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  1. Cassandra says:



    • taffman says:

      The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.


      • taffman says:

        Al Beeb ………..”Brexit extension: PM to ‘test law to limit’ to avoid delay”
        Who speaks for the people of Great Britain. Parliament and Al Beeb or The Prime Minister ?
        Anyone have the latest polls ?


        • smoogie7 says:

          I have seen the polls. My favorite is the Yougov one that gives Johnson a wooping 14 point lead.

          The comments section on Britain Elects is good for a few laughs. ‘Tory owned Yougov lie’ and ‘Yougov only poll Tory voters and skew their own polls’ and my personal favorite ‘Corbyn does better during elections because the BBC have to give him fair coverage’

          If Corbyn got fair coverage then the BBC would not be able to paint him as a hero as they do every single day


        • taffman says:

          And from Al Beeb’s ‘go to’ newspaper………………………….
          “UK recession fears ease as GDP returns to growth in July”
          Ah ha ! Despite Brexit ?
          Cumon’ Al Beeb, put some negative spin on that to boost the moral of the Limpdem Remainers.


  2. Sluff says:

    Amber Dudd has resigned.
    Apparently the government is spending 80% of its time on no deal planning and only 20% on finding a deal, instead of half and half.

    Errrr, so what was happening in the previous 3 years, Amber ?

    What we do know is either that an alarmingly high percentage of MPs are totally useless. having no experience whatever of commercial negotiations, or that almost all those claiming to be opposed to no-deal are in fact opposed to anything other than Remaining. Or both.


  3. Cassandra says:



    • smoogie7 says:

      Did the BBC not hate Amber last year over Windrush and now she is the best thing since sliced bread?


      • JamesArthur says:

        Good point Smoogie
        It is strange how they can drag up something negative from 10 years ago for a Brexiteer but conveniently forget this sort of issue at will
        BBC at its best of impartiality


    • Scroblene says:

      Two of Britain’s proudest fishing fleets are in her constituency, and all she does is pay lip service to these good souls, while welcoming the French, Spanish, anyone in fact, to come in and plunder the English Channel.

      She’ll definitely be gone at the next GE, unless she is deselected beforehand.

      Hastings and St Leonards have enough problems without her making them worse.


  4. Deborah says:

    Look North Sunday evening reported Diana Johnson could be deselected by the Labour Party as MP for North Hull. Why? The BBC didn’t care to inform us. Diana Johnson is a ‘friend’ of Look North for Humberside appearing almost every evening at 6.30. Local news has given a list of how marvellous she is and what a good job she does. Twitter apparently has been full of support for her, so the BBC tells us. Is it Momentum? Haven’t a clue and the BBC won’t tell us.


    • smoogie7 says:

      Must be her second name. Having the Johnson name must send shivers down their spine. She obviously has to go because she could never get votes off the Labour loyalists


  5. Guest Who says:

    I appreciate this is counter house rules, but it is the bbc’s own and, I would offer, pertinent and in the public interest.

    Kevin Maguire is a bbc regular.

    Emily has many views her own. But hosts a bbc show.

    It seems to me the U.K. media has lost its way somewhat over Brexit, and really needs to take a moment.


  6. fakenewswatcher says:

    The most biased and blatantly partisan broadcaster on the beeb?
    Listen to R4 at 10pm on a Sunday night for the clear winner in answer to this question.
    This lady seems quite unashamed about her campaigns in favour of a certain party. Even for the beeb, quite unbelievable abuse of licence fee payer’s money, obtained by menace.


    • The Sage says:

      I think this title should go to the camp UK politics reporter on Outside Source. Never seen him anywhere else on the BBC, but he hatred for Brexit shines through in almost every utterance.


  7. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, one of the BBC N. America team makes his bid for HIGNFY here.


  8. Celtic_Mist says:

    Boris has created such confusion that the remainers and the media don’t know how to respond. It’s like a high stakes game where he is holding all the winning cards. Incidentally, the EU has most to lose and will blink first.


    • smoogie7 says:

      To the remainers and BBC it is like a horror film. They know something is about to happen and they can feel it but they cannot yet see it. Nerves are high because baddie Boris is not finished with yet. They thought they killed him off but he is still here and growing stronger.

      In fact the talk of opinion polls is amusing. The Tories are between 3 to 14 points ahead of Labour. That is astonishing considering the bias against him.

      Are people not paying notice to the BBC anymore or something?


  9. Hereward Wake says:

    I suspect that the Leave majority would have been higher had it not been for the media bias. And I wonder how many people felt, as I did, that we were just going to get screwed with, in the same way as those other countries that voted to leave: there was a second referendum and the result reversed. I almost didn’t vote because of that, and I wonder how many others might have voted, but didn’t.

    By the way, I don’t remember ever voting to join the European Union. We voted to join what was then called the Common Market, or the European Economic Community. There was not a word about loss of sovereignty, or control over our borders, or our laws being made in Brussels. We were conned.


    • tarien says:

      Agree absolutely Hereward W, if the result of the referendum had gone to a majority for staying inside the EU then there would have been little response from the media of that, we can be certain. However what perhaps people do not realise is that, the EU would then treat the UK like dirt, and continue with their programme of shutting down parliament, as all governance for the UK would come through 9 regions in the UK reporting directly to Brussels. Likely the EUwould bleed us dry of money and fill every corner of this nation with migrants as they in their millions cross the Med from North Africa-which will happen for certain. Yes I well recall us having a referendum in 1975 which was interestingly after that traitor E Heath had exercised the Queen’s perogative to force us into the new European Union-until then like you I considered we were in the Common Market-EEC-My wife and I and no doubt millions of other Brits did not vote for what became the European Union-We voted again in 2016 with a majority to Leave the EU, the resulting treachery since then has been outstandingly disgraceful and an insult to the British People. I personally doubt as 3 W/A’s have been thrown out of government, this government will be offered any extention in fact my contacts in France have indicated strongly that the EU will not allow an extention unless we accept the deal on the table-so all this disgusting bluster from Labour/Liberal et al and the traiterous Tory MP’s will serve nothing. Hopefully every one of the voting public will contact their MP and warn those MP’s to toe the line to accept we are out on October 31st (should have been Mach 29th 2019) and keep quite from then on-many will lose their seats in the next General Election and they deserve no less.


    • JimS says:

      Actually we didn’t vote to join the EEC either. Heath took us in with, I think, a majority of just seven votes.

      We had a referendum in 1975 to see if we wanted to stay in. We were told about freedom of movement but assured that in practice it was a right little used, (all that changed when the poorer East European nations joined). We were told that our soveignty would be ‘pooled’, but not to worry, we had a veto. Our politicians gave that away in 1987, moving to ‘qualified majority voting’, meaning that ‘Europe’ could out-vote us on anything that they wanted to push.

      Of course our politicans and the BBC were quite happy to keep quiet about all of this, (the BBC always being more concerned about some ‘black’ in a one-horse-town in Kansas being insulted in a drug store that who is PM of the Netherlands).


    • Jagman84 says:

      You’ll find that we did not vote to join the common market. Instead, we had a referendum to confirm or revoke our membership after Ted Heath unilaterally signed us up to it, despite knowing that it was to become far more than a trading bloc. The BBC always tries to perpetuate this trade-only status in the debate over Brexit. Hence, their total silence over the upcoming Federal EU in a few years time.


  10. Celtic_Mist says:

    #BBCBias exposed in a statement from NOAA


  11. Celtic_Mist says:

    I have my own opinions, and the link is for information

    “Mr Johnson showed himself to be more astute by asserting that it was a matter for the people of Northern Ireland to decide”

    “The amended Bill was fast-tracked with astonishing haste through its Commons stages, in a process described as “constitutionally unacceptable” by the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution. An outcry was inevitable, not only because abortion is such a controversial matter but also because every MP for a Northern Irish constituency opposes its introduction.”

    (I don’t know if that last part is correct or not)

    This shows how dangerous a Labour government might be with regard to other things people haven’t even thought about yet.

    The BBC was as ‘impartial’ as it ever is –

    Just noticed they have removed a video for ‘editorial reasons’?


  12. Celtic_Mist says:

    Boris will be talking to Leo today and I’m wondering if they might agree on an Ireland only backstop, ie. the ‘border’ goes to the middle of the Irish Sea?


  13. LynetteO says:

    The number of man hours that the subject and implementation of Brexit is taking up is using so much of Parliament’s time and energy. Other important issues are being neglected and the BBC is endorcing this by predominently only covering Brexit issues. Personally, I feel that the real trajedy of this prolongued Brexit process is that goverment is not serving the needs of the people at this time .


    • john in cheshire says:

      Another way of looking at the time and effort the rats in the HoP have spent on Brexit these past three years is how much we can do without them.

      The country has continued to function as normal for so long despite Brexit, maybe there’s enough evidence to show that there are too many MPs spending too much time doing unproductive things for our country and costing us too much.

      Perhaps we need significantly fewer MPs and they only need to be part timers, on zero hours contracts, who are employed only when there’s proper work to be done.


      • Fedup2 says:

        John – im with you on that one – less government – less MPs – lower costs – can only be a good thing . Who wants 658 of them ( plus 850 so called lords ) sitting there thinking up new laws to stop us doing things – indeed one of them admitted not being able to afford a printer for her job last week. Attention seeking moron .


        • JimS says:

          When I was at primary school little girls were forever upending themselves against walls and exposing their knickers.

          Fortunately in this parlimentary session our MPs found time to creat a new law against ‘upskirting’, something that affected 0.0000016% of the population. Clearly a major ‘first world problem’ that has now been put right.

          As Charlie Brown used to say, “Good grief!”


    • Up2snuff says:

      jic, I think that’s why 500 MPs and innumerable Peers want to Remain in the EU: they will have to work a lot harder for ‘all of us’ once we are out and away from the EU and there will be no chance of future Brussels funded jollies or sinecures.


  14. Cassandra says:


  15. Square-Eyed says:

    Has anybody else noticed how the weather here recently has been almost unbelievably AVERAGE. Sunshine, cloud, periods of rain – incredible. Yes, I know there’s been Hurricane Dorian across the Atlantic, but here’s my prediction. Bouts of extreme weather will continue in various places at occasional times in the future. Drought, flooding and the odd plague of locusts will occur, followed by showers of dripping wet Progressives telling the rest of us there’s only X years left to Take Action Now and bow the knee to Gaia.

    And now the forecast for the next twenty-four hours. Fairisle, Rockall. Winds light to moderate. Good.


  16. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC – but a bit of light relief .

    Sunday I reported London killing number 101. The press today is reporting that the third worlder killed was trying to kill another one with a shotgun . But the proposed victim ran off from the car he was in leaving a frustrated assassin -who – in his third world frustration – hit the car with the shotgun …. which went off .
    Much laughter at the pearly gates before being sent to moogarbee world ….

    Update – Monday morning – London now upto 103 killings this year ….


  17. jazznick1 says:

    Marvellous moment just before 7am on Toady when the new antisemitism ‘tzar’ John Mann (Labour) was interviewed.
    Inevitably Justin brought up Brexit saying that the Labour Party seems to be pro-remain now.

    John agreed and said how unfortunate it was that Labour voters in the Midlands/North were being deserted as 80-90% of them voted leave. (Justin had implied the opposite based on Islington and Tower Hamlets, probably)
    They were wondering, when canvassed by Labour on their doorsteps, what the Labour party was for ?
    People in the country at large are getting very angry…….
    Interview ends quickly as this was not going to plan.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Talking of not going well . A bbc dynasty member John Snow – ( remainer ) presents an account of the ‘ peoples Party ‘ ( or whatever it was called ) – you know the one with Soubry in it .

      Any way it’s called ‘ splitters ‘ . My immediate thought was the ‘pl’ should have been replaced with a ‘h’ – do the math – as they say ….

      I wonder if after the 29 minutes of the programme it turns out that they had zero public support . ( source yougov )

      It could be the nearest the BBC gets to comedy with its version of “friends “ – the one where chucka doesn’t like Anna – who can’t get on with Heidi ….. or anyone ….


  18. Doobster78 says:

    Sickening Liberal BBC propaganda piece !!!! Ramming their narrative down our throats that every immigrant is a hard working, law abiding citizen !!!

    Just gloss over the murders, rapes, gun crime, pick pocket gangs, fraud etc that they “import” with them. Yes, no doubt there are genuine cases and grafters amongst them but not quite all as rosy as the BBC will have you believe in this article.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Yes – thant you – uk dumb taxpayers for funding me . Now where’s that NI number …?


    • john in cheshire says:

      These invaders can be the nicest people you’d ever wish to meet. That may be true but…

      I wish they’d go and be nice in someone else’s country.


    • JamesArthur says:

      She doesn’t look like the refugees we have around here..funny that.
      Only at the BBC..
      I have been avoiding it and feel so much better but yesterday morning watched a bit and counted 8 females presenters and interviewees and tall Dan as the only man… now that is equality.. BBC style


      • Doobster78 says:

        Yes. Not like the ones round my way either. You know the ones, Eastern European 20-30 yr old MEN who sit outside Costa coffee all day in their designer gear but seemingly do not work apart from nipping into the local bookies.

        How do they do it ????? Maybe the BBC could find out ?


      • john in cheshire says:

        Why do all these women have the same whiney, strident voices? Not just on the racist far-left bbc, but everywhere.
        And why do so many of them look the same? Is cloning actually happening?


    • The General says:

      Shows the financial success you can achieve in this country when you sell the ‘Big Issue’.


  19. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – and only

    Like Fed, I’m starting to limit my Beeb exposure with the OFF switch. Listened to the news at 7am and then an item with Dom O’Connell on Brexit food scares.

    Two noticeables:
    – The BBC actually now call them food scares – a slight attempt at honesty?
    – In return for free advertising, the boss of Iceland Foods (Richard Walker?) – a Leave voter (highlighted by Dom) – had to say something negative about a No Deal Brexit. It wasn’t on the Ballot Paper.

    Except it was.

    How many more people did not read the Government leaflet or did not understand it?


    • The General says:

      As usual this morning Toaday began interviewing (as required by ‘impartiality’) a Remainer at 8 minutes to 8, allowing the interviewer to cut the opinions of, in this case, Nigel Evans, in mid flow as ‘we have run out of time’.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Speaks – or clucks – for itself ….


  21. davylars says:

    Another one caught BBB. Any report?

    Arctic tours ship MS MALMO with 16 passengers on board got stuck in ice on Sep 3 off Longyearbyen.


  22. Guest Who says:

    Hopefully BBC editorial integrity might see them take some time to find out.

    And publish the answer even if off narrative.


  23. JamesArthur says:

    She doesn’t look like the refugees we have around here..funny that.
    Only at the BBC..
    I have been avoiding it and feel so much better but yesterday morning watched a bit and counted 8 females presenters and interviewees and tall Dan as the only man… now that is equality.. BBC style


  24. Sluff says:

    Strictly Come Dancing is starting again on BBC1.
    Each week there is a public vote and one of two dancing couples are eliminated.
    Will the BBC be offering a second vote if the public chooses the ‘wrong’ couples for elimination?
    Or perhaps as many votes as it takes until the public chooses the ‘correct’ couples?
    I’m sure the BBC would not wish to undermine a democratic vote by the public but I thought I’d ask, just to be sure.


    • cromwell says:

      Used to watch that but last year was too much for me and vowed never to watch the dross again. The thing that gets me is you never get to hear the voting numbers or how much the BBC take in money for the phone calls people make. Where does the money go? Is it to a charity or in the BBC coffers, nothing gets published or discussed. I heard from them that as from next year they are going to let men and women dance with the same sex, God help us, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers will be turning in their graves.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Sluff, wait til next year when same sex couples will be mincing around the floor, – and whether there’ll be a slump in viewing figures because the Beeb want to be ‘correct’ !

      I do find it hard to visualise actually, – women have always danced together if there aren’t enough blokes to go around, and do so without any sexual connotations, but chaps have their own clubs when wanting to dance together. Will I find it uncomfortable viewing? seeing a chap taking the woman’s role in dancing on mainstream tv ? and if it does, does it make me a bigot ? I’m not sure, on the one hand I want to be open minded with a live and let live attitude, but on the other hand I may think “this just doesn’t ‘look’ right”. We shall see, but I’m certainly not happy that the BBC are making me feel like this.


      • Sluff says:

        I stand to be corrected but wonder whether women dancing together was originally a wartime thing – the menfolk were fighting for their country away from home so it was simple maths- there were not enough men to go round, so women danced with each other.
        In the same way that there were a large number of spinsters after the wars. No doubt much to the annoyance of the modern day BBC and their chums at Stonewall, the spinsters were not closet Lesbians, they just couldn’t find a man- many men were of course filling up the war graves………


        • BRISSLES says:

          Sluff, you could well be right. The 50’s was rock’n’roll which was a boy/girl dance. Then the 60’s came along and was the era for the girls to dance in a group around their handbags, while the blokes watched on the sidelines till a slow dance was in the offing.

          Even now, for ladies who like to ballroom dance, most dance clubs have a surfeit of ladies who have no option but to dance together, as very few chaps pitch up on their own to either learn or dance for pleasure. Funny that, a bloke wont hesitate to walk into a pub for a pint on his own, but go to a dance solo ? hardly.


        • tarien says:

          If I was one of the straight professionsl men dancers in Strictly Come Dancing and the BBC announced such an alteration to same sex dancing together as mentioned I would immediately put in my resignation- further I like to think the watching public would make their views known against such an intervention. Purposely elected by those that want a World Government no doubt.


      • maxincony says:


        …does it make me a bigot ? I’m not sure…




    • The General says:

      Stuff, they don’t need to have another vote. As with all votes on BBC competitions they are rigged in favour of their preferred contestant.


  25. Fedup2 says:

    The Indian space programme , funded by the UK taxpayer , has lost and then found its ‘lander ‘ on the moon . £120 000 000 of our money put it there .

    And I think the Indian government has said ‘what the hell are you doing giving us money ?’. Drain the swamp


  26. LastChanceSaloon says:

    No BBC bias so ignore if in a hurry.
    My suggestion for the Boris GE manifesto.
    Re-introduce the death penalty for the most serious crimes.
    Investigate every known or suspected Brexit traitor under the new legislation.
    All adjudged guilty forfeit all assets.
    Hang every one of them in public.
    Put them in the stocks for two days before the hanging so the public can assail them with preferred missiles.
    Film all proceedings for posterity.
    Embalm or freeze all the bodies of the senior traitors, bring the bodies out for abuse on two new Brexit Holidays,
    23rd June and 31st October.


  27. Peter Grimes says:

    Toady this morning, just before 9am and Justine Webb firstly listened to arch Remoaner Roland Rudd’s diatribe against acceptance of the referendum result (he wants another) and then gave air time to Andrew Roberts and another arch Remoaner Will Hutton. The former, a distinguished historian, got about one quarter the air time of Hutton, fat former Grauniad editor and head of the Work Foundation, a ‘charity’ advising on best workplace guidelines which collapsed because its pension fund was insolvent. Even when Roberts was allowed to speak Hutton, in true Leftoid manner, shouted over him.


  28. JamesArthur says:

    Off topic but is anyone else having problems leaving comments?

    I keep getting can’t connect and then duplicated you have already posted and like my last post it isn’t in the right place.
    Only started recently


    • Fedup2 says:

      James – yes me too – I wonder if it’s because the site is busy ? The software is something called ‘wordpress’ … I’ll go googling and see if it might be them that’s the trouble –

      Or more sinister – our enemies trying to defeat us – I’m surprised the trolls have been quiet recently …….


  29. Frustrated says:

    We’re all in the same boat: Sweden having similar problems to us …
    Listen in to the Sanity4Sweden video from 7th September
    (particularly relevant to this site from about the 4th minute ;o)

    And yesterday‘s contribution is a thumb’s up for Boris!!
    (… And a dig at Sadiq Kahn)

    Turns out their media is just as biased … Who’d have guessed?! ;o)


  30. G says:

    Let’s start the week by looking at Marxism in action!
    Thrusting, dynamic Marxism.


  31. Doobster78 says:

    “Pretty watertight” …. not “watertight then”. If it was the other way round, no doubt the Remoaners would try their luck going against it and that would be fine, but Boris does it, he’s the arch enemy and should be in Prison. Go on Boris, ignore it !!


    • Frustrated says:

      Notice all the European flags waving in the wind … to the “Left” of the picture.

      Presume the Union Jacks are more “far right” and therefore being kept carefully out of sight?


    • G says:

      On Toady this morning, the subject of two letters was discussed. Our far left Marxist State Broadcaster have a new, ‘go to’ man for legal advice: Lord Sumption ex Supreme Court judge and clearly a Remoaner. Sumption’s opinion? Two letters no no.


  32. JamesArthur says:

    Only on the BBC! – Wimmins hour talking about how Brexit is affecting women..apparently the Brexit debate is male pale and stale
    Now have Dutch woman who has been in the UK for 50 years and still hasn’t become a citizen….and blames Brexit for her fears and lost friends – why hasn’t she became a citizen in 50 years?

    What I say to all those women blaming Brexit for their anxiety etc is look for the real reason
    And a remainer..all worried about their Grandchildrens’ future –

    Radio going off now….listening to people moaning without much knowledge is pretty boring


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The reason that the Brexit debate is male pale and stale is because Brexit MEP’s Claire Fox, Lucy Harris, Christina Jordan, Belinda Lucy, June Mummery, Alexandra Phillips, Annunziata Rees-Mogg and
      Ann Widdecombe are effectively bared from the whole BBC, not just Women’s Hour. All you get on the BBC are male Remainers Tony Blair, John Major, Ken Clarke, Philip Hammond, Rory Stewart, Dominic Grieve, Oliver Letwin and Nicholas Soames.

      I think its about time that a woman like Ann Widdecombe replaced Lord Hall to sort out all this institutional sexism and political bias within the BBC.


  33. Cassandra says:

    “Refugees fleeing Syria to UK: ‘I’ve got a mortgage, a house, a car – we’re not trouble'”


    I’ll let the crime and benefits statistics speak for themselves.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Most of the real Syrian refugees in this country may indeed be ‘no trouble’, but the truth is 99.999% of the million+ Merkel let into the EU, and who have been flooding in ever since, are neither Syrian, nor refugees.

      Interesting the BBC doesn’t seem to be able to decide if it’s 10K, 17K, or 27K ‘Syrian Refugees’ in the UK, why the confusion Beeb?


    • maxincony says:

      Dear Cassandra,

      1) Under the UN Refugee Convention, supported by UK law, refugees can claim asylum in the country of their choice; regardless of any ‘safe’ country they may have passed through beforehand.

      2) 900 Syrians arrested in one year amounts to 0.1% of all arrests in the UK.

      3) Furthermore, the original “Sun on Sunday” report states that; “the majority of offences that Syrians were arrested for were immigration violations

      So much for “Fake News”.


      • BRISSLES says:

        In that case Maxicony, here’s a scenario – I’m a refugee in the UK but would like to live in Canada, so I can claim asylum there despite being in a safe country already ?


  34. vlad says:

    The little creep Khant scrapped the Garden Bridge which would have been a thing of beauty for all eternity, and instead wants to squander money on a museum of slavery / racism which will be a focus for endless strife, division, perpetual victimhood, and another stick to beat whitey with forever – which is of course the real intention. He really is a Khant.


  35. Stevie m says:

    Don’t know how true this is. Boris is considering proroguing Emily thornberry’s local cake shop


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      S m
      The Lady Hugee cake shop, where the morbidly obese go to gain weight.
      I am very concerned that, if all these dim Remainiac Labour fatties attend their Conference, the weight concentration thereof will temporary accelerate the rotation of the earth and send said Conference into orbit around Jupiter where it will remain, frozen, forever.
      Unmissed by anybody.


  36. SPC says:

    Francis O’Grady is now on the BBC rattling on about equality etc. She must be the most inept TUC leader they have ever had. Another PC appointee. She is on – I won’t say earns, £175,000 a year and has given herself an £18,000 pay rise since she took the job…. You could not make it up.


  37. Doublethinker says:

    Let us for a moment consider the Remainer position.
    Firstly they must find a way of delegitimising the referendum result. This can be done in several ways, it was only advisory, the Leave campaign lied their socks off, the Leave voters didn’t understand the issues, the referendum paper didn’t specify how we were to leave, only a minority of those eligible to vote voted Leave . All these can be easily rebutted but it doesn’t matter to Remainers because it is as much about them pretending to themselves that they aren’t taking an anti democratic position as it is about presenting a logical justification for refusing to accept the result to others.
    Secondly, they believe or pretend to believe that disentangling the UK from the EU is so complex as to be almost impossible . They obviously refute the clear fact that the UK negotiating team has been in cahoots with the EU since the very start and has deliberately sabotaged its own position.
    Thirdly , they claim that the Remainer MPs are defending democracy by a) ignoring the ‘delegitimised’ referendum ( see above) b) ignoring the manifestos upon which they were elected, c) several defecting without submitting themselves for re election at by elections by their constituents and then voting against their own government, d) refusing to hold a GE to give the people their say.

    This really does seem to be a house of cards which is only prevented from complete collapse by the power of the establishment . I really don’t think it can long survive . I believe that no matter how much the BBC and rest of the MSM try to spin it the British people can see how shabbily and contemptuously the Remainer establishment are treating them. Sooner or later the people will have their say and a pro Brexit government will be installed and there will be the political space and opportunity for a radical culling of the establishment , if the new government wishes to do so , eg the BBC could be abolished with the consent of the people, civil service cleansed. The question is will this pro Brexit government have the desire and will to go further than Brexit, will it remove the liberal establishment ? How radical is it willing to be ? I suspect that Boris might deliver a reasonable Brexit but that he is too establishment to go further and the opportunity will be lost.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Great post, Double, esp. analysis of Remainer position.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ok double

      Let’s pour cold water on your post

      1 most of the electorate only view the headlines ( fact not criticism )
      2 the collective memory is short ( see comrade Corbyn )
      3 remain think time erodes brexit will to fight
      4 the future economy will flavour views ( recession ? Cycle ? )
      5 future turn out for votes may be lower for leavers than remainers -as the broad brush is applied to all .

      Now I don’t believe in all of these 5 factors – notice I’ve left the role of the MSM out because despite wall to wall fear and bias they were ineffective in the Referendum and have been ever since – and more optimistically – as more people realise their influence will diminish even more ….

      Bottom line – didn’t we vote to leave over 3 years ago ? And we haven’t left yet ? Must be something wrong ….

      As for a future Conservative Government with a working majority – just so much to do and revenge .
      The idea of a serving PM being locked up by its own parliament – yet alone important stuff like our relation with the Americans and Europeans enemy states ( not people ) is up there on the list .


      • Doublethinker says:

        I think it highly unlikely that a ‘caretaker’ government , if there is one, can last more than a few months. I don’t think the British people will forget about how they have been treated by the establishment in a few years let alone months.
        The biggest threat is that the caretakers organise a rapid or snap referendum , gerrymander it in some way and get a Remain majority , perhaps just manipulate the question or spend vast amounts of gov money or use the electoral commission to knee capthe Leave campaign. Anything is possible. There is more chance of them succeeding with a referendum , with a simple majority winner, than in a GE with FPTP because the Remain vote is heavily concentrated and will win some seats by a landslide , eg uni towns , but will lose across the total of 650 constituencies.


  38. Roland Deschain says:

    It’s official. The BBC considers the Tories to be hard right. No quotes, just a statement.

    Screen grab for posterity.


    • JamesArthur says:

      How do these clearly not intelligent people get into these positions of power and think it is okay to earn a basic salary of £111,982, but with benefits packages her total remuneration is £175,000.
      And she moans about the salaries of business leaders who are running real businesses and providing tax revenue…since 60% of the TUC members are in the public sector ( so are paid for by private business tax) she is living off the very people she despises..typical Left hypocrite but loved by BBC


  39. Fedup2 says:



    Official – it seems ….

    Speaker to be put in his box …


  40. digg says:

    So the BBC is joining forces with google, facebook and twitter to combat “misinformation” .

    I think this really means they intend to try to damage the Republicans in the USA and the Conservatives in the UK.

    Is this really the job of our impartial National Broadcaster or is it political left-wing machinations?


    • Doublethinker says:

      No it’s moved on from being purely leftist propaganda organ. It now embraces global capitalism , or at least tolerates it. Both the international left and the global capitalists have a lot in common. Critically a strong Desire to replace the nation state with a borderless single world run by technocrats and supra national organisation like the EU or UN. And then to average out the standard of living and , in the leftist mind set to create a Utopia , in the Globalist mindset to create billions of new customers to make money out of. Democracy in this new world order is relegated to town council level and has no power whatsoever. The role of the BBC et al will be to educate people so they think the right way and to provide them with carefully tailored news. Not much different from to today , but they will probably also be able to ‘listen in’ to what is being said in the home in true Orwellian style and report malcontents and subversives. Amazon Alexa is probably a prototype.


    • tarien says:

      Don’t make us laugh, the BBC are the prime movers of misinformation. Dam liberal socialism with a large slice of communism thrown in for good measure- what a mess the Members of our Parliament have caused-their impudence/insolence is staggering against those that voted them into Parliament. At some time in near future we the voting public will reap our revenge a revenge so commanding so forceful as to sweep the H O C clean away-Cromwell may well return.


  41. Doobster78 says:

    But, not ready for a General Election and not ready for a Vote of no Confidence in Boris !!!!! These HARD FAR LEFT are getting more desperate and hysterical with each passing day.

    Quite frankly, they are now just embarrassing themselves.


    • The General says:

      If you take today’s polls and put the Conservative Party and Brexit Party ratings together it would result in a predicted 190+ seat majority.


    • SPC says:

      Yes – did you see Emily Thorbury at lunchtime on the Beeb – she is an embarrassment, even to the labour party. They wheel her out as the ‘voice of common sense’ as their spokesperson. They are desperate of course.
      But then if you think about it who else have they got who is either not mad or discredited in one way or another.
      Think of the big names, Starmer, Gardner, Watson( where is he?)
      Corbyn of course is kept in his box most of the time.
      Labour really are bereft of any real talent at all.


  42. andyjsnape says:

    eu.bc headline reports..
    Johnson tells Varadkar no-deal Brexit ‘would be a failure’

    BUT later goes onto say for the UK/Ireland

    Implying just that Brexit would be a failure!


    • G says:

      Yes, I heard that. In fact Boris inferred that a no-deal Brexit would be a failure…… Statesmanship throughout the EU. From what I heard of the BBC announcement, they conveniently left of the latter part of his statement. Typically massaging the actual news to achieve their evil goals.


  43. Doobster78 says:

    Because a Corbyn Government wouldn’t do that would it you stupid, clueless woman !!!!!!!

    In fact, here is a recent article just to wet your whistle of the kind of crap Corbyn can offer us !! And these Remoaners and the BBC tell us every ruddy day that NO DEAL is the catastrophe in waiting !! Wrong. Its Corbyn in power thats the main fear.

    Business leaders bang on and on about crashing out, cliff edge, economic suicide, well, keep thwarting the will of the people, get Steptoe in Power and then you will see economic suicide. Idiots.


    • Jagman84 says:

      We will be getting a no trade deal exit whether we want it or not. The EU said so at the outset of Brexit ‘negotiations’ and the BBC believes that the EU are always right. Accepting the WA would be the real disaster. It would practically confirm our absorption into a federal EU.


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Meanwhile the UK economy for July performed a lot better than expected . Yes – I know it’s only a month – but Project Fear would have the country unemployed and bust …..


  45. JamesArthur says:

    R4 some French git(e) on saying the French would agree to a 2 year delay..not 3 months…wasn’t it only a few days ago we were told the negotiation is with the EU not national leaders? So why do they interview these people?

    Now another group of we know best MPs trying to resuscitate May’s deal- the “MPs for a deal group” – all remainers…They are really looking for another agree a shite deal and then have a referendum to cancel it…They must really think we are stupid


  46. The General says:

    £ up against the Euro,
    £ up against the dollar,
    FTSE up
    Unexpected growth in UK Economy
    Global Warming Campaigners trapped in the ice.

    NOT a good day for the BBC.


  47. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    There’s a factor that the likes of the bbc and the rest of the Remain stream media are not considering.

    The ‘Boaty McBoatface factor’

    The more the likes of the bbc bang on about how it will be the end of life on Earth if the democratic decision to leave is carried out the more people will go against them.

    Us Brits can be bloody minded and don’t like it when the establishment are telling us what we should do.
    Just like all the boatyvoters went against the wishes of the naming vote panel then there will be loads of people joining leave because of the remainstream media continuously spouting their doom and gloom.

    I think I’ll crash out (of his room) and go, over a cliff edge, into the kitchen to make a nice cup of tea.


  48. taffman says:

    Listening to the ‘broadcasting traffic’ incl Al Beeb today, I am of the opinion that the Remainers want another referendum whilst the Leavers want a General Election . Why so ?
    I think the answer to that is pretty evident to us all.


  49. pugnazious says:

    Absolute lies by omission, complete fabrication by the BBC.

    The BBC is deliberately misleading us here.

    The BBC has been telling me all morning that Leo Varadkar says he wants an extension past 31st October. That seems to be at total variance to what he says in this video from today showing me that the BBC misses out the rather crucial point that he’d in fact prefer this all over by the 31st…as would the rest of the EU…now why doesn’t the BBC want to highlight that?

    ‘“If it comes to a request for an extension, I think the vast majority of countries around the table would prefer that there not be an extension. We would like to see this dealt with. If the UK is leaving it should leave on 31st October.”’

    Varadkar says he’d only consider an extension but would prefer Britain to leave on the 31st. Yet again the British Parliament is shown to be out of touch with reality, not just with the British Public but with the EU as well….but the BBC is busy covering that up.

    Here’s the BBC web site report….maybe I’ve missed it but I can’t see anywhere where the BBC reports his words above….surely the most signiifcant thing Varadkar has to say today….

    Johnson tells Varadkar no-deal Brexit ‘would be a failure’

    This is all we get on Varadkar…note the ‘stony-faced’ image…intended to tell us how disagreeable Varadkar finds it all…

    ‘A stony-faced Leo Varadkar said a deal is still possible, but warned that promises from the UK wouldn’t cut it.’


    • Doublethinker says:

      Someone should tell Leo to go xxxx himself.


      • john in cheshire says:

        Once Brexit is completed, in a very short time no one will remember who this person is. Brexit is the only reason anyone knows his name and that’s only because the thugs in the EU have chosen him as their weapon to be used against us.


        • Doublethinker says:

          Too true. If Brexit happens then the Republic desperately needs a deal with the UK, otherwise it’s economy tanks within a few weeks. The Irish would do well to get rid of this Brussels placeman as soon as possible . He has done the EUs bidding at the expense of his own electorate. Any sensible Irish government would have been lobbying for a full trade deal , without conditions, from the day after the referendum. Indeed if the history between the Republic and the UK Ihad been less fraught the Irish would have been best served economically by exiting the EU along with the UK.


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