649 Responses to Midweek Thread 4 September 2019

  1. Fred Stubber says:

    Probably first, but so disenchanted with the BBC I just can’t be bothered to detail my disgruntlement.


    • Halkynites says:

      What I dislike mostly is the glee with which BBC presenters promote their soap opera opinions on the current parliamentary meltdown. Parliament has made itself a laughing stock with its cynical machinations. I’m sick to the back teeth with both Parliament and the BBC bouncing around the Westminster bubble like kids in a sweet shop.


      • oxtededdie says:

        I couldn’t agree more. The BBC’s reporting on Brexit is bordering on lunacy. Self opinionated, delusional “reporters” have completely made me lose faith in the organisation. I DO remember when the good old BBC reported in a factual unbiased way, although this is now at the extremity of my memory, which is very long, as I am getting on these days. As Donald Trump said,” BBC, FAKE NEWS”.


  2. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    I’ve just got back from a couple of weeks or so on holiday and it was largely free from news and current events. What a shock to come back to reality and find that the EU and British traitors have all but won the battle to keep the Uk in the EU. Salvini is no longer in power. Trump is neutered, and the BBC are triumphant.
    But the good news is… (somebody must be able to come up with something?)


    • Fedup2 says:

      Yasser- yesterday – the 3rd was the 80th anniversary of the declaration of war against Germany to save Poland .

      It’s almost at the stage where few are alive to remember it

      But what any irony that on that very day we were sold out by MPs happily disregarding the vote of the majority -over a million .

      Whether we leave the EU or remain in it what happened must be remembered come the day of reckoning . Please let it be sooner than later .

      This is not directly BBC but if BoJo wants an election and can’t get one what happens ? Does he resign and give the job to a Remainer Tory 9r does another brexit Tory get the job and be in the same wretched position .

      The fixed term parliament act was a mad piece of legislation. Clegg and Cameron are responsible .

      Will the queen have the power to dissolve Parliament ? Should she ? I’m just lost and determined to avoid the news for a couple of days .


    • john in cheshire says:

      Could I suggest that the good news from the past three years is that the many treacherous rats in the HoP have been exposed.

      No matter what happens from now, we know who they are and where their allegiances lie. Whether the electorate use this information or not, they no longer can say they didn’t know.


      • smoogie7 says:

        Last night was a real shocker. Seeing all those MPs jeering and throwing their arms around was both unnerving but also entertaining.

        They do not represent the views of all of the public but inside that house there are some good guys. Some good Tories, the DUP, a couple of independents and even two decent Labour.

        Outside there are many more willing to take their place in the commons. Some decent Tories could replace Tory wets, others Brexit Party, some UKIP and a few more independents. Those remainers are sitting on a time bomb and they know it


      • smoogie7 says:

        Last night was a real shocker. Seeing all those MPs jeering and throwing their arms around was both unnerving but also entertaining.

        They do not represent the views of all of the public but inside that house there are some good guys. Some good Tories, the DUP, a couple of independents and even two decent Labour.

        Outside there are many more willing to take their place in the commons. Some decent Tories could replace Tory wets, others Brexit Party, some UKIP and a few more independents. Those remainers are sitting on a time bomb and they know it


  3. Swelter says:

    Democracy appears to be dead in the UK at the moment or at least on life support . We are in danger of being ruled over by spiteful ,petulant EU puppets with the full connivance of the likes of the BBC .


    • pugnazious says:

      Don’t be daft….the BBC hasn’t reported any such thing so it’s not true…it’s just not happening. Democracy is thriving, it’s alive and well as Parliament ‘asserts its grip’ and overturns the referendum and ejects a PM and government to take control themselves….democracy in action…no, really.


  4. Halifax says:

    I just hope that Dominic bloke has a white* board somewhere with all this planned out. I’m sure it’s all part of an elaborate plan to get us out on the 31st with every step and date calculated.

    * non coloured.


    • The General says:

      There are a few ‘Dominics’ about with differing agendas. I am sure they all have their strategies planned out, but hopefully we will be ‘going’ with ‘Cummings’.


  5. Dover Sentry says:

    Brexit can’t be stopped. Parliament yesterday was a charade.

    Deep down, the BBC know it.


  6. Payne by name says:

    This really is a joke. What is the point in having a General Election or any form of vote because clearly if the establishment and the media and the BBC don’t like the result, they’ll conspire to overturn it?

    And removing a No Deal – sweet jesus if we had a fully functioning and unbiased media, somebody would have shown the example of going to a car showroom, telling the salesman that under no circumstances will you leave the garage without making a purchase (i.e. throwing away the option of No Deal) and then finding yourself raped on pricing and options on the car.

    “Yes, I’m interested in that blue car for £10k”

    “I’m sorry sir, the only car we have is £20k and in red, but you can’t walk away so I’ll go and sort out the paperwork.”

    Never has it been made clearer that most of these MP’s don’t live in the real world or understand the concept of bartering and deal making.

    The actions of these MP’s is despicable and they should be banned from ever being an MP for they cannot grasp the simple and fundamental concept of democracy.

    It doesn’t matter if they think the electorate didn’t know what they were voting for. When you give the people a chance to vote, you give them the responsibility of that vote. Which is why we give to to responsible adults and not irresponsible children. And hence it doesn’t matter if they are an expert on a subject or if they flip a coin. It is THEIR vote and it is THEIR right to vote in whichever way they see fit.

    Those individuals who cannot understand and respect this are as ill-suited to their job as a bus driver that cannot drive.


  7. pugnazious says:

    Remarkable that when Remain MPs hijack the Government in a coup there is no swelling outrage from the usual suspects at the ‘constitutional outrage’ as the convention that there is a separation of the executive, legislature and the judiciary is cast aside as MPs seize power for themselves.

    Not as if the BBC doesn’t recognise this extraordinary turn of events as it tells us smugly that ‘parliament has asserted its grip’‘, Nick Robinson thinking it all a joke as he says Boris has ‘control rested away from him’ and asking Hilary Benn if he is in effect the Prime Minister now as Boris is ‘no longer PM in any meaningful way now’.

    Momentous events creating massive turmoil and chaos at the heart of government, not to mention in the economy as the uncertainty kicks in ever harder, and the BBC hardly notices, brushing it all away with very casual language and jokes.

    The BBC has got a new line though…this is all Boris’s fault….his ‘over aggressive approach’ and his ‘hardline tactics’ have caused anger and frustration and led to this outcome.

    Er no…the coup plotters were always intent on hijacking government and the Brexit process…Boris’ actions were directly related to, a reaction tp, their actions not the other way around as they try to crush Brexit and hand us back to the EU empire.

    Boris prorogues Parliament to defend democracy….it’s a constitutional outrage, Parliament mounts a coup to hijack government in order to overturn and sabotage British Democracy and the BBC laughs and jokes.


    • vesnadog says:


      Tongue-in-cheek moment: I wouldn’t have minded if it was a military coup.

      The horrendous thing is that say the attempt to exit was delayed for another 3 months. What happens then? Simple, the traitors make a new law that prevents from leaving again. And same thing for year upon years.

      What concerns me, if that Grieve and his fellow traitors appear to be superior in the Laws of Parliament and how to block rules/coups than any advisors/lawyers that Boris relies on to counter attack Grieves constant victories over the PM.

      Surely, the government would know that the traitors would use the past 3 month extension to organise, research, rehearse any and every counter argument from Boris and his cabinet.

      Can’t see us leaving now – in fact for at least another 50 yrs.


  8. Scroblene says:

    Good points Payne, but never fear.

    As Halifax says, the remainers forced the defeat, leaving Boris a clear way forward, with plenty of shenanigans at his finger-tips to boot them into touch. That white board is now covered with post-it notes as well!

    Good day coming up, and I’m stewing some damsons to celebrate!


  9. pugnazious says:

    The BBC brings on the Institute For Government announcing them as a ‘non-partisan think-tank’.

    Now that’s a complete lie.

    Funded totally by Lord Sainsbury, a Labour man through and through, and he is Chairman of the Board at the IFG.

    Not to mention that the IFG seems keen for the government to fall as Guido tells us….

    ‘A freudian slip from the Institute For Government’s Maddy Thimont Jack on BBC Breakfast this morning pointed to the less than impartial views of the organisation. It usually gets away with being presented as an “impartial” body…

    “So what we’re hoping is, what we’re expecting in fact is that MPs will pass the motion today.”

    It’s worth remembering that they are entirely funded by the fanatical billionaire Remainer Lord Sainsbury. Guido can’t track a single employee who voted to Leave. Director Bronwen Maddox is the former editor of Blairite mag Prospect. When listening to the IFG it’s worth remembering where they’re coming from…’

    Any wonder that the IFG is attacking the government’s new spending plans?


  10. Cassandra says:

    Just an inconvenient teeny weeny little fact for MPs …



  11. pugnazious says:

    Faisal Islam is a valuable addition to the BBC stable with his insightful analysis….here he is telling us why the government is doing what it is doing spending-wise…

    ‘Health, education, and the police will be boosted just in time.

    Total departmental spending will rise for the first time since before the crisis.

    The political strategy will be clear: neutralise the toxicity of visible spending cuts made to shrink the deficit since the crisis – in order to help win over Leave voters in traditionally Labour seats.’

    What on earth is he talking about? There is no link whatsoever to Leave voters in Labour areas and the spending plans….they are directed at the country as a whole not a particular segment….nothing to do with Brexit at all.


    • The General says:

      Fisal Islam certainly does not have a clue. He can waffle on for ages without saying anything. When Fisal was with Sky, Adam Boulton would have to ask him questions and then prompt him with the answers as it was obvious he did not understand what was going on.


  12. Guest Who says:

    Looks like Nick is after Speaker Bercow’s job…



    • The General says:

      No need for me to comment on this, just read the replies on Twitter…Brilliant !!!!


  13. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile Emily shows the youth who is stealing their future.


  14. Dover Sentry says:

    Sky News:

    “”UK’s Brexit negotiation team slashed to less than a quarter of size under Theresa May””

    “”The revelations could spark fears the prime minister is not serious about renegotiating a Brexit deal.””

    “”According to Whitehall insiders, there are now only 24 people working with his top official David Frost on renegotiating a Brexit deal.””

    “”That compares to more than 100 officials who worked under his predecessor Oliver Robbins during the height of the negotiations under the last government.””

    “”It follows disputed reports that his chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, had described the renegotiation talks as a “sham”.””


    This is not mentioned by the BBC.


  15. Swelter says:

    What I find genuinely alarming in this fiasco is the fact that both sides freely campaigned in a referendum knowing how democracy is meant to operate. But the losing side then refuse to accept the result of a process that they themselves engaged in . Also that the mask of neutrality that the bBBC used to wave at us has been cast aside so readily .


    • G says:

      This is where liberalists, ‘anything goes’ / ‘whatever turns you on’ culture that has been cultivated for over 40 years, displays its prime failing.


    • Demon says:

      If we have a General Election and the Remainiac Alliance wins then we must have a second vote as clearly anyone voting for any of those parties is not mentally competent to be allowed a vote.


  16. G says:

    As I predicted a few days back when the nature of the revolt became clear, our Parliamentary system is, to use a rather hackneyed expression, “not fit for purpose”. This is where decades of Marxist motivated continual ‘tinkering’ with the system (or, so-called, “Betterment”) has got us. Anyway, the lunatics now control the asylum so expect no improvement. My advice for those who suffer high blood pressure? Stay away from all Marxists blatantly practicing ‘Critical Theory’, principally our State Broadcaster.
    Today, my personal on/off record: Turn on Toady, simultaneously hear, “Our speaker for ‘Thought for the Day’ is, (XYZ) who works in Gender Equality and Faith Relations”. Off. So, on & off in less than 15 seconds. Highly recommended, ‘for those of a nervous disposition’.


    • Up2snuff says:

      G, yes, I too have utilised the R4 OFF switch increasingly in the last few months.

      AFAIK my blood pressure is fine. I just find the continual negativity and propaganda too much for a pleasurable sunny day.

      Er, what? (Just looked outside, it’s raining.) Never mind, the peace is still preferable.


  17. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has:
    • lost his first commons vote as PM
    • lost his majority in Parliament
    • lost control of Parliament today

    (via BBC Politics) https://bbc.in/2zSdNAU


    The bbc has lost the plot.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Guest, but at least that is factually correct.

      I wish the BBC were keen to produce other facts, such as all the times the Leave Campaign was said (by Remain) to be cheating during the EU Referendum campaign and we now know that it was Remain Campaign and remoaners who were doing the lying. See my post below @9.04am.


      • Guest Who says:

        Yes. All facts are correct.

        It is the facts that the BBC chooses to share, vs. does not, that again is key.

        For instance, anything erring off la verite by a Leave representative is fisked and flounced over, down to BBC staff now jumping up and down pointing and shouting ‘Liar!’.

        Flat out, cynical lies by Remainers are waived through unchallenged and/or ignored.

        And guess what makes the ’60 seconds of what the BBC thinks you need to know’ round up later?


    • Jagman84 says:

      All of this has taken place because the speaker has torn up the rule book and is making up new rules by request. It may take a while for it to happen but, one glorious day, he will pay dearly for what he has done.


  18. Guest Who says:

    BbC Moaning Emole

    How do people learn to cook a toxic plant safely?

    Cassava is highly toxic. It also requires a tedious and complex preparation ritual to make it safe. The cassava root will otherwise release hydrogen cyanide. What makes cassava particularly treacherous is that some processing will reduce the bitter taste and the risk of immediate cyanide poisoning.

    However, only the full, time-consuming ritual can guarantee that you will not be slowly poisoned, and develop a condition called Konzo, with symptoms including sudden paralysis of the legs. But in 1981, in Nampula in Mozambique, a young Swedish doctor knew none of this. As a result, the situation he faced was deeply puzzling.


    Worried looks at the bbc bake sale as Nadiya brings her new recipe.


  19. JamesArthur says:

    The BBC and MSM presenters can barely keep he smiles off their faces..I am avoiding all news today.

    I am so angry as is my wife and I just hope that Dom Cummings has a ‘plan’ – they must have seen this coming

    Parliament has made us a laughing stock….in the event of an election we must galvanise all leavers to get out and vote


    • Scroblene says:

      James, it really is OK!

      Ages ago, knowledgeable posters here saw the events of last night, coming at a rate of knots!

      The bbbc can’t make head nor tail of the detail, so they just bluster with the ridiculous Nick Robinson, and a few other losers!

      What pizzez me off, is that none of these ‘brave’ journos ever dared to nail Alistair Campbell when he was doing really nasty things compared with Dom Cummings!

      That hideous snarling psycho, bidden by his similarly demented mate Bliar, was taking men from their families to fight abroad when it was all a damn great lie.

      Mr Cummings is a shining light, compared to that little ess-aitch-won-tee.


  20. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #0 – Yes, you read that right

    Not withstanding FedUp2’s header exhortation, I wonder if anyone else noticed something interesting about TWatO (The World at One – 1pm, BBC R4) yesterday?

    Right at the start of the programme, without any introduction and before Sarah’s seductive “Heellloooooow”, they played a medley of sound clips taken from …..

    …. the TODAY Programme from that morning …..

    …. and featuring – it appeared to me – a majority of anti-Brexit or negative comments about the present Government. Interesting.

    “Vhairry hinterestink ….. “


  21. tarien says:

    Absolutel disgusted-can’t believe the treachery stalking through the House of Commons that, appear intent on dragging this once great nation down into the gutter of foul contempt. Have they all forgotten that they are supposed to represent us, the voting public, who let us not forget voted in the last referendum to Leave the European Union by a majority, yet with the help of the media headed most obviously by the BBC, such a result has been underminded at every conceivable opportunity. Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson clearly voted into the position of PM, has clearly shown some strength and backbone in the herculean task that was set before him. All along the PM has supported those that Voted to Leave the EU. If there is to be a General Election I sincerely hope that the Labour Party, the Liberal party and the Green party find they have lost the support of the voting public, they deserve nothing less. I am not a Tory member but realise that it is Boris Johnson’s leadership that will bring about the UK leaving the EU with or without a deal-personally a no deal would do the EU more harm than the UK.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Well said Tarien. I felt sickened and ashamed listening to the baying crowd in the Commons when BJ was speaking. ‘Ignorant’ doesn’t begin to cover their behaviour. Yes there has always been paper waving and comment shouting from MPs, but I switched off before a brick was thrown at the tele !


      • tarien says:

        That was perhaps a good idea Brissles not to throw a brick at the tele, but rather at the odious creature pretending to be the Speaker of the House. What have they achieved? other than perhaps the contempt from many other nations throughout the world who had once some respect for the Mother of all Parliaments, Not anymore I would suggest. A very sad day for us all-especially old chaps like me who remmember a time before we were hood winked by E Heath into the EU, who as we know exercised the Queen’s preogative in 1972/3 to launch us into the arrogant incompetent corrupt self -seeking elitist EU as it became.


  22. pugnazious says:

    Nick Robinson interviewing Michael Howard. Howard raised the point that this is Parliament overriding the wishes of the electorate, he raised it twice, and twice Robinson completely ignored the point.

    Brendan O’Neill raises the same point….

    ‘Tonight’s vote by MPs to seize control of the parliamentary agenda in order to prevent a No Deal Brexit is not, as they claim, a wonderful assertion of parliamentary sovereignty against a dictatorial executive led by Boris Johnson.

    No, it is an assertion of the political elite’s arrogant authority over the people. If MPs have seized power from anyone this evening, it is from us, the public, the millions who voted to leave the EU. This is not parliament vs the executive – this is parliament vs the people, and it opens up one of the greatest, most troublesome constitutional crises of modern times.’

    One of the ‘ greatest, most troublesome constitutional crises of modern times’ and the BBC just doesn’t want to talk about it.


    • Guest Who says:

      Nick Robinson might find that statue crumbles next time he scuttles past.

      Ignoring something does not mean it goes away.


  23. Doublethinker says:

    Well it wasn’t a surprise when the Remain tendency took control of the HoC last night. So now we have a situation where 328 MPs are defying the people, ignoring the manifesto pledges of their parties ( well the Lib Dem’s SNP etc aren’t). If that isn’t anti democratic I don’t know what is.
    Oh hang on a minute , what would be a real coup against democracy and the British people would be if the 328, decide against the GE that Boris has called, which is unlikely but in this crazy world can’t be discounted. In these circumstance we could , after more parliamentary manoeuvres , end up with a group of MPs forming a government of a patch work quilt of parties , which the people have never elected , cancelling Brexit for good, and refusing to hold an election for nearly three more years! Of course they and the BBC would tell us with a straight face that they were doing this in defence of democracy. After the last few years why should anyone in this country feel that any future government that they didn’t vote for has any right whatsoever to rule the country, pass laws, enforce existing laws, tax the people etc etc. We can all see where things end up if we continue down the road that the Remainers are merrily taking us down.


    • JimS says:

      Why delay an election for three years? The people don’t know what they are voting for so why not just hold by-elections as each MP retires or dies?

      A “Peoples’ Parliament of National Unity” where only the ‘right’ thoughts are expressed!


  24. Dover Sentry says:

    Looks like the House of Lords will stop anti-Brexit legislation through endless amendments.

    Should that tactic fail, Boris will advise the Queen not to sign any assent, as is his right.

    No Deal coming down the tracks…


    • vesnadog says:


      “Should that tactic fail, Boris will advise the Queen not to sign any assent, as is his right.”

      Don’t think so.

      At least Boris is a statesman who respects Parliament. So I believe he will now resign.

      What we get in his place is to horrific for words.


      • Dover Sentry says:

        He won’t resign as he doesn’t need to. He’s on way to achieving a No Deal Brexit.

        Trust me 🙂


        • Scroblene says:

          I’ll trust you, Dover, as that is the simple way forward for Boris! (Sorry Vesna, I never doubt your concern, but here, Boris is still well in charge, and fitting the bill for the remainers to puff and blow all they like, without ever getting anywhere)!

          There are so many ways for Boris to raise two fingers, its laughable that they never get anything right on the remainer side! The funniest way is the ‘filibuster’, which was grudgingly acknowledged even by the tiresome bbbc hackette last night!

          Talk about ‘whites of eyes’ though, Corbyn is now petrified of a GE, especially as an interesting article online recently worked out that he could indeed lose his seat! Did you see the fright written all over his ashen face on tv last night? Ron Knee would have been proud of that imitation!

          That would really be a cake-day!


          • smoogie7 says:

            The fear in Corbyn is strong. He knows that the next GE would be the last one he fights as leader.

            For Labour to lose Corbyn will either resign, be ousted or simply retire. This will throw Labour into a bitter civil war with the far left fighting against the Blairites leading to more splits and chaos. Labour know this


        • vesnadog says:


          Even if he resigns I still believe – like you – that Brexit will eventually happen. How long before? Anyone’s guess.


        • Jagman84 says:

          The EU will refuse to give a further extension and will demand revocation of article 50. However, if a general election was imminent, they would probably agree to one. The rebel alliance wouldn’t have the sufficient votes for the former and have just rejected the latter, fearing a voter backlash. It leaves them with an empty victory. It’s the danger of making your plans on the hoof.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Whilst I would like to think that would happen I doubt it? Can they filibuster – do we have enough members of HoL on our side to put amendments?
      I really hope so


  25. taffman says:

    Front page headline……………. “Brexit: Judge to rule whether Parliament shutdown is legal ”
    Only the EU flags (dusters) waving in their image of parliament. Why no Union Jack Al Beeb ?
    Oh how Al Beeb loves this country of ours .
    It loves it so much that it ‘bites the hand that feeds it.’


  26. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – proper

    Nick Robinson interviews Cabinet Minister Kwasi Kwarteng before 8am and is not only keen to paint the PM as a liar but he directly calls the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, a liar. In the good old days that would have been a sackable offence at the BBC.

    Not now.

    The prime interview slot at 8.10am is occupied first by Part-time (Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg) who gets her opining in early and then by Labour leadership hopeful and anti-Brexiteer, Keir Starmer MP. He, at one point in the interview, lies about the EU Referendum. He claimed: “There was no mandate from the EU Referendum to leave the EU without a deal.” or words to that effect. That is quite contrary to the booklet prepared by the Remain-vote-advocating Government of David Cameron, sent to every household before the Referendum vote, which stated clearly that leaving the EU meant leaving with almost no hope of a deal. That was since re-inforced in Parliament with the erstwhile PM saying “Leave means leave.” and Parliament voting twice to do just that.

    Nick Robinson did not call out Keir Starmer as a liar.

    I wonder why?


    • Guest Who says:

      Nick Robinson epitomises bbc editorial integrity.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Guest, he’s had to overcome tough competition to gain that slot.

        Mardell, Part-time, Naughtie, Quinn, many others hot on his heels.


    • The General says:

      It has been the norm for many years now for the Labour Party and their allies the BBC to keep repeat inaccuracies and blatant lies long after they have been exposed as such……. AND IT WORKS !!!


  27. Foscari says:

    Since Qatar bought the 2022 World Cup from FIFA they have become a half decent football team rising 100 places in the FIFA rankings.
    A lot of this was achieved by mercenary ” Carlos Kikaballs” going
    to Qatar and becoming Mohamed Mohamed and achieving
    Qatari nationality. What has this got to do with the BBC?
    May I suggest if any of you are aspiring TV presenters, reporters,
    or just want to be involved in the media. but as a Caucasion male
    you would find it very very difficult to get a job at the BBC. You
    have a transgender operation or change your name to Abdul-Muhaimin or any variant. There is a good chance that a job will
    be waiting for you at the BBC. At least on the Londonistan programme. But maybe even the Antiques Road show!!


    • Up2snuff says:

      Antiques Road Show?

      I like a nice bit of timber.


      • Scroblene says:

        “Oi’ve got this ol’boy called Ken Clarke ‘ere…”


        “Is it worth anyfink”?

        (Presenter) “Naaaaah, pull out the plug and it’ll collapse! There it is, wired into the cigar lighter of an old Rover…”!


        • Up2snuff says:

          Saw through one of the legs on that and you’ll have an awful lot of rings (and dog-ends) to count.


  28. taffman says:

    Al Beeb ……………”Teenage boy stabbed to death in Stratford”.
    While the mayor of London is tinkering in international politics the stabbings are on the rise.
    Is it becoming a daily event now ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Yes – life changing stabbings are a daily event . The most dangerous time of day is after the schools turn out .
      It’s normality . Buses are best avoided at that time as well as shopping areas . It’s jusr vibrant London .
      It would take more than doubling the number of cops as they’d only be on ‘ hate squads ‘ chasing down some dumb Internet comment .
      We don’t have those here.


  29. taffman says:

    “Greenland’s massive ice sheet may have melted by a record amount this year, scientists have warned.
    During this year alone, it lost enough ice to raise the average global sea level by more than a millimetre.”
    Here is that word “may” again ?”
    Raise the average global sea level by more than a millimetre.”
    Is that true ?


    • Thoughtful says:

      They don’t know because the melt season isn’t over yet but it has indeed been a particularly bad one, well above the usual averages.




      • JohnUK says:

        “Right now I think the things you say are liable to confuse” to quote Sandy Denny, a voice in a million.
        Greenland Ice Sheet melt is higher this year, after two consecutive years where the interior put on over a billion tons of extra ice. Ice sheet melt can cause sea level rise although long-term tide gauges provide no evidence for any acceleration in sea level rise over the period for which we have records.
        Sea Ice melt is as much the result of the strength of ocean currents, wind direction, storminess etc., as it is of temperature and does not cause sea level rise as the ice of course floats on the sea surface.


    • The General says:

      Archimedes’ principle states that the upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid, whether fully or partially submerged, is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces and acts in the upward direction at the center of mass of the displaced fluid. Therefore when ice melts the water level remains the same.


      • thehoiman says:

        Yes, but they’re talking about ice sitting on land, not in water.


        • The General says:

          A lot of the ice is on the sea but that is an inconvenient truth when it comes to scaremongering about global warming. The ice cap on land moves due to gravity to the coast to form VAST areas of sea ice. Warming cause melting of this ice normally starting at the coast ie on the water, this cause parts of the floating ice to break away to form icebergs so a great deal of the melting ice will not affect sea level as per Archimedes it is already accounted for. Obviously ice melting on the land and flowing into the sea will have an effect but I suggest the amount of land ice melt is overstated.


          • thehoiman says:

            And what do you think happens to the glaciers when the sea ice holding them in place diminishes? Do you just think they sit there defying gravity? They don’t need to melt to ‘flow’.

            Every bit of sea ice that melts means less resistance to the formidable weight of a glacier, and it slides further into the sea.

            Now I’m not saying the alarmists are correct here, I’m just saying that sea ice melting *does* potentially lead to an increase in sea level. But of course in practice, it doesn’t actually cause a net increase due to ongoing and subsequent evaporation.


  30. Up2snuff says:

    Another “Vhairry hinterrestink” raises its head:

    Now, where have I seen that 6% gap before?


  31. Thoughtful says:

    The reality of the political situation regarding Brexit is that remain politicians know full well that if the people were asked to show their feelings in a vote no deal and Boris Johnson would win hands down.

    They are therefore determined to not allow the people to speak, until they are absolutely forced to and have stitched up the people by removing from them the option they want carried out.

    This is a profoundly anti democratic act by political elites who don’t want the May deal which is the only one on offer and the only other one which is no deal. It is in effect an alternative to stopping Brexit.


  32. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Sam Gyimah last night said the Conservative party had left him.
    It had been taken over by the far right.

    I wonder what his ‘former’ colleagues think about this anti democrat more or less calling them nazi’s.

    I can’t see a GE being approved because the vast majority of these anti democratic remainers will rightfully be kicked out meaning they will lose the two things they love most of all, money and the power to boss people about (their sense of self importance)
    They might be * insert a page full of insulting terms here, but they are not completely stupid and realise they will be gone so no majority for a GE.

    I’ve read on here that Boris can simply declare we are out any time he wants, we could be out, no deal, today.
    I wish he would do that.


    • Thoughtful says:

      The far right is basically anyone who dares disagree with them.

      The reality is that Johnsons cabinet is one of the most far left Tory cabinets ever assembled. His spending plans are ridiculous, funded by stealing money from the young to give to the already over entitled old. The over entitled old get a say, the young do not. This is theft.

      On social policy it appears that he is just about as far left as May ever was and that carried through to Tory policy as a whole.

      He is determined to make Brexit happen one way or another, and I believe we will see some kind of fudge / lash up which pleases no one but gets Johnson and parliament out of the mire.

      Watch this space.


    • smoogie7 says:

      I like to think that Johnson will do that just before the remainer alliance have declared themselves winners just to wind them up.

      By proroguing parliament he really got them wound up and I hope to see a bit more of that over the next few weeks.

      I actually really like Johnson because he simply does not show any mercy to those who oppose him. If only we got him in 2016


  33. MarkyMark says:




  34. LastChanceSaloon says:

    “There is a lot of anger about”
    Indeed, nowhere more so than on Guardian Politics Live with Andrew Sparrow where, last night, I learnt about the latest betrayal developments.
    c2100 there were 35k+ comments, increasing in number by 1k every fifteen minutes.
    95% of which comments were replete with the most vindictive hatred the far left Guardianistas can produce.
    The lefty hatred which caused the death of c100 million people in c20 is still alive and well.
    Still claiming to be the sole posesssors and distributors of the truth.
    Still deluded, still believing in their moral and intellectual supremacy.
    Still claiming to be the sole representaives of democracy.
    Still claiming to represent the people.
    Still claiming the EUSSR has merit and is capable of reform.
    Still claiming that their opponents (that would be us) belong in Dante’s ninth circle.


  35. Jeff says:

    So, for what it’s worth, this is how I see it.
    We’ve got a situation whereby the leader of the opposition, who has been screaming for a general election for over two years, has bottled it.
    At any other time in our country’s history, with any other leader, the Labour Party would be at least 30 points ahead in the polls. Not now.
    People can’t abide Compo. He isn’t a leader. He’s a street agitator, supported by an ugly mob of anti-Semites.
    With him in charge Momentum have made certain that the socialists are unelectable, even in times like these.
    They’re trailing dismally and they know that this time they’re not going to be up against “dead wood” like Theresa the Appeaser; they’d get slaughtered.
    Let’s try to look on the bright side.
    To make sure of an over all Brexit majority in Parliament Boris is going to have to do a deal with Nigel. For that to happen he’ll have to agree to a “clean” Brexit. No waffle. No backstop. No baloney.
    It’s well overdue that we had a thorough clear out of Westminster. They don’t represent us. They’ve sat too long and they’ve denied us our democracy for too long.
    This could still work out well.
    Fingers crossed…


    • smoogie7 says:

      The sad thing is Corbyn will get a small boost in the polls after the BBC are now planting him as the hero. He is the only one who could really take on Johnson as Labour still have their sheep followers.

      I mean can you believe that I know of leave voters who hate the EU yet are still following Corbyn around? They voted leave but they are not Brexiteers

      A Tory/ Brexit Party pact would actually cause more damage to Labour than if an election was held after Brexit resulting in no need for Johnson to team up with Farage. Labour know this which is why they want an election to take place after they have forced an extension. I have also noticed a new wave of trolls flooding Brexit pages and comment sections trying to cause a drift between Tory voters and Brexit Party supporters. A split vote is all that it takes for Labour to sneak in the back door and with that there will be no Brexit.

      I live in a Tory safe seat. Connor Burns once again voted again last nights motion and is proving to be one of the good guys. I will still vote for him. If I lived in a Labour area I would vote Brexit Party tactfully instead. I hope that everyone does the same. Support the candidate who is most likely to keep Labour out and support Brexit.

      It would be worth talking to some independent candidates as well to see what they have to say. Keeping Corbyn and the Labour rats out is the only way we can move forward. After all it is clear that it is them trying to stop Brexit with the Lib Dems


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      No, No, No.
      Brexit first, election later, much later.
      Vote first (2016), carry out wishes of the electorate afterwards (ASAP), wait 40 years to establish the results.
      Before any more elections we must have postal voting controlled.
      No more multiple Muzzie votes cast for the Far Left Labour party.
      Before postal voting is properly controlled the Far Left Labour Party supporting Electoral Commission must be closed.
      Also in need of a very severe pruning The Far Left, Labour Party suporting, public sector, in all its malign, cheating, forms must be neutralised.

      After which it will be time to sink SS EUSSR.


  36. Dover Sentry says:

    No need for an election before Brexit.

    Brexit will happen in a No Deal form.

    Once people realise after Brexit that nothing has changed for the worse, Boris may go for an election.

    And then it will be time for Cummings to deal with the BBC.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      “And then it will be time for Cummings to deal with the BBC.”
      I think that will be no deal.
      “We are privatising the BBC, let it sink or swim on its own merits.”
      Strange, it has sunk without trace.


  37. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC TV News at 08.15

    Conservative ex-justice minister Phillip Lee MP was interviewed. He’s the one who joined the Lib Dems yesterday evening. He let it slip that he had helped plan the anti-Brexit bill that will be before Parliament today.

    Traitor is too nice a word.


  38. smoogie7 says:

    The BBC this week:

    We have just stopped Brexit (Nearly)

    Well we might have stopped no deal

    Our hero Corbyn is stopping Brexit

    Vote Corbyn, he has your best interests at heart

    Vote Labour, the only way to get rid of those Tories

    The Tories are a dictatorship

    Johnson is a loser

    Remain have won

    Brexit is bad

    Brexit will kill you

    The NHS will be sold to Donald Trump

    Make sure that you vote Labour in the next election


  39. AndyDozefeet says:

    Was last night’s horror show a cunning plan carefully concocted by Boris/Jacob and Dominic?

    Let’s sift through some of the rubble:

    1. Corbyn and the rest of his party are now laid bare as remainers – nowhere for them to hide now from the millions of traditional labour voters who voted leave. Yes, the greater London latte socialist mob will now be creaming in their underwear but Corbyn always had their votes in his pocket anyway.

    2. Corbyn revealed as a coward who, like the lion in the Wizard of Oz (“put ’em up! put ’em up!”) has been screaming for a General Election for the past 2 years but now the time has come, is running scared.

    3. The people versus parliament narrative further reinforced as Joe Public watched open mouthed and witnessed the ever lowering levels that these parasites will stoop to in order to go against the referendum outcome.

    4. The most troublesome rump of his own party, the worst of the faux conservatives, purged in one fell swoop – he now doesn’t have to fight the General Election with the ball andchain of so many candidates who fundamentally disagree with Brexit.

    5. There remains clear water between the lib dems and labour thus ensuring that each of them will field candidates against the other meaning that the remain vote is split at least 2 ways in all seats.

    6. Boris has now cemented his position of having been thwarted by the swamp in his efforts to get a better deal whilst his opponents are the ones who are, on the one hand, saying that May’s WA (rejected 3 times) is the only deal available ad that the EU won’t budge and, on the other hand, blocking a no deal on the basis that he should negotiate something better with the EU.

    7. A further 3 months is now available to whoever is in government to conclude a deal with the EU. Boris hasn’t asked for it – indeed he has done his best to resist it – but it is now at the disposal of whoever is in government.

    In the likely event that the swamp dwellers get their act through both houses and allow a General Election, then it is absolutely critical that the conservatives and the Brexit Party have a common approach as to what they each want to achieve on Brexit and that this is communicated to the electorate clearly.

    The Tories should step aside in those constituencies that are traditional labour ones and where they have never had any chance of winning but where the incumbent labour MP has voted to thwart Brexit. Mine is such a constituency and I am certain that a decent Brexit Party candidate would, with no Conservative candidate on the ballot paper, hoover up votes from previous labour voters who are disgusted at how labour has behaved over the past 3 years.


    • Fedup2 says:

      It’s clear that there is a desperate need for an election . And I can’t see under what circumstances the Enemy would grant an extension to A50 – a large bribe would be required .

      As far as a pact between the Brexit Party and the Tories – that must be a given . To echo that I’m sure the comrades would do a joint job with the i nonDemocrat liberals .

      So if we are lucky we land up with a re run of the Referendum . I think the turn out would be very high .
      I have to say I think the whole thing is a Remainer mess using any mechanism to withdraw a50 and fully sign up to a federal United States with Tony Blair as president on behalf of George Soros .

      The end of NATO – Russia looking for buffer states again – Poland Hungary the Baltic – the wheels on the bus go round and round

      No BBC for Fedup today and Thursday but I see another dead teenager . Back to school eh?

      The London tally is on course for 130 for the year with roughly 16 weeks to go . The adult politicians can’t behave and nor can the feral kids .


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        No, No, No.
        Brexit first, election later, much later.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Last chance – I saw your rationale for your view in the post note addressed to Jeff .
          It’s good to see disagreement on this site . Sometimes I think it is used by quite a few people to dump their own comments and leave . No discussion .this is not the same as trolling – which may rise as a result of current events –

          As well as some who might be ‘ tired and emotional ‘ at the end of a tough day.

          It’s difficult to read through so many comments – on average – I think – about 150 a day . But they are worth it . And how people choose to use the site is for them – until the watchers take that freedom away under ‘ community safety ‘ laws .


        • The General says:

          I think we should have an election first. If Boris won on a Leave regardless pledge, that would destroy the Remainers claims that the Electorate did not know what they voted for.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Cracking post that Andy.

      With ref to this part,
      3. The people versus parliament narrative further reinforced as Joe Public watched open mouthed and witnessed the ever lowering levels that these parasites will stoop to in order to go against the referendum outcome.

      Bang on. Embarrassing last night. Truly awful. Shown up for what they are, scum. Its been people v parliament for a while now but, i agree, after that display, i think its cemented it.

      Even Soubry got her two penneth in … AGAIN !! And if i have to see Kier Starmers chubby mug again today i will stick the tele through the window !!!!!!!

      Never, ever, felt to angry. And to think before 2016, i didnt really give a toss. Be plenty like me, plenty !!!


      • Frustrated says:

        Completely agree with you both and everyone else who has been commenting.

        Hope you’re right and that people can stay positive.

        Thanks for putting everything so succinctly – I’m so angry I’m lost for words …


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      There is a very real prospect that a General Election could split the vote between the Brexit Party and the Conservatives, enabling a ruling coalition of Labour, LibDems, SNP and the various misfits who have left the other parties in recent months. Imagine the scenario in Parliament in less than 2 months time…
      Speaker: “As the Prime Minister is currently visiting North Korea, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt. Honourable Ms Diane Abbott will be speaking today”
      Ms Abbott: “Thank you Mr Speaker. And I’m sure everyone in the House, er, all 60,000 MPs or whatever it is, would like to thank you Mr John Berclow for agreeing to become Speaker for life.”
      The House: “Hear, hear!”
      Ms Abbott: “And on to business. As comrades will know, the disruption caused by the whole Brexit fiasco has cost this country billions of jobs and, er, trillions of pounds, plus undermined our standing within the European Union. Now we have cancelled Article 50, and we can continue with… er, er, fighting racism and promoting diversity, er, er, Windrush, Grenville, Islamophobia, Slavery. But it is important that never again can we risk the country falling into the hands of the, er, Far Right Brexiteers. To this end, the government will be introducing an emergency bill which will outlaw any actions to ever take Britain out of the EU and will criminalise any discussion as ‘Hate speech’.
      The House: “Hear, hear!”
      Ms Abbott: “Now I know that some of you will consider this to be slightly Draconian…”
      The House: cries of “No! Shame! It doesn’t go far enough!”
      …”but we remain fully committed to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, provided it does not threaten our traditional role as a diverse, multicultural country at the very heart of Europe. As some of you may know, I read history at Cambridge under Simon Schama so I really know what I’m talking about, I really do.
      Next, the government will shortly be repealing the law which makes the consumption of alcohol on London Underground illegal…”


      • smoogie7 says:

        I am really looking forward to that far left dictatorship ran by Labour. Why wouldn’t I? The BBC are telling us how good it will be!


  40. Dover Sentry says:

    The Bill won’t get through the House of Lords. Brexiteers will delay it with amendments, and then it will be too late to submit it for the Queen’s Assent.

    If it does slip through, Boris will block it as he’s entitled to do. Tony Bliar did the same to Bills that didn’t suit him.

    The No Deal Brexit express has not been derailed.


  41. madandbad101 says:

    Just watching the Marxists at the Al beeb Derbyshire tosh gloating as they interview a few of the traitorous faux Tories with no pro Boris MPs to counter.
    Blatant favouritism !!


  42. fakenewswatcher says:

    We must never forget the role the bbc played in inciting, coordinating, publicising, encouraging, and finally -celebrating this Remainer MP revolt against the government and the people of GB.
    Other media can do what they like, but the bbc is financed by the public they have betrayed (by threat of imprisonment). They have obligations and responsibilities. They have failed to carry them out. Any further claim to impartiality would equate a sick joke.
    We shall remember them.


  43. pugnazious says:

    So the Scottish courts have thrown out the prorogation case and 5 Live is ignoring it so far apart from a fleeting mention of the judgement.

    Normally this type of thing would be major news and instantly 5 Live would be filling the airwaves with analysis, punditry and comment.

    When the cases were being brought and prorogation was a ‘constitutional outrage’ the BBC did indeed fill the airwaves with the exciting news….not at the moment…..too busy slagging off Cummings and giving Rory Stewart free rein to spin his narrative…no challenge to his assertion that last night was all about bringing us certainty and calm….lol.

    No concern either that Remainers are trying to shut down a no-deal Brexit possibility before the public get a chance to vote on it as part of a general election…so much for their cries about democracy and the voice of the people. You can be sure any 2nd referendum will not have no-deal on the ballot paper but will have Remain as the vote is rigged.


  44. Nibor says:

    The remainders and BBC keep telling us about our future outside the EU – doom doom doom death no fuel no employment the earth boils etc .

    But what if we had voted to stay in ? Or are forced to stay in ?

    We also need to spell out what these traitors are wheeling and dealing for ? I’d like to see your views on this .

    My take is that if we had voted to stay in the Powers That Be in the EU would have been very gracious to us for six to eight months , acting like we’re the best of EUropeans , then throttled us with costs thereafter and strangled us into the EUro and a EU army and everything else .

    What’s your view ?


    • G says:

      I totally agree. Perhaps those who wish to remain inside the EU would enlighten the public openly and honestly (?) on what the EU have in store for the constituent members (Ha, ha! not on your Nellie!). But why not? I ask myself. Like the sharing out, equally of the invader savages who they shipped in to the EU whether the states like it or not; Like the EU Army which Clegg denied, et al. Too numerous and frightening to list.
      So, what about it? particularly Nigel who, I suspect, will be taking a major role in what’s coming. If more people realised exactly what the EU (perhaps even the UN) were all about, they’d be as horrified as me.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      The known policy of the undemocratic EU is “Ever Closer Union”, to destroy all the Sovereign states of Europe.
      All referendum votes for remain were votes for the deliberate, planned, extinction of the UK.
      Two types of Remainer, the uninformed and the traitors.
      Some of the uninformed remain voters are now informed, informed by the treason demonstrated every day by the BBC.
      The EU is our mortal enemy and the (unofficial) UK policy should be to destroy it.
      20ish Bunker buster bombs would remove most of the current EU leadership, much cheaper than HS2 and it assists all freedom loving Europeans.


  45. pugnazious says:

    Still on the Government website…

    Get ready for Brexit

    The UK will leave the EU on 31 October 2019.


  46. Deborah says:

    I am commenting now on last night’s Prom concert, not because I don’t care about what is happening in Westminster but just to give everyone a one comment break, and to return to BBC .

    On the day I bought tickets for the Proms it took me about 20 minutes to even get into the ‘waiting room’ on line but with around 5,000 ahead of me in the queue and 70 Proms to choose from my desire for a couple of tickets in the stalls for the Vienna Philharmonic with Haintink conducting should have been a cert. Murray Perahia should have been playing too but apparently was unable to do so.

    I can only assume that at least half the people in front of me wanted the exact same Prom in spite of there being 70 to chose from. By time I could buy my tickets, I had to have ‘best available ‘ and was up in the gods. But do you know that people like Frank Gardener and actor James Bolam must have been quicker getting into the waiting room than I. It couldn’t have been that they have priority in some way? They are not known on the BBC for their knowledge or ability to play classical music.

    I know the BBC gives away Proms tickets to people involved in the arts. But why give away tickets that could have been sold full price? Do the recipients declare them as part of their income for tax? I have to pay for mine out of taxed income. And the BBC loses income from tickets they give away. If they didn’t give away tickets or, in the case of Strictly, have after show parties, they wouldn’t have to charge over 75s a license fee.

    Watching those people going into the stalls last night was like watching a gathering of Guardian readers rather than the usual Prom audience. Although I have to say no black faces seen (Nicola Adams obviously didn’t have a free ticket like she had for Wimbledon from the BBC some years back). I did see some people of Asian origin and I was very tempted to steal the blue beret with yellow stars on the head of the lady ahead of me on the stairs. But chose not to.


    • Helen Richardson says:

      As far as I’m aware, this concert is not being televised even though most of those interested would regard it as one of the more important ones in the series.

      Why not? Haitink too old, too male, too white? Beethoven and Bruckner too European (no, not in that way)?


  47. Invicta 1066 says:

    A few days ago I asked for help in trying to identify places featured in a 1949 film set in Yorkshire named A Boy A Girl & A Bike to compare with some identical looking places from Last of The Summer Wine.
    Thanks to Fedup2 for providing a site that proved most useful.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Dear invicta
      Thank you for the update . I was wondering how you got on and whether my online detective work helped at all.

      That TV channel showing obscure old films and TV series is a secret free gem . Can’t remember the name – but I do know that they also has a GG which I think – hasn’t won yet …

      It makes me laugh that they have to put up ‘ warnings’ aimed at snowflakes that the English language wasn’t always about ‘ diversity – reassurance – heritage – support ‘ and the other tick box terms used vacuously .

      Talking pictures TV ?


      • Invicta 1066 says:

        Yes I caught this on Talking Pictures ( also Kid for Two Farthings which I remember seeing as a little boy and Send for Paul Temple and many more)
        Although the cafe scene looks identical to the one in Last of The Summer Wine , the site says it is in Hebden Bridge whereas Summer Wine is Holmfith.
        Thora Hird is a grumpy housewife in A Boy a Girl and a Bike in 1949, and guess what right up to 2003 she is a grumpy housewife in LO T Summer Wine!


    • Nibor says:

      Watch -The Dark Man (1950) and see the south coast as it was .


  48. cromwell says:

    Isn’t Tommy Robinson being dragged before the courts again today?. They cant stop themselves can they. Despicable bas*ards.


    • G says:

      Trying to finish him off while they have physical control of him I don’t doubt.


      • Fedup2 says:

        One more weekend banged up . This is the time he needs to ‘ stay well ‘ – as peoples’ attention is distracted by politicians playing games over our votes .


  49. Dover Sentry says:

    Sit back, all. Dominic Cummings has it all planned out.

    He’s streets ahead of the rabble. Each of their plots has been countered.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I hope you are right but I really do fear for Brexit . Unless there is a GE won by a pro Leave coalition of any composition , I simply can’t see how we get to a Brexit worthy of the name.


  50. taffman says:

    “A Scottish judge has rejected a bid to have Boris Johnson’s plan to shut down parliament ahead of Brexit declared illegal.”
    Time we got out now PM . IMHO all hope of Freedom and Independence relies on the ERG pushing to form a coalition. A coalition of the remaining Tory MPs and The Brexit Party .
    Bring on a general election.