Weekend Thread 2 November 2019

The Far Left Biased BBC busily on the campaign trial to get Comrade Corbyn / McDonnell the keys to number 10 . Will Labour and Liberal candidates get tough questions or will it be the routine ‘chat’?

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  1. petebogtrott says:

    Today england will give back pride in this country,win or lose. Its a pity our mp’s dont show the true grit of an english man in the same way. Also I’m first and will give it to every true brit,so that excludes any one from the BBC,scotland,etc


    • taffman says:

      “Its a pity our mp’s dont show the true grit of an english man in the same way”
      Its because many of them are not English or even British any more.


  2. Celtic_Mist says:


    • Doublethinker says:

      But what about Muslims in the army , airforce. They could be in charge of much deadlier weapons than police side arms. I certainly think it lunacy to put a Muslim in the cockpit of a modern fully armed RAF or Armee de l’air. But as the % of Muslims in the population steadily increases this is bound to happen. All part of the programme of Islamification that our leaders have devised for our country and continent.


  3. Not Gwent says:

    News front page (30,000 citizens assembly)

    “Finding solutions which are equitable and have public support will be crucial,”

    Having mob rule is not the way to claim public support. We have a representative democracy (and even occasional direct democracy) in the UK.

    I don’t want a citizens assembly representing me. That’s what parliament is for. No to unelected rule.

    This XR inspired garbage should never have seen the light of day. I didn’t vote for this. We need always to retain a system of representation that allows us all to kick our representatives out.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Toady watch

      Early morning comedy . The traitor Dominic Grieve , who as we all know has been working for a foreign power ( the ReichEU) to subvert democracy in Blighty , bleated this morning that a report about alleged Russian ‘interference ‘ in elections is being held up by the government .

      Anyone who knew what they were listening to would be laughing – as was I.


      • G says:

        Wasn’t that an interview though? The resident muslim (or black art back room boys) exercised the volume button repeatedly so the muslim could successfully talk over Leadsom, then the volume markedly increased for Leadsom’s replies. How do I know this? Well, I had my ears syringed yesterday.


        • Fedup2 says:

          ‘Some’ might have called it an interview – others would have called it an opportunity for one of the state broadcasters favourite traitors to pour more excrement on bojo – he he clearly hates .
          A proper interview would have raised the issue I raised in my previous post – that Grieve is more of a threat to UK democracy than any Russian troll .

          As for ear syringing . Isn’t it great ?


          • G says:

            “As for ear syringing . Isn’t it great ?”
            Problem is it highlights my derangement in thinking my cello playing is improving …………..


    • Guest Who says:

      Animal Farm 2 with Napoleon Hallam in charge?

      Only the BBC could feel this is worth pitching.

      I like secret ballots rather than marches, protests, polls, pundits, petitions and all the other irrelevant minority BS that gets the MSM excited and worthless politicians overreacting.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Odd. The bbc usually have lots of lawyers. This views my own lark can be awks.


  5. Guest Who says:

    You can take the man out of the bbc, but…

    Just posing questions…

    Very bbc.


    • john in cheshire says:

      It’s reminiscent of the Monty Python sketch in one of their films. If it walks like a duck etc.

      Well, Boris is a Russian name so, logically he must be a Russian agent. QED.


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        Good point, John – a career in the BBC awaits you after such great investigative ‘journalism’! Remember that Barack Hussein Obama is 2/3 a Muslim name, with b-r-k denoting the idea of blessing in Arabic and Hussein fitting the Islamic pattern too. Also, Obama sounds a bit like Osama, so he’s probably a terrorist, or something. Just saying. Same logic, after all.


  6. Guest Who says:

    No apologies for the OT as it so sums up the MSM, and I am sure the bbc will be gushing…

    #CCBGB from people not with their heads stuck up the bubble’s fundament.


  7. Foscari says:

    I am surprised that BBC TV are not showing a netball match in
    competition to ITV’S live coverage of the World Cup Rugby Final.
    Now that would really show diversity and positive discrimination
    BBC !!


  8. Doublethinker says:

    Steering away from the GE.I have watched the Prince Charles Duchy of Cornwall documentary on ITV . Quite a contrast to what I imagine the outcome would have been had it been made by the BBC. For a start there were few POC in the programme which was focused on Devon and Cornwall where there aren’t very many such people. But I imagine that bus loads , fully equipped with wellies , would have been imported by the BBC to fulfill the quota. Also , although global warming was mentioned it wasn’t forced relentlessly down the viewers throats as it would be on the corporation.
    I have to say on many of the issues that the Prince was going on about I am in agreement with him, love of countryside, the need to protect our flora and fauna, believing it necessary to protect English rural life and its traditions, detestation at much modern architecture . But I wonder if the Prince realises the conflict between the above beliefs and the relentless immigration driven population increase. Not only is there steady encroachment on the countryside and rural life but the immigrants don’t give a toss about Britain, it’s culture, it countryside, it’s flora and fauna. There is no point trying to protect rural Britain whilst at the same time filling the country with aliens who care nothing for it.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Quite so. And our History isn’t taught in our schools. From what I know, the school history curriculum starts and ends with selected aspects of World War 2.
      We have thousands of years of history and our struggles for freedom yet it is completely ignored. It’s no coincidence in my opinion. I’d wager that if any children were to know much, they know more about foreign history than ours and I’ll further wager they know the names of more US Presidents than English Prime Ministers. And they know nothing of the true nature of islam and it’s history of slave trading in Europe including the British Isles.


  9. Guest Who says:

    Via a link posted on ITTB:

    Wonder if John Sweeney will be investigating? As you do. Or not. As you don’t.

    Professional courtesy meets editorial integrity?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Strange how as state broadcaster employees who have been with that corruption for a long time adopt questionable activities – a suitably large ‘fee’ gets you a Simpson or Attenborough or Humphreys ….

      And in Simpson’s case he gets a job with the Malta tourist board .


  10. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Isn’t it a pity that with our voting system we have to vote to try and keep a party out instead of voting to get a party in.

    All this ‘vote Brexit get labour’ and similar stuff is making election voting a parody of democracy.

    When you think about it about three quarters of votes make no difference as it’s the swing constituencies which decides the government.

    PR means that at least all votes would count and you could vote for a party instead of against one.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Emmanuel, quite right, well said.

      It should be about the candidates for any constituency, their character, their experience, their qualities and the manifesto for the Party, if any, of which they are a member.

      While you are right about ‘swing constituencies’ any seat – however safe – can become a swing constituency.

      I have personal experience of two, now, and of course know of many others. Sadly, I’m old enough to remember Orpington (no, not the rail crash) and Wyre Forest would be a more recent ‘single/local issue’ example.

      Mind you, back then in the 1960s the Liberal Party still believed in Democracy and liberty unlike now.


    • Guest Who says:

      I vowed the last time was when I voted ‘least bad’ to get things back on track.

      I may have to do so again.

      By Grabthar’s Hammer, one day I will get my revenge!


  11. Guest Who says:

    BBC House Journal whistles up the dogs.

    Mixed, but some #CCBGB

    Will Botney and Carrie and Jeremy Vine be staying?


    • Up2snuff says:

      If the Beeboids are being paid via service companies then they have probably off-shored their loot already.

      Funny how the BBC is party to the Panama and Fossack Monseca papers but have not revealed how many BBC people are named there.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Ooops, correction department … before maxi gets here (mind you he never makes helpful corrections) ….. that last name should be Mossack Fonseca. Please pardon my spoonerism.

        While mentioning the dreaded maxi, our resident troll, maybe I could observe Nibor that you have a typo in your very helpful & informative post, below: it is TIR Carnets, not carpets. Never mind, gave me (and others, no doubt) a chuckle.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I’d think about going into the corrections business but my typing is too slow for my thinking so I make too many mishtakes ….


          • Up2snuff says:

            Steem ooh, Fed.

            I have the thing where I reverse letters in a word a lot. I take great comfort from a bit of medical research (just had to delete the extra ‘a’ before the ‘s’ before continuing) that suggested I’m less likely to get dementia because I type like that.

            Hope they are right.

            Left brain, right all bran, whatever. 🙂


        • Nibor says:

          Sorry Up2 . What I should have said is that the BBC thought freight came in on flying carpets , such was their interest when British drivers were doing the job .


    • Kaiser says:

      lol this just reminds me of the daft poverty statistics based % of average income

      if all the rich leave millions will be magically lifted out of poverty without receiving another single penny and the numb nuts in the labour party would be boasting about it.


    • digg says:

      Fine by me as long as they include Lineker and Vine


  12. Nibor says:

    Watch How the Trade Will Flow ; Brexit Lessons
    On BBC 1 in a fortnight next Tuesday at 8 pm .

    This is a documentary about how the lorries will be passing through Dover/ Calais and the other ports when/ if we have Brexit .
    Though like most things EU it’s about technicalities ; T Forms , TIR carpets , Triptex , 1926 convention on international driving , green card , inland customs clearance depots etc it’s not all doom and gloom . It points out the positives .
    For instance it shows the system of a Tesco’s RDC ( regional distribution centre ) in Southampton that receives and dispatches more varied trucks in a day than neighbouring Portsmouth Ro-Ro docks in a week – all done paperlessly where drivers of umpteen nationalities deliver and don’t even make eye contact with , never mind talk to , a Tesco’s employee or its agent .
    Of course there are the downsides . If there are any delays then 16000 drivers each day are held up at Dover alone and the haulage industry is on such low margins it could bankrupt many companies . At least the Bbc points out that these are foreign (EU) countries who are very worried about it . As EUrope goes into a recession that’s the last thing the ordinary folk want .
    The best bit is when the BBC tackles a high ranking EU official who admits he will still draw his salary and get a huge pension even if EU drivers and workers are laid off if the Powers That Be in the EU are intransigent . Priceless .

    No not really . The BBC. Won’t broadcast that. .


    • Up2snuff says:

      While we are on the subject of truckloads and Tesco, I have had some packaging sitting by my keyboard.

      The BBC have been very keen to listen to and promote Remainer’s scares about food shortages after Brexit, especially one with No Deal attached. It is worth checking where food actually originates. A well-known German supermarket sells a lot of British produce and is proud to proclaim that fact in its packaging. Some very tasty mange-tout were on offer recently: source – Lima, Peru. Another supermarket, normally boycotted by the Snuffy household but on this occasion on grounds of time & convenience supplied some excellent Maris Peer potatoes. The packaging states: ‘Grown in Norfolk, UK’.

      I posted on a Thread here a while back how these BBC food scares about a 31 October No-Deal-Brexit were nonsense because the nation’s diet changes markedly in the autumn and winter to home-grown root crops. A Stew Pack [named in honour of our Stew Green and his sterling efforts on this web-site? 😉 ] from the Iceland chain, lists: Carrot – UK, Swede – UK, Onion – UK and Parsnip – UK.

      Another Remain & BBC lie has been added to my list.

      For sure, if you wish to eat forced strawberries and forced lettuce then that may well be grown for you in the polytunnels of Almeria, Spain and may not get to the UK in sufficient quantities or may be at greater cost – but that is assuming our own Thanet Earth and other similar UK producers cannot cope with demand for those foods.

      A No-Deal-Brexit may cause short-term hiccoughs, shortages and difficulties but not on the scale that Project Fear suggests and has suggested in the past. Shortages and food and health scares have occurred while we are EU members, anyway.

      “Pass the hummus, please.”

      “Sorry luv. The hummus is off.”


  13. john in cheshire says:

    For me, this video from the We Got a Problem YouTube channel demonstrates that the Labour Party should now be called the Islamic Labour Party, though that’s not mentioned in the video. But look at who’s there and you’ll see what I mean. It’s 9 minutes long.

    Oh, and it was interesting that a Google search did not bring up this video for me, I had to use DuckDuckGo.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Listening to the state broadcaster 5live rugby commentary – I get the feeling the script is written for the Africans to win as they have eyes on some South African black player as a new version of ‘hero refugee ‘ Mohammed ‘No drugs’ Farah …..

    I might be wrong as I’ve never listened to a rugby commentary before – or indeed seen a whole game ….


  15. ScottishCalvin says:

    Been away on holiday but back now, here’s a doodle and thoughts on the past fortnight:


  16. digg says:

    Two outstanding examples of the disdain and contempt that brexit leaning citizens are viewed by the self-important classes.

    Tory departing Matthew Parris insulting everyone who believes in Brexit in an astonishingly narrow-minded fashion. They are all pretty much neanderthals and thugs in his opinion.

    Secondly The Guardian running a Georg Soros advertorial, basically admitting that he is using loads of cash to re-educate as all.


    This pompous crap makes me both angry and more determined…..


    • Beltane says:

      Parris makes his living from being spiteful, pretentious and conceited. God alone knows why he gets regular space to air his duplicity in the Spectator – except for the unintended benefit of making other contributors seem more balanced and mature. His opinions are valueless – as confirmed by his latest political decision. Nice to hope another companion in arms ‘Sir’ Alan Duncan might follow his lead and join farces with Chukka.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Beltane – the other bitter queer – Alan Duncan – has announced he is to spend more time with his bank balance as he knew he’d be wiped out in the election .

        As for Parris – the state broadcaster likes him because they know he will play be the rules and say the things they agree with . The same goes for Traitor Oborne – another journo in love with his own voice .

        All three think you – me – everyone they see as ‘below ‘ them – don’t deserve a vote because this stuff is all too complicated for the ‘lessers’.


      • Philip_2 says:

        Matthew Parris has had a regular spot in The Times for some time now. I usually ignore his smug musings. He is a green wet liberal snob, borderline conservative. So joining the Liberals is an obvious choice, drains the swamp a bit.


  17. Up2snuff says:

    ” Sir, your Press Secretary on the phone for you, Mr President.”

    “Hello, Stephanie. What can I do for you?”

    “Please Mr President, stay off Twitter.”


  18. chancygardner says:

    On the subject of posts promoting The Brexit Party on here, I don’t mind seeing them. They are just opinions, albeit oft stated, but influenced in part by the fact that al beeb virtually dismisses the status of the party with the electorate and any chances it has to get candidates into the HoC. It’s small wonder that the supporters have to cheer themselves.

    But let’s be honest about the ‘fear’ factor that could scupper TBP’s chances of getting MP’s elected. We have witnessed some of the most shocking attacks on our democracy over the last few years. If there was ever a time to vote tactically and ensure a strong Conservative majority to overwhelm the dangerous thickies in opposition, surely it is now. The fear of Corbyn or Swinson being anywhere near the position of PM is more disturbing than anything. The man is a maniac and the woman is punching well above her sweater weight.

    I must live in the most woke town in the universe, yet incredibly TBP managed to just beat the Greens in the MEP election. For me, voting TBP again might have some merit but I can fully understand others in other constituencies voting Tory even if they believe more in TBP because these are frightening times and it is not a good time to have inexperienced MP’s dealing with such heavy matters.

    All in my opinion of course!


  19. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Does anyone think the remoaners are playing some kind of game.
    I often hear them describing boris’s deal (which is only mays turd polished a bit) as a ‘hard brexit’ followed by the usual cliff edge and crashing out blatherings.
    Then we hear the illiberal antidemocrats saying Corbyn would take us out of the eu on a hard Brexit.

    We all know none of this is leaving yet they think that by calling these pathetic ‘deals’ a hard Brexit, they are fooling us into believing it is a hard Brexit which it certainly is not.

    Labour say they want to negotiate a deal and you can bet it will be worse than staying in with us still in the CU, ECJ and SM.
    The illibs will call this a hard Brexit.

    There is only one way to leave the eu and that is the one we voted for, no ifs, no buts, no CU, no ECJ, no SM.
    A clean Brexit.

    By calling all these other abominations of surrender deals Brexit they think they will trick us. The Tories are also guilty of this.

    The only person/party you can trust is Nigel and TBP.


  20. G.W.F. says:

    Celebrations at the BBC. Fracking banned, SA win a rugby game..


  21. vlad says:

    Our impartial Al-beeb are delighted to belittle Trump’s achievement in terminating Baghdadi.

    (Compare with their past adulation of O’barmy’s removal of Bin Laden.)

    “Trump and the US military: Friends or foe?”



  22. Fedup2 says:

    The other bit of good news from President Trump was that ‘pure’ Irish democrat great white hope for the presidency – one Beto O Rourke – real name Robert Francis Yaxley O Rourke – has withdrawn from the race . Apparently this false Latino ran out of both money and realistic policies .

    I think Mr Trump might have been secretly funding this disaster just for the fun . Obviously the state broadcaster mourns his loss and President Trump issued a less than sympathetic ‘adios’twitter to Beto ….


    • Doublethinker says:

      One down many more to go. The problem is that wokism has become a fashion amongst the ignorant which is easily and readily exploited by leftist politicians.


    • john in cheshire says:

      So, Beta Male O’Rourke has dropped out of the race. How very beta male of him, lol.


  23. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Regarding the rugby. (Rexit)

    I don’t agree with the result where we went crashing out over the cliff.

    I think it should be played again.

    I’m sure they will play differently next time.


    • Beltane says:

      Quite right Emmanuel. It was obvious the England team didn’t know what they were playing for, had no understanding of the rules and allowed racism to affect their judgement.
      A re-run of the game with the people to decide the outcome is the only democratic solution.


  24. Tabs says:

    BBC News Headline at noon…

    “South Africa win the World Cup with their first black captain. There are 6 black players on the team whereas last time they won they had one black player”



    • G.W.F. says:

      Yes, the colour of the SA captain’s skin is definitely black, black skin I tell you.

      Thank you BBC it is worth double the Licence fee to learn this important point about Rugby.


      • john in cheshire says:

        They probably have so many blacks on the team because white men have either been slaughtered by blacks or they’ve left to find a new life in Russia.


        • Scroblene says:

          ITV were showing the match, and on a couple of occasions, after some pretty good comments from proper players/observers, it was mentioned that the SA win would help that country join together in troubled times.

          I have several chums in SA, and while I hate seeing pics of their condos all razor-wired up, the underlying question is really, why stay there? If it takes a rugby game to help out, then so be it.


          • john in cheshire says:

            I lived in South Africa for a time and white South Africans, both English speaking and Afrikaans speaking, are wonderful people. None of them deserve what is happening to them or that the country they built has been stolen from them by barbarians and Communists.
            Instead of defending the whole non-white world it would be a refreshing change of the likes if the racist far-left bbc collective spent some of their time and energy exposing the iniquities of black racism and Communist deceit and violence.


  25. Jeff says:

    If you’re a bit of a media watcher these are interesting and amusing times.
    I had a quick gander at today’s Mail. The headline informs us that Boris doesn’t need Nigel. According to the Mail, voters are going to shun The Brexit Party and the Tories will win it on their own. Um, perhaps, but I don’t think so…
    Inside there are a couple of hit pieces on Farage and his team with terms like “Kamikaze Nigel” and “too big for his boots.” “Vanity and arrogance have got the better of him.”
    Despite the Mail telling us that the Tories are going to do it on their own and The Brexit Party are delusional, there’s also the stock warnings about Comrade Corbyn and his henchmen. “So does he (Nigel) want Corbyn in No10 and no Brexit?” asks Leo McKinstry. They seem to want it both ways.
    What particularly tickled me is the way Boris is now depicted in this organ of the Tory press. They show a photo of him with his fists clenched, looking dynamic, roaring our boys on in the rugby. He looks like a cross between Winston Churchill and John Bull.
    And yet this same rag, only a few months ago, was using phrases such as “honest, dutiful and full of integrity” to describe the appalling, weak and deceitful Theresa May. Her opponents were depicted as “political pygmies” “backstabbers” and “lightweights”. And the very same journalists who are now eulogising Boris referred to him then as an untrustworthy clown.
    Look, let’s be absolutely clear, the prospect of a Marxist government , led by a terrorist loving anti Semite fills me with dread.
    So, there no doubt that Boris will be a much better PM than the unspeakably appalling Jeremy Corbyn.
    But so would my old Aunt Agatha.
    And she’s dead…


    • Beltane says:

      Simply Geordie Grieg doing the job he was parachuted in for, Jeff. With Paul Dacre still in the chair the whole editorial slant would have been radically different – which of course was why he had to go.
      The concept of an impartial press with no government interference is quaint but sadly not borne out by reality.


  26. Invicta 1066 says:

    I watched an episode of celebrity Eggheads last evening. I had not heard of any of them, but that would be because they all worked on the BBCs CBeebies or something aimed I believe at younger folk.
    First one on was asked “ which county borders Cornwall and shares a national park?” Alternative answers were West Sussex, Suffolk or Devon.
    The answer given was West Sussex, Jeremy asked the rest of the team their thoughts, and they all agreed, that West Sussex was next to Cornwall!
    Did I mention the young lady from CBeebies , or whatever, had a degree in ……Geography?


    • chancygardner says:

      I put this down to a gradual change in what society needs from it’s working population. What to us, older folk, is a fundamental requirement, is simply not needed now. E.g. you don’t need to be well-mannered or drive a car in a courteous fashion. You don’t need to be able to use mental arithmetic when you have a calculator and who needs to know about counties when a sat-nav can guide you straight to your destination? Has anyone seen the film Idiocracy?


      • BRISSLES says:

        Well that lovely lady, (who has made a career out of nodding her head at every comment) June Sarpong – who has been given a prestigious job at the Beeb, believes that Peru is somewhere in the middle of Brazil. She was a contestant on Richard Osman’s quiz show on BBC2, and ‘thick’ didn’t cover her lack of intelligence. But it didn’t surprise me. I wonder what she thinks the initial’s M.B.E stand for.


        • Nodding Dog says:

          Well that lovely lady, (who has made a career out of nodding her head at every comment) June Sarpong
          They all bloody do it and it really gets on my t!ts.They must be taught it at interview school.Nod your head occasionally to show you’re listening but it all looks so false.I was talking with my manager at work last week and whilst he was telling me what needed to be done etc I stood there and listened and I didn’t act like a bloody ‘nodding dog’

          Mind you I did see an interviewer the other week who didn’t do it but she was interviewing someone who’s views didn’t exactly fit with the Beebs!


  27. StewGreen says:

    Your TV guide is wrong for Monday
    9pm Channel4 was supposed to showing a reality show where people try to smuggle ‘immigrant’ friends into Britain.
    Now it’s thought bad taste in light of 39 dying in the box.


  28. StewGreen says:

    PC Gone mad in Bideford


    • The General says:

      What a ‘white’ town in England !!!!


      • G.W.F. says:

        White Town Bideford.

        Some of the old houses near the sea were bleached white by the sun. Obviously work of the Klan and the Alt Right supported by Trump and Boris Johnson who insulted wimmin who look like letterboxes.

        On the other hand Bidford Black was mined in the area and was used for blacking dies for painting by artists etc.


    • BRISSLES says:

      The constants cries of ‘racism’ by all and sundry, is driving me nuts. Driven by the permanently offended, it only serves to make normally placid people (like me) to actually become ‘racist’, and to start seeing with new eyes what probably didn’t bother us before in decades past.

      This country has never had as many mixed race peoples inhabiting these shores in all of our history as there are now, – is this my fault ? er no ? so I’m sick of being lumped into a white middle aged group – that, according to every BAME who takes to the airwaves, they hold responsible for their ‘plight’.


  29. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “My scars aren’t monstrous.”

    This burns survivor wants you to think carefully about your Halloween costume this weekend.


    …aaaaaaaaaandddddd… guess what?!


  30. StewGreen says:

    BBC is the Keystone Stone cops
    First they are essentially suing themselves over women’s pay, with the licence payers funding the lawyers.
    Now it’s just wasted more money taking out an injunction against itself.
    The NUJ compliled a list of 113 women, the BBC then submitted that list in its court evidence, but now says the list has to be secret. Paper published some names yesterday, but the injunction now prevents then naming more.


    • StewGreen says:

      R4 The Now Show comedienne made a big thing of NewsWatch and Points of View being almost the same show

      POV on BBC1 had 2m viewers when Vine was appointed to take over from Terry Wogan, hence the salary

      NW on bbcNews Channel had 100,000 viewers when Ahmed was appointed on the SAME salary as what Ray Snoddy got

      So Ray Snoddy needs big backpay cos he was paid a fraction of what Wogan was paid.
      Now NewsWatch is repeated on Saturday BBC Breakfast so a potential 1.5m extra viewers

      POV had 18 presenters, 8 were women
      and all those presenters men and women earned about half what Vine got.


  31. Guest Who says:

    Newsbeat clearly wingpersoning for Bercow…

    ‘Short guys often complain that it’s hard to find a woman – I’ve never felt that way’

    Men share their experiences of dating women who are taller than them.


  32. StewGreen says:

    Has the BBC mentioned Huddersfield ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Ah yes in Leeds news
      Again it’s Judge Geoffrey Marson
      “Zaman has absconded and is believed to be in Pakistan, the court heard”


    • theisland says:


      Five ‘men’ jailed.
      Judge Marson told the court it involved “a large number of men, principally Asian men”


      • Fedup2 says:

        Makes you wonder if there is any of those third worlders who doesn’t rape and assault white girls….
        Don’t hear much from the ‘ community ‘ about this do we .?


        • john in cheshire says:

          That’s the problem as I see it, too.
          There may be Paklanders who don’t kidnap, rape, torture and murder our children but how do you do distinguish between those who don’t and what appears to be the majority who do.
          The best solution is to deport them all, just to be sure and safe.


          • StewGreen says:

            @John Steady on with 5,000 victims raped multiple times
            is horrendous
            It’s not the same as murder, … maybe it’s worse.
            However most perps seem to have multiple victims. So it doesn’t seem to be 100,000 perps.
            So it is not the majority
            However disturbing thing is that many more people must have known , but very few chose to speak up, so the cover up does seem huge.
            Perhaps some did speak up secretly, but generally the community didn’t.


  33. StewGreen says:

    The commercial sphere already has Fantasy Football competitions
    but the BBC want to wade in


  34. StewGreen says:

    Big surprise from Matthew Parris …NOT
    “I’m leaving the Tories & voting @LibDems
    The party I joined 50 yrs ago … has been taken over by an ugly cult”


  35. StewGreen says:

    Brighton police aren’t busy chasing knife crime.
    They are busy looking for a guy
    Vegan activists were busy invading restaurants
    .. a guy dining with his family got up and punch a blonde.
    But police are looking for her to, cos when the protesters invaded the next restaurant, she punched a member of staff.

    Bottomline invasion is not protest, so if a guy ejects you . he is doing a public service.


  36. theisland says:

    Alternative for Germany, a far-right party, received more than 17% of the vote in city council elections this year.
    Last year, a series of far-right rallies took place in nearby Chemnitz after a German citizen was stabbed in a fight with two asylum seekers.

    The bBC have the ‘story’ now

    What is a ‘Nazi emergency’?
    “‘Nazinotstand’ means – similar to the climate emergency – that we have a serious problem. The open democratic society is threatened,” local councillor Max Aschenbach, who tabled the motion, told the BBC.

    The resolution acknowledges that “right-wing extremist attitudes and actions… are occurring with increasing frequency” and calls on the city to help victims of far-right violence, protect minorities and strengthen democracy.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      The similarity is that the “Nazi emergency” and the “climate emergency” are both fakes. They are the result of the corrupt relationship between the left wing establishment and the left wing media, which seek to set the acceptable limits of discussion and prevent any challenge to their left wing world view.

      Sadly for them, we don’t believe their lies any more.


      • G says:

        Meanwhile, in the US…………….

        How long for it to seriously catch on over here?


  37. Thoughtful says:

    The BBC are spending inordinate amounts of TV taxpayers money on producing the most expensive series they have ever aired.

    I have no problem with them producing high quality drama, providing it works, is saleable, the public want it and there isn’t the usual leftist message and yes you guessed it, it’s likely to tick all the wrong boxes.

    The chose to produce his dark materials by Philip Pullman an anti religion at best, anti Christian at work trilogy:

    Cynthia Grenier, in the Catholic Culture, said: “In the world of Pullman, God Himself (the Authority) is a merciless tyrant. His Church is an instrument of oppression, and true heroism consists of overthrowing both”.

    Pullman expressed surprise over what he considered to be a relatively low level of criticism for His Dark Materials on religious grounds, saying ” My books are about killing God”

    The series has cost a reported £50 million, and even the Guardian has noted the horrible PC content right from the get go:


    “You can tell you are in another world because there, in that wild universe, the master of the Oxford college is black”

    Of course he is, and it is another world, because the BBC hates this one in the UK so much!

    But it gets worse because in only 2007 Hollywood made the first in the series, the Golden compass with a budget of $180 million and with big name stars like Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig. Split across the three series this means that despite the BBC spending more than ever before they are putting up just £17 million against £140 million 12 years ago ( increase for inflation).

    There was no sequel produced for the films because of the dissapointing revenues at the box office, which begs several questions, not least of which is why try to reinvent the wheel with only around one tenth of the original budget, and why especially given the lack of worldwide interest in the subject matter?

    There are so many stories out there – choosing this one is a little like the BBC chosing to remake Lord of the Rings with only a tenth of the budget, save it’s worse because LotR was a box office success.

    The cult BBC Christmas series “The Box of Delights” could really do with a make over, but given it’s 1920s predominantly white setting and the BBCs Nazi anti White race hate it’s hardly likely to happen.

    I cannot see the BBCs production being able to hold a candle to the $180 million Golden Compass, and I honestly believe this most exorbitant production needs its own thread.

    It airs this Sunday 3rd November at 8:00pm


    • Fedup2 says:

      Evening standard reports that one mark lancaster traitor Tory MP is standing down because it’s ‘nasty’ .
      The report doesn’t mention his constituency was leave and he is a traitor Remainer .

      I’m thinking the state broadcaster won’t be interviewing too many of this 50 plus list of traitors who may have finally realised that by playing their anti democratic games in the traitor commons they have signed their own political death warrants .

      There must be a price to pay for what they have done. This post sounds angry because I’m being deprived of seeing these traitors lose their seat at the election count .


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      “It airs this Sunday 3rd November at 8:00pm”

      That is unfortunate, that is the exact date and time I had set aside to watch some paint dry.


  38. Guest Who says:

    There’s random, and then there’s…

    No wonder the BBC offers every bonkers ngo a platform in guise of reporting.


  39. Guest Who says:


    Exciting times?

    Not, in all probability, if you are still a TVL-hostage.


  40. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On all media outlets, not just the bbbc, we leavers are supposed to be a bit simple and that we didn’t know what we were voting for.

    When you look at the supposed brexit ‘deals’ we are looking likely to be lumbered with you have to wonder why remainers want to stay in the eu.

    There are so many reasons for leaving which are real positives for us, I don’t need to list them as we (on here) are all aware of them, but each reason gives so many good outcomes for us. Think fish or world trade for examples but there are so many.

    The eu is NOT free trade, it costs us many many £billions each year and that sum is due to possibly double as we lose the rebate and as well as that the contributions are set to go up as well.

    So many reasons to leave and so few to stay yet we are the ones who are supposed to be thick and stupid.

    Oh for an impartial tv station which would publicise these truths instead of the mass anti Brexit rubbish we are stuck with.
    Fox UK would be brilliant but just one impartial channel would do.


  41. Doobster78 says:

    Nick tried again , to make a issue out of nothing , as is the BBC way, but, thankfully, plenty of folk saw through his crappy little gender baiting tweet.

    As standard, CCBGB


  42. Edited Highlights says:

    The BBC enjoying their win over England in the Rugby World Cup Final. Devoting 7 out of 10 minutes on the evening ‘news’ bulletin to celebrating their favourite team winning the final.

    Their favourite team is anyone playing England!

    They couldn’t resist a good old BBC sneer at the England fans either:

    ‘The British Beer and Pub Association had predicted an extra million pints would be sold today if England had been victorious. It’s not known how many more are likely to be drunk as fans drown their sorrows.’


    • Foscari says:

      Highlights-The BBC diversity and positive discrimination depts
      have said that the would support England if there were less Caucasion men playing in the team and that there was a fair quota of women
      and ethnic minorities playing in the 15.. Until then the BBC TV would only
      show women’s netball and the like, live.


      • taffman says:

        Edited Highlight
        “South Africa: World Cup win a reminder of country’s change”
        And what about the white farmers of South Africa ?


        • Beltane says:

          In all the excitement generated by the South African win, why is the 25 minute delay for the England team coach not discussed?
          Probably sour grapes to think it was engineered – even though, oddly enough, the same thing happened the week before, only for a few minutes. Ah well. Best left then.


  43. Guest Who says:

    As Newsnight is now a joke I was going to sail past this but…. #CCBGB

    And then, tomorrow, is Marr.


  44. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Dresden has declared a “Nazi emergency”, saying it has a serious problem with the far right.


    Boy, comments could really be going better.

    Seems what the BBC is trying to create might not be reflected on the ground.


  45. tapwatertory says:

    Tell this little poppet.


    • Fedup2 says:

      For those who still watch it …

      Nigel Farage is on Marr on Sunday morning – let’s hope Nigel doesn’t get caught smiling ….

      Special prize for guessing the questions …

      Are you still paid by the Russians?

      You’re going to sell the NHS and kill everyone over 50 arnt you ?


    • BRISSLES says:

      I understand this ‘poor baby’ is only 22. Just 3 years younger than when Wing Commander Guy Gibson took to the sky in WW2, defying flack and certain death, when undertaking the bombing of dams in Germany.

      Just look at that face, it epitomises how wrapping his generation in cotton wool since childhood, has ensured they don’t mature until they’re about 40. Even National Service would be useless for this lot, as they’d be on the phone to Mum or suing the system before they’d completed the first 36 hours !

      Men, as we used to know them as a strong species, are now just a distant memory, sadly. I blame in part, the skirted Beckham, who made it ok to wear hairbands, use skin products and compete for time in the bathroom.

      Some of us still lust for the Burt Lancaster moment of rolling around in the surf !


      • TrickCyclist says:

        Why do these reality show people all sound alike? He sounds just like that oaf Gemma Collins.
        Talking of the young ages of heroes like Guy Gibson, Brissles, look at this portrait of RN officer Peter Rainier, on display at the Queen’s House in Greenwich. I believe Rainier was already commanding a ship when artist Thomas Hickey painted this.



        • BRISSLES says:

          Quite so Trick. In today’s world he would have bought the jacket from a charity shop and be headed off to a fancy dress bash with his mates, and be totally unaware of the significance of the uniform, except that it ‘looks nice’.


        • BRISSLES says:

          Quite so Trick. In today’s world he would have bought the jacket from a charity shop and be headed off to a fancy dress bash with his mates, and be totally unaware of the significance of the uniform, except that it ‘looks nice’.


      • dfhunter says:

        can’t watch the vid for some reason, has it been pulled?

        to much sand in sensitive area’s can be a pain!!!


  46. Guest Who says:

    The BBC seem quite excited about this.


    Easy to see why;

    “Once participants are selected, the assembly will meet next year, with the outcome of their discussions reported back to Parliament.”

    So, just like a Newsnight panel or QT audience.



    • john in cheshire says:

      I haven’t watched this because I don’t deliberately visit any racist far-left bbc trash. But is this about them holding a 28gate part 2 event?

      If so, is Christopher Monckton invited or Nigel Lawson.

      What about the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a prime seat at the table.

      Perhaps they’ve invited Michael Mann to give the keynote address. And to demonstrate their notoriously celebrated impartiality, I’m sure they’ll invite Mark Steyn to debate Mr Mann about his hockey stick graph.


    • dfhunter says:

      @Guest Who – from your BBC link –
      “Citizens’ assemblies have been used in a number of countries around the world.
      In Ireland, a panel of 99 people was established in 2016 to look at a range of political questions, including abortion. They recommended that the country should overturn its ban and suggested a referendum, which went on to support repeal.
      In Canada and the Netherlands, the approach has been used to discuss electoral reform.”

      so that’s 3 then & not relevant to what is proposed in the UK!!!


  47. Celtic_Mist says:

    A bit dismayed over the on-going disagreement between the parties on whether or not the Boris deal could lead to a real brexit.

    Annoyed that these ‘loopholes’ weren’t taken up and wondering if it’s too late have the ‘request for an extension’ declared illegal?



  48. Philip_2 says:

    Meanwhile:The BBC are hoping to re-finance themselves using over 75’s TV license fee (coming though the letterbox of a family member near you!, I have mine for an elderly member who won’t be paying the extortion tax, as he is too old to go to Jail – and having just come out of the local Hospital, hopefully will not notice that BBC buttons (1,2,3) have been glued down. Plus the fact being ‘blind’ cuts no ice with the BBC, the real blind are much better served on the RNIB (a proper service)(radio).

    Anyway the BBC have a cunning plan,… with all that money coming in (from the over 75’s)
    i.e. the new BBC TV license for the pensioners is in full swing, sway and prescribed under medication. That is following on from the recent warning by OFCOM that the under 24’s are not attracted to anything on the BBC – (since CBBC left them with acute memory loss). The ‘Millennials’ (as they are known collectively), suffer a rare form of dementia that precludes them having to pay for anything. And then culturally, racially and financially, the ‘old brit white man’ paid for everything in the BBC and in those days, actually had proper programming, less hysterical news stories, had ‘gravitas’ (instead of lightweight fairy cakes). Managers stuffed with old Etonians (who never made into the civil-service, military or cut it as Politicians) as their sexual orientation was as yet, undefined. But so very well paid, as if its almost as if they have invented the National Lottery, premium bonds and Morning Star (now called The Grauniad) on a good day news is win-win-win as in false, false and false.. But can you prove a double negative, i.e. if the Guardians says its true (for the BBC) it must be… ‘credible’ news! Oh how the BBC must squirm reading their own tabloid…

    Age discrimination – surely NOT at the BBC?
    Now the cutting edge, (but threadbare) BBC are to offer the under 24’s, their very own BBC ‘play-station’ and what more spending £100,000,000 on a new BBC ad promotion targeted at this age group who have gone slightly ‘deaf’ towards the threat to pay the dreaded BBC license fee (on every University campus), when far better fare costing half as much is easier). As a former penniless student, myself (a long time ago), never would I even think of paying for a TV license, or even a BBC subscription service. It would be perverse.. you know a bit ‘odd’, a bit ‘limp’ as they say. In the same way that ‘The Gruaniad ‘ (sic) has also failed to attract the under 24’s to actually pay for the NEWS of ‘green worship’, the ‘racial’ stereotypes, the sexually ‘obscure and deranged’ and the dangers of the fruit fly due to ‘disappearing habitat’. That would be Global Warming dear, but it could also be (shortly) Global cooling, as nobody knows at the BBC because (its a FACT) – the Science is settled. To state otherwise is Blasphemy. The Earth is FLAT and thats it – you suckers.. pay the damn License fee! The Earth is, as we said, (like) FLAT, man. Pass the COCAINE (snort)..

    Except its not happening. The under 24’s are not watching. The over 75’s are deaf (or blind), and even if partially deaf are tuned into better services on Amazon and Netflix, thanks to the over 24’s telling the old ‘paps’ that they had better move with the times and ditch the TV license. Its a FACT, they would say the BBC is ‘w-i-e-r-d’.
    They have all turned OFF the BBC. Except the Liberals in ORANGE (hand waving high fives) in silence. (they are happy with BBC endorsements).

    Its all about YOUR age:
    The Old: (old has beans)
    The Young: (totally lost)

    So that just leave the old frail and alone to watch the BBC ‘News’ torture – as a form of nervous habit. Those over lip-sticked, wide eyed horses of indifferent breed and complexions. Prattling on about impending ‘crisis’ i.e. Boris, alarm ‘everything’ and the NHS ‘funding’ (even when paid more), whilst they go on strike for the same wage as Jeremy Vine at just £3,000 per episode. The only qualification is that they use the same ‘Shampoo’ as on the ITV Ads which states that ‘ they are worth it’. Indeed they are. All of them. I suggest a communal wage for the entire BBC staff along ‘communal lines’ divided by the income of the huge increase in UK viewers (not possible as it has fallen drastically) over the past ten years. That should work out at about 3p each, give or take million quid – they owe back to the British public for gross incompetence, negligence, sexual harassment, racial stereotyping, belligerent (and overt) political gerrymandering, age discrimination (over 75’s) and forever pandering (expectantly) to under 24, who will never pay the TV license.

    Plan B.
    So a new BBC online ‘Game-boy’ for those under 24’s should go down well. Not that it will work either, the BBC are so desperate that it will pull in the (young) punters. We’ll see, but I doubt it. Not if parents have to pay for it, under threat of Jail. And that is the ONLY thing that works in favor for the BBC. For those stuck in between and actually having a job, to pay for those to sneer at us.

    Will a million quid of ‘diversity’ advertising work, change anything? The Times (today) Corporation planning £1.2 m game as it cuts free licences
 And where do they (suddenly) get all that money from? (guess).

    After all they have a lot of debt, mostly painted ‘Wimmin’ claiming HUGE, (HUGE) ‘underpayments’ for doing what they are told to do (by men – mostly).
    The Times (today): BBC races to hide names of 113 woman in pay complaint

    Communal pay is the only answer! Marx was right (the BBC has all the answers, as the ‘Science is settled’, so that’s ‘equal-pay’ for all (including Lord Haw Haw). I somehow doubt that very much. His salary is settled, that’s a fact. And he won’t be paying for his (over 75) TV license either. What a shower.


    • taffman says:

      Scrap it and make it ‘pay by subscription’ only.
      Here is the new slogan for you all “Don’t watch don’t pay”.
      I don’t, do you ?
      Simples .


  49. taffman says:

    “Former Conservative cabinet minister Stephen Dorrell has announced he will stand in the general election as a Liberal Democrat.”
    At the risk of “boring” Captain Panic, how many more Tory defectors does it take to persuade people to consider The Brexit Party in the forthcoming general election ?


    • Captain Panick says:

      Taffman, you haven’t bored me this time with your comment about the trougher Dorrell. It is a prime example of BBC Bias by omission. The following is part of a Wikki entry on him.

      Expenses investigation over “secret flat rent deal” with care home owners[edit]
      In November 2012 Dorrell was reported to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) after arranging to sell his London flat to “friends” who owned a chain of nursing homes, subsequently renting it back at £1,400 a month, funded by the taxpayer. His impartiality as chairman was questioned as the Health Select Committee was investigating social care, and some of the chain’s nursing homes had been criticised by the Care Quality Commission. Committee members were not aware of the financial connection. David Cameron refused to get involved, saying it was a matter for IPSA. IPSA said that the rules banned MPs from renting from family members, not from friends.[7]

      Standing down from Parliament[edit]
      In November 2014, he surprised local party members and staff by announcing his future retirement from the House to take a job with consultancy KPMG in “a senior role supporting their health and public service practice…”. The role, he said, was “incompatible with seeking re-election to the House of Commons”. Fellow Leicestershire Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen also expressed surprise, but said that the prestige of Parliament had fallen since the expenses scandal, and a number of experienced MPs were leaving. Neighbouring Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan described him as “a really important political figure in Leicestershire since 1979. He has been a great support to me”. She denied claims she would stand in Dorrell’s Charnwood seat (rather than Loughborough) at the 2015 general election, saying that these were “rumour-mongering” by members of the Labour Party. (In May 2015 she held the Loughborough seat with an increased majority.)

      The Labour candidate for Charnwood, Sean Kelly Walsh, paid tribute to Dorrell’s long service and constituency work, as well as his roles as Secretary of State for Health and chairman of the Health Affairs Select Committee.[8]

      Resignation call over conflict of interest[edit]
      In December 2014, Dorrell was criticised for alleged conflict of interest when it became clear that he would be working both as an MP and KPMG consultant for six months until the election, and that KPMG were considering bidding for a £1 billion NHS contract. Pointing out that Dorrell had previously admitted the two roles were incompatible, Dr Clive Peedell, co-leader of the National Health Action Party, called for him to resign from one of the posts. Dorrell responded saying no issues were raised as he was not seeking re-election.[9]

      In January 2015, a group of six pensioners, who called at Dorrell’s offices in Thurmaston to hand in a 2,286 signature petition calling on him to resign, were told they were trespassing and the police would be called. Hanif Asmal, Chairman of Charnwood Conservative Association claimed police were called as the group didn’t have an appointment.[10]

      According to The Daily Telegraph, Dorrell’s extra-parliamentary work took up 1,736 hours, or 33.4 hours per week, in 2014.[11] The Telegraph also stated he voted in 63% of opportunities in Parliament, ranking him 517 out of 650 MPs.[12]

      Criticisms of business practice[edit]
      Dorrell has been criticised for his actions when, in 2009, his family-owned firm went into a prepack administration, a “controversial” but legal procedure which the Government’s Insolvency Service said was “mocking rules”.[13] David Blake, Director of the Cass Business School in London, believes the method is used to dump pension fund liabilities.[14] The controversy may have deterred David Cameron from inviting Dorrell to join the Front Bench.[13] His stake was in clothing company, Faithful, a family business established in the 19th century which made blue collar workwear in Worcester.[15] Finance Director Steve Hall reported the company had been quite profitable until 2004 when it was split between Dorrell and his brother.[15] By 2005, after loss-making acquisitions, the company pensions deficit was almost £3 million. The pension scheme was changed to money purchase, and the factory site was pledged to support it.[15] However, when the site was sold, some of the money was used to buy another business, and the firm was bought by stock market-listed Wensum.[15] None of the money was paid into the pension scheme.[15] Per Dorrell, the scheme then required 10% of annual turnover, making (debt or equity) restructuring (by financiers) impossible.[15] An independent trustee was appointed, the pension fund received nothing and Wensum continued as a company.[15] In May 2009, Wensum was put into a prepack administration which allowed a new company, GG125, to acquire Wensum’s assets for £7.9 million, whilst leaving its debts unpaid.[16]

      GG125 was then renamed Wensum Group Limited.[16] The deal was completed in a day, Dorrell receiving a director salary (increased to £200,000 in September 2009) plus 15% share ownership in the new company.[15][17] As company contributions had ceased, the workers were put into the Pension Protection Fund (PPF), which caps (often reducing) personal payouts and tends to erode with inflation.[15] Hall expected 30–40% pension loss to him as such.[14] Dorrell and his wife had already withdrawn their pensions.[15] Dorrell claimed he had lost £550,000 because of the failure and that the alternative to the prepack would have offered less.[13]

      The prepack was criticised as “completely immoral”, and inappropriate for listed companies, by a South African creditor, LA group. It had sold a clothing manufacturer to Wensum in May 2009 for Wensum shares which became worthless and ceased after the prepack.[16] Another Wensum shareholder compared the deal to a “spider eviscerating a fly it has caught, taking all the good bits, then dropping the useless carcass, which is the creditors, the shareholders and of course the taxpayer”.[13]

      After Parliament[edit]
      He was reckoned by the Health Service Journal to be the 24th most influential person in the English NHS in 2015 after he became Chair of the NHS Confederation.[18]

      In 2016 he became Chair of the European Movement UK, succeeding Richard Corbett, in order to lead its campaign to stop Brexit.

      In 2018, Dorrell became a committee member of the Tories Against Brexit campaign, which is run by Citizens4Britain.org. He also became the chair of healthcare consultancy LaingBuisson.[19]

      He became a supporter of Change UK in 2019.[20] He stood for the party in the 2019 European Parliament elections in the constituency of the West Midlands.[21]

      He will stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Buckingham to succeed former Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, having joined the Lib Dems in August from Change UK.[22]


  50. taffman says:

    “Winds exceeding speeds of 80mph have caused damage to property and transport disruption across parts of the UK.”
    Have I missed something or have they forgotten to give this storm a name?
    Perhaps they have run out of names ?


    • Non Snowflake says:



    • dfhunter says:

      Farty Mc Fartface is coming, head for the nearest bar!!
      never seen weather like it in all my 60yrs said a 20yr old gent as he served me a pint of stella.