Midweek Open Thread 14 August 2019

Over to all sufferers of Biased BBC output

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  1. taffman says:

    Tories collaborators and quislings are undermining our negotiators. What motivates them ?
    They are doing the EU’s dirty work for them.
    Will Al Beeb call them out in the interest of the people of Great Britain ?


  2. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC TV News at 7 pm today stated that the earliest possible date for a General Election is 31st October.

    Interesting, and Boris has some latitude as to the date. Looks like it will be an Election after Brexit. Would that decimate The Brexit Party vote?


    • taffman says:

      Dover Sentry
      If Boris , Tory Leavers, The Brexit Party and UKIP know what’s good for them and the survival of our nation, they would best form a coalition.
      The one thing that unites them is Britain’s Freedom and Democracy.
      To Leave the EU.


      • G.W.F. says:


        Once I hoped for this.
        Yes, they all want out of the EU.
        But protecting Britain’s freedom and democracy is incompatible with a government that is doing nothing to protect the victims of the rape gangs, control illegal immigration and address the problems with a media that denigrates TR and those who want to roll back the power of Islam.
        Come on Boris and Priti, make a couple of phone calls and set TR free for starters.


    • theisland says:

      And it seems we must still beware of an attempt to implement any part of the ‘Political Declaration’ …

      The planned agreement outlined in the Political Declaration negotiated by Theresa May is seriously flawed and defective. Even if there is an exit on 31 October without an agreement with the EU, we may quickly enter a phase of post-exit negotiations about our future relationship. It is essential that the UK should enter that phase with sound proposals which will mean that an agreement with the EU does not compromise our autonomy or our ability to conduct our own independent global trade policy.

      Not to mention the Defence tie-ups created and entered into since 2016.


  3. Burgsey says:

    Hi all,

    I now subject myself to the BBC as some strange perverse torture. I know what’s coming, but I have to listen or watch. 1pm on Radio 4 as well as the main news all giving it some on how wonderful Hammond is for standing up to Boris. Please five it a break. I take solace in that the majority of the public are no longer taken in by all of this propaganda.

    However I would like to know others opinion on whether C4 overstepped the mark with their reporting and “subtle” linking of Brexit to the troubles in Northern Ireland. They interviewed a couple of guys who experienced the troubles many years ago. The inference was that if a No Deal Brexit occurred there would have to be border checks and anyone manning those border checks could be shot at by snipers.

    Is that irresponsible, stupid or incitement?

    The media are really pushing it hard and of course if any trouble does start, they would simple state that “we told you so”.

    The media need to be reigned in as they are increasingly MAKING the news rather than reporting it. I believe this is also the case in Honk Kong at the moment.

    Its really worrying.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      I agree. But I console myself knowing that the majority of the population don’t watch the BBC news. My kids whose ages range into the teens never watch the TV. My wife only watches the occasional reality show or a costume drama.

      The influence of the BBC is waning and waning fast. Can we make it wane even faster, please 🙂


    • Fedup2 says:

      Burgsey – dangerous for loose comments to be made about the effect of Brexit on Northern Ireland. The likes Pelosi in The USA should know better than to get involved but no doubt she is in the pocket of the Kennedy set and ‘ the boys ‘ .

      Obviously the IRA is playing the long game to turn the island of Ireland / Eire into a socialist paradise but whether the tribal element could re engage in killing each other / security forces – I can’t answer as I’m not of there .

      But my understanding is that the economy of both the North and South are ticking along – subject to the coming recession sometime .

      As for C4 – always a friend of our Republican enemies – but I think viewing figures are so bad you might have been the only one watching it tonight .


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Perhaps those on the Brexit side need to threaten violence if it doesn’t happen. Since it seems to have been established that such threats are acceptable and should be listened to.


      • Fedup2 says:

        The state security bods monitoring sites like this looking for signs of civil disorder post brexit probably just ticked a box .

        I think everyone is having trouble gaming the outcome of a successful or failed brexit . In the latter case the sense of being cheated again plus the noises about really really leaving on 1 November might push a fair number over the edge – particularly if remainers crow about their ‘ victory ‘ .

        There is also a danger that the Brexit movement would be undermined by attacks on Traitor MPs. After all – Soubry got people arrested just because she got upset .

        By the way -I use the term ‘ traitor ‘ with care and not emotion . They are working in the interests of a foreign power and not for the democratic mandate the Referendum declared .

        And today an ex chancellor proved what he is .


        • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

          That’s why the eu are not giving any concessions. They believe there are enough traitors in Westminster to do their dirty work for them.
          All the anti democratic MPs and the hypocrites like Wollaston and they might just get the numbers.
          What a despicable bunch they are.


    • Old Goat says:

      Is “Honk Kong” cleverly deliberate, or accidental?


  4. LastChanceSaloon says:

    This Conservative Woman article is frightening.
    Frightening until you visit the blog that the author of the CW article created to detail the extreme left political bias he encountered.
    I urge all BBBC contributors to read it.
    Thanks to StewGreen (page 1 of this thread) for the links.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Last chance –
      I’m guessing many / most of the third rate type polys / universities are infested with the comrades .

      I studied at one where most of the Law Faculty were comrades and made no secret of it . The decent lecturers kept to academic neutrality and were the ones with full lectures and tutorials .

      Things happened changed a bit – especially the stupidity of students signing up to useless courses . A bit of research should show what they are going into .

      This is not directly about the Biased BBC but does show how education is dumbing down and that people should take courses which are going to get them a job – unless connections get one advantages or mummy and daddy are loaded ….


      • JimS says:

        “The leaked Edexcel documents, first reported in the Daily Telegraph, show A-level maths candidates needed 55% to get the A grade, while candidates with the OCR board needed 54%.

        Edexcel’s biology students needed 56% (167 marks out of 300) for an A, while OCR’s candidates needed 59% (158 out of 270).

        In physics, candidates needed 59% (176 out of 300) for a grade A with Edexcel, while with OCR, this was 76% (204 out of 270).

        In English literature, candidates with the OCR board needed 89% for an A grade – significantly higher than those with Edexcel, who needed 69% (208 marks out of 300) to get A.”

        If the exams are of equivalent standard the grade boundaries should be the same for all subjects. Something isn’t right here.

        “In the mid-1990s, seven per cent of undergraduates were awarded a first class honours. But now there are 40 institutions – a quarter of all universities – where firsts are handed to almost a third of students.”

        In the 1970s it was similar but only 10% of students got the grades to get to university. So out of 10,000 students 1,000 got into university and of those 70 got ‘firsts’.

        Children aren’t any smarter so now out of 10,000 students 70 should get ‘firsts’ out of the 5,000 that now get into university. The number of ‘firsts’ should fall to 1.4%, not rise to 30%!


    • vlad says:

      ALL our younis are infected through and through with the same disease of Leftism in its myriad forms. Their graduates then go on to corrupt the youth as teachers, or indoctrinate the population at large as opinion formers, commentators, and worst of all, as bbc reporters and ‘journalists’.
      It will take decades for the poison to work its way through and out of the system, especially as it’s self-renewing.
      Some decisive government intervention would help, but I see no sign of that from the current pusillanimous swamp.


    • vesnadog says:


      Thanks for those links of Stew’s – the last one has very good intel. Will use it for future ref.


  5. JimS says:

    BBC News tells me that St. Greta doesn’t know how she will get home.

    If she says that to a typical US Immigration Officer she won’t get into the USA.

    Oh dear. Perhaps the plastic boat will take her back?


  6. StewGreen says:

    Lets give the new ITV drama a try
    In a new drama centred on the lives of what ITV describes as “three complex and vibrant women” your heart might sink at the most simplistic of all clichés
    .. No I lasted 6 minutes
    It’s supposed to be Cumbria but it’s like like the moved multicultural London there.
    All the women are fighters, whilst the men are weak or sleazy.


  7. StewGreen says:

    bbc Muffia


  8. Roland Deschain says:

    Turn over to BBC News at Mrs D’s request.

    Banging on about microplastics.



    • StewGreen says:

      The “show me the bodies” rule applies
      Humans don’t die from getting a bit of grit in their food
      ..neither do they die from bits of plastic either
      it goes in , it goes out


      • Up2snuff says:

        Stew, aah but, yes but, no but Jesus said it like you wrote it which is true. But the BBC doesn’t like the wise words of Jesus (and probably StewGreen, too) so they have to turn science on its head.


  9. StewGreen says:

    Taffman I just looked at the list of BBC podcasts
    What public service does this Welsh one serve ?
    “Be’ dwi ‘di dysgu wrth wylio porn”


    • taffman says:

      Sex !
      😉 😀


      • StewGreen says:

        So I guessed, looks like you don’t have a native Welsh word for “porn”

        … neither for caravan
        and you borrowed the french word for window.


        • taffman says:

          All things that were invented after the ancient Welsh language was formed .
          Most derived, borrowed from Latin when the Romans were here , as do English words from French etc .


          • StewGreen says:

            I’m joking of course cos modern English is mostly loan-words
            …. and since we mostly keep the original spelling and sound from the import language, English lacks the simple direct relationship between spelling and pronunciation that most other languages have.


            • LastChanceSaloon says:

              “I’m joking of course cos modern English is mostly loan-words”
              Please do not use the term “loan word”.
              Some Remainiac or the EU will try to collect interest on the loan.
              Backdated to 55BC.


  10. StewGreen says:

    So TV guide what is Newnight about ?
    ” Can Jeremy Corbyn get the support of other parties to thwart a no-deal Brexit ? “


  11. MarkyMark says:

    BBC Trudeau News Drop … when no one cares …. will be replaced by other news by the morning … nice … timing is everything.

    Mr Trudeau’s political rivals also noted this is not Mr Trudeau’s first ethics violation.

    In December 2017, the federal ethics commissioner office found that Mr Trudeau’s luxury trips to the Aga Khan’s island in the Bahamas violated four conflict of interest rules.

    Mr Trudeau, his family, and some senior members of the Liberal Party vacationed on the island owned by the philanthropist and spiritual leader in 2016.



  12. Annunaki says:

    Google whistleblower reveals tech giant DOES blacklist right-wing news sites and says the company called police when he leaked the evidence, leaving him ‘fearing for his life’

    Engineer Zachary Vorhies released hundreds of documents to Project Veritas
    He says he added a ‘dead man’s switch’ to the files in case he was ‘assassinated’
    One of the files leaked by Vorhies is a ‘news black list site for Google Now’
    He claims it is a list of the web pages Google restricts including conservative leaning websites such as The National Enquirer, Media Matters and Infowars
    Another file appears to show a ranking classifier to ‘define channel quality’
    Images show Vorhies walking towards officers after ‘Google called the police’
    ‘Google is not who they say they are’, he warns in a chat with Project Veritas
    CEO Sundar Pichai’s told congress that Google is not biased in December 2018



    • Richard Pinder says:

      This is how Google blacklists this site if I use Google search.

      This site can’t provide a secure connection
      http://www.biasedbbc.org uses an unsupported protocol.
      ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH Hide details The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite. This is likely to be caused when the server needs RC4, which is no longer considered secure.


      • andyjsnape says:

        Hi Richard

        I can get to bbc biased in google by typing/searching “bbc biased org”

        Usually typing on google “bbc biased” this fails.
        I did contact/email bbc biased when first noticed this about 6-8 weeks ago


      • vesnadog says:


        I’ve just clicked on that link above and I get no response at all?


      • thehoiman says:

        There’s no conspiracy here, you’re just using the wrong URL… It’s https://biasedbbc.org (note the ‘s’ after the ‘http’ and the lack of ‘www’).

        In any case, when I Google ‘biased bbc’ this is the first result shown.


        • StewGreen says:

          @Pinder Yep my thought as well you entered it as http
          and https is secure protocol
          and http is not considered secure these days

          but BTW when I try the http autoforwards to https and I get here.


  13. Annunaki says:

    Why SHOULDN’T we sell our elephants to China? Defiant African nations defend controversial trade and say it’s ‘racist’ for the West to lecture them about conservation

    Zimbabwe is known to have made £2.2million from the sale of 97 baby elephants
    The sales have generated controversial debate across most of the western world
    Botswana’s president, Mokgweetsi Masisi has called criticism of the sales ‘racist’



  14. Richard Pinder says:

    These are ten messages about Climate science from the BBC that make scientifically qualified scientists laugh.

    (1) Unite behind the Science
    (2) Don’t deny that the Climate changes
    (3) Don’t be sceptical about the IPCC
    (4) The Climate is real
    (5) The BBC has got the best scientific experts
    (6) The contrarians are not part of the consensus
    (8) A false balance exists between a denier and a believer
    (7) Richard Lindzen is a right-wing denier, Greta is a left-wing believer
    (9) Greta knows best what scientists think
    (10) Greta is not the subject of a book called “The Delinquent Teenager who was mistaken for the Worlds Top Climate Expert” by Donna Laframboise


  15. Celtic_Mist says:

    Nobody is defending the BBC here –


    • thehoiman says:

      I recall an American president called Roosevelt who also used a modern communication technology (at the time) to circumvent a hostile media and speak directly to the people. Yet you never hear fervant whining from the left about Roosevelt being anti-freedom-of-the-press…

      It couldn’t be because he was a Democrat, could it?


  16. Annunaki says:

    the bbc povide an “in case you missed it” section now and again where they can shove their biased agenda further down your throats, we can use this for stories that are unlikely to appear on their front page, but are of national interest IMHO so today, “In case you missed it”:

    Afghan asylum seeker who tried to murder a stranger in Tesco while ‘fuelled’ with a desire to kill English people is jailed for 19 years

    Samiulahaq Akbari, 22, was caught on CCTV in Thornton Heath, south London
    He carried out three separate attacks on the same road during his rampage
    Akbari has been jailed for 19 years with an extended license period of two years



  17. andyjsnape says:



    PS i wonder how much the tele tax is costing for the beeb staff to follow the expert, and shouldnt she be in school for the most of 2019


  18. AsISeeIt says:

    The laurels go to Talk Sport Radio news at 7am this morning for what must count as one of the most nauseatingly virtue-signalling headlines of the week:

    “Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has praised the all-female officials in last night’s european Super Cup final…”

    I suddenly find that sports journos, commentators and pundits have been uniformly and thoroughly indoctrinated with fourth-wave feminism – to the extent that they must now be seen to cringingly spout the creed for fear of their livelihoods.

    Earlier this week on tuning in to catch a sports report I instead was served a lecture on the supposed fact that female officials are equal to males (fair enough, I suppose) which quickly morphs into the proposition that in fact women are better at negotiation and that behind every great man ‘there was a greater woman’ – so much for equality then.

    The anxiety to appear right-on displayed by male presenters these days is toe-curling and the pushyness and entitlement of the new breed of female presenters is palpable.

    I blame the BBC for this nonesense which dominates the media.


  19. theisland says:


  20. AsISeeIt says:

    This summer I finally bit the bullet –

    On the plus side my BBC TV Licence is cancelled. I am a free man and I no longer feed the beast.

    Of course the negative effect is that I now have to endure the deamon which is Capita bombarding my letter box with paperwork in proportions sufficient to make Sir David -Lord-God- Attenborough, Her Holy Eminence Greta Thunberg, et al, surely fear for the future of the world’s forests.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Welcome to the wonderful world of civil disobedience. Notice that people look at you differently !
      As for the letters – the current ones are bright red and give a date for the visit . I’ve stayed in several times to wait for the knock at the door so that I neither open it or speak to to the capita drone .


    • Up2snuff says:

      Well done, AISI. Just think, in thirteen years time (at current LF rates) you will be two grand – £2,000 – better off and you will find plenty of other worthwhile things to do in the time saved.


      Thirteen years? It passes in a flash.


  21. digg says:

    So Corbyn has “come out” with a call for a vote of no confidence.

    OK by me as long as he promises to resign as Leader of the Labour Party and as an MP if he loses and never sets foot in parliament again, the total weasel!


  22. Mackers says:

    A clear sign things are on the right track when the likes of nicholas soames feel the need to enter the arena. A full frontal attack on these collaborators, starting with the’ twenty mps’ for deselection.


  23. AsISeeIt says:

    I’m sure you’ll be seeing some list of favourite jokes from the Edinburgh Festival.

    Here’s my suggestion for winner (I won’t attribute but I did put £5 in his bucket at the end of the show)

    “My parents were Guardian readers. They didn’t bring me up to hate any social group. They brought me up to hate myself.”


  24. Guest Who says:

    This sums up the MSM, headed by the BBC, too well:



  25. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    So – the leader of HM loyal opposition calls on all the traitors in the Commons to join together and overthrow the current PM – to stop Brexit .

    He writes a letter – but who goes on Toady to explain this ? No – it’s not Jeremy Corbyn – it’s Rebecca Wrong Daily – a kid MP who got a shadow cabinet job because she signed up to Corbyn when he was going for the top job .

    Humph interviewed our Becky and sounded like he was interviewing someone who just got her A level results .

    Becky – by the way – said there would be a public vote about the previous public vote so that people could vote to say what they voted for –

    With me? I’m not making it up .


  26. LastChanceSaloon says:

    Tue 13 Aug 2019 06.00 BST
    ‘Loud, obsessive, tribal’: the radicalisation of remain

    and anything less than staying in Europe will devastate them. “It’s going to be like a bereavement for me,” says Helen Harris-Burland, a campaigner from the Chilterns.

    [Better put on the weeds Helen, permanently, and prepare for the Euro, then EU collapse.
    Which will produce the biggest UK party since VJ day.
    Call it VEU day?
    After the hangover has disappeared the UK can begin the process of traitor hanging, starting with May, Grieve and Hammond. ]


  27. Dover Sentry says:

    If we leave the EU without a Deal, what happens if the Lib Dems win a General Election following this? (The BBC of course will be in full ‘Rejoin’ mode).

    Can Parliament return us to the EU?


  28. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Fraught for the Day

    Rhidian Brook produced a Thought for the Day that appeared to be a failed attempt to propagandise ‘nationalism’ as bad and ‘patriotism’ as good. Irrespective of the fact that it is probably almost impossible to separate the two, I think he failed.

    In his TftD Rhidian made the remarkable claim that the Old Testament prophets proclaimed against ‘nationalism’ and denounced it. In the Old Testament I have and read, the OT prophets proclaimed against a failure to hold to and observe The Law of the one, true, living God.

    Incidentally, it was that same one, true, living God who created the nations out of one of His righteous judgements (see Genesis chapter 11) and then later used them to fulfil His purposes, often in further righteous judgements, sometimes upon His chosen people, Israel.

    Perhaps Rhidian has been using the ‘American Reversed Vision’ translation? He might do well to return to either the New American Standard Bible or the good old King James Version.


  29. fakenewswatcher says:

    ‘Thought for the Day’ had someone Brooke tell us all how bad ‘Nationalism’ was. It stopped just short of boiling babies alive, but maybe Brooke didn’t think of that one?
    My first recollection of the term involved the Nationalist Chinese (now Taiwan) fighting mass-murderer Mao. With Nationalism being all bad, I suppose Mr Brooke would have preferred Mao’s Communists?
    Brooke didn’t list them, but you can imagine all the ‘Nationalist’ leaders currently in power, who would have got the thumbs-down from him.
    I always thought that that short spot on R4 was meant to be ‘uplifting’ instead of being used for political propaganda?


    • Guest Who says:

      JHB too.

      Just jokes but in today’s environment silly ones and unnecessary distraction ammo for the acolytes to spin up into mighty outrage.

      Such extremes are unhelpful, but I laud all mockery as entirely justified, for this ill-considered Pr stunt, those who cooked it up and the media credulous or complicit in still pushing it.

      At least the ‘You can’t criticise a child we put in front’ lark is enjoying zero traction beyond the Kool Aid brigade.


  30. LastChanceSaloon says:

    14 August 2019
    BBC News England Local News London
    [So local it’s on the front page.]
    British woman Natalie Crichlow set on fire in Barbados

    A British woman has died in Barbados after being doused in a flammable liquid and set alight while in bed
    [A flammable liquid, the “man” “shooter” “Norwegian name” avoidance terminology is now being used for inanimate objects. Acid attacks will become “corrosive fluid”, but still be carried out by non Europeans.]

    [Why the fuss? It’s all part of living in a vibrant black community innit?
    Ask Winnie Mandela if you do not believe me.]


  31. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – How wrong can you daily be Jeremy Corbyn?

    Rebecca Wrong-Daily (as our FedUp2 memorably christened her) scored the prime 8.10 Interview Slot with The Humph. She was brought on ‘cos everyone else in Labour was off on their hols around the globe, including fact finding in Europe in a hurry, ahead of a potential Labour Party bid to keep the UK permanently immersed in the EUNation.

    Asked by The Humph about when the vote of ‘No Confidence’ that Jeremy Corbyn is proposing in his Putsch Letter would actually be scheduled, dear Rebecca had a bit of a ‘Diane Moment’. She could not come up with an answer, even of the eleventy days variety after the House starts its autumn term. Slightly flummoxed, she assured listeners that it would happen days after the House starts to sit again.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Up2 – with regret I cannot claim authorship of the excellent nickname Becky carries with her. I understand it is what she is called in the House of Traitors ..


  32. Guest Who says:

    I agree with Godders.


    • JimS says:

      When did you stop beating your wife? When did you stop beating your wife? When did you stop beating your wife? When did you stop beating your wife? When did you stop beating your wife? When did you stop beating your wife? When did you stop beating your wife?

      That sort of ‘follow up’ Nick?


      • G.W.F. says:

        Nick, at least he gets to give an answer and not have it blocked by an interviewer like you whose job is to disrupt communication if it goes against BBC bias.

        That aside, Nick, there are dozens of young people on You Tube and elsewhere who can conduct better interviews than you and don’t need as much cash as you.


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          Yes, many of them are Poles or Romanians who are well educated and speak excellent English. They would happily do your job for £10 per hour.

          Why should your job be safe Nick? Do you ever wonder why the working class voted for Brexit?


  33. andyjsnape says:

    Can’t see Brexit mentioned, but can see the blame is largely down to President Trump (apparently)


    The twitter quotes from Pres Trump, can’t see a date on these, interested to know whether the beeb is quoting out of date “tweats”


  34. Guest Who says:

    Pakistan TV likely running 24/7 in most studios, so this is big news.


  35. Up2snuff says:

    BBC Web-site Watch #1

    Just when you thought that the BBC could not get any more pathetic …
    … scroll down page to ‘more top stories’. ← Honest! I kid you not.


  36. Jeff says:

    There was a rather nice, cosy interview this morning on the BBCs Breakfast prog’ with Dr Sarah Wollaston. Do you remember her?
    I only ask because I’m a tad confused by this lady’s various political guises.
    In 2016 she began by supporting Brexit. Within a couple of weeks she’d “done a wobble” and changed camps to Remain. After the outcome of the referendum, which her constituency backed at 54%, she said she had accepted the vote. It was clear what the people had instructed parliament to do. And at the 2017 election she stood on a manifesto pledge that vowed to take us out of the EU by March 2019 and triggered Article 50. She told us we had to leave, it was the people’s choice. With me so far?
    Guido has even supplied a rather comic snippet of her telling her constituents that there was no need for another referendum, people knew what they were voting for and that the government had to deliver on what was promised. I was beginning to like her.
    However, since then, the wobbly MP has jumped ship from the Tories, joined the catastrophic Change UK shambles, left them to go independent and has now washed up with the LIB Dems whose leader has said that even if there was a second vote to leave she wouldn’t accept it.
    Numerous times she has promised her constituents she’d back us leaving. She’s still the MP for a Leave constituency, now representing a party that says “Bollocks to Brexit.”
    She now says that we have to stay in the EU. She says that honesty, integrity and democracy demands it.
    Um, Sarah…


    • JamesArthur says:

      That woman is a disgrace…she was on ITV this morning basically saying she knows best – arrogant pompous self important –
      and completely ignoring the point made by ITV interviewer when asked why didn’t you resign and stand in a new by election as some of your constituents voted for you not just because of Brexit but other Tory policies…
      She has now switched to 3 times…..a new law needs to be brought in to stop this


      • Scroblene says:

        But Ed and Yvette Balls swapped three houses, so there is a precedent!

        I actually don’t know who this woman is, except that some months ago, a few loners needed a role model and found an uninspiring bloke call Yourmoney or something…


  37. theisland says:

    Jessica Swietoniowski deputising for Ezra today – meeting TR at 2pm.

    What will the ‘authorities’ have in store today?


  38. Doobster78 says:

    Really looking forward to the BBC programme following the lives of the Syrian refugees who went to live with Gary Lineker, Lilly Allen, Emma Thompson and Michael Palin after they opened their doors during the crisis as stated in the press and wider media. Think it will be very interesting.

    Also, the programme checking on how all those Hollywood stars are getting on in Canada after they moved following President Trumps victory. You know, this lot , Snoop Dogg, Lena Dunham, Chelsea Handler, Ne-Yo, Neve Campbell, Raven-Symoné, Bryan Cranston and Barbra Streisand.

    However, for the life of me, i cant seem to find any reference to said programming , not just on the BBC but anywhere accross the MSM. Isn’t that strange as it was such a big event a couple of years ago , it would be nice to see a follow up !!!!

    Virtue Signalling at its finest !!!!!!!! Aided and abetted by the BBC. Pathetic bunch.


  39. Doobster78 says:

    Change UK were once the future according to the BBC !! Wrong AGAIN !!


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Just who does she think she is?

      The arrogance of these people. My patience is running thin with our so-called leaders.

      She has zero integrity. Changed sides more times than Mussolini during WWII.

      If you even do it once, then no principles, not fit to represent, banned from ever taking ANY form of public office.

      The way its going with these creatures (cant use the term politician) I’m afraid for them the unifying force will be pikestaffs.


  40. JamesArthur says:

    I was amazed this morning..it’s ‘A level’ results time and the BBC could not find a single white male and barely found any white females..then ITV not a single white male…
    I have feeling white males are a huge proportion of those getting A level maths..but not at the BBC…

    It seems it is wrong to not portray Black and Asian in the media but it is okay to exclude white people especially boys


    • Up2snuff says:

      JA, did you look at the News Page of the BBC web-site?


    • Luton Reject says:

      Earlier I noticed that there were seven articles on the BBC’s news website about the A-Level results with seven accompanying photos. Needless to say there was not a single white male in any of the photos. I mentioned this on the HYS on one of the articles and it was attracting lots of upticks until the BBC mods decided to delete it. They won’t even allow anyone to question what is an obvious agenda.


  41. Dover Sentry says:

    Daily Mail:

    “”Richard Branson ‘devastated’ as the Government hands Virgin Trains’ West Coast rail line contract to First Trenitalia after 22 years””


    Nothing to do with Branson’s anti-Brexit moaning?


  42. Up2snuff says:

    BBC Web-site Watch #2


    Apparently, Greta is not so great and is cheating a little bit. Did she fly from Sweden to Falmouth and then take a bus to reach Plymouth? Or was it trains all the way?

    The BBC neglect to tell us.

    Our saint Greta is taking a slightly ‘softer’ route to the New World. Sailing from Sweden would have taken more time and required a tougher route, IIRC, across the top of Scotland and Ireland. The fact that it is on board “a solar-powered racing yacht with underwater turbines”, suggests the sails are not used, except at night. That might explain the fact of the shorter route option.

    The BBC neglect to tell us.

    It may also explain the two-week journey duration.

    Once again, the BBC neglect to tell us.

    I also wonder how the boat, Malizia II, managed to make it out of Plymouth Harbour on a grotty Wednesday of very little sunshine. I do hope it was not towed out by another boat using an engine, surely not diesel power?!

    Yet again, the BBC neglect to tell us.

    Fare thee well, Greta and crew.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Amazing to think a manipulated 16 year old with mental health issues can manipulate the MSM so readily .
      Me thinks in real life it sets back the green cause more than every time we are tile not to do something – as a born contrarian I make that little bit more effort the other way …


      • BRISSLES says:

        Not forgetting the schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen, came to Britain for treatment, and then spoke at the United Nations, resulting in becoming a Nobel Prize winner.
        The world loves a teenager. I said it earlier, but again just watch Greta (a Swede) become their home grown and possibly youngest Nobel prize laureate – the greatest of publicity for them.


      • EmptyingDadsShed says:

        The MSM aren’t manipulated, they wholeheartedly agree with the Green propaganda


      • Up2snuff says:

        I think the world is being readied for mass manipulation, Fed, Briss, Jim & EDS. This sugar ban for schools. Burger bans two days ago.

        New weird Puritanism meets the Salem Witch Trials.

        As Sgt Phil would say: “Hey! HEY! Let’s be . . . c a r e f u l . . . out there, today. OK. Let’s roll!”


    • JimS says:

      I think the ‘underwater turbines’ are generators for when the sun doesn’t shine.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Jim, the implication of the article was that the solar panels power the turbines, ie. shafts and screws. You would think that someone like Greta, who wishes to return the world to the 17th or 18th centuries would be happy to hitch a ride on any old sailing ship. Preferably one that was made from wood and used canvas sails. Seem to recall they turn up in Gothenburg Harbour on a regular basis.

        I smell a rat. Or a fish. Or a very large, male, bovine creature that has evacuated its bowels. Maybe all three. Yes, definitely all three.


        • JimS says:

          The BBC article is poorly written and could be interpreted in the way you suggest, but the boat’s owners say:

          “Malizia is equipped with a state-of-the-art 1.3kW solar system and additionally with two hydro-generators, which are permanently installed on the stern of the boat and were specifically designed for IMOCA 60s. With these two independently working systems, we generate more electricity than we actually need on board. Both energy sources allow us to run all the systems and electronics on board continuously – navigation instruments, autopilots, watermakers as well as our SubCtech ocean laboratory. So, we will be able to complete the transatlantic trip fully emission free.”

          As they say, “Is it true or did you hear it from the BBC?”


          • taffman says:

            “we generate more electricity than we actually need on board.”
            Therefore they can supply an electric motor to propel the boat.
            A perpetual motion boat ?
            Bloody ridiculous !
            😀 😀 😀


            • JimS says:

              No, they need electricity for “navigation instruments, autopilots, watermakers as well as our SubCtech ocean laboratory”.

              The ‘turbines’ will actually slow the boat down. Indirectly they are wind-powered, i.e. the wind pushes the sails, the sails push the boat and the boat pulls the ‘hydro-generators’ through the water adding to the drag.


    • Pat..original says:

      Up2snuff – Filthy weather here in Plymouth today – driving rain, howling wind coming in off the Atlantic, so solar or sail ? It wont be a smooth ride either way !


  43. andyjsnape says:

    Sitting at home last night eating a BEEF Burger for tea.

    Would be interesting to see the menu from the beeb canteen? maybe kettle black


  44. theisland says:

    Developments in Gibraltar

    The US Department of Justice has applied to seize the Iranian supertanker Grace 1 in Gibraltar, just hours before the Gibraltar Government was poised to release it. Gibraltar had been due to lift the detention on the ship this morning but the move by the US means the decision has now been adjourned until 4pm today.

    The bBC holiday staff are still figuring out their ‘angle’


  45. The WestWyvern says:

    Not Albeeb yet, but…. (and apologies if someone has already posted on this topic)

    I’ve just dipped into the general MSM news and Arron Banks is all over it for tweeting a joke about Greta ‘the midwich cuckoo’ Thunderberg drowning whilst en route to US.

    Quotes like ‘slammed’ ‘it’s a sick joke’ ‘Banks under fire’ are being used.

    SO where was the outrage and disgust when fat unfunny blob of a so called comedian ‘Jo Bland’ made a JOKE about corrosive substances being THROWN over people?

    What’s the difference here lefty scum ??? care to tell us?? I’m all ears. Perhaps Maxi would venture an opinion on this one.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The west – I saw the tweet and drowning wasn’t. Mentioned – stuff about bad weather …


      • The WestWyvern says:

        I don’t have a twitter Fed so only glanced at the news feeds from the usual suspects. But for sure, I guess the MSM will have applied their own unique brand of storytelling to this one…


    • Doobster78 says:

      Panic over !! imagine my surprise, David’s on it !! LOL.

      Very selective is our Dave


      • vlad says:

        As usual double standards. The Left have carte blanche to incite vicious acid attacks against the right, but you can’t make the slightest joke against their sacred cows.


  46. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    If us leaving the eu is going to be such a bad scenario for the Republic of Ireland then I think it’s only fair that they should hold a referendum asking if they want to become part of the UK and a united Ireland.
    No Northern Ireland and Eire, just Ireland together with Scotland, England and Wales.
    A United ireland.
    It’s what they’ve been wanting.


    • Fedup2 says:

      There is an Ireland leave the EU campaign EG – which has come along as all the EU bribe money went East .
      When we leave and succeed I think the pressure on Eire to come out too will strengthen .

      The problem is that on my count 25% of the population of 4 million ? Is from the Reich EU so even if the indigenous population wants to leave they might be kept in on the numbers .

      The BBC does a dis service to EIre in never reporting about it – other than some hag from Sinn Fein IRA bitching about Blighty as ever ….


    • vesnadog says:

      Why not it was only loaned to them a few years ago.

      I think.


  47. Guest Who says:

    “Media Masters”

    Dave Lee
    Silicon Valley reporter, BBC News

    Dave Lee is Silicon Valley reporter for the BBC. Based in San Francisco, he has covered technology stories across the US since 2015. In this in-depth interview, he details how companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Tesla have an increasing impact on our lives, and the deep implications for society; argues that a growing ‘tech cynicism’ is now stifling innovation, and discusses the challenge of maintaining a working relationship with tech giants – whilst also holding them to account.


    Never heard of him.

    Doubt I have seen an article he has bylined.

    Very much doubt he holds the guys he lives amongst and agrees with to account, especially when the BBC uses both primarily for news gathering and dissemination.

    But suspect he will join a bunch of Beeboids on redeyes to hit NYC for the Arrival of the Gretassiah.


    • StewGreen says:

      “Dave Lee ” yes I’ve heard him frequently on the BBC
      testing tech like Tesla’s and saying how good they are.

      You’ve seen Tesla share price is at 216 about 50% down on the year
      a BBC pension fund top stock


  48. JimS says:

    Breaking news:

    TV author who has just had one of her works broadcast but thought that she would never write again has just had a new idea for a film.

    Meanwhile anyone know what is happening in our EU partner nations?


  49. Doobster78 says:

    Countryfile Live in York today … so all the eco warrior, plastic, extinction rebellion , climate change lefties will be there with their Greta placards. On the plus side, roads should be quiet as they hate the car !!! Wont want to be leaving a carbon footprint will they ????

    However, on checking local travel reports i find this !!!

    People Heading Towards Countryfile Live
    Long Delays
    Long delays due to people heading towards Countryfile Live. Travel time is around 50 minutes
    Last updated 14 minutes ago

    and this …

    York Press 5 MENU
    NEWS 1 hr ago
    Visitors to BBC Countryfile Live at Castle Howard facing ‘horrific’ jams

    By Mike Laycock
    Chief reporter

    Dear oh dear oh dear !!! They really are something else these eco loons.


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