Weekend Open Thread 17 August 2019

The anti democratic – biased pro EU BBC continues to run daily episodes of Project Fear in the run up the the UK leaving the EU. Desperate amateur repeats after Three Years of Pro EU Propaganda . Luckily the British People are far more intelligent than the BBC thinks . Let’s hope it pays the price for deceit and lies in time .

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  1. Mrs Kitty says:

    Definitely a first , I’ve never managed it before.


    • StewGreen says:

      Old thread we are missing you already.
      Readers can catchup on Friday’s posts from 10:45am onwards see page 4
      page 3 began midday Thursday
      .. I’d always advise doing a quick search using Ctrl-F,
      before you write your post, cos someone might have already written the same thing.
      Remember Tweets/Facebook/Youtube auto-embed here
      All you do is post the URL in a fresh line in your comment
      It’s often the quickest way to put up a photo or video.
      Cos certain sites like the BBC’s don’t allow third party sites like here to embed their images.

      To grab URLs right click over a photo/ video or a tweets date-stamp.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Congratulations, Mrs Kitty. And well done Stew & Fed for services to site and its participants.


  2. Dover Sentry says:

    Will BBC Panorama investigate the role of May and the Civil Service in virtually destroying Brexit over a secretive three year period ? A period during which they colluded with the EU to achieve this aim?

    So some say…


    • Oaknash says:

      Nah, Aunty doesnt do “truth” these days.

      It still think it is remarkable and very suspicious, that after TR showing the “Panodrama” documentary the state and media companies all doubled down on their efforts to destroy this very courageous man.

      It would be interesting to know what strings the BBC pulled on this.
      At the last charter review under Cameron, John Whittingdale completely let the BBC off the hook and there were rumours then. How much deeper must the swamp be now?


      • Dystopian says:

        Oaknash, as I have previously pointed out, I don’t think it is by pure coincidence that the prosecution QC in the TR case was Andrew Caldecott. According to his CV he has also done work on behalf of the BBC. I suspect, in a roundabout fashion, this was no exception. I wouldn’t be surprised if there had been some dodgy dealings taking place.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think Guido says that the May Resignation ‘honours’ list is due soon . All those in the cabinet office brexit blocking team will get their peerages …and other gongs . I wonder if it’s time to stop calling these awards “honours”?.


  3. vlad says:

    This ISIS blooper vid shows one of their heroic jihadis unable to string two sentences together without an autocue.

    A stellar career awaits him at al beeb, surely.

    Inarticulate, intolerant and islamic? Give that man a job and a huge salary, pronto.




    • Helena Hand-Basket says:

      These photos look like a student’s reaction upon receiving A-Level results. I would caption the pictures:

      1. ‘Oh, s**t, one grade E, one grade D, one fail! There’s no chance of that degree in chemistry of explosives I wanted.’

      2. ‘Hang on, wasn’t there an unconditional offer from the university of Chipping Sodbury?’

      3. ‘Sod it – I’ve just remembered, the course was in gender studies and female empowerment!’


      • G says:

        Naturally with the caveat that, following the cult is more important that any other education: islam provides all that is needed for the up-to-date, go-getting jihadi


  4. Nibor says:

    Al Beeb ,

    Help me here , I want to understand your fixation with a ” government of national unity ” .

    Ken Clarke to lead it , to be Prime Minister ?

    Is this a youthful Ken Clarke who would have his future ” stolen ” by old people ?

    OK he might be anointed by the whole House of Commons (600+) and no doubt by the LibDem rigged House of Lords ( 800+) and he’s won his constituency and got 16000 odd voters for him .
    Let’s be charitable and say that 25 000 people have voted for Ken Clarke .

    That’s still less than the 160 000 who voted for Boris Johnson and well less than the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit .

    If Jo Swinson et al want a government led by Prime Minister Ken Clarke then have an election where the LibDims et al canvass for a government of Ken Clarke .


    • Nibor says:

      Just to add ,

      Ken Clarke last won his Rushcliffe constituency with 30 223 votes .

      That’s 51.8%

      Did they know what they were voting for ?


      • Fedup2 says:

        I’m still shocked that Clarke has been an MP since 1970 – according to Wiki . How can anyone still half half an idea of what ordinary voters think if he has been in that bubble for so long . ?
        Just seems that the political class makes its own rules and we are normally unable to challenge them – but then came Brexit – which has also shone a brighter light on the Biased corruption of the BBC .


    • Richard Pinder says:

      A government of national unity was a government that only excluded fascists because they wanted a European union with Germany, and separatists because they wanted to break up the nation.

      Today a government of national unity is a government that only includes women who want a European Union with Germany, and female separatists who want to break up the nation.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Nibor – good point that all the project Fear Soros nonsense about the old being brexiters is about rich when it comes to the likes of Ken Clarke (80?) and Comrade Corbyn ( in his 70s? ) aiming to call the shots .
      Such a point will never be heard on the BBC will it ?.

      And the Corbyn PM letters to the nuclear submarine captains will say …. what? -go to Murmansk and surrender ….


  5. JimS says:

    A repeat of Qi this evening was pushing the ‘three-word’ app, (how does the BBC choose who to give free promotions to?).

    On the previous thread I suggested that police.dog.logan was the location of a pregnant ‘migrant’ in Hull docks.

    Just out of interest I tried these three words. Unfortunately they aren’t valid, however police, dogs, slogan, polices, and login are valid words.

    police.dogs.slogan is in Huron, South Dakota
    police.dogs.login is in Kamiah, Idaho
    polices.dogs.slogan is in Morgantown, Kentucky

    Get a digit wrong with a postcode, end up on the wrong street. Get a letter wrong with ‘three words’ and end up in the wrong state!

    This is the app that the BBC thinks might save your life!


  6. JimS says:

    The BBC tells me that the Scottish government has nationalised the Ferguson shipyard, (that it helped bankrupt with its fixed-price ferry order).

    I am waiting for the BBC to ‘fact check’ this and tell why this should be problematic under EU law.

    “What about nationalisation?
    The Labour leader said the government should have decided it wanted to own British Steel and nationalised it – but that is also tricky under EU rules.

    A government can own a company under state-aid rules – but it is not allowed to keep it going if it would otherwise fail.

    So if a government could convince the European Commission that buying the business would be a sensible move that any investor would make for a profit, it would not be classified as state aid.

    That might have been a difficult argument to make with British Steel.”

    Why does Nicola get a free pass? Just imagine if Boris had proposed this!


  7. Richard Pinder says:

    Peterloo/Brexit and the Press/BBC

    The people versus Parliament “to consider the propriety of adopting the most LEGAL and EFFECTUAL means of obtaining Reform/Brexit in the Common House of Parliament”. Mr Hunt campaigned for Reform/Remain.

    The immediate effect of the Peterloo massacre/Brexit vote was a crackdown on Reform/Brexit. Parliament instructed the police and courts to go after the journalists who unlike the Tory Press/Socialist BBC, reported and supported the Peterloo/Brexit populists. For a few months following Peterloo/Brexit it seemed to the authorities that the country was heading towards an armed rebellion. Parliament introduced legislation, to suppress freedom, the Rich/Remainers felt nothing but seething contempt for uneducated working class opinion. A National Government of unity was called for but only to include Men/Women and Toffs/Remainers. Parliament successfully stopped Reform/Brexit by using the Judiciary.

    All the Radicals/Brexiteers wanted was a desire for a meaningful democratic change and to see their Demands/Votes be enacted. Trying to override and crush the Demands/Votes of millions of working-class people, the Rich/Liberal elite told the Reformers/Brexiteers that they are, lacking education and basic knowledge of political affairs, did not have ‘ripened wisdom’ and thus were ‘more exposed than any other class to the vicious ends of faction’. The Rich/Liberal elite see Reform/Brexit as the handiwork of demagogues who invaded the putty-like minds of the uneducated plebs. Stop Reform/Brexit said the Elite/LibDems, Press/BBC and members of the House of Lords. No Change said the Elite/Change UK.


    • Oaknash says:

      Richard – I was listening to the first episode of the R4 documentary on the Peterloo Massacre a couple of weeks ago. And it struck me just how much the BBC either lacks in self awareness or actively hates the people of this country who dont identify with a “victim class” and just keep their heads down working, and paying the taxes which supports the politicians who are actively trying to tear down even the little bit of democracy we are allowed.

      The Peterloo Massacre was about the ruling classes keeping the people in their place, so what the hell does the BBC think is happening now with BREXIT.

      These days it appears that the BBC rather than being run by common room “revolutionairies” has now been completly taken over by reptilian Cultural Marxists (leading beyond authority types) who actually revel in the discord and destruction that they are visiting upon society, and probably perversely enjoy shoving in our faces programmes such as this or allowing Commy Roberton to claim George Orwell as their own, when in reality as an organisation, they stand full square against every idea issue these people were fighting for.

      How I hate them.


  8. popeye says:

    Just read the BBC website “Top 11 gags from the Fringe”.

    My God, is this the future of “comedy” on the BBC? Not one even remotely amusing but lots of social angst.


    • Deborah says:

      On a recent previous thread was mention of the excellent comedy there used to be on Radio 4 at 6.30. I switched on briefly one evening last week to hear a female (tick), Asian (by her name if I remember correctly another tick) talking about having sex during her period. Never mind the topic, it wasn’t funny or clever. Compared to I am sorry I haven’t a clue or Just a Minute in their prime (and still with some humour today), this comedienne had the humour of kindergarten,

      I saw in the Times that the BBC is to spend £100,000 of over 75s license payers money on advertising on social media to draw the youth in. Better suggestion is to make better programmes, without tick box casting or agenda driven. And better still would be to make decent entertainment for people who don’t spend Saturday night going out and getting plastered.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      Had a look for myself,
      I think you were too kind Popeye, ten of them beyond dire. Donald Alexander raised a smile, always enjoyed the absurdity of literal interpretation. I’d recommend performing behind double thickness chicken wire for the rest of em.


  9. Guest Who says:

    Looks like the BBC has moved on from the notion of a ‘People’s Vote’ to a new BBC hope…. ‘a government of national unity’.

    The bbc may be surprised just how lacking in unity that will be, no matter how much they try and push it.


    • Guest Who says:

      From the Graun.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Maybe give Bradford IKEA a miss this weekend.

    Import the 3rd world….


    • oldcrone says:

      There isn’t an Ikea in Bradford … it’s in Leeds …………………..


      • Dystopian says:

        Old Crone, Guest Who.
        Actually, although the IKEA store is referred to as the Leeds store, it is actually in Birstal, Batley which has a Wakefield postcode (WF17).


    • Dystopian says:

      Stone throwing for fun? Sounds silly. I think a religious grenade throwing festival would have been a blast though.


  11. Cassandra says:

    BBC Radio 4 News at 7.00am:

    “Police raided a caravan site and arrested ten people in connection with the death of PC Andrew Harper.”


    “….Within an hour, officers descended on Four Houses Corner, a council-run travellers’ site around three miles away. “Everyone was ordered out of the caravans, including the women and children,” one source said. Ten males aged from 13 to 30 were arrested, some at the travellers’ site, and led away to different police stations across the country.”

    Lying by omission. People are getting the distinct impression that the BBC goes out of it’s way to protect certain groups in this country.


    • Oaknash says:

      Cassandra – “Lying by omission. People are getting the distinct impression that the BBC goes out of it’s way to protect certain groups in this country.”

      Not only that expect in the next few weeks the BBC to produce a number of “puff pieces” about the travelers, just as they do about the “Religion of Peace” after almost every outrage.

      Ah I can hear it now the creaking of wagons, along the open road, grazing ponies by the caravan, wistful memories of a bygone lifestyle.

      Dont expect to hear anything about unlicensed traders ripping off pensioners, cutting down protected trees, burglary rates rising when the caravans come to town, and the beating of “trotting horses” almost to death when training them, to make sure they do exactly what is asked of them.


  12. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    The frankly weird Olly Letwin – the man who gave us the poll tax which helped destroy Margaret Thatcher – interviewed by the daughter of a dead leader of the Labour Party .

    Letwin doesn’t care much for votes or democracy . He is more important than that . As expected he got an easy time and wasn’t challenged over his disregard for the votes to leave held so far .

    A quick look at wiki showed up the following -which sums things up nicely :

    “After the 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, the new Prime Minister Theresa May put Letwin in charge of the “Brexit unit” on 14 July


  13. Dover Sentry says:

    Regarding the Murdered Police Officer:

    Don’t forget that both officers were wearing body cameras. The videos should be conclusive, particularly that of the murdered officer who was probably held half in the car as he was dragged along.

    I note from The Telegraph that a burning car was found at the gypsy site. No doubt for evidence destruction?


    • Halifax says:

      The whole of the site will feel that they have been targeted just because they are travellers , no doubt they will send across a BME lady reporter and side with some traveller mother and baby…..we are always getting targeted because we’re “travellers”…..BBC will agree and blame it all on whitey

      There is no law in this country now half the cars on the road are uninsured, young BME men roam the streets armed with knives, murders ARE a daily occurrence in London. People can close down our city’s for days putting over THIER opinion on the weather whilst the police just watch. Everywhere you go you can smell weed. And our police do nothing because they are controlled by the ultra left of this country. We need, as does Europe a government that trashes PC that doesn’t pander to the latest whim of snowflakes that does what it’s supposed to do and that is protect it’s people and not just fringes who are on the fringe of society through choice and who know that they are protected in this mad mad world.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch 2

    Plenty of publicity for Comrade corbyns plan for the state to take over shops which are empty on high streets .
    Let’s face it – High streets are dying and will be gone before too long – with a few left as tourist attractions .
    I only write from my view but the combination of draconian business rates and the hostile approach councils take to car users kill shops off – then just add the internet to it and High streets are gone . Things change .

    But the BBC / labour likes High Street . So they like the idea of taxing internet purchases. Surprise .


    • Oaknash says:

      Sounds about right.
      I expect in a few years time that in good commy tradition, these shops will be stocked with luxury items that only good revolutionaries (like Hatty and Tony Benns brat) and members of the “woke” class would be able to buy.


  15. vesnadog says:

    BBC Radio 5 Live, This Morning.

    Young Male and female presenters giggling to each other about a topic they were about to open up to their listeners:

    Female presenter – Please ring in and tell us about your marriage with your husband or wife. Are you in a distant relationship or same home relationship.

    Male presenter suddenly butts in and corrects her with the word: “partners”.

    not simply one Partner – but Partner(s) more than one partner.

    Are we seeing the secret promotion of those 3 way marriages we see within the gay community today.

    BBC was there first folks.


    • G says:

      “Are we seeing the secret promotion of those 3 way marriages we see within the gay community today.”
      I’m more inclined to think muslim after all, any number of wives is the order of the day. All bought and paid for by the taxpayer.


      • vesnadog says:


        I’m more concerned with male white Anglo-Saxon gay relationships.

        Doubt you would see this in a Muslim relationship/community.

        It may be there but they are not “shouting it from the rooftops”.

        Unlike the moderns of today who can’t go five minutes without talking about it on’t telly about how gay they are or gay TV hosts eyeing their famous male guests who aren’t gay.

        The all male audience of course applauding along with wolf whistles.

        I agree with you on the tax issues.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I think I would take strong issue with the ‘partner’ issue. Who has ever heard anyone being married with the words “I now pronounce you partner and partner” ??? I never refer to someone’s “partner’, to me its still husband/wife/fiancée/boyfriend/girlfriend.

      So sue me if anyone’s offended.


    • StewGreen says:

      Are you reading too much into it ?
      The were talking about living away from your partner, whether you are married to them or not.
      He was just trying to say it’s not just a married person’s thing.


  16. Cassandra says:

    “…People are getting the distinct impression that the BBC goes out of it’s way to protect certain groups in this country.”


    This 2011 report from The Telegraph demonstrates this very clearly. It’s interesting to note that the BBC is protesting about giving an apology arguing that it did nothing wrong.

    But it still delivers an apology…

    “The BBC is to apologise to Basildon council after an investigation found The One Show broadcast a biased programme about the controversial travellers’ site at Dale Farm.

    “On Thursday, the BBC Trust’s editorial standards committee (ESC) published its finding on the five-minute report following a lengthy investigation.

    The investigation concluded the show had been ”duly accurate” and ”had not knowingly and materially misled its audiences”.
    But it found the BBC One programme had ”failed to clarify that the site had been developed on green belt land”.

    ”had not knowingly and materially misled its audiences”.

    After what I have heard and seen over the last twenty years from the BBC, I would say that is exactly what it does in most if not all it’s news output.

    BTW does anyone else hate the new studio layout in Mastermind, or is it just me?


    • StewGreen says:

      The Times mentions that after being dragged hundreds of metres by the Seat van right across the main road junction.
      but then his body was also hit by the police dog vehicle.
      I’m guessing he was dead by then.


  17. Dover Sentry says:

    Re Vesnadog’s BBC observation:

    There are cultures where the men have more than one wife, sometimes they are under the age of 15. Strange that the BBC are silent on this?


    • vesnadog says:



      But if its a white gay relationship they will immediately fast-forward the intel onto the main BBC News hoping to influence others who aren’t gay and are sick and tired of it being endlessly promoted on the BBC Traitor Corp. World wide also.


  18. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – I have a little list

    of examples of where Mrs Thatcher, as PM, was a rotter and rotted on us. Highlighted by the BBC this morning, is Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘announcement of an initiative’ to deal with the problems of Britain’s High Streets.

    No memory at the BBC of the ‘Poll Tax’ riots. No memory of the Community Charge that preceded them. Definitely no memory and definitely no discussion with John Healy (Shadow Housing spokesman and deceiver) that Business Rates are – in reality – a Labour Party Tax. Council Tax and its commercial equivalent, Business Rates, were the only tax available and acceptable at the time to the militants and ‘wets’ in Parliament, especially in the Labour Party to replace the failed Community Charge.

    We are now facing the consequences of Thatcher’s rottenness.

    The Community Charge was a brilliant idea. It meant that everyone in a community played a part and had a stake in society and their immediate communities. They would be encouraged to have a say in the running of their communities as the tax was linked to the public having a voice in Local Authority spending.

    For strange peculiar reasons (not known to me – must read the Charles Moore biography sometime to find out) the tax was trialed first in Scotland. A big mistake.

    Secondly, as introduced, it was a clumsy tax lacking the finesse to deal with different personal situations, especially relating to young people and education, the unemployed, employment mobility, etc..

    Thirdly, as introduced, it gave the high earner and the wealthy and those who inherited property or properties a massive tax cut and as such it also benefited London and the south-east of England at the expense of other parts of the UK.

    The benefit of the Community Charge was plain as were its faults. Ministers raised their concerns in Cabinet but the PM refused to listen. (Remind anyone of a recent PM?) As opposition increased, and more concerns were raised, so Margaret Thatcher became obdurate and dug her heels in to the Cabinet Room carpet.

    Sadly, that led to her being deposed and she was taken to a place where her heels never had traction in national life again. A tragic end to the career of arguably the most successful peace time (Falklands War excepted) Prime Minister of the twentieth century.

    And now the ghost of the Community Charge has returned to haunt us with Corbyn rattling in its chains.


  19. Annunaki says:

    As you may know, people with certain characteristics can be suffer discrimination. One of the characteristics is race.

    Race is defined widely in the equality legislation to include race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin. This means that white people can suffer discrimination in the same way as minority groups.

    Here’s a recent example:

    What happened?

    In a government review, it was found that the Cheshire Police force comprised more than 1,400 white officers with only five Asian, four of mixed race, and no black officers.

    So, in 2015, they launched a campaign to boost diversity. For example, they appointed a ‘positive action’ adviser to drive LGBT recruitment on social media, and held recruiting days at pride events, faith centres and Sikh temples.

    In September 2017, 25-year-old Matthew Furlong was among 675 people who applied to become constables in the Cheshire Police force. (Matthew’s father, Liam, already worked there as a detective inspector.)

    After getting shortlisted and passing challenging tests, Matthew and 182 others were invited to interview in November. His interview went well, and one of the interviewers said he was “refreshingly well prepared”.

    However, Matthew was among 34 white, male, non-disabled candidates who were rejected while all black candidates were offered roles.

    Matthew felt he was better qualified than some of those other applicants because, for example, he has a degree in particle physics. He believed he was turned down unlawfully simply because the Acting Chief Constable wanted more diversity.

    So, in April 2018, Matthew made a claim to the employment tribunal.

    They unanimously found he had been discriminated against, saying that he would have been offered a position had the force not applied ‘positive action’. Judge Grundy criticised the force for treating candidates with protected characteristics more favourably than everyone else.

    Matthew now works as an analyst for an energy company. A remedy hearing is to be set when the force may be ordered to pay him damages.


    • Guest Who says:

      The ACC in question booked for a heavy sesh at the hairdressers for their promotion board wave through?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m not sure I want to write this …

      But the R4 any questions thing seems to have a majority of Brexiters on it .

      John Mann
      Susan Evans
      Danny – my mate gave me a peerage Finkelstein
      And a token “remainer”

      I gave up on that a long time ago and can’t remember if it was covered Friday night .

      Naturally just to rebalance the remainer bias it comes from Londonistan

      Londonistan – by the way – seems to be a term which if used on twitter can get you poo pooed


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, not quite. I listened last night while recovering from a day in the centre and elsewhere of our capital and the awful journey home. John Mann has cooled a bit in his previously firm ‘Leave come what may’-stance. Finkelstein was keen to show his Remainy/Lefty/Libby side even if he was, as a one-time adviser to David Cameron if I recall correctly, in favour of the Referendum and prepared for a Leave vote.

        Finkelstein had obviously not read and understood (or chose to appear last night that he had not read and understood) the leaflet that HMG sent to every household before the EU Referendum. He claimed on air that the public did not vote for a No-Deal Brexit.

        Yes, we did.

        The Government leaflet was quite explicit. The likelihood of a deal was tiny. A vote to Leave was a vote to leave without a deal.

        In view of the fact that there has usually been only one pro-Leave Panel member, this week’s balance of 2:2 (nearly for a second week in a row!) was most welcome.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Up2 – thank you for the depressing correction . It’s back to the price for the one pro brexit – deal or no deal programme in any form which the BBC has broadcast in over 3 years .

          What a record – but it is the biased BBC

          Off subject – whilst going about my lawful business in the Ian Duncan Smith constituency this Saturday morning i spied a gaggle of trolls – about 20 – looking like early 20s snowflakes wandering along a street. Closer examination ?
          Lots of Labour Party stickers …. they really are after him . Pity because as the MPs go he’s pretty OK …


          • Up2snuff says:

            Fed, the bad news from last evening’s AQs is that Faiza Shaheen is a complete Labour Party/Lefty/Libby/Socialist drone. She is the Labour Party candidate, all being well, who will go up against Iain Duncan-Smith for the Conservative Party at the next General Election.

            If she should win then you have my deepest sympathy.


        • G says:

          You could only construe the Government leaflet as, ‘not being clear’ if you were a lying cheat that historically found a variety of options to exploit within its simply clear wording. The ‘experts’ at cheating and lying – MP’s – would therefore claim – as liars – it was not clear.


          • Up2snuff says:

            G, you mean in the same way the Labour Party Remainers and its Leader who is uncertain what he is, state the mantra “No-one voted to make themselves poorer.” yet all voted en masse for the Cooper/Letwin Bill which was designed to make the whole country, let alone themselves, £39billion poorer?


  20. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Tony Martin: Man who shot burglars knows he still divides opinion””

    “”A farmer who shot dead a burglar breaking into his property has said he realises his conviction continues to divide people, 20 years on.””

    “”Tony Martin was jailed after killing teenager Fred Barras and injuring Brendon Fearon with an illegal gun at his Norfolk farmhouse.””

    “”His murder conviction caused a national debate over homeowners’ rights.””

    “What happened to me is important to every man, woman and child in this country – not just to me,” said Martin.”


    The burglars he shot were gypsies. The BBC don’t mention this.

    The country was not divided as the BBC still like to think.

    I have lived in Suffolk/Norfolk and the population is NOT divided. Martin still has their full support.

    The BBC/Left don’t get it, do they? The BBC/Left view crime as the fault of upbringing and society’s failings. Never an individual’s fault.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      “Still divides opinion”
      As in “the BBC thinks he shouldn’t have done it but most others do”.


      Why, exactly, have they resurrected this zombie story now, I wonder?


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        If the BBC are trying to elicit sympathy for gypsy burglars, they seem to have picked a very bad time to do it.


  21. Jeff says:

    It’s a rather overcast, slightly breezy, Saturday morning here in southern England. Might have a spot of rain later.
    But, as I’m shivering indoors, fighting off global warming, I’m also trying to spare a thought for that young heroine, Greta, now safely aboard her zero carbon, pollution free, racing yacht, somewhere out in the choppy mid Atlantic.
    She’s making this arduous journey to save the planet from almost certain destruction in just over a decade.
    I get sea sick crossing over to the Isle of Wight, so God knows how she’s going to feel…

    In a couple of weeks this brave young lass will be in New York, feted by all the great and the good.
    They’ll travel from far and wide to sing her praises…
    They’ll tell us what a wonderful example she is…
    They’ll say she’s a positive role model for young and old. ..

    I’ve just got one question…
    How’s she getting back?


    • R P McMurphy says:

      Would be funny if immigration refuse her entry.
      Come on Donald pull a few strings.


    • vesnadog says:


      My question is “is she laying hands on people”?


    • Despairada says:

      She could return overland: Alaska, swim, row or walk on the ice over to Russia, then China etc. Not sure of the best route but she could do lecturing and finger wagging in every country along the way.

      By the time she got back home to Sweden she might be 21, she might have had an Epiphany and gone off the whole eco warrior thing.


      • vesnadog says:

        As soon as she has her first boyfriend you watch her expressions change.

        Trouble is – will her mom allow boys in her life? She may think he’s only after her wealth; while we all know she’s the one after that minor issue/thing.


  22. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – I have a little list

    of OpEd pieces to write for discussion Threads on this web-site. On the list – at the top – is what I had hoped to be writing for Phil Hammond to get to work on over the summer hols for his and Theresa May’s barnstorming performances at the next Conservative Party conference following the UK’s successful overcoming of the temporary hassles arising from a No-Deal-Brexit on 29th March 2019.

    Unfortunately Theresa May lacked the courage and vision to get the UK out and onward moving and deservedly paid the price of removal from office.

    Now Sajid Javid, as Chancellor, has the work to do. I note that the BBC on TOADY were already scattering seeds of doubt over the process.


  23. Cassandra says:

    The BBC and the mainstream media are rightly condemning the murder of PC Andrew Harper but at the same time advocating society should examine why these young men commit the horrendous crimes that the do. The MSM have been doing this for over forty years.

    My POV is that if the police can be attacked, what hope is there for the rest of us? The perpetrators do not care about the law, the consequences of their actions or the taking of human life.

    Take for example the story of Richard Osborn-Brooks, the elderly homeowner who killed the Gypsy / Traveller and career criminal Henry Vincent while defending his disabled wife and their home in 2018. Osborn-Brooks was found not guilty of murdering Vincent.


    Vincent’s family and the rest of the travelling had so much respect for the law that they issued treats to kill Osborn-Brooks who was in fear of his life and has not returned to the family home. The travelling community went further. It turned Osborn-Brooks home into a shrine fixing ‘tributes’ on the fences. When the neighbours tried to remove them, they were warned by the POLICE not to. As far as I know, Osborn-Brooks house remains empty. The police allowed the travelling community to do what it wanted without impunity.

    Criminals no longer fear or respect the police or the legal system and the pathetic punishments handed out by the courts don’t actually punish, reform or serve as a deterrent. There is no Justice.

    I want a police FORCE that treats criminals hard. I find it quite humorous when British football hooligans cause trouble in places like Spain and complain when the police go in hard. That’s the style of policing I want.

    Won’t be long now until The Notting Hill stab fest, I wonder if the police are going to do their usual dancing and twerking?


    • Oaknash says:

      Unfortunately, anti “racism” legislation (which may or may not have been a good thing back in the 1970/1980s) has morphed from being something that stops discrimination because of your “race” and giving everyone a fair crack of the whip to being weaponised to giving real physical life advantages to anyone who claims to be from a minority group.

      This applies now not only to employment but even more importantly to the administration of justice. It is how some thousands muslim “men” appear to have got away with rape and even murder because the authorities are more scared of being seen as “racist” than they are of our society decending into chaos. When of course the cowardly politicians finally agree to “islamaphobia” legislation, this will get even worse.

      Many travelers have also been getting away with hiding behind discrimination legislation, with the media and particularly the BBC and R4 celebrating their “unique” and traditional lifestyle whereas in reality much of the “traditional” lifestyle seems to involve ripping off the system and breaking the law.

      And despite the obvious travesty of justice this legislation leads to. Dont expect the “minority groups” to ever allow “positive discrimination” /anti racism legislation ever to be re-drafted into something which is actually fairer. When you have bitter black racists like Lammy doing so well at throwing stones at one section of society, whilst we are prevented by law to throwing any back, can you ever see him giving up his right to do this without a major fight?


      • Dystopian says:

        I hereby claim to be a member of a minority group.
        A patriot with common sense.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      If I recall correctly, the neighbours removed them anyway.


    • G says:

      “…Criminals no longer fear or respect the police or the legal system…”
      Frankly, neither do I and I’m one with 2 Law Degrees……….


  24. StewGreen says:

    Prog that went to the old BBC system of airing both sides
    There was a Radio 3 doco on Thoreau
    They are Walden Pond and gave a free advert to the guy running the Walden Climate Change project.
    but then they cut to the guy from the Cato Institute pointed out that the greens had no right to claim Thoreau cos he was very much a conservative and he was very much for personal responsibility instead of lots of laws and big government.
    , “That government is best which governs least.”
    Indeed, he says, men will someday be able to have a government that does not govern at all.

    He is libertarian and his values of conserving nature and anti-slavery come from that angle.


  25. theisland says:

    Double standards (again)

    It must have been the St George’s flag.


    • StewGreen says:

      If he’d had been anti-Brexit he would have been let off.

      You’d expect a harsher sentence if he had been violent or had previous convictions
      Yet I see neither of those. And he plead guilty.
      And his protest was rather timid. He just stood on top of the station roof.
      They could have run the train anyway.
      He does seem like a guy with a history of mental illness that is being screwed around by the system.
      A July story said.
      , who has a history of mental health issues, told the Blackfriars Crown Court on Friday that his demonstration was a ‘cry for help’.
      He was due to be sentenced today, but the hearing had to be adjourned for a second time after a judge said a psychiatrist who assessed him had not had access to Maher’s full medical records.



  26. Denton says:

    Assuming a news story actually gets through the BBC PC filter without being completely withheld, what is left is not much use to anyone.


    Mail >>>>>>


  27. StewGreen says:

    I see Maxi turned up once in the middle of the night to post his bag of assertions in the old thread


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Only once? I guess trade must have been brisk.

      I take my hat off to you for bothering to answer her, since she won’t respond. I guess you have to correct the record for posterity.


      • StewGreen says:

        I’ll talk with anyone, open discussion is good.
        But it is the hand on hip and finger jabbing assertions that are irritating. Concrete assertions are made, yet so often in the past when I checked them they did’t stand up, like when he asserted something about a Manchester attack and yet a photo on the same page proved him wrong.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Oh, I missed him! Shame. I have been wondering where my apology from him had got to.


  28. vesnadog says:

    Surprised BBC elites have missed this shocker about how a certain kind of men who have now moved on to teaching children how to “twerk” in libraries.




  29. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Just out of interest.
    Does anyone know of a website which is the opposite of this one.
    One that shows how the bbc is biased against the left.

    If there is one I would expect it to be very quiet as there are no examples of the bbc being biased against the left.

    That none exist (unless someone can show one) proves that the bbc are a left wing organisation.
    If there is one I suggest we all go on it and do a reverse Maxi.


    • StewGreen says:

      The left seem to use a PR technique I call “Constant-Driving of the outrage bus”
      ..whenever some lefty is interviewed they throw out a bucket load of tweets saying how it is outrageous and they were unfairly treated. But that is almost always bluff as you find when you check.
      There has been the few times that they’ve been anti-Corbyn cos they know ultimately he is a hindrance to the Labour Party .

      The Labour Party organ carries such articles saying the BBC is pro-right , but they don’t stand up, and aren’t as numerous and consistent as the events if anti-Right bias we log here.
      Like where is the pro-Brexit programming ?


      • StewGreen says:

        The Labour Party organ : the Canary carries articles claiming the BBC is a Tory pro-Brexit mouthpiece


  30. smoogie7 says:

    Well the BBC have a new dilemma.

    Who is their favorite?


    It seems that Corbyn’s plot to try and overthrow Johnson has hilariously backfired and now the remainers are all banking on Clarke instead. I don’t seem them having any luck trying to over throw Johnson and stopping No Deal as one good thing from all of this is that the remainers are now bitterly divided while it seems that the Brexiteer MPs are just getting on with things!

    Of course the BBC won’t tell you that. According to them the world will end if we we leave No Deal!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Evette balls Cooper and Hattie Harmon would fancy a picture on the stairs in number 10 as well – and the BBC always give those two an easy time . Would wonder if the latter would pass security vetting though especially with he NCCL background and support for PIE back in the 70s …..


  31. NISA says:

    The BBC report on the death of Pete Fonda includes quotes like, from his website Giving laughter while giving advice is the jackpot.”
    “While we mourn the loss of this sweet and gracious man, we also wish for all to celebrate his indomitable spirit and love of life,” the family’s statement said
    Uptick then for the Telegraph which paints a different picture of the sweet & gracious man
    The actor had courted controversy in his final years. He was a fierce critic of Donald Trump and made headlines for comments he made about one of the president’s sons.

    Reacting to US immigration policies which saw migrant children separated from their parents at the border, he tweeted “we should rip” Mr Trump’s son “from his mother’s arms” and “put him in a cage with pedophiles”.



  32. BRISSLES says:

    NISA I agree, and am old enough to remember when he was more than a hellraiser in his youth – so not exactly the Saint he’s made out to be, although we shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. I was a huge fan of his father, Henry Fonda – really great actor, but according to reports he was a cold fish in his private life, and both his kids had ‘issues’ with him.


  33. Guest Who says:

    OT, but the Times appears to have the same Editorial Guidelines as the bbc (who may not see this as news).


    She did not pass away in her sleep.



  34. StewGreen says:

    In the Times, David Aaronovitch has found a book which confirms his narrative
    “Mass immigration is nothing new
    This fascinating history shows huge numbers have always been on the move across Europe”

    Its the word “mass” and “Britain” that is key
    When my mother grew up there were a couple of families around who had German/Italian fathers, cos they’d come out of the PoW camps then also a few of half-caste children from war time relationships, but even by the time I went to school it was 95% white.
    Yet today the immigration is much more noticeable.

    The next book review : Islamic Empire.s, 15 cities
    then, Trick Mirror : essays on feminism
    then a WW£2 biography
    then the book of this years Reith Lectures by Lord Sumption
    The new novel by Salman Rushdie : Quichotte is praised


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Will someone confirm that last night’s ” Any Questions” actually had TWO Leavers on it?
      When was the last time, any media show had two leavers( in the form of Suzanne Evans and John Mann) on the same panel?
      Why? 50% of a media panel being representative of the population as a whole? Never happened before!
      Can’t imagine we’ll see it’s like again. Will listen to it, just to see if this is true.


      • StewGreen says:

        @Alicia If you search the page using Ctrl-F you’ll find it was mentioned in two comments near the top


      • Fedup2 says:

        I thought it was 3 to 1 Brexiter s but as you’ll see when you read the review by Up2 ? I was wrong as are you ….


    • Kaiser says:

      always been massive immigration

      I think they are confusing immigration with invasions


      • vesnadog says:


        BBC thinkers are more concerned with the happiness of the Muslim hoards getting their benefits and welcoming them into the country yet couldn’t give a damn about Jews leaving in the other direction.

        But we DO!


  35. G.W.F. says:

    Saint Peter Fundu of easy rider has died.

    From the BBC
    “In honour of Peter, please raise a glass to freedom.”


    Reminder: Last year, because he disagreed with President Trump’s immigration policy, Peter Fonda said he thought young Barron Trump should be caged with pedophiles and raped


    • StewGreen says:

      a righty gets his Twitter account taken away for such things
      … but not a lefty.
      #Orwellian #DoubleStandards


    • StewGreen says:



      • vlad says:

        With few exceptions, most Hollywood luvvies are the same: overpaid, overindulged and out of touch. A bit like Auntie.
        They want to keep their country safe and controlled, but despise those who do the job. Like our own liberals.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Makes you wonder why the BBC bothered reporting this death .although someone on Radio 4 likes to play music when they do news of some non entity dying just to wind listeners up further .

          Maybe they should go to a music station .


          • Rob in Cheshire says:

            The only thing which ever gets mentioned is Easy Rider.

            Has Peter Fonda actually done anything since 1969?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guess all those drugs Fonda took zapped his head …. surprised he made it to 79 .


  36. Fedup2 says:

    Interesting change of style today with the dead labour leaders daughter interviewing 2 Tories from differing views – letwin – remainer – uninterrupted – John Redwood- Brexiter – interrupted from the start .
    Later in the day Dominic Grieve moaning about being called a ‘collaborator ‘ by the PM . It’s lucky he isn’t called what he really is – a Traitor to his party and country -and seemingly proud of it .

    I just hope that when the dust settles and the baubles are being handed out the likes of Grieve Clarke Soubry – the berkow – don’t get the peerages they might be expecting . Just booted out to moan …


  37. theisland says:

    He’s still considering it – make it sooner rather than later.


  38. digg says:

    Been reading Kenneth Williams diaries and came across the entry for Nov 1st 1983….

    “I noticed the news is relentlessly depressing. Cheerful items are either ignored or given special delivery and the accent is forever on some alleged wrong. Either a sob story about the socially deprived… oh… and any unfortunate they can focus upon for sensational purposes. Last night a woman crying ‘cos her dead husband had been denied a kidney transplant… cut to the funeral… stuff that doesn’t even belong in a news item! It is bogus moral flag flying which is insidiously creeping into everything nowadays”

    Sound familiar? and this was in 1983… and they are still at it, just much better at it now!


    • G says:

      1983? Ah! but then, the average person had not heard of Cultural Marxism, much less they even understood or even recognised that our ‘Worlds Radio Station’ or, ‘The Worlds Most Trusted’ state broadcaster was then in the process of perfecting the art.


      • digg says:

        Interestingly G if you look at the age span of the “Posh” luvvies who just got a rap on the knuckles for blocking a plane from taking off with deportee murderers and rapists (unlike the guy who climbed onto the station roof to protest about Brexit delay who got banged up!) they were mostly born around 1983 – 1985… strange coincidences or the beginning of “guilty-feeling” posh parents being thought manipulated by the press and their overlords and thus embedding this mantra into their off-springs?


  39. StewGreen says:

    BBC to take money from the over 75’s so it can spend £100m on commercial advertising to catch the young
    BBC is planning £100m advertising campaign in an attempt to attract young viewers/listeners.
    BBC is spending the cash, equivalent to almost 650,000 TV licences, despite being able to promote its shows across BBC television & radio w/o cost


    • Up2snuff says:

      The BBC could quite easily save millions by reducing their massive overstaffing. Just cutting a couple of R4 Presenters would save £1m approximately. There are many other efficiencies and savings that could be made.

      They will not do it voluntarily.

      Who would want to be Director General of a slim, lean, efficient operation? Especially so when the public are there to pick up the bill for all the excesses.


  40. ScottishCalvin says:

    A doodle+thoughts on the Hong Kong protests


  41. StewGreen says:

    The Guardian covers up the fact that ‘fake policewoman’ in Berlin is actually a dangerous male sex offender

    The Guardian covers up the fact that ‘fake policewoman’ in Berlin is actually a dangerous male sex offender from GenderCritical


  42. Guest Who says:

    The bbc know who they like.


  43. vlad says:

    The beeb informs us that the police are searching a ‘caravan site’ in connection to the murdered PC.

    Those happy campers, eh?

    Does the beeb have a whole department whose sole job it is to invent euphemisms to hide inconvenient truths?


  44. Annunaki says:

    2% of the population 20% of the crime


    • Fedup2 says:

      The BBC reports that one of their favourite people – Owen Jones – has been attacked outside a pub . Both the shadow Home Secretary and shadow attorney general – have commented and condemned this alleged incident .

      Just waiting for the Mayor and Leader of The Labour Party to do the same .

      A tweet from Diane Abbot says we are living in “dark times “ .
      There is no doubt that the last three years of propaganda and anti democratic attacks on passive voters could have consequence .

      It will be interesting to find out what the motivation of the alleged attackers was – as in whether it had anything to politics at all or just the character of Mr Jones – since there is no doubt there will be an exhaustive investigation to find them and bring them to justice …


  45. Guest Who says:

    This is great. No kids want to watch, so the bbc is going to use many millions derived from the over 75s who do still appear to watch to p*ss away trying to get them to.



  46. Halifax says:

    Owen Jones attacked…quote from BBC and DA

    Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott was one of hundreds of people to response to Mr Jones’s tweet about the incident, saying: “The times we live in are increasingly dark and dangerous”.

    Thanks D……You couldn’t make it up.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Halifax – how does my comment come before yours despite you writing this sad news 2 minutes before me …?


      • Halifax says:

        Must be the Abbot effect.


      • StewGreen says:

        @Fedup2’s at 7:48 pm post is higher cos it not posted as a fresh post,
        rather he’s clicked the reply button next to Annunaki’s 6:22 pm post
        so it appears below it
        (he often catches the reply button and does that)

        Halifax’s 7:46pm post is a fresh post (ie not indented) so appears lower


  47. Doobster78 says:

    Ooh, another petition !!! It’s a full time job filling in all these for the lefties !!!!


  48. Halifax says:

    Just watching MINDHUNTER on Netflix amazing intro to programme with Roxy Music tracks….box ticked…..amazing production no pc BME quota no women lead detectives just a good honest well made presentation…….well done Netflix.
    Bye Bye BBC your PC agenda won’t allow you to compete with great TV like MINDHUNTER….watch it.


    • scribblingscribe says:

      Exactly, it is one of the reasons we are all fleeing to Netflix , Sky and Amazon.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        There is some real crap on Netflix, but some of the good stuff is really good – original, well made, thought-provoking, entertaining etc.. and not ruined by PC agenda drivel.

        Plus it only costs half what the Telly Tax does, and you can watch what you want, when you want.

        There is no comparison – the Beeb has had it, and rightly so.


  49. G.W.F. says:

    Demo in Portland USA reported by the BBC
    Do BBC reporters have to pass a test to see how many times ‘far right’ is inserted into each report?



    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Compare and contrast the use of the term ‘far right’ in the article for all the groups opposing Antifa, and the innocuous ‘left wing’ for Antifa!

      The ‘far right’ groups mentioned might well be as thoroughly unpleasant as the BBC like to protray them, but anyone with two braincells can see Antifa are no better than the worst on the ‘far right’.

      Trump was right, they are ‘as bad as each other’, and Antifa ARE deliberately stirring up trouble, so should be classed as terrorists. I’m not Trump’s greatest fan, but I have to say he shows more commonsense than virtually any other politican, not just in the US, but globally.


  50. AsISeeIt says:

    Short BBC report on the Owen Jones incident.


    The article features the phrase “far right” no less that SIX times:

    Mr Jones said he would not let far right groups “scare or intimidate” him.

    “The far right is an increasingly scary, violent and threatening menace in this country…”

    Mr Corbyn tweeted: “Owen believes it was politically motivated, and we know the far right is on the march in our country.

    Mr Jones claimed it was a “premeditated” move by “far right” activists.

    “…the far right feels increasingly emboldened and far right-types are feeling increasingly prepared to resort to thuggery and violence.”

    On this BBC on-line page there are a further TWO links featuring the same phrase:

    Is there a growing far-right threat online?
    By Gordon Corera Security correspondent
    8 July 2019

    How prevalent is far-right extremism?
    By Ben Butcher & Micah Luxen BBC Reality Check
    19 March 2019

    Oh, there’s also this one:

    Brexit referendum aftermath sees ‘rise in extremism’
    17 June 2019

    which is all about…. you guessed it… Det Supt Will Chatterton said dealing with far-right extremism was a real challenge”

    I think it’s safe to say the BBC might be going just a tad overboard on this far right narrative…?


    • digg says:

      Someone needs to explain to Mr Owen that all over the UK when pubs and clubs turn out at 2am in the morning like he and his friends did lots of people end up getting punched and it’s nothing to do with “Right Wing” it’s usually due to heavy drinking and short tempers.


    • StewGreen says:

      The BBC Trending guy writes like that as if he has got “far right” tourets/