Weekend Open Thread 24 August 2019

I often wonder what to write in this bit but it struck me that it’s a good place to summarise the weekly misdeeds of the Lefty pro EU Biased BBC

So this week we’ve seen
An official finding of bias in the EU election campaign by distorting results in favour of Remain

Humph and RTHon David Davies on the naughty step for ‘ trivialising domestic violence ‘

The Head of State funded C4 coming out as a Lefty admitting to applying Bias to C4 news

The CEO of C4 saying kidults prefer Netflix’s and Porn to her biased station .

You’re welcome to add any I missed ( they’ll be plenty ).

I’d like to add a ‘ project Fear ‘ summary which has been – trash -meds’- no Aldi/lidl- ports – the non end of free movement ..

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232 Responses to Weekend Open Thread 24 August 2019

  1. Dover Sentry says:

    Boris being economical with the truth today. He said that all illegal immigrants would be sent back.

    That’s always been the case. But we have illegals who call themselves asylum seekers and can’t be sent back to which ever basket case country they choose to say they are from. If they say they are oppressed, it’s impossible to prove otherwise. Basket case countries do not hold reliable records, if any at all.

    BBC not up in arms with Boris as they know this to be so.

    Nobody admits to being an illegal immigrant.

    As an aside, I don’t think that there is any white country from which anyone can claim asylum?

    As I understand it, no whites can claim asylum here from South Africa, despite the high murder rate of white farmers by black gangs.


    • StewGreen says:

      Backlinks to last thread
      – 11:30am Friday we started on page 4
      – Before that it was page 3 which started Thursday just before 3pm


    • G says:

      Foreigners flocking to the UK shores by boat? Just as bad as ones flying in if you ask me.
      May I conjure up my mental picture? It is one drawn typically from a Saint Attenborough nature documentary filmed somewhere in Africa. In my mind’s eye, I see the picture of the carcass of a once strong and agile animal (the UK) surrounded by vultures tearing away, ensuring that death will surely follow (refugees, “asylum seekers” & our own BBC Marxists). The older vultures (earlier arrivals) make way for the young vultures (recent arrivals) to take their fill from the carcass (benefits, housing, health service and all the rest at taxpayers expense). And more young vultures arrive by the moment to compete and take their ‘once and only’ fill from the carcass before all the meat is taken and all that remains is the bones. Lurid? But fact.
      Nobody attempts to stop the vultures. Probably because it is accepted that nature, ‘will take its course’ and death with ensue.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      I wish whoever interviews Boris, about the daily channel incoming ‘immigrants’ on their lilo’s, bananas and pedalo’s, if we can have 1, the number of arrivals and 2, the number sent back.
      The arrivals to include all the ones our taxi boats collect from offshore France and bring to England.
      I would guess the numbers of these returned so far is 0.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Boris might just , possibly , deliver a Brexit worthy of the name, but he isn’t going to do anything about immigration. Indeed after Brexit third world immigration into the UK may increase. Almost all the Brexit politicians are pro immigration from outside of the EU. I will be very surprised if we get anything like an Australian points system and even if we do it won’t be enforced properly. It will take a wholly new breed of politician in the UK, in the Dalvini mould , to stem the invasion and the loss of our homeland.


      • G says:

        “Australian points system”? I’d prefer the Saudi Arabia one, which the Gulf States pretty well follow.
        If you ‘aint got a job and the qualifications for that job, you don’t get in. Interviews have to take place out of the Kingdom.
        Short and sweet.


        • Dover Sentry says:

          The problem for UK immigration is the phrase Asylum Seeker. No points system applies to Asylum Seekers.

          The vast majority of Asylum Seekers have no qualifications and don’t speak English. They would never get through the hoops that Canadian applicants have to navigate.

          We need a better system to assess who is an asylum seeker and who is a fraudster.

          Those who cross from France should be returned. Perhaps we can do that once out of the EU?


  2. digg says:

    So Macron has officials joined the mad brigade….

    Re the South America “end of World fire scenario”

    If you read NASA from their satellite observations..

    In the Amazon rainforest, fire season has arrived. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured these images of several fires burning in the states of Rondônia, Amazonas, Pará, and Mato Grosso on August 11 and August 13, 2019.

    In the Amazon region, fires are rare for much of the year because wet weather prevents them from starting and spreading. However, in July and August, activity typically increases due to the arrival of the dry season. Many people use fire to maintain farmland and pastures or to clear land for other purposes. Typically, activity peaks in early September and mostly stops by November.

    As of August 16, 2019, an analysis of NASA satellite data indicated that total fire activity across the Amazon basin this year has been close to the average in comparison to the past 15 years. (The Amazon spreads across Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and parts of other countries.) Though activity appears to be above average in the states of Amazonas and Rondônia, it has so far appeared below average in Mato Grosso and Pará, according to estimates from the Global Fire Emissions Database, a research project that compiles and analyzes NASA data.

    So he is doing a Greta to get stupid popularity.

    Of course the BBC love this because he is their last hope against the Boris Brexit machine….


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      digg- …and because they don’t love Pres Bolsonaro, who is ‘right-wing’and therefore automatically a ‘baddie’. They haven’t said yet whether he also eats children.
      As for the Presidents of the other countries which are burning, we’re unlikely to hear a single name; how long though, before they link President Trump to the fires? Will take some doing, but I suspect the beeb will manage it.


      • davylars says:

        Yes. Fnw, They did it this morning on breakfast news.
        Showed a snippet of an interview with Steptoe making the link…


        • Guest Who says:

          The bbc edit suite is a awesome thing.

          Cut, paste… just cut…. flip…. paste…


      • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

        This is what the BBC have been telling British Kids on their CBBC news channel:

        “Amazon fires … What does the president have to do with it? Jair Bolsonaro became president of Brazil in January this year. He has a background in the military and has some controversial opinions. President Jair Bolsonaro has split the country with his divisive opinions. He has made discriminatory comments about race and the LGBTQ community, and has also said he was in favour of a dictatorship, when one person has control over a whole country and may use force to keep people under control … ”

        BBC propaganda direct to British kids – just one of many propaganda stories the BBC churns outs to influence the minds of those that know no better.



    • ScottishCalvin says:

      [as he steps out of a gas guzzler and lights a Gauloises] “fais ce que je dis, pas ce que je fais” (do as I say, not as I do)


    • Siempre Recht says:


      Not sure if this has been posted, but as usual, they’re lying and lying and lying about this, so the illiterate Facebook / Instagram generation can be duped. I’m travelling right now, and didn’t have access to the web for several days, but just KNEW, that with the un-regulated internet and 15 seconds of my time, I could disprove all the BS about these fires.


  3. Cooper_Man says:

    Main news on the BBC webshite at the moment: “France threatens to block trade over Amazon fires.”

    1 – What does that have to do with the United Kingdom – we’re leaving, remember!

    2 – It shows how unworkable the EU is as an organization, when one member can block the EU-Mercosur deal – A deal that took 20 years of negotiation, I might add!!


    • richard D says:

      Ooooooh – it must be solely to do with the environment…… ‘cos M. Macron says so.

      It couldn’t possibly be anything to with him and his sidekick Varadkar trying to, at all costs, maintain the prohibitive tarrif the EU charges today on produce that Brazil might be allowed to trade into the EU with their trade deal, now, could it ?


    • richard D says:

      And apparently NASA has very recently declared the position, as of 16th August, to be roughly at average levels compared to the past 15 years….

      Someone doth protest too much, it would seem – ably abetted by the likes of the BBC, of course. Deflection, deflection deflection.


  4. Deborah says:

    My radio alarm goes at 6.50 am every morning with Radio 4. I play the game of how many seconds before I hear the magic word, ‘Brexit ‘. It is usually less than 10. That is 10 seconds not 10 minutes. Friday morning I hadn’t heard it by time I got up, well after 7am. I can only assume that either Boris did well yesterday with Macron or that the BBC approved of what they agreed.


  5. vlad says:

    As we know, the increasingly insufferable Duke and Duchess of Sussex And Suits have been swanning around the world in private jets while lecturing us plebs on how to live.
    And when criticised, their celeb friends have jumped to their defence accusing the critics of racism.

    But here’s the good news: the plebs aren’t buying it anymore. In today’s Metro – not a particularly political newspaper – the letters page is full of comments that wouldn’t be out of place on this site.

    “Are we really not allowed to say anything against the duchess because of her skin colour?
    Playing identity politics is becoming the norm for people who have never learned how to debate ideas on their merit.”

    “As a pleb, I love it when overprivileged members of society tell me how to live my life, then, when they don’t follow their own advice and get called out, some of their celebrity friends defend them by playing the race card. Thanks Harry, Meghan, Elton and Jameela for showing us the error of our ways…”

    “identity politics… playing the race card…”

    The deplorables are seeing through the elite’s lies, are learning the language to mock them.

    Wake up beeb, the peasants aren’t buying your propaganda any more, soon they’ll be coming after you… hopefully with pitchforks.


    • BRISSLES says:

      And funny how the silence is deafening from their new best friends the Clooneys, Winfrey and Williams.


  6. Philip_2 says:

    This is an American site looking at project Veritas which is uncannily similar to how the BBC would run its own ‘search algorithm’ ( if it had such influence here the UK). Google has been found blacklisting sites it considers ‘bad’ (Christian and Conservative websites) and ‘up listing’ those sites it favours; such as, funnily enough the BBC, which features more prominently in searches to the (ex BBC DG as Editor) The New York Times or, liberal anxiety fixated CNN attacking conservative views. At the last BREXIT referendum, I could see somehow that the BBC was paying for Google back links for the BBC badged ‘remain’ in almost all UK Google searches. BBC sponsored web ads were popping up everywhere. Was it a free promotion? I wonder, the BBC denied any involvement at the time.

    The video on this web page (see below page link) gives you a stark reminder on how dangerous these new portals of information are, more powerful than our old newspapers barons. Google it is suggested provided positive links to Hilary Clinton campaign to bolster her support against Trump. The BBC does have money to buy political influence and so does the EU. On the other hand the EU has fined Google for undue influence for its monopoly in Europe (as a bundled search engine). Google can shrug off the fine but this Veritas blacklist claim could ruin Google if it found gerrymandering potential votes in the US, as here.



  7. Celtic_Mist says:

    Trump has tweeted –

    “Just spoke with President @JairBolsonaro of Brazil. Our future Trade prospects are very exciting and our relationship is strong, perhaps stronger than ever before. I told him if the United States can help with the Amazon Rainforest fires, we stand ready to assist!”

    Whilst the rest of the world are criticising he has offered to help…


  8. Nibor says:

    Not quite BBC. Bias but they run with it .

    Can anyone here help me ?
    I’ve never read a travel book or watched a travel programme that ends with the author/ commentator saying that such and such a place needs more diversity – multiculturalalism , people , vibrancy etc .
    I’ve never seen the same about someone thinking farmland , hills , moorland , parks , forests , seashores etc would be improved by building over them .
    No modern travel writer ever says that people x would be better if they were added to or replaced by people Y , Z , A,B,C …..
    So why do the likes of the BBC want to import more and more people into this country ?


    • Celtic_Mist says:

      I don’t know but –

      There are refugees, legal and illegal immigrants and we each have our own ideas on how they should be treated. In theory, we all have a vote that should influence the policies that a government applies to these groups.

      In practice, it doesn’t seem to work like that because once a government gets into power it can decide to implement policies that it doesn’t have any mandate for.

      The BBC isn’t supposed to have a political agenda but it knows it can influence the way thousands of people will vote with cleverly crafted documentaries.


    • Helen Richardson says:

      “I’ve never read a travel book or watched a travel programme that ends with the author/ commentator saying that such and such a place needs more diversity – multiculturalalism , people , vibrancy etc .”

      I seem to recall the Lonely Planet guides coming pretty close at times.

      And guess who owned it (for a while at least) – BBC Worldwide.

      And what the hell was the BBC doing getting involved in that business at all?


  9. vlad says:

    And when you’ve finished shining these, get your granny to make me a cup of tea.



    • Oaknash says:

      Brilliant Vlad – best laugh I’ve had today!


      • vlad says:

        I must fess up, it wasn’t my line – I saw it on twitter but wasn’t able to post the original here for some reason.


  10. Richard Pinder says:

    This is a list of journalists and scientists blacklisted by the BBC.


    I note that those scientists that finally proved that man-made warming is a hoax, by solving the problem of calibrating planetary warming, Ned Nikolov and Karl Zeller, are not on the list. Some scientists who helped prove that Climate Change is caused by the speed of plasma within the Sun and its effect on cloud albedo are also not on the list. Enric Palle, Ed Fix, Carlo Tosti, Paul Vaughan, Tim Channon, Rick Salvador and Ian Wilson. William Herschel and James Clerk Maxwell are not on the list because they are dead, so only memory of them is banned from the BBC.


    • Jeff says:

      Professor Phillip Stott was all over the BBC at one time of day.
      He was on numerous scientific programmes on Radio 4 and Jeremy Vine’s “go to expert” on all climactic queries.
      He’s disappeared from the airwaves…
      Prof’ Stott is genuinely an expert in these matters and guffaws at the rubbish and hysteria peddled by the media. He’s not even “a denier” he’s just sceptical at all the lunatic blather from the hair shirt brigade. He says the climate has always changed; that’s what it does…
      He took part in Channel 4s “The Great Climate Change Swindle” and regularly lectures in the US, but he was dropped by the Beeb like a hot brick when they discovered he’d gone off message.
      Hard line greenie, George Monbiot, (Guardian journalist, not a scientist, but always on the Beeb) even has a page on his website dedicated to discovering if the prof’ is in the pay of the oil companies. In football parlance that’s like playing the man and not the ball.
      So, a legitimate scientist with six decades of expertise can’t get near a microphone, meanwhile,
      An autistic sixteen year old schoolgirl…


  11. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    The BBC in its homepage have a link to yet another victimhood Islam story – this time complaining that a Muslim family in Lebenon don’t feel welcome living in a Christian part of Lebanon:

    The BBC are only interested in finding stories from around the world that presents Islam as victims – while running pro-Islam stories on their CBBC and cbeebies channels – while constantly finding stories to headline that demonises Christianity (various), Hinduism (especially India), Buddhism (especially Myanmar), Orthodox Judaism (especially Israel) either generally or through stories of bad individuals. There is no balance, just one way propaganda. Apart from being pro-Islam and anti- all other religions, it is also pro-left, pro-radical feminism especially white woman radical feminism, pro-LGBTQI+, pro-Stormzy, pro-Taylor Swift, pro-BBC (of course) …


  12. Guest Who says:

    OT, but BBC Green Goddess Caroline really doing her best to get back on the QT panel rota after that all women stunt blew up.


  13. Guest Who says:



    • vesnadog says:


      Wait till the kid on the right hears about Florida.


    • StewGreen says:

      “obruni”- Ghanaian term for all white people
      “beentu” – Ghanaian term for Ghanaian’s who have “been to” Europe
      ..and are therefore millionaires
      .. (the second category is more exploited than the first)


    • BRISSLES says:

      Any chance that Yasmin Alibaba, Afua Hirsch and June Pong will take the same route ????


  14. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC and Brazil Fires.

    Haven’t there always been forest fires going back way before even the BBC Memory Department was born?

    The forest grows back over naturally cleared land and is stronger.

    There’s been a debate over the years as to whether it’s worth tackling forest fires.


  15. chancygardner says:

    I’ve been reading the Beeb’s gleeful report on the forthcoming 25th Bond film. We are told how the machismo Bond is being gradually shown up as the misogynistic, bed-hopping, insensitive cad that he is. Crikey, he even had his wife killed off by the script-writers so he could continue on a trail of womanising and flirtation to see him sleaze his way through any dangerous situation.

    Paragraph after paragraph continues describing the way the character is going to be dragged kicking and screaming by his over-active ego into the warmth and comfort of the 21st Century.

    I forget the detail. There’s a black woman who becomes 007 for a bit (cue Sid James). Some other woman who has been drafted into the script-writing team and some other woman who is commenting upon it. I just about made it to the end of the article before feeling an overwhelming urge to have a shag. Not just with anyone though. I want to go down to the grocers market today, approach the best looking market stall holder, take out a strategically-placed large courgette and ask her in my best Roger Moore voice, “Do you ever get any as big as this on your stall?”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Unfortunately whenever I see a bond film I just think about why we never see him fill in expenses claims, moan to M about “ work life balance “ or his pension. He must also be registered disabled by now through the deafness caused by all that shooting …


      • Despairada says:

        I have read one of the Bond books, Moonraker. It was quite a long time ago now but I remember at the beginning of the book he was worrying about his pension and how many more missions he would be able to go on before his body would be too damaged to carry on.

        I don’t know why I only read the one. I must read some more. It must have coincided with some academic studies when I always felt guilty about reading fiction of any kind.

        Next they’ll be making films or series of the Flashman books and turning him into a gay campaigner for the rights of indigenous peoples.

        (I know there is one Flashman film which I half remember as being fun but I don’t remember whether they mangled the characters. Anyway, no further attempts since 1975).


        • BRISSLES says:

          I, and most other women of a certain age want our James to be tuxedo wearing and hauling off his women to bed for a damn good session! (and wishing it was us). What we don’t want is a limp wristed, pc do gooder with a high pitched voice. If he is a misogynistic and insensitive cad, then so much the better.


          • Jeff says:

            Hang on Bris’ I’m on my way! 😀


          • Mrs Kitty says:

            Totally agree with you Brissles, when they first put forward Daniel Craig as Bond I was hesitant…….a blond Bond!!!!. All doubts vanished when he strode out of the water in the budgie smugglers, Broccoli & Co had kept the faith.
            Just wish he had more oomph


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Sounds like Bond has gone woke, so will go broke.

      I have just got round to watching the last Bond, Spectre, and I have to say it was absolute rubbish from start to finish.

      Daniel Craig is a terrible Bond, and is just getting worse. He looked bored even to be in Spectre, in the next one he’ll probably be asleep.


  16. Guest Who says:

    Now here’s a Boris the bbc will love, even if some commenters are asking questions the bbc would not.


  17. taffman says:

    It wont be long now before Al Beeb goes into Project Fear Hysteria XXL + mode, and links Global Warming to Brexit.
    Stand by, fasten your seat belts, how many days to Brexit ? ………………………


  18. Doobster78 says:

    More BBC adoration of the freaky little media puppet that is Greta !!!!

    When she has mental health issues due to all the pressures the liberal media are putting on this kid, will they hold their hands up and say sorry ???? BBC always banging on about mental health in teens , young etc, but seemingly have no qualms about piling the pressures on this one.


    • vesnadog says:

      Wonder who the first American will be who bows down to Kiss Greta’s Sandels as she steps off the water and onto dry land?.

      2 Clues:

      1) Male.

      2) Adult.


  19. G.W.F. says:

    Sky beat the BBC in linking support for Islam with the battle against climate change. Intersectionality wins.
    Climate change denial must be Islamophobic. Soon Priti’s political police will be rounding up climate skeptics for hate crimes against Islamists


    • Guest Who says:

      The first visit by the Duchess of Woke and her bearded stud muffin to a Bradford maternity clinic to spread the wise cross them legs words will be a hoot.


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Absolutely ridiculous, hypocritical and ignorant.

      It is an Islamic requirement that all Muslims (currently nearly 2 billion worldwide) travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia at least once in their lifetimes for the Hajj – which means hundreds of millions of extra flights and road and rail travel. Also we have Saudi Arabian oil and Gulf oil used to prop up the Ruling Sheiks and to expand their own growing Islamic Societies (enormous gas guzzling desalination plants and air conditioning everywhere), and to fund Mosque building programmes around the globe (where not paid for by local taxpayers – British taxpayers pay for most of the Mosques built in Britain) including funding the spread of Islam by peaceful (Islamic Schools and Islamic reseach funding in Universities) and not so peaceful means (various Islamic terrorist groups in Africa and elsewhere).

      All together the contribution of Islam to fossil fuel burning and rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere has been enormous. Maybe if Maria Zafar was really worried about “Climate Change” she would give up her faith – because practising her faith contributes massively to it.


    • StewGreen says:

      Sky got rationed there
      vs 404 replies disagreeing


  20. Cassandra says:

    Fed, I know you probably won’t be able to read this because you’re jamming to your Drill Music with your Homies in the ‘Hood (Notting Hill) but if there is any chance that you do survive, I mean read this, it might make you smile…



    • Fedup2 says:

      Cassandra – ha ha thank you for that – as you suspected I’m under the West way having some jerk with my red stripe and ‘hoe’ . Tricky carrying a ‘ hoe’ on the tube though ….

      The BBC has a policy of reporting their carnivL as a success however many killings stabbings rapes and robberies there might be . Due to the heat this has all the makings of a vintage one for crime numbers .

      But as I say – pictures of happy coppers having sex and something aimed to insult BoJo or President Trump …


      • Cassandra says:

        Have a good Bank Holiday weekend Fed. Am I right in thinking that there was a massive riot at The Notting Hill Carnival in 1976 (which had a very hot summer) but the story was under reported the BBC and the press, presumably on the orders of the Labour government at the time?

        Don’t get any curried goat in your dreadlocks.


  21. StewGreen says:

    Now on LBC the chairman of the African Reparations committee is bangin on in pidgin
    and calling Glasgow University “crooks”

    He’s not doing his cause much good, by sounding like a Nigerian comedy character.


    • Cassandra says:

      The snow flakes seething with entitlement are ringing up now to support the idiot who was spouting this rubbish. Interestingly, all of these callers hail from The Kommunity.

      Anyone remember Liz Bonnin the black BBC broadcaster who in a 2016 episode of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ traced her ancestors to the caribbean? Lo and behold, she discovered her ancestor was a slave who when freed, became a slave owner! She spent the rest of the show crying her eyes out.


  22. StewGreen says:

    The British Science Festival events list ..Facebook
    10-13 September in Coventry and Warwickshire

    A quick glance at the prog shows they are ticking all the minority boxes
    Re gay science, Africans, Asians etc
    eg : In conversation with Konnie Huq Thursday,12th • 19:30 – 20:30
    eg FRI, SEP 13 AT 2 PM Geek girl gamers
    eg “Science has a dark history.. perpetuated racism and sexism. In her award-winning books Inferior, and Superior, Angela Saini ..”
    eg TUE, SEP 10 AT 1 PM Climate Rebellion: looking at the rise of youth-led activism

    eg Tackling food poverty Celebrity chef Jack Monroe* has become a champion for cooking on a budget
    * bi-gender
    eg “Out Thinkers showcases the talent of LGBT+ researchers, providing a platform where people can talk about their science while truly being themselves.”
    eg Women, science and feminism Tuesday,10th • 13:00 – 14:00
    In post-war Britain, what was it like to be a woman and a scientist?

    Then they list about 6-10 non tick-box talks

    Meanwhile the Festival of Inovation in Malvern seems less so
    Friday 11th October 2019 (morning)


  23. StewGreen says:

    National Secular Society tweets


  24. Cassandra says:



    • G.W.F. says:


      Someone ought to show this to Boris and Priti, they will act on it immediately. Snort with laughter.


    • Despairada says:

      So many people in denial among the comments. So depressing. There will never be a push back.


  25. theisland says:

    IF we leave successfully on WTO on 31 Oct it’s just the start – so it would be a mistake to be complacent. As far as the EU is concerned we need to extricate ourselves from their over-complicated and interrelating rules and regs asap.

    Given that we leave with all their claptrap carried over for a ‘transition,’ Veterans for Britain, for example, point out that BoJo must urgently freeze UK involvement in a multitude of EU defence schemes to limit the damage.

    Furthermore, we must take control of our territorial waters as a matter of urgency and the CFP (Common Fisheries Policy) must not be ‘carried over’ under any circumstances. At least TBP seem on the ball with this one.

    We know that senior Whitehall figures will do all they can to keep us tied in to as many assorted schemes as possible, irrespective of whether we have ‘left’ or not. Everyone in the current HoC is either complicit or too stupid/lazy to know what is occurring. Not until we have a group of intelligent and patriotic MPs will we be out of the woods – and that, depressingly, looks like an impossible task.


  26. SPC says:

    I love the sensible comments (some get a bit over-excited) on this site – Why don’t we find an Editor, a printing press and start our own newspaper. I could do a weekly coloumn – I have no writing talent but hey ho – give it a go!


    • Fedup2 says:

      It would really go against the grain of the online world to start a paper . I’ll have to rewatch “The Wipers Times” as a guide .
      I think , in the circumstances , where the ‘freedom ‘ and nature of Blighty is at stake in a way not seen since 1940 that people are quite restrained .

      It would be nice to see reasoned debate sometimes but the problem with that is it does tend to become over adversarial sometimes , we are also blessed by a lack of Trolls which also tend to infest non snowflake sites .


      • SPC says:

        Yes, but – this online world is not real is it – it’s a fantasy land where every passing thought is expressed vehemently as it happens. I’m not into the social media thingy, but like this site as it fits in with my prejudices, and like you say frequented by crumblies who are not in the main as demented as the youngsters.
        Don’t you just hate it when the twitterers at the BBC, show vertically aspected phone videos of pretty much anything that makes them laugh – augmented by snippets of idiocy from the Twitter site itself.


        • BRISSLES says:

          CRUMBLIES ???? CRUMBLIES ?????

          Here I am waiting for Jeff to turn up, and I’m being called a ‘crumbly’. Dear God.


  27. Ed Hitter says:

    Football Focus, like much of the BBC, has become almost unwatchable.
    It’s initial remit, to entertain and inform the football fan, has been replaced by the usual modern BBC mix of political correctness, Blue Peter style jollity (football for dummies) and little of note for the genuine fan.
    Today’s programme had a woman presenter and woman pundit outnumbering a lone male pundit; okay if these people are genuinely the best at what they do, but the suspicion has to be that gender quotas have taken over.
    And then a major part of the show was devoted to outrage over racism in football.
    Yes, racism does exist among a minority of twitter yobs, but the BBC seems intent on demonising the entire fanbase.
    English football is probably the least xenophobic, non racist sport around – it’s tribal, certainly, but think of the foreign coaches, the foreign stars (African, South American, Asian) adored by their supporters, a truly cosmopolitan sport that never, of course, gets any credit for that fact.
    But because it’s fanbase is largely white, male and working class, the BBC will happily put the boot in.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ed ,
      I watched it with the volume off as I’m watching Norwich Chelsea but the demeanour of the ex arsenal pundit was quite something . He looked like a bloke about to lose his job to someone of a gender, colour and ‘ orientation of which the BBC approves – as well as being a muzzle of course .


      • The General says:

        The BBC’s remit is not to entertain, it is to instruct on Political Correctness.
        ( As well as funding Diane Abbott’s school fees )


        • Captain Panick says:

          General, I am delighted to discover that Fatbot is going back to school. Presumably Mathematics lessons for her as a priority, as well as Home Economics. She already has a University Degree in ripping off the taxpayer.


  28. G.W.F. says:

    The far left rally in support of the BBC against Tommy Robinson’s supporters.
    See, it pays to block TR and his supporters from social media sites
    Sometime this afternoon the police will enable a fight to break out and several of Tommy’s supporters will be arrested.
    Boris and Priti ought to take note – they have Boris in their sights.

    Unite Against Fascism
    18 mins ·
    Just 50 fascists in #london. Well outnumbered by anti fascists! @uaf Stand Up To Racism
    Hundreds of us are outside the BBC in London opposing the vile, racist hate of fascist supporters of jailed Nazi ‘Tommy Robinson’. These dangerous forces, small and broken as they currently are because of the anti racist movement, must be opposed every time they try to mobilise. We have to fight for a #WorldAgainstRacism to make sure #NeverAgain really means Never Again.
    With racist Johnson in No.10 trying to import Trumpism here, it’s crucial we organise against every racist attack, every far right mobilisation, and every fascist presence on our streets
    Come to this international conf on 19 Oct to discuss the way forward against racist populism, the far right and fascism


    • StewGreen says:

      They say stuff
      … In the past Owen Jones once said there were only 20 TRs present
      yet there were a couple of thousand in the shot behind him.

      It’s a real pity that time is wasted when the real priority should be to help victims and prevent future victims.
      Its a pity that the Labour Party political front groups like HnH and UAF aren’t doing that.


  29. Cassandra says:

    BBC Radio 4 Any Questions


    Four women and one man (most of the audience sound female as well). Looking at what’s going on in the rest of the BBC radio and television output it’s quite obvious the line that the BBC is pushing with regard to The Matriarchy, diversity multiculturalism et al.

    I always thought that the photograph from this BBC Two Ronnies sketch from the eighties was comedic fiction, now I realise that this is the how the BBC is engineering the role of the male of the near future, by limiting his involvement in broadcasting production and portraying him as redundant and emasculated



  30. Terminal Moraine says:

    Coincidentally there were two paralympian incidents on the same day last week:

    1. A rower died in a capsizing accident during training before the World Championships
    2. A dressage competitor was left in tears after she became stuck on a train and had to wait for a guard to help her off

    Which one made it to the home page and which got relegated to Disability Sport > Calendar?

    In BBC land, a disabled woman facing inconvenience will always beat a man dying. Extra points too as it seems she wants answers from the rail operator, Jeremy Hunt and to probably overthrow the government as well.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I bet this wouldn’t have happened to Adi Adepitan – the BBC’s wheelchair bound travel correspondent. Who, despite his disability appears to travel the world with ease – to even fishing on the ice with eskimos ! Not so easy for others with disabilities I fear. (or get special dispensation to be married in St Pauls either like he did last year)


      • Guest Who says:

        There was a story about some legal thing that didn’t happen because the lifts broke. Seems no one in the profession is capable of rounding up enough colleagues to help another up or down stairs. Worth bearing in mind in an emergency.


      • TrickCyclist says:

        The bloke in the wheelchair on Countryfile has no problem getting around the countryside, either.
        In reality, I bet he couldn’t even get down most of my local footpaths.


  31. Ed Hitter says:

    Some proper journalism via The Yorkshire Post, which has used a Freedom of Information request to discover that hundreds of grooming gang victims are suing the authorities that failed them (see link).
    Nothing about this on the BBC website. Not even on its Yorkshire pages……


    • StewGreen says:

      Discussions are under these 2 tweets
      70+ comments here
      A lot of tweets these days are just bot like tweets posting a URL
      … real discussion is rarer and rarer

      and 20 more under Sarah Champion’s tweet


    • vlad says:

      Perhaps those same victims might consider suing the bbc for also having failed them by sitting on stories of grooming gangs they’d known about for years but chose to ignore?


  32. Fedup2 says:

    Although the BBC doesn’t admit it – it’s boss – the EU is sounding a bit panicky ( via Tusk ) about the prospect of no sellout .

    I’m sure the German manufacturers are concentrating the mind of the shaky chancellor and in turn to the Brussels Mafia .


  33. Terminal Moraine says:

    **Local Man again**

    “Coventry man” Mujdat Altuntas pleads guilty to raping a 14-year-old girl in an alleyway.


  34. StewGreen says:

    Certain Costa Coffee franchises are under fire over claims they deduct £1000s in wages
    an interesting name in the reports


  35. MarkyMark says:

    BBC tells me … “Many societies throughout history have practised slavery, and Muslim societies were no exception.

    It’s thought that as many people were enslaved in the Eastern slave trade as in the Atlantic slave trade.”



  36. StewGreen says:

    ‘Yeh the border guard roughly treated me as if he was true Trump supporter ..but I didn’t bother to take a note of his name, or make a complaint.’

    AFAIK US border guard questions are not straight forward
    ..cos that is their technique to get liars to show themselves.


  37. StewGreen says:

    Making money from people’s conscience
    There is also a full page WWF advert in the Times


    • vesnadog says:

      WFF UK must have multi=millions of £ in their many various bank accounts.

      It makes you wonder how much the WWF World has in its Swiss Banks.

      I will never donate to these type of “sexy” and eye catching appeals.

      I will leave that too Bono and Sir Geldof etc it will make them feel good nights.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I can’t work out why these wealthy snowflake charities don’t just but the bits of Brazil that matters to them . Few Billion for 2 million square miles ….


        • Captain Panick says:

          This WWF talk is rubbish. I have never seen a Panda ready to enter the squared circle, let alone deliver a 30 second dissing of the opponent. Phil the Greek, even if he is 98, needs to get back in the ring wearing his budgie smugglers. Smackdown the Duke, Smackdown.


        • vesnadog says:

          That’s a great idea Fed.

          I wonder if any of the snowflake luvvies read this website?

          Bet it scares them half to death.


  38. Stevie m says:

    Final score have three woman on and one man. How far are you going to push this bbc. Will you be happy when man utd are fielding a mixed sex team. #leaveourgamealone


    • Beltane says:

      Some might be offended by the suggestion that ManU do not field a mixed sex team, Stevie. Their level of sensitivity when tackled occasionally indicates a touch of femininity about their style.


  39. StewGreen says:

    From BBC PR
    ‘We’ve got a lefty playwright to do a drama which portays the Tories as buffoons’


  40. StewGreen says:

    Pakistan Honour murder


    • vesnadog says:

      Dishonour – bad.

      Murder – fine; if it works for them then what’s wrong with it. We can’t judge.

      Thinks all respectable lefties and Teenage BBC TV News editors.


  41. StewGreen says:

    Ironic tweet by Islamic NGO
    …surely Hoseasons have found a way to exclude practicing Muslims ?


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Get woke, go broke.

      Hasta la vista, Hoseasons.


    • vesnadog says:



      I suppose the way that this country’s going down the plughole it won’t be too long before the above scene will be played out in our “School swimming pools” – with scared to death children right alongside of them. Teacher knows best. Well, at least the gay and lesbians ones do.


  42. Dover Sentry says:

    CCTV images confirm Owen Jones’ report of being attacked by the Far-Right.

    No, not really. Nothing released so far.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Prince Andrew . BBC playing with a straight bat .

      A denial statement which looks like it was drafted by the same team of lawyers who did the KennedyvChapaquidick incident or the Clinton non sex with Lewinski job .

      No doubt other bits of the MSM will sniff around to sell papers as it’s a ‘ welcome ‘ distraction from Brexit and other stuff that really matters .


    • G.W.F. says:

      Dover Sentry

      It won’t be long now, the law will’ave them.
      Expect a deal between the BBC and the police who will provide helicopter surveys over the home of the suspects, like they did with Sir Cliff.


  43. Zelazek says:

    Anyone see that story on the BBC website about the first crime in space? A naughty astronaut in the space station accessed her estranged spouse’s bank account. You are well down the article of course before you realise we are talking about lesbians. The last half of the article waffles on about how the law applies in space rather than considering the much more interesting moral questions that this incident raises. The space program has rigorous selection procedures during which the psychologically unsuitable are supposed to be weeded out. How did this snooper get accepted? Could her propensity for deviousness not have been picked up? I wonder if they gave this astronaut a free pass to meet some diversity and inclusion target.


  44. Guest Who says:


    The Dimblefication of the BBC continues.


  45. taffman says:

    \\Brexit: Donald Tusk and Boris Johnson clash over who is ‘Mr No Deal’//

    Remind me again, how many Brexit Party MEPs got voted in to the European Parliament ?
    Al Beeb and the MSM appear to have forgotten about them. The whole fiasco has taken over three years to allow Al Beeb and the MSM to wear us down with propaganda .
    If we don’t get out of the the EU in October the Tory Party are finished.


  46. Guest Who says:

    De envy of dem world.



  47. BRISSLES says:

    Yes, the crumblies on here will be having an attack of the vapours !


  48. Annunaki says:

    Not too concerned about clam divers in space but the degradation of the English language is more likely to give me an attack of the vapours, I understand it is a fluid thing but the insistence that the black jamaican patois is somehow cool and the muzzie bruv at the expense of all else is typical BBC.

    I prefer my wifes chinese version of english like when her phone is accidently on silent : “sorry I did not pick up my phone no ding dong”


  49. Ian Rushlow says:

    Oh dear. A journey in a taxi. The driver is playing ‘music’ on the radio and it’s the BBC’s racist 1Xtra station. Here’s Western civilisation:

    And here’s what the BBC thinks should replace it:

    Darwin’s theory of evolution in reverse…


  50. Annunaki says:

    Yes I could spend all night making comaprisons like that but life is too short, let’s sum it up this way :

    Some are born to music, some come to it through love, some want to make thug “moosic” cos they can make a killing out of it yet have no training, no talent and should never be let within a mile of a microphone

    I may consider apologising for slavery if they apologise for rap, grime, R and B and whatever else vicious, misogynic violent, gang promoting sh+t they spew out