Start the Week thread 16 September 2019

Tuesday sees the start of the Supreme Court hearing on Prorogation. I’m guessing it will take a couple of days to hear with a result at the beginning of next week. The outcome may give the Bercow Party – which now has an ‘opposition ‘ majority of 48 – the opportunity to recall Parliament for yet more abuse of Democracy . I’m sure the BBC is enjoying every moment .

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  1. G.W.F. says:

    According to a Guardian article our Sham predicts that the Supreme Court will rule against Boris.
    If it does the British people will not take it lying down.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I thought there’d by 9 Lord justices but there are 11 . I wonder who is in goal ?

      The world at one has already decided Gina Soros has won -and were excited by the prospect of Boris being bent over the dispatch box and being thrashed by President Bercow to the sound of ‘ ode to joy’

      I’m not sure if their lordships are using VAR ..


  2. Celtic_Mist says:

    Just as the Government QC is demolishing the prosecution, the BBC cuts away to the illib undem conference where Jo is making her case to be PM


  3. StewGreen says:

    R4 Drama is a repeat of the 2017 piece
    Breaking Up with Bradford
    by Kamal Kaan
    I see he tweeted that he went to @Kings_College @Cambridge_Uni himself. Just like the character in the play.
    So basically he went from Bradford to Cambridge, couldn’t find a job, wrote it up and then the BBC aired it as his first play.


    • StewGreen says:

      4:30pm Asians
      6:30pm Asian comedian again
      .”.The 4:30pm show The comedian Sindhu Vee has loved Prince ever since she was a young girl in India – when her sister gave her illicit cassettes recorded from U.S. radio. Hearing his music changed her life forever, and seeing him perform influenced her career as a comedian.

      Sindhu is joined by BAFTA-winning investigative journalist Mobeen Azhar”

      3:30pm was Climate agenda pushing
      4pm was about Bradford also, but white kids I think



  4. StewGreen says:

    R4 …3pm prog starts and Ash Sarkar comes on talking about her anti-colonial grandmother
    Some fantastic story of her leading an attack where a British club had a sign “No dogs, no Indians” (I don’t believe that sign existed)
    Said her grandmother made it a suicide attack as 3 British had already died so you didn’t want to be taken.
    Then starts about her grandmother came to Britain at age 17. and became a political activist supporting the miners strike
    …I never noticed any Pakistani activists at the miners strike.
    She is item #1 of 3 items
    “A family whose women are bound by activism”


    • theisland says:

      It was her great great aunt (apparently)
      The Pahartali European Club had a signboard that read “Dogs and Indians not allowed” (apparently).

      Who knows. But whatever the truth Ms Sarkar should do everyone a favour and ship out.


      • pertelote says:

        “Ash Sarkar

        The phrase “empty vessels make most noise” comes to mind.

        Edited – fedup2 – triple use of the Eff word and sexual references . I despair .


        • pertelote says:

          > it ok to just post the link to her Twitter page where she uses the Eff word and make a sexual reference in her profile?


          • Fedup2 says:

            Yes Pert – as I say often – I personally care less about language but I feel I owe it to the ‘ owner ‘ as it were .

            I can assure you that I have no regard for the BBC favourite who is your subject .

            I’ve seen her on that puffy rise of the Nazis thing the BBC has been putting out on “ how easy it is to do away with democracy “
            She and her like did that last week and continue to do so through to 31 Oct


            • pertelote says:

              Ta Fedup2 – understand..apologies.

              p.s. can I call her a “smart-arse”..’cos she is!

              Interesting recent piece on this big-mouthed & self-opinionated child:


            • pertelote says:

              >Fedup2.just watched the Nazis episodes 2&3 on catch up..

              wtf was Sarkar doing on that?..a lightweight airhead autocue reader amongst some decent people/historians.

              Nothing more than the latest BBC poster girl who presumably must tick a few of their PC boxes?..colour/religion/metrobubble/cleavage etc etc.

              An absolutely lamentable choice of participant in a serious documentary…clearly way out of her depth and it seemed to me used only sparingly (thank the Lord).


              • Fedup2 says:

                Yes that series just goes over well trodden ground and might as well have been a radio programme . The BBC obviously wanted to tick the box for duskies in a historical event which didn’t have non whites in it .

                The lady is obviously the favourite of somebody high up in the BBC


                • pertelote says:

                  “The lady is obviously the favourite of somebody high up in the BBC” – you venture..indeed..nailed on. Just who could it be? I find myself wondering…male, female or other?


          • Guest Who says:

            It is interesting the standards that would be applied to the national broadcaster and a ‘mature’ (in common sense terms) private website simply sharing their favoured personnel bios.

            I for one will be referring to the good lady as ‘Champion Ash’ from now on.

            Maybe one of the BBC senior dykes will get jelly and have her ofcolourlisted.


            • pertelote says:

              someone summed her up beautifully on twatter last July:
              “It’s obvious this woman is simply an attention whore. Look at her own description of herself. Give her credit, this fake “Luxury Communism” is getting her the 15 min she craves”

              & this: (A.S.) “I literally have no idea what caste my grandmother was, because we’re Muslim. And my mum meeting Mao as a child didn’t change the fact she was a preciously housed, working single mum in adulthood. Or that I’m a North London girl.” Ash Sarkar added,

              Replying to @AyoCaesar
              Your grandmother was the highest caste in Bangledesh society. Her parents were also middle upper class. Your mother met Mao that’s not the life of working class ‘north London girl’. So please just like Owen Jones you are firmly bohemian middle class with claimed plastic poverty.


  5. Lucy Pevensey says:

    I no longer watch Albeebistan or any live broadcast TV.
    They are still all in favour of giving perverts access to children I see.


    • vesnadog says:



      I’m sure I’m way out for saying this; but I wouldn’t mind betting that those “children” are child actors.

      They are too self controlled for me when deviants incorporated try to corrupt them.

      Its the same with the TV adds. Every child in the TV Adds are child actors. They must be. They must hold an equity card or similar or else the Union man (“they”) will be quite annoyed.

      This is nothing but “The Corruption of Minors” and the cops and government applaud it. Filth.


  6. vlad says:

    What al beeb will never show you: One hundred and one uses for those handy burkas.


  7. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    We keep hearing from the remoaners that nobody voted for Boris to be pm. (Unlike brown for an example)

    If that is the case, nobody voted for Sajid to be chancellor or earlier for Rudd to be home sec.
    Nobody voted for clegg to be vice pm with Cameron.

    Is it only the pm that has to be voted in as a pm?

    Most people just vote liblabcon anyway and either couldn’t name their MPs or at least know nothing about them.

    Fed up, I also call that dusky bint Gina Soros. Great minds eh!

    They should just get on with it and make her Queen as it seems she’s calling all the shots and will only allow what she approves of.

    That lord panic, what an awful voice droning on and accenting the second syllable. Had to switch him off.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m sure the BBC will be leading for the next 24 hours with the findings of guilt against remainer campaign groups during the Referendum and the various rules they broke .

      It seems that the Electoral Commission May be getting worried now that Priti Patel is Home Secretary so having to grudgingly do something other than going after Brexiters – and failing .

      Jo Swinson
      Half listening to ms swinson going through the motions at the closing derge of the Anti democrat party bash – I was trying to work out her ‘style ‘

      She had a touch of the primary school teacher, Julie Andrews with a Scots accent and kept holding her arms out like she was a puppet on strings – with Soros above the stage .

      More interesting was the row of MPs who were elected as brexiters on manifestos from labour and conservatives but now favour revoking A50 without even consulting the electorate ( again ) or having the confidence and decency to go back to their constituents and get a fresh mandate in a bi election .

      Drain their swamp.


  8. Up2snuff says:

    Now that New Remain Labour Party* and the Illiberal NonDemocrats are both anti-Brexit and anti-Each Other AND anti-The-British-Electorate and its Democracy, might there be some hasty re-branding by the Labour latte to distance themselves from what was a minority position in mid-2016 and, I suspect, is even more of a minority position in late-2019?

    The Illiberal NonDemocrats have had their Party conference and their position is fixed.

    I wonder if there might be some hasty scrabbling around among the New Remain Labour Party* hierarchy to find some sort of compromise composite that can be fudged through a vote at Conference?

    There is nothing quite like chasing a share of a dwindling number of votes to concentrate the mind.

    (* or is it the Remain New Labour Party? Or does that risk invoking the ghosts of Bliar and Broon?)


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      “Or does that risk invoking the ghosts of Bliar and Broon?”

      Bliar and Broon have just died!
      Great news.
      The start of a Remain pandemic?


  9. LastChanceSaloon says:

    I have had enough of the lying, treasonous, Remainers distorting the contents of the Yellowhammer reoprt.
    If there are any problems after Brexit :-
    #1 The Remainers will be beside themselves with joy.
    #2 The Remainers will make a mountain out of every molehill.
    #3 Remain (civil service, union etc) plotting will be the direct cause of many, deliberately engineered, supply failures.
    #4 The balance of supply failures will be due to 3+ years of Remain plotting to thwart Brexit.

    Bollox to Remain.


  10. JimS says:

    That Welsh bundle of fun Dale Aston had another outing today on Jeremy Vine, thats twice in a fortnight!

    This time we had his expert opinion on what should happen to ‘climate deniers’. He wanted President Trump whipped every Saturday at the local market and offered to rub salt in the presidential wounds.

    Our Jeremy hardly batted an eyelid. At least the next caller got to call out the hateful rant ‘from the Welsh gullag’ for what it was.

    Come on BBC, either cut off this hate-filled individual for good or let’s get some equally vocal BNP/EDL warrior on the call-in rota!


  11. theisland says:

    Another article by Lee Rotherham about “the persistent inability of some serious commentators to grasp the difference between contingency planning and diarising future events.”

    An example of the disconnect between reality and the ‘agenda’.


  12. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Swinson has got one thing spot on.

    She says if she wins the GE she will revoke article 50 ON DAY ONE.

    Had Cameron or May left, no deal, on DAY ONE there would be nowhere near the problems we have now with all the democracy deniers trying everything to stop the democratic vote to leave.

    All the faffing about gave the traitors their time to betray the vote. All nodded on by May the remainer.


  13. theisland says:
    Remainers are calling for the creation of a ‘Bercow Room’ at Parliament – after the outgoing Speaker twisted Commons rules to help a rebellion against Brexit.


  14. taffman says:

    Can the UK win Eurovision despite Brexit ?
    Ask Al Beeb.


    • G.W.F. says:


      In keeping with our new anti democratic spirit the BBC has excluded the public from voting for the UK entrants.

      The BBC has opted to end You Decide – the show in which would-be stars vie for the honour of representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest .
      You Decide has run since 2016, and its end means the public vote which decides who will step onto the Eurovision stage is now over.
      This means that the UK’s entrant into the 2020 competition in Rotterdam will be chosen by the BBC and a record label rather than a voting public.

      Instead, the BBC Studios is set to team up with record label BMG in a bid to improve the UK’s chances in the competition.


  15. taffman says:

    “Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price pledges to ditch Brexit in election”
    Perhaps he should consult the people of Wales first.
    I think he would find that they would prefer to ditch the Welsh Assembly.


  16. Fedup2 says:

    BBC website – no sign of the finding of Remainer campaigns breaching the rules in the run up to the Referendum .
    Should any one be surprised by that ?


  17. StewGreen says:

    Local news being used to push Guardianlalaland agendas
    #1 ITV LOCAL news had a long item on ELECTRIC CARS and how lovely they are
    No real local angle, it looks like a national item syndicated into my area news/

    #2 BBC Local news opened with item on ONLINE TROLLING , they did give some local angles like a local football manager
    ..bu then quickly moved onto a clip of Victoria Live saying poor Gary Lineker and Rachael Riley get abuse.
    Well #1 Lineker often seems to be a troll as he tweets sneers
    #2 There are a lot of strange people in the world who will say strange things. That should not bother grownups like Lineker cos he simply doesn’t have to read the comments and can hit the block button if he wants.


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Trying to figure the outcome of the Supreme Court – they’ll try to come down on both side of the tracks .

    But if you think about it . If they start saying whether it is wrong to prorogue parliament then basically the Supreme Court will claim jurisdiction over the Executive power over Parliament .

    Judges are unelected . But democracy seems to be going out of fashion in the UK now . Maybe what we’ve got is a very British coup .


    • Fedup2 says:

      The Express carries a story of negotiations between the US and EU discussing the need to review those national entities which receive state aid – sounds dry doesn’t it .
      But it includes those providing medical support – such as the NHS . So stay in the EU – lose the NHS ?

      The source – apparently – is leaked documents a NGO has obtained . Haven’t heard this on the MSM….


    • G.W.F. says:

      It seems that whatever the 11 judges choose, the judiciary is tops.
      So why not save money and do away with elections. When the judges decide it is time for a new Parliament each party submits its candidates to the judges who then choose the MPs for each constituency. The party with the largest number will then have its leader appointed by the judges. MPs have demanded more time in the Commons, so the judges should require them to be there five days per week, less bank holidays, with salary deducted for absences without a sickie. Maintaining the anti democratic approach, Parliament debates legislation which is then submitted to the judges who will choose which will become law.

      Don’t like it? Keep quiet or the judges will send their cops to arrest you for hurty hate speech.


  19. taffman says:
    I expect our Border Force will be running a very busy ferry service shortly. What is our so called Tory doing to do about it ? Answers please on the back of a postage stamp.


  20. Guest Who says:

    Raheem on Facebook has a lovely clip from a Radio 4 show with Douglas and Aufa Hirsch (sp.?) being ‘chaired’ by a BBC bimbo, covering Sam Smiff and ‘their’ issues.

    Bimbo did not like Douglas dissing the notion of pretentious luvvies getting the bbc to dance to their tune with the arch of an eyebrow, so shuts him down to hand the mic to Aufa, who goes off on one, rather hilariously ending by calling Sam… well, you’ll never guess.



  21. Sluff says:

    Well done to BAe systems for winning a big new order.

    Strangely, I cannot find this news on the BBC webshite, not even buried on the US page.

    However since the BBC is totally impartial I am sure this is just an oversight and totally unconnected with its deliberate playing down of any good economic news which undermines its unending anti-Brexit pro-Remoan narrative.


  22. Fedup2 says:

    More anniversaries -today is the 75th anniversary of the start of Market Garden .

    Let’s hope the prime minister of Luxembourg remembers that . But I’m pretty sure for him it never happened . Same for the BBC it seems .


    • Dave S says:

      That reminds me of somebody who fought with great distinction at Arnhem. He was very badly wounded and eventually in the late 70s died from them. He was in the same business as my father and I and was not very good at it but times were different then and when he eventually had to give up he owed a good deal of money and quite a bit to us.
      My father just said that you do not press for payment or sue a man who fought at that battle and that was the end of it.
      It was never mentioned again and we stayed friends. He did feel that he owed me something and gave me a vast Chrysler estate that had come from Australia. It never ran a yard though but it was considered a debt settled.
      Proper people in those days and I shall not forget him.


    • Dave S says:

      That reminds me of somebody who fought with great distinction at Arnhem. He was very badly wounded and eventually in the late 70s died from them. He was in the same business as my father and I and was not very good at it but times were different then and when he eventually had to give up he owed a good deal of money and quite a bit to us.
      My father just said that you do not press for payment or sue a man who fought at that battle and that was the end of it.
      It was never mentioned again and we stayed friends. He did feel that he owed me something and gave me a vast Chrysler estate that had come from Australia. It never ran a yard though but it was considered a debt settled.
      Proper people in those days and I shall not forget him.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Dave – the common history of Arnhem seems to end with the evacuation of surviving airborne forces . But one account I read goes into the aftermath when the Germans took revenge on the Dutch and captured allied soldiers – starving Holland until they were fed by airdrops from British and America bombers in 1945…


      • chancygardner says:

        What an uplifting post Dave. I’m glad it was the last one I read today.


      • Allan Eriksen says:

        Lovely story. My old English teacher, Alan “Basil” Bush, was wounded at Arnhem, was captured, escaped and then commanded the 1st Para Brigade sector. While leading a counter-attack, he was wounded again, but continued to lead his men until the operation was completed. He was then evacuated across the Rhine. His conduct resulted in the award of the Military Cross.
        The remarkable thing was that he never thought to mention any of this to us boys– I only found out by chance when his obituary appeared in the Daily Telegraph in 1998


        • Up2snuff says:

          Think I saw a reference on the BBC web-site just this week to the last big battle of WW2 – can’t remember which one they mentioned off-hand but I thought they were wrong – and immediately Arnhem & the battles for the Rhine crossings came to my mind.

          I seem to recall that Band of Brothers (IIRC, about the aftermath of Arnhem, the long slog through the Ardennes and the Low Countries) was not shown on BBC. Perhaps a Britbox showing will help the BBC sort out their history.

          The father of an elderly acquaintance was a War Correspondent ’embedded’ with Allied troops crossing the Rhine. This person had inherited from his father a rusty Leica camera, one of two that were used on that assignment. The WC father had been on a boat actually crossing the Rhine when they were shelled by the Germans. A shell exploded nearby, swamping the boat, the spare camera getting a soaking – hence the rust – in the process.

          *** Correction ***
          Just in case maxi is lurking, I have tried to check which TV channel showed BoB in the UK. Apparently it was the BBC. My memory had made it into Channel 4 or ITV or C5.

          That, of course, means the BBC web-site boo-boo this week is more serious.


  23. jakita says:

    Whoops, absent-mindedly flicked over to Newsnight and just heard some BBC “expert” talking about the difference between “a typical Trump supporter and a sophisticated American”. Grrr.
    Must learn not to do this just before bed. So glad their license sales are falling, am really hoping the BBC’s demise is in the not too distant future. Night night all!


  24. Philip_2 says:

    If I listen to the BBC for more than five minutes, its clear (to them) that they never talk about future planned EU policies ( and how it would directly affect us as we can only benefit… REALLY??. No talk of the EURO problems, and there are many, not just the EU is technically bankrupt and needs to *expand* to get more money for ‘social problems they themselves make. There are MORE serious legal and MORAL problems IF we stay (i.e. UK notion of ‘rights’ (as defined in the Magna Carta) would be totally banned in the EU). If there was ever a reason to leave the EU you only have to look at the EU based ‘equalities’ act imposed on us from the (EU) ECHR (European Court of Human Right), when it clearly mirrors EU proposed policies and denies any appeals from the UK specifically.

    Here is a summary of the ECHR cases and the problems they (EU) propose:
    Current EU legislative rights being considered (which you already know none of it being healthy, which we are legally obliged to follow all ECHR laws on EU inspired ‘human rights’ (which are increasingly absurd as you’ll see below). Whilst we negotiate our (BR)exit, the proposals below will have become law. Unless you happen to be a Liberal Democrat in which case it can only get better as we all claim to be equally mad.

    The UK is now world leader in getting LGBT rights through into ECHR laws that would never have been possible using UK law, as none of it follows common law, or common sense. You can do this when nobody cares about what is ‘normal’ any more.
     The desire to have a child with a dead person…
    i.e. the right of a woman to claim dead mans sperm.
    The desire of a mother to be the father of the child…
    i.e. Transgenders can have it both ways (because they can)
    The demand for a presumption of motherhood for the « wife of the mother”… i.e. your mothers mother mother is a man.
    The desire to both be “mothers” of the same child…
    i.e. Two mothers equals two fathers but a Mother and fathers is discouraged as it is seen as ‘unequal’.
    The obligation for states to establish “homoparenthood”…
    i.e. The rights of homosexuals to lay claim to children.
    The desire to be declared mother of a child conceived and carried by other women…
    i.e. Buying and selling children on the open market for cash and then ‘adopting’ them.

    The big difference between UK laws (before we adopted the EU laws) was that everyone had a birth right to a just hearing in law based on rules of nature and a limit to the laws imposed by the State. This was a fundamental of the Magna Carta and gave us ‘not guilty until proven’ (habeus corpus). In EU directives often using ECHR court rulings, everybody is guilty unless they can prove they have a ‘right’ to do something (which is only given by ECHR Court rulings). Those that want us ‘aligned’ to Europe (meaning EU) would force us to surrender our courts and all UK judgements to follow cravenly and interpret (exactly) what the above will become and will be imposed from top down. One other thing the REAMIERS never want to discuss is the fact that no ECHR law can ever be repealed. The UK we beg to differ and we argue about laws all the time, some change and others are adapted. This does not happen in the EU at all. The EU confers ‘rights’ on those as victims automatically following previous ECHR laws which have we are already experiencing in UK schools which has nothing to do with right of parents and child safety which effectively is being eroded to the point that there will be no child safety in the UK and mental health (parent and child) continues to deteriorate. The BBC is part of this process to undermine natural laws protecting children from strange adults. The entire output of the BBC is defined in EU law and the odd notion of ‘rights’ which in practice is an absurd form of ‘equality communism’ that even Russia and China avoid as it leads to anarchy and financial ruin and madness.
    Read up more in what the ECHR is reinventing (that) all Woman can mean something very different to what naturally we know and love. Its not just about immigration, dumbing down of education, people we never would vote for and can never vote for (as there is no democracy), we cant be trusted with voting. They can vote on our behalf, in our name, tell us what we are (scum), ignorant, uneducated, racist and sexist and the worse accusation ever to be ‘patriotic’ about UK democracy. The BBC hates us (obviously) and so does the EU. It’s time to leave. We have to leave for sanity.

    The EU was always going to be socialist post war experiment that has badly gone wrong. WE have to leave or go mad. The Liberals are past the point of no return.


  25. Celtic_Mist says:

    BBC – Jo Swinson Jo Swinson Jo Swinson Jo Swinson…


  26. Celtic_Mist says:

    Are the courts going to be the ‘new weapon’ that the left will use to drive their agenda? Like the rest of it, it starts off seemingly innoxious but then starts to take control ..

    “The law rarely works quickly, but nobody watching the Supreme Court since its launch a decade ago can have missed its steady evolution into a constitutional court. Every year or so a ruling has emerged, often on an esoteric subject, in which the justices have gradually cemented the court’s place in the UK’s constitutional structure, at the same time developing a theory of the UK’s constitution, and the court’s powers arising from it, which it then applied in future cases.”


  27. Celtic_Mist says:

    The BBC will not pick this ‘random view’ for the News at One –


  28. SPC says:

    My god – just been watching the interminable court proceedings. The Scottish chap – not worth looking up his name – what a right ……! TROUBLE MAKER – QC? NO. HOW DID HE GET HIS JOB?
    We can now add the courts to the long list of idiotic components of modern Britain.
    *BBC – *Parliament – and a *Judicial system where Gina Miller can call the shots whenever she wishes, what’s that all about – how much money does she have available to destroy our democracy entirely, and why do we let her excercise it?
    Oh! and not lets forget Jo Swinson – the ‘Dorothy’ of the Liberal Party – which we will now call them.
    What a totally shabby crowd – WE WILL NOT FORGET – THERE WILL BE A DAY OF RECKONING.