Weekend Open Thread 10 August 2019

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  1. Captain Panick says:

    First, both in the UK, and here in France. Weep, I tell you weep, at my triumph. Purists, be damned.

    But, I am currently watching Liverpool v Norwich. Norwich, like Everton seem to be sponsored by ‘ Angry Birds’. Why then have CAMRA banned sexist beer like Village Bike, but the Premier League encourage this sexist sponsorship. By the way, Delia, having finished the Cooking Sherry, was pissing herself laughing when she spotted herself on TV, while the Norwich No 2 player writhed around on the floor after having the ball kicked into his gonads.


  2. Up2snuff says:

    Here’s a proper post. You know the BBC like anniversaries? Yes?

    I know it is only four years and not something significant like 5 or 10 or 20 or 25 or 50 but 5th August was the anniversary of the closure of Kids Company with which the BBC were intimately connected and very interested in when trouble struck in 2015.

    I think the BBC missed it. I didn’t hear anything on Radio 4 during TOADY and TWatO that I recall.

    I wonder why?


    • Cassandra says:

      I expect the BBC were following the explicit orders of el supremo, Alan Botney.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Cassie, Pension Protection Plans all round?


        • Cassandra says:

          Weep into your cornflakes Up2:

          In July 2009 Yentob was revealed to have accumulated a pension worth £6.3m, giving an annual retirement income of £216,667 for the rest of his life. This is one of the biggest pensions in the public sector. He earns £200,000 – £249,999 as a BBC contributor and presenter. He is paid a declared salary of £183,000 by the BBC, but additional income from the BBC for presenting and other roles is reputed to earn him an extra £150,000, bringing his BBC income to an estimated £330,000.


          • Scroblene says:

            It’s obscene, isn’t it, Cassandra.

            To think that a public servant, just doing a ‘job’ as well/badly as many others could do, ends up sponging so much from the general public.

            I really hope the Inland Revenue are on the case, because at least some of this disgusting wealth will drip down into the coffers to pay pensioners, who in turn will now have pay for their telly tax.

            Public money going down the drain is just an appalling subject these days. A few years ago, a failed Kent County Council ‘Chief Executive’ cost us thousands to get rid of. She was totally incompetent as well.


          • Up2snuff says:

            Indeed, Cassie, indeed. That £200K+ is not quite as big a pension as that former Controller of BBC R4 had when she left the Beeb and then went into two more senior roles in Public Sector jobs. Cannot remember a name. It may come to me. About twenty years ago.

            Rumours were that her Beeb pension was £400,000 and she was picking that up while getting paid for two more jobs in public life!

            Talk about gravy.

            Her stuff had gold grains swimming in it.


  3. Doobster78 says:

    Saint Obama hey !!!


  4. Thoughtful says:

    Sometimes you just have to laugh



  5. Mackers says:

    Trump’s on top form,interviewed by the fake news today at the white house he said ‘joe biden isn’t playing with a full deck,and has lost his fast ball,hope he wins nomination’ followed by’ joe biden wanted robert mueller to testify because it made him look intelligent ‘ lol, a master of analogies.


  6. Up2snuff says:

    Another proper post – Something for the weekend, Sir? Madam?

    I already had an interest in Baltimore and Maryland when a few years ago I stumbled over this chap: http://www.aaubreybodine.com/default.asp

    I cannot remember now how I came across Aubrey Bodine but it was a very happy accident. I thought I would share this as Baltimore has been in the news this week and merited some (biased?) interest from the BBC. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-49197525

    I cannot think of a better way of spending half-an-hour or three over a weekend looking through the different collections Jennifer Bodine has put on this web-site. If you find the photos of the terraced townhouses with the marble steps, they are on Penrose Avenue, not far from Richmond, the ‘poor’ suburb covered in the TOADY segment this week. The photo in colour of the road heading the BBC web-site article shows similar houses to those on Penrose.


    Disclaimer. I have no commercial connection with the Bodine web-site above or the Bodine heirs and successors. I will admit to being a big fan of his work. 🙂


  7. Fedup2 says:


    Up2 – if I need to know what Baltimore is like I just re watch ‘The Wire ‘


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, not seen any of that ‘cos I gave up telly fourteen years ago. One of the triggers for my increasing interest in Baltimore & Maryland was another TV cop series, Homicide – Life on the Street. In my view it was probably the best US TV Police series although Hill Street Blues ran it mighty close.

      Occasional episodes of CSI were good. And the New York thing whose title I cannot quickly remember* was also pretty good until the last series or two. Denis Franz and David Caruso sort of maintained their characters between some of these different cop shows. Either that or they stuck to a method that worked.

      * NYPD Blue.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Bit of a testimony to Baltimore that they can make 2 top quality TV series out of it . But The Wire Far our bests the other one – good old HBO which the BBC so sadly attempts to copy .


        • Up2snuff says:

          Fed, I have heard good things about The Wire. Do I recall correctly that it shared a Writer/Producer/Director with H-LotSs?

          When I’ve finished collecting H-LotSs boxed sets, I might try and get The Wire.


  8. Loobyloo says:

    An improper post, from the envy of the world. Just when you think they can’t stoop any lower…
    Kenya’s Homa Bay: Fart pushes Speaker to suspend debate

    And it confirms that teenagers are running the show.


    • Cassandra says:

      The politician responsible for the putrid ‘bad atmosphere’ has now been identified and UBER have asked him if he wants to be one of their drivers.


  9. Sluff says:

    Did anyone catch ‘irony of the day’ on BBC TV news this morning?
    John Barnes ex Liverpool and England footballsr was being interviewed by Charlie and Naga.
    I think it was about racist abuse of players.

    But here’s the irony. However much we may oppose the obscene levels of pay for kicking a ball around there can be no doubt that clubs pick and play the best players they can get, irrespective of colour, creed, sexuality etc etc.

    How different from the BBC, where the presenters are picked and played based on tick boxes, agendas, and narratives which have little to do with talent. As shown this morning by those interviewing John Barnes.


  10. Loobyloo says:

    Another from Al Beeb’s favourite themes:
    Miriam Rivera, reality TV’s first trans star, found dead at 38

    Who? Oh well, it is regrettable that someone so young has died. But the attitude of the media, and probably elites, is such that they have the insensitivity to create a tv show constructed around trying to get men to date her, without revealing that she is trans till the end of the series. And then they feign surprise and shock that these men were upset. Cos she IS a woman, and these men should therefore WANT to date (have sex) with her.
    Unbelievable. And also – no mention that this person might have had any mental illness – just vague implications that she could have been murdered.
    The BBC are shameful and disgusting and should be disappeared.


  11. StewGreen says:

    @GWF was trying to post pics of the Ouistreham invaders in Sept 2018
    Often media sources prevent their images being embedded into third party sites
    But you can just post a tweets URL here got by rightclicking over its datestamp


  12. StewGreen says:

    Earlier @EmptyingDadsShed
    tried to post the GIF video of Diane Abbott clapping
    again the easiest way is to find the vid on Twitter


  13. StewGreen says:

    Climate doom : BBC and German state broadcaster BOTH spread doom about the Indian Ocean island of Ghoramara
    An ARD viewer too the German broadcaster to account


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Someone else more qualified than Greta Thunberg, but censored by the BBC.

      Atmospheric Physicist, Dr Rex Fleming, now retired from NOAA, speaks out about the organisations use of amended temperatures to eliminate the Pause. He has just written a book called “The Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change” in which he mentions the cause of Climate Change to be solar magnetic field changes to cosmic ray levels changing lower cloud formation and therefore the Earths Bond Albedo. The Solar magnetic field changes about eleven years after a change in Solar Irradiance. Solar Irradiance started to fall in 2005, with the Solar Magnetic field falling from 2016. Global temperatures have fallen since 2016, in line with the predictions using the planetary gravity wobbling of the Sun that also predicts a cooling of 1.2 Kelvin from 2016 to 2042. In addition to this, weather forecasters say this has caused Wild Jet Stream (Mini-Ice-Age) behaviour.



      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        Richard; This is not a hostile question. I am trying to work out what is going on. But how does this fit in with the Zellner stuff that you have recommended reading?


        • Richard Pinder says:

          When you say “how does this fit in with the Zellner stuff” I presume you mean the “Unified Theory of Climate“ by Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller.

          This fits in because the stated “Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change” is due to the fact that Carbon Dioxide does not even cause the Greenhouse Effect, so cannot change the climate. The “Unified Theory of Climate“ proves that the Greenhouse effect is caused by a Pressure-induced Thermal Inertia not by carbon dioxide. Both Atmospheres of Venus and Mars have over 95 percent Carbon Dioxide content, with Mars having sixteen times more than the Earth and Venus having a quarter of a million times the CO2 of the Earth. But the Carbon Dioxide Theory does not even work on Venus or Mars.

          The “Zellner stuff” or the “Unified Theory of Climate“ not only works on Venus and Mars but it also works on the Earth, proving that Nitrogen is the main Greenhouse gas for the Earth.


          • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

            Sorry, I got it wrong, I should have said ‘Zeller stuff’, not Zellner.
            But you have answered my question, thanks.
            I did read Nikolov/ Zeller and was interested by the general thrust but I can’t claim to have understand it all.
            It gets too technical for me at the moment. I have only become interested in this topic since being on this site, and I had very little science schooling to fall back on.
            I’m making progress though! I shot down a science Phd global warming advocate in conversation not so long a go and he has admitted to having strong doubts about it now.


  14. vlad says:

    “Vietnamese tourist missing from York: Eight arrested.”

    She is 15, and was last seen with an ‘Asian man’. I think we know what that’s code for on al beeb.

    And ironically, was wearing an Ariana Grande jacket.

    May she be found safe.



  15. vlad says:

    Leyton machete attack: PC Stuart Outten’s family ‘overwhelmed’

    So the important fact is that his family are overwhelmed by messages of support. And not that the machete attacker is called – who’d have thunk it – Muhammad.



  16. BRISSLES says:

    As BBC and Sky have a propensity to have Asian children to review the papers, it would be really nice if they could at least choose those who can articulate without the glottal stops.

    “Poli ical par ies ” “stra ergy” and other words where a T is dropped, make my ears bleed. There only needs to be a few ‘likes’ (it was, like…) and the picture is complete.

    I’m listening to a ‘writer and researcher’ Maya Goodfellow who gabbles at 100 mile an hour, and hardly pronouncing the letter T. Not forgetting the sneering Faiza Shaheen who does a great job in strangling the English language.


    • Jeff says:

      The ghastly Faizal must be one of the most irritating people on the box these days.
      Apart from her inability to pronounce the letter T she talks such utter bollocks. They brought her out to denounce Boris the other night and she told us sagely, “E’s not liked. People ‘ate ‘im.” Gormless bint.
      She’s one of Labour’s new wave of prospective candidates. She didn’t join until Compo became leader and was fast tracked to become a candidate from a selection process that was for BAME women only. So, despite all her endless griping about racism and sexism she was selected by the very process she loathes.
      There’s a surprise…


    • StewGreen says:

      I plug “Faiza Shaheen” into Twitter
      The first thing that comes up is his name
      on a list of pro-Corbyn parliamentary candidates

      \\ #skypapers *Corbynister* Maya Goodfellow No Thanks switching channels //
      Lots of people call out her posh-girl trying to talk poor, Mockney accent


    • JamesArthur says:

      I am glad it isn’t just me Brissles….


    • Banania says:

      Faiza Shaheen deserves an award. She must be the best example ever.


  17. Annunaki says:

    Islamophobia I wonder why….

    Three young Belgian women flee Morocco after being threatened with BEHEADING for wearing shorts while volunteering

    Young girls are threatened with beheading for wearing shorts on trip to Morocco
    A local school teacher allegedly called for the girls to have their ‘heads cut off’
    Three of the young girls will now return home to Belgium because of the incident
    The group were on a summer volunteer trip to build a road in the village of Adar

    A Moroccan primary school teacher, who has not been named, allegedly called for their decapitation on social media because he wanted to ‘teach a lesson to those who do not respect the Muslim faith’, according to local media.



    • vlad says:

      The 3 girls will go home sadder but wiser, their eyes opened the religion of peace and beheading, so beloved by al beeb.


      • Guest Who says:

        Sadly, unlike some Swedish hikers.

        Who may also have been educated and informed by BBC World.


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          After what happened to the Swedish girls, what sort of deranged social do-goodery can have prompted Belgian girls to go and try and “help” the Moroccans?

          They do not want your “help” you stupid girls. They want to gang rape you and cut your heads off. That’s what they do. Because islam.

          Will these do-gooders ever get the message?


  18. Annunaki says:

    Best asylum seeker story of the day

    That’s quackers! ‘Tsunami’ of runaway ducks engulfs road and brings traffic to a standstill in India

    The ducks flooded the busy city road in Alappuzha, Kerala, Southern India
    The flock was being taken to a nearby field by farmer when they parted ways
    Onlookers attempt to point them onto an adjoining road by whistling at them
    Ducks were directed to a paddy field where they cooled off in the hot weather



  19. Annunaki says:



  20. anonjoebloggs says:

    Watching ‘Click’, the BBC’s technology show this morning.

    Report 1. Kashmir. Pro-pakistan (read pro-muslim), anti-India. No balance whatsoever and not really relevant to ‘tech’.

    Report 2. Censorship online. Focuses on the Christchurch shooting (out of all terrorist attacks why choose this one I wonder?). Talking head is Carole Cadwalladr from the Guardian. Her solution, basically just don’t let anyone upload anything unless it’s pre-approved.

    Report 3. The presenter started the report by saying ‘The history and the politics surrounding Israel are of course highly contentious…’

    Couldn’t watch anymore. This was the final straw. I started watching this show years ago when it was purely about tech. For me, it was their best output by far. Now its simply used as another propaganda tool.

    Every week is climate change, pro Muslim, pro refugee, anti-Brexit, anti-Trump. In 2019 almost every single report has been tied to some agenda. It’s relentless.

    Of all the technology advancements taking place in the world every report just happens to involve Muslims (as the victims).

    Agenda, what agenda!


    • JamesArthur says:

      I said the same to my wife – I normally like Click but this time it was just a political dig show..my only surprise was that they didn’t say it was an attack against muslims – but clearly the non muslim Indians are the bad boys(and girls)…but give them time and the Muslims will be the victims


  21. Guest Who says:

    The Today Programme

    Would leaving the EU without a deal cause problems for your chicken dinner?


    (Via BBC Politics)

    As it is the bbc, I am guessing yes.

    Riots in Brixton?


    • Fedup2 says:


      Well the BBC news is warning that eating too much can cause cancer – so when food supplies stop because of Brexit the amount of cancer cases will fall leading to less resources needed for the NHS meaning less taxes .

      For some reason the BBC didn’t link this . Instead it warned that there is weather today involving ‘ yellow wind ‘ .


      • taffman says:

        Have they given the storm a name yet ?
        How on earth did we manage storms before they were ‘christened’ ?


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, ‘yellow wind’? Eeeek! That is far, far, worse than yellow snow!

        Has anyone alerted the Major?

        (Grams FX of howling gale & some ‘other’ noises):
        “AaghOghhhogh!” “Gladys!” “Bring me a cloth and help wipe me down, there’s a good girl.”


      • Fiat Lux says:

        ‘ yellow wind ‘ that must be what the phantom farter in the Kenyan Parliament was suffering from. Maybe its the new Ebola


        • Fedup2 says:

          As soon as the BBC person said ‘ yellow wind alert ‘ – thought of the post here yesterday but decided I couldn’t link it because I couldn’t work out if the word ‘ fart ‘ is banned or not …


  22. Lock13 says:

    BBC Home of the Top Investigative Journalists in the World (or snowflakes who drink soy milk and copy and paste stories from the internet)

    Here you go you useless bunch of t&ssers I got a tip for you

    – Power Outage
    – Unstable Grid
    – Wind Farms
    – Carbon neutral by 2050
    – No electricity / Countrywide Chaos

    Try and see if any of you can do a bit of journalism 🙂


    • Fedup2 says:

      Humph and the CEO of the national grid had a dance around wind power . Neither suggested the wind farm stopped working because of ‘ the wrong kind of wind ‘ .

      Every so often the BBC trumpets the non use of coal power stations – which I suppose don’t breakdown –
      But it seems the CO2 nonsense is more important than having electricity . I just hope that plenty of kidult green zealots had a taste of no power yesterday – it might teach them to grow up .

      But there again – I doubt it. A few more electric power losses might return sanity – but I doubt it .


      • Lock13 says:

        lol what about Cowes Sailing Regatta cancelled due to er – Wind 🙂


        • Guest Who says:

          That reminds me, where is Greta now?

          In other news, 350.org is trying to stir up a(nother) climate strike.

          The bbc may advise them to hold fire on the PR until things warm up a tad.

          I thought she was en route already but she seems to be tweeting like David Lammy still.


    • vesnadog says:


      “Try and see if any of you can do a bit of journalism”

      But you must admit those teenagers in charge at the BBC do cover “strictly” very well.

      Hate that name.

      Hate that programme.


    • RobRoy says:

      Lock13, the Beeb interviewed an energy expert this morning who I doubt will be asked back. He stated that the grid has to operate around 50hz and that inertia (also known as spinning reserve) is needed to cope with sudden generators dropping out. Ironically, he explained wind turbines and renewable cannot perform this backup and can make the grid vulnerable to outages that wouldn’t have been a problem with the old coal and gas power stations.

      I worked in the power industry in the 80s when the National Grid was the envy of the world. Not so anymore. Germany are in a worse position than us when it comes to fragility. So we pay much more for our electricity and suffer the consequences. I hope those poor souls stuck on trains for hours will start to ask questions.


      • Guest Who says:

        Phew. Lessons have been learned.

        Now, given the importance of utility infrastructure engineering, one might wonder why these lessons appear to have not been learned up to now.


        • JamesArthur says:

          Guest et al

          It was very obvious on Breakfast this morning that Naga and co had absolutely no idea what they were talking about –
          Nobody questioned why were not not investing more in Nuclear and just getting the job done – if they want us all to electric cars where is it all going to come from? – not wind that is for ‘shore’
          I used to work in the electricity industry and we were they envy of the world – sadly no more
          when you have the likes of the Arch Remainer, the never been elected by anyone, pompous Tony Blair suck up, Lord Adonis on the board of the Infrastructure commission what hope is there – he resigned in Dec 2017 but they achieved nothing then and have achieved nothing since what a bunch of W88Kers


      • Lock13 says:

        Thx -Lucky I had the day off RR or I would have been caught in that crap at Kings Cross


  23. taffman says:

    “UK power cut: Ofgem demands answers over blackout chaos”
    Lessons to be learned anyone?
    Yea! Train more engineers and less theologists, sports scientists and ‘meeja’ graduates . This nation has been wasting valuable resources on ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees.


  24. taffman says:

    \\Brexit: Email slip-up reveals no-deal fishing patrol ‘uncertainty’//
    Build more patrol ships, speed up recruiting for the Royal Navy = more jobs.
    “Lessons to be learned” , yes start now !


  25. Annunaki says:

    What did the rich ever do for us? Almost half of adults now pay NO income tax – while the top 1% pay 27% of it – now DOMINIC SANDBROOK warns we risk a Britain divided between those who benefit from public spending and those who pay for it



  26. Up2snuff says:

    Did not intend to post this weekend but …

    TOADY Watch #1

    Nick Robinson interviews Gen. Jack Keen of the US military. The usual attempt to denigrate President Trump, who wants to end the US involvement – the President who is routinely dismissed as a liar by the BBC and many others – appears to be coming over the horizon.

    Memorable quotes from the General:
    “We are not fighting a war in Afghanistan. The Afghans are fighting the Taliban.” Yeah? Since 2001? Three different US Presidents? Bombers bombing? Helicopters transporting and gunning? Troops shooting? Help from the UK military in this peculiar non-war as you call it?

    “We should not surrender.” Er, but I thought you were not fighting a war?

    Questions not asked by Rick Nobinson.

    I wonder why?


  27. Lock13 says:

    If anyone is towing a caravan watch out today the BBC has issued a warning.

    It was never windy in the 70’s/ 80’s when I was growing up – bloody Climate change


  28. Guest Who says:

    I sense a disturbance in the Top Gear Squad.


  29. Guest Who says:

    OT, but the bbc has never met a protest it did not like.

    Well, possibly, until now.

    One day, Paul Mason will wave a placard under the wrong nose.


  30. Up2snuff says:

    reluctant TOADY Watch #2 – Election Fever

    As an alternative to one or more of the following: a so-called ‘Peoples Vote’, a Second EU Referendum, voting out a No-Deal in Parliament, getting the Queen to stop Brexit, getting the Queen to behead Bojo and cut off his majority, all so that Brexit can be cancelled, the BBC, its News &CA Dept. and the TOADY Prog are all pushing for . . . …. a General Election.

    Was listening from 7am on. The programme started with Election Fever. At 9am the programme finished with Election Fever. There was probably some Election Fever in between.

    Where’s those antibiotics and the big syringes that vets use? The BBC need some treatment for that GE Fever or it will get worse.


  31. Cassandra says:

    I do hope someone from BBC light entertainment or drama is reading this. It is an idea for an inspirational drama that fearlessly examines education in the era of multiculturalism and diversity set in the challenging blackboard jungle of an unnamed home county town, I envisage Sir Lenny H playing the role of the noble and courageous supply teacher, Mr Garvey.

    We can discuss remuneration at a later date.


  32. Guest Who says:

    Better yet, Krankie can be in and out for a photo op by helo in no time.


  33. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC 1 TV News 09.20

    Over to Cowes. Interview of no other than Lord Grade, ex-head of the BBC on the deck of a yacht dressed in full Ted Heath sailing gear. The race he says has been postponed or ‘prorogued’ as he laughingly commented. He said that it has more uncertainty than Brexit!

    Behind him was a dark skinned woman pretending to fumble with lines in order to stay in shot during the interview with Grade. Turned out that the yacht that the BBC had randomly picked from many in the harbour had an all-female crew! How unusual and embracing of diversity.

    It also had a German flag and was captained by a German woman.

    How many boxes did the BBC tick purely by accident? 🙂

    Why did I then switch off?


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Hardly ever watch Al beeb dross these days as licence cancelled back in April. But visiting relatives over the summer who do pay it has only made me realise ever more why we did the right thing!
      Take 08:30-09:00 this morning as we stay in Gloucester. Al beeb breakfast with the usual suspects-Naga, Charlie, Dan and some other clown who was reading the sports news.
      All introduced on first name terms like we’re all best mates with them just having a cosy chat.
      They used to get that village idiot Mike Bushell on trying his hand at some new sport/fad, which generally never ended well.
      And all the time whilst we go a-visiting I am reminding people of what Al beeb is up to and to look out for it evermore over the next few months 👍
      Drip, drip, drip!


  34. Sluff says:

    Kudos to StewGreen above for carrying out singlehandedly more investigative activity than the whole of the BBC ‘news’ room on the issue of Ghoramara island.

    On a similar issue of agenda-driven selective reporting……..
    I was reminded this morning that road transport contributes only about 20% of all emissions. Compare that with the almost daily anti-car agenda on the BBC. Whether its particulates, global warming, or Asthma the BBC always has an excuse to berate, uniquely, car users, No other road transport group ever get a mention.
    There was a big national power outage yesterday. Where are all the power stations we will need to charge up all these electric cars we are going to have ? And how will the government fill the black hole in its finances when there is no fuel tax money? And which BBC ‘journalist’ is reporting on the whole energy cost of making a rechargeable battery for a car?
    Don’t expect the BBC to investigate any of the above.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Sluff no I was merely a small link in a long chain
      I knew about the NTZ post
      and then saw that @MrGrimNasty had raised the question that BBC had made the same claim as ARD , and had posted the BBC video


  35. Guest Who says:

    Anyone know what bbc dreamboat Prof. Bri has tweeted to so impress the public at large?


  36. Guest Who says:

    Top photo to accompany this.

    Loads of people standing around not noticing things.


  37. davylars says:

    Just happened to catch a bit of Saturday Kitchen. Some Indian chef cooking something – meaty
    When challenged about Indians and meat eating he states, “most Indians are vegetarian. 65%”

    However thanks to our national broadcaster,——
    ‘The myth of the Indian vegetarian nation’



  38. BRISSLES says:

    I’m beginning to LOVE gale force winds, the gustier the better, and a few hours of freezing rain would help, particularly in the North Sea and the English Channel. I’ll leave you to guess why.


    • Fedup2 says:

      It would be even better if it would blow from the North ….

      There’s a new game we can play . Time Every BBC programme – particularly radio – where either a negative comment is made about Brexit or President Trump . There was some filler summer nonsense in the 1030 R4 morning slot where some snowflake made a gratuitous and Trump comment 3 minutes in .

      I don’t know how many more references were made because the oh so friendly ‘ off switch ‘ cake into play – and I finished my drive in a diesel car in silence .

      Brexiters are thick and Trump supporters are thick . Re educate these and all will be well . Pity both groups form a democratic majority .


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Fed up.
        That game would be too easy, over in minutes.
        Why not have a game where you watch out for a positive comment on Brexit or Trump.
        I suppose it wouldn’t catch on though as players would have been playing for over 3 years now without a result.

        It could happen though.

        The remainders have been waiting since June 2016 for a negative (0.2% until it’s adjusted back up) economic performance and they have one (for the time being at least)
        They can now say “I told you so”


  39. StewGreen says:

    Powercuts, and windfarms switching off
    \\ And we’re paying £158.75/MWh for every unit of electricity that Hornsea wind produces, compared to the current market price of £45/MWh
    So, we pay 3 times the price and get blackouts in return
    Thanks #greenenergy //


  40. Doublethinker says:

    An amusing post in the Times the other day.
    The life cycle of the UK Swamp Dwelling Remainer.

    Remainers became Remoaners who are now undergoing metamorphosis to become Rejoiners.

    Joking aside , if we leave with anything approaching a decent Deal worthy of being called Brexit , let alone No Deal, the core power brokers in Remain will fight on to get us back inside the Brussels prison cage. They will be Rejoiners to their dying breath. They will employ any tactic , any ruse , any lie to try to wreck Brexit and do the country harm to try and force us back in. Their Inciting of Violence in Ireland and elsewhere would surprise me. Deliberate sabotage of our economy or health service is to be expected. They will stop at nothing.
    But their key weapon will be the BBC. Even if we leave on the 31st October and Boris wins a subsequent election with a substantial majority they will continue in the same vein. My strong advice to Boris is to smash the BBC immediately after his election win. They will never accept any democratic decision which goes against their anti British, internationalist value set. They are an antidemocratic fifth column who should be crushed without mercy.


  41. Thoughtful says:

    There is an interesting news development in the USA regarding disgraced paedo Jeffrey Epstein and the BBC has made some rather odd reports about this.

    It reports the allegation that one of the women said Prince Andrew touched her breast – hardly a major misdemeanour, but although they mention his paramour Ghislaine Maxwell, they described her as the daughter of a media mogul, missing out any link with the Labour supporting Daily Mirror.

    But they also missed out one of the most important allegations made which is that she was forced to have sex with a former well known British Prime Minister.

    Whilst I think we can be pretty certain that this wasn’t Margaret Thatcher the field is pretty narrow as to who it might be.

    John Major followed and whilst it seems unlikely he did have form with Edwina Curry and not many expected a dalliance like that, he remains a suspect.

    Tony B Liar followed and whilst there were no allegations of impropriety during his strictly media managed premiership and I suspect his wife would castrate him if anything were proven he also remains a suspect.

    Gordon Brown – well known? Nah, that one is simply beyond believable.

    Cameron was too late to the party to be a suspect, leaving us with just two possibilities, John Major & Tony B Liar. No wonder the BBC is not reporting the allegations or questioning who it might be !


  42. vlad says:



  43. Fedup2 says:

    Lots of Twitter noise about DEFRA saying that Blighty won’t be able to enforce our post Brexit Fishing Rights .

    Sounds like we could be having an ‘entertaining ‘ time after we leave with French fishermen being arrested in UK waters – if we get help from friends like Iceland and the US.

    The Fishing Rights must be enforced however much the likes of the BBC will want to pretend we never left .

    Foreign ownership of British boats needs a look too .


  44. StewGreen says:

    Times .. Albania nearly erradicated cannabis plantations
    under EU pressure, that it wouldn’t be allowed to join.
    … but now in the last 2 years the plantations are back.

    .. I was in the famous mafia village for a day a few years back and saw the effects of the army raids ..and spoke to villagers


    • from Coventry says:

      Hi everyone and thanks to you all for the work you do. I’m in Durres, Albania at the moment visiting family and I’ve just asked them about the drug villages, I assume you’re talking about Tropoja? They reeled off a big list of other notorious places but did say that they do come down very hard them when they ‘decide’ to!
      As I’m away at the moment, of course I want to keep up with what’s happening back home, so I read that Albanians make up 10% of our foreign prison population, and I had to smile when I glanced at the tv in a cafe here and saw ‘the sun’ being quoted about it, as of course, I maybe wrong but it wouldn’t have been on the beeb would it?!!


      • StewGreen says:

        @Coventry no I was staying in Girokaster , and I think the village was Lazarat.
        Very kind people in most places in Albania
        usually when hitching the first car stopped
        and I got lots of free drinks whilst walking in the countryside.
        The lawless stage had finished then.
        Village rivers could be full of rubbish as villagers rebelled against communist era conformity.

        I did stay in Kruje for 5 days.. I was in the country for about 2 months


        • from Coventry says:

          I agree, very kind people in most places, we often leave the door unlocked as I commented to the oldest lad just now, I wouldn’t do that at home! Everyone knows eachother here and I trust them.
          Unfortunately the rivers are the same, full of rubbish, it breaks my heart.
          I was talking to an uncle in Italy last year about the eu, explaining how normal people back home hate their guts and I really don’t want them to get their claws in here, unfortunately I have gradually seen the blue flags appearing.


  45. StewGreen says:

    Doctors and perversion again
    3 years after being found out Dr Manesh Gupta has been struck off.
    “Gynaecologist found with indecent photos of children and animals”
    Famous for writing the guide on how to treat FGM


  46. vlad says:

    Another luvvie exploiting Africans to virtue signal AND get a gorgeous tan.

    They’re probably thinking ‘who’s the guy with white hair giving us the V-sign? Must be Trump.’

    “The most important thing for these people here is to be able to get to a free port, to get off the boat, to get on land and start a new life,” Gere said.

    He might have added: just not too near any of my mansions please, I’d rather offload them on the Italians.



    • fakenewswatcher says:

      ‘Open Arms’ is the name of a boat taking ‘migrants’ from Africa to Italy. (See the T-shirt.) Same racket as Carola Rackete, who now uses the Alan Kurdi, as far as I know. Matteo Salvini could fine u up to a million Euro and impound your boat, if you try landing those gentlemen in Italy…
      The people smuggling business (in the open for all to see how virtuous you are) has now become an industry.
      I hope the Italians jail Gere.
      For leading an invasion force. (Albeit unarmed-the big gimmick of the hour)
      He should be able to spend some time with his buddies, real close up.


    • Cassandra says:

      Gere is certainly using an appropriate hand gesture to the people of Europe, isn’t he.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      They look like Somalis to me.

      I am sure that Richard Gere, secure in his gated community with armed guards, will never have to deal with the consequences of the mass immigration of these unchecked aliens. His street will not be taken over, his children won’t be raped and beaten, he won’t be stabbed.

      From his Hollywood mansion, protected from the outside world, he must wonder why the deplorables are so unwelcoming. He claims to be a Buddhist, but is so stupid and self-righteous that he does not seem to know that even the Dalai Lama has condemned this wave of mass immigration.

      Please remind him that he’s an actor. His views an anything apart from learning lines are worthless. Typical left wing Hollywood poseur. Go and live in Somalia for a couple of years, and then you might have some knowledge worth talking about. Until then STFU you preening ponce.


  47. Up2snuff says:

    Some might say against better judgement, I listened to the repeat of Any Questions. (I started listening last night but switched off during the first rant from the Labour MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, and didn’t go back.)

    Yes, the audience was stacked, but it was highly likely to be pro-LibbyLeftySocialisty anyway drawn from London and the suburbs. The Panel was initially 3:1 biased in favour of Remain. No surprises there. Except the Remain voting Nimco Ali had become a fairly ardent Brexiter and became more so, it seems, during the 45minute broadcast.

    The surprises were twofold. Shaun Bailey appears to be a great candidate for Mayor of London for the Conservatives. The second was that the rapturous applause that greated the first pro-EU rant from Russell-Moyle, started to wane substantially when it became apparent that he was a ranty Labour drone and the LibDem MEP, Luisa Porritt, was gratingly just behind him in having nothing worthwhile to say.

    Ali and Bailey advanced good arguments and it appears the audience listened and responded accordingly.

    The audience appeared to be won over by Ali and Bailey. I still switched off three times during Russell-Moyle’s answers. If there is an Election this year, I hope the good voters of Brighton (Kemptown) have a bit of a rethink for all our sakes.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Whenever someone uses the ‘some might say ‘ slogan – so loved of BBC types – I wait for the question ‘who are the ‘some? ‘’
      Anyway – good for you listening to ‘Any Questions’ – I wondered who listens to this ritual waste of time – like the TV version .

      When Brian Walden sadly died a few weeks ago some one said that the ‘one hour ‘ ‘weekend word ‘ one to one non abusive interview had no place now .

      With so many channels now I wonder why no one has tried it . As I write I suppose
      1. Politicians wouldn’t like to be interrogated for an hour ( however gently ).

      2. The snowflakes now conducting interviews are just not of the Calibre of Brian Walden . Somehow I can image the mental Maitless conducting a coherent interview for that long without going straight to the easy abuse .

      They always say goes around comes around – but who knows when ?


      • john in cheshire says:

        I used to look forward to watching Brian Walden, as I recall, on Sunday afternoons. Coincidentally, for some unknown reason, I was thinking about him only a week or so ago.

        I believe he died in May of this year.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, I used to love AQs and remember listening to it as a youngster when chaired, IIRC, by Freddie Grisewood. No nonsense in his day. Any Answers came later in the following week after listeners had written in by post!

        I deliberately used the Beeboid expression ‘some people’ 1. as a bit of a joke, and 2. because some on here think I’m crazy to subject myself to that sort of punishment. I think they are right! 🙂

        You would need an interviewer of the calibre of Walden or Michael Parkinson or Robin Day to sustain a one hour programme with just one interviewee.

        Ritula Shah could not resist doing a Dimbleby and opening her mouth at every opportunity to interrogate with extra questions. At least she did not interrupt their answers or the applause to their answers as Dimbleby notoriously did.

        AQs should be audience questions to the Panel, not the Chair’s chance to shine.The BBC cannot find a Chair willing to remain in the background. Same with Anita Anand on Any Answers. She gabbles away far too much and tries to set up meet and greet on-air debates.

        JiC, think you are correct about Walden’s recent demise but not sure if that is right month.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Snuff – well done, for lastability. I heard a lot of platitudes and slogans, spoken at great speed by some lady. Off switch.


      • Up2snuff says:

        fnw, think that was Nimco Ali on the first question. She got her spiel in very quickly on ‘her causes’ before then trying to answer the actual question. Obviously very nervous at first, she settled down later and did well, imv.


  48. theisland says:

    Here we go again.

    A pity Dominic Raab isn’t doing something useful like weeding out the traitors e.g. Angus Lapsley in the FCO.


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