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  1. The General says:

    “The primacy of European Union law (sometimes referred to as supremacy) is an EU law principle that when there is conflict between European law and the law of Member States, European law prevails; the norms of national law have to be set aside.”

    So Article 50 is European Law and the so called ‘Ben Act’ is UK Law.
    Article 50 as enacted says if we cannot agree a deal we have to leave with no deal.
    Is this it ?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      You will have to ask Bill Cash about that. It could be that Article 50 lapsed in March because the extension of Article 50 is an extension and therefore you cannot extend an extension between 11pm and midnight on 31st October. Therefore Britain can unilaterally revoke Article 50 between 11pm and midnight and Boris could stay up late to announce that we are leaving in a few minutes time at one minute to midnight on the 31st October.

      Something like that or you can’t extend Article 50 if you revoke it, therefore the Surrender Act is void if you request an extension of something that does not exist, and everything else is in place to leave on the 31st October. This is the type of thing Bill Cash used to talk about.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Got to say that the argument that A50 has primacy over UK law – such as the surrender act does open a door to BoJo not having to obey it . Maybe the AG can ride to the rescue .

        The trouble is – if boris goes to court to seek a declaration that the surrender act is incompatible with the treaty article 50 then there could be a further mess which could yield an excuse for a further extension to A50 – if that is legal of course .

        Maybe this is what Cummings is thinking about but plenty of Remainer minds – particularly the traitor Grieve – will be scheming it too .

        This really should nt be for the courts -particularly since their legitimacy is already shaken by the likes of Mrs Hale


  2. Terminal Moraine says:

    Not BBC but NYT bias — they ran the story about a 12 year old girl who claimed three white boys pinned her to a playground slide, held her hands behind her back, covered her mouth and cut off her dreadlocks.

    Note how keen the NYT are to stress the racial aspect in the original report… and how quickly all reference to race/colour is dropped when it turns out that the girl lied.



  3. Philip_2 says:

    Not that the BBC care much about EUTHANASIA as they are 100% for EUGENICS before you were born. One of these pre war pioneers caused the second World war when ‘EUGENICS’ was fashionable in some quarters on Europe as the ‘progressive’ inclination to kill anyone not ‘PC’ inline with the new orthodoxy. You may think I am talking about a certain German chancellor – but you are only half right, the other obsession of the age (1940’s) was the ‘lower classes’ and population control. Overpopulation’ of unsuitable persons (insert anyone you don’t like before they are born). MARIE STOPES – she thought that great idea to rid the lower classes of unwanted babies and it was a huge success in EUROPE – so much so there are no stupid people in the World any more! and ever since (some mistake surely). At the same time (pre-war) Germany managed to invented the Haber-Bosch process that produces enough artificial fertilszer to feed the world ten times over. It made Gernany then very rich ‘BOSCH’ pioneered Chemistry ( Nitrogen fertilser) is also easily adapted into Nitrogen based Explosives. MARIE STOPES is left over from that age of EUGENICS. This thinking is very much still with us amongst the upper class who think they lower orders must be expunged. Our own UK government has spend a vast amount on Abortion Clinics for example which is not open to discussion (You can find out more on that below**:) , it is supported by the UN and is a plank of AGENDA 21 and of course is fully supported by the likes of George Soros and his ilk at the BBC. It now called Human Rights, but the aim is the same and is the same story that involved Germany claim to dominate the planet with his NATIONALISM (originally Socialism, and finally Fascism), it was in the end the same thing). The UK elite was prepared to Surrender to Germany, only one man stood between us and what happened next (Churchill).. One other essential ingredient to life is Carbon Dioxide, without that no plant life on Earth is possible. Thats is basic Biology (PhotoSynthesis) – but you won’t hear that on BBC Biology education as its all ‘Global Warming’ scare stories based around the supposed ‘overpopulation’ (UN AGENDA 21) scare stories that ignore huge improvements in practical and measurable SCIENCE that have already and continue to solve many food problems. We all enjoy food from all over the world because of it. Carbon Dioxide is essential to life, it is harmless and at its lowest level on planet Earth for a very long time. Global warming is dependent on the heat and light from the Sun. We are SOLAR POWERED.. Without that, we would all freeze to death. There would be no overpopulation, No Marxist rebellion on London Streets and the BBC TV license would be free and the planet encased in ice.

    The Liberal progressives left over from the last war are wrecking the planet with industry hating green laws that will cause (if so implemented by the UK or EU – as they will – if they succeed) mean MARIE STOPES may be the future default plan for all Hospitals. Children will die (child rearing is uneconomic) and may be predicted that they will never prosper. the infirm or old will die (more uneconomic), the ‘thinkers’ (against all of this will be ridiculed for not supporting ‘World’ SOCIALISM (for that is what it is, dressed in LIBERAL views of the kind in day- to-day bulletins on the BBC sponsoring STOPES, SOROS, MOMENTUM, (MARXIST) REBELLION (and its spin offs anti meat, to save the planet from CO2, which is a big a lie* as ever been told to children). That they will now die of OC2 toxic gas (rather than die of natural causes or being run over by a number 9 bus or Tram, or (chronic over-eating) or ‘other’ unhealthy life-styles (again sponsored by the BBC as a human right) as another way of ‘ridding’ the lower orders from society. They of course (BBC) claim ‘The Science is settled’ when it clearly is not, never has been and is exactly the opposite of what SCIENCE is suppose to be i.e. unsettled until proven. Global warming is contested as being ‘alarmist and misleading’.

    Nothing the BBC is true, all is masked, filtered and finally discarded if it does not fit the same predictions of MARIE STOPES, the great EUGENICS expert on ‘FAMILY PLANNING’ which is a huge misnomer here UK, as it is in the US which is alarming ‘Planned parenthood’ which also equals= ‘Abortion’, Euthanasia and Eugenics left over from the last World War thinking.

    * Al Gore will become a global Trillionaire in ten years by providing ‘CARBON CREDITS’ to China and the EU by 2030 paying for false accounting. The entire scheme is a scam. CO2 is as necessary to food production a Nitrogen is. You cannot have ‘too much’ and ‘feed-the-world’. It is contrary and here is how its done by a MIT professor on how to get rich quick:

    ** If you care for life, support life.
    Yes, the UK taxpayer gave over £48,000,000 to the organisation in 2018, an increase of 5,000% in the last 12 years, making the UK taxpayer the largest donor to the organisation.
    I have just signed the campaign here, we may not win but your influence can fight against the ‘grand collective’ (supported by the BBC) which is behind most of the (UK) Anarchy in the country (over the next two weeks) for much the same reasons that the last war was fought. Freedom from tyranny and democracy for all. Honesty before deceit. UK education has a lot to answer for. C02 is NOT a toxic gas. Nitrogen helps feed everyone ten times over and the Global warming is next to non-exist-ant (0.2%) at best.

    It actually benefits the UK for a short time before we head back into an ice-age. The BBC used to predict that before the latest scare. Newspapers sell more copies when there is a ‘scare story’ and its much like that at the mindless BBC predicting DOOM unless we accept Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. And of course MARIE STOPES

    Sorry for the long post. I try to be succinct and fail badly. Onwards BREXIT! and slay the doom mongers! Finally the UK is outstanding in many aspects totally ignored by the doom mongers ignorant ‘yoof’ parading our streets. They really should get an education. Damn the BBC for this false narrative. The cosy Elite who benefit from public angst and alarm.

    The truth is out there: The UK should be proud of CAPITALISM, we all benefit. Marx has no answers but pain and misery. See Venezuela for recent evidence and we are so near anarchy on the streets by idiots claiming otherwise.


    • tarien says:

      Correct analysis Phillip_2- don’t let Science be hijacked by Politics and Big business-as we see happening day in and day out with the screaming propaganda supporters. Of course it is accepted beyond any doubt that CO2 is the building block for all life on earth and without its presence in the global atmosphere at sufficient concentration this would be a dead planet. If humans had not begun to unlock some of the carbon stored as fossil fuels, all of which had been in the atmosphere as CO2 before sequestration by plants and animals, life on Earth would have soon been starved of this essential nutrient and would begin to die. No other species could have accomplished the task of putting some of the carbon back into the atmosphere that was taken out and locked in the Earth’s crust by plants and animals over the millennia. Without a doubt the human species has made it possible to prolong the survival of life on Earth for more than 100 million years. We are certainly not the enemy of nature but its salvation, as stated by a renown scientist on the science of climate.


  4. Celtic_Mist says:

    Biased BBC still giving support to XR loonies
    They don’t even question them about the fact that zero carbon by 2025 is impossible


  5. Oaknash says:

    I was reading an exchange on the weekend thread, where one poster questioned what right do we have to make comments on the BBC if we never view or watch it?.
    Well this morning in the interests of science I did something rash I turned onto “wimmins hour” I think the show was about wimmin in academia or at University. Anyway I couldnt quite believe my ears, , The presenter asked her guests whether they thought a University degree would now be “devalued” because there are less men than women undertaking degrees. For years wimmin on this show have said they are underrepresented at work, education etc cos they are wimmin, now they have what they want they wonder whether the degrees are being de-valued (I presume by men)!
    The next question was about the access to better jobs that a degree gave. The woman guest immediately came out with a rant that some wimmin are being set up for failure because of the “pay gender gap” My thought was maybe she should stay at home and do the bloody ironing if the pay was so bad.
    At this point I hit the “off” switch and I swear to you I was listening to this garbage for no more than 2 minutes.
    This show really is the worst of the worst. It really is the equivalent of a night soil pot, full of the partially digested arguments and theories which is just farted out to feed the BBC wimmins grievance industry. Where bitterness, discord and resentment are the only coin really worth anything.
    So there you have it 2 reasons in 2 minutes as to why these days I never really bother with the BBC.


    • taffman says:

      A very good reason for you to cease paying the telly tax. The tax that robs from the poor to give to the rich.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I read that the Bell curve shows that Men’s IQ is flatter than Women’s IQ. Therefore if average IQ for University entrance went from 110 to 90 then Universities would go from male dominance to female dominance. Mensa has a cut off at 140, so it still has a two to one dominance of males. But the above explains why the pursuit of a fifty percent University entrance has caused female dominance.


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        This “two to one dominance” is in member numbers?
        What are the statistics for those who apply to members and also for those who fail the tests?


  6. Halifax says:

    I see that the BBC headline for the ongoing spat over the personalised reporting over Trumps comments has resulted in them using her first name (we are all family at the BBC) Since when have headlines used Donald or Boris to introduce the story …more bias because she is a women and she’s……..

    Headline on BBC news page

    BBC criticised over lack of transparency on Naga…….


  7. JamesArthur says:

    R4 Extinction Rebellion – the BBC are just gutless sponges – no challenge to unsubstantiated comments given as facts – even from Sir David King ( who?)
    No discussion on the fact that even if UK produce no emissions it won’t make a bloody difference on a world wide basis..and when will they stop conflating things like pollution from rubbish with carbon and emissions.

    Why don’t these ER people do something useful when promoting their case – like clean up rivers , dredge rivers, pick up litter instead of causing pollution from thousands of cars on idle
    BBC never seem to ask…


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Please look at it from an upper class left-wing Metropolitan Extinction Rebellion morons point of view.

      A BBC employee obtains its food from the fridge, therefore Polar Bears obtain food from the ice. A BBC employee sees that food rots in a warm room and burns in the oven, therefore Global Warming will reduce food supplies by causing food to rot in the fields and frying in a wasteland.

      This makes sense to an middle-class moron who votes Labour and supports the authoritarian European Union.


      • taffman says:

        Extinction Rebellion are messing up London because they are allowed to and can. Let them try it in India, China and the USA and take Al Beeb to film it .
        London Police and Parliament have become the laughing stock of the world. Ms Dick, where are you ?


      • tarien says:

        And who does this disgraceful unthinking behaviour favour? Big Business, and in all directions with industry who will profit from the enormous amount of finance that will be poured into their pockets for making more Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, and other profit making cons they can think up- and who will pay for this? US, yes the tax payer-are their tax payers amongst the numbskulls in the Extinction Rebllion? Doubt it.


  8. Jeff says:

    Julia Hartley Brewer has a lovely photo on her Twitter feed. It’s about lunchtime and some of those honest and upright members of Extinction Rebellion are feeling a bit peckish and queuing for food…at McDonalds. Superb!
    And something else I’ve also noticed as these smug, self righteous greenies pose for photos and lie in the street waiting for plod to carry them gently away is that they’re all using mobile phones. What the hell they think powers them?
    This is such a nice comfortable middle class rebellion.
    Honestly, their self righteousness and hypocrisy make me vomit.


  9. taffman says:

    Four arrested at Luton Airport by Terrorist Officers ?
    Has Al Beeb picked it up yet ?


  10. StewGreen says:

    7:30pm Inside Out will have lots of regional Woke stuff ..and some worthwhile history stuff etc
    Northeast has a trans item
    East – Rewilding
    Southwest – Anaerobic digester that stop people sleeping
    West Midlands – stately homes and how their owners grew rich on the back of the SLAVE trade
    London – border control, digital fingerprinting
    South – the veteran Gurkha soldiers in the South, many of whom have to rely on charity and family to supplement their British Army pensions as they call for equal treatment with their British comrades.
    (In Nepal I visited the town full of Gurkha retirees who are like millionaires
    and the kids have a drug problem)

    Southwest – the green credentials of farm-based power production
    Anaerobic digester that stop people sleeping


    • StewGreen says:

      West Midlands : Thousands of us enjoy visiting stately homes, enjoying a glimpse of a gilded age.
      But poet Sue Brown uncovers forgotten links with the ** slave trade ** , a business which made the owners of some of our grandest mansions immensely wealthy.
      They will also go into the recent immigrants from Africa whose family wealth comes from selling slaves. NOT

      – the number of children being seriously injured and even killed after being shaken
      – the health implications for those living downwind of moorland fires. #AirQuality


    • StewGreen says:

      Yorks area , a surprise item
      “Children in diverse Harehills, Leeds have been learning about the Sultan and the Saint project
      about a story when St Frances crossed battle lines 800 years ago to meet the sultan.
      It involves local Leeds monks who house Syrian refugees at their centre”


      • vlad says:

        Interfaith is meaningless when one of the ideologies is supremacist, militant, triumphalist, and has worldwide conquest and dominion written in its DNA as an unalterable commandment.

        Any apparent accommodations, compromises or concessions will be at best strategic taqiya.

        When Mohammad was weak in the Meccan phase, he was full of conciliatory words. When he was stronger in early Medina, he moved onto the offensive. And at the height of his power his teachings on Jihad became uncompromisingly militant and aggressive.

        Today of course, no fighting is necessary for conquest. Migration, Replacement and Demographics will see to it.


  11. Doobster78 says:

    We use the term CCBGB on here a fair bit. Well worth taking a couple of minutes to check out the replies to this Nick Boles tweet !!!!! CCBGB just doesn’t cut the mustard !!!

    It shows , clearly, just how far out of touch these cretins are !!! Superb and great to see.


  12. G says:

    Recently I posted here that I had a suspicion that those videos previously offered to me on YouTube were no longer based upon my previous viewings i.e. personalised ‘liked and dislikes’ content. Certain preferred broadcasters were no longer offered by YT (aka Google) on the basis that I frequented their broadcasts regularly. In fact, I had to put myself out and make specific searches to find the most recent preferred broadcasters. That is increasingly the case apart from my visits to broadcasters not deemed by YT, those that I should not view. Then I came across this on Blaze TV.

    This is a ‘must watch’ for all here on Biased BBC because, doubtless our Marxist State Broadcaster will be a party to the collective censorship of the internet. This is far more dangerous that an independently biased BBC alone.
    I have no evidence that YT are progressively filtering my viewings. It is purely a, ‘gut feeling’ that I, as a human of a certain advanced age develop over the decades and something that Silicon Valley resent immensely. The more experienced you become the more you begin to see around corners before you get there. We possess essential developed abilities their systems of analysis cannot match.
    Scary times folks.


    • StewGreen says:

      It’s generally right
      but Beck claims “I knew that in his second election campaign in 2012 Obama was playing to half empty stadiums so I wanted to show this against Trump
      .. but when I wen to search I couldn’t find them
      .. my internet whizz searched all day and then found something”
      well I went to Youtube..ran the search
      under Relevance they didn’t show up
      but they did show up when I filtered by view count


    • vlad says:

      Wow, when this gets out I’m sure CNN, MSNBC and our very own BBC will be all over such a big story about political manipulation by the big social media companies…



  13. Dystopian says:

    Not the bbc this time but the same relentless bs.
    Coronation Street.
    Asian girl trying various concocted potions and damaging her skin in an attempt to make her skin lighter.
    When her dad finds out, she explains that she thinks her dark skin makes her unattractive and that if her skin was lighter, she would be more successful in life.
    Oh for goodness sake!


  14. StewGreen says:

    BBC East Midland presenter just tweeted her love for Bonny
    .. almost all the pics she tweets arepositive pics of non-whites
    or negative pics of Trump.


  15. StewGreen says:

    BBC Southwest
    – Still obsessed with Good Life families , so they made a promotional video .. these people use solar powered hospitals as well

    Their twitter feed is full of retweets of the “raising your child gender-neutral story” etc.etc. like their exclusive film with XR in the summer


  16. StewGreen says:

    Humpback whale is swimming up the Thames to Hackney in search of a mate.


  17. Thoughtful says:

    XR activist Stuart Basden wrote that “Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the climate”: climate breakdown is a symptom of an infected toxic system based on white supremacy/patriarchy/Eurocentrism/hetero-sexism/heteronormativity & class hierarchy.”

    An awful lot of anti BBC truth on his Twitter feed !


  18. Dover Sentry says:

    Nigel Farage meets Rod Liddle. (I didn’t realise that Liddle was a member of the Labour Party for 37 years). References to the bias of the BBC. “This idea of BBC impartiality…)”.


    • taffman says:

      Dover Sentry
      On the 23 June 2016, We, the people of Great Britain voted out.
      Three years on and nothing has changed.
      Parliament and Al Beeb have betrayed the people of Great Britain. We have a rotten Parliament.
      Shortly there will be a new MPs in Parliament. RIP Al Beeb.


      • Oaknash says:

        I hope you are right – But unfortunately as we have seen with Brexit these illegitimate s play by their own set of rules – which they vary to suit their circumstance.
        We thought we “won” the referendum, but apparently all we did was demonstrate how ignorant and waycist we were and how our votes should not be allowed to count for anything.


    • BRISSLES says:

      As I scrolled down, I thought it was Prince Andrew 🙂


    • Fedup2 says:

      I watched this but was a bit surprised that there was no mention by either party of their mistreatment by the state broadcaster – Maitliss – found guilty of ill treatment of Liddle and the frankly embarrassing ‘ interview ‘ by Marr of Mr Farage .

      The bias through treatment of people who don’t accord with approved thinking is pretty obvious .


  19. Richard Pinder says:

    The BBC’s Ian Hislop, who is not working for Britain’s secret services because he edits Private Eye, says that when Donald Trump tells us that its “Fake News” its actually “Real News”. The BBC’s Hislop talks to ex-BBC man at the New York Times, Mark Thompson. They don’t mention anything about Donald Trump being a Russian spy or colluding with Russia. But obviously that’s true because it was in the New York Times. The BBC also talks to Christopher Blair again, a left-wing satirist who produces right-wing Fake News. Nothing about how the BBC produces “Fake News” by censorship, issuing the truth, but limiting it, to produce a fake narrative, especially on Climate science and Brexit, the very opposite of disinformation. The BBC’s main expertise being the dissemination of ignorance by the use of censorship. Hislop tells us that Britain’s secret services do not disseminate disinformation, but RT does, and Hislop tells us that the totally confusing contradictory mess of a story about the Salisbury incident is true, whatever that is? He does not tell us which story is true, or what the BBC story is? but Novachok does actually exist and is very dangerous. So I presume that the senior scientist at Porton Down was using a scientific paper to disseminate “Fake News”. At the very end he says that I should not trust someone if they don’t know anything about what they are talking about. So I should not trust an environmental activist telling me what scientists are thinking if the activist hasn’t any scientific qualifications. So don’t do what the BBC does and instead talk directly with an Atmospheric Physicist censored by the BBC.


  20. pugnazious says:

    Loveable anti-fascists at work…come to think of it this is how the BBC et al reacts to all those older leave voters…in fact many Remainers, often in high profile positions, wished they would just die….

    In fact this death wish was given a prominent pulpit on the BBC’s Newsnight with a sinister Aaronovitch salivating over what he hopes will be a liberal and unsparing ‘natural wastage’ of older leave voters….


    • Thoughtful says:

      Those same idiotic statements were made at the time of decimalisation, that it should be delayed until the older generation died out and the younger ones would be comfortable with a metric system.
      It never occurred to the idiots that those dying out would simply be replaced by others with exactly the same issues. Even when it was pointed out to them they didn’t seem to be able to understand it.


      • JamesArthur says:

        Isn’t he one of the older ‘remoaners’ in fact most of the remoaners I see are in the same cateogory that they talk about with regard to Brexiteers – Ken Clarke, Richard Branson, John Major etc…not spring chickens – all older than me….don’t Remoaners die – are they immortal, or do they just think they are?


  21. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Subtle pro-Islamic propaganda at the end of the BBC 10 o’clock news, in a report by Simon Gompertz on an exhibition on Islamic art and how there has been an interplay between it and Western art. The usual anti-Western tropes (after Edward Sayeed and his book ‘Orientalism’) about how the rich Muslim culture was degraded in order to justify Western imperial ambitions. Yawn.

    A few questions for the BBC:

    Why do you think Constantinople is now called Istanbul? Can you explain why Hagia Sophia was ‘converted’ into a mosque, until Ataturk made it into a museum in the 1920s? Have you heard of the Siege of Vienna in 1683? Have you ever looked at the Qur’an?


  22. smoogie7 says:

    What is going on with the opinion polls today? Comres giving the Tories a 6 point lead when all their other polls have been a close tie with Labour?

    Are people no longer taking notice to the media bias against Johnson anymore? Perhaps people are just switching their TVs off?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      In my household we’ve simply stopped watching the TV news since two weeks back. I know we’re not alone there. Radio news has also been greatly reduced as so much of it is clearly agenda-driven.


    • taffman says:

      Opinion polls mean nothing, figures are massaged.
      They are just a futile attempt to influence the voter and to undermine the moral of the opposition. How many have got their predictions wrong?


  23. JimS says:

    Turned on the radio for a bit of light listening. Unfortunately caught the re-run of The News Quiz with some female(?) telling us that Boris would have to foul himself on stage to be worse that Mrs May at the Conservative Party Conference.

    Oh the humour. Contemporary BBC ‘comedy’ is just fourth-form, behind the bike sheds filth, the sort of stuff that would have got people of my age expelled from school, yet these people are supposed to be adults, no doubt ‘uni’-educated too.

    Are we really expected to believe that anyone working for the BBC actually listened to Boris’ speech, as opposed to reading a ‘tweet’ from someone who read the ‘spin’ in The Guardian of the AP summary?

    Don’t make me laugh BBC.


  24. StewGreen says:

    Humphrys says bbc is too sympathetic to trans


  25. StewGreen says:

    Nadiya’s sex abuse happened not in Britain but in Bangladesh when she was a child.
    Later in England she tells of her mother’s shame cos she had 3 daughter’s no sons
    .. And how she herself came back to life when her mother got pregnant with a son.
    She claims that without that she would have committed suicide cos of the Luton school bullies, who called her “black bitch” .. she doesn’t say if the bullies were white.


    • taffman says:

      Rotherham etc ?


    • JamesArthur says:

      Anyone noticed that whenever one of the BBC luvvies has new book they always dig something up to make people go ‘ahh’
      In my case I really couldn’t give flying…F about their upbringing – we all had issues and most of us survived..and didn’t she do a documentary showing emotional return to her place of birth for the BBC…funny she seemed really happy..


  26. taffman says:

    “IFS: No-deal Brexit would push UK debt to 50-year high”
    Project fear returns – How much funding do the IFS get from the EU ?
    Has Faisal Islam ever had a real job in Finance ?


  27. Celtic_Mist says:

    Will Turkey invade Syria and then ‘own’ the continuing threat from ISIS terrorists?


  28. Halifax says:

    Firstly deepest sympathys to the parents of the boy killed by the American diplomats wife in that terrible accident.

    I See the BBC have dropped the US diplomatic row from the front page. Now then, this couldn’t be because she was a women, could it ?


  29. Guest Who says:

    BBC Moaning Emole:


    ‘Uncooperative crusties’: PM attacks Extinction Rebellion protesters

    Extinction Rebellion (XR) protesters are expected to continue blockading sites around London, as well as many other major cities around the world. Almost 300 people have been arrested in the UK capital.

    Speaking at a book launch on Monday night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticised those involved, calling them “nose-ringed climate change protesters” and “uncooperative crusties”.

    But XR supporters see things differently. “We’re here because we want the world to still be alive when we die,” said one of them, nine-year-old Rafi. We explain what XR is and what it wants.


    A BBC ‘explanation’ of anything is inevitably suspect, especially when they elevate their own copy term ‘criticise’ to ‘attack’ to stir things up better. Eliot Carver would approve.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Bojo reported to plod by National Union of crusties and nose ring wearers for hate crime .


    • Rich says:


      Just imagine the mentality of Rafis’ parents, filling the head of their nine year old so full of bullshit that already, as a child, he is considering his own mortality and death. This is nothing more than psychological child abuse.

      A ‘Rafi’ clone was already being indoctrinated by ‘Felicity’ who Sly Views spoke to yesterday, accompanied as she was in the middle of the bridge by her young son ‘Otto’, a babe in arms. We’ll probably next see them at the back of “You ” magazine in about 10 years time as they show us the interior of their summer home in Marrakesh accompanied by siblings Jemima and Mungo, father Hugo, and family Afghan-rescue dogs, all probably funded of course by a childrens designer hemp clothing range and a rather large inheritance.

      Oh, and the one who got married yesterday, Tamsin Omond. She’s been on the bBBC aplenty. LGBT luvvie, journalist/activist/ commentator/ “creator”, aristocrat, ex-Westminster School and Cambridge University. Professional gobshite.

      If she hasn’t been interviewed by the bBBC yet she soon will be, just to provide her truly representative opinion and nationally/ bBbc shared world-wide of course. Have to get that balance right.


      • Guest Who says:

        The MSM must surely have realised they have gone from credulous to complicit and are suckered into their own nightmare satirical reality show.

        And they have no way to escape, with or without their dignity intact.

        What worries me more is the young ones flat out downing the Kool Aid and advocating stuff that is frankly dangerous now.


  30. vlad says:

    “A man suspected of raping a woman who became separated from her friends is wanted by police”, the beeb informs us, helpfully providing a full description: “He was wearing trainers and jeans with a rip on the knee.”

    – Any other distinguishing features that might help the public identify him?

    – Er, nope, can’t think of anything, that’s about it really.



  31. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, Sky has decided things really need stirring up more.

    About as irresponsible as it gets.

    Either one of those present clearly not of sound mind does something for their 15 minutes of fame ‘for the cause’ to someone or something, or to themselves.

    The irony of using any hydrocarbons would compound the tragedy the media are trying to create.


  32. digg says:

    Much trumpeting of the antics of ER on the BBC this morning. Made me think back to a primary school tale about a chicken called Henny Penny.

    In this tale an acorn falls on Henny Penny’s (Climate Scientists and Greta) head and she thinks this is the start of the sky falling in so goes into hysteria. She decides to go and warn the King (Government), along the way other animals whipped up by her hysteria join in (XR) however they get invited in to a fox’s lair to discuss it (Soros) The fox eats them all!


  33. JamesArthur says:

    BBC just loving the ‘leak’ of some information – and give loads of uninterrupted air time to Ms Rudd – ex Conservative, now Independent – without a mandate (or should that be persondate) – but that doesn’t bother her…and she has the cheek to sit there and pontificate over what Boris is doing.
    The words hypocrite, supercilious, sanctimonious spring to mind. If she had a fraction of the integrity she makes out she has, then she would stand down and have a vote to be re-elected..BBC don’t seem to care though


  34. Fedup2 says:

    I was just starting to feel sad that the daily Project Fear section of the state broadcaster had finished when today we got a really good one about national debt rising’ to an all time high’ – ‘since records began ‘ – ‘once in a generation /life time / whatever ‘ job .
    Great to see it back . – coming soon – the first person to die ‘because of Brexit ‘ and that will happen way before /if we leave .
    Later today the Irish are doing their budget so plenty of Irish remainer journos yapping away and telling us how republican terrorist murders are coming back and it’s our fault . Now here’s an advert for comic red bear relief day .


    • JimS says:

      Amusing to find that the BBC is now worried about premature Project Fear.

      The BBC’s tame GP, Sarah Jarvis, was on Jeremy Vine yesterday assuring patients that current drug shortages had nothing to do with Brexit! (We have to keep our powder dry).

      She was also urging patients not to order repeat prescriptions early as this could create shortages by itself. It was, of course, important that patients ordered medicine in time as GPs were already overworked and didn’t have time to make out emergency prescriptions (or appear on the BBC?).


      • taffman says:

        The UK has just undertaken the biggest airlift in its history . In the last few weeks thousands upon thousands of people have been repatriated because of the Thomas Cook failure .
        Why should there be “a drug shortage” ?
        Are countries not going to sell them to the UK ?
        Notice that there are no threats or predictions of doom and gloom reported about the EU as a result of Brexit .
        Remember , they export far more to us than we do in return and don’t forget we have to pay them £ billions for that ‘privilege’.
        I suspect that there are many politicians with snouts in the trough ?


        • JamesArthur says:

          There is a drug shortage – but it is a worldwide issue, nothing to do with Brexit – there was great article in the Economist 2 weeks ago explaining it all..maybe the BBC should read a bit more widely than the Guardian..


  35. Fedup2 says:

    The Heidi , my mum was German , Allen has moved to the Undemocratic Party – the bi election will be held on xx xx 2022.


  36. Celtic_Mist says:

    This morning’s ‘Thought for Today’ about Climate Change was another disgrace.


  37. vlad says:

    “Where are the water cannons?” demands an MP of Xstinking Rebellion demos.
    There’s one word too many in that question.


  38. Guest Who says:

    BBC does Dating…

    A BBC undercover reporter describes what it was like to secretly film at a ‘seduction bootcamp’.

    (via BBC Scotland News )

    Or something.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Far from being ‘undercover’, Ulrika Johnnnssssson – her of the 4 kids by 4 fathers lady, is publicising the fact she is going on a ‘blind date’ show – looking for no.5 perhaps. Keeping up with Katie Price that’s for sure in the baby stakes.


  39. StewGreen says:

    Germany : last night nothing happened
    .. well according to BBCnews, SkyNews etc ..nothing comes up
    The man who was arrested on Monday after the truck incident in Limburg, is a Syrian.
    He has been in Germany since 2015,

    His motive is still unclear. According to the authorities, the detainee had no contact with militant Salafists or other extremists.
    The Syrian born in 1987 should not have made any statement yet.
    So far, there are no indications for a terrorist motive. But it could not be ruled out.

    The injury tally was reduced down from 17 to 9 minor
    only 1 went to hospital on an outpatient basis

    Other witnesses of the event wanted to help the man first, but then went back on distance, because the man spoke Arabic and spoke of Allah .


    • StewGreen says:

      German terror attack: Syrian with ‘terror links’ on truck … hour ago
      Limburg truck rampage – Eight injured as lorry ploughs into …
      The Sun-56 minutes ago


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      According to the Macpherson report, produced in response to the murder of Stephen Lawrence, a racist incident is “any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”. By the same principle, it therefore follows that a terrorist incident is “any incident which is perceived to be terrorist by the victim or any other person”. To which we could usefully add “and which is not explicitly described as such by the media as such in their initial reports”.


    • G says:

      We have to face it, these people from the Third World simply don’t like civilised people.


  40. Venutius says:

    The latest “end is nigh” scare story from the BBC.

    “No-deal Brexit would push UK debt to 50-year high, says think tank”

    So let’s have a look at the IFS. A body the BBC often refers to for its bias commentary, citing its independence, rigidity and international respectability.

    The IFS director, in his own words, defines the IFS’ remit “to inform the policy debate, producing top quality, independent analysis.”

    Crucially, he goes on to say…”We welcome support from charitable foundations, and public and private bodies, to help fund particular pieces of research”.

    I would now encourage you to look at the list of donors to the IFS and draw your own conclusions.

    The donors largely include:

    1. The EU
    2. The ESRC – A puiblically funded social science body with an international outlook – “We foster international collaboration with a wide range of international partners and, through joint schemes, we enable UK social scientists to collaborate on challenging global issues”
    3. The UK government –
    4. International Organisations – (i.e the Bill gates foundation)

    The point is, the IFS is a cog in a bigger wheel of a supra-national, pseudo-scientific, liberally minded think tanks that infect public debate like Japanese knotweed. Whatever the aim, they are not independent and the BBC should, when quoting their work, caveat research as coming from a specific political standpoint.

    They don’t because they are part of the same ‘wheel’, like Ouroboros eating his own tail.


    • G says:

      Wot no Soros? He’s got to be there somewhere, lurking in the shadows.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Putting aside the, er, credentials of the IFS, even if it is true: so what? We are talking no more than a couple of year’s contributions to the EU, which we will no longer have to pay with a Clean Break Brexit, anyway. And we could cancel the Foreign ‘Aid’ programme, currently syphoning off £14 billion a year from the British people. Scrap HS2 and some of the loony green initiatives and we will be in profit soon enough.


  41. gb123 says:

    I try to avoid the beeb breakfast as I hate the “camaraderie” and the condescending narratives they put out. They have utter contempt for the viewers and seem to think they are delivering content to a kindergarten. Unfortunately this has spread to just about all the output. It is a weakness I hope will be its downfall as they underestimate their opposition. In my opinion all the “news” has an agenda and I try to work that out before taking anything they say as real.


  42. taffman says:

    “Knife crime: Inside the London hospital treating the victims”
    Question : What ethnic group are main perpetrators of “knife crime” ? Is there a common factor?


  43. G says:

    You clearly have not read the statement our Marxist State Broadcaster puts out. Here, take a look at: “Why you can trust BBC News” –
    You will read and understand!……………………. Cos its the ‘truth’


  44. taffman says:

    “A No 10 source says a Brexit deal is “essentially impossible” after a call between the PM and Angela Merkel. ”
    The “source” ?


  45. Jeff says:

    I’ve been watching our friends from Climate Extinction again this morning and noticed many more “crusties” among their number. Blimey, some of ’em are even older than I am! They look like elderly hippies reliving their youth when they’d have been beseeching us to save the whale or ban the bomb and fretting about nuclear Armageddon.
    One thing I’ve noticed looking at this smug middle class mob is that they are almost exclusively and hideously white. I’m feeling quite queasy! We’re only a 50 pence bus ride from enriched and vibrant Brixton, where are they all?
    And another question…
    Where’s Jon Snow?


    • BRISSLES says:

      AND there’s a photo in the Mail of Juliet Stevenson sat with Ruby Wax, and what’s on the ground beside them ? a PLASTIC BAG holding their sarnies !!!! you couldn’t make it up.


  46. theisland says:

    Not the bBC – not on the ‘agenda’.

    According to the Express Members of the European Research Group will today meet senior figures from Veterans for Britain. About time too. Let us hope the message gets through to the ERG at least. Certain past members have shown little interest or understanding (too difficult for them) – and BoJo was useless as Foreign Secretary.

    Former minister Steve Baker, the chairman of the ERG, said: “Just as Boris is now firmly headed towards an advanced free trade agreement instead of the hated Chequers plan, we must also escape commitments to the EU’s Defence Union.
    “Many of us are concerned but it’s not too late to preserve the independence of our Armed Forces.”

    Unfortunately the ERG has no power to remove the vast swathes of continuing collaborators within the civil service and elsewhere, nor those in the HoC who have chosen to ignore the whole issue (or been told to do so).


  47. LastChanceSaloon says:
    BBC News Politics
    2019-10-08 11:00

    “Brexit: Deal ‘essentially impossible’ after PM-Merkel call – No 10”

    I note this is already reported above.


  48. Doublethinker says:

    I see that William Hague is today still arguing , pleading might be a better word, for a May style WA, which of course was essentially staying in the EU in all but name. These Tory grandees still don’t get it , most Tory members and most Tory voters want OUT. The grandees have already forgotten the EU election result in May when TBP routed the entire political establishment. The danger is that Hague’s puddled mind reflects the thinking of many still in influential positions in the Tory party. Their message seems to be we must be able to manipulate things so we can easily rejoin in a few years and we mustn’t make common cause with TBP. The latter of these is very likely to sink Brexit completely which is their real goal. Boris must ignore them if he is to deliver Brexit, they really are yesterday’s men!


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