Midweek Thread 6 November 2019

The official start of the Election Campaign. We will be joined , no doubt , by political parties and organisations monitoring the bias of the Far Left pro EU BBC output and complaining to OFCOM and the Electoral Commission – favoured resting places for bubble dwellers .

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  1. pugnazious says:

    Emma Barnett…‘One of the most important issues of this election…transport’ Really? Since when? Oh hang on…since Corbyn made ‘buses’ his goto issue…guess what Barnett is talking about…the ‘terrible’ private bus services oop north.

    Just listening to the news….Ian Asutin’s scathing indictment of Corbyn barely gets a mention.


  2. theisland says:

    Important issues:
    Is any political party going to discuss IMMIGRATION?
    Thought not.


  3. Terminal Moraine says:

    A new exhibition by Turner prize winner Steve McQueen at the Tate. “Year 3” is being advertised across the capital:

    —”This vast new art work is one of the most ambitious portraits of children ever undertaken in the UK […] Artangel is staging an outdoor exhibition spanning London’s 33 boroughs, giving the public a glimpse of the future of their city.”

    Waiting for the gushing reviews from the beeb and the Guardian.


  4. fakenewswatcher says:

    Bbc TV news at one leads with a lengthy feature on Labour spending plans, followed by a brief mention of Conservative plans. Next feature: Norman Smith in front of a Labour bus, sprouting Labour.
    Bias? You betcha! Labour Bbc.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      The news rounds off with a lengthy Christian Fraser feature on Labour, in Leeds.
      Other parties get a brief mention at the end.
      The text is heavily biased. It’s all about Labour. Blatant. Unbelievable.


  5. Philip_2 says:

    You won’t hear this on the BBC ‘Strictly’ program soon – (or on BBC radio or TV being EVER being discussed at QT; ‘Scientists Discover First New HIV Strain in Nearly Two Decades. According to the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, the strain is a part the same family of virus subtypes to blame for the global HIV pandemic’.
    (details here).

    That fact that its now totally legal for HIV sufferers to give blood, (UK) – does not reduce the overall ‘health-risks’ to those that would never normally acquire it; (through a ‘celebrated’ sexual activity much approved by the BBC). Thanks to a botched NHS blood transfusions service that approved contaminated US blood being used ‘risk free’ (they did not check the batch for HIV). Its a shocking experiment, that went badly wrong. It was an ‘accident’, and yet it was also negligence on a grand scale. Lives lost, even entire families were infected.

    Many of those infected in the UK back in the 1980’s are now dead, including wives and children (who were entirely innocent, and not told of any blood contamination). It has been called the worst NHS cover up ever. Nobody has been charged with negligence. It was over 30 years ago*. (although it still occurs, via other means in the NHS to this day). BUT we are not allowed to know the extent thanks to new NHS staff secrecy since, it can never be reported publicly again. The BBC will, of course, comply with that secrecy as its a protected ‘characteristic’.

    When the BBC claim to be as ‘vital to the UK as the NHS’ (quote: Lord Haw Haw), I will refer to this incident (one of many in the NHS). The BBC would claim even making the link is a ‘hate’ against diversity. HIV disease is becoming an endemic as Doctors cannot state explicitly where it comes from! To state the obvious is to be sacked from the NHS.

    Of course the BBC would claim its the fault of the ‘government’ and yet we all know that the BBC are very much part of that same cover-up and are still promoting this idea of sexual liberation and diversity that promotes this disease as being part of a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. Only the BBC think this ‘healthy’ lifestyle chosen is a UK success story. Its bleak for the rest of us.

    800 families were affected. 3,000 died in the aftermath…


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Good post with so much of relevance to the bias of the rotten BBC.

      (1) The NHS can’t be criticized, as it’s nationalized and Labour can claim the credit for setting it up. No amount of evidence such as this HIV blood transfusion story (or the Mid Staffs scandal or Morecambe Bay or Basildon or Ipswich or Gosport or the Bristol infant heart deaths, etc, etc) can ever change the narrative: “The NHS is great”.

      (2) Homosexual men can’t be criticized, however much the promiscuity of some of them makes the HIV/AIDS problem worse for themselves and others. They are a protected minority, high up the ‘victimhood’ league table, even if not at the top (i.e. ethnic minorities and Muslims). The BBC has had a disproportionate number of such people in prominent positions: Evan Davies, the Rev Richard Coles, Stephen Fry, Eddie Mair and Ben Bradshaw (both now ex-BBC) and their respective partners, Nigel Wrench, Paul Gambacini, the late Ned Sherin, two of the four ‘Strictly’ judges, etc, etc. Here’s Andrew Marr actually admitting it:

      The BBC is “a publicly-funded urban organization with an abnormally large proportion of younger people, of people in ethnic minorities and almost certainly of gay people, compared with the population at large”. All this, he said, “creates an innate liberal bias inside the BBC”.

      (3) Governments (especially Tory) and private US blood suppliers can be criticized; but gay individuals can’t be. They must never be required to take responsibility for their own actions; they are ‘victims’. Hence the BBC’s non-judgementalism about ‘pozzing up’ (knowingly becoming infected with HIV) and ‘barebacking’ (anal sex without a condom) and ‘ChemSex’ parties (drug-fuelled gay orgies). To criticize such behaviour isn’t homophobic, because the same dangers would attach to many equivalent heterosexual activities.

      Nigel Wrench of ‘PM’ fame admitted he’d lost count of the number of men he had had unprotected sex with since being diagnosed with HIV; and, as Robin Aitken has pointed out, such an attitude would not cause Wrench any trouble within the BBC as it would not be controversial.


      • Captain Panick says:

        Just for information, over in France, I can’t donate blood or plasma as I spent one year or more in the UK between 1980-1996. This is because of the possibility of transferring mad cow disease into the pure Gallic blood. Oh well, that’s the free glass of red wine and various restorative cheeses that I can’t have. ( There might be a fault in my knowledge of the French replacement for tea and biscuits)


  6. Foscari says:

    If there were another fifty or so Andrew Neil’s working on politics
    on the BBC,we wouldn’t need this website at least for
    politics. But Andrew Neil is the only unbiased political
    presenter on the BBC . And that is why we need this forum!
    I know you can’t hide your bias Jo Coburn, Emily Maitlis
    and the rest of you at the BBC. BUT if you ever read these
    comments watch how balanced Andrew Neil is with his
    questioning with EVERYBODY, and LEARN. You are supposed to be
    unbiased at the BBC. DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT ?
    However for those of you living outside the London area. We
    have a party political broadcast on behalf the Labour party
    every single evening between 18.30 and 19.00, in the guise
    of the Londonistan Programme. I really should’t even watch it.
    Because I am one of the 35% or so indigenous Londoners living
    in the capitol. And I know the programme’s not meant for the
    likes of me and the minority I come from.


    • Doublethinker says:

      You are assuming that the BBC is governed , or at least ought to be governed , by the impartiality clause in its Royal Charter. But the BBC abandoned any adherence to this long ago. The tragedy is that successive Tory governments far from bringing the over mighty BBC to heel have actually allowed themselves to be dragged towards its liberal left political position. They are scared to death of it.
      The best that we can hope for is that a future Tory Government can be persuaded to downgrade not non payment of the LF to a civil offence rather than a criminal one. This would allow millions of people who disapprove of the corporation the chance to refuse to pay the fee without any risk of a criminal record. I believe that if this fairly mild measure was to be passed into law the BBC would be hit by a severe loss of revenue. Surely it isn’t too much to ask of a Tory Government to assist in the saving of Britain in this way. They don’t have to be brave and shut the leftist propaganda outfit down themselves but just make it easier for the British people to do it themselves.


  7. pugnazious says:

    The BBC has updated its ‘report’ on Ian Austin….it’s longer but no more informative….still not quoting the very damning accusations he aims at Corbyn.


    The Spectator helpfully transcribes it for us…..reading them you might think pretty devastating for Corbyn…and yet the BBC barely notices whereas posh old Etonian Jacob Rees-Mogg gets pilloried by them for stating the very obvious, something that everybody actually thinks…and indeed was pretty much the BBC line on the stay-put advice before they felt the need to target the posh Tory……..


    ‘What Jeremy Corbyn has done to the Labour Party, I don’t want him to be able to do to the country.

    I think he’s spent his entire time in politics working with and defending all sorts of people: extremists and in some cases anti-Semites and terrorists… I think in the end: I don’t think he’s a patriot. I don’t think he loves his country. I think he always picks our country’s enemies, whether that’s the IRA during the Troubles or describing Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends or parroting Putin’s propaganda when the Russians send hitmen to murder people on the streets of Britain. But most shamefully of all, for a party that’s got a proud record of fighting for equality and opposing racism, the Labour Party has been poisoned with anti-Jewish racism under his leadership. And it is a complete and utter disgrace. It is a complete disgrace.’


    • Beltane says:

      Still no-one, not even the Jewish Chronicle, asks that simple little question – why? Why has anti-Semitism become such an issue for the Labour party? What has so significantly changed to make people like Luciana Berger and Ian Austin resign? Is Tom Watson’s step down involved – or has that perhaps got more to do with inventive fat slob ‘Nick’?
      No doubt there will be an in-depth analysis on tonight’s Newsnight, or someone in the QT audience ask for answers.
      Or perhaps not.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Wow another example example of #DoubleStandard #OrwellianBritain2019
    How come I’ve never seen it before ?
    Sept 9th Steve Bray pulled over by the police and fined for blasting out his megaphone.
    A smart Brexiteer had found out that there is a law which makes it illegal to use amplified sound equipment around a controlled area like Parliament, so he let the police know about Bray’s car blasting out from the loudspeaker on the roof.
    – Bray’s drunk, driving a car , fails to first stop when request to by police, rants “you immigrant” “those right wingers”
    and then at the end drives away in front of police, doing an ILLEGAL right turn.
    Video by DavidPoulden Tweeted

    Second video from Buska Patriot
    Compare this to the heavy handed treatment that James Goddard and Based Amy got
    James Goddard was prosecuted for copying antifa’s harassing chanting “Nazi” technique.
    Threatened into pleading guilty to obscure charge (others dropped)
    Fined £800 and banned from parts of london. Can’t see his daughter. Criminal record.


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Why am I getting up at 6am every morning to go to work, pay a mortgage, pay taxes, be a good generally law abiding citizen when there are utter bell ends like this Steve Bray character allowed to roam the streets of our capital behaving like a modern day Lord Haw Haw?



  9. StewGreen says:

    BBC can’t cut spending , to keep Free licences for OAPs
    .. cos they have priority issues to spend money on


  10. StewGreen says:

    @realDonaldTrump tweeted
    The degenerate Washington Post MADE UP the story about me asking Bill Barr to hold a news conference.
    Never happened, and there were no sources!

    Bill Barr did not decline my request to talk about Ukraine.
    The story was a Fake Washington Post con job with an “anonymous” source that doesn’t exist.
    Just read the Transcript.
    The Justice Department already ruled that the call was good.
    We don’t have freedom of the press!

    Based on the information released last night about the Fake Whistleblowers attorney, the Impeachment Hoax should be ended IMMEDIATELY!
    There is no case, except against the other side!

    “What did Hunter Biden do for the money?” @SenJohnKennedy
    A very good question. He and Sleepy Joe must testify!


    • StewGreen says:

      ….The LameStream Media, which is The Enemy of the People, is working overtime with made up stories in order to drive dissension and distrust!
      The story in the Amazon Washington Post, of course picked up by Fake News CNN,
      saying “President Trump asked for AG Barr to host a news conference clearing him on Ukraine,”
      is totally untrue and just another FAKE NEWS story with anonymous sources that don’t exist….

      Years ago, when Media was legitimate, people known as “Fact Checkers” would always call to check and see if a story was accurate.
      Nowadays they don’t use “Fact Checkers” anymore, they just write whatever they want!

      (75 thousand likes)

      When he tweeted yesterday that the Stock market was aa record high he got 154 thousand likes


  11. Fedup2 says:

    Ian Austin , the gallant former Labour MP who spoke of Corbyn this morning, is now being smeared by Comissar Mcdonald being accused of “working for the Tories “

    The war is continuing on Twitter

    Now they have worked very hard to turn commissar Mcdonald into ‘ nice uncle John’ but every so often the mask slips . Today was such a day for such an IRA loving piece of ….


  12. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    If anybody wants proof that the bbc are right wing just watch question time tonight.
    There will be somebody on that supports Brexit.
    Every week there is a brexit supporter.
    There’s the proof.

    Instead of only having 4 remainers on every show they should have 5
    If they think that only having 4 out of 5 remainers is getting it ‘just about right’ then they are wrong.

    Even with Fiona it still only makes it 5 remainers to one leaver.

    Totally right wing bbc.


  13. Lucy Pevensey says:

    The state of the superstate.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Envy of the World

    The Today Programme
    51 mins ·
    “You gave up the ultimate white male supremacy.”
    Caitlyn Jenner talks about how her transition has been received.

    I’d be fascinated at the % of BBC social media output devoted to actual news about actual UK public areas of concern vs… this…


    • Up2snuff says:

      I switched OFF when that item was announced and didn’t switch back on.

      Had I not switched OFF I would have probably just switched off. Same thing, really.


  15. StewGreen says:

    Ramsbotton explosive device incident on Wednesday
    Cordon lifted 18:15
    Two men aged 26 and 27, and an 18-year-old woman have been arrested on suspicion of manufacturing explosive devices. 16:20
    Incident not believed to be terror-related 16:13
    Start : police do preplanned raid, find explosive devices



  16. StewGreen says:

    Absolutely non-Fake Anna Soubry video
    starring identical twin of Graham Neal
    Graham has always been a Anti-Brexiteer, and has appeared in and tweeted Better-In photos,
    … whereas his identical twin in the video voted Leave, but has changed his mind to Remain


  17. pugnazious says:

    The anti-semitism of Labour candidates has been highlighted for long time now…the BBC are only just catching up….but politicians just keep on giving…from both sides…..comparing Blair and Netanyahu to Hitler….and suggesting celebrating someone’s death is the same as JRM stating perhaps people should have ignored the ‘experts’ and left the burning towerblock…

    Harry’s Place from October….




  18. G.W.F. says:

    11,000 scientists warn about climate change.
    It’s BS, Rebel Media exposes the fake news. Experts in love relationships, reincarnation, a retired doctor, a dentist, my goodness.


  19. StewGreen says:

    Why does BBC news have to waste time saying that “milkshaked” has been added to the dictionary ?

    … everyone is already Au Lait , with what it means


  20. Celtic_Mist says:

    The left studies the swamp –


  21. Foscari says:

    Laura Kuenssberg the BBC’S political editor just gave away
    her own political position on the BBC ‘S 6PM National news.
    She was interviewing a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn
    in Liverpool who said that we needed a Socialist government
    and Kuenssberg couldn’t help it but NODDED HER HEAD
    in agreement !!!


  22. Up2snuff says:

    I found this interesting:

    Panelbase were founded by Angus Webb who worked for its parent DRG Global. It is not clear whether the organisations displayed on a scrolling banner are clients …
    …… or founder members.

    The bit I found interesting in the BBC article is that Panelbase have the top response in four out of five issues, except on Brexit by not much.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Up2snuff the first thing is that the word PanelBase doesn’t appear in the article
      Your eyes see it but the word is actually inside the pictures so is not picked up by a text search

      They are clients
      The DRG founders were John and Fiona Raglan in 1996
      2005 “Online consumer panel division launched ‘PanelBase’ “


  23. pugnazious says:

    ‘If this man is chosen as our next prime minister, the message will be stark: that our dismay that he could ever be elevated to a prominent role in British politics, and our fears of where that will lead, are irrelevant.
    Is it any wonder Jews worry about the prospect of Mr Corbyn as prime minister?’

    BBC still updating its Ian Austin ‘report’…and still managing to avoid quoting him in full, missing out the most damning accusations of all…that Corbyn doesn’t love this country and prefers to side with its enemies…IRA and Islamist terrorists and Putin.

    The BBC has however removed this…


    ‘BBC political correspondent Chris Mason called Mr Austin’s comments “astonishing”.

    “We should be clear he has had a long standing run-in with Mr Corbyn,” he said. “We know that he doesn’t like the Labour leader but still, on day two of a general campaign, for someone who has been Labour MP for much of his time in Westminster to say ‘Vote Conservative’ is incredible.”‘

    It is precisely what Mason said this morning on Today…and yet it’s gone..pressure from Labour? Accusations of editorialising?

    What’s really astonishing is that Mason thinks it astonishing…these are accusations that have been out in public for years…well documented, proven accusations.

    What’s astonishing is that the BBC has ignored it for so long, and indeed are still in effect ignoring the worst, and instead have targeted Boris or Brexit politicians and voters…the BBC narrative has been all about raising alarm about the rise of the Far-Right and popularism….the spectre of the 1930’s looming over us.
    But the real threat, the very real spectre of the 1930’s, comes from a different direction.

    Jews are now living in fear, in Britain, in Europe in 2019…they say they will leave if Corbyn gets elected….is that not the really astonishing thing in 2019 oh so liberal and progressive Britain? Is it not astonishing that it is the BBC that has been one of the main enablers of that rise in anti-Semitism with its support for Muslim extremism and immigration and its malignant anti-Israel reporting that pits the world against Israel and of course its long indulgence, cover-up and downplaying of Corbyn and his views?

    Why does the BBC fill its pages and fill the airwaves with stories about the supposed Far-Right and the fantasy threat of it rising again to take power like so may Hitlers reborn when the very, very real threat is leading the Labour Party, a Party that cultivates Muslim extremists and welcomes them into its fold as MPs?

    Is it not astonishing that the frontpage of The Jewish Chronicle in 2019 Britain says this about the leader of a mainstream political party on the brink of power?…


    ‘The vast majority of British Jews consider Jeremy Corbyn to be an antisemite. In the most recent poll, last month, the figure was 87 per cent.

    Putting oneself in the shoes of another person, or another group, can be difficult. But we believe it is important — and urgent — that you do that. Perhaps the fact that nearly half (47 per cent) of the Jewish community said in that same poll that they would “seriously consider” emigrating if Mr Corbyn wins on December 12 will give you an indication of what it feels like to be a British Jew at a time when the official opposition is led by a man widely held to be an antisemite.
    There is racism on all sides of politics and it must be called out wherever it is found. History has forced our community to be able to spot extremism as it emerges — and Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader in 2015 is one such example.

    Throughout his career, he has allied with and supported antisemites such as Paul Eisen, Stephen Sizer and Raed Salah. He has described organisations like Hamas, whose founding charter commits it to the extermination of every Jew on the planet, as his “friends”. He has laid a wreath to honour terrorists who have murdered Jews. He has insulted “Zionists” — the word used by antisemites when they mean “Jew” because they think it allows them to get away with it — as lacking understanding of “English irony”.

    There were some who hoped that he might change as leader. The opposite has happened. The near total inaction of Mr Corbyn and the rest of the Labour leadership in dealing with antisemites in the party has both emboldened them and encouraged others.

    Indeed, Mr Corbyn and his allies have actively impeded action against the racists.

    Instead of listening to and learning from mainstream Jewish bodies such as the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council, Mr Corbyn has treated them and their recommendations with contempt — and given support to fringe organisations set up solely to deny the existence of Labour antisemitism.

    Is it any wonder Jews worry about the prospect of Mr Corbyn as prime minister?

    Yet, while we see all this, we also see an election being fought in which antisemitism in the Labour Party, inspired by its leader, is mentioned only occasionally as an afterthought. Brexit, austerity, the NHS, education and myriad other issues are, of course, vital. But how can the racist views of a party leader — and the deep fear he inspires among an ethnic minority — not be among the most fundamental of issues?

    That is why we are seeking your attention. If this man is chosen as our next prime minister, the message will be stark: that our dismay that he could ever be elevated to a prominent role in British politics, and our fears of where that will lead, are irrelevant.

    We will have to conclude that those fears and dismay count for nothing.

    But we think you do care.

    We believe that the overwhelming majority of British people abhor racism.We ask only that, when you cast your vote,you act on that.’


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Being one of those awkward bastards who insist on hearing all sides of an argument before I condemn, I would very much like to know the views of the 13% of British Jews who do not consider Jeremy Corbyn to be antisemitic and why. What is a Semite? Aren’t the Arabs also Semites and I haven’t yet heard the Leader of the Opposition do any Arab bashing.? Perhaps the 13% are followers of the Jewish millionaire Sir George Soros, who seems to relish flooding Europe with African immigrants. I am confused.com and wish to become unconfused.
      By the way. Anybody who thinks that the BBC should be shut down and that Britain should leave the EU is OK by me.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Lefty – I’m perplexed too. Yesterday Diane Abbot was being interviewed about anti semitism in the Labour Party . The Stanford hill Jewish community in her constituency support her – she claims . Is that true ? If so ‘why ‘?

        I’m pretty sure that ms abbot is sitting on a huge majority so the loss of a few thousand would t hurt her .

        The more I think about it the more I think the BBC is both anti Jewish and anti Christian . Yet pro Islam . .Why ? When Islam appears to treat women like dogs or breeding machines – completely against the ‘girl power’ the BBC is so enthusiastic about .
        As a non Jewish – non Muslim white chap I don’t get it .


        • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

          Fedup2, I think it’s all about race, not religion. BBC types don’t like religion, especially if it’s ours, but they are obsessed with race and in denial about their own inverted racism. It’s the brown and black skin of the majority of Muslims that gets them the free pass. If these were White people from Ulster or southern USA, the BBC would have no time for the same beliefs. Leftists can’t admit there are certain racial or cultural differences, they are in denial about it.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Mustapha – maybe so – there is certainly a conscious need with the BBC for for VEM visible ethnic minorities to be all over the place and often in the most ridiculous plot virtue ticking – which as we know has infected the advertising industry to the point of embarrassment / sick comedy with the cliched dark chap and blond girl – seldom the other way round .

            You can picture all the whitees sitting around the planning table out virtue signalling each other .

            A break down of the confessed religions / colours of BBC employees – including the production company tax avoiders would also be beneficial ….


          • Banania says:

            And consider the deafening silence about the white farmers in South Africa, for whom surely this country should be prepared to do something.


        • Lefty Wright says:

          Let’s hope this problem can get sorted without recourse to another war. The omens however, are not good but I remain optimistic. For the sake of my children and grandchildren I hope that any future UK government will support the culture that nurtured me and will not feel obliged to change it to accommodate the immigrants. It is the immigrant who must change to OUR culture not the other way around . If they cannot then they should leave. The alternative does not bear thinking about. In a few months time I shall reach the age of 80 years.
          Now, as to the EU, the REMAINERS crow that the LEAVERS are all old and hopefully will die before the next election but what they don’t admit is that old REMAINERS die as well. Also I am acquainted with quite a few young LEAVE voters so I don’t think REMAINERS can rely entirely on the youth vote.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Pugnacious a screenshot of his editing out of the phrase after he got Twitter pressure from Labour activists


  24. pugnazious says:

    Funny thing…BBC has been headlining with Labour’s ‘investment’ plans all day whilst the Tory announcement got sidelined…

    This was the headline on the website…

    Labour promises billions for public services

    The Tories had announced their plans but came in a poor second with a separate report….we know they’d released their plans because the BBC tells us…

    ‘John McDonnell sets out investment plans, as the Tories also vow to borrow more to spend on infrastructure.’

    …and yet Labour get the headline.

    It’s changed now…wonder why….though Labour still get first billing…

    Labour and Tories pledge more borrowing

    Haven’t listened to the reports but I imagine they go along the lines of ‘Labour investment plans are credible,, fully funded and achievable…the Tory plans are unworkable, and where’s the money coming from?’


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Excellent. Just confirms a view that whatever main stream party you would vote for, they are all the same. Different cheeks of the same arse if you will.

      I thought perhaps TBP would make a difference, but I am beginning to think only outright revolution will fix the problems.

      Sadly I think we are going to wake up on Friday the 13th with the prospect of a lab, lib, SNP coalition of doom.


  25. MarkyMark says:

    BBC Fuck Up Number 666999 ….



  26. Jeff says:

    These very worrying anti Jewish attacks have been going on for some time in our once great capital. It’s over ten years since I left Londonistan and things were getting pretty nasty then.
    I remember a report on the local BBC news that covered the vandalism in several Jewish cemeteries in north London. The Beeb were all over it for a week until…
    One particular evening the young journalist who was covering this case was interviewing the policeman in charge.
    I’ll never forget it. The rookie reporter was almost salivating as he asked the cogent question; “Do you think this could be the work of the far right?” The copper thought for a while, looked rather reflective and replied carefully “From the descriptions we have of the suspects it seems highly unlikely.”
    And that was it. This was last report on the smashing of Jewish graves. We never found out who was responsible or what their motives were. The next evening I waited with bated breath to hear the latest installment, but the Beeb seemed to have completely lost interest.
    Can’t think why…


  27. StewGreen says:

    French police clear migrant camps in Paris
    Hundreds of refugees and migrants living in makeshift camps with “deplorable” living conditions on the edge of the French capital were escorted on to buses and taken to shelters
    Translation: Reinstallation of camps in the public space will no longer be tolerated by @prefpolice.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      The way things are going it won’t be too long before our people will be searching for a country in which to take refuge. But where??


  28. StewGreen says:

    tmw Friday : The colourful/eccentric non-lefty protester Based Amy is on trial on charges of harassing Anna Soubry
    .. The particular charge needs 3 incidents to count, but Amy says she’s only met Soubry twice.
    .. Amy was stitch-up last time and found guilty of hate crime by saying Have a gay day”
    So she’ll expect another stitch up


  29. digg says:

    Here’s Laura Keunssberg trying her best to patch things up for Corbyn..

    General election 2019: Can Jeremy Corbyn convince voters to believe?


    Crystal clear BBC bias… Is she blind?


    • Guest Who says:

      Bbc coordinated editorial integrity effort.

      It’s all in who you invite, and then quote.


  30. taffman says:

    “Nato alliance experiencing brain death, says Macron”
    Now we can see what’s behind this new so called ‘European Defence Force’.
    Nato has kept the peace in Europe since WW2 but now the EU is getting too big for its boots.
    IMHO, once again it will all end in tears.


  31. Beltane says:

    QT Glasgow. The expected impartial audience, Fiona interrupting pretty but unknown Tory girl after her first few words and Barry Gardiner’s unpredictably strange accent polarising towards a Scotch burr.
    Enough, enough. Bed and book I think.


    • Siempre Recht says:

      I lasted 30 seconds, before I was screaming at the TV, particularly the one bigoted, racist, muslim, who was laughing about the Torys and their “lack of heart”. I got it now, you effing pos, you want to be compassionate, with someone else’s money. And the truly sad thing is, is that if it ever happens, Scottish independence, the central belt (Glasgow – Edinburgh) won’t give a flying f*ck about the Highlands and Islands


  32. JimS says:

    Engineering is screwed:

    To coincide with Ada Lovelace Day (8 October) this year’s IET Young Woman Engineer (YWE) of the Year finalists have been announced. For the first time, we’ve added a new Gender Diversity Ambassador Award category to recognise an individual who has spent a large proportion of their career committed to addressing the gender imbalance within the profession. It’s incredibly important to me that our members, volunteers and staff feel valued and are able to be themselves. Equally, our actions reflect our membership base across the countries in which we operate. This new award aligns with our recently launched Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy. If you’d like to attend the Young Woman Engineer of the Year ceremony on 5 December 2019, please register via the IET website.

    Goodness knows why we ever needed a ‘Young Woman Engineer of the Year’, (usually won by a technician, not an engineer) but now we have ‘Gender Diversity’! Come on lads, a bit of ‘lippy’ and ze too can become YWEotY!

    Once upon a time good engineers built bridges, now bad engineers screw up society.


  33. lordelpus says:

    Not BBC bias but SKY news,have recently noticed that the awful Owen Jones seems to be cropping up on SKY a lot lately.He did Papers Review last week,and tonight was on a political discussion programme.Have not seen him on SKY for about six months,can it be coincidence that he has returned in time for the Election to spout his pro Corbyn and Labour bias?


    • BRISSLES says:

      Clearly the walk out on Mark Longhurst back in 2016, didn’t black list him on Sky’s books. But Mark got the push not long after, be interesting to get Mark’s views on Jones.


      • StewGreen says:

        Correction : Ignore my 12:49am post the darn youtube moved to the next video so here’s the correct one
        That Australian version of Question Time was a ‘feminist ideas’ panel
        It was a conservative free prog
        Bolt has a good discussion “The ABC most disgraceful show ever
        ..stacked with activists of the left , ..but calling for arson
        4 of the panel defended it , and 2 seemed to call for it”

        There is a good second interview with a media expert saying that “the ABC panel crossed the line”


      • StewGreen says:

        Mark Fired from Sky, then landed on ITVwestCountry
        then left


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think you are being unfair to Corbyn s favourite son . He performs a useful function – when he’s on the off switch is used all over the country . Even the national grid recognises the dip in electricity need.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Sky is now owned by Comcast, who are not our friends, so there have probably been policy changes. More collectivist zealots and useful idiots and fewer truth tellers perhaps?


  34. StewGreen says:

    That Australian version of Question Time was a ‘feminist ideas’ panel
    It was a conservative free prog
    Bolt has a good discussion “The ABC most disgraceful show ever
    ..stacked with activists of the left , ..but calling for arson
    4 of the panel defended it , and 2 seemed to call for it”

    There is a good second interview with a media expert saying £that panel crossed the line”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Friday -the day when the SNP launch their election campaign . What better day to avoid the state broadcaster . ?


      • Deborah says:

        I am posting little here these days because we are watching very little except Mrs Bucket and Last of the Summer Wine. We did try to watch QT last night but saw Barry Gardener answer the first question almost uninterrupted except for Miss Bruce helping him with his answer. Then the blonde lady was given all of 10 seconds where she started to make a good point and Miss Bruce jumped in to stop her and break her train of thought. We switched off.


        • BigBrotherCorporation says:

          Like you Deborah, I can’t stand the BBC any more, so don’t have anything to do with it, and thus don’t have any reason to post here any more (which is not a comment on this site, a lonely voice of reason in a world driven insane).

          Am not a fan of those series you mention, in fact, there is NOTHING at all on the BBC I want to watch… NOTHING. Ditching the licence fee wasn’t a quandary, it was just commonsense.

          I used to enjoy many of their documentaries, natural history and history especially, but these days, despite being a very tolerant person, I find I’m acutely turned off by the BBC’s choice of presenters (even old stalwarts like Attenborough have become unbearable bores) and the grinding of the same old, miserable PC/omnisexual/doomsday organ… droning on and on and on without end…like some demonic hurdy-gurdy we’re all expected to dance to.

          I’ve come to the conclusion that the BBC are the latest Ratner/Gilette, and are heading for a big shock when they realise that it’s much, much harder to repair a reputation ruined by taking your customers for granted, and treating them with condescension, than it ever was to build that reputation in the first place.

          Oh, and if the BBC imagine that they’re going to be saved by the spoilt Millenials they keep simpering around they’ve got another thing coming… dream on, grandma.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Deborah ,
          I sometime try to work out what proportion of our posts are directly linked to the state broadcaster – I reckon a pretty good proportion – maybe 70% or more – and of course the problem is – like the nazism is copies – it permeates all aspects of life so its easy to go off subject – which I don’t mind – and I’m sure others don’t – except that it gives the occasional troll refugee from the Guardian website an opportunity to place sand in the oyster….


      • Jeff says:

        “…What better day to avoid the state broadcaster?…”
        FU2, I’ve avoided all telly news, current affairs (blatant propaganda) for the past three weeks. I feel so much better for it. I don’t need to watch this awful biased crap, I know what’s going to happen.
        Anyone I like is treated like a vile social pariah with ill concealed disdain. And pathetic (or ill informed) people like Owen Jones, Greta and Compo are cheered to the rafters.
        Question Time, Newsnight, The bloody Marr Show it’s all sooo predictable, incredibly irritating and bad for my soaring blood pressure.
        So these days it’s Talking Pictures, an old Midsomer Murders and the occasional Poirot.
        Glass of wine (or three) and bed.
        Lovely jubbly…


        • JamesArthur says:

          I have so many friends and me as well that are taking this approach – I am avoiding TV news , radio news etc – ever ytime I switch on it is anti Tory, pro labour/SNP, anti white ..the latest on R4 – promoting the new billionaire on the block as challenger to Trump – but he is good bilionaire..

          Then US universities want to bang the phrase anglo saxon cos it is white supremacy incarnate – talking to some knob who causally throws in under the Trump era White supremacist have thrived..err no evidence of this..but no challenge from BBC

          I am sick of the blatant lack of balance, intelligence , debate, facts and common sense that prevails in MSM.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Quite a few gems on ‘talking pictures ‘ and their GG s form is improving . I empathise with many of the comments about how painful it is to either watch or listen .

          In a twisted way I see it as a ‘duty’ to testify to what the state broadcaster is doing because there is a need ‘for the record ‘ just in case some inquiry comes along which isn’t ‘fixed’ to examine the BBC and its’ future . They will have an awful lot of material from this site to get through …..

          Meanwhile – off piste – as posh types say – amazon prime is still doing good work and although it seems targeted at 30 somethings it still has pretty clever and challenging stuff .

          The man in the high castle is slow but developing nicely and the other Tom Clancy thing is much better than billed . But I’m a helicopter freak and anything with choppers in it gets a tick from me – not pornhub though …..


      • G.W.F. says:

        Are the Conservatives running an election campaign this time? Just wondering


  35. Guest Who says:

    Danny backs Nick backs….


  36. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of BBC backers, and ex-backers.

    Amazing what a truly red/green eco commitment can achieve.


    The Lord Pauly McMasonface launch awaits the delivery of champagne from bbc corridors.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Ali pitching for his slots from the Breakfast slotha though Vile to Emily’s trash talk time…


    Could be the bbc has to run with renowned politicians of sincerity and educational heft like Di, Lammy or Rayner. Again.

    Failing which, Ash or Owen seldom falter on the spelling front.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Mr Campbell having another ‘ black dog ‘ moment . His footy team is also heading for the championship . But he s always a fallback to drag up when Marr et al can’t get any one of value .

      Talking of useless is that alibi brown creature still about ? Or is she off making a 13 episode history of nonsense courtesy of the taxpayer ?…


    • StewGreen says:

      That Campbell tweet is idiotic
      #1 Boris wrote a tweet at 7:18am to express condolences
      .. It is not a crime to miss an apostrophe that early in the morning
      #2 AC moans you used “&” instead of “and”
      ..Doh on Twitter “&” lets you get your message within the limit
      #3 That tweet tells you NOTHING about Boris’s character
      #4 AC is being truly pathetic ..When there is a grieving family HE himself is more concerned with ignoring them and going for point scoring against Boris
      .. I know AC is playing to his own side by keeping up the pressure against Boris ..but but


  38. andyjsnape says:


    the “report” mentions the left winger – doesn’t sound too bad, although hes gone to prison.

    But then mentions the Far Right later in the report.

    Nice and soft reporting when a “left Winger” but FAR RIGHT whens needed


  39. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Labour want to give the vote to children.

    Has anyone explained to these children that labour plan, as usual, to be borrowing colossal amounts which will have to be paid back by….today’s children.

    It’s common knowledge that labour spend and borrow and, when voted out, leave the country bankrupt. That’s why the Tories get a bad name, they have to raise taxes to pay for labour’s wild spending sprees.


    I saw a cartoon today, the seaside postcard type.
    Remember when you were young and wanted something. Your mother would say “what’s the magic word” and you would say “please”
    The answer given in the modern world to the mothers question to get what you want is “I’m offended”


    • john in cheshire says:

      The horrors of Nazism are apparently taught in our schools, but why aren’t the horrors of communism/ socialism/ collectivism? Without the full picture, how are these prospective new voters going to decide where to place their cross? The collectivists have slaughtered on a much greater scale. The same goes for islam, someone in the educational propaganda machine should ask India how many Hindus were murdered by their muslim invaders.


      • Fiat Lux says:

        It would appear that this is what they are teaching children in Schools today


        • maxincony says:

          Fiat Lux,

          It would appear that this is what they are teaching children in Schools today…

          Linked to a ridiculous video made by Laura Towler. The same Laura Towler who in another video says;

          How dare the BBC look down on a man whose name they are not even fit to mutter

          That man is “sir” Oswald Mosley, whom she heaps with praise. She also mentions her good friend “Earthing Carl”. Earthing Carl posts content such as:

          Stupid hook-nosed P*ki Maajid Nawaz
          Never forget: the future of earth is infinity n*ggers
          Two k*kes and the ultimate Shabbos goy have a chat
          This guy is a filthy Jew

          Unsurprisingly, his videos have already been posted on this site several times previously.

          So hey, TooTrue, how do you think your stewardship of this website populated by racist antisemites is going so far?


    • G says:

      “It’s common knowledge that labour spend and borrow and, when voted out, leave the country bankrupt.”
      But they have previously shown decency to leave a note on vacating the Treasury to the succeeding Conservatives:
      “There’s no money left”…………..


  40. taffman says:

    Which will the Tory Government complete first , Crossrail or Brexit ?
    Nowt on Al Beeb yet?


  41. taffman says:

    A quick look at Al Beeb’s website front page and it looks very much like a Monty Python comic magazine .


  42. taffman says:

    “Tory plan to attract more NHS staff from abroad”
    How many years have passed since we have had a shortage of doctors and nurses ?
    Isn’t it about time we trained our own ?
    Another reason for voting for The Brexit Party.


    • Old Goat says:

      Bt I thought that the invasion trickle of immigrants consisted of enriching professionals – doctors, nurses, engineers, architects, already?


      • Banania says:

        75% of the moslem immigration claim benefits; 90% of the women from this group live on benefits. I am quoting from Cassandra, who posts here.


        • maxincony says:


          I am quoting from Cassandra, who posts here.

          Yes, and Cassandra is also a regular poster to “Stormfront”; a white supremacist, antisemitic, neo-Nazi web-site. That should tell you all you need to know about his ridiculous, made-up ‘statistics’.


  43. Ed Hitter says:

    One thing you’ll notice in this so-called Brexit election is the sidelining of Brexit as an issue in the BBC coverage.
    Take a look at the BBC website today – and recall the first few days of campaign coverage in general – and there’s loads about the NHS and public spending but hardly anything about the central reason for the election in the first place.
    The narrative is set – this is an election to be skewed towards cuddly Labour themes, (compare and contrast the overkill coverage of Rees-Mogg and the here-today-gone-tomorrow news flash that was Watson’s resignation).


  44. Guest Who says:

    As a bowl of petunias might say…

    “ Do you feel you drink a little too much alcohol?

    The average Brit is now drinking 108 bottles of wine a year- meaning we’re drinking far more than the rest of the Western world.

    The study of 36 nations has found that the UK’s alcohol consumption is now among the highest in developed countries 🍺🍷”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest – it’s any easy one but the BBC is enough to drive anyone to non European wine and other beverages ….


      • Fedup2 says:

        I follow Alan Sugar on the twitter and sometimes engage in his declining show . He really takes some flack from momentum types and does reply .

        Being a Labour Peer , Jewish and worst of all – wealthy – he is all that the Far Left hate .but being from Hackney he is good enough to ‘ give it back ‘ .

        I sometimes think I have a lot in common with him apart from the not rich , not a peer and not Jewish .

        I like his BBC show because it shows up the worst aspects of humanity and sometimes
        Produces a ‘star ‘ like Katie Hopkins …


    • BRISSLES says:

      I always thought it was the Scandinavian countries who knocked back the sauce. We talk about ‘culture’, but the European countries surrounding the Med have a more healthy attitude to alcohol – perhaps its the heat, but its only since the advent of wine being cheap and fashionable that we have become binge drinkers. Being a teenager in the 60’s we haunted the coffee bars rather than pubs, where we might have downed a pineapple juice, Mum had her Stout or port and lemon, and Dad would have his pint.


    • taffman says:

      Snowflakes don’t drink alcohol any more they smoke, marijuana, dope and pot instead. They continue to call for its legalisation. My prediction is that once they get their way the UK’s alcohol consumption will fall.
      The crackheads will be shouting next.


  45. Doublethinker says:

    I will vote Tory out of pragmatism because half a Brexit is better than none. But I hope that TBP take Labour seats and can influence the trade negotiations with the EU. But to my mind Brexit isn’t the highest priority, infact compared to the ongoing mass invasion , the rapid Islamisation and the disappearance of the Britain I grew up in , particularly its culture, traditions and values , it’s not a big deal. The tragedy is that no party , not even TBP, are really putting the diasappearance of Britain on their agenda at all, let alone anywhere near the top of it . Politically it seems that protecting our country and it’s heritage is toxic. If the vast majority of people in this country no longer care about , nor live by, the values they inherited and would rather live in the fractured multicultural society that the likes of the BBC are rapidly creating , then I want no part of it. They are on the road to hell and I am glad that I won’t be with them when they arrive there.


    • EmptyingDadsShed says:

      To protect our country and heritage you need power.
      The power is currently in the EU and the UK elites hands, they will not reverse the ongoing mass invasion , the rapid Islamisation or stop the disappearance of the Britain we grew up in.
      Our culture, traditions and values have no worth to them.
      Return power to UK is a first step


      • Doublethinker says:

        Yes but do you honestly think that there is any chance at all that within the next twenty years, let alone the next ten, there is any chance whatsoever of any political party actually concentrating on reversing or even limiting the invasion? Unless it is done soon there is no chance of Britain being rescued from its own stupidity.


      • Banania says:

        I love your name. (Sorry, no relevance to anything you said.)


      • maxincony says:


        Our culture, traditions and values



        • Fedup2 says:

          A comment ! And before 0200 ! And not much cut and paste ! , are you de trolling and actually making a personal comment as opposed to doing a highly selective critique of the comments of another person on the site . Made my day . I thought you might be out doing election votes for Jeremy in Peterborough .

          As for image you put up – is it real or a cut and paste job ? Mrs T is always Satan in the eyes of snowflakes but those fond of the BBC have tended to airbrush Saville , Rolf Harris and the others out of the past as it doesn’t accord with the perfection that is the state broadcaster .


          • BRISSLES says:

            Note that Maxi didn’t also show the image of the umpteen Asian mugshots who were jailed for the Rotherham/Rochdale horrors.


            • maxincony says:


              Note that Maxi didn’t also show the image of the umpteen Asian mugshots who were jailed for the Rotherham/Rochdale horrors.

              I also haven’t shown images of the umpteen White British peadophiles who continue to be jailed; day in, day out.

              Proudly upholding “our” culture, traditions and values…



          • maxincony says:


            As for image you put up – is it real or a cut and paste job?

            Oh it’s real alright. Madge & Jimmy were close personal friends. She awarded him a knighthood despite being fully aware of the ‘rumours’. How come you don’t know this?

            Of course he was also given a Papal Knighthood by Pope John Paul II. The head of the same Christian Church whose leaders alone, have sexually abused hundreds of thousands of children across the globe.

            Were you not aware of that either?

            What was that you were saying about “airbrushing”?


            • taffman says:

              Welcome back, what’s rattled your cage ?
              Anything to post about Al Beeb’s bias and are you paying the tax that robs from the poor to give to the rich ? Eg the telly tax.


              • taffman says:

                maxi , maxi , Maxi!
                You watching the telly without paying that licence again ?
                We know, and we will send that detector van round to your flat again.


  46. john in cheshire says:

    On a Brexit related matter, has the racist far-left bbc reported on this:
    I wonder if we’ll be exempted once we’ve left the EU or will it apply to our country too, thereby proving that we haven’t really left?


  47. Beltane says:

    Our new and respectable Speaker plans to make changes to ensure that parliamentary procedure can’t be artificially altered, against all (or at least most) previous practice. Thus introducing, for example, quickly formulated and even more quickly enacted legislation devised to favour one particular argument or stance would become illegal.
    This should mean that enviably clever people like Letwin and Starmer and Grieve and many others of that ilk will not in future be able to distort both parliamentary procedure and democracy by fiddling the system.
    Odd though it may be for us to accept, this news does not seem to have much significance for the BBC. Odder still that such an impartial organisation does not appear enthusiastic towards more transparency and impartiality.


    • pugnazious says:

      First test will be the SNP attempt to hijack parliament and block the government negotiating any deals for the NHS….which is of course totally bonkers…how do they think we get drugs and treatments…US drug companies sending aid packages over to us as charity? Its all negotiated as with every country and the EU. Its the govts job to negotiate not parliaments.

      Let’s see if he upholds the principle of separation of the exeutive, legislature and judiciary.


  48. pugnazious says:

    It’s all too easy to find simple examples of BBC bias, all too blatant and obvious as they are but when you start digging deeper, turning over stones, looking into the dark corners and shine a bit of light in there you find something much more disturbing.

    Start really looking and the BBC is not just guilty of easy, casual bias, maybe a slip here and a slip there due to the innate liberal worldview, but you discover a determined and wilful attempt to subvert the election and provide a positive, vote winning, narrative for Labour and a highly toxic, negative approach to reporting anything from the Tory side.

    Senior Labour figures, Abbott and McDonnell, have been proven to have lied in the past couple of days…and yet where is the BBC ‘reality check’ that highlights this and targets them? Nowhere to be seen. If they’d been Tories?

    But even if the BBC did fact check Labour would we in fact get the facts? Consider Corbyn’s claim that the NHS is short of 43,000 nurses….the BBC tells us…

    ‘‘Mr Corbyn is also correct to say there are currently about 43,000 nursing vacancies across the NHS. ‘’

    Indeed in one way that is a ‘correct’ figure as another fact checking organisation tells us….but note the shortfall is not due to funding…the vacancies are for funded positions…so nothing to do with ‘cuts’….[note…the 43,000 is in fact the figure for 3 months not a snapshot at any one time…see below]…

    ‘It’s been estimated by the Royal College of Nursing that there are around 40,000 vacant nursing positions in England (as of December 2016). That isn’t the same as the number of nurses NHS England needs, it’s the estimated number of vacant posts it has funding for.’

    However….look deeper and you’ll see this figure for total NHS vacancies from The Health Foundation…..

    ‘NHS trusts currently report a shortfall of more than 100,000 staff. ‘ [2019 figure]

    That’s 100,000 staff across the NHS.

    But how is that calculated? It’s a figure taken not from a ‘snapshot’ at any one time but from compounding of 3 months figures as the NHS tells us….

    ‘Between 1 April 2019 – 30 June 2019 there were 90,992 advertised vacancy full-time equivalents in England.’

    So that 43,000 figure that Corbyn bandies about and the BBC tells us is correct….does that also come from 3 months of figures added together?

    It certainly looks that way as the NHS tells us the nurse vacancy figure for one month is in fact 11,775 out of 29,005 total vacancies for one month…

    ‘In June 2019 there were 29,005 advertised vacancy full-time equivalents in England published…In June 2019 the highest percentage was seen in the ‘Nursing and Midwifery Registered’ Staff Group which accounted for 41 per cent (11,775 out of 29,005) of vacancy full-time equivalents.’

    So Corbyn is playing us for fools by manipulating the figures and the BBC is helpfully not actually fact checking him but backing up his lies.

    Consider also how the BBC reports the Parties’ ‘plans’…their promises and pledges. Boris announced that he intended to build 40 new hospitals….6 have immediate funding and plan to go ahead, the rest have funding for developing the plans and when established the funding will come. The BBC presents this as pie in the sky as they ‘fact check’ him….


    Boris Johnson referred to “the 40 new hospitals that we are building”

    Well, the comment was made in the heat of a PMQs debate and the principle of what was actually happening was well known…the 6/24 split….Boris was not saying that spades are digging the dirt on all 40 right now…in fact even the 6 aren’t be physically built right now. This is the BBC playing with words to try and suggest Boris is lying….

    ‘The government pledged billions of pounds for hospital projects across England, at the start of the Conservative Party conference last month.
    A substantial amount of extra money would be needed to bring those plans to fruition.
    So it’s not correct to suggest that 40 new hospitals are currently being built.’

    Note that ‘A substantial amount of extra money would be needed to bring those plans to fruition.’…a sentence intended to cast doubt on the whole project and suggesting there will be no money, no hospitals.

    How different the BBC’s reporting on Labour ‘pledges and promises’….how much more positive and favourable is the BBC’s presentation and spin?…..Nowhere does it say dismissively ‘A substantial amount of extra money would be needed to bring those plans to fruition.’ as it reels off a list of Labour policy promises…


    General election 2019: Labour promises year of maternity pay

    ‘Labour is promising a “step-change” in women’s working rights if it wins the general election, pledging an increase in the length of statutory maternity pay from nine months to a year.

    The party also wants managers at large firms to be trained in supporting staff going through the menopause.

    And it is promising the right to choose flexible working when starting a job.

    Labour says it wants to transform the workplace for women.

    It’s a powerful statement of intent from the party.

    There’s no question there’s a challenge here to the other parties….Labour wants to be seen as the champion of working women. The rival parties will have to find ways to respond.

    No negative editorial from the BBC….a very positive one in fact…..why are the Tory plans to build 40 new hospitals not ‘a powerful statement of intent from the party….a challenge here to the other parties…The rival parties will have to find ways to respond.‘?

    The BBC is providing Labour with a massive platform to deliver its message pretty much unchallenged and unchecked, the BBC in fact not just reporting ‘straight’ but actually putting a positive spin on Labour’s words and policies….whilst hiding uncomfortable truths such as the extraordinary and damning accusations made by Ian Austin.


    • Fedup2 says:

      With or without the hard core BBC bias there does seem to be a bubble
      Win the day ‘ thing going on- which in my opinion adds nothing to the outcome … even for the fabled middle ground which in this election I believe doesn’t really figure . It’s morphed into strategic voting .

      Pictures of people lined up in hospital corridors will be great for Labour if / when it happens . But people won’t want the detail as to why patients are delayed in assessment and treatment at peak times – particularly when the staff are ‘temps ‘ and risk averse – ensuring every thing is noted . If people die in corridors it’s not their fault .
      That’s a construct which is the responsibility of both political partys.


  49. theisland says:

    Oh dear.
    A series of election ‘debates’ from our favourite impartial broadcaster.


    Hosted by Nick Robinson, Fiona Bruce and Emma Barnett.


  50. StewGreen says:

    Impartial BBC Radio4 man


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