Weekend Thread 14 September 2019

Sunday marks the 79th anniversary of the Battle of Britain . Lest we forget . I was tempted to do the comparison between then and now but I’ll leave that to others . To the boys who saved us. Thank you.

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  1. G.W.F. says:


    It appeals to me



    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:


      That’s it.

      Thanks for making some sense of my attempt to post a picture.

      I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
      I put it on that site to give it a url (or something)
      imgbb or ibb – something like that.
      It’s the link someone on here posted a few days ago.
      Then I clicked on the copy option.
      That’s what came up when I pasted on here.

      I suppose it’s ‘cos I’m an old racist far right gammon or something.
      Maybe it’s because of Brexit or Trump.



  2. pertelote says:

    me too..what did “we” do wrong?


  3. taffman says:

    It would appear that the Tory Party is riddled with Limpdems. Another one just defected.


    • cromwell says:

      It’s like f***ing musical chairs. An absolute disgrace they think they can jump ship at will. Taking their electorate for mugs. They should be made to stand for byelection. It’s terrible that their constituencies should have lib dems foisted on them when they didn’t vote for that party.


    • Jagman84 says:

      The Limp Dums scattered their seed around the Tory party, during their time in the Coalition Government. Just like all w**kers…


    • Navets says:

      Does that make him defective?


  4. taffman says:

    AFIA Aware, none of the broadcaster are covering the Brexit Parties conferences?
    I wonder why ?


  5. Doobster78 says:

    How much BBC airtime can one man get ??? Impartiality hey !!! Just what is it the BBC love about the Brexit hating , Boris hating , UK hating Mr Grieve ???


    • Dave S says:

      From the Speaker downwards they have a quaint notion of what sovereignty means. They think it means they are the ultimate arbiters of our lives and once elected can do as they like. This recent farce has finally made it clear to us that real democracy means when once you promise the voters to do something you do it. That means you resign if you leave the party. Likewise the referendum vote.
      The Commons is now challenging the people. Once it was a king and that ended badly for him. It will end badly for the Commons.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      In fact it is not possible for the Tory Party to turn into a sect because a sect is a smaller subdivision of a larger group who have beliefs that have deviated from the larger group.

      In this case the sect is a smaller subdivision of a larger group who have realised that the majority in a referendum and in the Party membership support the sect, not the larger group. The larger group being unrepresentative of the nation as a whole as well as the Party membership.

      Democratic survival of the Party is now dependent on the sect becoming the larger group within the Party. So in fact the Tory Party sect is turning into the larger group as the Party gets infiltrated by the more representative patriotic majority of the electorate.

      The danger is if the sect fails to take over the Party, then the sect will defect to the Brexit Party. The Tory Party would then die because only about nine percent of the electorate would vote for a full on Remainer Tory Party, as the Remainer vote would be divided by many different political parties and therefore most Tory Remainers would then vote LibDem rather than waste their vote on a dead unelectable Remainer Tory Party lead by Dominic Grieve.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Mr Grieve looks like the rat he is.


  6. Burgsey says:

    Watching the Proms at the moment. Jamie Barton is excellent and I admire her as a singer. She is belting ig out, great stuff! What I don’t need is all the personal baggage forced on me. The Guardian has gone on at length about her sexuality and weight. Both wholly irrelevant to her singing talent. The BBC have also picked up on this aspect. FOCUS ON HER TALENT!

    Will probably update later as there seems to be a disproportionate number of EU flags, no doubt handed out by the BBC when entering!


    • xplod says:

      Wonder how much the beret wearers are being paid….or are Beeb plants with freebie tickets?


      • Deborah says:

        I know that the BBC doles out Last Night tickets like sweeties to those ‘connected’ with the arts. So automatic Guardian reader bias. I expect certain parties will be giving out free EU flags outside whilst probably true Brits have to pay for theirs. Then manipulate the lighting so Union Jacks look blue and shine yellow stars on the sound mushrooms in the roof and the BBC’s subliminal propaganda evening is complete.


    • Burgsey says:

      Me again, yes indeed EU flags outnumbering Union Jacks. No doubt freebies handed out as people entered. This is a Brit event, EU flags should have been banned.


      • xplod says:

        Well, was that bland, or was it BLAND. Not impressed at all…no atmosphere, no excitement, almost no life!!


    • EmptyingDadsShed says:

      Why are audience members happy to wave them?
      Why do they not take the flags and then bin them


  7. cromwell says:

    It’s like f***ing musical chairs. An absolute disgrace they think they can jump ship at will. Taking their electorate for mugs. They should be made to stand for byelection. It’s terrible that their constituencies should have lib dems foisted on them when they didn’t vote for that party.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Sure they will Cromwell. They lecture us daily at length on what democracy means so surely they wouldn’t have the brass neck not to have a by election !!! You know like Soubry and Chukka did !!! Oh, hang on …………….

      Hypocritical doesn’t even cut it !!!! Absolute charlatans !!!!


    • G says:

      Ah! The ‘bright side’: we now know who the Fifth Columnists are. They are no longer hiding behind their own red flags. I said years ago that the World is destined to break up into 50/50 camps nothing in the intervening years has persuaded me to think otherwise. I’ll make another prediction. It will break out onto the streets anytime in the future. Watch Italy when more and more Soros ‘Refugee’ boats hit their shores. We know who the Italians really follow.


  8. Guest Who says:

    “It’s an issue that affects every one of us on the planet.” This massive mural is making a statement! 🌍🙌


    Guess whose pic the BBC is boosting?


    • EmptyingDadsShed says:

      A white English familly?


      • BRISSLES says:

        A white English family ? do we still have those ? watch any advert and I don’t think they don’t exist anymore. Products from life insurance to burger meals and mattresses are offered to us via mostly mixed race ‘units’, certainly the kids are with generally a black father and white mother.

        It may be the norm (or not) in most larger cities and the capital, but it certainly doesn’t represent the area where I live. And to be honest I’m getting fed up with it. We are a nation of overwhelmingly white people, yet the advertising industry has decided to airbrush us to appease the minority. Does this happen in African countries I wonder ? in showing commercials with mixed race and white actors ? laughable isn’t it.


        • G says:

          “…..certainly the kids are with generally a black father and white mother.”
          Yes, but I see a more rather subtle message here: black father? White males are not-up-to it (forgive the pun) so (yet again) the blacks have to step in to help their white counterparts……………..


  9. EmptyingDadsShed says:

    Were the spray cans environmentally friendly?


  10. Philip_2 says:

    BBC TV ratings continue to plummet! BBC attempt to lure young viewers by cutting news backfires! (The Times Saturday) The trade magazine BROADCAST reports that only 91,000 aged 16 to 34 bothered to watch anything between 10.35pm and midnight. Down from 130,000 last year (which was in itself down 9.2 to this dismal 7.9 per cent. Older viewers are also (on average) switching ‘OFF’ from 1.4 million to just 900,000 . The top BBC series was ‘FLEABAG’ with 400,000 (16 to 24 ages) and something called ‘Huddersfield’ (200,000). The Corporation said everything is going swinmingly to plan. We aim to indoctrinate the ‘yoof’ of tomorrow with our gold standard flat earth policies designed to drive everyone mad. Only then can we install a one world Marxist government and stop BREXIT, (I think he said) but it may of been my imagination. ‘FLEABAG’ being a popular term between presenters at the BBC, as all under 18 on Thursdays. Over 45 the rest of week.


    It not going at all well at BBC world domination. Earlier this week and independent analyst forecast the BBC ITV ‘BritBox’ will fail to attract a younger audience and it offers no incentive to the ’over 75’s’ which remains its core audience which can not be relied on to pay the ‘TV license when more aware (younger) family members will choose better and more cost effective alternatives i.e. Disney, Apple TV (to come) just add to the BBC woes of lack of funds to pay Gary Linekar and Co.

    More BBC woes here:

    Even BBC and ITV ‘BrtiBox’ is looking doomed. (10% of BrtiBox is owned by the BBC). Paid for by your most true and trusted TV license fee payers. Except here you get to pay it again, and again, and again. Yup! its a sure fire winner…. and a big switch off.


  11. Demon says:

    Just seen Last Night of the Proms. I thought there might be a few Eurofascists present but the hall was full of them. The BBC cameras lovingly focused on these Britain-haters. It made it appear that the 4th Reichers outnumbered the patriots by 3 to 1.

    They hate this country so much that they want to ruin almost the only night we have to celebrate our country. I noticed that when the patriotic songs were sung the British flags were at last more in evidence – which shows that they really do hate this country even though they deny it.

    I am a regular Proms goer but I can never get tickets to the last night despite trying more than once, even one year when we went to at least five Proms which got you into a special ballot. Failed that one too. So how do these traitors manage to get so many tickets that they appear to outnumber the decent regular concert goers! I can only assume that most were friends and family of BBC employees.

    Finally the American mezzo introduced herself with a small number of personal “attributes” with particular emphasis on her being gay. Why that was important as she was only there to sing is beyond me as her sexual orientation is irrelevant. However, she had a great voice, which was why she was there. At the end of Rule Britannia she reached behind the conductor’s podium to retrieve a flag. Surely the Union Flag you would think – but no – it was an oversized rainbow flag which she brandished all round the stage.

    Marion Allslop the other year turned her conductor’s speech into an anti-man, feminist rant. Then along with tonight’s woeful left-wing display they are trying to ruin yet another Great British institution and turn it into something wholly sinister and full of hate.


    • Deborah says:

      Many, many years ago I used to get a season ticket for the arena which included entry to the Last Night. But the Prom ringleaders would be given last night tickets which they could distribute to regulars who didn’t have a season ticket. In those days the prommers were young people but as I have got older, it would appear so have the people in the arena. And hideously white they are too.


      • Demon says:

        We’ve booked tickets for Beethoven’s 9th later this year. It was something that I used to share with my dad who was a great Beethoven fan. I’ve never heard it live before but now I am wondering if I’ve made a mistake as the EU have stolen it as their anthem, despite Schiller’s words being the exact opposite of the EU’s beliefs.

        I feel the EU should use the Horst Wessel theme as their “National” Anthem. I am expecting that the EU rag will be strongly in evidence – I hope I can keep my temper in the face of any provocation that I may suffer. Thankfully it is a normal concert, not a Promenade, flag waving one but I still expect the Eurofascists to make an issue of it.


    • Oaknash says:

      Just seen a picc of her – looks like she has been at the pies a bit too much. Apparently she “swings both ways” though personally I think she would look more at home in a “buzz cut”, dungarees and round specs and DM boots.


  12. Guest Who says:

    ITTB has a bumper weekend collection of new posts I can only recommend.

    This one exemplifies what they do well just as the bbc no longer even tries: verifiable facts.


    Tubbo will not be bothered of course, but one day it would be nice to think he could be.


  13. Guest Who says:

    When Paul loves your work…


    • popeye says:

      The EU flags were given away FOC on entry to RAH, the Union flags had to be bought. Interestingly, at Hyde Park, Wales and NI where no EU flags were given away, National flags were everywhere; EU were nowhere


    • G says:

      Having been an avid watcher of the Proms for many decades, I really wondered how it would feel having no TV licence and unable to watch any Proms. After two years, I can safely and honestly say – No Effect – whatsoever. I considered my stance yesterday evening and concluded that any broadcast by ‘The Worlds Most Trusted’ is suspect. Having our far left, Marxist State Broadcaster very obviously injecting and/or distorting the news or any other programme for that matter, to conform to their equally distorted World views is not for me – ever again.


  14. Celtic_Mist says:

    I took out a subscription to the Newspaper Archive –

    It’s searchable and I’m looking at 1 September 1939

    At the time (obviously) events were unfolding but as the war progressed the was a lot of fake news, but in a good way.

    I’ll get around to posting something interesting, however, a thought has jumped into my head which doesn’t really make much sense.

    Here goes, the ‘weaponising’ of children to promote the climate emergency nonsense reminds me of the Hitler youth movement!


  15. Celtic_Mist says:

    Typical BBC misinformation –

    “Chimpanzees show empathy and altruism just like humans do – so could we learn from them?
    Eminent anthropologist Frans de Waal explains that politicians have a lot to learn from how chimpanzees show empathy”

    The answer is yes provided we don’t actually behave like chimps because chimps do not give a ‘flying flamingo’ for others outside the group (tribe)



    • rthornton says:

      Does he explain “chimping out”, by any chance?


    • Beltane says:

      The dying shrieks of that colobus monkey, torn apart by chimps in the treetops and filmed by Attenborough a few years ago confirmed my attitude towards these cousins of ours. Nasty.


      • vesnadog says:


        I agree.

        While I’m here.

        Attenborough still hasn’t answered the question why are Lions and Cheetahs – the fastest animal alive – in so much danger of extinction yet the slowest animal alive the Sloth is prospering?

        I believe I read somewhere that the Sloth has only one baby every few years.

        Sloths are the perfect target for many predators – sometimes slower than snails – yet they are thriving.


    • Guest Who says:

      What gets thrown out of the HoP into College Green seems oddly familiar.


  16. LastChanceSaloon says:

    Guy VuckOffYouTwat speech receives rapturous applause at the annual Treason conference of the Rinka lovers.
    When telling the faithful the EU must become an Empire.

    The British Empire was dismantled by identical cretins!


  17. Guest Who says:

    Feel the impartiality roaring out….. says John.


  18. MarkyMark says:

    Why has Cameron held his silence so far … why couldn’t he just back off and “QUIT” like he did already?



    • cromwell says:

      Because it’s all about ££££££££’s and getting as much publicity for it at the best time.


    • Doobster78 says:

      It’s always the lies of leave isn’t it !!! The fact his former aid has confirmed he asked Obama to tell the British public that we would be back of the queue is just glossed over.

      The threat of the Punishment budget, warning us about 800,000 job losses instantly on a leave vote, warning us our house prices will drop 25% , scaring people on massive price rises in food etc , all not on leaving the EU, these we were told would happen if we just had the audacity to vote leave.

      Staggering after all those LIES, he has the front to claim it was Leave who lied !!!!

      And even worse, the BBC and lefty media, NEVER challenge those LIES and the people who told them , but will get their knickers in a twist and go full on rage about the Boris bus , which has been proved correct in court !!!!!!

      Bias ??? Never !!!!


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        I have not discovered if Cameron found space in his memoir to comment about the liars who took the UK into the EEC and spent the next fourty years lying about its intentions and metamorphosis.


  19. Dover Sentry says:

    Once we’re out of the EU, will the EU flags be waved at the Proms?


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      The hated blue and gold will be banned in the UK.
      Except for Independence Day celebrations on June 23rd, when flags of the former (because it will have collapsed) EU, will be burnt.


  20. Beltane says:

    The elite and its megaphone the BBC have always held the masses in distain, that much is obvious. The 10,000th appearance of Polly Toynbee on Marr later this morning, their absurdly frequent promotion as arbiters of truth and knowledge from known charlatans, crooks and liars like Peter Mandelson, Alistair Campbell, Anna Soubry, John McDonnel, Dominic Grieve and many other such frauds and fraudsters confirms this as fact.
    But in David Cameron’s latest book promotion the BBC has exceeded even its own high standards. First item of news for two days now, spiteful and irrational quotes repeated with lascivious gusto, accusations from a monumental failure of the failings of others, each page unveils another revelation of the essential tragedy that is seen as Brexit – but only if you’re bright enough to recognise the sad reality.
    And now we are told to expect a major in-depth series on the Cameron Years, starting later this week. Perceptive viewers might ask how such a programme could be made within such a timescale – unless of course the whole book release, shocking revelations and riveting scandal has been orchestrated to coincide with the build-up towards October 31. But that would hardly be the behaviour of a statesman, nor indeed a world-renowned and impartial news service, would it?


  21. Tabs says:

    Sadiq Khan getting a very easy ride on the Andrew Marr show. No interruptions from Marr even though Khan hasn’t answered a single question.
    Marr, “when you came to office you promised to reduce knife crime. Have you failed?”
    Khan, “when we talk about knife crime we should think about the victim’s family”
    Marr, “OK. Next question….”


  22. fakenewswatcher says:

    Just when beeb have gone into anti-Boris overdrive, along comes manna from heaven: Cameron’s book. Timing? Not a surprise.
    Paddy O’Connell was quick to use it on BH this morning, I was still half-asleep, but I do believe I heard the voice of Alastair Campbell, which more or less tells you how credible BH is, commenting on it.
    Actually, I shall shut up now, having spotted Beltane’s comprehensive contribution above.
    As regards BH, Paddy has used Sam’s defection to the LimpDumbs as a programme starter. I suppose we will now have “Conservative” defectors unveiled one-by-one, every day or two, giving the impression of an endless stream of deserters.
    Clever. of the toxic beeb, to have structured it this way.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      A massive ‘Remain’ campaign now, gathering steam on beeb. Allegedly neutral, lice fee payers financed, unashamed propaganda. We need to write in and let them have it.


  23. G says:

    “Criminalising Brexit”.
    As usaual, Brendan O’Neill has it bang on.


  24. Cassandra says:

    How do I halt this interminable crap…



  25. tarien says:

    ‘I wiil stop Brexit’! Claims the most virulent present leader of the Liberal Democrats-She is without doubt a confessed traitor to those who voted to Leave the EU. It passes all understanding as to how some rather ignorant woman could have been chosen by a political party to be their leader-she must have forgotten how many of her voters chose to leave the EU- Never, as she came into politics so very young, done a real days work in her life, but is a mother of two children, would have thought she would want be at home with those children whilst they are very young-pumped up with so much vanity, and self importance unable to realise where she is heading the LIb/Dems-into oblivion I suspect..


  26. fakenewswatcher says:

    Jo Swinson and off button have developed a close relationship on my


  27. theisland says:

    What are the civil service doing while the MPs bicker amongst themselves?

    I speak specifically of europhiles Mark Sedwill, Head of the Civil Service and National Security Adviser, and Angus Lapsley, formerly Director for Defence, International Security and South East Europe and now ‘Director General Strategy and International’ a role which includes being responsible for “the defence implications of exiting the European Union and our key bilateral defence relationships.”

    BoJo did a terrible job as Foreign Secretary allowing these two, with Alan Duncan, free reign signing us up to all the new EU ‘defence’ tricks [ref. @VeteransBritain, various]

    Have BoJo and Raab (or Ben Wallace) even the faintest idea of what Sedwill and Lapsley are currently up to? Are they being ‘monitored’? I suspect not.


    • G says:

      The Island,
      “Monitored”? Should be MI5 doing the job. Oh! hang on, sorry, they’re permanently tied up monitoring islamic terrorists and, “far right” groups. The latter being, we are told, the most dangerous of all.


  28. Sluff says:

    Just reflecting on Doobster78 ‘s post at the top of this page.

    Does Dominic Grieve have an employment contract with the BBC?
    I ask because he seems to be on more than some of their presenters.
    Strangely the BBC never asks him questions such as

    How did you come to receive the Legion d’Honneur?

    Or, how are your investments in the French companies LVMH and Air Liquide doing?
    Or, what exactly is the Franco British Colloque ?
    Or, what are your plans for the property and land you own in France (value exceeds £100,000)?

    Try https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmregmem/190902/190902.pdf page 183.

    Clearly the impartial BBC cannot spot the ever so slightly possible conflict of interest here. Or more likely they can and conveniently choose to ignore.


  29. taffman says:

    Parliament and Al Beeb have treated democracy and the people of this nation with contempt.
    Treat Parliament with contempt by voting and supporting UKIP and The Brexit Party.
    Stop paying the Telly Tax.


  30. pugnazious says:

    Why is the BBC making a Cameron’s bitter, backstabbing, jaundiced and extremely one-sided personal attacks on Boris Johnson and Gove headline news? Isn’t this just opportunistic, cynical and unpleasant political gossip clearly designed and timed maliciously to spread as much bile about them as possible…and the BBC is happy to oblige Cameron.

    Oddly the BBC fails to mention that Cameron cut and run when things didn’t go his way and slunk off to his shed keeping out of the media and any chance they might hold him to account…until the chance to make money arises.

    These attacks on Boris and Gove are intended not just to undermine Brexit but of course to cynically and deliberately create a storm to catch the headlines….all in order to sell more books. There is that old saying about the Press wanting to start a war in order to sell more papers…this is the millionaire David Cameron provocatively whipping up more anger and division merely to sell more books.

    Cameron doesn’t give a damn about the country…if he did he might have stayed in office and took responsibility for Brexit, instead he took the coward’s way out and fled the scene leaving it for others to sort out….and remember he refused to plan for a successful leave vote…he is fully responsible for the difficulties we have encountered.

    The BBC happy to oblige his sordid little plans and plots.

    Then again this is the BBC that makes headline news of the blindingly obvious…Nicki Morgan says she would vote Remain in any future referendum [which she says she doesn’t want] and the BBC fill the airwaves with this astonishing ‘news’. The reason is of course to try and pressurise and provoke Morgan and other Remainers in the Cabinet to jump ship. The BBC wants you to believe there are massive cracks in the Cabinet and Boris’ policy on Brexit is provoking divisions and splits and doesn’t have much support there. They asked Morgan how she can serve in a Cabinet that is willing to accept a no-deal scenario…clearly trying to put the squeeze on her to say something anti-Boris leading onto a showdown and a resignation. Why is the BBC concentrating on her blindingly obvious statement and not her inconvenient truth when she says that she supports Boris, he is very definitely working for a deal but no-deal must be on the table….which is the most relevant statement in today’s politics?

    This is the BBC trying to create and influence the news not report it.
    And Cameron’s bilious outpourings dreamt up in his garden shed are not news.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Pug – Cameron’s flight rom responsibility. Says it all really: create a mess and leave it for someone else to sort out. Not very admirable.
      As for beeb trying to manipulate Morgan: a wee bit too transparent to be effective, isn’t it?


  31. tarien says:

    Watched the last part of the Proms last night-unhappy to see so many EU flags flying and and surprised to hear the voice of an American opera singer singing Rule Brittania, and then to my astonishment she held up a flag of many colours that I then recognised as LGBT hardly appropriate at such a gathering. Still all the assembled party in the Albert Hall and around the UK sung Land of hope and glory, with gusto, let’s hope they mean it. Wonder what Sir Henry Wood would have thought about that FLAG?


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      tarien – nothing’s beyond a chance to spread a bit of propaganda, isn’t it? The beeb don’t seem to have a policy on that.


    • rthornton says:

      Even normally right-on blogs seem unimpressed:

      How Last Night at the BBC Proms fell flat

      I think people are growing tired of identity politics being thrust in front of their faces all the time. I don’t expect my window-cleaner, accountant, or the lady at the checkout in Sainsburys to update me on the progress of every fad and trendy cause. Earning a living on the stage doesn’t make you an authority on everything.

      Elsewhere, the same blog reports that Prom attendances are slightly down. So it seems that all those desperate attempts to attract those who wouldn’t be seen dead at a classical music concert are not working then? Or perhaps they’ve just stabbed each other already. These audiences always look pretty much the same regardless of location or ticket price, even the free ones – white, with a significant number of SE Asians. I suspect they always will.

      BBC Proms fall short of peak attendance

      Having said that, 89% average attendance isn’t bad for a vast hall, in a country where traditional European cultures are ignored in schools and dead white males are regularly denigrated.

      The BBC has always had it in for the Last Night. They never had the courage to stop it so, instead, they’re trying to undermine it one step at a time. Remember the fate of the Royal Tournament? I seem to recall that stopping it was one of the first things that Blair did. The Tories, of course, didn’t bring it back.

      Comments at the end of the DT review not going well, either.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I hadn’t realised that Land of Hope & Glory, – judging by the EU flags flying, had been turned into LANDS of Hope & Glory. Surely its an act of treason to sing this anthem whilst waving an EU flag ! I’m sure Elgar & Benson would be turning in their graves.


  32. theisland says:

    The EU prefer …


  33. upandatem says:

    The Last Night of the Proms – a so-called British institution – is a night when we should be able to enjoy a little bit of Britishness. We should be able to wave our Union Jacks, puff our chests up a little bit and sing a few, good old patriotic songs. There’s nothing sinister about it, nothing violent, nothing xenophobic and we’re not about to join far-right groups to vent our anger on Muslims, immigrants, gays etc. We do it because we are just proud to be British. However, the BBC cannot stand this harmless display of identity because it offends their twisted, left-wing dysphoria. The Union Jack is anathema to them. So, last night they ensured that the European flag was in abundance. The floor of the Albert Hall was awash with blue and gold. Many of the audience were even wearing EU-berets. All of these, obviously, supplied by the BBC. Notice the difference when you saw the broadcasts from Belfast, Swansea and Glasgow. Hardly an EU flag to be seen.

    The main singer was a rather large, American lesbian. (Had she been black and disabled as well, she would have ticked all the BBC boxes.). She sang ‘Rule Britannia’ – obviously there is a dearth of British singers – and then, at the end, strutted around the stage with a rainbow flag. How disrespectful. The Last Night of the Proms is not a platform for gay pride, or any other group, to appropriate for the benefit of their own agenda.


  34. Cassandra says:

    The BBC is biased you say…


  35. Dover Sentry says:

    Today marks the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. There are only one or two RAF Battle of Britain’s pilots alive today.

    Nothing on the BBC.

    Big feature though on a 1972 IRA home-video.


  36. taffman says:

    “David Cameron memoirs: Forget Brexit – what else does his book tell us?”
    What it wont tell us is that he’s the man who went to Europe to get a ‘Big Deal’ and came back with a packet of crisps and a bottle of lemonade.
    Next to Lord Adonis he is now the best advert for getting out of the EU


  37. pugnazious says:

    I mentioned previously that when the lower court in Scotland pronounced that Boris could prorogue Parliament and that this was a political issue not for the courts to decide the BBC showed a remarkable lack of interest…normally such a story would ‘hold the presses’ and it would be the main feature of the day…but not this time…similarly with the English High Court decision….tumbleweed on the BBC…a total lack of interest….similarly with the judgement in the NI court [which contains a bombshell judgement about the border…more on that later], the BBC has almost totally ignored that.

    However….when the higher court in Scotland judged that Boris had broken the law all hell broke loose, everything was put on hold and the BBC went into overdrive to report this…or at least interpret it in a way that suited its own politicised and weaponised news agenda….and note, in all that maelstrom of excited ‘reporting’ you will find nary a mention of any of the other contrary judgments….judgements which still stand in England and NI until the Supreme Court makes a final judgement this week. And yet the BBC takes the Scottish one declaring Boris a criminal as the definitive one blasting out the headlines and ensuring the word is spread far and wide that Boris is a criminal and can’t be trusted. The BBC knows the judgement is in conflict with the other ones and that the Supreme Court, according to people who know these things well, is likely to back Boris….so the BBC quickly fills the headlines for as long as possible putting the boot in and spreading as much malicious anti-Boris chatter as possible just to taint his image before he is possibly in the clear…there is an election comming of course…the BBC admitting yesterday that in every election it is the party leader with the best popularity polling who always wins….hence they try to damage Boris’ public persona as much as possible with these attacks….hence again the BBC headlines for Cameron’s hugely bitter, backstabbing comments.

    Judge for yourself Emma Barnett and Norman Smith’s reaction to the news [about 10:45]….talk about sensationalist and alarmist polemic.

    We were told by Smith that ‘This is a huge bombshell for Boris Johnson…and the other bombshell is that the judgement is scathing about Boris Johnson himself… for acting illegally and questioning his motivations…he intended to impede Parliament holding the Executive to account..an egregious case….he was misleading the Queen.’

    The summary….‘So Boris Johnson not only behaved illegally but has misled the Queen and had his motivation questioned…it’s all gone up in flames’

    Hmmm….except for the courts in England and Northern Ireland that back him…and the Supreme Court yet to judge.

    We’re told that ‘It’s all a quesiton of trust…trust has always been Boris’ achilles heel and is central to the Opposition attacks’

    Hmmmmm…which is why the BBC constantly makes it the central theme of their own attacks…and all totally baseless…Trust has never been Boris’ achilles heel, no more so than any other politician anyway…this is just a narrative fabricated by the BBC to denigrate Boris Johnson.

    Barnett adds in her two penneth worth…‘Boris’s career as PM hasn’t been a success has it? He’s failed 6 times and been savaged by the court’[I don’t quote exactly the words but the intent]

    Smith then conjures up the latest attack narrative doing the rounds on the BBC…that this is all part of a cunning Boris plan to present himself as the Brexit hero standing up against a sabotaging Parliament…trouble is…it’s true..he is that ‘Hero’…and they don’t like it. And nor does the BBC hence we get this….

    ‘Out of the Bubble people do see it as Parliament being blooming difficult trying to block Brexit…and team Johnson wants to position itself on the side of the People against a recalcitrant remain Parliament’ All said in tone intended to convey Boris is a chancer exploiting a foolish public.

    Then we get to the real meat with Barnett and Smith revealing their true motivations as Barnett declares…

    ‘If you get rid of Parliament you’re back to dictatorship…how do you land that point…how do you get that across to people who believe Parliament is pointless?’ Hmmm..no we don’t believe ‘Parliament’ as a concept is pointless…we believe this Remain Parliament is corrupt, dishonest and shamelessly overturning democracy to suit its own ends. Barnett forgetting that just recently on the BBC’s very own Reith Lectures Lord Sumption told us that Judges were overreaching themselves and were taking decisions that were political and not judicial.

    Barnett’s alarmist and ridiculous rhetoric about ‘dictatorship’ demonstrating that she thinks the voters are stupid for believing Parliament is against them and that she just doesn’t accept that Parliament is behaving in anyway corruptly or beyond its powers…Parliament to her is totally above criticism. How can anyone have a sensible debate on Brexit when the BBC stonewalls criticism of Parliament and refuses to consider that it is behaving unconstitutionally and undemocratically? If anything this is a dictatorship of Parliament….using and abusing democracy to force its own interests through against the democratically asserted wishes of The People in 2016… abusing their power to stop Brexit. The BBC just isn’t interested in that reality though…as you can see from the previous exchange where Parliament v’s The People is scoffed at as a narrative invented by ‘Team Johnson’ to exploit the situation.

    Smith adds his own personal view…which he admits is his view not ‘some might say’…

    ‘I believe that Parliament is the fulcrum, the centre of our democracy and that if you denigrate and demonise it you damage democracy, the fabric of the nation…the stakes are enormously high…the ramifications of fuelling that sense of outrage, hostility and resentment and contempt for Parliament are dangerous’

    Isn’t that just the most astonishing of claims? You cannot challenge, question or hold Parliament to account?…to do so, lol, is dangerous and undemocratic.

    Hmmm…that’ll be the BBC that rips into politicians, such as Boris, it doesn’t like, demonising and denigrating them day in day out. The BBC that stubbornly refuses to hold Parliament to account as it tears up convention, rips up the constitution and flagrantly flouts the laws…even now the Speaker brazenly taking sides against Brexit and openly boasting he will help Parliament manufacture laws to get around the law….as they already have of course as they abuse Parliamentary powers to try and force people to hand over their phone, email and text records…all in order to stop Brexit…is that ‘law’ legal’? Is the law to stop a no-deal legal? Better check their motivations, maybe a judicial review is in order.

    And interesting reaction when a Tory MP said that ‘Some people are questioning why the case was held in Scotland’…which they are….the law is differrent there and may be easier to get the result they like….no impuning of the judges’ own motivations.

    However Barnett was immediately on the attack suggesting that this was a dangerous attack on the judicial system and ‘a danger to democracy’. Er…no…just a true statement by the Tory. This of course from a BBC that had a programme called ‘Rogue Justice’ that campaigned against court judgements it thought wrong….threat to democracy anyone?

    So we can’t criticse Parliament nor the Judicial system…..not Islam, nor the BBC. Nor Jeremy Corbyn…according to Nick Robinson who advised his colleagues to lay off.

    Who does the BBC want to hold to account then? Tories, white people, Jews, Christians, Trump, the DUP [not the IRA], climate sceptics, EU sceptics, those against open borders and mass immigration….just about anyone who doesn’t voice the extremist ‘liberal’ orthodoxy and prostrate themselves before it.

    It is the BBC that is dangerous and a threat to democracy.


  38. Beltane says:

    Surely if Cameron believes Boris embraced the Brexit campaign to further his career this presupposes that it was a sensible and positive decision. Only a total klutz would adopt a policy designed to consign himself to oblivion. Would they David?


  39. Jeff says:

    The latest Tory defector to the Lib Dems, Sam Gyimah, is the most extraordinary.
    Not only was this bloke elected on the Tory manifesto and endlessly parroted May’s “No deal is better than a bad deal” and “Leave means leave”, as though that wasn’t clear enough…
    A couple of months ago he stood to become Tory leader and therefore our prime minister.
    So, had he won, he’d have been leading a country that wanted to exit the EU and in charge of a party that has sworn to achieve this…and now he’s joined the Lib Dems; a party dedicated to ignoring 17.4 million of us, overturning the referendum and remaining.
    FFS surely to God this man needs a bit more scrutiny than the BBC are presently giving him?
    And what the hell is either democratic or liberal about the Lib Dems? Most of their MPs have defected from other parties and made election pledges they’re going to ignore.
    On the small matter of democracy…
    Any chance of a bye election?


    • SPC says:

      Jo Swinson really needs to change her advisers – No need at all to attack Cameron in the way she has, all she’s done is divert blame from Johnson onto Cameron. A subject best left alone from her point of view. It is not her fight.
      Cancelling Brexit – revoking article 50? This now means she has given up on a second referendum. Leaving Labour to flog that horse in their very own special way.
      I would like to think she has a stategy in all this, maybe just to gain a few more seats at the next election. But influence, no, derision, certainly yes..
      Looking at the gaggle of libs yesterday walking down the yellow brick road – with ‘Dorothy’ in the middle – where were the men? or for that matter, ‘of colour’ only a couple of, I guess, heavies to keep the public away. Well done Jo for your system of inclusiveness. Fight bigotry with more bigotry – that’s the modern way. Presumably she thinks people should get promotion according to their abilities – not gender.
      So all those ‘gels’ are the best talent she has? I think not.
      I think she’s quite inexperienced and was promoted above her station. (can I say that?) She hasn’t really had, and I’ll use the buzz word, ‘Scrutiny’, from the press yet, and mabe she never will, they are scared to go anywhere near her, that has given her far too much confidence.


    • Fred Stubber says:

      By election. Not bye election.


  40. fakenewswatcher says:

    Sam Gyimah. Proof that if your current ‘priciples’ don’t serve you well, you can always have an alternate set which will help you effortlessly to move from part to party.
    LimpDumbs? They’ll take ON BOARD ANYONE who has ‘seen the light’ – whatever that may be- no too may questions asked.


    • pertelote says:

      “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”

      Groucho Marx


  41. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Just watched Sophie Ridge on Sunday.

    If they have a leaver on its usually squeezed in at the end and we get the running out of time reason to stop the interview.
    This week we had a leaver on and he was first to be interviewed.
    It was Stephen Barclay, Tory.
    He seems to support May’s WA if the backstop can be tweaked so a leaver like Soubry and Hammond who also support leave by May’s WA.

    The other guests were:

    Harriet Harman. Labour. Hard left remainer. Bercow supporting candidate for the next (impartial ha ha) speaker.

    Sam Gyimah. Now a libdem. Remainer from a big leave voting constituency.

    Chukka Ummuna. Now a Libdem. Remainer.

    Andy Macdonald. Labour. Remainer from the North East (big leave voting area)

    The outside broadcast part of the show from St. Albans had a vox pop, all remainers and then an interview with Remainer libdem candidate Daisy somethingorother.

    The show was almost all about Brexit yet strangely enough had no mention or guest from The Brexit Party, the largest party in the eu.

    If I’ve missed any guests out they were also remainers as Barclay was this weeks token ‘leaver’

    Is Sophie after a job at the bbc or do others chose her guests.

    She’s pretty mind.


  42. fakenewswatcher says:

    Jeff- as for the LimpDumbs, no policies in particular, (Other than REMAIN – stuff democracy), but standing by to catch any recalcitrants from the other two big parties, who are not fussy about democracy either.


    • SPC says:

      That’s not fair ‘fake’ they have another policy – ‘climate change’ Sorted within a 5yr term. What else matters?


  43. Cassandra says:

    Listening to The Food Programme on Radio 4 now. It’s about Mauritian cuisine. This programme mentions food loosely in a general way, mentions islam but but it’s another BBC effort in promoting diversity. Switching off now.


  44. pugnazious says:

    Two important narratives you just aren’t hearing on the BBC…

    Smug elitist who didn’t get it then and still doesn’t now: MATTHEW GOODWIN says David Cameron should remember what the British people asked for


    DAVID STARKEY: If the Supreme Court backs the Remainers on Tuesday, then forget democracy, we’ll be living under the rule of lawyers


    And let’s not forget that Lord Sumption in the BBC’s very own Reith Lectures blasted the judiciary for iinterfering in politics and taking decisions that were inherently in the political sphere and not for the judiciary to judge.


    ‘The expanding empire of law is one of the most significant phenomena of our time.
    What ought to be the role of law in a representative democracy like ours? Is there too much law? Is there, perhaps, too little? Do judges have too much power? What do we mean by the rule of law, the phrase that so readily trips off the tongues of lawyers?Is it, as cynics have sometimes suggested, really no more than a euphemism for the rule of lawyers?


    • Doobster78 says:

      Good reads , thanks.

      2 extracts are spot on

      “MPs have reduced Parliament to chaos with the help of a self-regarding Speaker who has blocked the Government by twisting every rule and precedent. And thanks to parliamentary privilege, he has got away with it. Yet when the Government responds with political tactics of its own, Ministers have been hauled before the courts by Remain fanatics – whereupon the judiciary seeks to hold the Government to the very highest and most abstract of standards. No wonder there are accusations of bias”

      This is exactly what is making me so angry at the moment

      “Meanwhile, the Remainers can get away with anything in Parliament whereas a Leave Government is hamstrung by a network of legal technicalities. It is a gross inequity”

      True, so true.


  45. Guest Who says:

    Good question.


  46. TrickCyclist says:

    Just saw the end of Best House In Town, a competitive property show on BBC2 (possibly a repeat), from Cardiff.
    The last house featured was a Victorian terrace owned by an American (or Canadian?) lady called Robyn and her husband. She tells us she works in Climate Change, he’s in Conservation.
    Judging by their house they’re doing VERY nicely out it indeed.


  47. Guest Who says:

    #CCBGB on the bbc ‘tell it often enough’ post.

    This one was terse.


    • vesnadog says:



      This is the kind of celebrity delusion one is afflicted with when one moves in those kind of circles/stoned and unrestraint deviancy.


    • G.W.F. says:

      OK so the BBC see it as newsworthy to describe this singer as a lesbian. Why not stay on this subject and forget about music. Does she or her partners use a dildo? Does she engage in fisting, do tell we are so interested in these private matters. Perhaps a photo or two of her at it with one of her partners.

      Or maybe reporting on the Proms could focus on the music.


  48. vesnadog says:

    BBC Radio 5 Live this morning.

    After interviewing some Lib MP named Carmichael (?) about his thoughts/ feelings now that another MP has joined them –

    Giggly young BBC female presenter tells her male counterpart:

    I simply love it when another MP “defects”.

    Male response – do you?

    As if he didn’t know what was coming.

    And to reassure the remain listeners that she wasn’t joking:

    Of course I do.

    The BBC has advised its 5000 employees – Say it with pride. Take no notice of the voters. Smile through gritted teeth. Never let the bitterness leave your mouth unless it drenches a Leave voter or MP.


    • vesnadog says:

      Just found out.

      This is the same Libdem MP Carmichael who was asked the other day:

      How come we never see you in the HofC’s?

      Why is it you are rarely seen asking questions in the house?

      Why are you only present when Brexit Qs arise?

      Of course I’m paraphrasing but that’s the jist of the questions to this chap yet he simply repeated the same answer: we are delighted at yet another defection to the Lib party.

      I had the link somewhere but I can’t flipping find it just now?


    • Luckyharry69 says:

      I actually heard Reeta Chakrabarti ‘TUT’ at a Boris Johnson item she was commenting on yesterday on the main BBC news

      She actually raised her eyes and ‘tutted’ with contempt……….
      I couldnt beleive what i was hearing and seeing…….


      • vesnadog says:


        Terrible isn’t it.

        Not one bit of shame.

        Tis true – “absolute power corrupts absolutely” – with our blooming money.

        The BBC can only go so far.

        Then watch the cancerous captains leave the sinking BBC ship for employment at other MSM outfits but will they tolerate far left effeminate fanatical traitors in their midst?.


      • Old Goat says:

        I never believed what I was hearing (or seeing) in the days when I subscribed to the BBC. Those days are long, long past.


  49. TrickCyclist says:

    The current issue of TV Times has a feature on World on Fire, a BBC1 drama set during the Second World War and due to be screened in the Autumn. It’s an interview with series writer Peter Bowker, presented in typically modern ADHD form as collection of illustrated snippets.
    The series will follow characters from Britain, Poland, Germany and the USA and stars Sean Bean and Helen Hunt.
    Peter Bowker: “World War Two is Britain’s foundation myth. . .It’s the only war where we were definitely the good guys, so I want to humanise it again.”
    Sounds ominous.
    Foundation myth? I accept that WWII has coloured the views of people my age, whose only personal connection to the War are the childhood memories of my Mum & Dad and my own memories of those no longer with us (the missing fingers on my Uncle’s hand; my Nan’s identity card for de Havilland’s).
    But – can somebody tell me on what foundation myth the BBC’s version of modern Britain is based?


    • popeye says:

      Possibly a reference to the Isaac Asimov Foundation series of novels?


      • TrickCyclist says:

        BBC1 showed a trailer for World on Fire before the start of Countryfile.
        All the usual WWII markers – blokes in battledress, ladies wearing the tailored look, ships, Stuka dive bombers, all backed by – yes! – Rap music!
        I think I’d prefer a Foundation Trilogy adaptation!


  50. Celtic_Mist says:

    The BBC has been hard at work with the Welsh rugby player story in and will be broadcasting a documentary later in September. From a ‘non-chimp’ perspective we can empathise with the plight he found himself in. However, whilst social scientists will muddy the waters with statistics the scientific facts are –
    “Homosexual men (men who have sex with men) are a high-risk group for contracting HIV infection. Estimates suggest that 5 percent to 8 percent of all homosexual men are HIV positive”


    On the other hand –

    “Homosexual women are at practically no risk of HIV infection through sexual behavior”

    Women are victims in the AIDS saga but the social scientists frame it in the violence towards women category.


    • vesnadog says:


      Not to mention the huge suicide rate amongst gays.

      No wonder 90% of gay men suffer with depression.

      But, Hey – its a gay life. We gays are joyfully fulfilled.