Start the Week Open Thread 19 August 2019

If weekend press reports are correct Government Ministers are to be advised not to go onto the Flagship/Wreck“Today Programme “ because it is a waste of time . Anyone who consumes the biased output of the BBC might understand why such a direction has been given and wonder why it hasn’t happened before . The question is – How will the Far Left , Pro EU , biased BBC react ?

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  1. Ed Hitter says:

    A well respected Borders farmer who I know, acknowledged widely for his expertise in farming methods and livestock breeding, posted a Facebook piece last week which took the BBC to task over its misrepresentation of the role of beef production in the climate change debate.
    His post certainly struck a chord. He used his own extensive knowledge of farming backed by scientific facts to rebut what he regarded as the BBC’s inaccurate reporting.
    The piece received hundreds of comments from people agreeing that he’d put his finger on yet more BBC bias.
    It was a long article. I’ve taken out the scientific bits and edited it down to just a few snippets which reflect the farming industry’s growing anger at the BBC……see below….

    “So the climate change ‘debate’ plumbs new depths with the BBC’s negligently misleading report last week on the IPCC report, and Goldsmiths University ‘banning beef to save the planet’.
    “I grew up believing in the BBC as the world’s greatest broadcaster. That has changed.
    “The coverage last week was either major cock up or conspiracy. The former would be negligent, the latter almost criminal given the implications and the position of influence that it holds. Which? Take your pick.
    “I’m feeling so really tired by our beef and lamb sector being bullied by a metropolitan broadcasting elite that so frequently misrepresents the science and in doing so turns town against country, food producer against food consumer.
    “I really worry about the effect on livelihoods, morale and mental health in the countryside. I see no balanced ‘right of reply’ being given any air time by our major broadcasters…
    “Grassland does not require frequent ploughing (which releases carbon to air). Much of it is ‘permanent.’ The BBC couldn’t even get this bit right…..
    “I’m totally fine with any consumer making their own choices about what they eat. But please make those choices from a position of informed knowledge. Challenge what you hear, read, see.
    “Broadcasters … you influence those choices. Some people still believe you. So be more responsible with what you air. It’s not simple, so don’t pretend it is.”


  2. JamesArthur says:

    R4 5pm

    A Remainer allowed to a paint a picture of sheer disaster after No Deal – not an ounce of fact, just her view – 100,000’s of jobs will go, people living on the breadline will starve..etc etc – but not a word to balance
    It is getting worse….I am just hoping Boris gets a result we all want..


    • Fedup2 says:

      Brexit will be a disaster . People will die because of it . That will be what the BBC / MSM report whether it happens or not . It has already been declared .

      Remainers will be desperate for signs of disaster so that they can get the movement to rejoin going .

      The Post Brexit Trade Negotiations will paint the EU as the kind generous victim of Brexit whilst the brexit government ( assuming there still is one ) will be the mean nasty baddie .

      I’m jumping ahead about 70? Days and assuming we get out without a sell out ……


      • Dover Sentry says:

        The annoying thing is that the BBC will continue attacking Brexit after we’ve left in the hope that we will rejoin.

        They haven’t given up on Trump since he won.


      • BRISSLES says:

        If you watch the opening scenes of the film The Core (Aaron Eckhart), it begins with everything falling from the sky, planes, birds, there are tidal waves, tsunamis, the lot ! This is what the Remainers are predicting.

        Its like the Millenium bug we were threatened with, promising the world would come to a standstill at the stroke of midnight on 31 Dec 1999.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    The honourable ‘UK press gazette ‘publishes a free email about the media each day . Today it reports

    ‘BBC’s EU election graphic showing win for anti-Brexit parties was ‘lapse of editorial standards’

    Where a complaint was upheld that the BBC misled viewers during the EU elections that Remainers were going to win – by ignoring the fact that the Conservative vote was a ‘Brexit ‘ one .

    The dishonesty was so inept that the BBC couldn’t come up with any reasonable excuse, I bet you won’t be hearing that story on ‘feedback ‘ or other dishonest programme ….


    • StewGreen says:

      @FedUp2 you are 3 hours late
      Over on the previous page at 3:06 pm I already reproduced the Guido story, with the graphic

      Guido : The BBC has admitted its representation of the European Parliamentary election results in May represented a “lapse of editorial standards”


      • Fedup2 says:

        You got me on that one . I don’t think Mr jo goebbels would be very impressed with such a lapse of bias control . It kind of points to the BBC desire for a brexit vote not to be true .

        Good that guido publishes the graphic as well .

        I got a bit distracted because I was fretting over whether to edit someone’s use of the full F word or not …..and your comment about a female Koran bingo caller on Radio 4


    • Oaknash says:

      Fe2 – a lapse in editorial standards eh. I think we are looking at “normal” editorial standards.
      However the term has a certain technical, mealy mouthed, faux dignity about, when really what they really mean to say is we were exposed again for the lying illegitimates we know we really are.

      I had too much scrumpy at the weekend and as a result on my return, I had a few “technical” problems with perambulating in a rectilineal direction. When Mrs Oak asked me did you have too much drink? and I said no, it certainly would have been far more pleasant being accused of having a lapse in my “editorial standards” than being called a “bloody liar”
      Hmmm I wonder what term is more accurate?

      On another point today I tried to put on radio 4 five times today, and each time I had to switch it off pronto. The BBC airwaves seemed to be completely dominated by wistful, plotting metrosexual broadcasters. all thinking aloud about how brexit could be stopped, and showing more than a little lapse in editorial standards methinks.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Why not use the BBC counting method where you don’t add the number of drinks together – which means you only ever have ‘one ‘?

        As for the Radio 4 schedule – I use it to cheer myself up because being a white non gay non refugee chap I know that when I check the schedule it will be alien to me – probably 95% of the time .
        I’m just glad I don’t pay for the BBC and truly cannot understand why so many people do.


        • Oaknash says:

          Brilliant idea! Maybe I could have also told her that she didnt know what she was looking at and nobody drinks to get drunk!

          I can see my relationship with Mrs O developing to a new higher plain of mutual respect!!!!


  4. StewGreen says:

    #ManFiles : “Edmonton man” say Canadian state broadcaster CBC
    A photo of a victim

    Could it possibly be connected to this story from CTV the commercial competitor to CBC ?
    Trial begins for man accused in 2015 homicide of ex-girlfriend
    Silva Koshwal originally from Sudan stabbed his X- girlfriend 101 times, her organs removed & her heart pinned on the wall with a butcher knife.
    He endured trama growing up during the civil war


    • Dystopian says:

      “The defence is arguing that Koshwal was not criminally responsible, having endured trauma while growing up in Sudan during a period of civil war and genocide.
      “He’s seen every type of carnage one should never have to see,” psychologist Leslie Block said in court, adding he believes Koshwal regularly disassociates from himself”

      Well that’s as good a reason as any NOT to let in so called asylum seekers from war torn countries then isn’t it!


    • vesnadog says:



      Boy, those male Muslims don’t waste time in targeting/possessing their white, blonde, females don’t they.


  5. G.W.F. says:

    It looks like Priti Patel’s political police have a policy where they back anti fascists and set them against TR’s supporters .
    The official TR demo has been cancelled.


  6. Dave S says:

    I tried to watch BB1 news at 6. I really tried. But failed to last more than a few minutes. We are going to run out of petrol and diesel and have to close refineries or did I get this wrong? The 5% tariff to the EU will finish them I hear. Now if the £ goes down 5% then the status quo is restored . It is all endless garbage and I know form my friends just how sick of it we are.
    The BBC is just another bunch of middle class entitled whiners who live off our backs and our labour and add nothing to our lives.


    • Oaknash says:

      Dave it all seems to merge into a white blurr of snowflake panic. The sky really must be falling in. I think it was yesterday as soon as when I switched on the radio, someone sounded as if they were foaming at the mouth, and referring to BREXIT as “setting fire to the economy”
      then it was Classic FM for the rest of the day, at least you only have to suffer a bit of lefty news from “GLOBAL” whoever that is.


    • JimS says:

      It’s quite simple:

      1. The tariff will come off petrol and diesel so we will be flooded with cheap fuel from beyond the EU. Consequently our refineries won’t be able to compete so they will close and thousands of jobs will be lost.

      2. Because we no longer have any refineries we won’t have any petrol or diesel. St. Greta will award us a gold star.

      Of course states 1 and 2 are unlikely to co-exist. That is usually the case when one sets out to evaluate extreme possibilities, the final outcome can’t be at all the fringes, it must be somewhere in between. Don’t worry though because the whole point of risk assessment is to indentify potential problems and make sure they don’t become real. (As opposed to the BBC system that hopes they do become real so that it has a news headline).


    • Chalkywhite says:

      I used to have one word to describe the BBC and that was ‘distrust’. Now I have three….’distrust’, ‘loathing’ and ’embarassment’
      This week has seen an unprecidented barrage of articles stoking fear and alarm from dear old Auntie. Do they not know the meaning of the word responsibility? Tomorrow I expect they will report that Elvis has returned or double decker busses were found on the Moon…..Utter garbage. Is this where all the ex ‘journalists’ from the Sunday Sport ended up?


      • vesnadog says:


        “Is this where all the ex ‘journalists’ from the Sunday Sport ended up?”

        Don’t think they were born yet.

        Actually most of the unwashed who “edit all BBC News stories” have yet to see their first hair appearing on their face.


  7. Nibor says:

    Which country`s haulage representatives went to the Calais port authorities to be assured there would be no problem after Brexit ?

    Poland .

    Erm , I thought everyone was going to be alright in the EU and only stupid Brexit Britain was going to suffer .
    Oh wait a minute , everyone in the EU commission is going to be alright , same as Macron , Merkel , Juncker , Donald Tusk , Blair , Verhofstadt and uncle Tom Cobley et al .

    Its only the workers that will lose jobs , money time etc .


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Nibor – I think you comment turned up 3 times so I’ve deleted 2 of them …..


  9. Dover Sentry says:

    The two main enemies of Brexit have been May and the BBC.

    One has been disposed of.

    And the other?


  10. Roland Deschain says:

    As Project Fear ramps up, note that the BBC doesn’t even bother with quotes now. No-Deal Brexit DOES threaten UK fuel plants, the BBC says so.



  11. Dover Sentry says:

    I suspect that the BBC is heading for a full on confrontation with the Government for such ‘reporting’. There will only be one winner.

    Let the BBC dig their own grave.


    • The General says:

      The one winner will be the BBC. For years now they have undermined every Tory government, misreported, failed to report Tory successes, failed to report Labour failures and misdemeanors and yet NOTHING has ever been done about it. I can’t for the life of me know why this is the case. I have written to David Cameron when he was PM regarding BBC bias and the reply I received from No.10 was ” The Prime Minister is perfectly happy with the reporting of the BBC.” Even Margaret Thatcher did nothing to address the situation. I very much doubt there will be ANY confrontation.


  12. Monty says:

    Just watching news at ten could not believe Tom Bradbys negative reporting and body language in regards to Brexit and Boris Johnson. Sky bbc and the rest are all traitors to the Uk. He even linked funds available to hospices a pittance compared to money Boris has made available to the Brexit cause


  13. davylars says:

    BBC doing their bit for the environment..
    10 o’clock news report on Virgin. Galactic.
    ‘Taking people people into space on Commercial flights by the end of 2020.
    There are Questions about environmental impact.’
    The BBC’s Marc Ciesalk traveled to spaceport in the United States to report on this…


  14. Fedup2 says:

    I don’t know if the BBC does an ‘environmental impact report ‘ of how many air miles it’s staff travell – including ‘non economy ‘ but since it goes on and on about saving the planet maybe it should do a 10% reduction each year …..

    Time for a new Thread …..


  15. pugnazious says:

    The BBC just keeps lying and lying about Brexit…caught out with its deliberate and calculated lie about the EU elections…

    ‘The BBC has admitted its representation of the European Parliamentary election results in May represented a “lapse of editorial standards” when it refused to count the Conservative Party as a ‘pro-Brexit’ party. The organisation’s Executive Complaints Unit is now “consider[ing] what further action is required”’

    …and Emma Barnett just made up a total lie when interviewing a member of the DUP stating, twice, that ‘You were paid to support the government’. Hmmm…no, not one penny went to the DUP as the Common’s Library states…the money went to the NI Executive not the DUP itself….

    ‘Since the 2017 general election the Conservative Government has relied on the support of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to command a working majority in the House of Commons. This arrangement was formalised shortly after the election in a Confidence and Supply Agreement (the Agreement). The DUP agreed to support the Government on all key votes (such as the Queen’s speech and key financial legislation) and the Government agreed to provide the Northern Ireland Executive with additional financial support; which amounted to an extra £1 billion over five years. To put this in context, Northern Ireland received a cash grant from the Treasury of £14.5 billion in 2017/18.’

    The BBC of course never berated the LibDems for all the ‘sweeteners'[ the many billions] that went towards their favoured policies as the price for supporting the Coalition.

    The BBC always likes to remind us that Boris is being stupid for asking the EU to reopen negotiations because, as we all know, the EU has repeatedly refused totally to do so…it will not renegotiate. Curious then that Sopel, shouting at James Cleverly, should demand to know what the government had done to compromise when it asks the EU to do so.

    Sopel also berated Cleverly because some freight organisation claimed it had no idea of the difficulties a no-deal might incur despite having had 3 years to think about it professionally. Cleverly stated that he’d been in constant talks with the relevant trade bodies [of course] but Sopel was having none of it.

    Now the BBC is pushing yet another scare story [yesterday’s children will starve as food supplies cut off]…today fuel production in UK is threatened as Brexit will flood us with Russian fuel as the market is ‘opened up’….

    ‘under World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, a zero tariff rate must apply to petrol imports from all countries, opening up the UK to Russian fuel imports.’

    Er…..Russia is the EU’s main supplier of gas and petroleum…and Russia is already a major supplier to the UK….and it’s curious how the BBC is suddenly so concerned about the survival of the planet murdering fossil fuel industry [just as it suddenly cheerleds for big business]…..

    ‘Russia is the main EU supplier of crude oil, natural gas and solid fossil fuels’

    ‘UK Dependence on Imported Hydrocarbons: How Important is Russia?

    The arrival of the first Russian LNG supplies to the UK coincided with the deterioration of UK-Russia diplomatic relations, triggering debates over the role of Russia in UK hydrocarbon imports. Although Russia is the largest supplier of UK coal imports, coal is being phased out of UK energy consumption. Russia is just one of several substantial suppliers of crude oil and refined oil products to the UK, with levels of UK oil demand being strongly linked to developments in the UK transportation fuel mix.’

    More project fear from the BBC.


    • taffman says:

      When will Boris do something about it ?


      • smoogie7 says:

        He might not need to do anything. I actually think that the BBC will implode one way or another after Brexit. It won’t happen over night but look how bad the BBC are now compared to even a few months ago. They are in overdrive and really not getting the reactions that they want anymore


  16. smoogie7 says:

    Busy week for Boris. The EU have turned their noses up to him over the backstop. I have a few questions though.

    Does Boris now actually have a more viable reason for No Deal? He tried to negotiate but they refused. Does this mean he can walk away without being told that he made no effort?

    Second. Rumour has it this week that he is signing an act repealing EU law most likely this week. If so what does this mean? Does this set the fact that we are leaving in stone? If so would that be the reason why the BBC are choosing to remain quiet on this news as they do not wish to weaken the moral of remainers?

    Thirdly I have read sources stating that Johnson is pulling officials out of the EU by the end of the month. Is he serious about leaving? A lot of signs are pointing to yes but of course the BBC would rather it be a no


  17. chancygardner says:

    I’ve read several reports and studies that seek to verify the political leanings of the BBC. Most conclude that it is pretty balanced in its reporting. Don’t ask me to quote my sources. I’ve forgotten them. The point is that I don’t see any online groups anywhere drawing attention to its ‘maddening right-wing bias’ or ‘pro-Brexit leanings’. Neither do I see anywhere infuriated members of the ..oh you know who I mean ..communities clubbing together for mutual support, driven by the clear BBC bias against them.

    No, what I DO see is several online groups, some more acerbic than others, all of which focus on the same issues raised here time and time again. Funny that. Bit of a co-incidence eh?

    Yet, the BBC drives on, as blinkered as ever, regardless of and seemingly oblivious to the commotion frothing in the wake of its reporting, content that it offers a balanced view of the world around us.