514 Responses to Midweek Open Thread 14 August 2019

  1. vlad says:

    Al beeb’s favourite ‘religion’ just keeps on giving.


  2. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Hammond demands ‘genuine’ negotiations with EU”
    So weren’t they genuine when he was in the government ?
    Is he a Remainer at heart like most of parliament?
    The people have voted to Leave.


    • tarien says:

      Exactly taffman-the Withdrawal Agreement was voted down three times by parliament I believe, therefore what deal does this Hammond person think can be acceptable to the UK? The EU representatives have made it quite plain recently that the WA is not up for negotiation-End of. Those in our parlaiment that are under the impression that they can thwart the majority with their demands for the UK NOT to leave without a deal are in cooko000000 land.
      What is the necessary course for getting rid of the awful dangerous individual who is currently the Speaker?


      • G says:

        At some stage the MP’s in the Remain camp will attend Parliament to object en masse to the ‘No Deal’ scenario. If any mass protests are intended by, ‘our side’ at that time, I think that swarming the MP’s residence at the time they (attempt to) leave for Parliament would have the appropriate effect. If enough numbers could be raised, the police will not be able to cope with the number of localised ‘protests’. If ER can get organised enough to cause, ‘flash’ protests surely the Leave campaign can for a valid campaign?


    • john in cheshire says:

      Mr Hammond is a leading light in the very extensive rat pack.
      Do the likes of this miscreant ever get their comeuppance?


  3. taffman says:

    “Amber Rudd: Don’t ignore Parliament over Brexit”
    “The Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd has told the BBC that unemployment “could go up” if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal.”
    Another closet Remainer ?


    • Jeff says:

      She’s hardly a closet Remainer, she’s an out and out Remainer.
      She only changed her tune when it was clear Boris was going to win the leadership race.
      I wouldn’t trust this ghastly woman further than I could spit.
      Mind you, that goes for most of them…


    • djaym says:


      Bought & paid for Remainiac


  4. taffman says:

    Telegraph : ” I’ll stop PM closing Parliament ”
    Burco Boiler is on the boil again. he wants to stop Brexit.
    Another closet Remainer.
    We the people pay his wages.
    We the people voted to leave.


  5. MarkyMark says:

    “These are just calculations, estimations, that means these points of no return may occur a bit sooner or later than 2030. No one can know for sure. But we can however be certain that they can occur approximately in these time frames. These calculations are not appeals or wild guesses. These predictions are backed up by scientific facts. “@2:53


    • jip says:

      If the government cared about climate change, they would encourage working from home to save on petrol. This would also mean less offices are needed and that would save energy on heating those offices, and empty offices could be re-purposed as homes. But cutting fuel usage would hurt big oil and gas business’s, and empty offices would mean a drop in property prices that would impact property owners like Tony Blair.

      The government would also give tax breaks to companies for supplying company bus transport, they would stop mass immigration which cause untold traffic and pressure to build more infrastructure. But buses would cost companies money, and stopping mass immigration would mean wages would rise, both of these would impact big business profits.

      The government could also get companies to stagger starting times, so that everyone isn’t trying to get to work for 9am…. They would cut stamp duty for people moving closer to work, and encourage companies to geographically spread out instead of being crammed together…. but staggering start times would inconvenience big business, and spreading business location that would lower property prices which need to be high to prop up the banks.

      … and of course they would ban the BBC, that organization that generates and wastes so much hot air… and they would collect all teh bull-s*** that the BBC creates and use that for methane production… but that would impact the quality of life of the safe space islamo-philic wackos at the BBC.

      Instead of all of the above obvious ideas, the government promotes “carbon credits” which are given free to big business, while forcing new and potential efficient businesses to pay pay for carbon credits, so burdening them with extra costs… and of course the carbon credits are all traded on the stock market to benefit big finance.

      I wonder if the BBC will ever spot the glaring inconsistencies and lies of the government on these issues? or maybe its not in the BBC’s interest to notice these things, since they need the government to force the citizens of the UK to give them money under threat of fines and even prison for their rancid propaganda.


      • Kaiser says:


        I like many others used to get a later emptier train , because the old rules meant its time of arrival in manchester meant it was off peak

        but the new rules mean its time of departure is used and any off peak ticket cant return home between 4pm and 7pm

        hence I cram on with everyone else , Northern fails new rules mean the peak time trains are now massively cramped.

        Northern fail knew this would happen they just wanted more people paying for the more EXPENSIVE peak services


    • Deborah says:

      10pm BBC1 news on Tuesday night a longish (or so it felt] item on Greta’s trip to America. She is going on this special boat and seeing it made me wonder how much energy and CO2 emissions it took to build it. But the thing I noticed most was the final comment. Something to the effect that Greta’s organisers have yet to decide how she would return. So even the BBC had to admit there are people manipulating Greta. The BBC seems incapable of asking who. But it is a start.


      • Not Gwent says:

        “Greta’s trip to America”

        On State Broadcaster TV two self described ‘we’ve tried everything’ activists were given a free ride.


      • vesnadog says:


        “10pm BBC1 news on Tuesday night a longish (or so it felt] item on Greta’s trip to America.”

        I see that the major of NY is setting a fund up to have a Statute of Saint Greta-of-the-universe erected alongside The Statue of Liberty – only, larger.

        And I also hear that Greta is annoyed that her statue will be the same shade of Green but in matt and not shiny as she wanted to have the sun reflect off her statue so the spacemen can see it.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      I just don’t get the whole Greta thing, what am I missing? She would appear to be missing out on childhood, not helped by alleged adults giving her almost cult like adulation. A thorough reading of The Emperors New Clothes could provide a fresh perspective on the whole phenomena.


    • tarien says:

      For goodness sake will the media et al stop, giving this child any more air time-at her age what experience of life of really anything can she have? I say to her go out and enjoy the young years you have and do not let those close or around you influence or cajole you into thinking you know what you are talking about. This young girls advancement into the limelight pulls away from the more serious issues surrounding Climate Change as it is wrongly called-Pollution is the issue here that needs to be addressed.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Why on earth would anyone listen to her? Shouldn’t she be at school? No doubt one of our esteemed universities will give her an honorary PhD…I agree pollution is the issue….but she ought to be sailing to India and China…
      I despair at the state of our politicians….and the media..


    • Not Gwent says:

      “These are just calculations, estimations”

      This says it all. The emperor’s new clothes and State Broadcaster is the horn.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      The look on this girl’s face says “Now I have your attention I will talk utter bollox “


  6. Scroblene says:

    Is there a chance that this well-respected site could cull all future pictures of Jitta Thunderbox please?

    Every time I see the little git, I think of the smarmy ‘Jim’ll fix it’ stuff, so well loved by the stupid, the moronic and the idle couch-potatoes.

    Any comments could easily be automatically pinged across to the guardian and their wireless poodle-parlour, the bbbc, and let them muck about with the twaddle they seem to enjoy for some reason!

    (Sorry, Marky, this is absolutely no reflection on your excellent posts, it’s just the awful smarmy face which bisses me off)!


  7. Doobster78 says:

    So far today on the BBC I have been treated to the following impartiality and gender agenda pushing.

    EX chancellor Phillip Hammond warning of NO deal Brexit (yawn).

    BBC heaven, a WOMAN referee officiating tonight’s MENS super cup between Liverpool and Chelsea. (Sally Nugent beside herself)

    And it just wouldn’t be complete without a follower of the religion of peace getting out the old Race Card !!! If in doubt, get it out !!! Works every time.


    Talk about same sh*t , different day !!!


    • JamesArthur says:


      Same S**e different day, different year, but just as you were waiting for the BBC to go on about the stress and how hard our kids work for exams the BBC find a new one – it’s vocational results week
      and guess what? The bricklaying students are marked on their practical work – which seemed to be a surprise to the BBC reporter FFS!


  8. Doublethinker says:

    The Aussie poliice aren’t classifying the knife attacks in Sydney as terrorism. Appenetly the perpetrator was known to them and had a history of mental issues. The attack was also nothing to do with Islam despite him bawling Alan’s Snackbar at the top of his voice. One thing that I can agree with the Sydney police on is that if anyone goes around shouting Alan’s snackbar they certainly do have mental issues and ought to be sectioned and removed. The world would be a much safer and happier place if this was applied universally.


    • theisland says:


      Rightly praised by the Aussie PM and one police superintendent, but I doubt any of our ‘politicians’ or ‘police’ would even dare to praise them publicly.


    • StewGreen says:

      The Times has a weird way of reporting the Sydney attack
      it mentions at the start.
      The man has a history of mental illness and is suspected of attempting to stab other people while yelling “Allahu akbar,”
      but then at the end says he had a USB drive with massacres carried out by white supremacists.

      Thats like giving us the takeaway he’s a white supremacist.
      His name had already been released
      Mert Ney was the middle of three siblings and the son of Turkish-Cypriot parents

      Credible claims that he’d come out of mental care
      So not looking like pure ISIS terrorist.
      but not looking like a white supremacist.


  9. andyjsnape says:

    I get the impression the beeb doesn’t like President Trump.

    Maybe Its just me

    Todays reports, of many i would think

    “Trump official revises Statue of Liberty poem to defend migrant rule change”

    “ICE office shootings in Texas blamed on ‘political rhetoric’”

    CNN, MSN, Beeb – whats the alternatives for actual news?


  10. Guest Who says:

    Bbc moaning emole.


    Two ads banned for gender stereotypes

    TV advertisements for Philadelphia cheese and Volkswagen are the first to be banned under new UK gender stereotyping rules. A ban on ads featuring “harmful gender stereotypes” or those likely to cause “serious or widespread offence” came into force in June . The first banned ad, for Philadelphia, showed two fathers leaving a baby on a restaurant conveyor belt. The VW ad showed men being adventurous while a woman sat by a pram.


    Two men…. ‘being adventurous’. The swine. Now if there were two in bouffants either side of a woman bravely reading an autocue, they could command at least a mill between them.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      Guardian Opinion Higher Education
      Wed 14 Aug 2019 05.59 BST
      Labour will scrap predicted grades to make university admissions fairer
      Angela Rayner

      [Translation, Labour want ever more thickos in higher education so they receive three years indoctrination into the joys of Marxist white hating.]

      Angela Rayner is Labour MP for Ashton-under-Lyne and shadow education secretary
      [And 2ic to Lammy as the most stupid eukaryote ever.]

      [Angela Rayner left school with one GCSE in pregnancy. She later qualified as a social worker and trade union official. She speaks British sign language. Her mother was illiterate. She became a grandmother aged 37. (All from LeftyPedia)

      Accompanied by the usual sexist, racist, photograph, one African and one Asian, both female.
      I do understand the Guardian problem, best not to show a pretty white female with the uglies.]


      • Fedup2 says:

        When there is profit involved in poly- universities they are bound to drop their standards to get the cash to pay Vice Chancellor s their £ .3 million salary .

        The result is students who can’t write or speak English – not just the third worlders – and degrees with no work value .

        Then there are the real universities with real degrees and real students …


        • Scroblene says:

          And of course, as started by Bliar and Bronco, the studes also aren’t on the unemployed (unemployable) lists for three years, while mum and dad (if he’s still hanging around), pay off the loans.

          The said ‘studes’, after a few years of tired monologue brain-washing by dubious lecturers, will then wonder what to do with their vegan gender studies Cminus grades, and either drag on being burger-flippers, or zod off back to the poo-hole they illegally came from.


          • BRISSLES says:

            I’ve despaired of the Yuni system for the past 25-30 years. It was supposed to be a level of education, where those who were more academically minded would go on to be in professions which would be of benefit to the rest of us i.e. doctors/lawyers/teachers/scientists et al. And up until a couple of decades ago, that’s what was happening.

            Now, we have mickey mouse degrees in tv soaps, and where media studies is the easier option to study; I know of someone in an accountants office who gained his degree in Egyptology !!! and made all the easier because A levels have been dished out like Maltesers in senior schools.

            I’m aware that parents will say their kids study hard, and because of the pressure a lot has suffered with mental health issues in stressing to get the grades necessary.

            How the hell did we cope in the 50’s and 60’s then ? Studying and sitting exams without any technology and living full time in Libraries. Forgive me, but in order to be accepted into Yuni you had to be of practically genius intelligence ! hardly that now. And because they could cope with academia, mental health issues were barely on the scale.

            I have a niece who went to Durham and became a deputy head – now ‘retired’ after having twins. A nephew who gained his degree in Brighton and is a civil engineer – on his way to Chartership. Both smart in their own ways, but all round intelligence ? nope. I didn’t get to Yuni, but like many of my friends in the 50s amd 60s, was in the A stream throughout my schooling, and I wager that our level of intelligence in that time would have put us straight through to Yuni in these times !


            • Rob in Cheshire says:

              Useless John Major’s government decided to turn polytechnics into universities. It was a terrible idea, because polys had a different and valid ethos, they were for more practical based courses, rather than places for more advanced research, which were the universities.

              With the difference eliminated, the ex-polys simply turned into second rate universities. It was very sad, and one of the many mistakes of that terrible government.

              Blair’s government then came up with the mad idea that 50% of school leavers should go to “uni”. That meant that the old system of university grants could not continue, and has led to the present system where three years at “uni” leaves you with a £50,000 debt. In most cases, I doubt it is worth it.

              We had a good system of universities and polys, and it was destroyed in a few years by two rotten governments.

              And politicians wonder why we hate them!


      • Guest Who says:

        Given the Graun is home to one Polly Toynbee, whose path through academic excellence to the bbc and further downhill is a wonder to behold… brave.


      • Deborah says:

        Angela was asked on the Today programme this morning how she would stop offers for university places being on predicted grades and wait for actual grades. Her response to John was that she would consult with the universities. She later repeated this – it was the only thing she could suggest – she hadn’t a ‘bl***y’ clue how she was going to implement it (if she ever gets the chance). She only had the soundbite re ‘social justice’ and the BBC was willing to give her a platform.


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hi Guest
      I saw this and thought pathetic, where will it end.

      Only adverts with fluffy dice in future, i’m sure someone will be allergic to dice though!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Toady watch

        The former chancellor interviewed after being sacked . The Red Tories could bare the blame of having a traitor PM and Chancellor in change of the Government at the time we are to leave the EU and we are living with the consequences .

        The above paragraph isn’t directly about BBC bias but Tourette’s Robinson didn’t display his aggressive habit of interrupting interviewees when interviewing Traitor Hammond for about 15 minutes .

        At the end of the interview Toady moved straight onto another subject – no BBC type doing their dumb dumb interpretation of what had just been said . Nor did they dig up their biased joke ‘ fact checker ‘

        In fact Hammond was just allowed to say his traitor thing and was never pushed because what he says – the Biased BBC supports .

        Disgusting .

        The recent result of the EU election and the ascendency of The Brexit Party was not mentioned by either traitor .
        Never Happened .

        And the people who voted Brexit Party knew what they were doing . No mention of this by the BBC .


        • tarien says:

          Hammond it would clearly appear was intrumental in the delay this nation has endured these past three years-howvere let us not forget thet it was almost a year before the EU would consider talking to our political representatives. Bind and Gag that awful Speaker and let’s get on with it. One just hopes that those opposing MP’s to leaving without a deal really know what they are doing as most will not be returned with a seat next time. Furthermore the EU have stated that there will be no movement on any further negotiation against the WA’s already on the table.


      • Guest Who says:

        The BBC are on FB asking people what they think.

        Not their best idea today.


    • JamesArthur says:

      When did we lose all sense of reality and our well known British sense of humour?
      Don’t suppose I could tell an Irishman, Englishman and Scotsman joke anymore
      We are doomed…..


    • vlad says:

      The uber-liberal thought police determined to eliminate any difference between the genders, and in the process destroying manhood and womanhood itself. What a ghastly society they will produce.


  11. herrclick says:

    15 mins for Toady-pet Hammond to restate his opinion as fact without interruption.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Toady 2

      Hanna bowis- hyphen name from Medicines without Frontiers gives a 5 minute propaganda piece supporting illegal immigration into Europe from Africa .

      Then it was off switch again . Send em straight back .

      On the upside the weathers getting worse at sea


  12. LastChanceSaloon says:

    John Bolton doesn’t want a trade deal with the UK – he wants to colonise us
    Simon Tisdall
    [Well why not, the Labour Party policy since 1948 has been to colonise the UK before exterminating white people.]

    Trump’s national security adviser wants the UK to be beholden to the US for its daily bread, making the country a timid American outpost
    [Before the USSR collapsed the Labour party spent 70 years lying about how wonderful Communism was and plotting to include the UK in the Soviet empire.]

    He reviles the very idea of the UN
    [Mr Bolton just got my vote, the UK should leave the UN the day after Brexit.]

    What Bolton really does care about is exploiting the UK’s recent governmental upheaval, which almost anywhere else would be described as a rightwing coup
    [Anywhere else = The Guardian.]

    Bolton’s second aim is to drive a wedge between the UK and Europe
    [Another lie, the intention is to kill the EU, which cannot happen soon enough.]

    [Too much bollox for me, read it yourself and form your own opinion.]

    Simon Tisdall is a foreign affairs commentator
    [Another lie, ST is a crazy left wing hater, given another opportunity to froth at the mouth, by the increasingly treasonous Guardian.

    Every time I think that was the most mendacious article I have ever read, even in the Guardian, they prove me wrong.

    Comments allowed, maximum outrage from the serried ranks of the brain dead lefties. ]


  13. Swelter says:

    I noticed on breakfast as the bBBC grovelled and fawned around the boat transporting” the grunge brat “our Swedish saviour that the captains fleece had embellished on it ” unite behind the science ” . These people don’t do irony . No chance I suppose that the boat is named Mary Celeste 2


    • Not Gwent says:

      “No chance I suppose that the boat is named Mary Celeste 2”

      That would be an insult to the memory of the officers and crew of the Mary Celeste who were engaged in useful trade instead of ferrying a poster girl who could have used Skype.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      Or the irony that the boat is made from CARBON fibre.


  14. taffman says:

    “Cauliflower shortages as extreme weather kills crops”
    Where have all the Cauliflowers gone ? All Beeb has morphed into Blue Peter.
    I have had enough , I am going to bed, I have a long night shift ahead of me……………


    • Fedup2 says:

      Isn’t a shortage a good thing ? Farmers stay in business – consumers switch to kFC chlorinated chicken – win win .


  15. digg says:

    Labour / Lib Dems / Greens / A lot of Conservatives / various celebrity toss-pots and of course the press bellowing on about stopping no deal at any cost… Boris being very devilishly silent.

    The issue I have is that no-one knows what a “Deal” means… and no one is sticking their neck out to let us know either.

    Could it be that the “Deal” they are all screaming for is actually Remain in an invisibility cloak which is why they don’t try to explain it?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’ve said before -silence is best for the BoJo show as it only gives ammunition to traitors if anyone says anything .
      Toady asked IDS this morning what he thought of the traitor ex chancellor – ids was concise in his criticism but the BBC didn’t give him the response time he deserved .

      77 days to go?


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        IDS did well later on 5 Dead with the brainless blonde bimbo whose dad ran a brothel. Emma Barnett, that’s it. He simply refused to let her interrupt him in mid sentence and disrupt his answers. Quite right too. If you ask someone a question, the aim should be to listen to their answer. It’s not difficult, the BBC can do it, but only when interviewing a remainer or Trump hater, it would seem.


    • Banania says:

      The moslems call it a “deeaw” (Faiza, Sadiq, Chukka…).


  16. john in cheshire says:

    This half hour video from We Got a Problem is funny, once you’ve let your anger simmer down. It demonstrates in humiliating detail the low IQ and innate bigotry of the non-journalists that the Times chooses to employ:


  17. john in cheshire says:

    And this is just hilarious, it’s about 3mins long:

    And Sebastian Gorka relishes the fact that Mr Cuomo doesn’t like being called Fredo. It’s about 9mins long.


    • vlad says:

      Wish we had a station called Britain First, instead of the so-called BBC.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I am confused, I thought a Fredo was a chocolate frog. Have I missed something?


      • john in cheshire says:

        Fredo was the stupid, disloyal Corleone brother in the Godfather.
        He ended up sleeping with the fishes.


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          Not the chocolate frog then. Shame, it seemed like a rather surreal insult.


  18. digg says:

    Poor old Steph drew the short straw again this morning being sent to natter in front of a lot of bored kids in Boston pretending to do stuff as trainee apprentices.

    Trying to work out why this morning the Beeb want to push apprenticeships, could it be that they along with a lot of other cultured folk are waking up the the fact that churning out loads of “yoonie” young people, many of whom will never get productive employment is a bad recipe and building a massive financial problem for both them and the Country in years to come?

    Whereas there will always be jobs for hair-dressers, nail-bar staff, tattoo artists etc. etc.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      “Whereas there will always be jobs for hair-dressers, nail-bar staff, tattoo artists etc. etc.”

      I’m not sure about that. The people who work in nail bars all seem to be Vietnamese immigrants, and in my locality dozens of Turkish barber shops have sprung up in the past two years. I have heard from a contact who is in the police that they reckon they are fronts for money laundering, but there is no political will to do anything about them. Don’t want to be accused of racism do we? Why am I not surprised?


  19. MarkyMark says:

    22 Lost in Manchester …
    The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure.

    1400+ raped over 16 years in 1 town ….
    The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure.

    30 Iranians cross the border and are allowed free entry ….
    The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure.

    30 year old men are pretending to be child refugees and sit in a class full of children …
    The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure.

    The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure. The Home Office has been at the front line of this endeavour since 1782. As such, the Home Office plays a fundamental role in the security and economic prosperity of the United Kingdom.



    • G.W.F. says:


      Perhaps someone could draw this to the attention of Priti Patel, if she can drag herself away from showering good wishes on people who sacrifice animals as part of their Eid celebrations.

      Anyone who wants to see pictures of the animals being bled to death go look them up.


  20. Doobster78 says:

    BBC darling Greta before they photoshop her for the website !!



    • StewGreen says:

      If you think that photo is disturbing look at this
      This official account

      UK at the UN ???????? @UKUN_NewYork
      British diplomacy, *280* characters at a time.
      Official feed of ???????? at the @UN .
      Follow our Ambassadors: @KarenPierceUN @AmbassadorAllen

      Tweeted this


      • Doublethinker says:

        It is a sad reflection on our times that nonsense spouted by a sixteen year old is given credence by politicians and the media. We live in an age when myths , lies , fairy stories and scaremongering ‘ projections’ are more powerful than facts . Even in science objectivity is no longer a virtue. Truth has lost its importance and it’s meaning , not just in climate change but in immigration , terrorism and most other important issues. Democracy is under threat from those who claim to be its defenders , such as the new leader of the Lib Dem’s in the UK . The West is being invaded and it’s crazy leaders are promoting this invasion rather than resisting it. Indeed they are suppressing any opposition to it and ramping up the oppression of their own people. The world has been turned upside down within the past thirty years.


        • king crimson says:

          DT….One of the best, most succinct comments I have seen on this site!!


        • Richard Pinder says:

          It proves that these middle-class left-wing thugs have reverted to exploiting the ignorance of innocent Children, who are unable to challenge the crap, until they can think for themselves. Its those school kids who leave school with an A level in Physics who have the advantages necessary to challenge these morons. Some eventually become Professors of Atmospheric Physics under siege from ignorant school teachers, politicians, environmental activists and journalists. So keep quiet until they retire. They then join the GWPF Academic Advisory Council to speak up against those 24 environmental activists at the BBC, pretending to be the “best scientific experts“. But then the BBC fights back, accusing these 18 Professors, (censored by the BBC) that they are “Deniers”. But these Professors deny that they are denying that the Climate changes, only denying the cause and the problems. But again the BBC censors what these Professors are saying, because Greta knows best. Greta is trying to tell the World that the BBC’s “best scientific experts” are saying that “To do your best is no longer good enough” so “Panic”

          But the BBC wont provide you with any evidence that a call to “Panic” derives from anyone with a PhD in Atmospheric Physics. This is why you don’t actually see any causational or attribution climate scientists on the BBC. The scientists wont agree to spread the BBC,s “Fake News” by saying what the BBC wants them to say. So Greta does it for them.

          Scientists think that Greta’s aberrations are mostly psychological in origin, but I recommend an exorcism should be performed by a priest who does not believe in the climate change religion. Advice on what to do can be found in a book called “The Exorcist” by William Peter Blatty.


    • StewGreen says:

      Newsround brainwashes kids on Greta


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Is she sailing over on a papyrus leaf a la KonTiki?


        • LastChanceSaloon says:

          “Is she sailing over on a papyrus leaf a la KonTiki?”
          Kon-Tiki was a raft made from Balsa wood and sailed in the Pacific ocean.
          The papyrus boat that sailed across (well nearly across) the Atlantic ocean was Ra.


  21. fakenewswatcher says:

    I noticed on the news last night that beeb had ‘imported’ South African Phumzile Felani to give us the low down on NI. She exploited her South African credentials to compare the ‘successful’ resolution in SA to the terrible divisions existing in NI.
    Bit of bbc stirring, probably connected to ‘no-deal’, without actually saying so. (Good Friday peace agreement at risk and all that…)
    What she did not say is that many Whites are leaving SA because of high crime and violence (as are many Blacks), the collapse of the economy, due to ANC corruption and misgovernment, and that one party had ultimately surrendered and simply handed over power to the other. The country is -sadly- using Zimbabwe as its template, and going down the tubes.
    There is a lesson there for NI, but I don’t think its the one Phumzile (almost certainly ANC) and the bbc (great ANC lovers) want to get across!


    • john in cheshire says:

      The blacks took over a thriving and prosperous and relatively safe country and turned out into a shithole.
      I notice the likes of Mr Lammy aren’t making plans to move to that black utopia. Or any of the other racist ethnics who hate it that they are living in a white country under white rules.


      • Annunaki says:

        And raped their countries resources dry while thir people starve:

        Angolan autocrat’s daughter Isabel dos Santos, 46, with ‘£1.91bn fortune’ is revealed as owner of £13m Kensington home at centre of fury over plans to demolish it and build four-storey ‘iceberg’ mansion

        The revelation, unearthed by Finance Uncovered, that she owns the luxury home is likely to stoke widespread concerns about the origin of Mrs dos Santos’ wealth.

        Despite presenting herself as a self-made entrepreneur who rubs shoulders with the A-list elite, opponents have described her as the beneficiary of kleptocracy in Africa.

        The majority of her nearly £2billion wealth was amassed while her father Jose Eduardo, 76, served as ruler of Angola for 38 years

        ritics of dos Santos claim he murdered many politicians, journalists and others during his spell in power.

        He was also accused of monopolizing and exploiting oil and diamond resources and seizing control of almost all aspects of government power.

        Critics further claim his daughter Isabel acquired her own fortune by using her family’s power to take stakes in firms doing business in Angola, where many people live on as little as $2 a day.



        • BRISSLES says:

          We may have monopolized and exploited the likes of India and Africa, but we also taught a great deal too. Yet here we are over 100 years later and those countries are still barely out of the ‘mud hut’ mindset. Are those of colour really that thick or less intelligent than white ? Strangely they are not so stupid when it comes to scams and thievery.

          We see railway stations and public buildings in these countries with blue distemper paint peeling from the walls, which clearly haven’t seen a lick of paint for over a century, so is this wholly down to corruption at the top ? and why is this so ? – there is corruption in all governments by why more so in black and brown countries?

          Whites are castigated for sins of the past, but clearly these countries cannot function on their own, as rampant poverty is still ongoing, and appears will never end. They are happy to have the begging bowl out to white and richer countries, but education would be a better option in teaching them how to govern without lining their own pockets.


    • G says:

      We, on the other hand, can look at the likes of Karachi, Kabul and Dhaka blended with Baltimore and San Francisco to see where we are inexorably headed. I won’t be around to see it, thank goodness.


    • JamesArthur says:

      I said to the wife this morning – have you noticed how the BBC is promoting anything to with the (past) troubles in NI at the moment…and making links to Brexit. It is just another project fear – dig up history and suggest what we are doing will cause the same..


    • Banania says:

      White farmers are being murdered all the time; that is the kind of people we ought to be giving refuge to, but you can’t imagine our government doing it.


  22. StewGreen says:

    Fred Fleitz


    • Fedup2 says:

      Interesting that she didn’t challenge the view that “the EU is a left wing undemocratic institution “

      I bet there was someone screaming into
      Kirsty PLC s ear saying “ go to the weather “ .

      I just really hope that once we are out POTUS turns the tariff weapon onto Brussels ….

      And other good news today is German growth stopping . With a bit of luck their unemployment levels will increase. We all know what comes with that . They wont be our friends until they move to the Right…


      • Scroblene says:

        “And other good news today is German growth stopping . With a bit of luck their unemployment levels will increase. We all know what comes with that .”

        Bet the bbbc to bring out a new version of ‘Auf Wiedersehn Pet’, and call it “Auf wiedersehn Obergruppenfuhrermydoghasnonosehowdoesitsmellterriblemydogdoesnteatmeatwhybecausewedontgivehimany – of Ulm”…


  23. fakenewswatcher says:

    John – Yup, indeed. The lesson I wanted to get across is that two parties may sit down together to negotiate a ‘compromise’, when -in reality- one party has no intention of doing anything other than achieving 100% of their own objectives.
    Strikingly, the ANC pursued the ‘armed struggle’ strategy together with the ‘sit and talk’. Not entirely dissimilar from the IRA/Sinn Fein!
    It didn’t work until the liberals took over the National Party and handed over power to the ANC.
    Which means: watch the people who are ‘batting for you’ like hawks. Everyone is so keen on a peaceful resolution, they can easily be fobbed off with nice-sounding ‘solutions’.


  24. StewGreen says:

    FFS another news headlines begins with “Labour Says”
    ..”da da ..Labour Says it will radically shake up the university admissions system”
    .. Is a Labour Party spin doctor sitting in the corner of the studio ?

    .. And then as so often the Jeremy Vine show begins by following this up , by having the Labour shadow minister in the studio and having a phone-in


  25. Dystopian says:

    Eco loons intimidating motorists by attaching nasty notes to car windscreens. Paper notes from cut down trees. Duh!

    Best reply:

    Lenny ????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Replying to
    Ironically it was a 4×4 pulling the boat thingy they dumped in central London a few weeks ago.



  26. Dover Sentry says:

    Boris a few minutes ago broadcast People’s PMQs and answered online questions.

    An excellent transmission by Boris. He said in answer to an online question that we would leave the EU on the 31st October ‘whatever happens’. His heroes are Churchill and Pericles.

    And he’s cut out the BBC. Ha!! 🙂


    • Fedup2 says:

      Adopting the POTUS system of only talking to the MSM at airports on the way somewhere is also good .
      None of this edited one to one maitless stiff which achieves nothing positive for brexiters z

      But it seems number 10 has leant that …


  27. Fiat Lux says:

    Soph has now been banned from YouTube for videos like this


  28. Fiat Lux says:


    What finally got Soph banned.


  29. Fiat Lux says:


  30. Halifax says:


    Britain is experiencing a cauliflower shortage after extreme weather killed off much of this year’s crops.

    Heavy rainfall in June destroyed crops in Lincolnshire, and alternative European supplies wilted in last month’s heatwave.

    Cauliflower prices have soared and some farmers have suffered financial losses after the destruction of their crops.

    The shortages were described as “very concerning” by a spokesman for the Brassica Growers Association.

    Trust me I have better things to do on my lunch shows no supply issues in either Sainsbury or ASDA for Cauliflower….can someone check TESCO and Waitrose please.

    So lies that we are paying for. Somebody must call them to account.


  31. Doobster78 says:

    This school holidays, kids starving rubbish is really getting my goat. Maybe some are hungry, but i bet they are all sat their watching SKY TV at £50 pcm and playing on phones at £50 pcm !! PRIORITIES !!

    Whilst looking at Davids twitter feed, i find the usual divisive, anti democratic tripe .



    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Amazingly, if you offer people free food at a food bank, they take it. Who would have thought it?


    • JimS says:

      “This school holidays, kids starving rubbish is really getting my goat. Maybe some are hungry, but I bet they are all sat their watching SKY TV at £50 pcm and playing on phones at £50 pcm !! PRIORITIES !! ”

      On Monday I was fortunate to spend four hours with my neighbour’s six year-old. She painted the papier-mache scarecrow head we had made the previous week, made some slime, ‘invented’ slime pictures, (her own idea she said), had a pirate fight with bamboo canes, ‘walked the plank’, transitioned into Mr McGregor versus Peter Rabbit, made a rabbit mask out of a cereal box, made some microwaved doughnuts, etc. Hours of unstructured play, with a little bit of “How about we do it this way”, teaching tricks like folding paper in half to make mirror-image copies.

      Meanwhile her 8 year-old brother is indoors on his X-box and, to the very audible annoyance of his mum, using up his monthly mobile phone allowance in an afternoon. (Apparently X-box useage is controlled remotely via ‘Alexa’).

      Pennies against pounds. Which child had more fun? Which child learned some skills? Which child exercised their own imagination?


    • vlad says:

      The reason creeps like Lamey hate – and fear – Trump, is that they sense change is in the air. The days when they could endlessly bleat about waycism and get a sympathetic hearing – and special treatment – from the liberal establishment are coming to an end. The well of white guilt is running dry. Trump epitomizes that change, and they don’t like it one bit.


  32. fakenewswatcher says:

    Beeb pushing has-been Hammond on TV lunchtime news.
    Bercow making bossy noises -stuff the people.


  33. andyjsnape says:

    its everywhere, so much, beeb MUST keep reporting this as often as possible! we know beeb ffs



  34. Terminal Moraine says:

    In the NEWSBEAT section, which according to Wiki provides “news tailored for a specifically younger audience.”

    (No doubt followed by countless BBC programmes on the mental health crisis in young people.)



  35. Terminal Moraine says:

    Muslim woman makes dangerous food.

    I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere, but I doubt the BBC would make it. (Just an aside — is there anyone left in the UK who cooks these days or is Nadiya doing it all?)



    • Despairada says:

      Isn’t it a ham and cheese toasty? Maybe it’s only dangerous for muzzies.


    • tarien says:

      Get that Muslim woman off our screens-she is an insult to those many women and men who are good all round cooks and could have offered a far better example of a birthday cake for our Queen than did this childishly ameteur Isamic person. Has anyone known another winner of the Bake Off to have been given such publicity as this Muslim woman? No of course not-rotten malticultural propaganda at work.


      • king crimson says:

        Preparation time less than 30 minutes…cooking time 10-30 minutes…FFS


      • Despairada says:

        Not just screens Tarien, she has columns and articles seemingly in almost every newspaper and magazine, including Gardner’s World (!) (Beeb publication). She has been guest editor on Woman’s hour (Radio 4 beeb), Desert Island Discs (Radio 4 beeb again), and don’t forget the Beeb were going to film her ‘Haj’ to Mecca but gave up on it because they would have had to do similar for other religions and we can’t have that can we?

        Oh yes, and she’s a novelist as well, apparently.

        I think she has herself expressed concerns about being a token muslim. Well Nadiya dear, you certainly are, being pushed as hard as possible as the acceptable face of islam. And the really depressing thing is that a lot of people are taken in by it.


        • JamesArthur says:

          And despite doing all of this MSM stuff she has time to bleat about her anxiety..poor dear…and it is a joke for he to be telling anyone how to cook classic British food….can you imagine if a British cook suddenly said I will tell you (Iran) how to cook your classics
          I know she is British but she certainly hasn’t grown up cooking British food ( ps I know somebody who was on B off with her so know a bit more than most)


          • BRISSLES says:

            It appears that confessing your ‘anxiety’ issues these day is the ideal way to ‘up’ your profile. Endless column inches are full of slebs with their ‘anxiety’ problems, today its Chloe Madeley, who joins Peter Andre, Myleeen Klass, the full line up of Loose Women, Alistair Campbell, Nadya, et al – I’m heartily sick of hearing about it and them.

            If it was so debilitating, (and I know real people who cannot leave the house), then they wouldn’t be appearing in front of a tv camera let alone do photoshoots to accompany their articles.


  36. Despairada says:

    I’ve been away for a few days visiting a relative who has the tv on most of the time in the background. Unless there’s a good film on it’s a blur. However, one evening I saw both the BBC late evening news followed by the same from ITV. The BBC newsreader ended with cheery good wishes to those celebrating Eid mubarak while the ITV newsreader did not.


  37. Dover Sentry says:

    One day soon, we’ll be free of the EU bully-boys.

    BBC next…


  38. Guest Who says:

    Currently every single helicopter in the land has been hired by the MSM to wish Greta Bon voyage.

    Meanwhile, at sea level…


  39. G says:

    ‘Skin Whitening’? I must confess beats me – I’ve never heard of it.
    However, see the WHO document:

    Click to access mercury_flyer.pdf

    Seems the blacks and asians are obsessed with it despite an ingredient (mercury) being injurious to health.
    Could explain why the likes of Lammy hate the white’s: he’s simply experiencing one of the fundamental sins – envy, a “painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage” – https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/envy . Probably as simple as that. He is not dim enough to see that wherever the whites have been, life has improved. Science? Yeah, the white’s again! Relatively stable economies? White’s again; Taking Mankind forward? White’s again in the main. But what he is too dim to recognise is that, kill off the whites and what do you get? Baltimore and San Francisco spring to mind without digging deeper.
    They have so much to gain, temporarily, we have so much to lose. When the West reaches the stage of the Third World we will all know how its come about…………….


  40. taffman says:

    “German economy slips back into negative growth”
    It will shrink even more if we don’t buy their cars and Brexit leaves them to financially support the rest of the EU ?
    There is a HYS running .
    If Boris doesn’t ‘blink’ I foresee the EU beginning to move to the negotiating table?


  41. pugnazious says:

    Headline news in many publications…Germany on the slide, German economy tanking, Germany heading for recession…nothing on the Beeb….the EU’s economic powerhouse stumbling into recession and the BBC ignores it preferring instead to claim Britain and the US are in trouble….

    ‘Financial markets have flashed a warning sign about the economic outlook for the UK and the US. ‘

    You have to look a long, long way down the long report to get this brief mention of German problems…

    ‘Germany has also registered a quarter of declining activity, according to new figures, so a recession could be under way there too. ‘

    Germany has been having problems for months now and the BBC has been ignoring it or hiding the news away in the back pages for months.

    Could it be that the BBC only wants you to think Britain is heading for recession and that is #duetoBrexit, and the US of course, as it wants to blame and rubbish Trump, and that narrative about a ruinous Brexit would be wrecked by the mighty Germany also in recession?


  42. taffman says:

    “Danish PM vows to tighten Swedish border controls after bomb blasts”
    “Two Swedish men have been charged over the attacks.”
    Those “men” again?
    Shouldn’t we in the UK tighten our borders ?


  43. digg says:

    Democrat Nancy Pelosi says no UK-US trade deal if Brexit risks Irish peace

    If you needed more clues that the left around the Globe are being guided by a sinister hand, this highlights it.

    Why else would a potential leading figure in the USA demolish an opportunity to create a profitable relationship with another World power other than prevent the Global “Plan” being disrupted.

    Right-minded people MUST recognise that this is going on and it’s a Global power structure driving it. Whether that be Soros or his siblings in the EU it is highly dangerous and will ultimately end in chaos which is probably what they want to enable a takeover.

    I believe Pelosi is a puppet and wants to be high up in the “New Order” when and if it succeeds.

    Go get her Trump!


    • pugnazious says:

      Don’t forget she met with the anti-Brexit awkward squad…the Independent Group deserters, and had her mind poisoned by them. Pelosi probably has not the slightest idea where Ireland is…somewhere in Boston probably…so many Irish bars. It’s purely a convenient way to put a spanner in the works for Trump…she could give a damn about Ireland.


    • quisquose says:

      I’ve not heard so much joy in the voice of Jon Sopel as I did earlier on PM when he was telling us there would be no trade deal after all.


  44. JimS says:

    An oldie but goodie – David Lammy to note?

    “Because half a dozen grasshoppers under a fern make the field ring with their importunate chink, whilst thousands of great cattle, reposed beneath the shadow of the British oak, chew the cud and are silent, pray do not imagine that those who make the noise are the only inhabitants of the field.”

    ― Edmund Burke


    • Beltane says:

      Our Mr Lammy would probably think that was written by Kathy’s old man.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Empty vessels make the most noise.
      For a long time, now, our country had been cursed with a plague of empty vessels. And they all seem to either work for, are friends with and/or pander to the MSM and any collectivist cause that takes their fancy.


  45. pugnazious says:

    The BBC is very concerned about the ‘Far-Right’ politicians’ links to Russia and their willingness to deal on a friendly basis with the Russians. Anyone who is found to have had dealings with the Russians is labelled an enemy of a liberal and progressive Europe (However if you’re a Muslim extremist aiming to turn Europe into an intolerant, repressive, backward Islamic caliphate that’s just fine)…the AFD are of course a particular target of the BBC and its fingerpointing.

    Odd though how the BBC ignores politicians from Merkel’s own party, the CDU, and others on the Left, who deal with Putin and want more friendly relations…as do apparently the majority of German citizens…according to Der Spiegel….

    With elections looming in three former East German states this fall, many leading politicians see rapprochement with Russia as a winning campaign strategy.
    The relationship with Russia is important to Germans. For years, poll after poll has shown that a majority of Germans are in favor of a closer relationship to Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin. In the former East German states, three-quarters of respondents feel that way. Most in those states also want to see the sanctions that were imposed after the annexation of Crimea lifted. ‘

    Such revelations tell the lie about the BBC’s reporting which is more subjective news manipulation than news, a BBC tht wants to portray Putin as the evil monster and anyone who has any connection with him and his regime must therefore be similarly monstrous…and it all of course plays into the BBC’s narrative about Russia stealing elections, Brexit and Trump in particular…both narratives proving to be pure fantasy and deliberate fabrications by the BBC and others. The BBC uses this narrative to try and undermine politicians it doesn’t like by smearing them with the suggestion that they are the puppets of the Russian regime.

    If you want to look for genuine useful idiots serving an evil empire look no further than our own Phillip Hammond, Dominic Grieve, William Hague and the rest of the collaborators…but the BBC never challenges them on their betrayal, dishonesty and disloyalty.

    Here’s the Spectator on Hammond’s lies….

    ‘In a piece in the Times today, backed up with an interview on the Today programme, he accuses the Prime Minister of ‘wrecking’ efforts to get a deal with the EU by insisting that the Irish backstop be removed from the withdrawal agreement – a condition, he says, that the EU could not possibly accept. Further, he claims that Boris has no mandate even to dilly with the possibility of a no-deal Brexit.

    .What Hammond cannot seem to see is his own responsibility for the position we are in – less than three months to go until our rescheduled departure from the EU and still with no sign of how things will turn out, on what basis we will leave.

    We are where we are because of the failure of the May administration to take the prospect of no deal seriously. As Michel Barnier recently said, at no point during the negotiations did May ever threaten to ‘

    Note this bit…‘What Hammond cannot seem to see is his own responsibility for the position we are in’….one reason he cannot seem to accept his own responsibility is that he doesn’t have to face his own malign behaviour, he is never held to account for his treachery and double-talk….his position is the BBC’s own position on Brexit…both want to stop it so why would the BBC raise the tricky question of Hammond being aliar and a doube-dealer?


  46. StewGreen says:

    There are about 40 faces on this page
    Do they accurately represent the UK population ?
    Cos it looks to me like R4 Fourthought has a lot of tickbox people and few white working class males


  47. StewGreen says:

    Last week Kenyan female bikers
    ..this week Bangladeshi female bikers


    • vesnadog says:

      “Bangladeshi female bikers”

      Re Photo;

      She should have spent a few bob on red paint before she took the photo – front smashed up a bit.


  48. StewGreen says:

    BBC NI Everyday Ethics
    Accelerated Climate Change
    Jonathon Porritt says the heat waves we are experiencing will become more frequent, more intense and are due to man-made climate change


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Like Greta, the only reason that Jonathon Porritt is not censored by the BBC is because everyone else who advises the BBC on Climate Science is also an ignorant scientifically unqualified environmental activist. Looking at his Wikipedia page, like most morons employed by the BBC, the man is a jumped up English Teacher with no meteorological qualifications whatsoever. The BBC’s own weathermen aren’t saying this, even though they say they are under threat of retraining by the BBC,s left-wing environmental activists if they go off message.


      • popeye says:

        Interesting to read the deprivation that Greta has to endure for the two-week crossing using up zero carbon. This standard of living is what the rest of us will have to put up with if the XR eco-loons have their way. I’ll be alright, I have TWO buckets.


  49. Sluff says:

    It’s Compare and Contrast time at the BBC.

    Last week the UK GDP figure went down 0.2%. Result? Wall to wall headline doom and gloom Project Fear remoaner coverage on the biased BBC. Prolonged headlines on the news.

    Today the German GDP figure also went down, by 0.1%.
    I’ve watched the BBC 6 pm news.
    Guess what? It wasn’t mentioned at all.
    Funny, that.


  50. Guest Who says:

    Many are wondering if this is a spoof, but the BBC has done the same, and more.