445 Responses to Midweek Thread 9 October 2019

  1. fakenewswatcher says:

    Predictably enough, German media are dominated by lengthy agonising over the Halle shooting. Every newsite has 4 or 5 leading articles about it.
    This was an atrocity, and -given German history- the response is predictable. The murderer was an indigenous German, a lone wolf, who appears to have had a fascination with Nazism. That causes deep shock in a society still heavily infused with guilt.
    We all know though, that had the killer been one of Merkel’s special guests, the reporting would have been far less copious and dramatic, and the story would have been rapidly relegated to page 26, before vanishing.
    What is predictable is that the media would quickly blur the lines between this isolated fantasist and the ‘far-right’ in Germany. In Germany, this term immediately links him to legitimate and even conservative groups and parties, even though there is evidence of a loner at work, with no connection to anyone outside of his room. Even his weapon appears to be home made. Yet the Bavarian Interior Minister has already claimed that the Afd are co-responsible, a disgusting act of political opportunism.
    For the lefty German media, overwhelmingly pro-Merkel, and keen on the Greens, with their loud anti-German and anti-Nationalist sentiments, this tragedy will come as a gift, and be exploited to the full in days to come.
    I suspect Merkel will appear on the scene fairly rapidly, unlike her year-long absence from any grieving over the mass murder of Germans and others, by Anis Amri at the Breitscheidplatz.


  2. tarien says:

    Recruitment of 20,000 Police Officers-are the authorities troubled by the treachery, the duplicit indulgence, by Parliament et al, or the very angry and understandably disgruntled people of this Island that might rise into a civil strife situation-I suggest the latter. As an aside let us hope that many will be recruited from those men that have left the military, after action in various theatres of war as they have lived and worked in a disciplined environment and would make good Police Officers. Young unworldly individuals male or female should not be considered.
    Apart from all this disturbing avenue, the world is now steaming towards a major war, to be waged on various fronts and with the recent development of Turkish troops being ordered by that dictator to mass along the north Syrian border, to engage against the Kurds is just the begining-it will in no way resemble WW2 1939 in Europe it wil,l I forsee be 100 times worse-the slaughter of people will be incalculable-every nation in the whole world will be drawn into this Apocalypse. I can hardly believe that I am saying such a thing however our Government/Authorities and other Governments world wide are hiding this issue from us all. Climate Change issue will be used as much as a propaganda execise for big business, as it will be to keep the population’s minds thinking elsewhere. But for how long before the tide hits the buffs?


  3. LastChanceSaloon says:


    Give the EU our nuclear weapons while it still employs this psychotic. No.

    Boris said humbug and surrender, much more inflammatory.


  4. Celtic_Mist says:

    Forget BBC propaganda – this is a real news feed

    It describes Turkey’s action, not heard (at least I haven’t) from BBC, as Unilateral

    “The Global Coalition @coalition –
    Turkey has commenced unilateral military action in North East Syria.”

    “PENTAGON STATEMENT @ChiefPentSpox: “Unfortunately, Turkey has chosen to act unilaterally. As a result we have moved the U.S. forces in northern Syria out of the path of potential Turkish incursion to ensure their safety. We have made no changes to our force presence in Syria.”



  5. Doobster78 says:

    Great replies to this one !!! This ER mob have lost any support from the public they may have once had !!! Bunch of idiots. I echo many replies, just take off !!!!



  6. Fedup2 says:

    I’ve got one of those engine cut outs to save diesel and keep the air cleaner . I’ve switched it off using the same method used to turn the state broadcaster off …..

    I wonder how much the bill is going to be for sticking ones self to the hull of an aeroplane . I’m sure Soros can afford it …

    It’s a shame that issues like the need to improve air quality in cities will be blown away by hostility to idiots screwing things up for the sake of it ….


  7. digg says:

    Reading the evaluation of the IPSO Guidance report by the Gatestone Instute is very revealing of the behaviour of the BBC when it comes to burying bad press in relation to anything Muslim and Dodgy.


    In a nutshell it advises Journalist to be wary of reporting anything negative in reference to Muslims however dark the deeds that they commit in the good old cause of peace and diversity.

    This to prevent raising negative reactions from Joe public.

    So following this dictat, the BBC view themselves as perfectly right to ignore any mention of any negative news in relation to anyone Muslim however bad their actions.

    I cannot think of any other instance of any other racial or religious group where this grotesque gagging would be tolerated.

    It can only mean that there is a lot of pressure and influence behind the scenes at a very high level in the Media to let them get away with it.

    My opinion is that however hard they bury the facts, a lot of people KNOW THE TRUTH and this will surface further down the line into something far uglier.

    So in a nutshell, the BBC have decided that it’s worth the lives of some anonymous people and the future of some anonymous Northern Children to safeguard their precious view of how things must be.

    Horrible, reprehensible and deceitful people!

    I don’t know how they sleep at night quite frankly.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think your post gets to root of so many incidents reported here week in week out and presents the kind of ill thought out process which happened before with immigration – and the shouting ‘ racist ‘ at any one why tried to talk about it .

      I know the subjects are a subset of the other .
      So the state – without consulting the people – import the third world -with all its problems – against common sense and then covers up the effects .paredophile rape , terrorism , fraud , drugs and the rest .
      ( and yes – whitee does this too ) .


    • Van Helsing says:

      [In reply to Digg]

      Sleep? I think not. These creatures walk by night…


  8. Cassandra says:

    That blind paralympian cyclist James Brown, who climbed on top of a British Airways aeroplane is a very, very principled man.

    Oh, hang on a minute…



    He was banned from his sport for two and a half years for a doping violation in 2016.

    Take him to the bridge!


  9. vlad says:

    Not covered by Al-beeb for some inexplicable reason:

    “Iran ‘propaganda’ group IHRC gets £1.2m from taxpayer‑backed charity”

    “A human rights organisation supported by Jeremy Corbyn has received more than £1 million in charity cash despite being run by self-declared Islamist revolutionaries closely aligned to Iran who say that the West is “the enemy” and Britain a “Stasi state”. ” – Times

    “The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), which is supported by Jeremy Corbyn, speak of “apartheid London”, label anti-terrorism laws a “war on Muslims” and condemn English as a “colonial language that will always subjugate you”. ” –D.T.

    Here’s a rough rule of thumb for the government, the Charity Commission and any potential donors: If it’s got the word “Islamic” in its title, it’s almost certainly some shade of islamIST and should not receive one penny of our money, or be allowed to operate in UK.




    • Lefty Wright says:

      Is it my imagination or has Jerry’s bugle grown longer? If it has I can’t think why.


    • Thoughtful says:

      They are of course correct. The cowardly useless incompetent Tories unbelievably thought it would be a great idea to hand control of the Police over to Labour in virtually every big city in the UK. So when the IHRC describes Britain as a Stasi state, which it undeniably is in the big cities where crime is not policied but thought and expressions of that thought IS Policed is the classic description of a secret police along the lines of the Gestapo or Stasi.


  10. pugnazious says:

    Hold the front page!!! or not.

    Two Ukrainian officials dump on Trump and the BBC puts the reports on the front page..

    ‘Trump impeachment inquiry: Ukraine ex-minister rejects Biden claim’

    ‘No reason to probe Bidens: former Ukraine prosecutor’

    However, today’s story from Ukraine….

    ‘Ukraine’s president says ‘no blackmail’ in Trump call’

    …is hidden away on the US/Canada page….so…have to go to the front page…world page..then to the america page to find the story.

    Do ya think they’re trying to hide something?

    Much like the Russia hoax that the BBC reported as fact for 3 years [along with Cambridge Analytica and Brexit lies], you suspect this story is going nowhere in the end and is yet another mudslinging exercise designed to blacken Trump’s name.

    Good news though….the story about Owen Jones is on the frontpage twice…

    ‘Owen Jones assault: Three men charged’

    I mean…who gives a flying f**k?


    • Thoughtful says:

      I give a flying f!

      I want to know if the claims Jones made about it being a premeditated attack on him by the far right is in fact true, or whether the lie peddler made it all up, and if he did then that should be quoted every time the greasy little shit appears on the BBC to give his appalling opinion.


      • Lefty Wright says:

        I have to admit that, until I saw his name on this site,owing to the fact that I almost never view Big Brother’s screen or read his printed propaganda, I had never heard of the gentleman in question but I agree with you that if his allegation is true then of course, the assailants should be brought to justice. The question is in Great Britain today, does “the law” equate with “justice.”? I have my doubts.


  11. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    First 8 minutes of bbc Look North tonight has the news that Nissan ‘could’ be finished in Sunderland and the bbc reporters had plenty of doom and gloom about them.
    The night shift at Nissan is stopping (but NO jobs will be lost.)

    Have they not factored in that if our exports are 10% more expensive in Europe then all the cars coming in from the eu will also be 10% more expensive so all the VW’s, BMW’s, Audi, Mercedes, Renault, Peugot etc will cost more.
    Any exports lost will more than compensated by increased home demand.

    Does anyone know how many cars we export to the eu compared to how many we import. My guess is we export far fewer than we import and I think our home sales will exceed any losses from exports.

    As the eu now has a deal with Japan, it’s only a matter of time before the Nissan plant closes and Japanese plants take over making nissans.
    It’s common sense for them to make their cars at home because of the eu/Japan deal that has done Sunderland’s Nissan plant no favours (although the bbc are blaming Brexit as you would expect the to.)


    • taffman says:

      Emmanuel Goldstein
      Its just Project Fear resurrected.


      • Lefty Wright says:

        NO FEAR


        • Up2snuff says:

          Lefty “taffman
          NO FEAR”

          Quite right. Nothing to do with fear. More like Merkel, Macron and May all banning diesel-engined & petrol-engined cars from 2040 or 2050 (in UK).

          In Eire, IIRC, Varadkar is proposing going one step further: banning private ownership of cars from 2040.

          Get ready for massive unemployment not long after that.


          • Up2snuff says:

            I should have added that, of course, there will be a massive increase in employment for taxi drivers in the Irish Republic.


  12. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar ‘can see pathway to a deal'”
    Boris needs to get us out lock stock and barrel otherwise he is ‘toast’.
    Three years of propaganda and pantomime, enough is enough !
    The Brexit Party is the only way for Liberty and Independence.


  13. pugnazious says:

    The Brexit process…..it was all looking good and then….



  14. Fedup2 says:

    My theory that the most dangerous time of day in London is between 3pm and 5pm gets more support today with a ‘teenager ‘ stabbed to death outside Stratford shopping centre ( by the Olympic park ) this afternoon . Now – here’s the weather and traffic report …

    Plod has instituted operation stable door /horse has bolted as usual …


    • Not Gwent says:

      XR diverting resources away from poor to rich parts of London is really going to help.

      I saw one of the children’s marches the other week. Probably just me; XR seem more like Nazis every day.


  15. StewGreen says:

    BBC/XR with it their joint POLITICAL campaign
    4:30pm BBC climate warrior Adam Rutherford dedicated his “science” prog to promoting XR/Climate POLITICS
    … 10 Likes is not a lot

    A Manchester Physics prof answers him back


  16. taffman says:

    \\Brexit: Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar ‘can see pathway to a deal’//
    Is Varadkr working as an envoy, a surrender envoy?
    Has Boris sold us down the river ?


  17. StewGreen says:

    more BBC/XR with it their joint POLITICAL campaign
    6:30pm BBC climate warrior Paul Murphy of Hull local news dedicated the start of LookNorth local news prog to promoting XR/Climate politics
    The tenuous connection : ‘we went to London to meet a handful of XR protesters from our area’
    CCBGB for their tweets, they are getting ratio-ed


    • StewGreen says:

      There are some direct tweets to the presenter
      5 support XR
      10 support Climate action but not XR’s techniques
      25 directly opposed XR

      Later the prog had a video link to XR spokesman Revd Mark Coleman
      He’s from Rochdale which is not in our area.. so why was he on ?
      He said “I’ve been lobbying for 20 years and STILL the emissions go up
      so we need to do something”
      ..Em official UK emissions have dropped over the last few years
      (OK that is from closing factories , and dodgy CO2 accountingmethods)

      The presenter did put to him that all the messages he was reciving from viewers were against XR


      • StewGreen says:

        At the end of the prog the presenter read out 4 tweets against XR and one in favour.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Do not ethnics flatulate like the English? If they do then surely, with all those environmentally dangerous gases, Londonistan will be the first place to feel the effects of global warming.
      I just hope nobody strikes a match.


      • StewGreen says:

        Ones eternal CO2 footprint is a lot to do with how many children you have
        And it does seem that overall more immigrants means more big families
        ..so Open Borders policy leads to a higher world CO2 footprint


  18. fakenewswatcher says:

    RSBN has started streaming the live rally in Minneapolis, President Trump, on You Tube. You usually get to see some enthusiasm.
    Wonder if Sopel, O Donahue, Bryant or Buckle will be there, seeking out something nasty to say, as per the narrative? (Impeachment, etc)
    Or will they simply pick up a slice from CNN?


  19. Fedup2 says:

    It looks like we arnt really leaving the EU then – if bojo has suggested some sellout involving keeping the customs union . And if the traitors vote for it then we know it’s a sell out .


    • taffman says:

      The only way out is The Brexit Party.
      The party that is hardly mentioned on Al Beeb or the MSM?
      Perhaps maxincony will bring it up in his reply tonight, or has he ‘no-platforming’ them ?


    • taffman says:

      Who mans the border?
      I understand that most of any contraband moves from the North to the South of Ireland. The R. o. I. or the EU can man the border.
      Smoke and mirrors to prevent Brexit.


      • Northern Voter says:

        The obvious answer is to make the Isle of Man a free port and make everything be shipped through there. Oh and build a big wall between Northern Ireland and the other bit.


  20. Thoughtful says:

    Lies by omission again?


    The US is being plunged into the freezer and records are tumbling for cold at this time of year. So extreme is the cold that temperatures are expected to fall by 60F (around 37C I think) in 12 – 24 hours with snow as well.



    If this is in the mainstream media why hasn’t the BBC reported it?


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Keep up mate. A 16 year old girl has already told you once. How many more times does she have to say it?


  21. Up2snuff says:

    First post on this Thread – Ian Rushlow

    “22 days before liberation from EU….”

    Oh, I do hope so. Complete liberation. A clean break. No ties. That is what I and 17.4m voters voted for. ‘Vote Leave and we will Leave’ said the Government booklet.

    Doubts are creeping in. BBC 6pm R4 News: there was a detectable lighter tone in the Newsreader’s voice and also in the Correspondent’s audio clip. Oh dear. Rod Liddle (in conversation with Nigel Farage) said of the BBC that ‘To a man they all voted to Remain’.

    The BBC also had a little geographical problem between Cheshire, Merseyside and The Wirral. But that’s par for the course, for them.

    It’s the other bit that worries me: a Bojo-deal that ties us to the EU.


  22. StewGreen says:

    Unsure exactly what Extinction Rebellion are?

    In a (now) deleted tweet they said this:
    “This movement is the best chance we have of bringing down capitalism.
    Get on board, induction through the day at Parliament Square.
    You are welcome. You are needed.”

    #ExtinctionRebellion tweet on 18 April 2019, which was subsequently deleted


  23. fakenewswatcher says:

    72,000 ticket requests for Trump rally in Minneapolis, opposite the office of Ilhan Omar, “Democrat”. Now on RSBN YT.


  24. Celtic_Mist says:



  25. Up2snuff says:

    This is quite hard-hitting:


    Lots on Brexit and other current affairs.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      This sounds interesting but I am now off to bye byes and will listen in to your post if, or when I wake up tomorrow morning. Goodnight each.


  26. fakenewswatcher says:

    Should have warned anyone popping off to watch the Trump rally in Minneapolis at RSBN on YT, that there are about 4 hrs to go.
    Never mind lotsa people in the Q travelled for longer than that to get there.


  27. Halifax says:

    I don’t know if anyone else has done it but I’ve subscribed to the Gov .UK website for Brexit updates and I get about 50 emails a day with instructions from the Government……it covers all aspects of dealing with Europe if we leave without a deal. It looks like there is a massive concerted effort to prepare for no deal…..


  28. Dystopian says:

    Will the BBC be warning the public of the dangers of electric car batteries or doesn’t that fit their eco propaganda agenda?

    From “Metro” website;

    “Both parents blame the electric car’s lithium-ion battery for exploding and causing a deadly inferno when the Tesla hit a concrete wall.
    The Fort Lauderdale Fire Department did not see a visible fire when they responded to the crash, but they sprayed it with water and foam anyway, according to a National Transportation Safety Board investigation.
    ‘During the loading of the car for removal from the scene, the battery reignited and was quickly extinguished. Upon arrival at the storage yard, the battery reignited again. A local fire department responded to the storage yard and extinguished the fire,’ the NTSB report says.”



    • StewGreen says:

      The Tesla driver kid drove at 116mph so deaths were his responsibility,
      but see how the battery fire was almost impossible to put out.


  29. JimS says:

    Maybe the EU isn’t Eire’s friend after all.

    Irish MEP objects to Verhofstadt’s empire building and PESCO, Clegg’s non-existent European army, as it conflicts with Eire’s policy on neutrality.


  30. vlad says:

    Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State)


  31. dfhunter says:

    once again I had to watch – The Mash Report – “Britain’s most uncompromising and controversial topical satire tackles all the news from a world gone mad and a country now genuinely run by Boris Johnson. Nish Kumar plays host to an array of hilarious correspondents who can’t quite believe what they’re seeing.”


    thinking they must have left the funny stuff to the last of the series I hoped!!

    but no “Britain’s most uncompromising and controversial topical satire show?” covered the same old cr*p the BEEB Leftards regard as satire, woefull.


  32. StewGreen says:

    BBC Diversity = diversity of skin colour
    with CONFORMITY of thought


    • vlad says:

      Rod Liddle advises on ‘How the BBC can achieve real diversity’.

      I’m afraid I no longer wish to see the beeb reformed; I want to see it destroyed.


  33. StewGreen says:

    Do the public think the BBC are impartial


  34. Guest Who says:

    Looks like the ever impartial, and practical, Emily has been inspired by the International Brigade of Orwell’s youth and will soon be personally manning a GPMG soon.

    After a nice avocado and tuna on rye.


  35. Guest Who says:

    The first tweet I have come across about last night’s show.

    #CCBGB Especially for Ms. Nandy. No wonder XR want a new kind of democracy, with the BBC’s (exc. AN) help.


  36. Guest Who says:

    Again, #CCBGB

    The bbc do like their useful idiots.


  37. Sluff says:

    It’s spot the difference time.
    Extinction Rebellion is causing chaos everywhere to the clear pleasure of the student marxists in the BBC ‘news’ room and the authorities are doing absolutely nothing to support ordinary people going about their lives.

    Meanwhile a bunch of parents are protesting about their primary school children receiving mandatory lessons about LGBT issues and there is a court injunction imminent to prevent this !!!!! Which the BBC seem quite happy about.

    I didn’t realise interpretation of article 11 of the Human Rights Act also requires BBC approval


  38. Sluff says:

    Yet another ‘two sheds’ moment on Toady.
    Gavin Williamson the educayshun secretary comes on to announce increased funding for schools next year.
    But Mischal ‘useless’ Hussein doesn’t want to talk about that. She demands to know the intimate detail of the Brexit negotiations !!! And spends most of the interview on that basis.
    Could the BBC just find her a nice island to live on. French Polynesia would do.


  39. digg says:

    BBC Breakfast News and Stayte and Munchetty set up to do a hit job on Gavin Williamson re some virtuous teacher “having” to spend their own money on poor pupils.

    The attack from our lovable duo was along the lines of “Do you agree that teachers should have to spend their own money on their pupils?”

    This was repeated ad nauseam whatever reply Williamson gave.

    They know that the question is framed in such a way as to trap their quarry. if he answered yes than he’s a heartless Tory C**t. If he says no then he has been letting teachers and kids down and he is a heartless Tory C**t.

    I guess its the old “When did you stop beating your wife?” routine again…

    Despicable heavily biased excuse for jounalism by this duo of obviously BBC/Corbyn attack dogs.


  40. Fedup2 says:

    I listened to that but thought that the Tory chap told porkies . Surely no PM in his right mind would brief the cabinet over on going negotiations because it leaks like a sieve – or uncivil traitor servants would leak it to disrupt it .

    I couldn’t understand why the useless mischel was so insistent on whether he’d been ‘briefed ‘ or not . She really is a token non white lightweight on that show … should go far .


  41. Fedup2 says:

    The state broadcaster thinks some lives are more important than other. It is deeply concerned about a 19 year old boy killed in a collision involving a car driven by an American who claimed diplomatic immunity and went home –

    Where as the two – yes 2 teenagers stabbed to death in separate incidents in London across 5 hours yesterday barely registers . Was it because they were male and ( probably ) black ?
    Don’t get me wrong – the line about living by the sword and dying by the sword has a certain wisdom – but what I raise is the sheer hypocrisy of a state broadcaster which goes on and on about a kid killed something like 30 years ago in a ‘racist ‘ attack but cares less about the current regular deaths


    • StewGreen says:

      Let me think
      a death that can be used for PR against Trump is obviously more important to the BBC agenda pushers.


  42. taffman says:

    “Brexit uncertainty raises NHS concerns in Wales”
    “Disruption from Brexit could have an adverse effect on people’s health and welfare, especially for vulnerable groups, a report has said.”
    Operative word “could” and a “report”.
    Its just Al Beeb Wales catching up on”project fear”.
    They have had three years to get organised. The so called “uncertainty” has been caused by remainer politicians preventing Brexit.
    We in Wales voted out. The government is not carrying out the democratic wishes of the people.


  43. Rufus McDufus says:

    Apologies if this has been shared before. Anyone on Facebook, there’s a poll for Remain/Leave on the Lancaster Guardian site. Of course we’re all in that area so here’s the link.


  44. taffman says:

    “TV licences: Call for government and BBC to save free over-75s licences”
    Scrap the licence and scrap Al Beeb altogether . Al Beeb has been looking down the wrong end of the telescope for too long. We need a broadcasting company that represents the majority of the people of Great Britain not the minorities .


    • Up2snuff says:

      TOADY Watch #2 – Thanks to taffman

      As taffman points out above, the BBC love to promote the idea of the deep pockets of the UK taxpayer with a certain contradictory attitude.

      £billions Licence Fee? No problem, taxpayer will fund it.

      Hundreds of ISIS fighters & Kurd fighters from the UK? No problem, taxpayer will pay to bring them home. Taxpayer will pay to prosecute them. Taxpayer will pay to imprison them if guilty. Taxpayer will pay to house, feed, clothe them and buy them TV Licences (& TVs) if found innocent.

      Bojo: “The end of austerity.” £billions for NHS, £billions for Police, £billions for infrastructure.

      BBC: problem Problem PROBLEM! “We haven’t got the money!”


  45. Guest Who says:

    I was going to share a Rob gem that had me chortling into my Mandy Rice Davies morning flat white, but ITBB does it better…


    Yes, Rob. Whatever you say, Rob.


  46. Up2snuff says:

    restricted TOADY Watch #1 – limited listening

    Switched on just before 8a.m. and found Mishal digging for detail – as some others have already observed above.

    Later on, Bill Posters (yes, honestly) is brought on to the programme to contribute (no mention of his prosecution) as a Remainer, the fact that Cambridge Analytica spread propaganda during and distorted the result US Presidential Election and the UK EU Referendum in 2016.

    Except those of us with memories recall Remain advocate & EU enthusiast Nick Clegg admitting on TOADY (in interview, IIRC, with The Humph) that that assertion has been investigated and proved to be a Democrat Party lie and a Remain Campaign lie. Bill Posters tries to keep the lies going, despite what Cleggie said.

    Mishal is happy in her amnesia to assist.

    No digging for detail by Mishal there.

    I wonder why?


  47. Guest Who says:

    Still working on the Newsnight CV?


  48. Guest Who says:

    This is clearly a bbc APB issue, as our local is asking on FB what ‘we’ think.



  49. Guest Who says:

    The blonde and the bland ‘reflect’ as one.


  50. Fedup2 says:

    The excellent Nigel Evans – a consistent brexit MP – has posted a nice picture on twitter of protesters at the door of the Stats Broadcaster this morning …. I don’t think they are protesting about brexit , stabbings , the TV licence but I’m sure they’ll get plenty of support .