus to Corbyn. For instance…remember Boris was harangued by a Labour activist in a hospital and Kuenssberg reported what the man said on Twitter about his close encounter with Boris? Guess who popped up to attack her….

    Wonder if this story will go any further than Kuenssberg retweeting….is this not a classic case of ‘fake news’ where media organisations are clearly linked to a political party and shape their output to get them elected…as Buzzfeed notes….

    ‘While organisational WhatsApp channels are not uncommon in politics for MPs and parties to communicate with journalists — the right-wing Tory ERG, for example, has a broadcast list to political journalists over WhatsApp — the Greggs group was explicitly about coordinating messaging in an effort to get Corbyn elected.’

    My guess…they might use it to open a debate but only as an excuse to start targeting right-leaning politicians and media.


  20. Scroblene says:

    I fear that our Laura is being set up as a patsy here.

    If you read the online rags (as I do, being a cheapskate), they don’t get too huffy about what she says and does, but the deplorable BBBC lets her get all sorts of flak, and protects her, well nearly does, except there will come a short moment pretty soon, when someone really does drop a boiiock, and she’ll get hammered good and proper.

    Journos, whether good or just silly, will not be remembered kindly after this election campaign. Toenails will really get a blasting, Laura likewise, especially as she’s quite young for her age, but the facts will all be there, plain and recorded, for evidence of disgraceful political posturing, mainly by the BBBC, and this should signal the descent of a once favoured broadcaster into the mire of the past.


  21. Guest Who says:

    She and the BBC, especially Laura, are made for each other.


    • taffman says:

      How can a country of a mere population of 5.5m out of 67million get so much media coverage form Al Beeb ?
      On its own and outside the UK it would be financially ‘bust’ . One thing for sure is that the EU would not prop it up.


    • tomo says:

      This 3% of the votes and 50 seats at Westminster tail wag dog shit has to stop.



  22. StewGreen says:

    … An account which spots PC gone mad
    Seems to be Kosher
    see the anti-Disney homework
    and the Robert Dyas .. Christmas advert


  23. StewGreen says:

    Lincoln events Guide
    – Anne Widdecombe Talk £24
    – Jeremy Vine Talk £12

    Is that sexism, or is that JV is worth less in the real world ?


  24. Guest Who says:

    Interesting advocacy, if of course carefully couched as a few bbc ‘questions.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      I wonder if anyone thought to ask Mitchell what he meant by a “carbon tax”? Does he mean taxing carbon, as in diamonds, coal and graphite? Or does he mean taxing emissions of carbon dioxide? Does he think that the use of “carbon” rather than “carbon dioxide” is simply because it’s shorter … or is it perhaps because it sounds dirtier?


      • taffman says:

        Here is one that they kept low profile? ………………..
        “Woodhouse Colliery: First UK deep coal mine in decades to go ahead”
        Something tells me that the so-called “renewables” are not cracked up to what they are reputed to be ?
        “Needs must” I suppose .


        • tomo says:

          uhhh… ask ze Germans?

          Their eye-wateringly expensive Energiewende is working like The Morgenthau Plan vs. The Marshall Plan


  25. taffman says:

    “Uxbridge stabbing: Teen was killed at knife awareness course”
    Some “awareness course” ?


    • G says:

      But we don’t see a representative of the ‘White Hand Gang’ in a BBC photograph. Strange that.


  26. taffman says:

    Not on Al Beeb ……………..
    \\The European Union can no longer rely on soft power to promote its interests and must develop more security “muscle” and policy focus on trade, incoming European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Friday//
    Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Is Al Beeb omitting some of the news coming out of the EU?


    • Oldspeaker says:

      11,000 scientists support my claim for last.


      • StewGreen says:

        Ah but that was fake news, you are not last


        • Oldspeaker says:

          Nope, the science of logical fallacy is settled, I’m definitely last. If all else fails I’ll just sit atop a train because thats what reasonable people do to prove science.