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  1. Will Jones says:

    Surely not?


    • Will Jones says:

      OMG. Another first. I’m not worthy. As usual I want to thank my parents and the members of the Academy and of course our tireless host, Fedup2 who keeps this site running so smoothly.

      I’m just kidding about the first two but I’m serious about Fedup2.
      Many thanks and well done.


  2. Woolwich says:

    Second? On a Thursday??


  3. TrueToo says:


    So much bias? This is true. If BBC bias ever gets comprehensively chronicled, it would fill a library all on its own. This is the BBC’s contribution to humanity – voluminous bias pumped out worldwide from the narrowest of left-wing perspectives in order to indoctrinate those who are easily led.

    Well, I guess from the point of view of BBC hacks it’s something to be proud of.

    Just as well that people who contribute here are made of sterner stuff.


  4. Doobster78 says:

    The BBC have found a Belgium MEP to slag Boris off !!! Talk about scraping the barrel !!!!!

    I detest the BBC , I really do !!!

    Belgian MEP: PM has ‘humiliated’ the Parliament he now needs

    BBC Radio 5 Live

    The final say on a Brexit deal should be had by the British people, says Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts, adding that he doubts Boris Johnson’s deal can pass in Parliament.

    “I’ll believe it when I see it,” he says.

    “When I see how offensive Boris Johnson has been to 21 rebels that he sacked quite brutally three weeks ago, when I see how he has dealt with Parliament – humiliating Parliament, ridiculing Parliament, sidelining Parliament – it’s that Parliament that he now needs. I’m not sure that the spirit in the Parliament will be inclined to be nice to Mr Johnson.”


    • john in cheshire says:

      I don’t suppose anyone asked the Belgian for his thoughts on Marc Dutroux?

      People in glass houses, motes and beams etc.


  5. Fedup2 says:

    Greetings – I’ve kind of worked out that 150 ish entries a day on this site is about the average – but with events comes more comments . There can sometimes be a tendency to just stick some ‘outrageous ‘ bias on without seeing whether anyone else has already started the comments on it . But that’s small beer compared to the inevitable trolls …


    • TrueToo says:

      Hi, Fedup2,

      Yes, I’ve done that as well – commenting without going right through the thread and therefore duplicating something.

      Been quite crazy lately – short of time. But I did manage to do some modest modding a day or two ago regarding people calling for the execution of members of the traitor class. This endangers the individuals making the calls and the site in general as the UK edges towards a police state.


      • Halifax says:

        Are we still allowed to mention Jo Swinson and tight jumpers in the same sentence ? I need guidance….


        • Fedup2 says:

          Yes you are allowed to mention ms Swinson . However you are not allowed to mention ‘ tight jumpers’ in the same sentence ….maybe …


          • G.W.F. says:


            Thanks for the warning. I have decided to withhold a reference to Ms Swinson I saw among Guido comments, which described her in two words, the first was Moon.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Halifax, only if you are of General rank or above. 😉


  6. theleftwilleatitself says:

    Are al beeb happy or are the ERG happy?


  7. TrueToo says:

    I have to bid you farewell for now as I’m two hours ahead of you guys and I need my beauty sleep …er, or something.


  8. Siempre Recht says:

    I see a lot of the comments here, quite rightly, are about Brexit, but I am trying to take a wider view with this post. For example, I tried, honestly, to give the BBC a chance earlier tonight, but instead, became a madman, swearing and threatening to kick the TV in. First up, the Hairy Bikers, in Northern Arizona University (NAU) – of course they had to select 2 minorities to explain to them, about all the Amazon? delivery cartons on the campus. 2nd up, the Jools Holland show (at least the info about it on the TV guide). I don’t particularly care for the guy, but tonight, besides the incredibly overrated Mark Ronson (why?), there are 5 Females on the show, all making their first appearances. Who gives a toss! Finally, I switch on Watchdog, only to find a dike and disabled person presenting. Really? Is this ALL they effin care about?

    On another point, what is “their” endgame here? Yes, I know, I don’t have to watch their crap, but on the another hand, I pay for it! How can this situation possibly become any worse? An obliteration of all white guys? Putting us into camps to re-educate us? Just what. My only hope, due to a fascinating TED lecture (though am not of fan of TED as well) on the future of advertising money / revenue. According to this one expert (backed by facts), he felt that it is completely old school to be, nowadays, paying for TV ads, and thinks in the VERY near future, it will be all on the internet. Thus starving (not the BBC though) the leftist / globalists, of needed ad revenue. With this being sent to the internet, at least there is a more balanced viewpoint, since lately, the internet is the ONLY place I can go to find actual news, as opposed to the propaganda in the MSM. Any thoughts?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’ve just seen the 10pm news from the state broadcaster which paints a picture of a glowing PM. If this line is followed then come Saturday if the traitors line up against him and kill the ‘ sell out’ – even with a suggestion from the EU of no further A50 extensions – then those traitor MPs will have dug an even deeper hole.

      Is my read right ?

      Is this Cummings playing out his chess game . ?

      Will we land up with the DUP and SNP lining up with the government to try and get enough votes to trigger a General Election ?

      I think matters are so grave that the state broadcaster is attempting to play with almost a straight bat – although it has done some project fear bridge work going on about a shortage of dentists because of Brexit .

      Q the puns


    • Oaknash says:

      SR – “The BBC Endgame” You must remember the BBC is dominated by metropolitan, luvvy, metro-sexual types and some very unpleasant Cultural Marxist, Common Purpose “Graduates”

      The Common Purpose types doing their best to prioritise/normalise any perversion/resentment/cause which de-stabilises our society and dissembles our culture so eventually there is chaos and like a phoenix from the ashes the Cultural Matrxist types will suddenly “appear” to lead us in a benign dictatorship. The luvvies of course will just jump on any ridiculous bandwagon as these vain and vapid individuals are just desperate to stay in the public eye and see it as fashionable and edgy.

      I tried to listen last week to the “Wimmins Hour” last week (which I detailed here) and lasted just two minutes before hitting my “BBC friend” the “off” button whilst releasing assorted expletives.

      I personally gave up the TV license over ten years ago, and would recommend you do the same. It seems a very expensive way to be told we are all unpleasant, selfish racists – whereas at least if you just listen to the BBC radio they will do it for free!


    • Woolwich says:

      I saw the listing on the Sky Planner for Joolz Holland and rolled my eyes. Would they ever create a show and advertise it as having 5 men? Of course not. And not just 5 women but 5 women making their first appearance, so basically nobodies and without even watching I’m pretty sure I can accurately guess what they sounded like as well as the smug looks on the faces of the audience as they applauded. The people who make this programme, and the people who watch it, are more interested in WHAT a performer is or represents, not in what they do or the quality thereof.
      I’ve cultivated a mindset now that means when I see certain programmes, films, or (in the case of ITV Be) entire channels I say to myself “it’s not made for me” and I move on. It’s just a shame that as time passes I find myself saying that more frequently.
      But because this is about the BBC and I’m not afraid to share my opinion, Joolz Holland, So What? Hardly a flagship programme, anchored on BBC2 somewhere between 10pm and 11pm and not to the best of my knowledge on a specific night of the week. It’s hardly Top Of The Pops (7.30 on Thursday) or his other show The Tube (5.30 Friday, The Weekend Starts Here!!!). And the thing with both of those programmes is that you watched them for obvious reasons. With his nighttime luvvie show people need to explain to you why you should watch it, or explain to others why they watched it. An exercise in musical snobbery and virtue signalling. However something the BBC/Sky have got right is making ALL UK BBC channels available on the Sky box. I’m proud to say that not a single person I’ve told the following now watches the pre recorded Hootenanny on New Year’s Eve. Have a look for the BBC Scotland channel in the upper reaches of iirc the 900 channel numbers. Live fairly traditional Scottish Hogmanay fare, memorably a few years back we saw New Year in with a concert by the newly reformed original line up of the Bay City Rollers.
      As you can guess, I’m no fan of the Joolz Holland show.


  9. The General says:

    Watching Question Time. Mat Hancock’s contributions met with total silence by the obviously ‘selected’ audience.
    How come all the opinion polls show Conservatives well ahead of Labour yet the BBC programs have audiences whose majority are violently opposed to them.
    Only three people in the audience support Boris’ deal.


  10. Dystopian says:

    Has anyone seen the interview with Junkner where he reprimanded the (BBC?) journalist, who then apologises profusely (as they would never do to a British politician)?

    Who does this drunken old fool think he is really!

    I’m not sure how to embed the clip but it can be found here;



    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      Dyst. Yes I have just heard that via RNZ midday news round up. It was an embarrassing moment. I cringed. Then I got angry. Because journalists would never apologise to Boris or Trump like that. Then I realised it was a revealing moment. The Beeb has revealed in all its grovelling, pathetic wretchedness just who its masters really are.

      I am assuming that he was a BBC reporter but let’s face it the rest of msm are just as bad these days.


  11. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Johnson ‘very confident’ MPs will back deal”
    IMHO, at the end of the day Boris is Toast and The Tory Party is Toast.
    We still pay £ 39 billion to the EU so they can sell their goods to us ?
    They get our armed forces .
    We voted to leave , end of .
    Drain Parliament , drain the swamp.
    Its still the Brexit Party for me.


    • Dystopian says:

      Me too Taffman. I don’t see the point in giving Boris the benefit of claiming to have succeeded where May failed when all he has done is polished the turd and added some sugar to it.
      It’s a sugar coated polished turd.
      The only way to guarantee a proper Brexit is to vote TBP.
      I wouldn’t trust Johnson as far as I could throw him.


      • G.W.F. says:

        Me too Taffman, Dystopian.

        And I am not forgetting UKIP


        • theisland says:


          1.Restricts Parliamentary independence
          2. Restricts independent trade policy
          3. Prevents an independent tax policy
          4. Controls Fishing
          5. and 6. Prevents independent military action
          7. Restricts Foreign Policy
          8. Demands Payment of a sum to be decided by the EU
          9. Replaces one Commission with another
          10. Prevents independent arbitration
          11. Grants EU officials immunity
          12. Imposes a gagging order on the UK
          13. Leaves the UK with EIB risks but no profits
          14. Imposes EU public procurement rules
          15. Makes the UK a bystander in laws that govern it


          • john in cheshire says:

            I agree. I think the draft treaty should be voted down and we leave on WTO terms paying the EU nothing.

            But I think it will get through Parliament tomorrow and the swamp rats will then do everything they can to divert attention away from Brexit, the EU and their part in the betrayal of our nation.


  12. Dystopian says:

    For God’s sake. Can’t the BBC put out any programmes without an agenda! Eat well for less now on BBC 1, pushing the climate theme and featuring a football club that have gone totally vegan!
    Do they not realise that vegans fart more so kind of defeats the object.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I’m totally sick of anything on any Channel that has an agenda, – they’re all at it – diversity, climate, obesity, ocean watch, gender, racism, mental health. me-too. Every b……….d has an “issue”. I’ve taken to mainly watching the obscure film channels showing rubbish movies, like Paramount and the Horror channels, with the occasional foray into QVC, that’s how desperate and sad I’ve become.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Brissles, there’s always films from the ‘Silent Era’ and Ealing Comedies and the like. Good stuff. Cartoons? Top Cat?

        Fill the house with music, instead, via your own hi-fi.


        • BRISSLES says:

          Oh, I do, I doooo. Depending on my mood it can be the Hollies belting out Carrie Ann, sipping a brandy with one of my fav Jazz greats, or I’m leaping about to Opus One – Tommy Dorsey.


          • Up2snuff says:

            The Hollies Greatest Hits – wonderful. 🙂 Have it on a cassette tape somewhere. The Kinks are good value, too.


  13. vlad says:

    YouTube’s despicable servility to muslim governments, in this case Pakistan. They banned this vid of David Wood simply for reporting embarrassing passages in islamic scriptures.


  14. Idiotboy says:

    Is there a sensible reason why Laura Kuentsberg and her mates on the “Brexitcast” programme wear hideously oversize over-ear headphones throughout the broadcast, apart from a desire to look like the brother character in the film “Something About Mary” ?


  15. BRISSLES says:

    They do it in radio studios too, when sitting opposite each other. Another of life’s great mysteries. A bit like in American films nobody has electric kettles – they all use hob style kettles, and they never use electric/battery operated toothbrushes, only manual ones are used. A progressive country like the US can be so backward. I notice these things. Oh, and they only ever eat Chinese takeaway out of cartons – use plates for God’ sake you heathens !


    • TrickCyclist says:

      Another thing they do in films is have anyone playing a doctor wear a stethoscope. It’s movie shorthand, even for the unlikeliest of actors, like Keanu Reeves in Something’s Gotta Give – “I’m a doctor!” It was well and truly spoofed all those years ago with the great Leslie Nielsen in “Airplane!”
      Funnily enough one of XR’s NHS supporters was interviewed on telly the other day and she was wearing a stethoscope too – “I’m a doctor!”
      Ah, but are you really?


  16. dazzer says:

    Probably missed it and been posted already, but https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-50079716.

    Saw this happen at Aldgate East as well. Xolleagues say this happened at their stations too with XR people being dragged from the trains there also.

    One thing: don’t mess with Londoners on a cold raining winter’s morning. We will eat you alive. Dont care colour, shape, size, whatever. Make our train late and you’ll be lucky to walk out alive!


  17. dazzer says:

    XR, I say to you…

    “1. Sell your pricey houses. Buy small but liveable bungalow in deprived seaside town. Convert it to wind/solar.
    2. Sell your cars. Buy bikes and use public transport only.
    3. No air travel AT ALL
    4. Grown your own veg, animals slaughter etc (Good Life-style)
    5. Get a job in the energy business or some such similar and actually work to solve the energy issue rather than moaning like cows.
    6. Most importantly: try to lighten up a bit. You will be received
    much better if you cheer up and lead by example.

    XR have the wrong vision of the future: It isn’t trees and fields of wheat, the future is the internet and we are but pawns feeding the giant and growing AI that will consume us all 😉

    So, make the most of it and get off that bleeding train roof or I will drag you down by the foot and the baying mob will kick you to the ground and keep kicking and you will be left bloodied and battered and the next time you feel like a little jaunty to London to preach to those who keep the Good Ship Blighty on course, remember – it’s early, I’ve not had my coffee yet, it’s raining, the tube is smelly, I’m sleepy and not in the best of moods.

    Remember XR: British people = Kings of the Kill for well over 400 years b4 putting our feet up and giving the young ones (USA) a go.


  18. StewGreen says:

    You know when the BBC and Guardianlalaland throw around the word “extremist”
    I see our own In Their Own Words section
    provides an explanation
    “It’s a bit like walking into a Sunday meeting of the Flat Earth Society. As they discuss great issues of the day, they discuss them from the point of view that the earth is flat.

    “If someone says, ‘No, no, no, the earth is round!’, they think this person is an extremist.
    That’s what it’s like for someone with my right-of-centre views working inside the BBC.”

    – Jeff Randall, former BBC business editor


  19. Oldspeaker says:

    Are the bbc covering the fourth night of unrest in Catalonia? Most of my tv news comes from RT these days, not perfect by any means but I find it more balanced than the bbc.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Old – there’s a bit of theme there – don’t report French protests – don’t report Spain …… but go over the top when some idiot is dragged off a jubilee line train at Canning Town . And it seems he survived .


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch
    Having listened to Toady on and off for maybe 40 years one becomes very sensitive to the ‘message ‘ . It’s a bit like being one of those Kremlin watchers seeing who is who is the pecking order at march pasts .

    Well – Toady seems to be acting as a kind of ‘friend ‘ to suffering remainers who are facing having to come to terms with actually leaving – on whatever terms .

    Poor Chuka sounded panicked – ranting the old project fear stuff (doomed doomed )whatever question was put to him . Almost admitting there aren’t enough traitors to vote for a second referendum .

    He was preceded by Stuart Rose – who you might remember – was the head of the remain campaign pre referendum . Mr Rose said ‘get it done ‘. This was too much for Chuka “ he would say that he’s a Tory peer” . So the Remainers are not becoming separate parties again .

    There is a feeling that the state broadcaster is being very careful in its attitude toward bojo and his sell out .

    Meanwhile I suggest everyone go out really early on Friday to buy in their popcorn for the sheer horror show which will be their parliament on Saturday – particularly the hideous traitor Speaker Desperate to take the lime light and getting you tube segments .

    As I write – the real enemy – John McDonald is in rant mode saying how bad the sell out is – if he says it’s bad there must be something good in it .


  21. Vonbedda says:

    Anyone else waiting for Noel to come on TV and say the famous words to parliament.

    DEAL or NO DEAL.

    then banker (EU) phones goes off just before the whiny kids are about to answer.


    • Oaknash says:

      We are all fed up waiting!

      I think there is a serious point to this as well. The BBC and ITS MSM friends just report on every little detail including what Junker drank for breakfast and what Barnier pulled out of his nose this morning and of course the straw man “backstop” but deliberately go light on the real details, such as our fishing rights, domination by EU laws and defence etc.

      We all get fed up and papers such as Geordie Greigs Mail and the Sun and Express then chime in with “get on with it” (they did this with Mays last sell out hoping we would cave in).

      Expect the same treatment with Boriss latest, reheated sh##e pie offering where in effect we will be told you will get what is given , after all arn’ t we all getting just a bit bored.

      Very cynical, very dishonest but when you have a media dominated by progressive globalists and many kiddult viewers with the attention span of a gnat, we can expect no more.


  22. Doobster78 says:

    Spot on


    • Fedup2 says:

      The desperation really is something . As if any court is going to interfere with parliamentary proceedings – even the Supreme Court wouldn’t do that would it ? Oh wait a minute ……I might have got that wrong .

      I’d love to know how much this traitor barrister is being paid for this nonsense – presumably the source is soros …


      • Doobster78 says:

        Sickening Fed. Just sickening.

        These Soros funded traitors seem to have a hotline to the courts and can get cases heard at will it seems !!.

        Money eh.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        He claims his vexatious litigation is paid for via crowd funding.

        Can anyone check that? Are there really thousands of remainers with more money than sense, or does his “crowdfunding” consist of one person stroking his white cat in his secret lair under a volcano?

        Then again, it could just be George Soros. It usually is.


  23. andyjsnape says:

    Anyone fancy expense paid holidays? say Switzerland 21st January 2019 etc etc .. (thats on top of the £450,000 tony hall gets in salary)



  24. Ian Rushlow says:

    FEEL the diversity and vibrancy… The State Broadcaster reports that the police (remember them?) have arrested 743 people in a clampdown on the so-called ‘County line’ drugs trade. The term describes the practice where gangs ship illegal drugs from urban centres to the provinces, often using children. Unfortunately, no doubt due to a lack of space and resources, the BBC is unable to provide any clues as to the sort of people who have been convicted of offences in this arena. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-50085470
    For those who wish to research this topic in greater detail, here are the reports of some convictions this year.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ian – good news they are doing something – and a top cop is promoting national adverb day ….


  25. Foscari says:

    I am in Portugal for a few days. So I get the international version
    of the BBC internet pages.The international edition doesn’t
    seem to think that the agreement in Brussels for a treaty between
    the UK and the EU is worth major feature. Maybe it isn’t . as Nigel
    Farage says it’s the second worse deal of all time.So the Brexit
    story stands next to ” Can Muslims pray if the sun never sets.”
    The top of the main page features “100 women” We see , should
    I say caricature “drawings” of 7 women, transposed on to both
    the left side and right side of the page.
    Their are three,lets say Caucasion women. One looks normal
    wearing glasses. The other two look very strange. One has a white
    gloss face. The other white gloss hair. There are no totally black
    faces. But the other four ethnic ladies ranging from Caribbean to
    a pretty Muslim girl. It’s very surreal.
    BUT I do understand the meaning of it all . It’s all to do with
    virtue signalling. I am not the brightest of sparks,. But can still
    work out, or nearly work out the super fiendish Sudoku’s in
    the Times. And now reading Douglas Murray’s The Madness
    of Crowds. I can understand more what the BBC is all about.
    The BBC is there to educate us into their way of thinking.
    So a story about hundreds of deaths in a tsunami in Indonesia is worth
    the same as a feature about how Tom Daley had felt inferior about
    his sexuality but that this had given him the motivation to
    become a success. And this major story was after five years after Daley had come out. The next day one of the lead stories was
    that a minor reality television star Ollie Locke and his fiance
    Gareth Locke were to join their surnames to make themselves
    the Locke-Lockes after their forthcoming marriage. In other news
    the death toll from the Indonesian tsunami had risen significantly
    over night. Thank’s for the education BBC.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Foscari “that a minor reality television star Ollie Locke and his fiance Gareth Locke were to join their surnames to make themselves the Locke-Lockes after their forthcoming marriage.”

      Think they are missing a trick there. They should instead add a ‘d’ to just one surname after the ‘wedding’ – job done.


  26. Fedup2 says:

    Toady 2
    Katerine Adler is an employee of the state broadcaster – but curiously she was interviewed by our Justin following an interview by the Bee Lady of Dominic Raab – who hit her for six with per – facts .
    Anyway – the journo Adler – seems to occupy some kind of position as spokesman for the ReichEU – being of German background I suppose she’s best qualified .

    But it gives an uneasy feeling that a journo talks like an EU politician . Nothing new really .


  27. Cassandra says:

    Fed, can you please delete the proposed Brexit deal as a duplicate?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Cass – which one ? The one where 39 billion is given away or the one where 33 billion is given away . ?

      After Saturday we could be back to ‘ no deal ‘ if lucky


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        The one where 39 billion is given away or the one where 33 billion is given away
        Or in Abbott-speak: “39 Trillion billion or six”


  28. Guest Who says:


    Ah, but… at least they get it about left.


    • Guest Who says:

      Of course, on Facebook…

      BBC News

      “I realise that it opened up a conversation around colourism. What is made for me and what includes me, what is made with me in mind?”

      Meet Precious Adams, the rising ballet superstar of our #100women list. 🌟

      (via 100 Women) https://bbc.in/35JEBSI


  29. Cassandra says:

    Save yourself hours today by listening to this clip from A bit of Fry and Laurie (turn the sound on)…


  30. Guest Who says:

    Looks like the bbc has to atone to xR for that AN blip… or else.


  31. Panda says:

    Cuddly uncle John McDonnell: Labour would negotiate a better deal ( eg nearly remaining) and put it alongside remain in a perfectly sensible ‘peoples’ vote.
    Don’t the beeb (or Sly news) ever ask people like him, but what about actually leaving the EU that 52 per cent voted for?
    This will just result in 17.4 m spoilt ballet papers.
    Perhaps thats the plan.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Cuddly uncle John McDonnell – him speak with forked tongue.

      Graham Stringer MP (Lab) provided an insight into why 17.4million people voted Leave and why John McDonnell should not be listened to.


    • Vonbedda says:

      Correction the deal he would negotiate is nearly Leaving but remaining


  32. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Did I really hear that?

    I thought I heard Martha Kearney refer to Laura Kuenssberg as the hardest working jourmalist at the BBC.


    All the time?

    She’s not known as ‘Part-time’ for nothing.


  33. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – I’ll have a quiet word

    Am reminded by a journalist wind-up to today’s programme that John McD (Lab) (Shadow Chancellor) does indeed speak with a forked tongue and is also a (skinny) political bruiser.

    Rumour has it that Labour will vote to make us all poorer – again.

    Or richer if we leave the EU without a deal and hand over no cash.

    But John McDonnell does not want that. He wants to keep handing over £20 billion+ (definitely more in the new EUNation Budget) which comes mostly from the poorest paid in the UK and from a regressive tax, too.


    • JamesArthur says:

      I love the way on the one hand Labour and the other remoaners say the public didn’t understand what they were voting for when the question was simple ( cos we is thick) but now somehow everyone will be able to read the withdrawal agreement and understand it and have an informed vote….two faced forked tongued is Mr McDonnell
      Dominic Raab has been good today – not put up with the BBC aggressive attacks today –


  34. Doobster78 says:

    The usual BBC Leave / Remain balance again.


  35. Doobster78 says:

    Get your own house in order first you arrogant little turd.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      How many people get stabbed in London whilst Mayor Khant is tweeting his rubbish?


  36. Thoughtful says:

    The Guardian reports this morning that the cowardly useless incompetent Tory club (it’s not a political party) in keeping with doing as little as it possibly can are not going to do anything about the TV tax, and would only consider a subscription service if it would produce similar revenues to the TV tax.

    It seems that the cowardly useless incompetents are comitted to the preservation of the BBC at any cost.



    • Idiotboy says:

      So the only sensible thing to do is stop paying it.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Unfortunately, Nicola Morgan epitomises all that is wrong with our current politicians. In February 2013, she voted against so-called same sex marriage, on the basis that her constituents were overwhelmingly against it:
      “As an issue, this generated more response from my constituency than I have had before, the Loughborough office received more calls, visits and letters on this subject than we have ever seen before. On the day of the vote, I had 285 people who had written to me asking me to vote against it and just 24 asking me to vote for it. At that point, it was clear to me that people in my constituency wanted me to vote against it.”
      She also cited her own Christian faith and also stated:

      “what’s never been changed is that the fact that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

      Sounds like woman of principle. Well, not quite. In October 2014 she totally changed her mind, saying “she had previously voted against gay marriage as she believed her constituents were opposed to it”. Shamefully, she even took the position of Minister for Women and Equalities.

      So, she’s apparently ‘open minded’ about replacing the television poll tax with a Netflix-style subscription. Maybe. But consider the narrow, woolly thinking as reported. She is not quoted as saying that it should be considered because the very concept of a television tax is archaic, obsolete and morally wrong (even the Soviet Union abandoned TV licensing in 1961!). Rather, she’s more concerned about the continued financing of the BBC’s empire:

      “What I haven’t seen is any evidence, either way, what a subscription-based system would do in terms of the revenue. The licence fee last year raised £3.7bn for the BBC. They obviously have other sources of income as well. So I would need to understand what, if you were going to change, that would do to their income.”

      No, Ms Morgan. The starting point is the question of the very role of public service broadcasting in the second quarter of the 21st Century. As in: should it exist and if so, what form should it comprise? Should it be about meeting needs that the commercial sector cannot address, or should it be a propaganda organ of the State (which the BBC ultimately is). If the BBC should continue, how much revenue does it actually need? Would it still need £3.7 billion if it scrapped the various TV channels and programming that simply duplicate the commercial sector; the dozens of unnecessary ‘local’ radio stations; openly racist radio stations such as BBC 1Xtra and the Asian Network; grossly overpaid ‘celebrities’ and work-experience-level newsreaders chosen on the basis of their gender and ethnicity; the operation spent on collecting the tax through Crapita (which costs more than it collects)?

      Until these issues are even considered, don’t expect any truly ‘open-minded’ thinking whatsover.


      • Thoughtful says:

        It might be better put in a conservative free market example. If the output of the BBC in a free and open marketplace is good enough then people will be prepared to pay for it, if however the output is not good enough, then it will fail.

        That’s free market economics, it’s what Margaret Thatcher clearly understood, and what the currently cowardly useless incompetent Socialists have forgotten, or else complete rejected.


  37. taffman says:

    Not sure about your region of Great Britain but Al Beeb Wales sounded very chipper this morning . Could this be because Boris has got us a Treaty dressed up a “Deal” which is Boris’s Brino. BoJo is relying on Brexit Fatigue to get the public behind him.
    Nothing has changed only that Tweezer’s pig with lipstick now wears a blond wig.
    There have been a lot of parliamentary casualties on both sides of the main parties. All exposed as being charlatans. The swamp needs more draining. This can only be done with a General Election . The Brexit Party is our only way out of Hotel California and the only way back to a true Great Britain.


  38. taffman says:

    “Conservative MP Mark Field to stand down over Brexit disagreement”
    Is he joining The Brexit Party ?


  39. Up2snuff says:


    BBC still not understanding tariffs.

    Or choosing to deliberately misrepresent tariffs for their own purposes.

    One or t’other.

    Or both.

    You decide.

    Shameful, whichever.


  40. Guest Who says:

    So awaiting the next BBC ‘youth anxiety’ series after their latest stirring effort…



  41. Sluff says:

    Irrespective of the preferred Brexit outcome of readers…..

    If Boris actually wins the vote on Saturday and/or if we do leave on Oct 31………

    What on earth are the hundreds of ‘journalists’ in the BBC ‘news’ room actually going to do with themselves?

    Will we get a short break from them ? Will there be redundancies? Or will we move on to endless ‘victims of Brexit’ stories for the next several years?

    I can hardly wait. Not!


    • JamesArthur says:

      Don’t be silly.. not only will they have years of linking everything bad that happens to Brexit
      but also climate change, racism, sexism or Far right…it is just a merry go round of reasons to be offended and upset


  42. StewGreen says:

    Pronouns : The beeboid presenter who retweets the Hatey No Hopers tweets and ridicules customers claims that the BBC is biased to the left
    … is pretty hatey in his tweets.
    He tweeted this

    “Has anyone at the Spectator ever been right about anything?
    Asking for a bemused populace …


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Stew – the last police force I can remember using a special emblem on their sleeves/shoulders to underline their POLITICAL role were the Gestapo, if memory serves. The SS were fond of the skull on the collar.
      Do our cops even know what cup they’re partaking of?
      Pretty sinister stuff. Have we got to this stage now?


  43. Guest Who says:

    Botney still staying out of the red on a productivity basis.


    • JamesArthur says:

      I used to like Lenny – but for some reason he has decided to start with self pity and join the liberal elite racist brigade – having made money out of taking the mickey out of all races for years..that was when you were allowed to have a sense of humour..as for Yentob – so woke I wouldn’t be surprised if he can’t sleep


      • RobRoy says:

        James, I agree. Back in the 80s I used to go to the same gym as Lenny in Birmingham. He was always happy to chat with anyone in the sauna and he seemed a perfectly nice guy, certainly no chip on his shoulder back then. The leftlib mob have definitely got to him. Shame, a real shame.


      • vlad says:

        The pernicious effect of the beeb and their ilk: by constantly going on about racism and playing identity politics, they create division, resentment, victimhood… and increase racism.
        Well done libtards.


  44. StewGreen says:

    John Simpson replies to claim BBC is pro Tory


    • Guest Who says:

      Love how he has gone into forensic detail as to why.

      It’s like when Rob Burley leaps in to tell Remain nutters how many Leavers they purged from all panels to please them.


  45. StewGreen says:

    Shut up you old white mansplainers


  46. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    The bbc does have its uses.

    I was wondering about the ‘new’ Brexit offering from Boris, whether it is actually a good deal or if he has just polished May’s turd.

    I can believe any opinion or verdict on this deal given by Nigel.

    Where the bbc is useful is that whatever view they give on this ‘deal’ then I instantly believe the opposite.
    If they like the deal it means it’s a awful deal for the UK and if they hate the deal then that’s the deal I want.


  47. fakenewswatcher says:

    I have only just watched QT now. Watch Fiona carefully, because it’s not that obvious, as with a Dimbleby, say : everything she says and does betrays her bias.
    Only three in the audience say they favour the Brexit deal. The usual story then, as with all QTs, whether on TV or radio: a lefty-stacked panel and a heavily biased audience from the ‘impartial’ broadcaster.
    Quite astonished to see someone from the Brexit Party; they rarely get a look in on the beeb. UKIP have vanished from there entirely.
    Meanwhile, the ‘deal’ has been challenged in a Scottish court. Surprise (not). I suppose we’re about to have Gina strutting about again, her big mouth and sleazy lawyers hard at work, and Spiderwoman to look forward to. Both think they are God’s gift, and that their opinions mean so much more than those of the Executive or the voters. Only Bercow has enough arrogance to match them 2.


  48. Doobster78 says:

    Wonder what they are teaching them ??????????


  49. Doobster78 says:

    This reply i think sums up what every normal person is thinking.


  50. G says:

    Bit out of touch at the moment. Trying to locate a copy of Mk2 (Boris/current) Withdrawal Agreement. Loads of access to Treason May’s Surrender Document on the net, but nothing new. Anybody know why and/or a site to locate said current Surrender document?